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Beer. And coronavirus. And the Republican walkouts. And beer. This might be a small sampling of what goes through my mind as we’re planning a special issue—like the Beer Issue—in the midst of some big news stories happening in our state. Our special issues let us shine a light on things our community loves, but the news doesn’t wait. This week’s issue is no different; you’ll get some beer. And (news on) coronavirus. And the Republican walkouts. And more beer. Enjoy!

Megan Baker

Republican Walkout: What now? – Oregon’s legislative session is over, but the work left on the table is getting done elsewhere. Laurel Brauns reports. Testing vs. Screening – Does Oregon have enough coronavirus test kits? And how does that play into getting screened by a local doctor? We clarify some of the details.

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Beyond White Claw – As spiked seltzer continues its upward trend, some local breweries are getting in on the game. Dive Bar Crawl – You don’t always have to go to a brewery to get good beer. Cayla Clark explores the offerings at some of Central Oregon’s “other” spots for great taps

On the Cover: Hops waterfall with 28 of Central Oregon's finest and most well-known breweries.

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March Madness, Oregon Style – Oregon has some serious contenders ahead of this year’s NCAA basketball tourney. Isaac Biehl fills you in on what to watch out for.

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The Republican Walkout RULZ!!!




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ou guys, wasn’t this latest Republican walkout THE BEST? I mean, we’ve been waiting a long time to do away with that pesky thing we call democracy, haven’t we? We may routinely tell minorities in society that they should just buck up and assimilate… that they should just adhere to the melting-pot theory and lie down in the face of majority rule… but when it comes to an all-white Republican caucus in the Oregon Legislature, we obviously couldn’t continue to let them be beleaguered by things like compromise, by concessions that had been already afforded to their constituents, by voluntary emissions standards opt-ins for rural counties, or any of that other stuff! No way—they had to Get. Their. Way. Or else! Or else, by god, get off our lawns, because the rest of Oregon was going to pay! No, this time, we finally got the chance to flout that democracy crap and say what we’ve all been wanting to say: That when it comes down to it, the majority doesn’t rule, and we’ve never wanted it that way. When it comes down to it, we were all secretly hoping to get some of that nationally-tweeted, autocratic “Dear Leader” flavor over here in Ory-gun, by allowing the majority of the Oregon Legislative Assembly’s business to be conducted by executive order and emergency committee instead of by the greater legislative body. That’s what I’m talking about, baby! No more deliberations, no more quorums intended to ensure a majority is there to vote… no more dumb committee meetings where legislators can bring their concerns, and where the public can have the chance to speak their minds—all of that goes

out the window when you simply don’t show up to work. Isn’t it refreshing?! Vegas, baby! Heck, maybe this is going to cause those young, forward-thinking people who want to move to Oregon for its natural beauty and environmental advocacy to think twice about moving here in the first place. Good riddance— we don’t need your innovations, your research, your brain trust of any kind. On behalf of us “native Oregonians” (who possess not an ounce of indigenous blood), we say we don’t need you. Our way of life was fine before you came here and started postulating about “the planet,” trying to further your “worldview” that Oregon is indeed part of the world and thus has an environmental impact upon it. If it came down to it, we’d put a wall not just around Oregon’s borders, but around Oregon’s skies too—and of course, we’d get California to pay for it! Seeing as how walkouts have been super successful in the Legislature, how about this? Maybe we end voting too—since it’s clear that our votes, either for Democrat or Republican, in state legislative races don’t add up to a hill of beans. What’s the point, right? With voter apathy at an all-time high (or low?), we’re more than ready to let autocracy run wild. Oh, wait, though—we should probably keep voting around long enough to vote in the autocrat we’ve always wanted. The only problem is, no one has yet been able to devise a system that lets the candidate with fewer votes WIN AN ELECTION. Or have they? Editor’s note: This is satire, people. Satire!! The Republican walkout did not, in fact, rule.

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GUEST OPINION Until recently, it looked as though a tax subsidy for wealthy investors would finally have its day of reckoning. Oregon House Bill 4010 sought to pare back and make more transparent the so-called “Opportunity Zones” tax break. But a walkout by Republican lawmakers over climate change legislation imploded the 2020 legislative session, burying HB 4010 along with other important bills. The untimely death of HB 4010 derailed what would have been the first real review of this dubious tax policy. “Opportunity Zones” is Oregon tax law, even though Oregon lawmakers never voted for it. “Opportunity Zones” arrived via the 2017 federal tax overhaul. This 400-plus tax bill sailed through Congress without a single hearing. Oregon got stuck replicating many tax breaks in the federal law, including “Opportunity Zones,” because the state automatically connects to parts of the federal tax code. Here is who won and lost from the premature death of HB 4010. Winner: the ultra-rich “Opportunity Zones” are tax cuts for capital gains income — the profits from selling stocks, real estate, and other such assets. To benefit, investors shift previously earned capital gains into “Opportunity Funds” that then invest in places designated as “Opportunity Zones.” This allows investors to shrink their tax bill on capital gains income. Capital gains is the income of the ultra-rich. The top one-tenth of 1 percent of Oregonians — the richest one out of every 1,000 Oregonians — together collect nearly the same amount of capital gains income as the bottom 99 percent of Oregonians. If “Opportunity Zones” appear made for the ultra-rich, it is because they are. They are the brainchild of Facebook billionaire Sean Parker, who used his deep pockets to lobby Congress for this tax subsidy.

Winner: lucky landowners and real estate developers While “Opportunity Zones” are supposed to help revitalize distressed areas, the big money likely will go to areas already booming, offering the potential of large profits. In Bend, “Opportunity Zones” envelop some of the city’s “most valuable real estate, stretching from the Deschutes River eastward to 27th Street, and from Reed Market Road north past Butler Market Road – essentially, the busiest corridors in the region,” a local commercial real estate firm explains. For owners of property within those boundaries and real estate developers, “Opportunity Zones” are a windfall. Loser: the vast majority of Oregonians The vast majority of Oregonians will never profit from “Opportunity Zones,” as they will never put a penny into an “Opportunity Fund.” Worse, “Opportunity Zones” will siphon off Oregon taxpayer dollars — revenue that otherwise support schools and other essential public services. How much revenue Oregon will lose to “Opportunity Zones” is hard to predict. The loss may be modest or massive. Either way, the vast majority of Oregonians lose from this tax subsidy for wealthy investors. Loser: communities at risk of displacement Not only is there no requirement that the investments benefit low-income residents, “Opportunity Zones” threaten to accelerate gentrification. That’s the process where wealthier residents move into a previously low-income neighborhood, pushing up rents and, eventually, pushing out long-term residents — often people of color. The final chapter on “Opportunity Zones” has yet to be written. While HB 4010 died prematurely, the problems with the tax subsidy are too obvious to ignore. The day of reckoning for “Opportunity Zones” may yet arrive in 2021. — Juan Carlos Ordóñez is the Communications Director for the Oregon Center for Public Policy (ocpp.org)


The Sent stagnant Stress all around What's it worth when you feel worthless? Is fear the reason? Control remote or when present has a toll Ceases the flow My strength doesn't equate to anyone else's weakness, Let me make decisions I am qualified for. When my talents are not acknowledged My excitement squashed, vision becomes slavery indentured The colors of the rainbow fade to grey the shades don't matter, feel like going back to bed. Weight like lead Empower me! Set me free Peace Justice n' Liberty Freedom with limits My talents never diminish —Cherie Swenson


If everyone had access to health care, then we would need more doctors, nurses and facilities. Imagine how that would boost the economy! Thousands of living wage jobs just waiting to be filled! Medical schools and specialty programs bursting at the seams! People getting the care they need right away before it becomes deadly or 10x as costly to treat! People no

longer having to beg for help if they have a chronic illness or cancer! That is the vision I see. As the only developed nation without a proper health care system, we are embarrassingly behind the times. Insurance companies have been sucking the working people dry for too long. It is time for the books to close on their profiteering free-for-all. The people demand it. We will not stop fighting for it, regardless of the election results. —Kay Bee

Letter of the Week:

Thanks for the letter, Kay. Come one in for your gift card to Palate! —Nicole Vulcan


In the 3/5 story “Coronavirus Comes to Oregon,” we stated that Bend- La Pine Schools are advising people to stay home when they have a fever over 105. It's 100.5 degrees, not 105. In the 2/26 story, “Room Tax Rift,” the article did not include other ways transient room tax is allocated, beyond the City’s General Fund. Four percent goes to police and fire and 31.2% goes to Visit Bend, the City’s destination marketing organization. It also stated that vacation rental owners must purchase "a yearly operating license" for $275. Licenses cost $275 the first year; $200 every year after. We regret the errors.


Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man!

Bob Dylan added to Les Schwab's summer concert lineup

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Winners and Losers from the Premature Death of House Bill 4010

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Disappointing Finish

Ben Schimmoller

Republican walkouts end the 2020 Oregon legislative session early. What now? WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / MARCH 12, 2020 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE


By Laurel Brauns


n the game of Oregon politics that was the short session this winter, no one wins. Not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the people of Oregon. A week and a half ago, most House and Senate Republicans in Salem abandoned their jobs as lawmakers. This is the fifth time in 10 months Republicans have fled the Capitol, denying the Democrats the quorum they need to pass legislation. This time, Republicans protested SB 1530, a greenhouse gas reduction bill (they walked out on a form of this last year, too), revised since last session with more provisions for people who live in rural areas of Oregon. Rep. Jack Zika (R-Redmond) joined Republicans by leaving his post, but Rep. Cheri Helt (R-Bend) and Sen. Tim Knopp (R-Central Oregon) were the only two Republican state legislators to stay. The Oregon “short session” occurs on even years and is only five weeks long. House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) ended it abruptly Thursday afternoon. Earlier in the week she subpoenaed absent Republicans to the Capitol, but the missing members did not show up Thursday morning. Instead, Kotek received a letter from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan stating Republicans would come back for 12 hours on the last day of the session to pass some funding allocation bills. Kotek didn’t buy it. Neither did Gov. Kate Brown who issued a 14-page executive order Tuesday morning that details how the State will cap emmissions on the transportation, industrial and natural gas sectors. According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, Brown's order is “at once equal to and much broader” than SB 1530. It directs 18 state agencies and commissions to reduce

carbon emissions, and includes new standards for building and household appliances, as well as increased infrastructure for electric vehicles. Lawmakers approved $5 million in emergency funds on Monday to start making rules and regulations. Brown’s office has said in the past that an executive order would not be able to raise money for transitioning to a low-carbon economy because the government won’t be selling offsets. DEQ will release the final regulations June 30 and the order will go into effect in 2022. “A Caucus of One” Rep. Helt published a number of posts on her Facebook page expressing her disappointment over the partisan divide. “Important priorities for Bend—like housing, homeless funding, education and public safety—were casualties of partisan polarization which has not only gripped our nation, but now Oregon,” she wrote Friday. Helt told the Source Friday evening, as she drove home from Salem, that she was working on some amendments to the Corporate Activity Tax in hopes of having another legislative session in the coming months. (CAT, part of the Student Success Act, passed last year to fund education, and taxes business’ total sales over $1 million.) “It’s not over. We have to keep working and be ready; anything could happen,” she said. “I’m not a part of the Republican caucus right now. I’m a caucus of one.” Knopp told the Source he stayed in Salem to work on CAT, to oppose SB 1530 in person and continue to push for his legislation that would freeze property

Sen. Tim Knopp (R-Bend) alone on the Senate floor on Fri., March 6.

taxes for low-income seniors. He said he also wanted to support other bills affecting Central Oregon including a [$13 million] bond for an OSU-Cascades Student Success Center, two additional judges for Deschutes County and funds [$250,000] for the Deschutes Water Basin. Zika told the Source that he believes that the cap and trade bill should be sent to voters. “I hear the argument from the majority party that big oil is going to put in a lot of money in oppositional campaigns,” he said. “But I don’t see why they would have any incentive to do that because there are no refineries here, you can’t frack, there’s no drilling off the coast. “Cap and trade is a regressive tax onto low-income families because these companies are going to close, lay people off,” he said. “Utility prices will go up.” Zika told the Source Monday that he believed Democrats were at fault because Republicans agreed to come back for 12 hours on the last day to vote on a list of funding priorities the Democrats chose. Zika said he received over 1,000 emails, of which 800 encouraged him to walk out. Bills Left on the Table Numerous bills and programs that affect Central Oregon were left unfinished as a result of the walkouts, including: -$4 million for a navigation center for unhoused people in the region

-$10s of millions for wildfire management and preparation -Millions for behavioral health services which would benefit Deschutes County Mental / Behavioral Health -Funds to help unaccompanied youth without homes Christopher Nichols, associate professor of history at Oregon State University, said the increasing frequency of the Republican walkouts in Oregon are a symbol of the nationalization of state politics. “This represents a nostalgic vision of Oregon which is not forward-looking, but instead represents the interests of rural communities, timber, trucking… basically a white version and vision of the state, which sustains itself on raw material extraction,” Nichols said. “What is fascinating is the contrast: solar and renewable energy, the tech industry and other things that inspire people to come to Oregon.” Knopp was the only one on the Senate floor in Salem on Friday. The rest of his caucus returned Sunday as promised, but didn’t pass anything. Helt attended a meeting of the Oregon Emergency Board on Monday to lobby for funds for unhoused unaccompanied youth. So what’s next? “Working together in a bipartisan way as I have done over the last several sessions to find consensus to bring Oregon together,” said Knopp.


Screening vs. Testing

Adobe Stock

Yes, testing labs are awaiting more kits. But locally, providers have what they need to screen patients for novel coronavirus



y now, the basic advice around preventing the spread of novel coronavirus has been widely distributed: Stay home if you’re sick, wash or sanitize your hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes, and have your home emergency kit stocked. In an Oregon Public Health Division press briefing Monday, health officials also mentioned extra precautions, such as avoiding visiting relatives in nursing facilities and avoiding large gatherings. Testing capacity At the national level, confusion has abounded around the number of COVID-19 test kits available in various states. Oregon health officials said the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory, which began testing for novel coronavirus Feb. 28, had enough kits on hand to test 4,800 people as of Tuesday. Since last week, two private lab companies, Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, have both come online as additional COVID-19 testing facilities, with more hospital labs gaining the capability to test soon. As testing capability increases, health officials expect more cases to emerge, OHA officials said Monday. Last week, officials at the White House announced that the federal government hoped to deliver enough additional test kits around the country to be able to test an additional 1 million people. They later said they wouldn’t meet that goal. The delay in producing more kits has been attributed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s decision to design its own kits rather than following

World Health Organization guidelines, as ProPublica reported Feb. 28. Health providers screen. Labs test. “To be clear, St. Charles does not perform any tests,” wrote Lisa Goodman, public information officer for St. Charles Health System in an email to the Source. “We collect the samples and send them to the state’s public health lab for testing.” The “test kits” go to labs including Oregon’s state lab, where they’re used to test the specimens sent from providers around the state. As Goodman explained, “A nasopharyngeal collection kit is used to collect  secretions from the back of your nose and upper throat. After the sample is collected, it’s sent to a lab where it is tested for COVID-19. The diagnostic kits, or test kits, are developed by the CDC and provided to public health labs and some select international labs.” Goodman said the specimen kits St. Charles uses are not specific to novel coronavirus and can be used to detect any type of respiratory virus. So while labs may not yet have the supplies needed to test vast numbers of people in the event of a wider outbreak, local providers do have the tools they need to collect samples. Not everyone gets tested The current, relatively low testing capability has been alarming for some. Oregon has seen just 15 positive cases of COVID-19 and has tested over 200 people for novel coronavirus—but what if the number of people needing testing were to spike? “The Oregon Health Authority continues to stress that not everyone needs to be

Representatives from St. Charles Health System say they have the collection kits needed to collect samples—but people experiencing symptoms will be ruled out for the flu or other illnesses before they'll send a sample to a lab for COVID-19 testing.

Douglas counties. Washington County now has eight presumed positive cases. Three of the 15 sick people had engaged in international travel recently, according to the Oregon Health Authority. As of Monday, 52 people in Oregon were still awaiting COVID-19 test results, with 165 already testing negative. Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency in Oregon March 8. The declaration gives “OHA more freedom and flexibility to take specific actions to contain the outbreak,” said OHA Director Patrick Allen. That includes preparing Oregon’s medical reserve corps to mobilize if needed, expending telemedicine to screen patients without exposing health workers to potentially infected people and “finalizing agreements with major hospital systems to expand locations where COVID-19 tests can be conducted safely.” At a press briefing March 2, officials from Deschutes County Public Health said they would alert the public of any presumed positive cases as quickly as possible. State health officials have not alerted the public about the locations of any of the people in Oregon still awaiting test results, however. Find local coronavirus information at: coemergencyinfo.blogspot.com or by calling 211. -Intern Miina McCown contributed to this report.

tested,” Goodman said. “It’s very important to note that an individual cannot just show up and request a test. Patients have to meet CDC’s clinical criteria for testing.” The CDC is advising medical providers to “use their best judgement” in deciding whether to test someone for novel coronavirus, saying they’re “strongly encouraged to test for other causes of respiratory illness, including infections such as influenza.” If someone tests negative for the flu and is showing symptoms of respiratory illness, the next step may be a screening for COVID-19. Drop-ins not welcome To minimize risk to others and to avoid overwhelming emergency departments, St. Charles and other health systems continue to encourage people to call ahead before showing up to be screened for respiratory illness. “If someone thinks they might need to and they don’t have a primary care doctor to consult with, calling the local health department is another good choice,” Goodman wrote. Oregon at 15 cases On Tuesday, the number of presumed positive cases in Oregon expanded to 15, including a new case involving a person being treated at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center, along with two cases in Jackson County, one in Klamath County and one each in Marion and

Health insurance plans may assign your provider, but parents get the last word. When the time comes for you to pick a pediatrician, you decide what’s best. No matter which doctor your insurance designates, you can always choose COPA. Give us a call today and connect with your newborn patient advocate.

All healthcare plans are welcome. (541) 389-6313 • COPAkids.com P




























By Nicole Vulcan

Trailblazing: From Low-Cal to Big Gains Deschutes Brewery steps away from lighter beers, making a powerful & tasty hazy IPA in the process By Isaac Biehl




hen I first heard about Deschutes Brewery’s new beer, I almost couldn’t believe it. Bulk pHaze, a hazy double IPA, that’s heavy on the calories, carbs, ABV and made with protein malt—was it for real? Turns out, yes. Inspired by Lead Brewer Tanner Hulse, who decided to embrace being the “resident bro” amongst his coworkers, Hulse and company took something that stemmed from a joke of bulking up and turned it into something great. While Bulk pHaze is packed to the brim with ingredients that might make you think it’d be heavy to drink, it’s actually really smooth. The beer boasts awesome citrus flavors that any hazy IPA fan would enjoy. Made with over three pounds of milk sugar in each barrel, the sweetness created during the brewing process really shines through. For weight lifters looking to maintain a certain


Beer Issue We love beer. You do, too. Here are some things to read about it.

In the meantime, Bulk pHaze is a very calorie intake, the Bulk pHaze would actually make for tasty treat that could keep you (kin- limited release. If you want to try Bulk da, sort-of... it’s beer) on track. It just comes pHaze, head to the Deschutes tasting with a much higher ABV (8.2%) than your room on Simpson or the downtown pub to get it while it lasts. usual protein shake. Courtesy Deschutes Brewery As of late, Deschutes has been creating a variety of lowcal and low-carb beers like the WOWZA! or Da Shootz!, so it’s cool to see them work in the other direction for people who might want to pack more of those contents in their latenight beverage. Deschutes already held a release party where people could show off their strength on the bench press, and on Instagram it looked like 10 Barrel may have challenged them to a benchoff. We’ll see if that goes anywhere, and who knows— maybe protein beers will be the next trailblazing item in As this picture suggests, Bulk pHaze is an explosion of flavor and ingredients. the beer industry?

Pivoting to Seltzer The White Claw era inspires local brewmasters to bring on the bubbly By Cayla Clark


o you remember Zima? I don’t, as I was only 3 when Coors Brewing Company introduced the light, lemon-lime flavored alternative to beer. Considered a “premium malt beverage,” drinks like Zima, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice had their day... and then their popularity plummeted. But why? It could be because they’re high-calorie, insanely high in sugar and will leave you with the kind of hangover that says, “A dozen frat boys taped two 40-ounce bottles of Mickey’s to my hands last night.” Enter hard seltzer. This adult beverage appeals to consumers for a variety of reasons. Lighter and lower in calories than beer, it’s a great alternative for those who are looking to cut back on heavier beverages, often while enjoying the convenience of a can. These are a few local options that let you go beyond White Claw. Modified Theory by Deschutes Brewery “Modified Theory is a tart and sparkling hard bevy,” Erin Rankin of Deschutes Brewery wrote in an email to the Source. “It is 5.5% ABV with no to low sugar (depending on the flavor), natural ingredients and no preservatives. Our goal was to create a versatile drinking experience that you can sip it from the can, drink on the rocks, or mix it with your favorite

spirit. We’ve created three bold flavors, including Tahitian Lime Agave, Northwest Berry Lavender and Tarocco Orange Vanilla.” Modified Theory is crafted to remove gluten. Veronica Vega, director of product development at Deschutes, noted the inspiration for the beverage came from a cocktail-consciousness. “We’ve been experimenting with beer cocktails at our pubs for a while,” she said. “We wanted to come up with some tart, fruity and interesting flavors that lend themselves to quick and easy cocktails. Versatility is an added bonus. We started experimenting about a year ago, and we currently have three more flavors in development.” Bandwagon by Immersion Brewing Family-owned and locally-loved Immersion— which took home Best Small Brewery at the Oregon Beer Awards this year—is hopping on the seltzer bandwagon, quite literally. “The trend really dates back to Zima,” said brewery co-owner Sean Lampe. “There’s been this huge revival in the past year, and it’s become pretty impossible to ignore it.” Lampe explained that he and his brewers began experimenting about a year ago, and it’s been quite a learning curve. “Some of the brewers are onboard, and others aren’t,” he noted. “Some see the rise of hard seltzer as an evil trend, a trend that we shouldn’t even indulge in. But, you know, it’s something new to try. We’ve been dabbling a lot with the fermentation process, and while there’s still lots of room for improvement, I can really see this product having legs.” The batch currently at the brewery is grapefruit flavored, and staff members only offer up the “secret menu” item when someone comes in looking for a beer alternative. “It appeals to the gluten-free demographic,” said Lampe.

Bella Krevitz

Try one of three hard seltzers flavors by AVID Cider, released last year.

Look for more options in the future—oh, and about that “secret menu” thing? Forget I said anything. Seven Peaks Hard Seltzer by AVID Cider Unlike many of its counterparts, AVID’s hard seltzer is derived from Northwest apples and sourced from the Cascade watershed. Tropical Smash, Raspberry Cosmo and Mandarin Greyhound round out the current flavor options. Dan McCoy, the owner of Seven Peaks, believes that boozy seltzer is much more than a temporary trend. “I believe seltzers will continue to have a place in the crowded alcohol market and some, like ours, have attributes that make them more than a fad,” he said. “Americans list health consciousness as a major priority in their lives. Thus, we focused on keeping our 12-ounce cans under 100 calories, coming in at 95 calories per can.” Modified Theory Release

Fri., March 13, 11am-8pm. Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House 1044 NW Bond St., Bend. Free.

Best New Brewery

A chat with Central Oregon’s own Boss Rambler, which took home the Best New Brewery award at the Oregon Beer Awards By Heidi Howard

Beer and BBQ at Boss Rambler


oss Rambler Beer Club did a cool thing, taking home the Best New Brewery award at the Oregon Beer Awards Feb. 18. The spot opened in April, bringing a brightness to the local beer scene. Instead of the typical industrial feel, the Beer Club looks like something straight out of a home magazine. With the white shiplap walls and pops of color, it evokes a feeling of being on vacation. Plus, the beer is fantastic; fresh and super drinkable. I chatted with Matt Molletta, one of the owners, about Boss Rambler’s success and more.

Drink This Here Drink like a (beer) geek By Heidi Howard


n honor of the Beer Issue, I’ve created my own curated list of what beers to drink when visiting some of Central Oregon’s breweries. I’ve selected beers that are available on the regular, so there’s no need for you to rush. Enjoy at your own pace! In other words, do not attempt to hit all of this up at once. It’s about the delicious taste of craft beer, not the experiences that lead to cautionary tales… Bevel Craft Beer: Black Ace – This is an award-winning Cascadian Dark Ale. It’s got the perfect balance of complexity and bitterness. Boneyard Beer: Diablo Rojo – You thought I was going to say RPM, didn’t you? Ha! Boneyard makes a mean red ale, that’s for sure. It’s smooth and lightly sweet. Yum. Boss Rambler: BRO? BRAH! – Hop forward and straight forward damn good IPA. It’s just the right amount of old school, with a sprinkle of sophistication. It smells fantastic, too. CRUX Fermentation Project: Bubble Wrap – A delicious hazy IPA that CRUX cans, so you can take it home with you. This beer is aromatic and smooth drinking.

Source Weekly: What do you think are the key factors in making you the best new brewery in Oregon? MM: I’d like to think the biggest factor is that we’re making some damn good beer! Aside from that, I think it’s because we’re having fun/ not taking ourselves too seriously and we came in with a fresh take on the whole brewery experience. We’ve got a fun vibe and unique space that people really dig, and we’re making exciting beers that people want to drink. SW: What challenges has Boss Rambler overcome to become such a success? MM: Beer supply. We were so busy this past summer that we couldn’t keep up and ran our taps pretty lean. We’re looking forward to hopefully being able to keep up this year and give the people what they want: more beer! SW: What is the thing you are most proud of for Boss Rambler? MM: There are so many things I’m proud of, I’m not sure there’s one that sticks out most… although, one thing I can say I’m really stoked on is the diversity of our customer demographic. I think our vibe and offerings has naturally resulted in a younger, forward-thinking crowd, which includes a lot of women and families, but we’re also attracting an older crowd who are excited about the “new wave” of beer. We’re breaking down barriers and the stigma that beer is just a “dude’s drink” which has created a really fun and inviting atmosphere at the Club.

SW: Were you surprised by your OBA win? MM: Absolutely. We weren’t expecting to win anything. If you were at the awards or watching live online, you saw firsthand that our crew wasn’t even together to accept the award. Joel (Scott) was in the restroom and I was in the balcony looking for the guys when the award was announced, which left Jacob (Bansmer) on the stage all alone to accept the award! SW: How did you celebrate your big win? MM: Naturally, many beers were had with the team and industry friends following the show… it was a bit of a party! A couple weeks later we had an official party at the Beer Club to celebrate with all of our customers and crew. It was a blast to drink beers with and acknowledge the folks who have helped us get to where we are. SW: What is next for Boss Rambler? MM: We’ve got a bunch of fun stuff on the horizon. We just brewed an IPA collab with our friends Ruse Brewing (the 2019 Best New Brewery) that will hit in a couple weeks. We’ve got another collab with our buddy Charlie at Allegory Brewing coming up, as well as our one-year anniversary party at the end of April that should be pretty epic.

Kobold Brewing: 3rd Street Cred – A really tasty red that is basically Central Oregon in a beer glass. It smells like the woods and tastes like heaven! Monkless Belgian Ales: Shepplekofeggan – You can just call it “Shep” when you order it. This is a “friendship” beer, and I thoroughly enjoyed it while visiting with my bestie! Silver Moon: Mango Daze – This mango pale ale has a moderate ABV at 6%. It is my go-to for sure. I absolutely love the flavor profile of this beer. It is tropical goodness. Spider City: Soleil Rubis – Slightly sour, and completely delicious. It’s beautiful to look at too, just like our Central Oregon sunrises, which the beer was named after. Sunriver Brewing: Cocoa Cow – If you love chocolate milk, drink this beer. It’s smooth and full of chocolate flavor. It is lighter than you would expect for a dark beer, so don’t be afraid of the dark! Three Creeks Brewing: Knotty Blonde – Because it’s a fun beer to order: “I’ll have a knotty blonde, please.” Heh heh. But seriously, this is a great go-to ale that won’t weigh you down, but still has plenty of flavor. Wild Ride: Nut Crusher – This is one of the best peanut butter beers I’ve had, hands down. It’s so good, I remember exactly where I was the first time I had it (but not what I did afterward… remember when I mentioned those cautionary tales??)

