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Message from the Editor

Dear Readers, Welcome to the first issue of Slay Magazine, our new quarterly publication designed especially for those who may prefer a hard copy to our online content. We couldn’t be more excited to have made it to this point. This is for readers who want to keep up with the hottest beauty and fashion trends, latest movie reviews, health and fitness tips, reallife accounts and more. As a nation divided, we want to help bring our readers together through thought-provoking, fun and diverse content. We are too often being given conflicting information from various professionals wanting us to wear a particular color or eat a particular food. We aim to ease your confusion by providing reliable content from experts and writers you will come to love and trust. We want our content to be both entertaining and informative, but also useful in a way that will change your lives. Inside you will find a cool mixture of current affairs, regular columns and feature writers on a wide array of topics I hope you thoroughly enjoy this first issue and please let us know if there are any topics that you would like to see covered in the future. We appreciate your support and are so excited to have you as a reader of Slay Magazine. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Warmest Regards, Michelle N. Williams Editor-in-Chief

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If you have never met the SLAYtabulous Cynthia Smoot who is also known as “Oh So Cynthia”, then you do not know what you are missing! Thankfully, Slay Magazine had the chance to chat with the lady behind the brand. Check out the “tea” that she shared with us! SLAY: Oh So Cynthia is a really catchy name. Kind of like Slay! How did you decide to choose “Oh So Cynthia” as your blog’s name? Is there a story behind the name?! CYNTHIA: I find that most people are a little reserved or inhibited when it comes to meeting new people, trying new things, approaching a celebrity for a photo, etc. They don’t want to appear impolite or they are fearful of being rejected. I, on the other hand, say you only live once so don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone! I used to recount stories to my friends about my adventures around town and the common response was generally, “Oh, that’s so Cynthia…” It’s about me being me - adventurous and unafraid! SLAY: On the outside looking in your life looks really SLAYtabulous and well scheduled. How do you make it look so simple? We are sure your calendar is always swamped with events and much more so how do you fit the time to make sure you have such amazing blogs posted? CYNTHIA: One of my mottos is “Better busy than bored.” I think the challenge of every woman is time management. Trying to juggle a full-time job, a family and this blog is a challenge. They say, “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life” right? I work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. The blog for me is a labor of love. And my goal is always to find ways to work smarter, not harder. I tend to focus on my PR firm during the weekdays, attend social events at night, then write blog posts on the weekend and schedule them for the upcoming week. If something time sensitive happens, I can work it in. SLAY: On the road to success in such a competitive market, what would you say is unique about your style? CYNTHIA: I think I am unique in the sense that there aren’t a lot of bloggers writing the way I do in terms of covering Dallas and lifestyle. Most bloggers pick a niche: fashion or food, for example. They are hyper-focused on a topic. My topic is life in Dallas, which includes events, the arts, fashion, food, philanthropy and I love shining a spotlight on the people and brands that give our city its flavor. SLAY: What do you think made a network such as Bravo choose you as basically their exclusive blogger? CYNTHIA: Bravo didn’t “choose” me in as much as I chose them! I love reality TV and have been a fan of the Housewife franchise for years. Bravo has flirted with Dallas for ten years and could never put the right cast together. When it finally happened in 2014, I was thrilled. I got involved early on and helped connect the casting company with potential prospects for the show. When several of my friends and social acquaintances ended up on the cast, I had an automatic in to filming. It was a lovely bonus that my blog ended up embroiled in the show’s “poop hat” controversy and it got discussed and shown on the show. It was literally advertising you can’t buy! Bravo likes that

I am truly a fan of the franchise. I’m not on anyone’s “team” - I am “Team RHOD” and sincerely hope the franchise can find its place amongst the other cities and become successful. SLAY: Piggy backing off on our last question. What would you say has been your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome and what did you learn from it? CYNTHIA: If you are referring to what I have learned from covering RHOD, the answer is that you can’t believe everything you see. They will film a 4-hour dinner party and the viewers see 8 minutes and make character assessments from that snippet of edited footage. There is so much more to the show and the ladies’ relationships than what the viewers will ever see. The real drama goes on behind the scenes! I’ve decided that it’s much more fun to watch the train wreck than to be a part of it. The collateral damage can be painful. I’ve backed off this season in terms of being a part of filming. I’m keeping a healthy distance for my sanity. SLAY: Your brand seems name is definitely catchy relationship with Bravo it to be a “Dallas Exclusive” your blogging SLAY to

like it could be international. The and fun then when you add your can elevate. Why have you chosen blogger? Do you have plans to take other states soon?

CYNTHIA: I am just one Dallas is my playground. I Publicist and Social Media The blog for me is what I I’ve been able to blend the people and entrepreneurs at that becomes a great lead

person so it just makes sense that already have a full-time career as a Strategist for Gangway Advertising. call a hobby gone wild. It’s nice that two. I meet so many amazing the events I attend for the blog, and generator for my agency.

SLAY: You are extremely various charities and other Which charity or fundraiser your heart? Is there one

active in the community with fundraisers and events for a cause. would you say is near and dear to that you can relate to the most?

