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Last year, our Best of Central Oregon theme was “Rising from the Ashes.” This year, it’s a new era, and it seems the phoenix has risen, indeed. This year’s theme is “Boomtown,” described in the Britannica Dictionary as “a town that experiences a sudden growth in business and population: a booming town.” If you’ve been feeling that “boomtown” vibe this summer, you wouldn’t be Youalone.might feel it by the numbers of people you have to wade through to visit a shop downtown. You might feel it in the lines outside your favorite food cart. You might also feel it in the housing prices or Buttraffic.those are just part of the story.

As we put out this next edition of the Best of Cen tral Oregon, we’re aiming to focus on the “best of times” that come from being a Boomtown. There are more people, yes—but that also means a proliferation of new ideas, fresh perspectives… more artists, more makers, more change-makers, more diversity… and we could go on. Thanks to Bend’s “Zoomtown” status, more people than ever can make Bend their home, all while staying connected to towns and businesses all over the world. Most of the year, we splash plenty of ink in these pages talking about the things that need improv ing and the ways Central Oregon can grow into the best version of itself. We’ll do that again, over and over—but for now, let’s have a little fun reveling in the wins for the many businesses that make our Boomtown so great. Cheers to all the winners! Who votes? Thousands of people vote in a whopping 200+ categories in our poll. New categories! This year, like most years, we’re adding new categories while retiring a few others. Among the new ones: Best Breakfast Sandwich, Best Eggs Benedict, Best Mac n’ Cheese, and more specialty categories for Redmond, Sisters and Sunriver. Let’s party! The Source Weekly is turning 25 this summer, and to celebrate that AND the Best Of winners, we’re throwing a party! Join us for a free event Wed., Aug. 10 from 6:30 to 9pm (winners are invited earlier for a special fete for their accomplishments). Join us at the Deschutes Historical Museum for free music and live entertainment!


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” - Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities.”


CONTENTS BEST EATS IN BEND Best New Restaurant p.33 Best New Food Cart p.35 Best Bagel p.39 Best Breakfast Sandwich p.41 Best Burrito p.43 Best Eggs Benedtict p.45 Best Patio Dining p.49 Best Vegan/Vegetarian p.51 Best Food Cart Lot p.53 BEST DRINKS IN BEND Best Milkshake p.55 Best Happy Hour p.57 Best Hazy Beer p.59 BEST OF HEALTH & FITNESS Best Yoga Studio p.61 BEST OF GOODS & SERVICES Best Pet Resort p.63 Best Pet Store p.64 Best Beauty Studio p.65 Best Massage/Day Spa p.67 Best Barbershop p.69 BEST OF SHOPPING Best Outdoor Clothing p.71 BEST OF PEOPLE & PLACES Best Open Mic Night p.75 BEST OF REDMOND Best Pizza p.79 Best New Restaurant p.81 BEST OF SISTERS Best Place for Live Music p.83 Best New Restaurant p.83 BEST OF SUNRIVER Best Pub/Best Lunch p.85 Editor: Nicole Vulcan • Production Manager/Art Director: Jessie Czopek • Contributors: Donna Britt, Jack Harvel, Chris Williams, Brian Yaeger • Graphic Designer: Nathan Elston • Photography: Daniel Robbins, Jessie Czopek Copy Editor: Richard Sitts • Sales Executives: Ban Tat, Ashley Sarvis, Trinty Bradle BEST EATS P. 33 BEST SHOPPING P. 70 BEST DRINKS P. 55 BEST GOODS AND SERVICES P. 70 Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins

T h a n k Y o u C e n t r a l O r e g o n ! " P r a x i s i s h o n o r e d t o s e r v e t h e h e a l t h c a r e c o m m u n i t y i n C e n t r a l O r e g o n . B e i n g v o t e d t h e B e s t H e a l t h c a r e o r g a n i z a t i o n f o r a f i f t h s t r a i g h t y e a r h i g h l i g h t s o u r o u t s t a n d i n g c a r e t e a m s , f o c u s o n q u a l i t y a n d d e l i v e r i n g a p a t i e n t c e n t r i c e x p e r i e n c e . " Find a location near you Visit Us Online B E S T 2 0 2 2 , 2 0 2 1 , 2 0 2 0 , 2 0 1 9 , 2 0 1 8 C E N T R A L O R E G O N 5 Y E A R S I N A R O W ! M E D I C A L C L I N I C Scan QR Code and schedule today! - Daniel Weber, Regional Administrator

SECOND PLACE: Nome Italiano

BOSA FOOD & DRINK Best New Restaurant

About this time last year we were telling you about a new neighborhood place on Galveston in Bend created in the image of a traditional Italian osteria. BOSA Food & Drink was on a mission to be an inviting place where family and friends gather to eat often. Mission accomplished! BOSA has been voted Best New Restaurant 2022 by Source Weekly readers. Fresh pastas along with other French and Mediterra nean dishes, seasonally driven using the best ingredients available, along with an extensive wine list and creative cocktail selections, have made BOSA a go-to spot on Bend’s west House-madeside.focaccia bread, mouthwatering Bigoli “Cacio e Pepe,” a monstrous 40-ounce bone-in ribeye, and daily specials are just a few of the menu favorites. Chefs Nate King and Bill Dockter, co-owners/operators of BOSA, met in a Col orado resort town years ago and started dreaming up their own version of a neigh borhood eatery. King and Dockter had this to say upon learning the news of being voted Best New Restaurant: “After pursuing and finally securing our dream loca tion in Bend back in February 2020, our excitement was halted by the COVID pan demic. We were able to work with our landlord and weather the storm and emerged as a new restaurant on August 1, 2021. We are overwhelmed by the love and support that we have received from the community and our neighborhood. We are hum bled by the awards that we have received and feel that this is a reflection upon our staff’s hard work and dedication to our concept. Thank you, Bend!!”

By Donna Britt

Daniel RobbinsDaniel Robbins

Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins


VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 34 “From the many hands it takes to produce, we thank you for voting us Bend's Best Coffee another year in a row.” C O F F E E ROA S T ERS BAC KPOR C H 2022FarmMenendezSalvador,El ofBest OregonCentral - Dave Beach, Founder & Lead Roaster

Daniel Robbins

35 Biting into the Crazy Tuna Roll at Maki Maki Sushi is like a little round piece of heaven. I’m a fan of spicy stuff, so I’m not shy when cart owner and sushi chef Adam Pan suggests this spicy roll as the one to try at his food cart at The Lot on Bend’s west side. With spicy tuna inside and more seared pepper tuna on top of the roll— plus spicy ponzu sauce and jalapeno, it’s got it going on in the spice department, but it’s nothing unmanageable, and the whole roll is gone before I know what happened. Maybe this experience of seeing your food disappear before your consciousness can catch up is why readers of the Source Weekly have voted this cart the Best New Food Cart in Bend in 2022. Pan and his family opened the cart in January 2022, set tling on Bend to raise their sons after spending a couple decades running kitchens in New York. While Pan is a native of Fujian, China, his many years of training at Japanese restaurants have given him a chance to hone the craft, and to bring a mix of “old favorites” as well as new surprises. While Central Oregonians have a lot of options when it comes to sushi these days, this one is definitely worth a visit. Con grats to this new arrival for its win in Best of Central Oregon!


By Nicole Vulcan SECOND PLACE: Americana Robbins

MAKI MAKI Best New Food Cart


Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins


202211,AUGUST/32ISSUE26VOLUME/THESOURCEWEEKLY/BESTOFISSUE 37 BEST ASIAN 1st CHI Chinese and Sushi Bar 2nd Chan’s of Bend BEST BAKERY 1st The Sparrow Bakery 2nd Nancy P's Cafe & Bakery BEST BBQ 1st Baldy’s Barbecue 2nd CURBBQ BEST BOWL 1st Café Yumm! 2nd Active Culture Café BEST BREAKFAST 1st McKay Cottage Restaurant 2nd The Victorian Café BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO 1st Bend Breakfast Burrito 2nd Burrito Sunrise BEST BURGER 1st Bend Burger Co. 2nd Dandy’s Drive-In BEST CASUAL DINING 1st Spork 2nd Jackson’s Corner BEST CATERER 1st Bleu Bite Catering 2nd Bowtie Catering Co. BEST DESSERT 1st Bontà 2nd 900 Wall EATSEATS Best OfBest Of eastsidegardensinc.com541-383-3722 61780 SE 27th Bend SUMMER SPECIALS!!


Best Of EATS





By Chris Williams

Daniel Robbins


SECOND PLACE: Rockin’ Dave’s Bistro & Backstage Lounge

202211,AUGUST/32ISSUE26VOLUME/THESOURCEWEEKLY/BESTOFISSUE 39 A staple bagel spot is an essential element for any town. There’s a hole missing from a town without one (sorry, had to). Bend has given rise to quite a few spots that folks swear by, but one has reigned supreme for almost 30 years.  Since starting out at its Galveston Avenue location in 1994, Big-O-Bagels has been on a mission to provide the best bagels to Bend. Bendites have responded and as a result Big-O has found enough success to open up three locations across town, dishing out countless bagels and rising to notoriety—and consistently being voted the best bagel of Bend since the Source started its poll in 1997.  “Our success is in serving delicious, real food that is simple and unassuming… Our focus is on the belief that everyone should be able to afford a delicious break fast or lunch made with quality ingredients and still have money left in their wal let.” Noël Reiner, owner of Big-O-Bagels, explained to me regarding aspects of how the company has found success. There are not many places still in town where one can go to get a filling meal for under $10. Here, breakfast is still less than 7 bucks.  Big-O has stayed true to a simple formula that hasn’t had the need to change— straight forward with no gimmicks or unnecessary frills. Kudos to them for knowing who they are since day 1. Congrats on a well-deserved win!

