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BEND | 19202 CARTWRIGHT CT • • • • •


$1,699,750 | 3 BD | 4 BA | 3,466 SF NW contemporary design 3 en-suite bedrooms plus study & bonus New construction in Tartan Druim Designer finishes throughout Neighborhood park & access to Phil’s Trail

• • • • •

Jordan Grandlund | Principal Broker | 541.948.5196 Stephanie Ruiz | Broker | ruizgrandlund@cascadesir.com

$1,495,000 | 5 BD | 3.5 BA | 2,662 SF Rare & stunning location in Black Butte Mountains, meadow & creek views Great room w/ fireplace & large windows All bedrooms open to outdoor decks Separate casita with 2 bedrooms & 1 bath Phil Arends | Broker | 541.420.9997 phil.arends@cascadesir.com





$1,495,000 | 3 BD | 2 BA/2 HB | 4,484 SF Stunning NW style, golf & Cascade views Great room plan, master & office on main Bonus room, plus 2 bedrooms upstairs 3-car garage plus separate shop bay Beautiful & unique outdoor living

Sandy & John Kohlmoos | Brokers | 541.408.4309 sandy.kohlmoos@cascadesir.com

• • • • •

$739,750 | 2 BD | 2.5 BA | 1,808 SF New Townhome @ Bend Golf & Country Club Gorgeous 10th fairway views Designer finishes throughout Spacious kitchen w/ Jenn-Air appliances Single level, study alcove, great layout

Jordan Grandlund | Principal Broker | 541.948.5196 Stephanie Ruiz | Broker | ruizgrandlund@cascadesir.com



REDMOND | 9.20 ACRES $949,000 | 3 BD | 2 BA | 2,038 SF Kacie Stott | Principal Broker | 541.420.7520 Jonathan Hicks | Principal Broker | 856.335.4571


PRINEVILLE | 12.24 ACRES $650,000 | 3 BD | 3 BA | 1,809 SF Rachel & Jered Rhoden | Brokers 541.771.6251







$899,000| 4 BD | 4 BA | 3,124 SF

$799,000 | 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,064 SF

$795,000 | 4 BD | 4 BA | 4,249 SF

Tammy Caruso | Broker 541.410.6009

Perry Cross | Broker 541.903.0111

Michele Anderson | Broker | 541.633.9760 Jacquie Sebulsky | Broker | 541.280.4449







$599,000| 4 BD | 2 BA | 1,648 SF

$549,900 | 2 BD | 1 BA | 1,380 SF

$450,000 | 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,222 SF

Tammy Caruso | Broker 541.410.6009

Rachel & Jered Rhoden | Brokers 541.771.6251

Suzanne Carvlin | Broker | 818.216.8542 Patty Cordoni | Broker | 541.771.0931

Luxury is an experience, not a price point. 541.383.7600 CascadeSothebysRealty.com Scan here to Explore Properties For Sale


Each office is independently owned and operated. All brokers listed are licensed in the state of Oregon. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE: 4 - Opinion 5 - Mailbox 6 - News Oregon’s Climate Future – Climate change concerns haven’t gone away while we’ve been wrapped up in COVID. Ashley Moreno summarizes some of the changes projected for Oregon. 8 - Feature Poetry Contest Winners – Among hundreds of entries, a handful of poems have made the judges’ cut. Check out some of the winners in our 2021 poetry contest—and find a few more winning poems in the online version. 11 - Source Picks 12 - Culture 13 - Calendar TAKEOUT GUIDE – We love local restaurants, and with restrictions on indoor dining still in place, we’ve compile this handy print takeout guide to help you figure out lunch and dinner. Inside those pages, get a roundup of healthful takeout options, and also, reviews of our Dishes Worth Dialing For. 17 - Screen 19 - Outside Tracking Wildlife – The snow is on the ground—and it makes an ideal landscape to check out wildlife tracks. New contributor Sarah Mowry of the Deschutes Land Trust offers some tips on how to i.d. the critters around us. 22 - Astrology 23 - Puzzles 24 - Craft To-Go Cocktails – Want to know where you can get a craft cocktail along with your takeout meal? Our roundup of local places offering drinks to go can get you started. 25 - Advice 27 - Real Estate

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I find it very fitting that on the week we are putting out our annual Poetry Issue, a young poet is the talk of the nation. Amanda Gorman’s rousing inaugural poem was a balm we needed to inspire us and get us thinking not of despair, but about how we are, “a nation that isn’t broken, but simply unfinished,” on a globe that knows, “even as we grieved, we grew. That even as we hurt, we hoped, That even as we tired, we tried.” Poetry, like all forms of art, has the power to inspire and even to incite—to bring us out of our troubled existence into a brighter world where we can dream bigger and go further. It’s my pride and pleasure to bring readers the news every week, but it’s also my deep privilege to get to delve into the local art, music, culture and food scenes, too—where artistry, and especially during this time, innovation are on grand display. This issue also happens to contain our Takeout Guide, a product of many weeks and many phone calls’ worth of checking and re-checking what local establishments have on offer during this time. So I guess this week’s issue offers both spiritual food, and the type that fills your belly, too!


No, Deschutes Commissioners Should Not Be Partisan. In Oregon, ¾ of County Boards Aren’t. WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / JANUARY 28, 2021 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE





Next to Olive Garden

Since 1962

Wilson’s of Redmond Still the Oldest & Largest Furniture Store in Central Oregon! 2071 S. Hwy 97, Redmond 541-548-2066



n recent weeks, a conversation has been renewed about whether the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners races should be partisan. Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Chang, a Democrat who joined the board in 2021, believes they shouldn’t be—and we agree with him. Chang’s assertion that county commissioners should drop their party affiliation is not without precedent. In Oregon, the majority of counties have non-partisan boards of commissioners. Deschutes County is among only nine of 36 Oregon counties to maintain a partisan board. In a county that is divided fairly evenly among Democrats, Republicans and non-affiliated voters—representing roughly one-third of each—turning away from the frequent vitriol of party politics is the right thing. While they do adopt policies as part of their job, a county commissioners’ work is largely about administering the practical and often mundane business of running a local government. According to information offered by the Oregon Secretary of State, county commissions are “responsible for county administration, management, and policy. The board prepares and adopts county and service district budgets and provides administrative services, support, and liaison to service districts, cities, public agencies, organizations, the Oregon Legislative Assembly, and federal and state officials. It is responsible for conducting public meetings, hearings, road vacations, private and public land sales and exchanges as well as enacting ordinances, orders, contracts, leases and other legal agreements.” The job of a Deschutes County Commissioner—at least during election season, has become more about introducing toxic party politicking and social issues into a job that should be about execution. We don’t need to see more partisan county commissioners continue to tilt at windmills and challenge the

state about whether our cities need to build out or up. In recent years, the battles between our county and the state Land Use Board of Appeals have cost county taxpayers endless staff time. And let’s not get into the weeds about how toxic the primaries can be. In one recent county commissioner primary, we saw a solid, experienced, competent and moderate Republican lose to a candidate who was vocal about turning the party and the community hard-right on social issues — making finding consensus across the aisle a much wider chasm to cross. Some argue that voters are not smart enough to think for themselves when approaching a candidate who does not have “Republican” or “Democrat” next to their name. This is nonsense. If ever we hope to get beyond the toxic party politics that dominate this era, then voters need to do their part, do their research and be informed enough to see beyond a binary labeling system. Voters are smart enough—but this system of branding and the ease of simply ticking a “D” or “R” box is enabling a dysfunctional system. Erasing the party affiliation in county elections would force voters to think for themselves about the issues, and avoid the boilerplate party platform—and isn’t that what we need—an informed electorate that actually thinks about the issues and the candidates before they vote? As Thomas Jefferson put it, “a well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy.” At least in this local election, doing away with party affiliation will force us all to be better. The Deschutes County Board of Commissioners has the power to put this issue on the next ballot. It receives comments from the public at citizeninput@deschutes.org (for items not currently on the board’s agenda) or board@ deschutes.org (for items currently on its agenda). This issue is not listed among agenda items in currently published agendas, as of press time.


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Monthly stimulus checks are the pathway to Universal Basic Income. I believe UBI will be the future of the world. If We the People intend to ensure equity, equality and prosperity for All, we must demand monthly stimulus checks. —Samantha Morrison


As much as I'd like to be closer to the beginning of the line for a vaccine, I support an educator receiving it before me. As with all things, when there's a limited supply, priorities must be set. We here in Oregon have been banging on the State to open schools back up...this is a quicker way to get there. —Stacy Forson, via Facebook I hope the superintendent and the school board listened to President Biden's inauguration address today. He made it clear that this pandemic is not to be a political divide any longer and that decisions should be based on science and that we need to unite on our efforts and come together in this time of the biggest surge in this pandemic. I implore the BLPS to please let teachers and the elderly be completely vaccinated before returning our students and teachers to in-person learning. You are putting our community at risk and creating division between people. Please listen to the science and look at the numbers that came out yesterday for Deschutes County. Please let's unite in the name of science and safety. —Nicole Perullo, via bend source.com


I just about fell out of my chair after reading the letter Jan. 21st from James

Scott regarding can & bottle recycling. May I offer a suggestion?  You can return them at Fred Meyer or Safeway once you set up a one-time account with the “nasty” bottle return center. You can return 24 cans or bottles each day to Food 4 Less. This is what I do. You can also put them out once a week with a PLEASE TAKE sign or even hand them off to a “bum” at the recycle place. Anything is better than throwing them in with the garbage and adding to our landfill problem. That is just not an option. Please do not follow that suggestion. You may also find kids in the neighborhood that are willing to pick them up every week or two and deal with turning them in to some spending money. It’s just a little bit of effort that we should all make to help the community and planet. Don’t add to the problem. —Jo Ann Wirth

with wheels that work and kept the floors regularly swept. Oh and I have fantasied on putting up a few landscape pictures on walls to encourage an atmosphere of “this can be as pristine a place that the outdoors is, as we repurpose our resources for the good of the country. (My previous career before retirement was a lower grade school teacher and part of the social studies course was how to care for our environment, so I am only practicing what the kids were taught.) Thanks especially to Tom McCall for making this  a practical law to care for our city and state… resources. Oh, lastly the bottles, cans and glass are a stimulus for the marginalized people of lesser financial income. Thankfully they are doing their part also. Keep Recycling. Thank you for hearing me out. —Bottle Drop believer Diane Grube

I am respectfully responding to James Scott’s letter which I totally agree with in regards to the negative experiences of the Bottle Drop. However, I have an added observation after six and a half years of redeeming cans, plastic and glass. I have gleaned nearly $7,000 returning resources that people and neighbors have finished using. I am retired so the added benefit of the bottle bill has wonderfully kept my gas tank full, treats for the dog and some extra groceries for me. Praise God for the pocket change. Over the six years of frequenting the Bottle Drop I have seen it go from a friendly place to a fort with all the fencing and security work force.  Unlike Mr. James I have, while waiting in line, mentally improved on the looks of the building by installing live plants inside to purify the air indoors,  installed waffle mats at the stations to keep sticky substances off shoes, replaced gross looking tubs with more colorful plastic tubs and

James Scott’s letter “END OF BOTTLE RECYCLING” voiced his frustration with the “bottle recycling” system and his solution was that his bottles would be “going in the trash.” I agree there are always lines at Bottle Drop and that many of the individuals that hang out there can be intimidating, especially to women. Putting the bottles in the trash isn’t an acceptable solution. When I lived in Portland, I donated my bottles and cans to schools. In Bend there are nonprofits that accept bottles and cans. I donate mine to the Humane Society of Central Oregon on SE 27th Street. Other organizations that accept bottles and cans are

Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity, La Pine Community Kitchen and Mosaic Medical. Please don’t trash what could be donated to good causes. —James Scott

Letter of the Week:

James—Thanks for offering a solid alternative to tossing those bottles! Come on by and grab a gift card to Palate. Judging by the number of letters we got on this topic, it appears that Source readers by and large support the bottle bill and the recycling of bottles, cans and plastic. I would have published more of the bounty of bottle bill letters we received— but readers, you have to include your first and last name if you want to see your words in print! —Nicole Vulcan


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Bend City Council Works on New Goals, Extends Emergency New City Council starts setting goals on top issues including transportation and housing By Ashley Moreno




ffordable housing and traffic congestion top the community’s list of important issues, according to a survey conducted in December 2020 and summarized in a press release from the City of Bend Jan. 21. Thirty-four percent of respondents called affordable housing an “urgent” priority and another 34% called it a “high” priority. The survey also asked people to choose one service to prioritize for funding, and affordable housing topped that list as well. Forty-two percent of people asked the Bend City Council and staff to increase the availability of affordable housing. It’s no wonder these issues— along with ensuring equal access to housing and city services—dominated many of the discussions during the new City Council’s goal-setting initiative last week. Councilor Anthony Broadman was seated to the Council this month. He told the Source he’s “really excited” to see last week’s “nearly 20-hour process” synthesized into a one-page set of goals, but the process remains ongoing, with a draft expected in February. “I was really excited to hear my colleagues’ ideas about what we can do to meaningfully address our middle and affordable housing crisis,” Broadman said. “And I think the goals reflect the fact that that is the biggest issue—along with transportation—that we’re hearing from our community members.” He added that this ties into goals on equality and “shared prosperity.” He says the main thing the City can do as a land use authority is ensure that land in Bend’s urban growth boundary is available where developers say they’re ready to build diverse housing types.

Survey says... leaders at Bend's City Hall should concentrate more on affordable housing. Darris Hurst

Like Broadman, Councilor Barb Campbell looks forward to goals tackling housing and transportation issues, too. Elected to city council in 2014, this is her fourth go at goal setting. “We are continuing our commitment to missing middle-housing for our working families, and more types of housing products people can afford to

“The only way to fix housing is to build our way out of it, but we have to do that consistent with our Climate Action goals and our obligation to the environment, the water, the air and the City.” — Anthony Broadman “It’s not like transportation,” he said. “The only way to fix housing is to build our way out of it, but we have to do that consistent with our Climate Action goals and our obligation to the environment, the water, the air and the city.” The UGB, a process dictated by the state, lays out where a city expects to grow and is used to prevent urban sprawl. Bend’s Community Climate Action Plan was put in place by a previous Council in 2019, and it established goals for mitigating the most severe effects of climate change.

purchase,” Campbell said via email. “We all understand that shelter is a human right, and that homelessness affects our whole community.” She says she’s also especially excited about the safety, congestion and transit projects possible thanks to the voters passing Transportation Bond Measure 9-135 in 2020. The bond obligates $190 million to transportation and neighborhood safety projects, to be paid through increased property taxes. Fifty-nine percent of Bend voters voted in favor of the measure.

“From the Neighborhood Street Safety Program to a new transit hub to take the pressure off of Hawthorne Station, these projects will improve the day-to-day lives of everyone,” Campbell said. The City Council’s current goals were adopted two years ago and are in effect until July 1, according to Anne Aurand, communications director for the City of Bend. This new Council’s goals will be approved in March and the new goals would then take effect in July. Council Renews COVID-19 State of Emergency Order The new Council also set to work on more immediate affairs, including ratifying an administrative order declaring a local state of emergency for an additional 60 days due to COVID-19. At the Jan. 20 Council meeting, the motion passed on a 6-1 vote, with Councilor Broadman opposed. The local order allows the Council and city staff discretion to set policies under the statewide COVID-19 order, according to Mayor Sally Russell. “It put some fines in place for both individuals and businesses who are not in compliance on the Oregon Health Authority in the State of Oregon

regarding mask wearing,” Russell told the Source, and prevents most permitted special events. It also allows policies that try to help local businesses and people struggling with the effects of the pandemic. “Another change we made was to allow some businesses to operate on sidewalks, parking areas or the street to provide a safer environment for customers and employees, but also to stimulate and support local businesses,” Russell told the Source. “So, you see a lot of outdoor dining that normally wouldn’t happen under certain codes and rules.” This is how parking places in specific areas of town can be designated for takeout only. It’s also why the City won’t shut off water for non-payment. “That was really important because, number one, we know that’s fundamentally important in terms of people being able to maintain a safe and healthy environment,” Russell said. “And also recognizing that some people have been financially very challenged during this pandemic. Lots of people have lost their jobs. So, some of those basic services, we want to be sure we provide in time of extreme need for some of our community members.” The new order is set to expire March 21.


Under New Guidelines, You Can Play Lottery Inside—But Eating Stays Outdoors

Gov. Brown issues updated guidance allowing gyms, indoor recreation on a very limited basis


ew guidelines issued by Gov. Kate Brown Tuesday mean starting Jan. 29, gyms, movie theaters and other places offering indoor activities in counties labeled “Extreme Risk” can allow some customers inside their establishments—though the numbers are limited to six people for establishments larger than 500 square feet. Under the new guidelines, operators of lottery machines can have up to six people indoors, though bars and restaurants are still limited to outdoor-only dining. Capacity remains at 50 people per outdoor dining establishment, but now, restaurants can create enclosed dining pods and have tents with two sides, rather than just one. “These modifications allow for a maximum of six people indoors at facilities over 500 square feet (for all indoor activities except dining) with associated guidance for ongoing social distancing, cleaning protocols, and face coverings. For facilities smaller than 500 square feet,

the modified guidance allows for 1:1 customer experiences, such as personal training,” reads the Governor’s press release. “The science has shown us that outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities when it comes to the spread of COVID 19, which is why we have clearly delineated guidance between indoor and outdoor activities,” Brown stated in the release.   “Since restaurants are unable to operate with people wearing face coverings at all times the restaurant modifications include modifications to tents and allowance of outdoor dining pods for better outdoor space utilization. This modification also allows for VLTs [video lottery terminals] to be turned on for indoor play,” explained Jennifer Purcell, North Coast Regional Solutions Coordinator for Brown’s office in an email to hospitality professionals obtained by the Source. Members of the restaurant and lodging industry say Tuesday’s announcement doesn’t do enough to support the many struggling businesses in Oregon—many of

which have been limited to takeout (and outdoors) since the Governor’s Risk Level Framework went into effect in December, following  November’s two-week freeze. Deschutes County is one of dozens of counties that have remained in the Extreme Risk category, allowing dining only via takeout, delivery or outdoor dining. “Oregonians in our industry can’t pay their monthly bills with two weeks of employment certainty at a time,” said Jason Brandt, President & CEO for the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association. “The reality of the 2-week county risk category assessments is taking us down a dangerous path where tens of thousands of Oregonians no longer have paychecks again. The lack of continuity in operations is permanently altering too many Oregonian livelihoods. We must open some indoor dining statewide now, and we can do it safely.” According to Brandt, Oregon’s “aggressive economic restrictions” on food service establishments lack the



data to support ongoing shutdowns. In a release Tuesday, ORLA released an analysis of data appearing to show that “no correlation between the number of cases and deaths and the decisions to close indoor dining.” According to its data, compiled by Bing-Microsoft, the states with the lowest death rates were those allowing indoor dining at 50% capacity, rather than those allowing no indoor dining. “There is no formal dialogue taking place between government officials, health advisors, and industry leaders to fully understand the devastating impacts prolonged restrictions are having on all aspects of Oregon’s once thriving hospitality industry,” Brandt stated. “The data above should bring us all to ask one important central question – what evidence is there to justify the crippling impacts of ongoing closures on Oregonians?” Presently, Oregon’s county risk levels are announced every two weeks. The next risk-level announcement will be announced Feb. 9, going into effect Feb. 11. 

James Carlson, DO

Cheryl Czapla, MD

No matter the challenges our community faces, we’re here for you Our mission is the same as it has been for over 40 years — to provide the best healthcare possible to the women in our community. Since the

Regan Gage, MD

Jane Howell, MD

Janelle Strom, MD

Julie Wheir, MD

beginning, compassionate support has been the spirit that has united our providers as they’ve built trusted


relationships with patients. Today, this spirit unites us all. Ciara Thomson-Barnett, CNM, WHNP

Emily Harris-Deutch, FNP

CARING FOR WOMEN SINCE 1980 Katie Farnsworth, CNM

Bree Herndon, DNP, CNM, ARNP


Christina Davis, PA-C



eastcascadewomensgroup.com | (541) 389-3300


By Nicole Vulcan



Poetry Contest Winners Tasked with a theme of “Reckoning,” six adult poets and two youth emerge as winners in our annual poetry competition



“The creative person is flexible; he is able to change as the situation changes, to break habits, to face indecision and changes in conditions without undue stress. He is not threatened by the unexpected as rigid, inflexible people are.” -Frank Goble “’There is no use trying,” said Alice. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’ ‘I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’” — Lewis Carroll Every year, the poets of Central Oregon come out in droves to enter their writings into the Source Poetry Contest. And this year, like last year, poets competed for cash prizes, courtesy of the Deschutes Public Library. This year’s theme—so fitting for a year that’s been turned upside down by so many calamities—poets were instructed to write with the theme of “Reckoning” in mind. Our panel of judges—who hail from the Deschutes Public Library and Oregon State UniversityCascades’ Master of Fine Arts program—selected two youth entries and six adult entries as winners in the contest. Join them for a special live Zoom event on Thu., Jan 28 from 7-8:30om to hear them reading from their works!



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Y metaphor simile into the diasporic flesh o w r t h , o t u r daughter, thick with longing, the forecast on the radio claimed it didn’tdove’s ’ s u a l o e r b e r a r a l longing and regret—”and odd spot of calm misa n a b for so long I wantedctokgive un-h ld my eyes— thing—aCarried hiworld —cthe to cut led by want.” framed in appy body is grebyy assonance a b ’s l r r c e i o h g u n n t a r o y fragment, poem is a reverie interrupted, aui waitithe s r q e de -Ojo Taiye etly ng ofoloss. sometim r – tJennifer cold accumulation f y he Reimer a s cataRecio o t of its o strophe is wn beau ty. haven nkyou trav third dria r a ’t eck. e elled enou n Judges’ notes: y a t n e p g s h—to end the chore, sand efficacy of poetry in world self-destructingsinhfront “2015 Paris Agreement” asks what is the meaning ha ther part to be lost o r of the speaker’s own eyes.b Part confessional, political, the poem accounts stfor the overlooked victimsaofekes u y j m s inMore i winners! pension o & t a l s i s v ato the futility of self-sacrifice, theinpoem and national neglect. In bearing witness is not r usimuch adsola efire. p– Jennifer Apinstitutional h f time. it t g ’s t i f i y . a a call to action as it is an elegy for a world on Reimer Recio t sh ab s e s 7th place:m“Winter by Amelia Turner ay bePoem” coldest m hen t tub t s e t , t h e e r m u o o t n r t u h of the asya Paddock Animal in Sydney by OjoiTaiye” e whatfthis poem takes up. At the ng f y poet’s reluctance to call ththan Name a more timely samed time, athe you are8thaplace: “Self-Portrait or topic f ch r—& - Tie: e etoathe l Winners b y n odd spo Youthea a the topic poetic cautions us to not relegateithe climate crisis page, as “climate refugees nraatory c r opoetic.” a eb a c p l o isCtthenotelarresting e l a d wildflowers, cholera andimalnutrition, ’t t of calm n a misled b s Indeed, the crisisiiseasrreal as fire ravaging cattle dying-i — h aspoem. – Jenna Goldsmith olism wh c y w nt, “Reckoning” by Mason Brang be ofethis d images l how yWent u o imprecise “TheaYear h s Everything Wrong” by Piedra S Jones o e symb ur h t — side stay e r a no lready ing r ed up to watch th a s o i g e e r r a e h t s e these supoets’ work online version of this story at bendsource.com n ea t tinhthe like me: a specie e this morSee s e e a g m u o e f o l e t n t r . ning you here, ca woke up e snows & c n a l a , the t o b g n i s l k c i r e s i c of laugh not enoug of our ter h— dying. , mother


wave this heat




riving Through hromosomes C R o ckneverAraises park rents to those 55 and over, rbor Villa on th urth oThe ftraileruntil charges exacts its toll. Known for aging pines, Judeath e ly Driving Through Rock Arbor Villa on the Fourth of July

rippling pond, abundant deer, brisk walk to Costco.