CYNTHIA: One of the aspects of blogging that I enjoy the most is being able to use the platforms and channels I have developed to help shine a spotlight on the organizations that do so much good for our city. Asking me to pick a favorite is like asking a Mother to name her favorite child. They are all fabulous and worthy of praise and I am happy to be able to spread the love via the blog and educate people about the opportunities to get on-board and make a difference in our city. SLAY: This is our last and final question. We must say that it is an honor to interview you. Our readers are interested in knowing what does the future hold for Oh So Cynthia? CYNTHIA: As a marketer by profession, I am always exploring new mediums, channels and opportunities. Currently, I am a Contributor for The Society Diaries, which is a glossy lifestyle magazine distributed across the great state of Texas, and for Dallas Hotel Magazine. I am also a Lifestyle and Entertainment Expert for Good Morning Texas on WFAA/ABC. Working with other media outlets gives me an opportunity to cast a wider net and continue to grow my fan base. I always say, “If Opportunity comes knocking on your door, the least you can do is open it up and hear what it has to say.” I am always open to new ideas and partnerships, so we’ll see where that takes me! In the meantime, citizens of Dallas can continue to follow me for all of the scoop on Dallas’ hottest events and coolest people at


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Behind Closed Doors: Jackie’s Revenge Part I By: Latoya Garrett When will it even end? My life has been one big lie and family doesn’t mean anything at this point. So, let’s not get started on Chris from back in the day. He actually thought he could rape me and get away with it. Chris please. Your turn is coming real soon. Next is my good ole faithful friend to the end Rachelle. You thought you could play me and I wouldn’t find out? Well, think again honey. I’ve been knowing for a while that you weren’t my real friend. Just as toxic as mold in the walls. Secretive, silent, unseen but deadly. You were just pretending but guess what? I have an unexpected surprise for you. How can you possibly think at this point that we’re cool? You decided to take something so precious from me (the love of my life), my reason for living and breathing. I assume you thought I wouldn’t find out. Well, this is one skeleton you won’t get away with. Let’s just say come Wednesday night at around 6:47 p.m. which is the exact time you step out of your car to go into the church you give your fake praises to; you better hope and pray God finds a reason for you not to be there that night. If you are there, the ish is going to hit the fan. Can you see that I know your routine and your pattern? We’ve been frenemies for a very long time so I know you will be there and I know exactly when you will show up. Whew! A bad situation. Your mama needs to start shopping for that black dress or she can borrow mine. It’s still in style since I recently had to wear it to my fiancée’s funeral. I want to hear the screams of your family just like they were there to witness my cries. While I was screaming on the outside, you were secretly laughing inside at my pain but I will get the last laugh this time. Watching you lay there lifeless will bring me silent and sweet revenge. If it wasn’t for the fear of being discovered, I would spit on your rotted corpse as you lay in your casket preparing for your entry into hell. I would pay any amount of money to see your ghost’s reaction as it watches me raise your child. You will know who was responsible for helping you take your last breath the second before your demise. Why will you know? Of course, it is because I planned it that way. Don’t cry out for help now because you brought this on yourself. I’m smiling and celebrating because I can just see your face as you stare at the barrel of the gun responsible for your last breath. When he says “kiss kiss” to you, you will know it was me. I know you remember how we greet each other since that was our secret thing. “Kiss kiss” honey. I would tell you to say hello to Jamie, but we all know that where you’re headed is in the opposite direction of where my fiancée’s final resting place is. He is in heaven watching over both you and me? Well, let’s just say that eternal heat is in your future. 6:39 p.m. Oh wow, it’s almost time and it’s about to go down. I had to park across the street so no one would recognize me but the view is crystal clear. This is something I must see for myself. To be continued… Find out what happens next in the next issue of Slay Magazine.


Who Needs a Budget? By: Theresa Tennyson Who needs a budget? If you are an oil tycoon or shipping magnate with ka-billions in profits coming in each day and there is no way for you to spend all your money before you die, you have my permission to skip this article. However, for the rest of us, who needs a budget? YOU DO! I understand the thought of budgeting is about as exciting as watching grass grow. Plus, you believe you do not have the time to create and maintain a budget. To do it right, it takes hours, advanced spreadsheet knowledge, and a degree in accounting, right? No, it does not. Budgeting can be remarkably simple and it can be made to fit your lifestyle and personality. First, let us change how we think about budgeting. Budgets are not usually well received by the public. So, let’s ditch the word budget and use “wealth management plan” or WMP instead. Why? Because a budget is simply a plan for how you spend, save, and/or invest your money. It is about deciding how your money should be spent and then comparing what you did to your original plan. Think militarily. You are being strategic with your money. Generals who win battles and wars do not do so without a plan. Multimillion dollar corporations do not remain profitable without devising a plan. So why are we so opposed to establishing a plan for our own money? “It’s too complicated.” I have heard budgeting being described as hard, restricting, and complicated. However, it does not have to be. You do not need a computer, budgeting software, or to be certified in Microsoft Excel. Financial planning was around well before any of those existed. While they may make planning easier, they are definitely not required for success. In fact, you can actually start with paper, a pen, a calculator, and about 10 to 20 budgeting categories. Plus, when first starting out, it is best to keep budgeting as simple as possible to avoid being overwhelmed. “It’s too restricting.” Restrictions are determined by the situation and the person developing the wealth management plan. If you are in a desperate financial situation, it would be wise to temporarily control your spending until the circumstances improve. If you want to achieve a financial savings goal in a short amount of time, you might have to limit spending in other areas. I choose not to label those decisions “restricting.” I call that self-discipline and selfcontrol. Telling yourself “no” is you looking at the bigger picture and deciding on a better future. Wealth management planning is about balance. You want to assign a purpose to each dollar you earn. That purpose could be paying your rent or mortgage, or it could also be saving for a weekend in Vegas. The key is YOU. How is your money supposed to work for you? What do you want to accomplish this month, this year, or in three to five years? A budget is your way to plan how you get there. It is a road map for your financial success. And like on any map, there are several ways to arrive at the same destination. In upcoming articles, I will be discussing more details about wealth management planning and the different ways you can create them. Stay tuned.





