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MAY 6, 2013

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Jacquelyn Elliott

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE Michelle Schoenvogel

ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES Caroline Elliott Sally Reiley Michelle Schoenvogel


Congratulations to Honors and Larry Edwards on their Gulf Coast Charity Trainers Horse Show win.

A Private Benjamin ....................................................................................... 4 Absolute Skyy ............................................................................................ 10 Beyonce......................................................................................................... 9 Boure’............................................................................................................ 7 Bronco Billy .................................................................................................. 1 Chillin’ The Most ........................................................................................ 39 Coin’s Black Stroke .................................................................................... 24 Command On Patrol ................................................................................... 19 Dance All Night .................................................................................... 12,13 Hello Dollar ................................................................................................ 39 Honors ........................................................................................................... 3 I’m Ritz and Dangerous .............................................................................. 25 In A Danger Zone ........................................................................................ 24 Inception ....................................................................................................... 4 Jackpot Cash ............................................................................................... 18 Juan Carlos .................................................................................................. 10 Kudos For Cash............................................................................................. 8 Nevermore................................................................................................... 37 Nine Dangerous Yards ................................................................................ 25 Perfection Of Jazz ....................................................................................... 25 Pride’s Conman ........................................................................................... 38 Prince Jose .................................................................................................. 36 Pushin’ That Jazz ........................................................................................ 11 That’s My Luck ........................................................................................... 24 The American General .................................................................................. 8 They Call Me Kid Rock ................................................................................ 6 Threat On Parole ........................................................................................... 4 Trigger Treat ................................................................................................. 5 WHTA Thank You ad ................................................................................. 40

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GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Crystal Davis Michael McCalip Caitlin Reason

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What An Honor To See Honors In Panama PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL- The 15th Annual Gulf Coast Charity Trainers’ Horse Show was held April 25-27, 2013, at the Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach, FL. Panama City is a great place to vacation while attending the show and many of the beach resorts offer special pricing to entice horse owners to do just that! Many of the area restaurants offer exhibitors discounts throughout the show and everyone meets to enjoy the daily “specials”! Instead of a town full of kids on spring break, the horse show crowd takes over and they know how to party! With the lure of the beach, great seafood, and plenty of fun, this show is on the must-attend list for many exhibitors. The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association picked up the Gulf Coast Charity Horse show after they were notified it had been canceled. The Trainers realized what a fun event this show was for their customers and their personal families and wanted to continue this great show. Congrats to the Trainers’ for picking up and hosting a wonderful show! Sister Milligan hosted an exhibitors party on Wednesday night prior to the horse show and everyone enjoyed visiting Sister’s home and enjoy catching up on the latest “Scoop” of the Industry. With lots of classes offered over the three nights, there was something for everyone! The Pro-Am class was a great addition to the regular array of Walking Horse classes for children, professional and amateur riders. The show started each night promptly at 6:00 p.m. Judging the classes were the honorable Brandye Mills, Allen Foreman and Dean Byard. . The final class of Saturday evening’s show was the Walking Horse Championship. Three talented entries made the gate call and World Grand Champion Honors with Larry Edwards in the irons for the McSwain family earned the title of champion by Unanimous decision! Reserve in the class was The Golden Soverign and Tim Smith for the Evergreen Walking Horse Farm. Congratulations to all of the exhibitors at the beach! What could be better for any horse enthusiast than to enjoy their favorite animal on one of the most beautiful beaches in the south! Mark your calendars for next year’s event. Visit for complete show results. It is a FREE website that has page by page print edition to view online. This service is brought to you compliments of The SCOOP.

