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5 2018 Founders Day Recap 9 In the Spirit

46 Snapshots from Around the Region

11 Prayer Breakfast Recap

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21 SAR Social Action 23 Red Carpet Event: Black Panther Gallery 13 Keep Fit 15 Investing in a Healthy You


16 Journey to a Greater Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness 18 Our Heritage, Our Health Forum 19 Reflections on Creating a Budget


JUANITA B. MASSENBURG Regional Director SIERRA CUNNINGHAM Regional Representative DELORIS B. HARGROW Regional Secretary REV. DR. TRISH HARLESTON Regional Chaplain BRIDGETTE WILSON Regional Journalist FRANCES McIVER Regional Parliamentarian KAYE WEBB Assistant Regional Parliamentarian



MELISSA HAYBAN State Facilitator ALFREDA BRYANT State Secretary


JORDAN BARNES State Facilitator JONI WILLIAMS State Secretary


JULIA-IVY CHAVIS State Facilitator FANCHON GLOVER State Secretary CASSANDRA MURPHY Regional Photographer

Greetings SORORS

Where has the time gone? It seems like we were just celebrating a new year and honoring our beloved Founders. We know that time stands still for no one, so we must cherish every moment that we have with one another. One of our core values is Sisterhood. This existence is at the center of our identity. Sierra and I love nothing more than to see how the sorors throughout the region show genuine sisterhood to one another, because we are our sister’s keeper. Spring brings new life and fresh perspectives in the world. It’s no wonder that this is the time of year that we normally induct new members into our organization. Sierra and I are elated to welcome 1281 women into the sisterhood. It is our hope that each of our new initiates will help their respective chapters make a positive difference within the communities in which they serve. We are especially proud of this Sensationally F.I.T. spring issue because the focus is on mental, physical, financial and spiritual health. All of these components are critical to a well-balanced life. Several chapters in the region have done outstanding jobs to provide their communities and their chapter members with opportunities to be Sensationally F.I.T. through health fairs, financial workshops and relay races. Sorors, the time is near for you to receive the royal treatment! The Charlotte Alumnae, Gamma Lambda, Iota Rho, and Upsilon Mu Chapters are working hard to ensure that every soror will feel like a queen at the 28th Regional Conference. The Queen City will never be the same! We hope that you all will meet us in Charlotte on August 9-12 for a royal time in Delta. With much love and appreciation,

JUANITA B. MASSENBURG South Atlantic Regional Director

SIERRA CUNNINGHAM South Atlantic Regional Representative


s o u t h at l a n t i c r e g i o n a l c o n f e r e n c e

AUG. 9-12, 2018 I CHARLOTTE, NC

South Atlantic Region


JUNE 6, 2018 Delta Day at the NC General Assembly Raleigh, NC JUNE 9, 2018 Advisor's Certification I Re-Certification Training Chesterfield Alumnae Chapter Chesterfield, VA AUGUST 9-12, 2018 South Atlantic Regional Conference Charlotte, NC







A. South Atlantic Regional Leadership Team with 25th National President Paulette C. Walker and Regional Director Juanita Massenburg (center)

B. Sorors in attendance C. The baddest band in all of Delta land


f o u n d e r s d ay NORTH CAROLINA EAST Greenville (NC) Alumn ae



D Photos taken by Soror Bridgette Wilson

E A. (l-r) 25th National President Paulette C. Walker and Regional Director Juanita Massenburg B. Sorors are having a blast at the Delta photo booth. C. (l-r) Sorors Gwendolyn Greene and Paulette C. Walker, Juanita Massenburg, Public Service Grant Recipient, Sorors DeDe Carney and Selene Brent

D. (l-r) The most tenured Deltas in attendence, (l-r) Sorors Gloria Feimster and Jessie Jones E. (l-r) Regional Journalist Bridgette Wilson and Regional Director Juanita Massenburg


f o u n d e r s d ay S O U T H C A R O L I N A I Greenville(SC) A lumnae

A. Sorors enjoying the Founders Day lunch.




E Photos taken by Soror Sharon Wigfall

B. National President & CEO Beverly E. Smith delivers a powerful keynote address. C. Members of the Spartanburg Alumnae Chapter along with Chapter President Dione Y. Williams

D. (l-r) Sorors Jordan Barnes, Sierra Cunningham, Beverly E. Smith, Juanita Massenberg, Monica Owens and Joni Williams E. (l-r) Sorors Margaret Roberts and Hazel Cunningham


f o u n d e r s d ay VIRGINIA Virginia Beach A lumnae





E Photos taken by Soror Cassandra Murhphy

A. Delta Divas attending the Friday night activities B. Beautiful Delta Dears enjoying the Founders Day lunch

C. Soror Terri Copeland directing the Sensational Voices Choir D. VetsHouse, Inc. is presented with a donation

E. Sorors stand with Keynote Speaker Lieutenant General Gwendolyn Bingham (third from left)


Written By Rev. Dr. Trish Harleston South Atlantic Regional Chaplain


“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left…”

— Isaiah 54: 2-3a

SUBMIT PRAYER REQUESTS TO sarprayerline @gmail.com

P R I N G T I M E I S G E N E R A L LY S Y M B O L I Z E D B Y G R O W T H .

It is the time of year when we begin to see everything that has been in hibernation or that has been lying dormant in the winter to embark upon the process of germination. It is this time of year when students are preparing to advance to the next grade level and college students are preparing to enter a critical new phase to attempt to define or discover the next step after graduation. Everywhere we look, there is newness, there is advancement and there is growth. This is also one of the times when our illustrious Sorority engages in the process of accepting new members through our intake process. In thinking about the expected growth within our sorority, we must also anticipate that there will inevitably be pains associated with that growth. In addition, there is usually a great deal of work required to prepare for the growth and most times the work is quite arduous. But we must not forget that the work is part of the process. In considering the excitement of gaining more or achieving greater, we much also consider the aches and pains involved in any level of development or increase. As we are enlarging, as we are stretching, as we are strengthening and as we are lengthening, let us frame our passion with compassion and let us season our tempers with temperance. Let us ask the Lord to reveal within us a sisterly love that will consistently be evident in our actions and reactions. There are usually significant adjustments required in order to accommodate growth. Growth sometimes requires a change in perspective and a change in mindset that will help us to accept differing opinions, to embrace process revisions, to demonstrate maturity in communication and to trust that the Lord will direct our decisions. But these adjustments are critical to the success of the process. God intended for growth to be a blessing, and He has given each of us the power to ensure that it is not perceived as a curse. Remember, growth is a gift from God. It is a natural process in the life of any living organism or organization. The growth process is designed to be a reflection of God’s favor and His blessings. Throughout scripture, we see evidence of how growth was indicative of the hand of God upon the lives of His people. Therefore, my sisters, as we continue to grow to new heights and to greater numbers, let us always remember to honor God with our attitudes, honor God with our words and honor God in our deeds. 9

Join us for Monthly Manna. A moment of meditation and prayer to guide us through the month. First Sunday evening of each month at 8 p.m. Call In Number (515) 739-1020 Access Code: 457798 Also, remember to submit your daily prayer requests to sarprayerline@gmail.com

Snapsh ts F R O M

Sorors enjoying the Friday night activities at the Virginia State Meeting. A

Charlotte Alumnae sorors partipate in the 6th Annual Sorority Greek Health Olympics

Bermuda Alumnae GEMS

The Queen's Court at the Virginia State Meeting. 10

our strength to continue to serve”, said Regional Director Juanita Massenburg. “This day was set aside to publicly and intentionally embrace our Christian foundation.”