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 40 BEST DINNER 1st Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails 2nd Ariana Restaurant BEST DOUGHNUT 1st Richard's Donuts & Pastries 2nd The Dough Nut BEST FALAFEL 1st Bo’s Falafel 2nd Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean BEST FAMILY DINING 1st Jackson’s Corner 2nd Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews BEST FINE DINING 1st Ariana Restaurant 2nd Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails BEST FOOD CART 1st Aina Kauai Style Grill 2nd Toasty BEST FRIED CHICKEN 1st The Tin Pig 2nd Cascade West Grub & Alehouse BEST INTERNATIONAL FUSION CUISINE 1st Spork 2nd 5 Fusion & Sushi Bar BEST LUNCH 1st El Sancho 2nd Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats BEST MAC 'N' CHEESE 1st Brother Jon’s Ale House 2nd Lively Up Yourself EATSEATS Best OfBest Of CentralThanksOregon 335 NE Dekalb Ave Open 11am-10pm, 7 days a week (458) 206-5973 Dekalb Ave 11am-10pm,week206-5973 1254 NW Galveston Open 11am-10pm 7 days a week (541) 797-7999 50 SW Division St Open12pm-8pm,Sun-ThursFri&Sat12pm-9pm Eastside Taco Shop westside Taco Shop taco shack at crux !

By Jack Harvel PLACE: Rockin’ Dave’s Bistro & Backstage Lounge


Best Of EATS Courtesy of Sparrow Bakery Annelie Kahn

Sparrow is a longtime favorite for Best Bakery in Central Oregon, winning the category every time since 2013. It won that title this year, too, but it’s also taking home new bragging rights in a new category — Best Breakfast Sandwich in Central SparrowOregon.opened its original location on Scott Street in 2006 with a mission of creating high-quality baked goods at prices people can afford. The humble bakery’s popularity skyrocketed over the years, and it now has a location in Northwest Crossing and in the St. Johns neighborhood in Portland—but closed its original space this year. “It’s very humbling that we have so many people enjoying our product that are here in Bend and outside of Bend. We went from having a staff of, like, four to over 100,” said Jessica Keating, co-owner of The Sparrow Bakery. Popular menu items like the Ocean Roll, almond croissant sandwich and cro que monsieur are all to die for, but for a morning meal that gets your day started right you can’t go wrong with the Bacon-Breakfast sandwich. “For us we feel like the base of the sandwich is really important. And so, we do it on a croissant and then we poach an egg, we use real avocado, we make aru gula aioli for the sauce, and then the bacon... we cure and then we add a little bit of sweet and savory to it,” Keating said. “I think that each item is really good on its own but then when you put it together it eats really well.”



Vegetarians don’t have to miss out either; the non-bacon breakfast uses havarti cheese instead of bacon. “A lot of people like that even if they also like bacon, the melted cheese with the egg is really nice,” Keating said.

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 42 Bend Oregon 97703 We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone in our community that has supported us all here at Lemon Drop Salon! We are honored and grateful to be part of a community that encourages and allows us to be our creative selves. It means the world to us. Thank you for voting Lemon Drop ‘Best Salon’! XO, The Lemon Drop Team

By Chris Williams

“The Super Supreme is the most popular. The name says it all,” explains Juan Moreno, the owner of Super Burrito’s west side location, of the massive burrito stuffed with meat, chile relleno, pico and special sauces. In an age where it feels like some restaurants are trying too hard and have drifted away from authenticity, spots like this remind us that everything will be OK. Simple, straightforward and classic tastes still reign (super) supreme.  Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins

For those who fear that the spot is going to be blown out, you can relax; Super Burrito is a family-run restaurant committed to being loyal to its customers. It won’t stray far from what they have been doing for the last 27 years.

The non-pretentious environment welcomes a whole host of people from all walks of life. At any given lunch hour there will be families three kids deep, business people in primed and pressed suits and construction workers/contractors wearing the sawdust of half a day’s hard work on their clothes.


Seeing Super Burrito win Best Burrito is going to bring a smile to a lot of Ben dites’ faces. The hole-in-the-wall burrito joint has been serving up tasty and afford able burritos since 1995 and has been one of locals’ best kept secrets. Nowhere else in Bend can you snag a burrito for under 10 bucks and have it at your table in under 10 minutes. The cooks are committed to using fresh ingredients and authentic reci pes, from the burritos down to the salsa.

SECOND PLACE: Los Jalapenos


VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 44 Thanks for the love and support C.O.! We’re here because of you. 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend Avidcider.com541-706-9240

Best Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict

By Chris Williams When people think of breakfast in Bend one place sticks out: The Victorian Cafe. The staple breakfast spot has won multiple awards for best breakfast, has even been mentioned by The New York Times and keeps the ball rolling with two more awards granted by Source readers this year. Source readers have voted The Victorian Cafe’s egg benedicts and Bloody Mary as the best in town.  Diners have the option to select from 10 different “bennies” on the breakfast menu. Although a classic benedict is an option, it’s hard not to explore an adven turous side and dive headfirst into the experimental options. The Dungeness Crab Benedict boasts fresh crab and asparagus topped with avocado. Other options offer pesto hollandaise or a Cajun variety for those looking to spice things up. Whatever your taste, The Victorian Cafe has you covered.  If you haven’t experienced the Victorian Cafe’s Bloody Mary, be ready for a monstrosity ready to crush any hangover. If a shrimp, sausage and cheese tower poking out of a thick and spicy tomato juice drink sounds up your alley then look no further. Lined across the rim are pickled veggies and olives—yes an actual pick le, and salt to balance out the zest and pepper inside. Two shots of house infused vodka rest inside the monster. Add all this up and a satisfactory nap looks like a pretty pleasing way to end brunch.

SECOND FOR BLOODY MARY: Washington Dining & Cocktails SECOND FOR EGGS BENEDICT: McKay Cottage Restaurant

Jessie Czopek Jessie Czopek Jessie Czopek



Sunriver Resort is a 3,300-acre all-seasons wilderness retreat set in the forested foothills of the Cascade Range, overlooking a great meadow framed by the Deschutes River and the iconic peak of Mt. Bachelor. Here, spirited guests of all ages enjoy unrivaled access to heartfelt experiences deeply rooted in the land and traditions of this uncommon setting.

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 46 SUNRIVERRESORT.COM Thank you, Central Oregon, for voting us Best Staycation & Best Wedding Venue!

BEST MEDITERRANEAN 1st Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean 2nd Joolz BEST MEXICAN 1st Hola! Nouveau Mexican-Peruvian Cuisine 2nd El Sancho Taco Shop BEST MILKSHAKE 1st Dandy’s Drive-In 2nd Bend Burger Company BEST NEW FOOD CART 1st Maki Maki Sushi 2nd The Americana Truck BEST NEW RESTAURANT 1st BOSA Food & Drink 2nd Nome Italiano BEST PASTA 1st BOSA Food & Drink 2nd Pastini BEST PATIO DINING 1st Pine Tavern Restaurant 2nd Monkless Belgian Ales BEST PIZZA 1st Pizza Mondo 2nd Cibelli’s Pizza BEST SANDWICH DELI 1st Valentine's Deli 2nd Planker Sandwiches BEST SEAFOOD 1st Anthony's at the Old Mill District 2nd Sebastian’s Seafood EATSEATS Best OfBest Of 721 Desperado Ct. Sisters, OR |541.549.1963 | BEER & FOOD, YEAR AFTER YEAR. CHEERS! FOR SUPPORTING LOCAL INDEPENDENT THANK YOU

202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM BEST SMOOTHIE JUICE BAR 1st Mother’s Juice Café 2nd Emerald City Smoothie BEST STEAK 1st Bos Taurus 2nd Brickhouse Steakhouse BEST SUSHI 1st CHI Chinese and Sushi Bar 2nd 5 Fusion & Sushi Bar BEST TACO 1st El Sancho 2nd Hablo Tacos BEST TAKEOUT 1st Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats 2nd Spork BEST THAI 1st Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats 2nd Noi Thai Cuisine EATSEATS Best OfBest Of 11am-2pm – Mon- Sat, Closed Sundays (541) 322-2154 555 NW Arizona Avenue, Suite 25 Valentinesdeli.comThankyou!toourloyalcustomersformakingusBestSandwich/DeliShopforthethirdconsecutiveyear! Thank You Central Oregon! 1st Place: Best Happy Hour in Sisters 2nd Place: Best Restaurant in Sisters Come join us for Happy Hour Monday - Friday 2pm-5pm $1 off Beer, Wine, and Appetizers Sunday - Thursday 11am-10pm Friday - Saturday 11am-11pm


The Original Pine Tavern Restaurant & Bar on NW Brooks Street downtown at the foot of Oregon Avenue is a piece of Bend history. Founded in 1936 by the enterprising Maren Gribskov and Eleanor Bechen, it started as a restaurant serving the growing population of timber industry workers and their families. As Central Oregon’s economy and demographics have evolved, the iconic downtown estab lishment has been a constant. Eighty-six years after its founding The Pine Tavern tradition continues as Source Weekly readers have voted the restaurant Best Patio Dining this year, along with 2nd Best Happy Hour. Tucked under huge shade trees, the popular patio at Pine Tavern overlooks Mirror Pond. It’s a chill atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the busy downtown streets and an ideal spot to enjoy some Pine Tavern favorites like the soft scones with honey butter. Even on a summer day, the scones, which have been on the menu since the 1980s, are a must-have. Classic French onion soup, steamer clams, hazelnut encrusted mahi mahi, and a huge burger made with local grass-fed beef are other menu faves. The front of the restaurant bar area has been renovated and updated in recent years but retains its old-school vibe and is a happy hour tradition. House-made sangria and daily food specials attract both locals and tourists. Owner Bill McCormick is grateful to everyone who voted for Pine Tavern. “I’m humbled because there is so much great competition,” he says, and goes on to wish everyone in the food and beverage business the best.