Honors and Larry Edwards with Keith and Dan McSwain

Honors and Larry Edwards made a flawless performance to claim the Walking Horse Stake Championship title by Unanimous decision for Dan and Keith McSwain. The crowd in Florida loved cheering on Honors and having the opportunity to watch him. Page 14 / The Scoop

Panama City Beach, Florida Byard Forman Mills Final 101 101 101 101 310 310 310 310 325 325 325 325 Model Open Trigger Treat Jeff Givens Armed With Intent Robert Nelms Oops Peek A Boo Mary Beals

Jo Ann Dowell Rushing Creek Walkers Laurale Lowery

Forman Mills Byard Final 114 112 114 114 112 114 112 112 115 115 115 115 331 331 331 331 754 754 754 754 Country Pleasure (Riders 18 & Over) English Or Western Bustline Courtney Luttrell Alex Luttrell I’m Manhatten Tamara Hader Tamara Hader Parole Patrol Hunter Morgan Laurale Lowery Jose’s Cash Mandie Mcfay Mandie Mcfay Pushers Dangerous Lady Jaron Compton Jim & Gwen Fitzgerald Mills Byard 123 123 Amateur Two Year Old Stallions Master Class

Forman 123

Byard Forman 103 103 110 110 Lite Shod, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) A Mountain Jazz Que No Pare’ La Fiesta

Mills 103 110

Final 123

Tim Brooks

Tim Brooks

Final 103 110

Patrick Thomas Laurie Toone

Forman Mills Byard Final 276 276 276 276 266 121 121 121 121 266 266 266 Amateur Two Year Old, Walking Mares & Geldings Beyonce’ Jackie Whatley Call Me Maybe Megan Peebles The Nashville Jazz Jason Myatt Mills Byard Forman Final 106 341 106 106 271 106 341 124 124 340 124 124 340 124 271 271 341 271 340 340 Pro-Am Class, Specialty (Amateur First/Professional Second) More Horse Power Jannie Chapman & Bobby Hugh Threat On Parole Dee Broom Yoder & Justin Harris Out On Bond Thomas Derickson & Herbert Derickson Looking For Gin Sister Milligan & Link Webb Sister First Line Dr. Linda Jones

Jim & Debbie Nichols Laurie Toone

Jackie Whatley Megan Peebles Jerry Myatt

Bill & Jannie Chapman Bill Broom Thomas Derickson Blackmon Milligan Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane

Byard Forman Mills Final 320 320 320 320 751 751 109 751 135 109 751 109 109 135 120 135 120 120 135 120 756 756 756 756 Trail Pleasure, Four Years Old & Under, Specialty (English Or Western) Juan Carlos Hannah Pulvers Fred & Lisa Weaver Fuego Allison Thorson Allison Thorson Out There And Lovin It Mackenzie Morgan Amanda Odom I’m Soul Sista Laurie Toone Lloyd Cassidy The Magic Button Justus Carter Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane Stephanie Plum David Johnstone David Johnstone

Forman Mills Byard Final 752 309 309 309 309 752 752 752 Amateur Walking Stallions, Mares, & Geldings (Canter) Big Score Card Meredith Driskell Enrique Enrique Bob Lawrence

Meredith Driskell Bob Lawrence

Mills Byard Forman Final 321 321 321 321 350 134 775 134 308 350 134 350 134 308 350 308 775 286 308 775 301 301 301 301 286 283 283 286 283 775 286 283 Amateur Three Year Old Stallions I’m A Title One Jason Myatt Willie Twilight Loraine Rosbury Keep Your Cash Sheryl Crawford Bon Jour Carol Lackey I’m Jimney Cricket Barbara Kenehan King Dom Marvin North Ritzy Woman’s Man Bart Mcwaters A Legacy By Jose Gary Hill

Jerry Myatt Maple Crest Farm Crawford Colts Lackey Properties Jay & Barabara Kenehan Fisher And Way Larue Mcwaters Gary Hill

Byard Forman Mills Final 313 313 313 313 332 332 332 332 122 122 287 122 287 287 122 287 Amateur Riders On Walking Horses, (Riders 50 & Over), Specialty Command & Control Sheryl Crawford Crawford Colts John Fk’s Pusher Robin Macdonald Bruce & Robin Macdonald C Me Push Sister Blackmon Sister Blackmon Milligan Milligan Gen’s Main Lady Larue Mcwaters Larue Mcwaters Forman Mills Byard 107 107 107 136 131 131 131 136 136 Park Pleasure, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) Lined Up At The Ritz Patrick Thomas Prince Jose Brock Tillman Double Shot Of Cash Laurie Toone