Members of the Regional Chaplain’s

Council along with NC State Coordinator, Selene Brent worked with the Duplin County Chapter, led by President Cynthia Taylor, to ensure a successful public event. The Chaplain’s Council believed that the prayer breakfast would be pivotal in engaging the community as part of the spiritually focused work within the Sorority. They also believed

d uplin cou nt y a lum na e c hap t e r hos ts the first a nnua l p ubl ic

p r ay e r

that the time was now to publicly share the Sorority’s dependency on God as we serve these communities to which He has assigned us. Rev. Trish Harleston, Chaplain for the South Atlantic Region and visionary for the prayer breakfast served


as Presider and reminded those in

s o u t h at l a n t i c r e g i o n

edging the Lord as our source in having


“The Presence of the Lord is here!”

ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2018 at Martin Street Baptist Church

attendance that “because we are commanded to acknowledge the Lord in all things, this is another way of acknowlsuccessfully impacted communities politically, socially and economically for these 105 years.”

The Ministry of Music for the break-

fast was shared by the Sensational Voices of the South Atlantic Regional

in Raleigh, NC, the Duplin County Alumnae Chapter served as the host chapter for the

Choir directed by Rev. Shellena Atlas

First Annual Public Prayer Breakfast.

with Von Keyes Weston serving as

The speaker for the prayer breakfast was Melissa “Wade In the Water” Cutler, local

Pianist. Also, a Spirit filled Liturgi-

radio personality with 103.9 The Light and Elder at Kingdom Community Internation-

cal Dance was shared by Min. Tayon

al Church in Bahama, NC. Aligned with the theme, “When the Women Pray”, several

Dancy, a member of the Regional

women ministers of the Gospel representing each state in the region lifted prayers for

Chaplain’s Council.

the communities, for collaboration, for national and local leaders and for a renewed

hope for the next generation. “This prayer breakfast is just what we needed to renew

attendance for this Inaugural event.


Over 200 Sorors and guests were in

the first annual public prayer breakfast of south atlantic region

Photos taken by Soror Tarsha Burroughs

(l-r) Regional Representative Sierra Cunningham, Regional Director Juanita Massenburg, Regional Chaplain Trish Harleston.

Sorors in attendance

Melissa Wade, keynote speaker

Sorors in attendance

(l-r) Soror Genevieve Farmer, Pastor Shawn Singleton, Soror Trish Harleston

Sensational Voices – Regional Choir


S E N S AT I O N A L LY F . I .T.





This means trading winter attire for lighter apparel and spring cleaning. A new season is also a great time to spring clean your physical and mental health. Whether you enjoy a brisk run, leisurely walk, or high-energy stepping, warmer temperatures are a good reason to take a pulse on this important category. As Delta women, we have an opportunity to embrace our physical and mental well-being by following a few health approaches:

HERE’S WHY. A well-rounded, regular fitness regime can help Sorors maintain healthy stress levels, prevent unwanted weight gain, etc., while maintaining fit bodies and supporting our physical and mental health programmatic thrust. Further regular exercise has been shown to combat anxiety, depression and boost self-esteem.

VALUE YOURSELVES – always treat your bodies with kindness by eliminating stress when possible and making time to pamper your bodies. This can include regular meditation, a Soror spa trip, manicure, etc.

For women of color, health discrepancies affect our race in great proportions, according to The US Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Minority Health:

TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODIES – participate in regular exercise, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and eliminating counterproductive vices, e.g., excessive alcohol, smoking, etc.

o African American women have the highest rates of being overweight or obese compared to other groups in the U.S. About four out of five African American women are overweight or obese.

SEEK HELP WHEN NEEDED – Anyone can develop a mental health problem. However according to the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, African Americans sometimes experience more severe forms of mental health conditions due to unmet needs and other barriers. Therefore, asking for help is a sign of strength and important to mental stability.

o In 2015, African American women were 60 percent more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic white Women.

Although exercise is no cure-all for mental or other health challenges, this strategy is a powerful tonic to living better.

Despite these findings, there is good news.


S E N S AT I O N A L LY F . I .T.




Fairfax County Alumnae

INVESTING IN A HEALTHY ANSWERING THE “CALL TO ACTION� issued by National President & CEO, Beverly E. Smith, the Fairfax County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. sponsored two Health Summits entitled Investing in A Healthy You. The summits sought to educate college aged students as well as the community at large on the importance of enrolling in the health exchange, the importance of health insurance and the health options available.

The public meeting summit was an educational program that focused on healthcare insurance, securing the right plan, understanding the effects of not being insured.


The first summit was held in partnership with the Young Invincibles, and the Black Student Alliance (Annandale Campus) of the Northern Virginia Community College. This was an educational program that focused on healthcare insurance, securing the right plan, understanding the effects of not being insured, engaging in pre and post assessments, practical examples of healthcare needs, open dialogue related to understanding healthcare facility options, typical preventative care options, other insurance related costs, and how to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Speakers of the Summit


(continued from page 15)

Hilton Head Island – Bluffton Alumnae

Again, in partnership with the Young Invincibles and the Fairfax County Branch of the NAACP, the purpose of the second summit was to provide information and resources to individuals in the community that would assist them in making appropriate selections regarding their health care benefits. This summit also served as a platform to demystify the Affordable Care Act through explanation of the various exchanges available during open enrollment, as well as providing information on how and where to sign up for coverage. The speakers delivered presentations on other topics to include the importance of health care insurance, selection of a plan appropriate for individuals and their families, the financial implications of not having health insurance, and understanding the health care benefits that are not selected due to lack of knowledge (such as long-term care, dependent care, and flexible spending). The attendees were provided handouts on health topics including – stroke, heart attacks, cholesterol, steps for a healthier heart, nutrition, the importance of physical activity, breast selfexamination, and managing stress. The goal was to provide attendees with an understanding of various preventative measures and lifestyle options that could be taken. The summits stressed that one’s individual health is an investment. Individuals must take preventative measures now by planning ahead for the future which will often decrease the likelihood of high out of pocket expenses. The overall purpose of the summits was to underscore the importance of having health insurance in whatever form is the best option for the individual.

Sorors Embark on a Journey of Greater Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness ILTON HEAD ISLAND – BLUFFTON ALUMNAE CHAPTER (HHIBAC) sorors along with family and community members joined forces with Campbell A.M.E. Chapel in Bluffton SC to learn how to be better stewards of their mind, body and spirit. Sonia Shavers-Jenkins, Health Coach & Behavior Specialist, presented engaging seminars that included tips to get off the mental treadmill, incorporate mindfulness, choose healthy foods, exercise, and practice positive thinking. Soror Bette Lynch, Physical and Mental Health Chairperson, encouraged sorors to attend the monthly Saturday morning seminars. Examine Yourself, Envision What You Want, Create Your SMART Plan and Eat 2 Live were among the topics that were covered in the Journey to GREATER Wellness. Participants were engaged in fruitful discussions that included a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset. As Deltas, we strive to have a growth mindset which will help us to try new ideas and programs that will impact our communities. (continues on page 17)


S E N S AT I O N A L LY F . I .T.