Get out there and drink some craft beer, people! It’s not going to drink itself! Cheers!

Boss Rambler Beer Club 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend Bossrambler.com

Heidi Howard

Cheers to the diversity of local craft beer!


Heidi Howard



Jill Wellington, Pixabay

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Throw on your goofiest Leprechaun garb and get ready By Cayla Clark

Fri., March 13, 6-9pm.

Bend Senior Center 1600 SE Reed Market Rd., Bend.

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Celebration Celebrate the luck of the Irish with McMenamins Irish stout, food specials and a ton of live music! Visit website for lineup. No cover. Sat., March 14, 1-7pm.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School 700 NW Bond St., Bend.

St. Patrick’s Day Dash The 9th annual St. Patty’s Day Dash, presented by the Mt. Bachelor Rotary Club is back! The run is a fundraiser for the Family Access Network. Dress in your craziest St. Paddy’s Day gear for this fun, family-friendly festivity! $20-$40. Sat., March 14, Run starts 10:05am. Deschutes Brewery Lawn 399 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr., Bend.

St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl and Costume Contest Fundraiser Each ticket holder will receive two drink tickets, a silly swag bag and entry into the costume


contest! 100% of the night's proceeds go directly back into Downtown Bend beautification. Music from Dive Bar Theology. $20. Sat., March 14, 4-9pm. Bend Brewing Company 1019 NW Brooks St., Bend.

Dusty Bones St. Paddy’s Party Local musical phenomenon Will Burks will join Dusty Bones, a five-piece folk and bluegrass band hailing all the way from the Bay Area! Expect traditional bagpipes, Irish-themed pub fare and an insane number of prizes (the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow)! No cover. Tue., March 17, 7:30-10pm. Cabin 22 25 SW Century Dr., Bend.

St. Paddy’s Day Shenanigans at Boneyard Pub The Boneyard crew serves up delicious Irish food specials, its Killarney Dry Irish Stout on Nitro, and Boneyard Bombs and green slushees (adults only)! Bend Fire & Drums stops by for its annual Bagpipe session. Tue., March 17, 7:30-10pm. Boneyard Beer Pub 1955 NE Division St., Bend.

St. Patty's Day--it's not just for green beer anymore.

driving and impressive folk melodies that are guaranteed to get your feet tapping. No cover. Tue, March 17, 7-9pm.

The Brown Owl 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 120, Bend.

St. Patrick’s Day Across the Land McMenamins Irish Stout, Irish coffee, Irish food specials and lots o’ live music! Visit website for lineup. No cover. Tue., March 17, 2-7pm.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School 700 NW Bond St., Bend.

St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl Touchmark hosts its very own pub crawl! Sample offerings from seven Bend breweries all afternoon. Local musician Matthew Langston performs live 3-4pm. Complete the provided, beer-centric passport and enter to win a prize! Free.

St. Paddy’s Party at The Brown Owl Local musician Christopher Sepic expertly loops Irish flute, bouzouki and bodhran to create

Tue., March 17, 12:30-4pm.

Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village 19800 SW Touchmark Way, Bend.

We're Here, We're Beer, Get Used To It

Long-standing local dive bars provide unpretentious settings in which to enjoy local craft brews By Cayla Clark


he definition of “dive bar” varies immensely depending on who you ask, though there are certain components of every classic dive that remain rather consistent. A 2010 issue of Playboy Magazine defined a dive bar as, “A church for downand-outers and those who romanticize them, a rare place where high and low rub elbows—bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities. It’s a place that wears its history proudly.” While you aren’t likely to find many “slumming celebrities” in long-standing local haunts, you’re likely to find an impressive—and affordable— selection of local and domestic brews. Cascade West Grub & Alehouse Resting somewhere between country bar and neighborhood dive, Cascade West first opened its doors in 1954. Known for its indoor fire pit and pool tables, the cozy, dimly-lit alehouse boasts 32 rotating taps and a decent menu. In fact, several locals have deemed Cascade West’s fried chicken the best in town. Half of the offered beers are locally brewed, and taps rotate twice a week. Patrons can request that specific beers be included in the rotation. On Saturdays the bar offers micro drafts for $3.50, and on Sundays domestic drafts go for $3 and micro drafts for $4. 

Westside Tavern Established in 1928, this is the epitome of a classic, hole-in-the-wall dive, complete with video lottery games in the back, two pool tables and great company. Michelle Mora, a longtime Westside patron, explained why she chooses to frequent this dive: “I’ve always felt super comfortable coming to Westside, it’s unpretentious. I feel like I’ve been a regular since the moment I first walked in the door,” she said. “There’s a great sense of community and you can honestly just come as you are.” The prices don’t hurt, either. “I mean, wine is under $4,” she added.   While Westside doesn’t have an epic amount of beer on draft, it offers rotating local ciders and seasonal beers from Deschutes Brewery. You can also take beer to go—single cans, or a six pack.  Mountain’s Edge Sports Bar & Grill This pub-dive hybrid is known for hosting pool leagues five nights a week and offering an extensive selection of local brews. “Most of the beers on tap are local, other than the staple domestics,” said bartender Chance Ferguson. “We rotate three beers frequently and try to take as many requests as we can.” Happy hour takes place seven days a week from 4-7pm, and features $4.25 micros, $3.25 domestics

and well drinks for $4.25. The food menu is also impressive and extensive, complete with a dive must-have: tater tots. “I think the definition of a dive bar is really just a cool, mellow place to hang out with your buddies,” Ferguson said. “A place with a neighborly feel and no formal dress code.”  Honorable Mentions: JC’s Bar and Grill - The giant board games might bring you there, but the epic beer specials will keep you there. 16 rotating beers on draft and $1 Pub Beer, Coors Light and PBR on Thursday nights. Yes. $1.  Hardtails Bar & Grill - Known for being a “biker bar” once frequented by none other than Tonya Harding, this Sisters staple is a “local watering hole” if I’ve ever seen one. The bar has a full selection of microbrews on tap as well as an extensive bottled beer collection. The beer is served chilled by a new glycol system that delivers brews to the glass at 32 degrees, every dang time. D&D Bar & Grill - The oldest bar in Bend, the D&D is proud of its dive bar reputation. The bar was also voted Best Hangover Spot in 2019 in our Best of Central Oregon readers’ poll, thanks to its comprehensive menu of greasy spoon fare. We love this bar. ‘Nuff said.


St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance A special spring celebration! Dance to music by the Notables Swing Band, a 17-member Big Band bringing back the “golden oldies.” Dinner starts at 6pm; dancing commences at 7pm! $12/adv., $20/door.





3/12 – 3/17








David McClister



ANDERS OSBORNE & HAYES CARLL NEW ORLEANS ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR Between the potency of his richly detailed songwriting, his intensely emotional, soulful vocals and his piercing, expert guitar work, New Orleans’ Anders Osborne is a true musical treasure. Sun., March 15, 7-11pm. The Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. $30.

An evening of traditional Spanish Flamenco music and dance featuring dancer Savannah Fuentes, guitarist Carlos de Jacoba and singer/percussionist Diego Amador Jr. Thu., March 12, noon and 8pm. Rosie Bareis Community Campus, 1010 NW 14th St., Bend. $24.





An all-original mix of progressive rock, country Americana and funk. The band brings their own brand of inventive playfulness, weaving dark yarns in the same stride as delightfully groovy jive numbers, saturated richly with improvisation and interplay. Thu., March 12, 7-10pm. McMenamins Old. St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend. No cover.




COMEDY AT THE CAPITOL: ED HILL TRAVELING COMIC COMES TO BEND! Comedian Ed Hill has performed at the Just For Laughs Northwest Comedy Festival, NXNE, San Francisco Comedy Festival and many more events and venues. Featuring local comedians Gina Marie Christopher and Johnny Alfredo. Hosted by Madame Richard Tucker. Fri., March 13, 8-10pm. The Capitol, 190 NW Oregon Ave., Bend. $10.




Join board-certified cardiologist Dr. David Guarraia to better understand the troubling consumption of sweetened food, and learn about the steps to prevent chronic conditions including diabetes and heart disease while improving overall health. Mon., March 16, 6:30pm. McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend. Free.




AVI KAPLAN’S “I’LL GET BY” TOUR TENNESSEE FOREST-DWELLER Avi Kaplan lives deep in the forest near the Tennessee run of the ancient Natchez Trace trail. After touring the world with Pentatonix for six years, he retreated from the L.A. hustle and bustle—but that hasn’t prevented him from continuously creating moving and powerful folk music. Sat., March 14, 8-11pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr., Bend. $15. Darris Hurst

GREEN DRINKS AT SCP REDMOND BYOC - BRING YOUR OWN CUP! Every other month, The Environmental Center hosts Green Drinks, an event mixing local businesses and community members. Network, learn about local businesses and their sustainability efforts and enjoy a drink or two! Register in advance. Thu., March 12, 5-7pm. The New Hotel Redmond by SCP, 521 SW 6th St., Redmond.



CHOMP CHOMP GRAND OPENING NO RAMEN FOR YOU!! Larry Thomas of "Seinfeld" fame will be working a shift at the Chomp Chomp grand opening! Have you always dreamed of getting ramen from the “Soup Nazi?” Swing by for a selfie or an autograph, but… be warned! If you’re caught fooling around … “NO RAMEN FOR YOU! TWO WEEKS!" Sat., March 14, noon-3pm. Chomp Chomp, 945 Bond St., Bend.





After a successful year touring as The Devon Allman Project with special guest Duane Betts, the sons of Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts joined forces to form The Allman Betts Band. The show features new music, songs from their solo projects and classic Allman Brothers tunes. Tue., March 17, 7-11pm. The Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. $40.




Modified Theory is now officially available at Deschutes Brewery Pub. This tart, sparkling hard bevy can be mixed with your favorite liquor or enjoyed solo. Fri., March 13, 11am-8pm. Deschutes Brewery and Public House, 1044 NW Bond St., Bend. Free.



Back in Sisters

Kacy & Clayton return to Central Oregon on the heels of their latest album By Isaac Biehl




ust a few months ago, Kacy & Clayton were performing at the Sisters Folk Festival and I chose them as one of the bands to make time to see live. Now the Saskatchewan-born duo is returning, this time to The Belfry, and I still feel the same way. Shortly after last year’s SFF, Kacy & Clayton released its fourth fulllength album, “Carrying On.” It’s 10 songs of hypnotic folk, pulling inspiration from classic days of country and blues. At just over half an hour, “Carrying On” marks the duo’s most polished album to date.

“Before we worked with him, I certainly had a tendency to obsess over arrangement things that weren’t really that important to the listener. That really taught us a lot, I would say.” —Clayton Linthicum “[We had] more confidence in our songs and performances. The usual things that take experience for bands to develop. I was really pleased with the tones that we got on this last album, more than the one before,” Clayton Linthicum tells the Source. “It just sounded closer to what we were trying to sound like.” Produced by Jeff Tweedy, “Carrying On” is the second straight album the Wilco front man has worked on with Kacy & Clayton. It’s safe to say Tweedy has taken a strong liking to the duo’s sound and talent over the last few years—not a bad guy to have in your corner.

Mat Dunlap

“It’s really encouraging. He’s an extremely attentive listener as well as being really relaxed. He’s such a deep listener that he keeps you engaged,” praises Linthicum. “He’s taught us that there’s just so many details that you don’t need to worry about with music. Like to not become obsessed with the wrong things. Before we worked with him, I certainly had a tendency to obsess over arrangement things that weren’t really that important to the listener. That really taught us a lot, I would say.” The relationship first started four years ago when Kacy & Clayton opened

up for Wilco in San Francisco. This year, on Wilco’s current tour, Kacy & Clayton join the band for eight shows, making for some pretty incredible nights across the U.S. and Canada. For people who don’t know, Kacy & Clayton are actually cousins—but it wasn’t until Clayton’s teenage years that they began to collaborate musically. “I think when we were really little kids, we were friends. And then maybe like between the ages of 5 and 10 we weren’t as close. But most of the time we’ve been pretty good friends,” says Linthicum. “I was around 15, 14 or so. Kacy is a couple

Historical references and storylines can be found throughout Kacy & Clayton’s music.

years younger than me and that’s when we started playing shows as a duo. And we’ve been at it ever since.” Early on, the two would play gigs at a senior center, as a jam group. These times performing proved to be rewarding. Among the seniors who were able, Linthicum says there was most definitely a lot of dancing. “It was a good way to learn how to play with other people. It was mostly people in their 70s or older. We’d play like Hank Williams, Roy Acuff. Pretty simple chord changes. So, it was a good way to learn by ear, predict patterns and stuff like that. It was a good way to start.”

Linthicum tells me the Pacific Northwest is probably his favorite place to play in the States, and he fondly remembered last year’s SFF appearance. “We got to see Peter Rowan’s Free Mexican Air Force,” recalls Linthicum. “I’m a huge Peter Rowan fan, so that was really cool. Great town. I got to walk around quite a bit and really enjoyed it. It was a nice, relaxed weekend.” Kacy & Clayton

Wed., March 18. 7-10pm The Belfry 302 E. Main St., Sisters $10/adv., $15/door

I love my doc. Our family thrives here in Central Oregon, from the active community we all share to the guidance and health care that keeps us strong. Thanks to our Primary Care doc and the entire SMGOR team, we’re living the dream. I love my community. I love my lifestyle. I love my doc. 541-382-4900 | smgoregon.com PRIMARYCARE


Dr. Antolak


Getting Wiser


On the cusp of Lost Ox’s sophomore album By Isaac Biehl

Courtesy Lost Ox

Our artists are cleaning out their studios...

Great Deals on the art you love!

Saturday, March 21 9am-3pm (come early!)

To be held in the Kenwood School Gym 701 Newport Ave. (Parking behind the gym)

A F INE A RT G ALLERY Everyone in Lost Ox is a songwriter, which contributes to the wide variety of music they play.


ortland’s Lost Ox first became a band in 2017, then released its debut album in March of 2018. The two-year mark is upon “Wildheart,” and the boys of Lost Ox have grown plenty since then. They’ll look to improve off an already well-received album with the band’s sophomore effort. Guitarist Dylan DiSalvio tells me that the band has been in the studio recently and plans to release the first of two EPs in the next coming month. Meanwhile, they’re cooking up a bunch of new songs. And by the end of the year, the second Lost Ox album should be released for everyone to hear. Read the rest of our interview with DiSalvio below. Source Weekly: It’s almost been exactly two years since “Wildheart”  was released. What makes you proud to have that as your debut album and what was it like getting positive feedback from the Portland and Northwest scene? Dylan DiSalvio: We put a lot of energy into “Wildheart”—over 120 hours in the studio recording and mixing, countless early mornings and late nights. We were a new band then; we started recording “Wildheart” less than one year after our first show as Lost Ox. It was a big step up for us. Professional studio, professional gear, professional engineer, with a strict timeline and it put a lot of pressure on us as a new band. This kind of crucible-like experience pushed us and grew us in unexpected ways and set us on a trajectory which we still travel on and filled our sails with enough wind to start getting there. SW: You can’t really be pigeonholed into just one genre. What are some of the band’s biggest influences?  DS: Each of us comes from a different world of listening, but we all kind of came of age in the jam band scene and are united by our love of the Grateful Dead. Add a little Funkadelic and a couple dashes of Doc Watson and Tony Rice and you may get a sense of the strange,

strange place we’re coming from. SW: Lost Ox will be playing at McMenamins Old St. Francis School here in Bend. Are you excited for the show? DS: Yes! It’ll be our second time, and third time in Bend. Loved the tubs the first time. Big ups to McMenamins for treating artists well! We love them. We’ve only been playing in Bend over the last half a year or so but we already feeling the love and diggin’ in. I wanna give a shout out to our friends John Morris and Samantha Harber for putting us up and showing us around town! Life’s a lot better with compadres. SW: I’m pretty interested in the name Lost Ox. What’s the story behind that? DS: Band names are hard to pick. We like animals and we wanted to name the band after an animal. Musk Ox was suggested but I vetoed it because, well, musk oxes are stinky—hence the “musk.” I liked the sound of Lost Ox and when Reed googled it, he found this 10-panel Buddhist story drawing, which is more well known as the story of the “Ten Bulls.” The gist is that the ox is a metaphor for your mind/enlightenment, and “Lost Ox’” is the third panel, in which the quest is begun but not yet attained. The oxherd in the story accomplishes the goal of finding and taming his ox, even riding it into town at the end, and eventually there is no distinction between ox and rider and the oxherd is at peace. Once I read the story, it was obvious that it should be the band name, particularly for us—an indulgent American band bent on exploring, pushing and expanding our own experience —not the wisened guru, certainly; much more of an enthusiastic adept, perpetually striving, winning, losing ourselves to freedom and then bouncing right on back to ourselves. Lost Ox

Thu., March 12, 7-10pm McMenamins Old St. Francis School 700 NW Bond St., Bend No cover


David Guarraia, MD St. Charles Heart and Lung Center


Mar. 16 | 6:30 - 7:30 P.M. Father Luke’s Room - McMenamins, Bend


Dietary sugars are one of the biggest health threats in America. Join board-certified cardiologist Dr. David Guarraia to better understand our troubling consumption of sweetened food and learn more about the steps you can take to prevent chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and improve your overall health. Dr. David Guarraia is the director of cardiac rehabilitation at the St. Charles Heart and Lung Center. Guarraia joined St. Charles Health System in November 2018, and brings with him an interest in preventive cardiology in an attempt to improve long-term outcomes and quality of life with fewer medications or procedures. He is currently the principle investigator of a low-carb diet study at St. Charles Bend. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. First come, first served, arrive early. Food and beverage sales help support this lecture series.



t s t e r Bine Aer! FSale Ev al

nu n A h





11 Wednesday The Astro Lounge Bingo w/ Janney to ben-

efit Oregon Wild Every Wednesday! Winners take home half the pot, the rest goes to Oregon Wild! 6-8pm. $1-5 per game.

Bledsoe Family Winery “Wine” Down

Wednesday’s with KC Flynn Long time local favorite KC Flynn plays an acoustic set in an intimate setting. From Queen to Pearl Jam, you never know what’s next in this amazing display of vocal diversity. Acoustic rock, folk and country. 6-8pm. No cover.

Brasada Ranch Winter Songwriters Series

- Olivia Harms Please join us in Ranch House for an evening of music and dinner. Ranch House is a casual, warm and authentic, a family-friendly space to join us for a fantastic winter evening. Reservations are recommended! 6-8pm.

Cabin 22 Locals Night w/ UKB Trivia It’s fun

and free to play! Enjoy Central Oregon pint specials, all day, all night! Prizes include Cabin 22 gift cards! Team up with friends join in this week. 7pm.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Come on down and sing your favorite tune! 9pm-1am.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Comedy Open

Mic Come watch local comics work on new material and people try stand up comedy for the first time. Sign up at 7:30. Starts at 8pm. No cover.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke What’s your

go-to karaoke tune? 8:30pm.

Immersion Brewing Geeks Who Drink Pub

Tickets Available on Bendticket.com

Rosie Bareis Community Campus

LOGE Entrada Open Mic Night All are welcome! Come play some music in a cool living room setting, with no pressure! Poetry and comedy are welcome as well. 6-9pm. Free.

Seven Nightclub Hump Day Karaoke Every

McMenamins Old St. Francis School Lost Ox Genre-blending Lost Ox have

Flamenco Singing Workshop All levels Flamenco guitar workshop with Carlos de Jacoba! 2pm. $69.24. Wednesday night! 8pm. No cover.

Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill Texas Hold

‘em Poker Join us for Poker Night upstairs at The Saloon! First hand dealt at 7pm, so grab a seat early! 7pm. $20 buy in.

The Lot Wednesday Open Mic Night Everyone

from brave amateurs to seasoned professionals. Come share your heart, practice your lyrics and feel the support from this great community. Covers, originals, instrumentalists or poets. Hosted by local musicians like MOsley WOtta, Jeshua Marshall and others. 6-8pm. No cover.

Worthy Brewing Austin Lindstrom Come on down to the pub for live music featuring Austin Lindstrom. Our weekly local’s night with live music from local bands and great beer and food specials. 6-8pm. No cover.

12 Thursday 7th Street Brew House Bow Wow Bingo

Join us for BowWow Bingo benefiting BrightSide Animal Center! Great food, wonderful brews and a whole lot of fun! Cards are $1 each for the first 2 games (or 6 for $5) and $2 each for the last 2 games (or 6 for $10). 6:30pm.

The Astro Lounge Rockin’ Robin Karaoke

Sing your favorites on a rockin’ good system, every Thursday! 9pm-1am. No cover.

Trivia Test you knowledge at pub trivia night by Geeks Who Drink! Win fun prizes and challenge your friends, or enemies, on obscure knowledge while enjoying craft beer and delicious food from our pub style kitchen. Come early for hoppy hour priced apps and drinks. 6-8pm. No cover.

Cabin 22 Comedy Night at Cabin 22! Rotation

Kelly D’s Irish Sports Bar Rockin’ Robin Karaoke Rockin’ Robin takes our stage, running Bend’s #1 karaoke show. 7-11pm. No cover.

Currents at the Riverhouse Riverhouse Music Series Highlighting local Central Oregon talent, the Riverhouse music series focuses on genres ranging from bluegrass, acoustic, indie, blues, jazz, singles and duos. 7-9pm. No cover.

Level State Beerhouse Bend Comedy Pub Trivia Bend Comedy brings lively pub trivia to Level State Beerhouse every Wednesday! Free to play, prizes to win and all ages until 9pm! Assemble a team or go at it alone, test your knowledge against our fun and entertaining rounds. 7pm. No cover.

of four local comedians every week! Hosted by Katy Ipock. 7-9pm. Free.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Come on down and sing your favorite tune! 9pm-1am.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke What’s your go-to karaoke tune? 8:30pm.

been cooking up their own all-original mix of prog rock, country Americana and funk. The band brings their own brand of inventive playfulness to performances, weaving dark, murderous yarns in the same stride as delightfully groovy jive numbers, saturated richly with improvisation and interplay. 7-10pm. No cover.

Northside Bar & Grill Joe Fidanzo and Friends Classic rock! 7:30pm. No cover.

Riff Cold Brewed Taproom The Night Light Show 6th Anniversary! We have rescheduled our Anniversary Show! The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley & Magnificent Guests is a live, community-based comedy variety show. We are honored to celebrate 6 years in production! Tonight’s show will feature new filmed content, live music, comedy, art, giveaways and surprises, and of course Magnificent Guests a plenty! Doors open at 6pm, come early for dinner and special themed drinks. If you purchased tickets to our Dec. 12th Anniversary show, your tickets will be honored for the March 12th show. 7-11pm. $12-$40. River’s Place Coyote Willow Indie Roots

duo that creates a unique blend of folk, roots, blues and intricate instrumentals through Tim Coffey’s soulful guitar, Kat Hilst’s powerful cello and their moving vocal harmonies. 6-8pm. No cover.

Rosie Bareis Community Cam-

pus Sky, Flamenco en vivo Bend An evening of Spanish Flamenco music and dance featuring dancer Savannah Fuentes, guitarist Pedro Cortes, and singer/percussionist Diego Amador Jr. 8pm. $10.44-$38.79. Seven Nightclub Bend Comedy Open Mic All

performance types are welcome! Each performer will have 5 minutes. Signup by 7:20pm. Ages 21+.

Silver Moon Brewing Trivia on the Moon!

Voted best Trivia in Bend last year by Bend magazine! Bring your team and come down to the Moon every Thursday. Prizes to 1st and 2nd place teams! 7-9pm. Free. Submitted

16-year old singer and songwriter. She has an indie/folk/pop sound with lyrics that take your heart and mind on a journey. Olivia ranges from hard-hitting issues teens face today that are full of empowerment to whimsical tunes that speak truth. 6-8pm. No cover.

POSTPONED - Volcanic Theatre Pub Bluetech with Lapa at Volcanic Evan Bar-

tholomew has been performing electronic music for nearly 20 years as Bluetech, Evan Marc and Invisible Allies (with Kilowatts). As an an internationally recognized touring music producer with over 27 album and EP releases and a seasoned portfolio of video game and film scoring credits, Bluetech is a master of analog and modular sound synthesis and DSP audio manipulation. 9pm-Midnight. $14.

13 Friday Checkers Pub Double Clutch A double

header this weekend, starting with Double Clutch band Friday night! Classic rock and a variety of other music. The band is newer to our roster, and we are so glad they are! Come join us for some fun! 8-11:30pm. Free.

COCC Collaborative Garden OperaBend presents The Elixir of Love Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love at the Pinckney Center for the Arts! 7pm. $16.74-$37.74. Hub City Bar & Grill Fun Bobby Classic rock 80s style. 9pm-1am. No cover. Kelly D’s Irish Sports Bar Derek Michael Marc & Friends A truly accomplished musician and vocalists along with a few of his friends will entertain you till 10pm. 21+. 7:30-10pm. No cover. Lava Lanes Karaoke Night Come sing with us! 8pm-Midnight. No cover.

Northside Bar & Grill Emerald City Band Classic rock! 8:30pm. No cover.

On Tap Live Music with The Ablustics Join us in our taproom for free live music featuring The Ablustics. 6-8pm. No cover. River’s Place Lisa Dae Trio Live jazz! 6-8pm. No cover.; Classic jazz tunes popular in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. 6-8pm. No cover.

Seven Nightclub Comedians Chris Porter

& Jenna Vesper Chris Porter regularly presents his “surreal and wildly mischievous world” at the west coast’s premier comedy clubs: The Laugh Factory, The Improv and the Comedy Store. Jenna Vesper is a Portland-based comic who is a high energy, crass, hardworking and loud. She loves jokes about her dead parents! 8-10pm. $8/adv., $10/door.

M&J Tavern Wed Night Open Mic All mu-

sicians welcome to the downtown living room. Bring your instruments and your friends. Everyone else come on by and support the local music scene. Goes to Last Call or last musician. Which one will it be? 21 and over. 6pm. No cover.

Maverick’s Country Bar & Grill Karaoke

Silver Moon Brewery Bend Burlesque Presents: Weee’reee Baaaaaack! Listen up all you lovers of the macabre, you slithering psychopaths, and you murderous mega-babes! Bend Burlesque and Silver Moon are back at it! We are bringing a super creepy, horror filled show to the stage on Friday the 13th! 9-11:45pm. $20-$30.

Come sing your heart out every Wednesday night at Maverick’s! 9pm. No cover.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Blackstrap Bluegrass Blackstrap Bluegrass is a long standing group of musicians from Bend, Oregon. What started out as some porch pickin’ back in 2004 turned into a full fledged band project. 7-10pm. No cover.

Northside Bar & Grill Acoustic Open Mic Join us for open mic every Wednesday. 6pm.

River’s Place Braveheart Brewing Raffle

& Bingo Congrats to Braveheart Brewing, who just won Silver Medal at the Best of Craft Beer Awards for their Pilsner! They will join us for our normal Bingo night with Project Healing Waters, so you can win cash and swag! Both organizations benefit veterans. 6-8pm. $1-$5.

The Lot Olivia Knox Olivia Knox is a local,

See renowned comedian Chris Porter at Seven Nightclub on Fri., March 13 at 8pm!

Submitting an event is free and easy.

The Capitol Comedy Featuring Ed Hill Comedy is coming back to The Capitol with a killer line up! Ed Hill was invited to perform at the Just For Laughs Northwest Comedy Festival, Comedy Masala in Singapore, Live Comedy Club in Taiwan, the Hong Kong Comedy Festival, NXNE, San Francisco Comedy Festival, and many more. Featuring Gina Marie Christopher. Special Guest Johnny Alfredo. Hosted by Madame Richard Tucker. 8-10pm. $10.

