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Two Year Old Open Heartbeat’s Money Man Savannah Steals Sugar

Rusty Carlton Ronal Young

Truman & Deborah Volkart David & Kathy Shaw

Amateur Gentlemen Fame’s Royal Rascal

Bobby Mason

Kristen Pickel

15.2 & Under Open Quattro

Chris Pickel

Martha Payne

Show Pleasure Amateur I’m Indy Jones Seve’s Taylor Made Famous Fame The Promise Of Gold

Christie Scrivner Mark Templeton Susan Paul Eddie Rowland

Christie Scrivner Mark Templeton Miriam Granitz Eddie Rowland

Ladies Amateur The Man Of The Town My Senorita King Of Mexico

Lisa Steinbach Peggy Mervine Kathy Lewis

Lisa Steinbach Peggy Mervine Kathy Lewis

Youth Ponies Move Over Major’s Magic Horizon Olmpic Maxigizer

Kaity Hayes Cassi Slagle Hunter Sisson

Brandon Hayes Cassi Slagle Ray Carr

Open Three Year Old Custom Chrome JB

Ronal Young

Josh Baxter

Novice Specialty Jazztastic Sweep The Cash

Lisa Mcmahan Aimee Goodson

Robbie Spiller Goodson & Jett

Youth 12-17 Richie Rich Swing Jazz

Emily Moore Cassi Slagle

Lane & Emily Moore Cassi Slagle

Victor Haley

Kathy Owen & Double Springs

Eddie Rowland

Eddie Rowland

Lite Shod Specialty Strawberry Jam Special Perfection By Design Shake The Bank

Jalon Foster Beth Frost Eddie Rowland

Lyndom Marcom Linda Holsomback Eddie Rowland

Show Pleasure Open Cashin In On Voltage Olympic Finals

Chris Pickel Peggy Carroll

Charlie Renfro Peggy Carroll

AOT Specialty A Dirty Deed

Susan Paul

Miriam Granitz

Park Pleasure Score’s Heartbreaker Farm Pusher’s Shade Of Grey

Million Dollar Smile Tommy Lee

Beth Frost Ray Carr

Linda Holsomback Ray Carr

Two Year Old Amateur Monopoly’s Mega Bucks

Kathy Lewis

Kathy Lewis

Amateur 50 & Over Tin Man’s Party Doll Dollar’s Worth Of Glory

Peggy Mervine Ray Carr

Peggy Mervine Ray Carr

Four Year Old Open Specialty Sir Prize By PJ Rusty Carlton Line Of Cash Jerry Beaty

Dean Scott Bill Garland

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Razzamatazz Jazz Jerri Alberti

Les & Jerri Alberti

Amateur Four Year Old Mister Myrtle Beach Latin Jazz

Harolene Willis Paula Cash

Rodger & Harolene Willis Paula Cash

Open Specialty Sky’s True Silver Dollar

Mike Mccormick

Mike Mccormick

GWHEA Members Only Specialty Paroled See Ya Sallie Brown Smith Amateur Specialty Willie Mays Double Springs Farm Pusher’s Astro Polar Express

Sallie Brown Smith

Shelley Brooksher & Aimee Goodson

Kathy Owen &

Skylar Nipper Skylar Nipper Willliam Garland & Beth Frost Linda Holsomback

Park Performance The Lookout

Aimee Goodson

Championship Stake Another Nine Yards Sensational Premier Ruthian Blast

Ronal Young Darby Oaks Stables Michele Mercier Roberts Michelle Roberts Jerry Beaty Junior Holsomback

Aimee Goodson