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Officer Down



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Officer Down How Scott Hogan Escaped Death By Marcus Hoffman Scott Hogan began his law enforcement career at Thurgood Marshall BWI Airport. He quickly found himself bored, spending most of his days watching travelers take their shoes on and off. He decided he wanted a little more excitement in his life and transferred to the Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA). Scott now found himself a little closer to the action, pulling people over on highways. Eventually, he transferred to the QAC Sheriff’s Department.

There, he would get more excitement and action than he ever thought he wanted... While with the Maryland Transportation Authority, Scott found pulling over strangers to be a bit nerve wracking. “It’s scary the first few times. In the police academy, they drill it into your head that everyone wants to hurt you. This really isn’t the case... most people you pull over just want to be talked to like they are people. They say that stuff because they want you to remain vigilant, but that doesn’t make it true.” As he got into “the groove,” Scott says that he was usually able to tell within one minute if someone had a warrant out for their arrest or were trying to hide something. “Guilty people act guilty,” he explained. “You can see it in their eyes. They’ll often act really fidgety.” After a few years with the MTA, Scott decided he wanted to leave the Western Shore for the calmer and cheaper Eastern Shore. He moved to Queen Anne’s County and joined the QAC Sheriff’s Department. Here, he not only made traffic stops, but also responded to other types of calls. He says the vast majority of calls were boring and often even unnecessary. “We had to go out to every 911 call. I had to listen to people complain about their neighbor’s leaves blowing into their yard or their neighbor’s dog barking. Sometimes people’s alarms would be broken, and they would go off again and again, and we had to respond every time.” Continued next page


Scott preferred the calls in which police presence was actually “needed,” even if that often came with a dose of danger. Once he had to answer a call for a man shooting at his son, though the situation deescalated relatively quickly after the police arrived. The department also received quite a few calls for suicidal people. Once, he talked a suicidal man off the Bay Bridge. Scott had received little to no training on suicide prevention, but after talking to the man and providing words of encouragement, he talked him down from the ledge. “A lot of police work was “learn as you go,” and it wasn’t easy, but I usually did figure it out.” Besides those specific instances, the other more important calls his department received included domestic disputes. Despite often being forced to deal with a lot of boring calls and the occasional potential danger, Scott enjoyed the police work. He never knew exactly what each day would bring, and he liked that about the work.

And then, on one seemingly normal day, Scott’s life would change forever.

On December 29th, 2016, Scott knew he was in for an xciting day, but not in the way he could have ever expected. In his years of police work, Scott had always received “hand me down” cars that had been used by other officers. On that day, Scott received his own brand new police car. He began his shift early, getting the car ready and setting up his new, fancy Bluetooth. Midway through his shift, Scott received a call about a domestic dispute in progress. He would soon learn that somewhere along the way, some wires were crossed, and the domestic dispute, while having happened, was not in progress. He went to the address, knocked on the door, and was greeted by the family’s teenage son. “I asked him ‘what’s going on,’ ‘was there anyone here,’ ‘where did they go’, ‘were they fighting,’ and all I got back was ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.’” Soon after, Scott received a call from his sergeant saying that the victim was at the department. Scott learned that the domestic dispute stemmed from the woman asking her husband to do the dishes, causing him to shove her up against the wall. She did not have any marks, meaning there was not enough physical evidence for the state to file


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charges. Scott explained to her how she could file charges herself, or how she could file a restraining order. Scott then drove her to her house so she could collect her things. They called the man before they left the station, and explained that they were not arresting him. He appeared upset at the prospect of his wife leaving him, but not particularly angry.

Scott walking for the first time

Scott arrived at the family’s home with the female victim and met the alleged abuser at the door.

“He was perfectly cordial,”

Scott explained to me. “There are two things you don’t want during a call. You don’t want crazy yelling and screaming, and you don’t want someone who is completely disconnected with a thousand eyed stare. He was neither; he was completely normal.” Scott saw no reason to believe this would be anything but a simple visit to pick up some of the woman’s belongings. “I saw no red flags,” Scott told me, “but sometimes you are right, and sometimes you are wrong.”

Scott turned his body towards the direction of the noise. In an instant, he was shot in the The couple’s place was small. From where Scott stood, he could stomach. “At first I easily see the whole inside of the family home. The man made casual didn’t feel anything. conversation with Scott as he helped his wife pack her things. Scott It was pure adrenanoticed a picture on the wall, showing a much larger version of the line.” The first shot man who stood before him. “You’re a lot thinner now aren’t you?” Scott the man fired towards his wife narrowly missed her, causing him to asked the man. “Yeah, stress will do that to you,” he replied. turn his attention to Scott. The woman ran out of the house towards safety as her husband pursued her after shooting Scott.

Little did Scott know there was a loaded shotgun close by,

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hidden by an open door.

As Scott stood and watched the woman pack up her things, he watched the man plead with her to stay with him. Again, he was upset, but did not seem outraged or volatile. No one had any reason to think he would take drastic measures. He noticed their son playing NBA ‘17, a basketball video game. In the game, the Warriors were playing the Warriors. “The Warriors Vs. The Warriors,” Scott remarked. As the sentence left Scott’s mouth, he heard a gunshot followed by a loud scream.


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ground from the shotgun wound, Scott leaped into action.

Scott fired seven shots, five of

which hit his target. His bullets struck the man’s knee, groin, and the side of his head. He dropped dead in the doorway leading out of his home. The time from the man’s first shot to Scott’s last shot was about four seconds. The woman ran outside, got into her car, and drove to the nearest fire station. Even though Scott had taken out the perpetrator, his problems were far from over.