Add your event to our calendar at bendsource.com/submitevent




The Oxford Hotel Patrick Lamb Named the

“saxophonist to the stars”, Patrick Lamb has been solidly and consistently recognized by his peers and community as a world-class talent. One of the youngest members inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, Patrick has toured the world with jazz giants. 7pm.

come to sing or play an instrument, just come on in and get on Gordy’s signup sheet. 3-6pm. No cover.

Northside Bar & Grill David Miller Classic and alternative rock! 6pm. No cover.

River’s Place Sunday Funday Trivia + Happy

Tumalo Feed Co. Steak House Freddie

Silver Moon Brewing Not Cho’ Grandma’s

Bingo! Not Cho’ Grandma’s Bingo is back with Silver Moon Brewing and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Bloody Bar, breakfast, mimosas and much more! 10:30am-1pm. No cover.

14 Saturday

Sisters Saloon Sisters Saloon Open Mic

Checkers Pub Desert Howlers Desert Howl-

Night Open Mic at Sisters Saloon hosted by Bend musician, Victor Johnson. Covers and originals, all ages welcome. Free.

ers will play tonight for the second night of our double header this weekend! Eat, drink, dance and have fun! 8-11:30pm. Free.

Strictly Organic Coffee - Old Mill Paul

COCC Collaborative Garden OperaBend

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Roast

of Ben Moore Ben Moore (2019 Super Fight Mic Winner, The Pumpkin Spice of People, and Zoo Lover) is about to head off to Chicago! We are sending him off with full comedy honors! Watch as local comedians show their love by being absolute a**holes. 8-10pm. $7.

High Desert Museum Thorn Hollow String Band Hear some toe-tapping tunes from our pioneering house band! Dancing encouraged. Second Saturday of every month, 11am-2pm. Museum admission. Hub City Bar & Grill Fun Bobby Classic rock 80s style. 9pm-1am. No cover. Kelly D’s Irish Sports Bar Rockin’ Robin

Karaoke Rockin’ Robin takes our stage, running Bend’s #1 karaoke show. 8pm-12:30am. No cover.

Lava Lanes Karaoke Night Come sing with us! 8pm-Midnight. No cover.

LOGE Bend Free Live Music! Join us every Saturday night in Bend, OR for the LOGE Concert Series curated by Artist Home! The Entrada Cafe is open so you can grab sandwiches, snacks, brews, wine and kombucha when you come for the concert! 6-8pm. No cover. M&J Tavern Alovitiman Balkan lore forge

exquisite notes founded on unique and funky arrangements while guiding you through melodic phrases and themes. Introducing two new members and holding onto the core three, this five piece instrumentalist dynamic act will mesmerize you. 9pm. No cover.

Midtown Ballroom Y&T Before Mötley Crüe, before RATT, even before there was a Metallica, Y&T was slogging away in sweaty rock clubs around America. When the band formed in the early 1970s, little did they know they would set the standard for hard rock bands that trailed. 8pm. $25.

Northside Bar & Grill Emerald City Band Classic rock! 8:30pm. No cover.

On Tap Live Music with Loose Platoon Join us in our taproom for free live music featuring Loose Platoon. 6-8pm. No cover.

Eddy Bedell Artist and local troubadour fills your cup with memories and forgotten gems. Every other Sunday, 3-5pm. No cover.

Check out Y&T at the Midtown Ballroom Sat., March 14 at 8pm!

Porter Brewing Traditional Irish Pub Music

Come down and lift your glass and voice in song as you enjoy some traditional session tunes with Patrick Flaherty and the gang. Second Saturday of every month, 6:30pm. No cover.

River’s Place Wood & Silver Let’s get the St.

Paddy’s Day vibe started a little early. Come out to River’s Place and enjoy some traditional Irish music! Enjoy rousing, upbeat traditional Irish tunes! Local musician Christopher Sepic loops Irish flute, bouzouki and bodhran to create driving folk melodies that will get your foot tapping. 6-8pm. No cover.

Silver Moon Brewing Fortune’s Folly: Live

at Silver Moon Fortune’s Folly is an energetic and dynamic four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Eugene. Our mission is to create a passionate, accepting, and engaged community through music and performance. 9-11:30pm. $10.

The Capitol DJ N8ture DJ N8Ture mixing up all styles and genres! 10pm.

The Commons Cafe and Taproom The

Whippoorwill Songwriter Series This is an intimate seated concert so get there early to find a seat. Music starts at 7pm. Suggested donation. This series is sponsored by Grange Recorders, Sunriver Brewing and Bend Cider. 7-9pm. $5.

The Lot Paul Eddy - Birthday Performance!

Do you love local live music, but you are typically home by 6pm? Are you looking for an easy place to refuel after your Saturday adventures? Songs and Snacks might be for YOU! 3-5pm. No cover.

The Moose Lodge Country Dance Night

with The Dance Ranch We offer a variety of line dancing and swing with all sorts of other partner dancing as well. Free dance lessons at each event and fantastic music to keep you moving all night long! Every other Saturday, 6-10pm. Free.

The Oxford Hotel Patrick Lamb Named the

“saxophonist to the stars," Patrick Lamb has been solidly and consistently recognized by his peers and community as a world-class talent. One of the youngest members inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, Patrick has toured the world with jazz giants. 5 & 8pm.

Tumalo Feed Co. Steak House Freddie

Gateley Live in the Saloon The Tumalo local is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has been performing his music since age 11. Though rooted in bluegrass and americana, his music also spans rock, jazz and blues. 7-9pm. No cover.

Worthy Brewing Bingo Blitz Bingo Blitz is EXTRAordinary bingo flipped on it’s head! Bingo Blitz is four rounds of high energy bingo played in two hours time, stuffed with prizes and surprises, live entertainment, a half time show and always something a little extra! 10am-Noon. $5. Volcanic Theatre Pub Avi Kaplan's

"I'll Get By" Tour Avi Kaplan lives deep in the forest near the Tennessee run of the ancient Natchez Trace trail. His rural cabin is worlds away from Los Angeles, his hub for six years as he toured the world with Pentatonix. Now, surrounded by farms and forests just a stone's throw from Nashville, the kid who grew up listening to folk music among the California Sequoias is content! 8-11pm. $15

16 Monday The Astro Lounge Open Mic hosted by

The Harris Blake Band Nancy Blake hosts this awesome open mic. Come hang out with some of the best local artists in Bend. We welcome all musicians to the stage! This is a great opportunity to showcase what you got! First timers, get your feet wet! Pros, test out your new stuff. Its relaxed and super supportive of your craft. Look forward to meeting each and every one of you! 8-midnight. No cover.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Come on down and sing your favorite tune! 9pm-1am.

Thursday KARAOKE

15 Sunday

8:30-12:30 pm


Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Come on down


Craft Kitchen and Brewery Sunday


Funday: Comedy Showcase Stand up comedy showcase featuring some of your local favorites! Hosted by Jodi Compton. Featuring Sharif Mohni, Stuart Wilson, Knox Rawson, Conner Satterfield, Johnny Alfredo and Katy Ipock. 6-8pm. $7.






hubcityred.com 2498 US 97 Redmond 541-923-7101

Chavre Wy 97


Robal Rd

20516 Robal Rd. #130, Bend




The Domino Room Anders

Stop in before you head out



and sing your favorite tune! 9pm-1am.

Osborne & Hayes Carll ActionDeniro Productions Presents Anders Osborne and Hayes Carll. At one point on Osborne’s 2019 album, Buddha and The Blues, he sings, “Oh, it’s a miracle we still care. Oh, it’s so wonderful we’re still here.” He’s not going anywhere either. Osborne’s six-string virtuosity, inventive musicality, and poetic song craft underpin an ever-expanding three-decade catalog celebrated by fans and critics alike. 7-11pm. $30.


| www.trailheadliquor.com


Hour Join us for a fun day of trivia and happy hour, while enjoying delicious food from our food trucks! 4-6pm. Free to play.

Gateley Live in the Saloon The Tumalo local is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has been performing his music since age 11. Though rooted in bluegrass and americana, his music also spans rock, jazz and blues. 7-9pm. No cover.

presents The Elixir of Love Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love at the Pinckney Center for the Arts! 3pm. $16.74-$37.74.

Hub City Bar & Grill Open Mic All wel-





Immersion Brewing Localized: Celebrating All Things Local This weekly event celebrates everything local. We’ll have $2 off beers (6-8pm), a weekly specialty dish whipped up by Chef Danny from local farms and free live music from local musicians. We also have artists in the house showcasing their art! 6-8pm. Free.

Gateley Live in the Saloon The Tumalo local is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has been performing his music since age 11. Though rooted in bluegrass and americana, his music also spans rock, jazz and blues. 6:30-8:30pm. No cover.

Northside Bar & Grill Dark and Grey Local

19 Thursday

Acoustic Duo playing Classic Rock and Alternative covers. 6pm. No cover.

10 Barrel Eastside Stand Up Comedy Showcase A Local comedy showcase with some of Central Oregon’s favorites! Featuring Cole Robeson, Dillon Kolar, Cody Michael and Johnny Alfredo. Hosted by Katy Ipock. 18+. 8-10pm. $7.

Riff - Craft Food & Beverage Taproom Open Mic at Riff Join us Monday evenings to enjoy some great local music. Hosted by Victor Johnson, family friendly, covers and originals. 6-8pm. No cover.

7th Street Brew House Bow Wow Bingo

Great food, wonderful brews and a whole lot of fun! Cards are $1 each for the first 2 games (or 6 for $5) and $2 each for the last 2 games (or 6 for $10). Benefitting the BrightSide Animal Center in Redmond. 6:30pm.

The Capitol Open Mic Nite Sign ups 7:30pm,

music starts at 8pm. Poets, singer/songwriters, acoustic, electric, stand-up comedians, emcees. No more than three instruments at a time, and no full bands, please! 7:30-11:30pm. Free. good reason people are crazy for bingo... cash winnings! The dot blotters, the anticipation of yelling out and the opportunity to support local non-profits in a fun and interactive way. 50/50 split each round between the bingo winner and the rotating local non-profit organizations. 6-8pm. No cover.

Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village

Ukulele Performance Cinda Johnson brings the fun with this singalong ukulele performance. 3-4pm. No cover.

Worthy Brewing Trivia with Geeks Who

Drink Get your nerd on! 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

17 Tuesday The Astro Lounge Tuesday Trivia Prizes, drink specials and a mental challenge. 8-10pm. Free. Cabin 22 Dusty Bones St. Patty’s Party Local

phenomenon Will Burks & Dusty Bones, folk and bluegrass artists will host! Bagpipes, pub fare and prizes. 7:30-10pm. No cover.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Comedy Open

Mic Come watch local comics work out new material and try stand up comedy! Free to watch and perform. 18+. 8-10pm. Free.

The Domino Room The Allman

Betts Band with Marc Ford and Jackson Stokes ActionDeniro Productions Presents The Allman Betts Band with special guests Marc Ford and Jackson. After a successful year touring as The Devon Allman Project with special guest Duane Betts, the sons of Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts joined forces to form The Allman Betts Band. 7-11pm. $40.

M&J Tavern Ole’ Fashion Irish Shakedown

Local favorites, Helga and The Roof Rabbits, bring Mill-Finger out to play for an evening bound to keep you up past your Tuesday bedtime! 9pm. No cover.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School St. Patrick’s Day Across The Land Celebrate with McMenamins Irish Stout, Irish coffee, Irish food specials and live music! O’Kanes: Irish Dancers 2-2:30pm. Popcorn 3-5pm. Five Pint Mary 5:308:30pm. Father Luke’s Room: Bend Fire Pipe and Drums 1-1:45pm. Groovasaur 4-7pm. Object Heavy 8-11pm. Fireside Courtyard: Glen Watkins Duo 1-3pm. Ballybogs 4-7pm. Roaming: Cascade Highland Piper 12-1pm. No cover. Northside Bar & Grill Lisa Dae and Friends Jazz music, brought to you by Bend local Lisa Dae and friends! 6pm. No cover.

The Commons Cafe Storytellers Open Mic Our weekly open mic at the Commons — we do have some poets, and actual storytellers on occasion, but it’s an open mic like any other, mostly singers and musicians! Sign up starts at 5pm. 6-8pm.

The Astro Lounge Rockin’ Robin Karaoke The Campfire Boys get down at McMenamins on Wed., March 18 from 7-10pm!

The Lot Trivia Tuesday Bring your team or join

one. Enjoy the heated seats, tasty eats and your favorite local pints at this fun trivia hot spot. A rotating host quizzes you in six different categories. 6-8pm. Free.

Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village

Matthew Casey Langston Concert Matthew Casey plays the biggest hits of the swing era through the pop hits of the 70s. Whether solo or with his swing duo or trio, Matthew always brings topnotch musicianship with unsurpassed professionalism. 3-4pm. No cover.

18 Wednesday The Astro Lounge Bingo w/ Janney to benefit Oregon Wild Every Wednesday! Winners take home half the pot, the rest goes to Oregon Wild! 6-8pm. $1-5 per game. The Belfry Sisters Folk Festival Pres-

ents: Kacy & Clayton Canadian alt-folk duo (with band) weaves homespun influences of old-school country, roots rock, blues and 60s psychedelia. Event will also unveil the brand new, iconic original painting by Dennis McGregor for the 2020 Sisters Folk Festival poster image. 7-10pm. $10/adv., $15/door.

Bend Brewing Company Touring Musician

Anna p.s. Tired of the humdrum of everyday life, and the lack of time to pursue creativity, she laid down her day job & picked up the guitar to take art on the road. In concert, Indiana touring artist Anna p.s. plays acoustic guitar, foot percussion, and-perhaps unexpectedly-the flute. 6-8pm. No cover.

Bledsoe Family Winery “Wine” Down

Wednesday’s with KC Flynn Long time local favorite KC Flynn plays an acoustic set in an intimate setting. From Queen to Pearl Jam, you never know what’s next in this amazing display of vocal diversity. Acoustic rock, folk and country. 6-8pm. No cover.

Brasada Ranch Winter Songwriters Series

- Bill Powers Please join us in Ranch House for an evening of music and dinner. Ranch House is a casual, warm and authentic, a family-friendly space to join us for a fantastic winter evening. Reservations are encouraged! 6-8pm.

Cabin 22 Locals Night w/ UKB Trivia It’s fun

and free to play! Enjoy Central Oregon pint specials, all day, all night! Prizes include Cabin 22 gift cards! Team up with friends join in this week. 7pm.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Come on down and sing your favorite tune! 9pm-1am.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Comedy Open

Mic Come watch local comics work on new material and people try stand up comedy for the first time. Sign up at 7:30. Starts at 8pm. 7:30-10pm. No cover.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke What’s your

go-to karaoke tune? 8:30pm.

Immersion Brewing Geeks Who Drink Pub Trivia Win fun prizes and challenge your friends, or enemies, on obscure knowledge while enjoying craft beer and delicious food from our pub style kitchen. Come early for hoppy hour priced apps and drinks. 6-8pm. No cover. Kelly D’s Irish Sports Bar Rockin’ Robin Karaoke Rockin’ Robin takes our stage, running Bend’s #1 karaoke show. 7-11pm. No cover. Level State Beerhouse Bend Comedy Pub

Sing your favorites on a rockin’ good system, every Thursday! 9pm-1am. No cover.

Cabin 22 Comedy Night at Cabin 22! Rotation of four local comedians every week! Hosted by Katy Ipock. 7-9pm. Free.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Come on down and sing your favorite tune! 9pm-1am.

Currents at the Riverhouse River-

house Music Series Highlighting local Central Oregon talent, the Riverhouse music series focuses on genres ranging from bluegrass, acoustic, indie, blues, jazz, singles and duos. 7-9pm. No cover.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke What’s your go-to karaoke tune? 8:30pm.

Trivia Bend Comedy brings lively pub trivia to Level State Beerhouse every Wednesday! Free to play, prizes to win and all ages until 9pm! Assemble a team or go at it alone, test your knowledge against our fun and entertaining rounds. 7pm. No cover.

LOGE Entrada Open Mic Night All are welcome! Come play some music in a cool living room setting, with no pressure! Poetry and comedy are welcome as well. 6-9pm. Free.

M&J Tavern Wed Night Open Mic All mu-

Lighterlights Seven-piece band bringing alternative and modern folk covers to Central Oregon. 7-10pm. No cover.

sicians welcome to the downtown living room. Bring your instruments and your friends. Everyone else come on by and support the local music scene. 21 and over. 6pm. No cover.

Maverick’s Country Bar & Grill Karaoke

Come sing your heart out every Wednesday night at Maverick’s! 9pm. No cover.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

The Campfire Boys The Campfire Boys give Justin and Rich a chance to play a wide variety of material which came together over the last few years around actual campfires throughout Oregon and Washington. 7-10pm. No cover.

Northside Bar & Grill Acoustic Open Mic Join us for open mic every Wednesday. 6pm.

River’s Place Braveheart Brewing Raffle

& Bingo Congrats to Braveheart Brewing, who just won Silver Medal at the Best of Craft Beer Awards for their Pilsner! They will join us for our normal Bingo night with Project Healing Waters, so you can win cash and swag! Both organizations benefit veterans. 6-8pm. $1-$5.

Seven Nightclub Hump Day Karaoke Every Wednesday night! 8pm. No cover.

Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill Texas Hold

‘em Poker Join us for Poker Night upstairs at The Saloon! First hand dealt at 7pm, so grab a seat early! 7pm. $20 buy in.

The Capitol Entresol and Kronk Men Entresol: Hardcore soaked in static, Industrial, experimental and more from the American Pacific Northwest. The Kronk Men: Doom surf chaos from the high desert of Central Oregon. 8pm.

The Lot Wednesday Open Mic Night Everyone

from brave amateurs to seasoned professionals. Come share your heart, practice your lyrics and feel the support from this great community. Covers, originals, instrumentalists or poets. Hosted by local musicians like MOsley WOtta, Jeshua Marshall and others. 6-8pm. No cover.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Northside Bar & Grill Long Tall Eddy

2-piece band featuring guitarist Paul Eddy (Juju Eyeball) and drummer Kyle Pickard (Brave New World, Shady Groove). All original first set followed by covers of Queen, The Who, The Beatles, The Monkees, T-Rex, ELO and others! 8-11pm. No cover.

River’s Place Sweet Whiskey Lips Local band

Sweet Whiskey Lips (formerly String Rats) play with an alt-country twist: originals, blues, covers. 6-8pm. No cover.

Seven Nightclub Bend Comedy Open Mic

All performance types are welcome! Each performer will have 5 minutes. Signup by 7:20pm. Ages 21+ 7pm.

Silver Moon Brewing Trivia on the Moon!

Voted best Trivia in Bend last year by Bend magazine! Bring your team and come down to the Moon every Thursday. Prizes to 1st and 2nd place teams! 7-9pm. Free.

Spoken Moto Touring musician Anna p.s. Tired of the humdrum of everyday life, and the lack of time to pursue creativity, she laid down her day job and picked up the guitar to take art on the road. In concert, Indiana touring artist 7-9pm. No cover. The Commons NPT Benefit for United Way Come enjoy a powerful evening of song in the round! Come see Jake Soto, Cheyenne West and Kurt Silva share the stage in a musical moment you won’t want to miss. Family-friendly. All donations go to United Way! 7-9pm. No cover. The Lot Ben Dufendach Join us for an evening

of slide blues on resonator guitar by the one and only Ben Dufendach. 6-8pm. No cover.


On Tap The Bluegrass Collective A weekly gathering of local bluegrass musicians, sharing their passion for bluegrass and old time music with those in attendance. 6-8pm. No cover.

The Lot Bingo For a Cause There is a really

Tumalo Feed Co. Steak House Freddie





910 NW HARRIMAN | 541.323.8700 OPEN 11AM-11PM


CALENDAR MUSIC Accordion Club Concert Selections

favorites to popular, classic and seasonal pieces. Optional performance opportunities. All playing levels welcomed. Visit fisarmonicats.wordpress. com for more info. Second Saturday of every month, 10am-Noon. Aspen Ridge Retirement, 1010 NE Purcell Blvd., Bend. Free.

Banjo Jam Ragtime, swing, country, folk and bluegrass. Third Thursdays, 5:30-7:30pm. Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe, 135 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend. Contact: Leroy: 541-604-6564.

Bella Acappella Harmony Chorus

Bend POPS Orchestra Rehearsals

COCO welcomes all musicians to come have fun with us. A variety of players. A variety of music. No auditions. Annual negotiable fee. Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm. Mountain View High School Auditorium, 2755 NE 27th St., Bend. Contact: 541-241-8767. info@bendpops.org.

Cascade Highlanders Pipe Band Practice A traditional bagpipe and drum band with

Celebrate Women Composers! Join a joyous journey across the ages and around the globe to explore the wealth and diversity of women’s musical inspirations from the 1500s to today. An eclectic mix of music features engaging arrangements of traditional Americana, lush treatments of time-honored texts and fascinating new music from local talent. March 14, 7pm and March 15, 3pm. Nativity Lutheran Church, 60850 Brosterhous Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-383-7512. cascadechorale@gmail.com. Free. The Deschutes Caledonian Pipe Band Practice The Deschutes Caledonian

Public (ROCK) Choir Singing for the rest

of us! Come sing your face off with our live rock band in a fun, non-threatening group where all skill levels have the chance to sing great songs loud! No experience needed - we lead you through the whole night of Rock/Pop favorites no hymns. Mondays, 6-8pm. Broken Top Bottle Shop, 1740 NW Pence Lane, Bend. Contact: 541-728-3798. singbend@gmail.com.

Radical Songbook This is a radio show featuring Songs of solidarity, rebellion and social significance, plus conversations of social significance with Central Oregon activists. Contact: Michael Funke, funkeredfinn24@gmail.com, with song requests. Fridays, 10am-Noon. KPOV, 501 NW Bond St., Bend. Free. The Ultimate Oldies Show A locally-produced, syndicated, weekly, thematic two-hour radio show highlighting the music, artists, producers, musicians and cultural touchstones of the late 1940s through the late 1960s. Fridays, 6-8pm. KPOV, 501 NW Bond St., Bend. Contact: mikeficher@gmail.com. Free. West African Drumming On Thursdays,

students will build on your knowledge, technique and performance skills. Thursdays, 6-7:30 and 7-8:30pm. Djembe Dave’s Home Studio, 63198 NE de Havilland St., Bend. Contact: 541-760-3204. DjembeDave@yahoo.com. $15/class.

DANCE Adult Intermediate Level Jazz Dance

Adult Intermediate Jazz Dance Class sponsored by the Jazz Dance Collective. Supportive atmosphere and many opportunities to perform. Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm. Get a Move On Studio, 63830 Clausen Drive, Suite 202, Bend. $12 donation, first class free.

Argentine Tango Class & Practica This month-long series begins the first Wednesday of every month, but feel free to drop in anytime. No experience or partner needed. Intermediate lesson from 7:45-8:30pm, followed by dancing.

Beginning WCS lesson & Dance Be-

ginning west coast swing lesson, followed by a dance. Fridays, 7pm. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541401-1635. Cooperdancecompany@gmail.com. $10/lesson, $5/dance.

Bend Ecstatic Dance Dance your own

dance in your own way in a supportive community of kindred spirits. Come explore free form movement, connection, and self-expression, guided by rich, diverse soundscapes. Visit: BendEcstaticDance.com or FB Bend Ecstatic Dance. Tuesdays, 7pm. Bend Masonic Center, 1036 NE Eighth St., Bend. $10-12 sliding scale.

BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble With a beautiful array of ethnic costumes

and props, International Folk Dance Ensemble presents a program of dances from more than a dozen nations, including Ukraine, Russia, Korea, Poland, Mexico, and the United States. March 11, 7pm. Sisters High School, 1700 McKinney Butte Rd., Sisters. $12.

at The Capitol



at Riverhouse on the Deschutes

Como el Aire an Evening of Flamenco Seattle-based Flamenco dancer, Savannah

Fuentes, brings her latest show, Como el Aire, an evening of Flamenco. March 12, 12 and 8pm. Rosie Bareis community campus, 1010 NW 14th Street, Bend. Contact: 206-409-2161. savannahflamenco@gmail.com. $24.

Country Thursdays with The Dance Ranch Join us for an evening full of music

and laughter inside the beautiful Aspen Lakes Lodge. We are partnering with The Dance Ranch to bring you the best in country swing and line dance (lessons included) in a family friendly environment! Thursdays, 7-11pm. Through Dec. 17. Aspen Lakes Golf Course, 16900 Aspen Lakes Dr., Sisters. Contact: 541-799-1050. thedanceranchbend@gmail.com. Free.

THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND at the Domino Room


MAR 19

Pipe Band is looking for experienced players to join and perform with the group. We are a volunteer not-for-profit society dedicated to the preservation, performance, and enjoyment of Scottish style bagpipes and drums in Central Oregon. If you are interested in joining please contact us. Wednesdays, 6-8pm. Through Dec. 30. Abilitree, 2680 Twin Knolls Dr., Bend. Contact: info@deschutescaledonian.org.

Green Mountain Guild Green Mountain Guild employs thoughtfully cultivated compositions, lyric melodies and a cinematic narrative. Jason O’Neill-Butler will be playing alongside percussionist/flutist Miguel Medina as a duo of GMG’s music. March 14, 6-8pm. LOGE Bend, 19221 SW Century Dr, Bend. No cover.


High Desert Harmoneers Local Chorus of

25 years looking to expand. Four part Acapella Barbershop Harmony for men and women. Talented director, lots of fun, and help in improving the quality of your voice. Reading music is not a requirement as we have learning CD’s available. Thursdays, 6:30-9pm. First Presbyterian Church, 230 NE 9th., Bend. Contact: 541-241-4315. Free.


Bend Community Contra Dance

Featuring callers Ron Bell-Roemer and David Stewart, with music by The Ballybogs. Beginner’s workshop 7pm, dance begins 7:30pm. Please see website for family pricing. March 14, 7-9:30pm. Pine Forest Grange Hall, 63214 Boyd Acres Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-388-9997. bendcontra@gmail.com. $6-$8.

MAR 17

members from the Central Oregon area. Experienced pipers and drummers are welcome to attend, along with those interested in taking up piping or drumming who would like to find out what it would take to learn and eventually join our group. Mondays, 5:30-7pm. Bend Church of the Nazarene, 1270 NE 27th St., Bend. Contact: 541-633-3225. pipersej@yahoo.com.

This is an uplifting, soothing, participatory singing group for all voices. We sing accessible modern layer songs, rounds and grooves. your first time is free! Thursdays, 10-11am. Through March 27. The Sanctuary, 339 SW Century Dr. #203, Bend. Contact: 541-633-6025. ian@openhubsinging.com. $10.

Level 1 or have a good understanding of the basics? Learn fun turn pattern combinations with Latin Dance Bend. Dance partner not required but encouraged. Tuesdays, 7:30-8:20pm. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-325-6676. info@LatinDanceBend.com. $12/class, $40/4-Class package, $65/monthly unlimited.


MAR 14

Award-winning Bella Acappella seeks women and girls who love to sing and harmonize. Bella teaches and performs four-part acappella harmony and welcomes singers with high and low voices, all levels, ages 15 and above. Meet upstairs in the Great Room. Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. Aspen Ridge Retirement, 1010 NE Purcell Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-728-9392. bellaacappellasai@gmail.com. $35/membership.

Open Hub Singing: Morning Renewal

Bachata Turn Patterns Taken Bachata

MAR 13

Accordion Club of Central Oregon Meeting We play music ranging from jam book

See website for more detail. Wednesdays, 6:3010pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-728-3234. tangocentraloregon@gmail.com. $5/adv., $10/drop-in.

at 10 Barrel East Side

Interested in banjo? Jam out at Dudley's Bookshop Cafe every 3rd Thursday at 5:30pm!



include waltzes and polkas, jazz standards and songs from around the world. Find more information on the Accordion Club website. Third Sunday of every month, 2:30-3:30pm. Through Dec. 31. Aspen Ridge Retirement, 1010 NE Purcell Blvd., Bend. Free.

