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Lenticular Snowboard Design



About the Graphic Design Senior Thesis Project The Senior Thesis project in the Graphic Design program at SUNY New Paltz is a two-semester, focused exploration into a topic of choice. Students position their investigations relative to conventional and contemporary design practices and use visual communication to help inform and engage a defined audience. The first semester, students research and write a detailed thesis proposal, apply design research practices, gather content, and develop prototypes. In the second semester, students refine their ideas and execute the project goals and outcomes. We are proud of what these students have accomplished in the face of so much uncertainty. While a website and catalogue aren’t quite the same as a public exhibition, we hope these artifacts serve to celebrate and honor the hard work of our students.


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About the BFA Graphic Design program at SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design is a complex, multi-faceted and highly competitive field of communication requiring a synthetic understanding of a broad range of formal, technical, and conceptual issues. The Graphic Design BFA program at SUNY New Paltz is a professional program, accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The program’s objectives align with the essential competencies defined by NASAD and AIGA, the professional association for design. More info:


In-Tune L AU R E N A DA M S Live music fans need a platform where they can discuss and share their love for concerts. Being a very active member in this community, I wanted to create a space where people can ask questions, see upcoming events, or even just chat with other people who are interested in the same music events and artists. In-Tune is a social media platform designed for just that: creating community among music lovers and fans. The goal is to make the discussion and love for live music fun and easy to accomplish. Along with a social media app, there is a zine of collected questionnaire responses, where respondents were asked about positive and negative concert experiences, as well as advice they would give to budding music fans.


T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


Dynami V I C TO R I A A LO N ZO According to Reuters’ Health News, Anxiety and Depression rates in college students have nearly doubled within the last decade. Dynami is an awareness campaign designed to motivate and encourage college students to regularly exercise and improve their mental health. Dynami, meaning “Power� in Greek, is a box students can order that includes a journal filled with fitness tips and motivational quotes, fitness dice, essential oils, and a DIY stress ball. An accompanying app keeps students on their feet with new challenges every day. Dynami is designed to help students feel comfortable, confident and motivated to increase their exercise levels and positively impact their physical and mental health while on campus.


T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


Matt’s Express Guide to Storyboard Design M AT T H E W A M ATO “The Express Guide to Storyboard Design” is a short study exploring the concept of storyboarding across all types of mediums in design fields. The booklet goes into the basics of how to create a storyboard from scratch, and covers the different tools and elements that designers and illustrators utilize in order to make a concrete storyboard that helps craft a major project like a motion picture or app design. Alongside the booklet is a brief video that explains the storyboard process and gives more examples of how they are used for different projects. “The Express Guide to Storyboard Design” encourages people to utilize their ability to doodle or draw, and use illustration in the design process.


T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N



T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

Elections Rebranded LU K E BA R N E L L Election dates, voter registration deadlines, polling places and other election information can be overwhelming to even the most politically informed citizens in the United States. Local Board of Elections are often responsible for providing this information, but with no consistent or effective means of producing and distributing these important resources, voter turnout in local and off-year elections is often low. Elections Rebranded is an exploration as to how the Board of Elections could be better utilized as a means of reaching more citizens and increasing voter turnout through designed solutions. By creating a visual language along with clear and consistent guidelines for usage across a variety of mediums, this project improves accessibility and legibility of voter information and aims to give citizens access to the information they need to participate in democratic elections.


The Sibling Experience with Developmental Disabilities C H R I S T I A N B ROW N This book documents the impacts on those currently living or who have previously lived alongside a sibling with a developmental disability. It contains the personal life experiences of these individuals and provides a look into their unique perspective on life. These ideas are presented through a mix of careful typesetting paired with texture to convey tone for readers and give insight to the emotions these individuals face every day. This book not only serves to educate those not so familiar with siblings of those with disabilities, but it also provides relatability to those who have faced similar experiences.