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“My advice would be to love both music and people.” “Radio’s Sweetheart” Lady Jade gives Slay Magazine insight on her passion for Dallas. She is definitely “all things Dallas” and has a heart of gold with a passion that SLAYs! SLAY: How did you get started in radio? What advice would you give to someone wanting to get started in the radio industry? LADY JADE: I started as an intern while in college in at Texas State University in San Marcos at a radio station in San Antonio. I worked part-time at $6.50 an hour. I had a goal to get into television, but TV did not open any doors, but radio did. My advice would be to love both music and people. Radio is more people than the music industry. If you cannot deal with people, you cannot deal with radio. Also, be patient because radio is a game of “hurry up and wait.” So, be patient and trust God to open doors. So many times, I got discouraged saying, “God, I don’t see any growth here,” but God always made a way in those moments where I was very discouraged. There is always room for growth, but it is not an overnight success type of job. Some luck up and get that, but not a lot of people. SLAY: Is there anyone that influenced your decision to work in radio? What keeps you motivated to be in front of the public eye daily? LADY JADE: No one influenced my decision to work in radio. I thought I was going to use radio to get into television, but God had another plan. I am so happy he did, because I do not know how to do makeup. So, the thought of having to get up and put makeup on every morning to do TV obviously would not have worked out for me. Radio is just fine with me and no one really motivated me. What keeps me motivated is being in front of the public eye. It can be very challenging because you win publicly but you also lose publicly. The things that we go through in life that are tough for us, our sad moments, our down moments, our mistakes, and our failures are all under a microscope and you are judged by the public. Being under the public eye can be discouraging, but the thing that keeps me motivated and has kept me motivated is when I finally understood my purpose. I remember my mom telling me, “Do your work heartily as if you are working for the Lord every day.” This means when you don’t look at your failures and mistakes as just that happened to you, you understand your purpose; you know that those mistakes and failures are not for you, but they are for someone else. Now, that’s understanding purpose! Not even my successes are for me, but they are for someone else which means my downfalls are to encourage people. If I can make it through, you can make it through too. Another thing that motivates me is understanding the purpose of my passion for children mixed with me being an example and positive role model to kids by showing them that they don’t have to do what everyone else has to do to be in the public eye. I am just trying to be that positive role model. I understand purpose so that’s my motivation.

SLAY: Give us three (3) of your greatest moments in radio? LADY JADE: My first greatest moment was being able to interview Beyoncé. Shouts out to the Beehive! That was a really great moment. My second greatest moment in radio may sound crazy, but it is when I get to go to different schools because I know that I am influencing the future radio personalities or just encouraging kids to dream. Kids have to deal with so much every single day. You literally have some kids that are raising their brothers and sisters. So, it’s like they almost lose hope at a certain level, which is why my greatest moments are being able to go there, smile, tell them that they are great, tell them that this too shall pass, and encourage them to keep pushing forward. That is a really super great feeling for me. My third coolest moment, not sure if it’s great but definitely the coolest, is when I got to play one-onone basketball against Common. I mean that’s really dope because I love to play basketball, I am super competitive, and the fact that this guy would take time out of his day were all cool. They filmed it and everything! We were literally out there playing one-on-one basketball in the middle of a hood complex. He beat me by one point! OMG! I’m so competitive so I hate that I loss, but that was just a really cool moment to be able to say that I did that. SLAY: We know that you meet entertainers and other celebrities consistently, but is there one person that made you “star struck”? LADY JADE: Wow! I cannot think of any entertainers that have made me feel star struck. I will say it wasn’t like an interview or anything like that but I got a chance to go to the Beyoncé concert and be like right on the stage. It was one of those moments where you be like “OMG! This chick is such an amazing entertainer!” You are literally sitting there in awe! I would have to say being next to the stage at her concert and seeing her performing doing what she does was amazing. She is one of the greatest entertainers. SLAY: What can our Dallas SLAYers expect to see next for Lady Jade? Do you have any other passions or bucket list achievements that you want to do after radio? You definitely have the personality for television. Is television in your near future?

LADY JADE: Do I have any bucket list achievements? YES! I want to travel to almost all of the beaches in the world. I am such a water and beach girl. I want to go to Dubai, Bora Bora, and Fiji as my top three bucket list items.