Judge’s notes: “Chromosomes” interrogates the meaning of female genealogy, inheriting resistance through image and these poems aren’t mine per se intent. In the poem, memory is “a door ine per se m flung open with weak tea in the steam,” they are my mother’s, myamother’s mother’s t ’ en r s ’ er s th em o s m e po of the woman who’s m ’ esbattles er th where ghostly traces of the past are o m y they areththe been een y mother’s, empire oman who’s bsimultaneously vapor-thick and all conre m told again and a again, that her body is an they w e th f suming. An elusive/allusive reckoning e o ir s p le em tt a n b a e the battles of the woman is with the past personal and collective, e thare y of pain & d o b ey arthey er thsilence, h t n , thashe gain(whom the woma gestures toward freendmyafather who suffered atathe in aof s of“Chromosomes” le gahands tt a b ld e to th e r a sense) dom from the chromosomal chains of she they& moral adored & who somehow s loses ce,temper (whom ilenhis of pain & of my fatherinheritance. – Jennifer Reimer Recio


pot shadow will ru sh from th ugh single and e e arth to pines sip the sun’s last doubelow, blet w h meet sizzles in the heavens, echoes I wait tod beesure i e s , f needling blue into color f a la l m ling nig inthatgo bird bthealast s ta tu thstarred andn striped cookie has anointed sleep s, lo e s ht sews itself deep g rampsof the anholiday, d sun umb before slipping through the remnants into starlit black leaving plot m rellas, axed out with pines si behind the divine B la c potato chips the squirrels will argue over, grassk-Eyed San uindigo sanmemory s, sprin- needling p the sun’s last matted more than usual, triumphant ducks bl reclaiming the pond. They know to wait their turn. of a day spent wide that sew ue into color s itself in sage kissing the air deep i ng. W-Carol n t just before quick rain o hatBarrett s tarlit bl I didn’t figure the dust ack leav : dozens ofthatrpocked behind dy ca ing e s Judges’ notea: i m as a reminder that answers d p e t e n h d ts e divine out onenexperience wheonelc A rhythmic poem about i Fourth of July. The hairs, lap bla fall from above an indi are a reminder of a celebration changed during COVID but emondescriptions n go mem k e a ts d , e , ta h b o le limake s dausyfeel good. also of the traditions that ory co–oPaige kiFerro es from Safnow, forgotten light e w aasywe, traverse This poem makes the familiar landscape of the 55-and-older mobile hidden of a da home park 3D. Both the glory and sadness of this environment is laid the dark and slow, slow y spent auncbare, most visible to those among us that were raised among the douh ly p wide la i n te in this moment I know n d o s n tables. a ble-wides, Black Eyed Susan, and cookie Goldsmith the– Jenna g e r o a k d , i a s s if thI’veeyneveroput sing the ce. I guess the wtogether just bef air a proper prayern y do. A woman o r e q u shouts at me ick rain my lights. Anoth that poc ked the when night comes er rises, hands dust as a re on follow hipsthe,strung stars m i n d er that feel the darkness rise fall fro answers jots dowAnbig m speak lightly of heaven m a thanks Paige Ferro, Jenna b y toliourcejudges, o v n e se plate. stu-A man and let the coyotes sing Jennifer Reimer Recio and the MFA insingeusahome his heaGoldsmith, r muffs n d , ofwOSU-Cascades—and hile a votola dents our co-sponsors, ow, -Carol ti le s forgBarrett Deschutes Public Library and OSU-Cascades. pray of child bout withe otten lig rEaton -Meli Broderick en th sparklers, ba h ht i d Judges’ notes: d e n r e ly a m s i s s w i n A personal poem, sharing experiences about death, contracting the virus g e the car. Writers Reading: The Source Weekly Annual travgoeranywhere.  t h e Judges’ notes: and what happens when we can’t Written in five sections, “The s sparks shower d e a r Contest Winners k isna reminder thePoetry cooln A sincere poem about nature Reckoning”a of the pain all around us. – Paige Ferro d es s s of l o d a w rk Thu., Jan 28. 7-8:30pm , slow and light.  The words move acrossin this Zoom event m the night sky capturing our attenInm theo coming years, we are likely to see a new genre of pandemic poete n t I place I’ve nry.ev Find the link at: deschuteslibrary.org/calendar/ noamongst tion and bringing us back home. “The Reckoning” earns its k w this emerging canon with its e r Free -Paige Ferro earnest observations on our ethical obligations as citizens in catastrophe. p u t t a prop–eJennifer Recio ogether r pReimer rayer The poem is a desert prayer in the key of sagebrush and coyote, dust and deep starlight.  It is coorwhen ni dinates to follow to home. – Jennifer ght com Reimer Recio es once we finally settle in folding chairs, sleeping bag between us, bottled water. When at last the fiery finale

the falling night

consumes her husband, who tells their son I have nothing more to teach you, then swallows pills to smother flame. No more air, fire out. Score two for covid. ii Four of my students contract the virus. Home from the hospital, one opens the door to a friend with chicken soup. But he’s vegetarian. He invites the friend to stay on the porch and listen to a poem he has written. My student asks: will this count as my poetry reading? I say yes. iii Long lines at Goodwill: cars and trucks laden with bins and boxes to drop off. No one can go anywhere. We sort our cluttered houses in the empty hours. I prune dead limbs in my yard. Weeks, this goes on. After branches, come needles, cones. Another year, I would look past the fallen. They hound me like a sore tooth. Teeth. iv Holiday tradition would have me choose a tag on a tree with a child’s wants, perhaps a fire truck, a ladder up, and down. No tree with boy, ten, girl, six. I bring a large crinkly bag to a homeless man camped on the sidewalk, cashews drenched in dark chocolate. I can’t eat those. I don’t have any teeth. v When snow comes deer mingle in the backyard, watchful, waiting. Even in this quiet, breath: sudden beauty, fogging all our expectations.


lives there, enjoys the small swimming pool e traiAopen lefriend rMemorial parkthrough Day, closed renLabor ts to except th o syear. e 55 and over, due to covid, no grandkids belly-flopping this arges until dea nevofethe r woman raait swalking se) th exacts its to they are the battles barefooted over nds theesha & moral sen ed er er p f m f te u ll. cassava s I’m invited for the fireworks on Pilot Butte, splendid is o h with yam stems in her hand. i wish i wasn’t Knofields, h , w wn forwhao gsiomneh d over ow loses ing barefoote display doubling in the pond’s shimmering mirror, lk tired of her a door flung opengwith weak teaoin a w n a ored & m adsadness. i wasn’t e w f th I drive over plenty early, work my way pling best ttles othe the steam—synapses ofthpretty truth is i live tooin her hand. i wish achimera. b e poseat e ndin,town. r a abundant deer, ms they in am inste close to the surface of my mother’s body: a collared shirt. ith ayghost , w ith weak tea s w ld b ie r en f p i s o a k v g n a w s asnames too cto through single and double-wides, flamingo statues r flu to a seelk all the a body can carry—my Cofo a dooappears shjacket. tc ess. mother o uth is i live a.dnbecomes tr s e th er . a and bird baths, long ramps and sun umbrellas, er in my dreams in a satin she a flood, im ed tir st in a col of pretty ch o h friendeachliplot g es s p a a : n y maxed out with Black-Eyed Susans, sprinklers y d s swallows my father & calls it freedom. o — b ves there, enjoy er’s the steam appears e of my moth c s a f th r u e s s e —my mother m y th a r r ll to a c e s n Merunning. s w n a lo i c c m moriWhat of residents od, -Ojo Taiye ming poonlames a body al I didn’t thrfigure: ougdozens the ecomes a flo h lap b ll a e Lblankets, h s a ee s . b already camped out in wheelchairs, tables o et k to r c Day, except clo eams in a satin ja to cowith vilemonade, d, noholiday rd Safeway, de reedom. grcookies in my s andfrom kids belly-flop & calls it f er th a f y m pith ng sth waillsowysear all staunchly planted on the road, as if they own . 5 Even As the place. I guess they do. A woman shouts at me invitetodcut my e folights. r th Another e frises, irehands Even As -Ojo Taiy woonrhips, k s o n Pilot Butte, sple lay doubling in ndid 6thnighthaw a third jots down my license in ear muffs thplate. e pAoman nighthawks call out n d ’ s ks call his head, while a volatile spray of childrenshimmerin seat shakes g m the coordinates i out i r t n r h o to r e , w n c . o I barely drimissing dash about with sparklers, The Reckoning ordinate ve othevcar. precise spot er plenty eofathe s of the p rlywill , rush shadow w o r k m y r eciGrief’s Celebratory sparks shower the coolness of dark My cousin dies of covid. se swildfire from the earth to meet





1/27 – 2/3



2/1 11




This presentation from Oregon Wild features the dogs from Rogue Detection Teams. These rescued pups spend their days helping researchers collect data out in the field. Learn more about this amazing program and its efforts to protect public lands. Wed., Jan. 27, 6pm. oregonwild.org/events/webcast-canines-conservation. Free.




As our annual poetry contest comes to a close, the winners have a chance to see their work in print and read aloud at this special live Zoom event. The theme for submission this year was “Reckoning.” Join in for a night of poetry, fun and “reckoning” with a tough year behind us. Thu., Jan. 28, 7-8:30pm. deschuteslibrary.org/calendar. Free.




Join the Big Brothers Big Sisters team in this happy hour chat about what it takes to mentor local youth. Join in anytime for an event that is sure to inspire and remind us all of the potential in the younger generation. Thu., Jan. 28, 5:30-6:30pm. bbbsco.org. Free.



Play from anywhere with this virtual trivia night! Test your knowledge of law, Constitution and the democratic process. This event is free to join but any donations will go to helping Classroom Law Project’s mission of preparing Oregon students to become active and informed about our democratic society. Wed., Jan. 27, 7-9pm. classroomlaw.org/product/ virtual-trivia-night. Free.



Keep the spirit of this annual event alive, with a month-long celebration all starting with a virtual kickoff party. Join a team or go solo and get ready to plunge! Raise funds for the Special Olympics while being bold and getting cold. Mon., Feb. 1, 10am. support.soor.org/event/brrr-tual-polar-plunge-central-oregon/e297851. Donations accepted.




Race in America is a complex issue; join historian and journalist Jelani Cobb for a breakdown of those dynamics. Cobb will explain the history of racism to how it relates to current issues we face today. Tue., Feb. 2, 5-6:30pm. cocc.edu. Free.




Worthy’s Star Bar stage is the perfect outdoor venue for enjoying live music, while staying toasty warm. Eric Leadbetter leads this series featuring local musicians, great food and friends. Join in every Wednesday throughout February and early March. Wed., Feb. 3, 5:30pm. Worthy Brewing, 495 NE Bellevue Dr., Bend. No cover. Submitted


ZOOM AUTHOR EVENT: EXHIBITION OPENING: DAM IT! DEGLOVED BY ADELAIDE PERR BEAVERS AND US OVERCOMING TRAGEDY TO ADVOCATE FOR OTHERS VIRTUAL AND IN-PERSON! Author Adelaide Perr will read from her book, “Degloved,” which follows her harrowing journey after a tragic bicycle accident left her body and mind in pieces. Her story is an inspirational look at the human ability to overcome. Thu. Jan. 28, 6-7pm. roundaboutbookshop.com/event/zoomauthor-event-degloved-adelaide-perr. Free.

The High Desert Museum has an all-new exhibition that dives into our history with the North American beaver. Get an in-depth look at how humans have shaped this animal’s behavior and how the beaver has influenced us. Sat., Jan. 30, 10am-4pm. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Hwy 97, Bend. Free with museum admission.

Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra “Stage and Screen Spectacular”



Links and info at towertheatre.org




A wild look at this history and future of the First Amendment and how protected speech has shifted over time. This discussion will begin by focusing on “seditious” and “creative” speech and then landing all the way into the world of free speech in baking. Space is limited and registration is required. Wed., Feb. 3, 6-7pm. deschuteslibrary.org/calendar/event/61440. Free.



Keeping the Cartwheels CULTURE Coming A rally to keep Central Oregon C



Gymnastics Academy from being a COVID casualty By Isaac Biehl


Thank you for supporting your local coffee house! 961 NW Brooks Street, Bend OR


MOBILE APP Redmond / Bend

Call ahead for Take Out and Curbside pickup. Doordash available for delivery.

740 NE 3RD ST - BEND




here aren’t many businesses that are immune to COVID-19’s impact. For some businesses, changes aren’t easily made. One of those places is Central Oregon Gymnastics Academy, the 23-year-old gym that, due to COVID-19, is now facing the reality that a permanent closure might be on the horizon. While COGA has received some federal and state aid, it hasn’t been enough to make up for closures or running at limited capacity, according to its website, and the gym isn’t even breaking even. Those who are part of COGA’s community are trying to change that. “COGA has been a rock in this community for over 23 years, providing tens of thousands of young women with a safe, clean environment to exercise, pursue their dreams and fortify themselves both mentally and physically,” says Aric Shafer, whose young daughter trains at COGA. “The parents of the team kids have organized a fundraiser, with the hope that we can keep the doors open through the closure so our kids will have gymnastics to come back to. We are asking the community for help.” The fundraiser, titled “Keep Central Oregon Gymnastics Academy OPEN!” on GoFundMe, had raised nearly $24,000 of its $100,000 goal as of this writing. Shafer mentions the psychological effects the temporary closures have had on kids involved with COGA, and what a permanent closure would mean. “My daughter Skylar, who has been competing for four years and recently placed at the state meets, has been crushed by this loss. She would attend this gym three hours a day, five days a week. It is truly a second home to her,” he said. “This second round of closures fully restricted this type of activity, and now instead of an enthusiastic, vibrant and cheerful child, I see sadness and depression. This is an eight-yearold girl. It’s heartbreaking to think how many others are affected by this.” In video testimonials, many of the athletes who use COGA have shared what makes this place special to them— the bonds formed, getting stronger, learning new skills, gaining mentors and so on. More than a gym, COGA is also a sanctuary for these athletes. COGA owner Sharman Watt told the Source that most of the kids have set up some equipment at home to

Courtesy of Sharman Watt

Sharman Watt said under the new gym guidance released Jan. 26, her space can fill to 1.49% of capacity.

keep busy because they miss doing gymnastics at the gym. “I’m willing to do whatever I can to make this place survive for these kids. I never, ever, ever, would have thought I’d be in this position. We’re gonna cross our fingers and keep pushing forward,” Watt said. COGA has been closed five months out of the last 10, and when they were allowed to reopen, Watt says they were open during the gym’s slower season and ended up making “pretty much nothing.” The school year is usually when they are the busiest. Beyond COGA, Watt says that the pandemic is taking a toll on the gymnastics community all over the state. There are only 33 gymnastic gyms left in Oregon—most which Watt says are in the same predicament as COGA. “This is possibly going to wipe out gymnastics in the entire state.” For Watt, that’s why what the families and kids are doing is so important. “It’s wonderful. I knew they would not want me to close,” says Watt on the fundraiser. “So many of these people donating are kids who took gymnastics with me and are now adults. The community support is awesome. It’s not how I wanted to pay my bills, but (laughs)...” Those interested in supporting COGA can do so online at gofundme. com, or they can take part in the Cartwheels 4 COGA fundraiser, where gymnasts will do as many cartwheels as they can in 15 minutes. Patrons can sponsor an athlete at a per-cartwheel rate or a flat rate. Find more information at cogygymnastics.com.




27 Wednesday

Tickets Available on Bendticket.com

3 Wednesday Cabin 22 Locals’ Wednesdays Trivia at Cabin 22

Cabin 22 Locals’ Wednesdays Trivia at Cabin 22


Worthy Brewing Star Bar Sessions With Eric

Karyn Ann Patridge Performs Indie-Soul/Folk Listen to original indie-soul/folk

Locals Wednesday Trivia, outside on the patio. Subject to cancellation if bad weather . 6-8pm. Free.

Leadbetter and Friends Join us in our roasty, toasty, covered Star Bar or on our spacious, socially-cushioned patio around the fires for live music, great food, and a slice of “normalcy”. 5:30pm. No cover.

Worthy Brewing Star Bar Sessions

With Eric Leadbetter and Friends Eric Leadbetter will be hosting this cozy event and inviting some friends each week to join him. 5:30pm. No cover.

tunes by Portland-based singer-songwriter Karyn Ann Patridge. deschuteslibrary.org/calendar/ event/61065 Jan. 27, 5-6pm. Contact: 541-3121029. laurelw@deschuteslibrary.org. Free.

The Ultimate Oldies Show A locally-pro-

28 Thursday Bridge 99 Brewery Thursday Trivia Night at

Bridge 99 Bundle up and join us for trivia outdoors at Bridge 99. Fire pits, heaters, food trucks and brews are on the ready. 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Trivia on the Moon Triv-

ia on the Moon is back once again at Silver Moon Brewing! We are excited to welcome back our hosts and guests for exciting categories, great prizes, and good times. Trivia will be held on our socially distanced patio. 7-9pm.

Sisters Folk Festival

Virtual Americana Song Share A song share virtual gathering for high school students on Thursday evenings - Jan. 28, from 6:30-8 pm. $50.

31 Sunday

duced, syndicated, weekly, thematic two-hour radio show highlighting the music, artists, producers, musicians and cultural touchstones of the late 1940s through the late 1960s. Fridays, 6-8pm. KPOV, 501 NW Bond St., Bend. Contact: mikeficher@gmail.com. Free.

FILM EVENTS Bunk+Brew Presents: Ski Films in The Yard Heated igloos, bonfire pits, and warm spiced

wine all available for you to enjoy the stoke in comfort. Fridays. Through Feb. 26. Bunk+Brew Historic Lucas House, 42 NW Hawthorne Ave, Bend. Contact: (458) 202-1090. info@bunkandbrew.com.

Thursday Night Vintage Ski Film Join us

outside in the alley for a fun evening of vintage ski films! Thursdays, 6:30pm. Through April 1. Tin Pan Alley, Off Minnesota, between Thump and the Wine Shop, Bend. $15-$30.


River’s Place Trivia Brunch Edition! Yummy

new brunch options from the food trucks and of course Mimosas from the tap house. Free to play and prizes to win! 12-1:30pm.

2 Tuesday Initiative Brewing Tuesday Night Trivia in

Locals Wednesday Trivia, outside on the patio. Subject to cancellation if bad weather . 6-8pm. Free.

Redmond It’s UKB Trivia outdoors on the partially sheltered patio with gas fire pits. Event is on each week, weather permitting, so dress warm! 6:308:30pm. Free.

Call to Artists The award winning Red Chair

Gallery is looking for an artist who makes wearable art or accessories in fiber or leather. If interested, pick up an application at the gallery. Red Chair Gallery, 103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-410-6813. thewayweart229@gmail.com.

PRESENTATIONS & EXHIBITS Art at the Oxford Featuring Joren Traveller Joren Traveller is a sculptor-painter Courtesy Sisters Folk Festival

Exhibition Opening: Dam It! Beavers and Us This exhibition explores our

history with the North American beaver and its modern importance in the High Desert region. Jan. 30, 10am-4pm. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4754. bburda@highdesertmuseum.org. Free with Museum admission.

The Half-Life of Freedom: Race and Justice in America Today with Jelani Cobb Acclaimed historian and journalist

Jelani Cobb will break down the complex dynamics of race and racism in America. Feb. 2, 5-6:30pm. Contact: 541-383-7257. cgilbride@cocc.edu. Free.

High Desert Museum Virtual Exclusive Members’ Exhibition Opening: Dam It! Beavers and Us Celebrate the opening of the new interdisciplinary exhibition. Artists who worked on the Dam It! public art project will share insights into their work. Jan. 28, 6:307:30pm. Contact: 541-382-4754. bburda@highdesertmuseum.org. Free for Museum Members.

High Desert Museum Virtual Natural History Pub: Coexistence with Beaver for a Resilient Future Biologist Jakob Shockey,

founder of Beaver State Wildlife Solutions and executive director and co-founder of The Beaver Coalition, will discuss beavers, their ecological role and the measures we can take to coexist with this industrious rodent. Feb. 1, 6-7pm. Contact: 541-382-4754. bburda@highdesertmuseum.org. Free.

High Desert Museum Virtual Tips and Strategies for Effective Charitable Giving

Join local experts online to learn about innovative ways to structure your philanthropic giving to support the Museum and other charities during your lifetime or in your estate plan. Jan. 27, 5:30-6:30pm. Contact: 541-382-4754. bburda@highdesertmuseum.org. Free.

Nature Nights: A Closer Look at Microplastics Join Deschutes Land Trust and Dr. Su-

sanne Brander of Oregon State University to explore the tiny world of microplastics, including how these miniscule particles are detected and their potential effects on the natural world. Jan. 27, 7pm. Free.

Our First Amendment - From Sedition to Wedding Cakes? Our discussion

will take us from insurrection to confections and back again. Space is limited and registration is required. Feb. 3, 6-7pm. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@deschuteslibrary.org. Free.

Scalehouse Gallery Presents Shabazz Larkin: Fragile Black Man Shabazz is most

known for his portraits that capture the beauty of resilience in black culture. We will follow updated State guidelines and allow six people in the gallery at a time. Dec. 4-Jan. 30. Scalehouse Gallery, 550 NW Franklin Ave, Bend.

Zach Filkins at Box Factory Local artist

Zach Filkins will display his artwork in our Box Factory Breezeway. Pieces will be available for purchase and a percentage of proceeds will go towards The Giving Plate. Feb. 1-March 26. Box Factory, 550 SW industrial way, Bend.

WORDS Current Fiction Book Club We will discuss

Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson. Please visit roundaboutbookshop.com for Zoom info. Feb. 3, 6-7pm. Contact: 541-306-6564. sara@roundaboutbookshop.com. Free.

Writers Reading - The Source Weekly Annual Poetry Contest Winners

The winners of the Source’s annual poetry contest will be invited to read at a special live Zoom event with the library. A collaboration between the Source Weekly, Deschutes Public Library and OSU-Cascades MFA in Creative Writing program. Jan. 28., 7-8:30pm. deschuteslibrary.org.

Rediscovered Reads Book Club We will discuss The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. Please visit roundaboutbookshop.com for Zoom info. Jan. 27, 6-7pm. Contact: 541-306-6564. sara@roundaboutbookshop.com. Free. Zoom Author Event: Degloved by Adelaide Perr Author Adelaide Perr will read

from her book, “Degloved” and answer questions. Please visit roundaboutbookshop.com for Zoom info. Jan. 28, 6-7pm. Contact: 541-306-6564. sara@ roundaboutbookshop.com. Free.

ETC. Color Theory Come learn how to mix color to

gain the visual effect you’re looking for. Jan. 29, 1pm. SHARC, 57250 Overlook Rd., Sunriver. Free.

Preventative Walk-In Pet Wellness Clinic The Bend Spay and Neuter Project offers

vaccinations, deworming and microchips at our walk-in wellness clinic. Saturdays, 9am-2pm. Bend Spay & Neuter Project, 910 SE Wilson, Suite A1, Bend. $10-$30.

VOLUNTEER Big Brothers Big Sisters: Bigs & Brews Grab your favorite beverage and join us

on Zoom to learn what it takes to ignite, empower and defend the potential in local youth through the power of mentoring! Jan. 28, 5:30-6:30pm. Contact: 541-312-6047. balbert@bbbsco.org.

Call for Volunteers - Play with Parrots!

to recognize and respond to potential trafficking within your community. Jan. 28, 3 and 6pm. Free.

Friendly people needed to help socialize birds to ready for adoption, make toys, clean cages and make some new feathered friends! Located past Cascade Lakes Distillery, call for hours and location. Contact: 916-956-2153.

Tin Pan’s Take 4 Series: Czech New Wave & Punk Feminist Critique Join our

CASA Training to Be A Voice for Kids in Foster Care Court Appointed Special

Sex Trafficking Recognition & Response Training Join us for a virtual training to learn how

fellow BendFilm team member, Doone Williams, for a four-week teaching series that will dive into an introductory course on the world & history of “Art Cinema.” bendfilm.com. Jan. 29. Free. Gather and share your tunes, ideas and more at Sisters Folk Festival Virtual Song Sharing, Thursday evenings through Feb. 11.

conservation concerns - like collecting data on endangered species through scat detection in remote locations. We’ll also learn how Oregon Wild’s work to protect public lands and wildlife go hand in hand - and is aided by the work of Heath’s teams. Jan. 27, 6pm. Free.

Webcast: Canines for Conservation This remarkable team of rescued dogs and

field researchers help scientists tackle important

Submitting an event is free and easy.

Advocates (or CASA volunteers) are trained and committed volunteers who provide a voice for and ensure that each child’s individual needs remain a priority in foster care. Become a CASA at our free online training in 2021. Tuesdays, Noon-3pm. Through Feb. 23. Contact: 541-389-1618. mjohnson@casaofcentraloregon.org.

Add your event to our calendar at bendsource.com/submitevent


Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser for Classroom Law Project Join us for Constitutional camaraderie, competition, and fundraising. Classroom Law Project is dedicated to preparing students to become active, engaged, and informed participants in democratic society. 7-9pm. Free.

specializing in bronze and ceramic sculptures of birds and animals as well as commissioned animal portraits in graphite. Jan. 1-31. 10 Below - Oxford Hotel, 10 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend.

SHOP SOURCE PERKS Support Local Businesses and Save! Now, more than ever, it’s important to shop local and support the small shops who have made Central Oregon special.


Find exclusive deals to local restaurants, stores and services at our Source Perks Shop at Perks.BendSource.com

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Rockin’ Dave’s




Gift Certificates to the following Business at Perks.BendSource.com


Who’s hungry? Let our updated Takeout Guide refresh your memory about where to eat in Central Oregon. Inside these pages, find the hours, offerings and delivery options for the many hard-working food places of the region. We checked them once. We checked them twice. And in the era of coronavirus restrictions, we know that the listings of local establishments may very well need to be edited again tomorrow. BUT—we have a plan for that! It’s called the internet! While this guide is a great starting point to prime your appetite, we’re constantly updating restaurant and bar listings in the online version of this guide. Find it on the home page of bendsource.com—and bon appetit!

Bend 10 BARREL EASTSIDE PUB & BREWING FACILITY 2021 Takeout: Takeout is available 11am-8pm Sun-Thu. Menu items include pizza, burgers, wings, and salads. Delivery options are through Ubereats, pickup, and delivery, which ends at 7. 62950 NE 18TH ST., 10BARREL.COM 541-241-7733. 10 BARREL BREWING CO. 2021 Takeout: 11am - 8pm daily. Menu items include burgers, pizzas, nachos, and wings. Delivery options are online delivery and through Ubereats. 1135 NW GALVESTON AVE., 10BARREL.COM 541-678-5228. 10 BELOW 2021 Takeout: Takeout hours are 7am to 11am for breakfast, 11am to 2pm for lunch, and 7pm to 9:30pm for dinner, and is the same for weekdays and weekends. Menu items include classic American style dishes, such as hamburgers, pasta, macaroni and cheese, BLT’s, mushroom filet, and salads, with vegetarian options. Delivery options include room service, delivery windows, and pickup. 10 NW MINNESOTA AVE., OXFORDHOTELBEND.COM 541-382-1010. 5 FUSION & SUSHI BAR 2021 Takeout: Full menu available through takeout. Takeout through in-house pickup. Hours are 4pm-8pm daily. 821 NW WALL ST., 5FUSION.COM 541-323-2328. 900 WALL 2021 Takeout: 3pm - 8:45pm daily. Full menu available. Takeout through curbside and in-house pickup. 900 NW WALL ST., 900WALL.COM 541-323-6295. 9TH STREET VILLAGE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun Noon-8pm. In-house pickup for all carts. 911 SE ARMOUR ST., 9THSTVILLAGE.COM/ 541-316-8141.

Á LA CARTE 2021 Takeout: Takeout is available 11am-8pm daily. Menu items include tacos and the shrimp rice bowl. Takeout is through pickup only. 725 NW COLUMBIA ST., FACEBOOK.COM/FRIESALACARTE 541-728-3849.

ALOHA CAFÉ 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 10am-8pm. Menu items include teriyaki, barbecue, and mixplates. In-house and curbside pickup available. 547 NE BELLEVUE DR., ALOHACAFEBBQ.COM 541-382-5662.

BACKPORCH COFFEE ROASTERS - GREENWOOD AVE. 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 6:30am-6pm, Sat-Sun 7am-5pm. Full menu available. In-house pickup only. 706 NE GREENWOOD AVE. #140, BACKPORCHCOFFEEROASTERS.COM 541-678-5458.

ABBY’S LEGENDARY PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. All menu items are available for takeout, including Abby’s Special, the Triple-Topper Special, and classics such as cheese and pepperoni. Curbside and in-house pickup available, as well as Ubereats. 1115 NORTHEAST THIRD ST., ABBYS.COM/LOCATIONS/OREGON/BEND 541-382-7372.

ANTHONY’S AT THE OLD MILL 2021 Takeout: 3pm-8:30pm daily. Anthony’s now reopens for sitdown dining from 3-8pm daily, as well as for takeout. To go orders are debit/credit only. Call in advance and pick up inside bar: 541-389-8998. 475 SW POWERHOUSE DR., ANTHONYS.COM 541-389-8998.

BACKPORCH COFFEE ROASTERS - DOWNTOWN 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 6:30am-6pm, Sat 6am-5pm, Sun 7am-5pm 55 NW FRANKLIN AVE SUITE 168, BACKPORCHCOFFEEROASTERS.COM 541-797-6647.

ABE CAPANNA'S DETROIT PAN PIZZA + ITALIANE 2021 Takeout: Open Sun-Thu Noon-8pm, Fri-Sat Noon-9pm. Available for pickup. Delivery via BendTakeout. 566 MILL VIEW WAY, 8HANDSHOSPITALITY.COM/ 541-390-3285.

ARIANA RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: Takeout and outdoor dining available. 1304 NW GALVESTON AVE., ARIANARESTAURANTBEND.COM 541-330-5539.

ACTIVE CULTURE 2021 Takeout: Takeout daily, 9am-8pm. Menu items include the breakfast burrito, savory barbecue burrito, and salad options. Delivery options are website delivery, curbside pickup, and restaurant delivery. 285 NW RIVERSIDE BLVD, ACTIVECULTURECAFE.COM/ 541-241-2926. AGIA SOPHIA COFFEE SHOP & BOOKSTORE 2021 Takeout: 7am-6pm daily. Full menu available. No delivery, but in-house and curbside pickup is available. 155 NE GREENWOOD AVE, 541-388-3249. AINA KAUAI STYLE GRILL 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Thu-Mon. Menu items include the chili pepper chicken, poke bowls and specials. 911 SE ARMOUR RD., FACEBOOK.COM/AINAHAWAIIANBEND/ 541-808-5868. ALEBRIJE 2021 Takeout: Open Wed-Sun 10am-9pm, order at the truck or delivery through DoorDash or BendTakeout 42 NW HAWTHORNE AVE., 541-610-2698.

AVID CIDER CO. TAPROOM 2021 Takeout: Noon-6pm daily. Full menu available through takeout window and in-house delivery. 550 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, ATLASCIDER.COM 541-633-7757. AWBREY GLEN GOLF CLUB 2021 Takeout: 4:30-6:30pm Tue-Sat. Menu items include taco salads, burgers, sandwiches, and pork schnitzel. Takeout through in-house pickup and order through website. 2500 NW AWBREY GLEN DR., 541-385-6011.

