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January/February 2010

Spa oasis Find your favourite bathroom

Medieval for the masses Build your own medieval historic centre with exclusive TSR Theme content


be inspired by our big travel article and e china furnitur by Angela

Recolourable Glass Gosik shows you how to create recolourable glass using TSR-Workshop

Fashion Party animal or sexy vamp?







MEDIEVAL Theme of the month


EYE ON FASHION Party Essentials


ARRESTED Simspiration visited Bra cemoor Security Jail


SHOES by Gosik

75 LINGERIE Paris style 42

KANTO Chinese furniture by Angela


CARAVANS by Madaya74


Regular Features 35 CHINA MY LOVE A travel report by Simsjeanie


PATTERNS Bold and Inviting


INTERVIEW with Gosik


BATHROOMS Find your personal dream bathroom


TUTORIAL Recolourable glass

WIGGLY surreal styled furniture










SPECIAL REPORT Joan Wallace A woman A mission


DOT - Magazine Fairy


78 REAL ESTATE Ranger‘s Ranch Camp ground

n o i t a r i p s m i S f o m a e T w e n e The h t h t i w n u f u o y n o wish i s r e V e n i l n O free REVISIONS FOR SASI! MUAHAHA


OH NO!!!

Thomas - Bossvamp

Gosik Tutorials




i-P om r m og i S


- Pho




MuPa -

Fash ion ista



Sasilia - Layouter


|3 Saliwa - Fashionista

end your Sims back to Medieval days with ye olde downloadable content. TSR expanded it‘s very popular Medieval Theme with hundreds of new objects, lots and clothes for The Sims 3. You can find all that good olde stuff here. Make your Sims game ready for Medieval with


Minstrel melodies

Mothy clothing Mysterious castles Heroic knights Rustic weapons Fair maidens

watch now: Video by estatica 4|


Faraway estatica Castle

Lady Of gissence The Lake



Medieval furnished ayyuff

Glenriff Medieval Gissence

Chateau Elinore CycloneSue


Tudor Premium Collection estatica |7



Medieval Bedroom Riccinumbers


Medieval Furnishings CycloneSue

Melted Candles Dot



Medieval Bathroom Shino&KCR

10 |


Odds and Ends



| 11


simromi MORE MEDIEVAL ... Shake Productions

12 |

find more stunning medieval stuff here

agapi r


Harmonia09 ekinege

Dot | 13


article-ette by Apple

14 |

‘Orla Kiely #3 Monotone’ pattern Apple. ‘Io Bathtub’ bathtub Gosik. ‘Io Sculpture’ Teardrop sculpture Gosik. ‘Kobe Bathroom Towels 2’ bath towels Gosik. ‘Orinoko Curtains’ bath curtain Gosik. ‘Leon Dining Books’ book deco Mutske. ‘Shelving System Shelf 4’ low shelf AnoeskaB. ‘Tulips’ tulip flowers Roan_. ‘La Tour Eiffel’ wall art Apple


There are thousands of quality patterns on TSR, so don’t stick with the predictable. Go for something bold and unexpected, as that’s what’s most likely to grab the attention of your friends. The blue pattern (left page) isn’t necessarily themed specifically for a bathroom, but it’s colours suggest a nauticul influence. This striking pattern choice makes a bold statement in the room, wall decoration isn’t required, the wall itself is a piece of art.

art. And the warmer tones in the turquoise blues match with the toasty colours of the wooden features. The room below contains only two feature patterns, but it looks like more due to the same patterns being used but in different scales and colours. The left wall pattern is the same as the lampshade pattern, but the lampshade is in a rich red to bring out the colour of the leather on the chairs, whereas the pattern on


the right wall is used on the cushion, as well, in different scales. I have retained similar colours on the second pattern because a room needs some consistancy, but not too much in that everything looks the same. The two patterns themselves are different but compliment each other, but this can vary as to what look you’re going for. My chosen patterns compliment each other because they are both quite round and organic, and not in your face, so to speak. A pattern using squares and another using circles, for example, would contrast and would match well with an outrageous style.

A59059 E4D3B5 E5C185 7E4029

Pattern Orla Kiely 1

Some popular colours used in this scene and in particular used in the pattern featured to the left of this text.

| 15

Bracemoor Security Jail After the break-out of one of the most dangerous criminals of TSR, The Whippet, Simspiration Magazine is visiting the high security prison on the outskirts of Bridgeport. The jail was built 1920 by CycloneSue as the most modern prison of it‘s due time. It‘s built on an Island so that it‘s impossible to escape. In the meantime Bracemoor Jail became old and ruinous because the town didn‘t have the

16 |

money needed for redevelopement. but the town hadn‘t the money for a redevelopement. For this reason the police suspect that The Whippet dug a hole in the floor of it‘s prison cell and had a chance to escape in this way. The police also suspects that it took years to dig a tunnel out of the prison. Where The Whippet put all the mud is dubious.

