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Summer 2018 | 1

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$5 - A GES 3 - 18 $7 - A D U L T $5/$6 S - SEN IORS FREE - UND ER 3

keep it cool

at the pool

Dive into summer fun with Juniper Swim & Fitness Center. Situated in the heart of Bend in beautiful Juniper Park, the facility has the amenities, services and location to really make a splash. With fitness and recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, Juniper Swim & Fitness is the perfect place for everyone to work out, play or just cool in the pool.




• Offered daily • Multiple pools • Diving boards, slide, rope swing and pool toys • Great value

• 6 months to adults • Progressive lessons • Flexible schedule • Free swim lesson assessment

• Outdoor activity pools • Mornings and afternoons • Great time for family recreation!

SUMMER SCHEDULE: JUNE 16 - SEPTEMBER 3 Regular Hours: Monday – Friday, 5:15 am - 9:00 pm; Saturday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sunday, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Online video tour and schedules at juniperswimandfitness.com.

Juniper Swim & Fitness Center 800 NE 6th Street, Bend bendparksandrec.org (541) 389-7665 (POOL)

Summer 2018 | 3

Plan for Wellness, Prepared for Sickness COPA’s Pediatric Center of Excellence gives parents comfort and confidence, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In Partnership With PEDIATRIC SPECIALISTS Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Randall Children’s Hospital Providence Children’s Health

Together We’ve Got This. Open 7 Days A Week • 24/7 Nurse Advice • Four Locations • (541) -389-6313 • COPAKids.com

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COMMITTED TO TAKING CARE OF WOMEN IN OUR COMMUNITY No one knows women like we do. Our caring providers have been trusted by women in Central Oregon for over 20 years, and we’re proud of the differences we’ve made in the lives of our patients and families. As our community has grown, so has our healthcare family. With a commitment to compassionate and comprehensive care, we’ve added new doctors and staff and are currently taking patients. We’re here for you every step of the way — at every age, every stage and every milestone.

eastcascadewomensgroup.com | (541) 389-3300

I love my doc.

As a first time mom, I’ve had more than a few questions about keeping my son healthy. Dr. Booker is always there to give me answers and, more importantly, peace of mind. Pediatrics for every kind of kid. Extended weekday and Saturday appointments available. Call 541-706-2555 or visit smgoregon.com

18BMC006 “Pediatrics” Bend Memorial Clinic The Bend Nest 7.88” x 4.9” 4-color, Insertion order #5xxxx, June, 2018 DVA Advertising 541.389.2411

Summer 2018 | 5

Teens Face Enormous Issues of Grief Empower your teen by providing the tools needed to navigate and heal the pain of living. REGISTER FOR THE FALL TEEN PROGRAM Separate grief groups available for middle and high school students.



of the

Winner Dr. Blair Struble Dr. Erica Crosta

541.848.6642 929 SW Simpson Ave. Suite 201 www.strubleortho.com

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Nurture Your Nature Oregon Body & Bath

We make life softer.

Enrich. Explore. Expand. Sean


We make life a little softer.




1019 NW Wall in Downtown Bend OregonBodyandBath.com


home fragrance

Find us at 1019 NW Wall in Downtown Bend OregonBodyandBath.com


Pediatrician & Lactation Consultant Choose experienced and personalized care for your kids

541.241.6371 www.bendkidshealth.com erikasbeard@gmail.com

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21 EDUCATION Ready for summer vacation? Avoid the summer slide by planning meaningful activities for your children.

23 FEATURE From hot-air balloons to kites, a pet parade and a magical forest, there’s truly a summer event for everyone. Check out our essential guide to Oregon’s fairs and festivals.



40 OUTDOORS K.M. Collins looks inside the Amiguitos program, which focuses on community partnerships and equal access to recreation opportunities.

Stress Less. Live More. accepting patients

Increase Energy Decrease Sickness A modern, no-wait, office in NWX


-Dr. Jennifer B. Warton

A progressive, new approach to pediatric healthcare Concierge pediatrics offers 24/7 direct access to your pediatrician, same-day, extended appointments, house calls, specialty care coordination, personalized care and more.


Be a part of the Bend Kids family. 541.213.5045 / www.bendkidspediatrics.com

Summer 2018 | 9

“To awaken a love for God,

a desire for learning and service to others.�

Three Sisters Adventist Christian School Doctors Brandi Kuhn and Alyssa Salava Providing chiropractic care and cranial sacral therapy for the whole family. Specializing in pregnancy and pediatric care for newborns, infants and children of all ages.

Now offering Saturday appointments! TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU:

Bend 1551 NE 4th St. 541.389.9373

La Pine 51538 Hwy 97 541.640.2155 highdesertchiro.com

We provide a Christ-centered academic environment where students are nourished both spiritually and intellectually. We offer a fully accredited academic program, Bible based curriculum, chimes and music, Mt. Bachelor ski program, 6th grade outdoor school, PE, and community service opportunities. 21155 Tumalo Road, Bend OR 97703




Our goal is to provide a vision care experience to the children of Central Oregon that is absolutely the best.


Optometric Physicians Board Certified in Vision Therapy by COVD.

Amanda Balsalobre, OD FCOVD Gabby Marshall, OD FCOVD

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he birth of a child is a life experience that is forever ingrained in the mind. Labor duration, location, as well as the memory of loved ones present, are all indelible details. In reality, the birthing process is just a flickering moment in the parental journey, but, somehow it is monumental, especially for the mother. Enjoy reading Annette Benedetti’s article on birthing options here in Central Oregon. Whether you feel more comfortable at home or in the hospital, there are numerous options from which to choose. Summer is my favorite season of the year. Summer just means fun. A bit of advice for parents when planning the summer vacation – work in some teachable moments between the fun and intentionally plan your child’s days to encourage learning. The summer slide is real, but with careful planning your child can stay ahead of the game. Check out some must-reads in Bookshelf for starters. Reading and writing over the break are important, but even attending a festival or fair can expose kids to new ideas and skills. Consult our essential guide to Oregon events

– kids love the anticipation and thrill of attending something grand. More summer ideas include exposing your children to art — at home or in a class, a trip to the library and so much more. Local artist and mom, MaryLea Harris, has some wonderful ideas for the crafty-impaired. Summer is also a time for parents to get out with friends – we encourage parents to bring the kids along instead of leaving them home with a babysitter. Local businesses have made this easy, catering to children in a variety of ways. And in Kids in Action, read about an inspiring young woman who recently led the team at The Pinnacle, Summit High’s newspaper, to first-place awards at the National High School Journalism Convention. Congratulations Natalie! Happy Summer to all – I hope you find fun and laughter in all that you do!

Summer is FUN at Waldorf School of Bend! Cultivate a deep d connection i to nature through h h exciting, ii unique and challenging adventures each week. Join our Summer Camps for ages 6-9 and 10-12! Dates & Themes July 9th—13th: FUNplugged: Classic Camp Games July 16th—20th: CSI Camp: Clues, Science and Investigation July 23rd—27th: Worldly Wonders July 30th—Aug 3rd: “Imaginature”

Weekly activities: Field Trips, Special Guests, Arts, Music & Yoga Time: 9:00-3:00pm *Extended drop off available 8:30-9:00am Our staff of energetic, creative and loving teachers are excited to provide fun experiences where children are encouraged to learn, grow and develop skills for school and life. For detailed information and to register: www.bendwaldorf.com/ summer-camp info@bendwaldorf.com

2150 NE Studio Road Ste.2 | Bend, Oregon 97701


$275/week *$5/half hour extended care Phone: 541-330-8841

Summer 2018 | 11

f u n e n g ag i n g social July 23-27 & August 6-10

Summer Camps Kindermusik Singing/Voice Private Study Group Classes Adult Classes

9:00am - 11:30am Puppies & Kittens (8-9 yrs) 1:30am - 4:00pm Big Dogs & Cats (10-12yrs) Hands-on animal care, meet the experts, crafts & fun activities

View all class offerings at

www.cascadeschoolofmusic.org or call for more info 541.382.6866

Inspires compassion for all animals while learning responsible pet care and safety.

Register Today at hsco.org


Westside Eastside

541.647.2198 | 845 NW DELAWARE AVE. 541.382.1751 | 1500 NE CUSHING SUITE 100


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of the

Q&A Erin E. LeGrand





idea if this will be feasible, not know-

to help with things like baby blues,

ing how painful things can get. Are

pain and milk production. Do you

the pain management drugs harmful

support this? How does

to the baby and if so, are there meth-

this work with our local

Nearing the end of my third trimester, I am certain that I want a

natural childbirth. However, I have no

ods that are safer than others?


There is no way to know how you will tolerate the pain of labor until you are in the moment, as there are many factors that affect this. Every labor is different, some fast and some slow. Your delivery team will try to help you through the natural childbirth process if that is what you want. The options for pain management are IV medications and an epidural. Both are safe, but the IV medications can sedate the baby, so we try not to give these too close to the time of delivery.

