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Whether you’re a deep-woods west-sider or a far-out east-sider, many of us seem pretty proud of the neighborhoods we’re in here in Bend. In our annual Neighborhoods Issue, we aim to offer a lay of the land of sorts, giving you some key facts about the various parts of Bend — the schools, parks and typical homes — as well as some inside info about what makes each area unique. Check that out as this week’s Feature.

Then in Screen, Jared Rasic takes on not one but two films. In Sound, hear from a member of the California Honeydrops before they head to town, and in Little Bites, read our take on the various offerings from the big Burger Week last week. Because whichever neighborhood you live in around here, life’s better with a little music, food… and even a bit of (quality) screen time thrown in, right?

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rains fall softly on your fields. Until we meet again, may you be held. – An Irish Blessing. Huge shoutout to @jacobandelissa for tagging us in this remarkable photo of Century Drive. Don’t forget to share your photos with us and tag @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured as Instagram of the week and in print as our Lightmeter. Winners receive a free print from @highdesertframeworks.

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Courtesy @jacobandelissa Instagram HARVESTMOONWOODWORKS.COM CUSTOM.


Look around the United States and the status of reproductive rights and reproductive health care can feel pretty depressing. Due to the repeal of Roe v. Wade, there are efforts to restrict abortions, to ban them all together, and to put the watchful eye of the federal government on women who may be pregnant and not want to be. Taken as a whole, it can feel overwhelming.

That’s why, when efforts to the contrary crop up, people should take notice. Several of those efforts have manifested in Oregon this past month. As we reported last week, the Oregon Health Authority this month launched a website that offers information and resources for those seeking a safe and legal abortion or other reproductive health care in the state – residents or otherwise. Offering basic information about resources at the state level reaffirms our state’s commitment to providing a wide spectrum of health options.

And then this week, Oregon moved further forward, by beginning to offer a birth control pill that does not require a prescription to obtain at a pharmacy. Pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid in Portland, Bend and Ontario, on the border with Idaho,

are already offering the Opill, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. The Food and Drug Administration approved the pill last year, after a review that determined whether prospective users of the pill would be able to follow the instructions and “self-screen” for eligibility for taking the medication.

Proponents think Opill will make it easier for people to get birth control in general, without having to wait for an appointment with their provider. In a place such as Bend or Ontario, where obtaining a timely appointment with a medical provider can be a challenge, this is a type of service that is sorely needed. Financial barriers, such as a lack of health insurance or the inability to cover co-pays, have long kept some people from obtaining the birth control they’d otherwise prefer.

In a world where becoming pregnant — at least in certain states — can result in having a person hunted down and prosecuted for electing not to continue the pregnancy, we need more options like this that are safe, effective and thoroughly researched. In a time of great uncertainty around reproductive freedom nationwide, Oregon continues to move forward, not back.

In Oregon, Reproductive Health Moves Forward, Not Back Enjoy Going to Church again HOURS 11am-6pm TUES-SAT 541-322-6867 19 NW GREENWOOD AVE, BEND NOW OFFERING PIERCING! Celebrating 25 Years Walk-in’s Welcome For Tattoos & Piercing. Adobe Stock Healthy Adventures Await! Open Daily for You and Your Pets! DO CTOR S BYRON M A A S , TA BIT HA J O H N STO N , L AUR E N H O F F M AN , L AURA AC EVE D O, COU RTN EY MCL AUG H L AN , K E L L I SMIT H , LIN X AL EXAN D E RSO N , MICH AE L A H UGGIN S & JA N E T T E WE L LS 360 NE QUIMBY AVE BEND, OR 97701 541-382-0741 3197 N HWY 97 STE A-1 BEND, OR 97701 541-388-0262 N OW TWO LO CAT IO N S TO SER VE YO U BEN D V E T ERINA R Y CLINI C . C O M VICTORIA, VET ASSISTANT


Bend does not need any more trails. Wild animals are already struggling to survive in the Deschutes National Forest because they are currently being corralled by trails and roads. They are limited to tiny areas of undisturbed forest or forced to go into town. With these proposed new trail developments humans will continue to encroach on their ever-shrinking habitat. These are wild animals not livestock, and they should not be herded around to appease some mt biking community.

I was born in Bend in 1996 and have spent thousands of hours in the Deschutes Forest. I have seen this problem getting worse and worse with each passing year. As more people move to Bend, deer fawns, elk calves, coyote and fox pups, frogs, lizards, jackrabbits, wild turkey poults among many other wild animals are assailed and murdered by hikers' domestic dogs. Not to mention all of the wild animals that go crashing through the woods to escape mt bikers often resulting in collisions with cars, other mt bikers or unwantedly exposing the wildlife, making them more vulnerable to predators such as cougars or birds of prey.

Why would you need to create more trails that parallel pre-existing ones? Shouldn't the Forest Service prioritize the decommissioning of unauthorized trails to protect wildlife. And it seems that 90 % of these "trail upgrades" are for mountain bikers' benefit, rather than hikers and Nordic skiers. I’d have to assume that there are lobbyists pushing for Bend to become the mt biking mecca of the world in order to boost tourism. Don't make accessing the woods easier at the expense of wildlife.

If these folks can't figure out how to connect Phil's trail to the back of Shevlin Park, maybe they shouldn't

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be in the woods in the first place. And if they get lost at Dillon Falls because they can’t follow the river they probably should just stick to walking or biking around the Old Mill. Learn to read a map or operate a GPS before going into the woods, not the other way around.

There are plenty of trails in the Deschutes Forest for everyone to enjoy. No more are needed.

If you truly want trail improvement there needs to be accountability by the U.S. Forest personnel, in particular Kevin Larkin and Holly Jewkes for allowing China Hat to be destroyed by people living in the forest. They also are letting Phil's Trail get destroyed by opening the gates and allowing people to live there from April 1-December 1. I have been an advocate for keeping the gates shut at Phil's Trail due to the major destruction occurring at Phil's Trail and there has been zero enforcement of stays over 14 days. They lie to the public about citing people but there are no citations happening at either location. I have a petition online to close the gates with over 3,400 signatures from strictly local residents and recreational users as they also see the misuse and destruction going on out there to include, black water dumping, destruction of the forest floor, disruption in animal behavior and destruction of their habitats, trash, micro-plastics, plastics and leaving behind all their obsolete items including furniture, speeding on fire roads and on the forest floor. I have over 500 pictures and videos of this evidence. If our public truly wants beautiful trails, connectivity and to be able to recreate peacefully, start holding our U.S. Forest personnel accountable to do the foundational work first.


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My wife and I moved to Bend nearly 17 years ago. As for many of us newcomers, the mountains, rivers, trails and parks were the main attractions that enticed us to move here and make Bend our new home. However, what makes me most excited and proud to call Bend home now is the music scene. The local talent is beyond good. The venues are working their hearts out to provide a high-quality experience for the musicians and their fans. I could give you a rundown of all the great bands and musicians that call Bend home, but there’s simply too many. Just know that when you venture out for a show, you will be impressed. You’ll probably dance and drink some good beer. You’re going to meet like-minded folks who also love music and just want to have fun. Perhaps you’ll meet your new best friend, or maybe a new spouse. It’s so easy to plop on the couch for your nightly fix

of ESPN or Netflix. However, nothing compares to the energy and sense of community that live music provides (except perhaps yoga, according to my wife). To all of the venues, sound engineers, bartenders (and budtenders), and especially the talented and hardworking musicians — your many fans and I are profoundly grateful that you chose to live in Bend and help make it a truly wonderful place to call home.

Letter of the Week:

Mike: Letter of the Week, hands down! I hope lots of musicians, venue managers, sound engineers and bartenders get to see your message. Come on by for your gift card to Palate.

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O Letters

Bend Offers Turf Removal Rebates

The City of Bend announced it will start offering turf removal rebates to convert lawns into low-water use landscapes. Starting in April, City water customers can apply to the new Turf Removal Rebate program and earn $3 per square foot, up to $3000, to remove currently planted lawns and turn them into low-water Xeriscapes. The program offers customers a way to save water and money.

According to a City of Bend press release, water use can escalate to 26 million gallons per day during peak irrigation season in the summer. Participation in the program is on a first- come, first-served basis and an application and approval is required. The program will continue through 2024 until the $74,000 in funds are used.

“As the water demands continue to grow in Central Oregon, we need to take additional steps to reduce outdoor water use and meet our goals,” said

Dan Denning, City of Bend water conservation program manager in a press release.

Political Signs Banned from County Rights of Way

Deschutes County announced on April 8 that political signs are no longer allowed in the right of way of public roads under the jurisdiction of Deschutes County. These changes come after the Board of County Commissioners adopted changes last year to county code.

“Improperly placed political signs along a road can compromise the safety of all road users by interfering with official traffic control devices, restricting sight lines, and causing distractions," said Chris Doty, Deschutes County Road Department director. “The change aligns us with other public road agencies in Central Oregon.”


- Estimated population of Bend in 2024, per World Population Review.

Population in 2020: 99,700.

Population in 2010: 76,700.

District Attorney’s Office Concludes Review of OfficerInvolved Shooting

A Bend man pulled over after a Parkway crash sustained a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound and was


“Good music is good music, that’s what I’ve always thought. People like good music, so it doesn’t matter what you play.”

California Honeydrops vocalist, guitarist and trumpeter Lech Wierzynski. From this week’s Sound, “Solid Senders”

shot by officers

The Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office concluded its review of an officer-involved shooting in Bend on March 20, when 18-year-old Gabriel Platz lost his life after officers responded to a vehicle crash involving the individual. Witness reports following the crash, as well as officer-worn body cameras, found that Platz sustained a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound and was simultaneously shot by the police.

Witnesses called 911 regarding a car accident involving Platz around 8:20pm. A witness, who checked on the driver, reported that Platz was speeding and smelled of alcohol. Shortly after, Officer Wesley Murphy and Officer Lyter arrived. A transcript and description detailed the interaction, recorded on body cameras.

Officer Lyter spoke with Platz and noticed a handgun on the driver’s side floorboard after shining his flashlight into the vehicle. Officers advised Platz to get out of the car and to not reach for the weapon.

Platz, unable to open the driver’s side door, attempted to move across the seat toward the passenger side, reached down and grabbed the handgun. Platz started to manipulate the slide of the gun, according to the description of the incident, which put a live round into the firing chamber.

Officers told Platz to drop the gun. As they attempted to reach in and grab the gun away, Platz raised it and fired it on himself. Officer Murphy fired two rounds from his handgun, the first being nearly simultaneous with the single round fired by Platz. The second was less than a second later.

According to the review, Officers Murphy and Lyter provided statements to investigators, each describing that they believed Platz was about to shoot them or the other officer once he grabbed the handgun and prepared it to fire.

The investigation determined that Officer Murphy was unaware that Platz had shot himself when he fired his duty weapon. According to the DA investigation, the review of the incidents found that Gabriel Platz died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that Officer Murphy acted lawful in self-defense and in defense of others when he fired his weapon.

“My thoughts are with everyone affected by this incident, and I remain steadfast in ensuring our entire community knows that the Bend Police Department is committed to upholding their safety and well-being,” said Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz in a press release.

Check out this week’s Neighborhoods feature for more fun facts about the areas around Bend. Courtesy Bend PD

Complex Compensation

Locals in the industry share how a recent change in real estate compensation could increase both transparency and confusion for buyers and sellers

Aproposed settlement from the National Associations of Realtors could result in changes surrounding buyer representation agreements and compensation.

The NAR settlement, which still needs to be approved, would prohibit offers of compensation from listing agents to buyer agents in the Multiple Listing Service, the free marketplace to showcase listing to other brokers. The MLS provides the buyer’s agents information about a property that may not be available to the public.

In that system, an offer of compensation for a broker is made by the listing agent. According to Ashleigh Fordham, president of the Oregon Realtors Association, the courts determined that was a violation of antitrust. Negotiations of compensation to a buyer broker can take place outside of the MLS under the settlement changes.

“The biggest misconception about this settlement and these lawsuits lawsuits is that there was ever a set amount of commission. It was always negotiable,” said Fordham. The seller would instead agree to pay their agent whatever their agreement comes to.

“Although I do think that more transparency was needed with the old way, this new way is going to be more transparent but also far more confusing for buyers and sellers,” said local real estate agent John Kromm.

The buyer will enter what’s called a Buyer Broker Service Agreement, which outlines the offer of compensation, as well as the services that will be provided. A buyer will have the ability to navigate the negotiation of that payment with the agent.

“It's a very complicated issue,” said Fordham. “I don't think that it's going to necessarily change things for buyers and sellers too much, but it’s certainly going to add layers of complexity when it comes to negotiating compensation for agents.”

The settlement would also require MLS participants to use buyer representation agreements, which provide an overview of expectations of representation on both sides. Oregon passed House Bill 4058 in in March, requiring the same thing. This will go into effect in January 2025.

“I'm quite frankly excited about the agreements becoming a standard of our practice,” said Fordham. “It creates choice and clarity for the consumer.”

As demand for nurses rises, OHSU expands nursing program to central Oregon

A partnership with OHSU, a community college and St. Charles Health System will train more nurses in central Oregon

Oregon Health & Science University is expanding its program that prepares students for nursing careers on an accelerated schedule to Bend.

Central Oregon will be the third spot for OHSU’s accelerated bachelor’s degree in nursing, which already is available in Portland and Ashland. The program graduated 128 students in the last academic year and is on track to graduate even more this year. The Bend location will start with eight students in July.

Through OHSU’s School of Nursing, the intensive 15-month program allows students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field to prepare for a career as a registered nurse. Health care and higher education officials hope the program will provide a pathway for central Oregonians to enter the field in the region, which has a shortage of nurses. St. Charles Health System is the largest provider in central Oregon, and its Bend hospital is the only level two trauma center east of the Cascades equipped to serve adults and children with complex and severe injuries.

In recent years, nurses faced burnout and exhaustion during the pandemic, which accelerated retirements and exits from the field. A 2021 Oregon Employment Department survey found three-fourths of registered nurse positions among nearly 2,100 openings are difficult to fill. As the health care industry continues to rebuild, it faces increased demands for services as the population grows, including in central Oregon, and the aging baby boomer generation needs more advanced care.

To launch the program in Bend, OHSU worked with Central Oregon Community College and St. Charles Health System, which operates four hospitals and dozens of clinics throughout central Oregon. Those talks started in June 2023.

“We talked about, ‘How do we solve a problem of Central Oregon not having enough nurses and not preparing enough nurses?’” St. Charles Chief Nursing Executive Joan Ching said in an interview. “Coming out of the pandemic, I think there was a reawakening of a lot of people that wanted to contribute to the health and wellness community. So we’re just meeting a demand that’s already there in central Oregon.”

The program will be based out of Central Oregon Community College’s campus. Students will take classes and simulated training on campus and get hands-on experience through St. Charles Health System’s hospitals and clinics.

Susan Bakewell Sachs, dean of the OHSU School of Nursing, said the program’s arrival in central Oregon is a partnership that complements what’s already in place.

“It was a real opportunity to offer something that was needed – that was not already available in central Oregon,” Bakewell Sachs said in an interview.

With its requirement for applicants to have a prior bachelor’s degree, the program offers a way for students to change careers quickly. In the past, OHSU has attracted students to the program from broad walks of life, such as lawyers or people with doctoral degrees.

“One of the wonderful things about this program is it does draw on these prior life experiences and discipline-based experiences,” Bakewell Sachs said. “It tends to be a very enriching experience for the individual. And it’s also enriching to our profession.”

St. Charles Health System’s hospitals and clinics offer a variety of settings for nursing students. The program exposes students to different medical settings and works to try to match them to their areas of interest, Bakewell Sachs said.

Nurses who graduate and receive a license can apply to work at St. Charles Health System’s residency program, which offers more hands-on training and mentorship as new nurses start their careers. After a year or two, nurses often go into specialties, like working in an emergency department or operating room.

The community college’s registered nurse program already trains students with an associate’s degree and is developing a bachelor’s degree in nursing that could start as early as 2025. That program will be for students without a previous bachelor’s degree and be separate from OHSU’s accelerated program.

Julie Downing, an instructional dean at COCC, said in a statement that the collaboration is a good fit and allows both schools to reach different groups of students.

—This story originally

appeared in the Oregon Capital Chronicle April 9.
Courtesy Pexels Courtesy OHSU/Allen Hallmark
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La fiscalía del distrito concluye el análisis de la balacera en la que estuvo involucrado un policía

La fiscalía de distrito del Condado de Deschutes concluyó el análisis de una balacera en la que estuvo involucrado un policía de Bend el día 20 de marzo y cuando Gabriel Platz de 18 años perdió la vida después que los policías respondieron a un accidente automovilístico en el que se involucró al individuo. Reportes de testigos y de las cámaras portátiles que traen los policías, encontraron que Platz se disparó y al mismo tiempo la policía le disparó.

Alrededor de las 8:20 pm, testigos llamaron al 911 para reportar un accidente automovilístico que involucró a Platz en el accidente. Un testigo que vio al conductor, reportó que Platz estaba manejando a alta velocidad y que tenía aliento alcohólico. Poco después, llegaron los policías Murphy y Lyter. Un expediente y un informe detallan la interacción que fue grabada con las cámaras portátiles.

El policía Lyter habló con Platz y se dio cuenta de que había una pistola en el piso del lado del conductor después de alumbrar el vehículo. Los policías le advirtieron a Platz salir del coche y no tomar el arma.

Platz, sin poder abrir la puerta del lado del conductor, trató de pasarse al asiento del pasajero, se agachó y tomó la pistola. Platz comenzó a tomar el arma y según el informe del incidente, la bala entró en la cámara de fuego.

Los policías le dijeron a Platz que soltara el arma. Mientras trataban de quitarle el arma, Platz la levantó y se disparó a sí mismo. El policía Murphy disparó dos veces con su pistola, el primer disparo salió casi al mismo tiempo que el disparo activado por Platz. El segundo disparo se activó a menos de un segundo después.

Según el análisis, los policías Murphy y Lyter compartieron las declaraciones con los investigadores, cada uno describió que creían que Platz estaba a punto de dispararles o que el otro policía una vez que agarró la pistola la preparó para disparar.

La investigación determinó que el policía Murphy no sabía que Platz se había disparado cuando activó su pistola. Según la investigación del fiscal de distrito, el análisis de incidentes encontró que Gabriel Platz murió por una herida de bala disparada por el mismo y que el policía Wesley Murphy actuó legalmente en defensa propia y en defensa de otros al disparar su arma.