Open Hub Singing Though mainstream culture has nearly forgotten, singing together is a technology of belonging that literally connects us to one another and to the earth. This is an uplifting, soothing, participatory singing group for all voices. The first time is free! Mondays, 7-8:30pm. Through March 24. First Presbyterian Heritage Hall, 230 NE Ninth St., Bend. Contact: 541-633-6025. ian@openhubsinging.com. $12.





EVENTS Intro to Latin Dance - Level 1 In this beginner level class you will learn salsa & bachata basics and simple turns while also paying attention to partner connection through lead and follow technic. Dance partner not required but encouraged. Tuesdays, 5:30-6:20pm. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: info@LatinDanceBend.com. $12/drop-in. L-G-B-T-Q-B-I-N-G-O Join your favorite


local drag royalty for lip syncing and bingo! Each regular round is $1! Win prizes from local businesses. Blackouts are $2 with a chance to win cash. This family friendly event is a fundraiser for the Human Dignity Coalition (LGBTQ focused 501c3). Every other Thursday, 6-8pm. Crater Lake Spirits Downtown Tasting Room, 1024 Northwest Bond Street, Bend. Contact: 541-2790047. hdcjamie@gmail.com. Free.


Level 1 West Coast Swing For this class,


Locals Night Wednesdays 4-7pm

BRING IN THIS AD FOR 10% OFF Starting at $4 per gram






you should know the four basic patterns of west coast swing. We will go over some more patterns and technique in level 1. Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-401-1635. Cooperdancecompany@gmail.com. $12/class, $40/month.

show today! Rekindle your old love of dance, or find a new bliss in ballet. Mondays, 7-8:15pm. Through June 22. Academie de Ballet Classique, 162 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. dance@abcbend.com. $60/month.

Waltz Dance Lessons If you have wanted to

learn the basics of Waltz, join this weekly group class. First week is introduction and review, then the class progresses weekly to more difficult combinations. Contact Valerie for more details. Wednesdays, 6-7pm. Through March 31. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-602-6168. valdances@hotmail.com. $10.

Zumba Gold New class! Come dance and exercise with a view! Latin inspired dance and fitness class. Low impact and all levels welcome. Non-member drop-ins $6! Mondays, 10-11am. Through April 1. Bend Golf Club, Pines Room, 61045 Country Club Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-330-8180. lcyetter@seanet.com. $5/drop-in.

FILM EVENTS COTA Movie Night - Filmed By Bike: Bike Love Bend Electric Bikes invites you to

Level 2 West Coast Swing Really dive into

a two-part screening of the Filmed By Bike film festival at COTA Movie Night! This collection of stunning, fun and lighthearted films showcases how bikes are changing lives, and making people of all kinds fall in love with cycling. March 19, 8pm. McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend. Contact: 541-330-8562. $6.

Lindy Hop Beyond Beginner Lesson

Four Films from Iran at the Tin Pan Theater BendFilm’s newest year-round offer-

what west coast swing is, while learning the core concepts. Contact Jenny Cooper for questions, 541-401-1635. Thursdays, 7:30-8:30pm. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-401-1635. $30/month.

Ready to level up your Lindy Hop?! Learn some fun and fast-paced choreographed dances this month that will grow your foundations and get you grooving on the dance floor. March 15, 6 and 7pm, Sun, March 22, 6 and 7pm and Sun, March 29, 6 and 7pm. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-846-5146. info@bendlindyhop.com. $10.

Lindy Hop Dance Join us for a Lindy Hop social and swing the night away. New to Lindy Hop? Don’t worry! A beginner-friendly lesson will help get you on the dance floor. Grab your dancing shoes and we’ll see you there! March 14, 7-11pm. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-846-5146. info@bendlindyhop.com. $10. Rumba Dance Lessons Rumba is known as

the Dance of Love. Learn the basics, then progress weekly to more challenging combinations. If you haven’t taken a dance class, or need a refresher, this class is for you! Contact Valerie for more details. Thursdays, 6-7pm. Through March 31. The Space, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-602-6168. valdances@hotmail.com. $10.

Scottish Country Dance Class No experience or Scottish heritage necessary. Weekly classes include beginner & advanced dances. Mondays, 7-9pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. $5/class, first class is free. Silver Swans Open level class for adult learners and dancers. Developed by the Royal Academy of Dance. Mondays-Tuesdays, 12:30-1:30pm. Through June 23. Academie de Ballet Classique, 162 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. dance@abcbend.com. $55/month. Square Dance Lessons Learn to square

dance with the Bachelor Beauts Square Dance Club! Thursdays-Sundays, 6-8pm. Pine Forest Grange Hall, 63214 Boyd Acres Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-382-7014. dance@bachelorbeauts.org. $5/first class, $75/15 additional lessons.

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance Dance to

music from the Notables Swing Band. Enjoy an elegant buffet dinner prepared by the Executive Chef from Whispering Winds Retirement. Advance sales available at the Bend Senior Center. A limited number of tickets at the door for $20! March 13, 6-9pm. Bend Senior Center, 1600 SE Reed Market Road, Bend. Contact: 541-288-1133. brenda@bendparksandrec.org. $12.

Teen/Adult Ballet at Academie de Ballet Classique Class is for any level adult ballet

dancer. Muscles get a thorough warm-up, ready to build muscle strength and flexibility using ballet form and technique. Let your passion for dance

ing “Take Four” Film Series! Each series will be connected to a country, director, or theme. Movies can be journeys of connection – outside our preconceptions, outside of our culture and outside of ourselves. Thu, March 12, 2:45-5pm. Tin Pan Theater, 869 NW Tin Pan Alley, Bend. Contact: 541-241-2271. info@bendfilm.org.

GrowthBusters, Hooked on Growth

Many cities and states link population growth with economic growth, but perpetual economic growth/population growth aren’t sustainable— we’re exhausting Earth’s resources and ecosystems. This documentary about overpopulation and growth challenges the beliefs that drive attitudes and policies. The Climate Peril requires us to reduce consumption and reach a steady state economy. March 18, 6:45-8:15pm. The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-385-6908. juniper.group@oregon. sierraclub.org. Free.

Introduction to the Baha’i Faith Showing of the short animation “What is the Baha’i Faith? An Introduction by Rainn Wilson” and “Light to the World” (51 minutes), a film about the life and teachings of Bahá’u’lláh the prophet founder of the Bahá’i Faith. All are welcome. March 15, 1:30-3pm. East Bend Public Library, 62080 Dean Swift Road, Bend. Contact: 541-388-1467. info@bendbahai.org. Spaghetti Western Wednesdays We’re

excited to announce the return of Spaghetti Western Wednesdays! Come enjoy an all-youcan-eat buffet featuring spaghetti, salad, bread/ butter and our choice of an old western to watch. Doors open at 6pm. Through March 25. Tin Pan Theater, 869 NW Tin Pan Alley, Bend. Contact: 541-241-2271. info@bendfilm.org. $15.

ARTS & CRAFTS Acrylic Pour and Sip Come join us for

this fun guided instruction and create your own acrylic pour masterpiece that you can take home. Sip wine during your creation! Canvas, paint, aprons and guided instruction provided. Saturdays, 6-8pm. Scott Dyer Fine Art, 2974 NE Waller Drive, Bend. Contact: 714-869-6780. scotthdyer@yahoo.com. $30.

Big Dog Art Opening You’re invited to join us for our opening reception where we will greet this month’s artists! Meet emerging artists and enjoy their work in this intimate setting. Light hors d’oeuvres provided. Work will be on display until March 18th. Third Thursday of every month, 6-8pm. Big Dog Growlers, 61160 S Highway 97, Bend. Free.



DIY - Copper Spinner Rings Full

description at DIYcave.com. Sterling silver upgrade option available! March 15, 2-5:30pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. info@diycave.com. $105.

DIY - Jewelry - Intro to Soldering Silver Stackered Rings Full description

at DIYCave.com! Thu, March 12, 6-8:30pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. info@diycave.com. $79.

Bend Improv Group Show! Bend Improv Group is back with an evening of improv comedy! We’ll be taking the stage with short form games, similar to what you’ve seen on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Content may be PG-13. March 13, 7-9pm. Cascade Theatrical Company, 148 NW Greenwood, Bend. Contact: 541-728-1237. ImprovfromBIG@gmail.com. $8/adv., $10/door.

DIY - Welding - Welding Workshop

Full description at DIYCave.com! Wed, March 11, 5:30-8pm, Wed, March 18, 5:30-8pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541388-2283. info@diycave.com. $60.

Growing Vegetables in Central Oregon

Learn how to grow your own food. Yes, you can have a successful vegetable garden in Central Oregon, and OSU Master Gardeners will show you how! March 14, 2pm. OSU Cascades Campus, Obsidian Hall, Room 207, 1500 SW Chandler Avenue, Bend. Free.

Jewelry - Introduction to Soldering Make a Double Heart or Circle Necklace Full description at DIYCave.com! Sun,

March 15, 2-4:30pm and Sun, April 12, 2-4:30pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. info@diycave.com. $89.

Learn How To Do Acrylic Pour Painting! Paint, canvas, apron, and guided instruction

included. Fun for all ages. Hosted by Scott Dyer Fine Art. visit scottdyerart.com to see examples of other masterpieces. Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm. Hobby Lobby, 3188 N Hwy 97, Bend. Contact: 714-869-6780. scotthdyer@yahoo.com. $30.

The Photographs of Piet Visser A col-

lection of seven photographs. Visser’s photographs have been in National Juried art shows from coast to coast, and his work has been seen in respected photo magazines and websites. Through March 31, 8am-4pm. Fix & Repeat, 555 NW Arizona Ave., Bend. Contact: 458-206-0051. piet@piet.live. Free.

Warrior Friends: A Book in Real Life!

Head upstairs in the Library to see Local Artist, Sarah Root’s unique large-scale original illustrations from her children’s book “Warrior Friends”, soon to be released. Through April 8. Deschutes Public Library-Downtown, 601 NW Wall Street, Bend. Free.

Wise Women Emerging Workshop Women gather to explore, create & share soul wisdom via mixed media collage journaling; no experience needed; all collage supplies provided. Second Saturday of every month, 1-5pm. Sagebrushers Art Society, 117 SW Roosevelt Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-610-2677. swany139@hotmail.com. $10-$20, plus $12 for journal.

PRESENTATIONS & EXHIBITS Bike Across America Bob Sanders shares

his bicycle adventures, including a trip he organized in concert with the American Cancer Society: Pedaling for a Cure. Cycling 40 days, he covered 2,878 miles and raised over $26,000. March 12, 2:15-3:15pm. Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village, 19800 SW Touchmark Way, Bend. Contact: 541-383-1414. Free.

Central Cascades Permit Presentation with the US Forest Service Day

use and overnight permits are coming to the Central Cascades. There are lots of questions

Gypsy the Musical The American Society of Learn about the future of electric transit on March 11 at noon at the Sisters Public Library!

on how this is going to work, so join us for clarity with a presentation by USFS Rangers. March 13, 6:30-8:30pm. Patagonia@Bend, 1000 Wall St. Suite 140, Bend. Contact: 541-382-6694. info@patagoniabend.com. Free.

Central Oregon Volcanoes Winter 2020: Living on Volcanoes Volcanologist

and UO professor Dr. Daniele McKay offers a two-day workshop focusing on how and why volcanoes erupt, and the geologic history of the Central Oregon Cascades. There will be a Friday lecture and Saturday field trip investigating the impacts volcanoes have had in shaping our landscape and culture. $95 for OLLI-UO or partner organizations March 13, 5:30-8:30pm and March 14, 8:45am-5pm. Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend. Contact: 541-728-0685. heatheri@uoregon.edu. $150.

Democracy - We’ve Got Issues Let’s talk about war memorials. We live in interesting times and face increasing divisiveness in our country. The library has created a space to discover where we can agree, where we can compromise, and where we can disagree with civility. March 18, Noon-1pm. Downtown Bend Library, 601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@deschuteslibrary.org. Free. Deschutes by the Decade - WWII and the 1940s Deschutes County is shaped by World War II during the 1940s. The remoteness of Deschutes County provided ample opportunity for war games exercised by the United States Army in 1943. The US Army established Camp Abbott south of Bend for training March 19, 6-7pm. Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@deschuteslibrary.org. Free.

Doc Talks: The Sugar Poisoning Of America Dietary sugars are one of

the biggest health threats in America. Join board-certified cardiologist Dr. David Guarraia to better understand our troubling consumption of sweetened food and learn more about the steps you can take to prevent chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and improve your overall health. March 16, 6:30pm. McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend. Contact: 541-382-5174. Free.

Exploring Our Magnetic Sun Dr. Richard

Brewer examines the secrets of our sun’s magnetism and its impact on life. The next cycle of solar activity will start in 2020 and peak in 2025. March 18, 1-2pm. Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village, 19800 SW Touchmark Way, Bend. Contact: 541-383-1414. Free.

Know Future - Central Oregon’s Employment Future What will Oregon’s

economy face in the coming decade? March 13, Noon-1pm. Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@deschuteslibrary.org. Free.

Know Future - The Electric Future of Cars, Bikes and Transit Learn about what

is available now and the role electric vehicles will play in the future. March 11, Noon-1pm. Sisters Public Library, 110 N Cedar St., Sisters. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@deschuteslibrary.org. Free.

Know Future: The Future of Waste in Deschutes County Learn what we can do to

make an impact in reducing waste in our community. As more and more people move to Deschutes County, more and more trash is being created for drop off at our nearly full Knott Landfill. Ani Kasch is Rethink Waste Program Manager at Environmental Center. March 16, 7-8pm. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1063. paigef@ deschuteslibrary.org. Free.

Montane Fens of Oregon & Washington Retired botanist Rick Dewey has been

studying fens on the Deschutes National Forest for 20 years. He will share his knowledge of the Fen Phenomenon and provide an introduction to the origin and development of fens, fen biodiversity and threats to their survival. Registration required! March 17, 7-8pm. Deschutes Public Library-Downtown, 601 NW Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-433-3234. highdesertnpso@gmail.com. Free.

Pikas of Local Lava Flows Learn about pika populations with an OSU-Cascades researcher. Come learn about what pikas are, observed behavioral differences between the two distinct habitats, and the potential future of pika persistence in central Oregon. March 12, 6-7pm. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1029. laurelw@deschuteslibrary.org. Free. Schilling’s Garden Market & Tumalo Bee Academy Presents an Intro to Beekeeping Stephen will be joining us at

for an informational discussion on backyard bee keeping in Central Oregon. He is a master beekeeper with over 50 years of experience. His discussion will cover the basics of bees and beekeeping along with information about classes and services he offers. Led by Stephen Harris. March 14, 10am-Noon. Schilling’s Garden Market, 64640 Old Bend-Redmond HWY, Bend. Contact: 541-323-1060. free.

Shared History/Tribal History Explore the new inclusion of tribal history in Oregon schools. The nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon are designing and implementing curriculum for K-12 Oregon schools in order to teach Indigenous knowledge that aligns with state standards and objectives. Justine Lowry is an adjunct professor at both COCC and OSU-Cascades. March 14, 3-4pm. East Bend Public Library, 62080 Dean Swift Road, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1029. laurelw@deschuteslibrary.org. Free. Toastmasters of Redmond Meetings

Come join us for the Toastmasters of Redmond meetings! Mondays, Noon-1pm and Second Monday of every month, 5:30-6:30pm. Redmond Church Of Christ, 925 NW 7th st., Redmond. Contact: 541-548-7474. Free..

Composers, Authors, and Publishers, (ASCAP) voted its score the best ever written for a Broadway musical. The ultimate tale of an ambitious stage mother fighting for her daughters’ success while secretly yearning for her own. Students/ seniors get $5 off! Thu, March 12, 7:30-10pm, Fri, March 13, 7:30-10pm, Sat, March 14, 2-4:30 and 7:30-10pm, Thu, March 19, 7:30-10pm, Fri, March 20, 7:30-10pm, Sat, March 21, 2-4:30 and 7:30-10pm, Thu, March 26, 7:30-10pm, Fri, March 27, 7:30-10pm and Sat, March 28, 2-4:30 and 7:30-10pm. Eagle Mountain Event Center, 2221 NE Third St., Suite 100, Bend. Contact: 541-383-5109. howard5447@bendcable.com. $30.

Now You’re Talking - One Acts 2020 Thu, March 12, 7:30pm, Fri, March 13, 7:30pm, Sat, March 14, 2 and 7:30pm and Sun, March 15, 2pm. The Belfry, 302 E Main Ave, Sisters. $15-$18.

WORDS 2nd Annual Young Adult Fiction Festival

Young adult fiction captures the imagination of readers of all ages. Don’t miss this festival featuring some of the most exciting YA stars in the PNW! Rosanne Parry, Heather S. Ransom and Kelly Garrett. Local educator, Teresa Ashford will close out the festival. March 14, 11am-2pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Drive, #110, Bend. Contact: 541306-6564. sara@roundaboutbookshop.com. Free.

Live Well Die Well Tour The Peaceful Presence Project presents a night of story, song and conversation with national speaker Kimberly Paul of Death by Design podcast and award-winning musician Havilah Rand. March 19, 6-8pm. OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab, 650 SW Columbia St., Bend. Contact: 503-367-9625. peacefulpresencedoulas@gmail.com. $15-$25. Mystery Book Club We will discuss “Agent

Running in the Field” by John Le Carré. March 18, 6-7pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Drive, #110, Bend. Contact: 541-3066564. sara@roundaboutbookshop.com. Free.

Nonfiction Book Club We will discuss “Messing with the Enemy” by Clint Watts. March 13, 1-2:30pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Drive, #110, Bend. Contact: 541-3066564. sara@roundaboutbookshop.com. Free. Out of This World Book Club We will

discuss “The Rook” by Daniel O’Malley. March 11, 6-7pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Drive, #110, Bend. Contact: 541-306-6564. sara@roundaboutbookshop.com. Free.

Wordsmith’s Wednesday Open Mic For poets, storytellers, musicians, theater people and more. Come check out the action the second Wednesdays. 6-8pm. The Commons, 875 NW Brooks St., Bend. Writers Writing Join the Writer’s Collective

of Central Oregon and fellow writers for quiet writing time at the Library. Enjoy the focus of a quiet space with others’ company for motivation. Tuesdays, 10am-1pm. Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond. Mondays, 9am-Noon. Deschutes Public Library-Downtown, 601 NW Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1063. paigef@deschuteslibrary.org. Free.


“Evolve” by The Red Door Project Real-life racial profiling and interactions between police officers and people of color are portrayed through a series of powerful monologues. Staged by Portland-based The Red Door Project and hosted by the COCC Afrocentric Studies Club. Recommended for ages high school and above. March 13, 7-9pm and March 14, 7-9pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-383-7256. gprice3@cocc.edu. Free.

DIY - Monthly Jewelry Open Lab Full description at DIYcave.com! Mon, March 16, 6-9pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. info@diycave.com. $15.

Figure Drawing Salon Develop your skills at our live model figure drawing salon hosted by Workhouse studio members Christian Brown and Abney Wallace. This drop-in salon features a live nude model in a sequence of poses. All levels are welcome but no instruction is provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own easel and materials. Tuesdays, 7-9pm. The Workhouse, 50 SE Scott St., Suite 6, Bend. $15/door.







of DESCHUTES COUNTY M AY 1 9 , 2 0 2 0 E L E C T I O N

$10 Botox Injections (Price per unit) Expires 3/31/2020

CANDIDATE FORUMS MONDAY, MARCH 23, 5:15 PM Deschutes County Services, 1300 NW Wall St, Bend U.S. Representative, Congressional District #2, Republican

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 5:15 PM Deschutes County Services, 1300 NW Wall St, Bend U.S. Representative, Congressional District #2, Democrat

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 5:15 PM Deschutes County Services, 1300 NW Wall St, Bend Oregon Secretary of State, Democrat Forums are free and the public is invited. League members will gather written questions from the audience before and during the forum. Refreshments will be provided. The League of Women Voters is a national, nonpartisan organization whose purpose is to promote political responsibility through active and informed participation in government. The league influences public policy through education and advocacy


920 NW BOND #102, BEND

541-797-0456 zaesthetic.com

12.5 Years — No Matter What.

Friends of the Children is a non-profit whose E V E R Y S U N DAY, R E C E I V E 1 5 % O F F E XC LU S I V E TO P S H E L F F LOW E R ST R A I N S . See store associate for details.

Open daily 9AM to 10PM 1199 NW Wall St., Bend, OR 97703 844-OREGROWN Oregrown.com Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty for children who face the highest risks. Invest in the future of our community and become a monthly donor today! Follow our journey at friendscentraloregon.org 20340 Empire Ave. Ste. E1. Bend, OR 97701 | (541) 668-6836






Central Oregon Golf Show




SECOND ANNUAL CENTRAL OREGON GOLF SHOW! Central Oregon is a sanctuary for golfers, offering nearly year-round play opportunities! Whether you’re local or choosing Central Oregon for your vacation, golfers from all walks of life recognize this as a bucket list destination. The Central Oregon Golf Show will bring vendors, gear, tips, prizes and more all to one place.

PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS Grand Prize Raffle:

A GOLF GETAWAY TO SALISHAN RESORT Enjoy a two-night stay and two rounds of golf at Salishan Resort in Gleneden Beach, OR. Be sure to enter at the show's Giveaway Table! Must be present to claim prize. Plenty of prizes — from the giveaways, vendors and competitions — so be sure to enter! You could win swag, free rounds of golf and more! You might even win just for walking in the door.

The first 250 guests get a monogrammed sleeve of Titleist golf balls!

Giveaway from First Tee - Greater Portland:


It is the perfect spot for the serious and casual golfer. TICKETS AVAILABLE ON Bendticket.com

- 5pm rch 14thCon10venam Saturdayon, Ma Center tion tes chu the Des Riverhouse

TICKET PRICING $8/advanced $12/door

3075 N Hwy 97, Bend


e • Tickets can be purchased onlin at bendticket.com. as well. • Tickets will be sold at the door

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @c


New in 2020!

TruNorthwest Exchange Golf Swap Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game or shed a couple of strokes off their scorecard. At the Golf Swap, we hope to help elevate your game by helping you find new and affordable gear. From clubs, gloves, shoes, jackets and more — we’ll have everything you need to make a full upgrade to your golfing arsenal. Not only will you be able to find a new set of clubs, but you’ll get money for trading yours in! Plus, anyone who brings a club for the swap will get free entry into the expo! Attendees are more than welcome to test out any of the gear or clubs on our driving range or putting green to make sure they are the right fit for you. To consign gear and learn more about TruNorthwest Exchange visit: https://trunorthwest.com/pages/consignment-form



Central Oregon Golf Show





Want to improve your game? Get started with the $99 NEW STUDENT ASSESSMENT at our PRONGHORN ACADEMY location at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon. For More INFO: www.mttperformance.com info@mttperformance.com

Jeff Ritter Oregon’s #1 Coach Golf Digest Magazine









Come tune up your putting game and practice short and long shots on this beautiful green!

Mini-Lessons for Kids by The First Tee Do you have a young golfer or child interested in golf? Bring them to the golf show and get them a mini lesson by some great instructors from First Tee. Practice chipping, putting and more!

At the indoor driving range, come and get your golf swing analyzed by a state of the art Trackman.




Junior Champion of the Green!

AT THE DRIVING RANGE Enjoy an indoor, 4-bay driving range! Work on your long game and demo the newest clubs from TaylorMade. There will be swing analysis happening all day, golfers can get custom fitted by some of the best club manufacturers in the business and for kids just starting out or looking to get into the great game of golf, we will be hosting FREE mini lessons throughout the day.



Custom Club Fittings HOLhowEa THyourself TaylorMade has some of the finest clubs in the world! Come see for custom TaylorMade club can improve your game.


The 19th Hole


New this year is the

Starts at 3pm



Relax, grab a drink or some food at the 19th hole and watch golf and other sports highlights, and find more ways to improve your game.

Round 1: 11am Round 2: 12pm Round 3: 12:30pm Round 4: 2pm Championship: 4:30pm

Kids ages 5-12 can have their own go at this putting competition. Winner will receive a $40 gift card to Sun Mountain Fun Center

Golf Swing Analysis


Winners will get to experience a weekend away like no other: A two night’s stay at Running Y Ranch Resort in a King Golf View Room, $200 in resort credit that can be used at the spa, for dining, golf and more. Plus, two rounds of golf. Sign-up at the event.

Synlawn Putting Green



This year we have a great lineup of activities and programs for everybody to enjoy!





Compete with other golfers to see who has the best short game. Winners of each round will be awarded prizes from some of our amazing vendors. Each winner will come back at the end of the day for a final round and put their skills to the test to become the Champion of the Green!





Putting is a game of precision. The secret to making more putts lies in upgrading your performance IQ relative to the fundamentals of distance, direct and slope recognition (green reading). In this informative discussion, Jeff Ritter delivers simple action steps anyone can incorporate into their game to immediately start shooting lower scores! About Jeff Ritter: 1. 2019 Golf Digest #1 Ranked Coach In Oregon 2. 2019 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best Academies In The West!” 3. Golf Tips Magazine Top 25 Teachers In America  4. Golf Channel Lead Coach  5. National Director, NIKE Junior Golf Camps 

Awards Won

• Nor Cal PGA Teacher of The Year • Golf Digest Best Teachers In State Follow Jeff on Instagram @mttgolf

Jeff Ritter

Join the workshop




Central Oregon Golf Show


VENDORS & EXHIBITORS We’re excited to bring to you our vast selection of vendors and exhibitors in 2020! Find information on courses and memberships, gear, insight into the golf industry, and most importantly—they’ll help you have fun.

Ablis Hemp-derived, THC-free, CBD infusions in the form of topicals, tinctures, and beverages. Abliscbd.com

Aspen Lakes Aspen Lakes is a privately owned, 18hole public golf course. As we are very proud of our course, facilities and the experience we provide our customers, we encourage Golf Digest panelists to visit! The concept for Aspen Lakes Golf Course began in 1987, when the Cyrus family acquired a 1,084 acre parcel adjacent to their family farm. The remainder of the 1980s and first part of the 1990’s was devoted to planning, permitting and securing financing to move forward with the project. Since the course opened, it has generated world-wide acclaim. It has received recognition from Golf Digest as the number eight Best New Affordable Course in the United States. Aspenlakes.com

Black Butte Ranch


Experience Black Butte Ranch, an extraordinary destination that draws families and visitors to the sunny side of the Cascade Mountains for an unmatched vacation experience. Stunning mountain views and abundant amenities await, including two of the finest championship golf courses in Central Oregon. With no less than seven of the Cascade’s high mountain peaks, giant stands of Ponderosa pines, gentle groves of Aspens and abundant wildlife, Black Butte Ranch’s setting is pristine. It’s a place where you can set your own

pace, explore a world of recreation and enjoy an authentic Oregon experience. blackbutteranch.com

CartTrek Cart Tek offers the latest remotecontrolled walking golf carts that can carry your bags with ease. From electric golf trolleys to full-featured remote control caddies, not only will you lessen the weight on your shoulder, you will be able to conserve even more of your energy as you may see drastic improvements to your skills. carttek. com

Empower Chiropractic We are on a mission to create one of the healthiest communities in the world right here in Bend, OR. We offer state-of-the-art technology to help find and locate the root cause of your health concerns so you can make a true correction in your health and not just a temporary fix. We utilize a low-force technique so we can be as specific as possible that doesn’t involve any of the twisting or popping.

The First Tee First Tee is an international youth development organization introducing the game of golf and its inherent values to kids and teens. Through after-school and in-school programs, we help shape the lives of young people from all walks of life by reinforcing values like integrity, respect, and perseverance through the game of golf. And it’s making a difference.