SECOND PLACE: Monkless Belgian Ales Best Patio DinningPINE RESTAURANTTAVERN&BARByDonnaBritt Best Of EATS Donna Britt Online ordering available Kefifresh.comat Open Daily 11-8 20520 Robal Ln Suite 120 Voted Bend’s Best Mediterranean Restaurant! Come in or order online at and see what made us a winner! We also deliver ... order through our website!!




Czopek Jessie Czopek

Jessie Czopek

Best Vegan/Vegetarian TOASTYByNicoleVulcan Best Of EATS SECOND PLACE: Active Culture

Just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean they don’t, once in a while, crave the tasty flavors of a “crunchwrap” from one ubiquitous yet here-unnamed Mexi can-style fast food restaurant. With the addition of the Toasty “plant-based magic” food cart to the Bend scene, vegans can get what they’re craving and not wonder what mysteries lie inside that grilled tortilla. While the 100% plant-based Nacho Crunchwrap is what keeps this omnivorous writer coming back for more, the business was initially conceived as a place to serve up avocado toasts. It quickly morphed into a space for all things plant based—including salads, tacos, and that craveable crunchwrap that now comes in nacho, buffalo chick’n or (plant-based) cheeseburger.“Itcanbereally hard to find vegan food that is fresh and flavorful and tastes so similar to the non-vegan food that most people are used to, and we’ve filled that void here in this community,” said owner Brooke Priem, who's assisted by manag er Zach Tobias. “A lot of people come to Toasty not even knowing that it’s vegan, which I think is really cool, and when we tell them that it is, they’re always really impressed.”Toasty,located inside a vintage trailer at The Podski, has only been on the scene since 2021, and so far is making quite a splash. For the vegans who have lament ed about seeing a non-vegan place win in this category in the past, you’re finally vindicated. Make great vegan food and even the omnivores will flock there—and who knows, it might even result in a few converts. Since Toasty also made it to the podium in the Best Food Cart category, getting 2nd to the popular Hawaiian cart, Aina, that argument seems only more true.


Jessie Czopek

With all its momentum, it’s smooth sailing for these first-time Best Of winners.


Best Food Cart Lot

Midtown Yacht Club opened in July 2020, just months after a global pandemic forced businesses to shut their doors. Despite the inopportune timing, Mid town Yacht Club quickly rose through the ranks of Bend’s food cart lots, earning its first Best Of win and dethroning longtime favorites On Tap and Podski.

Midtown is always trying to find a way to distinguish itself and get new people in the door, whether it’s live music, a game of bingo hosted by fellow Best Of win ner Street Dog Hero or it’s the Wednesday night "Dustin Does Trivia" that Good man described as “unlike any trivia you’ve ever seen.”


Jessie Czopek

The owners envisioned a Midtown-centered, unassuming local bar offer ing affordable food and beer, cutting against the image one might imagine for a “yacht club.” “Theowners wanted a place where everyone is welcome to come have a cold beer, good food and relaxed place to watch sports on TV and bring their dogs along,” said General Manager Alesha Goodman. “For the most part, we’ve had all the same food carts since the beginning, and they all have good food and a great following.”Localfavorites like Barrio, TOTS! and Shimshon set up shop at Mid town Yacht Club. It also offers an impressive selection of beers from across the Pacific Northwest. Goodman says, “Every cart lot has its niche, and there's a relaxed atmosphere and a lineup of products that aren’t easy to find in the area.”

Jessie Czopek

Jessie Czopek

Some 20 rotating taps and a lineup of beverage coolers have also been a big draw for“Whenthe Yacht Club. Iusedto be the buyer, my goal was to bring in products that were local, as well as products that you couldn’t find everywhere else in town,” Goodman said. “I wanted to be a place where people could go and find something they’d been looking for, and something they were excited about, maybe something from another state that they hadn’t been able to find anywhere or hadn’t had in years.”

Best Of EATS



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“I can’t express enough what a wonderful experience I had working with David Rosen. He is kind, straightforward and honest.”

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By Jack Harvel

Best Milkshake DANDY'S DRIVE-IN

SECOND PLACE: Bend Burger Company

Dandy’s Drive-In is a Bend staple, slinging burgers, fries and milkshakes via roller-skated carhops since 1968. Bend has changed a lot in that time, but Dandy’s hasn’t; the classic ‘60s feel is a big draw for the business. “We haven’t changed things since 1968. We have the same old-fashioned aspect to it. Between the roller skating carhops, the same menu, smiling faces, I would say that’s what makes Dandy’s, Dandy’s,” said Noelle Ensz, general manager. “It’s really cool to hear so many customers who will come back in and when they’re eating, they say, ‘Hey, I used to work here 30 years ago, and you guys kept it the same!’”Dandy’s doesn’t just offer up nostalgia, though. In June, “Readers Digest” rated it the best burger in Oregon, and of course there are the 24 flavors of milkshake, each of which can be combined with another. A May 2021 Source Weekly article rated the multitude of choices, finding nearly each of them to be delicious. And this year, we’ve rolled out the new category of Best Milkshake—a category that Dandy’s was born to win. “I’d say our most popular, of course classics, right now our most popular during the summer is always fresh strawberry. That one’s going to be hard to beat, that one’s a classic. Of course, chocolate and vanilla, Oreos all are some of our best sellers, fresh banana. I’d say a personal favorite that’s underrated is peanut butter Oreo,” Ensz said.

Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Best Of DRINKS

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 56 BEST BAR 1st San Simón The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin BEST CBD BEVERAGE Boneyard Elixr Ablis CBD BEST SPORTS BAR Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill The Hideaway Tavern BEST HAPPY HOUR 900 Wall Pine Tavern Restaurant BEST CIDER 1st AVID Cider Co. 2nd Bend Cider Co. BEST BREWERY 1st Deschutes Brewery 2nd 10 Barrel Brewing BEST COFFEE SHOP 1st Thump Coffee 2nd Looney Bean of Bend BEST COLD BREW COFFEE 1st Backporch Coffee Roasters 2nd Riff Cold Brewed BEST DARK BEER 1st Black Butte Porter - Deschutes Brewery 2nd S1NIST0R -10 Barrel Brewing BEST DRIVE-THRU COFFEE 1st Dutch Bros Coffee 2nd Backporch Coffee Roasters DRINKSDRINKS Best OfBest Of Thanks Central Oregon for voting us #1 home décor three years in a row!



By Nicole Vulcan SECOND PLACE: Pine Tavern Restaurant & Bar Walk down Wall Street in downtown Bend nearly any afternoon and you’ll find out what many Bendites already know: 900 Wall is a popular spot, with outdoor tables hugging the block, happy patrons busily gobbling up the oysters on the half shell, fried green beans, house-made fries, and of course, happy hour cocktails. Served from 3 to 5:30pm, the happy hour at 900 Wall is a go-to for wise locals who like great drinks, a superb wine list and yummy small plates for reasonable prices—ideal as a meal all in itself, or as the pre-game for the remarkable dinners served up after happy hour is over.

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 58 BEST IPA 1st RPM - Boneyard Brewing 2nd First Run - Bevel Brewing BEST KOMBUCHA 1st Humm Kombucha 2nd Compassion Kombucha BEST LIGHT BEER 1st King Crispy - Deschutes Brewery 2nd Sweet As - GoodLIfe Brewing BEST LOCAL COFFEE 1st Backporch Coffee Roasters 2nd Thump Coffee BEST SEASONAL BEER 1st Red Chair - Deschutes Brewery 2nd Jubelale - Deschutes Brewery BEST SOUR BEER 1st Ching Ching Sour Ale - Bend Brewing Company 2nd Sahalie - Ale Apothecary BEST SPECIALTY COCKTAIL 1st Poco Loco – Dogwood 2nd Hola! Margarita BEST WINE BAR 1st Portello Wine Café 2nd Stoller Wine Bar DRINKSDRINKS Best OfBest Of OLD MILL DISTRICT 661 SW POWERHOUSE DR. STE 1302 | 541.617.6113 So much love for you Central Oregon! Thank you for your years of support and for making us one of your favorites. Thank you Central Oregon for 22 years of growing and the giggles along the way!


Best Hazy Beer



SECOND PLACE: GoodLife Brewing - Sippy Cup Deschutes Brewery’s Fresh Haze IPA once again tops the podium for Best Hazy. Since the category is in its second year, the beer is undefeated. A hazy, in beer par lance, is specifically an India Pale Ale that is neither clear nor bitter—the hallmarks of the once-popular West Coast IPA. In 2014 you could not find an example of what was originally dubbed a New England IPA in Oregon. By 2017 it was standard for brewery taprooms to offer three different NEIPAs built with haze-producing pro teins from grains like flaked oats and unmalted wheat. In 2018, building on Fresh Squeezed IPA’s wild success, Deschutes introduced Fresh Haze. Fresh Squeezed had pivoted from high-IBU (International Bitterness Units) IPAs that see a ton of hops used early in the boiling process that create bitterness, to late-addition hops added at the end the boil (then generously dryhopped), which leads to characteristic juicy flavors and a softer body. Fresh Haze is Deschutes’s second-best-selling beer after Fresh Squeezed. The “haze craze” shows no sign of letting up, as Fresh Haze has tough competition in Bend. But what distin guishes it is that instead of chasing tropical or berry juice notes that tend to rely on hops grown in the Southern Hemisphere, Fresh Haze employs PNW all-star Ama rillo plus Mandarina Bavaria (actually from Bavaria) hops that throw citrus flavors. It’s also far less hazy (cloudy) than most beers in the same vein, so it’s got the style’s distinctive pillowy mouthfeel and sweetness, is less opaque, and is embedded in West Coasters’ affinity for citrus-forward flavors. Fresh Haze is a tangerine bomb! “We wanted to avoid ‘yellow milk,’” says Deschutes’ Brewmaster Scott Bird well. “It’s not visually appealing to us to be so thick. Our take was it needs to be hazy but have an attractive orange color and orange-like flavor.”