“Mis condolencias para todas las personas afectadas por este incidente y me mantengo firme en garantizar que toda la comunidad esté conciente que el departamento de policía de Bend está comprometido a defender su seguridad y su bienestar,” comentó el jefe de policía Mike Krantz por medio de un comunicado de prensa.

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This area is loaded with single-family homes occupied by families, active retirees and anyone who values the great outdoors.


The primary homes in this area are single-family primary residences. This area also boasts a variety of other types including condos, townhomes, cottages and some newer apartment buildings.


$1,050,000 - $1,250,000


Great location with convenient access to the Phils Trail mountain biking trail system, Shevlin Park and the Deschutes National Forest. This area allows easy access to the Cascade Lakes Highway as a gateway to Mt. Bachelor and extensive lakes and trails. Other attractive features include the restaurants and shops of Northwest Crossing and the excellent Summit Schools.


Shevlin Park, Three Pines Park, Quail Park, Lewis & Clark Park, Discovery Park, Compass Park, the NW Crossing Dog Park, Overturf Park, Skyline Sports Complex & Alpine Park. Many subdivisions also have community parks & playgrounds.


High Lakes Elementary, William E. Miller Elementary, Pacific Crest Middle School, Cascade Middle School, & Summit High.


PROVIDED BY The Melner Group

Westside For Life

Century West and Summit West are sought-after, and then some

There really is no limit to the things you can do on the west side. Whether you’re after breweries, fine dining, live music, outdoor recreation, parks, food carts… you’ve got options. Century West and Summit West neighborhoods are the perfect microcosm of Bend in general in how so many of the attractions of the region are present.

The outdoor situation is breathtaking with Lewis and Clark Park, Skyline, Shevlin, Compass and Sunset View; the Deschutes River Trail offers beautiful scenery and a perfect path for dog walking and almost limitless opportunities for bike riding.

If you’re after something a little less athletic, you can enjoy a day over at Northwest Crossing and enjoy an Ocean Roll at Sparrow Bakery,

go shopping at the absolutely adorable Roundabout Books, or head to The Grove and check out Sebastian’s mouthwatering seafood market or walk across the hall to Shim Shon and delight in the flawless fried cauliflower.

For nightlife there’s plenty of choices along SW Century Drive, including finding some exciting international food from the Bendite Market, catching some live music at Volcanic Theatre Pub, beer tasting at Prost! and GoodLife Brewing, snagging some fantastic falafel at Bo’s and then luxuriating in a nightcap from the mad scientists at The Flamingo Room. Regardless of what you want your day to be like, you’ll find plenty to experience on Century and Summit West.

Nightlife, Wildlife and Brews

Ne ighborhoods Is su e
an exotic taste of international fare,
shop the Bendite Market. Adrian
Jennifer Galler Jared Rasic
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The community is a diverse mixture of residents including retirees, commuters, working professionals and seniors.


Multi-family housing, single-family residences and apartments.




Closer to Redmond airport, with shopping centers, parks, gyms, restaurants and convenient access for commuting.


Boyd Acres Park, Empire Crossing Park, Harvest Park, Sawyer Park, Pine Nursery Park, Rockridge Park and Northpointe Park.


Lava Ridge Elementary School, North Star Elementary School, Ponderosa Elementary School, Sky View Middle School and Mountain View High School.



Ann Gurley, West & Main Homes

A Neighborhood in the Midst of Improvements

Boyd Acres offers amenities and also sees many changes

Boyd Acres is a large neighborhood in north Bend with plenty of things to do. In it includes some of the City’s main shopping centers along U.S. 20 and Hwy 97, several dining options and some of the City’s best parks, including Rockridge and Pine Nursery Park.

The area has ample shopping opportunities and neighbors will soon have easy access to the new Costco location, between Cooley Road and Robal Lane.

Boyd Acres offers multiple breweries in close proximity. All situated within the same area, breweries including 10 Barrel, Van Henion Brewing and Oblivion Brewing offer residents a variety of beer, adult beverage and dining options.

A new, extremely pet friendly addition includes Ponch’s Place, a new food cart lot located at the Veterinary Referral Center of Central

Oregon. The lot has an outdoor beer garden with four food carts, a covered area with picnic tables and an artificial grass area for dogs.

Those in the area will soon be relieved of some of the congestion along U.S. 97 and U.S. 20 with the Bend North Corridor Improvements. Currently in progress, the project aims to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and connectivity along the two highways with over two miles of multi-use paths, new or improved ADA ramps and enhanced crossings. For the time being, temporary road closures and occasional detours are part of life.

Once the improvements are completed in late 2024, it will also aid with congestion, improve travel time reliability and reduce traffic volume and speeds at high conflict locations.

Big Changes on the North Horizon

food options, improved traffic and popular parks highlight north Bend.
ighborhoods Is su e
Julanna LaFollette Ne Oregon Department of Transportation Julianna LaFollette Julianna LaFollette

“ Victoria has been our go-to Realtor since 2006 and in each transaction she’s been an absolute joy to work with. Her negotiation skills are on point, she’s on top of issues we wouldn’t necessarily think of, whether it’s inspection related or concerns we need to address with our CPA, and she’s fun to boot!” —JUDY

Victoria Tolonen Call me to chat about the changing real estate landscape! (541) 410-0048 Certified Negotiation Specialist Hablo Español


Families with school age kids, single professionals, retirees, activeoutdoorsy types who want to be close to the mountain and river.


Primarily newer, single-family homes built between 2004-2024 with a few older neighborhoods on larger lots nestled under the trees.




Newer neighborhoods, pine trees, easy access to the Old Mill District, Box Factory, Hayden Homes Amphitheater, and the mountain, lakes and trails. No stop lights or crossing 3rd St between here and the outdoor beauty of Bend.


There are parks sprinkled throughout the neighborhoods and several access points to the River Trail for a lovely hike or ride.


Elk Meadow Elementary, Pine Ridge Elementary

REPORT SUMMARY PROVIDED BY Victoria Tolonen, Stellar Realty NW

Old Mill Made New Again

Southwest Bend and Southern Crossing offer shopping, music and that suburban lifestyle

The Old Mill has become one of the hottest destinations for commerce in Bend, which is fittingly ironic since the actual logging mill it replaced is why there was a Bend to begin with. Seeing the smokestacks on the horizon used to be a sign of the lumber trade in Central Oregon, but now it means you’re going shopping, catching a movie, or grabbing some dinner in one of Bend’s most bustling neighborhoods…complete with river view.

Whether you want to see an IMAX presentation of the latest blockbuster, see a massive band at the world class Hayden Homes Amphitheater venue, drop jaws at the fabulous view of the Mill from the patio at Monkless or grab an astonishing dinner at Lady Bird Cultural Society, there are entirely too many options for locals and tourists alike.

Eat, Drink and Boogie

Soon, there will be even more to choose from when construction finishes on the mixed-use 4.7 acre development featuring 313 homes, 17,500 square feet of retail and Central Oregon’s first Woonerf (Dutch for living street) with “pollinator friendly greenspaces and several bee hives on-site.”

With Crosscut and The Podski (seriously, if you haven’t been to Toasty, what are you waiting for), there are plenty of food carts to choose from, while the Box Factory still sports the legendary Strictly Organic Coffee, the hidden gem that is Valentine’s Deli and the always popping River Pig.

With Southwest Bend being so close to sowntown, it’s very easy to make an entire day exploring Bond Street all the way down into the Old Mill. In fact, it’s way too much for just a single day. It might be best to just take the weekend.

VOLUME 28 ISSUE 15 / APRIL 11, 2024 / THE SOURCE WEEKLY 15 Ne ighborhoods Is su e
Dining and hanging out options include the Monkless balcony, Immersion Brewing and the Podski. Adrian Galler Jared Rasic Jennifer Galler Jennifer Galler
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / APRIL 11, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 16 A New Outlook on Central Oregon Real Estate MYCO - VISION SEE IT ALL 458-666-3544 Offering sessions for Individuals, Couples and Groups in Bend. Morning Forum Register at Visit for more info Michael Calder JFK vs. CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency’s Assassination of the President Now available at Barnes & Noble

WHO LIVES HERE: Downtown dwellers.


Mixture of historic homes and ADUs and multi-family dwellings.




Historic charm and downtown vibe.


Drake Park, Mirror Pond, Miller's Landing Park and St. Helen's Place Park.


William E. Miller Elementary, Cascade Middle School, Summit High School, Magnet Schools: Amity Creek and Highland School.


PROVIDED BY Ann Gurley, West & Main Homes

Finding Serenity

Amid the Action

Proximity to the Deschutes makes Old Bend and River West the charming neighborhoods they are

River floats. Paddle boards. Breweries. Patios and dogs and bike lanes. When a tourist thinks of Bend, most of the most iconic things about the city are things that take place in Old Bend and the west side, also called River West. For those seeking a spot in the middle of all the action, these neighborhoods will fit the bill. (And speaking of bills, prepare to bring out the dollars when examining home prices in these very-central parts of town!) And even while these areas get positively bursting with outdoor-loving humans in the summertime, proximity to the Deschutes River means a dose of serenity can still be found.

Beyond the constant churn of restaurants and bars and stores along Galveston Avenue in River West and in downtown Bend, one noteworthy development in the river-adjacent scene in Old Bend of late is the ongoing redevelopment of Miller’s Landing Park and Columbia Park — both areas where locals as well as tourists like to access the river. Bend Park and Recreation

Food and Music Vibes

District, with the help from a Visit Bend grant, has been improving the banks and access points along the river at these two parks, with more plans to improve the area around McKay Park and the Bend Whitewater Park in the coming years. Now, in addition to sunbathing in the grassy areas at Miller’s Landing — a popular spot for people to spread out, slightly away from the crowds at the Whitewater Park — people can safely put in a paddle board or kayak and paddle through to the popular Mirror Pond area. And with more connectivity planned for the Deschutes River Trail in the area around these two parks, the neighborhood features only continue to improve for Old Bend and River West.

One potential downside to living in these areas: more of the streets are designed as threeor two-hour parking zones or permitted areas — a convenience for residents who want their guests to have somewhere to park, yet one more piece of evidence that Bend is definitely growing up.

VOLUME 28 ISSUE 15 / APRIL 11, 2024 / THE SOURCE WEEKLY 17 Ne ighborhoods Is su e
Julianna LaFollette
O LD B EN D & Riv er W est
Playing, grooving and dining in the heart of Bend. Courtesy Bosa Facebook Nicole Vulcan Jennifer Galler



Families and young working professionals.


Single-family and multi-family homes.




Larkspur is in the middle of everything! With a ton of parks and the baseball stadium, it would be easy for a sports enthusiast to live here.


Larkspur Park, Jaycee Park, Kiwanis Park, Ponderosa Park and Gardenside Park.


Bear Creek Elementary and Bend High School.


PROVIDED BY Ann Gurley, West & Main Homes

More Beer for Larkspur Locals

A new brewery, a soon-to-be-built library and more populate this southeast Bend neighborhood

The Larkspur neighborhood has everything: residential streets, an abundance of parks and a food and brewery scene. With densely packed streets and easy access to many bustling areas, Larkspur is a great neighborhood for anyone. You’ll find families, young adults and a whole lot of dogs.

While the area is a mixture of residential and industrial, its growing restaurant and brewery scene should certainly be noted. On the east edge of Larkspur, next to planned mixed-use development Stevens Ranch, sits the spacious Cascade Lakes Pub, which just opened in August 2023. The larger corner lot is also home to The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. Coming soon to the area will be a new gas station and Haven Bagel and Coffee.

Near the developing corner is Stevens Ranch, a planned mixed-use development that includes a large new Deschutes Public Library that’s currently under construction.

Those looking for breweries and food truck options can find a great scene at Spider City Brewing and Bevel Craft Brewing, both with great food options and a relaxing vibe.

In addition to its growing food scene, the Larkspur neighborhood features great parks, including centrally located Ponderosa Park, equipped with pickleball courts, a skate park and scenic walking trails. The Larkspur community center is another perk, offering a number of activities including a pool, a fitness center and several workshops and classes. It will also be home to the new Art Station in 2026.

Families, Fitness and Good Times

WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / APRIL 11, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 18 Ne ighborhoods Is su e
Pickleball anyone? How about fresh beers from Spider City and Cascade Lakes? Photos by Julianna LaFollette

SOUTH EAST & o ld farm


Adventure-seekers, Trailblazers and crafty, creative DIY'ers.


Single-family and multi-family homes.


$634,000 - $710,000


Larger lot sizes and sweeping mountain views with lots of access to recreational trails.


Sun Meadow Park, Foxborough Park, CMH Bike Park, Stone Creek Park and Alpenglow Park.


Jewell Elementary, Silver Rail Elementary, Caldera High School and High Desert Middle School.



Ann Gurley, West & Main Homes

Nature is Key in Southeast Bend

Old Farm and Southeast Bend offer parks, trails and more

Old farm and Southeast Bend are similar neighborhoods bordering one another, surrounded by parks, walking trails and an abundance of tree-lined residential streets. Residents in these neighborhoods have the option of walking along the great neighborhood streets all throughout southeast Bend. A plethora of parks with acres of land gives residents of this neighborhood easy access to unpaved trails and nature. Stone Creek, situated in Old Farm, features a small bike pump track, a small skate spot, open turf and more than six acres of natural land. Two extremely family friendly parks in the area include Sun Meadow Park and Foxborough Park. Both offer gathering spaces and a playground.

A little bit south is the beloved Alpenglow Park, which opened in 2022. This spacious 37-acre park offers something for everyone. It’s abundant with natural areas, trails, a large field, fenced-in dog areas, a bouldering area and more.

A new park coming to southeast Bend includes Little Fawn Park, running between Parrell Road and the Bend Golf Club. The park will include a picnic and gathering space, a half basketball court, a play area and a paved loop path.

Residents can find nature pretty much anywhere in these quiet neighborhoods. Even when walking or driving through the area, you may just find a family of deer strolling along with you.

Parks A Plenty Provide Plenty of Walking

Jennifer Galler Nature is only a deer-leap away from these serene neighborhoods. Photos by Julianna LaFollette
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Young working professionals, racially diverse.


Single-families on large lots with ADU potential.




Walkability and larger lots.


Hollinshead Park with community garden and Juniper Swim.


Juniper Elementary School, Ponderosa Elementary School, Pilot Butte Middle School, Sky View Middle School, Mountain View High School and Bend Senior High School.


PROVIDED BY Tiffany Lahey, Deschutes Property Management

East Side Bike Fun in Mountain View

Orchard and Mountain View offer plenty in the way of laid-back family fun

In a part of town that offers plenty of neighborhood parks and amazing views of the Cascades, one park in the Mountain View neighborhood of Bend’s east side is becoming a big draw for active families.

In 2023, eastsiders began to enjoy the first phase of a two-phase project adding bike trails and skills features to Big Sky Park. Before, riders who wanted to practice their bike skills in Bend might have had to travel to the far-west side at Phil’s Trail, or, in order to ride on a paved pump track, a trip to Homestead Pump Track in Redmond might have been required. Now, the fareast side is the place to be for kids (and parents) looking to have fun and practice turns, pumps, jumps and so much more.

Bend Park and Recreation District received a Visit Bend grant that allowed the district to up the timeline for creating the Big Sky Bike Park. While more upgrades, including a terrain park and sessions zone, are still forthcoming, Big Sky now boasts a paved pump track with a learning zone for the little ones, a skills course, trials area and a covered picnic shelter. In addition, new single-track trails circle the park.

This spot was already pretty great for those wanting an off-leash area for their dogs, for those who enjoy the sport of BMX, or for those in the neighborhood looking for room to stretch out, but with the addition of this new neighborhood feature, on a warm day it’s definitely an east-side place to be.

Chill Recreation for Families

VOLUME 28 ISSUE 15 / APRIL 11, 2024 / THE SOURCE WEEKLY 21 Ne ighborhoods Is su e
Kids big and little can find an afternoon of fun at the new Big Sky Bike Park, or go for a swim or climb a tree. Jennifer Galler Photos by Nicole Vulcan
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Families, working professionals, couples and retirees.


Primarily single family residences. A few condos/townhomes.




The multitude of trails – (Deschutes River Trail is nearby) for biking and hiking make it appealing. Plus four public tennis courts, two golf courses, parks and playgrounds make it a fun place for all ages.


Sylvan Park, Summit Park, Sawyer Park, Awbrey Village Park, Awbrey Resevoir, Quail Park, Archie Briggs, Hillside Park, Three Pines Park, Riverview Park.


North Star Elementary School, High Lakes Elementary School, Highland Magnet Elementary School, Pacific Crest Middle School, Summit High School.



Colleen Dillingham, Bend Premier Real Estate

Room and a View

Awbrey Butte offers views all around

Awbrey Butte has long been one of the premiere neighborhoods to live in, but long, long ago, it was a dusty hill that helped birth the mountain biking movement in Bend. These days, for those living that affluent life, you’ve got plenty of features to enjoy for just about any interest.

First off, the biggest boon from living up on Awbrey Butte are those views. From the west side and its sweeping views of Mt. Bachelor to Mt. Jefferson or the north side’s breathtaking view of the Cascade Range, every direction you look is either thick with majestic trees or stunning vistas as far as the eye can see.

For recreation you have two golf courses to choose from: Awbrey Glen Golf Club or River’s

Edge, while also being a 30-minute drive from either the Cascade Lakes or Mount Bachelor. Initially starting as 1,800 acres purchased by Brooks Resources in 1970, it wasn’t until 1984 when development of the lots began (for the almost unheard of price of around 25K!).

There are also several lovely parks in the area including the connected Summit Park and Sylvan Park (the tennis court is first come first serve… literally), or the adorable little Awbrey Village Park nestled in a lovely little residential area that’s very much designed as a place for neighborhood families to bring kids to its picturesque playground. Driving through Awbrey Butte is a quick reminder of the natural beauty of the high desert.

Outdoor Recreation For All Ages

VOLUME 28 ISSUE 15 / APRIL 11, 2024 / THE SOURCE WEEKLY 23 Ne ighborhoods Is su e
A time to play or just swing away, this neighborhood offers both.
Adrian Galler Jennifer Galler Jennifer Galler

Your journey awaits.

Drop Thesis, Bend’s new fully legal Psilocybin Center is now open and taking appointments.

• Personalized sessions designed to promote mental wellness, creativity, and personal growth

• A beautifully designed, safe, and supportive environment for your journey

• Licensed, experienced facilitators / compassionate guides

To ensure a profoundly personal experience, all session packages are by appointment only. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery!

Visit us at to book your appointment or call us at (458) 202-7111 to learn more about what we offer and how it works!