APRIL 5th 2020

5k · 10k · HALF MARATHON

REGISTER AT runsalmonrun.com Pronghorn Resort


Lost Tracks Golf Club Perfect Central Oregon rolling terrain fashioned into beautiful golf holes by designer Brian Whitcomb. Lost Tracks Golf Club defines the word golf; with over 7,000 yards of breathtaking views and a challenging but fair golf experience. Not only does Lost Tracks provide a unique golf experience, in addition our Clubhouse, and outdoor patio provide an excellent setting for private events and group outings.

Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center A treasured landmark rising above downtown Walla Walla, the Marcus Whitman pairs its enviable historic pedigree with an unflinching commitment to modern-day luxury and exceptional service. Since opening in 1928, we’ve reigned as Walla Walla’s premier hotel, a hospitality hub deeply connected to the community and committed to showcasing the region’s wine country splendor. Marcuswhitmanhotel.com

Modified Theory A tart, sparkling hard bevy. Bringing you a new way to drink, available in three unique flavors with endless cocktail possibilities!

New Basin Distilling A true Farm to Bottle distillery making whiskey our way! Retail store, tasting room, and distillery are on site. Made in Oregon - Drunk Everywhere

Pronghorn Resort

At Pronghorn, we take inspiration from everything that brought us to Bend, Oregon. Luxury homes, golf courses, and recreational amenities are designed not only to offer spectacular views of the high desert landscape – but to extend an invitation to get out and explore it all. Day Play | Golf Groups | Jack Nicklaus Signature Course | Tom Fazio Championship Course | Full Service Spa | Signature & Casual Dining | Premiere Amenities & Activities. Pronghornresort.com

Sunriver Golf - Crosswater

Renewal By Andersen Energy efficient, historically accurate, window and patio door replacement service. Renewalbyandersennw.com

Running Y Ranch Resort Running Y Ranch Resort is located on the west slope of the Cascade Range mountain range. Just ten minutes from downtown Klamath Falls, Running Y Ranch Resort offers truly breathtaking views and offers multiple venues for many types of events, such as ceremonies. Runningy.com

Salishan Resort Salishan Resort is conveniently located just two hours outside of Portland on the Oregon Coast. The resort’s 158 acres of forested land provide stunning views from all guest rooms. The outdoors comes indoors as the main lodge showcases local wood and stone that is complemented by an art collection featuring Northwest artists. The property ties

together classic architecture and eco-friendly practices. When not enjoying the grounds and the new guest experiences, guests can take advantage of a world-class spa, golf course, indoor tennis facilities, pool, sauna, outdoor fire pits, exceptional food and beverage, and fitness center year-round. Salishan.com

Sleep Number We exist to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences. Millions of lives have been changed with our sleep solutions and we don’t plan on stopping. Visit one of the over 575 Sleep Number stores located in all 50 states. Sleepnumber.com

Sunriver Resort Graced with carefully preserved wetlands, forested meadows, and sparkling waters, Sunriver Resort offers 63 holes of the best golf in the West. With their aesthetic grace, holes bordering the meandering Sunriver,

and dramatic use of directional and fore bunkers, these courses serve up ample challenges for golfers of all skill levels. With its tremendous variety of amenities, accommodations, facilities, and activities for the whole family, Sunriver is the perfect destination vacation. Named one of the Top 10 Destinations for Family Golf by Golf Digest, January 2016 and one of the Best Golf Resorts in The Pacific Northwest 2018.

SYNLawn Golf SYNLawn Golf manufactures and installs a full line of the highest quality synthetic putting green surfaces and realistic synthetic grasses. This turf can simulate every phase of the golf game for residential and commercial golf applications. With thousands of installs throughout North America, SYNLawn Golf is the experts at bringing the fun and challenge of real golf to your home, office, or business.

Widgi Creek Golf Club At just under 7,000 yards from the back tees and 5,000 from the forward tee boxes, Widgi offers a unique and fair challenge to all golfers. What the course might lack in yardage, it makes up for with tight, tree-lined fairways and large, undulating greens. The 653-yard third hole is one of the longest Par 5s in the country and the 216-yard 11th hole is all the Par 3 you can handle. Widgi.com

Wine Valley Golf Club Perched atop a plateau overlooking the Walla Walla Valley, Wine Valley Golf Club boasts expansive breathtaking views. This stunning Dan Hixson links style design has been ranked in the Top 100 Modern Golf Courses in America 3 times by GolfWeek and is currently #43 in the country for Golf Courses You Can Play. The course unfolds on a grand scale and has multiple tees to accommodate players of all levels of golfers. Wine Valley Golf Club and the Walla Walla Wine Region makes for a great escape. Winevalleygolfclub.com


INCLUDES: Lodging • Unlimited Golf at Meadows, Woodlands & Caldera Links • Play on Arrival & Departure Days • Unlimited Cart Use & Practice Balls • One Round Per Day at Crosswater • Advance Tee Times • Complimentary Golf Experience GPS at Meadows, Crosswater & Woodlands *Priced per person, based on double occupancy. Two night minimum stay.


Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award Winner


Learn more and purchase at SunriverResort.com


Starting at just $580 with a cart and range balls.

one destination. four distinct courses.

JUNE 14 - 16, 2020 pacamgolf.com

Central Oregon Golf Show




TICKETS AVAILABLE AT You’re Never Too Old to Be Young at Heart! Join author Dr. Jacqueline Thea as she

helps to wake up the spirit of joy deep inside us! Her book “Wake Up Your Fairy Grandmother Within!” aims to transform grief and find hope. March 11, 1-2pm. Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village, 19800 SW Touchmark Way, Bend. Contact: 541-383-1414. Free.

ETC. plot at Hollinshead Community Garden? The Central Oregon Chapter of OSU Master Gardeners™ announces a lottery for plots at Hollinshead Community Garden. Send an email with your name, phone number and email address to comga2014@gmail.com between March 1st and April 11th. March 1-April 11. Hollinshead Community Garden, 1235 NE Jones Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-548-6088. deschutesmg@oregonstate.edu. Free.

Jim Riswold Exhibition Opening

Exhibition opening of Jim Riswold - Russians & Americans & One Italian. March 13, 5pm. At Liberty Arts Collaborative, 849 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: info@atlibertyarts.com. Free.

March Madness Bracket Party! Are you

ready for some fun and competition? Join the party and raise money for the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Brackets for the men’s and women’s teams. March 16, 3pm. Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village, 19800 SW Touchmark Way, Bend. Contact: 541-383-1414.

Preventative Walk-In Pet Wellness Clinic The Bend Spay and Neuter Project offers

vaccinations, deworming and microchips at our walk-in wellness clinic. No appointments necessary, first come first served. Visit bendsnip.org for a list of services. Saturdays, 10am-1:30pm. Bend Spay & Neuter Project, 910 SE Wilson, Suite A1, Bend. $10/office visit.

VOLUNTEER American Red Cross Disaster Action Team Members Needed Volunteers re-

spond to local disasters (mainly house fires) and connect with the affected individuals and families to begin a casework process, guiding them on their road to recovery. Volunteers receive training and can determine their own availability. Ongoing. Red Cross Central and Eastern Oregon Chapter Office, 815 SW Bond St., Bend. Contact: 541-382-2142. volunteer.cascades@redcross.org.

Become a Big Brother or Big Sister in Redmond It doesn’t take much to make a big difference in the life of a child! Looking for caring adult mentors who are willing to spend a few hours a month sharing their interests and hobbies. Ongoing. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon - Redmond, 412 SW Eighth St., Redmond. Contact: 541-617-4788. balbert@bbbsco.org.

Herd U Needed A Home Dog Rescue

A local foster-based dog rescue group who specializes in rescuing herding bred dogs from overcrowded shelters and situations of abuse and neglect. In need of foster families and volunteers to assist with monthly adoption events and fundraising efforts. Contact for details. Contact: volunteer@herduneededahome.com.

Make Your Mark at Bend Spay+Neuter! Compassionate, awesome people to join an incredible team, whether you volunteer in the clinic, festivals or helping with our community cat population. Ongoing. Bend Spay & Neuter Project, 910 SE Wilson, Suite A1, Bend. Contact: 541-617-1010. volunteer@bendsnip.org.

Mentors Needed Heart of Oregon is a nonprofit that inspires and empowers positive change in youth through education, jobs and stewardship. Heart of Oregon Corps, 1291 NE Fifth St., Bend. Contact: 541-526-1380. info@heartoforegon.org. Teen Service Club Camp Fire’s Teens In Action clubs are all about teens working together to make their community a better place. Members decide what causes they want to address and volunteer for those causes in a fun group environment! Sliding scale pricing available. Wednesdays, 5-7pm. Through March 11. BendTECH, 1001 SW Emkay Dr, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4682. info@campfireco.org. $50-$125. Visitor Center Ambassador Do you love Bend? Come share your passion at the Bend Visitor Center! Meet amazing people and participate in the great culture that is Bend. This is a daily reoccurring volunteer opportunity, with two daily shifts seven days a week. Feb. 19-Dec. 31, 9am-5pm and Feb. 22July 31, 10am-4pm. Bend Visitor Center, 750 NW Lava Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-382-8048. kneumann@visitbend.com. Free. Volunteer as WebMaster! Mustangs to

the Rescue seeks a WebMaster extraordinaire! We’d like to include a creative, accomplished, dedicated individual volunteering to take our website to a new level. Please contact Kate Beardsley to snag this opportunity. Mondays-Sundays, 8am-10pm. Mustangs to the Rescue, 21670 McGilvray Road, Bend. Contact: 541-330-8943. MustangstotheRescue.org.

Volunteer Drivers Needed Volunteer

drivers needed Mondays-Fridays to transport veterans to the Bend VA Clinic and Portland VA Hospital. Must have clean driving record and be

able to pass VA-provided physical and screening. Call Rick Hernandez for more information. Contact: 818-674-3257.

Volunteer Fundraiser Are you retired,

semi-retired, or a gainfully employed individual seeking a rewarding volunteer opportunity? Mustangs To The Rescue wants you! Our 501 C3 organization is looking for an experienced, effective, and committed fund-raiser. If this is a gift you can give, please contact Kate Beardsley. Mondays-Sundays, 8am-10pm. Mustangs to the Rescue, 21670 McGilvray Road, Bend. Contact: 541-330-8943. MustangstotheRescue.org.

Volunteer Info Session Volunteer with Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory! Join us for an informational session to learn about a variety of volunteer opportunities and how to get involved. Volunteer positions are currently open in animal care, education and interpretation, gardening, groundskeeping, and guest services. RSVP or submit application online: snco.org/volunteer. Sat, March 14, 10-11:30am and Tue, March 17, 10-11:30am. Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory, 57245 River Rd., Sunriver, Sunriver. Contact: 541-593-4394. programs@snco.org. Free. Volunteer Information Night Discover Your

Forest, in partnership with the Deschutes National Forest, is hosting a Volunteer Information Night. We will offer information to members of the public interested in assisting with educational programs throughout the Deschutes National Forest during spring and summer of 2020. March 18, 6-7:30pm. Deschutes National Forest, Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District, 63095 Deschutes Market Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-383-5530. stacey.cochran@discovernw.org.

Volunteer Tutoring Make a difference in a

child’s life- be a volunteer tutor with a 3rd grader who was referred by a teacher for extra help with math and reading. Tutoring happens at the school. Orientation and on site support are available. School district background check required. Contact Christine for details! Tuesdays, 2:30-4pm. Through May 19. Juniper Elementary School, 1300 NE Norton Ave., Bend. Contact: junipertutoring@gmail.com.

Volunteer with Salvation Army The

A Course in Miracles This is a course

in mind training. With practice you will see through the eyes of love instead of fear, learning forgiveness instead of judgement. Please contact for location. Saturdays, 10:30am. Contact: 760-208-9097. lmhauge4@gmail.com. Free.

ACA and other Dysfunctional Families

A twelve step program where members share their experience, strength and hope about growing up in an alcoholic or other dysfunctional family. Wednesdays, 6-8pm and Fridays, 10-11am. First Presbyterian Church, 230 NE Ninth St., Bend. Free.

Al-Anon Family Groups 12-step group for friends and families of alcoholics. Check afginfo. org or call 541-728-3707 for times and locations. Alcoholics Anonymous If you want to

drink, that’s your business. If you want to stop, we can help. Call Alcoholics Anonymous. Hotline: 541-548-0440. Or visit coigaa.org.

Alternative Lending Sources Happy Hour Event with RMA Join the Bend Risk

Management Association for a panel discussion on alternative lending resources and best practices with Central Oregon’s leaders in the field. Hosted hors d’oeuvres and your first drink on us! Sponsored by Evergreen Business Capital. March 18, 4-6pm. 10 Below - Oxford Hotel, 10 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-815-0576. eastcascadesrma@gmail.com. $30-$50.

Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Group Support groups create a safe, confidential, supportive environment and help participants develop methods and skills to solve problems. Third Wednesdays, 2-3:30pm. Community Presbyterian Church, 529 NW 19th St., Redmond. Contact: 800-272-3900. Free.

Alzheimer’s Association Early-Stage Support Group Early-stage support groups

Salvation Army has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. We have an emergency food pantry, we visit residents of assisted living centers, and we make up gifts for veterans and homeless. Ongoing. Contact: 541-389-8888.

provide emotional, educational and social support for people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Second Wednesdays, 1:303pm. Bend Church of the Nazarene, 1270 NE 27th St., Bend. Contact: 800-272-3900. Free.

Volunteers Needed Duties include; corral cleaning, grooming, walking horses. Flexible days and hours. No experience required. Call Kate Beardsley to set up an appointment. Ongoing. Mustangs to the Rescue, 21670 McGilvray Road, Bend. Contact: 541-350-2406.

Bend Chamber Toastmasters Develop

GROUPS & MEETUPS 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Join us to learn how to recognize common signs of the disease, how to approach someone about memory concerns, the importance of early detection


Brightside Thrift Store in Redmond

Volunteers are critical to the operations of our high-save shelter and contribute to the care of our animals by ensuring our donations are processed. Ongoing, 10am-5pm. Brightside Animal Thrift Store, 838 NW Fifth St., Redmond. Contact: 541-504-0101. thrift@brightsideanimals.org.

and grow your public speaking and leadership skills. Wednesdays, Noon-1pm. The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend.

Bend “GO” Club Learn the ancient, abstract strategy game of “Go” in a group setting. Call Mike for more info. Sundays, 1-4pm. Market of Choice, 115 NW Sisemore St., Bend. Contact: 541-385-9198. Bend Parkinson’s Support Group Monthly Meeting People with Parkinson’s

Disease, spouses, family members, and friends are all welcome to attend the monthly meetings. Feel free to contact Carol at 541-668-6599 to find out more. Third Wednesday of every month, 2-3:30pm. Partners In Care, 2075 NE Wyatt Court, Bend. Contact: 541-668-6599. Free.

BrightSide’s 12th Annual Spay-ghetti Fundraiser All proceeds go to BrightSide’s

animals for medical needs and care. There will be a silent auction, dessert auction, and 50/50 raffle. March 14, 5-9pm. Juniper Golf Club, 1938 SW Elkhorn Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-923-0882. info@brightsideanimals.org. $40.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Meeting

Citizens’ Climate Lobby works on encouraging members of Congress to support federal legislation putting a fee on carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels and returning the proceeds to households. All are welcome! Second Wednesday of every month, 5:30-7:30pm. Through June 10. Zpizza Tap Room, 1082 SW Yates Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-389-5400. info@citizensclimatebend.org. Free.

Builders’ Perspective Breakfast An informative breakfast featuring a panel of local builders discussing industry trends, challenges and opportunities. March 11, 7:30-10:30am. Riverhouse on the Deschutes Convention Center, 3075 N. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-389-1058. info@coba.org. $39/members, $49/non-members.

Fences For Fido Help free dogs from

chains! We are seeking volunteers on Mondays to come out and help us build fences for dogs who live on chains. No experience is required. Sign up on Facebook: FFF Central Oregon Region Volunteers. More info can be found at fencesforfido.org. Ongoing.

and benefits of a diagnosis and Alzheimer’s Association resources. March 15, 3-4pm. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 800-272-3900. Free.

Cancer with Compassion Support Group - Northwest Location Effective lis-

Join BrightSide at the Juniper Golf Course in Redmond for a fundraiser on March 14 from 5-9pm!

tening, comfort and hope. Led by cancer survivor, author and retired pastor. Third Thursday of every month, 1-2:30pm. Westside Church, 2051 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend. Contact: 949-279-1246. cancerwithcompassion@gmail.com. Free.


Hollinshead Community Garden 2020 Lottery Interested in renting a garden

Happy Hour in the Garden We’ll be working out in the garden and invite anyone to come volunteer alongside us. Tasks vary, depending on the season. No experience necessary, gloves and tools provided. Bring a cup and enjoy some beer or kombucha from our Happy Hour in the Garden Beverage Sponsors. This event is family friendly, and you can drop in anytime. Tuesdays. The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend. Contact: denise@envirocenter.org. No cover.



work for play Bend Park & Recreation District has numerous positions available during summer months and we’re looking for enthusiastic people who enjoy working with youth or in an outdoor environment. BPRD offers competitive pay, flexible schedules and a recreation facility/fitness pass. Learn more and apply online at bendparksandrec.org/jobs.

VIEW AVAI L ABL JOBS E & APP L ONLIN Y E • Landscaper • Recreation Leader • Swim Instructor • Lifeguard • Instructor

Questions? Call (541) 389-7275 Equal Opportunity Employer

jolly tinctures

CBD 10:1 • CBD Max • THC • Full Spectrum • CBD 1:1 Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

Tincture Tuesday 10% off

dr. jolly’s tinctures every tuesday - all day

jollybend.com • 415 SE 3rd St, Bend, OR 97702 • @dr.jollys.bend • #stayjolly D o not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. F or use only by adults tw enty- one years of age and older. K eep out reach of children.



Cancer with Compassion Support Group - South Bend Effective listening,

4-5pm. Bend Memorial Clinic, 865 SW Veterans Way, Redmond. Contact: alyce1002@gmail.com or kristenjones1227@gmail.com.

comfort and hope. Led by cancer survivor, author and retired pastor. Second Thursday of every month, 1pm-2:30am and fourth Thursday of every month, 1-2:30am. Cathie P. Young, 20485 Outback, Bend. Contact: 949-279-1246. cancerwithcompassion@gmail.com. Free.

Ruffwear Basecamp: Connecton Through Harness and Leash We will talk

Caregiver Support Group - Bend Senior Center Support groups create a safe, con-

fidential, supportive environment or community and a chance for participants to develop informal mutual support and social relationships. Third Thursday of every month, 5-6:30pm. Bend Senior Center, 1600 SE Reed Market Road, Bend. Contact: 800-272-3900. Free.

Spanish Club Spanish language study and

conversation group. All levels welcome. Call for more info. Thursdays, 3:30-5:30pm. Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe, 135 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-749-2010.

Caregiver Support Group - Community Presbyterian Church Support groups

Spiritual Hacks Want your spiritual life to

take off? Feel like you don’t have any fuel left? Here are some practical Spiritual Hacks that will get you flying. Diana Lee will lead us. March 15, 3pm. Spiritual Awareness Community, 680 NW Bond St., Bend. Free.

create a safe, confidential, supportive environment or community and a chance for participants to develop informal mutual support and social relationships. Third Wednesdays, 2-3:30pm. Community Presbyterian Church, 529 NW 19th St., Redmond. Contact: 800-272-3900. Free.

Staying Healthy For The Long Run If

Celebrate Recovery A Christ-centered, 12-

step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. A safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life. Visit celebraterecovery.com for more info. Ongoing.

Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization A fun group of people, dedicated to

improving our craft. Educational sessions, group brewing, competitions, and other beer-related events. Third Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm. Aspen Ridge Retirement, 1010 NE Purcell Blvd., Bend.

Central Oregon Hub Bridge Club Central

Oregon Hub Bridge Club, located at the Senior Center in Redmond, Oregon, will serve as a hub for Duplicate Bridge players in Sisters, Madras, Prineville, Bend, and Redmond. Open to all players, games will be stratified. Thursdays, 12:30-3:30pm. Redmond Senior Center, 325 NW Dogwood Ave, Redmond. Contact: 541-516-8653. COHBridge@bendbroadband.com. $5.

Compassionate Communication/NVC Practice Groups Through practicing with

others, we can learn and grow using real-life experiences to become more compassionate with ourselves. Some experience necessary. Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm, Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm and Thursdays, 5:30-7pm. Center for Compassionate Living, 803 SW Industrial Way, #200, Bend. Free.

ConnectW Choosing Joy in Home and Business The Konmari Method of decision

making... choosing joy in your home! With speaker Melissa Jean. All of us want to live in accordance with our personal values and the mission of our business. Learn how! March 11, 5-8pm. COCC Campus Center - Wille Hall, 2600 College Way, Bend. Contact: info@connectw.org. $35.

ConnectW Munch and Mingle ConnectW has redefined the concept of the business lunch. We’re connecting all kinds of professional women over a monthly noon meal every second Thursday. The result? Business sharing, social networking and, yes, friendship. March 12, 11:45am-1pm. Oregon Wild Foods, 61334 S HWY 97 Suite 360, Bend. Dumbledore’s Army - Happy Hour

Worried about what’s happening to our country? Interested in learning about ways you can take action? Join us for a casual happy hour where we will discuss the current social and political climate in a non-partisan way and learn about our long term goals to take action! March 18, 6-7pm. Bend Brewing Company, 1019 NW Brooks St., Bend. Free.

Edgar Cayce - A Search for God Study group

of the ARE - an intelligent research into the individual spiritual entity. All denominations. Sundays, 12:30-2:30pm. Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-900-3879. Free.

Emotions Anonymous EA provides a warm

and accepting group setting in which to share experiences without fear of criticism. Wednesdays, 9:30am and Thursdays, 10:30am. First United Methodist Church, 680 NW Bond St., Bend.

Peaceful protest every Tuesday at 11:30am! Themes change weekly - meet at the Peace Corner!

French Conversation Table All are

welcome! Third and First Monday of every month, 10:30am-12:30pm. Barnes and Noble, 2690 NE Highway 20, Bend.

Garage Night The Pine Shed is the perfect place to talk shop, and tell all of your buddies about your winter projects! Come on down for a pint and be ready to share what you’ve been working on! Wednesdays, 6-8pm. Spoken Moto, 310 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Go Bend 2020 Kickoff Kickoff party for

Bend’s transportation measure. Come learn more and show your support! March 16, 5pm. Embark, 2843 NW Lolo Drive, Bend. Contact: becca@wewinstrategygroup.com.

Grassroots Cribbage Club Newcom-

ers welcome. Mondays, 6-9pm. Round Table Clubhouse, 2940 N. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-610-3717. ossz55@yahoo.com.

Green Drinks at SCP Redmond

The revival of The New Hotel Redmond by SCP transformed a historic gem into a thoughtfully-designed and environmentally-friendly venue that embodies ‘holistic hospitality.’ March 12, 5-7pm. The New Hotel Redmond by SCP, 521 SW 6th St, Redmond. Contact: 541-385-6908. info@envirocenter.org. Free.

Infant & Pregnancy Loss Support Group Peer-mediated support group for

mothers and fathers enduring the death of a child from any cause. Wed, Nov. 14, 7-8:30pm. Partners In Care, 2075 NE Wyatt Court, Bend.

Italian Conversation Group Conversational Italian group in a relaxed atmosphere. Saturdays, 9:45-11am. Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe, 135 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend. Japanese Group Lesson We offer group

lessons for both beginners and intermediate students for Japanese for all ages. Wednesdays, 5-6pm. Wabi Sabi, 143 SW Century Dr #120, Bend. Contact: 541-633-7205. $10.

Let’s Talk – Open Discussion on Life & Spirituality All views and questions welcomed on the intersection of life and spirituality. Facilitated open discussion, not a debate. A place to be heard and hear other’s journey and views on the reality of life and spirituality. Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. The Hughes’ Home, 4497 SW Salmon Place, Redmond. Contact: shughes79@gmail.com. Free.

Life after Birth A supportive community of

pregnant and postpartum mothers in a safe space. This group is facilitated by Dr. Wendy Hatcher, Psy.D. Tuesdays, 2-3pm. St. Charles Center for Women’s Health, 340 NW 5th Street,

Suite 101, Redmond. Contact: 541-526-6635. tlclay@stcharleshealthcare.org. Free.

Marijuana Anonymous Meeting Know you need to quit, but can’t? Help is here. Share experience, strength, and hope with each other. Thursdays, 7-8pm. Trinity Episcopal Church, 469 Northwest Wall Street, Bend. Mommy & Me Breastfeeding Support Group Calling all new moms and babies!

Come visit “Mommy and Me” for social hour and breastfeeding support. An International Breastfeeding Certified Lactation Consultant from St Charles will be there, as well as a myriad of volunteers and guest speakers. See event website for venue details. Contact: 541-706-2902. nktimm@stcharleshealthcare.org. Free.

Not Alone - Mental Health Support Group

A faith-based support group for anyone experiencing mental health. Thursdays, 5:30-7pm. Antioch Church Office, 566 NE Clay St - 2nd Floor, Bend. Contact: 703-863-6927. martita.marx@gmail.com. Free.

Oregon Lyme Disease Network, Bend Chapter Support Group Support group and

long distance running is something you hope to continue doing, then come learn more from two local experts focused on the treatment and prevention of common injuries found among long distance runners. March 19, 7-8pm. FootZone, 842 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-322-2211. jgriggs@thecenteroregon.com. Free.

The Downtown Sewing Study Bring your fresh or unfinished project to work alongside others at DPL’s monthly sewing circle. March 18, 5:30-8:30pm. Downtown Bend Library, 601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@deschuteslibrary.org. Free. Oregon Communicators Toastmasters Meeting Enhance your leadership and

communications skills in a friendly, supportive environment. Meet and greet at 6:15pm. Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm. La Pine Community Health Center - Meeting Room, 51600 Huntington Road, La Pine. Contact: 541-408-7610. oregon.communicators.club@gmail.com. Free.

Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal

part of aging. Join us to learn about the impact of Alzheimer’s, the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia, stages and risk factors, current research and treatments available for some symptoms; and Alzheimer’s Association resources. March 18, 6-7pm. Redmond Library, 827 Southwest Deschutes Avenue, Redmond. Contact: 800-272-3900. Free.

educational meetings to take place once a month. Sometimes will be straight support talk, some meetings will have emphasis on education of a specific aspect of chronic illness. Please call Third Thursday of every month, 4:30-6pm. The Hive, 205 NW Franklin Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-321-6536. theresa@oregonlyme.com. Free.

Veterans’ Coffee Club Meet up with fellow vets for coffee, snacks, and conversation. Cosponsored by Crook County Veteran Services. Located at the south end of the main library. Wednesdays, 9am-Noon. Crook County Library, 175 NW Meadow Lakes Drive, Prineville. Contact: 541-447-7978. library@crooklib.org. Free.

Overeaters Anonymous Meeting

Vocal Jam Improvised community singing with groove and soul. Lead by local musician Shireen Amini, go on a jamming journey that includes group toning, improvisation, percussive play and spontaneous songwriting. Singers of all levels welcome. Ages 13 and over. 6:45-7pm tea and greet! Thu, March 12, 7-8:45pm. The Hive, 205 NW Franklin Ave., Bend. Contact: 310-467-0867. shireen.amini@gmail.com. $10-$20.

Mondays & Thursdays, Noon-1pm. Saturdays, 9:30am-11am. United Methodist Church, 680 NW Bond St., Bend. | Wednesdays, 4-5pm. Redmond Senior Center, 325 NW Dogwood Ave., Redmond. Ongoing. Contact: 541-306-6844.

Regional Public Transportation Advisory Committee (RPTAC) Join us for this

informational meeting! Agenda topics include CET service enhancements, Transit Master Plan materials and Virtual Workshop overview, and RPTAC membership updates. Meeting agendas are posted at https://cascadeseasttransit.com/ about/rptac/ March 11, 1:30-3:30pm. Hawthorne Station, 334 NE Hawthorne Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-548-9534. dhofbauer@coic.org. Free.