I have heard that some women save their placenta and have it

made into capsules after giving birth



Recently, this has been a common practice for women. The hospital will release the placenta to you after delivery in most instances, and you just have to sign a form. There are no placebo-controlled studies showing benefits to ingesting the placenta, and there was even one case of a baby becoming ill because of a bacteria that was ingested through the encapsulated placenta by the mother. This is not a practice I recommend personally, but I support my patients that wish to do it.


There are so many prenatal vitamins on the market that

it is challenging to know which

is best. Do you recommend anything in particular or any additional supplements?


Most prenatal vitamins have the adequate amount of nutrients. You just want to make sure it has at least 400 mcg of folic acid. Because certain highrisk pregnancies have different needs, I recommend you talk to your OB provider about specific supplements. Prenatal vitamins should be started at least one month prior to conception.


My daughter is almost nine months old and I am still

experiencing discomfort during

intercourse. It is starting to affect the way I feel about my body as well as my marriage. Is there anything I can do?


This is a very common complaint that many women are afraid to bring up. There are hormonal changes after delivery, especially while breastfeeding, that affect the vaginal tissue and lead to dryness and painful intercourse. Sometimes over-the-counter lubrication is enough, but often women need to use vaginal estrogen until they are done breastfeeding. This is a prescription that is safe and effective - talk to your OB provider for more information. You should also have an exam to rule out any other cause of painful intercourse.


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Fun Fair Facts ■ The first annual fair in the American colonies was held in 1641 in New Amsterdam (now New York City) to showcase farm products of the local area. ■ The USA’s first state fair was held in Syracuse, New York in September of 1841. ■ The first World’s Fair was held in 1851 in England at London’s Crystal Palace. The fair exhibited American machinery of the Industrial Revolution. ■W  hat we call “Cotton Candy” was originally called “Fairy Floss” and was invented in 1897 by candy makers William Morris and John C. Wharton of Nashville, Tenn. It was introduced at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. ■ The Ferris wheel made its debut at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. ■ Carousels with wooden horses were first used to give horseback riding lessons to Turkish and Arabian cavalry members. When crusaders returned to Europe, they brought the device back with them.

■ Although Stanley Jenkins holds the patent of the corn dog, its original inventor remains one of the world’s most heated food debates in history. The Texas State Fair sells the most corn dogs at one time - 630,000 per season (which is only 24 days) Source: spoonuniversity.com

■ Deep Fried Everything In 2011, The Wisconsin State Fair offered the ultimate fried concoction: clumps of deep fried butter. Source: Time.com

■ In its 99th year, the Deschutes County Fair is Oregon’s largest county fair and rodeo. Source: expo.deschutes.org

■ At the Deschutes County Fair, the Buckaroo Breakfast has been an ongoing tradition for 74 years. Started in 1944 by Redmond’s city fathers as a way to sell war bonds, the food is still the same except that steak is no longer on the menu. Source: 2016 Official Fair Guide

Source: showmensmuseum.org

Summer 2018 | 15


Photo by Lucas Fre

It’s Not a Magic School Bus. It’s a Walking School Bus! By Danielle Meyers 

16 | BendNest.com


Students of schools in Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook and Northern Klamath counties can now participate in walking school buses—a fun and organized way for students to safely get to school, by walking or biking in a group. Much like a school bus, classmates are picked up along the way to school. Commute Options, a local non-profit supporting biking, walking and other alternative forms of transportation, recently received a $123,000 grant from the Central Oregon Health Council’s Regional Health Improvement Plan, paired with Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention Workgroup, to design the program. Commute Options aims to include 20 schools in four counties and include all grades.   In Bend, elementary schools including Bear Creek, Pine Ridge and Elk Meadow are acting as case studies for walking school buses, through a program offered by Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization. Directors are hoping to offer the program two days a week and to eventually include more schools. Crook County middle and elementary schools will be some of the first schools to try out the new program.   Studies by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that kids who walk or bike to school are healthier, happier and often do better in school.  “Walking to school is a great way to increase your child’s physical activity. With the Walking School Bus program, our goal is to help kids and families get physical activity, reduce traffic congestions at schools and get to know their neighborhoods,” states Brian Potwin, active transportation manager for Commute Options.    

Students at Bend’s Miller Elementary School enjoy an active commute to school.

From Now On, More Than One Teacher of the Year By Nicole Vulcan   You’ve probably heard of the Teacher of the Year program, honoring one exceptional teacher Our Teacher of the in each state annually. This year, though, Oregon is honoring not just Year, Rosemary Tyson one teacher, but a baker’s dozen. The Oregon Department of Education announced in May that it’s expanding its Teacher of the Year program to include a regional Teachers of the Year component involving 13 teachers—one from each region of Oregon. Those 13 teachers will be automatically considered for the statewide Teacher of the Year, an honor announced in September.   Central Oregon is part of the “Central Region,” where this year, the teacher receiving the Regional Teacher of the Year and a $500 award from the Oregon Lottery, is Rosemary Tyson, a math teacher at Obsidian Middle School.  To be considered, applicants must submit letters of support from principals, superintendents and colleagues. Judges

then assess each teacher on their leadership, instructional expertise, community involvement, vision and understanding of educational issues.   In 2016, Heather Anderson of Bend’s Juniper Elementary School was named Oregon’s Teacher of the Year—an honor that comes with a $5,000 award for the teacher and $5,000 for the teacher’s school, as well as a special fund for travel costs for the year.  

ALL ER SUMMG! N O L 18 JUNE . 31 G U A -

make it your

Bend Girl Becomes a Published Poet

best summer ever

By Nicole Vulcan

Create a summer full of memories with BPRD’s summer day camps. COUGAR CAMP

Entering Grades: 3 - 7 Outdoor activities and campout at Shevlin Park!


Photos by Julie

Not many magazines publish poetry on a regular basis: The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine and CRICKET—the magazine for kids, on newsstands since 1973. CRICKET publishes the winning poems from its themed poetry contests in each issue, and the Local poet, Sofia Bartlemay current one includes a submission from a Central Oregon girl.   Featured in the May/June issue of Cricket is a poem by Sofia Bartlemay, age 8, of Bend. Bartlemay’s poem, “Sea-Foam Horse” was the third prize winner in the February 2018 Cricket League poetry competition, in which the publication asked kids to write an original poem about a horse.   “I love writing poems because it is fun to write about things that happened, things that will happen, and things that don’t exist,” Bartlemay told Bend Nest. “I have written some poems that are educational, and I have written some fantasy poems that are just fun to read.”  Each issue of Cricket sponsors a different writing or art competition, with hundreds of entries submitted. Winners receive a certification, recognition, and publication in the magazine and on its website. 

Entering Grades: 1 - 9 Creative art camps with a variety of mediums.


Ages: 4 - 17 Let’s play! You name the sport, we’ve got a camp!

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CAMPS Entering Grades: 1 - 9 Exciting adventures centered on fun.


Entering Grades: 1 - 9 Make it yourself in a variety of creative camps. For details and to register, visit bendparksandrec.org or call 541-389-7275

Summer 2018 | 17



ummer break can be a source of anxiety for many parents and caregivers of young children. Visions of bickering siblings, tantrums and constant outcries of “I’m bored!” can give even the most experienced parent cold sweats. Have no fear, even if you’re not a so-called “crafty” person, I’ve got your back here. Taking as many ideas as you can find from Pinterest, other parents and bloggers, you’ll be able to put your own spin on ideas and have fun creating a memorable artsy summer with your own family.

Start with a To-Do List

Photos by Maria Fernandez

Art of Summer The

How to create, play and explore with your kids By MaryLea Harris

18 | BendNest.com

Make a Summer Fun To-Do List as a family. Using a big piece of paper or poster board and a stack of colorful Sharpies, get the whole family involved and post it where you can see it. Here are a few ideas to get you started: roast marshmallows, grow sunflowers, make juice popsicles, make homemade play dough or slime, build a fort, play squirt bottle tag or create a family sidewalk chalk mural on the driveway.

An Invitation to Create

Encourage your children to experiment with various art materials and recyclables, mixed with their own ideas. Set up an art prompt (also known as an “invitation to create”) at the kitchen table. This simply involves a thoughtfully arranged selection of art materials set up while your child is out of the room, making it fun for them to discover on their own. A great time to do this is at night while they are asleep, as it offers an instant morning activity; alternately, you can set one up in the middle of the day for some creative downtime. There are tons of resources and ideas for this online: try The Art Pantry, The Imagination Tree and Tinkerlab blogs.

Art Outing

Bend has a very accessible local art scene. Take the kids to see works by artists at local galleries, the High Desert Museum, First Fridays or Art in the High Desert. Talk about the art, then go home and make your own project inspired by what you saw.