505 NW Franklin Ave., Bend OHA license SC-1aefb4cd GORGE ARTISTS OPEN STUDIOS
26-28, 2024
local artists in 45 studios during this free event!
We are a local, family run business that has been building, remodeling and renovating for over 20 years. We are committed to excellent service, pro-active communication and spectacular craftsmanship. Joshua Harpole · 541-550-9628 CUSTOM HOMES REMODELS ADDITIONS
Painting by Rachel Harvey





Indie folk rock band Shadow Basket tours behind its debut album “Bungalow.” The group is known for dynamic rock songs that infuse fables and narratives with grounded harmonies. Local group Billy and the Box Kid will also perform a spirited set of rock-folk fusion on Wed., Apr. 10, at 5pm. Silver Moon Brewing. 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. $10.




This presentation uses historic photos of the Oregon "hopscape" to tell the fascinating story of the distinctive Central Oregon landscape and culture. The story is about both the hop plant harvest and the people. Learn about the influence and experience of the hop pickers, a group that included families, immigrants, nuns and students. Wed., Apr. 10, 12:30pm. Free.




Modern jazz guitarist John Scofield brings his signature style of chameleonic rock to the Tower Theatre. This renowned musician has won three Grammy awards and has collaborated with countless celebrated talents in his discography of over 40 recordings. Enjoy a night of innovative music as Scofield is joined by talented musicians Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart. Wed., Apr. 10, at 8pm. 835 NW Wall St., Bend. $44.75$56.25.




Inspiring comedian Ahren Belisle blends humor and positivity for a remarkable performance full of wit, funny observations and overall good vibes. Belisle rose to fame after his remarkable performances on the America’s Got Talent stage and has toured aggressively throughout the U.S. and Canada. Thu., Apr. 11, 8pm at The Domino Room. 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. $25.




Enjoy an intimate seated show at Silver Moon Brewing in the Webfoot Garage with comedic brotherly banter, impeccable harmonic expression and widely varying influences. This night of music is focused on connecting with each other through the universal language of music and highlighting the talent of Grace Caston and the Brothers Reed. Sat., Apr. 13, at 7pm at Silver Moon Brewing. 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. $20.




The 2nd annual Spring Fling Dance is a fun-filled and family friendly night with light snacks available and a no host bar. Local DJs play classic tunes from the ‘60s and ‘70s. All are welcome to hit the dance floor to start the spring season and say goodbye to winter. Sat., Apr. 13, 7pm at SHARC Event Space. 57250 Overlook Rd., Sunriver. $20.




Celebrate diverse narratives of home and belonging through six captivating short films from emerging filmmakers. This unique one-day festival sheds light on overlooked perspectives, including those of people living in poverty, experiencing homelessness and forging communities in unconventional ways. Attendees can also enjoy an exciting raffle featuring Central Oregon prizes and purchase exclusive Thrive Central Oregon merchandise. This event offers valuable insights from local resources and experts in housing, health and community support, with all proceeds directly benefiting a housing fund for the local community. Sat., Apr. 13, 6:30pm at the Tower Theatre. 835 NW Wall St., Bend. $24.




Swing into a vibrant world of music, dance and retro charm. Follow the journey of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, a group of ska musicians with a penchant for bringing old-school jazz to life. Get ready for toe-tapping tunes, dazzling choreography and a whirlwind of colorful characters at The Domino Room. Sat., Apr. 13, 8pm. 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. $30.

SUNDAY 04/14



This gathering offers excited participants a chance to spend time with adorable, adoptable cats while enjoying a variety of sparkling beverages. The cats will provide the cuteness and Cyndi of Sparkle Strands will provide colorful hair tinsel to brighten everyone’s hair. All are welcome to attend this snuggly event on Sun., Apr. 14, 1pm at the Playful Paws Cat Café. 1465 SW Knoll Ave., Bend. $35.

4/10 – 4/14
Ahren Belisle Comedy Facebook Courtesy John Scofield Facebook
Years of Rock & Roll MAY 16 Central Oregon Youth Orchestra MAY 15 Sprout Film Festival APRIL 30
The Brothers Reed Facebook Neil
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / APRIL 11, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 26 SUMMER YOUTH CAMPS REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! BEND | REDMOND | MADRAS | PRINEVILLE Art, Culinary, Gaming, Science, and More BEND | REDMOND | MADRAS | PRINEVILLE ♿ In advance of College events, persons needing accommodation or transportation because of a physical or mobility disability should contact Caitlyn Gardner at 541-383-7237. For accommodation because of other disability such as hearing impairment, contact Disability Services at 541-383-7583. < Scan to browse camps BEND | REDMOND | MADRAS | PRINEVILLE For information on BPRD’s nine off-leash areas, visit Here’s why: love your dog, leash your dog Respect for others. Some people and dogs are scared to be approached or jumped on by a dog. Also, off-leash dogs’ poo is often missed and not picked up. It’s the law, with a $250+ fine for violation or exclusion. Police can issue a ticket. Park stewards may issue a 30+-day exclusion from parks and trails. The liability is on you. It’s your dog and you’re liable for your dog’s behavior, even for criminal charges and civil lawsuits. Thank you for your cooperation! GO LEASH-FREE IN NINE DOG PARKS

Solid Senders

California Honeydrops bring their swingin’ soul sound to Bend

Solid senders, The California Honeydrops offer good times in the key of jammy soul and smooth R&B commitment derived from gleeful busking origins on the street corners of Oakland and the Bay Area. Formed at the tail end of 2007, the band has since become a hallmark of cool on the festival and club circuit, cultivating a compelling live show that mines each moment for just the right vibe.

“Good music is good music, that’s what I’ve always thought. People like good music, so it doesn’t matter what you play,” said Honeydrops vocalist, guitarist and trumpeter Lech (pronounced Lesh) Wierzynski in a recent interview. “The street thing is fun because you’re surprising people, and it’s a great way to get your practice time in front of people and find out what works, what doesn’t work, how to capture the attention of a random crowd. That just became a part of what we did on stage– try to surprise people, try to make ’em dance, try to make ’em happy."

Wierzynski, who was born and lived intermittently in Poland as a child, was raised in Chicago and Washington, D.C., by vintage music-loving parents who passed along the passion.

“I had an older dad, and him being also from Poland, everything there is like 30 years behind. Especially because it was during the old days in the communist era,” Wierzynski said. “He was into really old music. He was into music from the ’30s– Louis Armstrong, Sydney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton, all the New Orleans jazz. And then he was into some of the crooner singers like Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. My mom was a lot younger than my dad and she was more into ’60s music, so that’s how we got into all the oldies. Over time, I filled in the gaps with different things that

I discovered along the way.”

From his family’s record collection into college, Wierzynski studied ethnomusicology, specifically the songs and artists of the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans.

“If you’re attracted to the old music, it just starts popping up everywhere,” he said. “I remember my friends were big Deadheads when I was in high school, and they had Jerry Garcia playing old songs with David Grisman. You’d hear one of the songs, I’d be like, ‘What song is that?’ And I’d look it up on the Internet. ‘Oh! That’s by Mississippi John Hurt!’ And then you look him up and you get his CD and then you’re like, ‘Oh look, there’s a whole other world of music.”’

Eventually landing in Oakland, Wierzynski formed the initial Honeydrops with drummer Ben Malament, and over the course of 15 years, the once tub bass jug band that thrilled departing subway riders evolved across a dozen studio and live releases to become a supremely capable and sophisticated soul outfit. The group’s latest full-length release, “Soft Spot,” maintains all the vintage vibes the Honeydrops are renowned for, but with a few funky updates and a wonderfully simple sound that nevertheless makes a grand impression.

“I actually tried to have less going on a lot of those songs. We’ve always layered the songs extensively back in the day, so I tried to make the situation a little simpler. It’s a big ol’ room in there and that’s why we recorded in the place, said Wierzynski of the album’s sessions at Oakland’s Survivor Sound. “I tried to make the songs feel spacious on purpose, so I’m glad that came through because it was supposed to have a bigger feeling of space.”

The majority of the tracks on “Soft Spot” sprang from Wierzynski’s pandemic experience, and like many of his contemporaries, he was also concerned about not being able to perform during the band’s forced downtime and the effect that would have on his voice.

“In early 2021, when shows came back in earnest, my voice was going so fast. Luckily, now it’s back and now I can sing again for three hours and then do it again the next day,” Wierzynski revealed. “But it got pretty bad. I was singing a lot, but it’s just very different not singing in front of people on a mic on a stage with a loud band behind you.”

Even though the California Honeydrops have long since surpassed their days of busking on the street for smiles and change, the group never strays far from that early energy and element of surprise.

“We don’t make a set list. We try to keep the show as spontaneous as possible to this day. No matter how big the stage is, there’s no set list. Ever,” Wierzynski said. “We play to the room, see who’s out there.

“If I start feeling us getting a little comfortable, I’ll start throwing out songs we haven’t played in years just to get everybody to wake up a bit,” he elaborated. “If I feel like I’m going through the motions, I’ll do that to myself. I’ll be like, ‘Let’s try something crazy right now that we’re going to screw up in front of all these people!’ But the thing is, people like it. They don’t want you to go through the motions.”

The California Honeydrops Sat., Apr. 27, 8pm Midtown Ballroom $35
Deborah Wilson

10 Wednesday

Blacksmith Public House Heads Games

Trivia A fun night of trivia hosted by Head Games Trivia! Put your thinking caps on every Wednesday night and bring a team of your smartest friends, free to play! 7-8pm.

Blacksmith Public House Head Games

Trivia at The Blacksmith! A fun night of trivia hosted by Head Games Trivia! Put your thinking caps on every Wednesday night and bring a team of your smartest friends. Free to play! 7-9pm. Free.

The Cellar-A Porter Brewing Company

Wednesday Jam Sessions Drink some fine cask or imported beers and try some amazing British pies while listening to some local musicians jam out. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Central Oregon Collective Voices Rising Community Choir - Open Sessions Do you sing in the shower? Driving around town? Join and be delighted by the beautiful sound made together, all voices welcome. Songs taught by ear, try an open session for free! Web-search “Voices Rising Spring Series Bend”. 6-8pm. Free.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Comedy Open

Mic Sign-up 7:30pm. If you’ve ever wanted to try stand-up comedy, this is where you start! 8-10pm. Free.

Crosscut Warming Hut No 5 John Shipe

Relax with a pint and enjoy great local music every Wednesday from 6-8pm. 6-8pm.

Deschutes Brewery Public House Head Games Trivia Night Eat. Drink. Think. Win! Head Games multi-media trivia is at Deschutes Bend Public House every Wednesday. Win prizes. Teams up to six. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Downtown Bend Library Family Game Night with Modern Games Explore fun, new, garden-themed games with Modern Games! This family program is intended for school-age children from preschool and up. A selection of our favorite games and staff are ready to teach you how to dive into your next favorite game. 6-7:30pm. Free.

Kobold Brewing / The Vault Taphouse

Trivia Night Trivia Night at The Vault! Come test your knowledge and drink top notch local beer! 6:30-8pm. Free.

M&J Tavern Open Mic Night Downtown living room welcomes musicians to bring their acoustic set or turn it up to eleven with the whole band. Bring your own instruments. Goes to last call or last musician, which ever comes first. 21+. 6:30pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Mellow Wednesday Acoustic Open Mic and Jam hosted by Derek Michael Marc Sign-up sheet is available at 6:30pm. 7-9pm. Free.

Pour House Grill Last Call Trivia Wednesday Last Call Trivia Wednesdays, bring your smartest friends and win free food and drink. 6:30-8:30pm.

Prost! Bend Trivia Prost! UKB Trivia is now at Prost! Bend on Wednesdays at 7pm! Genuine UKB Trivia is no average trivia night! Meet up with friends, win gift card prizes for top teams! Enjoy Prost’s authentic beer and food menu. Trivia is free to play, with no buy-ins! 7-9pm. Free.

Tower Theatre PDX Jazz Presents: John Scofield Trio feat. Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart Aside from being one of the principal innovators of modern jazz guitar, John Scofield is a creative artist of an even rarer sort, a stylistic chameleon who has forged a consistent, rock-solid aesthetic identity. He is a triple Grammy award winning artist with more than 40 recordings to his credit. 8pm. $44.75-$56.25.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Out Of Thin Air - Improv Comedy Night Come join for an interactive, unscripted comedy and creativity from one of Bend’s own Incredibly Talented Improv Troupes, Out Of Thin Air Improv Theater Company! Authentic and hilarious Improvisational Theater based on audience suggestions, with a sprinkling of comedy sketches. 7-10pm. $15.

11 Thursday

The Ballybogs and Friends Grab a pint, relax and enjoy live music by an amazing group of artists that brings the best Irish trad music in Central Oregon. Every Thursday at The Cellar. 6-8pm. Free.

Austin Mercantile Live Music Every Thursday Join at Austin Mercantile for live music every Thursday. Offering a light happy hour menu — daily flatbread, chili, charcuterie, soft pretzels and more! 4:30-6:30pm. Free.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Bingo Bingo at the Elk’s Lodge. Win cash prizes. 6-9pm. $23.

Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Thursday at Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Thursdays at 6:30pm at Bridge 99 Brewery with Useless Knowledge Bowl. It’s no ordinary trivia night, Team up to win house gift cards! Great brews, cocktails, and more. In-house menu and food truck options available! It’s free to play. Indoor and outdoor seating available. 63063 Layton Ave, Bend. 6:30-8:30pm.

Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market Live Music with Erin Cole-Baker Grab a beer and join for live music with Erin Cole-Baker on the patio at the Pub on Reed Market. Music starts at 5:30pm, free and family-friendly. 5:30-7:30pm. Free.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Bingo Night: Saving Grace A family fun night of Bingo benefiting Saving Grace. The fun starts at 6pm, but feel free to show up early to enjoy the amazing food and drinks Craft has to offer. 6-8pm.

The Domino Room Ahren BelisleLive In Bend Ahren Belisle live at The Domino Room! Witness this inspiring comedian from Northern Ontario, who’s conquered America’s Got Talent and got the Golden Ticket from “Kill Tony,” as he blends humor and positivity into an unforgettable show. Don’t miss the chance to see Ahren’s remarkable journey onstage! 8-10pm. $25.

Elements Public House Trivia Night at Elements Public House with QuizHead Games Come be all you can be with Trivia Night every Thursday from 6-8pm! Featuring Trivia is every Thursday night! Located at the north end of Redmond. Full bar and great food! 6-8pm. No Cover Charge.

Eqwine Wine Bar Open Mic Got a musical bone you’d like to share? Come to open mic night at Eqwine every Thursday at 7pm. Your first beer/ cider is on the house if you take the stage. 7-9pm. Free.

High Desert Music Hall Open Mic Comedy Night Come tell your jokes, every 2nd Thursday of the month. All are welcome to perform. Sketch, improv and musical comedy encouraged also. Second Thursday of every month, 7-9pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Gene Rogers Solo show of frontman for local rock group, The HWY 97 Band. 7-9pm. Free.

River’s Place The Hipocrats & Cross-Eyed Possum Two amazing bands will grace the stage tonight! Americana/Folk/Blues 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Trivia on the Moon Come down to Silver Moon Brewing for a night of trivia! Teams are welcome to show up in groups up to 8 people. Silver Moon also offers seating reservations for $20 donations that all go to F*Cancer! If you would like to reserve a table please contact the Trivia on the Moon Facebook page. 7pm. Free.

Stihl Whiskey Bar Live Music Series Live Music every Thursday at a favorite little corner of downtown Bend. Come through for good music, delicious food tasty drinks! 7-9pm.

The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room Trivia Night Trivia Night! Join for some fun times and amazing wines. Grab your friends and test your knowledge and win cool prizes! Cheers! Second Thursday of every month, 6-8pm. Free.

The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room Trivia Night Every 2nd and last Thursday of the month. Grab your friends and put on your thinking caps. Enjoy amazing wines from The Winery at Manzanita and get a chance to win some great prizes. Hope to see you there, cheers! Second Thursday of every month, 6-8pm. Free.

The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room Trivia Night Trivia Night every 2nd and last Thursday. Grab your friends and test your knowledge! Enjoy great wines, snacks, raffle and prizes! Second Thursday of every month, 6-8pm. Free.

The Capitol Catacombs- Bend’s Premier Goth Night Enter the Catacombs brought to you by DJ Tarantism for a night of dancing and entertainment that includes live music, DJs, drag performers and vendors. Catacombs is Bend’s premier goth night, an all-inclusive safe space for the alternative. Booking local and out of town performers, allowing a variety of talent to be showcased for your viewing pleasure. The Capital 8pm - 1:30am. 21+ $10 Cover. Second Thursday of every month, 8pm. $10.

The Lot Live Solo Saxophone with Carson Hackbart Jazzy instrumental, jazz standards, R ‘n’ B, Latin, pop, reggae and more. Full band sound from backing tracks. Performed live with saxophone 6-8pm. Free.

The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse

Suttle Lodge’s Fireside Concert Series: Rich Swanger Fireside Show This week, Oregon-based songwriter Rich Swanger. Born amongst the Appalachian hills of Pennsylvania, Rich was surrounded by song from the very beginning. He discovered harmony in the church choir and found an attraction to twang hearing his father strum country classics around the house. This led to a wild love for timeless melodies and rock-solid songwriting. 6-8pm.

12 Friday

Bend Cider Co. Broken Charley- Live Music

Live Music at Bend Cider Co. Have an appetizer and cider while you listen. 5:30-7:30pm.

Bend Poker Room Friday Night Poker Tournament Come on in for the Friday night poker tournament! $80 entry with unlimited rebuys for the first hour and an optional add-on for $40 at the first break. Patrons pay a $10 entrance fee. No money bet in any game is collected by the Bend Poker Room. 6-11pm. $80.

Bunk+Brew Jackrat and ZORB Album Release Party Jackrat and ZORB have both released an album! Come support these local bands and your one and only local hostel! Wonderland chicken, Alebrije Oaxacan food, and the Beer Truck tempt your taste buds while ZORB and Jackrat stimulate your ear drums. See you at the Bunk! 7-10pm. Free

Hardtails Bar & Grill Stage 28 Karaoke

Come out for a night of Stage 28 Karaoke with your host Miss Min! What’s your go-to karaoke tune? Come to Hardtails for a fun Friday night and sing your heart out! 8pm-Midnight. Free. Big E’s Sports Bar Karaoke Night Central Oregon’s most fun karaoke venue! Karaoke is hosted by A Fine Note Karaoke Too and DJ Jackie J. Delicious food and drink and a friendly staff. Come join the show where you are the star! 8pm. Free.

M&J Tavern “S”ucker “P”unch Come on down for a rockin’ good time. The group brings the party! 21 and over. 8pm. Free.