(continued from page 16)

The sessions were indeed thought-provoking and interactive. Participants worked in small groups, took “Gallery Walks” and shared their thoughts and personal experiences. They also learned about SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time framed) goals, and why it’s important to create one for greater physical, mental and spiritual wellness. SMART goals will help bridge the gap between one’s present state and desired state. Attendees also identified their legacy and “core values” so that they can create purpose and fulfillment in their lives. SMART goals fuel actions that help to achieve results. HHIBAC sorors who participated in the seminars intend to turnkey the powerful information about how to achieve greater wellness. Target audiences will be Dr. Jeanne L. Noble Delta GEMS and Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy young girls, family members, and church groups. Some sorors created Healthy Vision Boards. One Vision Board was entitled “Our Heart Healthy Vision Board.” The framework for the board included: Follow a Program of Exercise, (Delta SIZED program); Eat for Heart Health, (read food labels, no salt, low sodium diet such as the


DASH Diet – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension); Relax, (meditate, set aside some quiet time, keep a daily gratitude diary); Manage Stress, (relax, enjoy family, friends, and sorors.) Soror Mary Church Terrell wrote the Delta Oath in 1948–70 years ago. One of the promises in the Delta Oath is to take good care of our health so that we can live healthy and happy lives in addition to doing the work of Delta. Undoubtedly, HHIBAC members strive to promote and live a “Healthy Lifestyle.”

A. Soror Neal created a heart healthy vision board. B. Participants worked together in a gallery walk.



Hickory Alumnae

Hickory Alumnae Kicks-off their Inaugural “Our Heritage, Our Health” Forum ICKORY ALUMNAE CHAPTER’S PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH COMMITTEE embarked upon a journey in 2016 with our inaugural “Our Heritage, Our Health Forum” (OH OH Forum). The OH OH Forum intentionally focused on the balance needed for mental, physical and financial health. Since its inception, the annual forum has been hosted at the Ridgeview Community Center to provide easy access to community members. Year after year, Delta’s annual focus is included as an integral agenda topic for review. There are no age restrictions for these sessions and the chapter has had participants ranging from preschool age to senior citizens, including all genders. The wide range of ages has allowed intergenerational sharing. An average of 20-25 participants have been in attendance. During the inaugural 2016 program, leaders provided presentations focused on topics such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, suicide, homicide, domestic violence and financial freedom. In 2017, the focus shifted to weight loss, bullying, saving and budgeting. Both years supported one of Delta’s Project 13 organizations, the NAACP. NAACP representatives participated to educate the community about the organization and voter registration. The 2018 program soared to new heights as the Physical and Mental Health and Economic Development committees collaborated to present the Managing Money & Mental Health Seminar, “My Mind’s On My Money & My Money’s On My Mind.” The outcome was amazing! Autumn Yamamura and Cindy Corbett of the Morgan Stanley Sapphire Group tag

teamed to educate regarding investments, retirement and general financial planning. The audience remained engaged, inquisitive and received valuable information that’s not always free. One of the door prizes that a lucky participant received was a Financial Planning workbook. Dr. Sidney Myles, Catawba Valley Medical Center | Catawba Valley Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry (also a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.) highlighted mental health issues in the African-American community to include depression and schizophrenia. Statistics on mental health illness, specifically in Hickory, NC were reported. Attendees found the shared information

astounding and appreciated the resource guidance provided. Chapter sorors demonstrated their support of this initiative by donating food, decorations, door prizes and the contribution of their time to impact the community positively. In light of Women’s History Month being on the horizon, appropriately, a “quiz” about famous African-American women was given with a reward for the most questions answered correctly. The chapter will continue to carry the torch, lighting the way toward balance of mind, body and spirit including the need for financial stability. In response to attendee feedback to host this program annually, the committee has already scheduled the 2019 OH OH Forum to increase awareness by hosting the event in Caldwell County, another service area. The OH OH Forums have offered valuable, affordable information to the community. Hickory Alumnae looks forward to the increase in participation as the word spreads.

Participants of the OH OH program take a stretch break.


S E N S AT I O N A L LY F . I .T.

Reflections on the Importance of Creating a W R I T T E N B Y PA IG E HA I R ST O N

HEN DID SHOPPING BECOME A FAVORITE past-time, a self-proclaimed hobby or an instant mood pick-me-upper? For some, shopping has joined the ranks of being classified as a competitive sport. Many competitive shoppers race to see who can cash-in first on the big sale or purchase the most for the best price.

Without realizing it, we often find our homes, closets and cabinets overflowing with “extra stuff ” that we don’t need. Yet, we continue to shop for food, clothes, shoes etc. when we don’t really need the extra items. In order to break the mindless spending habit of buying unnecessary things, we need to dial back our spending and go back to the basics. If you don’t have a budget, please take time to prepare one. There are unlimited resources available to help create and develop a budget. An excellent resource can be found in the Delta Sigma Theta Financial Fortitude Calendar. It’s a 30-day calendar developed by the National Program Planning and Development Committee. This calendar is filled with strategies and tips about financial heath, wellness, debt reduction 19

and building wealth. Having a budget is absolutely critical to staying focused on developing personal wealth. Before you prepare your budget, do a quick analysis of where you spend your money. Look through your checkbook or your online bank account and make a list of where and how much money you spend. Another method to review your spending is to keep all your receipts for a month and categorize them according to where you are shopping and what you are buying. Do you see a pattern? Are you wasting money at the grocery store buying food that you don’t need because it’s on sale and then throwing food away because it’s spoiled or out-of-date? Do you shop at Target, Marshall’s or other stores multiple times per week? Does the Starbuck barista know your order as soon as you walk into the store or pull into the drive-thru line? Most often, we have an idea of where our money is going but sometimes, without sticking to a budget it’s hard to clearly see how much money is being spent. Challenge yourself to make a list before you shop and always ask yourself if it’s a “want” or a “need.” Then stay focused to only purchase what you have budgeted to spend and only buy what you have written on your list. The best way to eliminate impulse spending is to create a personal moratorium on spending and stay out of the store(s). Make a habit of shopping in

your own closet/pantry before going out to buy something new. Another option to help you save is to use the envelope method. It’s a classic method of using your budgeted categories to create an envelope for each category. Write the name of the category on the envelope and allocate an amount for each category. Once the allocated funds have been spent, you have to wait until more funds have been added to that envelope before you can make another purchase. To help you stay on track with your budget, make a budget binder. Put your monthly bills in the binder. Create a spreadsheet and monthly bill checklist. Include the list of payees, due dates and include the amount paid. Check with your bank or credit union for electronic forms and online applications. Financial institution also have year-around workshops and online financial classes to help you learn how to budget. Again, be sure to refer to the Financial Fortitude Calendar and take the challenge. There’s a wealth of information in the daily challenge categories. Make a game out of finding ways to save and watch your money grow. We will be following up to hear some of the creative ways you found to save. Finally, make sure your savings go into a budgeted savings account. Happy budgeting!