Art Supplies

Invest in some fun art supplies from locally owned Layor Art Supply or any craft store. One of our family favorites are paint pens from POSCA. They’re great for

drawing on leaves, sticks, and rocks (we take ours camping and to the coast). We also love Sharpies, watercolors, oil pastels on black construction paper, felt and embroidery floss, sidewalk chalk and inexpensive craft paint.


Ebooks are a great resource for summer caregivers, as they provide endless ideas for art and sensory projects for kids. I’ve authored 10 myself, including Exploring Great Artists, Rainbow Fun, Backyard Fun, and “Mom Would Never Let Me Do This at Home.” I also love The Nurture Store’s ebooks for younger children (ages 3 to 5) and The Artful Parent online courses.

Art and Movement Classes

If you need to occupy your kids outside of the home, sign them up for an art class or two at the Art Station, Base Camp Studio, Bend Parks and Rec, or the Bend Art Center. Central

Oregon Community College offers great summer culinary classes and coding camps for kids, too. Get the kids moving with yoga classes at Wren and Wild, aerial and acroyoga at Tula Movement Arts, climbing at Bend Rock Gym or dance classes at Vibe and Terpsichorean.

Trips to the Library

Visit our library and get lost in the children’s section or check out a stack of books to take home. Expose your kids to the many different styles of illustration, color and art forms.

Kids learn in so many different ways. Try to find things your kids are into – a simple key word search on Google or Pinterest is the gateway to getting fresh ideas. Engaging your children in activities that are multi-sensory and creative in nature is so memorable and fun. Here’s what to look for: if something is fun, or messy, or beautiful, they’ll remember it. It doesn’t have to be perfect or break the bank. The best investment you can make in your children’s childhood is your time and attention. MaryLea Harris is a parent, educator, author and founder of Pink and Green Mama, an award-winning arts and crafts website for caregivers of young children. MaryLea Harris Art: maryleaharrisart.com Pink and Green Mama: pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com

r e m m Su

t r A p! m a C . rs old 2 yea 1 4 s d for ki ll day a y a l dp Art an

2018 CAMPS

3D Art

Nature + Art

Painting Exploration

Clay Exploration

Art + Our Favorite Books

Diy Art Supplies

Get Outside!

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Wearable Art I

Wearable Art II

June 18th-22nd, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

June 25th-29th, 9am-3pm / Ages 5-12

July 9th-13th, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

July 16th-20th, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

July 23rd-27th, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

July 30th-Aug. 3rd, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

Aug. 6th-Aug. 10th, 9am-3pm / Ages 5-12

Aug. 13th-Aug. 17th, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

Aug. 20th-Aug. 24th, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

Aug. 27th-Aug. 31st, 9am-3pm / Ages 4-10

We keep the groups small, the play fun, and take the studio outside as we savor our Bend summer!

Visit iartbend.com to register today!

OPEN FOR WALK IN'S WEDNESDAY THRU SUNDAY IN THE BEND FACTORY STORES. A candle making studio where you create a one of kind keepsake or gifts for any occasion. Bring a friend anytime or Book a birthday party, girls night out or team event!


r a p tor s of t he

desert sk y With support from Bigfoot Beverages


members $3 • non-members $5

plus museum admission. children 2 and younger free

59800 s. hwy 97 | bend, oregon 541-382-4754 | highdesertmuseum.org


After School Registration



Downtown Bend & East Bend locations BEND


www.bgcbend.org // (541) 617-2877

20 | BendNest.com



many ways to engage kids outside of the traditional Ah, summer! Parents everywhere are ready for a classroom to help combat this unfortunate trend. break from pestering their kids to do homework and Heather Chatam, who is the director of Samara study. What parents may not realize, however, is that Learning Center in Bend, describes the summer slide without this active engagement in learning, most kids in terms of a mental pathway, will fall victim to the dreaded much like a trail through a “summer slide.” Children, Because parents play a crucial role in field of grass. The more one especially those from low-indetermining how their children pend the walks on the trail, the more come families, tend to lose defined the path becomes. some of the achievement gains summer vacation, it is important for parents The same is true of kids’ they made during the previous to think outside the box when it comes to mental pathways. “During the school year over the summer exposing kids to learning opportunities. summer we should still enbreak. Many advocates of courage our kids to maintain instituting year-round school the routes, strengthen our muscle memory/habits, believe the only way to alleviate this summer slide is and continually re-establish the mental-pathways they for kids not to take an extended break. Yet, there are

Summer 2018 | 21

figuring out how much the groceries cost and more. Because parents play a crucial role in determining how their children spend the summer vacation, it is important for parents to think outside the box when it comes to exposing kids to learning opportunities. Visiting an art gallery, watching an historical documentary, signing them up for a multi-sport camp are all activities that can promote learning. What parents should avoid is leaving kids home alone to watch YouTube or TV or play video games all day. have been building during the school year, but we all can have a lot of fun and enjoy the scenery along the way,” says Chatam. One of the easiest ways to help reduce the summer slide is to make sure kids are reading. According to Bend-LaPine Schools, children who don’t read over the summer vacation risk losing more than two months of reading achievement by fall and can be two years behind their peers by the end of sixth grade. This can be quite disastrous, according to the Beginning School Study. “Early summer learning losses have later life consequences, including high school curriculum placement, whether kids drop out of high school, and whether they attend college.” Requiring kids to read at least 30 minutes a day, as well as asking them to keep a daily journal, are small steps parents can make toward strengthening reading and writing skills. In addition, the Deschutes Public Library offers free age-appropriate summer reading programs, which are not only educational but fun for kids. Math skills also tend to fizzle away over the summer at an even greater rate than reading skills. Aside from quizzing kids with flash cards, parents can expose their children to mathematical concepts in real-life situations. Kids can be responsible for counting money, 22 | BendNest.com

“Early summer learning losses have later life consequences, including high school curriculum placement, whether kids drop out of high school, and whether they attend college.” Some parents simply don’t have the time to provide teachable moments due to work schedules or other obligations. In this case, thoughtful planning is key. Many local learning centers offer summer classes for children, which include games, field trips and art mixed in with some educational review to keep kids on their toes. These classes are all about fun ways of learning outside the traditional classroom. Setting children up for success by providing them with opportunities for continuous learning over the summer months will ensure that, come fall, they are ready to move forward into new territory without having to relearn last year’s concepts. Learning is fun and interesting. If concepts are presented with enthusiasm, most children will engage and choose learning even if the sun is shining and the school doors are locked.


• Use purchases at stores and restaurants as teachable moments for kids: • Figure out cash needed for sale, tip, etc. • Practice rounding by predicting total bill at register.

• Practice fractions by doubling a recipe or building something. • Run a lemonade stand or help with a garage sale.

• Play card games- Multiplication Wars, Speed, Garbage

• Play games- Zeus on the Loose, Yahtzee, Monopoly


• Independent reading – 30min/day

• Join a summer reading program at the library. • Listen to audiobooks in the car. • Make a scavenger hunt. • Madlibs

• Keep a summer journal.


• Look online for simple science experiments to do at home.

• Ask kids science questions-What kind of rock is this? Why does the sun set earlier? • Watch the History Channel.

• Watch movies with historical backgrounds.


Summer Events

Is summer slipping away before your very eyes? Time to get out and do something memorable. Being part of a parade, watching a special demonstration or listening to live music exposes kids to cultural diversity and creativity, while giving them something to look forward to year after year. Check out our picks for some fabulous crowd-pleasing events here in Central Oregon and beyond.

Bite of Bend June 15-17

Fourth of July Pet Parade

Photo by Jess

July 4

If you are in Bend for Independence Day, check out the Pet Parade. This is good old-fashioned fun at

ica Milnes

The Bite of Bend celebrates the region’s unique ingredients and cuisine by bringing together chefs, bartenders and food enthusiasts for a three-day food party on the streets of downtown Bend. Sample savory bites from local restaurants, while relaxing and grooving to the live music. There’s something for everyone: Mom and Dad will enjoy the Beer Run, while the kids compete in their own Little Hopper Root Beer Run (part of the Kids Rock

the Races series). Don’t miss the two days of Top Chef Competition featuring local chefs from around Central Oregon. Entry into the event is free. biteofbend.com

Grab a treat at the Bite of Bend.