Yes, one of these days I would really like to travel the world to places that are warm. I don’t like cold weather. I want to go somewhere that is warm and tropical that is like so me. Is television in my future? You know what, I really don’t know. I am definitely open to whatever doors that God has for me. If that’s an opportunity that presents itself, heck yeah! I am one of those people that would just try it. If it doesn’t work, at least I don’t have any regrets so I would totally be open to doing something on television. SLAY: As far as fashion is concerned, who are your favorite designers right now, either local or nonlocal? Do you have a special location that you would like to shop? LADY JADE: This is funny because I am not a brand person. I am not really a designer person. I just go with what looks cute. I will say this though. We have some amazing boutiques here in the city (Dallas). We have boutiques like Guns N Roses, Bdonnas, and Pink Lucy where you can get a lot of custom things. There are so many amazing boutiques in the city where you can shop, but besides them I don’t shop much. I am half Jamaican so I am super cheap. Wherever there is a sale going on is where I like! I find so many cute clothes honestly from Target. People be sleeping on Target but it’s all about how you accessorize and dress it up. I am a casual girl which means I love to go get me a cute baby tee from target and put on some jeans with some heels then rock out. I am not necessarily into designers and brands, but we do have some up and coming fashion designers in Dallas. Don’t sleep on the talent right here in the DFW. I am all about Dallas since I was born and raised in Dallas. I support each and every one of them at any time so it’s hard for me to narrow it down to just one, but GO SUPPORT LOCAL! It is very important! I am telling you that our local small businesses and our local entrepreneurs are literally the backbone of our city. I am all into supporting local for sure. SLAY: We want to commend you on being such an activist in the community. What’s your motivation to continue to strive to be such a heavy influencer? What’s your most memorable charity or community event that you have attended? LADY JADE: It has been an overwhelming blessing to actually do what I do for a living in the city that I was born and raised in so that alone is my motivation. My motivation is my love for my city. I love this place! People always ask me if I have plans on moving to LA or NY. I would never say never, but not really. I love my city and I love being here. The fact that I can give back to my own city is motivation enough. I want to see my city succeed. I want to see the children in our city be successful. I want our entrepreneurs and our small business owners to be successful. I want this city to be put on the map just like any other map because we are so deserving and Dallas really and truly is popping... like it really, really is popping! That’s why I am always out and about in the community because it is the people that keeps us employed. So, I love to go out to hug on them, smile, meet them, shake their hand, kiss their babies, and do all of that kind of stuff because I understand that without them I don’t have a job. I am very appreciative of the people in our community and I want to continue being a positive influence for them. It’s hard to pick my most memorable charity or community event because it has been so many. Wow, it’s been a lot. I cherish being able to see the looks on the kids’ faces during the holidays when they get gifts from some of these foundations when they weren’t expecting a gift then seeing them cry because they are happy or when I go out to feed the homeless with different organizations in the city where I actually watch the homeless get brand new shoes is such a humbling experience to watch. I went out one time on Valentine’s Day to feed the homeless and it wasn’t just about feeding the homeless, but it was about praying with those people that used to live down in Tent City under the bridge. That was such an amazing event! There have been a lot, but those are the few that stick out in my mind. SLAY: As we wrap this up, can you give us a brief career synopsis? Is there anything you would do different if given the chance? LADY JADE: I started in radio as an intern and God opened doors from there. I graduated college from Texas State University then moved back home to Dallas and started my radio career at K104FM Dallas. I started on the street team at K104, I have worked overnights, I worked the night position, I worked on the Promotion Staff Street Team, and now I have been doing mornings. It is so cool especially when you get to use your platform to make other people feel great. It really is so cool.

What would I do differently? Let me be the first to say that I have made so many mistakes in life. I mess up every single day but one thing that I don’t do, which I would encourage everyone reading this is: “Don’t live in regret.” Everything in life is about taking chances. It is about taking smart chances and learning from your mistakes. If you are not learning from your mistakes, now that’s another thing. All of my past hiccups, I have learned from them and they have made me into the person I am today. No, I wouldn’t do anything differently, I wouldn’t take anything back, I wouldn’t change anything, and I wouldn’t rewrite the script. The greatest thing is that we can always start a new chapter. As people come into 2017, just know that every day you wake up is the first day of the rest of your life. Yesterday no longer really matters. God is not in yesterday so neither should we be. So, nope there is nothing I would do differently if given the chance; however, I would learn from what I didn’t do correctly and hope that I make a better decision the next time in all of those different areas. Yeah, make 2017 great! This is your year everybody and don’t dwell on the yesterdays; just be hopeful for your tomorrows and remember that even with your tomorrow God is not there. He is right here in the present so enjoy it. Love you! SLAY ON EVERYBODY!


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A dance troupe out of Jackson, MS, made their debut on the reality TV scene in 2014. If you know anything about majorette dance or hip hop majorette dance, then you have definitely heard of the Dancing Dolls and the Baby Dancing Dolls. These talented young people are stars of the hit show, “Bring It!,” and when they hit the floor to perform, they bring it! With a pile of Grand Champion titles and trophies, the Dancing Dolls are without a doubt leaving their mark on the world of majorette dance. We had the opportunity to interview Ms. Kayla Griffin, one of the talented dancers of this blazing team. Kayla and her mom, Meia Hampton, answered questions about Kayla's “Doll Life,” how she feels about her Dancing Doll family, and what inspires her to dance. SLAY: Kayla, how long

have you been a Doll?

KAYLA: I have been a years. I started as a Baby of 5 and now I have Dancing Doll at the age of

Doll for almost 7 seven Dancing Doll at the age transitioned to a 11.

SLAY: How did you feel that you made the team? KAYLA: I was only 5 originally made the team “COOL!”

when you found out

SLAY: What is the most and moment you've had so

memorable experience far as a Doll?

KAYLA: My most were when I was the Dancing Dolls for 3 years. moments would include very intense stand battles.

memorable experiences captain of the Baby The most memorable leading and winning

SLAY: What inspires you

to dance?

KAYLA: My mom being that she was a She always pushes me and that I can be in whatever I

inspires me to dance Dancing Doll herself. tells me to be the best participate in.