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 60 BEST ADULT DENTAL GROUP 1st Bend Family Dentistry 2nd Drew Family Dentistry BEST ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CLINIC 1st Hawthorn Healing Arts Center 2nd Inspired Health BEST EXERCISE STUDIO 1st Barre3 2nd Orangetheory Fitness BEST GOLF COURSE 1st Tetherow 2nd Pronghorn Resort BEST HEALTH & RECREATION FACILITY 1st Juniper Swim and Fitness 2nd Larkspur Community Center BEST MASSAGE DAY SPA 1st Anjou Spa 2nd Spa W BEST MEDICAL COSMETIC 1st Esthetix MD 2nd Elite Medi Spa BEST MEDICAL GROUP 1st High Lakes Health Care 2nd Summit Medical Group BEST PEDIATRIC DENTAL GROUP 1st Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry 2nd Pediatric Dental Associates BEST SKI SNOWBOARD SHOP 1st Powder House Ski & Patio 2nd Skjersaa’s HEALTH & FITNESSHEALTH & FITNESSBest OfBest Of Thank you! Best Dog Beauty Boutique 112 NW Minnesota Ave 70+ Clean Beauty Brands!We’retrulygratefulforthecommunitysupport!Best Pizza 25 Years Running!&

Best OfHEALTHFITNESS& Courtesy Namaspa Courtesy

Namaspa winning the best yoga studio in Central Oregon shouldn’t be surprising for people who’ve been keeping track — it’s the fourth year in a row it’s won the award. Suzie Newcome started the business in 2007 with a goal to bring the tools of yoga and mindfulness to Cen tralTheOregon.classes at Namaspa range from the physically demanding power vinyasa in a 90-degree room to yin yoga, a form of yoga that takes place entirely on the floor. “It’s like if you think of the yin and the yang symbol. So the vinyasa power flow would be more like a yang class, it’s heated, it’s like the sun, and then the yin, and like the moon, just totally not doing any activity. And it’s generally helping not just the muscles, but also the connective tissue in the body,” Newcome said. Namaspa teaches everyday yoga students but has also graduated more than 250 teachers in its yoga teacher training program. Its non profit arm, the Namaspa Foundation, takes yoga classes to recovery centers, jails and prisons. “We take yoga out of the studio to people who also need those tools for mindfulness, but may not know about it or be able to have access,” Newcome said. Bend’s not necessarily lacking in opportunities for yoga, and when asked what sets Namaspa apart, Newcome said it’s the community.

“I do think that there’s just fabulous studios in Bend, and I’m proud to be part of this community. I think what sets us apart is the breadth of our community. That may be a virtue of the fact that we’ve been around a long time, that we just really emphasize community and connection and making it accessible to everyone,” Newcome said. Namaspa



VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 62 LOCATED AT BEVEL BREWING FOOD CART LOT 911 SE Armour Rd. Bend, OR 541-808-5868 2020 Rookie Food Cart of the Year 2021 Food Cart of the Year 2022 Food Cart of the Year#givealohagetaloha@ainahawaiianbend THANK YOU! From our family to yours a big Mahalo for all the love and support you show us.

Best OfGOODS SERVICES& Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Best Real Estate Company Runner-Up Thank you Central Oregon! 431 NW Franklin Avenue, Bend 541 728 0033 info@rmkporegon com www keypropertiesoregon com Residential | Luxury | Commercial | Ranch & Land At your service



Pets have plenty of room to play indoors and out at Bend Pet Resort, and can also get a grooming while they’re there. “Our groomers are amazing and take the time that the dogs need to get the grooming done to ensure that it is as stress free for each fur baby as possible,” Fannin said.


Bend is known for a number of things—craft beer, glorious mountain views, an abundance of puffy jackets… and of course, a dog or two in (nearly) every house hold. And when it comes time for those households to go on vacation, someone has to take care of the furry members of the family. That’s where places like Bend Pet Resort come in—havens of fun and safety for dogs, and cats, too. Bend Pet Resort, named by the readers of the Source Weekly as the Best Pet Resort in Central Oregon, is tucked away on the east side of Bend, on 27th Avenue. The business offers dog and cat boarding and grooming as well as doggy day care for those pups who need a little entertainment while their human family is at work. “We are a team of animal enthusiasts who make it our goal to ensure every ani mal has a wonderful experience while in our care,” said co-owner Haley Fannin, who bought the business from its previous owners, along with two other partners, in 2021. “Our staff go above and beyond to make sure that every animal feels safe and loved during their stay.”

By Nicole Vulcan

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 64 BEST BANK BRANCH 1st OnPoint Community Credit Union 2nd Selco Community Credit Union BEST AUTO REPAIR 1st Import Performance Auto Repair 2nd Happy Danes Auto Repair BEST DAYCARE PRESCHOOL 1st Toddles Preschool 2nd Cottage Day Care BEST HAIR SALON 1st Lemon Drop Hair Salon 2nd Tangerine Salon BEST HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE 1st Cleaner Living NW 2nd Berry Clean BEST INSURANCE AGENCY 1st State Farm - James Chrisman 2nd Century Insurance Group BEST LANDSCAPE SERVICE 1st HD Landscaping 2nd Giggling Gardener BEST LAW FIRM 1st High Desert Law 2nd Bryant Lovlien & Jarvis BEST LOCAL FUNDRAISER 1st Cork & Barrel 2nd Tuxes & Tails BEST LOCAL HOME BUILDER 1st Hayden Homes 2nd Pacwest Builders Best OfBest Of GOODS & SERVICESGOODS & SERVICESBest Pet Store BEND PET EXPRESS By Nicole Vulcan SECOND PLACE: Mud Bay When the calendar turns to the time that Oregonians reluctantly call “smoke season,” (followed, in recent years, by “heat dome” season), our pets start getting the short end of the stick. Pavement too hot to walk on. Cars too hot to sit in for more than a minute. Parks and streets and backyards too smoky to breathe in. You get the That’spicture.why, on a recent day, I walked into Bend Pet Express to chat it up with the staff about my options for keeping my bored pups—fortunate enough to live in a house with A/C, but unfortunate enough to be cooped up during smoke season— busy during this time. The staff spent plenty of time with me, explaining which toys would help to stave off the boredom that my pandemic puppy is so obviously dis playing, with her frantic zooming from one room of the house to another. I walked out with a new puzzle toy and advice on offering a cold bone to my puppy, right from the stash in the freezer. Both, they told me, will keep them busy for quite some time—along with offering some cooling benefits. Personalized customer service is just one of the reasons that people frequent Bend Pet Express—and why it routinely wins a Best of Central Oregon award. Qual ity foods, a wide selection of treats and supplements, curbside pickup and grooming services may be some of the other reasons. For me, though, keeping my pups happy during the long and sometimes boring “smoke season” is high on the list. Best OfGOODS SERVICES&

Best Beauty Studio PENNY LASH


By Nicole Vulcan SECOND PLACE: Elite Medispa

If you want to see an example of grit, look no further than Penny Lash, a busi ness born at the tail end of the Great Recession and expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Owner Rebecca Penny moved to Bend from Minneapolis, Minnesota 26 years ago, several years into her career in the beauty business. In 2015, Penny opened her first Penny Lash studio, a budding business offering eyelash extensions in what would grow to over a billion-dollar-a-year industry. Within a year, Penny Lash had outgrown its space and moved to a location on Galveston Avenue, employing sev en lash artists. In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, Penny Lash expanded again, opening in midtown Bend inside a 3,000-square-foot space with eight “lash beds.” Penny didn’t stop at just offering services, however; as the business now also includes a “lash academy” teaching new artists the craft, as well as a professional line of lash products. Penny also plans to expand to a shop in Redmond soon. Today, Penny Lash-trained artists are found region-wide. “I’ve been educating and certifying other beauty pros in the art of lashing for a decade,” Penny told the Source. “I have trained and certified countless lash artists and now have trained other Penny Lash trainers who offer classes in their regions in Oregon and California.”

Best OfGOODS SERVICES& Submitted by Penny Lash THANK YOU CENTRAL OREGON! 1288 SW Simpson Ave (541)382-0559

Now servicing hundreds of clients each week, it’s no surprise that Penny Lash is also looking for new people to join the team. “The team of independent contractors are always extremely busy!” Penny said. She’s also quick to underline how much she appreciates her incredible team. “Some of the hardest working women and we are very tight knit. No catty—only cat eye.” With the addition of services including body waxing, lash lifts, brow henna and brow lamination, Source readers are feeling the vibe, too—voting Penny Lash Best Beauty Studio—and this year, also second place in Best Beauty Boutique, too.


Anjou’s team prides itself on catering to the type of people who work hard and play hard in Central Oregon—a lot of times, that includes athletic people who spend a lot of time in the wind and sun, and whose skin can be impacted by all that activ ity. Recently, Anjou added a new line of skin care products called Ultraceuticals, an Australian brand designed to help repair skin in a dry climate like Central Oregon’s. “It’s about building up your skin barrier and getting that strengthened,” Walden said.Between its lush skin care products and its comfortable spa services—and the option to get a monthly membership to support your regular wellness and therapeu tic goals—it’s no wonder that the readers of the Source Weekly have voted Anjou Spa their “Best” once again.