Summer 2018 | 23

Balloons Over Bend Night Glow.

its finest. Dating back to 1932, the Bend Pet Parade comes to downtown Bend every 4th of July, where families walk, bike or ride with their pets (think llamas, lizards, wiener dogs and stuffed animals) through the streets of Bend. This off-the-wall tradition, where costumes are encouraged, pets are mandatory and creativity abounds, attracts around 8,000 participants and spectators each year. The decorating party and lineup begins at 9am on Wall Street in front of the Bend-La Pine School Admin Building (520 NW Wall Street). The parade begins at 10am, sharp. Oh, and every child receives a free popsicle! bendparksandrec.org

Munch & Music

Every Thursday July 12 – August 16 A Bend tradition, in its 27th year, Munch & Music brings music and community together in Drake Park. Every Thursday evening, on the lawn, expect a sea of blankets and low chairs with families and friends hanging out enjoying live music. Mirror Pond provides a stunning backdrop to the stage as the sun sinks in the sky. Each week brings an opening act and a headliner, food carts, artisan booths, beer and more! Entry into the event is free. munchandmusic.com

Bend Summerfest July 13-15

This is Bend’s largest summer festival. Once a year, downtown Bend comes alive when the streets are closed, the tents pop up and families pour into the magical vibe of summer. Peruse the wares of unique local artists, sample gourmet foods, marvel at gorgeous bouquets of flowers and the bountiful fruits Feel the energy 24 | BendNest.com

at Summerfest.

of summer. Kids will love the children’s area which includes fun activities like balloon animals, face painting and bounce houses. In addition, the Children’s Museum of Central Oregon offers hands-on experiments for kids with inquisitive minds. Being a traditional street fair, food vendors offer an eclectic mix of plates and carnival-style treats. The Minnesota Street Hub offers free live jazz and local gourmet booths. Wander around during the day with the family, then plan a date night to experience the incredible lineup at the three music stages while sampling the array of microbrews and ciders. Entry to the event is free. bendsummerfestival.com

Balloons Over Bend July 27-29

One special weekend in July, you can watch your children’s faces light up as they look up into the morning sky and witness the rainbow-colored giants gliding across Central Oregon. Hot-air balloons and kids just seem to go together. Drenched in tradition, ballooning attracts an extraordinary breed

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at the helm: pilots who honor the French founders with champagne ceremonies and loyal crews who chase the balloon during the wee hours of the morning. What could be more fun? Balloons Over Bend is a festive weekend that not only offers opportunities to witness awe-inspiring hot air balloons at the Night Glow event and morning launches, but also features the Children’s Festival on Saturday. Here, Central Oregon businesses offer an array of children’s activities, such as bounce houses, face painting and the Balloons Blast Kids Race (part of the Kids Rock the Races series). This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the entire ballooning process from start to launch. More information about the festival is available at: balloonsoverbend.com

Pets are our business (and our passion)

Deschutes County Fair August 1-5

Make family memories this summer at the much-anticipated week-long county fair in Redmond at the Expo Center. This year’s theme is “Cheers to 99 Years!” and celebrates a rich history of the largest fair in Oregon. Kids will be enthralled by the vast array of farm animals presented by 4-H and FFA members. Hunt for the blue ribbons in a wide variety of categories from beer to cheese, ceramics to an all-time favorite: baked goods.

Visit Our Website www.bendpetexpress.com

Eastside 420 NE Windy Knolls Dr. 541.385.5298

Email Us contact@bendpetexpress.com

Westside 133 SW Century Drive 541.389.4620

Summer 2018 | 25

Photo courtesy of Lincoln City Visitor & Convention Bureau

Lincoln City Kite Festival


Photo by Claire Thoring

Photo by Jeremy Holm

There’s even a talent show open to all for a chance at winning $150. Wednesday through Saturday nights don’t miss the rodeo and the free concerts (included with the price of entry). As the kids find their way to the carnival rides and the midway, look for your favorite fair fare: funnel cakes, elephant ears, or shaved ice anyone? There’s a wide variety of music, shows and demonstrations that you’ll not want to miss as well. expo.deschutes.org/fair

Britt Music Festival June-September

Located in the historic gold rush town of Jacksonville in Southern Oregon, Britt presents dozens of summer concerts, featuring world-class artists in classical, jazz, blues, folk, bluegrass, world, pop and country music. Britt’s performance venue is a naturally formed amphitheater set among ponderosa pines 26 | BendNest.com



Rock out at BrittKids

Lincoln City Kite Festival on the beautiful hillside estate of 19th century photographer, Peter Britt. It’s a casual venue where you can still bring your own picnic and wine, hang out on your blanket and listen to some worldclass acts. Concerts run throughout the summer and include special kid’s events, including Michael Franti’s family matinee and a series of free BrittKids concerts. With Ashland being so close to the venue, a Southern Oregon family road trip seems like a great idea! Check out the line-up and schedule at: brittfest.org

June 23-24

Well worth the trip to the coast, this weekend event in Lincoln City features performances by professional kite fliers, a sand race with runners strapped to a parachute kite, kids’ kite-making workshops, a kids and kites parade on the beach and more! Bring the whole family to watch the beautiful kites dance in the wind with the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Who knew there were professionals who choreograph kite dances to music? In addition to the kite festival, Lincoln City

Summer Events offers an array of family-friendly activities that make this a memorable coastal adventure. Find out more at: oregoncoast.org/lincoln-city-summer-kite-festival

Oregon Country Fair July 13-15

Photo by St

An extremely unique Oregon tradition (think enchanted forest, body paint, and vaudeville), the Oregon Country Fair offers a magical experience for kids and families. Acrobats, jugglers, and artists abound, as well as some very impressive sculptures and beautiful costumes. Set in the woodsy area of Veneta just outside of Eugene, during the fair, the natural environment is transformed into a neighborhood full of makeshift tents and booths, full of vendors selling uniquely Oregon-made wares. Although the venue can get quite crowded and dusty, especially on Saturday, attending the fair on Friday or Sunday can make a world of difference. There is wonderful food, endless people-watching, music and numerous play areas for children. Kids will love the arts and crafts, puppeteers and music. oregoncountryfair.org ephen Datn


Creative Cookie Experience Everyone is an artist and the cookies are your canvas for creativity! Looking for a unique experience for your next party? Let us take care of it and bring it to you. It will be an experience like no other that you will not forget.

Photo by Stephen Datn

Family Gatherings Birthday parties • Office Celebrations





Summer 2018 | 27



Congratulations, you are having a baby!

After the shock and excitement of discovering that you are bringing a new life into the world, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed as you take in everything you need to do to prepare for your child’s arrival—including deciding where and how you want to give birth. There are several birthing options available for expectant moms, but before you make your decision, local professionals suggest arming yourself with knowledge while taking the time to consider what is really best for you.

Before You Make Your Decision

Shanti O’Connor is the owner of Rooted & Open, Bend Birth Connection and The Hive Holistic Wellness Center in Bend. She hosted Birth Awareness Week of Central Oregon last November and strives to raise birth awareness locally through a variety of events, including the Birth Tellers Series, expecting parents’ groups and women’s circles. O’Connor says, “When families are deciding on where to birth their child, it’s important that they get clear about what type of birth experience they want.” She suggests they take time to consider where they will feel the safest,

28 | BendNest.com

Birthing Facilities and Care Providers ST. CHARLES FAMILY BIRTHING CENTERS respected, cared for, understood and empowered. Research is key. Know your choices. If you have insurance, start by clarifying your coverage. Find out how much of an intervention-free birth in a hospital setting is covered. Compare your out-of-pocket cost with the costs of birthing with a midwife at home or in a birthing center. Then put together a list of providers to interview. “Interview a few different birth practitioners and while you are doing so, really pay attention…Do you feel excited and energized or scared and drained after an interview?” O’Connor says, “Your birth practitioner should feel like a trusted friend. You know without a doubt that this person cares about you, will listen to your needs and feelings and will advocate for you.” While gathering all of the information you can is important, O’Connor says deciding where to birth shouldn’t necessarily be a logical choice. “Birth is not logical,” says O’Connor, “It is raw, emotional, vulnerable, scary and powerful. So, make sure as you are navigating these choices you really tune in to how you feel, your body knows what it needs in birth and it will tell you...”

Birthing Options in Bend

There are several different kinds of birthing options available in Central Oregon for expecting women to consider.

St. Charles has family birthing centers in Bend, Redmond and Madras that offer the full range of obstetrical services. All of the birthing rooms are private suites with Jacuzzi tubs for laboring moms and sleeper beds for the family. The medical staff includes obstetricians, certified nurse midwives, pediatricians, nurses and family physicians. St. Charles in Bend also houses the only neonatal intensive care unit in the region. Lauren MacPherson is a doula and the owner of Moonlight Doula Services. She says, “The hospital in Bend is very capable and steers clear of as many interventions as possible while still respecting the medical need for interventions and life-saving measures.” According to MacPherson, there are two options available for families who don’t feel a hospital is the right setting for them. “Bend Birth Center provides a birth center where you can labor and deliver your baby in a setting that feels more formal but leaves the hospital mentality at the door,” she says. The second option is birthing at home. Depending on insurance coverage, a hospital birth could be more or less expensive than other birth options. “A birth center will cost more than a home birth due to the facility fee,” explains MacPherson. “A home birth is the most cost-effective way to go if your insurance does not cover much of a hospital birth.

