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Pulaski, Tennessee Park Pleasure Open Hytone’s After Shock Kimberly Coult Southern Jazz Charmer Steve Beam Prince Jose Jeannae Patterson Rooster Cogburn Is Armed Blaise Broccard Overpass Ashley Diamond Pollack

Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult Royce Ellison Jeannae Patterson Eve & Guy Zimmerman S&P LLC

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur Live Strong Grey Barker Houndstooth Lady Brian Anderton

Barker & Taylor Brian & Tammy Anderton

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Master Class Herbert Derickson I’m Valuable Michael Wright She’s Title Bound Rodney Dick Tony Tango Charlie Green The Phenom Justin Harris

Mr & Mrs Tim Brooks Donnie Taylor Mcdonald & Walling Bill & Karen Bean Bruce & Robin Macdonald

Youth 12-17 Specialty A High Dollar Charge Lord Stanley Jose Caliente Jose’s Dulce Mighty Fine Line

Lily Catherine Holland Allison Thorson Chris Elliott Meghan Davis Nathan Anderton

Lily Catherine Holland Thorsport Inc Chris Elliott Shamrock Farms Brian Anderton

Park Performance Open I’m Diamond Rio I’m An American Idol Jose’s Cherry Darling

Kent Lawrence Megan Green Jeff Green

Kent & Mamie Lawrence Scott Green Afia Rupard

Youth 11 & Under Free To Score Pure Jazz Greyline

Jack Kail Colton Trimble Chet Lowman

Maggie Kail Ashtyn Claire Brown Lowman Family

Show Pleasure Amateur Spooky Dollar Willie Do Coin’s Black Stroke Limestone Lucy Jubilee’s Awesome Dream

Stephanie Elliott Patti Pollack Jean O Brien Steve Heitmiller Shannon Cotter

Elliott & Gattis S&P LLC Reginald Pimentel Steve Heitmiller Ed & Shannon Cotter

Two Year Old Stallions Amateur Popcorn Sutton David Sisk I’m Kramer Giddyup Kasie Caldwell Win Baby Win Charles Stivers A Master Sky High Lucky Collins Awesome’s Take Over Claude Frye

Andrew & Linda Sisk Billy Randall Glendon Stivers Don & Lucky Collins Claude Frye

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Lipstick And Lead Tim Smith Greenspan Dale Smith Wicked Walking Witch Casey Wright Steely Dan Charlie Green Boss Man’s Dollar Steve Beam

Lisa Baum Dale Smith Joanne Dempsey Fred & Diane Brown Bob & Sudie Reed

Amateur Mares & Geldings Specialty I’m Stan The Man Dr Lynda Brogdon Cadillac’s Bum Lilly Waites Mexican Fire Kimberly Coult PGA Lisa Baum The Strike Zone Gary Wayne Smith

Ben & Dr Lynda Brogdon Andrew Waites Family Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult Lisa Baum Jimmy Glenn

Youth Ponies Tommy Lee Jones The Jazz Player Miss Splashy Cash The Strawberry Dollar Your Wish My Command

Benjamin Bowen Alex Blackburn Allison Thorson Sarah Mitchell Koston Mcwaters

Benjamin Bowen Jimmy & Edith Dilday Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Jeff Mitchell Larue Mcwaters

Trainers Family King Of The Jungle Crooked Line I’m Splashed Silver Fog I’m Sky King

Candy Green Lauren Tillman Lindsey Landrum Alex Blackburn Erica Way

Nestor Stewart Family Benny Gray Hillview Promotions Mary Medina Stiles & Way

Two Year Old Stallions The Midnight Sky I’m A Silver Fox A Magic Carpet Ride Pusher’s Outta Line The King Of Blues

Casey Wright Mike Hannah Bobby Hugh Chris Zahnd Charlie Green

Brian Anderton Mccrory & Floyd Rising Star Ranch James & Peggy Vernon D&L Partnership

Adult Amateur Ponies The Dixie Lineman Dark & Shady He’s Extraordinary Jose’s Ritzy Doll I’m All About Cash

Gail Walling Taylor Walters Patti Pollack Libby Stephens Joan Kemp

Mcdonald & Walling Molly Walters Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch Stephens & Womack/Fleming Bush & Kemp