Silvermoon Brewing Zak Toscani Comedy! Comedian Zak Toscani is coming to town! He has headlined at Bumbershoot Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival and High Plains Comedy Festival. This is a guaranteed good time! 7:30pm. $20.

Tickets Available on
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Bluegrass singer/songwriter Cary Morin will perform his high energy style of American music with hints of blues, rock and international folk. Wed., Apr. 17, 7pm at Silver Moon Brewing. Courtesy Cary Morin


The Barrel Room at Immersion Brewing Tropical Latin Dance Party Get a taste of Latin culture through tropical music and dancing. Let the Latin dance lesson get your creative juices flowing and your night off to a great start. A night full of energy and movement with DJ Solo and guests. 8-11:59pm. $10-$20.

Tower Theatre Pigs on the Wing: A Pink Floyd Retrospective Pigs on the Wing’s 2024 tour, “A Pink Floyd Retrospective,” features a meticulously curated collection of the very best of classic-era Pink Floyd cuts organized into two distinct sets. Fans can expect an immersive visual show in a don’t miss event for any Pink Floyd fan! 8-11pm. $34-$44.

Unity Community of Central Oregon Tom Bergeron and Metolius Jazztet Jazz saxophonist Tom Bergeron assembles his stellar Metolius Jazz band, featuring master guitarist and Eugene legend Don Latarski, Rosi’s voice brings the real Rio home. 7:30-9:30pm. $25.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Wolfe House Records Album Release Party Wolfe House Records album release party featuring Dive Bar Theology. Wolfe House Records is a local label and artist development collective. Come celebrate the release of the first showcase album with Dive Bar Theology, a project played by the core team within Wolfe House. 7-11:55pm. $12.

13 Saturday

Austin Mercantile Saturday Afternoon Live Music Austin Mercantile is now adding live music on Saturdays! Serving wine, beer, lite happy hour menu, gifts and home decor. Hope to see you soon! 4:30-6:30pm. Free.

Barrel Room @ Immersion Brewing Bending Reality A transformative concert experience featuring dual stages by Bending Events, So Much House and Basscamp, set to create an unforgettable night of music, dance and community celebration. This premiere event is centered around thanking the vibrant dance community in Bend. 21 and up. 8pm. $20.

Bridge 99 Brewery Stage 28 Karaoke Come out for a night of all ages Stage 28 Karaoke with your host Miss Min! What’s your go-to karaoke tune? 6pm. Free.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Full-Circle Tangents Comedy Show This comedy show is sponsored by ADHD and starts out on a path together via the performing art of stand-up comedy, before getting distracted by crowd work and going on a tangent. $15 online, $20 at door. Doors open 7pm, show starts 8pm. 21 and up, strong content expected. 8-9:30pm.

The Domino Room Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Midtown Events bring you Cherry Poppin’ Daddies! Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. This is an all ages show. 8pm. $30.

Juniper Preserve Art in Nature: Camerata in a Cave Wanderlust Tours is excited to bring another installment of “Art in Nature,” the outdoor performance series in 2024! The super talented local a Cappella group, Bend Camerata, will perform at Juniper Preserve (formerly Pronghorn Resort) inside a cave! Transportation, the concert and drinks and food are included in ticket price. 1-5:30pm. $150.

Northside Bar & Grill Almost Almost returns to the Northside Bar and Grill bringing back some of the best feel good cover tunes from the ‘70s to the ‘90s. Sat., April 13. 8-11pm.

Northside Bar & Grill

The Reputations A night of rock ‘n’ roll music. 8-11pm. Free On Tap Alex Winters Alex Winters performs at On Tap on April 13. Come out and enjoy some great food, beverages and live music. 6-8pm. Free.

Pine Forest Grange Hall Bend Community Contra Dance Contra dance with live music at the last dance until October. Moon Dog Duo with Rich Goss on guitar and Lori Prime on fiddle keep you in time while Ron Bell-Roemer and David Stewart will team up to do the calling. 6:45-9:30pm. $10.

River’s Place Saturday Jazz Sessions T5 Trio performs piano, trumpet , bass and vocals. 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing The Brothers Reed and Grace Caston This will be an intimate seated show at Silver Moon Brewing in the Webfoot Garage.With comedic brotherly banter, impeccable harmonic expression and widely varying influences, a Brothers Reed performance will have you reflecting on lost lives and lovers, laughing hysterically and leaving completely entertained. 7-10pm.

Volcanic Theatre Pub

Matthew Logan

Vasquez Synonymous with the sound of Southern Cali in the early 2000s, Vasquez’ s first and most prominent band, Delta Spirit formed in his home state in 2005 and went on to tour internationally, appearing on coveted festival stages like Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. 7-11pm. $18.

14 Sunday

The Astro Lounge Local Artist Spotlight Sundays This is a chance to listen to Central Oregon’s newest and upcoming local artists. They have earned their spot to perform a two-hour show, changing weekly, every Sunday. Support local top notch talent! 7-9pm. Free.

The Commons Cafe & Taproom Trivia

Night Sunday Funday Trivia with Sean. Gather your team, or roll solo and find a spot early in the cafe, knowledge tests begin at 6pm. Prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Free. 6-8pm. Free.

On Tap Faisal and Aaron Faisal and Aaron performs at On Tap on April 14. Come out and enjoy some great food, beverages and free live music. 6-8pm.

River’s Place Trivia Sundays at Noon Trivia Sundays at Noon, with UKB Trivia, at River’s Place. This is no ordinary contest, this is a live trivia game show. Bring your bunch and win gift card prizes for top teams! Indoor and outdoor seating available. Great food and drink options available. Noon-2pm. Free.

River’s Place Eric Leadbetter and Aaron Moore Dynamic rock duo, local heroes. 5-7pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Open Mic at the Moon

Get a taste of the big time! Sign-up is at 4pm! Come check out the biggest and baddest open mic night in Bend! 5-8pm. Free.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Israel Vibration and Roots Radics Israel Vibration and Roots Radics feature some of the best original recording musicians in the business. Flabba Holt, Dwight Pinkney, T-Bird and Steve Golding are the ultimate reggae players of instruments. Israel Vibration has an extensive catalog of music that consistently keeps coming. 7-11:59pm. $35.

15 Monday

Bevel Craft Brewing Bingo with Bren Supporting a new local charity each month! $2 per bingo card, 50% goes to the charity and 50% goes to cash prizes every round! Visit to view all the beneficiaries supported this year! 6-8pm.

Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Mondays at Bridge 99 Trivia Mondays at 6:30pm at Bridge 99 Brewery with Useless Knowledge Bowl. It’s no ordinary trivia night, Team up to win house gift cards! Great brews, cocktails, and more. In-house menu and food truck options available! It’s free to play. Indoor and outdoor seating available. 63063 Layton Ave, Bend. 6:30-8:30pm.

Elements Public House Open Mic with DMM Music Come jam with some great local musicians and enjoy an evening of music, great food and full bar. Musician sign-up at 6pm. Sound and PA provided by DMM Music LLC Located at the North end of Redmond. An award-winning full bar and great food! 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Elixir Wine Locals Music Night and Open Mic Bend’s friendliest open-mic! All genres welcome. Oregon and international wine, beer and tapas menu available all evening. 6-9pm. Free.

High Desert Music Hall Trivia Night:

Rotating Mondays Gather your team and join for a fun night of Trivia, every other Monday. Prizes awarded to the top teams. All ages. Every other Monday, 7pm. Free.

On Tap Locals’ Day Plus Live Music Cheaper drinks all day and live music at night, get down to On Tap. 11am-9pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Beertown Comedy Open Mic Enjoy Beertown Comedy Open Mic every Monday Night at Silver Moon Brewing! Sign-up starts at 6:30pm and closes at 7pm, when the show starts. They have 15, five-minute spots available. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Comedy Open Mic

Comedy open mic every Monday at Silver Moon Brewing in the Green Room. Sign-ups at 6:30pm. Presented by Tease Bang Boom Productions. 7-8:30pm. Free.

The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room Bottles and Boards - Game Night Grab your favorite board game or borrow one! Every Monday is Game Night! Pair a Bottle of wine with a selection of Charcuterie Boards and get $5 off Whites or $10 off Reds. Fun times and great wines! Cheers! 2-9pm. Free.

Worthy Brewing Head Games Trivia Night

Eat. Drink. Think. Win! Head Games multi-media trivia is at Worthy Brewing Co. in Bend every Monday. Win prizes. Teams up to six. 7-9pm. Free.

16 Tuesday

Bangers & Brews Redmond UKB Trivia

Tuesdays UKB Trivia Tuesdays 6:30pm start time at Bangers and Brews in Redmond! Join this week for this unique “Live Trivia Game Show.” Meet up to compete for prizes! UKB Trivia is free to play, with no buy-ins. Great menu and beers! 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend Bend Ecstatic

Dance An all-out, full-on, spectacular music and free-form movement journey happens every Tuesday on one of the biggest dance floors in Bend. A no-booze and no-shoes venue. No experience required, no dance instructions given. Just really excellent music curation and a big, clean floor to explore your unique movement across. 7:45-10pm. $15-$25 sliding scale.

Cabin 22 Tequila Taco Tunes-Day West Side Open Mic Night collects local musical talent, paired with $6 House Altos Margaritas & Famous Pork Verde Tacos and Hosted by Bend’s beloved Eric Leadbetter. Free.

The Commons Cafe & Taproom Storytellers Open Mic StoryTellers open mic nights are full of music, laughs and community. Mason James is the host. Poetry, comedy and spoken word are welcome, but this is mainly a musical open mic. Performance slots are a quick 10 minutes each, so being warmed up and ready is ideal. If you wish to perform sign-ups start at 5pm in the cafe. 6pm. Free.

Crosscut Warming Hut No 5 Head Games Trivia Night Live multi-media trivia every other Tuesday at Crosscut Warming Hut No. 5, Bend. Free to play, win prizes, teams up to 6. Please arrive early for best seats. Every other Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Karaoke with DJ Chris Ossig Karaoke with DJ Chris. 7-9pm. FREE. The Lot Trivia Tuesday Heated Benches, frothy pints, food cart goodness and the brain flexing sport of trivia! Bring a team or join one and have fun with the trivia loving, smartypants people of Bend. 6-8pm. Free.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Jesse Daniel Jesse Daniel possesses the hard-won life experience that many sing about, but few have actually lived. Instead of wearing those trials like badges of honor, he has used them to forge the solid foundation from which he has built his career. 7-11:30pm. $18.

Worthy Beers & Burgers Head Games Trivia Night Join for live multi-media trivia every Tuesday night. Win prizes. Teams up to 6 players. 7-9pm. Free.


Booker T. Jones He is a Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and arguably the most famous Hammond B3 player in history. As leader of the legendary Booker T and the MGs, this pillar of soul music collaborated with Otis Redding, Albert King and more. April 14, 7:30pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-0700. $36 - $62 (plus $4 Historic Preservation fee).

Cascade Horizon Band Spring Concert

The Cascade Horizon Band will perform a Concert. Musical Selections include a lively Latin piece, movie themes and, as always, a tribute to the Armed Forces. Something for everyone! Free, donations welcome. April 14, 2-4pm. Mountain View High School Auditorium, 2755 NE 27th St., Bend. Free.

HDCM Concert Series: Sakura Cello Quintet High Desert Chamber Music’s 16th season continues with Sakura Cello Quintet’s first appearance in the HDCM Concert Series. A unique and versatile cello quintet, hailed as “brilliant” and “superb,” the

is built on the artistry and virtuosity of its members. They will be making their Central Oregon debut! April 12, 7:30-9pm.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 61980 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-306-3988. info@ $10-$48.

group Hailing from Portland, Gina DeNoble is an indie singer/songwriter with a penchant for soulful folk and sultry blues guitar. Enjoy this fireside show at the Suttle Lodge and Boathouse on Thu., Apr. 18, at 6pm. Courtesy @ginedenoble Instagram

Music in Public Places with the Cascade Chamber Players Enjoy an hour of music courtesy of the Central Oregon Symphony. April 13, 2-3pm. La Pine Library, 16425 1st St, La Pine. Contact: 541-312-1032. Free.

Sail On: The Beach Boys Tribute Re-experience all the Beach Boys hits, plus treasures from the band’s brilliant catalog. It’s time to park that “Little Deuce Coup” and go on a “Surfin’ Safari” to make “Good Vibrations” with those “California Girls”! April 11, 7:30pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-3170700. $31- $56 (plus $4 Historic Preservation fee).

Unity Event Jazz Concert Series with Tom Bergeron April 2024 A splendid band of gifted jazz musicians, each academically endowed, and deeply rooted in many facets of jazz music. Doors open at 6:15pm. More info contact @ or 541-513-1997 April 12, 7-9pm. Unity Community of Central Oregon, 63645 Scenic Drive, Bend. Contact: 541513-1997. $25.


Argentine Tango Classes and Dance

Join every Wednesday for Tango classes and dancing! Your first class is free. Tango 101 Class from 6:30-7pm, no partner needed! All levels class from 7-8pm. Open dancing from 8-9:30pm. Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-7283234. $5-$10.

Bend Dance Project Adult Drop-in Dance Class Join Bend Dance Project for weekly adult intermediate level drop-in class. Rotating teachers and styles include contemporary, street jazz, modern and theater dance. Friendly supportive atmosphere. Fridays, 12:151:45pm. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-541-728-1063. $10 donation.

Indian Temple and Classical Dance Embody Your Yoga Super Powers: Excellent and supportive for any style of dance or athlete. Based on Indian Temple and Classical Dances with a yogic approach. Includes “mudra” hand gestures, sensual bends, head and eye postures, feet positions and more! Awaken and optimize your entire being, from the inside to out. Thursdays, 9:15-10:30am. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. Sexy West Coast Swing! Luscious, connected and playful, danced to music you listen to. The 4-week series is Tuesdays starting April 2, $60/person. No partner necessary. 6:30pm Beginning, 8pm Beginning Plus. Register by 3/31 w Victoria. Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. Through April 30. Bend Dance, SW Porcupine Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-410-0048. salsavictoria@yahoo. com. $60.

Soul in Motion Movement & Dance

Come move with what is moving in you, in community, putting a little more life in your life!! No experience necessary... guided and facilitated to support you to sink down from the chatter of your mind and into your body... inviting it take the lead. Mindful movement and dance... drop in. Wednesdays, 6-7:15pm. Continuum, A School of Shadow Yoga, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 112, Bend. Contact: 541-948-7015. $20.

Soulful Sunday Community Dance

Sunday is a perfect time to step on to the dance floor. This will be a facilitated and supported Soul Motion® practice. $20 if registered online, $25 drop in. Pay what you can. Sundays, 10-11:30am. Through June 17. Continuum, A School of Shadow Yoga, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 112, Bend. Contact: 541-948-7015. soulinmotionbend@

Sun-Kissed Salsa! Sun’s out, grab a margarita and let’s Salsa! Three levels of classes for newbies to experienced dancers, classes are 4-week series starting first Wednesday every month. 6pm beginning, 7:15pm beginning plus, 8:30pm intermediate. No partner needed, $60/ month, register by Mar., 31 with Victoria 541-4100048. Wednesdays, 6-7pm. Through April 24. Bend Dance, SW Porcupine Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-410-0048. $60.


Exhibition on Screen: John Singer

Sargent - Fashion and Swagger John Singer Sargent is known as the greatest portrait artist of his era. What made his “swagger” portraits remarkable was his power over his sitters, what they wore and how they were presented to the audience. Through interviews with curators, contemporary fashionistas and style influencers, the film examines his practices. April 16, 7:159pm. Sisters Movie House, 720 Desperado Court, Sisters. Contact: 541-549-8833. inquiries@ $16.

Jack Has a Plan: A Feature Documentary The Peaceful Presence Project and BendFilm present: “Jack Has a Plan,” a film about a man with a terminal brain tumor who decides to end his life via Medical Aid in Dying. This is the first showing of the documentary in Oregon! Director will be at post-screening conversation and Q&A. April 14, 4-6pm. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon, 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend. Contact: 541-293-8636. $15.

We Are Home Film Festival Donations accepted and encouraged. This year’s festival showcases documentary shorts from new and upcoming filmmakers that center around finding home and belonging in ways that are not traditionally represented: those living in poverty, those experiencing homelessness, the working class, those seeking community in alternative ways, populations of color and more! April 16, 6:30pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend.


Art Viewing Visit Sagebrushers Art Society in beautiful Bend to see lovely work, paintings and greeting cards by local artists. New exhibit every 8 weeks. Visit Sagebrushersartofbend. com for information on current shows. Wednesdays, 1-4pm, Fridays, 1-4pm and Saturdays, 1-4pm. Sagebrushers Art Society, 117 SW Roosevelt Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-617-0900. Free.

Candle Making Workshop Join for an illuminating class where you’ll receive step by step instructions on how to make your own 100% soy candle, create a unique scent blend, explore the fascinating world of aromas, and learn how scents influence emotions and memories. Great for couples, friends and solo makers! Sun, April 14, 5-7pm and Wed, May 8, 6-8pm. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: hi@ $55.

Correspondence Club A letter writing, thank you card making, love noting, scratching gathering to remind you of the importance of correspondence. Free- open to all. What to bring, pens, paper, envelopes, stamps, wax seals,, typewriters, anything to use individually or share! During Apèro Hours at Lone Pine. Second Saturday of every month, 5-8pm. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, 910 NW Harriman, Bend. Free.

Creative Connection with Finger


Connect with your creative side through the use of finger paints, while wearing gloves. Share your soul’s expressions on a shared canvas. Stop by at any point during the hour to be guided through the process. Drop-ins welcome. No experience needed. April 15, 3:30-4:30pm. Hanai, 62430 Eagle Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-6683170. Free.

Crochet Corner: Fancywork Yarn Shop

Gather with fellow crocheters for an afternoon of crafting, learning and inspiration! Founder and lead educator of the American Crochet Association, Salena Baca, hosts this 2-hour hook session held at Fancywork Yarn Shop. All skill levels are welcome in this weekly drop-in event. Thursdays, 1-3pm. Fancywork Yarn Shop, 200 NE Greenwood Avenue, Bend. Contact: 541-3238686. Free.

Grief Into Beauty: Creating Nature

Altars to Heal and Transform Loss Join Scalehouse for an Altar making workshop facilitated by Anne Gordon, M.A. in conjunction with exhibition Mt. Pile, featuring Nan Curtis. Register and more info at April 13, 10am-12:30pm. Scalehouse Collaborative for the Arts, 550 NW Franklin Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-640-2186. marley@scalehouse. org. $35.