Bend 2500 NE Neff Rd. 541-382-4321 stcharleshealthcare.org/ Our-Services/ Family-Birthing-Centers Redmond 1253 N. Canal Blvd. 541-548-8131 Madras 470 NE A St. 541-475-3882

OTHER CENTERS Bend Birth Center 61533 Parrell Road, Bend P: 541 749 4660 bendbirthcenter.com


Mandala Midwifery 503-860-6361 mandalamidwives.com Central Oregon OB/GYN 2450 NE Mary Rose Place, Bend 541-323-6198 centraloregonob.com East Cascade Women’s Group 2400 NE Neff Rd., Bend 541-389-3300 eastcascadewomensgroup.com

Summer 2018 | 29

Find and buy direct from Central Oregon Farmers, Ranchers and Food Artisans.

Register and shop now at www.food4all.com

Dine In

Take Out


When deciding on your practitioner, it is important to consider who attends births where. Physicians deliver babies in-hospital. St. Charles also has Certified Nurse Midwives that deliver in their birthing facilities. LDM (Licensed Direct Entry) and CPM (Certified Professional Midwives), as well as Certified Nurse Midwives, attend to out-of-hospital births. Both the midwives that run Bend Birth Center and those that work at Mandala Midwifery perform home births for those who prefer to be in their own family environment. Allegra Lilly is a certified midwife and the owner of Mandala Midwifery in Bend. She says, “My philosophy on birth is to keep it as close as possible to the intimate experience it has traditionally been, while safeguarding mother and baby.” She goes on to explain, “I love home birth because it blends traditional care that is mother-centered with modern tools and equipment to keep birth safe.”

Seeking Additional Support

VOTED Bend, Oregon’s

Pizza vor20iteYears! FaFor READER’S POLL


(541) 330-9093 811 NW Wall St.


PizzaMondoBend.com 30 | BendNest.com

After you’ve chosen your birthplace and either an obstetrician or midwife, you may find you feel you need additional support. Hiring a doula is something to consider. According to DONA International, a doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest experience possible. “A doula is there to provide constant physical, emotional and mental support to a laboring woman and her family,” says MacPherson. “They are there to advocate for your choices and educate you...” MacPherson goes on to explain that a big part of her job is fostering the experience the mother wants for her birth and advocating for the mother and baby when the birth plan does not go as planned. “There is truly something to be said about having someone who can unconditionally support you as you travel through the process of becoming a parent,” she says. “Every woman in labor deserves that kind of support and love while she does the most challenging and wonderful thing she can do for her child.”




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Area Rug Connection the place to buy authentic, gorgeous, unique rugs. They truly care. And, that is what sets this shop

A rug for every reason.

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“The people at ARC have been to rug shows near and far and are extremely passionate about their role in making The NEW LOCATION: 201 SE 2nd Street - Bend, OR 97702 | 541.383.9013 | info@arearugconnection.com | arearugconnection.com

Area Rug Connection the place to buy authentic, gorgeous, unique rugs. They truly care. And, that is what sets this shop

Showroom Location: 201 SE 2nd Street - Bend, OR 97702 541.383.9013 | info@arearugconnection.com | arearugconnection.com

apart from all others.” - Laura H.

Expert Compassionate Health Care for the whole family.

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Redlands University

Contact us today to learn more about our challenging academic and experiential program and to schedule a personal tour.

Healthy AdventureS await!

CASCADES ACADEMY | Independent School PK-12

Open 7 Days • Urgent Care

19860 Tumalo Reservoir Road | Bend, Oregon 97703 541.382.0699 | info@cascadesacademy.org | www.cascadesacademy.org

Taking applications for 2018-2019

CAI-34_graduation_ad2.indd 1

Doctors Byron Maas, Lauren Stayer, Erin Miller, Marie Stanley & Tabitha Johnston bendveterinaryclinic.com • 382-0741


5/29/18 1:22 PM

Summer 2018 | 31


Local Businesses Serve Up

Family-Friendly Summer Fun By Annette Benedetti

Get into the Kid Zone at Sunriver Brewery.

32 | BendNest.com

Summertime in Central Oregon is packed with outdoor camps and kid-focused activities that kick off the minute the last school bell rings. But kids aren’t the only ones who need a little break from the usual daily grind. During those few months when the weather warms and the sun shines, parents deserve a little break from hardcore parenting and the opportunity to kick back Central Oregon style. Get your summer planner ready. We’ve rounded up local businesses that offer onsite childcare or options for outings that keep the little ones entertained so the adults can have some fun of their own.

Enjoy a Craft Beer

Bend Brewing Company is located right on the river where you’ll enjoy excellent food, imbibe and chat with friends while the kids run and play on their riverfront lawn area. The view is hard to beat and the summer vibe is strong at this joint. We suggest grabbing an order of their BBC Nachos or trying their Homemade Chips & Salsa. bendbrewingco.com The Crux Fermentation Project brewery gives parents the perfect spot to grab a late lunch, relax on the lawn and sip on suds while the kids kick it with their friends in the large yard area. Located in the center of Bend, this brewery offers a variety of food carts. The atmosphere is super casual, just like a summer afternoon in Bend should be. cruxfermentation.com GoodLife Brewery has captured the essence of the Bend life with its kid- and dog-friendly Biergarten situated on the east side of the brewery. This large green space has picnic tables and chairs on which to relax and lots of room for yard games and parent-free play. During the summer months, you’re likely to catch some live music too. goodlifebrewing.com Sunriver Brewing’s Sunriver location isn’t shy about its kid-friendly goals. Their Kid Zone is a small play area stocked with toys so kiddos stay entertained while the grownups relax. You can also head out to their deck where there’s plenty of fresh air and space for when the littles need to get their wiggles out. sunriverbrewingcompany.com

Beautiful night at

the Bite in Tuma


Go Wine Tasting

Maragas Winery offers its guests fine wine, yummy bites and an enormous sweeping patio and lawn area framed with views of Smith Rock and the Cascade Mountains. Kids run and play for hours on their lawn where it’s not unusual to catch live music throughout the summer. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and pack some hula-hoops and toys for entertainment. The babes will forget you are there as you relax and enjoy your favorite glass of red. maragaswinery.com Va Piano Wine Bar at the Old Mill wants to keep Mom and Dad’s attention on their fine wines, so they’ve made sure there’s a space for kids to play inside. But when the sun is out, there’s no need to stay cooped up. Instead, head out to their back patio to sip while the kids play in the grassy area. vapianovineyard.com

Gather Friends for Food and Fun

The Bite is located in scenic Tumalo at the north end of Bend and is well worth the trip if you’re looking for a festive experience. This outdoor area has an array of food carts from which to choose, a fire pit, live music and games for the kids. thebitetumalo.com Crow’s Feet Commons welcomes kids and literally has everything you need for a dream summer experience in Bend: coffee, beer, bike gear and a stunning view of Mirror Pond. Throughout the summer they host food trucks and live music—and there’s a beautiful grassy area where the kids can run and play. crowsfeetcommons.com Summer 2018 | 33

Kids love the Bite in Tumalo.

Dine Alone

My #GoodLifeGoal:

build lasting relationships I find value where I am valued, which is why I’m a lifelong SELCO member. From services and products, to pricing and rates, to their Oregon roots, they’ve earned my trust by always doing what’s best for me.

selco.org • 800-445-4483 Branches throughout Bend and Redmond Banking | Mortgages | Insurance | Investments Business Lending

Membership requirements apply. See SELCO for details. NMLS#402847

34 | BendNest.com

Bistro 28, located inside the Athletic Club of Bend, is a fine dining establishment with exceptional dishes like Draper Valley Oven Roasted Chicken and Grilled Double R Ranch Ribeye. Best of all, you can enjoy a romantic dinner with your beloved and keep your tots close by, because this restaurant has onsite childcare available, provided by Athletic Club of Bend. Call ACB for reservations. bistro28.com Brasada Ranch has babysitting services that allow parents to enjoy a romantic dinner with only 24 hours advanced notice. Located in Powell Butte, this dining establishment offers a cozy, intimate atmosphere that is perfect for those sweet summer nights. brasada.com

Get Fit

Juniper Swim & Fitness has onsite childcare that will give you some much-needed alone time to hit the gym, take a class or swim some laps. When you are done, you can pull the kids out for some pool play of their own. Barre3 is located in Bend and has onsite childcare so parents can enjoy a stress-free workout. However, if yoga is your thing, Namaspa is your studio. Sign your kids up for a separate class while you get your Om on at the same time! bendparksandrec.org/juniper_swim_fitness barre3.com namaspa.com

CALENDAR Every Weekday, June 25-August 17

Days of Play

— 21 years strong! Participate in crafts, water play, field games, sports activities and much more. Days of Play parks are also Bend-La Pine School District summer lunch program locations, too! Check out website for locations and times.