There are unlimited resources available to help create and develop a budget. An excellent resource can be found in the Delta Sigma Theta Financial Fortitude Calendar. It’s a 30-day calendar developed by the National Program Planning and Development Committee.



CREATE AN ENVELOPE for each budgeted category.


ALLOCATE AN AMOUNT for each budgeted category and insert into envelope.



ONCE ALLOCATED FUNDS ARE SPENT, you have to wait until more funds are added to that envelope, before making another purchase.




TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2018 the Richland County Alumnae Chapter in Columbia, SC served as the host chapter for the Deltas during the SC Divine Nine Legislative Day which was a collaborative effort of Greek organizations across the state. The purpose of the event was to increase awareness, build momentum and gain an understanding of important social issues that impacted the local communities. There were 300 persons from across the state of SC in attendance with the most attendees being members of Delta Sigma Theta. There were legislative updates on HBCU Education Initiatives, voting rights, and law enforcement. The keynote speakers for the event were Dr. Roslyn Artis (soror and President of Benedict College), James Felder

(civil rights activist), and Deputy Chief Melron Kelly. It was an exciting day of collaboration and information-sharing

with a shared vision of empowerment to ultimately impact positive social and public policy changes.

(Pictured above) Members of the Divine 9 along with (l-r dressed in red) Sorors Andria Jeffries, Sierra Cunningham & Juanita Massenburg (Pictured below) SC State Coordinator Monica Owens, Regional Director Juanita Massenburg, Regional Representative Sierra Cunningham, Soror Sharon Parker.


Above: Sorors in attendance at the NC Divine Nine Legislative Day Left: Sorors at the NC Governor's Mansion Below: Various pictures of the members of the Divine Nine


Bennettsville-Cheraw Alumnae

Charlottesvile Alumnae

Chesapeake-Virginia Beach Alumnae

Loudoun County Alumnae


Rock Hill Alumnae

Williamsburg Alumnae Denbigh Alumnae

High Point Alumnae Spartanburg Alumnae

Walterboro Alumnae

Richland County Alumnae

Oxford-Henderson Alumnae Gastonia Alumnae


Chesapeake-Virginia Beach Alumnae Chapter Making Money Moves

The Chesapeake-Virginia Beach Alumnae Chapter (CVBAC) presented a workshop in January 2018 to assist the community with their financial resolutions. Partnering with First Genesis of Virginia, CVBAC provided a workshop focusing on two important financial areas: insurance and student loan debt. In a society where GoFundMe is an immediate resolution to funerals, the community could see firsthand the importance and affordability of life insurance. GoFundMe also seems to be the answer to emergency needs, so the community also discussed disability income insurance. With First Genesis, CVBAC provided the community with a workshop helping to understand money, as it relates to insurance and student loan debt. The community walked away armed with more financial knowledge to start their year being financially wise. CVBAC is currently working with First Genesis to partner on the next workshop, so that the community can maintain financial fitness throughout the year!

Charlotte Alumnae

Charlotte Alumnae Chapter Regional Round-Up Physical & Mental Health Charlotte Alumnae Chapter (CAC) is committed to Physical and Mental Health via diverse chapter programs. On March 17, 2018, CAC held its 6th Annual Sorority Greek Health Olympics (SGHO). The games pit three sororities against one another in Olympic-style events while promoting sisterhood and healthy living. In 2016, a weight-loss challenge was added, whereby Deltas are paired as Motivation Coaches to each NPHC sorority in a weight-loss contest, thereby creating two contests. In 2017 and 2018, Team Delta captured 1st place in the Greek Olympics and the Weight Loss Challenge! For more than 10 years, CAC holds its annual Community Day in April, connecting the public to a day of health and fun. Participants can enjoy a variety of offerings including interactive activities, children games, workshops, cooking demonstrations, health screenings, snacks, lunch and exercise – all free and open to the community.


A misprint occurred in the Christmas Journal 2017. Virginia Beach Alumnae Chapter submitted an article entitled “Sunday is Fun Day in Virginia Beach." In the that issue, the wrong chapter's name was used.









Chesterfield Alumnae Chapter Go Red for Heart and Sickle Cell

The Chesterfield Alumnae Chapter highlighted their annual Go Red Event with a Sickle Cell Presentation. Families gathered to have blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and BMI checks for heart health and talk with Unity Ride Organizer. Instructors were on hand conducting sessions on Zumba, Yoga and Kickboxing to jumpstart their heart health. Soror Sandee Smith, advocate with the Tri-Cities Unity Ride for Sickle Cell, was on hand providing information to the community. She conducted a presentation on the Impact Sickle Cell disease has on the African American Community. She also provided resources that individuals could use to enhance their lives, living with sickle cell. Chesterfield Alumnae has been a champion of providing the free twelve-week challenge to the community for the past ten years. The chapter has offered classes for seniors and Delta Dears that included ballroom dancing, chair aerobics, and morning exercise.

Denbigh Alumnae Chapter Denbigh Alumnae 20th Anniversary

The Denbigh Alumnae Chapter of Newport News, VA celebrated their 20th anniversary on Sunday, December 17, 2017 with a grand affair. The chapter celebrated their accomplishments in the community, including over one hundred thousand dollars in scholarship awards to deserving high school students, supporting other organizations and ongoing and long term support to the Menchville House, a facility for homeless women and children in transition located in the heart of our service area. The anniversary committee honored 31 charter members for their vision and sacrifice in chartering the chapter and recognized eight trailblazing sorors who served as chapter president. Appreciation was given for their hard work, vision and sacrifice to keep Denbigh Alumnae moving forward. A tribute was held for sorors who have entered the Omega Omega Chapter. Accolades were given for chapter member’s accomplishments, the joy of initiating three lines, and withstanding the growing pains of being a small but loving chapter.


Goldsboro Alumnae Deltas Getting to the “Heart” of the Matter

Georgetown Alumnae

Georgetown Alumnae: Teen Lives Matter “TEEN LIVES MATTER” was the theme of the 20th Annual Teen Conference. “Triumph vs Trouble’, “Anti-Bullying’, “How to be YOU” were some of the topics in which more than 300 young teens between the ages of 10 and 18 participated. The purpose of the Teen conference is to promote positive self-image and self-worth in our youths and adolescents. A Law Enforcement Motivational Speaker and young career professionals with various areas of expertise donated their time and resources to bring exposure to body image, community involvement, dating, social media, peer pressure, and teen violence. Teens found the presentations to be “inspiring, insightful and enlightening.” Concurrent workshops in the form of a panel discussion for parents and advisors was also included. Chapter President, Vervatine Reid, reiterated the conference goal to expose youth to healthy, safe living and help youth understand they are a valuable part of our school and community. 27

The Goldsboro Alumnae Chapter (GAC) sponsored a “Heart Healthy” Walk on February 17, 2018 at Berkeley Mall. The purpose of the event was to encourage the community to come out and walk and learn some “heart healthy” habits. One hundred walkers participated and literature about healthy eating, tracking one’s family history of heart disease, and other information was disseminated. Healthy snacks and water was provided, and blood pressure screenings were conducted by members of the sorority who are health professionals. Goldsboro Alumnae member, Bernadette Hamilton, was recognized for having the most invited participants. GAC’s annual $500 donation to the American Heart Association was given a boost this year by an anonymous walker who donated an additional $250. Maya Angelou reminds us: “If you find it in your “heart” to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” GAC will continue this project because the sorority cares for the Wayne County community.