The Wippet‘s cell Policemen found a big hole hidden under a moth eaten old rug. It‘s also curious how a prisoner can have a shovel in his cell. Difficult Whippet to deal with We talked with some prisoners and they told us that The Whippet was a aggessive prisoner.

Inhabitants relieved after some bodily assaults Bracemoors inhabitants are very relieved after The Whippets break-out. A cell guard shows us a deep bite in his left arm caused by The Whippet. A cell neighbour is telling us about verbal attacks.

Cyc l


Sue e n

Banged up! Download CycloneSues stunning Prison Build Set here.

Bracemoor Security Jail-Lot is available soon at CycloneSue‘s page.

| 17

DAILY GRIND IN THE CLINK After pulling on the orange overall life is changing completely. Prisoners are working in workshops or mopping the floors. Some have to clean the prison and some do their daily work in the kitchen.

18 |

FREE TIME After a long, hard day prisoners have the opportunity for some sports in the prison court. There is also a gym and a indoor swimming pool. Unathletic prisoners can spend their freetime with reading, doing computer games or playing chess. According to latest police news they found a card under The Whippets mattress - maybe his free ticket:

| 19

e h t g n i r B „ e h t n i o J “ k c a b t e p p i h w n g i a p Cam k o o b e on Fac

20 |



January is the perfect month for wellness and having baths. We have picked out warm wooden bathrooms for a maximum comfort on cold days.

GNTIP SI Shiny Floors murano Clive Bathroom Shino&KCR Photograph Shino&KCR

Article and Photographs: Sasilia

| 21

[Objects] Glass bath Gosik, Tabo Candles n-a-n-u, Spinnaker Palm Pilar, glass tiles lisa 86, Quadro Heater and Bidet Gosik, IO Bathroom Accessories Gosik, Insomia Toilet Angela, Moon Mist Wall Art SIMcredible!, Nature Flower 3 Kyta1702, Ikea Godmorgan Bathroom Can riccinumbers, Richmond Small Basket Shakeshaft, Shiny Floors murano

22 |

The Glass Bath Glass is not always cold - this bathroom is the best example Warm wooden colours and brown stone walls cares for a warm and relaxing atmosphere in this minimalistic bathroom. Eyecatchers are Gosik‘s glass elements. Tub, shower and sinks are made with 100% waterproof fiber glass. A world‘s first is Murano‘s shiny floor.

h ow t o L ea rn e ma k g l a ss! e l b a r u re co lo

| 23

24 |

Hidden Spaces A room divider as space miracle Chief attraction of this bathroom is the „fifth wall“. The front sink and mirror are placed and behind the wall is the shower and the washing machine. Toilet and Bidet for maximum comfort are wallmounted in a small pod which leads all over two sides of the bathroom. A comfortable tub with ceramic and wooden surfaces invites for having a bath. Highlights of this minimalistic inspired bathroom are nice little accessoires such as shells, candles, exclusive towels and plants for colour accents. With this exclusive bath furniture your daily washing will become to an exclusive spa experience.

[Objects] IO Sink and Mirror Gosik; Glass Bathroom Wall Towel Gosik; Quadro Toilet, Bidet, Toiletpaperstand, Heater and Decotray Gosik; Kobe Bamboo Decoration Gosik; Chair Dolce far Niente SIMcreadibleDesigns; Insomnia Tub Angela; Herritage Dining Flowers riccinumbers; Ladder Shelving Rocks and Sand LivingDeadGirl; ASC Richmond Shells Shakeshaft; Stolt Bathroom Towel lisa86; Floating Candles DOT; Sharpe Wall Lamp DOT; Little Treasure Plant kyta1702

| 25

26 |

Panorama view

Your Sims are rich enough to have a villa. Why not spend them a bathroom with a panorama view?

Ash Wood If you are rid of boring tiles the new water proof wooden panels could be interesting for you. Pralinesims offers water proof panels at her minisite in any size and colour. Panels are easy to install and very easy to clean.