THE BACKYARD BRICK OVEN PIZZA & PUB 2021 Takeout: Sun-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 10am10pm. Menu items include calamari, fries, and mozzarella sticks. Takeout is through Bend Takeout, Grubhub, and in-house pickup. 63130 NE LANCASTER ST., THEBACKYARDPIZZA.COM 541-306-6393. BAD BOYS BBQ BEND 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 11:45am-7pm. Takeout from the window DoorDash Delivery GrubHub Delivery 63063 LAYTON AVE, BADBOYSBBQ-RDM.SQUARE.SITE/BEND 458-218-1499. BALDY’S BARBEQUE EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: Daily Noon-8pm. Menu items include racks of ribs, potatoes, onion rings, beef brisket, beans, chicken, and pork sandwiches. Takeout options are in-house and curbside pickup, Doordash, Ubereats, Grubhub, and Postmates. 2670 NE HWY 20, BALDYSBBQ.COM 541-388-4227.

BACKPORCH COFFEE ROASTERS - NEWPORT AVE. 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 6:30am-6pm, Sat-Sun 7am-5pm. Full menu available. In-house pickup only. 1052 NW NEWPORT AVE., BACKPORCHCOFFEEROASTERS.COM 541-617-3984.

BALDY’S BARBEQUE WESTSIDE 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun 11:30am-8pm. Menu items include danish ribs, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, and beef brisket. Takeout options are Doordash, in-house and curbside pickup. 235 SW CENTURY DR., BALDYSBBQ.COM 541-385-7427.

BACKPORCH COFFEE ROASTERS - DRIVE UP 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 6am-5pm, Sat-Sun 7am-4pm. Full menu available. In-house pickup only. 1075 15TH ST., BACKPORCHCOFFEEROASTERS.COM 541-382-0005.

BAMBOO ROOM 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat Noon-8pm. Full menu available. In-house and curbside pickup only, no delivery. 530 SE THIRD ST., ON FACEBOOK 541-389-8880.

WINTER 2021 • 1



Salt & Pepper Crispy Halibut / Calamari/ Jumbo Shrimp Gluten Free Sweet Rice Corn Pudding

Bun Bo Hue

Thank you Bend and CO for all your support! Firecracker Fried Rice.

541.382.2929 | 1326 NE 3rd St. Bend Sunrise Up Beef Pho Phovietandcafe.com Open 10:30am - 9 pm, Closed Thursdays

WINTER 2021 • 3

To our Amazing customers for your Support throughout these super hard times, we would never have made it through without you.

Mention this Ad receive 10% off your next meal From Our Family to Yours! 4 • TAKEOUT GUIDE

Exp. March 1 2021

BANGERS & BREWS 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 11:30am-2pm for breakfast menu, 5pm-8pm for dinner menu. Menu items include sausages, chili, and mac and cheese. Takeout and delivery are through in-house and curbside pickup, Grubhub, Ubereats, Postmates, Bend Takeout, and Doordash. 1288 SW SIMPSON AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/BANGERSANDBREWS/ 541-389-2050. BARRIO 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Menu items include take-and-bake options. Delivery and takeout options are curbside pickup and Chownow. 915 NW WALL ST., BARRIOBEND.COM 541-389-2025. BASKIN ROBBINS BEND 2021 Takeout: 11-10 daily. Cakes available through online pickup, full menu available through Doordash. Curbside and in-house pickup available. 61535 S HWY 97, 541-633-8662. BEACH HUT DELI 2021 Takeout: 10am-6pm daily. Whole menu is included in takeout, with items such as varieties of sandwiches and salads. Delivery and takeout options include Doordash, Grubhub, inhouse and curbside pickup. 852 NW BROOKS ST., BEACHHUTDELI.COM 541-639-3115. BELLATAZZA 2021 Takeout: 8am-4pm daily. In-house pickup only with a six-person limit inside. Full menu available. Curbside pickup only. No delivery. 869 NW WALL ST., BELLATAZZA.COM 541-318-0606. BEN AND JERRY’S 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Sun-Thu, Noon-9pm Fri-Sat for delivery to your location from Grubhub, Ubereats, Postmates, and Bend Takeout. You can also order and pay for an ice cream cake online and pick it up at the shop. Curbside and in-house pickup is also available. 680 SW POWERHOUSE DR, #101., RESTAURANTJI.COM/OR/BEND/ BEN-AND-JERRY-S-/ 541-312-8115. BEND BOWLS 2021 Takeout: In-house pickup. BEND OR, 541-241-0189. BEND BREWING COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Menu items include fish and chips, burgers, chicken bacon wraps, fries, and kid-friendly options. Inhouse and walkup window pickup, Chownow, and Doordash. 1019 NW BROOKS ST., BENDBREWINGCO.COM 541-383-1599. BEND BURGER COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu is available for takeout, including the Bend Burger, Broken Top Burger, and a variety of sandwiches and salads. All takeout is through curbside and inhouse pickup. No delivery. 1939 NE 3RD ST., BENDBURGER.COM 541-382-1914. BEND BURGZ N DOGZ 2021 Takeout: Takeout is available 11am-9pm every day. Menu items include sausages, burgers, and french fries. Takeout is through pickup and Grubhub. 745 SW COLUMBIA ST., 541-610-4969. BEND GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sat 11am-8pm. Items such as the Soup of the Day, chili, burgers, curry bowls and quesadillas. Pick-up only. 61045 COUNTRY CLUB DR., BENDGOLFCLUB.COM 541-382-3261. BEND MOUNTAIN COFFEE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 8am-3pm. Menu items include the turkey sandwich and the breakfast sandwich. Pickup only. 180 NW OREGON AVE., ON FACEBOOK 541-317-4881. BEND-O BENTO JAPANESE KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 10:30am-3pm Mon-Fri. Full menu is available for takeout and can be viewed on Facebook. Menu items include the chicken teriyaki bento, tofu steak bento, miso soup, and chicken curry. Walk-up/curbside pickup and ordering. 1375 SE WILSON AVE #105, 541-323-3357.

BEST WESTERN PREMIER 2021 Takeout: 4-10pm daily. Full menu available through in house and curbside pickup, Ubereats, Grubhub and Postmates. 1082 SW YATES DRIVE, BESTWESTERNPREMIERBEND.COM 541-389-8800. BETHLYN’S GLOBAL FUSION 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Wed-Sun. Full menu (excluding crab items) is available through takeout, including items such as the Coconut Noodle bowl, Korean Fusion bowl, and taco options. Takeout and delivery options are through in-house and curbside pickup, DoorDash, Ubereats, Bend Takeout 1075 NW NEWPORT AVE., BETHLYNSGLOBALFUSION.COM 541-617-0513.


Dish: Holy Eggplant


Price: $16


Natalie Puls

BEVEL CRAFT BREWING 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sun Noon-9pm, Sun Noon-8pm for to-go beer sales, Growlers will be fully sanitized, 32oz Crowlers available on-site. See menu for options for fills: bevelbeer.com/current-menu, FREE Beer delivery in Bend: Place order before 4pm and it will arrive before 6pm. Delivery orders here: bevelbeer.com/bevel-beer-delivery/ 911 SE ARMOUR RD. SUITE B, BEVELBEER.COM/ 541-972-3835.

BIG O BAGELS - EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Menu items include breakfast sandwich, club sandwich, and turkey and avocado sandwich. Curbside and in-house pickup, available, as well as Doordash for delivery. 2625 NE BUTLER MARKET RD., FACEBOOK.COM/BIGOBAGELS 541-306-4096. BIG O BAGELS - SOUTH 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Menu items include breakfast sandwich, club sandwich, and turkey and avocado sandwich. In-house and curbside pickup available, no delivery. 61419 S HWY 97, FACEBOOK.COM/BIGOBAGELS 541-317-3924. BIG O BAGELS - WESTSIDE 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Menu items include breakfast sandwich, club sandwich, and turkey and avocado sandwich. In-house and curbside pickup only, no delivery. 1032 NW GALVESTON AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/BIGOBAGELS 541-383-2446. BIG SKI’S PIEROGI 2021 Takeout: Takeout is available seven days a week, 11-7pm. Full menu is available through takeout, including items such as the potato and bacon cheese, pizza, and cheese chicken. Pickup only. 70 SW CENTURY DR., ON FACEBOOK. BIG SKI’S PIEROGI 2021 Takeout: Takeout is available every day, 11-7pm. Full menu is available through takeout, including items such as the potato and bacon cheese, pizza, and chicken with cheese. Pickup only. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE., BIGSKISPIEROGI.COM/. BIRDIES CAFE 2021 Takeout: 7am-1pm daily. Full menu available through in-house pickup. Delivery options include Ubereats, Doordash and Bend Takeout. 1444 NW COLLEGE WAY, BIRDIESCAFEBEND.COM 541-728-0753. BISTRO 28 2021 Takeout: 4:30-8:30pm daily. Menu items include chicken wings, barbecue shrimp, and the Mediterranean plate. Pickup only. 61615 ATHLETIC CLUB DR., BISTRO28.COM 541-728-0065. BLACK BEAR DINER 2021 Takeout: 7am-8pm daily. Menu items include pancakes, chicken fried steak, omelettes, link sausage, and hash browns. Full menu available through in-house pickup, Bend Takeout, Postmates, Ubereats and Doordash. 1465 NE THIRD ST., BLACKBEARDINER.COM 541-312-8327.

BLEU BITE CATERING 2021 Takeout: offering takeout and delivery to all areas in Central Oregon. Mon-Sun, 9am-3pm. Check out the to-go menu and weekly specials on the website. 63060 NELS ANDERSON RD, BLEUBITECATERING.COM 541-388-1104. THE BLEU ROOSTER 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun 11am-7pm. Menu items include burgers, tacos, and pad thai. Pickup and Grubhub available. 1424 NE CUSHING DR., THEBLEUROOSTER.COM 541-598-4849. BOARD IN BEND 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm. Menu items include vegetarian chili, meat and cheese platters, and cornbread. In-house pickup available. Delivery options are through Grubhub and Bend Takeout. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE., 541-231-7123.

BROKEN TOP CLUB RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sun 11am-7pm. Menu items include pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, steaks and seafood. Takeout through in-house and curbside pick-up. Visit brokentop.com to view full lunch and dinner menus. For orders call 541-383-8200. 62000 BROKEN TOP DR., BROKENTOP.COM 541-383-8200. BROTHER JON’S PUBLIC HOUSE 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun-Tues 11am-10pm. See Facebook for menu details. In-house pickup only. 1227 NW GALVESTON AVE., BROTHERJONSPUBLICHOUSE.COM 541-306-3321. BROTHER JON’S ALEHOUSE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sun 11am-8:30pm. Menu items include barbecue ribs, flatbread, and a variety of soups. In-house and curbside pickup available. Delivery through Bend Takeout. 1051 NW BOND ST., BROTHERJONSALEHOUSE.COM 541-728-0102.

BOGEY’S BURGERS 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Menu items include the bacon cheeseburger, Hawaiian burger, and fries. Takeout is through in-house pickup only. 2115 NE HWY 20, BOGEYSBURGERS.COM 541-241-2890.

THE BROWN OWL 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 12am-8pm. Menu items include varieties of salads, sandwiches, and appetizers such as popcorn chicken. Walkup pickup available. Delivery through Ubereats and Grubhub. 550 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, BROWNOWLBEND.COM 541-797-6581.

BONEYARD PUB 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily. Menu items include burgers, wings, and sandwiches. Full menu available through in-house and walk-up window pickup, Grubhub. 1955 NW DIVISION ST., BONEYARDBEER.COM 541-241-7184.

BROWN’S BASICS BAKERY AND EATERY 2021 Takeout: Call for available times. Menu items include pies, cupcakes, and decorated cookies. Takeout through delivery and pick-up. 444 SE 9TH ST., BROWNS-BASICS-BAKERY-AND-EATERY.BUSINESS.SITE 406-207-4665.

BONTA - NATURAL ARTISAN GELATO 2021 Takeout: Noon-9pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse pickup and Doordash. 920 NW BOND ST. SUITE 108, 541-306-6606. BO’S FALAFEL BAR 2021 Takeout: Sun 11:30am-8pm, Wed-Sat 11:30am-9pm. Full menu available through in-house pickup, bosbend.com, Postmates and Doordash. 1366 NW GALVESTON AVE, BOSFALAFEL.COM 541-241-2074. BOS TAURUS STEAKHOUSE 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun 4:30-8:30. Updated menu online. In-house and curbside pickup available. 163 NW MINNESOTA AVE, BOSTAURUSSTEAK.COM/ 541-241-2735. BOSS RAMBLER BEER CLUB 2021 Takeout: 2-6pm daily. Full menu available through in house pickup, pickup window and local delivery. 1009 NW GALVESTON AVE., BOSSRAMBLER.COM/. BOWTIE CATERING CO 2021 Takeout: In-house pickup only. Order ahead through phone. Hours are 11am-5pm Mon-Fri. 61147 S HIGHWAY 97, 541-241-8711. BOXWOOD KITCHEN & SUPPER CLUB 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun 5-9pm. In-house pickup and delivery available. 330 SW POWERHOUSE DRIVE, BLDG. C, SUITE 150, BOXWOODKITCHEN.COM 541-797-0182. A BROKEN ANGEL 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sun 10am-6pm. Menu items include burritos, tofu tacos, and biscuits and mushroom gravy. Full menu available through curbside pickup and no contact delivery. 310 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, ABROKENANGEL.COM/ 541-550-7727.


What’s good about it: Holy Eggplant has depth. It features sliced Japanese eggplant perfectly stir fried with ground pork, Thai basil and peppers in a chili paste. The sauce’s spicy and subtle sweetness compliment the ground pork’s savory flavor without overpowering it—resulting in a rich dish with subtly different flavors in each bite. For a nice heat that still leaves room for the other flavors to shine, try a spice level three. But feel free to personalize it. It comes in spice level one to five. Deets on getting takeout: Wild Rose Thai is popular enough that their phone might be busy— especially during peak dinner hours—but just call back if needed. Once your order is placed, pickup is a breeze. Show up at the pickup time, park in one of the marked spaces in front of the restaurant and then they’ll come to you. They’ll ask your name and return with your food. No need to even exit the car.

BIG DOG GROWLERS 2021 Takeout: 4-6pm Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun Noon-4pm. Alcoholic beverages, kombuchas and ciders only. Takeout and delivery through online ordering, company delivery, in-house and curbside pickup. 61160 S HIGHWAY 97, BIGDOGGROWLERS.COM 541-749-7007. BIG ISLAND KONA MIX PLATE 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 11:30am-7pm. Full menu is available through takeout, including items such as beef and pork bowls, stir fry bowls, and chicken teriyaki. Curbside pickup and Grubhub available. 680 SW POWERHOUSE DR. #1004, KONAMIXPLATE.COM 541-633-7378.

Location: Wild Rose—Northern Thai Eats

BROKEN TOP BOTTLE SHOP 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun Noon-8pm. Menu items include a variety of sandwiches, salads, and entrees such as the quinoa bowl and sushi salad. Delivery and takeout through Grubhub, curbside and in-house pickup. 1740 NW PENCE LANE, BTBSBEND.COM 541-728-0703.

BUNK+BREW HISTORIC LUCAS HOUSE 2021 Takeout: Pop’s Southern Barbecue: Thu-Sun 11am-close. Pop’s Southern BBQ features true Southern BBQ dedicated to quality and technique. Alebrije Oaxaca Mexican: Wed-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 1-9pm. Delivery through DoorDash and BendTakeOut. Alebrije features authentic Oaxacan food and rotating specials. Both food trucks offer walk-up pickup but no delivery. Old Ironwood Taps brings the beer, wine, cider, and mead to The Yard and features a rotation of local taps and a stellar happy hour! 42 NW HAWTHORNE AVE, BUNKANDBREW.COM/ 458-202-1090. CABIN 22 2021 Takeout: 8am-10pm daily. In-house pickup and no-contact delivery available. 25 SW CENTURY DRIVE, CABIN22BEND.COM 541-306-3322. CABIN SOUTH BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: Open Daily Noon-8pm. Limited menu; takeout and outdoor dining. 19550 AMBER MEADOW DR. SUITE 120, CABIN22BEND.COM/ CAFÉ YUMM! EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm. Order online and pay ahead for contactless service at cafeyumm.com/neff-place. Menu items include sandwiches, soups, and original bowls. Call upon arrival for curbside pickup. Delivery through Grubhub and Doordash. 1500 NE CUSHING DR., CAFEYUMM.COM 541-322-9866. CAFÉ YUMM! 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm. Order online and pay ahead for contactless service at cafeyumm.com/neff-place. Menu items include sandwiches, soups, and original bowls. Call upon arrival for curbside pickup. Delivery through Grubhub and Doordash. 325 SW POWERHOUSE DR., CAFEYUMM.COM 541-318-9866. CASCADA RESTAURANT AT PRONGHORN 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily, see website for hour changes in holidays. Menu items include varieties of chicken, burgers, and salads. Takeout through in-house and curbside pickup. 65600 PRONGHORN CLUB DRIVE, PRONGHORNRESORT.COM 541-693-5300. CASCADE LAKES LODGE 2021 Takeout: 2-8pm daily. Menu items include hot wings, yakisoba, and cheeseburgers. Takeout through in-house and curbside pickup. Delivery through Ubereats, Doordash and Bend Takeout. 1441 SW CHANDLER AVE., CASCADELAKES.COM 541-388-4998.

WINTER 2021 • 5

GRAND OPENING As a quality focused roasting company our goal is to explore the depths; to understand roasting and to truly discover the impact of the coffees we choose to offer. We strive to make sustainable choices and to spread love and kindness into our community. 210 SW CENTURY DR.



Kebabs • Falafel • Gyros • Salads • Much More TAKE OUT • PATIO DINING • ONLINE ORDERING


1004 NW Newport Avenue in Bend

(Corner of SW Simpson & Century, at new Westside Yard Apts)

kebaba.com • 541.318.6224


CHAN’S 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu 11:30am-9pm, Fri 11:30am-9:30pm, Sat Noon-9:30pm, Sun Noon-9pm. Menu items include scallops, chicken and shrimp, and Mongolian beef. Takeout through Doordash and in-house pickup. 1005 SE THIRD ST., CHANSCHINESE.COM 541-389-1725.

CROUTONS - EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-3pm. Menu items include hummus and flatbread, grilled cheese, and chicken pesto. Full menu available through online ordering, in-house and curbside pickup, Postmates, and Bend Takeout (preferred). 564 NE GREENWOOD AVE., CROUTONSTOGO.COM 541-728-0825.

CHI CHINESE & SUSHI BAR 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun 4-9pm. Call or order online. In-house and curbside pickup only. 3118 NORTH HIGHWAY 97, BENDCHI.COM 541-323-3931.

CRUX FERMENTATION PROJECT 2021 Takeout: Mon-Wed 11:30am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm. Takeout through in-house and curbside pickup. Menu items include soups and pastas. 50 SW DIVISION ST., CRUXFERMENTATION.COM 541-385-3333.

CHICKEN BONZ 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sun 11am-8pm. Menu items include wings, beans, and french fries. Takeout through in-house and curbside pick-up. Delivery through Grubhub. 143 SW CENTURY DR., CHICKENBONZ.COM 541-728-0345. CHINA DOLL 2021 Takeout: Takeout available Mon-Fri 11am-9pm and sat Noon-9 PM. Menu items include crab puffs, egg rolls, and beef chow fun. Delivery through Grubhub, Ubereats, and DoorDash. In-house and curbside pickup available. 547 NE BELLEVUE DR., CHINADOLLBEND.COM 541-312-9393. CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL 2021 Takeout: 10:45am-10pm daily. All menu items available. In-house pickup and Grubhub available. 222 NE EMERSON AVE., 541-382-4295. CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL NORTH BEND 2021 Takeout: 10:45am-10pm daily. All menu items available. In-house pickup and Grubhub available. 20523 N ROBAL RD., 541-678-5008.

CUBAN KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sat Noon-8pm. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup as well as Grubhub and no contact delivery. 133 SW CENTURY DRIVE, CUBANKITCHENBEND.COM 541-797-6587. CURB B Q 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily. Full menu available on website: Bendsbestbbq.com. Order online through ontapbend.com. Order for delivery through bendtakeout.com Menu items include barbecue chicken wrap and brisket sandwich. 1424 CUSHING RD., CURBBQBEND.COM 541-633-7894. CURBSIDE BACON 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 2pm-8pm, Sun 3pm-7pm. Menu items include risotto cakes, polenta, and burgers. Takeout through pickup. 1177 SE 9TH ST, 503-780-1189. D&D BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: Open daily 3-11pm with a limited menu. Call to order! 927 NW BOND ST., FACEBOOK.COM/DANDDBEND 541-382-4592.

CHOMP CHOMP 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Everyday, Full menu at chompchomp-bend.com, Call in or order online. 945 BOND ST., 541-797-6909.

DAKINE GRINDZ 2021 Takeout: Noon-9pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse pickup and Doordash. 1142 NW GALVESTON AVE SUITE #2, ON FACEBOOK. (503) 740-3326.

CHOW 2021 Takeout: 8am-2pm daily. Menu items include pizza, teriyaki, and huevos rancheros. Takeout orders can be made through chowbend.com. In-house pickup available. 1110 NW NEWPORT AVE., CHOWBEND.COM 541-728-0256.

DANDY’S DRIVE-IN 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu 10:30am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10:30am-8:pm. Full menu available through in-house pickup only. No delivery options. 1334 NE THIRD ST., ON FACEBOOK. 541-382-6141.

CHOW BURGER 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 9am-8pm; order online or at the window. 735 NW COLUMBIA ST., BENDINSPOON.COM/CHOW-BURGER-MENU

DANG’S VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat 9:30am-9pm, Sun 10:30am-9pm. Full menu available, with delivery through Doordash and Grubhub as well as in-house pickup. 1180 SE THIRD ST. STE. #103, DANGSVIETNAMESERESTAURANT.COM 541-385-8888.

CIBELLI’S PIZZA EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Full menu available for takeout! Available during normal business hours. In-house pickup only, no delivery options. 2095 NE HWY 20, CIBELLIS.COM 541-385-8646. CIBELLI’S PIZZA WEST 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Full menu available for takeout! Available during normal business hours. In-house pickup only, no delivery options. 738 NW COLUMBIA ST., CIBELLIS.COM 541-385-8646. CIBELLI’S PIZZA 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Full menu available for takeout! Available during normal business hours. In-house pickup only, no delivery options. 61249 S. HWY 97, CIBELLIS.COM 541-749-1099. COREY’S BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: Daily 7am-1:30am. Menu items include fried chicken, oyster, and a variety of salads. Takeout through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 928 NW BOND ST., FACEBOOK.COM/COREYSBENDOREGON 541-317-1468.

DEEPLY ROOTED 2021 Takeout: Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Healthy meals, juices, and local wines and beers! Delivery is free within 5 miles and for orders of $50 or more. Available 11am-8pm daily, with delivery through Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats, Bend Takeout, Chownow, as well as curbside and in-house pickup. 1133 NW WALL ST STE 100, DEEPLYROOTEDBEND.COM 541-797-6662. DELISH DONUTS 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 5:30am-3pm, Sun and Mon 6:30am-2pm (or until sold out). Full menu available through in-house pickup. Accepts all forms of payment and can take orders over phone and pay over phone. 3188 N. HWY 97 STE #104, 541-647-2337. DESCHUTES BREWERY & MOUNTAIN ROOM 2021 Takeout: Curbside pickup only for online placed orders and requested delivery through deschutesbrewery.com. Available from noon-5pm daily. Full menu available. 901 SW SIMPSON AVE., DESCHUTESBREWERY.COM/LOCATIONS/BREWERY 541-385-8606.

COUNTRY CATERING 2021 Takeout: Tue-Fri 11am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm. Whole menu available through takeout! Delivery through Grubhub. Pickup options include curbside and in-house. 900 SE WILSON AVE., BENDCATERING.COM 541-383-5014.

DESCHUTES BREWERY PUBLIC HOUSE 2021 Takeout: Sun-Thu 11:30am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm. Menu items include beer, pizza, and burgers. Full menu is available. Delivery is through Doordash and Mobilebytes. Curbside and in-house pickup. 1044 NW BOND ST., DESCHUTESBREWERY.COM 541-382-9242.

CRAFT KITCHEN AND BREWERY 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sat Noon-7pm. Full menu available through takeout except oysters. Delivery through Bend Takeout. In-house pickup for pick up orders. 62988 NE LAYTON AVE., CRAFTKITCHENANDBREWERY.COM 541-668-1766.

DOGWOOD COCKTAIL CABIN 2021 Takeout: Thu-Sun 2-10pm with most drinks and dishes. Take & Shake cocktails (Beetnik & Poco Loco) available to enjoy at home. 147 NW MINNESOTA AVE., THEDOGWOODCOCKTAILCABIN.COM 541-706-9949.

CRATER LAKE SPIRITS DOWNTOWN TASTING ROOM 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-7pm. In-house and curbside pickup available. No delivery options. 1024 NORTHWEST BOND STREET, CRATERLAKESPIRITS.COM/ DOWNTOWN-BEND/ (541) 480-3483. CROSS CUT WARMING HUT NO 5 2021 Takeout: Open Sun-Thu Noon-8pm, Fri-Sat Noon-9pm. Three food carts including Abe Capanna's Detroit Pan Pizza + Italian, Incred-a-bowl and Gyro Power. 566 SW MILL VIEW WAY, CROSSCUTBEER.COM/ CROUTONS 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-3pm. Menu items include hummus and flatbread, grilled cheese, and chicken pesto. Full menu is available through in-house pickup. 335 SW CENTURY DR., CROUTONSTOGO.COM 541-330-1133.

Lisa Sipe

DOUBLE HAPPINESS 2021 Takeout: Carry out available from 11:30am-9:30pm daily. Choose from a variety of options on Double Happiness’ diverse menu. In-house and curbside pickup available, with in-house delivery 2115 NE HWY 20, DHCHINESE.COM 541-318-7886. THE DOUGH NUT 2021 Takeout: Fri-Sun 7am-11:30pm. Full menu available. Inhouse pickup available. Order through doordash.com. 1227 NW GALVESTON AVE., THEDOUGHNUTOREGON.COM 541-241-8788. THE DOUGH NUT 2021 Takeout: Daily 7am-2pm. Full menu available. In-house pickup available. Order through grubhub.com, doordash.com, seamless.com and trycaviar.com. 755 NE GREENWOOD AVE., THEDOUGHNUTOREGON.COM 541-241-8788.