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Skinfo B R I D G E T T E CA M M I SA Practicing skincare is all about being attentive to your skin while developing healthy skin habits to ensure overall health. With the influence of pop culture, celebrity endorsements, and social media trends, the skincare industry has become misleading. I explored the topic of skincare from a beginner’s perspective in order to give individuals the opportunity to learn more about their unique skin. Skinfo is an interactive app that records skin data and helps users maintain their current skincare routine. The app is accompanied by a website highlighting the features of the app and how it works. In this way, individuals will not feel obligated to purchase products but to understand how their skin works. There is no such thing as perfect skin.


Rum in the Americas E L I Z A B E T H CA R PI N O “Rum in the Americas” is a website focusing on the history of rum through three brands’ advertisements throughout the 20th century. Looking through the advertisements throughout the different decades demonstrates how the design styles changed over time. Rum has had a long history, from its inception on sugar plantations in Barbados, to Pirate ships in the Caribbean, to taverns in the American colonies, flowing in the energetic bars in Havana, Cuba during the American Prohibition, to the tacky, tiki cocktail styles in the hotel bars in Honolulu, Hawaii. This history is shown on a timeline that spans from 1625 to present day. So please step on board, mix your favorite rum cocktail, sit back, and journey into the history of rum in the Americas.


T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N



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J U L I A CATA L A N E L LO When exploring new places around the world, it is easy to form attachments to the architecture surrounding you. When we walk into a place we feel something; whether good or bad, there is an internal impact. Attached: New Paltz focuses on spaces in town and the range of emotions these places evoke. This book is a collection of responses gathered from people in the community on what emotions they attach to certain spaces, along with photographs taken with the responses in mind in hopes to translate their reactions. This project is intended to give myself and others a better understanding of why the architectural design of a building creates emotional responses in people, especially here in New Paltz.


Little Jelly Bean YIAN CHEN Little Jelly Bean is an online interactive short story about a jelly bean who is not happy with their fictional pronouns and gender. Little Jelly Bean sets out to discover a world of different genders and pronouns but faces difficulty along the way. Through interactive storytelling and original illustrations, this project educates and introduces children to the idea of transgender identity with an authentic and touching experience that will help them understand then support trans people without prejudice. Another aim is to act as a support and an initial knowledge to trans children that encourages them to be who they really are.


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Pixel Practice ALEXIS CRUZ Pixel Practice is a website made to educate people about one of the more recent art styles that has been introduced, the pixel art style. While the pixel art style began as a digital format with limitations, due to the hardware at the time, it has had a resurgence in popularity due to its nostalgic appeal. The website aims to educate people about the subject of pixel art by teaching the history of it, instructing them on how to create basic shapes, and even allowing them to make content on the website using an interactive grid. Creating content one pixel at a time gives a sense of satisfaction that only arrives from creating pieces one at a time to create a magnificent work of art in the end.


SUBDIVIDE K E V I N C U E S TA 3D modeling has become an integral part of modern day design. The ability to create forms and manipulate their surface and lighting have reached new heights in the field of animation. At the same time, 3D has found its way into the world of graphic design. Seeking the benefits of a new skill and hoping to stay on top of the design curve, SUBDIVIDE documents my experience learning how to work with 3D software. Following the tutorial process, 3D designs were made to continue practice, all relating to different areas of graphic design in mind. The SUBDIVIDE website showcases the results of the project, highlighting the process along the way.


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Sad Bag Challenge MEGHAN EISEL There are limited campaigns in this country that focus on the overuse of plastic in the packaging industry, as this industry takes up over 40% of all plastic use. Many people are unaware of the plastic they use on a daily basis; creating a challenge that puts their plastic waste right in front of them might cause them to make a change. I created the #sadbagchallenge to make people aware of the abundance of plastic packaging that they use every day. While it is nearly impossible to stop people from purchasing food with plastic packaging, it will make them conscious of the decisions they make when it comes to shopping for certain foods. By photographing your plastic waste for a week, you will receive simple tips to reduce your plastic waste on a daily basis. The Sad Bag Challenge brings a comical perspective to this serious global concern. Bringing light to this issue is something that the world needs to hear; one small change can make a large impact for the future of plastic.