Ikebana: Traditional Japanese Art of Flower Arranging

Create unique and beautiful Japanese Ikebana floral arrangements using techniques established over centuries. Historical, cultural and spiritual aspects of the practice accompany hands-on learning. After each meeting, students may take arrangements home. Locally sourced floral materials provided and are included in the price. Sun, April 14, 1-3pm, Sun, April 21, 1-3pm, Sun, April 28, 1-3pm and Sun, May 5, 1-3pm. Boyle Education Center, COCC, 2600 NW College Way, Bend. Contact: 805-8860542. $199.

Learn the Art of Fused Glass In this 2-hour workshop, students will learn the basics of working with fused glass, such as cutting and shaping the glass, applying finely ground glass, and layering different colors to create a design. You will have the choice to make a mobile, windchime, or set of coasters. April 13, 1-3:30pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. $119.

Pottery Glazing with Bubbles and Watercolor Pottery painting on a whole new and dreamy level! In this engaging two-hour workshop, led by Krista Brenner from La Luce Studio, you’ll discover two innovative techniques for glazing pottery. Each participant has the chance to glaze four pieces, to be fired and picked-up at a later date. April 14, 1-3pm. Pomegranate Home and Garden, 120 NE River Mall Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-383-3713. hello@pomegranate-home. com. $100.

Second Saturday at the Gallery Enjoy free food and libations at the Artists Gallery Sunriver Village the 2nd Saturday of each month. Work of 30 local artists is on display and here’s your chance to meet some of those artists. Second Saturday of every month, 4-6pm. The Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Dr., Sunriver. Contact: 541-593-8704. Free.

Grace Caston is set to perform as part of a night of indie-folk music. With songs like “Songbird” and “Love is Love,” Caston is known for heart-touching music and a warm stage presence. Sat., Apr. 13, 7pm at Silver Moon Brewing.
Courtesy Grace Caston Music Facebook

Youth Art Takeover featuring Bend La Pine Students

This exhibition celebrates the artistic achievements of Bend La Pine student artists. It is a part of the larger Downtown Bend Youth Art Takeover, held during April’s First Friday. Student works can be viewed at multiple locations on Friday, April 5th. April 5-25. The ANNEX, A Scalehouse Project, 550 NW Franklin Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-640-2186. marley@


Bend Ghost Tours Join for Ghosts and Legends of Downtown Bend Tour and hear all about Bend’s permanent residents! Your spirit guide will lead you through the haunted streets and alleyways of Historic Downtown Bend where you’ll learn about the city’s many macabre tales, long-buried secrets and famous ghosts. Wednesdays-Sundays, 7:30-9pm. Downtown Bend, Downtown Bend, Bend. Contact: 541-3500732. $25.

Central Oregon Cards and Collectibles Show This is an event created by local collectors forlocal collectors. Bringing together the most passionate vendors of sports cards, Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, vintage toys, retro video games, Funko pops, comics and more to the beautiful city of Redmond. April 13, 10am-6pm. Deschutes County Fairgrounds and Expo Center, 3800 SE Airport Way, Redmond. Contact: 415-547-0635. $5.

España - A Land of Many Faces Take a photographic journey through Spain with Hilloah Rorh. “Travel” south to Andalucía, along the Mediterranean coastline, up to the Pyrenees Mountains, through wine regions of Rioja, the bustling city of Madrid and more. Rorh guided groups into the lesser trodden parts of the European Alps for over 20 years. April 16, 11am-Noon. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1029. laurelw@ Free.

HOPS: Historic Photographs of the Oregon Hopscape This talk uses historic photos of the Oregon “hopscape” to tell the fascinating story of this distinctive landscape and culture. The story is about both the plant from planting to harvest and the people, especially hop pickers, a group that included families, children, immigrants, nuns and college students. April 10, 12:30-1:30pm. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1063. Free.

Nonfiction Book Club Please join Nonfiction book club to discuss “Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America” by Leila Phillip. April 12, 9-10am. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541-3066564. Free.

Raging Writers Writing Workshop & Open Mic Raging Writers is a free, inclusive and respectful creative writing opportunity and open mic. No food or beverage available, but plenty of inspiration and energy on tap. Located every 2nd Sunday at Spork. Second Sunday of every month, 3:30-5:30pm. Spork, 937 NW Newport Ave., Bend. Contact: Free.


Bend Adult Volleyball Bend Hoops adult open gym volleyball sessions offer players a chance to get together and enjoy some competition. To sign up, go to and RSVP. Bring exact change. Sundays, 7-9pm and Saturdays, 7:30pm. Bend Hoops, 1307 NE 1st St, Bend. $10.

Redmond Running Group Run All levels welcome. Find the Redmond Oregon Running Klub on Facebook for weekly run details. Thursdays, 6:15pm. City of Redmond. Contact:

Mentor a Child with an Incarcerated Parent- Spring Training Training will cover program polices, Q&A from a current volunteer, the impact incarceration has on kids and families and the stages of a mentoring relationship. Great class to learn about our program and see if it might be a good fit for a person’s volunteer time.

April 13, 9am-12:30pm. Deschutes Services Building, 1300 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541388-6651. Free.

Remond Family Kitchen Dinner Family Kitchen is continuing to provide nutritious meals to anyone in need now in Redmond! They need volunteers to prepare dinners and clean up afterward on Mondays - Fridays, from 2-4:30pm. Email Tori (see below) with any questions, or sign up here: https://www.signupgenius. com/go/RedmondDinner Mondays-Fridays, 2-4:30pm. Mountain View Fellowship, 1475 SW 35th St, Redmond. Contact: 631-942-3528. tori@ Free.

Volunteering in Oregon’s High Desert with ONDA Oregon Natural Desert Association is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting, defending and restoring Oregon’s high desert for current and future generations. ONDA opened registration for its spring 2023 stewardship trips. For more info, visit its website. Ongoing.

Indigenous Wisdom: How ancestral lineage is taught and used for healing

Three indigenous elders from the Brazilian Amazon, Ecuador and neighboring Klamath tribe will speak about how they use their ancestral knowledge for healing, and how they honor this knowledge to have it continue and be passed onto to future generations. April 11, 5:30-8pm. Unity Spiritual Community, 63645 Scenic Dr, Bend. Contact: 541- 388-1569. $20.

Know Gardens - Color and Light in Monet’s Gardens- Library Explore Monet’s gardens with Jason Lamb, art history professor at COCC. Perhaps the most important leader of the Impressionist movement, Claude Monet was one of the first artists to create paintings almost entirely outside, in the open air. April 15, 6-7pm. Downtown Bend Library, 601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1032. Free.


Readers Theater Is there a play that you’ve always wanted to read but you don’t have enough friends (or voices in your head) for all the characters? Join us one Saturday morning a month as we explore new, original and classical plays, drink coffee and get to know others in the local theatre community. Second Saturday of every month, 10am-Noon. Cascade Theatrical Company, 148 NW Greenwood, Bend. Contact: 541-389-0803. Free.

Women in Jeopardy The Deschutes Theatre Company presents the funniest show the company has ever staged. “Women in Jeopardy” is a hilarious comedy about three divorced women, one of whom may be dating a serial killer dentist. When “Sex and the City,” “I Love Lucy” and Inspector Clouseau collide, the firehose of laughter can’t stop. April 12, 7:30-9:30pm and April 13, 2-4 and 7:30-9:30pm. Hollinshead Barn, 1237 NE Jones Rd., Bend. Contact: 503-3482620. $25-$27.


“Voices of Power, Voices of Imagination” Poetry Slam

Share your poems or sit back and enjoy. All poets must pre-register. Refreshments provided. April 12, 5-7pm. Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend. Contact: 541-383-7560. Free.

High Desert Poetry Cell

After a seven-year hiatus

The High Desert Poetry Cell returns to DPL! The High Desert Poetry Cell is comprised of five Central Oregon poets, Larry Jacobs, Don Kunz, John Kvapil, Peter Lovering and John Martin. This group is always a crowd-pleaser. April 14, 2-3pm. Downtown Bend Library, 601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-3121032. Free.

Spring Fling “Spring Fling” presented by Forth Distilled Goods. The annual farewell to the season and winter. Enjoy the Pond Skimming Battle Royale and a costume contest. April 13, 9am-9pm. Hoodoo Ski Area, 27400 Big Lake Road, Sisters. Contact: 541-815-0574.

Wander Run Club Weekly Run

All paces, all bodies welcome, let’s wander! Meet at 8am at Shevlin Park. Truly an all bodies, all paces running community. Walk-run, and walkers invited as well! @wander_run_club on Instagram Sundays, 8-10am. Through April 21. Shevlin Park, 18920 Shevlin Rd., Bend. Contact: 831-201-8032. Free.


All Out for Palestine! Join Central Oregon for a Free Palestine (COFP) to protest for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. Israel continues to brutalize Gaza with weapons manufactured and supplied by the U.S., killing innocent civilians, 14,000 have been Palestinian children. Cannot allow tax dollars to perpetuate this humanitarian crisis. Ceasefire now! April 13, Noon-2pm. Peace Corner, Corner of NW Greenwood Avenue and NW Wall Street, Bend. Contact: Free.

Camp Fire Recruiting Summer Camp

Interns Are you 18+ years old, currently enrolled in college, and interested in building leadership skills around working with youth, education, the environment, and/or STEM? Camp Fire Central Oregon is hiring interns for inclusive, supportive summer camp programs! Learn more, explore the perks: Wednesdays-Sundays. Through April 30. Contact: 541-382-4682.

Dog Adoption Event Hosted by Amazing Dogs Rescue Dog adoption event at PetSmart hosted by amazing dogs rescue. Check out adoptable dogs online at Every 2 weeks at PetSmart 11-1pm. Every other Sunday, 11am-1pm. PetSmart, 63455 N. Highway 97, Bend.

Happy Hour in the Garden Join at the Kansas Avenue Learning Garden for an ongoing volunteer work party series. In 2022, volunteers contributed over 200 hours to help keep the learning garden maintained over the growing season. Beverages provided. Tue, April 16, 4-6pm, Tue, May 7, 4-6pm, Tue, May 21, 4-6pm, Tue, June 4, 4-6pm, Tue, June 18, 4-6pm, Tue, July 2, 4-6pm, Tue, July 16, 4-6pm, Tue, Aug. 6, 4-6pm, Tue, Aug. 20, 4-6pm, Tue, Sept. 3, 4-6pm, Tue, Sept. 17, 4-6pm, Tue, Oct. 1, 4-6pm and Tue, Oct. 15, 4-6pm. The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend. Contact: Free.

Volunteers Needed for Humane Society Thrift Store Do you love animals and discovering “new” treasures? Then volunteering at the HSCO Thrift Store is a great way to combine your passions while helping raise funds to provide animal welfare services for the local community. For more information visit the website at www. Ongoing. Humane Society Thrift Shop, 61220 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3840.


4 Week Topical Men’s Group: “Worldly Stressors” A thoughtful, non-confrontational group discussion of current issues destabilizing the country/world. The group attempts to respectfully share diverse perspectives to gain wisdom, insight and grounding; practicing understanding vs over-reacting. Contact Jeff to RSVP/Info. Offered at 2 times each Wed: 10:3012 or 5:30-7pm. Wed, April 3, 10:30am-Noon and Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm. Through April 24. Downtown Bend Library, 601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-350-5177. jwalkup@ Free.

Biz and Bevs Join the Bend business community for “Biz and Bevs” event at The Oxford Hotel . A time for people to gather, network and hear from our rotating venue hosts and nonprofit features. Free to chamber members, $10 for non-members. April 11, 4:30-6pm. The Oxford Hotel, 10 Northwest Minnesota Avenue, Bend.

Competitive Cribbage Play nine games of cribbage versus nine different opponents. Cash prizes awarded based on number of wins. Mondays, 5-8pm. Abby’s Legendary Pizza, 1115 Northeast Third St., Bend. Contact: 541-5301112. $2-$18.

ConnectW’s Munch and Mingle in Bend ConnectW is connecting professional women over a limited-seating, monthly noon meal every second Thursday of the month. This event repeats every month on the second Thursday. Price is cost of meal. Attendance is capped at 12 and registration is required to save your seat at April 11, 11:45am-1pm. The Phoenix Restaurant, 594 NE Bellevue Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-410-1894.

Deschutes County Commission Candidate Forum Join this in-person candidate forum. You may attend in-person or watch the recording following the forum. To submit questions, go to the event page. April 15, 5:30-7pm. Deschutes County Administration Building, 507 NW Wall St, Bend. Contact: 541-668-7642.

American country musician Jesse Daniel is renowned for his boot-stomping music and honky-tonk guitar tone. With influence from his early days in punk rock, Daniel is a favorite for fans of hard-hitting country. Tue., Apr. 16, 7pm at Volcanic Theatre Pub. Courtesy Jesse Daniel Facebook


Hanai Community Open House This free offering is a time for all community members to visit Hanai and simply enjoy the space! Offering a safe, inspiring space, with yoga mats, tea, books, free classes and wellness offerings, and authentic connection. Explore, connect, nourish and create. Mondays, 3-5pm. Through April 29. Hanai, 62430 Eagle Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-6683170. Free.

Liberate your Life: Unlocking Inner Joy and Freedom for Women Unlock your full potential and make the most of every moment by joining Liberate Your Life. This 8-week virtual course provides a simple, stepby-step playbook for each topic, so you can easily follow along and get the most out of your journey. Thursdays- 2/22/24-4/11/24 Half-off coupon code: ilovesourceweekly Thursdays, 5-6pm. Through April 11. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 541-706-1593. $1,000.

Masculine Embodiment Nights Brotherhood, movement, breath and integrity. Men gathering in circle to share from the heart and remember how to feel. Come as you are, leave more connected. A space to be seen. Please RSVP for head count and be punctual. $15-25No man turned away Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-668-7518. adam.j.tutor@gmail. com.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Join for a new monthly informal German conversation get-together. All levels are welcome. Second Thursday of every month, 5:30-7pm. The Grove, 921 NW Mt. Washington Drive, Bend. Contact: 661-7429941. Free.

Tension Release Yoga Come stretch, enjoy self-massage and unwind from your busy week. Using yoga therapy balls and foam rollers these classes will heal sore or injured muscles through self-myofascial massage. Plus, through gentle yoga and restorative postures , improve your breathing, releasing patterns of tension and tightness stored in the body. Sundays, 6:307:45pm. Through May 12. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $125.

The Greenlight Guild Camp Five Films is proud to announce The Greenlight Guild, a Central Oregon filmmakers’ meetup for anyone interested in or currently working in the film industry. At this inaugural meeting, discuss the purpose of the Greenlight Guild and meet some of your fellow filmmakers. April 11, 6-9pm. Open Space Event Studios, 220 NE Lafayette Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-410-5866. Free.


Bingo for Veterans A fun family-friendly

Bingo Night with proceeds benefiting Central Oregon Veterans Ranch! Win prizes, cash and support our these local Heroes. Bingo cards are $2 each or 6 for $10, with daubers supplied.

Second Wednesday of every month, 6:30-8:30pm and Fourth Wednesday of every month. Otto’s Landing, 652 NW 7th St., Redmond. Contact: 541-699-1307.

Bingo Fundraiser for Silver Linings

Rescue Ranch Free admission, cash prizes, $1 bingo cards. Proceeds benefit Silver Linings Rescue Ranch. Second and Fourth Wednesday of every month, 5-7:30pm. Rae’s Coffee & Food, 6033 SW Williams Rd, Powell Butte. Contact: 425-238-2370. Free.

Keno and Karaoke An unforgettable night of music, games and giving back at the collaborative fundraiser between two of Central Oregon’s beloved nonprofits, Healing Reins and the Chose Joy Foundation! Karaoke, Bingo, and so much more! April 16, 5:30-8pm. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-3829410. $50.

Painting for Education

A fun and creative evening at the BIS Sip and Paint Fundraiser! The 8th grade class of Bend International School is hosting this event to raise money for an upcoming trip to Tlaquepaque, Mexico. All proceeds go to the 8th grade trip. April 12, 6-8:30pm. Wild Ride Brewing, 332 SW Fifth St., Redmond. Contact: 541-570-4020. Marketing@millviewbend. com. $45.

Spring for Thrive We Are Home Film Festival

Join Thrive Central Oregon at the Tower Theater on Sat., Apr. 13, for the We Are Home Film Festival! This event kicks off the Spring for Thrive fundraiser, a week every year where Thrive raises funds to support those in our community with rental, deposit and application fee assistance. April 13, 6:30-10pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-7281022. $24.



Beer and Cookie Tasting Join this “purrfect” evening with Cascade Lakes Brewing! Savor three delectable brews from CLB, expertly paired with a selection of iconic cookies. Get in some playtime in the cozy cat lounge filled with adorable, adoptable felines. It’s a meow-velous blend of beer tasting and cuddly companionship. April 11, 5-7pm. Playful Paws Cat Cafe, 1465 SW Knoll Ave, Bend. Contact: $20.


Second Sunday Vintage Market

Third annual Second Sunday Market located at Gathered Wares in the Old Iron Works District. Bend’s premiere vintage clothing and home goods market. Shop from various local vintage vendors and makers while you dance to a live DJ every second Sunday of the month Oct. 11-3pm. Family friendly. Second Sunday of every month, 11am-3pm. Through Oct. 13. Gathered Wares, 50 SE Scott St., Bend. Free.

Sip ‘n’ Shop - Maker’s Market and Vintage Clothing Head to the tasting room for a Maker’s Market featuring local artists, makers and vintage clothing pop-up. Enjoy wines from The Winery at Manzanita. Art, wine, ceramics, paintings, jewelry, candles, books, vintage clothing and more. Hope to see you there, Cheers! April 13, 2-8pm. The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room, 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 194, Bend. Contact: Free.

Sunriver Music Festival Tickets on Sale Now Tickets for the Sunriver Music Festival are now available! Find tickets at or call 541-593-1084. Ongoing. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 541-593-1084.



Adult Ballet Come learn or rediscover the art of ballet on Thursday nights! Adult Ballet is an open-level class for adult learners and dancers. All levels of previous experience are welcome, and no previous experience is required. Trial classes are available, for more information visit our website! Tuesdays, 6:45-7:45pm. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. Price varies.

Camp Fire Central Oregon Recruiting Volunteer Camp Counselors for Tumalo Day Camp Camp Fire Central Oregon is recruiting amazing adults to serve as volunteer camp counselors at the beloved Tumalo Day Camp at beautiful Tumalo State Park! Choose one week in June, July or August. Kids of volunteers get to go to camp for free! Learn more about camp and volunteering: tdc/ Mondays-Wednesdays. Through April 25. Tumalo, downtown, Tumalo. Contact: 541-3824682.