By Nicole Vulcan SECOND PLACE: Spa W Stepping into Anjou Spa, the team there wants visitors to experience more than just the pleasure of the massage or other service they signed up for. In addition to its full complement of facials, skin care, foot soaks, waxing, deep-tissue and other massages, Anjou also invites guests to sit and stay a while, enjoying the steam room and infrared sauna, or even its “sanctuary suite,” where couples or groups can come and relax in their own private space and enjoy sparkling wine, cupcakes or a char cuterie board. “For us it’s the whole experience—all the little touches we do,” said Jenna Walden, owner of Anjou Spa. “We try to add value to our experiences—they’re there to relax both mentally and physically.”

202211,AUGUST/32ISSUE26VOLUME/THESOURCEWEEKLY/BESTOFISSUE 67 BEST MANI PEDI 1st Crescent Nails & Spa 2nd Freshly Filed Nail Lounge BEST OIL CHANGE 1st Red Carpet Car Wash 2nd Import Performance Auto Repair BEST PAINTING SERVICE 1st Webfoot Painting 2nd Sunshine Painting BEST PEST CONTROL 1st Pointe Pest Control 2nd Barnes Quality Pest Control BEST PLUMBER 1st Severson Plumbing 2nd McDermott Plumbing BEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY 1st West + Main Homes 2nd ReMax BEST TATTOO STUDIO 1st Monolith Tattoo Studio 2nd Black Opal Tattoo Best OfBest Of GOODS & SERVICESGOODS & SERVICES Best Massage/Spa ANJOU SPA

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 68 541-382-8555 233 SE 2nd St. Bend, www.happydanesautorepair.comOR VOTED BEST 14 YEARS IN A ROW! AUTO REPAIR We are so grateful to the Lord for blessing us and our amazing community for your trust and keeping the tradition strong! Family owned and operated; Happy Danes Auto Repair is thankful for your continued support as we strive to better serve our community for generations to come. At Happy Danes, we know cars and people. Our friendly technicians and office staff are ready to serve you! Give us a call today! For 14 years and counting, the Central Oregon community has voted us BEST OF CENTRAL OREGON.


Best OfGOODS SERVICES& Daniel Robbins

Best Barbershop


“Being one of the only people in town that knows how to braid or do dreadlocks, word spread,” Johnson told the Source. These days, you’re as likely to find Johnson doing braids in a woman’s hair as you are finding him giving a man a beard trim. “It went from being a place for mainly men to being a place for everybody, really,” Johnson said. With a current total of five barbers, this “spot” offering hair for everybody is finding itself booked out quickly, and Johnson hopes to soon expand The Spot to offer even more chairs. And with the win as Best Barbershop in the 2022 Best of Central Oregon readers’ poll, we’d say that’s probably a wise choice.


Before Ivan Johnson opened The Spot Barbershop, he dreamed of running a place that had that classic “barbershop vibe,” filled with music, people chatting about sports and the news of the day, and maybe enjoying a drink—a place like the shops he knew in Portland, where he’d grown up. After working at several shops around town, Johnson realized that dream in 2018 when he opened The Spot along SE Third Street in Bend. “I wanted to make it tight knit, with a community connection,” Johnson said. Initially opened as a classic men’s barbershop doing fades and other cuts, word quickly got out that Johnson had skills women might be looking for, too.






SECOND PLACE: Westside Barber

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 70 BEST ANTIQUE STORE 1st Iron Horse Second Hand Store 2nd Gathered Wares BEST BEAUTY BOUTIQUE 1st Wren and Wild 2nd Penny Lash BEST BIKE SHOP 1st Hutch’s Bicycles 2nd Pine Mountain Sports BEST CAR DEALERSHIP 1st Subaru of Bend 2nd Kendall Toyota of Bend BEST CBD COMPANY 1st Ablis CBD 2nd High Desert Pure BEST CHILDREN’S CLOTHING 1st Hopscotch Kids 2nd Wild Child BEST CLOTHING CONSIGNMENT 1st The Gear Fix 2nd Cosa Cura BEST DISPENSARY 1st Tokyo Starfish 2nd Oregrown BEST GIFT STORE 1st Ju-bee-lee 2nd Clementine Urban Mercantile BEST GROCERY STORE 1st Newport Avenue Market 2nd Market of Choice SHOPPINGSHOPPING Best OfBest Of Located at On Tap 1424 Cushing Rd @curbbq ThankBend!you

Daniel Robbins Daniel Robbins Best Of SHOPPING

Best Outdoor ClothingMOUNTAIN SUPPLY


By Jack Harvel SECOND PLACE: Gear Fix

Since 1980 Mountain Supply has been outfitting mountaineers, backcountry ski ers, backpackers and climbers with the gear and expertise they need for their out door adventures. The independent retailer’s won the best outdoor clothing store category for the past two years. The store’s support from the community stems from the customer service and expertise of its staff. “Our knowledgeable staff is really what sets us apart,” said Kevin Ganey, the gen eral manager of Mountain Supply. “Not only do we have a little bit more of a special ized gear and a curated assortment within some of the best brands in the industry, but a wide selection of those brands as well. And really, our people and our staff really round out that in terms of being able to provide that amazing customer ser vice, and maybe a little level of detail that you’re not going to get from the bigger boxThosestores.”bigger box stores are surprisingly welcome competition to Ganey, who said the larger retail stores are usually the first step people take to the outdoors. As they continue and seek higher quality gear, they’ll eventually find their way to spe cialty retail stores like Mountain Supply. “I think that we still maybe wouldn’t exist without some of those bigger stores that help bring a larger population into the outdoor space,” Ganey said. “We’re nev er going to say no to someone wanting to get into the outdoors; we think that’s probably one of the most healthy and best choices people can make. Especially as we’ve seen the last couple years with the global pandemic.”

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 72 BEST HOME DECOR 1st Lark Mountain Modern 2nd City Home BEST INDOOR PLANT STORE 1st Somewhere That’s Green 2nd Lounge BEST JEWELRY STORE 1st Silverado 2nd Saxon's Fine Jewelers BEST LIQUOR STORE 1st 3rd Street Beverage 2nd Trailhead Liquor BEST MENSWEAR 1st REVOLVR Menswear 2nd Vanilla Urban Threads BEST NURSERY GARDEN CENTER 1st Moonfire and Sun Garden Center 2nd Eastside Garden BEST OUTDOOR GEAR SHOP 1st The Gear Fix 2nd Mountain Supply BEST PET STORE 1st Bend Pet Express 2nd Mud Bay BEST PLACE TO BUY ART 1st Red Chair Gallery 2nd The Workhouse BEST PLACE TO BUY PRODUCE 1st Paradise Produce Stand 2nd Market of Choice SHOPPINGSHOPPING Best OfBest Of OPEN DAILY 11AM-10PM 1424 NE CUSHING DR. BEND THANK YOU, CENTRAL OREGON FOR VOTING US BEST LOCAL’S HANGOUT & RUNNER UP BEST FOOD TRUCK LOT! We are thrilled to be your favorite midtown hangout and our crew appreciates all your support these past couple of years. We want to give a special thank you to our amazing and dedicated food carts for all their hard work in making MTYC great! Thank you for voting us Best Food Cart Lot of 2022! Open Mon-Sat 11am-10pm Sunday 11am-9pm 1661 NE 4th St, Midtownyachtclub.comBend

202211,AUGUST/32ISSUE26VOLUME/THESOURCEWEEKLY/BESTOFISSUE 73 BEST SMOKING ACCESSORIES 1st Hempies 2nd High Mountain Mist BEST THRIFT STORE 1st Humane Society of Central Oregon Thrift Store 2nd REgroup Thrift Store BEST TOY STORE 1st Leapin’ Lizards Toy Co. 2nd Learning Express Toys & Gifts BEST VINTAGE CLOTHING 1st Revival Vintage 2nd Luck of the Draw Trade Co. BEST WOMEN’S CLOTHING 1st Vanilla Urban Threads 2nd Hempies

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 74 BEST BREWER 1st Nate Doss 2nd Tony Lawrence BEST BARBERSHOP 1st The Spot Barbershop 2nd Westside Barber Shop BEST BARTENDER 1st Buck Bales at the D&D 2nd Jon Dude at the D&D BEST BUDTENDER 1st Carsen Robbins - Dr. Jolly's 2nd Joe Koehler - Oregrown BEST CHEF 1st Ariana Fernandez - Ariana Resturant 2nd George Morris - Bos Taurus BEST FLORIST 1st Donner Flower Shop 2nd Wild Flowers of Oregon BEST GREEN BUSINESS 1st Somewhere That’s Green Indoor Plant Shoppe 2nd The Gear Fix BEST INDOOR MUSIC VENUE 1st Volcanic Theatre Pub 2nd Tower Theatre BEST INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT 1st Memes of Bend 2nd Babe City BEST LOCALS’ HANGOUT 1st On Tap Bend 2nd D&D Bar & Grill PEOPLE & PLACESPEOPLE & PLACESBest OfBest Of 103 NW Oregon Avenue Bend, OR 97703 541.306.3176 Open Every www.redchairgallerybend.comDay artfullyShop and support our local artists. Thank you Central Oregon for voting us BEST PLACE TO BUY ART visit 1341 NE 3rd Street, Bend 541-317-3566 Say it Loud, Say it Proud! PartySexLingerieToysSupplies Costumes & Wigs Pole Shoes Gifts Galore ONLINE SHOPPING NOW AVAILABLE! Your One Stop Adult Fun Shop! Join us thisatSaturday, June 25that Drake Park River Floaties Summertime means Funner Times! Your One Stop Adult Fun Shop! Funky Floaties & NowSwimwearinStock! Get em while its HOT! ONLINE SHOPPING NOW AVAILABLE! 1341 NE 3RD ST • 541-317-3566 • PRETTYPUSSYCAT.COM PARTYSEXLINGERIETOYSSUPPLIES COSTUMES & WIGS POLE SHOES GIFTS GALORE

The music open mic is also known for its communal environ ment which invites a variety of artists to perform. Jeshua Marshall, local musician and host of the music open mic on Sundays, has let comedians get a little time in during the music sets in the past. This non-competitive approach fosters creative connection that allows artists a space to collaborate. Something is in the water (or more likely the beer) at Silver Moon that any arts enthusiast is sure to not want to miss.