“I looked down and my guts were hanging down to my thighs. I took the intestines and shoved them back into my body. It was a bad day at work,” Scott joked.

At this point, Scott believed he wasn’t going to make it. “People sometimes ask me, ‘did your training kick in? Did you go into warrior mode?’ No, I thought I was going to die. I was one hundred percent certain

I was going to die.” He decided that if he was going to die, he would rather die outside than in a stranger’s home. Scott stumbled outside, stepping over the man’s body. “It was just a few days after Christmas; they had one of those big inflatable light-up Santas in their yard. I decided I would lie down and die next to ol’ Saint Nick.” In what he thought were his final moments, Scott decided he wanted to call his wife. He had so much blood on his phone, that it was difficult to even unlock his phone. Eventually, he was able to get it unlocked and call her. “I was telling her to live a happy life, to remarry and not feel guilty, and I told her I was sorry.” Scott then realized that all the blood on his phone caused it to hang up before she could hear anything he had to say. His wife thought he had accidentally “butt dialed” her and tried to go back to sleep. Scott suddenly heard the couple’s teenage son coming outside. “I was worried he would be mad. I had just shot and killed his father.” He also realized the gun still had more rounds, and as he lay on the ground bleeding, he was an easy target. The boy ran up to Scott, slid down next to him, and asked him if he wanted help. Scott explained first aid basics to him, and the boy put pressure on his wound.


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REFRESH.RENEW Scott receiving his retirement badge

As his shooter’s son was helping Scott, a neighbor came out and provided further aid. Soon, EMT’s arrived to save Scott’s life. First, they treated him with Quikclot to stop the blood loss. Quikclot is a powder that interacts with your blood and expands to stop bleeding. Scott says that the Quikclot “felt like getting my insides punched.” Soon, a chopper flew in and Scott was taken in for medical treatment. They put a mask over his face and told him to count backwards from a 100. He quickly passed out from the sedatives they had given him. Scott would not awake until many hours later, after undergoing his first surgery. He ended up needing multiple surgeries in order to survive the shooting. His wife was able to visit him early on, and even though he was able to say or do very little, he credits her support with helping him push through and survive. Multiple doctors looked at his charts and scans and told him that they couldn’t believe he was still alive. In spite of this, Scott pushed through, and was able to stand up and walk within a few days of the shooting. After being released from the hospital, Scott needed physical therapy three times a week. Years later, he still has lingering health issues related to the attack. “It hurts every day,” he told me. “I have no muscles where I was shot, so the rest of my body has to compensate. My neck and back hurt because they have to do extra work that my abdominal muscles can’t do.” Scott jokes that if he woke up one day and nothing hurt, he would go to the ER because it would be so unusual. Since the incident, Scott has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from our community. A Gofundme campaign managed to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help support his transition into civilian life. He now works as a real estate agent for Long and Foster. He also became part of a meal train, and meals were brought to his home nearly every night. A local firefighter mowed Scott’s yard for an entire year. At one point, somebody showed up at the Hogan residence and left them with a literal stack of cash. “I was worried about potential backlash, being an officer involved in a shooting, but I received more support than I ever would have thought.” Continued next page

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Officer Down

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are flexible, and it does not require long periods of sitting or standing, new patients We’re Not Your Doctors Just For A Accepting which has been difficult since the shooting. He half-jokes that many of We Are Your Doctors Life! for families his clients found out about from the local fame he gained from beWeForcare newborn tohimgeriatric We’re Not Your Doctors Just For A Minute ing shot in the line of duty. If you would like to learn more about Scott’s Same day appointments Serving the Eastern Shore for Over 30 Board Certified providers with emphasis ongo preventive care We Are Your Doctors For Life! Convenient early morning, evening and Saturday hours real estate services you can to: M-W 7:00 am - 8:00 pmfor Life. AgentSearch/ScottHogan-11009187. We’re your Doctors Same day appointments Timothy M. Klepper, M.D.

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We can meet your urgent care needs Police fatalities are on the rise across the U.S., with

125 Shoreway 120years in decades. Accepting new patients 2020Drive, being one ofSte. the deadliest WeWe can meet your- urgent care needs care for families newborn to geriatric Officer deaths coronavirus and coronavirus-related complications Queenstown, MDfrom 21658 Board Certified providers with emphasis on preventive care partially fuel these higher than average numbers. ODMP, a database 125 Shoreway Drive, Ste. 120 410.827.4001 Queenstown, MD 21658 dedicated to tracking and commemorating police officer deaths, has a 410.827.4001 We can meet your urgent care needs list of causes of police deaths by type. 125 Shoreway Drive, Ste. 120 MD 21658 125Queenstown, Shoreway Drive, Ste. 120 410.827.4001 Queenstown, MD 21658


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Total Line of Duty Deaths: 364 •9/11 related illnesses – 14 •Aircraft Accidents – 1 •Assaults – 1 •Automobile Crashes – 19 •COVID-19 – 236 •Drownings – 4 •Duty-related Illnesses – 5 •Gunfire – 45 •Gunfire (inadvertent) – 4 •Heart Attacks – 7 •Heat Strokes – 1 •Motorcycle Crashes – 4 •Struck by Vehicles – 8 •Vehicular Pursuits – 2 •Vehicular Assaults – 13

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