[Content left] Stolt Bathroom Sink Lisa 86, Stolt Bathroom Rug Lisa 86, Stolt Bathroom Mirror Lisa 86, Ruff Bathroom accessoires Kyta1702, Hillside Laundry Basket sim_man123, Glass Bathroom Wall Towel Gosik, Toilet, Bidet and Bathtub Vintage Bathroom Pilar, Ash Wood Pattern Pralinesims

Black Velvet The texture of the black marble gives an impression of velvet. This in combination with rough sandstone makes the bathrooms style exclusive and expensive. The furniture is very minimalistic so that the eye can be concentrated on the impressive panorama view. [Content] Bamboo Decoration, Sinks and tub Kobe set Gosik, Quadro Toilet Gosik, Bubble floor lights Dot Simspiration exclusives, A Piece of Heaven Shower SIMcredible!, Lucca Dining Candles Angela, Deidre Plant Sasilia


HYGIENE MOODLETS Attractive: When a Sim looks this good, it‘s difficult for others not to notice. Wowza! Achieve from gussying up

Duck time: Rubber duckies make hygienic cleansing fun. Buy a rubber duck from the supermarket, and place on the tub for bath time fun!

Exhilarating Shower It makes sense that if a Sim uses quality plumbing, they get quality showers. From using an expensive shower. I Am Beautiful Recognizing beauty, even one‘ s own, is just a benefit of vanity. Achieve from gussying up.

find further informations about Moodlets in our TSR-Wiki 28 |

Rustic Bathrooms A warm fire in the fireplace. Wooden walls and floors. Rose-scented bathing water . That‘s the essences of a real relaxing rainy Sunday evening. [Content left] Hampton Chaise murano, Vanity Fair Sink Cashcraft, Vintage Console Mirror Cashcraft, Fireplace Quadra Pilar, Liams Corner Shower Angela, Vanity Bathtub Cashcraft, Casement Window madaya 74, Orinoko Towel Gosik [Content bottom] Spinnaker Rug Pilar, Candle Frosted Glass Fifteen Dot, Valentine Bedroom Candles Lisa 86, Ginni Sink Revilo, Bathroom Nr. 1 Shino&KCR, Ruff Shower kyta1702, Walltable 3 madaya74, Roses Trio SIMcredible, Twig Vase Sculpture Dot, Sheer and Lace Curtain madaya74, Herritage Outdoor Planter riccinumbers, Latis Bathroom Mirror Angela

| 29

tage n i V ity Van om ro Bath craft h s a C

Corde micante Bathroom Sasilia

30 |

Stolt Bathroom Lisa 86

Premiere Bathroom riccinumbers

??? CycloneSue | 31

New Featured Artist

SHAKE PRODUCTIONS Interests: Art/Design

Listens to: R&B

Hair: Blond Favourite Food: Pizza

32 |

1 EYECATCHER highlight your treasures with Pilar‘s Cartoon Stacked7 Shelf 2 SWANKY Shelf with masses of loading space. LDG

2 1



In December Pilar and LDG brought us surreal styled furniture. A perfect accessory for your modern home.

4 3. RITZY Shelf with 6 drawers. Frac by Pilar 4. ACCORDION funny shelf with folded middle by Pilar

5. SHAPELY Soft roundings in LDG‘s Small Door Cabinet

5 | 33

estatica New Featured Artist

Interests: Science

Favourite Food: Pizza

Hair: Something out of a can

Civil Statue: Leave me alone Listens to: Rock‘n Roll

Housing: Igloo Starsign: Virgo

Job: Health/Care

Style: Jeans and t-shirt

Personality: Hermit

more about estatica here:

34 |


hina - what do you feel when you hear this word? Is your brain creating pictures of clothes with designer labels that cost only ten percent of the price usually to pay; or of hand made toys; or of crowded cities? Dear reader, sit down in your favourite chair, a nice cup of tea beside you, relax and come along with me. I’ll take you to a land so beautiful and full of peace that you’ll never think of the above again!

Article and Photographs: simsjeanie Layout: Sasilia

| 35

Of course I felt excited when I heard that I should visit China to write a short travelogue for you. But I wasn’t prepared at all to what I should meet. When I caught the very first view at Shang Simla I couldn’t think anything else but: “How beautiful!” This famous old Chinese town, hidden in a valley surrounded by soft sloping green hills at the feet of high mountains and vaulted by an inimitable sky strikes the visitor with its warm colours of earth and all shades of green highlighted by the stunning shades of red added by the trees. You won’t believe that they just grew there; it looks as if they were masterpieces particularly placed on perfect spots by an artist. Not until the second look you notice the little houses merging with nature and become a part of it. But it is the gorgeous light that makes Shang Simla the very unique place in the whole world. Our chaperon smiled. He didn’t hurry along as he knew he had to give us some time for moving from the bustle we came from to the peace of this place. And so I learned the second lesson: In Shang Simla you meet people of such great kindness and courtesy you won’t find anywhere else. The base camp, our first destination, is placed on foot of the hills and I have to admit that I was rather short of breath after climbing the more than 500 steps that led up to the entry.

36 |

The base camp w ith the Adventure Board and 54 step s that felt like 540 leading to the deck

In China

Good to know that J of the General Sto knows ma

er some trying you’ll It isn’t easy at all but aft sticks managed to use the chop

you’ll ride the bike

Jiang Lu, the m erchant ore and a gre at cook, any recipes!