Cosmic Jump Night A Cosmic Party turns the bright lights off and the party lights on! It’s time to glow! Wear white or bright clothing for the full effect, ages 12 and up recommended. Saturdays, 7-9pm. Mountain Air Trampoline Park, 20495 Murray Road, Bend. Contact: 541647-1409. $23.

Happy Hip-Hop Nothing but fun in this high energy class! Come learn the latest dance style of today’s top choreographers. Utilizing moves from street dance, breaking, popping, locking and freestyle you will incorporate them into a vibrant dance combination that expresses your individuality. Call 541-382-4055 for class rates. Learn more at! Fridays, 3:504:35pm. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. Call for Rates.

Hello! Storytime Hello, and welcome to Roundabout Books Storytime! Poets and Know

It Poems Share stories, movement and a touch of music with 0-5 year olds, geared toward those younger ages. There is a heavy emphasis on fun, so bring your listening ears. April 10, 10:30-11am. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541-3066564.

Homestead Academy Now Enrolling

Homestead Academy provides outdoor farm-based education for children ages 3-5 years old in the Three Rivers community of Bend. Visit for enrollment information. Spring Term beings Jan. 30, 2024. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9am-1pm. Through June 4. Homestead Farms, 55535 Homestead Way, Bend. Contact: 925-7834074.

Celtic roots music group Kalos is made up of three innovative interpreters and composers, Eric McDonald, Ryan McKasson and Jeremiah McLane. The group released its latest album “Headland” in the spirit of showcasing the resilience of the human heart through music. Catch the show on Sat., Apr. 20, 7pm at The Belfry. Photo by Winsom Bye


Line and Swing Lessons Free lessons each Thursday and Family nights every other Wednesday. See calendar for event dates, times and lesson taught! Thursdays, 7-10pm. CrossEyed Cricket, 20565 NE Brinson Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-382-4270. luke@spinthekitchen. com. Free.

No School Wildcrafting and Nature Games Day Camp This all-outdoor camp for a small group of 8-11 year olds will have students choosing from crafts like carving, shelter building, wild foods prep, etc. and playing sensory and team building games. See Nighthawk Naturalist School website for details! April 12, 9am-3pm. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. Contact: info@ $80.

Saturday Storytime: Good Morning, Mother Nature by Lucas Alberg and Megan Marie Myers Join Bend authors Lucas Alberg and Megan Marie Myers at a special storytime for the new book, “Good Morning, Mother Nature.” The two authors will read both books at 11:00am, then sign books until Noon. April 13, 11am-Noon. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541-306-6564.

Spring Sip and Sparkle Bring a friend along to brighten your lovely locks with colorful hair tinsel by Cyndi of Sparkle Strands, sip on a sparkling beverage and spend a little time snuggling up with adorable, adoptable cats. April 14, 1-3pm. Playful Paws Cat Cafe, 1465 SW Knoll Ave, Bend. Contact: $35.


Deschutes Brewery Brunch Deschutes Brewery Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays! A house-made bloody marys, mimosa buckets for four and mimosa flights. All breads, baked goods, desserts and pastries are baked in house! Yum! Call to make a reservation or just walk in. Saturdays-Sundays, 9am-Noon Through May 5. Deschutes Brewery & Public House, 1044 NW Bond St, bend. Contact: 541-382-9242. Free. Fried Chicken Thursdays Fried Chicken Thursdays at Flights Wine Bar! Dine in with a 2-piece plate with sides and a biscuit for $18 or take an 8-piece bucket and a bottle to-go! Upgrade to the “Balla Bucket” to get a selected bottle of champagne. Thursdays, 3-9pm. Flights Wine Bar, 1444 NW College Way Suite 1, Bend. Contact: 541-728-0753. flightswinebend@gmail. com. $38.

Guided Port Wine and Cheese Tasting Don’t miss this exclusive tasting experience led by the renowned Certified Cheese Specialist, Teri Tithe. Prepare to be captivated as Teri expertly pairs exquisite cheeses with the rich, nuanced notes of aged Port Wines from Elixir Wine’s prestigious portfolio. Limited seats. $35 per person. April 13, 4-5pm. Elixir Wine, 11 NW Lava Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-388-5330. events@ $35.


$10 Wing Wednesdays A new weekly special: $10 Wing Wednesdays at Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market. Choose from one of the housemade sauces like Char Sui, This IPA BBQ and Spicy Staycay Pineapple or go naked! Wednesdays, 11am-9pm. Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market, 21175 SE Reed Market Road Lot #2, Bend. $12 Burger and Beer Thursday’s with

Blue Eyes Burgers and Fries Come on out to Boss Rambler Beer Club for $12 Burger and Beer Night with Blue Eyes Burgers and Fries every Thursday! Thursdays. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. $16 Fish Taco and House Margarita Fridays Join for 3 fish tacos and a house margarita for only $16 every Friday at Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market. Fridays, 11am-9pm. Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market, 21175 SE Reed Market Road Lot #2, Bend. RIMROCK GALLERY Tues -Sat: 10-5:30 405A NW 3RD ST PRINEVILLE OR 541-903-5565 Off-street parking on west entry side! TYLER SAUNDERS SAT APRIL 13TH 2-4 PM Recep�on & Demo street NATURAL MENOPAUSE SUPPORT + BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES Dr. Azure Karli, N.D. 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE Blending Nature with Medicine 541/389/9750

Après-ski at Viaggio! Whether your winter adventures include skis, boards, snowshoes or fat bikes and join after for Après Ski and get 10% off the bar menu, food and drink, special wine pours and signature Mulled Wine! Saturdays and Sundays 2-5pm. Saturdays-Sundays, 2-5pm.

Through April 30. Viaggio Wine Merchant, 210 SW Century Drive, Suite 160, Bend. Contact: 541299-5060. Price Varies.

Apres Ski and Chill Happy Hour Flash your pass pares ski and chill happy hour with resident food cart @blueeyesburgersandfries!

Daily from Noon - 5pm . Blue Eyes Thurs-Sun: $5 Ski Babe IPA, $3 Stokes Light, $5 JaPOW! Japanese Lager Sake Bombs, $8 Cocktails, Slushees, $3 Shot Ski’s and free small fry with burger purchase. Mondays-Sundays, Noon5pm. Through May 27. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Contact: info@

Cross Cut Warming Hut: Locals’ Day!

Tuesdays are Locals’ Day. Every Tuesday enjoy $1 off regular size draft beverages. Come by the Warming Hut and hang out by the fire. See you soon, Bend! Tuesdays. Crosscut Warming Hut No 5, 566 SW Mill View Way, Bend.

Firkin Friday Once a month, our masterful Brewers concoct innovative and enticing cask ales designed exclusively for The Brasserie. These unique brews are carefully poured straight out of stainless steel cask, offering guests a rare and delightful experience. April 12, 11am-10pm and April 13, 11am-10pm. Monkless Belgian Ales Brasserie, 803 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Contact: 541-797-6760.

Flash Your Pass - 50% Off Your First

Two Beers

Enjoy 50% off your first 2 Cascade Lakes Brewing Company beers or ciders when you flash your season passes at the Pub on Reed Market. Mt. Bachelor or Hoodoo season passes or day-of lift tickets valid. Every Thursday, take advantage of Wax + Brew with Between Evergreens tuning service. Feb. 26-June 1. Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market, 21175 SE Reed Market Road Lot #2, Bend.

Growler Discount Night! Enjoy $2 off growler fills every Wednesday at Bevel! Wednesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: 831-245-1922. holla@bevelbeer. com. Free.

Happy Hour At the Bend Wine Bar, come in to take advantage of special pricing during weekly happy hour. Featuring $5 off artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards, $2 off of wines by the glass and $1 off pint draft beers. Mondays-Thursdays, 2-4pm. The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room, 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 194, Bend. Contact: Free.

Learn From the Best: Mixology Lessons Don’t know your Old Fashioned from your Moscow Mule? Would you like to learn how to craft a great cocktail like a pro? Taught by renowned mixologist Cody Kennedy, these classes will help you master the art of cocktail-making! Wednesdays, 1-2pm. Juniper Preserve, 65600 Pronghorn Club Dr., Bend. $25.

Locals’ Night with The Bluegrass Collective Monday is the day to be at Silver Moon Brewing! Come on down and join the local family all day every Monday! Silver Moon offers $3 pints of the core lineup beers and $4 pours of the barrel-aged beers all day. Come down and sample what’s new while also enjoying the brand new food menu! Mondays. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend.

Locals’ Day Come on down to Bevel Craft Brewing for $4 beers and cider and $1 off wine all day. There are also food specials from the food carts located out back at The Patio! Tuesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: Free.

Locals’ Night at WaypointBBC Locals’ Night at WaypointBBC! $5 draft beer, $8 house red and white wine and $8 specialty cocktail. Tuesdays, Noon-10pm. Waypoint, 921 NW Mt Washington Drive, Bend. Contact: 458-206-0826. Free.

Mixed Case Tuesdays

Shop Viaggio Wine Merchant on Tuesdays and receive 15% off your purchase of any mixed case of wine (12 bottles), and 20% off special order cases we order for you. Tuesdays, 3-9pm. Viaggio Wine Merchant, 210 SW Century Drive, Suite 160, Bend. Contact: 541299-5060. Free.

Mixology Monday Learn the ins and outs of the craft cocktail world, while snacking on a house-made charcuterie board. Each class will guide you through the history and mechanics of 4 artisanal cocktails. Go to to reserve your spot! Class is limited to 6 participants. Mondays, 6-7:30pm. Waypoint, 921 NW Mt Washington Drive, Bend. Contact: 458-206-0826. $75-$100.

Monkless to the Mountain

The mountains are open and “Monkless to the Mountains” is back! Flash your mountain pass and get $1 off your first draft beer, or flight. You just found your après-ski hang out! Mondays-Thursdays, 11:30am-8pm. Through May 30. Monkless Belgian Ales Brasserie, 803 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Contact: 541-797-6760.

Munich Mondays: $1 Off Liters Prost!

Join for Munich Mondays! Get your favorite German Bier in a 1L mug for $1 off normal pricing. Full menu and amazing beer all day. Mondays, 3-10pm. Prost! Bend, 40 SW Century Dr. #140, Bend. Contact:

Tactics Garage Night

Join Tactics and Crux in hosting an evening of snowboarding stoke at Crux Fermentation Project. Movies, yard games, raffles, and a live look at next year’s snowboard lineup from Salomon. Sponsored by Mint Tours, Salomon, Spiral Wax, Dakine and benefitting the Snowdays Foundation. April 13, 6:30-9:30pm. Crux Fermentation Project, 50 SW Division St., Bend.

Trivia and Wing Wednesday! 75-cent wing special and trivia every Wednesday night at JC’s! Bring your friends or join a team and make new ones! Winning team wins Happy Hour pricing for the week! Wednesdays, 7-9pm. Through April 24. JC’s Bar & Grill, 642 NW Franklin Ave., Bend. Free.

Tuesdays - Industry Night! Social Hour prices on all tap beverages all night. $6 wines, $5 beer, cider or seltzer and $5 basic well drinks. Tuesdays, 3-10pm. Eqwine Wine Bar, 218 SW 4th St, Redmond. Contact: 541-527-4419. eqwine.

Community Open Hours This is a time for you to explore, nourish, connect, and create! We offer tea, books to read, yoga mats, arts and crafts and connection! Check the calendar for free community classes and offerings during this time. Mondays, Noon-5pm. Through April 29. Hanai, 62430 Eagle Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-6686494. Free.

Free Beginner’s Yoga Free beginner’s yoga in the Bend Community Center with instructors from Namaspa of Bend. Sponsored by the Salvation Army of Bend and Namaspa. Great for stretching and relaxation. Wednesdays, Noon1pm. Bend Community Center, 541 NE Dekalb Ave., Bend. Contact: 844-647-2730. Free.

In Person Breathwork with Gong

Sound Healing! Come join Jon Paul Crimi at this amazing Breathwork event! April 16, 7-8:15pm. Riverhouse Convention Center, 2850 NW Rippling River Ct., Bend. Contact: 310-6256751. $35.

Indigenous Wisdom: How nature activates physical healing Indigenous elders from Oaxaca, Mexico, and the Brazilian Amazon rainforest are coming to speak about how the natural environment can contribute toward the physical, spiritual and mental health. Revive an ecosystems to thriving, bodies and communities will thrive as well. $20-sliding scale April 16, 5:30-8pm. Unity Spiritual Community of Central Oregon, 63645 Scenic Drive, Bend. Contact: 541388-1569.

Wednesdays - Friends and Family Day

Every Wednesday is Friends and Family Day. Social Hour prices on all tap beverages all night. $6 wines, $5 beer, cider or seltzer and $5 basic well drinks. Wednesdays, 3-10pm. Eqwine Wine Bar, 218 SW 4th St, Redmond. Contact: 541-5274419.


$5 Yoga! Bend Hot Yoga’s Anniversary Party! All classes are only $5! 13 different classes featuring 11 different teachers. Each class is a different style, pace and temperature to suit a variety of needs. Pre-registration required. April 14, 6:30am-8pm. Bend Hot Yoga, 1230 NE 3rd St. UnitA230, Bend. Contact: yoga@bendhotyoga. com. $5.

A Playful Practice

Do you ever feel like you’re taking life too seriously? This practice is meant to unwind from your daily routines, the stress incurred from daily lives and give some room to find the playful side of movement. April 13, 8:30-9:30am. Still Water Yoga & Wellness, 1375 SE Wilson Ave. Suite 180, Bend. Contact: 775-339-8813.

Amba: Embodied Movement for Women Amba classes include movement, breath and restorative body meditation. Heal your nervous system, be less caught in thought loops, more grounded in your body and learn to deeply enjoy movement. Thursdays, 6pm. Through May 3. Hanai Center, 62430 Eagle Road, Bend. Contact: 541-668-6494. $25.

Bend Zen Meditation Group

Bend Zen sits every Mon, evening at 7. Arrive at 6:45pm to orient yourself and meet others. The group has two 25-minute sits followed by a member-led Dharma discussion from 8:05-8:30pm. All are welcome! Learn more and sign up for emails at Mondays, 6:45-8:30pm. Bend Zen sits every Monday evening in Brooks at at Trinity Episcopal Church. Arrive by 6:45 for a prompt 7 pm start. Two 25-minute seated meditations, walking meditation and a member-led dharma discussion, ending at 8:30 pm. All are welcome! Join the email list and learn more: Mondays. Brooks Hall at Trinity Episcopal Church, 469 Wall St., Bend. Contact: Free.

Session II: Spring Reset Blossom into Wellness As the days grow longer and nature awakens, it’s time to embrace the spirit of renewal and self-care. Join for a Spring Reset focused on your self-care. Work with a professional coach in an energizing setting to move past self imposed barriers for your own care. April 15, 6-7:30pm. Hanai Center, 62430 Eagle Road, Bend. Contact: 763-242-9932. sarah@ $25.

F Yoga Basics, Donation Based Introduces principles and practices of Shadow Yoga, with an emphasis on the lower structure and building the pathway of power. Pay what you can. Mondays, 6-7pm. Continuum, A School of Shadow Yoga, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 112, Bend. Contact: 541588-2480. $1 - $19.

Shala Breathwork

Shake off the weekend and let go of the expectations for the upcoming week with breathwork at Yoga Shala Bend! Join Whitney as she guides participants through a beautiful breathing meditation with music! Sundays, 6:15-7:15pm. Yoga Shala Bend, 806 NW Brooks St. Suite 200, Bend. Contact: 208-4096028. $20.

Sound Healing Training and Certification

Learn the signature method of sound healing techniques and practices with over 15 different sound healing instruments. No music experience is needed. Saturdays, Noon-4pm. Through May 11. Still Water Yoga & Wellness, 1375 SE Wilson Ave. Suite 180, Bend. Contact: 808-783-0374. $1,881.

Tarot and Tea with Kati Cozy up with a cup of tea and let Tarot support you in whatever may be on your mind. Kati is an Intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader offering 30-minute readings. Longer readings available. Secure your spot ahead of time at Saturdays, 11am-2pm. Through April 20. The Peoples Apothecary, 1841 NE Division Street, Bend. Contact: $50.

Yoga for Pelvic Health and Healing, with Laura Flood, PT, DPT, RYT - Local Pelvic Health Physical Therapist

Learn how to connect to your pelvic floor muscles, so you can care for your pelvic area in your daily life, yoga practice and recreational activities. Small group class focused on: pelvic anatomy and physiology, alignment based yoga postures, breathing and nervous system awareness. Sign up online: Fridays, 12:30-1:30pm. Namaspa Yoga Studio, 1135 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-2416008. $25.

Oregon-based songwriter Rich Swanger brings his country infused songs and church choir influence for an intimate fireside show at the Suttle Lodge and Boathouse on the Thu., Apr. 11, 6pm. Courtesy Rich Swanger Facebook
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / APRIL 11, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 36 HOLABEND.COM Happy Hour $4 BEERS $3 OFF APPETIZERS $2 OFF COCKTAILS $1 OFF WINE MON - FRI 3PM - 5PM AT DOWNTOWN, OLD MILL AND REDMOND LOCATIONS + 5K Fun Run/Walk + Cooking Demos (and samples!) + Wellness Workshops + Mother / Daughter Tea Party + Outdoor Adventure + Networking + Inspiring Speakers + Local businesses to shop and more! A Day to Celebrate You! Get tickets: May 4, 2024, 10am-5pm SEVENTH MOUNTAIN RESORT


The Ultimate Protein Drink

Spicy lentil water, or rasam, sounds strange, but it’s incredibly delicious

If we needed more evidence that American society is in decline, consider how little respect we give lentils. Pound for pound, these legumes quietly deliver more nutrition to more people than anything else growing on earth. One serving of this lightweight bean contains twice the anti-oxidants of blueberries, about half your daily fiber needs, loads of folate, iron and other minerals, and more protein than any plant that isn’t soy. Being legumes, they can grow on marginal soils, and improve the soils with each planting.

The trick to cooking lentils is to treat them more like pasta than rice. Don’t try to get them to absorb all the liquid. Instead, cook them in plenty of liquid and then strain them. But do save the liquid. It may be the most important part. More on that soon.

Indian farmers produce at least 50 varieties of lentil. It’s probably not a coincidence that India is also one of the few places I’ve visited where vegetarian options are usually more appealing than meat-based, thanks in part to that hot lentil action. If you are down with animal proteins but maybe don’t have a ton at your disposal, you can always add a ham hock or stew meat to the lentil soup.