FIX & REPEAT DRAKE 2021 Takeout: Sun 10am-9:30pm, Mon-Thu 11am-9:30pm, Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 10am-10pm. Drake is offering an assortment of takeout items from Washington Dining & Cocktails. Items include Zombie Fries, burgers, Pickle brined chicken wings, a variety of delicious salads and more. Curbside and in-house pickup. Text 857-294-2273 upon arrival. 801 NW WALL ST., DRAKEBEND.COM 541-306-3366. DUDA’S BILLIARD’S BAR 2021 Takeout: Sun-Thu Noon-Midnight, Fri-Sat Noon-2am. Aussie pies, sausage rolls, beer and more! Request free delivery within five miles of bar. Online pickup available from 11am-1pm. Alternate times available by request. Order here: www.dudasco.com 1020 NW WALL ST., DUDASBILLIARDSBAR.COM 541-213-2321. DUDLEY’S BOOKSHOP CAFE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Tue 10am-1:30pm, Wed-Sat 10am-4pm. Full menu available through curbside pickup and Grubhub. 135 NW MINNESOTA AVE., DUDLEYSBOOKSHOPCAFE.COM 541-749-2010. DUMP CITY DUMPLINGS 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sun 1-7pm. Full menu available through inhouse pickup and Grubhub. 384 UPPER TERRACE DR., ON FACEBOOK. 541-323-6243. DUTCH BROS 2021 Takeout: Sun-Thu 5am-10pm, Fri-Sat 5am-11pm. Drive-thru and to go orders are more than welcome! Freezes, energy drinks, classic coffees and more. Full menu available through pickup and Doordash. 61223 S HWY 97, 62995 N HWY 97 1143 NE THIRD ST., 603 SE 3RD ST., 2155 NE HWY 20, 120 SW CENTURY DR., 541-955-4700 EAGLES NEST RESTAURANT & BANQUETS 2021 Takeout: Hours are Fri-Sat 4-8pm. No delivery or curbside pickup, in-house pickup only. Entire menu available through takeout. 18575 SW CENTURY DR, 541-693-9110. EL CAPORAL FAMILY MEXICAN RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: Takeout options include El Caporal’s entrees and appetizers and drinks like Bloody Marys and Margaritas. Daily from 11am-7pm until further notice. In-house pickup. 62040 NE 27TH ST., ELCAPORALCO.COM 541-318-1492. EL RANCHO GRANDE MEXICAN RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: Sat-Sun 11am-10pm, Mon-Fri 11am-9pm. Menu items include fajitas, enchiladas or tacos with all of the fixings plus rice and beans. Full menu available to order. Buy homemade jars of salsa to add to your pantry! Call 541-312-2022 to order. Curbside and inhouse pickup, Doordash, Grubhub and Postmates are available. CASCADE VILLAGE, 63455 N. HWY 97, DINEWITHDIABLO.COM 541-312-2022. EL RODEO CANTINA 2021 Takeout: 3-9pm daily. In-person and phone ordering available. Full menu available through curbside and in-house pickup as well as Postmates. 785 SE THIRD ST., FACEBOOK.COM/ELRODEO.CANTINA 541-617-5952. EL SANCHO TACO SHOP 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. Base menu still the same and the best way to get yummy tacos is to call in for pickup! This way you get a more accurate wait time. Full menu available through in-house pickup and Grubhub. 335 NE DEKALB AVE., ELSANCHOBEND.COM 458-206-5973. EL SANCHO TACO SHOP WESTSIDE 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun 11am–10pm. Full menu available through takeout, with in-house pickup available. 1254 NW GALVESTON AVE, 541-797-7999. ELEVATION 2021 Takeout: The Shirley Ray food truck is now open for takeout! Takeout through walk-up pickup, with the full menu available. Takeout only is available on Fridays. No delivery. 2555 NW CAMPUS VILLAGE WAY (COCC), ELEVATIONBEND.COM 541-318-3735.

EMW FUSION 2021 Takeout: Thu-Sun 11:30am-7pm. Full menu available through takeout. Delivery through Ubereats and Bend Takeout (only specific items available through third party delivery services, see online). Curbside and in-house pickup available. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE., EMWFUSION.COM 503-853-4482. ESTA BIEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Delivery available through Doordash. Order through doordash.com, trycaviar.com and ubereats.com 221 NW HILL ST., FACEBOOK.COM/ESTA-BIEN 541-318-1111. FIVE GUYS 2021 Takeout: Full menu available and curbside pickup only. Hours are 11am-10pm daily. 222 NE EMERSON, FIVEGUYS.COM 541-797-7787. FIX & REPEAT 2021 Takeout: Sun-Thu 9:30am-3pm, Fri-Sat 9:30am-7:30pm. Free delivery within a 4-mile radius via BendTakeout, UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub 555 NW ARIZONA AVE #50, FIXANDREPEAT.COM 541-385-9603. FLATBREAD NEAPOLITAN PIZZERIA 2021 Takeout: Family Feasts! Pizzas for $12, Pastas for $20 and Salads for $15. Hours are Noon-8pm daily. Full menu available, with delivery through website, Doordash, and Takeout Today. In-house and curbside pickup available. 375 SW POWERHOUSE DR., FLATBREADPIZZA.COM 541-728-0600. FRICKEN FACO 2021 Takeout: Fried chicken, fish tacos, and more! Walk up for takeout or call ahead! Delivery options are also available through GrubHub and Uber Eats. 11am-9pm daily. Walk-up pickup, order through phone or online. No delivery. 745 NW COLUMBIA ST., THELOTBEND.COM/FRICKENFACO 541-588-2597. THE GARDEN CAFE & ORA JUICE CO. 2021 Takeout: Noon-4pm Wed-Sat. Order at orajuiceco.com. Pickup only, no delivery. 519 NW COLORADO AVE., ORAJUICECO.COM/ 541-389-3132. THE GARDEN GRILLE & BAR BY HILTON 2021 Takeout: 6-10am Mon-Fri, 7-11am Sat-Sun for breakfast. Menu items include citrus salmon, eggs benedict, and omelets. In-house pickup only. 425 SW BLUFF DR., 541-617-6111. GOODLIFE BREWING 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 1-6pm. Grab some delicious GoodLife beer to go! 70 SW CENTURY DRIVE, SUITE 100-464, GOODLIFEBREWING.COM 541-728-0749. GOODY’S SODA FOUNTAIN & CANDY 2021 Takeout: 10am-9pm daily. Full menu available through takeout. Takeout options include curbside and in-house pickup. Orders can be placed by phone at 541-385-7085 or online https://shop.goodyschocolates.com/. 957 NW WALL ST., GOODYSCHOCOLATES.COM 541-389-5185. GREAT HARVEST BREAD CO. 2021 Takeout: 7am-5pm Mon-Fri. Curbside pickup available for delicious breads and baked goods. Call in to 541-389-2888 or order online at doordash.com, trycaviar.com or postmates.com 835 NW BOND ST., GREATHARVEST.COM 541-389-2888. GREEK STREET 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. Curbside and in-house pickup available. 745 NW COLUMBIA ST., THELOTBEND.COM/GREEK-STREET 541-640-1371. GREG’S GRILL 2021 Takeout: 10am-7pm daily. Pickup options include curbside and in-house pickup, with delivery through Doordash, Ubereats and Grubhub. 395 SW POWERHOUSE DR., GREGSGRILL.COM 541-382-2200.

WINTER 2021 • 7



Take Out & Delivery (Uber Eats) Online Ordering and Contactless Pick-Up! GET SOME! Bend’s Best Bloodies and Mimosas – NOW TO-GO! HELL YEAH! Bitchin’ Boiled Bagels ’ DaE vLOeUN’sGEBurritos! and Righteous Breakfast RockBAin CKSTAG STRO +BI Special Events To-Go AKA V-Day, Super Bowl + Paddy’s Day TM

Open Wed – Sun, 7:30 -2pm Text “RDEVENTS” to phone # “51660” to Join the Cool Kids VIP text Club 661 NE Greenwood Ave in Bend • RockinDaves.com • 541-318-8177


THE GRILL 1646 2021 Takeout: 10:46am–6:46pm Mon & Thu, 10:46am–7:46pm Fri-Sat, 11:46am–5:46pm Sun. Pickup available. 444 SE 9TH ST., GRILL1646.COM/ 541-418-2766. GROWLER PHIL’S 2021 Takeout: 10am-7pm Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri. Curbside pickup available. 1244 NW GALVESTON AVE., GROWLERPHILS.COM 541-306-3443. GYRO POWER 2021 Takeout: Wed-Thu 4-8pm, Fri Noon-9pm, Sat Noon-7pm. Online ordering available; delivery via BendTakeout. 566 SW MILL VIEW WAY, GYRO-POWER.SQUARE.SITE/ HARDY’S HOTWINGS HAMBURGERS & ICE CREAM 2021 Takeout: Wed-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 11:30am-8pm, Sun 11:30am-6:30pm. Full menu available, including burgers, ice cream and wings! Call ahead at 541-382-6962. In-house and curbside pickup available. No delivery. 3081 N HWY 97 SUITE 100, FACEBOOK.COM/HARDYSBURGERSBEND 541-382-6962. HEIDI’S GRILLED CHEESERY 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Takeout through pickup. No delivery. 19860 7TH ST., THEBITETUMALO.COM/HEIDIS-GRILLED-CHEESERY 541-241-4599. THE HIDEAWAY TAVERN 2021 Takeout: Pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and margarita kits to go! Order by phone and pickup at drive-up window. Thu-Fri 4-8pm, Sat-Sun 8am-8pm. 1756, 939 SE SECOND ST., HIDEAWAYTAVERNBEND.COM 541-312-9898. HIMALAYAN BITES 2021 Takeout: 11am-3pm Wed-Mon. Full menu available, including dumplings, noodles and curry. Takeout through curbside and in-house pickup, with delivery through Bend Takeout. 1424 NE CUSHING DRIVE, HIMALAYANBITES.COM 541-410-4431. HOGAN’S HOAGIE STOP 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 11am-3pm. Pickup only. Menu items include a variety of hoagies and grilled cheese options. View full menu at https://hogans-hoagie-stop.square.site/ 787 NE PURCELL BLVD., HOGANSHOAGIESTOP.BUSINESS.SITE/ 541-390-1004. HOLA! EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: 11am-9:30pm daily. Choose from the full menu, fill up your growlers, get beer cans to go, snag a bottle of margarita mix and more! In-house and curbside pickup available, with delivery through Doordash and Ubereats. 2670 NE HWY 20, HOLABEND.COM 541-389-4652. HOLA! DOWNTOWN 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. Choose from the full menu, fill up your growlers, get beer cans to go, snag a bottle of margarita mix and more! In-house and curbside pickup available, with delivery through Ubereats and Doordash. 920 NW BOND ST., HOLABEND.COM 541-728-0069. HOLA! OLD MILL 2021 Takeout: Noon-9pm daily. Choose from the full menu, fill up your growlers, get beer cans to go, snag a bottle of margarita mix and more! In-house and curbside pickup available, with delivery through Ubereats. 680 SW POWERHOUSE DR., HOLABEND.COM 541-647-2711. HONEY AND PINE COFFEE COMPANY 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 6am-6pm, Sat-Sun 7am-4pm.Takeout only, no delivery. 644 SE 9TH ST, 541-604-0822. HONG KONG RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Mon-Sat. Full menu available, including chow mein, pork noodles or the Pad Thai! Call in at 541-3898880. Open until 7:30pm. In-house pickup available, with delivery through Bend Takeout and Doordash. 530 SE THIRD ST., HKRESTAURANTBEND.COM 541-389-8880. THE HUMAN BEAN 2021 Takeout: 5am-8pm Mon-Sat, 5am-6pm Sun. In-house pickup only, no delivery options. 1041 NE 9TH ST., THEHUMANBEAN.COM/ 541-382-0659.

HUMM KOMBUCHA TAPROOM 2021 Takeout: Open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm; food cart outside. 1125 NE 2ND ST., 541-306-6329. IDA’S CUPCAKE CAFE 2021 Takeout: Pickup, local delivery & Mail order available 1155 SW DIVISION ST, IDASCUPCAKECAFE.COM 541-678-5057.


INDUSTRIAL JOE’S COFFEE 2021 Takeout: 6:30am-4pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm Sat. Drive through pickup only, no delivery. Full menu currently available for takeout. 444 SE 9TH ST., 541-280-4862. INCRED-A-BOWL 2021 Takeout: Bowls and better burgers. Open Thu-Tue Noon8pm. Available for pickup. Delivery via GrubHub, Postmates 566 SW MILL VIEW WAY, 541-610-6594.

J DUB 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu Noon-9pm, Fri Noon-10pm, Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 9am-9pm. In-house and curbside pickup available. No delivery. 932 NW BOND ST., JDUBBEND.COM 541-797-6335. JACKSON’S CORNER WESTSIDE 2021 Takeout: 7am-9pm daily. Full menu available through takeout. Check out the “All-Day Menu” on their website, with breakfast, pizza or pasta anytime. Also offering a wide selection of beer, wine and house-made breads, pastries and pre-packaged grocery items in the market. Takeout through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 845 NW DELAWARE AVE., JACKSONSCORNERBEND.COM 541-647-2198. JACKSON’S CORNER EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: 7am-9pm daily. Full menu available, including a variety of pizzas and pastas as well as breakfast items such as biscuits and gravy. Takeout through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 1500 NE CUSHING DR., JACKSONSCORNERBEND.COM 541-382-1751. JAKE’S DINER 2021 Takeout: 8am-1pm daily. Full menu available through takeout, including chicken fried steak, omelets, and benedicts. In-house delivery, pickup and curbside pickup available. 2210 NE HWY 20, JAKESDINERBEND.COM/ 541-382-0118. JERSEY MIKE’S SUBS 2021 Takeout: 10am-8pm daily. Order a sandwich or wrap for pickup in store or through the Jersey Mike’s app or a third party delivery service! You may also call in to order. In-house and curbside pickup available. Order delivery through jerseymikes.com, seamless.com, grubhub.com, postmates.com, doordash.com and ubereats.com 143 SW CENTURY DR., JERSEYMIKES.COM 541-647-6108. JERSEY MIKE’S SUBS 2021 Takeout: 10am-9pm daily. Order a sandwich or wrap for pickup in store or through the Jersey Mike’s app or a third party delivery service! You may also call in to order. In-house and curbside pickup available. Order delivery through jerseymikes.com, seamless.com, grubhub.com, postmates.com, doordash.com and ubereats.com 222 NE EMERSON AVE, JERSEYMIKES.COM/32009/BEND-OR. JIMMY JOHN’S 2021 Takeout: 10:30am-8pm daily. Order online for pickup and grab your sandwich on your own terms: no-contact pickup shelf or delivery, curbside, or drive-thru. 330 SW POWERHOUSE DR., 541-633-7224. 2675 NE HWY 20, 541-408-9006. 20365 EMPIRE AVE., 541-389-9100. JIMMYJOHNS.COM Daniel Robbins

Price: $11.95

Deets on getting takeout: Owner Tan Vo’s friendly face and the welcoming vibe he’s fostered in his restaurant make every trip to Pho Viet a delight— whether you’re staying or just taking away.

JOOLZ 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 4-7pm, Fri-Sat 4-7:30pm. Find menu online at joolzbend.com or call 541-388-5094. We have weekly specials and can do large orders by appointment on days we are closed. Growler fills available! Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 916 NW WALL ST., JOOLZBEND.COM 541-388-5094. JUNO JAPANESE SUSHI GARDEN 2021 Takeout: 4-9pm daily. Full menu available. In-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 536 NW ARIZONA AVENUE, 808-226-7369. KANONA CAFE 2021 Takeout: 7am-4pm daily. Full menu of coffee and espresso drinks, 5 plant-based wellness lattes and a healthy food menu of raw, unprocessed acai bowls, smoothies, toasts. Call 541-318-6313 or order through GrubHub/Doordash. Curbside pickup available. 1142 NW GALVESTON AVE, KANONACAFE.COM 541-318-6313. KANPAI SUSHI & COCKTAILS 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sat 4-8pm. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 990 NW NEWPORT AVE., KANPAI-BEND.COM 541-388-4636. KEBABA 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Tue-Sun. Full menu available. Curbside pickup available, with delivery through Bend Takeout and Grubhub. 1004 NW NEWPORT AVE., KEBABA.COM 541-318-6224. KEFI FAST FRESH MEDITERRANEAN 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Delivery through website. Full menu and curbside pickup available. 20520 ROBAL LN. #120, 541-797-6554. KELLY D’S IRISH SPORTS BAR 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun 9am-10pm. Menu items include a variety of burgers, salads, soups and sandwiches. No delivery. 1012 SE CLEVELAND AVE., KELLYDS.COM 541-389-5625. KENNEDY’S COFFEE HOUSE 2021 Takeout: 7am-1pm Mon-Fri, 8am-1pm Sat, 8am-Noon Sun. Full menu available through takeout. No delivery. 1444 NW COLLEGE WAY, 541-306-3830. KING BUFFET 2021 Takeout: 11-8 daily. Full menu available. In-house and curbside pickup. Delivery through Ubereats, Doordash and Grubhub. 2000 NE 3RD ST., ON FACEBOOK. 541-388-2988. LA ROSA 2021 Takeout: 3-8pm Fri-Sat, 3-7:30pm Sun, 3-7:30pm Tue-Thu. Delicious Mexican food ready for carry out or curbside pickup! Call in or order online. larosabend.com. No delivery. 19570 AMBER MEADOW DRIVE, LAROSABEND.COM 541-318-7210. LA ROSA NW CROSSING 2021 Takeout: Tue-Sun 3-7:30pm. Full menu available through takeout. Call in or order online. www.larosabend.com. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 2763 NW CROSSING DRIVE, LAROSABEND.COM 541-647-1624. LAUGHING PLANET 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Order in person or call in an order to go! Delivery through DoorDash. Full menu available. Stock your freezer up with Laughing Planet’s delicious burritos! 913 NE THIRD ST., LAUGHINGPLANETCAFE.COM 541-306-3995.


Location: Pho Viet & Cafe What’s good about it: Pho is a quintessential wintertime staple; filled with aromatic herbs and that signature anise flavor, combined with fresh bean sprouts, rice noodles and varying types of meat. I’m a fan of the one that comes with brisket, but the restaurant’s list is long and lets you choose from any number of adventurous options. Pho Viet’s soups, in the era of takeout-only, come ready for a sog-proof meal. Noodles come separate from the broth; fresh veggies and herbs are separated out too. Add them all to a big bowl at home and you’re good to go. Had I been hungrier on the day I got the pho, I might have added a bahn mi— the delightful Vietnamese sandwich I find hard to resist in almost any iteration. Also highlights for the Source crew are the Fried Rice and the Pad Thai— made in a Vietnamese style that sets it apart from others you might have tried.

IMMERSION BREWING 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm daily. Full menu available, including a variety of burgers, tacos and salads. Takeout through curbside and in-house pickup, no delivery. 550 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, IMBREWING.COM 541-633-7821.

INFERNO GRILL 2021 Takeout: Pickup available at the Jackalope Grill! Check out their menu online at jackalopegrill.com and call 541-318-8435 to order. They will answer phones starting at 3pm but you can leave a message if you call earlier. Menu will continue to evolve over the next few weeks. Closed at 9pm. 310 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, 541-633-8311.

Dish: Tái Nam Gâu—aka P3., pho with eye of round steak, well-done flank and rich brisket

LEFT COAST BURGER COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. You’ve got to try these burgers and delicious shakes! Order through seamless.com, grubhub. com, cake.net or ubereats.com 63455 N HWY 97, 541-797-6820.

LEMON TREE 2021 Takeout: Open 9am-1pm Tue-Sun for takeout and curbside pickup; delivery via Chownow. Menu items plus family dinners to take away. 718 NW FRANKLIN AVE., LEMONTREEBEND.COM 541-241-5306. LIFE & TIME: FREE RANGE FAST FOOD 2021 Takeout: 7am-8pm daily; lunch available 7am-10:30am, lunch available 10:30am-close. burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches and more, along with the full menu available for takeout. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 320 SW CENTURY DRIVE, #100, LIFEANDTIME.COM 541-797-0168. LITTLE PIZZA PARADISE 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon-Sat, Noon-8pm Sun. Delivery is available through Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats and Postmates. Curbside pickup available. 63455 N HWY 97, LITTLEPIZZAPARADISE.COM 541-312-2577. LIVELY UP YOUR SELF 2021 Takeout: Try some vegan meats to go! Order online at DoorDash or Grub Hub. Call in for takeout at 541-508-7559. Fri-Wed 8am-6pm. 1661 NE 4TH STREET, 541-508-7559. LONE PINE COFFEE ROASTERS 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm. Grab a coffee to go! Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 910 NW HARRIMAN, LONEPINECOFFEEROASTERS.COM 541-306-1010. LONGBOARD LOUIE’S EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-3pm. Delivery through Doordash, Ubereats and Bend Takeout. 62080 DEAN SWIFT RD., LONGBOARDLOUIES.COM 541-383-5889. LOONEY BEAN 2021 Takeout: 7am-3pm daily. Walk-up window only. Call in or come to walk-up window in front to order. 961 NW BROOKS ST., LOONEYBEAN.COM 541-408-9142. LOS JALAPEÑOS TAQUERIA 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 7:30am-8pm, Sat 7:30am-5pm. Full menu available for takeout. Delivery through DoorDash. Curbside pickup available. 601 NE GREENWOOD AVE., LOSJALAPENOSBEND.COM 541-383-1402. MARKET OF CHOICE 2021 Takeout: 7am-10pm daily. In-house pickup only for food items. No delivery. 115 NORTHWEST SISEMORE STREET, 541-382-5828. MAZATLAN 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-8:30pm Fri-Sat and Mon-Wed. Mazatlan will be open for takeout at both locations during their normal business hours. Delivery is available. Menu items include homemade enchiladas, burritos and soups made from scratch daily. Order through grubhub.com, seamless.com 61419 S. HIGHWAY 97, MAZATLANCENTRALOREGON.COM 541-385-8772. MCKAY COTTAGE 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Delivery only to nearby hotels. Full menu available for takeout, including pancakes, hashes, benedicts, and a variety of lunch options. In-house and curbside pickup, delivery available to the Shiloh Inn and the Riverhouse. 62910 O.B. RILEY RD., THEMCKAYCOTTAGE.COM 541-383-2697. MCMENAMINS OLD ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL 2021 Takeout: 8am-10pm daily. Check out their updated takeout menu online. Curbside and in-house pickup available, with delivery through Postmates and Doordash. 700 NW BOND ST., MCMENAMINS.COM/OLDSTFRANCIS 541-382-5174.

WINTER 2021 • 9

Noi will be

Open for Takeout Mon-Sat 11:30a-8p Sun 4-8pm

A Truly Thai Experience is here in Bend.

Catering Available Delivery Available on ordertakeouttoday.com 550 NW Franklin Ave Suite 148 (Entrance on Bond St.) | 541-647-6904


g n i t l e M e c a F Deliciousness Stop in Today! 725 NW Columbia

Order online chowburgerbend.com Follow @chowburgerbend

From the chef creators of

Chow Super Restaurant and Cottownwood Cafe in Sisters For more info: bendinspoon.com



hile recent times have prompted many to cook and eat more at-home meals, takeout food from local establishments is a nice way to change up the routine and support the community. Typically, January is a month for reset; New Year’s resolutions abound for cleaner living, more movement and healthier eating—and locally, there’s no shortage of places to try. Since 2013, a small, tucked-away live kitchen and juice bar in downtown Bend has been offering a fully gluten-free, organic menu. Salud Raw Food owner Corrine O’Shea says Salud currently offers fresh, organic juices, hot, nourishing tonics, limited breakfast and lunch items, desserts, plus daily hot soup specials. Orders can be placed online at saludrawfood.live or can be called in or placed in person weekdays from 9am to 3pm. A few blocks away in the Box Factory, Fix & Repeat, with its plant-based superfoods, macro bowls and jumbo power muffins, is also open for

takeout and delivery with limited outdoor seating onsite. Gluten-free sweets, teas and superfood hot drinks are also available daily. They’re now open evenings until 7:30pm Thursday through Sunday which makes them unique among the establishments featured in this article. Fix & Repeat Owner Leila Carter says the emphasis is on healthy, nutritious food that is not only good for you but also tastes amazing. “Everything we make, from our fresh juices to our superfood macro bowls, provide vitamin-packed ingredients that help our bodies and our planet thrive,” she explains. “It’s more important than ever to take care of each other, ourselves and our planet and we do that through food and our daily interactions with our customers.” Along with patio dining, people can also order online for free delivery or pickup at Active Culture Natural Foods Cafe on NW Riverside Boulevard in Bend. Madefrom-scratch lentil burgers, burritos, wraps, acai, brown Submitted

MEGAPHONE COFFEE CO. 2021 Takeout: 7am-1pm daily. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. Takeout through pickup only. 1009 GALVESTON, 541-678-2080.

MOTHER’S CAFE EASTSIDE 2020 Takeut: 8am-3pm daily. Full menu available. In-house pickup only, with delivery through Doordash and Bend Takeout. 62090 DEAN SWIFT RD., MOTHERSJUICECAFE.COM 541-647-6880.

MIDTOWN YACHT CLUB 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. In-house pickup. View full menu at untappd.com 1661 NE 4TH STREET.

NAKED WINERY BEND 2021 Takeout: Noon-6pm daily. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 330 SW POWERHOUSE DR #110, 541-386-3700.

MIO SUSHI 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon-Thu, 11am-9pm Fri-Sun. Full menu available through takeout except for alcoholic beverages. Delivery through Ubereats, Postmates, Doordash and Grubhub. 375 SW POWERHOUSE DR., MIOSUSHI.COM 541-241-1008.

NAM TOK KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-8:45pm Mon-Fri, Noon-7:45pm Sat. Full menu available. Delivery through Grubhub and Ubereats. 745 NW WASHINGTON DRIVE, NAMTOKKITCHEN.COM/ 541-508-4884.

MIYAGI RAMEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Full menu available for takeout. Curbside pickup available, with delivery through Ubereats, Postmates and Grubhub. 550 NE INDUSTRIAL WAY, SUITE 102, MIYAGIRAMEN.COM 541-797-7700. MOD PIZZA - DOWNTOWN 2021 Takeout: 10:30am-10pm daily. Order online or over the phone. Curbside pickup and delivery available. 110 NW SISEMORE ST SUITE 150, MODPIZZA.COM 541-317-4151. MOD PIZZA - NORTH 2021 Takeout: 10:30am-10pm daily. Order online or over the phone. Curbside pickup and delivery available. 20516 ROBAL ROAD, MODPIZZA.COM/LOCATIONS/BEND/ 458-256-3165. MONGOLIAN BBQ 2021 Takeout: Delivery and carryout offered through Grub Hub. 61535 S HWY 97, BENDMONGOLIANBBQ.WORDPRESS.COM 541-318-8500. MONKLESS BELGIAN ALES BRASSERIE 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Wed-Sun. Curbside and in-house pickup available. Order through seamless.com, grubhub.com and toasttab.com 803 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, MONKLESS.COM/ 541-797-6760. MOOSE SISTERS 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat Noon-6:30pm. Updated takeout menu online. Delivery through Ubereats. 63455 N HWY 97, MOOSESISTERS.COM 541-640-8285. MOTHER’S JUICE CAFE 2021 Takeout: Undergoing a remodel as of midJanuary; expected to reopen soon! 1255 NW GALVESTON AVE., MOTHERSJUICECAFE.COM 541-318-0989.