Various Parks in Bend | Free bendparksandrec.org


Bend Farmers Market

LOCAL —Blossoming into one of Oregon’s leading farm-direct marketplaces, the Bend Farmers Market showcases 100 percent Oregon-produced goods. You’ll find everything from fresh eats, sweet treats, meats to flowers and fun for the whole family. 3-7pm.

Brooks Alley, Downtown Bend | Free bendfarmersmarket.com

Wednesdays through Labor Day

Family Rocketry Wednesdays LEARN—Come

check out this beginner rocketry class launching solid fuel rockets. Learn how rockets and rocket motors work, then design and fly your very own! Ages 5 to adult – family-oriented. 10:30am-12:30pm. Reservations required.

Oregon Observatory at Sunriver | $30-$50 oregonobservatory.org


Let’s Picnic!

— Pack a picnic and bring the fam along for a delightful evening of live PLAY

4 Peaks Music Festival

music, games and art activities in local parks— and there will be ice cream treats! Bring a blanket or chairs. See website for park locations.

Various parks in Bend | Free bendparksandrec.org

Wednesdays, June 27-Sept. 5 (every other Wed.)

Music on the Green

MUSIC —Music on the Green combines free summer concerts with a block party atmosphere to offer a powerful mix of community and family fun. Kids are drawn to inflatable bounce houses, our brand-new Hope playground and other adventures, while the entire family can partake in a vast selection of tasty food, drinks and desserts. 6-7:30pm

Sam Johnson Park, Redmond | Free visitredmondoregon.com/ events


Thursdays, July 12-August 16

—Blossoming into one of Oregon’s leading farm-direct marketplaces, the BendFarmers Market showcases 100 percent Oregon-produced goods. You’ll find everything from fresh eats, sweet treats and meats to flowers and fun for the whole family. 3-7pm.

Bring the family down to Drake Park for some live music, great food and arts in a beautiful setting next to the Deschutes River. Bring a blanket or low back chair, relax and enjoy this community tradition.

Bend Farmers Market LOCAL

Whole Foods Market | Free


Thursdays through Labor Day

Rover Thursdays LEARN—This

class features information on the Mars Rovers and you will build your own solar rover and run a course with some of our special rovers! Ages 8 and up. Reservations required.

Oregon Observatory at Sunriver | $18-$20 oregonobservatory.org

Munch and Music

Drake Park | Free


Fridays through Labor Day

Advanced Rocketry Fridays

LEARN—Build your own solid fuel rocket, choose an engine and watch it fly! Ages 8 and up.10:30am-12:30pm. Reservations required.

Oregon Observatory at Sunriver |$18-$20 oregonobservatory.org


Saturday Bird Walks

LEARN—Walk with us on the wild side! Join Tom Lawler,

Summer 2018 | 35


Photo courtes

food enthusiasts, home cooks and local purveyors for a three-day food party on the streets of downtown Bend. The whole family will enjoy live music and some fabulous events, including the Top Chef competition, the Beer Run, the Root Beer Run and more!

y of Bend Pa rk and Rec

4th of July Old

expert local birder and nature photographer, to discover the rich bird habitats of Sunriver. Learn to identify a variety of species found in the wetlands, meadows and forests surrounding the Nature Center. Bird walks are geared towards adults, but older children with an interest in birding encouraged. Bring binoculars! Registration required.

Sunriver Nature Center | $4-$5 sunrivernaturecenter.org




enjoy a discounted rate every Sunday to enjoy the pool, waterslides, lazy river, and more! Must show proof of residency (Deschutes, Jefferson or Crook counties)

Sunriver SHARC | $19


Fashioned Festi

weekly event for the whole family. Come enjoy entertainment, a farmer’s market, local food carts and more! 4-6pm.

— Kids between the ages of 3-10 will have a blast on this fun course. Participants will run the course while building the key components of their root beer float. FUN RUN

Troy Field | $5


— Join the Deschutes Land Trust for a children’s story time stroll through the Metolius Preserve. Kids will discover how rocks, plants and animals tell their own stories. Ages 4-8 with a grown-up. Register online.

Bend Elks Baseball BASEBALL—Take

me out to the ballgame! Nothing goes better together than summer and baseball. Let the Bend Elks entertain the whole family at Vince Genna Stadium. Every Wednesday, kids 12 and under are free! See website for complete schedule.

Vince Genna Stadium | Prices vary bendelks.com


36 | BendNest.com

Little Hopper Root Beer Run



Sundays, June 17 - July 15 your Sundays at SHARC with this fun free

June 16

June 16

June 15-17



John Gray Amphitheater, Sunriver | Free


Turf Tunes

Downtown Bend | Free

The Bite of Bend

festival celebrates the region’s unique ingredients, cuisine and culture by bringing together chefs, bartenders, brewers,

Storytime Stroll: Be a Nature Detective HIKE

Metolius Preserve | Free


June 17

Father’s Day at the Museum

— Free admission for dads at High Desert Museum today!


High Desert Museum | Free for dads highdesertmuseum.org

June 20

Kids’ Butterfly Walk

HIKE —Explore the delicate and beautiful world of butterflies with the Deschutes Land Trust. This family-friendly walk around the Metolius Preserve will captivate your kids as they roam the forest searching for butterflies. Ages 4-10 with a grown-up. Register online.

Metolius Preserve | Free


June 21-24

4 Peaks Music Festival

MUSIC—Enjoy a family-friendly weekend of live music and overnight camping. Bands for 2018 include Greensky Bluegrass, Nahko & Medicine for the People, North Mississippi Allstars, The New Mastersounds, Poor Man’s Whiskey, the Brothers Comatose and more.

Stevenson Ranch | Prices vary 4peaksmusic.com

June 22

Kids Night Out: Healthy snacks

COOK — “I’m Hungry!” Sound familiar? Parents, sign your kids ages 7-17 up for a hands-on, three-hour class where they will learn to make their own healthy snacks including: apple chips and sweet and spicy nuts.

Kindred Creative Kitchen | $30


June 23

Storytime Stroll: Wandering the Woods

HIKE — Join the Deschutes Land Trust for a children’s story time stroll through the Metolius Preserve. Enjoy the simple pleasures of exploring the woods together! Discover how children’s books develop won-

der and appreciation for the natural world. Ages 3-5 with a grown-up. Register online.

Metolius Preserve | Free


June 23

Lazinka Sawmill Demonstration

DEMONSTRATION—Full steam ahead! See the 1904 sawmill in action and discover how critical this steam-powered sawmill was to homestead families in the High Desert. 11am-3pm

High Desert Museum | Free with admission highdesertmuseum.org

June 23 & 24

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz DANCE—Students

of Academie de Ballet take families on a magical journey loved by children and adults for over 100 years. Dorothy travels far and wide meeting new friends and a few scary witches searching for her way back to her family in Kansas.  

Tower Theatre | $5-$18

in search of bats on the Museum grounds using echolocator equipment. Bring weather-appropriate clothing and a flashlight or headlamp. Registration required. 8-9 pm

Friday, June 29

Art StART: Butterflies and Blooms

ART —Inspire a love for art in your children. Discover beginning art fundamentals and mediums in a fun, handson creative environment. Play-based art exploration inspired by child-friendly themes. Children ages 2 to 3 must be accompanied by an adult.

Art Station | $19 in-district, $23 out-of-district bendparksandrec.org

Saturday, June 30

Ukes for Youth Ukulele Camp

—Led by Neal Chin, award-winning ukulele performer and educator, this fun day will include hands-on instructional workshops and PLAY


High Desert Museum | $5-$10


July 13- July 15

Bend Summer Festival

Land Trust Butterfly


activities for kids ages 8-15, including playing on stage! Ukuleles will be provided, and no experience is necessary. Registration required.

Cascades Academy | $20 ukeu.info

Wednesday, July 4

July 4th Pet Parade & Old-Fashioned Festival

—Begin your celebration in Drake Park with the annual Lion’s Club Pancake Breakfast. Move on to Downtown Bend for the Pet Parade. Line up at Bend’s City Hall parking lot with your dog, wagon, bicycle or stuffed animal and be ready to walk the parade route. Afterwards, head to Drake Park where you’ll find live music, local artisans and lots of delicious food at the Old-Fashioned Festival. And—there will be an expanded Kids & Family area this year. PARADE

Downtown Bend | Free


July 13- 22

Wrinkle in Time

THEATER — BEAT Children’s Theatre presents one of literature’s most enduring young heroines, Meg Murry, with back braces, stubbornness and all. She joins forces with Mrs. Whatsit, Charles Wallace, Calvin O’Keefe and more to battle the forces of evil so she can rescue her father, save humanity and find herself.