Resist! Rally Weekly resistance protest, the

theme of the week changes. Bring your signs, bring your attitude—and we’ll bring the bullhorn! Contact info@thevocalseniority.org for more info. Tuesdays, 11:30am-12:30pm. Peace Corner, Corner of NW Greenwood Avenue and NW Wall Street, Bend.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Group

Anyone with RA or similar auto-immune syndrome welcome. Third Tuesday of every month,

Walk with a Midwife Stroll with a Certified

Nurse Midwife in Bend and learn what makes midwifery services unique to Women’s Health. The Bend walk meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at Farewell Bend Park. Bring water, a snack and lots questions. Second Thursday of every month, 12:15-12:45pm. Farewell Bend Park, 1000 SW Reed Market Rd., Bend. Third Wednesday of every month, 12:15-12:45pm. Sam Johnson Park, 521 SW 15th St., Redmond. Contact: 541-526-6635. tlclay@stcharleshealthcare.org. Free.

Women’s Cancer Support Group For the newly diagnosed and survivors of cancer. Call for info. Thursdays, 1-3pm. Mountain Laurel Lodge, 990 SW Yates Drive, Bend. Contact: Judy: 541-728-0767.


about harnesses, leashes and running systems. Sign up for this free event to watch demonstrations of our gear at our newly opened Retail Store at HQ. March 12, 5:30-7:30pm. Ruffwear, 2843 NW Lolo Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-243-7963. bark@ruffwear.com. Free.




Art Club for little ones 5-11, every Thursday at 4pm at ARTdog!

Adoption Information Session Learn more about the process of adoption from foster care! Second Thursdays, 6-7:30pm. Deschutes Downtown Bend Public Library - Meyer Room, 601 N.W. Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-343-0295. adoption@afamilyforeverychild.org. Free.

Come Dance With Me Our Early Childhood

Afternoon Pokemon Cards Drop off the

Community Conversation - Underage Marijuana Use A 90-minute facilitated con-

kids and enjoy our beautiful West Side shopping district! Wednesdays, 2:30-4:30pm. Wabi Sabi, 143 SW Century Dr #120, Bend. Contact: 541-633-7205. wabisabibend@gmail.com. Free.

Art Club Art Club is a unique after school program to develop one of the most valuable skills for life - creativity - for ages 5-11. Thursdays, 4-5:30pm. ARTdog Children’s Art Studio, 19570 Amber Meadow Drive, Suite 130, Bend.

Backpack Explorers: High Hoppers Explore the “two lives” of toads and frogs, as these hoppers spend time in both water and on land. March 12, 10-11am. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4754. info@highdesertmuseum.org. $15. Backpack Explorers: Recycled Architecture Use natural and recycled materials

to practice original innovation through building and construction. March 18, 10-11am. March 19, 10-11am. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4754. info@highdesertmuseum.org. $15.

Bake Sale Yummy baked goods, free drinks

and raffle tickets for a basket of goodies from our local businesses. All benefits go to the Hot Meals Program! Fri, March 13, 2-5pm. La Pine Community Kitchen, 16480 Finley Butte Road, La Pine. Contact: 541-536-1312. director@lapinecommunitykitchen.org. Free.

Button Bonanza Design your own awesome buttons. Ages 10-17. March 18, 2pm. Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1050. Free.

Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show

It’s the best ticket in town and is bigger and better than ever. Thu, March 12, Noon-8pm, Fri, March 13, Noon-8pm, Sat, March 14, 10am-8pm and Sun, March 15, 10am-8pm. Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, 3800 SW Airport Way, Redmond, Redmond. Contact: 503-246-8291. Info@TheSportShows.com. $12.

College Admissions: The Path Forward “College Admissions: The Path Forward”

presented by local founder and principle of Lewy College Consulting, Ms. Porte Lewy. March 11, 6:30pm. Summit High School, 2855 NW Clearwater Dr., Bend. Free.

Ballet Program enhances children’s imagination with dance. Wednesdays, 10:45-11:15am. Academie de Ballet Classique, 162 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. dance@abcbend.com. $46/month.

versation with concerned citizens from Sisters regarding underage marijuana use. March 16, 5pm. Sisters Library, 110 North Cedar Street, Sisters. Free.

Computer Part Mandalas Take traditional mandalas into the future. All ages are welcome to attend! March 18, 2pm. Sunriver Public Library, 56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver. Contact: 541-312-1080. Free.

Creative Story Time Bring your little for this unique story time in which we’ll read a different book each week, followed by an art-making experience. Perfect for ages 1.5Y-5. Wednesdays, 10-10:45am. ARTdog Children’s Art Studio, 19570 Amber Meadow Drive, Suite 130, Bend. CreativeBug: Embroider a Constellation Embroider a constellation. Ages 10-17. March 14, 1:30-3:30pm. Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1050. Free.

DIY Bouncy Balls Make hearts bounce with

glow-in-the-dark balls. Ages 6-11. Online registration is required! March 18, 1:30-3pm. Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-617-7097. Free.

Dyslexia in Schools Work with your

school district, teachers and administrators to get support for your child. Parents and teachers welcome! March 18, 6:30-7:30pm. The Hasson Company Realtors, 233 SW Wilson Ave, Ste 102, Bend. Contact: 541-550-0744. centraloregon@decodingdyslexiaor.org. Free.

Expression Temple Come move, groove, jam, stretch and play! Kid-friendly but not kid-centric! Second Saturdays, 11:15am-1:15pm. Through June 13. Tula Movement Arts, 2797 NW Clearwater Drive, Suite 100, Bend. Contact: 858-414-7250. flowbelinsky@gmail.com. $10-$20. Free Ice Skating for Kids Join Camp Fire Central Oregon as we celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® with an evening of free ice skating at The Pavilion! Kids must be accompanied by an adult and arrive by 7:30pm, limit first 200 kids in the door. March 17, 6:30-8pm. The Pavilion, 1001 SW Bradbury Dr, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4682. info@campfireco.org. Free.

Kids Yoga Children ages 3-8 years take class with a certified teacher while parents practice in a separate room. Classes include calming breath, mindful games, sun salutations, inspiring story time and a healthy snack! Thu, March 12, 4pm, Tue, March 17, 4pm. Namaspa Yoga Studio, 1135 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-550-8550. info@namaspa.com. $5-$6. Kids Yoga Party This class is just for the

young yogis - no parents! Drop off children for a night of yoga, dance, mindfulness, and play designed to cultivate presence of mind, heart, and body. Ages 4-11. Second Saturdays, 6-8pm. Wild Thing Yoga, 1441 SW Chandler Ave., Suite 105, Bend. Contact: info@obsidianeducation.org. $20.

LEGO Block Party Kids plus thousands of

LEGOs? Fun for all ages! March 14, 9-11:30am. Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1061. Free.

Little Artist Playgroup Nurture your little’s developing brain through messy play during our drop-in class for ages 1.5Y-5. Tuesdays, 10:3011:15am. ARTdog Children’s Art Studio, 19570 Amber Meadow Drive, Suite 130, Bend.

Math Tutoring Tutoring. Saturdays, 3:305:30pm. Through June 5. Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe, 135 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-848-2804. flourishbend@aol.com. $25. Mom & Baby Yoga Mothers with babies through early walkers are invited to stretch, strengthen, relax and have fun in a child friendly environment. No experience necessary. Tuesdays, Noon-1pm. Tula Movement Arts, 2797 NW Clearwater Drive, Suite 100, Bend. $17/drop-in. Music, Movement & Stories Movement and stories to develop skills. Ages 3-5. Thu, March 19, 11:30am. Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-6177097. Ages 3-5 years. Thu., March 19, 10:30am. La Pine Public Library, 16425 First St., La Pine. Contact: 541-312-1090. Free. Paws to Read Reluctant readers, come have

Rocket Flingers Make a pool noodle

rocket. Ages 6-9 years. March 11, 2pm. La Pine Public Library, 16425 First St., La Pine. Contact: 541-312-1090. Free.

Royal Tea Party Wear your finest for a taste of royalty, entertainment and refreshments. All ages. Online registration is required. March 13, 10:30am. East Bend Public Library, 62080 Dean Swift Road, Bend. Contact: 541-330-3760. Free.

Science Storytime Stories and science with

hands-on experiments. Ages 3+. March 13, 9:30am. Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1061. Free.

Slime Lab Relax, get ooey gooey and make

slime. Ages 10-17. March 18, 2:30pm. La Pine Public Library, 16425 First St., La Pine. Contact: 541-312-1090. Free.

Sprouts Montessori Children’s House of Bend Open House Local Preschool and

Kindergarten for ages 2-6. We are now enrolling for summer and fall 2020. March 14, 10am-2pm. Sprouts Montessori Children’s House of Bend, 415 NE Franklin Ave, Bend. Contact: 707-357-3336. srichardson.sprouts@gmail.com. Free.

Teen Lab A weekly rotating series of activities.

See online calendar for full descriptions. Ages 12-17. Wed, March 11, 3-4pm and Wed, March 18, 3-4pm. Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-617-7087. Free.

Tiny Terrariums Design your own mini-world of beautiful plants. Ages 12-17. Online registration is required. March 11, 2pm. Sunriver Public Library, 56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver. Contact: 541-312-1080. Free. Toddler Move + Make Join us for a morning of play including yoga poses, fun breathing exercises and art-making. Perfect for ages 1.5Y-5. *Please note you must register for this class ahead of time (no drop-ins). Thursdays, 9-9:45am. ARTdog Children’s Art Studio, 19570 Amber Meadow Drive, Suite 130, Bend.

fun and read with a dog! Ages 6-11 years. Online registration is required. Thu, Feb. 6, 4pm, Fri, Feb. 14, 4pm, Thu, March 5, 4pm and Thu, March 19, 4pm. East Bend Public Library, 62080 Dean Swift Road, Bend. Contact: 541-330-3760. Free.

Weekend Pokemon Cards Third Saturday of the month we go an extra hour for our Tournament! Saturdays, 10am-1pm. Wabi Sabi, 143 SW Century Dr #120, Bend. Contact: 541-633-7205. wabisabibend@gmail.com. Free.

Puddlestompers: Animal Safari Spark a

Weekly Practice and Racing We have loaner

love of wildlife in your little one and join us for a morning of exploring and learning about animal homes and adaptations. March 14, 11am-Noon. Ponderosa Park, 225 SE 15th St., Bend. Contact: 541-383-5592. kelly@childrensforestco.org. Free.

equipment available including BMX bikes and full face helmets. Required to ride, long sleeve shirts, pants, closed toed shoes and helmet. Wednesdays-Sundays. Through June 15. High Desert BMX, 21690 Neff Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-771-1981. nickhighdesertbmx@gmail.com. $5-$8.



An Evolving Conversation

New play explores racial ecology and the relationship between cops and communities of color By Cayla Clark


IndieWomxn Film Festival + Trashformations Two worthy events, centered around the arts

IndieWomxn Film Festival debuts In honor of Women’s History Month, BendFilm and Scalehouse have partnered up to bring a festival of films made by women and about women. The mini-fest happens March 12 to 16, with screenings at the Tower Theatre, Tin Pan Theater and McMenamins. The short festival will also include panel discussions with local athletes and artists. Including in the screening is “Clemency,” directed by Chinonye Chukwu. The film won the U.S. Dramatic Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2019, making Chukwu the first black woman to ever

Kathleen Kelly

Julana Torres and Rico Anderson performing in "Evolve." What began as a series of monologues on racial profiling has evolved into conversations about race and law enforcement.

Adult Basic Skills team at Central Oregon Community College, explained why he wanted to bring the show to Bend. “So many people of color, so many professionals have been moving here,” he said. “That means there are more black students, more mixed-race students and families. What we really want to do is open the lines of communication between community members and the police. We want to get people working together, opening their hearts and minds to make necessary changes. If a young adult of color gets pulled over, let’s say, and they’re under the influence, we want to encourage the police to help them get the treatment they need and deserve. Rather than lock them up and throw them into the system, we want to encourage them to facilitate change.”

Day noted that being part of these conversations has helped open his eyes. “This journey has completely changed my life. I now have a greater amount of empathy and more willingness to try and understand things that are outside of my personal bubble. The goal is to start seeing the humanity in one another. When we see each other just as ‘police’ or as ‘people of color,’ we’re preventing ourselves from fostering deeper and richer relationships with others.” He also suggested that he could have done things differently during his 29 years on the force. “I don’t think that we’ve been doing a good job in law enforcement training,” said Day. “We tend to focus on feelings rather than behavior. In some cases, the behavior itself is racist or sexist, and we need to do a better job of talking

about that. It’s easy to write things off by saying, ‘Well, nobody is perfect.’ But really, all that is, is an excuse to not try. I think it’s important for both sides to realize that mistakes will be made. “Because of the nation’s history of racism, it’s easy to focus on division rather than inclusion. We spend a lot of time toting our good intentions, but we haven’t really gotten to the root of the problem. We view everything through a racialized lens; everybody does. Really, there should be a greater focus on power, access and opportunity. Of course, we can’t ignore the issue, but we can’t spend so much time there that we lose sight of things like managing power and authority; how to allocate power in a way that’s equitable to everyone.” Day said that while opening one’s self up to new schools of thought can be extremely difficult, few things are as rewarding. “I always say that there has to be a willingness to be comfortable being uncomfortable. ‘Evolve’ creates a space where people can sit in the same room with competing viewpoints and consider other perspectives. I’ve learned that we’re very quick to dismiss people’s experiences and beliefs because we don’t agree with them. This project has really opened my eyes; it allows me to see people for who they are—people.” Evolve

Sat., March 13 and Sun., March 14. 7pm. The Tower Theatre 835 NW Wall St., Bend towertheatre.org/tickets-and-events/evolve Free – Registration Required.

By Teafly Peterson Courtesy Marianne Prodehl

win the award. Also featured is the film, “No Man’s Land,” showcasing the amazing athletic feats of women all over the world. There will also be a showcase of the best women-focused shorts that screened at BendFilm last year. BendFilm has been a huge champion of women’s films in the last few years, and this new festival is a revelation of sorts. Consider that in the 90-year history of the Academy Awards only five women have been nominated for the best director, with only one winning. And yet, here is a whole festival showcasing women’s amazing work in front of and behind the camera. Bravo. Trashformations : Call To Artists Trashformations is back and is looking for artists to join in the one-day live art-making event. The event started years ago at the now-defunct Pakit, gathering artists together before dawn and often hosting

Phil and Marianne Prodehl teamed up to create at Trashformations 2019.

them late into the night, as they made giant creations from discarded materials including metal, wood, old encyclopedias and more. Visitors participated by watching the artists work. Now the event is part of Bend ReStore’s Upcycle Festival to kick off Earth Month. Artists get one day and free rein of all discarded/used materials available at ReStore of Bend to build

fantastical creations. The work is then sold and proceeds go to the Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity. I am not one to suggest any artists do anything for free and yet, I feel compelled to get the word out about this gem of an event. Even though it has changed hands over the years, its soul is still the same, calling to the local community to collaborate and create while rethinking waste. IndieWomxn Film Festival

Thu., Mar. 12—Mon., Mar. 16 Various locations, ticket prices $7-$10 tinpantheater.com/indiewomxn


Sat., April 4. 10am-4pm ReStore of Bend 224 NE Thurston Ave, Bend Contact Lloyd McMullen at art.castaways@ gmail.com to hold your space



n Aug. 9, 2014, Michael Brown Jr., an unarmed black teenager, was fatally shot by a 28-year-old white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. This and other similar events sparked nationwide controversy surrounding police brutality and racial ecology, and birthed the nationally recognized phrase of protest, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Shortly after the incident, The New Black Fest commissioned seven black playwrights to create monologues on racial profiling, negative encounters with the police and the black community as a whole. The show, “Hands Up: 7 Playwrights, 7 Testaments,” was crafted by a handful of African American community members who had experienced racial profiling. When Bob Day, retired deputy chief of police in Portland, first saw the play over three years ago, he had questions. “I had some frustrations with the show,” he said. “I approached the director afterwards and explained that I felt law enforcement officers weren’t being accurately represented. We got to talking, and we developed a relationship. This relationship ultimately led to another portion of the show—stories directly from police officers. ‘Hands Up’ was combined with ‘Cop Out’ to make what is now ‘Evolve.’” “Cop Out: Beyond Back, White and Blue” is a series of monologues based on interviews with law enforcement officers. “It isn’t presented as false equivalency,” he said. “The show is about dissonance; it forces you to look at and sit with opposing views.”  Marcus Legrand, the Pathways College and Career Success Coach with the


St. Paddy’s All Month at RD’S!



Like Irish Food & Drinks? We Do Too!

Irish Food Specials for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – All Month Long!

Irish Themed Dinner with Dave on 3/26

e’s Whiskey DavBeer, Rockin’Irish TM



and Car Bombs in the Lounge!



what NOT to

RECYCLE Rethink about it! Remember

Check out our selection of natural wines! We have a wide selection for any occasion!

that you can’t recycle to-go, frozen food or styrofoam boxes, clamshells, plastic bags, straws, lids or disposable cups. Once you know, you can make it a habit! Visit our website for more about what you can and can’t recycle curbside and elsewhere in Deschutes County.


an environmental center program

Providing private, compassionate euthanasia services for your cats & dogs in the privacy of your pet’s home.


Westside 541.647.2198 845 NW DELAWARE AVE. Eastside 541.382.1751



Libby Hays, DVM 541.647.6810

MobileCatandDogVet.com MobileCatandDogVet@gmail.com



The Spirit of Collaboration LITTLE BITES Many food & drink products are made in Central Oregon. Now, there’s an organization to help them thrive

By Lisa Sipe

Central Oregon Locavore

By Donna Britt @donnabrittcooks



Meet your Farmer Dinner

Silver Moon’s Mango Daze Pale Ale gets paired with Habit’s Habanero Hibiscus.

imagine that kind of sharing happening in Chicago, where he’s originally from. Both Torcom, along with Riff Cold Brewed Co-founder/CEO Paul Evers, give credit to those who’ve come before them. Evers says it all started over 30 years ago when Gary Fish founded Deschutes Brewery, “They really were the impetus for creating a craft culture in Central Oregon,” Evers said. Torcom also acknowledges Fish and Humm Kombucha Founders Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell for their leadership and willingness to share expertise with newcomers. fRED Sauce’s Giacomini says the support isn’t just from other producers, but from the entire community. “Bend and all of Central Oregon is very supportive of local food producers, restaurants, and the growing food truck culture. This local support allows us to grow and in the case of fRED SAUCE, expand.” Food for the Sole Co-Founder Julie Mosier echoes Giacomini, stating, “The creative energy in Bend has grown in Tambi Lane Photography

the last decade and that, coupled with some amazing resources both formal and informal, create an atmosphere that makes it easier to grow.” Riff’s Evers is also on the founding board of directors for Cultivate Bend, a nonprofit trade organization focused on enhancing the sector’s (food/beverage) ecosystem in Central Oregon. That means sharing wisdom, forging connections, creating resources and ultimately getting locally made products distributed outside of the local market to bring jobs and vitality back to the area. Humm and Hydro Flask have already stepped up as founding members. Micah Elconin, president of Season to Taste Food and Beverage Business Consulting and director of Eugene’s Table, has been contracted by Cultivate Bend to structure the organization. Evers calls Elconin a force within the food and beverage industry in Oregon but assures that, “We’re not cutting and pasting the program from Eugene; we’re adapting the program for our unique collection of companies in Central Oregon, which are more oriented toward early stage development.” Evers adds that the smaller community means a higher level of accountability and connection, again adding to that spirit of cooperation and collaboration. “It really takes a community to have success here at a higher level, more so than in a metro area,” Evers said. “The objective of Cultivate Bend is to bring people together and provide really rich programming that is going to help various businesses to become successful.” For more info on Cultivate Bend, Contact Paul Evers

Cardamom & Vanilla is one of Holm Made Toffee Company’s most popular flavors.

Riff Cold Brewed 555 NW Arizona, #30, Bend 541-312-9330 riffcoldbrewed.com

Central Oregonians have another chance to connect with the farmers who produce their food through the 5th Annual Meet Your Farmer dinner, hosted by Central Oregon Locavore. The evening features products from Barley Beef, a group of small, family-run local farms producing hormone-free beef. The event takes place at the Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room, at the brewery on Simpson Avenue. The dinner includes spinalis medallions with a chimichurri sauce and house made tortilla chips, a salad of grilled radicchio wedge with cured beef and local cheese, and an entrée of ribeye au poivre, with roasted vegetables and shoestring potatoes. And don’t forget dessert, which is old-fashioned doughnuts topped with ice cream and a cherry demi glace. 5th Annual Meet your Farmer Dinner Fri., Mar. 13. 6-9pm Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room 901 SW Simpson Ave., Bend Reserve at centraloregonlocavore.com $55 Locavore members/$65 non members

Cabin 22 Expanding

Cabin 22, the popular bar and firepit spot on Bend’s west side, is planning an expansion into a location on the south side. “Cabin South” is set to open in Brookswood Meadow Plaza, in the former Local Slice location on Amber Meadow Drive, off Brookswood Ave. Cabin South will offer a bar, grill and lottery, and feature small back and front patios. Cabin South will also offer brunch on the weekends. The crew at expects Cabin South to open in mid to late April. Cabin 22

cabin22bend.com Source Weekly


rom hot sauce to dehydrated adventure meals to coffee fruit tea to toffee candy to organic nut butters, an array of food products are produced in Central Oregon. Despite the geographic challenge (over two hours to nearest metropolitan area) which contributes to distribution hurdles, among other things, local food product producers seem to agree there’s an entrepreneurial spirit in the air. Case in point: The ongoing collaboration between a new local hot sauce maker and a longtime beer producer. Silver Moon Brewing’s Manager of Operations, Curtis Endicott, is a self-proclaimed foodie who started following Habit Hot Sauce Bud Torcom via LinkedIn when he saw Torcom post about the new hot sauce. “It took me a while to finally get some of his product in my hot little hands,” says Endicott, “but from the first taste, I was very impressed. In a flash, I was sharing it with our Head Brewer, Jeff Haskins, and discussing how it might pair very well with our Mango Daze. Jeff is a huge fan of spices, heat and all things fermented. We did a quick sample right then and there in the taproom, shared it with the brew team, and everyone gave it a thumbs up.” Endicott says immediate plans include blending Silver Moon’s Mango Daze Pale Ale with Habit’s Habanero Hibiscus hot sauce for Habanero Mango Pale Ale. If the pairing proves popular in the taproom, a long-term goal would be a larger, dedicated batch brewed and fermented with Habit Hot Sauce along with the possibility of a kettle sour. As Mazama Media CEO/Habit Hot Sauce Founder Bud Torcom puts it, “We look out for each other. For example, fRED Sauce (Fred Giacomini) has given us advice and we would be considered competitors.” Torcom says he can’t

Photo Submitted

Have a burrowing rodent problem? Who you gonna call?

Residental • Commercial • Farm & Public Lands Office



541-205-5764 cell 541-331-2404 gopherbusters@live.com

Moles, Voles, Gophers and Squirrels


GARDENING. Get good at it. Join OSU Master Gardeners™ for

Spring Gardening Seminar Saturday, April 18, 2020, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, Redmond Choose 4 from 16 classes, including: • Vegetable Gardening • Fire-resistant Landscapes • Fruit Trees • Container Gardening plus a Garden Market with plants, books, worm castings, landscape products, silent auction, optional lunch and more. Register today: gocomga.com/registration or call 541-548-6088; $10 per class (preregistration deadline April 11); $15 on event day; $48 for 4 classes plus lunch.

G. Love and Special Sauce & GoodLife Brewing is keeping The Juice IPA flowing. Now available in Central Oregon. GoodLifeBrewing.com



"No soup for you!" The Soup Nazi himself will be serving ramen at Chomp Chomp's grand opening, March 13 at noon!

FOOD EVENTS Chomp Chomp Grand Opening with The Soup Nazi Larry Thomas, of

Seinfeld fame will be working a shift at Chomp Chomp! Want to get a ramen from the “Soup Nazi”? Get a selfie or an autograph but be warned! If you’re caught fooling around … “NO RAMEN FOR YOU! TWO WEEKS!!” March 14, Noon-3pm. Chomp Chomp, 945 Bond St., Bend. Contact: 541-797-6909. denise@ryeland-usa.com.

Dinner + Wine Fundraising Event Join

Chefs Cycle for this dinner and wine event benefitting No Kid Hungry. Four-course chef dinner and wine pairing. Raffles, silent auctions and giveaways! March 12, 6pm. 900 Wall, 900 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-323-6295. $75.

Dinner with Bad Saint at The Suttle Lodge A taste of the Philippines with Tom

Cunanan and Genevieve Villamora in the middle of the Deschutes National Forest. Dinner is served family style. Beverages a la carte. No substitutions. March 15, 7-9pm. The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse, 13300 Hwy 20, Sisters. Contact: 541-638-7001. info@thesuttlelodge.com. $95.

Growing Vegetables in Central Oregon

Yes, you can have a successful vegetable garden and OSU Master Gardeners will teach you how. This two-hour class covers Central Oregon climate, soil amendments, site selection, season extenders and other techniques, and recommended vegetable varieties to grow here. March 14, 2-4pm. Tykeson Hall, OSU-Cascades, 1500 SW Chandler Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-548-6088. deschutesmg@oregonstate.edu. Free.

Locavore Learning Series: Egg Cookery You will learn how to make perfect eggs six

ways: over easy, over medium, over hard, sunnyside up, basted and poached. You will also learn how to make Eggs Benedict and homemade Bearnaise sause. March 19, 4:30-5:30pm. Central Oregon Locavore, 1841 NE Third St., Bend. Contact: 541-633-7388. info@centraloregonlocavore.org. $5/members, $8/non-members.

Meet Your Farmer Dinner with Barley Beef While the beer speaks for itself through

a total of 19 taps, our chefs also put the same quality and hand-crafted excellence into the cuisine. Menu features fresh ingredients, many sourced from local farmers. Barley Beef is offered by a group of family-run farms. March 13, 6-9pm. Deschutes Brewery & Mountain Room, 901 SW Simpson Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-633-7388. info@centraloregonlocavore.org. $55/member, $60/non-member.

Prime Rib Night Come experience our legendary prime rib all the locals have been bragging about. Earlier reservations are recommended as we serve our legendary prime rib until it is all gone. Don’t miss out! Saturdays-Sundays, 4:30pm. Tumalo Feed Co. Steak House, 64619 W. Highway 20, Tumalo. Contact: 541-382-2202. tfcsmanagement@gmail.com. $32.95-$37.50.

Palate Trip Come on down to Newport Avenue Market and take your palate on a trip! Check our Friday morning timeline post each week to learn what brews and wines we’ll be tasting. Cheers! Fridays, 3:30-5:30pm. Newport Avenue Market, 1121 NW Newport Ave., Bend.

Saint Patrick’s Day Food Fest Enjoy


corned beef & cabbage, shepard’s pie, Irish stew, Irish tacos, Guiness fish & chips, all of your favorite Irish whiskeys and Guinness on tap! March 17, 10am-11:30pm. Kelly D’s Irish Sports Bar, 1012 SE Cleveland Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-389-5625. kellys.irishpub@live.com.

Bingo at the Lodge! Bingo every Thursday

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Celebration

night, starts at 7pm. Benefitting First Story: A Cause Worth Building. $1/Card, $2/Blackout and cash prizes - families welcome! Thursdays, 7pm. Cascade Lakes Lodge, 1441 SW Chandler Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-388-4998. lauren@cascadelakes.com. $1.

Local’s Night Come on down to Bevel Craft

Brewing for $4 beers and food specials from the food carts located out back at The Patio! Tuesdays, 3-9pm. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour Rd. Suite B, Bend. Contact: 541-97-BEVEL. holla@bevelbeer.com. Free.