NANCY P’S CAFE & BAKERY 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Full menu available. In-house pickup for most orders. Could deliver under some circumstances. 1054 NW MILWAUKEE AVE., NANCYPS.COM 541-322-8778. NEW YORK CITY SUB SHOP 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sat 10am-3pm. We bake our Italian Bread fresh daily from scratch. Serving Bend since 1993. The Bronx, stacked with turkey and melted provolone cheese, is a tasty classic and the full-length sub could easily make three meals. Online ordering always available. Delivery through Doordash. In-house and curbside pickup 740 NE THIRD ST., NEWYORKCITYSUBSHOP.COM 541-330-0444. NOI THAI CUISINE 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-7:45pm Mon-Sat, 4pm-7:45pm Sun. Full menu available. Delivery: Call Noi or order through grubhub.com, bendtakeout.com 550 NW FRANKLIN AVE., NOITHAICUISINE.COM 541-647-6904. NORTHWEST WING SHOP 2021 Takeout: 11am–9pm Sat, 10:30am–7pm Sun, 1–9pm Thu, 4:45–9:30pm Fri. Menu items include wings, shrimp, fries and chicken strips. Pickup and no-contact delivery available. SPOKEN MOTO, 310 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, NORTHWESTWINGSHOP.COM/ 404-519-6624. NOSH STREET FOOD 2021 Takeout: Fri-Tue 12pm-9pm. Call or text 541-350-8610. Menu and specials on Instagram & Facebook. 911 SE ARMOUR RD, NOSHSTREETFOOD.COM 541-350-8610. OLDE TOWNE PIZZA 2021 Takeout: Mon-Thu 11am-8pm, Fri 11am-9pm, Sat Noon9pm, Sun 4-8pm. Full menu available, with pickup and delivery through curbside pickup, Grubhub, and in-house delivery. 118 NW GREENWOOD AVE., OLDTOWNEPIZZABEND.COM 541-318-9018.

rice and quinoa bowls, along with breakfast, smoothies and shakes are among the cafe’s healthy offerings. Continuing west up to Northwest Crossing, Sunny Yoga Kitchen is offering takeout, outside seating on warmer, sunny days and free online yoga classes. Owners Courtney and Amy Wright are happy to report that they’re still getting lots of great produce through Agricultural Connections and local Central Oregon farms. Sunny Yoga Kitchen is open middays every day except Wednesday and Thursday. Keep it fresh, keep it local has been the tagline for Mother’s Juice Café since 1999. The original westside location on Galveston is undergoing a remodel with a scheduled reopening by the end of this month (January). Meanwhile, locals can get coldpressed juices, smoothies, nut milks, CBD elixirs, breakfast and lunch from the eastside location on Dean Swift Road next to the eastside public library. Order online for takeout or local delivery. Just Cut Organic Juice Bar at 412 SW Evergreen Ave. in Redmond is on a mission to make the most delicious juices with produce that is “just cut,” never frozen, with no purees or additives. Get fruits and veggies together in the Super Juice, get your day going with the Spicy Wake Up blend or enjoy one of the freshly blended fruit smoothies or health shots to fuel and support the body with 100% organic ingredients. To-go orders and curbside service are available.

OLIVE GARDEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Sun-Thu, 11am-10pm Fri-Sat for curbside pickup. Delivery hours are 5-8pm daily. Full menu available! All delivery is through Olive Garden. To deliver, orders must be $50 or more, located within 15 minutes of the restaurant, and payment is taken over the phone. 63459 HWY 97, OLIVEGARDEN.COM 541-312-4760. ON TAP 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat-Sun Noon-6pm. Growlers, cans and bottles to-go. Beer menu online: ontapbend.com 1424 NE CUSHING DRIVE, ONTAPBEND.COM. ORCHID THAI CUISINE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm, Sat Noon-9:30pm. Order online or call. Full menu available, and delivery is through Doordash, Ubereats, and Postmates. Curbside pickup available. 1900 NE DIVISION ST., ORCHIDTHAIOREGON.COM 541-388-5177. THE OUTFITTER BAR AT SEVENTH MOUNTAIN RESORT 2021 Takeout: 4pm-10:30pm Mon & Wed-Fri, Sat 1pm-10:30pm, Sun Noon-9:30pm. Takeout through pickup. 18575 SW CENTURY DR., 541-382-3517. PACIFIC PIZZA & BREW 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 5-8pm, Sat-Sun Noon-8pm. Curbside pickup and delivery available. Order through cake.net 340 SW CENTURY DR., PACIFICPIZZABREW.COM 541-550-7887. PALATE A COFFEE BAR 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Full menu available. No delivery. 643 NW COLORADO AVE., PALATECOFFEEBAR.COM 541-321-8098. PALMER’S CAFE 2021 Takeout: 6:30am-1:30pm daily. Takeout through pickup. 645 NE GREENWOOD AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/1CHAP.PALMERS 541-389-9788. THE PANTRY 2021 Takeout: 8am-4pm Tue-Sun. Coffee, pastries, snacks and bulk pantry items, using a plastic-free ethos. Pickup at the takeout window and in-house pickup. 1124 NW NEWPORT AVE, 541-480-2947. PAPA MURPHY’S PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Sun-Thu, 11am-9pm Fri-Sat. Full menu available, with delivery through Grubhub, Ubereats, Postmates, Bend Takeout, and Grubhub. Curbside pickup available. 2155 NE HWY 20 #150, 541-797-0202. PARRILLA GRILL - WESTSIDE 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 635 NW 14TH ST., PARILLAGRILLBEND.COM 541-617-9600.


PASTINI PASTARIA 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-8pm daily. Full menu and curbside pickup available. Delivery through Ubereat, Bend Takeout, Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates. 375 SW POWERHOUSE DR., PASTINI.COM 541-749-1060. PFLÜCKE GRILLHAUS & BIERGARTEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-7:30pm daily. Full menu (besides breakfast items) available for takeout. Outdoor dining and curbside pickup available, with in-house delivery. 2747 NW CROSSING DR, 541-241-0224. PHILLY STYLE 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily. Full menu available. Walk-up ordering and in house pickup, with delivery through Bend Takeout and Doordash. 1424 NE CUSHING DR., PHILLYSTYLEBEND.COM 541-678-2063. PHO VIET & CAFE 2021 Takeout: 10:30am-9pm daily. Delivery through Grubhub. Curbside pickup available. 1326 NE THIRD ST., PHOVIETANDCAFE.COM 541-382-2929. PINE TAVERN 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm daily. Full menu available for takeout, including fish and chips, mac and cheese, and ribs. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 967 NW BROOKS ST., PINETAVERN.COM 541-382-5581. PISANO’S WOODFIRED PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 4-8pm Tue-Wed, 4-9pm Thu, Noon-9pm Fri-Sat, Noon-7pm Sun. Takeout through pickup only. No delivery. 64670 STRICKLER AVE., PISANOSBEND.COM 541-312-9349. PIZZA MONDO 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available. In-house pickup and delivery available. 811 NW WALL ST., PIZZAMONDOBEND.COM 541-330-9093. PLANKER SANDWICHES 2021 Takeout: 10am-5pm daily. Full menu available. Delivery to downtown locations only. 824 NW WALL ST., PLANKERSANDWICHES.COM 541-317-5717. PLANTD CAFE & MARKETPLACE 2021 Takeout: Launching a new Spring menu Mar. 23, available for takeout or delivery. Mon-Sat 8am-3:30pm. 1900 NE DIVISION ST., BEPLANTD.COM 541-668-7699. THE PODSKI 2021 Takeout: Fri-Sat 11am-Midnight, Sun-Thu 11am-10pm. Beer garden building closed; carts open, per each owner’s discretion. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE., THEPODSKI.COM.

WINTER 2021 • 11

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on your favorite loca l businesses Purchase discount gift certificates online at perks.bendsource.com

Small neighborhood spot serving vegan comfort food. Come for the vegan, stay for the flavor!

215 NW Hill Street Bend, Oregon 97703 541.383.5094 www.rootdownkitchen.com

Burgers, Fries, Soda, Milkshakes, Beer & Cider togo. We offer Vegan and Gluten free options. Bring your growler and get it filled with one of our rotating Taps of Beer, Cider or Kombucha! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and order through our website or call in for pick up. Delivery available through Grubhub, Doordash or Uber eats


(541) 797-6820 | LCBCBEND.COM



Best Pizza

23 Years & Running!

(541) 330-9093 811 NW Wall St.


Take Out Available Daily 11am – 7pm

SANDWICHES, SALADS, SOUP, BEER, CIDER AND NOW COCKTAILS TOGO! Check our special board for tasty rotating selections from our kitchen! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and order through our website or call in for pick up. Delivery available through Grubhub or Uber eats.


Food Specials Offered daily

Pick Up Only, No Delivery

hubcityred.com 2498 US 97 Redmond | 541-923-7101

21 and over

THE POINT PUB AND GRILL 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available for takeout, with delivery through Doordash and Grubhub. Curbside pickup available. 744 SW BOND ST., SUITE A, LOVEMYPOINT.COM/ 541-797-6828.

RIVER PIG SALOON 2021 Takeout: 2-10pm daily. Limited menu available online. Delivery through Ubereats. Curbside pickup available. 555 NW ARIZONA AVE., RIVERPIGSALOON.COM 541-385-6777.

POKE ROW 2021 Takeout: Online ordering available at www.pokerow.com. Delivery available through DoorDash and Bend TakeOut. 2735 NW CROSSING DR., POKEROW.COM 541-306-6796.

RIVER’S PLACE 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon-Fri & Sun, 11am-9pm Sat. Available for pickup orders! No delivery. 787 NE PURCELL BLVD, 541-550-8747.

PORT OF SUBS 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 9am-6pm. Full menu available, with delivery through Grubhub, Doordash and Postmates. Curbside pickup available. 63056 LOWER MEADOW DR., PORTOFSUBS.COM 541-388-1580.

RIVER’S PLACE 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon-Fri & Sun, 11am-9pm Sat. Available for pickup orders! No delivery. 787 NE PURCELL BLVD., RIVERSPLACEBEND.COM 541-525-5532.

PORTELLO WINE CAFÉ 2021 Takeout: Noon-7pm Wed-Sat, 4pm-7pm Mon-Tue. Loads of delicious bottles available to take home! Full menu available for takeout as well as curbside pickup. No delivery. 2754 NW CROSSING DRIVE, PORTELLOWINECAFE.COM 541-385-1777. POUR HOUSE GRILL 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm daily. View takeaway menu on Facebook. Delivery through Ubereats, Doordash and Grubhub. Curbside pickup available. 61276 HWY 97, THEPOURHOUSEGRILL.COM 541-388-2337. PRIMAL CUTS MARKET 2021 Takeout: 10am-7pm daily. Limited takeout menu includes soups and ham pies. Pickup through walkup window. No delivery. 1244 NW GALVESTON AVE., PRIMALCUTSMEATMARKET.COM 541-706-9308. RAGANELLI’S PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available. No delivery. 547 NE BELLEVUE DR., RAGANELLISPIZZA.COM 541-647-2343. RED ROAD PIZZA CO 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sun 11am–9pm. Takeout through pickup. 787 NE PURCELL BLVD., REDROADPIZZACO.COM/ 458-256-9609. RED ROBIN 2021 Takeout: Noon-7pm Sun-Thu, Noon-8pm Fri-Sat. Full menu available for takeout, with delivery through Doordash, Bend Takeout, Grubhub and Ubereats. 625 SW POWERHOUSE DR., REDROBIN.COM 541-382-9234. REED PUB CO. 2021 Takeout: Noon-10pm Mon-Sat, 1:30-8pm Sun. Takeout through pickup. 1141 SE CENTENNIAL COURT, ON FACEBOOK. 541-312-2800. THE RESTAURANT AT AWBREY GLEN 2021 Takeout: 4:30-6:30pm Tue-Sat. Takeout menu from a selection of the regular menu available for viewing online at www. awbreyglen.com. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 2500 NW AWBREY GLEN DR., AWBREYGLEN.COM 541-317-2885. RICHARD’S DONUTS & PASTRIES 2021 Takeout: 4:30am-3pm daily. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 61419 S HWY 97, ON FACEBOOK. 541-385-3310. RIFF - CRAFT FOOD & BEVERAGE TAPROOM 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Wed-Sat, 2-6pm Sun. Limited takeout menu available, items including cheeseboards and wines. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 555 NW ARIZONA AVE, SUITE 30, RIFFTAPROOM.COM 541-312-9330. RIGOBERTO’S TACO SHOP 2021 Takeout: 6am-3am Fri-Sat, 6am-Midnight Sun-Thu. Full menu available for takeout. Curbside pickup available. 1913 NE 3RD ST., ON FACEBOOK. 541-388-6783.



THE ROGUE CHEF 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Tue-Sun. Delivery through DoorDash. 19860 7TH ST., THEROGUECHEF.KITCHEN 541-678-2559.

Price: $9

Deets on getting takeout: Call in and pay over the phone to speed up the process, or order via Bend Takeout or Ubereats. When I pulled up to this homey, intimate spot, they came out to bring me my food as I was starting to get out of the car.

ROOT CELLAR 2021 Takeout: 9am-3pm Tue-Fri. Takeout through pickup. 1289 NE SECOND ST., ROOTCELLARSTAPLES.COM 541-797-0299.

SHINSEI SUSHI 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Mon-Fri. 11:30am-9:30pm Sat, 11:30am8:30pm Sun. Full menu available. In-house delivery available. Call ahead to place an order. Curbside pickup available. 63455 N. HWY 97, SHINSEIBEND.COM 541-306-3486.

STARBUCKS CASCADE VILLAGE 2021 Takeout: 6am-5:30pm daily. Delivery through Ubereats. Full menu available. Orders can be placed through the mobile app, then picked up through the drive-thru. 63455 NORTH HIGHWAY 97 #53, 541-382-2687.

ROOT DOWN KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-6pm Mon-Tue, 11am-3pm Wed, 11am-6pm Thu, 11am-7pm Fri, 11am-4pm Sat. All-vegan restaurant serving sandwiches and fun comfort food with creative flavors. Full menu available. Call ahead or order online for curbside pick up. Delivery through Bend Takeout and Ubereats. Curbside pickup available. 215 NW HILL ST., ROOTDOWNKITCHEN.COM 541-383-5094.

SHRED TOWN 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. Full menu available. Curbside pickup available, with delivery through Doordash. Place orders through shredtownfoodtruck.com 310 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, SHREDTOWNFOODTRUCK.COM 541-647-4399.

STARBUCKS 2021 Takeout: 5:30am-6:30pm daily. Delivery through Ubereats. Full menu available. Orders can be placed through the mobile app, then picked up in-house. 812 NW WALL ST., 541-382-9438.

SILVER MOON BREWING 2021 Takeout: 2-6pm Thu-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 24 NW GREENWOOD AVE., SILVERMOONBREWING.COM 541-388-8331.

STARS CABARET 2021 Takeout: 4-10pm daily. Takeout through pickup. 197 NE THIRD ST., STARSCABARET.COM 541-388-4081.

SINTRA 2021 Takeout: 8am-2pm daily. Menu items include omelettes, french toast, and stew. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. Delivery offered if delivered to downtown area. 1024 NW BOND ST., CAFESINTRA.COM 541-382-8004.

STIHL WHISKEY BAR 2021 Takeout: Open for drinks and takeout. Mon-Sun 4pm-close, brunch Sat-Sun 10am-2pm 550 NW FRANKLIN AVE. SUITE 118, FACEBOOK.COM/THESTIHLWHISKEYBAR 541-383-8182.

SOLOMON’S AT TETHEROW 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sun 4-9pm, last orders must be placed by 8 PM. Open for takeout orders. 61240 SKYLINE RANCH RD., TETHEROW.COM/DINE/SOLOMONS/ 541-213-2428.

STILL VIBRATO 2021 Takeout: Open Daily 6:30am-4pm. Available for pickup. 210 SW CENTURY DR., STILLVIBRATO.COM 541-977-1821.

ROSZAK’S FISH HOUSE 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-9pm Mon-Fri, 4-9pm Sat. Takeout through pickup. 1230 NE THIRD ST., 541-382-3173. ROUND TABLE CLUBHOUSE 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available, with delivery through Grubhub and Doordash. Curbside pickup available. 2940 N. HIGHWAY 97, ROUNDTABLEPIZZA.COM 541-389-2963. THE ROW AT TETHEROW 2021 Takeout: 7am-8pm daily. Full menu and curbside pickup available. No delivery. 61240 SKYLINE RANCH RD., TETHEROW.COM/DINE/THE-ROW/ 541-213-2429. SALUD RAW FOOD CAFE 2021 Takeout: Open Mon-Sat 9am-3pm for curbside pickup or takeout. 431 NW FRANKLIN AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/SALUDRAWFOOD 541-678-5368. SAN SIMÓN 2021 Takeout: in-house pickup 845 NW TIN PAN ALLEY, 541-323-0235. SCHLOTZSKY’S DELI 2021 Takeout: 9am-9pm daily. Full menu available. Delivery through Grubhub, Doordash and Ubereats. 62080 NE 27TH ST., SHOLOTZSKYSOREGON.COM 541-317-5980. SCOUTPOST 2021 Takeout: 8:30am-2pm Fri-Tue. Takeout through pickup. 310 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, SCOUTBEND.COM.

Nancy Patterson

SOPA MEXICAN CUISINE 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon-Sat. Full menu and curbside pickup available. No delivery. 787 NE PURCELL BLVD, 541-306-0569.

STONE PINE PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Wed-Mon. Full menu available, with delivery through Bend Takeout, Grubhub, Ubereats and Doordash. Curbside pickup available. 310 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, 541-640-9461.

SORA SUSHI 2021 Takeout: 11am-8:30pm daily. Full menu available, with delivery through Grubhub, Ubereats and Doordash. Curbside pickup available. 744 NW BOND ST., 541-318-3838.

STRICTLY ORGANIC COFFEE - OLD MILL 2021 Takeout: 6am-6pm Mon-Sat, 7am-6pm Sun. Full menu available, with delivery through Bend Takeout, Squarespace and Doordash. Curbside pickup available. 450 SW POWERHOUSE DR., STRICTLYORGANIC.COM 541-647-1402.

SOUTHERN ACCENT 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Tue-Sun. Full menu available. In-house pickup only. No delivery. 444 SE 9TH ST., FACEBOOK.COM/SOUTHERNACCENTBEND/ 541-797-1372.

STRICTLY ORGANIC COFFEE COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 6am-6pm Mon-Sat, 7am-6pm Sun. Full menu available, with delivery through Bend Takeout, Squarespace and Doordash. Curbside pickup available. 6 SW BOND ST., STRICTLYORGANIC.COM 541-330-6061.

SOUTHSIDE PUB 2021 Takeout: Open for pickup orders! No delivery. 61160 S. HIGHWAY 97, 541-383-7672. THE SPARROW BAKERY 2021 Takeout: 8am-2pm daily. Curbside pickup and no contact delivery available. Full menu avilable. Order delivery through ubereats.com and ordertakeouttoday.com 50 SE SCOTT ST., THESPARROWBAKERY.NET 541-330-6321. THE SPARROW BAKERY - NORTHWEST CROSSING 2021 Takeout: 8am-3pm daily. Full menu available. Curbside pickup available as well, with delivery through Ubereats. 2748 NW CROSSING DR., THESPARROWBAKERY.NET 541-647-2323. SPIDER CITY BREWING 2021 Takeout: 3-7pm Tue-Fri, 2-6:30pm Sat-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 1177 SE NINTH ST., SPIDERCITYBREWING.COM. SPOKEN MOTO 2021 Takeout: 8am-5pm daily. Takeout through pickup. No delivery. 310 SW INDUSTRIAL WAY, SPOKENMOTO.COM 541-306-6689. SPORK 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm everyday. Full menu avilable. Curbside pickup and delivery available. 937 NW NEWPORT AVE., SPORKBEND.COM 541-390-0946.


Location: Root Down Kitchen

What’s good about it: The Red Lentil Fritters at Root Down Kitchen, the all-vegan eatery in the old Bend neighborhood, are the stuff of a veggie-loving and carb-conscious eater’s dreams. The core of this meal is the fritters—soft with a bit of fried crunch— but what’s underneath and above them make them most noteworthy. A garlicky cilantro pesto, spicy aioli and an avocado crema all combine for explosions of flavor in your mouth, and have you wondering how they made something so creamy vegan. The bed of slaw under the fritters will have you glad there’s something so crunchy, satisfying and nutritious to balance out all the flavor.

ROCKIN’ DAVE'S BISTRO & BACKSTAGE LOUNGE 2021 Takeout: 7:30am-2pm Wed-Sun. Curbside pickup available. Order online at www.rockindaves.com. No delivery. 661 NE GREENWOOD AVE., ROCKINDAVES.COM 541-318-8177.

BEND IZAKAYA RONIN 2021 Takeout: 5-8pm Fri-Sat. View takeout menu at www.toasttab. com/ronin-sushi. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 70 SW CENTURY DR., #120, 541-797-4325.

Dish: Red Lentil Fritters

STARBUCK’S MEETING ROOM 2021 Takeout: 5:30am-8:30pm daily. Orders can be placed through the mobile app and pickup is through the drive-thru. Delivery through Ubereats. Full menu available. 61535 S HWY 97, 541-330-1998.

SUNNY YOGA KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-2:30pm Mon-Fri. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 2748 NW CROSSING, SUNNYYOGAKITCHEN.COM 541-678-3139. SUNNY’S CARRELLO 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Fri-Tue. Full menu available through takeout. No delivery. 787 NE PURCELL BLVD, SUNNYSCARRELLO.COM/ 541-678-0389. SUNRIVER BREWING CO. GALVESTON PUB 2021 Takeout: 11-8 Sun-Thu 11-9 Fri-Sat. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. Growlers and cans! 1005 NW GALVESTON AVE., SUNRIVERBREWINGCOMPANY.COM 541-408-9377. SUPER BURRITO - DOWNTOWN 2021 Takeout: 10am-8pm Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm Sun. In-house pickup only, no delivery. 1133 NW WALL, FACEBOOK.COM/PAGES/SUPER-BURRITO 541-312-2009. SUPER BURRITO EASTSIDE 2021 Takeout: 9am-8pm Mon-Sat, 9am-3pm Sun. In-house pickup only, no delivery. Full menu available! 2100 NE HWY 20, 541-388-5667. SZECHUAN CHINESE RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Menu items include broccoli beef, kung pao chicken and vegetable curry. Order delivery or pickup through Chownow. 1600 NE THIRD ST., BENDCHINESE.COM 541-383-9033.

WINTER 2021 • 13

Voted Bend’s Best New Restaurant! Come in or order online at Kefifresh.com and see what made us a winner! We now deliver...order through our website for delivery!!

541-323-6295 Open Daily 11am-8pm 20520 Robal Ln Suite 120 541-797-6554 Online ordering available at



Menu Available at www.900wall.com Call to Order

TACO DEL MAR NORTHSIDE 2021 Takeout: 10am-8:30pm Mon-Fri, 11am-8pm Sat-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 63455 N. HWY 97, TACODELMAR.COM 541-317-1112.

THUMP COFFEE - NW CROSSING 2021 Takeout: 6:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri. Full menu available through in-house pickup. 549 NW YORK DR., THUMPCOFFEE.COM 541-647-2284.

TACO SALSA 2021 Takeout: 6:30am-3pm Mon-Sat, 7:30-3pm Sun. Full menu available through drive-thru pickup. No delivery. 1365 NW GALVESTON AVE., 541-318-6243.

THUMP COFFEE - SOUTHERN CROSSING 2021 Takeout: Takeout available, some delivery. Call ahead. 1001 SW EMKAY DR., THUMPCOFFEE.COM 541-241-2812.

TAQUERIA EL NAVA 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Tue-Sat. Full menu available! Text or call at 541-390-0422 leave your name; order will be ready in 15-20 mins. Delivery available for locations within a 5-mile radius. 911 SE ARMOUR RD., ON FACEBOOK. 541-390-0422. TACOS LA CATRINA 2021 Takeout: 1-6pm Thu-Sat, 1-4pm Sun. Full menu available for takeout! Delivery through Bend Takeout, Grubhub and Ubereats. Curbside pickup available. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE., TACOSLACATRINABEND.WIXSITE.COM/BEND 541-633-5295. TACOS PIHUAMO 2021 Takeout: 10am-7pm Mon-Fri. In-house pickup only, no delivery. 362 SE CLEVELAND AVE, 541-390-9992. TAJ PALACE RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: 11am-2:30pm for lunch, 5-9pm for dinner daily. Full menu available for takeout! Delivery through Ubereats, Doordash, Grubhub and Bend Takeout. Curbside pickup available. 917 NW WALL ST., TAJPALACEBEND.US 541-330-0774. TASTE OF THAILAND 2021 Takeout: 9:30am-7pm Mon-Sat. Full menu available! Drive-thru pickup only, no delivery. 696 NE GREENWOOD AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/ATASTEOFTHAILAND 541-815-0180. TATE & TATE - BEND 2021 Takeout: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri. Frozen dinners, soups and other pickup. In-house delivery and pickup available. Call 541548-2512 to place your order! 2755 NW CROSSING, BENDCATERING.NET 541-706-9317. TEA BUZZ GLOBAL TEA BAR 2021 Takeout: In-house delivery only. Call to place an order. Full menu available, including tea gift sets. 29 W. GREELEY AVE, TEABUZZTEA.COM 541-977-5113. TERIYAKI MADNESS 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available, with delivery through Bend Takeout, Grubhub and Doordash. Curbside pickup available. 2680 NE HWY 20 STE. 340, TERIYAKIMADNESS.COM/ 541-797-0261. THAI ON THE FLY 2021 Takeout: 9:30am-7pm Mon-Sat. Full menu available! Drive-thru pickup only, no delivery. 1002 NW BOND ST., THAIFLYBEND.COM 541-788-0353.

Courtesy Wild Rose

TIMBERS EAST BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: Open daily 11am-11pm. Full menu of burgers, sandos, soups and more. 2570 NE TWIN KNOLLS DR., FACEBOOK.COM/TIMBERSEASTBEND/ 541-383-3502. THE TIN PIG 2021 Takeout: Noon-7pm Thu-Sat, Noon-6pm Sun. All takeout through pickup. No delivery. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE, THETINPIGFOODCART.COM 458-256-8408. TOASTY 2021 Takeout: Wed-Thu Noon-7pm, Tue Noon-6pm, Fri-Sat Noon7:30pm. Full menu available! Curbside pickup also available, with delivery through Bend Takeout and Grubhub. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE, TOASTYFOODTRUCK.COM 503-985-6226. TOOMIE’S THAI CUISINE 2021 Takeout: 11:30pm-2:30pm lunch, 4:30pm-8:45pm dinner. Full lunch and dinner menus are available for takeout! Curbside pickup is also available, with delivery through Bend Takeout. 119 NW MINNESOTA AVE., TOOMIESTHAIBEND.COM 541-388-5590. TORTILLERIA REYES 2021 Takeout: 10am-7pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 1155 SW DIVISION ST., ON FACEBOOK. 541-383-2025.

WILD ROSE THE WHITE WATER TAPHOUSE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Wed 4-6pm, Thu-Sat 4-7pm. Mon-Wed 6-8pm, Thu-Sat 4-7pm for delivery. In-house pickup available. $20 order minimum for in-house delivery. Order by 4pm for same-day delivery. 1043 NW BOND ST., WHITEWATERTAPHOUSE.COM 541-797-2178.

THE TRAILHEAD AT PRONGHORN 2021 Takeout: 7am-9pm daily. Takeout through pickup. View the full menu and order through https://pronghornresort.com/activities/dine/ 65600 PRONGHORN CLUB DR., PRONGHORNRESORT.COM 866-320-5024.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET 2021 Takeout: 8am-9pm daily. Grab and go still available, with items including pizza and sandwiches available for in-house or curbside pickup. No delivery. 2610 HWY 20, WHOLEFOODSMARKET.COM 541-389-0151.

TRATTORIA SBANDATI 2021 Takeout: 5-8pm Wed-Thu, 5-9pm Fri-Sat. Order and view the full takeout menu at trattoriasbandati.square.site. No delivery. 1444 NW COLLEGE WAY, TRATTORIASBANDATI.COM/ 541-306-6825.

WILD ROOTS COFFEEHOUSE 2021 Takeout: 5am-6pm Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm Sat-Sun. View full menu at wildrootscoffeehouse.com. Takeout through pickup. 63130 NE LANCASTER ST., WILDROOTSCOFFEEHOUSE.COM.

TUMALO CIDER CO 2021 Takeout: Noon-5pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 64654 COOK AVE, TUMALOCIDER.COM 541-797-0308. TUMALO FEED CO. STEAK HOUSE 2021 Takeout: 4-8pm daily. Takeout menu includes family meals (lasagne, prime rib, meatloaf, chicken) and pasta dishes. Delivery through Doordash. For pickup, curbside pickup only. 64619 W. HIGHWAY 20, TUMALOFEEDCOSTEAKHOUSE.COM 541-382-2202.

LOS TRES CABALLOS 2021 Takeout: 11am-8:30pm Mon-Tue, 11am-Midnight Wed, 11am-8:30pm Thu-Sat, 11am-8pm Sun. Takeout through pickup. 51500 HWY 97, 541-536-1006.