Downtown Bend | Free

2nd Street Theater | $10/student & children, $15/adults & seniors



July 13

Friday, July 13


HIKE —Explore the delicate and beautiful world of butter-

Bat Walk

us on an exciting evening expedition

Ukes for Youth Camp

FESTIVAL —Enjoying 27 years of kicking off the summer season, the First Interstate Bank Bend Summer Festival draws 75 thousand visitors for a weekend like no other. Festival features fine artists and craftspeople, artisans and performers, and three stages of some of the best regional and national blues, rock and jazz. Check out the kid area for family-friendly activities!

Kids’ Butterfly Walk

Summer 2018 | 37


REGISTER YOUR LITTLE SCIENTIST FOR CAMP TODAY Angry Birdies 6/29 CCC Mystery 7/2 Liquid Nitrogen 7/3 Under Pressure 7/6 Incredible Invertebrates 7/9

Camps are from 9:30 to 3:30 for $75

outstanding science education since 2002


38 | BendNest.com


July 14

Sisters Quilt Show

EVENT—Come experience the art, skill, and heritage of traditional and contemporary quilts and fiber arts. Walk around Sisters, view the many beautiful quilts, sign up for a workshop or go shopping for that one-of-a-kind piece.

Sisters | Free


July 22

American Solar Car Challenge EVENT—See

solar cars competing in the American Solar Challenge cross the finish line at the Museum! Beginning on July 14, collegiate solar car teams will race more than 1,700 miles, following portions of the Oregon National Historic Trail starting in Nebraska and

High Desert Museum | Free




ending at the Museum. Cars arrive between 11:30am and 4pm.

Bend Park and Re

Metolius Preserve | Free

Photo courtesy of

flies with the Deschutes Land Trust. This family-friendly walk around the Metolius Preserve will captivate your kids as they roam the forest searching for butterflies. Ages 4-10 with a grown-up. Register online.

July 27-29

Balloons Over Bend Children’s Festival

4th of July Old Fashio

ned Festival

—Come one, come all to the 2018 Balloons Over Bend Children’s Festival! Kids will experience everything from educational experiments, carnival games, creative stations, nature nooks and the Balloon Blast Kids Race (part of Kids Rock the Races series). In addition, as part of the festival, hot-air balloon launches take place at sunrise at Jewel Elementary and the night glow happens in River Bend Park Friday night. See website for complete schedule. FESTIVAL

Deschutes Historical Museum | $10/adv., $15/door. balloonsoverbend.com

July 31

Museum and Me EVENT—A time

for children and adults with physical, intellectual and/or social disabilities to enjoy the Museum after hours. Explore the newest exhibits and revisit your favorites. 5-8pm

High Desert Museum | Free highdesertmuseum.org

Tuesdays, July 31-August 21

Kids Triathlon Clinics

—Kids ages 4-15 will learn new skills and make new friends. Each clinic will include an activity in each discipline, so bring a bike, helmet, swim suit, towel, running shoes and a water bottle.


Juniper Swim & Fitness Center | $5 - $6 bendparksandrec.org

August 1-5

Deschutes County Fair FAIR—In

Photo by Michael Pars ons

Silent Disco

its 99th year, Deschutes County hosts the biggest fair in all of Oregon. Check out the midway, the carnival rides, live music, the rodeo and don’t forget to look for those blue ribbons in categories like poultry, beer, and everyone’s favorite: baked goods.

August 10-20

Sunriver Music Festival

MUSIC—Join the Sunriver Music Festival for an abundance of classical music concerts over two lively weeks. The 41st season features world-class musicians from all around the nation while also continually creating and nurturing music education programs for Central Oregon’s youth year-round.

Sunriver Resort and other venues | prices vary sunrivermusic.org

August 26

5th Annual Kids Triathlon

– Swim! Bike! Run! Do a triathlon! The swimming portion of this non-timed event will be held in the safety of a supervised pool. The mountain biking and running portions will be held in Juniper Park. The event focuses on sportsmanship and making new friends. All abilities are welcome. Build your skills and get ready for the race by signing up for one of the four weekly clinics.


Juniper Swim & Fitness Center | Early bird by 8/22: $25-$30 After: $30-$35 bendparksandrec.org

Deschutes County Expo Center | Prices vary expo.deschutes.org/fair

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Amiguitos: opening access for all youth

Story and photos

by K.M. Collins

Milagros Aparicio greets children and their parents with a

smile and a hug as they arrive at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe for their first paddle lesson. The kids, ages 8-14, are quiet, wide-eyed and nervously inspecting foreign gear that are boats, paddles and dry bags. They may not fully understand the transformative experience that will soon become reality, but they are brave for showing up nonetheless.

Nancy Gonzalez bravely navigating the Deschutes River.

40 | BendNest.com


Estrella Aparicio (far left) waits with her paddle classmates to depart for a rafting excursion. Thank you note from Nancy to Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

As the instructor progresses the lesson, it is not clear which students have received scholarships from The Bend Paddle Trail Alliance. Loading and launching kayaks from the dock, all of the kids express enthusiasm through playful fits of giggles, while splashing and jumping in the cool water. Playtime aside, by the end of the session they have all improved their paddling abilities drastically. Instructors and students congratulate one another and agree they are looking forward to next week’s lesson. As the Client Services Coordinator at the Latino Community Association, Aparicio has worked tirelessly to partner with private businesses, recreation-based and otherwise, to create opportunities for the children of her community. Besides Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe, Bend Park & Recreation, KPOV High Desert Community Radio, Deschutes County Library, High Desert Museum, The Environmental Center, Second Street Theater, Cascades School of Music and The Tower Theatre have all stepped up to give sliding scale pricing, scholarships or free lessons to LCA youth.

Many of the partnerships happen during a four to fiveweek window in the summer as part of the Amiguitos program (Aprisio’s brainchild). Volunteer youth leaders and interns provide supervision during structured activities for kids ages 7 to 13. Bruce Morris, KPOV programming and development director notes, “KPOV was delighted to host the Amiguitos youth program in our studios last summer. LCA provides critical services to valuable members of our community, including many of our young people. KPOV is proud to contribute to LCA’s work by offering local youth the opportunity to experience a taste of radio, learn a little about how it works behind the scenes and have some fun recording and tinkering with the audio of their voices. The kids had a lot of fun and so did KPOV.” “Bend Park and Recreation District’s partnership with LCA and the Amiguitos program helps us connect with the community and create more opportunities to provide access to a wide variety of recreation programs,” said Sue Boettner, Recreation Services Manager. “Working together, we can build trust and increase access to recreation programs and services and break down barriers to reach the Summer 2018 | 41

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underserved community in Bend.” These partnerships mean a lot to public and private agencies as well as to families that might not otherwise have access to the experience being provided. Aparicio, herself a parent of two of the paddle lesson participants said, “I saw value in paddling for my kids. I want them to have as much opportunity and experience as possible in life. Neither my husband or I know how to swim — I don’t want them to grow up as we did.” Regarding their experiences in the paddle lessons, Aparicio’s children both gave it a thumbs-up. In a thank you letter, fourth grader Estrella Aparicio said, “Dear Tumalo Creek, thank you for teaching me how to paddle board. I had lots of “I saw value in paddling fun whitewater rafting. for my kids. I want them to When I got dunked in have as much opportunity the water, it was really cold, but, I enjoyed it!” and experience as possible Another fourthin life.” grade participant, Nan— Milagros Aparicio cy Gonzalez, said in her note, “I loved it. Without this class I would have never learned how to kayak.” “A couple years ago,” explains Geoff Frank, owner of Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe, “while I was hosting a new employee orientation, I had a conversation with two young men that were going to be working for us. During the conversation, when I asked them if either had paddled or enjoyed paddling, they replied that they had never had the opportunity. These young men happened to be Latino.” Frank added, “Our mission to share the experience and open up access to those in our community that do not have the opportunity is very important to us,” Are you a community-based organization that wants to partner with the Latino Community Association to open access to youth? Please contact Aparicio at 541.382.4366.

By Paige Bentley-Flannery

Deschutes Public Library Community Librarian

Baby Monkey, Private Eye

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Solve the case! Baby Monkey, Private Eye is ready to solve your mystery! Several animals and people need help! Jewels are stolen! Also, gone is a pizza, spaceship and even a clown nose. Baby Monkey looks for clues, writes notes, eats a snack and puts on his pants to solve each case. (He always has trouble with his pants.) Families will enjoy reading each short chapter aloud. The big font is perfect for beginner readers. Children will appreciate the humor, enjoy the monkey’s silliness and love solving each mystery. Selznick, a Caldecott medalist, fills each page with detailed black and white illustrations incorporating each clue — a photo on the wall, a sculpture on the table. You might even recognize a few of the famous clues! Who will be captured next? A zebra? Look for the thief on the cover of the newspaper – “Snake Guilty!” A fabulous book for young readers. Enjoy activity and coloring sheets at scholastic.com/babymonkey

Are you ready to dance? When Buggy asks Horse what he’s doing, Horse shares all of his best dance moves while trying to get Buggy to join him. Horse leaps, kicks and even does the “robot” dance to the music in his mind. But Buggy will not dance. She has several excuses why she can’t dance until Horse turns on real music to a fun new song. Each page is filled with colorful backgrounds and images of horse shoes, stars, raindrops and more — creating a fun atmosphere for Horse and Buggy to dance! Children will enjoy seeing Horse’s hooves moving and Buggy’s tiny legs grooving. The word “dance” is repeated over and over and is the perfect word for children to follow throughout the story. This is a wonderful easy reader picture book for the summer. What’s your next dance move? Explore more I Like to Read books at your local library.

by Brian Selznick and David Serlin

By Ethan Long

Join the summer reading program, “Libraries Rock!” for more musical stories and programs.