Locals Day at Riff Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, join us Tuesdays for an all day local’s night. $2 off coffee, beer, cocktails, wine and shareable dishes. Tuesdays, 9am-8pm. Riff - Craft Food & Beverage Taproom, 555 NW Arizona Ave, Suite 30, Bend. Free. Locals Night at Porter Brewing! We

offer a full menu of cask-conditioned ales, wine, cider and non-alcoholic beverages. The food truck will also be serving up some fantastic cuisine! Wednesdays, 4-7pm. Porter Brewing, 611 NE Jackpine Ct #2, Redmond. Free.

Modified Theory Release Modified Theory;:a tart, sparkling hard bevy. Bringing you a new way to drink, available in three unique flavors with endless cocktail possibilities! Come get a sample and try for yourself. March 13, 11am-8pm. Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House, 1044 Northwest Bond Street, Bend. Free. Moms and Groms Moms, it’s simple. Show

up with your grom(s) to socialize and drink a beer (or two) with other awesome Bend moms while the kiddos make new friends. All moms get $1 off drinks from 3-5pm. Call it a play date...with beer! *Dads welcome too. Wednesdays, 3-5pm. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Free.

541.385.RIBS 2670 N Hwy 20 Near Safeway

Celebrate with McMenamins Irish Stout, Irish Coffee, Irish Food Specials & Live Music! McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend. Contact: 541-382-5174. No Cover.


343 NW 6th Street

St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl & Costume Contest Fundraiser Each ticket holder

receives two drink tickets, a silly swag bag, entry into the costume contest and 100% of the proceeds go directly back into Downtown Bend beautification! March 14, 4-9pm. Bend Brewing Company, 1019 NW Brooks St., Bend. Contact: 541-788-3628. operationsindowntown@gmail.com. $20.

St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl Join Touch-

mark for an indoor pub crawl! Sample offerings from seven local breweries throughout the afternoon along with live music from Matthew Langston at 3pm. Completing the passport enters you to win a prize! March 17, 1:30-4pm. Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village, 19800 SW Touchmark Way, Bend. Contact: 541-383-1414. Free.

Taco Tuesdays Join us every Tuesday $2.50

tacos! Treat yourself to one of our three signature margaritas. Tuesdays, 4-10pm. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-388-8331. info@silvermoonbrewing.com.

The 3rd Annual Barrel Aged Beer Fest! We’ll have eight barrel aged beers for you to try - six from Kobold and two special, local barrel aged beers. If you love barrel aged beer, this is the beer fest for you! March 14, Noon9pm. Kobold Brewing / The Vault Taphouse, 245 SW Sixth St., Redmond. Free.

Whiskey Wing Wednesdays Come down

and order our signature Starship Wings and choose from six different quality whiskeys for a pour for only $5! Wednesdays, 11:30am-10pm. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-388-8331. info@silvermoonbrewing.com.

541.923.BBQ1 NEW HOURS

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every year since we opened!

FILM SHORTS By Jared Rasic 1917: From director Sam Mendes comes a war movie unlike any you’ve seen before. Crafted to look like the entire film is done in one shot, “1917” is easily the most intense war film since “Saving Private Ryan” or “The Thin Red Line.” See this on the biggest and loudest screen you can find. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Odem Theater Pub


BAD BOYS FOR LIFE: It’s shocking the producers didn’t wait until the fourth installment to use this title, but at least we have another one of this ridiculous franchise to enjoy. This one is actually surprisingly serious, focused more on aging and mortality than one would think for a movie like this. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Odem Theater Pub BIRDS OF PREY: An absolutely bonkers comic book movie featuring Margot Robbie as psychotic anti-hero Harley Quinn. For everyone who thought “Joker” was an original comic book movie, “Birds of Prey” shows audiences how weird DC Comics can get with their movies. Way too much fun. Regal Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX BRAHMS: THE BOY II: Movies about evil dolls are

pretty popular right now, but I definitely never expected to see a sequel to “The Boy,” which had a twist ending designed to eliminate the need for sequels. Regal Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX

CALL OF THE WILD: Based on the beloved novel by Jack London, this new adaptation has Buck the dog as a completely CGI creation. The movie is very pretty to look at and has some lovely moments, but Buck never quite escapes from the uncanny valley. Regal Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Redmond Cinema CLEMENCY: Alfre Woodard stars in this gripping

drama about a death row warden dealing with the psychological toll of her job. A very powerful and humane film that shines a light on the importance of empathy in 2020. Tin Pan Theater

Spring iss u


DOWNHILL: This is an American remake of the fantastic Swedish/French film “Force Majeure” which follows a family on vacation having troubles. After a false avalanche, the dad ditches his wife and kids as he runs to safety, completely losing his family’s faith in him. The remake won’t be as good as the original, but Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are always fun to watch. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX EMMA: Soon to be mega star Anya Taylor-Joy

stars in this quirky adaptation of the beloved Jane Austen novel. The film is charming, fast paced and delightfully funny, making this the best Austen adaptation since 2005’s “Pride and Prejudice.” Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Sisters Movie House

FANTASY ISLAND: Based on the TV show that

ran from 1977 to 1984, this version of “Fantasy Island” turns everything into a Monkey’s Paw-type situation where everyone’s wishes turn horrifying and deadly. Changing existing intellectual property into a horror movie is a great idea. Can we get a horror-movie version of “Love Boat” or “Charlie’s Angels,” please? Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX

THE GENTLEMEN: Ever since “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” Guy Ritchie has been making very specific British crime comedies, but “The Gentlemen” is easily his best since 2000’s “Snatch.” Even as the originality of these movies has worn off over the years, Ritchie’s frenetic direction keeps them worth watching. Odem Theater Pub GREED: Steve Coogan is an international trea-

sure and director Michael Winterbottom is responsible for some stone-cold classics over his career, so consider me excited for this one about


THE INVISIBLE MAN: A surprisingly thoughtful and

intense remake of the James Whale classic just as interested in destructive masculinity as jump scares. Much better than it has any right to be, “The Invisible Man” has a lot to say about modern society while simultaneously being a crackerjack horror flick. Regal Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Redmond Cinema

I STILL BELIEVE: A romantic musical drama about a Christian singer whose wife is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Based on the life of recording artist Jeremy Camp, “I Still Believe” hopes you’ll bring the tissues. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Sisters Movie House JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL: Everyone’s complaining that this is just more of the same and I’m like, “Yes, please. I’ll take three more, please.” Kevin Hart does the greatest Danny Glover impression and Danny DeVito is a national treasure…what more do you need? There’s a scene with DeVito climbing down a ladder that made me snot laugh. This movie is a delight. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX

ONCE WERE BROTHERS: Arguably, the greatest rock documentary of all time is Martin Scorsese’s look at the final performance of The Band, “The Last Waltz.” Here we have a different look at the group, this time focused on the early days of the band from the point of view of Robbie Robertson. As a fan of their music, this documentary is unmissable. Tin Pan Theater. ONWARD: Pixar releases another tearjerker with this fantasy about two elf brothers trying to use a summoning spell to bring their dad back to life for 24 hours. “Onward” is a fun adventure across an epic fantasy world, but be ready to talk to your smaller kids about death. See full review on p. 35. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Sisters Movie House, Redmond Cinema ORDINARY LOVE: Liam Neeson and Lesley

Manville are a married couple who have been together for many years and get shaken after Manville gets a breast cancer diagnosis. The two actors are so good together, the film never becomes weepy or maudlin. Sisters Movie House

PARASITE: The Oscar winner for Best Picture and Best Foreign Film comes back to theaters to deeply unsettle everyone who missed it the first time. The smartest, funniest and most shocking movie you will see all year. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Tin Pan Theater PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE: A stunning French

masterpiece set in 1760 about a forbidden romance between two women. One of the best films of the year so far, that should be seen by anyone with a love for period dramas. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: A live-action movie about a really fast alien who looks like a hedgehog and the evil doctor who wants to run experiments on him. This should be terrible, but somehow it’s charming and surprisingly not annoying... as far as movies about alien hedgehogs are concerned. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Redmond Cinema THE WAY BACK: From the director of the

surprisingly great sports films “Warrior” and “Miracle” comes another surprisingly great sports film with Ben Affleck as a high-functioning alcoholic who becomes a basketball coach. Remarkably, even with a description like that, the film isn’t cheesy for a single second. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX

 STREAMING THIS WEEK “I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS” Imagine if “Carrie” wasn’t super sad and awful and instead was a black comedy from the creative team behind “The End of the F**king World.” Starring Sophia Lillis (who stole “It: Chapter One”) as a girl who has some pretty intense superpowers. Delightful stuff.

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a rich dick being awful. Based on the pedigree, this should hopefully have something to say about class instead of just being a dark comedy. Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Sisters Movie House

Now Streaming on Netflix courtesy IMDb


Tissues SCREEN Daddy "Onward" wants your sweet, sweet tears By Jared Rasic Courtesy Disney/Pixar



f we’ve learned one thing in the 25 years since Pixar released its first film, “Toy Story,” it’s that the studio is master at balancing emotion, comedy and excitement. You’re guaranteed not only a visually stunning cartoon that kids will enjoy, but also a story that will absolutely wreck you as an adult. Whether it’s the loss of childhood in “Toy Story 3,” the acceptance of death in “Coco” or the dance of love and heartbreak in “WALL-E,” the ideas and themes for Pixar films have always superseded being popcorn entertainment for kids. The newest offering, “Onward,” is no different, but tends to feel like a reverse-engineered tearjerker instead of coming by its emotions honestly. “Onward” exists in a world where magic used to exist, but is now an urban legend. All the characters are still creatures of myth, including pixies, centaurs and manticores, but they drive, watch TV and play D&D instead of going on quests or conjuring magic spells. The two heroes are Ian and Barley Lightfoot, a pair of elf brothers who live with their widowed mom, Laurel. When Barley was a child and Laurel was pregnant with Ian, their husband and father, Wilden, became sick and died, leaving Ian to grow up without meeting his dad. For his 16th birthday, Ian is given a magical staff, a rare gem and a summoning spell which will bring his dad back to life for 24 hours. But the gem isn’t quite powerful enough to summon all of their dad and only brings forth the lower half of his body, so the two brothers take to the road in

Just starin’ at the sunset with my half-dad. No big deal.

Barley’s creepy van to find another gem to power the staff and finish summoning their dead dad. It’s a heart-tugging concept made all the more emotional by the voice work of Tom Holland as Ian and Chris Pratt as Barley. Holland is becoming a pro at finding nuance and emotion just with the timbre of his voice while Pratt (who is obviously replacing Jack Black as Barley) basically does his Thor impression from “Avengers: Infinity War” for 90 minutes. They’re perfectly cast (as is Julia Louis-Dreyfus as their mom, Octavia Spencer as a manticore

and Lena Waithe as a cyclops), and carry the film effortlessly. “Onward” is designed as a tearjerker for anyone who’s either lost a dad or never had one to begin with and seems engineered with that objective in mind. The tears that come from “Up” or “Toy Story 3” were byproducts of a beautiful story, lovely characters and emotion that felt earned throughout the runtime, but in “Onward” there’s a calculation to the sadness that feels manipulated. It’s a weird difference, but you can feel it: whether your tears are coming from something pure and honest or whether

they’re coming from someone specifically setting out to make you cry. Either way, it worked on me plenty. I’ve got daddy issues out the caboose and “Onward” played me like a fiddle. Pixar is really that good: I knew I was being emotionally manipulated, and instead of resisting it, I was like “Take my sweet tears, Pixar, I LOVE YOU!” What a softy. Onward


Dir. Dan Scanlon Grade: B+ Old Mill ScreenX & IMAX, Sisters Movie House, Redmond Cinema

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– SKI & SNOW GEAR – SKI & WINTER APPAREL – WOOL, FLEECE & MIDLAYERS – WINTER BOOTS (some restrictions apply) (some

Bend’s #1 Climbing Shop & Outdoor Retailer 834 NW Colorado Ave, Bend 541-388-0688 www.mountainsupplybend.com

Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm Friday & Saturday 9am-6pm Sunday 9am-5pm

Proud to be Central Oregon’s first and only carbon-offset radio station

Bring your good bois to the weekly CORK Run, every Thursday at 6pm! Leaves from Spoken Moto.

ATHLETIC EVENTS Bend Area Running Fraternity (BARF) Join us for a 3.5-mile loop through the Old Mill and along the Deschutes River! No registration or membership required. All paces welcome. Mondays, 5:30pm. AVID Cider Co., 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Contact: bendarearunningfraternity@gmail.com. Free.

Bend Babes Brew & Running Crew If

Redmond Running Group Run All

levels welcome. Find the Redmond Oregon Running Klub on Facebook for weekly run details. Saturdays, 8am. City of Redmond, Redmond, Or., Redmond. Contact: rundanorun1985@gmail.com.

you like to run in the woods and celebrate with post-run beers then join us! Each week we meet at a different trail, decide as a group how far to run, and then meet at a brew pub for post-run drinks and dinner! All paces welcome! Thursdays, 5:30pm. City of Bend, contact for more info, . Contact: b3runningcrew@gmail.com.

Rise and Run Early riser? This group is

Chicks in Bowls Ladies’ Night Seed of

Thursday Weekly Walk Join walkers

Life Skateboard Company “Solsk8s” and Bearings Skateboard Academy have joined forces to provide a weekly ladies night! This park is ideal for every level of skater and open to all ladies whatever wheels you choose to shred! Wednesdays, 7-9pm. Bearings Skateboard Academy, 615 SE Glenwood Drive, Bend. $10.

CORK Thursday Run Join us for a run from 3-5 miles. Stay afterward for a drink and food. All ability levels welcome along with friendly on leash dogs. Thursdays, 6-7:30pm. Spoken Moto, 310 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Free. Hump Day Run Celebrate getting over the

mid-week hump with runners of all paces. During the winter, we’ll typically run 3-5 miles down to the Old Mill and back. Bring a few bucks if you want to get a beer after! Wednesdays, 6pm. FootZone, 842 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: michelle@footzonebend.com. Free.

Oregon Adaptive Sports Ski For All

The 3rd Annual Ski For All is an all-abilities ski-a-thon at Mt Bachelor and a full day celebration of inclusive outdoor recreation! Ski or ride as much as you can in one day while raising critical funds to support the mission of Oregon Adaptive Sports. March 14, 9am-4pm. Mount Bachelor Ski Resort - Sunrise Lodge, 13000 SW Century Dr, Bend. Contact: 541-3064774. info@oregonadaptivesports.org.

the adult alternative

around Bend. All paces and people welcome - no need to be vegan or vegetarian! Sundays, 9-11am. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. Contact: emily.mccloskey@gmail.com. Free.

Plant-Powered Runners Sunday Run Social runs each Sunday, starting at various parks, trails and veg-friendly restaurants

for you! FootZoner Colton Gale will leads this run. All paces are welcome; 3-5 mile routes will usually take advantage of snow-free and lit paths in the Old Mill. Tuesdays, 5am. FootZone, 842 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: colton.gale@gmail.com. Free.

of all speeds in this beginner-friendly group. Get acquainted with some walking routes in Bend, learn how to track your walks on your smartphone, meet some friendly new people and prepare for taking your walks out onto the trails. Thursdays, Noon-1pm. FootZone, 842 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-3568. michelle@footzonebend.com. Free.

Tuesday Performance Group Maximize

your time with focused, intense efforts. All ages and abilities welcome. Sessions led by accomplished trail runner Max King. Tuesdays, 5:30pm. FootZone, 842 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: max@footzonebend.com. Free.

Walk Up Pilot Butte Join JessBFit for

this breathtaking walk up Pilot Butte. Stick around after the walk to learn how to use the pull-up bar station at the trail head for strength training and stretching. Tuesdays, 8-9am. Pilot Butte State Park, Pilot Butte State Park, Bend. Contact: 503-446-0803. jess@jessbfit.com.

OUTDOOR EVENTS Trails & Treats Join Brasada Trails this winter for trail rides to Spirit Rock, where you’ll roast s’mores over the open fire pit and sip hot cocoa while enjoying the breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. 18% service charge. Saturdays, 1-3pm. Through March 21. Brasada Ranch, 16986 SW Brasada Ranch Rd, Powell Butte. Contact: 541-526-6870. advconcierge@brasada.com. $160.



Let the Madness Begin With tournament selections upon us, Oregon’s college b-ball teams will be on full display come tournament time

GO HERE By Nicole Vulcan

Courtesy OAS


By Isaac Biehl

OAS Ski For All

The Oregon Women’s team celebrates winning the Pac 12 tournament this season.


very year March comes around same as always, and every year I’m still pumped for March Madness. It’s truly a beautiful thing—and should perhaps be considered the ninth wonder of the world. It’s fun to fill out brackets, see the buzzer beaters, become fans of your favorite new underdog school and witness some of the most talented young athletes perform on the big stage. For Oregonians, this year, our state’s schools will be right in the spotlight. Both the men’s and women’s teams at the University of Oregon have caught a lot of attention this year, and as of this writing, are ranked at 13th and 3rd in the AP top 25 polls. At Oregon State, while the men’s team has struggled, the women’s team is thriving and currently ranked 14th. Here’s a look at the teams that will represent Oregon, and how they might fare come tourney time. University of Oregon Women You really don’t have to look further than Sabrina Ionescu to point out what this team has going for them. The senior point guard is not only becoming an Oregon legend, but a household name around the nation with basketball fans. She has the most triple-doubles ever by any NCAA basketball player and is the first player ever (male or female) to record at least 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists.

Beyond Ionescu, Oregon’s roster is deep. Fellow senior Ruthy Hubbard is dominant in the paint and is the team’s leading scorer. Satou Sabally and Erin Boley can shoot your lights out and the Ducks have the highest scoring offense in the league. They beat Team USA and are 10-1 vs. ranked opponents this season. If they aren’t your favorite to win the tournament, they should be. Oregon State Women The Beavers are tough this year. In both Civil War games this season they played the Ducks pretty close. As a testament to how good this team actually is: Stanford, the #3 ranked team, lost to the Ducks by 32 points in just one game, whereas over two games the Beavers only lost by 19 points combined. They might not have as many big wins as the Ducks, posting a 4-6 record against ranked opponents this season, but even in losses they play the good teams close—an important trait to have as a team come tournament time. Right now the Beavers are projected to be a four-seed in the tournament, and they have upset potential if they happen to come across a oneseed down the road. They out-rebound opponents by almost 11 per game and have the grit to possibly make it out of the Sweet 16, along with the experience of already playing some of the country’s top teams.

University of Oregon Men This team has been on a roller coaster this season. While there have been more ups than downs, some of the downs are pretty low. They have some bad conference losses against Oregon State and Washington State, and close losses at now second-ranked Gonzaga and formerly ranked North Carolina, who might sneak in as a 16 seed to the tournament. Highs include beating Seton Hall and Michigan, and the Ducks have a record of 6-2 against ranked opponents this season and are 15-0 at home. The Pac 12 is pretty tough this year and might send seven teams to the tournament, so Oregon’s conference record of 11-5 shapes up pretty nicely considering the level of competition. Led by West Linn’s Payton Pritchard, the home state senior is now officially a semi-finalist for the Wooden Award. He’s shown over the years that he often plays best in big moments, and with Pritchard’s experience in the tournament, a deep run is definitely a possibility for this team. But... so is an early exit. Selection Sunday

Sunday, March 15, at 3pm PST on CBS

NCAAW Tournament Selection Show Monday, March 16, at 4pm PST on ESPN

Are you a local athlete with an exceptional story to tell? Tell it to the readers of the Source! Share your awesome tales with us, and we’ll consider sharing them with our 60,000+ monthly readers. Email your stories of athletic excellence to editor@bendsource.com.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of shushing down a mountain, hair blowing in the wind. And thanks to the efforts of Oregon Adaptive Sports, that feeling is extended to a lot more people. This weekend, OAS hosts the Ski For All event at Mt. Bachelor— “an all-abilities ski-a-thon at Mt Bachelor and a full day celebration of inclusive outdoor recreation,” according to the event description. Participants can ski or ride as much as they can in one day, while raising funds to support the mission of Oregon Adaptive Sports. Participants either raise $50 for OAS, or pay the $50 entry fee themselves (and then try to fundraise more by sharing the event with friends). Then, participants ski as much as they can on Saturday. Prizes are handed out for the people who skied the most vertical feet, as well as a new “Serious Stoke” award category. Entry includes a lift ticket, breakfast and lunch, and snacks in between—as well as a party at Bend Brewing Company afterward. Oregon Adaptive Sports Ski For All Sat., Mar. 14. 9am-4pm. Mt. Bachelor’s Sunrise Lodge 13000 SW Century Dr., Bend Register at oregonadaptivesports.org

Courtesy OAS


Eric Evans/GoDucks.com


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Mt. Bachelor Rotary Club

St. Patrick’s Day Dash

The 9th annual St. Patty’s Day Dash is a family-friendly 5K run presented by the Mt. Bachelor Rotary Club and a fundraiser for the Family Access Network (FAN).

BASH A post race celebration






The Barred Owl is Here—to Stay! The nemesis of the threatened spotted owl By Jim Anderson 39 alien invaders, such as European starlings—they may eat their cousins out of house and home, literally. What is for certain is that we humans have played a big role in allowing the barred owl to migrate from the East to the West. Our logging practices opened the gate. Clear-cutting became a way of life for the logging industry in the Northwest, and Canada enjoys that method of cutting trees as well. So, we’ve created a forested freeway for them to travel from East to West. Barred owls are mostly cavity nesters, which puts them in direct competition with our native screech, saw-whet and pygmy owls for breeding sites. And, the barred being the larger of the group, means it may win that battle as well. As far as I know, the barred owl is the ONLY owl that sings an eight-note call, which is unique. I have heard birders humanize the call to, “Who cooks for you, who cooks for all,” with a drop in the tone on the last part. It’s normally pretty noisy in spring, but if a great horned owl responds to the barred’s call, it will shut down immediately and may even leave the country. Great horned owls are the chief predator of barred owls. The photo of the barred owl’s ear opening provided me the opportunity



irst it was rumors: “The barred owls are coming, the barred owls are coming…” Next, it was the dire warnings that the barred owls were going to either chase all the Northern Spotted Owls out of the Northwest, or breed with them and bring forth a whole new sub-species called, “Sparred Owls.” Then the warning was the feathered invader would compete with the spotted owls for prey and eat them out of house and home—which seems to be the case. Way back in the ‘80s, one turned up in Alfalfa, and then about five years ago I found one spending some time in Tumalo State Park on the Deschutes. Another was seen near Crescent, then recently another was observed hanging around the Old Mill District in Bend. And now they’re roaming around Sisters, Tumalo and the countryside in between. Unlike the spotted owl, which is a specialist and concentrates feeding on small boreal rodents in old growth forests— with an occasional gopher or two for variety — its close cousin, the barred, will gobble up just about anything it can find--maybe even a chicken or two. And, because they are close relatives, the fear they will mate with their cousins, the spotted owls, may be real, producing some kind of half-breed that will eventually destroy the original Northern spotted owl as a species. It’s almost for certain—as it is with many

Jim Anderson

The infamous, alien Barred Owl, and nemesis of the native Northern Spotted Owl (Alfalfa 1985). Left: Ear opening of the Barred Owl.

to show just why owls are so good at catching prey by sound alone. That huge ear-opening is capable of sensing a mouse tip-toeing through the tulips, and the fact that they are not situated like human ears — directly across from another, but offset, means they’re super accurate at locating prey. And speaking of prey, don’t be surprised if you’re out fly fishing and you come upon a barred owl standing in the creek or at the edge of a lake. They will

occasionally wade into water to gobble up a few spawning fish, pollywogs, frogs, salamanders or crayfish. Barred owls will even come to a campfire if it illuminates large insects, such as June bugs and the like. Keep your eyes peeled for an owl about the size of our local great horned, but without any “horns.” Don’t be bashful about sending me an email if you see one; I promise, I won’t shoot it. And if it sings that eight-note song to you, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

, N.D. Blending Nature with Medicine Insurance Accepted


OPEN SAT 12-2 PM & SUN 11AM-2PM 888 SW Theater Drive, Bend • $749,950 Rare opportunity to be in In the Luxurious Pahlisch Homes neighborhood of Deschutes Landing, just steps to the Deschutes River & The Old Mill District. 3 bedroom 4 bath, 2311 sq feet townhome features wood floors, quartz countertops, and designer finishes throughout. Master suite has tiled showers and soaking tub with huge walk-in closet. Oversized two-car garage w/ shop also outfitted with full utility bathroom. This property is eligible for a City Of Bend Short Term Vacation Rental Permit.




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20% Deeded Co-Ownership Fully furnished 3 Bedroom 3-1/2 bath townhome. Enjoy all the amenities StoneRidge has to offer, including swimming pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, workout room, clubhouse, 2 tennis courts, basketball court, play structure & bikes. Weeks can be traded with RCI exchange program. Townhome is a rental option home. Townhome updated in March 2016 with Granite counter tops and all new furnishings. Professional management team onsite to assist with owner’s needs. FIND YOUR PLACE IN BEND


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64595 Old Bend Redmond HWY

4 bedroom 5 bathroom 4,200 sqft 7.61 Acres 30x36 Shop

ELKAI WOODS TOWNHOME 60519 Seventh Mountain Drive Widgi Creek home features 2 beds, 2.5 baths, 1735 SF, vaulted ceilings, ample light throughout, gas fireplace, and multiple outdoor areas for entertaining. Potential income opportunity through short/long term rental. OFFERED AT $419,900

Terry Skjersaa

Principal Broker, CRS

Jason Boone

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Need a place for mom and dad, but still want your own privacy? This is it! Outstanding Cascade Mountain Views. There are two apartments and a two bedroom home. Three rentals with earning potential. Currently they are professionally managed. Call today to set up a showing 541-508-6859


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Call 541-815-8200 or email: furnished@myluckyhouse.com

Easy Move-In No Contract Includes Utilities & Internet


* Minimum of 30 days

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1033 NW Newport Ave. Bend, OR 97703

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Housing for All

64595 OLD BEND REDMOND HWY, BEND 4 BD/5 BA | 4,2OO SQFT $1,095,000 Currently, home has 3 rentals professionally managed. Two bdrms in main house and 1 bdrm/bath in each guest quarters. Updated kitchen. Private setting. 7 acres. Shop and RV parking.

table, they’re able to exert energy toward thriving and living their best life. If housing is affordable, people can spend more energy and resources on healthcare, nutrition, education, daycare, transportation and other important products and services. In 2013, Habitat for Humanity completed a three-year study of the adverse effects of the lack of affordable housing and reported that when families lived in poor quality housing, parents experienced more psychological stress, and children showed elevated levels of emotional problems, including symptoms of depression and anxiety, and elevated behavior problems, like aggression, lying and deceitfulness. Every growing city must concentrate efforts on creating affordable options and solutions to the problem. A house is not just four walls and a roof; it’s a place that provides shelter while nurturing and protecting its occupants, where one can feel safe and can depend on sanctity—a place where loved ones gather and memories are made. Home ownership has an incredible influence on an individual’s personal development and the future of youth. The lack of affordable housing is posing issues for a significant population of Bend’s current residents and has become a deterrent for some families trying to move here. If Central Oregon is to remain a healthy, growing city and highly desirable destination, there must be attainable affordable housing options for all who choose to live here.

Andy Stearns, Principal Broker 541-508-6859 | team@myluckyhouse.com

Beautifully Updated Home in Aspen Rim 19717 ASPEN MEADOWS DRIVE, BEND

$445,000 3 Beds, 2.5 Baths, 1728 sq ft, .08 acres. Built in 2012. Listed by Team Sams at Fred Real Estate Group. www.teamsams.com Rick Sams 541.948.2311


Photos and listing info from Central Oregon Multiple Listing Service

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16354 2nd St, La Pine, OR 97739 2 beds, 1 bath, 906 square feet, .23 acres lot Built in 1955 $224,900 Listed by Fred Real Estate Group

Richard Sams, Broker ABR, GREEN, EA BROKER

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541.948.2311 rick@teamsams.com

20819-Lot 176, Beaumont Dr, Bend, OR 97701 3 beds, 2 baths, 2,087 square feet, .14 acres lot Built in 2020 $479,900 Listed by Palmer Home Sales Inc.