SLAY: Do you get performance? If so, what nerves?

nervous before a helps you calm your

years old when I so my thoughts were

KAYLA: Yessssssss!!!!!!! I often get nervous when the competition is so intense and very competitive. The only thing that calms my nerves is being able to put my eyes on my Mom. Just knowing that she is in the building is my comfort zone. She is my #1 fan. SLAY: With practice and traveling to perform, how do you balance your school work with your doll life? KAYLA: Juggling school and being a Dancing Doll is a lot, not to mention I also cheer at my school. I prioritize with studying, cheer, and dance. It usually works out well. SLAY: We love watching you ladies perform. How does it feel seeing yourself on television not to mention Lifetime which is one of the most popular networks? KAYLA: It's a great feeling, especially realizing that people look up to you as being a celebrity but I'm knowing I'm just a teenager striving for excellence.

SLAY: Do you think being a doll has helped you as a person? If so, how has it helped you? KAYLA: Being a Doll has taught me the TRUE meaning of Sisterhood. My Doll sisters are the sisters that I never had. SLAY: Outside of being a doll, what are some fun facts that you would like to share with us about yourself? KAYLA: I love to cheer, shop, and hang out with my family and friends outside of being a Doll. SLAY: Mom! We hear that you were also a member of Dancing Dolls! That’s got to be an amazing tradition to share with your daughter! How long were you a doll? KAYLA’S MOM (MEIA): Yes, I was also a member of Dancing Dolls back in the day. I can't remember my exact age but I had to be around 7 or 8 years old. SLAY: How did you feel when Kayla made the team and then made it to be a captain? KAYLA’S MOM (MEIA): When Kayla made the team, she was only 5 years old. I was so nervous and afraid for her because she only had dance experience in ballet. Kayla's dance journey has been a task but she has made it through it all. Starting to dance at the age of 5 you have to build confidence and be able to remember dance routines which is a very hard task for a 5-year-old. Kayla was always determined and willing to learn that's why I have always admired her drive as being a Dancing Doll. Kayla becoming the Baby Dancing Doll Co-Captain on her second year was a shock to me because I was like the smallest one of the bunch that could barely keep up with the routine but was hanging in there. As Kayla entered her third year of being a Baby Dancing Doll, Kayla was made Captain of the team. I was in shock! I was wondering can she do this job? Each year on Baby Dancing Dolls, Kayla’s dance skills got better and better. She was turning into a little beast with so much spunk and attitude. She was shocking to me at times because Kayla is so quiet and timid off of the dance floor. SLAY: Do you give Kayla advice on how to deal with being nervous before her performances? KAYLA’S MOM (MEIA): I talk to Kayla all of the time about being nervous. She has danced in front of crowds of two thousand or more people. I really think it’s a mind thing with being nervous, but she always performs with a fierce attitude and swag. I remind Kay to always dance as if no one is watching. SLAY: Do you still dance just to show Kayla that mom still has it? KAYLA’S MOM (MEIA): (Laughing) NO WAY! I don't dance anymore but I have danced with the parents of the Dancing Dolls when we also won 1st place in a battle. They get it from their “mamas!” SLAY: Do you ever find yourself giving Kayla a little advice on any of her moves? KAYLA’S MOM (MEIA): I critique Kayla a lot because I know what she is capable of doing on the dance floor.


Are you a 'BTIJPO 7JDUJN or 4UZMF #FBTU? 1. When people compliment your style, they say: A. You always have the best accessories. B. I love your look! Where do you shop? C. Woah, you are bold to wear that! 2. When you go out with the girls, you look: A. You all have similar styles. B. You feel confident and trendy. C. You aren’t always comfortable. 3. You purchased your favorite bra: A. Because it’s sexy cheetah print, but it cuts you under your arms. B. Makes your “girls” look fabulous! You got measured in the store before you bought it. C. Is a t-shirt bra. 4. You buy jeans based on: A. Trends! Boyfriend, skinny, flare… you only rock what is in. B. How they fit your body. C. What’s on sale. 5. What will make you splurge on an item of clothing: A. You saw your celebrity style icon wear it. B. You tried it on and it looks amazing on you. C. Your friend told you it’s perfect for you. 6. When you go to a department store to shop: A. You purchase based on the latest trends. B. You go directly to your favorite designer C. You go directly to the clearance rack. 7. When you are purchasing accessories: A. You buy them based on the most expensive. B. You purchase what’s hot for the season. C. You buy based on the colors of your wardrobe. 8. When you are purchasing sneakers: A. Sneakers! Who purchases those? It’s heels only. B. You purchase the hottest, new releases. C. You buy what’s comfortable. Who cares what it looks like!

Side Chicks are Circus Clowns By: Dee Moore As I prepare for our upcoming show episode of Tea Talk Time, "The Other Woman" I can only laugh at the many stories I hear from "side chicks." They will attempt to lead anyone who will listen to believe that they are truly happy with their situation. Let's be honest, no one wants to be number two. Essentially that is what they are. They are rarely introduced to important family members, barely given time on significant "family" holidays and hardly even considered as relevant when it comes to true matters of the heart. They live in a shallow world created by the man they hope to capture. SECRETLY THEY LIVE FOR THAT DAY; however, in most cases it never comes. Only if he "could" leave this wife/girlfriend. Trust me, it is not that complicated to leave a failing relationship/marriage. People walk out on families every day of the week. One thing I do know is that a man will continue to go after what he wants. Nothing will get in his way. If he wanted the circus clown, then he would get on the circus bus and ride off into the sunset with her. What is even more entertaining are the stories they share about how "evil" the real wife/girlfriend is. Usually, they are told lies about how the woman is crazy or that she will use the kids against him if he chooses to leave at this point but men have been leaving women for years for much less. So, for years she aimlessly holds on to him like a circus clown chasing a polka dot unicorn through the marshmallow clouds. As a circus clown, she is subjected to many last-minute cancellations, no shows and lonely nights. Her closest friends know this is her "m.o." and they can only shake their heads because she cannot see that her happiness is not his priority. If the legitimate relationship ends, trust me you will never get the truth behind the story.