Li Yuan at the bookstore – patiently waving his fan

Wu Xio, th e special ven dor, enjoying a little gossip

(To be true – I counted them later a few times and actually numbered 54, but I swear they felt like 540!) But all the pain was forgotten by the view we had from the base camps’ deck. No one of us would descend again; all we wanted was rest and enjoy the clear air and let the eyes wander over the hills to the point of snow-covered mountaintops far away and back again to the Forbidden City that lay down at our feet, calling us to come and visit it. And so I did. While the others had a break I went down again, took one of the bikes waiting to be used by the visitors and entered the Forbidden City. The market place right in the centre is a great point to start some exploration. You’ll find amazing shops there. Bookworm I am I first entered the bookshop where I spent some amazing hours discovering some written treasures totally unhindered by Li Yuan who patiently waved his fan. I couldn’t resist buying some fiction and added a book about fishing.

| 37

a A view through the windows into Chinese home

Please bow before beginning the combat!

38 |

Right near the bookshop I found the little grocery store where I bought fried stir, my first Chinese food, from Jiannan Lu. It wasn’t easy at all to eat it though because knifes and forks are unknown here; but after some trying I managed to use the chopsticks without any bigger accident. It was delicious! And I was more than taken with Jiang Lu, the merchant of the General Store and a great cook, telling me the recipe! After having a really nice time chit chatting with him I bought the Jiangzhous’ treasure chest here and added one of the Chinese incense holders, I lit the same night and now I know I don’t want to be without them anymore. I often visited the market place again, where I met Wu Xio, the special vendor, who became a great friend. You can buy the most wonderful and gorgeous wares from her, very special things that will wipe fear away or bring you back to safety! And though there is something mysterious about her wares I never felt uneasy – far from it! If you ever meet her, tell her I’ll be back soon and do a little gossip with her. She enjoys it so much! We had a great time together. And don’t forget to have a look at her potions – it might be very helpful! The next days I began to explore the surroundings of the Forbidden City. I visited the famous Phoenix Martial Arts Academy, where I got my first lessons in Martial Arts. It wasn’t easy but the people I met there where so friendly and patient with me I learned a lot at first go. I began to inspect the Adventure Board right down near the stairs leading up to the base camp, where you’ll find notes about who is asking for what, and decided to give it a try. . I never thought I could have so much fun helping people! I caught some wonderful Koi they needed to store up the pond in the Scholar’s Garden – a peaceful place that you should visit at all costs – I collected some jade and did another few little favours. No big deal for me at all because I had a great time doing that!

I spent a lot of time outside and often sat down to enjoy the gorgeous views that this spot offers to you to enjoy. I nearly felt like a snatcher when people paid much more than the actual worth for what I brought to them. You would feel like a parasite, too, when receiving 5840 Simoleons for three Tancho Kois or the tenfold worth of a bottle of homemade nectar I luckily had in my luggage as a possible gift. But they would have been hurt if I hadn’t accepted and so I did. It was great though to collect Visa Points – I would never reject them. At this point I was determined already to come back and buy a vacation home right here and I was told that you have to save Visa Points to be allowed to buy one. No bad idea, if you ask me. So they can be sure that only people will settle down who feel up to joining the people of Shang Simla – with helping and being a member of them. To be true – the base camp isn’t the Simplaza. It isn’t luxury and there are better beds out there than those I slept in though I felt like sleeping in heaven accompanied by the sweet singing of the birds in the morning and the soft chirping of the crickets at night. At any rate it’s a nice place for someone who visits Shang Simla for the first time. You’ll find all you need here and if you don’t bother about sharing a bedroom with a stranger or other people crossing your bedroom at night to reach the bathroom it’s even a lovely place to stay. You won’t feel alone because you always meet

Catching a T ancho Koi

oken dishwasher Who cares about a br guy? when meeting a charming

| 39

meet a lot of other visitors. But be careful if you have a love waiting for you at home – at this enchanted place on top of the world it can happen that you fall in love with a stranger before you realise it. No wonder – your heart is open and vulnerable. At this place that breathes pure beauty it’s impossible – even for the grumpiest person you can imagine – not to open the heart! You don’t want to leave Shang Simla already? You want to stay and hear and see more of it and get known to all the lovely people yourself? I can feel with you; I didn’t want to leave either. But after visiting the General Store for a last time, buying a dummy and a block breaker to continue Martial Arts at home, I had to come back to bring this report to the editorial office; the deadline is in ten minutes already. But I already miss the great skies of China by now. You know you can see China with your own eyes not only through mine? Just do it – change your chair and sit down at your pc and simmle “travel”. As for me I’m leaving for Shang Simla again in exactly five days. There are so many secrets waiting for me and still so much to discover. Maybe we’ll meet.