Designing Novels for a Visual Audience L AU R E N G AY Set guidelines have been used for centuries to design books in a way that is easily readable. However large bodies of text are often viewed as intimidating or uninteresting to some audiences. With the rise of digital media outlets in which we can receive information and entertainment more quickly than through books, it is important that designers take book design to a higher level of artistry and craft to give books their own unique purpose. Through researching better ways to design novels for a visual audience, this project presents Charlotte BrontÍ’s Jane Eyre in a way that is more visually engaging for teenage and adult readers. Color, imagery, and display text are used to enhance the content while added footnotes provide context for the novel’s more archaic language. By reconsidering how we view and design novels, we may encourage others to further value the content and artistic qualities of literature.

3 0 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


Mindful Cooking OLIVIA HEINS College students and young adults living on their own for the first time tend to struggle with cooking and making smart food choices. What we consume affects not only our bodies but our environment. Young adults living in and around New Paltz have ample opportunities to eat healthily and sustainably, yet those who are first entering the world of cooking may not be fully aware of these options. Mindful Cooking aims to educate these first-timers on sustainable and healthy food options, helping them find locally grown produce in and around New Paltz, and encouraging them to incorporate healthy recipes into their everyday lives. The cookbook includes original illustrations and easy-to-follow recipes as well as resources on local farms and farmers’ markets. Mindful Cooking gives the reader the right tools to make sustainable and healthy cooking a habit, and not just a thought. Being aware of your food choices is the first step to mindful eating and cooking.


T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


3 4 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

Drop of Good K R I S T Y JA D O S According to the Red Cross, each year, 4.5 million lives are saved from receiving a blood transfusion. Yet, many people are fearful or intimidated when it comes to the act donating blood. There are many projects that focus on encouraging those to give, but for those who are already fearful the imagery that these projects use such as needles, the color red, and blood can just further the hesitancy. Drop of Good’s goal is to spread information and encourage donations in a way that is calming and stays clear of imagery that could spark fear. To do this I have created small booklets that discuss different micro topics related to blood donation with simplistic imagery and calming color palette which people can download and print through the website.



T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

Opioids in the Hudson Valley LEAH KILB Across the country and here in the Hudson Valley, people are feeling the devastating effects of the opioid crisis. Because of dubious actions by pharmaceutical companies, drug distributors, and some doctors, many people are only one or two degrees away from someone battling with addiction to opioids, but feel helpless or uneducated to help those around them. This project includes a web-based timeline to illustrate the three opioid crises the US has faced, including the current crisis in the 21st century. Partnered with the timeline is an informational zine that illustrates facts and proper use of Narcan, basic facts about addiction and opioids, and local resources to connect addicts and loved ones to help. With these deliverables, communities like the Hudson Valley, will be able to better understand opioid addiction and empower people to be able to help their communities and those around them who are battling addiction.


Food Choices, Motivation, and Well-Being DA N I E L L E K R U C H OW Y Throughout history, in many cultures, food has been thought of as a type of medicine. However, due to the addition of fastfood restaurants, chemical additives and preservatives, and artificial flavors within the last 100 years or so, many foods are causing us more harm than good. Recent research in this area has focused on finding ways we can use food to supplement our health and ways we can use it to prevent, treat, and even cure many different ailments. The goal of my project was to create a research study focused on the food choices, motivational factors to eat healthy, and overall well-being of young adults, aged 18 to 30. This age range is focused on because the different transitions and life changes that individuals go through during this time may influence many factors related to eating habits. The results from the survey are displayed visually, and explanations and information is provided to analyze these findings and share information from research on similar topics.

3 8 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


Green Alumni TA N AS I A L A B R E W Focusing on promoting a sustainable lifestyle for New Paltz Alumni who plan on moving to New York City. Green Alumni provides tips on continuing to be sustainable after leaving an environment that heavily promotes sustainability, SUNY New Paltz. It provides information and tips on being sustainable as an individual while also providing local city resources to assist in their everyday lifestyle.