BUT HIS WIFE/GIRLFRIEND IS A BITCH (excuse out language) It tickles me that a side-chick begin to even talk about a woman whom she has never met (in most cases). Of course, your married boyfriend will not say to you, "Hey side chick, my wife is a wonderful mother. She loves our children and has taken care of home. She is such a great person, but I want to still mess around with you because you are easy. Oh, and yes she cooks better than you.” Get a clue! It is only natural to for a person to justify why they are being deceptive. No one truly says, “hey, I just want to cheat and you have low self-esteem so it is easy”. In the rare case that it starts off as a casual affair, the woman usually ends up catching feelings. Then, it's downhill for the circus clown.

AFTER SEX, I SEND HIM HOME TO HIS WIFE (deep sigh) You also have career clowns, who only deal with the taken. It is my belief that they have resigned to the fact that they have no other choice. Like I said, "Who really wants to be number two?" Sure, they will say, "Well at least my bills are taken care of." Guess what, so is the woman in the real relationship. They will rarely publicly admit their true feelings of emptiness and loneliness. They have given up on love and no longer desire the respect it takes to be the only woman in a man’s life. No one truly wants to die alone and no little girl grows up wishing to be a side-chick while the rest of their friends are celebrating wedding anniversaries, planning bridal showers and engagement parties. Keep on believing they are happy if you want to. Like I said no one wants to die alone or come in as second best. If you are a woman in this type of situation, think what is best for you. Realize you are worth more than having a piece of a man. The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s better than living a lie.

ARIES March 21 - April 19 The beginning of this month will bring a sense of peace in the world of Aries representatives, and with it, a sort of material assurance that your existential issues are resolved. This is a time when you will have a chance to build a strong foundation for the future, realize that you have the ability to earn and gain everything you need in life, and rest as much as your responsibilities allow you to. As April progresses, you will find yourself in a healing process, feeling more beautiful, and turning your focus to the sign of Gemini where Mars is about to end up. Preparing for this change, you will see words and information coming to find you, only so you can finally reach a rational explanation for everything that has been happening lately. TAURUS April 20 - May 20 Problems with your expectations have little to do with your primal limitations and this is something you should keep in mind. The way this month arts is like the way it will end, and you’ll have a chance to spend it inside a dream, relying on the magic of Venus in Pisces, cuddling with its point of exaltation. You will go back only to deal with some emotions left in the past, take what you need, and finally be ready for a new cycle to begin. GEMINI May 21 - June 20 This is one of those months that will begin with Mercury already deep in its shadow, and end with it still in retrograde motion. You will simply not be in your own element now, and the first several weeks will prove to be truly difficult through circumstances and everything you should fix in the material world. Debts will be repaid, misconceptions revealed, and you will have a task to take the mask off and show your true colors to the world. Throughout the middle of April, you will suddenly feel your wit coming back, your mind will seem clearer and faster, but you should really wait for May to make any big decisions and truly rely on your common sense. CANCER June 21 - July 22 While others deal with retrograde Mercury, going back to finish leftover paperwork and things they didn’t deal with in time, you will feel like your senses are finally coming back. Even if you can’t think clearly, it won’t stop you from finally recognizing how you feel. Returning to your inner world and yourself is the main objective of this month for all Cancer representatives. Use this time wisely, don’t spend too much of it on work and exhausting activities, and be sure to leave enough room for satisfactions of life that the sign of Taurus brings your way. By the end of the month this initiative to satisfy your needs will already be leaving you, but you will find your batteries refilled and your heart clearer. LEO July 23 - August 22 The first ever modern commercial refrigerator was built in Australia in 1856 to keep beer cold. Some things have an obvious purpose and it is often the first one you’d think of when you try to analyze things. This is something you should think about whatever comes your way during this month, for common sense can truly take you far. By the end of April, you will have many opportunities to ground ideas and make your energetic input count. You will come to collect what you have invested in the first several weeks, and it will become obvious what you are worth to your superiors and people who surround you. VIRGO August 23 - September 22 This is a month when Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus, reminding you of the real sense of purpose you need to find in this lifetime. Problems you’ll deal with won’t be so bad, for as long as you see their meaning and ways to fix what is broken, returning to the past all over again and handling past mistakes one by one. Many Virgos will realize by the end of April that there is a lot of anger in their inner world they never attended to. When this happens, think about ways to put your body to good use, turn to physical labor, or simply go for a run, exercise, or find another way to vent and make this period count from the perspective of your physiology.