WORTHY BREWING 2021 Takeout: 3-7pm Wed-Sun. Limited menu, view it at www. worthy.beer. In-house pickup. 495 NE BELLEVUE DR., WORTHYBREWING.COM 541-639-4776.

LUCKY FORTUNE 2021 Takeout: 8:30am-8:30pm daily. Full menu available through pickup only. No delivery. 16492 WILLIAM FOSS ROAD, 541-536-2288.

WORTHY TAPS & TACOS 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Wed-Sun. Delivery through Doordash and Bend Takeout. Limited menu items include tacos, chips and salsa and soup. In-house pickup. 806 NW BROOKS ST #110, WORTHYTAPSTACOS.COM 541-678-6268.

PONDEROSA PIZZA PARLOR 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon-Thu, Fri-Sat 11am-9pm. Full menu besides salad bar available for takeout. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 52574 HWY 97, 541-536-1964. VIC’S BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: 10am-10pm Mon-Thu, 10am-Midnight Fri-Sat, 11am-10pm Sun. Takeout through pickup. 16980 BURGESS ROAD, 541-536-2945.

VA PIANO VINEYARDS TASTING ROOM 2021 Takeout: Noon-4pm daily. Only takeout bottles. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 425 SW POWERHOUSE DR., 541 797-6363.

THE BLACK BEAR DINER 2021 Takeout: 7am-7:30pm daily. Curbside pickup available, with delivery through Doordash, Bend Takeout and Ubereats. 1465 NE 3RD ST, 541-312-8327.

VALENTINE’S DELI 2021 Takeout: 11am-2pm Mon-Sat. Full menu available for takeout! Open for in-house and curbside pickup only. No delivery. 555 NW ARIZONA AVE., SUITE 25, VALENTINESDELI.COM 541-322-2154.

ZPIZZA TAP ROOM 2021 Takeout: 4-10pm daily. Full menu available for takeout, including pizzas, salads, sandwiches and wings. Delivery through Ubereats, Bend Takeout, Doordash and Grubhub. Curbside pickup available. 1082 SW YATES DRIVE, ZPIZZA.COM/BEND 541-389-8800.

THE COMMONS CAFE & TAPROOM 2021 Takeout: Thu-Sun 9am-5pm. Takeout through pickup. No delivery. 875 NW BROOKS ST., THECOMMONSBEND.COM 541-323-3955.

VELVET 2021 Takeout: Full cocktail menu, hot soups and to-go cocktails! Open 4pm-close 805 NW WALL ST., VELVETBEND.COM 541-728-0303.

ZYDECO KITCHEN & COCKTAILS 2021 Takeout: 4pm-around 8pm daily. New takeout menu available at zydecokitchen.com. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 919 NW BOND ST., ZYDECOKITCHEN.COM 541-312-2899.

THE GOOD DROP WINE SHOPPE 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm Mon-Thu, Noon-8pm Fri-Sat, 1-6pm Sun (2021 hours will be 11am-6pm Tue-Thu, Noon-8pm Sat). Takeout through walk-up and curbside pickup with in-house delivery available. 141 NW MINNESOTA AVE, 541-410-1470.

VICTORIAN CAFÉ 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Full menu available! Curbside pickup available, with delivery through Ubereats and Grubhub. 1404 NW GALVESTON AVE., VICTORIANCAFEBEND.COM/ 541-382-6411.

Camp Sherman

THE PINE TAVERN 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm daily. Takeout menu available online. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 967 NW BROOKS STREET, PINETAVERN.COM 541-382-5581. THIRD STREET PUB 2021 Takeout: 11am-Midnight Mon, 11am-10pm Tue-Thu, 11am-Midnight Fri, 8am-Midnight Sat-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 314 SE THIRD ST., FACEBOOK.COM/THIRDSTREETPUB 541-306-3017. THUMP COFFEE - DOWNTOWN 2021 Takeout: 7am-5:30pm daily. Full menu available through in-house pickup. 25 NW MINNESOTA AVE., THUMPCOFFEE.COM 541-388-0226.

WALL STREET BAR 2021 Takeout: 11am-11pm daily. Takeout menu includes snack items such as cup o’ noodles, yakisoba, and bean and cheese burritos but no drinks. Curbside and in-house pickup available. No delivery. 917 NW WALL ST., 541-385-7098. WASHINGTON DINING & COCKTAILS 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm daily, takeout brunch 10am-8pm SatSun. Pickup through curbside. No delivery. 900 NW MOUNT WASHINGTON DR., WASHINGTONBEND.COM 541-640-8257.

CINCO DE MAYO 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon-Sat. Visit https://www.facebook. com/CincodeMayoLaPine/ to view the full menu. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 51470 HWY 97, FACEBOOK.COM/CINCODEMAYOLAPINE 541-536-2236.

THE WINE SHOP & TASTING BAR 2021 Takeout: 2-9pm Wed-Fri, 1-9pm Sat, 1-7pm Sun. Takeout through pickup. 55 NW MINNESOTA AVE., THEWINESHOPBEND.COM 541-389-2884.

THE ALE APOTHECARY TASTING ROOM 2021 Takeout: Thu-Sat 3-6pm. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 30 SW CENTURY DR, STE140, THEALEAPOTHECARY.COM 541-797-6265.

VILLAGE BAKER 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm daily. Regular lunch menu available for takeout! Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 1470 SW KNOLL AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/VILLAGEBAKER 541-318-1054.

La Pine

HUNAN CHINESE RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Visit https://www.hunanchineselapine.com/menu.aspx for the full menu. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 51546 HWY 97, HUNANCHINESELAPINE.COM 541-536-3998.

THAILANDIA 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sun 11am-8pm. Delivery through pickup. 536 NW ARIZONA AVE, 541-390-0230.

VIDA Y TACOS 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Full menu available! Curbside pickup available, with delivery through Grubhub and Ubereats. 320 SW CENTURY DR SUITE #410.

OVER THE EDGE TAPHOUSE 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon, 11am-10pm Tue-Thu, 9am-10pm Fri-Sat, 9am-8pm Sun. Curbside pickup available, no delivery. 13959 SW COMMERCIAL LOOP, 541-527-2101.

WILD ROSE 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Curbside pickup for all orders. No delivery. 150 NW OREGON AVE., WILDROSETHAI.COM 541-382-0441.

TUMALO TAVERN 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. 64670 STRICKLER AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/TUMALO-TAVERN-211466125539274 541-330-2323.

THE LOT 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. In-house and curbside pickup available. Burgzndogz and Frickenfaco are on Grubhub and Ubereats. Greek Street is on Bend Takeout. 745 NW COLUMBIA ST., FACEBOOK.COM/THELOTBEND 541-610-4969.

Crooked River Ranch

HOLA! CAMP SHERMAN 2021 Takeout: 1-6pm Wed-Mon. Full menu available. In-house pickup only, no delivery. 25545 SW FOREST SERVICE RD #1419, HOLABEND.COM 541-595-6420.

Chemult DIAMOND LAKE JCT. CAFE 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 94401 HWY 97 N, 541-205-8273.

Crescent Lake ODELL LAKE LODGE 2021 Takeout: 8am-8pm daily. Limited takeout menu including a lunch menu with a dinner special available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. P. O. BOX 1159 CRESCENT LAKE, OREGON 97733, 541-433-2540.

Madras MADRAS BREWING 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily. Full menu available for takeout through curbside and in-house pickup. No delivery. 212 SW 4TH ST., MADRASBREWING.COM 541-316-6505. NEW BASIN DISTILLING COMPANY 2021 Takeout: Noon-4pm Sun, 9:30am-5:30pm Mon-Sat. Takeout menu includes spirits only and no food items. Curbside pickup and in-house delivery available. 2063 NW ANDREWS DRIVE, NEWBASIN.COM 541-980-4595. RIO DISTINCTIVE MEXICAN CUISINE 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Takeout through pickup and no-contact delivery. 221 SE 5TH ST., 5414750424.

McKenzie Bridge MCKENZIE GENERAL STORE & OBSIDIAN GRILL 2021 Takeout: 4-7pm Thu, 11am-7pm Fri-Sat, 11am-5:30pm Sun. Takeout through in-house pickup. 91837 TAYLOR RD.,, MCKENZIEGENERAL.COM 541-822-3221.

Metolius THE BOX CAR BAR 2021 Takeout: 5pm-Midnight Fri-Sat. Takeout through pickup. 4TH STREET & WASHINGTON, 541-546-7657.

WINTER 2021 • 15


Winner 1st Place


821 NW WALL, SUITE 100 (541) 323-2328 WWW.5FUSION.COM

Order online take out and delivery by Doordash and Bend take out. 2735 NW CROSSING DR, SUITE 105 (541) 306-6796 WWW.POKEROW.COM


Powell Butte BRASADA RANCH HOUSE 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm Sat-Sun. View the full takeout menu at brasada.com. Takeout through pickup and delivery. 16986 SW BRASADA RANCH ROAD, BRASADA.COM 1-888-976-4860. BRASADA’S RANGE RESTAURANT & BAR 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm Sat-Sun. View the full takeout menu at brasada.com. Takeout through pickup and delivery. 16986 SW BRASADA RANCH ROAD, BRASADA.COM 888-976-4860. RANGE RESTAURANT AND BAR AT BRASADA RANCH 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm Sat-Sun. View the full takeout menu at brasada.com. Takeout through pickup and delivery. 16525 SW BRASADA CANYONS DR.

Prineville BARNEY PRINE’S STEAKHOUSE AND SALOON 2021 Takeout: 4-9pm Wed-Sat. Takeout through pickup. No delivery. 389 NW 4TH STREET, BARNEYPRINES.COM 541-447-3333. CLUB PIONEER 2021 Takeout: 2-6pm Sat-Thu. Takeout through pickup only. No delivery. 1851 NE 3RD ST., 541-447-6177. GEE’S FAMILY RESTAURANT 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm Mon-Sat, Noon-7pm Sun. Full menu available for takeout through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 987 NW 2ND ST., 541-447-6115. GLACIER TRUCK 2021 Takeout: Takeout through pickup. 1255 NE 3RD ST. SONS OF BEER 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-10pm daily. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 1320 NE THIRD ST., ON FACEBOOK. 541-416-0137.

Redmond BAD BOYS BBQ 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Tue-Sat. Takeout through pickup. No delivery. 404 SW FOREST AVE., BENDBBQCATERER.COM 541-797-4079. BALDY’S BARBEQUE REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-8am daily. Limited takeout menu. Curbside pickup available. Delivery through Doordash. 343 NW SIXTH ST., 541-923-2271. BEER STOP 2021 Takeout: Noon-6pm daily. The takeout menu can be viewed on the Untappd app. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 2498 S. HIGHWAY 97, BEERSTOPLLC.COM/ 541-316-1864. BOTTOMS UP SALOON 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm Sun, 11am-10pm Mon-Thu, 11am-Midnight Fri-Sat. Takeout through pickup. 1421 NW 6TH ST., FACEBOOK.COM/BOTTOMSUPSALOONREDMOND/ 541-548-5663. BRICKHOUSE STEAKHOUSE - REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 4-8pm Sun-Mon, 4-9pm Tue-Sat. Full menu available through takeout. No delivery. 412 SW SIXTH ST., BRICKHOUSESTEAKHOUSE.COM 541-526-1782. BUDO BOWLS 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm Wed-Sun. Full menu available through takeout, items including a variety of vegan options. Takeout through walk up pick-up. No delivery. 404 NW FOREST AVE., BUDOBOWLS.COM 541-419-3269.

CARNAVAL MEXICAN GRILL 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse delivery, curbside and in-house pickup. 343 SW 6TH ST, 541-316-6960. CASCADE LAKES AT 7TH STREET 2021 Takeout: Noon-7pm daily. Menu items include hot wings and cheeseburgers. Brewing facility in Redmond is also open and selling six packs. Full menu available through takeout. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 855 SW SEVENTH ST., CASCADELAKES.COM 541-923-1795.


Dish: Rainbow Roll


Price: $16


CHECKERS PUB 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Sun, Noon-9pm Tue-Thu, Noon-Midnight Fri-Sat. Takeout through pickup. 329 SW SIXTH ST., CHECKERSPUB.COM 541-548-3731. CHRISTIE’S KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 7am-2pm Tue-Sun. Full menu available. No delivery. 614 NW CEDAR AVE., 541-923-8878.

CROUTONS 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm Sat. Full menu available through pickup. No-contact delivery available. 974 SW VETERANS WAY, CROUTONSTOGO.COM 541-316-1500. CURBSIDE BACON 2021 Takeout: Full menu available through walk up pickup. 404 SW FOREST AVE., 503-780-1189. DIEGO’S SPIRITED KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Thu-Fri, 11am-9pm Sat. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 447 SW SIXTH ST., DIEGOSSPIRITEDKITCHEN.COM 541-316-2002. DOUBLE J SALOON 2021 Takeout: 11am-2:30am daily. Takeout through pickup. 528 SW 6TH ST., FACEBOOK.COM/PG/THEDOUBLESALOON2015 541-923-1868. E BARGRILL 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-7pm Wed-Sun. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 314 SW FIFTH ST., EBARGRILL.COM 541-316-7050. EL PATRON MEXICAN KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 9am-7pm Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm Sat-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 1555 NW 6TH ST. FOODFELLAS 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm Fri-Tue. Takeout through pickup. 332 SW FIFTH ST., ON FACEBOOK. FULL THROTTLE JAVA 2021 Takeout: 5:30am-6pm Mon-Sat, 5:30-12:45 Sun. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 255 SW 5TH STREET. GEIST BEERWORKS 2021 Takeout: Noon-5pm Sun, 11:30am-9pm Wed-Sat. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 736 SW UMATILLA AVE., 541-728-8663.

Courtesy Carnaval Mexican Grill

GENERAL DUFFY’S WATERHOLE 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Sun-Mon 11am-10pm Tue-Sat. Full menu available through pickup. 404 SW FOREST AVENUE, GENERALDUFFYS.COM 541-527-4345.

LUCY’S TACO SHOP 2021 Takeout: 10am-8pm Mon-Sat. Full menu available through in-house pickup and delivery. 542 SW 6TH ST., 541-504-7178.

GRACE AND HAMMER 2021 Takeout: 4-8pm Wed-Fri, Noon-8pm Sat-Sun. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 641 SW CASCADE AVE., GRACE-AND-HAMMER.BUSINESS.SITE/ 541-668-6684.

MADALINE’S GRILL & STEAK HOUSE 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 2414 HIGHWAY 97, MADALINESGRILL.COM 541-548-9964.

THE HIDEAWAY - REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 4-8pm Thu-Fri, 8am-8pm Sat, Noon-8pm Sun. Full menu available through pickup and delivery. 507 SW EIGHTH ST., HIDEAWAYTAVERNREDMOND.COM/ 541-526-5989.

MAZATLAN 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. Menu items include fresh Mexican cuisine cooked in a traditional style, including vegetarian options. No delivery. 1302 S. HIGHWAY 97, MAZATLANCENTRALOR.COM 541-923-7426.

HOLA! REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available at all locations for takeout only! For the Redmond location, call 541-923-7290. Delivery through Doordash. 514 NW GREENWOOD AVE., HOLABEND.COM 541-923-7290. HONEY AND PINE COFFEE COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 6am-6pm Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm Sat-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 610 SW 6TH ST, 541-604-0822. HUB CITY BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: 9am-10pm daily. Takeout through pickup. View their menu at www.hubcityred.com menu on www.hubcityred-menu.com No delivery. 2498 US-97, 541-923-7101. HUB CITY BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: 9am-10pm daily. Takeout through pickup. No delivery. 2498 S. HIGHWAY 97, SUITE E, FACEBOOK.COM/HUBCITYREDMOND 541-923-7101. IDA’S CUPCAKE CAFE, REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 10am-5pm Mon-Thu, 10am-6pm Fri-Sat, Noon-4pm Sun. View the full takeout menu at idascupcakecafe.com. Delivery available. 445 SW 6TH ST, 541-923-6077. INITIATIVE BREWING 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Sun-Thu, 11am-9pm Fri-Sat. Full menu, including drink items such as beer and cocktails available through in-house and curbside pickup. Delivery through Doordash. 424 NW FIFTH ST., INITIATIVEBREW.COM 541-527-4380.

NEW YORK CITY SUB SHOP REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 946 SW VETERANS WAY, NEWYORKCITYSUBSHOP.COM 541-548-4400. NIBLICK AND GREENES AT EAGLE CREST 2021 Takeout: 4-8pm Wed-Mon. New takeout menu online. Inhouse delivery available. 7535 FALCON CREST DRIVE, NIBLICKANDGREENES.COM 541-548-4220. NONNA’S CUCINA 2021 Takeout: Order online at nonnascucinabend.com, call in at 541-848-1602, or just stop by the cart! Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 404 SW FOREST AVE., NONNASCUCINABEND.COM. ODEM THEATER PUB 2021 Takeout: 4-7pm daily. Full takeout menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 349 SW 6TH ST., ODEMTHEATERPUB.COM/ 541-425-1850. OISHI 2021 Takeout: Noon-3pm daily for lunch, 4-8pm daily for dinner. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. Inhouse delivery and Doordash available. 511 SW 6TH ST, 541-548-3035. ONE STREET DOWN CAFE 2021 Takeout: Open from 7am to 3pm daily for takeout. Stop by and get some fresh pastries and coffee drinks! 124 SW SEVENTH ST., ONESTREETDOWNCAFE.COM.

JERSEY BOYS PIZZERIA 2021 Takeout: 11am-8:30pm daily. Full menu available through drive-thru pickup. No delivery. 527 NW ELM AVE., REDMOND 541-548-5232.

THE PIG AND POUND PUBLIC HOUSE 2021 Takeout: 4-9pm Mon-Fri, Noon-9pm Sat-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 427 SW EIGHTH ST., REDMOND, ON FACEBOOK. ALLANBYER@HOTMAIL.COM.

JUNIPER GOLF COURSE AND THE VIEW TAP AND GRILL 2021 Takeout: 9:30am-4pm daily. Updated takeout menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 1938 SW ELKHORN AVE., PLAYJUNIPER.COM 541-548-3121.

PORTER BREWING 2021 Takeout: 3-8pm Thu-Sat. Takeout through pickup. 611 NE JACKPINE CT #2.

JUST CUT ORGANIC JUICE BAR 2021 Takeout: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat 9am-4pm. To-go orders and curbside service. 412 SW EVERGREEN AVE., 541-771-2161. LA FRONTERA 2021 Takeout: 7am-7pm Mon-Sat. Takeout through pickup. Order at taptoeat.com or call ahead. No delivery. 2330 S HIGHWAY 97, 541-504-0708. LUCKY 7 2021 Takeout: 8am-10pm Mon-Sat, 9am-10pm Sun. Takeout through pickup. 2392 S. HWY 97, 541-923-4377.


What’s good about it: Simply put, 5 Fusion’s sushi fish is divine. Buttery and not overly fishy, it’s a sad state of affairs to know that I can’t go in, sit down, order a plate… and then order another one when the mood strikes me. Lesson: Order what you want—and then order a little bit more just to be on the safe side. The Rainbow Roll, with its assorted fish and rice on the outside, an obligatory order of Edamame and chef’s special nigiri were part of my order—but I was left wanting even more. Each piece of fish melted in my mouth and had me contemplating driving back for seconds. Deets on getting takeout: 5 Fusion has a number of cocktails to go listed on its menu—but in the event that you skip over that part, picking up your food from the restaurant’s door instead of using its curbside pickup option may tempt you once again. An array of sake, beer and other drinks tempt you as you grab your order from the doorway. Just try to resist.

CIBELLI’S - REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Mon-Sat. Full menu available through takeout. No delivery. 885 SW RIMROCK WAY, CIBELLIS.COM 541-923-7388. COHO COFFEE CO. 2021 Takeout: 7:30am-2pm Wed-Sat. Full menu available through takeout. No delivery. 306 NW 7TH ST., COHOCOFFEECO.COM 541-526-0368.

Location: 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar

PROUST COFFEE 2021 Takeout: 7am-3pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm Sat. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 235 SW 6TH ST., PROUSTCOFFEE.COM 303-834-2850. PROVISIONS MARKET AT SCP REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 7am-3pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse pickup. Delivery through Doordash. 521 SW 6TH ST, (541) 508-7600. RED ROAD PIZZA CO 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Sun-Thu, 11am-10pm Fri-Sat. Takeout through pickup. 332 SW 5TH ST, REDROADPIZZACO.COM/ 541-639-5366. REDMOND BURGER COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 249 NW SIXTH ST., 541-316-5262.

WINTER 2021 • 17

Simple | Fresh | Healthy | Nutritious Smoothies | Smoothie Bowls | Macro Bowls | Toasts | Fresh Juices + More

Authentic food with homemade and traditional flavors from the state of Oaxaca Mexico

Open For Takeout, Delivery and Limited Outdoor Seating COMING SOON

Fresh Juice Cocktails, Wine + Beer! + Special Nighttime Offerings

42 NW Hawthorne Ave.

(at Bunk & Brew Historic Lucas House)

Pizza, Small Bites, Cocktails, Local Beers, Good People Take Out Available, Wed – Fri 4-8 & Sat - Sun 12-8 Order online or by phone We look forward to having you Dine in again Soon! 18 • TAKEOUT GUIDE

Located @the Box Factory | 541-385-9603 | @fixandrepeat

In the historic church on the corner of 7th and Cascade in Redmond

g rac ea n d h a m m e r.co m • 5 41- 6 6 8- 6 6 8 4

RIGOBERTO’S TACO SHOP 2021 Takeout: 6am-Midnight daily. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 433 W ANTLER AVE., 541-923-1305. RIMROCK TAPHOUSE 2021 Takeout: Noon-8pm daily. Takeout menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 845 SW 17TH ST., SUITE 301, RIMROCKTAPHOUSE.BEER/WELCOME 541-923-4200. ROUND TABLE PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 11am-8:30pm daily. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup as well as delivery. 810 SW 11TH ST, 541-699-4291. SHRED TOWN 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup as well as in-house delivery. 332 SW FIFTH ST., SHREDTOWNFOODTRUCK.COM 541-647-4399. SNO-CAP DRIVE IN REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 1053 NW SIXTH ST., SNOCAPDRIVEINREDMOND.COM 541-548-2343. SORA SUSHI REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Mon-Thu, 11am-9:30pm Fri-Sat. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. Delivery through Doordash and Ubereats. View the full menu at sorasushiredmond.com 3853 SW 21ST, SUITE 109, 541-923-9867. STARBUCKS COFFEEHOUSE 2021 Takeout: 5am-7pm Mon-Sat, 5:30am-6:30pm Sun. Full menu available through in-house and drive-thru pickup. Delivery through Ubereats. 885 SW RIMROCK WAY, STARBUCKS.COM 541-548-9679. TACO DEL MAR - REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 10am-8:30pm Mon-Fri, 11am-8pm Sat, 11am8:30pm Sun. Takeout and catering only! Delivery available. 865 SW 17TH ST., TACODELMAR.COM 541-516-4015. TAÍNO - A TASTE OF PUERTO RICO 11am-7pm Wed-Thu, 11am-8pm Fri, 1-8pm Sat, 1-6pm Sun. Order and view full menu at https://www.ordertakeouttoday.com/ order/restaurant/taino-truck---a-taste-of-puerto-rico-menu/14787 Delivery through Bend Takeout and Redmond Takeout. 404 SW FOREST AVE., TAINOOREGON.COM 541-848-8696. TATE & TATE - REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm Sat. Due to high demand and the necessity to serve the people that are currently unable to leave their homes, Tate & Tate is expanding their delivery services to Bend (free delivery)!!! We offer made-from-scratch casseroles (and full menu items) that are ready to be made that day or last in the freezer for up to 6 months. Deliveries will be made from 11am-5:30pm, with a minimum purchase of $30. Please visit: https:// bendcatering.net/ for the menu & call 541-548-2512 to place your order! With 24hr notice, we can make or customize your favorite dish! 1205 SW INDIAN AVE., TATEANDTATECATERING.COM 541-548-2512. THAT GUY’S BISTRO 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-7pm Thu-Mon. Full menu available through walk-up and curbside pickup. Delivery available. 404 SW FOREST AVE., THATGUYS.COM/. THE ROOFTOP AT SCP REDMOND 2021 Takeout: 3-9pm Wed-Sat. Full menu available through takeout for hotel guests. No delivery. 521 SW 6TH ST, SCPHOTEL.COM/REDMOND/THE-ROOFTOP 541-615-8001. THE VAULT TAPHOUSE 2021 Takeout: Noon-9pm Mon-Wed, Noon-10pm Thu-Sat, Noon8pm Sun. Takeout menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 245 SW SIXTH ST., KOBOLDBREWING.COM 541-504-9373. VINE-N-TAP 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-7pm Wed-Sat. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. Order and view the menu at https://www.vnthub.com/ Try their breakfast sandwiches, fresh ingredients, mimosas and more. 546 NW 7TH ST. WE’RE THE WURST 2021 Takeout: 11am-3pm Mon-Fri. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 1810 S 1ST ST, SUITE K, WERETHEWURST.COM 541-633-9800. WESTSIDE LOCAL 2021 Takeout: Noon-9pm Wed-Sat, 10am-1pm Sun. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. View their menu at instagram.com/westside.local/ 122 SW 5TH ST, 541-923-8525.

ANGELINE’S BAKERY 2021 Takeout: 7:30am-4pm daily. Full menu available for in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 121 WEST MAIN ST., ANGELINESBAKERY.COM 541-549-9122. ASPEN LOUNGE AT BLACK BUTTE RANCH 2021 Takeout: 3-8pm daily. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 13899 BISHOPS CAP, 541-595-1262. BOONE DOG PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm Tue-Sun. Call ahead to order. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 223 E. HOOD AVE., BOONEDOGPIZZA.COM 541-588-2054. CHOPS BISTRO 2021 Takeout: 4:30-8pm daily. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 370 E CASCADE AVE., 541-549-6015. CORK CELLARS WINE BAR & BOTTLE SHOP 2021 Takeout: 4-7pm Thu-Sat. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 391 W CASCADE AVE., SISTERS, 541-549-2675. COTTONWOOD CAFE 2021 Takeout: CHOWBURGER is open 11am-7pm daily. Full menu is available through in-house pickup. No delivery. 403 E. HOOD AVE., COTTONWOODINSISTERS.COM 541-549-2699. DEPOT CAFE 2021 Takeout: 11:30am–3pm & 5–10pm Wed-Sun. Takeout menu on Facebook. Menu items include Smoked Pork Posole, Sweet Potato Curry and Beef Chili. Curbside and in-house pickup available. No delivery. 250 W CASCADE AVE., SISTERSDEPOT.COM 541-549-2572. EUROSPORTS SISTERS FOOD CART GARDEN 2021 Takeout: 9am-6pm Thu-Sat, 9am-5:30pm Sun. In-person order and pick-up available. 223 E HOOD AVE., 541-549-2471. FIKA SISTERS COFFEEHOUSE 2021 Takeout: Mon-Sun 7am-4pm. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 201 E. SUN RANCH DRIVE, FIKASISTERS.COM 541-588-0311. G SPOT FOODS AND CATERING 2021 Takeout: In-house/walk-up pickup available. 223 HOOD AVE., 816-868-6673. HARDTAILS BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout:11am-Midnight daily. Full menu available through pickup. No delivery. 175 LARCH ST., HARDTAILSOREGON.COM 541-549-6114. HOP N BREW 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Mon, Wed Thu, 11am-9pm Fri-Sat. Full menu excluding spinach, artichoke and nacho items available through drive-thru pickup. No delivery. 523 E. HWY 20, HOPANDBREW.COM 541-719-1295.