Final 107 131 136

Mills Byard Forman 335 335 121 121 121 335 277 277 277 789 333 307 307 285 333 333 307 285 285 789 789 Amateur Pony Class (Riders 18 Yrs. & Over), Specialty Prime Poison Robin Macdonald Major G’s Hard Cash Girl Megan Peebles A Savannah Delight Jackie Whatley Shady Cash Meredith Driskell I’m Uncle Kracker Haley Lane A Dangerous Man Donna Hill Jose’s Flamingo Dancer Sister Blackmon Milligan

Final 335 121 277 307 333 285 789

Cassique Plantation Buz And Jennae Patterson Tamara Hader

Bruce & Robin Macdonald Megan Peebles Jackie Whatley Steve And Meredith Driskell Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane Donna Hill Sister Blackmon Milligan

Byard Forman Mills Final 788 788 788 788 279 279 279 279 278 278 278 278 Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Lipstick And Lead Lisa Baum Splashy Ritz Stephanie White-Roth National Title Carson Wells

Lisa Baum The Monty Veazey Family Carson Wells

Forman Mills Byard Final 137 137 311 137 311 311 137 311 Western Lite Shod, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) Catastrophic Laurie Toone Absolut Skyy Hannah Pulvers

Laurie Toone Dr. Jana Anderson

The Scoop / Page 15

Panama City Beach, Florida Mills Byard Forman Final 252 252 252 252 787 787 787 787 126 126 126 126 Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings, Specialty Jackpot Cash Henry Metcalf Miss Splashy Cash Robert Cortner Powerstroke’s Miss Delight Sister Blackmon Milligan

Henry & Peggy Metcalf Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Sister Blackmon Milligan

Byard Forman Mills Final 785 785 785 785 133 305 305 305 127 334 102 334 334 133 334 133 305 102 127 127 770 770 770 102 273 127 273 770 102 273 133 273 Walking Horses, 15.2 & Over, Open (Five Yrs & Over), Specialty The Golden Sovereign Tim Smith That’s My Luck John Puckett A Private Benjamin Justin Harris Gen’s Black Maverick Brock Tillman Master’s Razzel And Jazz Herbert Derickson Rev’s Flashback Jeff Laughlin I’m Breakin Bad Winky Groover Pride’s Conman Link Webb

Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Doss Farms Dee Broom Yoder Maple Crest Farm Alan Riddley Joe Laughlin Dr. John & Amanda Odom L. D. And Tammy Austin

Forman Mills Byard Final 281 281 281 281 287 287 287 287 Amateur Gentlemen, Specialty Kudos For Cash Dr. W. H. Hill Your Wish My Command Larue Mcwaters

Dr. And Mrs. W. H. Hill Larue Mcwaters

Mills Byard Forman Final 274 274 786 274 786 786 274 786 Amateur Park Performance, Specialty Hello Dollar Susan Hatmaker San Juan Eric Lackey

D. R. Mozeley Mr. And Mrs. Eric Lackey

Byard Forman Mills Final 104 104 302 104 302 302 104 302 344 344 344 344 Amateur Show Pleasure, Specialty Bronco Billy Betty Laughlin Perfection Of Jazz Alex Way He’s Starbucks Suzanne Moore Moore Forman Mills Byard Final 322 322 322 322 323 323 323 323 342 342 342 342 Amateur Four Year Old Stallions, Specialty Command On Parole Henry Metcalf Defending The Title Jason Myatt The American Patriot Ashley Mezrano

Tim Smith made a gorgeous show aboard The Golden Soverign for Evergreen Walking Horse Farm to claim the blue in the Walking Horses 15.2 & Over class.

Joe Laughlin Mr And Mrs Ed Windemuller Bud & Suzanne

Boure’ and Tam Brogdon had a great weekend at their hometown by claiming two blue ribbons both in the preliminary class and championship 15.2 & Under division. Knox Blackburn Stables along with friends and family celebrated the win. Metcalf & Crawford Jerry Myatt Mezzrano And Joseph

The SCOOP had fun in the sun with all the winners from the Gulf Coast Charity Trainers’ Horse Show!

Page 16 / The Scoop

Jannie Chapman had a large fan club after Dollar Bright Star won the Amateur Specialty Championship.