LIBRA September 23 - October 22 Relationships will seem to be put on hold for several weeks in the middle of the month, but this is not quite a realistic image of your circumstances. With so much love, Venus in Pisces will bring ideals back to your workplace and make you employ your talents for real. You will finally be reminded why you chose your profession or why you need to change it. It will become obvious that all the ex-partners and people coming back into your life are there for a reason. Work on your self-awareness and image to build up to a point where status comes as naturally as self-respect. If you don’t, you could find yourself rushing through circumstances and hiding from people you have a lot to learn from. SCORPIO October 23 - November 21 You’d like your affairs in order, people around you observed as equal, and you yourself fitting into the surroundings you are in. By the end of this month, you will have a chance to contemplate on everything that happened and give enough protection to those who need it to feel free to move on. The middle of April will put Venus where it belongs and in yet another sextile with one of your sign’s rulers – Mars. This could create an opportunity for many Scorpios to fall in love, turn to idealistic partner choices, to form relationships from the realm of ideal emotion. SAGITTARIUS November 22 - December 21 You’d like your affairs in order, people around you observed as equal, and you yourself fitting into the surroundings you are in. By the end of this month, you will have a chance to contemplate on everything that happened and give enough protection to those who need it to feel free to move on. The middle of April will put Venus where it belongs and in yet another sextile with one of your sign’s rulers – Mars. This could create an opportunity for many Scorpios to fall in love, turn to idealistic partner choices, to form relationships from the realm of ideal emotion. CAPRICORN December 22 - January 19 As your ruler turns retrograde after a long stationary period, you will feel a bit dizzy with obligations and be strongly pulled to go back to finish with everything you started. You already know that there is no action without consequences and it is unclear why you thought you would get out of karma this time around. Take enough time for rest and have enough sleep so you can gather energy for everything that might come in the next several weeks. Words won’t fail you for as long as Mercury is still in Taurus and you will have many opportunities to talk to friends in secrecy and brainstorm until you reach some clarity. By the end of the month, you will become impatient and have a bit of a harder time communicating, especially to your superiors and those set above you on a social ladder. AQUARIUS January 20 - February 18 Keep at least one foot on the ground in weeks to come. If you drift off too far from reality, you could grab some solid ideas and incredible knowledge, but also forget where you belong and where you feel at home. Stay close to places and people that touch your heart and make you feel accepted, supported and loved. PISCES February 19 - March 20 You are the one to welcome Venus retrograde back to your first house, and you will have another glimpse on love and beauty at your doorstep. Since this is a month for history repeating and the past coming back to haunt us, you will know exactly what to do if you simply prepare for the best possible scenario and do everything in your power to bring it to life. Let go to positive emotion and take care of yourself, your appearance, and your overall state of satisfaction. If you don’t feel beautiful or attractive enough, this is a month when you could change the way you look and find ways to shine. As soon as other people notice your outer change, the inner change will become obvious too.

Free Throws



How many of us can say that we left one great career and transitioned to another? Well, former NBA Vet Marquis Daniels did just that. After having a very successful career in the NBA, he has moved his talent from the court to the studio. His passion for music, his lyrical inventiveness, and street vernacular took him from Marquis Daniels the former NBA Vet to Q6, the rapper. I had the pleasure of interviewing Q6 to discuss his new mixtape and a few things that make him who he is as an artist. Here's what he had to say: SLAY: Who is Q6? Q6: Q6 is a NBA veteran from West Orlando. Krosstown to be exact. SLAY: How long have you been rapping? Q6: I been rapping for as long as I can remember. This goes back to my high school and college days. SLAY: At one point, you balanced your career as a professional basketball player and your music. When did you decide that you wanted to pursue a music career exclusively? Q6: Anybody that knows me will tell you that music has always been a passion of mine, but basketball is and will always be my first love. Unfortunately, injuries made me put more focus into my music! SLAY: What artists have you collaborated with? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? Q6: I've collaborated with Boosie, Gucci Mane, Sauce Walka, Trina, Stalley, Torch, Stephen Jackson, and many others. I'm open to working with anyone that has a drive and a creative niche to make great music. SLAY: Let's talk about 'You Welcome'; what inspired that title? Q6: I felt that it was a gift from me to the people, to my fans, and to even those who are new to my music and sound. Once they hear it, they would contact me and say

thank you! (laughing) So, why not name it "You Welcome." SLAY: I hear some basketball influence in one of your songs. What else influenced your lyrics? Q6: I rap about things I can relate to and with me being a former NBA player; basketball references will come easily and natural. Also, with me growing up in west Orlando you see a lot and experience a lot especially on the 300 block. SLAY: If you could only use 3 words to describe ‘You Welcome’, what would they be? Q6: Work of Art!

SLAY: Before I do any writing, I jump rope. That's kind of my thing. Do you have something you do that helps get your creative juices flowing? Q6: I just go in and vibe. I really enjoy music so when I hear the finished product it inspires me to get better and make better music each time I step in the booth! SLAY: John workout playlist. artists or songs

Paxton is now on my What are the top five (5) on your playlist?

Q6: My playlist (laughing) I have R&B playlists listen to gospel underground

is all over the place. probably one of the best ever! (laughing) I also and a lot of up and coming artists plus mainstream.

SLAY: You've the NBA and career as a think you might or movies in the future?

had a successful career in you have a successful musical artist. Do you want to explore television

Q6: I was in the first episode of season 2 on “Saints and Sinners” where I got to debut my acting skills. (laughing) It was a small role but it was fun watching and learning from the talented group of actors that were on the set. I'm also taking acting classes as well so I'm open to bettering myself in all areas. Look for me more on your big screen soon! We are definitely looking forward to seeing Marquis Daniels aka Q6 on the big screen in the future. Be sure to check out Q6 and his mixtapes; you definitely need to look him up! You Welcome!