THE SUTTLE LODGE & BOATHOUSE SISTERS FARMERS MARKET AT FIR STREET PARK 2021 Takeout: 11am-2pm Sun. Walk-up ordering and pickup. No delivery. 291 EAST MAIN AVENUE, SISTERSFARMERSMARKET.COM 541-549-6022.

EL CAPORAL SUNRIVER 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Tue-Sun. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 57100 BEAVER DR., ELCAPORALCO.COM/ 541-593-3335.

SISTERS SALOON & RANCH GRILL 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily. Full menu plus Family-Style Meals with choice of entrees and BBQ or burgers available. Free delivery for orders of $50 or more. Curbside pickup available. 190 E. CASCADE AVE., SISTERSSALOON.NET 541-549-7427.

GOOD 2 GO 2021 Takeout: 9am-5pm daily. Takeout for food items through in-house pickup. 57100 BEAVER DR., 541-593-0339.

SNO CAP DRIVE IN SISTERS 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 380 W. CASCADE AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/PAGES/SNO-CAP-DRIVE-IN 541-549-6151. TACOS EL COMAL 2021 Takeout: 9am-7pm Mon-Sat. Takeout through pickup. 411 W. CASCADE AVE., FACEBOOK.COM/TACOSELCOMALINSTERS 541-549-6759. TAKODA’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE 2021 Takeout: 11am-7pm Sun-Thu, 11am-8pm Fri-Sat. Full menu excluding salmon, ribs and country fried steak entrees available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 425 HIGHWAY 20, TAKODASSISTERS.COM 541-549-8620. THE SUTTLE LODGE & BOATHOUSE 2021 Takeout: 9am-8pm Mon-Thu, 9am-9pm Fri, 8am-9pm Sat, 8am-8pm Sun. Full menu including beer, wine and cocktails available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 13300 HWY 20, THESUTTLELODGE.COM 541-638-7001. THREE CREEKS BREWING CO. 2021 Takeout: Noon-7pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 721 DESPERADO COURT, THREECREEKSBREWING.COM 541-549-1963.


THE LODGE RESTAURANT & ASPEN LOUNGE AT BLACK BUTTE RANCH 2021 Takeout: 3-8pm daily. Menu items include coffee, pastries, pizza and salad. In-house pickup. No delivery. 12930 HAWKS BEARD RD., BLACKBUTTERANCH.COM 541-595-1260.

THE BACKYARD 2021 Takeout: 7am-9pm daily. Order pickup and view full menu at cartsonstogo.com. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 17600 CENTER DRIVE, DESTINATIONHOTELS.COM/SUNRIVER-RESORT/DINING/THE-BACKYARD-OUTDOOR-BAR-SUNRIVER 855-420-8206.

MARTOLLI’S 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm daily, with delivery from 2-8pm. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. 220 W. CASCADE AVE., SISTERSMARTOLLIS.COM 541-549-8356.

THE BASECAMP GRILL 2021 Takeout: 10am-7pm Mon-Sat. Full menu available for ordering through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 17355 SPRING RIVER RD., THEBASECAMPGRILL.COM 541-598-8868.

OPEN DOOR WINE BAR 2021 Takeout: Tues-Sat 11:30am-7:30pm. Offering lunch and dinner all day! Menu items include homemade soups, flatbreads, sandwiches, GF meatballs, wild halibut and daily pasta creations. We specialize in craft cocktails and offer a well-diversified wine list as well as local craft beers on tap! Dine-in and take out available. Outdoor seating open first come first serve. Private Studio Dining Available by Reservation, call to book! 303 W. HOOD AVE., THEOPENDOORWINEBAR.COM 541-549-6076.

BIG BELLY BURGERS AND BREW 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm Mon-Tue, 8am-9pm Wed-Sun. Full menu available for takeout through in-house and curbside pickup as well as delivery. 56815 VENTURE LANE #501, 541-639-8929.

RANCHO VIEJO 2021 Takeout: 11:30am-7pm Mon-Thu & Sun, 11:30am-7:30pm Fri-Sat. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 150 E CASCADE AVE, RANCHOVIEJOSISTERS.COM 541-549-3594.

WESTSIDE TACO CO. 2021 Takeout: Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 245 SW SIXTH ST., WESTSIDETACOCO.COM 562-713-5150.

SISTERS BAKERY 2021 Takeout: 6am-4pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse pickup and delivery. 251 E. CASCADE AVE., SISTERSBAKERY.COM 541-549-0361.

WILD CATCH FOOD CART 2021 Takeout: Takeout through pickup. No delivery. 332 SW 5TH STREET.

SISTERS COFFEE COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 6am-6pm daily. Menu items include breakfast sandwiches, scones, brewed coffee and espresso beverages. Order at their curbside cafe or over the phone 541-549-0527 Ext. 2. No delivery. 273 W. HOOD ST., SISTERSCOFFEE.COM 541-549-0527.

WILD RIDE BREWING 2021 Takeout: 11am-10pm daily. Full menu available including beer, wine and cider. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 332 SW FIFTH ST., WILDRIDEBREW.COM 541-516-8544.

Nancy Patterson


BLONDIE’S PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 10:30am-9pm Sun-Wed, 10:30am-10pm Thu-Sat, delivery starting at 4pm daily. Full menu available! Lunch menu is available till 4pm and the pizza menu is available for the whole day. Pickup through pickup window. 57195 BEAVER DRIVE, BLONDIESPIZZASUNRIVER.COM 541-593-1019. BREWED AWAKENINGS COFFEE ROASTERS 2021 Takeout: 6am-5pm daily. Full grab and go menu available through drive-thru pickup. No delivery. 57100 BEAVER DRIVE, BREWEDAWAKENINGS.US 541-678-5288. CAFE SINTRA SUNRIVER 2021 Takeout: 8am-2:30pm daily. Full menu available through curbside pickup. No delivery. 7 PONDEROSA ROAD, CAFESINTRASUNRIVER.COM 541-593-1222. CARSON’S AMERICAN KITCHEN 2021 Takeout: 7-9pm daily. Order pickup and view full menu at cartsonstogo.com. Curbside pickup available. No delivery. 17600 CENTER DR, DESTINATIONHOTELS.COM/SUNRIVER-RESORT/DINING/CARSONS-AMERICAN-KITCHEN-SUNRIVER 855-420-8206.

GOODY’S CHOCOLATE & ICE CREAM 2021 Takeout: 10am-9pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. No delivery. 57100 BEAVER DRIVE, GOODYSCHOCOLATES.COM/ 541-593-2155. HOLA! SUNRIVER 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Pickup and in-house delivery available. 57235 DESCHUTES RD., HOLABEND.COM 541-593-8880. MARCELLO’S CUCINA ITALIANA 2021 Takeout: 4:30am-7:30pm daily. Full menu available through takeout! Curbside pickup available for large orders or catering. $15 charge for delivery. 57031 PONDEROSA ROAD, MARCELLOS-SUNRIVER.NET 541-593-8300. MOUNTAIN JUG 2021 Takeout: Noon-7pm Tue-Sun. Takeout through pickup. 56805 VENTURE LANE, SUITE C, MOUNTAINJUG.COM 541-390-0214. SOUTH BEND BISTRO 2021 Takeout: 4-7pm Tue-Sun. Full menu available through inhouse and curbside pickup. 57080 ABBOTT DR #26, SOUTHBENDBISTRO.COM 541-593-3881. SUNRIVER BREWING COMPANY 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Updated takeout menu available for viewing online. No delivery. 57100 BEAVER DRIVE, SUNRIVERBREWINGCOMPANY.COM 541-593-3007. SUNRIVER MERCHANT CAFE 2021 Takeout: 5-8pm Mon-Thu, 4-8pm Fri, Noon-8pm Sat-Sun. Full menu available through in-house pickup and delivery. 17600 CENTER DR., SUNRIVER-RESORT.COM 541-593-3790. TWISTED RIVER TAVERN 2021 Takeout: 7am-9pm daily. Delivery to hotel rooms available. Curbside pickup available. Full menu can be ordered through takeout. 17600 CENTER DRIVE, SUNRIVER-RESORT.COM 541-593-3730.

Terrebonne BASE CAMP PIZZA 2021 Takeout: 11am-9pm daily. Full menu available through inhouse pickup, curbside pickup and in-house delivery. 8060 11TH ST., BCAMPPIZZA.COM/ 541-526-1181. FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY VINEYARDS AND EVENTS 2021 Takeout: Noon-5pm Fri-Sun. Takeout through in-house pickup and delivery. 70450 NW LOWER VALLEY DR., FAITHHOPEANDCHARITYEVENTS.COM 541 526-5075. GOOD EARTH BREWING 2021 Takeout: Noon-9pm Tue-Thu, Noon-10pm Fri-Sat, Noon-9pm Sun. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. View the menu at ftebrewing.com and order through grubhub. com, seamless.com. No delivery. 2940 SMITH ROCK WAY, TERREBONNE, ON FACEBOOK. 770-910-9799. PUMP HOUSE BAR & GRILL 2021 Takeout: 11am-8pm Sun-Tue, 11am-9pm Wed-Sat. Full menu available through in-house and curbside pickup. No delivery. 8320 N. HIGHWAY 97, PUMPHOUSEGRILL.COM 541-548-4990. TERREBONNE DEPOT 2021 Takeout: Wed-Sun Noon-6pm, Menu subject to change, Call 541-527-4339, Curbside pickup 400 NW SMITH ROCK WAY, 541-527-4339.

WINTER 2021 • 19




General Volunteer Opportunities For in-

formation on volunteer opportunities at Bethlehem Inn please contact Courtney, Community Engagement Coordinator, at volunteer@bethleheminn. org. Bethlehem Inn, 3705 N Hwy 97, Bend. Contact: 541-322-8768 x11. volunteer@bethleheminn.org.

Volunteer Opportunity Seize this opportunity;

Volunteer with Salvation Army We have an

emergency food pantry, we visit residents of assisted living centers and we make up gifts for veterans and the homeless. Contact: 541-389-8888.

GROUPS & MEETUPS All Jewelry Show Showing local central

Oregon jewelers. Come by and see them Mondays-Sundays, 11am-4pm. Through Feb. 22. Hood Avenue Art, 357 W Hood Ave., Sisters.

Parkinson’s Disease 101 This program may help you understand what Parkinson’s is and is not and why it is difficult to diagnose. Feb. 2, 1-2:30pm. Contact: 541-668-6599. carol@parkinsonsresources.org. Free.

FAMILY & KIDS Baby Ninja + Me Cuties (10 months-24

months) plus adult will bond and have a blast during this unique yoga and ninja warrior class! Wednesdays, 11-11:45am. Through June 2. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend.com. $99 per Child.

Equipo de Robótica Bilingüe ¡Únete al Equipo

de Robótica LEGO y aprende a construir y programar con robots LEGO! *Bilingüe English/Spanish programa Mondays-Wednesdays, 5-7pm. Through Feb. 10. BendTECH, 1001 SW Emkay Dr, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4682. info@campfireco.org. $80/month.

Kids Ninja Warrior Class Unique to Bend, your kids (age 6-10) will gain amazing abilities through obstacle course training, climbing and fitness conditioning, and team motivation. Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30pm, Wednesdays, 6:15-7:15pm and Thursdays, 5-6pm. Through May 27. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend.com. $99 per child. Kids Ninja Warrior Half-Day Camp Dropoff the kids (age 6 - 12) for Half-Day Ninja Warrior Camps, they’ll get their energy out and their exercise in! Wednesdays, 1:30-4:30pm. Through May 26. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend.com. $99 per child. LEGO Robotics This club is all about problem solving, getting creative, exploring new ideas, and having fun! Mondays-Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm. Through Feb. 10. BendTECH, 1001 SW Emkay Dr, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4682. info@campfireco.org. $80/month.

Mini-Yogi + Me 4-Week Series Parents and kids (ages 2 - 6) will have a blast during these fun, upbeat livestream yoga classes! Tuesdays, 10:3011am. Through Feb. 23. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend.com. $34.


Megan Burton

Nano-Ninja Class Kids (age 4-5) will love mak-

ing ninja warrior buddies as they develop fundamental coordination skills through obstacle-based gymnastics and climbing challenges. Wednesdays, 5-5:50pm and Thursdays, 3:30-4:20pm. Through May 27. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541241-3919. info@freespiritbend.com. $99 per child.


Ninja Elite Class Kids (age 8 - 12) come

increase your athletic performance through the exciting sport of Ninja Warrior! Tuesdays, 5-6pm. Through May 25. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend.com. $99 per child.


Head on down to Crosscut Warming Hut every Tuesday for locals' day deals, toasty warm fire pits and delicious eats from the food trucks out back.

Apres Ski Special at Zpizza Tap Room

Redmond Running Group Run All levels welcome. Find the Redmond Oregon Running Klub on Facebook for weekly run details. Thursdays, 6:15pm. Redmond. Contact: rundanorun1985@gmail.com.

Slice of premium pizza & beer- only $5! Show your Mt. B lift ticket, finish your epic day on your way down from the mountain with us. Thur.Sun., 4-6pm. Zpizza Tap Room, 1082 SW Yates Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-382-2007. bendsales@ peppertreeinns.com. $5.

Register Now: Virtual Boulder Mtn Tour

Cross Cut Warming Hut: Locals’ Day!

Every Tuesday enjoy $1 off regular size draft beverages. Come by the Warming Hut and hang out by the fire. Tuesdays. Cross Cut Warming Hut No 5, 566 SW Mill View Way, Bend.

Growler Discount Night! Enjoy $2 off growler fills every Wednesday at Bevel! Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour Rd. Suite B, Bend. Contact: 831-245-1922. holla@bevelbeer.com.

OUTDOOR EVENTS Moonlight Ski & Bite Come and enjoy an

Locals’ Night We offer $3 Pints of our core line

up beers and $4 pours of our barrel aged beers all day. Come down and sample what's new while also enjoying our brand new food menu! Mondays. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend.

Locals’ Day Come on down to Bevel Craft

evening of cross-country skiing, good food, and lots of memories! Thu, Jan. 28, 4-9:30pm. Elk Lake Resort, 60000 SW Century Dr., Bend. Free.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 3 Day Sacred Medicines Celebration Retreat Three Day Sacred Medicines Retreat (Sacred

Brewing for $4 beers and cider and $1 off wine all day. Outdoor dining is open now! Tuesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour Rd. Suite B, Bend. Contact: holla@bevelbeer.com.

Mother and Father Medicine Circles) Jan. 29, 4pm. Pachamama Sacred Medicines, Main, Bend.

40 Days To Personal Revolution A relevant

Rockin’ Dave’s Super Bowl Party To Go Rockin’ Dave's has all your Super Bowl party

needs! Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Wings, Chip Dips and more! Details at rockindaves.com/superbowl. Order by Wednesday, 2/3 at 3pm.

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cruise from Avignon to Lyon. We hope you decide to Sip and Sail with us. Please call us at 541-4101470 or email beckie@gooddropwineshop.com for inquires and bookings.

Fitness is offering free daily workouts via livestream! Visit the Planet Fitness Facebook page for more details. Free.

Intuitive Life Coaching Discover exactly what is blocking you from feeling peace, happiness and satisfaction in your life and relationships. We meet most weeks at the same time on Zoom. Wed, Jan. 27, 3pm and Wed, Feb. 3, 3pm. Free. Livestream Pre + Postnatal Yoga Classes Safely strengthen and stretch, relax the mind, re-

duce discomfort, and improve postpartum recovery. Sundays, 10:30am. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-797-3404. info@freespiritbend.com. $9.

Livestream Yoga Flow Classes Built around sun salutations and creative sequencing to build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. Tuesdays-Thursdays-Saturdays, 9:15-10:15am. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-7973404. info@freespiritbend.com. $9.

Bend Pilates Bend Pilates is now offering a full

Certified Life Coach, Jacquie Elliott is hosting a motivation and accountability workshop on the first Monday of the each month. 5:30-7pm. Contact: coach@jacquieelliottclc.com. Free.

We are SO excited to once again be offering this to our community. This gathering is a time to re-center and come back into alignment with our soul’s calling. Jan. 29, 6-7:30pm. Contact: halie@ blissful-heart.com. Free.

group will run, maintaining social distance, along the Deschutes River and then receive discounted drinks from the cidery after the run! Mondays, 5pm. AVID Cider Co. Taproom, 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Contact: bendarearunningfraternity@gmail.com. Free.

to get started safely. Fridays, 7pm and Sundays, 10am. Through May 30. Riverhouse on the Deschutes, 3075 N. Highway 97, Bend. Free.

Livestreamed Meditation Class Free

Blissful Heart’s Wild Women’s Circle

Bend Area Running Fraternity The

Getting Started With Essential Oils Bend Join us for this free workshop to learn how

and practical program, that will lead you home to mental clarity, lightness of body and illumination of spirit that comes with whole-life health. Beginning February 2nd, 7-8:15pm online via Zoom! Tuesdays, 7-8:15pm. Through March 16. Contact: 541-5508550. namaspayoga@gmail.com. $40.

schedule of classes through Zoom! For more information visit bendpilates.net/classes/. $20.


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Our Race, Your Backyard is the theme for the 2021 Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour. Registration officially closes on Sunday, January 31 at Midnight, Mountain Standard Time. Racing runs from February 1-7 on a trail and area of your choice. Jan. 6-31. Virginia Meissner SnoPark, Century Drive, Bend. $39.

the past 35 years. This approach draws on Jungian dream interpretation and spiritual traditions. Every other Tuesday, 6-7:30pm. Contact: 541-639-6246. michael@naturalwayofbeing.com. Free.

Capoeira: A Perfect Adventure The Brazilian art form of Capoeira presents opportunities to develop personal insights, strength, balance, flexibility and more. Text 541-678-3460 for location and times. Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays, 6pm. $30 intro month. Dream Interpretation Group Facilitator

online meditation classes led by Cathleen Hylton of Blissful Heart Wellness Center. Join class via zoom. us/j/596079985. Thursdays, 6-7pm. Free.

Motivation and Goal Setting Workshop

The Vance Stance/Structural Reprogramming Get to the root of why you are tight & suffering,

in this series of two-hour classes in posture and flexibility. Mondays-Thursdays, Noon-2pm and Mondays-Wednesdays, 6-8pm. Through Feb. 11. EastSide Home Studio, 21173 Sunburst Ct., Bend. Contact: 541330-9070. vancebonner@juno.com. 12 classes/$180.

Women’s Circle Start 2021 off right! A committed four week series open to all who identify as women. Move, dance and connect more soul-fully with yourself and others. Learn more at soulinmotionbend.com. Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm. Through Jan. 28. Contact: 541948-7015. soulinmotionbend@gmail.com. $100/series.

Michael Hoffman has been interpreting dreams for

S AT U R D AY JUNE 26, 2021

F R I D AY- S U N D AY J U LY 2 3 - 2 4 2 0 2 1



2021 BEND BEER RUN at The Commons



volunteer at Mustangs To The Rescue. Please call and leave a message. Mondays-Sundays, 9am6pm. Mustangs to the Rescue, 21670 McGilvray Road, Bend. Contact: 541-330-8943. volunteer@ MustangstotheRescue.org.





Rethink about it! Did you know clamshells, cups of any kind, plastic bags, and milk, juice, and soup boxes can’t be recycled curbside in Deschutes County? Don’t toss it in hoping it gets recycled: know what goes in and what stays out. Check out our website for recycling tips and more!

RethinkWasteProject.org an environmental center program







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Franklin Ave.



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SIGNATURE BEND EXCLUSIVE WINTER WEEKEND FEBRUARY 26 — 28, 2021 d Two night stay in a Premier guest room d Two complimentary drinks upon arrival d Welcome amenity basket d Wanderlust Tours Snowshoe Adventure on 2/27 d Oregon Spirit Distillers tasting d Complimentary appetizer from South Yo Mouth food truck d Discounts at Holm Made Toffee Co. $450 for Two Guests / $332 for Singles

RESERVATIONS 541.382.7011 Book by 2/18/21. Event times are subject to change. Snowshoeing recommended for adults and children 8+. Call for family pricing

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SCREEN Revenge is Always Ugly

"Promising Young Woman" enrages and engages By Jared Rasic


Carey Mulligan low-key earning an Oscar in “Promising Young Woman.”

with her parents, works at a coffee shop and spends her nights in bars, pretending to be drunk so she can tangle with any would-be rapists who cross her path. Cassie feels like she wasn’t able to help Nina. Now she feigns helplessness so that when men try to take advantage of her in her fake-drunken state, she scares them into seeing their predatory and evil behavior. Cassie is trying to make the world safer for women, literally one man at a time. “Promising Young Woman” completely subverts the rape/revenge genre

of thrillers with a final act that is as subversive as it is jaw-dropping. I’m still not sure if I think the ending of the film is a fearless act of provocation by writer/director Emerald Fennell or a shark-jumping moment so miscalculated it throws into question the entire point of the movie. Without wading into spoilers, all I will say is that if something can be bleak and cathartic at the same time, “Promising Young Woman” goes for it with extremely confusing results. Even though I’m genuinely struggling to understand how I feel about

this movie, I’m very glad I rented it. It left me feeling a lot. Ultimately, I want every movie I watch to make me feel something, whether it’s positive or negative. Or, as “Promising Young Woman” proved was possible, some emotion in between.

Promising Young Woman


Emerald Fennell Grade: B Now available on VoD

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’m coming in hot to 2021 with a fat stack of movies I expected to see in a theater last year that are instead slowly and without fanfare being dribbled out to Video on Demand and streaming services. The irony is that with the brand-new VoD releases, the studios are trying to recoup as much money as they possibly can, so the rental price is $20…more than a movie ticket would actually end up being. But I’ve been fairly desperate to see “Promising Young Woman” ever since it was removed from its release date in April of last year, when movie theaters around the globe closed their doors. I would have been at the theater opening night to see it, so I figure $20 to rent a film I really wanted to see feels like directly supporting the movie in a way the theatrical experience doesn’t really cover. Without question, “Promising Young Woman” is worth the steep rental fee. The film is complicated and ugly and uncompromising, leaving me staring at my screen with a sick, empty hole in my stomach. It’s hard to even write about this movie because I’m not sure I even know how to articulate my feelings properly without either being too vague or too specific about a film that ultimately exists as one giant trigger warning. Carey Mulligan gives her most nuanced performance yet as Cassie, a 30-something that, years earlier, dropped out of med school with her lifelong friend Nina after Nina was raped at a party. Cassie dropped out to take care of Nina, and it’s implied that eventually Nina took her own life. Now Cassie lives





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Exploring Oregon’s Outback One Step at a Time

GO HERE By Megan Burton

Courtesy Special Olympics of Oregon

The Oregon Desert Trail connects people to place


Damian Fagan


he Oregon Desert Trail, better known as the ODT, is a 751.7-route that traverses eastern Oregon, connecting the Badlands Wilderness to Lake Owyhee State Park. The trail slips through dense sagebrush steppe and ancient juniper forests, across lava flows and through canyons incised deep into an old land. There’s wild and wilderness and plenty of opportunities for solitude and solace. “The story begins in 2010 when our former executive director Brent Fenty had the idea of connecting places where ONDA had been working in and to highlight some of the success such as the Badlands Wilderness and Steens Wilderness,” said Renee Patrick, Oregon Natural Desert Association program manager who oversees development and stewardship of the ODT. “In between those two areas, we have done a lot of conservation work and thought we could help people connect to this landscape through a trail or route and help them see these lands first hand.” Descriptors such as the Oregon Outback, High Desert and Sagebrush Sea do justice to this desert landscape of sweeping vistas, rolling hills, fault-block escarpments and deep canyons. As Patrick puts it, “You’ll see more pronghorn than people.” The concept of spending time exploring and getting to know this remote section of Oregon may be foreign to some more accustomed to exploring the Cascades, Oregon’s verdant spine. However, the desert landscape’s subtle beauty reveals itself to those who wander. Author Ellen Waterston writes about living in and exploring the High Desert in “Walking the High Desert: Encounters with Rural America along the Oregon Desert Trail.” When asked about her experience, Waterston said, “The high desert is inscrutable at best, but during the winter especially so. I relish the palpable sense of all that’s brewing beneath the surface of

Taking the Plunge: Bend’s Polar Plunge Goes Virtual

Navigating the Oregon Desert Trail with an Oregon Natural Desert Association map.

the desert’s vast expanses. And while I’m waiting, nature puts on a show: hoarfrost exquisitely tracing the slimmest blade or branch, a coyote plowing its snout through the snow as it tries to rout a rodent out of hiding or pronghorn kicking up a wake of wintery glitter as they speed across an open savannah carpeted in white.” The task of designing the route fell to Jeremy Fox, Patrick’s predecessor. He began the arduous task of sketching out the trail, utilizing existing resources such as trails, two-tracks, dirt and paved roads for most of the route. Private property and highly sensitive wildlife areas or habitats were skirted. Blank spots on the map were connected by cross-country travel; nearly 35% of the trail includes trailless sections where a hiker’s navigational skill will be challenged. “Long-distance backpacking is not a traditional pastime in eastern Oregon in the desert,” said Patrick. “There’s a lot of curiosity and disbelief.” Patrick has worked hard at informing land and business owners about the trail that passes by their properties and towns. Now, landowners living in the outback have a different Damian Fagan

A day hiker scans for wildlife in the Oregon Outback.

take for Patrick. “They don’t ask why; they tell me stories of hikers that have passed through—so it’s really rewarding to see that trail culture developing.” Whitney LaRuffa hiked the ODT with a couple of friends in the fall of 2018. “I picked that trail because it’s a part of Oregon that I’ve visited and always wanted to see more of,” said LaRuffa, a seasoned long-distance trail hiker and vice-president of sales and marketing for Six Moon Design. “There was a true sense of adventure hiking the ODT compared to some of the more established long-distance trails that are more plug-andplay,” LaRuffa added. For LaRuffa, it wasn’t just about being a thru hiker. “People we met along the way were all very friendly, making sure we had food and water and that we knew where we were going,” LaRuffa said. After his hike, LaRuffa spent time on an ONDA trail stewardship project, giving back to the area he had passed through. Though the trail exists to hike in its entirety, day hiking or shorter overnighters are possible. ONDA provides excellent resources such as maps, GPS waypoints, information about water resources, and other trip-planning details on its website, along with information about the wildlife, geology and history of the region. Central Oregon day hikers looking to go somewhere COVID-19 safe may enjoy exploring unique geologic features in the Christmas Valley and Fort Rock area or “the backside” Pine Mountain. ONDA also initiated the Badland Challenge to encourage exploration of over 50 miles of trails in the Badlands Wilderness, located just east of Bend, where the ODT starts or ends— depending upon your sense of direction. onda.org sixmoondesign.com writingranch.com

Ah... the annual Polar Plunge. A beloved winter tradition involving wacky costumes, fundraising and a storm of brave souls rushing into the frigid Deschutes River. We all know that the traditional is no longer expected and so the Bend area Polar Plunge will look a little different this year. Special Olympics Oregon is keeping the spirit of the plunge alive this year with a month-long virtual celebration. “Freezin’ February” allows anyone across the Northwest or nation to join in for a month of fundraising and cold-water fun. Participants can choose to plunge only or join in a 5K/10K virtual run or stroll. Teams or individuals that raise over $50 will receive custom swag and prizes. This year, SOOR is encouraging all plungers to get creative. Fill up an unused kiddie pool, have a snowball fight or slide down a freezing slip n’ slide. They have options for those willing to get outside or those who prefer to stay home. Post your photo or video to share your creative and frosty plunging creations. SOOR reminds all plungers to be safe when diving into large bodies of water. Bring a buddy if you plan to dip into chilly rivers, lakes or oceans and remember to go feet first! The month of freezing kicks off with a livestream celebration beginning on Monday, Feb. 1 at 10am. Each week features a new theme and virtual events throughout the month. Finish off the month with a virtual finale celebration on Saturday., Feb. 27 at noon. Ready to “be bold and get cold?” Register yourself or your team at: soor.org/fundraising-events/plunge.