40 |

» Over 1.000 quality asian themed creations for The Sims 1, 2 and 3 » Stunning build-objects » true to original dresses » asian styled furniture » breath taking lots

| 41

by Angela Your Sim don‘t have the money for a journey to China? Angela‘s new Kanto series is the answer. This brand new furniture series includes a bedroom, a livingroom, a bathroom and breath taking creations for your garden. Be inspired on the following pages.

42 |

yo Windows P k o T ar t 1&




li c k Design tip

| 43


li c k Design tip

[Content] Kanto Bathroom, Kanto Bedroom, Kanto Garden, Kanto Livingroom Kanto series by Angela will be continued Buha Lamp n-a-n-u, Rolly cubs and plates Kyta1702, Verbena Sake Set SIMcredible!, Tokyo Windows Part 1&2 Mutske, Zippy plumbob box Kyta1702, Wildflowers sim_man123

44 |

Relax Take a bath in the shapely tub. Kanto bathroom furniture has perfect shapes with softly roundings for a totally comfort. Sleep well The bedroom invites you for a recreative sleep. A bedspread lets the bed look nice when it‘s not in use and the dresser offers many space for your clothes. In the footsteps of Konfuzius Kick back and relax at the end of a long day in a livingroom where you can meet Konfuzius‘ soul. Feng shui garden Plants and water are the most important issues of a Feng Shui Garden. For a perfect joy Angela created a wonderful tea place and an impressing garden gong. Article and Photographs Sasilia

| 45



We met Gosik, TSR‘s leading shoe designer and object artist in her secret workshop. She showed us how to recolour glass for objects (see full tutorial in this magazine) and gave us a very special interview.

What is your bad quality?

I do not like rules and will bend them whenever I have the opportunity to do so. What would be your 1st first question 2 the people of Antarctica? Would you like an extra blanket? Two maybe?! I‘ve got plenty so don‘t be shy.

If you could select to be any food, what would it be?

Why am I asking you these questions?

I would be a lemon poppy seed muffin or a medium rare steak.

Because everyone else were smart enough to run, before you started asking questions?

46 |

Do you speak with your rabbit? Not really... Maybe just sometimes if she does something wrong. Unfortunately she never answers…

If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be? I honestly don‘t know… All the interesting characters I can think of are male and i wouldn‘t like to be man.

If you try 2 fail, and succeed, which have you done? I would fail at failing i guess.

If you could be a super hero, what would you want your superpowers to be? I‘d like to read other people minds.

If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

You make shoes for Sims. May we ask what shoes you prefer in real life and which shoe size you wear?

I would invest it somehow and live on the interest.

I love high heels, I think it may even be called an addiction… I wear size 38 (american size 7)

What‘s the favourite set you made? I like all my bathrooms, but Kobe Bathroom is my favorite.

What sets are you planning for the next time? I‘m in a „shoe“ mood right now, so probably for the next couple of days/weeks I‘ll be making shoes only.

| 47

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide for making recolorable glass. It will however not show basic things, like starting new project, making meshes or preparing textures.

What you will need before sta rting this tu torial: - meshes of your ne w object (high and low LOD) - all texture s: overlay (if needed) mask multiplier a nd specula r

48 |

Important things to know: - Different parts of your mesh that will have same material should be in the same group (for example: Group 0 - shadow, Group 1 - solid material, Group 2 - glass) - glass MUST be mapped on the UV map just like all other parts of your object - if you want your glass to be shiny in game the area where it is mapped should be white on the alpha channel of the specular

I’ve cloned Table coffee end designer. I chose it because it is similar to the coffee table I’ll be making. It already has a glass group, but it is not necesarry to have it when making recolorable glass, so you may as well choose an objects that doesn’t have one. Already existing groups and materials: Group 0 - ground shadow Group 1 - glass for objects Group 2 - phong

Group 1 will not be needed so just right click it and choose „Remove”

... and „Yes” when Workshop asks you if you really want to do that.

| 49

Now rightclick Group 2 (phong) and choose Duplicate.

When Workshop asks you if you wish to continue, again select „Yes�. You will now have three groups in your project: ground shadow and two with Phong material.

There is also an alternative way of doing what we have just done, but it will only work if you already have a glass group in your project (or any other group that will not be needed, and that can be changed into recolorable glass). Instead of removing the glass group, you can link the glass to the Phong material by rightclicking on the Default Material, selecting Link and then selecting the right material from the right group. In my example it will be the first material from Group 2.

50 |

Enter Material Editor of the Group 1 and from the Shader drop down list select the Glass for objects material.