NOW SERVING GRADES KINDERGARTEN THROUGH FOURTH. IT’S NOT TOO LATE, THE WAITLIST IS SHORT FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR. Desert Sky Montessori is the first tuition-free Montessori elementary school in the Bend– LaPine School District. Desert Sky is heading into the second year and offering placements for students in K - 4th grade. The charter has been approved to grow every year until the students reach 8th grade. Desert Sky Montessori is also pleased to announce the plans for a preschool! Anticipated opening fall of 2018. It will be a full-time tuition based preschool for 3, 4 & 5 year old’s. If you would like to put your child’s name on the intent to enroll list, please contact Jodie. At Desert Sky Montessori you will find prepared environments that help develop freedom and discovery in all children. Desert Sky’s program features mixed ages, individualized plans, the ability to work independently and concentrate for extended periods of time with hands on materials. Located at 150 NE Bend River Mall Drive, Suite 260.

Please contact Jodie Borgia, Head of School for any further information. 541-350-2090 Jodie.borgia@dsmontessori.org

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Editor Makes Headlines

Summit Senior Adds to newspaper’s storied history By Howard Leff Photo by Caitlin von Gaertner


his journalism thing seems to run in the family. Student editor-in-chief, Natalie Burdsall It’s no surprise that Natalie Burdsall credits big brother Colin for her decision to join Summit hundred at least,” says Burdsall. “We always submit for High School’s student paper. After all, he spent three the ‘broadsheet’ category—the largest award of all of years at The Pinnacle as an award-winning writer and them—and we won first place. Very excited for it. It took sports editor. “It’s something my brother encouraged me a lot of hard work and dedication for sure.” to do,” says Burdsall. “I definitely fell in love with writing She has reason for excitement. As editor-in-chief, once I joined.” Burdsall’s involved with all aspects of the paper—most Burdsall - who also served as a Bend Nest / Source notably its organization and execution. She decides Weekly intern in 2018 - became editor-in-chief last fall afwhich articles make it into The Pinnacle, ter serving as opinions editor where they go and what all the pages the year before. In April, she “The judges will go through look like. Then, she has to edit the artiand her staff attended the Naall the papers submitted — cles thoroughly, while working with the tional High School Journalism there are a couple hundred various section editors to create the layConvention in San Francisco, at least. We always submit for outs. The edition finally submitted to the where the paper scooped up the ‘broadsheet’ category—the judges can take up to two full months to top honors—the prestigious largest award of all of them— put together. “Best of Show” award—for and we won first place.” Burdsall says her parents helped to the third time in the past four — Natalie Burdsall plant the writing seed early. “My mom years. is actually deaf, so my parents have How’s that for following focused a lot on communication skills. footsteps? I worked my entire life to fine tune my communication Despite the fact that Summit has a way of makskills. One of the things that includes is writing. It’s ing this look easy, it’s an extraordinarily difficult feat to always been a focus of mine. I am a book fanatic, too. I pull off once, let alone three times. “The judges will go absolutely love to read.” through all the papers submitted—there are a couple

44 | BendNest.com

She also doesn’t mind upsetting the status quo—a hallmark trait of any reporter who specializes in the field of investigative journalism. Recently, Burdsall mixed it up with school officials on two different articles. First, there was the unfortunate story of a student

suicide which prompted her to question administrators. “We dug into the school’s role in that there have been a lot of problems with mental health in the Bend-La Pine school district,” she says. “I love to have the ability to try and find what was really happening—what was actually going on.” She also just tackled a story on Summit’s “Thunder Pageant.” Her opinion piece addressed charges of sexism which she says favors male participants. “I focused on what was going on and how women aren’t getting the recognition they deserve,” she says. “I also suggested some solutions and worked with our Activities Director on that.” Still, Burdsall has “I would love to see decided not to major in myself working in journalism when she the government begins attending Loyola somehow. It could be of Chicago’s Honors proa lesser known job. gram this fall. Instead, It could be working she’s planning a double as a senator or repmajor of political science resentative.” and women’s gender — Natalie Burdsall studies. She hasn’t ruled

out joining the student newspaper there—but doesn’t see journalism as her ultimate career. “I would love to see myself working in the government somehow. It could be a lesser-known job. It could be working as a senator or representative—really anything that would get me into the political arena—and allow me to work on legislation and things like that.” Back in Bend, Burdsall’s eager to thank all those who helped with The Pinnacle’s success. “It was definitely a collaborative effort. While I definitely led the paper and helped with the organization, I definitely want to recognize all the hard work that the editors have done to help bring us here as well.”


Join Us!

July 27-29, 2018 Friday July 27, 2018

Balloon Launch at Sunrise at RE Jewell Elementary School Night Glow begins at 5pm at Riverbend Park

Saturday July 28, 2018

Balloon Launch at Sunrise at RE Jewell Elementary School

Children’s Festival from 10am - 4pm at the Deschutes Historical Museum Balloon Blast Kid’s Race at 12pm at Troy Field Balloons Over Bend-Redmond Night Glow at 5pm Sam Johnson Park in Redmond

Sunday July 29, 2018

Balloon Launch at Sunrise at RE Jewell Elementary School

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Birth of a Dadface By Bull Garlington I want to talk to the fathers today. Especially the new guys. Hi. Welcome. I’m not a new guy. I’m an old guy. I come from a generation who saw the installation of colored teevees. Our morning cartoons were interrupted by Watergate. We’re grizzled and haggard and worn and we’re here to tell you something: you’re doing it wrong. You are gentle and firm and worthy of admiration and I appreciate your positive advocating, I do, but in your overhauling of the good dad toolbox, you’ve discarded a tool you really, really need. You need a Dadface. That thing you see in the mirror? That may be the face of a dad, but it is not a Dadface. You know the Dadface. Your dad had one–remember? There you are on your skateboard half-pipe using his $300 seven-iron for ramp jousting. He comes out of the garage and doesn’t say a word. He just stares. Like Magneto with a three day beard, he uses only the power of his splenetic visage, bending you to his will, causing you to carry that seven-iron over to him in perfect silence, your pancreas twisting in his gaze. He didn’t need to yell. You’ve tried it. Your kid races into the playground fountain with his shoes and socks on and you think, “This is it. I’m using the stare,” then shine your grim countenance on your child who promptly falls into a slump of giggling oh-my-gods because you look like you just pooped your shorts and here, here my friend, is where you’ve failed. It isn’t about the way the Dad’s face appears. It’s not about facial expression. There is no facial expression. It’s about what’s in your heart and I’m telling you, newbie, for a proper Dadface, you have to fill your heart with a dark inflexible vengeance. You have to suffuse your soul with a murderous spirit. You have to truly believe, while watching your progeny pee in the front yard on a Sunday: I will kill him. Don’t tell me that emotion hasn’t fluttered through

46 | BendNest.com

the dark recesses of your dome like a bat. I know. My son once ripped his pull-ups off in front of my friends, wagged his butt around like a microscopic Magic Mike, and sang “Looook at mmmyyyy buuuutttt!” I felt instant overwhelming dude pride. Fraternity. Bonhomie. I high-fived everybody. Later that day, he mooned my in-laws and I thought: this wouldn’t happen if I were childless. That was my Dadface being born. You’ll know when you’ve got it right. You’ll catch your kid running out the back door with a roll of duct tape, an ice cream scoop, and a bowling ball and you’ll catch his eye and he’ll freeze. You don’t know what he’s doing. You just know it’s going to end with 911 and a bill. Suddenly, though your face belies nothing at all, a Stygian wind will blow through your heart and your kid will feel it. You will witness a miracle: “Wow! How did these get here? I will put these away so no one gets hurt.” Bull Garlington is a dad and an award-winning author and columnist. His recent books include Death by Children and The Full English. Read more about Bull at bullgarlington.com

ce the We’d like to announ tle one lit w ne birth of your e. in our next issu details Simply ty pe in the et to rg fo online and don’t include a photo! Adriel Lee Shelton May 17, 2018 7lbs 11oz Born to Natasha & Gabriel

Go to: nnouncements bendsource.com/birtha





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Profile for The Source Weekly

Bend Nest Summer 2018  

Bend Nest Summer 2018