Abbie Kephart Sams, Broker

503.812.2025 abbie@teamsams.com Licensed in the State of Oregon


2317 NW Lolo Dr, Bend, OR 97703 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 2,145 square feet, .14 acres lot Built in 2012 $875,000 Listed by Total Real Estate Group


Abbie Kephart Sams 503.812.2025




Why affordable options matter he separation of wealth across this nation has been growing for years and Central Oregon is not immune to this. An enormous influx of people from out of town purchasing homes at top dollar continues to drive sale prices higher and higher, demonstrating the simple law of supply and demand. The critical factor to recognize is that when home prices escalate, the cost of homes at the lowest price points are increasing at a similar rate. Without new affordable homes being built to meet demand, the lower-priced homes become out of reach for many locals. According to Habitat for Humanity, when there’s a lack of affordable housing in a community, the issues that arise include higher rents, substandard housing, rising crime rates, adverse mental and physical health effects, poor academic performance, racial segregation and developmental delays in children. On the flip side, there are many positive reasons why attainable low-cost housing is important, beyond bettering a person’s mental and physical well-being. Affordable housing promotes diversity, by appealing to people of all backgrounds. The Center for American Progress reports that communities that provide housing options create jobs both short and long term, while also attracting businesses that are drawn to quality employees with stable housing. When individuals aren’t simply focused on survival, paying the electric bill and putting enough food on the


By Abbie + Rick Sams



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SCIENCE ADVICE GODDESS Not OK, Cupid A gay male friend set me up on a date. The man was HORRIBLE. He spent the entire date talking about himself. Everything was a brag. He didn’t ask one question about me. Now I’m wondering whether my “friend” knows me at all. Why would he set me up with someone so wrong for me? —Seething Woman The road to good intentions is sometimes paved with hell. It’s understandable you feel bad, considering your friend’s idea of the guy you’d like was a mismatch on par with inviting the vegan neighbors over for a baby seal roast. However, there are probably a number of misperceptions at root here -- yours as well as his. We’ll start with yours: We tend to believe our minds -our emotions, desires, and intentions -- are more transparent and readable by others than they actually are. We also tend to believe others are better at reading our minds than they actually are. To get a little perspective on this, consider the parallels this fix-up fail has with failures in gift-giving. I used to sneer at gift registries for weddings as cheat sheets for the lazy to buy presents for the greedy. Boy, was I ever off base. Research by business school professors Francesca Gino and Francis Flynn found that married people who’d received gifts they’d listed on their registry appreciated them more than the off-list gifts their guests slaved away finding or making. In fact, spouses they surveyed saw these registry gifts (which could take all of four minutes to pick, click, and ship) as more thoughtful and -- get this -- even more personal! This is the exact opposite of what we gift-givers think will be the deal. “Gift givers expect unsolicited gifts will be considered more thoughtful and considerate by their intended recipients than is actually the case,” explain Gino and Flynn. Our refusing to buy from the registry -- feeling confident that off-list gifts we toil to buy or make will be more appreciated than the stuff our friends ask for -- reflects a failure in “perspective-taking.” Psychologist Nicholas Epley explains perspective-taking as imagining another person’s psychological point of view. It’s basically the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes, to see the world from their perspective, to sense what they want and need. In contrast, when we give our friends getting married some weird

gargoyle-faced decanter (instead of the solar-powered garlic press they asked for), we’re answering the question, “What would I want?” rather than, “What would they want?” (which they’ve helpfully laid out in a big online list). Epley’s research suggests our tendency to fail at perspective-taking comes out of mental shortcuts we are driven to take. The brain is energetically “expensive” to run, and just like those energy-saving refrigerators, it’s engineered to avoid sucking up power unnecessarily -like by keeping us from doing a lot of thinking when we can get away with just a little. Accordingly, Epley finds that in perspective-taking, we’re prone to come up with Amy Alkon a quick and dirty guess about what another person wants and just run with it. But even in making this guess, our mental laziness tends to be pretty epic. We typically don’t even start by considering what they might want. We start with what we’d want, make a few minor adjustments, and tell ourselves it’s what they’d want. Helpfully, all of this goes on subconsciously; we don’t step back from the tepid whirrings of our mind and realize that we’re short-shrifting our friends. We might catch our errors before we sent a friend off into the jaws of a helldate if we did the responsible thing and checked our mental work -- “Hmmm, is he really the sort of guy she’d want?” -- and then made any necessary adjustments. However, we aren’t about to put our precious cognitive resources into adjusting judgments we’ve already settled on. So, Epley explains, “insufficient adjustment” -- a failure to look closely at our judgments of others’ perspectives and make corrections -- is “the rule rather than the exception.” In other words, the sort of man your friend fixed you up with probably has less to do with how he appraises you than how mentally lazy we all evolved to be. It’s generally wise to expect others to be pretty bad at figuring out what you want. Telling somebody what works for you can sometimes be helpful (if they don’t just nod their head and give you what’d work for them). Accordingly, you should prepared for fix-ups to be horror fests -- killing seasons for your psyche. However, you might just get lucky -- get matched with somebody great. So, consider whether getting fixed up might be worth it, despite the risk of evenings spent biting your lip to keep from blurting out: “Dude. The line isn’t, ‘If you love something, make its ears bleed.’”

Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave. Suite 280, Santa Monica, CA 90405, or e-mail AdviceAmy@aol.com (advicegoddess.com).

© 2020, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved.

ASTROLOGY By Rob Brezsny PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): I suspect your

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Giacomo Puccini’s famous opera Tosca premiered in 1900. It featured a heroine named Tosca. In 1914, Puccini’s favorite Tosca, a soprano singer named Maria Jeritza, was performing in a production at New York’s Metropolitan Opera. As she got ready to sing an aria entitled “I Live for Art,” she stumbled and fell. Rather than struggle awkwardly to rise, she pretended that this was all quite natural—called for in the script. She sang the entire piece while lying on the floor. Puccini loved it! Ever since then, most of the singers who have played the role of Tosca have sung “I Live for Art” while prone. I suggest you regard this as an inspirational teaching. What lucky accidents could you make into permanent additions or enhancements?

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Taurus poet Gary Snyder said, “Threefourths of philosophy and literature is the talk of people trying to convince themselves that they really like the cage they were tricked into entering.” Personally, I think that many of us, not just philosophers and writers, do the same thing. Are you one of us? Your first assignment during the next four weeks will be to explore whether you do indeed tend to convince yourself that you like the cage you were tricked into entering. Your second assignment: If you find that you are in a cage, do everything you can to stop liking it. Third assignment: Use all your ingenuity, call on all the favors you’re owed, and conjure up the necessary magic so that you can flee the cage.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): “Your body is not a temple,” declared author and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. “It’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.” I half-agree with him. I’m deeply devoted to regarding the body as an amusement park. It should be a source of endless fun and enjoyment. We have the right—indeed, I’d say a duty—to wield our bodies in ways that immerse us in the mysteries and miracles of pleasure. But here’s where I disagree with Bourdain: I believe the body is also a temple that deserves our reverence and respect and protective tenderness. Your assignment in the coming weeks, Gemini, is to raise your commitment to treating your body as both an amusement park and a holy temple.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Early in his career, Cancerian painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796–1875) sold only a few paintings. But eventually his luck improved. Once he was financially successful, he became very generous. He wielded his influence to get jobs for other artists, and mentored many artists, as well. Sometimes he added a few dabs of paint to the finished works of younger, struggling painters, then signed the canvases with his own name so that the works could more easily be sold. The coming weeks will be a favorable time to adopt your own version of Corot’s approach toward those around you who could benefit from your help and support. (P.S. It’s in your selfish interest to do so, although the reasons why may not be clear for a while.) LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Composer Brian Eno has testified that African music underlies and influences much of his work. He exults in the freedom and unpredictability it encourages. Why? Here’s one reason: In African songs, there are often multiple rhythms. And they’re not locked together; they float freely in relationship to each other. Eno says this is different from Western music, whose salient quality is that all the rhythmic

elements are contained “in little boxes”—locked into a tyrannically mechanical clockwork pattern. According to my reading of the astrological omens, dear Leo, the coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to experiment with Eno’s insight. How? Escape mechanical clockwork patterns and activate the “multiple, free-floating rhythm” metaphor in everything you do.

N U R N O M L SA 43

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Are you interested in enhancing your mastery of togetherness? Are you open to my suggestion that you should seek out practical education about the arts of intimacy? Would you be willing to meditate on how you might bring additional creativity and flair into your close alliances? If you answered yes to those questions, the next six weeks will provide you with ample opportunities to dive in to all that fun work. “Collaboration” and “cooperation” will be words of power for you. “Synergy and symbiosis” should be your tender battle cry.


fantasy life will be especially potent in the coming weeks. Your imagination will have an enhanced power to generate visions that could eventually manifest as actual events and situations. On the one hand, that could be dicey, because you can’t afford to over-indulge in fearful speculations and worried agitation. On the other hand, that could be dramatically empowering, because your good new ideas and budding dreams may start generating practical possibilities rather quickly.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): As you come to the climax of your Season of Good Gaffes and Lucky Bloopers, I’ll remind you of folk singer Pete Seeger’s definition of a “productive mistake.” He said it had these five qualities: “1. made in the service of mission and vision; 2. acknowledged as a mistake; 3. learned from; 4. considered valuable; 5. shared for the benefit of all.” Let’s hope, Libra, that your recent twists and turns fit at least some of these descriptions!

SCORPIO (Oct. 23Nov. 21): Would you consider making one more push, Scorpio? Can I coax you to continue your half-confusing, half-rewarding quest? Are you willing to wander even further out into the frontier and take yet another smart risk and try one additional experiment? I hope so. You may not yet be fully convinced of the value of these forays outside of your comfort zone, but I suspect you will ultimately be glad that you have chosen what’s interesting over what’s convenient. P.S. In the coming weeks, you could permanently expand your reservoir of courage.


APRIL 5th 2020

5k · 10k · HALF MARATHON

REGISTER AT runsalmonrun.com

Central Oregon’s first glossy magazine dedicated entirely to our animal friends!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): A traditional astrologer might say that you Sagittarians typically spend less time at home than any other sign of the zodiac. Some of you folks even rebel against the idea that having a stable home is a health-giving essential. You may feel that you can’t be totally free unless you always have your next jaunt or journey planned, or unless you always have a home-away-from-home to escape to. I understand and appreciate these quirks about your tribe, but am also committed to coaxing you to boost your homebody quotient. Now would be a perfect time to do that. You’re more open than usual to the joy and power of cultivating a nurturing home.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The more crooked the path, the faster you’ll get to where you’re going. Every apparent detour will in fact be at least a semi-valuable shortcut. Any obstacle that seems to block your way will inspire you to get smarter and more resourceful, thereby activating lucky breaks that bring unexpected grace. So don’t waste even a minute cursing outbreaks of inconvenience, my dear, because those outbreaks will ultimately save you time and make life easier. (P.S.: During the coming weeks, conventional wisdom will be even more irrelevant than it usually is.) AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): When I was a young adult, I was unskilled and indigent. Many restaurants exploited my feeble prowess at washing pots and pans and dishes, but the meager wage they paid me barely kept me fed and housed. You will perhaps understand why, now that I’m grown up, I am averse to cleaning pots and pans and dishes, including my own. That’s why I pay a helper to do that job. Is there an equivalent theme in your own life? An onerous task or grueling responsibility that oppressed you or still oppresses you? Now is a good time to find a way to declare your independence from it.

Homework: “In purely spiritual matters, God grants all desires. Those who have less have asked for less,” wrote Simone Weil. Is that true for you? FreeWillAstrology.com

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Ronald D. Rosen, MD, PC Board Certified Internal Medicine and Medical Acupuncture Acupuncture and herbs Nutrition and functional medicine Osteopathic manipulation Energy medicine Regenerative medicine: Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem cells 541.388.3804



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Couples & Individuals * Relationships * Grief * Trauma * Transitions





D’Arcy Swanson, MC NCC


362 NE Dekalb Ave. Bend, OR 97701 541.647.1108 CycleSoles.com

Offering safe, painless treatment for acute and chronic pain management without surgery or medication.

PACKAGE OF 4 TREATMENTS FOR $135 Call or Schedule Online

ABC Certified Pedorthist/Orthotist


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Blue Heron Hypnotherapy Remove blocks to your success and free yourself from limiting habits through hypnosis.

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Yoga for men in need of improved flexibility! Men's only class at Cooper Dance Studio, Saturdays at 9am.

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. March 15, 3-4pm. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1029. laurelw@deschuteslibrary.org. Free.

A Mid-Day Mingle: Exploring Consciousness These interactive sessions invite

you to listen, to write and reflect and to share perspectives in a group setting. Bring lunch! Thursdays, Noon-1pm. Through June 25. The Hive, 205 NW Franklin Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-385-7437. cae.delmonico@gmail.com. Donation.

All-For-One Community Reiki Local Reiki practitioners are coming together to give 30 minute sessions. All ages welcome. Second Friday of every month, 6:30-8pm. A Child’s Garden, 2150 NE Studio Rd #A1, Bend. Contact: 541-390-7386. reikihealingbyrita@gmail.com. Free.

Bariatric Informational Meetings Infor-

mational meetings on bariatric surgery - surgery intended to facilitate weight loss. Tue, March 17, 6pm. St. Charles Bend, 2500 Northeast Neff Road, Bend. Free.

Barre3 at Princess Athletic Join us for a

workout combining strength, conditioning, cardio and mindfulness. After class enjoy door prizes, sales, shopping and Beyond the Studio 5 packages! Register, space is limited! Bring your mat! March 11, 5:30-6:30pm. Princess Athletic, 945 NW Wall St., Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-8001. events@runningprincess.com. Free.

Breath Awareness Meditation This is a

breath focused meditation practice that works to build “felt sense awareness” within the structure of breath. Wednesdays, 12-12:30pm. Through July 1. Sunstone Recovery, 625 NW Colorado Ave., Bend. Free.

Chakras, Crystals and Essential Oils

Learn how to use chakras, crystals and essential oils together for vitality and healing. March 15, 4:30pm. Nature’s Bling, 133 SW Century Drive Suite 202, Bend. $15.

Changing Self Talk Into Self Care Are

you your own worst enemy? Do harsh self-criticisms sneak into your thinking and undermine your self-trust? There is a way to transform this thinking into compassion and self-understanding. March 14-15, 9am-12:30pm. Center for Compassionate Living, 803 SW Industrial Way, #200, Bend. Contact: 530-867-3198. denise@compassionatecenter.org. $65.

Cognition & Cognitive Screenings for Older Adults Increase knowledge of cognition

within brain function, specific skills controlled by executive brain functioning and more! March 17, 2:30pm. Redmond Public Works Training Warehouse, 243 E. Antler Ave., Redmond. Free.

East Meets West: A Musical Meditation Journey With Shiv and Ahme Guided talk

meditation and wisdom of the West through improvisation of hand pans, Native American flutes, silver flute, didgeridoo, drums and singing. March 14, Noon-2pm. Tula Movement Arts, 2797 NW Clearwater Drive, Suite 100, Bend. $25.

FA meeting Food Addicts in Recovery

Anonymous meeting. Are you having trouble controlling the way you eat? FA is a 12 step group for recovery from food addiction. There is a solution! Enter through back of church. Saturdays, 9-10:30am. Bend Church of the Nazarene, 1270 NE 27th St., Bend. Contact: 831-435-0680. foodaddicts.org. Free.

Family Birthing Center Tour Our Bend

Family Birthing Center holds a free onsite tour every Sunday. Please register before the event date! St. Charles Bend, 2500 Northeast Neff Road, Bend. Free.

Foundation Training (FT) Foundation Train-

ing helps you create habits to relieve pain and optimize performance. Feel amazing with these time-tested biomechanically designed movements. Dr. Mike will help you modify this practice to your needs, age and fitness level to get results fast. Mondays, 9-10am and Thursdays, 5:306:30pm. Bend Wellness Center, 2445 NE Division St, Ste 101, Bend. Contact: 541-797-7743. info@ bendwellnesscenter.com. $15.

Gentle Morning Yoga This free all-levels

yoga class was designed to get you through your week. We focus on gentle movement and breathing to help alleviate tension, while balancing the body and quieting the mind. All equipment available. Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30am. OutsideIN, 845 NW Wall St, Bend. Contact: 541-317-3569. Free.

Global Meditation for World Peace Join

the Transcendental Meditation® meditators around the world in meditating for world peace. TMers can gather with the local group. All can join in from wherever they are at the time. March 15, 3-3:30pm. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. Contact: 541-633-7722. mwebster@tm.org. Free.

Gyrokinesis The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement method that addresses the entire body! BYO mat. Thursdays, 9:30-10:45am. The Blissful Heart ~ Crystal Sanctuary, 45 NW Gree-

ley Ave., Bend. Contact: 760-271-3272. angela@ blissful-heart.com. $15/class, first class is free.

Introduction to Movement Signature Projects Learn skills for deeper sleep, reduce

anxiety and sharpen intellect. Mondays, 5:307pm. Movement Signature Projects, 1740 NW Pence Ste. 6, Bend. Contact: 541-647-8023. Free.

Meditation Classes Come experience our

meditation classes. First class is free! For the full schedule, please go to: https://www.blissful-heart.com/calendar/. Blissful Heart Wellness Center, 45 NW Greeley Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-595-3288. halie@blissful-heart.com. Free.

Mental Health First Aid for Adults Who Care About Youth Take this course to learn

how you can help! March 18, 8:30am. First Presbyterian Bend, 230 Northeast 9th Street, Bend. $25.

Qigong Plus Qigong is a gentle movement

meditation that enhances one’s own ability to heal, maintains health and opens new pathways to being, using breathing, sound, movements, concentration, massage, meditation. It is easily learned so the effects are quickly recognized. Signed for those with hearing loss. Text Dawn for location. Mondays, 3:30pm. Contact: 541207-7266. dawnsong03@gmail.com. donation.

Recovery Yoga This is a yoga movement

practice themed around the principles of recovery and is accessible to all levels. Each class will incorporate gentle movement, guided meditation and breath work. This practice provides an opportunity to connect with oneself and community. Fridays, Noon-1pm. Through July 3. Sunstone Recovery, 625 NW Colorado Ave., Bend. $11.

Restorative and Gentle Flow Yoga Mon-

day Evening Restorative in the tradition of Judith Lasiter & Tuesday Morning Slow Flow in the tradition of Kripalu Yoga. Compassionately taught by Suzanne E-RYT Kripalu School of Yoga and Health. Mondays, 5:30-6:45pm and Tuesdays, 9:30-10:45am. Bend Community Healing Center, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 133, Bend. Contact: 240-498-1471. info@bendcommunityhealing.com. First class free, 5-pack intro/$40.

Shamanic Journey - Finding Your Power Animal Explore through shamanic

journey the nature of your Animal Totem/Power Animal. For eons indigenous cultures have relied on living in the mythic or using the archetypes as a means to navigate this realm. One such means has been utilizing power animals or totem animals for personal growth or guidance. March 14, 6:30-7:30pm. Nature’s Bling, 133 SW Century Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-640-0888. $20.

Sunstone Family Circle: Family Education and Support Group This group

focuses on living with and loving someone with substance use and/or mental health challenges. Tuesdays, Noon-1pm. Through June 30. Sunstone Recovery, 625 NW Colorado Ave., Bend. Free.

Taiji Daoist Internal Martial Arts for Body, Breath and Mind Teaches control

over body, breath and mind. Tuesdays, 8-9am. Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, 39 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend. Free.

Vin/Yin Yoga Mondays-Thursdays, 3pm. First United Methodist Church, 680 NW Bond St., Bend. Contact: 541-420-1587. By donation.

Wednesday Night Kirtan Bring your

heart and voice and join our growing community for an evening of bhakti and sacred song. Kirtan is devotional group singing. It is yoga for the heart that aims to connect us with our Divine, inner nature and the one Spirit that unites us all. All are welcome. Wednesdays, 7-9pm. Tula Movement Arts, 2797 NW Clearwater Drive Suite 500, Bend. Contact: 541-977-1385. balanceisbliss@gmail.com. $10.

Women’s Sexual Abuse Survivors Support Group The primary focus of

the group is to develop a support system to share and work through issues related to sexual abuse. Call or text Veronica. Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm. Private Residence in Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. Contact: 503-856-4874. vleeramos@gmail.com. Free.

Yoga An hour of yoga with Shawn Anzaldo. BYO yoga mat. Thursdays, Noon-1pm. Princess Athletic, 945 NW Wall St., Suite 150, Bend. Free.

Yoga Basics All Levels yoga class. Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30am. Cooper Dance Studio, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Dr #110, Bend. Contact: 312-420-0924. bloomingbeingyoga@gmail.com. $10.

Yoga for Inflexible Men A men’s-only

yoga class that focuses on flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. Saturdays, 9-10am. Cooper Dance Studio, 2570 NE Twin Knolls Dr #110, Bend. Contact: 312-420-0924. bloomingbeingyoga@gmail.com. $10.

Zen Discussion & Meditation A weekly

lay-led Dharma discussion and meditation (zazen). Open to all. Does not meet 12/24 or or 1/31. For more info, contact Tom. Mondays, 6-8:30pm. St. Helen’s Hall - Trinity Episcopal, 231 NW Idaho St., Bend. Contact: 541-382-6651. Free.


SMOKE SIGNALS Four Great Oregon Cannabis Brands

Some of a weed writer’s faves, in no particular order



Tokyo ambassador Brian Zager /@bkzgrfx

GET YOUR Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

By Josh Jardine


here are thousands of growers, edible makers and concentrate processors in Oregon, and I partake in a great deal of cannabis in many forms. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t tried everything, and new products drop all the time. So, these are just a few of the brands I consider favorites and is not a comprehensive list in any manner representing all of the majesty available. Green Source Gardens Arguably one of the leaders in Northwest “clean cannabis,” Green Source Gardens has obtained numerous third-party certifications and awards for its hyper-organic flower, including Sun+Earth, Certified Kind, Dragonfly Earth Medicine and more. The company fully embraces the belief of cannabis as medicine over commodity, and provides a level of transparency surrounding grow methods that all farms should strive to match. Last year, I used its Koffee Berry (Koffee x Pinkleberry) in a vaporizer at an event I produced and paired it with some Stumptown Cold Brew. The flavor notes of the flower matched the beverage perfectly, and the strain exploded with terpenes that coated my mouth. I’ve sampled their other unique strains such as Zelly’s Llama, Pinkleberry Wonder, Coyote Art and others that I’ve only found through them. The company is the platinum standard for what can be achieved in sungrown cannabis when an exacting attention to detail is applied to all aspects of the grow. greensourcegardens.org Ten Four Farms Ten Four products are a hot commodity. At one dispensary, the budtender told me they limit the amount even medical patients can buy of this brand due to its popularity. I’ve watched people waiting for a fresh delivery of product. A rotating selection is geared toward quality over quantity. Its signature strain is PGSC, aka Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Although the GSC strain has numerous variations, the PGSC is a masterful offering of tight, frosty buds that break apart to reveal snow-covered interiors. The buds are a riot of reds and purples, with a scent that starts the mouth watering. Citrus strain fans are in luck, with Mimosa, Sour Tangie and Lemon Meringue, along with two strains bred in Portland: White Tahoe Cookies and Astral OG. Gorilla Glue #4

and a new strain, Breathwork, round out the menu. Consistently solid in every manner. tenfourpdx.com/home-2 Pruf Cultivar A tour of the facility, in person or via the website, confirms a cutting-edge, technologically advanced grow system which underscores that I, for one, welcome our future robot overlords. Until then, I welcome getting my meatsack hands on anything Pruf is producing. It’s a wide-ranging selection of three categories: THC rich, balanced and CBD rich. The website shows 31 strains in the THC-rich category alone. There are a few which are familiar— Strawberry Cough and Purple Punch—but the majority are not. Many have Pacific Northwest names (Timberline Haze, Steel Bridge, Doug Fir), and the website offers exquisite terpene profiles of each along with valuable flavor profile information. It’s a painstakingly achieved strain collection and shows technology and hands-on care can produce some extraordinary flower. (Disclaimer: Head Farmer at Pruf is my friend Jeremy Plumb, who has forgotten more about cannabis than I know. He didn’t hook me up with any flower.) prufcultivar.com Gnome Grown Organics This vertically integrated brand has its flower scattered around, along with a well-stocked dispensary in Oregon City. Flowers are produced using its self-described “Legendary Cultivation,” which involves “many symbiotic relationships within a healthy ecosystem create our renewed, naturally rich growing conditions,” the company says. Gnome Grown’s Durban Poison remains the best example I have found of that strain in Oregon, providing a rush of energy rivaled by double fisting Red Bulls. They also produce some other well-known strains (Zkittlez, Peanut Butter Breath, Dogwalker) and some rarer exotics (Bewilderbeast, Purple Goji, First Class Funk). Everything tastes as it smells, and is pot-porn-centerfold worthy. This crew has been producing exceptional flowers for over 25 years, and represents what Oregon bred and grown cannabis can achieve. The focus is on producing the loud, and not being loud with a thirst for clicks and attention. gnomegrownorganics.com

THE REC ROOM Crossword


By Brendan Emmett Quigley

Pearl’s Puzzle

Difficulty Level


We’re Local!

© Pearl Stark mathpuzzlesgames.com/quodoku

Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters exactly once.



The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote: “_______ is an ______ in Ireland; it has been imported from England but it will not grow. It suits neither soil nor climate.”

— J.A. Froude


ACROSS 1. Gasp over a Hamburger 4. Put on a scale? 8. Video game princess 13. As well as 14. Instagram’s camera, e.g. 15. Enjoy, as a meal 16. Feed bag tidbit 17. Finances used to remove dirt? 19. Herculean efforts needed to remove dirt? 21. Carrot top? 22. Tom yum cuisine 23. Sopping 24. Monopoly corner piece 25. Most WASP-y 28. Some pieces of musical notation 29. Portal with a period in its logo 30. Gas station trash 34. Place to examine dirt? 40. Standard, say 41. First name introduction? 42. Thought incorrectly? 45. Star of “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.,” and “Chicago Justice” 48. One jumping a moving train, say 49. Org. involved in snow removal? 52. Rangers goalie Shesterkin 53. Genre whose fans wear skinny jeans and studded belts 54. What one with mastery over dirt has? 58. Dirty road? 60. Family-friendly show designation 61. Site where the first Woodstock was held 62. “___ we forget” 63. Place where you might catch a few bugs 64. Give out 65. Motion filer: Abbr. 66. Tidbit

DOWN 1. Quark component 2. One sharing a jacket 3. Spicy dog covering 4. Sambora of Bon Jovi 5. Compound’s unit 6. Album promotional event 7. Give, as money 8. Some red wines, for short 9. Wrap things up 10. Fancy lenses 11. “Finito!” 12. 2002 World Series winners 15. HVAC tube 18. Shakespearean “yuck!” 20. Graham of “The Vampire Diaries” 24. Don’t be serious 25. Shake one’s tail 26. Completely convinced 27. Reunion mujers 28. Genetics topic 31. Corp. takeover 32. “If,” “and,” or “but”: Abbr. 33. Golden Fleece transporter 35. “The kissing disease” 36. Bugling beast 37. Just a few 38. Recess game that has many breakthroughs 39. Approving motion 42. Christopher Wray’s org. 43. Bros from way back when 44. Letter-shaped fasteners 46. Highway speed that’s begging for a ticket 47. Cop’s rank: Abbr. 49. Going both ways 50. Oscar night prop: Abbr. 51. “The Jungle Book” wolf 54. Butter for naan 55. Tech review site 56. Kick out 57. Rainbow flag letters 59. Day of Christ’s ascension: Abbr.

“March is a tomboy with tousled hair, a mischievous smile, mud on her shoes and a laugh in her voice.” — Hal Borland


©2020 Brendan Emmett Quigley (www.brendanemmettquigley.com)

Questions, comments or suggestions for our local puzzle guru? Email Pearl Stark at pearl@bendsource.com


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