In North America, most lentils are grown in the upper Columbia River basin. But production is migrating east, over the continental divide and onto the Northern Plains, where grain farmers are planting rotations of lentils, if not focusing exclusively on them. Being so good for the soil, the lentils themselves are almost a bonus, a byproduct of a healthy cropland system. And while lentil cheerleaders will sometimes gush about how easy it is to cook lentils, it’s not necessarily as easy to make them tasty. A thick, bland gruel that may also be too crunchy? No problem. But making lentils taste good with a palatable texture takes more finesse. And again, don’t forget that water. For some, like my friend Norman, that water is more important than the lentils themselves.

I met Norman years ago under a massive tamarind tree in Kona, Hawaii. I was there because a mutual friend had told me about Norman’s proprietary spice mix. Norman generously told me how to make his spice mix, and explained how he uses them to flavor a lentil-based dish called rasam (pronounced like awesome). In giving me this recipe, Norman taught me a lot about lentil cookery.

Norman is an Indologist, aka an expert on all things India, and the method by which rasam is prepared pertains to the reason India consumes half the world’s lentils. That reason was dahl, the simple yet satisfying Indian lentil soup. Rasam is made with the water used to precook lentils before they are cooked into dahl. It’s flavored with Norman spices, tamarind and tomato.

It all comes together into a thin, reddish-brown soup that is full of tang and spice, balanced against the savory undertones of that rich lentil water.

Rasam is so satisfying that the lentils themselves are basically a byproduct. It’s up to the chef to figure out what to do with them, and there are many options. You could use the lentils to make dahl, of course. Or lentil hummus. Or add them to tabouli or a salad. Me having lentils reminds me of when my son has a hammer, and everything looks like a nail. When I have cooked lentils on my hands, I realize that I can add them to anything. The last time I made rasam, as it happens, I was also boiling some meaty soup bones for a stew. So I added the lentils to my stew, along with the usual carrots, onions and celery. As I had some of the Norman spices on my hands, I used them to flavor my meaty lentil stew.

Norman Spices

• 1 T cumin

• 1 T coriander

• 1 T mustard seeds

• 1 tsp black pepper

• Just a few pieces of fenugreek

In a heavy-bottomed pan, toast the seeds on medium heat, stirring often until browned but not burned. In a mortar and pestle or spice grinder, grind the toasted spice seeds into a powder. Store in an airtight container.


Four servings

• 1 cup red or yellow lentils

• 8 cups water

• 2 tablespoon oil or butter

• ½ cup minced onions

• 2 tablespoons rasam

• 1 can diced tomatoes

• 1 tablespoon tamarind paste or Knorr brand tamarind soup

Boil the lentils until they are completely soft. Turn off the heat and allow to cool.

Meanwhile, sauté the onions in the oil until they are translucent. Add the rasam powder, tamarind and diced tomatoes, including all of the juice in the can, and allow it all to simmer together. Finally, pour the lentil water into the pan of onions, tomatoes and spices. Season with salt, and serve.

Top, courtesy Adobe Stock Bottom, courtesy Rosemary Voegtli
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CHOW C Burger Week 2024, a Recap

The Source eating team takes on a week’s worth of $10 burgers and lives to tell the tale

Maybe it will seem like I’m being mean by writing this story about a slew of burgers that were on offer for $10… last week. But I assure you, the many establishments that took part in the Source Weekly’s second annual Burger Week are still serving up burgers in one form or another. Believe me, it’s painful to even type out the words describing these burgers without getting serious cravings, so I get you.

Still, since our Source Weekly eating team has been hard at work all week, sampling as many of the 17 burgers in our 2024 Burger Week as humanly possible, we feel the need to offer a recap. So here’s our staff’s take on Burger Week 2024.

The Great Yuzu Burger at ROAM

Grilled 8 oz brisket burger, yuzu aioli, tempura onion ring, gochujang relish, pickled cabbage, gruyere cheese, brioche bun.

“The yuzu aioli, gochujang relish, and pickled cabbage provide a wonderful zing that perfectly complement the savory half pound patty and colossal onion ring.” —Chad Barnes

“You had me at YUZU! Not to mention the sweet and tangy deliciousness of the yuzu aioli with the gochujang relish, pickled cabbage, Gruyère cheese and a crispy tempura onion ring! All this flavor dancing around a half-pound of brisket burger on a brioche bun! Is this burger heaven?” —Richard Sitts

Veggie Smash and Nash Smash at Blue Eyes Burgers & Fries

Veggie Smash: House made veggie patty topped with griddled onions, pickles, shrettuce, American cheese & supreme sauce on a fresh baked M’s Bakery bun

Nash Smash: Local Pitchfork-T Ranch grass fed beef patty topped with Nashville hot & spicy fried pickles, house slaw, comeback sauce & American cheese on a fresh baked M’s Bakery bun

“The veggie burger was cheesy and delicious. While you could definitely tell it was a veggie patty, it was flavorful and easy to eat. The added fried pickles and coleslaw in the Nash Smash burger gave it an extra kick and an edge over a traditional smash burger.”

Chopped Cheese at Crux Fermentation Project

House seasoned ground beef, American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and burgers sauce on a toasted hoagie roll.

“A masterclass in seasoning and a wonderful example of a classic recipe perfectly executed.” —Chad Barnes

Bistro Burger at Bleu Rooster

1/3-pound hand-pressed patty with black beer bacon jam, white cheddar, garlic aioli, arugula and tomato on a Big Ed’s potato bun

“This burger is sensational. This burger manages to pair the big, bold flavors of beer bacon jam and garlic aioli together in perfect harmony.” —Chad Barnes

IM Smashing at Immersion Brewing

Two thin n' crispy beef patties, two slices of pepper jack cheese, pickle slices, onion rings, house-made bacon jam, burger sauce, on a pub bun.

“When I envision the ideal smash burger, this is precisely what comes to mind. Fresh onion rings and crisp pickles provide a welcome crunch that perfectly round out this winning burger.” —Chad Barnes

Smash Bacon Cheeseburger at Initiative Brewing

4-ounce Smash Patty, Tillamook cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onion, house made burger sauce, on a toasted brioche bun.

“As a SoCal native I am always on the lookout for a burger that can go toe-to-toe with my beloved In-nOut. At long last, my quest has come to an end.” — Chad Barnes

The Signature at Richard’s Sliders

Onions, patty, and cheese. That’s it.

“These sliders pack a tremendous amount of flavor in a small package. Juicy beef, melty cheese, sweet onions and a mouthwatering mustard spread all inside a King’s Hawaiian roll. I have had an insatiable craving ever since.” —Chad Barnes

Staff comments from around the water cooler Smash + Brisket Burger at Luckey’s Woodsman

Well Rooted Farm smash burger, white American cheese, grilled shallots, dill pickle slaw, chipotle aioli and bun. Luckey’s Woodsman

“Great greasy hangover burger.”

BBQ Burger at Active Culture

Lentil burger, red onion, slaw, avocado, seasoning, BBQ beet sauce, on a wheat bun, served with tortilla chips and a side of salsa

“Nice moist BBQ vegan burger.”

Total Eclipse Burger at Super Deluxe

Iconic Single Deluxe with hardwood smoked honey-cured Bacon, 100% avocado mash and pickled jalapeños.

“Great combination of flavor. Jalapeño and avocado work well together. Good enough to buy two!”

Bend/Redmond Burger Co.

Broken Top Bleu cheeseburger with hand cut French fries: 1/3 pound patty and a freshly made hamburger bun, smoky bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, bleu cheese & homemade burger sauce.

“Worth the $10! Comes with fries and big chunky bacon.”

Royale with Cheese at Boneyard Pub

Two Angus ground beef patties stacked & topped with American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato & royale sauce on a brioche bun.

“A successful classic that hits the spot.”

In order from top left to bottom right: Active Culture, Bend Burger Co., Bleu Rooster, Blue Eyes Burgers & Fries, Boneyard Pub, Crux, Currents, Dandy's Drive-In, Dogs & Fries, Immersion Brewing, Initiative Brewing, Luckey's Woodsman, Richard's Sliders, ROAM, Super Deluxe and That Guy's Bistro. Photos courtesy of Source Weekly Staff. Photo of Currents burger courtesy of Currents at the Riverhouse Facebook


Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 5:30pm Riverhouse on the Deschutes Convention Center Presented by:

Enjoy elevated dinner, live & silent auctions, dessert dash, golden ticket & dancing to live music to benefit animals in need. Tickets & info at

That 70’s Gala

SC Neo Noir and Action Cinema Unbound


‘Love Lies Bleeding’ and ‘Monkey Man’ don’t play by the rules

One of the reasons I think movies are such a powerful and transformative medium for artistic expression is that the boundaries of genre keep expanding and changing. Production companies like A24, Neon and Janus Films realize that horror, crime dramas, noir, science fiction and fantasy shouldn’t be treated like lesser forms of the medium. Instead continue pushing deeper into the borders of the genres, finding uncharted territory to explore.

It's the same thing with literature. Aside from a very few notable names such as Shirley Jackson and Ira Levin, horror was considered the slums of the book world until Stephen King showed up in the 1970s and, simply by becoming one of the widest-read novelists in history, made horror a respectable genre. It takes visionaries to shape how society treats an art form and the new crop of filmmakers has some truly remarkable voices to move us into the future.

This week two films have been released that take what could have been simple, direct-to- digital stories and elevated them into genuine works of art that offer opposite ends of the same thematic coin. Dev Patel’s directorial debut, “Monkey Man,” is a stylish revenge action thriller in the vein of “John Wick,” but with a deep emotional core and rage-fueled criticism of India’s caste system and disgust for nationalism. Rose Glass’ sophomore feature (after the truly upsetting and remarkable “Saint Maud”) is the pitch-black neo noir crime thriller, “Love Lies Bleeding,” which spits in the face of the patriarchy, lights the typical romantic drama on fire and dances in the flames.

“Monkey Man” tells the story of The Kid (also Patel), an underground boxer in a monkey mask making a living throwing fights and getting beaten half to death. Secretly, he’s on a mission to find the men responsible for destroying his village and killing his mother. His bloody hunt for revenge takes him across Mumbai to the richest parties, the holiest temples and the seediest tenements, but nothing will stop his single-minded pursuit of destruction.

Aside from the soulful performance from Patel, the sociopolitical context of Mumbai and the open disgust toward how the transgender community is treated in India, “Monkey Man” is a straightforward revenge tale focused on kinetic action sequences and chases. But the true center of the film lies in those differences. As a child, The Kid was regaled with stories from his mother about the god Hanuman, who has some monkey features. Fighting in the monkey mask keeps him connected to the roots of his mother so he remembers what he’s striving for.

The mythical aspect of the film, along with the Ardhanarishvara (half-male and half-female form of the deity Shiva) transgender temple that he helps protect, give the movie texture and a deeply gorgeous center of compassion and empathy that action movies don’t normally possess.

“Love Lies Bleeding” takes that same backbone of texture and expands it even further by pushing the boundaries of the genre and becoming its own original unicorn. Kristen Stewart plays Lou, an unhappy and isolated gym manager who meets and immediately falls for Jackie (the instant movie star Katy O’Brian), a bodybuilder searching for a better life. Amid a redneck noir background of steroids, gun smuggling, murderfor-hire and sweaty lovemaking, Jackie and Lou will either find love or die trying.

The movies are both potent glimpses into two deeply disparate filmmakers working fearlessly within the borders of their respective genres and choosing to ignore their limitations. Both beautifully magnify their deeply personal stories into archetypal deconstructions of legend and the reworking of social ignorance into communities where the marginalized have agency. “Monkey Man” finds the feminine core in masculine dogma and “Love Lies Bleeding” thumbs its nose at the masculine interpretation of femininity. “Monkey Man” takes its pound of flesh from the colonizer. “Love Lies Bleeding” smiles as it makes the patriarchy afraid for its own power.

Both movies do great jobs of making us question our own self-imposed limitations and judgements. Meaningful art should always make you feel something (even if it’s bad), but truly great art helps you shed a skin that doesn’t fit you anymore. It’s easy to describe “Monkey Man” as a Terrence Malick-inspired riff on

“John Wick” or that “Love Lies Bleeding” is a sapphic remix of early Coen brothers on literal steroids. But they’re more than that. Just as we’re more than anyone expects of us, either.

Monkey Man

Dir. Dev Patel

Grade: ANow playing at Regal Old Mill, Odem Theater Pub

Love Lies Bleeding

Dir. Rose Glass

Grade: ANow Playing at Tin Pan Theater

Dev Patel is a force of nature in “Monkey Man.”
A ¯
Katy O’Brian and Kristen Stewart are mesmerizing in “Love Lies Bleeding.” Courtesy of Monkeypaw Films Courtesy of A24


WSpring Sips

Revitalize your taste buds with seasonal cocktails

hat better way to celebrate the change of seasons than with a refreshing array of seasonal cocktails? Bid farewell to mulled wine and hot toddies and say hello to vibrant, fresh concoctions filled with spring flavors. Grab your shakers, friends, and let’s dive into the delightful world of spring flavors!


When I think of spring flavors, there’s nothing that sticks out more than rhubarb. It’s not only tasty but its bright pink color makes beautiful drinks! Since rhu barb has a crisp and sour flavor, it’s most often paired with something sweet, such as strawberries. But I like to use rhubarb in a simple gin & tonic to real ly highlight its flavor.

Rhubarb Sparkler

• 1 1/2 oz gin*

• 1/2 oz Lillet Rosé

• 1 oz rhubarb simple syrup

• 3/4 oz lime juice

• Sparkling water

• Mint and rhubarb for garnish

Shake gin, Lillet Rosé, rhubarb simple syrup and lime juice together in a shaker with ice until chilled. Strain into a glass with ice and top with sparkling water. Garnish with mint and a thinly sliced twirl of rhubarb.

*Try it with a rhubarb infused gin such as Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin. Find it at the Newport Market Spirit Shop!

Snap Peas

I love a good savory ingredient, and peas are the perfect way to welcome the spring season. Whether they’re used as a garnish (love a little pea tendril situation!) or the star of the show, peas make the perfect addition to spring cocktails.

Snap Pea Margarita

• 2 oz blanco tequila

• 1/2 oz orange liqueur

• 1/2 oz sugar snap pea puree

• 3/4 oz lime juice

• 1/4 oz key lime juice

• Fresh snap peas

*To make the sugar snap pea puree: Add 1 cup fresh sugar snap peas, 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup water in a blender and blend until pureed. Strain through a cheesecloth and discard solids.


Lilacs are one of my favorite things about spring. And if you didn’t know already, they are edible! I spent years trying to perfect my lilac lemonade and finally had an epiphany a few years back. LILAC. WATER. It’s used in the water portion of the lemonade and really carries over the scent and flavor of lilacs like no other.

To make the lilac water, stuff as many lilac blossoms as you can into a 32-ounce jar and cover with cool water. Blossoms should be freshly picked and lightly rinsed to remove any dust or pollen. Allow the lilacs to infuse in the refrigerator five hours, ideally overnight. Strain through cheesecloth and store in the fridge for one week.

Lilac Lemonade

• 4 cups lilac-infused water

• 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

• 1 cup simple syrup

Mix together lilac-infused water, lemon juice and simple syrup in a jar and shake to combine. To make it a cocktail, pour 4 ounces of Lilac Lemonade and 2 ounces of pisco into a glass with ice.

So, there you have it — three delightful spring sips to help you welcome the season with open arms (and a glass in hand). You can grow all of these in your cocktail garden! Whether you prefer something floral and fizzy or herbaceous and refreshing, there's a springtime libation out there waiting to tickle your taste buds and lift your spirits. Cheers to warmer days, blooming flowers, and the promise of fresh cocktails!

—Alyson Brown is a beverage photographer and drink stylist with an appreciation for a well-built cocktail. Her passion for cocktails led to her first book, “The Flower-Infused Cocktail: Flowers With A Twist.” Presently, Brown resides in The Stacks Studios in The Old Mill District, situated right in the heart of Bend. CR


Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters

N O H A I R C U T exactly once.