Silver Moon Brewing has risen to become one of the prominent music and comedy venues in town, putting on multiple shows each week and attracting huge crowds. Although the venue gets national touring acts on a weekly basis, one thing Bendites agree that Silver Moon does best is give space to local creatives to hone their crafts and perform in front of a live audience at its comedy and music open mic nights.  “Silver Moon was really the first venue in Bend to embrace both art forms. Usually, venues either stick to comedy or music. They built a bridge between the two worlds,” explains Katy Ipock, local comedy powerhouse and one of two hosts (the other being Jessica Taylor) of Silver Moon’s comedy open mic on Monday nights.  “The room was really full last night,” Ipock explains. Silver Moon consistently packs in audiences there to check out local artists, Ipock said, which is a testament to the talent that lives in Bend.


As Bend’s boutique medi spa, our small and highly-trained team gives you the individual, careful attention you deserve. From advanced injectable services to cutting-edge anti aging treatments, we’re committed to delivering results you will notice.

The highest level of care for every client, every day. Call us today, 541.797.6306, for a free consultation to discuss how to elevate your natural beauty.

Submitted Steve Augustyn elitemedispabend.com2215NWShevlinParkRoad,Ste100,Bend

We’re honored to be among the winning lineup of the Best of Central Oregon. We truly value the trust our clients place in us to help elevate their own natural beauty.

Best Open Mic Night

BEST LOCALS’ NIGHT (DISCOUNTS) 1st Silver Moon Brewing 2nd Bevel Craft Brewing BEST LODGING 1st The Oxford Hotel 2nd Campfire Hotel BEST NONPROFIT 1st Street Dog Hero 2nd Humane Society BEST PLACE TO PICK UP A COPY OF THE SOURCE 1st Deschutes Public Library Downtown 2nd Newport Avenue Market BEST PLACE TO WORK (OVER 50 EMPLOYEES) 1st Hayden Homes 2nd Deschutes Brewery BEST PLACE TO WORK (UNDER 50) 1st Elite Medi Spa 2nd Bend Veterinary Clinic BEST RADIO PERSONALITY 1st Megan Sinclair - 107.7 The Beat 2nd Dave Clemens - 105.7 KQAK BEST RADIO STATION 1st 92/9 FM Backyard Bend 2nd KPOV High Desert Community Radio BEST REALTOR 1st Stormy Clark - West + Main Homes 2nd Tiffany Clark - Bend Premier Real Estate PEOPLE & PLACESPEOPLE & PLACESBest OfBest Of Thank you so much Central Oregon, we are proud to serve you! 63110 Nels Anderson Rd, Bend 541-382-3720

BEST SENIOR LIVING FACILITY 1st Touchmark Senior Living 2nd Mt. Bachelor Assisted Living and Memory Care BEST SPOT FOR A NIGHT OUT WITH THE CREW 1st River Pig Saloon 2nd San Simón BEST STAYCATION DESTINATION 1st Sunriver Resort 2nd Pronghorn BEST TV PERSONALITY 1st Bob Shaw - KTVZ 2nd Emily Kirk - KOHD BEST VETERINARIAN 1st Bend Veterinary Clinic 2nd Riverside Animal Hospital BEST WEDDING VENUE 1st Sunriver Resort 2nd Aspen Hall CJ Juan Chi Chinese and Sushi Bar, Best Sushi

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 78 BEST BAR - REDMOND 1st The Rooftop at SCP Redmond Hotel 2nd Initiative Brewing BEST BOUTIQUE - REDMOND 1st Willow Wild 2nd Forever Sunshine BEST BREAKFAST - REDMOND 1st One Street Down Cafe 2nd Mo’s Egg House BEST BREWERY BREWPUB - REDMOND 1st Wild Ride Brewing 2nd Initiative Brewing BEST BURGER - REDMOND 1st Redmond Burger Company 2nd Bogey’s Burgers BEST COFFEE - REDMOND 1st Honey and Pine Coffee Company 2nd Tite Knot Craft Coffee BEST FITNESS STUDIO - REDMOND 1st Love Bird Yoga 2nd HIIT Logic BEST FOOD CART - REDMOND 1st West Side Taco Co. 2nd Feast Food Co. BEST GIFT SHOP - REDMOND 1st Welcome Home 2nd Maple Moon Home & Gift BEST HAPPY HOUR - REDMOND 1st Initiative Brewing 2nd E BarGrill REDMONDREDMOND Best OfBest Of

Best Of REDMOND Thankyouvotingfor for us Central Oregon. 1st place Best Lunch and Best Happy Hour in Redmond 2nd place Best Bar and Best Brewery/Brewpub in Redmond 424 NW 5th st Redmond, Oregon 541-527-438097756



In 2020 we here at the Source Weekly introduced you to the “Altar of Pizza,” the then-new church-turned-pizzeria opened by a team of pizza-makers from Austin, Texas. Doing its first full summer in business during a pandemic wasn’t exactly the thing they—or any restauranteur, for that matter—would have been dreaming of, but in spite of that unexpected global event, Grace and Hammer has steadily been establishing its reputation as the go-to place for excellent wood-fired pies, great cocktails and an ooze of ambiance that is undeniable. Where once stood the chan cel of the former Presbyterian church now stands the wood-fired oven, ready for daily worship. Watching it produce lovely, crispy pizzas or fresh bread is the defini tion of “Wedivine.areconstantly busy—we’ve worked hard doing our best to keep up with the demand,” said co-owner and General Manager Adam Valentine. “We can’t be thank ful enough for the community around us that have made this pizzeria dream come to life.”Combined with a great patio for outdoor dining, craveable desserts and small plates that include a charcuterie board, caprese salad, wings, salad and fried mozza rella, Grace and Hammer checks all the boxes for a fun night on the town. by Grace and Hammer

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 80 BEST LODGING - REDMOND 1st SCP Redmond Hotel BEST LUNCH - REDMOND 1st Initiative Brewing 2nd West Side Tacos BEST MEXICAN RESTAURANT 1st Carnaval Mexican Grill 2nd Hola! BEST PLACE TO WATCH LIVE MUSIC 1st General Duffy’s Waterhole 2nd High Desert Music Hall BEST RESTAURANT - REDMOND 1st Diego’s Spirited Kitchen 2nd Carnaval Mexican Grill REDMONDREDMOND Best OfBest Of 2228605 © Touchmark, LLC, all rights reserved TOUCHMARK AT MOUNT BACHELOR VILLAGE FULL-SERVICE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY Touchmark is Best of Oregon!Central Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village has been voted Best Senior Living Community in Central Oregon by the readers of The Source Weekly. Thank you to everyone who cast a vote for Touchmark! We’re proud to offer a variety of amenities that make up The {FULL} Life, from the Choice Dining program, which offers flexible dining options, to award-winning Life Enrichment/Wellness events, and a full continuum of care to meet the unique needs of residents. Call 541-647-2956 for more information and to schedule a tour.THE {FULL} LIFE AWAITS GREAT STUFF . GREAT STAFF. Oregon! (Because 2nd is better than 3rd) Here’s to 2nd place!Here’s to 2nd place! 20516 Robal Rd. trailheadliquor.com541-306-3747#130Find us on Instagram and Facebook Sun 11am - 6pm Mon - Saturday 10am - 8pm Oregon!


The restaurant is a family endeavor. Lupe Medina moved to Central Oregon to open a restaurant with her brother Evaristo Medina and sister Angeles Medina. It’s not the family’s first foray into the Redmond food scene, as the family also owns Carnaval Mexican Grill. Llamas said the Redmond community has been supportive of the restaurant since opening just over a year ago.


Xalisco specialties include the torta ahogada, a pork sandwich coated with salsa, as well as fish tacos and alambres —a dish similar to fajitas but with the added flavors of pineapple and bell peppers.

“People have really responded to the authenticity of the flavors. And not just that, but they can really feel the sort of love that’s put into every dish,” Llamas said.

Best New Restaurant XALISCO LATIN CUISINE By Jack Harvel

ite newcomer is an authentic Mexican restaurant that opened last summer, special izing in dishes from the western state of Mexico that the restaurant is named after.

SECOND PLACE: Otto's Landing (food cart lot)

“I think a lot of people think that American Mexican food is just like, tacos, bur ritos, and sort of like Tex-Mex-style flavors. I think at Xalisco, we really go a step further and really provide people with an experience, it’s not just the food—they’re really getting a piece of the culture because everything is very, very authentic,” said Daniella Llamas, a spokesperson for Xalisco Latin Cuisine.