Meredith Driskell was all smiles after her win in the Amateur Walking Stallions, Mares and Geldings class with Big Score Card.

Panama City Beach, Florida Mills Byard Forman Final 282 282 282 282 777 777 777 777 343 105 343 343 306 343 105 105 324 315 306 306 315 324 315 315 105 128 303 324 284 284 324 284 Amateur Mares & Geldings, Specialty The Lady’s Man Maisie Mcswain I’m Stan The Man Dr. Lynda Brogdon Inception Detha Yoder Dollar Bright Star Jannie Chapman Cest La Vie Carol Lackey War Commander Sheryl Crawford Jose’s Pina Colada Susan Hatmaker Sweepstake’s Gypsy Lady Jeannae Patterson

Dan & Elaine Mcswain Ben & Dr Lynda Brogden Detha Yoder Bill & Jannie Chapman Lackey Properties Crawford Colts Steve & Susan Hatmaken Jeannae Patterson

Byard Forman Mills Final 765 765 765 765 147 147 147 147 128 128 128 128 Youth Mares & Geldings (Riders 11 & Under) The American General Sellers Veazey Like A Rolling Stone Lane Webb She’s Armed With Poison Will Derickson

The Monty Veazey Family Lane Webb & Barbara Moersch Thomas Derickson

Forman Mills 311 311 103 103 Amateur Lite Shod, Specialty Absolut Skyy A Mountain Jazz

Byard 311 103

Final 311 103

Jordan Howell Jim Nichols

Mills Byard Forman Final 767 767 767 767 334 334 444 334 326 444 334 444 130 290 290 290 290 130 326 326 444 317 284 130 789 284 789 284 284 789 317 789 Amateur Ladies, Specialty Victoria’s Secret Maisie Mcswain A Private Benjamin Detha Yoder Jazzman’s Babalu Dr. Lynda Brogdon Dollar Bright Star Jannie Chapman Cest La Vie Carol Lackey First Line Haley Lane Sweepstake’s Gypsy Lady Jeannae Patterson Jose’s Flamingo Dancer Sister Blackmon Milligan Byard Forman Mills Final 136 136 117 136 117 117 136 117 Western Park Pleasure, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) Double Shot Of Cash Laurie Toone Lucky Daze Patrick Thomas Forman Mills Byard Final 778 778 141 778 141 141 778 141 142 142 142 142 283 283 283 283 Three Year Old Stallions, Open (Rider Cup) Gretzky Chad Williams Willie Twilight Brock Tillman Rio Lobo Winky Groover A Legacy By Jose Mickey Mccormick

Dr. Jana Anderson Jim & Debbie Nichols

Maisie & Mandi Mcswain Dee Broom Yoder Ben & Dr Lynda Brogden Bill & Jannie Chapman Lackey Properties Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane Jeannae Patterson Sister Blackmon Milligan

Tamara Hader Kevin And Lisa Kessell

Thorsport, Inc. Maple Crest Farm Jack Bolozky Gary Hill

Mills Byard Forman Final 337 132 132 132 132 790 337 337 790 337 790 790 177 177 177 177 Yearlings Adorable Diamond Beverly Lamp My Dangerous Liaison Carla Hurley Just Me And Bobby Mcgee Roger Richards, Jr. Doc’s Power Play Ella Kline Byard Forman Mills Final 758 758 345 758 125 271 758 125 300 252 125 252 345 125 252 345 252 300 300 300 271 345 271 271 Four Year Old Mares & Geldings, Open, (Specialty) (Rider Cup) Jose’s Ritzy Hawk Tim Smith Horse Far King Air Herbert Derickson Jackpot Cash Winky Groover Busted At Pebble Beach Justin Harris Chrome Sister Bill Cantrell Looking For Gin Link Webb Forman Mills Byard Final 136 136 136 136 117 117 143 117 143 143 117 143 Amateur Park Pleasure, Specialty Double Shot Of Cash Tamara Hader Lucky Daze Lisa Kessell sell Prince Jose Jeannae Patterson

Keith & Loraine Rosbury Mary Beals Bobby & Freda Jones C L & Ella Kline

Evergreen Walking Tim Brooks Henry & Peggy Metcalf Bruce & Robin Macdonald Haley Lane Sister Blackmon Milligan