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T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

Ves K E R RY LU B M A N Expression through clothing and fashion is a crucial part of identity. Transgender and gender non conforming (gnc) people should have a resource that is safe and accessible, giving them the means to express themselves in a way that fits how they identify. Ves is a proposal for an organization that uses a repurposed city bus as a free, traveling clothing closet for trans and gnc people. Ves includes interactive web prototypes for both desktop and mobile, social media marketing materials, and promotional QR code stickers. The goal is for trans and gnc people to feel welcomed and safe in a type of space that often excludes and others them, while also shedding light on a subject most cisgender people tend to be unaware of. The ease a cis person experiences when entering a clothing store branded toward their gender is the same type of ease trans and gnc people should feel when being in this space.


4 4 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

The Art Box LEAH MCKENNA Art education is an integral part of the development of a child’s mind. Not only does art education allow for creative confidence and freedom, but it provides children with a strong foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts. Research has proven that art education promotes stronger interpersonal skills as well as improved mental health. The Art Box is a monthly subscription box that aims to bring visually entertaining art lessons into the home. Each month, a new art topic will be explored in an interactive book, and each child will be provided with a sketchbook filled with activities, as well as flashcards that explore new key terms. By creating an affordable subscription box that promotes art education and history in an accessible and exciting package, the positive impact of art education can become more accessible to all.


Recreation Motivation J O R DA N N E W M A N Recreation Motivation is a video campaign interviewing the physical recreational establishments around town about the benefits and incentives of their business. These videos will allow students on campus to understand what activities are available in the area and what they entail, while also giving these small businesses a free advertisement, connecting the college to the town. While these may seem intimidating the environments of these activities are very inviting and everyone is willing to help you if you truly want to improve yourself! In short, this campaign aims to encourage the support of these small businesses, especially during these tough times.

4 6 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


4 8 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

diddo DA N E RO B E R T S We all value our belongings for a range of reasons, including sentimental, economic, and personal values. So, while the value we place in our belongings may be different for each individual, the strong personal attachment we feel to them is the same. The mobile application, diddo, aims to aid this relationship between humans and their belongings, particularly those with sentimental value. First, a user can 3D scan any object to create an ultra realistic 3D model. Then, they can store their models in a personal 3D time capsule for easy accessibility and organization. Users can edit their 3D models within the app, share pictures, gifs, videos, and the actual model file with friends, family, and social media. Users can send in their 3D object files to be 3D printed in a variety of different materials. diddo makes it possible to digitally preserve one’s belongings and memories like never before.


Lenticular Snowboard Design B E N JA M I N RO E T H E L A lenticular installation creates the illusion that two separate images are in motion in relation to each other when passed by. To create this effect, the images are placed on opposing surfaces of triangular ridges. Each image becomes fully visible when at both the correct distance and perspective from the center of the installation. To create this effect, a technical series of 120 degree grooves was routed out of the snowboard’s wooden core using a computer numerical control (cnc) routing machine. In order to place a graphic onto this rigid surface, a complex and precise graphic layout was produced and printed onto a high tack adhesive vinyl. By creating this lenticular installation on the top of the snowboard, the rider will be able to see a color or image changing graphic on their snowboard, as they lean forward or backwards. Snowboard graphic production will now become a variable medium, bringing a new form of life to each snowboard.

5 0 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


Calmify ALEX ANDR A SHRECKE Calmify is a mobile application prototype that introduces young-adult users to strategies that encourage introspection and mindfulness. The ways that we anticipate and reflect on situations are not always the most rational, but these thoughts can consume us when we overthink them. Identifying the associations that we make allows us to deconstruct beliefs, re-evaluating the truth behind them. Guiding users through strategies, the simple interface of Calmify offers interactive features that present situations in a visual manner. Developing an awareness for the ways that we think, and challenging these ideas provides a sense of clarity and serenity.


T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


5 4 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

Snack Time M E RY L S KO O G Snack Time takes an in-depth look at how snack brands are promoting and marketing their products to children and parents. Younger children’s nutrition is inevitably affected by these marketing techniques because, simply put, they are constantly surrounded by snacks that are often not the healthiest. For parents, being aware of these marketing tools can help make a positive difference in their child’s well-being. This booklet is meant for easy access in kidfriendly environments where parents can pick it up for a quick, informative read. The mission of this project is to demonstrate how the visual elements of marketing and design impact parents’ decision-making when it comes to choosing snack foods for their children. This manipulation not only affects a child’s eating habits, but their overall health and lifestyle.