Redmond’s restaurant scene is getting stronger every year, and this year’s favor

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 82 SISTERSSISTERS Best OfBest Of BEST BAR BREWPUB - SISTERS 1st Three Creeks Brewing Company 2nd The Barn in Sisters BEST BOUTIQUE - SISTERS 1st Bedouin BEST BREAKFAST - SISTERS 1st Angeline’s Bakery 2nd Sisters Bakery BEST COFFEE SHOP - SISTERS 1st Sisters Coffee Co. 2nd Fika Sisters Coffeehouse BEST FOOD CART - SISTERS 1st Boone Dog Pizza 2nd Chulitas BEST GIFT SHOP - SISTERS 1st Bedouin 2nd Paulina Springs Books BEST HAPPY HOUR - SISTERS 1st Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill BEST LODGING - SISTERS 1st FivePine Lodge 2nd Ski Inn Taphouse & Hotel BEST LUNCH - SISTERS 1st Sisters Meat & Smokehouse 2nd Sno Cap Drive In BEST RESTAURANT - SISTERS 1st The Open Door 2nd Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill THANK YOU SO MUCH TO OUR WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS! 2010 – 2022 VOTED BEST BREAKFAST 13 YEARS IN A ROW! KIDSFORFUNPEOPLEGREAT FOODGREAT GREAT SETTING W W W THEM CKA Y CO TT A GE .CO M SERVICEGREATBREAKFAST SERVING BREAKFAST & LUNCH EVERYDAY 7AM TO 2PM 62910 O.B. RILEY ROAD 541.383.2697




The Barn in Sisters came out hot in its first year. Winning the Best New Restau rant is no easy feat in an establishment’s first year, but to win the Best Live Music Venue at the same time is impressive. Not only does The Barn host a handful of food carts, but it also makes its own pizza, now being the home of Boone Dog Pizza. Sisters is a town stacked with live music, from hosting its own folk festival to bringing in some of the best acoustic acts from around the country year-round. For those who haven’t checked out The Barn yet for music, it’s an ideal small outdoor venue. The stage is tucked comfortably into the corner of the lot and looks out to a man-made grassy hill with sitting stones and a walking path that creates a natural looking amphitheater. The venue hosts two nights of music every week on Thurs days and Saturdays, with Central Oregon’s finest musicians taking the stage.  “We aim to support local farms and musicians, and the community recogniz es and appreciates that,” owner Daniel St. Lawrence said about The Barn’s success in its inaugural year. On top of showcasing some of the best music in Central Ore gon the Barn aims to source super-local ingredients from local farms. Although the restaurant’s brunch pop-ups and seasonal menu are on hold for the summer season, The Barn stays busy baking delicious breads and its signature pizzas. It’s well worth the drive from surrounding parts of Central Oregon to soak in the atmosphere and get some tasty snacks.


Best New Restaurant Best Live Music Venue THE BARN By Chris Williams Ski Inn Taphouse & Hotel MUSIC VENUE: The Belfry

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 84 BEST BAR BREWPUB - SUNRIVER 1st Sunriver Brewing Co 2nd The Mountain Jug BEST BOUTIQUE - SUNRIVER 1st Lazy Daisy 2nd West of the Moon BEST BREAKFAST - SUNRIVER Café Sintra Sunriver BEST COFFEE SHOP - SUNRIVER Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters Starbucks BEST FOOD CART - SUNRIVER Nosh Street Food The Peak Food Truck BEST HAPPY HOUR - SUNRIVER 1st Hola! Nouveau Mexican Peruvian Cuisine 2nd The Mountain Jug BEST LODGING - SUNRIVER 1st Sunriver Resort BEST LUNCH - SUNRIVER 1st Sunriver Brewing Co 2nd Café Sintra Sunriver BEST PLACE FOR LIVE MUSIC 1st The Backyard Cafe & Bar 2nd John Gray Amphitheater BEST RESTAURANT - SUNRIVER 1st Sunriver Brewing Co. 2nd Marcello’s Cucina Italiana SUNRIVERSUNRIVER Best OfBest Of Doing More with Less Water in Central Oregon 11:30am at The R 12:00pm Live Register N cityclubco August 18th Wine CheeseClassesLiveTastingsMusic|Vendors|Chocolate SEPTEMBER 16 & 17 Benham Hall at SHARC Tickets & Information: & Sunriver Owners Association

Best Pub, Best LunchBest Restaurant



By Chris Williams Sunriver Brewing Co. has won a “Best Of” category in the Source every year since the brewery’s inception in 2012. Along with being one of the most award-winning breweries from the area nationally, there is also a delicious menu that has developed alongside the quality of the beer.  The brewery has opened two pubs in Bend and one in Eugene, along with its flagship pub in Sunriver. Being able to grow during a pan demic speaks to the quality of the brewery and shows that it doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.   In its 10th year, Sunriver Brewing Company has won three categories in the Sun river area: Best Lunch, Best Restaurant AND Best Bar/Brewpub. “We try our best all the time to put out the best quality to locals and tourists. Our employees are passionate about their work and it shows in what we produce,” says Ryan Duley, marketing director for Sunriver Brewing. The welcoming attitude and attention to detail are universal qualities that have made the brewing company a go-to tourist destination as well as a local Bend favorite.  While some breweries treat food as an afterthought, Sunriver Brewing finds bal ance between award-winning beers and high-quality food. This commitment has paid off, helping them stand out in an area saturated in beer.  Mountain Jug Cafe Sintra Sunriver


SECOND FOR BEST RESTAURANT: Marcello’s Cucina Italiana SubmittedSubmittedSubmittedBest Of SUNRIVER Submitted



Best Asian CHI Chinese and Sushi Bar Chan’s of Bend Best Bagel Big O Rockin'BagelsDave's Bistro & Backstage TheBestLoungeBakerySparrow Bakery Nancy P's Cafe & Bakery Best Rockin'TheBestBurritoBendBestTheMcKayBestActiveCaféBestCURBBQBaldy’sBBQBarbecueBowlYumm!CultureCaféBreakfastCottageRestaurantVictorianCaféBreakfastBurritoBreakfastBurritoSunriseBreakfastSandwichSparrowBakeryDave'sBistro&Backstage Lounge Best Burger Bend Burger Co. Dandy’s Drive-In Best RedJackson’sBestKefiBo’sBestMcKayTheBestTheRichard'sBestArianaZydecoBest900BontàBestBowtieBleuBestJackson’sSporkBestLosSuperBurritoBurritoJalapenosCasualDiningCornerCatererBiteCateringCateringCo.DessertWallDinnerKitchen&CocktailsRestaurantDoughnutDonuts&PastriesDoughNutEggsBenedictVictorianCaféCottageRestaurantFalafelFalafelFastFreshMediterraneanFamilyDiningCornerRobinGourmetBurgersand Brews Best Fine Dining Ariana Restaurant Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails Best Food Cart Aina Kauai Style Grill BestToastyFood Cart Lot Midtown Yacht Club On BestTapFried Chicken The Tin Pig Cascade West Grub & Alehouse Best International/Fusion Cuisine 5SporkFusion & Sushi Bar Best Lunch El WildSanchoRose Northern Thai Eats Best Mac 'n' Cheese Brother Jon’s Ale House Lively Up Yourself Best Mediterranean Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean BestJoolz Mexican Hola! Nouveau Mexican-Peruvian Cuisine El Sancho Taco Shop Best Cibelli’sPizzaBestMonklessPineBestPastiniBOSABestNomeBOSABestTheMakiBestBendDandy’sMilkshakeDrive-InBurgerCompanyNewFoodCartMakiSushiAmericanaTruckNewRestaurantFood&DrinkItalianoPastaFood&DrinkPatioDiningTavernRestaurantBelgianAlesPizzaMondoPizza Best Anthony'sBestPlankerValentine'sSandwich/DeliDeliSandwichesSeafoodattheOld Mill District Sebastian’s Seafood Best Smoothie/Juice Bar Mother’s Juice Café Emerald City Smoothie Best Steak Bos BrickhouseTaurus Steakhouse Best Sushi CHI Chinese and Sushi Bar 5 Fusion & Sushi Bar Best Taco El WildBestHabloSanchoTacosTakeoutRoseNorthern Thai Eats WildBestSporkThaiRose Northern Thai Eats Noi Thai Cuisine Best TheSanBestActiveToastyVegetarian/VeganCultureBarSimónDogwoodCocktail Cabin Best CBD Beverage Boneyard Beer Ablis CBD Best Sports Bar Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill The Hideaway Tavern Best Happy Hour 900 Wall Pine Tavern Restaurant Best Cider AVID Cider Co. Bend Cider Co. Best Bloody Mary The Victorian Café Washington Dining & Cocktails Best BlackBestRiffBackporchBestLooneyThumpBest10DeschutesBreweryBreweryBarrelBrewingCoffeeShopCoffeeBeanofBendColdBrewCoffeeCoffeeRoastersColdBrewedDarkBeerButtePorter-Deschutes Brewery S1NIST0R - 10 Barrel Brewing Best Drive-Thru Coffee Dutch Bros Coffee Riff Cold Brewed Best Hazy Beer Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Haze Goodlife Brewing - Sippy Cup Best IPA RPM - Boneyard Brewing First Run - Bevel Brewing Best KingBestCompassionHummKombuchaKombuchaKombuchaLightBeerCrispy-Deschutes Brewery Sweet As - GoodLIfe Brewing Best Local Coffee Backporch Coffee Roasters Thump Coffee Best Seasonal Beer Red Chair - Deschutes Brewery Jubelale - Deschutes Brewery Best Sour Beer Ching Ching Sour Ale - Bend Brewing Co. Sahalie - Ale Apothecary Best Specialty Cocktail Poco Loco – Dogwood Hola! Margarita Best Wine Bar Portello Wine Café Stoller Wine Bar Best Bank Branch OnPoint Community Credit Union Selco Community Credit Union Best Beauty Studio Penny Lash Elite MediSpa EATSEATS Best OfBest Of DRINKS Best Of DRINKS Best Of GOODS SERVICES& Best Of GOODS SERVICES& Best Of WINNERSWINNERSCENTRALOREGONCENTRALOREGON Best Of 2022

VOICEINDEPENDENTBEND’S/202211,AUGUST/WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM 88 541-516-0577 655 SW 7th St Redmond, OR 97756“Reputation is more valuable than wealth” “Thank you for voting us best house cleaning service in Central Oregon!” VISIT US ONLINE AT HUTCHSBICYCLES.COM THANKS TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS FOR VOTING US BEST BIKE SHOP IN CENTRAL OREGON FOR THE 22ND TIME!