The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will “Two things you need to know about taxes. They've extended when you write your check, just make

“Track Meets”
Pearl’s Puzzle Difficulty Level Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters exactly once. NO HAIRCUT The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote: “Two things you need to know about taxes. They've extended the deadline (in 2010), and when you write your check, just make ________.” — David Letterman, April 2010 We’re Local! Questions, comments or suggestions for our local puzzle guru? Email Pearl Stark at © Pearl Stark ★ ★ ©2021 Brendan Emmett Quigley ( ACROSS 1. Samuel L. Jackson has a prominent one, for short 5. Som tam cuisine 9. Education publishing house 13. ___ chips 14. Animal that left a track in the northwest area 15. Native Oklahomans 16. Some wellness retreats 18. Animal that left a track in the northeast area 19. Bowl at a party 20. Creme-filled treat 21. Nirvana figurehead 22. I mean this! 23. Cottonelle products 24. NFL coach Taylor 25. TikTok personality Addison 26. "I'm impressed" 28. Like some milkshakes 30. Tripadvisor logo 31. "¿Dónde ___ Wally?" (Spanish edition of a Martin Handford children's book) 32. Plains tribe 33. Letters on a tire 34. Tracks hidden in this puzzle 39. "Have you no shame?" 42. Animal that left a track in the southwest area 43. "Let's do lunch, babe" 47. Box score letters 48. Chapeau spots 50. Big name in jewelry 51. HR department letters 52. Central Dallas sites? 53. King Charles often goes there 55. Radice cubica di nove 56. Season accomplishment 58. Climber's tool 59. Where you might 61-Across 60. Famed street in Memphis 61. Pull back after pedaling, say 63. Approved on socials, say 64. Animal that left a track in the southern area 65. They have drill bits: Abbr. 66. Hydrocarbon suffixes 67. Eyelid lump 68. Generations DOWN 1. "That's final" 2. Part of high society? 3. "To reiterate..." 4. Baby or pinky type 5. Little pest 6. Word with totally or brutally 7. Fashionista Gucci 8. Certain qualifiers 9. Children's writer Blyton 10. Hulk Hogan's move in a WWF fight, perhaps 11. Guffaws 12. Mossad member, maybe 15. Rhode Island city where Hasbro is based 17. Japanese stringed instrument 21. Burger topper 24. Cylindrical pasta 27. Alternative to swipe or dip, as a credit card 29. Suffragist Cora Catherine Calhoun ___ 35. Formatted 36. Handle with skill 37. Roof garden containers 38. NYC's Penn, for one 39. Quiver with fear 40. Push rudely 41. Stay up 44. Collectors collection? 45. Weapon of home destruction? 46. Madison Avenue people 49. Get out of hand 50. "It's not a ___" 54. Tone of a saint's robe,
Pub beverages
far a-winging to keep this appointment with April! How much breath left in reserve to fill The sky of washed azure and whipped-cream cumuli With their rusty, musical, heart-plumbing cry!” — Robert Penn Warren, Redwing Blackbirds Puzzle for the week of April 8, 2024 Difficulty Level: ●●○○
in Varanasi 57.
person? 61. "Arthur" shower 62. Shivaji's reign, e.g.
“How far a-winging to keep this appointment with April! How much breath left in reserve to fill The sky of washed azure and whipped-cream cumuli With their rusty, musical, heart-plumbing cry!” - Robert Penn Warren, Redwing Blackbirds © Pearl Stark N R I C H U A O T I O R N A I R U I C O A H C O C R H I O N C A P R I A T O E M N O A E N M R T P I M N T P E I R A O A P R I N E O T M E T O R A M I N P I M N O P T A E R T I M E R N P O A R E A M O P N I T N O P T I A M R E Puzzle for the week of April 8, 2024 Difficulty Level: ●●○○ Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters N O H A I R C U T exactly once. The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote: “Two things you need to know about taxes. They've extended the deadline (in 2010), and when you write your check, just make .” – David Letterman, April 2010. Answer for the week of April 1, 2024
far a-winging to keep this appointment with April! How much breath left in reserve to fill
sky of washed azure and whipped-cream cumuli
their rusty, musical, heart-plumbing cry!” - Robert Penn Warren, Redwing Blackbirds
Pearl Stark N R I C H U A O T I O R N A I R U I C O A H C O C R H I O N C A P R I A T O E M N
David Letterman, Answer for the week of April 1, 2024


ARIES (March 21-April 19): Now is a favorable time to make initial inquiries, ask for free samples, and enjoy window shopping. But it’s not an opportune time to seal final decisions or sign binding contracts. Have fun haggling and exploring, even as you avoid making permanent promises. Follow the inklings of your heart more than the speculations of your head, but refrain from pledging your heart until lots of evidence is available. You are in a prime position to attract and consider an array of possibilities, and for best results you should remain noncommittal for the foreseeable future.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Author Betty Bender said, "Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me to death.” Painter Georgia O'Keeffe confessed she always harbored chronic anxiety—yet that never stopped her from doing what she loved. Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Anyone who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life." I hope these testimonials inspire you to bolster your grit, Taurus. In the coming days, you may not have any more or less fear than usual. But you will be able to summon extra courage and willpower as you render the fear at least semi-irrelevant.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Richard the Lionheart (1157–1199) was a medieval king of England. How did he get his nickname? Scholars say it was because of his skill as a military leader. But legend tells an additional story. As a young man, Richard was imprisoned by an enemy who arranged for a hungry lion to be brought into his cell. As the beast opened its maw to maul the future king, Richard thrust his arm down its throat and tore out its heart, killing it. What does this tale have to do with you, Gemini? I predict you will soon encounter a test that’s less extreme than Richard’s but equally solvable by bursts of creative ingenuity. Though there will be no physical danger, you will be wise to call on similar boldness. Drawing on the element of surprise may also serve you well.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): In the coming weeks, you can ask for and receive more blessings than usual. So please be aggressive and imaginative about asking! Here are suggestions about what gifts to seek out: 1. vigorous support as you transform two oppositional forces into complementary influences; 2. extra money, time, and spaciousness as you convert a drawback into an asset; 3. kindness and understanding as you ripen an unripe aspect of yourself; 4. inspiration and advice as you make new connections that will serve your future goals.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Read the two help-wanted ads below. Meditate on which appeals to you more, and treat this choice as a metaphor for a personal decision you face. 1. "Pedestrian, predictable organization seeks humdrum people with low-grade ambitions for tasks that perform marginally useful services. Interested in exploring mild passions and learning more about the art of spiritual bypassing?” 2. "Our high-octane conclave values the arts of playing while you work and working while you play. Are you ready and able to provide your creative input? Are you interested in exploring the privilege and responsibility of forever reinventing yourself? We love restless seekers who are never bored.”

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Will the adventures heading your way be unusual, amusing, and even unprecedented? I bet they will have at least some of those elements. You could encounter plot twists you’ve never witnessed or imagined. You may be inspired to dream up creative adjustments unlike any you’ve tried. These would be very positive developments. They suggest you’re becoming more comfortable with expressing your authentic self and less susceptible to the influence of people’s expectations. Every one of us is a unique genius in some ways, and you’re getting closer to inhabiting the fullness of yours.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): At least for now, help may not be available from the usual sources. Is the doctor sick? Does mommy need mothering? Is the therapist feeling depressed? My advice is to not worry anout the deficiencies, but rather shift your attention to skillful surrogates and substitutes. They may give you what you need—and even more. I’m reminded of The Crystal Cave, a novel about the Arthurian legend. The king, Ambrosius Aurelianus, advises the magician Merlin, “Take power where it is offered.” In other words: not where you think or wish power would be, but from sources that are unexpected or outside your customary parameters.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): The rest of the story is not yet ready to emerge, but it will be soon. Be patient just a while longer. When full disclosure arrives, you will no longer have to guess about hidden agendas and simmering subtexts. Adventures in the underworld will move above ground. Missing links will finally appear, and perplexing ambiguities will be clarified. Here’s how you can expedite these developments: Make sure you are thoroughly receptive to knowing the rest of the story. Assert your strong desire to dissolve ignorance.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): What is a gourmet bargain? What is a discount marvel? How about an inspiring breakthrough that incurs no debt? Themes like those are weaving their way into your destiny. So be alert for the likelihood that cheap thrills will be superior to the expensive kind. Search for elegance and beauty in earthy locations that aren’t sleek and polished. Be receptive to the possibility that splendor and awe may be available to you at a low cost. Now may be one of those rare times when imperfect things are more sublime than the so-called perfect stuff.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): "There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in," wrote novelist Graham Greene. For me, it was three days near the end of third grade when I wrote a fairy tale about the unruly adventures of a fictional kid named Polly. Her wildness was infused with kindness. Her rebellions were assertive but friendly. For the first time, as I told Polly’s story, I realized I wanted to be an unconventional writer when I grew up. What about you, Capricorn? When you were young, was there a comparable opening to your future? If so, now is a good phase to revisit it, commune with your memories of it, and invite it to inspire the next stage of its evolution in you.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Even when you are your regular, ordinary self, you have a knack and fondness for irregularity and originality. And these days, your affinity for what’s unprecedented and uncommon is even higher than usual. I am happy about that. I am cheering you on. So please enjoy yourself profoundly as you experiment with nonstandard approaches. Be as idiosyncratic as you dare! Even downright weird! But also try to avoid direct conflicts with the Guardians of How Things Have Always Been Done. Don’t allow Change Haters to interfere with your fun or obstruct the enhancements you want to instigate. Be a slippery innovator. Be an irrepressible instigator.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Below are truths I hope you will ripen and deepen in the coming months. 1. Negative feelings are not necessarily truer and more profound than positive ones. 2. Cynical opinions are not automatically more intelligent or well-founded than optimistic opinions. 3. Criticizing and berating yourself is not a more robust sign of self-awareness than praising and appreciating yourself.

4. Any paranoia you feel may be a stunted emotion resulting from psychic skills you have neglected to develop.

5. Agitation and anxiety can almost always be converted into creative energy.

Homework: What’s your best method for dissolving bad habits? Tell me so I can benefit from your wisdom!

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Feeling foolish in Bend

Dear Dr. Jane,

I’m a 35-year-old guy who’s been trying to date in Bend — which as you likely know isn’t an easy task. Lately I’ve been seeing a new woman who I met on one of the apps. It’s gone a whole lot better than any connection I’ve had dating here in the past. We’ve had a lot of fun together so far — hiking, skiing, exploring different bars and just hanging out. I really like her and she seems to like me, too. She’s not perfect physically (neither am I) but I feel like we have great chemistry. The other day, she invited me to come over to her place. I was pretty sure that she wanted to get together that night. But, when I went over she seemed a lot more closed off to me than she had before. I knew that she’d been under a lot of stress lately so I asked her about work. She was standoffish and kinda cold. I ended up going home early. I’m not sure what happened and now I feel embarrassed and unsure how to proceed. I don’t know what I did wrong. What do you suggest?

From, Feeling foolish in Central Oregon

Dear Foolish,

I understand how you feel. You were expecting to deepen your connection with a woman you’d been seeing and instead ended up feeling rejected and confused. You thought that she was inviting you over to her house to explore physical intimacy, but nothing happened and you went home. Now you don’t know what to do or say about it. This type of thing happens fairly often during experiences with new partners or potential partners. Here are two things that I recommend so that you don’t end up feeling like this in the future.

1. Talk about it before. As challenging as it can be, it’s best to discuss expectations before you get into an intimate situation. Talk about your values and desires, STI testing, barrier methods, fertility concerns and boundaries. It’s great to talk about things that you’ve enjoyed with any previous partners, things that have been difficult, your kinks and any limits that are on your mind right now.

This can be a fun, easy conversation. It doesn’t have to feel clinical or invasive. It’s also important to be kind to yourself. It’s OK if you feel uncomfortable talking about these things. Lots of people do. And you may not actually know how you feel right away about all of it. Gather your thoughts. Tell your potential partner that you may not know all the answers right now but that you’re willing to keep sharing until you know each other better. There’s certainly no rush into intimacy. I don’t know how much you discussed your thoughts about sex before your

date, but in my experience, if you talk in advance, you’ll be less likely to end up feeling disappointed.

2. Talk about it after. I know that it didn’t go the way you wanted it to go this time. You might be tempted to just move on and try to find another potential partner. That makes sense because you're feeling embarrassed and disappointed. But, if you can muster up the courage, I recommend that you reach out to her again and discuss what happened. This is helpful if you’ve had a great time or when something isn’t so good.

After a wonderful night together, I think it’s great to get coffee to acknowledge and validate each other. You can give each other positive feedback and talk about what you liked best during your time together.

When things don't go so well, it’s also good to talk. Get a sense of what might have happened. Your date may have felt a migraine coming on. She might have been distracted by something in her life or in the life of her extended family. Maybe there was something you could have done differently that would have made things a lot better. I know it’s difficult, but talk about it if you can. It’ll clear the air for the next time.

Communicate! You’ll be glad you did.

You got this.

Xoxo, Jane

—Dr. Jane Guyn (she/her) is a wellknown relationship coach who received her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and is trained as a Professional Sex Coach and Core Energy Coach. Send her your questions at




21141 SE REED MARKET RD, BEND 97702 • $525,000


Centrally located 3 bedrooms/2 bath Ranch style home on oversized .028 acre corner city lot. This charming house has easy access to both 27th & Highway 97. Recently updated, newer comp roof done in 2019, w/250 sq ft. bonus/office area that is not included in livable sf. Kitchen upgrades include brand dishwasher and stove with granite counter tops, hot water heater & fixtures have been upgraded as well. This home features great views of Pilot Butte, a large deck & large fenced back yard. Gravel front and side yard allows for plenty of room for RV and toys. Right next to Cascade Lakes Brewery. This property has development potential.


Longstanding retail business with extremely loyal customer base. Excellent downtown location, offers unbeatable exposure. Multiple opportunities to grow revenue.

180 ADAMS AVENUE, METOLIUS 97741 • $198,000

Charming Cottage Residence, ideal for first-time homeowners or as an investment venture, nestled in the heart of Metolius. This cozy onebedroom, one-bathroom dwelling rests upon an expansive 0.17-acre lot, offering ample room for potential expansion or leisure activities. Step onto the covered back patio to bask in the morning sun and relish pastoral vistas. The fully fenced lot ensures privacy and security. Conveniently located just minutes from Madras and a short 22-mile drive to Redmond, this property presents an enticing opportunity.

COMING SOON www SkjersaaGroup com 5 41.3 83 14 26 1 033 NW Newpor t Ave. Bend, OR 97703 Skjersaa Group | Duke Warner Realty Oregon Real Estate Licensees MODERN CRAFTSMAN IN DISCOVERY WEST 3178 NW CELILO LANE Abundant light and vaulted ceilings welcome you to this new construction home in Discovery West. Main level primary bedroom and office, as well as two additional guest bedrooms upstairs, and a generous flex/ bonus space. Massive 2+ car garage with a third bay to accommodate toys or a compact vehicle. OFFERED AT $1,695,000 BEAUTIFUL BRASADA RANCH VIEWS 15632 SW MECATE LANE This Brasada lot at .59 acres is slightly sloped for breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains, small pond for added privacy, and is located near exits for quicker access to Bend, Redmond & Prineville. OFFERED AT $189,000 MODERN FARMHOUSE IN SHEVLIN WEST 3430 NW JACKWOOD PLACE Shevlin West lot 4 is only a few steps away from the large neighborhood park, with a design from the award-winning Muddy River Designs and built by Greg Welch Construction. A modern farmhouse inspired home with an open layout, expansive great room, dining room and main level resident suite and office. Upstairs features two additional guest bedrooms, bathroom along with a generous bonus space. OFFERED AT $1,535,500 Terry Skjersaa Principal Broker, CRS Jason Boone Principal Broker, CRIS Greg Millikan Principal Broker Natasha Smith Broker/Transaction Manager BUNGALOWS IN NORTHWEST CROSSING 1620 NW LEWIS STREET The Bungalows offer an appealing location close to shopping, parks, schools, hiking and biking trails. Unit 6 features the Abbot floor plan, and offers 1401 sq ft with 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, two-car garage. Designer finishes throughout including hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, tile counters, tankless water heater & ductless heating/cooling. OFFERED AT $699,000 PANORAMIC VIEWS 3240 NW METKE PLACE One of few remaining vacant Mountain View lots within the coveted Awbrey Butte neighborhood. Panoramic, Cascade Mountain views from Mt Bachelor to Mt Hood and all the mountains in between. Located on the upslope side of a quiet cul-de-sac and removed from arterial roads and neighborhood feeder streets. Property is elevated and the 0.74ac size offers considerable privacy from nearby homes. OFFERED AT $399,000 541ROOFING.COM Roof Replacement Custom Heat Coil Systems Insurance Claim Specialists Contact for Free Appraisal “Where quality meets value” Veteran owned - Family operated 541 ROOFING & HEAT COIL 541 ROOFING & HEAT COIL REAL ESTATE ADVERTISE IN OUR REAL ESTATE SECTION ADVERTISE@BENDSOURCE.COM Kelly Johnson Broker Bend Premier Real Estate 541-610-5144 “Love where you live!” Licensed in the State of Oregon FIND YOUR PLACE IN BEND & 541.771.4824 ) Otis Craig Broker, CRS

Demystifying Home Inspections: Insights from Local Inspectors

Buying a home can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience, especially for first-time buyers navigating the labyrinth of real estate transactions. Among the crucial steps in this process is the home inspection, a pivotal moment that can illuminate both the strengths and weaknesses of your prospective investment. To shed light on this integral aspect of homebuying, we've gathered insights from two experienced local home inspectors, Mike Wilson of Central Oregon Inspection Services and John Schwencke of Porch Light Inspections.

Understanding the Role of Home Inspections

One common misconception among buyers is the expectation that sellers are obligated to address all issues uncovered. But Wilson emphasizes the purpose of a home inspection is not to enforce repairs but to provide buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the property's condition. In Oregon, while recommendations are mandated, there's no obligation for sellers to undertake repairs beyond ensuring smoke and carbon monoxide alarms meet minimum standards.

According to Wilson, when reviewing inspection reports, buyers should focus on whether significant issues were uncovered that may have influenced their initial offer. If so, negotiations can ensue, but it's essential to differentiate between minor maintenance tasks and major structural concerns. For instance, while a known issue like a deck in need of refinishing might not warrant seller intervention, discovering a looming roof replacement is a game-changer.

Schwencke emphasizes the impartiality and objectivity of a good home inspection. Home inspectors serve as unbiased observers, identifying whether

systems in the house function properly. He reiterated that while they may offer recommendations, they lack the authority to mandate repairs. Their focus lies in determining whether defects compromise safety or functionality.

Ultimately, the overarching goal of home inspections is to equip buyers with comprehensive insights. By understanding the purpose of inspections and addressing concerns surrounding repairs, buyers can navigate the process with confidence.

Concerns Surrounding Repairs

Regarding repairs post-inspection, for Wilson, the question arises: Who will conduct these repairs? He recommends qualified, licensed contractors to ensure proper execution and address any unforeseen issues.

A recurring issue is homeowners attempting repairs beyond their expertise. Not all repairs are suited for DIY attempts, and involving professionals ensures safety and quality standards are upheld. Additionally, disparities between inspection reports and repair requests can create ambiguity, potentially resulting in inadequate resolutions. It's crucial to articulate repair needs clearly.

“When it comes to real estate, we are not code compliance inspectors,” says Schwencke. “The building code is not retroactive and considered the minimum for modern construction. My main concern when I see a house defect is, ‘Does it serve its intended purpose?’ Porch Light works by the standard that if the item is potentially unsafe, doesn't function properly or could prematurely fail, then it is documented for our clients' knowledge.”

By understanding the purpose of inspections and addressing concerns surrounding repairs, buyers can navigate the process with confidence.

VOLUME 28 ISSUE 15 / APRIL 11, 2024 / THE SOURCE WEEKLY 47 ach Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Geoff Groener Licensed Broker 541.390.4488 Your Coastal Connection 20 years of experience along the Coast and Central Oregon To Apply: Reframe your roundabout days. Live closer to where you recreate! Call us today for a showing! (541) 388-1382 Rare spacious westside apartment was built with privacy in mind. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom en-suites totaling 1450sq ft interior living space. Garage, laundry, and off street parking. Designer kitchen: 14 drawers, gas range and shaker style cabinets throughout. Forced air furnace and imported gas fireplace. No smoking and no pets. Lease. Available May 1st. $1750 includes utilities. REAL ESTATE
Photos and listing info from Central Oregon Multiple Listing Service HOME PRICE ROUNDUP << LOW 21141 SE Reed Market Rd., Bend 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,324 square feet; .28 acres lot Built in 1977 $525,000 Listed by Tony Levison and James Keane, RE/MAX Key Properties MID >> 3098 NW Kelly Hill Ct., Bend 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,080 square feet; .18 acre lot Built in 2004 $895,000 Listed by Pattie Serbus and Megan Serbus, RE/MAX Key Properties << HIGH 63635 Johnson Rd., Bend 4 beds, 3 baths, 3,201 square feet; 20 acres lot Built in 1980 $1,950,000 Listed by Karen Malanga and Kristin Marshall, RE/MAX Key Properties
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