It is very important that you click No when Workshop ask you if you want to populate the material with the default properties. When you are finished, click on Done in the Material Editor.

You want Glass for objects material to be in this group only so select Yes when workshop ask if you want the material to be duplicated and linked to this group only.

| 51

Next step is to edit material properties. You have to open Material Editor once again. There you can delete properties by right clicking and choosing Remove, or add new ones by clicking the + Add link in the top right corner of the Material Editor.

In the dialog that will show up, you can select what you want and add it by choosing OK.

52 |

With regular glass the transparency and color of the glass is only controlled by Diffuse. But with recolorable glass colour will also be controlled by one of the channels in Mask. RGB - color A - transparency There are no „best� values for the diffuse. It all depends on what do you want to achive. The only thing you should remember about is that they should be neutral, so that they will not affect the pattern that is applied in game.

Here is an example of the same table with different Diffuse values (all tables have the same pattern applied to them):

| 53

Here are the properties I used for my table (which are based on a similar glass object by EA):

54 |

Here is your e l b a t e l b a r u o l reco k si o G s, g u H x x x


adaya74, Selected Artist since 2009, had the brilliant idea of building a caravan. In cooperation with a couple of the best Meshers and Modders in the Simscommunity as Inge Jones, Riccinumbers, Shino&KCR, Angela and Murano, she created a bunch of extraordinary objects for the caravan. Send your Sims on a Journey with a caravan . This journey they will never forget.


| 55

The Trailer set comes with totally new, stunning meshes as working bunkbeds, a dresser which can be placed underneath a bed, a shower where sims can walk through and a double bed, that you can place on a wall. To finish the perfect trailer style you should also download Apple's Create-a-trailer Kit.

56 |

ble in a il a v a o s l a r io r inte


| 57

58 |

Cozy comfort zones and place saving bunkbeds. This is the concept for a perfect room planning in small caravans. The warm mahogany wood spins a touch of luxury. Plumbing unit The 1 qm small bathroom is equipped with a noble sink, a chrome toilette and a world's first shower where you can walk through.

Madaya's caravan set is available now at her Minisite.

| 59

MsBarrows Kyta 1702




60 |





Kyta 1702 riccinumbers







| 61

LIVING UNDER [Content] Sofa and Pillows Shino&KCR, Harrison Outdoor Coffeetable riccinumbers, Bresia Dinette Sculpture Plant Blackest_digital_artist, Dining Leon Cabinet Mutske, Leon Books Mutske, Fern Sasilia, Romantic Fire Chair abuk0, Spinneker Table Lamp Pilar, Jack Light eryt96, Mojito Sculpture Cemre

62 |

R ROOF SLOPES Roof slopes give your home a warm and cosy touch. Madayas windows make it easy to build homes with slopes.

| 63

Rejuvenating cure for your attic Dusty attics can bring you valuable livingspace. The attic in the pics show you a studio for youth. The brick walls gives a Harry-PotterFeeling.

[Content] Midtown Teenage Bed Mutske, Edgewater Desk sim_man123, Record Player Pilar, Chair Office Kresley Revilo70

64 |


Miss Celebrity Metallic Dress Saliwa Baroque Female Hairstyle newsea Nose Stud Juzhitu Tear Drop Pearl Earrings NataliS Contact Lenses Steadyaccess

| 65


LET‘S GET THE PARTY STARTED Simspiration Fashion Line brings you sensational party dresses and amazing accessories just in time! These essentials will make your sims star at every event! For a fabulous look, don’t miss these stunning dresses.

66 |

[Essentials] Miss Celebrity Metallic Dress Saliwa, Dress Lorandia Sims 3, Only Girl Dress miraminkova, Key to your heart dress sims2fanbg, Elite Dress Simsimay-Sims miraminkova, Shoes Gosik, Lorandia Sims 3, Simsimay, Accessories Natalis, steadyaccess

Miss Celebrity Metallic Dress Saliwa Ilios Dress Hasel All Hairstyles newsea

| 67

FASHIONAIR Live your own style Do you have the perfect outfit to go out anywhere with other Sims? The outfit which will make you irresistible? The one which will make you stand out in the crowd? You are at the right place! We are happy to suggest to you one of the most outrageous dresses on TSR! Full of elegance and style! Now, you are prepared to party! [Essentials] Miss Celebrity Metallic Dress Saliwa, Dress Lorandia Sims 3, Only Girl Dress miraminkova, Key to your heart dress sims2fanbg, Elite Dress Simsimay-Sims miraminkova, Shoes Gosik, Lorandia Sims 3, Simsimay-Accessories by Natalis, steadyaccess

68 |


here was a moment in the past time that the human and spiritual world needed a messenger, not an angel... Somebody who could read minds and understand the pain. Somebody able to give love, the perfect and subtle touch the tender of the breeze over the hurting flesh.. But both worlds were the opposite and the shadows covered the old chapels. Nobody crossed the murky bridges under the moonlight.. Nobody walked into the ancient woods floating in a sea of infinite mists. Then the young lady appeared, dressed in black, with a living heart, with unique eyes, pale as the moon. She is not an angel, but she can be... She is not evil, but she can act so... She is not bloody, but could be so... She is not exactly a sorceress, but can make magic, suddenly... The different face of the dark side she is. Druscilla Goth she was called, but believe me: we will never be sure if that is her real name.. Who could certainly know... without any doubt, who are named the spirits?