Best Auto Repair Import Performance Auto Repair Happy Danes Auto Repair Best BestTangerineLemonBestCottageToddlesDaycare/PreschoolPreschoolDayCareHairSalonDropHairSalonSalonHouseCleaner/Cleaning Service Cleaner Living NW Berry Clean Best Insurance Agency State Farm - James Chrisman Century Insurance Group Best Landscape Service HD TuxesCorkBestBryantHighBestGigglingLandscapingGardenerLawFirmDesertLawLovlien&JarvisLocalFundraiser&Barrel-KIDSCenter&Tails-HumaneSociety of C.O. Best Local HomeBuilder Hayden CrescentBestPacwestHomesBuildersMani/PediNails& Spa Freshly Filed Nail Lounge Best Oil Change Red Carpet Car Wash Import Performance Auto Repair Best Painting Service Webfoot Painting Sunshine Painting Best Pest Control Pointe Pest Control Barnes Quality Pest Control Best Pet Resort Bend Pet TonyNateBestBlackMonolithBestReMaxWestBestMcDermottSeversonBestDeschutesResortPetLodgePlumberPlumbingPlumbingRealEstateCompany+MainHomesTattooStudioTattooStudioOpalTattooBrewerDoss-BevelBrewingLawrence-Boneyard Beer Best Barbershop The Spot Barbershop Westside Barber Shop Best Bartender Buck Bales at the D&D Jon Dude at the D&D Best Open Mic Silver Moon Brewing M&J Tavern Best CarsenBudtenderRobbins - Dr. Jolly's Joe Koehler - Oregrown Best ArianaChefFernandez - Ariana Resturant George Morris - Bos Taurus Best DonnerFloristFlower Shop Wild Flowers of Oregon Best Green Business Somewhere That’s Green The Gear Fix Best Indoor Music Venue Volcanic Theatre Pub Tower Theatre Best Instagram Account Memes of Bend Babe City Best Locals’ Hangout On Tap Bend D&D Bar & Grill Best Locals’ Night (Discounts) Silver Moon Brewing Bevel Craft Brewing Best Lodging The Oxford Hotel Campfire Hotel Best HumaneStreetNonprofitDogHeroSociety of Central Oregon Best Place to Pick Up a Copy of the Source Deschutes Public Library Downtown Newport Avenue Market Best Place to Work (over 50 employees) Hayden BestDeschutesHomesBreweryPlacetoWork (under 50) Elite Medi Spa Bend Veterinary Clinic Best Radio Personality Megan Sinclair - 107.7 The Beat Dave Clemens - 105.7 KQAK Best Radio Station 92/9 FM Backyard Bend KPOV High Desert Community Radio Best StormyRealtorClark - West + Main Homes Tiffany Clark - Bend Premier Real Estate Best Senior Living Facility Touchmark Senior Living Mt. Bachelor Assisted Living and Memory Care Best Spot for a Night Out with the Crew River Pig Saloon San Simón Best Staycation Destination Sunriver Saxon'sSilveradoBestDesertSomewhereBestCityLarkBestMarketNewportBestClementineju-bee-leeBestOregrownTokyoBestCosaTheBestWildHopscotchBestHighAblisBestKendallSubaruBestPineHutch’sBestPennyWrenBestGatheredIronBestAspenSunriverBestRiversideBendBestEmilyBobBestPronghornResortResortTVPersonalityShaw-KTVZKirk-KOHDVeterinarianVeterinaryClinicAnimalHospitalWeddingVenueResortHallAntiqueStoreHorseSecondHandStoreWaresBeautyBoutique&WildLashBikeShopBicyclesMountainSportsCarDealershipofBendToyotaofBendCBDCompanyCBDDesertPureChildren’sClothingKidsChildClothingConsignmentGearFixCuraDispensaryStarfishGiftStoreUrbanMercantileGroceryStoreAvenueMarketofChoiceHomeDécorMountainModernHomeIndoorPlantStoreThat’sGreenRoseCactusLoungeJewelryStoreFineJewelers Best Liquor Store 3rd Street Beverage Trailhead Liquor Best BestVanillaREVOLVRMenswearMenswearUrbanThreadsNursery/Garden Center Moonfire and Sun Garden Center Eastside Gardens Best Outdoor Clothing Mountain Supply The Gear Fix Best Outdoor Gear Shop The Gear Fix Mountain Supply Best Pet Store Bend Pet Express Mud Bay Best Place to Buy Art Red Chair Gallery The BestWorkhousePlacetoBuy Produce Paradise Produce Stand Market of Choice Best Smoking Accessories HighHempiesMountain Mist Best Thrift Store Humane Society of Central Oregon Thrift REgroupStoreThrift Store Best Toy Store Leapin’ Lizards Toy Co. Learning Express Toys & Gifts Best Vintage Clothing Revival Vintage Luck of the Draw Trade Co. Best Women’s Clothing Vanilla Urban Threads BestHempiesAdult Dental Group Bend Family Dentistry Drew Family Dentistry Best Alternative Health Clinic Hawthorn Healing Arts Center Inspired Health Best Exercise Studio OrangetheoryBarre3 Fitness Best Golf Course PronghornTetherow Resort PEOPLE & PLACES Best Of PEOPLE & PLACES Best Of SHOPPING Best Of SHOPPING Best Of HEALTH & FITNESS Best Of HEALTH & FITNESS Best Of 2022


SUNRIVERSUNRIVER Best OfBest OfSISTERSSISTERS Best OfBest OfBest Health and Recreation Facility Juniper Swim and Fitness Larkspur Community Center Best Massage / Day Spa Anjou Spa Spa W Best Medical / Cosmetic Esthetix MD Elite Medi Spa Best Medical Group High Lakes Health Care Summit Medical Group Best Pediatric Dental Group Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric Dental Associates Best Ski/Snowboard Shop Powder House Ski & Patio BestSkjersaa’sYoga Studio TheBestGrooveNamaspaYogaBar-RedmondRooftopatSCP Redmond Hotel Initiative Brewing Best Boutique - Redmond Willow BestForeverWildSunshineBreakfast- Redmond One Street Down Cafe Mo’s Egg House Best Brewery/Brewpub - Redmond Wild Ride Brewing Initiative Brewing Best Burger - Redmond Redmond Burger Company Bogey’s Burgers Best Coffee - Redmond Honey and Pine Coffee Company Tite Knot Craft Coffee Best Fitness Studio - Redmond Love Bird Yoga HIIT Logic Best Food Cart - Redmond West Side Taco Co. Feast Food Co. Best Gift Shop - Redmond Welcome Home Maple Moon Home & Gift Best Happy Hour - Redmond Initiative Brewing E Bar Grill Best Lodging - Redmond SCP Redmond Hotel Best Lunch - Redmond Initiative Brewing West Side Tacos Best Mexican Restaurant - Redmond Carnaval Mexican Grill BestHola! New Restaurant - Redmond Xalisco Latin Cuisine Otto’s Landing (Food Cart Lot) Best Pizza - Redmond Grace and Hammer Pizzeria Jersey Boys Pizzeria Best Place to Watch Live Music - Redmond General Duffy’s Waterhole High Desert Music Hall Best Restaurant - Redmond Diego’s Spirited Kitchen Carnaval Mexican Grill Best Bar/Brewpub - Sisters Three Creeks Brewing Company The Barn in Sisters Best Boutique - Sisters BestBedouinBreakfast - Sisters Angeline’s Bakery Sisters Bakery Best Coffee Shop - Sisters Sisters Coffee Co. Fika Sisters Coffeehouse Best Food Cart - Sisters Boone Dog Pizza BestChulitasGift Shop - Sisters PaulinaBedouin Springs Books Best Happy Hour - Sisters Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill Best Lodging - Sisters FivePine Lodge Ski Inn Taphouse & Hotel Best Lunch - Sisters Sisters Meat & Smokehouse Sno Cap Drive In Best New Restaurant - Sisters The Barn in Sisters Ski Inn Taphouse & Hotel Best Place for Live Music - Sisters The Barn in Sisters The BestBelfryRestaurant - Sisters The Open Door Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill Best Bar/Brewpub - Sunriver Sunriver Brewing Co. The Mountain Jug Best Boutique - Sunriver Lazy Daisy West of the Moon Best Breakfast - Sunriver Café Sintra Sunriver Best Coffee Shop - Sunriver Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters BestStarbucksFood Cart - Sunriver Nosh Street Food The Peak Food Truck Best Happy Hour - Sunriver Hola! Nouveau Mexican Peruvian Cuisine The Mountain Jug Best Lodging - Sunriver Sunriver Resort Best Lunch - Sunriver Sunriver Brewing Co. Café Sintra Sunriver Best Place for Live Music - Sunriver The Backyard Cafe & Bar John Gray Amphitheater Best Restaurant - Sunriver Sunriver Brewing Co. Marcello’s Cucina Italiana REDMONDREDMOND Best OfBest Of 2022 FREEEVENTOREGONCENTRALYOURPROMOTEFORGOTO:CALENDAR.BENDSOURCE.COM

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