Greenville (SC) Alumnae Stop the Silence 5K Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer

The Greenville (SC) Alumnae Chapter (GSCAC), as a Project 13 Partner with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, virtually participated in the Stop the Silence 5K Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer in Summerville, SC. Doctors worldwide send their toughest cases to St. Jude, because it has the world’s best survival rates for some of the most aggressive childhood cancers. Thanks to committed sponsors like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. This truly allows families to focus on their children. The GSCAC ranked seventh on the Top 10 Delta Team List by raising $1961.00. Team Captain, Veronica Anne Williams, was named as fourth St. Jude Top 10 Online Fundraiser and seventh on Delta’s Top 10 Fundraisers List with $1111. Cheers to all the dedicated GSCAC members that contributed to supplement National’s goal of $100,000! 28



Hampton Alumnae

Hampton Alumnae Chapter Continues Its Partnership with Transitions Family Violence Services Using Transitions Family Violence Services’ Motto: “A pathway to safety…. a source of hope,” The Hampton Alumnae Chapter adopted the agency’s first transitional apartment that will be the home of a single mother with two young girls. The sorors provided new items and decorated the two-bedroom apartment to include living room, kitchen and bathroom. The client can stay in the residence up to one year and by the end of the year, hopefully, can be ready to transition to regular community living. When they leave, all of the items that were purchased for the apartment will go with them. The Executive Director, Sanu Dieng and the Housing Coordinator, Sylvia Freeman, were overwhelmed and thanked the chapter for its generosity and continued support. For further Information and pictures, check out Family Violence Services Facebook Page.

Iota Chi

Celebrates its 45th charter anniversary

The Iota Chi Chapter at the University of South Carolina celebrated its 45th charter anniversary on February 17, 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina. Over 200 Iota Chi initiates attended the weekend to celebrate their 17 charter members and reminisce about the chapter’s success and accomplishments throughout the years. The Iota Chi chapter was the first NPHC sorority chartered at the university. The attendees celebrated with a weekend full of events including: a welcome reception, 10 community service opportunities throughout the Columbia area, a sisterhood banquet and church fellowship.









Kappa Omicron

Holds first Women’s Empowerment Conference More than 100 students from across the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill spent a Saturday focused on issues affecting women during the Kappa Omicron Chapter’s first Women’s Empowerment Conference. The event tackled issues that included Positive Body Image, International Reproductive Health and Mental Health. Also, it featured a panel discussion titled, “Bossed and Unbothered.” The panel included chapter advisor and development professional, Ishna Hall, the most recent recipient of Delta’s Regional Advisor of the Year Award. In addition to receiving financial support and collaboration from other Greek organizations for the event, the Chapter received $1,000 from the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship. Also, members competed for and won a Carolina Parents Council Grant of $2,000 after they proposed the idea for a campus wide Women’s Empowerment Conference. Additionally, several hundred dollars were collected for the ZanaAfrica program which helps adolescent girls in Kenya stay in school by providing reproductive health education and sanitary pads.


Knightdale-Wake Forest Alumnae Annual health fair covers both the mental and physical aspects of health

The Knightdale-Wake Forest Alumnae Chapter’s Physical & Mental Health Committee is dedicated to having events that focus on health awareness for both the body and mind to encourage healthy lifestyles. The KWF annual health fair covers both the mental and physical aspects of health including health topics that are considered taboo. As a result, the annual The Total Health Experience educates the community on ALL aspects of health for both women and men. The health fair was held on March 17, 2018. Pharmaceutical students from Campbell University were on hand to answer medical questions, mental health specialists as well as breast cancer survivors, yoga and personal trainers shared their knowledge with the community. Attendees participated in a scavenger hunt to encourage visitors to learn more about the many aspects of health addressed at the health fair. The children participated in activities such as health food maze, coloring sheets and fun exercises.

Loudoun Alumnae Chapter LCAC Total Transformation of the Woman Series

Loudoun County Alumnae Chapter (LCAC) Membership committee kicked off 2018 with The Total Transformation of the Woman Series open to chapter Sorors and those they can reclaim. The Total Transformation of the Woman Series: Mind, Body and Spirit is a five-part series that seeks to elevate our purpose as women of Delta Sigma Theta while reclaiming our Sorors, engaging in meaningful activities and fellowshipping with one another. The five-part sessions began with Your Vision Realized with vision boards, Exercise and Meal Planning, What Not to Wear with question and answer session with event and media expert, Arienne Thompson, Delta Doctors Panel, and finally Spiritual Balance; It’s a Priority session. The mantra for the series: Each day we will Dedicate ourselves to Exercising, Loving on ourselves at least as much as we do on others, and Transforming our minds, body and spirit to Achieve our goals. 31








Lumberton Alumnae

Health awareness initiative focuses on heart disease Lumberton Alumnae had an opportunity to network with health professionals, and support Southeastern Health and its own Health Awareness Initiative at the Go Red for Women Heart event held at Biggs Park Mall in Lumberton, NC on the 28th of February . The event featured a display of red dresses and a presentation on Women and Heart Disease by Interventional Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, Dr. Archie “Zan” Tyson of the Southeastern Cardiology and Cardiovascular Clinic which concluded with a question and answer session. The event also included line dancing, free health screenings for blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL and blood glucose; and information on women’s health, cancer prevention, breast health, fitness, heart health, wound care and more.

Newport News Alumnae

For 80 years, the Newport News Alumnae Chapter has made a significant impact i the Newport News community, providing over a quarter million dollars in college scholarships to high school graduates entering college, over $150,000 in charitable contributions, to include purchasing equipment for Whittaker Hospital, and countless hours of public service. Today we continue to focus on programs and projects that support the needs of our community. In recognition of this milestone, our theme for the weekend celebration is Connecting the Past to the Present and Beyond. A series of activities were held October 27 - 29th at the Newport News Marriott, including a Rededication Ceremony and reception honoring past chapter presidents and a luncheon featuring Reverend Dr. Gwendolyn E. Boyd, 22nd National President.

Celebrates its 80th Anniversary


Oxford-Henderson Alumnae

Stay Woke in this Post-Presidential Era Abdul Rasheed, CEO of the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations was the recipient of the second biennial Andrea Harris Social Action Award given by the OxfordHenderson Alumnae Chapter. Rasheed was recognized during a social action luncheon held on the 20th of January. Soror Erica Smith (pictured below), NC State Senator, served as the keynote speaker. Her message was centered on the luncheon theme: Stay Woke: Social Action in the Post-Presidential Election Era. Senator Smith said in order to do this we must say: Not Today, We are reclaiming our time! She gave statistics on why black women must reclaim their time and stay engaged in this Post Presidential Election Era. The purpose of the luncheon is to recognize individuals working for systematic changes to injustices for minority and underrepresented populations in the local, state, and federal arenas. The chapter will utilize the proceeds from the luncheon to support get out the vote efforts within our service area.