Tips & Tricks: Coconut Oil By: Kamri Hickman Coconut oil is perhaps one of the most talked about products out on the market right now. Whether it’s a family member who raves about it to you often or even that YouTube beauty guru you can’t get enough of who uses it for several purposes, everyone is talking about coconut oil. Now, let’s be honest here, we all know coconut oil is a true gift from God. Coconut oil works so well as a moisturizer because of the saturated fats contained within it. Applying it to your skin absorbs water, making your skin more hydrated, which leads to softer skin. We decided to gather a few of our favorite most used coconut oil tips & tricks. Hair Dandruff: Coconut oil is great for getting rid of dry scalp problems. Washing your hair with coconut oil is highly beneficial. Simply massage coconut oil into your scalp. Continue massaging the scalp with coconut oil for about 5 minutes and let it sit for as long as you can. Soon after, shampoo the coconut oil out your hair. Hair Mask: Coconut oil is extremely multipurpose when it comes to hair care. Mix coconut oil with honey to add moisture and hydration creates the perfect hair mask made by you. Detangle: If you’re someone with long or curly hair, dealing with tangles may be a daily battle for you. Simply grab a brush or comb, whichever one you prefer or works best for you. Then, gather a small amount of coconut oil inside a bowl and fill it up with warm water. Let the coconut oil smoothen to a melted like texture then use your fingers to massage the coconut oil into your hair, working your way towards the roots. With a comb, gently work all out all the tangles you may have in your hair. Beauty Makeup: Cleanse all the extra dirt off your skin by applying coconut oil onto your face. With a wet towel, remove all the coconut oil for a clean and fresh face. Applying coconut oil onto your face removes harsh eye makeup and any excess dirt you have. While the makeup completely melts away, the oil’s anti-bacterial agents protect and enhance the skin’s natural complexion. Lip Balm: Slather coconut oil onto your lips for the ultimate hydration. For on the go purposes, fill a container with coconut oil to carry around, and throw it in your bag when needed. Face Scrub: Coconut oil is the perfect product for removing impurities from your face that you may not be so proud of. Simply mix the right amount of coconut oil and baking soda for a hydrating and fresh face scrub. Eyelashes: Apply a small amount of coconut oil directly to your eyelashes for growth and more pigmentation.

Highlighter: If you’re wanting more of a natural glow, apply coconut oil on your face. Add only a small amount of oil on top of your makeup & leave the coconut oil on your face. By applying the coconut oil directly to your face, it makes the skin have more of a natural glow. Skin Acne: Mix coconut oil with a dash of nutmeg and apply it to any part of your skin that has acne. Leave the ingredients on your skin for 10-20 minutes then wash it all off with a damp towel. Cold Sores: Coconut oil includes a high percentage of lauric acid, which has antiviral properties. Coconut oil is also known to treat cold sores, herpes and warts. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 3 teaspoons of oregano, and mix well. Vitamin E: Applying coconut oil to your face keeps skin smooth and it protects it from drying and cracking. It also prevents premature aging and wrinkling.

Glamorous edge control will give you smooth edges with a great shine and hold. No buildup and no flaking. Plus, it's great for relaxed or natural hair.

Salon Location:13489 Wetmore Road San Antonio, Texas Social Media: @shearglamoursalon Phone: (210) 831-0861 Website:

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A Little Girl with BIG Dreams By Da'Naja Mosley Like a lot of little girls, I became fascinated by the images of beautiful tutus, elegant buns, extended legs, the leaps and bounds that ballerinas took that which obviously required amazing strength and an equal amount of grace. My Mommy, also thrilled with the idea of having a little ballerina, placed me in dance lessons: ballet and hiphop. I remember my first day at five-years-old. I was nervous, but very excited. However, ballet has always kept me on my toes and pushed me far past my comfort zone It is also the reason that at 11 years- old I am still striving to master my posture and form, hyper- extensions, leaps, turns, and pointe. Hip- hop came so effortlessly and natural for me because it allows me to feel it and express my feelings with personality through movement. Although I chose to take other forms of dance, I never lost my passion for it and I have always dreamed of being a black ballerina. Ballet is my first love. I love ballet in general, but it was companies like Alvin Alley American Dance Theater, Dance Theater of Harlem, and Forces of Nature that showed me that being a black ballerina is possible. I’ve always kept my eye on amazing dancers, especially black ballerinas, because to be a black ballerina is a revolutionary act. One day on Instagram, I came suggested profile. After browsing teaching style which fuses classical urban dance styles. I fell in love

across Mr. Homer Hans Bryan as a his profile, I was introduced to his pointe technique with hip-hop and with Hiplet.

Hiplet (pronounced "hip-lay") is a newly recognized dance genre. The creation of this genre is attributed to Mr. Homer Hans Bryant Founder of the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center which is currently the only studio in the world training Hiplet. Hip- hop meets ballet technique. It is the combination of a ballet style movement, which is Eurocentric and primarily white, and hip-hop, which is rooted in and grown out of African dance and rich urban culture from communities of color. With its strong roots in traditional movement, dancers train to advance to pointe through years of practice. Ballet is at the core of Hiplet, and strong technical skills are imperative to being able to safely practice Hiplet. Videos of the dancers performing usually demonstrate traditional ballet attire, including buns, leotards, and tights. The dance resembles traditional ballet mixed with sharper angles and less restricted movements. Nia Lyons, Camryn Taylor, and Nia M. Parker are some of the Black Hiplet Ballerinas in viral videos that are often trending on social media. These three young women are an inspiration to me and do not even know it because they are authentic, brave, and breaking barriers while unapologetically leaving a trail of #BlackGirlMagic behind them in the process. Which is even more reason to love them! Coming across Mr. Homer Hans Bryant's Instagram profile was a breath of fresh air and has been more inspirational and motivating to me than he will ever know. It is a reminder to myself as well as to all the inspiring new generation of black ballerinas to always believe that we can. No matter what people may tell us, never give up, fight for our dreams and if people don’t believe then we must make them #BecauseWeCan.

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