Make-Up steadyaccess and simsviyo Lydia Female Hairstyle newsea Nose Stud Juzhitu



f you know what kind of hairstyle you’re looking for, browse glorious Newsea hairstyles. Stepping out with the latest trends it’s easy find your sims new look. For more fabulous hairstyles and new looks, visit Newsea at TSR!

Sweet Dream Female Hairstyle Newsea

Eternal Beauty 70 |

Our sims all have their own unique beauty. The way they feel about themselves shines through to the outer image that they project. TSR Make Up products are created to enhance their own best natural beauty, and not hide it. Because every sim is different, beauty products can come in a wide range of colours and applications. It‘s not about staying young forever, it‘s about looking and feeling your best. We can nurture our own beauty through a variety of best beauty products. Use TSR beauty products and TSR cosmetics to get you started with the best makeup. If you take care of your sim’s skin, their complexion will take care of itself. TSR products will help them look and feel their best. You will find best cosmetics, natural skin products with the finest ingredients. Plus makeup colours and textures that enhance their natural skin tone to deliver flattering results every time. Beauty is in each one of us, because beauty advice is more than skin deep and caring by best cosmetics and TSR cosmetic products.

Sim Praline Lipstick Katelys Eyeshadow Steadyaccess Hair ulker | 71

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Gosik Essentials

Torquoise T-Strap Sandal

Shoes are an integral part of fashion. TSR offers you the most beautiful of them. At parties,in everday life, you will find a lot of shoes suitable for your sims in Gosik Creations. Do not forget to try shoes by Gosik to have attractive Sims. They will be too charming, nice-looking and attractive with them on. Most of the time we look for suitable shoes according to clothing, Gosik offers you choices for anysituation. These sandals are very useful for parties. You do not need to look for suitable shoes at another place. Visit Gosik at The Sims Resource and select the best items for any occasion, for your sims needs. Enjoy these pretty shoes. Crystal Sandals


Multi-Buckle Sandals


New Featured Artist


Interests: Art/Design

Favourite Food: Pizza

Hair: Brown Civil Statue: Leave me alone

Housing: Mansion Starsign: Taurus

Job: Art/Designer Listens to: Everything Personality: Weird Style: Fashion victim

Wild Flower - Denium And Leather - Sequin - Midnight Fantasy Spring Flower

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You never thought spring could be so hot? Take a look at the next pages. With the new Lingerie-collections by Juttaponath, Harmonia and Lianaa you will get the hottest spring ever.

JPSet35 Satin Nightie Juttaponath

Set Ling erie oyĂ— Ruffle B short Harmo nia

| 75

Mo ntmartre and Pigalle ...

Coco Chanel and The little black dress ... Lingerie Set Ruffle Boyshort Harmonia, JPSet7 Transparent Underwear Juttaponath, Glam Heels Simsimay, High Heels CyrilK

76 |

Cafe au Lait and Croissants ... Napoleo n and Josephine ... Lace Corset and Pants Juttaponath

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Ranger‘s Ranch Campground

Wren‘s Fens National Park

Bear Essentials Lodge


Part of my Sims1 conversion series. Bear Essentials Lodge was added with the Vacation expansion pack. It w located at lot 43 on Vacation Isl Forget about „roughing it“ when stay with us. Our immaculate an spoiled accommodations offer the fect getaway for Sims in need of p and relaxation. Built with Wo Adventures, High End Loft Stu Ambitions, Fast Lane Stuff and Late Night.

fri 78 |


nizzo_i de st Nena Hill


h was land. n you nd une perpeace orld uff,

| 79

LOT CHALLENGE Challenge was to portray a family and their traits in a house. This was the story: Joe Simkins is looking for a home that will suit his family. Joe himself is ambitious and wants to be an international spy. He can be childish, a slob and mooch, and he can charm those around him. His wife, Joan is a bit of a snob, but enjoys the outdoors and loves to garden. She is artistic but can be inap­propriate at times. She wants to have the perfect garden. Their teenage daughter, Jill is into music. She has a high IQ and is considered a genius and is a bit insane but loves to read. They also have a younger son, Jack who is a hot head. He prefers to stay indoors and is a whiz with computers. Joe’s mother also lives with them. The only problem is she hates kids, technolo­gy, and has no sense of humour. But she is a fantastic cook and a perfectionist. Can Joe find the perfect house that will suit his family?