Check out the themes for each week throughout the month. Week 1: Super Hero Week -featuring a virtual superhero dance party. Week 2: Scavenger Hunt Week -with a live online trivia night. Week 3: Sponsor Week -with a virtual coffee chat with sponsors. Week 4: Super Plunge Week -with polar plunging events all week long.


By Damian Fagan



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Winter Wildlife Tracking

Take some time on a snowy winter day to see where animal tracks might lead you By Sarah Mowry, Deschutes Land Trust

21 Sarah Mowry

around to place them in front of their forefeet. These kinds of tracks tend to come from a squirrel, mouse or rabbit. Waddlers tend to walk in a wider zig zag or in a more random-looking pattern. They tend to be left by—you guessed it— animals that are more squat and waddle like a porcupine, raccoon or beaver. Bounders leave regularly spaced pairs or groups of prints and tend to be left by animals in the weasel family: otter, mink, marten, fisher and weasel. Finally, take a look at the size of your pattern. How far apart are the individual prints width-wise? How long is the animal’s stride-—the distance between the groups of tracks? Exact measurements can help with identification, but even estimations can help you narrow the field as you work to discover your animal. Print: Next, take a closer look at the print itself. Does it look like a hoof or two crescents? Then dig deeper into hoofed-animal identification like a deer or elk. Does it have long thin toes? Then think squirrels or mice or raccoon. Does it have more oval toe marks over the top of a central pad? Those with claw marks tend to be canines, like coyote or fox; those without claw marks, tend to be felines, like bobcats. Ideally, you have a series of prints so you can examine them all and find common patterns in the prints. Finally, once you’ve examined the pattern and print, you can start to narrow the field. Get a wildlife tracking book (such as “Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest,” by David Moskowitz) or try the free version of the iTrack

The Love Issue Have your businesses help keep the love going strong in the time of Corona inside the LOVE ISSUE



f you’re like many central Oregonians this winter, you’re spending a lot of time outside in the snow. Whether skiing, sledding or snowshoeing, taking the time to pause and observe wildlife tracks in the winter can be a great way to learn a little more about the wildlife with whom we share these snowy playgrounds. Where to start? First, think about timing. Fresh snow is ideal, but soft snow can also prove fruitful! Then, get yourself a bit down the trail and out of busy areas. This will help provide a clean slate with fewer tracks from pets or people. Next, find your track or footprint in the snow. You may think you want to start by examining the track itself, but instead you first want to focus on the pattern of the track. Pattern: When animals move across the landscape, they leave a pattern of tracks of their movement, or gait, behind. This pattern is one of your greatest tips as to what kind of animal was there. Though you can get deep into track patterns, it’s helpful to start by breaking track patterns into four basic kinds: walkers, hoppers, waddlers and bounders. Walkers leave patterns of a straight line of single prints that alternate sides or a line of prints that are almost exactly on top of each other. This is an animal that places their hind foot almost exactly in the print left by their front foot. These kinds of tracks tend to be left by coyote, fox, bobcat, deer or elk. Hoppers leave a trail of two small prints and two large prints. These animals touch the ground with both front feet and then bring their back feet

Use your gloves, phone or other items you have handy to help estimate the stride length of the animal.

Wildlife app. Both have helpful tools like rulers to measure tracks and patterns and they walk you through the pattern and print options that lead to different animals. If you’re pressed for time, take photos of the pattern and print so you can look it up later. Parting words: patience! You may not identify your tracks every time, but half the fun is trying to piece together the story of what animal was there and what they were doing on a snowy winter day in the forest. Learn more about the nature of Central Oregon with Deschutes Land Trust at deschuteslandtrust.org

-Sarah Mowry is the Deschutes Land Trust’s Outreach Director. She has worked for the Land Trust since 2005 and leads their communications and community engagement efforts. Sarah has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Middlebury College and a M.S. from the University of Montana in Environmental Science with a focus on sustainable food systems. She is an Oregon Master Naturalist and is a co-founder and on the leadership team of Central Oregon Womxn in Conservation. When not working or volunteering, she enjoys being outside swimming, gardening, hiking, canoeing, or skiing with her family.



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ASTROLOGY By Rob Brezsny AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): “We all want ev-

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Canadian journalist

erything to be okay,” writes author David Levithan. “We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.” To that mediocre manifesto, I reply, okay. I accept that it’s true for many people. But I don’t think it will apply to you Aquarians in the coming weeks. According to my assessment of your astrological potentials, you can, if you want, have a series of appointments with the fantastic, the marvelous, and the outstanding. Please keep those appointments! Don’t skip them out of timidity or excess humility.

Nick Ashdown is amazed that white people in North America are so inhibited about revealing their real feelings. He writes, “How bizarre that in English, the word ‘emotional’ is used pejoratively, as though passion implies some sort of weakness.” He marvels that the culture seems to “worship nonchalance” and regard intense expressiveness as uncool or unprofessional. I’m going to encourage you to embody a different approach in the coming days. I don’t mean to suggest that you should be an out-of-control maniac constantly exploding with intensity. But I do hope you will take extra measures to respect and explore and reveal the spirited truth about yourself.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): DON’Ts: Don’t keep scratching an old wound until it bleeds. Don’t try to snatch away the teddy bear that belongs to the 800-pound gorilla. Don’t try to relieve your tension by pounding your head against a wall. Don’t try to convince a stone idol to show you some tenderness. DOs: Do ask supposedly naive questions that may yield liberating revelations. Do keep in mind that sometimes things need to be a bit broken before you’ll be motivated to give them all the care they need and deserve. Do extinguish the fire on a burning bridge, and then repair the bridge. ARIES (March 21-April 19): In the 1950 film


! w o N t h g i R

Harvey, James Stewart plays a middle-aged man named Elwood whose best friend is a tall invisible rabbit named Harvey. The relationship causes problems with the people in Elwood’s life. At one point a psychiatrist tries to convince him to “struggle with reality.” Elwood replies, “I wrestled with reality for 40 years and I am happy to state that I finally won.” I’m happy to tell you this story, Aries, because it’s a good lead in to my counsel for you: I suspect that one of your long wrestles with reality will yield at least a partial victory in the coming weeks. And it will be completely real, as opposed to Elwood’s Harvey. Congratulations!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): The light of the North Star takes a long time to reach us, even though it’s traveling 186,000 miles per second. The beams it shows us tonight first embarked when Shakespeare was alive on Earth. And yet that glow seems so fresh and pure. Are there any other phenomena in your life that are metaphorically comparable? Perhaps an experience you had months ago that is only now revealing its complete meaning? Or a seed you planted years ago that is finally ripening into its mature expression? The coming weeks will be an excellent time to take inventory of such things, Taurus. It will also be a favorable phase to initiate innovations that will take some time to become fully useful for you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard had the great privilege of landing on the moon in a spacecraft, then walking on the lunar surface. How did he celebrate this epic holy adventure? By reciting a stirring passage from Shakespeare or the Talmud? By placing a framed photo of Amelia Earhart or a statue of Icarus in the dirt? By saying a prayer to his God or thoughtfully thanking the people who helped put him there? No. Shepard used this sublime one-of-a-kind moment to hit a golf ball with a golf club. I’ll ask you not to regard him as a role model in the coming weeks. When your sacred or lofty moments arrive, offer proper homage and honor. Be righteously appreciative of your blessings.

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CANCER (June 21-July 22): William Shakespeare worked with another playwright in creating three plays: Henry VIII, The Two Noble Kinsmen, and Cardenio. The lucky collaborator was John Fletcher, who was popular and influential in his era. I propose that we name him one of your role models in 2021. Here’s why: You will have an enhanced potential to engage in fertile partnerships with allies who are quite worthy of you. I encourage you to be on the lookout for opportunities to thrive on symbiosis and synergy.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Virgo actor Ingrid Bergman appeared in three movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In Notorious, set after the end of World War II, she played the daughter of a Nazi spy. During the filming, Bergman had trouble with a particular scene. She explained her doubts to Hitchcock, saying, “I don’t think I can do that naturally.” Hitchcock seemed receptive to her input, but in the end had an unexpected response: “All right,” he told her. “If you can’t do it naturally, then fake it.” I’m going to suggest that you follow Hitchcock’s advice during the next two weeks, Virgo. “Fake it till you make it” is an acceptable—probably preferable—approach.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): The 17th-century Libran polymath Thomas Browne had a brilliant, well-educated mind. He authored many books on various subjects, from science to religion, and was second only to Shakespeare in the art of coining new words. He did have a blind spot, however. He referred to sex as the “trivial and vulgar way of union” and “the foolishest act a wise man commits in all his life.” Most of us have pockets of ignorance like that—aspects that qualify as learning disabilities or intellectual black holes. And now and then there come times when we benefi t from checking in with these deficiencies and deciding whether to take any fresh steps to wisen them up. Now is such a time for you.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): “There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it,” declares actor and comedian Mindy Kaling. Is that an unromantic sentiment? Maybe. But more importantly, it’s evidence that she treasures her sleep. And that’s admirable! She is devoted to giving her body the nurturing it needs to be healthy. Let’s make Kaling your patron saint for now. It’s a favorable time to upgrade your strategies for taking very good care of yourself.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): All of us go through phases when our brains work at a higher level than usual. I’m guessing that you’re about to enjoy one of these times. In fact, I won’t be shocked if you string together a series of ingenious thoughts and actions. I hope you use your enhanced intelligence for important matters— like making practical improvements in your life! Please don’t waste it on trivial matters like arguments on Facebook or Twitter. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Today the Capricorn artist Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) is regarded as an important and influential painter. Early in his career, though, he was rejected and even ridiculed by critics. One reason was that he loved making still-life paintings, which were considered low art. Of his 584 works, about 200 of them were of inanimate, commonplace objects. Fruit was his specialty. Typically he might spend 100 separate sessions in perfecting a particular bowl of apples. “Don’t you want to take a vacation from painting fruit?” he was asked. In response, he said that simply shifting the location of his easel in relation to his subject matter was almost more excitement than he could bear. That’s the kind of focused, detailed attitude I hope you’ll cultivate toward your own labors of love during the coming weeks, Capricorn.

Homework: I believe that you can’t get what you want from another person until you’re able to give it to yourself. Do you think that’s true? FreeWillAstrology.com.


By Brendan Emmett Quigley

Pearl’s Puzzle

Difficulty Level


We’re Local!

© Pearl Stark mathpuzzlesgames.com/quodoku

Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters exactly once.



The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote:

“If you want to recapture your youth, just cut off ________e.” —Al Bernstein


ACROSS 1. “... I don’t know about that” 5. Like stick figures 9. Indian dervish 14. Taiwanese tea 15. Trajan’s Forum city 16. Paunchy 17. Her Twitter is @IlhanMN 18. Arm bone 19. Fracking stone 20. Pioneering law school student? 23. Aspen regular 25. Its national bird the Andean cock-of-the-rock 26. Sock destroyer, maybe 28. Sarcastic snort 29. Former Indian rule 32. Pelotons? 34. “Where ___ you last night?” 35. Is breathless 36. Big U.S. export 37. Blass contemporary 38. “Sporty” vehicles, for short 39. What to do when wagering gold isn’t allowed at the poker table? 41. Gentle touch 42. “Bull” channel 43. Small acorns 44. Epazote, e.g. 46. Threatening demonstration 47. ESP? 52. Has an online meeting 53. Portoferraio’s home 54. Goya painted a naked one and a clothed one 58. Passage to a culvert 59. In need of a handout 60. “Iliad” hero 61. Crystal-ball users 62. Was beholden (to) 63. May or June, but rarely July

DOWN 1. “His Dark Materials” channel 2. She delivered 3. Investment banking deg. 4. Rigid taskmasters 5. Sternum attachment 6. Granny eater of storybooks 7. Prefix with corporeal 8. Honey substitute? 9. Nurse 10. Can’t stand anymore 11. “John Wick” star 12. Chain part 13. Fisherman’s gadget 21. Tunes into NPR 22. Places for peels 23. Hyundai sedan 24. Fashion designer People magazine called 1998’s Sexiest Businessman of the Year 26. Ice fisherman’s gadget 27. Den leaders? 28. Theseus abducted her 30. “Lego Masters” host Will 31. Serves raspberries 33. Box for builders 34. Ship in a viral sea shanty 37. Please, in Potsdam 39. Group who performed the best Eurovision Song Contest song per a BBC poll 40. To the east in the morning 42. Highest points 45. Movie composer Bernstein 47. Israeli shooters 48. Number of G’s in this puzzle’s grid 49. Default action? 50. Break new ground 51. Instrument with a nearly three-octave range 55. 2020 WNBA MVP ___ Wilson 56. Tart filling 57. Splitting tool

“I bought a new pair of pajamas with pockets, which is great, cause now I don’t have to hold things when I sleep.” —Demetri Martin


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More Locations Offering To-Go Cocktails Where to get those drinks to go, before they go away By Nicole Vulcan



everal weeks ago, as to-go cocktails began to be a thing in Oregon, we published a very brief list of some of the places starting to offer to-go cocktails. We’ve updated the list to include some of the other places that have since come online with new and inventive ways to get their cocktails into your hand. Thanks to online ordering—which many locations have added to their services over the course of the pandemic—it’s easy to find out whether your favorite spot has cocktails on top of all that good food. As long as you order a “substantial food item,” patrons can also grab cocktails to go. (Note: this is very likely a temporary thing, since the Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved to-go cocktails only during Oregon’s state of emergency.)

Tokyo Pro Shred Nora Beck

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

5 Fusion and Sushi Bar offers cocktails as well as beer, sake and other beverages, tempting you right as you walk up to get your to-go orders. Baldy’s BBQ is offering growler fills, as well as its South O Border fresh-squeezed margarita, Bloody Mary, the Mr. Clean—a vodka with fresh-squeezed grapefruit, Strawberry Tom Collins or build-your-own cocktails to go. Bend Izakaya Ronin offers a Yuz Lemonade, a Whiskey Apple Cider, a Ginger Roku Rickey and a host of sake, beer and wine. Bethlyn’s Global Fusion has added champagne splits to its Valentine’s menu—which is a lobster bisque, mixed greens with roasted pear beet salad, crab cake lasagna, and a dessert board. Order ahead for V-Day! Boxwood Kitchen has a great selection of wine bottles to pick up with your meal. Brown Owl Bend offers $4 beers, or six-packs of its select to-go beers with your pickup order. Chomp Chomp is offering a number of fun cocktails with your order, including its Mule on the Move (a Moscow Mule), the Rolling Rita (tequila and fresh-squeezed lime) and the One Night in Bangkok, featuring spicy vodka, coconut, yuzu and lime. Growlers and wine bottles also available. Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is offering a weekly “Take, Shake & Bake” that includes a few of its signature cocktails, along with take-andbake pizza from Portland’s Renata Italian restaurant. El Caporal Bend is offering margaritas to take away with your to-go orders.

Courtesy The Victorian

The Victorian Café’s Proud Mary bloody marys are the stuff of dreams—but if you order it to go, you’ll have to assemble the many glorious ingredients yourself.

El Rancho Grande offers its “Togoritas” and Bloody Marys along with your to-go food. Hideaway Tavern, recently reopened with takeout and patio dining, offers that craveable Bloody Mary, Mimosas, and fresh Greyhounds, Screwdrivers and Strawberry Lemonade Vodkas, along with an extensive menu. Hola! Restaurants are offering their delicious margaritas and signature Red Cactus at its open locations. Joolz is offering signature cocktails that include an Oregon Pear Drop Cocktail, along with Spanish Cava, beers and growlers to go. La Rosa is offering a wide selection of margaritas with your to-go order. McMenamin’s is offering a host of its regular drinks and cocktails in to-go containers. Miyagi Ramen is offering its Yuzu Margarita, the Moto-Ki, including white and gold rum with coconut, pineapple, lime juice and nutmeg, along with sake and beer. Pflücke offers a host of German beers and wine, all bottled up and ready to go. The Victorian Café is offering its Classic and Proud Mary bloody mary kits to go, as well as champagne. Wild Rose is offering its Thai Sunrise, featuring rum, mango, lime and Thai tea drizze, as well as its Mango Thaigarita, with mango, lime, triple sec and tequila.


Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave. Suite 280, Santa Monica, CA 90405, or e-mail AdviceAmy@aol.com (advicegoddess.com).

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NEIGHBORHOODS Introducing Our Neighborhoods, a new publication for 2021 showcasing our unique Central Oregon neighborhoods—featuring the distinctive qualities, resources, maps, schools, parks and more.

COMING THIS SPRING Attention Realtors! Ask how you can sponsor a specific neighborhood in your area of expertise and lock in on an awesome deal. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Come visit This animated short broadcast on the Redmond City Hall about Cupid will delight Central Oregon families in the weekends leading up to Valentine’s Day. Drive by and enjoy the spectacle from the safety of your vehicle. Viewing will occur Feb 5-6 and Feb 12-14 from 6-9pm.

Don’t miss the fun! SPONSORED BY

Funded in part by the Oregon Regional Cooperative Tourism Program from Visit Central Oregon and Travel Oregon


I’m a single woman in my mid-30s with an older half brother I haven’t seen in 20 years. He started calling me several years ago, and we speak sporadically (always instigated by him). He’s married and refers to me as the aunt to his four children (whom I’ve never met). Recently, he asked whether they could all stay with me for a while. On the next call, he asked to borrow money. I have yet to give him answers. I can’t help but suspect he just intended to use me all along. Is there a way to figure out whether that was the case? If so, I really don’t want anything to do with him. —Wary If you have to give a 40-year-old kid a home in your basement, the kid should at least be yours. Unfortunately, a lack of money is sometimes the root of newfound family. When your half brother first called, it probably seemed like a nice thing. But now that he’s hitting you up for money and housing, it’s natural you’re wondering whether he was just priming you for financial seduction. There are two clashing evolutionary motives in play here: our motivation to sacrifice in order to help our relatives and our motivation to avoid being scammed. It’s in our genetic self-interest to sock away our money and other resources for any children we might have, who’ll carry approximately 50% of our genes (plus 50% of their other parent’s). However, evolutionary psychology research consistently finds we’re prone to set aside our own interests when people in need are related to us, well beyond whatever generosity we’d show to friends or even needy strangers. This makes genetic sense. Half siblings like you and your brother have about 25% of the same genes, on average. That’s not the 50% you’d share with a full sibling (on average), but it’s not nothing. Half bro’s children might share a smattering of your genes (maybe 12.5% or thereabouts). So, by helping half bro, you potentially help at least some of your genes show up in coming generations. That said, our level of relatedness factors into how willing we are to incur costs, though these calculations are done subconsciously. In other words, if this guy were your full brother, you might be more inclined (or a little less disinclined!) to fork over money and bedrooms. We likewise evolved to be on the lookout for scammers. In a harsh

ancestral environment, getting conned out of our share of bison McNuggets might be a life-or-death issue. Evolutionary psychologists Leda Cosmides and John Tooby find that the human mind has a specialized mechanism for detecting “cheaters,” meaning people who intentionally try to take a benefit they aren’t entitled to. An example of this would be someone scooping up the benefits of being family when his real motivation was just milking you. Granted, you and half bro are family; however, had he not asked for money along with a place to stay, you might not feel so set up. Behavioral economist Dan ArieAmy Alkon ly’s research finds that outside of business situations, the mere mention of money sours relationships, “introducing market norms” into interactions with friends, family, nice neighbors, and romantic partners. “Market norms” are “give to get” business norms. The supermarket gives us a loaf of bread, and we give them $3 to get out the door without getting arrested for shoplifting. “Social norms” are the loveand liking-driven standards that guide our giving to friends, family, neighbors, and romantic partners. We don’t expect instant payback (or, sometimes, any payback), and we don’t keep an accounting ledger: “I helped you move your couch. You need to come over and spend a halfhour mopping my floor.” Elements of social norms do emerge in market situations (like if the butcher is fond of you), and when friends or romantic partners are “all take,” we eventually give them the boot. However, muddying the two norms -- like if a guy has sex with his girlfriend and leaves a wad of cash on the nightstand afterward -- can be disastrous. As Ariely puts it, once market norms spill into social norm-driven situations, “recovering a social relationship is difficult.” Because of the pandemic, many are struggling and suddenly desperate, so it’s possible your half brother’s intentions were warm and familial rather than cold and calculating. It’ll probably take time (with continuing contact) to suss out where he’s coming from. Saying no to him (at least initially) might also do the job -- leading him to blow up and disappear if he’s just there to milk and bilk. Of course, if he’s a scheming sociopath, he might take the long view, deciding Auntie ATM just needs more “grooming” before he can pull off the middle-class version of the vagrant who tells you you’re beautiful so he can ask you for a dollar.

A sneak peek of what’s around the corner…



60950 GROFF RD, BEND $440,000




Septic approved/Avion water - Quality designed house plan renderings MLS#220114397

Debbie Walsh, Broker GRI, ABR, SRES, RENE Bend Premier Real Estate


541.419.4576 Serving your real estate needs since 1997 – Experience Counts

Single story building located in the Opportunity Zone & Medical District Overlay. Great exposure, excellent parking, close to St. Charles. Triplex & commercial/office remodel drawings included.

Richard Sams, Broker

OFFERED AT $1,250,000

541.948.2311 rick@teamsams.com



Abbie Kephart Sams, Broker

503.812.2025 abbie@teamsams.com Licensed in the State of Oregon

Terry Skjersaa

Principal Broker, CRS

Jason Boone

Principal Broker, CRIS

Mollie Hogan

Principal Broker, CRS

Cole Billings Broker

Get Noticed in our Real Estate Section

Skjersaa Group | Duke Warner Realty 1033 NW Newport Ave. Bend, OR 97703




One of a kind property within 5 minutes of everything that Bend has to offer. Costco, Safeway, Hospital, great restaurants and pubs and so much more. 5 acres with a1800 sqft shop with a full bathroom and options of building your new home on the property. Mountain views are amazing and the property is prepped and ready for asphalt as well. Don’t miss your opportunity on the only 5 acre parcel this close to town.

19990 POWERS RD, BEND • $525,000 OPEN SAT 11-3

This single level 3bed/2 bath, 1364 sq ft home lives large located on an oversized SW Bend Lot (6970 sq ft), and walking distance to the Old Mill and the Deschutes river trails. Open Floor concept is great for entertaining with large windows that look out to nice flat backyard. New furnace in 2018, newer appliances, smart home features including WIFI enabled thermostat. Updated bathrooms, and flooring through out. Mature neighborhood and with plenty of trees, makes this perfect for a new place to call home or for investment.


541.639.2081 | Levisongroupinfo@gmail.com 695 SW MILL VIEW WAY SUITE 100 • BEND, OR • WWW.ALEVISON.WITHWRE.COM


contact advertise@bendsource.com


1903 NW Newport Hills Dr

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 1515 square feet • Offered at $750K See more details at www.melnerproperties.com

Call us today! 541-678-2169


“Your Oregon Coast Broker”

Geoff Groener, Licensed Broker 541.390.4488 | geoff.groener@cascadesir.com cascadesothebysrealty.com I have been a licensed real estate Broker in Oregon for the past 16 years. During that time, I have owned a home in both Bend and the Oregon Coast. I now spend most of my time selling real estate at the coast, out of the new Sotheby’s office, located in the famed Salishan Resort. I provide my clients expert knowledge from Yachats (south) to Pacific City (north) and everywhere in between. Each office is independently owned and operated.



By Abbie + Rick Sams Licensed brokers, Team Sams at Fred Real Estate Group

South County Appeal

Marcia Hilber Principal Broker

La Pine: Serenity, simpler living and endless nature opportunities, drawing adventurers and residents alike. Native Americans occupied this area for over 13,000 years, primarily coming during the spring and summer months after the winter thaws, living in harmony with the earth and thriving on the rich natural resources which provided an abundance of foraging, hunting and fishing. Trails and trade routes spread throughout the area between the Klamath and Columbia River Basins. Groups would gather from Northern California, southern Washington, Oregon and Idaho in the Newberry Caldera along the shores of Paulina and East lakes to collect obsidian, craft tools, participate in social events, compete in games and trade.  Settlers, explorers and fur traders pushed into the region in the 1800s as the U.S. expanded west. The Huntington Wagon Road was built in 1876, mainly following Native American trails, making it easier to bring supplies from The Dalles to Fort Klamath, in turn prompting further growth to the area.  In 1911 the population of La Pine was 600 and the primary industries were logging, lumber mills, ranching and dairy farms. La Pine began next to a smaller town called Rosland, which was absorbed into La Pine as it grew. Now the estimated population is closer to 2,000 people, with close to 20,000 living in close surrounding areas. Remaining an unincorporated town in Oregon until 2006, La Pine is technically the state’s youngest city and an excellent alternative city within Central Oregon to call “home.”



Through March 2021 Buyers Call for Current Offers



219 NW 6TH ST., STE 1, REDMOND Licensed in the State of Oregon Lic #200608229

Otis Craig Broker, CRS





Cascade Mt views - septic approved/Avion water- borders thousands of acres of Forest Service land- located in quality gated community. CUP needs re-evaluation. MLS#220114964

Debbie Walsh, Broker GRI, ABR, SRES, RENE Bend Premier Real Estate

& 541.771.4824 ) otis@otiscraig.com

541.419.4576 Serving your real estate needs since 1997 – Experience Counts




Make the Smart Move in 2021 STOP

Photos and listing info from Central Oregon Multiple Listing Service

<< LOW

51917 Lot 115 Lumberman Lane, La Pine, OR 97739 2 beds, 2 bath, 1,312 square feet, .08 acres lot Built in 2021 $314,900 Listed by High Lakes Realty & Property Management

MID >>

RENTING START OWNING First time home owners to seasoned investors, call 541-508-6859

16512 Charlotte Day Drive, La Pine, OR 97739 4 beds, 3 bath, 2,633 square feet, .16 acres lot Built in 2007 $467,500 Listed by High Lakes Realty & Property Management


147522 Mabel Drive, La Pine, OR 97739 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,765 square feet, 5.27 acres lot Built in 2016 $759,000 Listed by Coldwell Banker Bain

PROPERTY M A N AG E M E N T Andy Stearns Principal Broker

Licensed in the State of Oregon


R E A L E STATE Sales & Consulting

MyLuckyHouse.com 1293 NE 3rd St, Bend 541-815-8200


Furnished & Unfurnished

Shari Ballard Principal Broker

Licensed in the State of Oregon




his week, our exploration of outlying cities in Central Oregon brings the focus to La Pine. Real estate is booming in Bend, which is being reflected in higher home sales prices and a growing population, prompting longtime locals and newcomers to seek reprieve in the surrounding towns. The appeal of La Pine is quite simple; lower home prices, a slower pace of life, decreased population density and a slew of easily accessible outdoor activities. Homesteading in La Pine was a draw for many during the early 1900s. Now, affordable housing opportunities have many homebuyers taking notice of La Pine. Home prices have been increasing throughout the local area, but La Pine still offers nice homes, often on larger lots at reasonable, affordable prices. Last month the median sales price of a single-family home in La Pine was $325,000, with a total of 12 homes sold. For comparison, in Bend, the single family home median sale price was $524,000, with 207 homes sold. Redmond saw 89 total home sales at a median price of $375,000. Currently, there is a brand new two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,312-square-foot home in La Pine offered at $314,900. Geographically, La Pine is nestled in the vast pine forests 30 miles south of Bend at an elevation of 4,235 feet, making it the highest city in Central Oregon. Close proximity to 2.5 million acres of forest land, mountains, six rivers and over 100 high Cascade lakes provides endless outdoor recreation

t/c- 541-312-3641 marciahilber2@gmail.com | marciahilber.com


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