Orangeburg Alumnae Chapter Knowledge is Power

Orangeburg Alumnae Chapter’s Economic Development Committee in collaboration with Soror Mary J. Butler, Certified Government Financial Manager and Joseph Sanders, 30-year Certified Property Manager, conducted a dynamic train-the-trainer financial workshop, “Knowledge is Power.� This workshop was created to train Student Orientation Leaders at South Carolina State University. During the workshop, 56 students learned personal financial management tips to assist them in learning how to manage their own finances and subsequently present this information to all incoming freshmen. Soror Butler focused on her top 10 personal finance tips for college students. During the workshop, the attendees learned financial management techniques and strategies to assist them in managing and independently taking control of their finances including goal setting, budgeting, debt management, savings and investments, retirement and estate planning. Joseph Sanders focused on growing wealth, financial tips for success as students, and financial pitfalls.





Richland Alumnae Donates to the Palmetto Children's Hospital





On Saturday, January 13, 2018, the members of Columbia (SC) and Richland County Alumnae Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. joined forces to celebrate our sorority's 105th Founders Day. The members visited the Build-A-Bear Workshop, creating 29 beautifully adorned bears. In addition, the chapter members partnered to donate $500 toward Palmetto Children's Hospital's goal of a 1.2 million dollar endowment. The donation was presented to Mrs. Gina Owen Janvrin at the South Carolina Philharmonic Music for a Cure event.

Roanoke Alumnae

Roanoke Chapter’s Delta Dears Honored During Sisterhood Month In celebration of Delta Sisterhood Month, the Roanoke Alumnae Chapter, the Membership Services Committee recognized all Roanoke Chapter Delta Dears. The acronym “DEARS” stands for (Dedicated, Experienced, Active, Respected, Sorors). They are Deltas who are 62 years of age or older and are honored because of their wisdom, grace, fortitude and service. Andrea Chubb was presented by the president with a 25 Year Plaque from the National Headquarters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Roxboro Alumnae Chapter

Delta's Celebrate Founders Day Through a Day of Service

Rock Hill Alumnae Chapter Celebrates their 60th Anniversary.

The Rock Hill Alumnae Chapter (RHAC) celebrated their 60th anniversary on Thursday, March 1, 2018 to mark the significant milestone on the actual chartering day on the same date in 1958. The event was held at Mount Prospect Baptist Church in Rock Hill to honor the first chapter president, Floried Coleman Mack who was a former member. Over 100 sorors and guests attended the public celebration to commemorate the rich history of the chapter and highlight the chapter’s signature programs. A proclamation from the City of Rock Hill and Mayor John P. Gettys was issued to the chapter to acknowledge the 60 years of service to the community. The chapter also launched their new Social Action initiative, “60 Voices, 60 Votes” Registration Drive. The chapter was honored to have the National 1st Vice President, Cheryl Hickmon to spend the weekend with RHAC and to speak at the RHAC Founders Day celebration.


The Roxboro Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated had a banquet to celebrate their 103rd Founders Day and a day of remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The banquet was attended by over 150 people and the theme for the evening was "Living the Dream." The speaker, Soror Linda R. Wilson, Past Regional Director for the South Atlantic Region and member of Greensboro Alumnae Chapter. The music for the event was presented by New Creation. During the evening, Debbie Allen was presented the Delta's Choice Award and a monetary donation. She is the founder of Community Council Awareness Group, a nonprofit organization. To commemorate such a great occasion, the ladies took a group picture at the end of the event. The current President of the Roxboro Alumnae Chapter is Freda Tillman and the chairperson of the event was Dr. Michelle Furges.









Shelby Alumnae

Shelby Alumnae Chapter Participates in 11th Annual Minority Health Fair The Cleveland County Health Department and Alliance for Health hosted the Annual Minority Health Fair on Saturday, February 17, 2018 to shed light on various health disparities within the minority community. The focus of the conference centered on: “Mind, Body and Soul: A Holistic Approach to Health.� The first workshop focused on cancer and how it affects the African-American Community. The second workshop focused on a discussion centered around addiction. Professional doctors, nurses, and health care directors/managers facilitated the workshop and addressed questions by the attendees. The conference ended with the keynote address given by the Reverend Wade Wallace, Pastor of Green Bethel Baptist Church. Reverend Wallace serves on the Alliance for Health Board as well as continues to support health ministries in his church. The members of Shelby Alumnae Chapter provided water for the conference and attended the workshops.


Summerville Alumnae

Summerville Alumnae EMBODI Symposium February 18, 2018 marked Summerville Alumnae Chapter’s second presentation of an EMBODI Symposium. Powered by the dedicated work of the chapter’s Program, Planning and Development Committee, this year’s offering was entitled “Real Talk, Real Results: The Grind and the Hustle.” The “malesonly” event brought together 60 middle and high schoolers from across Dorchester County, featured a real time Black History moment, and presented workshops led by some of the most respected gentlemen leaders of the community. The attendees, resplendently attired in dress shoes, khakis, shirts and ties were enthralled by the personal story of Chief Reginald Burgess, the first African American Police Chief for the city of North Charleston, South Carolina. Chief Burgess’ keynote address was entitled, “Grinding and Hustling: Move Forward and Make Courageous Changes.” Workshop topics included Life Skills and Motivation, Leadership, Education and Career Options, Healthy Choices and Mental Health. Other exhibits included a car show, motorcycle clubs, police safety squads and restaurateurs who specialize in healthy menu options. The event was an extraordinary exercise in how the village can come together to raise its youth.

Suffolk Alumnae

Women of Suffolk Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness The Suffolk Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. gathered outside the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum on North Main Street, in the cold, Friday evening. They lit electronic candles, shined flashlights and prayed during an illuminating service for those affected by HIV/AIDs both in their community and around the world. Members donated various toiletry products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and hand sanitizers that will be donated to a local organization and another that will deliver them to those fighting the disease in Haiti, First Vice President Mary Steverson said. LGBT Life Center Chief Development Officer Christopher Reybrouck stated in the press release, “The main focus now and always is getting this information into the community in an effort to get people into treatment, reduce stigma and to educate those who are unaware.”









Western Wake Alumnae

Serves the community with health fair. On January 20, 2018 the Western Wake Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. organized a health fair which included a mobile dental unit, activities such as Zumba led by Western Wake member Amari Hartsfield and Self-Defense taught by members of the local police department, and various vendors to encourage and support a healthy and active lifestyle. In conjunction with the Xi Mu Mu chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and the St. Augusta Missionary Baptist Church, the event also provided a Blood Drive and forums discussing the Dangers of Texting while Driving and Depression as it affects individuals. The Depression Forum was conducted by Western Wake member Dr. Tammie Moore, clinical psychologist & CEO of Western Wake Counseling. Free blood pressure, blood glucose, oral, vision and hearing screenings were provided as well. Overall the event had a great turnout with 27 dental patients served, 19 units of blood donated, and 11 vendors in attendance.