Show Pleasure Open Chillin The Most Link Webb I’m King James Josh Patterson Bandera’s Psalm 103 2 Jeff Green Into The Blue Mac Benham

Steve Mozeley Amanda Smith Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult Tommy & Sister Milligan

Fine Harness Breakin Parole Foolish Dollar I’m Chesapeake Bay Extra Good Looking

Stephanie Elliott Bobby Hugh Jean O Brien D K Gowan

Joyce Meadows Dr Jack Kwok Meadows & Myers Bert & Donna Head

Three Year Old Stallions King’s Kode Blue 9’s Main Man

Justin Harris Blake White

Enfinger, Williamson & Way Claude Frye

Amateur 50 & Over Skywalk’s Diego Kid Callahan Miss Midnight Rider They Call Me Samson Heartline

Ronnie Stanfill Ed Breedlove Phyllis Heppenstall Karen Bean Sam Sorrell

Ruby Stanfill Genevieve Breedlove Phyllis Heppenstall Bill & Karen Bean Sam Sorrell

Four Year Old Open (Canter) I Am Jose Casey Wright Intimidator’s Boogieman Scott Beaty Street Jazz Jimmy Mcconnell

Bill & Debbie Woods Larry Ford Bob Medina

Amateur Five Year Old Specialty I’m Ritz And Dangerous Erica Way Ritz’s Big Dipper Heidi Mcwilliams Masq Of Jazz Laura Lester Oohh Weee Parolee Denise Garber

Thad & Erica Way Jim & Heidi Mcwilliams Gary Lester Bob Garber

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions The Bourne Legacy Trish Harrison Spivey An Eclipse Janice Fostek I’m A Title One Jason Myatt Armed Skymarshel Eric Yokley I’m Bob Marley Taylor Walters

Trish Harrison Spivey Joe & Janice Fostek Jerry Myatt Michele Bolin Molly Walters

Amateur Specialty Stallions He’s A Jailbird Ja The Colonel Reb

David Sisk Taylor Walters

Mr & Mrs Johnnie Abrams Molly Walters

Open Specialty Escape From Alcatraz Sweep Up Gold He’s Unbridled Dimaggio Generator’s Edge

Justin Harris Charlie Green Tim Smith Larry George John Allan Callaway

Larry & Pam Russell Andrew Morrison Gayle Holcomb Neal Holland Family Larue Mcwaters

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings Miss Ebony Rose Sudie Reed Hot Texas Salsa Nancy Groover Wizard Of Odds Debbie Flack Sweepstar Gay Pitts Seve’s Miss Pushover Grant Jones

Bob & Sudie Reed Nancy Groover Jim & Debbie Flack Benton & Gay Pitts Ray Jones Trucking Inc

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Boure Tam Brogdon Texas Joe Black Kathy Zeis C Me Push Sister Milligan It’s Me Again Kimberly Coult

Tam Brogdon Steve & Kathy Zeis Tommy & Sister Milligan Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult

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Pulaski, Tennessee Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Seeking The Title Harold Malone Ruby On Parole Betty Alvarez Jazz Badazz Jason Myatt Blue Autumn Steven Mezrano Siri Brenda Dawson

Harold Malone Joe & Betty Alvarez Jerry Myatt Joseph & Mezrano Shawn & Brenda Dawson

Amateur (Canter) Folsom Prison Blues On The Line Flash Of Silver Strolling Thru The Ritz My Margaritaville

Jimmy Smith Family Bud & Suzanne Moore Benny Gray Jimmy Reece Royce & Ann Marie Couch

Jimmy Smith Suzanne Moore Benjamin Gray Brian Reece Ann Marie Couch

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Defending The Title Jason Myatt In Ted’s Image Ron Lawrence Gin Rio Michael Coleman National Hero Taylor Walters

Jerry Myatt Ron & Carolyn Lawrence Becky Coleman Molly Walters

TWHNC Championship (Canter) Mr Heisman Brandye Mills I’m Deuce Casey Wright Swing Batter Batter Swing Danny Hughes Beebee King Jimmy Mcconnell The Metalist Herbert Derickson

Randall & Sadie Baskin Bill & Debbie Woods Glendon Stivers Mary Medina Jim & Barbara Finch

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