The Nutty Bunch A N DY S PA N J E R “The Nutty Bunch” is a board game designed to entertain children and adults alike. In an age of mass distraction and technological dependence, this game creates an opportunity for families to put down their phones in favor of spending quality time with one another. On the surface “The Nutty Bunch” is about racing a hungry elephant to a glorious stockpile of peanuts— but underneath it aims to find the sweet spot between easily understandable concepts for children and complex decisionmaking and strategy for adults.


T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N


5 8 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

Greek Mythology Book Redesign DEVIN TIMPONE As a child I always wanted to be an author and illustrator. My senior thesis has been an opportunity to explore the world of pairing visual elements with text. I’ve re-designed Edith Hamilton’s classic novel, Mythology, using both multimedia collage and original illustrations. I wanted to create something mystical, vivid, and inviting, all while staying true to the traditional character of these Greek Myth legends.


Election Year C H R I S T I A N TO R G E R S E N In the game Election Year, players take on the role of candidates running for office to win the presidency. Players must build up their campaign from the ground up. By gaining staff members, campaign offices, and holding rallies, players can grow their movement. However, they must first deal with the other candidates running. Through scandals, debates and maybe a bribe or two, players can knock out their opponents in order to gain the most votes and win the title of President! Election Year is a fast paced take on a deck building game. By integrating elements of a party game, players will have to remain witty and on their feet in order to win. Taking only an hour to play, Election Year is the perfect game to play on game night with your friends or family. However, on your road to become the President, you may make a few enemies.

6 0 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N



T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

The Nature of Plastic TA N I A V E L I N Plastic pollution is an issue that brings harm to global climate, social, and economic environments as a result of unethical business practice and cultural infusion. In particular, a small number of plastic producers and manufacturers in the United States are largely to blame for the harm they have brought to land and oceans worldwide. The Nature of Plastic was created to inform a general audience of consumers on the existing issues, complications, and past events tied to the production and mismanaging of plastic waste on a global scale.. While discussing how these issues have impacted a throw away culture over time, allowing information from buried news and academic journals more accessible aims to introduce consumption recommendations for individuals and the plastic industry for change to take place.


6 4 T H E S I S 2 0 2 0 . N E W P A LT Z . D E S I G N

The Conscious Closet M C K E N N A WO O D Nearly 20% of our global waste and 1.2 billion tons of CO2 equivalent per year are produced by the fast fashion industry. With current technologies, it would take 12 years to recycle what the fast fashion industry creates in just 48 hours. The Conscious Closet, is a social media campaign designed to educate young adults on sustainable consumerism and how to practice conscious wardrobe choices. This movement brings attention to the awful realities of fast fashion as well as the solutions that sustainable fashion has to offer. Through social media, animated graphics, and infographics, the Conscious Closet’s goal is to help young adults mend a better future.


MyPlan AMY ZHENG As a college student, it can be overwhelming to find a good balance between work, school, and life. Trying to juggle jobs, clubs, sports, classes, friends, family, etc. can cause a lack of motivation and concentration for getting these tasks done efficiently while still trying to find time for relaxation and self care. I created a brand of customizable planners / journals that combine daily life organization and bullet list journaling for healthy life habits. The website features a customized experience that allows students to select various pages they want to include in their planner. Types of pages include meal planning, mental checkins, water consumption, budgeting, etc. By concentrating on personalized productivity, healthy living and healthy habits, students can be mindful of what they are doing and how they are spending their time.


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We would like to recognize the individuals who have been working together to make this year’s virtual thesis show & its promotion all possible.

Thesis Advisor

Print + Digital Calatog

Amy Papaelias

Kerry Lubman Leah McKenna

Thesis Show Branding Team Luke Barnell Leah Kilb Kerry Lubman

Virtual Thesis Website Luke Barnell Tania Velin

Tania Velin Amy Zheng

Social Media Leah Kilb Kerry Lubman Amy Zheng



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