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Sensational Sensational SORORS SORORS ALANA SIMMONS On January 13 Alana Simmons was honored by The King Center at the Salute to Greatness Awards Gala with the Coretta Scott King Advancing Nonviolence through Generations of Exceptional Leadership (A.N.G.E.L.) award for her work with the Hate Won’t Win Movement. The movement was founded by Soror Simmons in light of the tragic church massacre that took place at Mother Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, SC. Soror Simmons’ grandfather, Rev. Daniel Simmons, was one of the victims and she started this movement to spread a message of love and tolerance. The movement focuses on creating a more culturally cohesive society that celebrates differences instead of allowing them to divide us. The prestigious award is given to a young adult that exemplify exceptional leadership in the areas of peace, social justice, and nonviolent social change. Soror Simmons is a member of the Richland County Alumnae Chapter in Columbia, SC.

ALEXANDRA BADGETT ALEXIS BELL Soror Alexis Bell is a Broadcast Journalism major in the University of North Carolina School (UNC) of Media and Journalism and also a Political Science major and Social and Economic Justice minor. This past summer, Soror Bell was an editorial operations intern with CNN. In this position, SororBell gained valuable experience planning and producing a professional broadcast. Additionally, Alexis was recently tapped into the Order of the Golden Fleece, the oldest and highest honor society at UNC. As President of the Carolina Association of Black Journalists, Soror Bell’s leadership resulted in the chapter being a national finalist for Chapter of the Year. Soror Alexis Bell is one SENSATIONAL soror. 39

Soror Alexandra Badgett, a spring 2016 initiate from the Iota Chi Chapter at the University of South Carolina, won the title of the 2018 Miss Columbia at the Miss Columbia & Miss Capital City Pageant. Alexandra stole the judges hearts and earned top marks in the swimsuit and talent categories. Soror Badgett will be competing in the 2018 Miss South Carolina pageant in June 2018. Soror Badgett is a senior Risk Management & Insurance major at the USC Darla Moore School of Business. Gamma Chapter at Western Carolina University in the Spring of 1990.

Sensational SORORS


ALONIA (VYCE) MOSES-JOHNSON On Saturday, December 2, 2017, Soror Alonia (Vyce) Moses-Johnson wrote and directed the stage play entitled “Shattered, Covered, Restored” held in Columbia, SC. The stage play is based off her book with the same title and is an amazing story of love, forgiveness, family and restoration. The stage play received rave reviews within the community and is being featured in cities across South Carolina. Soror Johnson is a distinguished author and her remarkable literary work was featured when she was selected as one of the South Atlantic Region Delta Authors on Tour in 2017. She is an active member of the Richland County Alumnae Chapter in Columbia, SC and is the South Carolina Chair for the Regional Technology Committee.

Collegiate Soror Autumn Childress is a graduating senior that recently completed her record breaking four-year, Division One basketball career at Longwood University in Farmville VA. Autumn completed the 201718 season as the Big South’s only player to average a double-double, despite battling triple injuries and sickness throughout much of the conference slate. Pursuing her degree in the Communication Studies program and minor in Spanish, she has maintained an impressive 3.4 overall grade point average. Autumn is gaining real-world experience by working at the University’s TV station, assisting with sideline reporting at sporting events, or working camera during a Big South Network broadcast. Initiated into the Pi Mu chapter in the spring of 2016, Autumn served as Vice President and Treasurer and is currently serving as the Collegiate Member of the Regional Nominating Committee. Autumn has dominated on the court and is a shining example of the scholarship, service, athleticism, and the spirit of a warrior.

ANGELA EDWARDS ROBERTS The Honorable Angela Edwards Roberts (Richmond Alumnae) is a trailblazer in Virginia’s judicial and legal history and has been honored as one of Dominion Energy’s and Library of Virginia’s 2018 Strong Men & Women in Virginia History. She became the first African American female judge and a forceful advocate for vulnerable youth and families within the criminal and justice system when the Virginia General Assembly elected her a judge of the City of Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court in 1990. A trailblazer in her prejudicial legal career, she became the first African American Assistant Bar Counsel for the Virginia State Bar and the first African American female Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Richmond. In addition to her incredible firsts, Judge Roberts’ specific contributions have become part of the legend of modeling for courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Soror Roberts retired from the bench, August 1, 2016. She enjoys playing the piano, sewing, cooking, photography and golf. 40

Sensational Sensational SORORS SORORS CHELSEA COCHRANE Soror Chelsea Cochrane is an Exercise and Sport Science major and Sociology minor at the University of North Carolina (UNC). She is the Second Vice President and Leader of the Minerva Circle for the Kappa Omicron Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Soror Cochrane recently became a certified emergency medical technician. This means that she is able to provide emergency services to victims of trauma before, during or after their transport to a medical facility. Soror Cochrane also has a SENSATIONAL academic record. She’s been on the Dean’s list at UNC six out of her seven completed semesters. Upon graduating, Soror Cochrane will be conducting research at the University of Maryland.

DAUN HESTER Soror Daun Hester, Norfolk Alumnae Chapter member, is a “Sensational Soror”. The Honorable Daun Sessoms Hester, former City Council woman, vice-mayor, and 89th District Virginia House of Delegates member stepped into the annals of history as she celebrated her victory as the first female African-American city treasurer in the city of Norfolk. She solidifies the concept of phenomenal woman and trailblazer. Soror Daun Hester stated, “It’s an honor that the citizens have given me the opportunity to serve them again……” She credits the Lord and her parents for providing the example. In her message to the youth, she states, “Don’t let the setbacks, failures stop you from making your dreams come true. Whatever door the Lord opens, I will go through,” commented Soror Hester as she reiterated the articulations of Soror Shirley Chisholm, “Service is the price we pay for living on this earth.”

ELLAIN McGHEE BROOKS Soror Ellain McGhee Brooks, recently turned 93, but who would know it! In 1945, this energetic soror was one of the charter members of the Gamma Beta Sigma Chapter, now Oxford-Henderson Alumnae. Later, she was also a charter member of the South Jersey Chapter. As an active member of the Oxford-Henderson Alumnae Chapter, she serves on the Social Action Committee and was actively involved with the Social Action Luncheon in January. She was also one of the first to support sponsoring the community youth to attend the showing of Black Panther and “yes” she drove herself to the cinema too! A retired high school mathematics teacher and college professor, Soror Brooks is an entrepreneur who has operated Brooks Travel Service since 1976. Last year, she planned a cruise for a group of 44 to the Mediterranean. Watch out! An Alaskan cruise is in the making! 41

Sensational SORORS ESSYE MILLER Soror Essye Miller has been appointed the Department of the Defense’s Acting Chief Information Officer (DOD CIO) by the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Soror Miller is the primary advisor to the Secretary of Defense for matters of information management, information technology, and information assurance, as well as nonintelligence space systems; critical satellite communications, navigation and timing programs; spectrum; and telecommunications. Prior to this appointment, Miller graduated with a BA from Talladega College, MBA from Troy State University, and a Master of Strategic Studies from Air University in Montgomery, Alabama. She is a 2016 graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in National and International Security Studies. Initiated at Talladega College, Alpha Zeta Chapter, Soror Miller is a member of Fairfax County Alumnae Chapter in Chantilly, VA.