Fredbrenny is the winner of this challenge You can find the challenge and all challenge pics here

80 |

Simkin‘s Dream House The level. very fit

house is one One level with 4 different rooms to all family members needs

So far Joe and Jean (grandma)have fulfilled their life time wish... Jack & Jill are straight A students, and Jill has guitar level 9 now. Jack is going to be a famous inventor and is loving his room and his own tv! Grandma worked hard and is the world famous 5-star chef of the local Bistro. Joan is a stay-at-home-mom, but sells her fruits and vegetables and makes good profit. Her garden is 50% perfect. The lay-out of the house was designed to give every family member his/her own space and with the main rooms (living and kitchen) in between, they can go on about their own ways, but there is plenty of space to sit down and read, play a game of chess or just chill and relax.

The back of the house First thing we see is Joans dream garden. A patio was put up as a BBQ area, so that little Jack could be semi outside too

Jeans Kitchen As a 5 star Chef, Jeans only wish was to have her 4 star kitchen. It is her domain, but the family likes to gather here too

| 81

Livingroom Jean, the techofobe, loves to sit here ... As long as the TV is off. Jack has his own TV in his room

Grandma Jeans room

Her favourite colour is b JOe put in a drawing table and a stereo with classical station for her. bookcase has all receips the room is farthest fro the children. Jean likes her rest

Joe and Joans room

Black and Blue Green a the colours used. They mat well, just as the coup does! There is a door lea ding to Joans precious garden

82 |

Jills room Pink! Yes, girly, girly and she has her own guitar, stereo and bookcase filled up with her favourites!


h a Her and om

Jacks room Jack loves green, but ... unfortunately hates to be outside. The wizkid has the most stuff in his room, to compensate for the unlucky hates outside trait

Joans garden If she is not gardening, she is playing ... just to be outside! The perfect garden is almost in reach!

are tch ple a-

| 83

We like our house Joe loves his wife and kids ... and his mother. They all like the house. This family is a happy family!


e r o m d n a Lots

84 |





I hunted down Cyclonsue to contront her and the lies





The watchdog hasn‘t remembered her OWN cameras - watchdog exposed!



| 85


reetings! Salutations! Hello! Or...whatever. I‘m Joan Wallace. Simspiration‘s Paparazzi/Private Eye/Gossip Girl, etc. I‘m the girl who knows everything about everyone around this town, and that town, and that town in that other country...well, in fact...I end up in the strangest places following the strangest people. For this issue, I‘ve landed myself in the quiet town of Riverview. My target? Don Lothario. Rumour has it that he recently appeared in town... and I‘m set to find out just what he‘s up to.

Some residents say he arrived by a time machine, other‘s say the McDermott‘s brought him in, as he lives near their big farm. I‘ll get up in the rafters of the granary he lives in for the night to see if I can get anything good. Shortly after he fell asleep, it‘d would seem he was having some kind of dream...flashbacks or something from his past?

86 |


„Nina...oh, no...sorry, yes...I meant you, Dina. You‘re for me...not your sister or that maid... You‘ll...reject me!? How dare you...Bella Goth! I‘m sorry...Cassandra...right‘s not the time for marriage...“ Apparently, this Mr. Lothario sounds like a real Don Juan... perhaps he‘s running away from all those women...? I need more information before I settle on that... The next morning, I followed Don Lothario to a local scrap yard.

I‘d heard him discussing with the grocery store clerk about where he could find an inventor. Just what is this fellow planning?! Unfortunately, I couldn‘t get close enough to hear the entire conversation... but, what I got out of it was nothing spectacular or that we didn‘t already know. I could tell from his expressions that he was pleading with the man, he seemed very nervous or paranoid. From the looks of the other man, he had

no idea what this Lothario lunatic was rambling on about. Perhaps time travel is bit too advanced for this Mr. Broke fellow. But, my previous theories are seems more likely that his past caught up to him... and by some magical time travel such nonsense, he‘s landed himself here... by the hands of those women... hmph, I was hoping for a bit more scandal.

Case closed.

| 87


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Simspiration 3  

The Sims Lifestyle Magazine published by The Sims Resource. In this issue... SPA OASIS: Find your favourite bathroom... MEDIEVAL FOR THE MAS...

Simspiration 3  

The Sims Lifestyle Magazine published by The Sims Resource. In this issue... SPA OASIS: Find your favourite bathroom... MEDIEVAL FOR THE MAS...