GENEVA SMITH HARRIS Recently, the Oxford-Henderson Alumnae Chapter honored Soror Geneva Smith Harris. On February 3rd, Soror Harris celebrated 101 years of life. She became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. at South Carolina State University in 1939 and has been a member of the Oxford-Henderson Alumnae Chapter since the early 1950’s.During Soror Dorothy Height’s presidency; Soror Harris represented the chapter at Regional Conference and National Convention. For years, she served as the corresponding secretary for the chapter and the chair of the courtesy committee. Jacquelyn Wilson, Chapter President, said “At 101 years of age, Soror Harris may not be able to do as she has in the past, but she is seen as the matriarch of this chapter and the guidance and direction she has given Oxford42

JACORI GAMBRELL Soror JaCori Gambrell, a spring 2017 initiate of the Iota Chi Chapter at the University of South Carolina, received the I. DeQuincey Newman Outstanding Student Leadership Award during the 2018 Celebration of Excellence hosted by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. The award recognizes a student who has exhibited exemplary leadership skills, participates in community building, mentors fellow students and has good character. Soror Gambrell is the president of the Association of African American Students (AAAS), a mentor for the Multicultural Assistance Peer Program (M.A.P.P.), University 101 Peer Leader and serves as the Corresponding Secretary and Fundraising Chair for Iota Chi. Soror Gambrell is a senior Public Health major at the USC Arnold School of Public Health.



Chesapeake-Virginia Beach (CVBAC) Alumnae honored its eldest member, 91 year old Soror Jessie Taylor, on February 10, 2018. The celebration of achievement highlighted her work as a sorority member as well as a public service record that spans over 70 years. Taylor, who was initiated into the Queens Alumnae Chapter in 1979, is affectionately known as the “Mother of Delta Dears.” “I wanted to be a Delta when I was in the sixth grade,” said Soror Jessie. “But my sixth grade teacher, who was a Delta, told me I had to finish school first, so that’s what I did!” A strong advocate of public service and social action, Soror Jessie believes it is important that sorors put all of their energy and efforts in programs that truly make a difference.

KENDALL HOLBROOK Kendall Holbrook has been appointed CEO of Dev Technology Group, Inc. As Dev Technology’s Business Development Vice President for eight years, she has been instrumental in substantially growing its portfolio. Outgoing CEO, Susie Sylvester, expressed her confidence in Kendall Holbrook as Dev Technology’s new leader. “Kendall is the rare person that understands—and has experience in—all of the aspects it takes to run a business such as Dev Technology. She also values our culture, and has been a big part of cultivating that culture over the past 8 years. These factors make her perfect for the role of CEO and perfect for Dev Technology.” Before joining Dev Technology, Kendall spent 14 years working with a large IT integrator as a systems engineer, project manager, and client sales executive. Kendall holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia, and an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland. 43

Soror Lorrie Penn Hunter, a charter member of the Loudoun County Alumnae Chapter (LCAC), was a recipient of the Purple and Gold Community Service Award presented by the Sigma Mu Mu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and Operation Uplift Foundation at their Annual Achievement Week Observance Awards Brunch on November 4, 2017. Soror Hunter serves locally on the Loudoun County Electoral Board as an Elections Chief. She also serves on the Loudoun County Family Services Advisory Board, and is a charter and active member of the Loudoun County Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. where she has served as the Fundraising, EMBODI, & logistics chair. She currently serves as president of the NPHC- Loudoun County. She was initiated into the Iota Alpha Chapter at James Madison University in spring 1986.

Sensational SORORS MICHELLE McQUEEN Soror Michelle McQueen, was awarded one of Boy Scouts of America highest awards, the District Award of Merit. The District Award of Merit is the highest honor bestowed upon special volunteers. Soror McQueen currently serves as the chartered Organization representative for Cub Scout Pack 496 in Richmond, Va. She has served in many positions on the local and district level in scouting. More than five scouts under her leadership became Eagle Scouts, the highest award for boy scouting. As an active member of Chesterfield Alumnae Chapter, Soror McQueen’s affinity to work with youth has been demonstrated working with youth in the Delta GEMS, Delta Academy and Embodi programs. She is a former Chapter President, Parliamentarian, and currently serves as Chair, Protocol and Traditions Committee. She also serves on the Regional Leadership Team. She is a retired Information Technology Manager having served 37 years with Defense Logistics Agency.

LAURA BETHEA As an exemplary student in the Educational Leadership in Higher Education program at East Carolina University, Laura Bethea was awarded the Mack and Margaret Coble Doctoral Fellowship to fully support her tuition during the 2017-2018 academic year. She was granted this scholarship award during a special College of Education Scholarship Recipient and Donor ceremony.

KATRINA FORDHAM This Delta is making history by sharing “HER”story within her community and beyond. Soror Katrina C Fordham is a member of the Raleigh Alumnae Chapter, Raleigh, NC. She is an accomplished author whose first two memoirs, entitled Protected For Purpose and The Transition of SHE embody a story of triumph, strength and die-hard fortitude. This Spring, she will be releasing her third literary piece, entitled The Karma of YES. Not only is she an avid book writer but most recently Katrina was also featured in the Winter 2018 issue of The Prevailing Woman Magazine. This will be her second feature in the magazine whose goal is inspire and highlight women in leadership. This past fall she applied and was accepted to Nova Southeastern University where she will be pursuing her Doctorate of Health Science degree with a concentration Telehealth. This Delta is definitely on the rise. 44

Sensational Sensational SORORS SORORS EMILY HOWARD Soror Emily Howard is an Exercise and Sport Science major and serves as the current Chapter President for the Kappa Omicron Chapter at the University of North Carolina. She has always admired optometrist; especially our esteemed soror, Dr. Paula R. Newsome who was initiated into the Kappa Omicron Chapter. Dr. Newsome was the first Black woman to open an optometry practice in North Carolina. After shadowing Dr. Newsome, it was time for Soror Howard to apply to graduate schools. She applied to: Ohio State College of Optometry, University of Alabama Birmingham College of Optometry and the University of Houston College of Optometry. Soror Howard was accepted to all three schools and will be attending UAB in Fall 2018. She is not only an incredible student, but a SENSATIONAL soror.


Snapsh ts F R O M

Sorors taking a Delta "selfie" at the SC Statewide Founders Day A

Knightdale-Wake Forest Chapter sorors attend annual health fair

Sorors at Virginia State Meeting Friday evening fellowship

Fairfax County Alumnae chapter members visits the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, DC 46

Snapsh ts F R O M

Denbigh Alumnae chapter members pictured with Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (center) A

Dillon-Marion County Alumnae chapter celebrates St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Ga.

Loudoun County Alumnae GEMS

Prince William County Alumnae chapter members attend the Red Carpet event "Marshall� 47

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s o u t h at l a n t i c r e g i o n a l c o n f e r e n c e

AUG. 9-12, 2018 I CHARLOTTE, NC

South Atlantic Region


JUNE 6, 2018 Delta Day at the NC General Assembly Raleigh, NC JUNE 9, 2018 Advisor's Certification I Re-Certification Training Chesterfield Alumnae Chapter Chesterfield, VA AUGUST 9-12, 2018 South Atlantic Regional Conference Charlotte, NC






with Purpose and Dedication… Keeping it Sensational

Profile for The Sensational - DST South Atlantic Region

South Atlantic Regional Journal Spring 2018  

The Sensational South Atlantic Region of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

South Atlantic Regional Journal Spring 2018  

The Sensational South Atlantic Region of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.