Tamara Hader Kevin And Lisa KesBuz And Jennae Patterson

Mills Byard Forman Final 780 780 780 780 124 124 124 124 776 776 303 776 339 303 776 303 303 339 339 339 Youth Mares & Geldings (Riders 12-17) Dance All Night Robert Cortner Out On Bond Thomas Derickson Marino Allison Thorson General Dollar Hailey Puckett Stemwinder Koston Mcwaters

Mr And Mrs Terry Smith Thomas Derickson Allison Thorson Mr And Mrs Ed Windemuller Larue Mcwaters

Byard Forman Mills Final 346 346 346 346 262 330 262 262 330 262 330 330 Amateur Trail Pleasure, Specialty (English Or Western) Bedazzled By Jazz Lisa Baum Miss Ultimate Masquerade Mandie Mcfay Oops Peek A Boo Laurale Lowery

Lisa Baum Mandie Mcfay Laurale Lowery

Forman Mills Byard Final 113 113 113 113 781 292 292 292 292 781 781 781 Juvenile Show Pleasure, Specialty (Riders 17 & Under) Santana’s Renaissance Man Allison Thorson In A Danger Zone Savana Martin Brother Sovereign Robert Cortner

Allison Thorson The Kelly Martin Family Evergreen Walking Horse Farm

For more on the Gulf Coast Charity Trainers’ Horse Show visit our FREE website at (continued on page 26) The Scoop / Page 17

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Marriage Announcement

Marriage Announcement

Beck Oakley and Eric Yokeley Beck and Eric were married on April 26, 2013 in Pulaski, TN. Beck is from Lebanon,TN and is the daughter of Neal and Deborah Oakley. Eric is from Ethridge, TN and the son of Tony Yokley and Edie Hyatt. The couple resides in Campbellsville, TN. Beck is currently employed with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Ag Enhancement Program and Eric works at Tony Yokely and Sons Stables. Both have been involved with Walking horses their entire lives. Congratulations to Beck and Eric on your marriage.

SHOW Receives Clarification From USDA The SHOW HIO received a letter on April 24, 2013 from the USDA regarding the recent request for cross-utilization of Designated Qualified Persons (DQP) from other Horse Industry Organizations (HIO). In the letter the USDA clarified that it will allow cross-utilization of DQPs specifying that the licensing HIO bears the responsibility for DQP conduct and performance along with record producing and penalty assessment and enforcement for violations documented by the DQP. The letter goes on to explain that transferring of licenses from one HIO to another is not permitted. If a new applicant or a currently licensed DQP wants to be licensed at a different HIO they can do so by completing the 14-hour training program and meeting all requirements for licensure provided in the regulations. Although the letter was addressed to SHOW, it was as a result of the efforts to combine the HIOs under the Performance Show Horse Association (PSHA). The SHOW HIO will conduct a 14-hour training program on May 1819, 2013 in Shelbyville, Tenn. For more information contact the SHOW HIO at or 931/684-9506.

Join Or Renew And Be Counted Lewisburg, TN – Per the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) by laws, May 1st of each year is the deadline for determining how many directors will be elected from each state, province, country or region. That determination is made based on the number of members in each area. In order to ensure that your state, province, country or region has the representation that it needs and deserves, you need to be sure to to join or renew your membership by May 1st. Membership with TWHBEA has many advantages. In addition to giving you a voice in determining the future of the Tennessee Walking Horse, membership includes access to all of TWHBEA’s programs, valuable discounts at top retailers, the ability to conduct business at member rates and one free foal registration or transfer per year. These are but a sampling of member benefits. For more information please visit or call 931-359-1574.

NCWHA Date Changes The 4th Annual Chambers County Sheriffs Department Horse Show, located in LaFayette, Alabama, has been rescheduled for a later date. It was originally slated for June 1st, 2013. Page 22 / The Scoop

Jacquelyn Elliott and Chad Way Jacquelyn Elliott and Chad Way both from Wartrace, TN were united in marriage on the afternoon of April 24, 2013 in Panama City Beach, Florida. The bride is the daughter of Nancy Elliott, Fuquay-Varina, NC and Jack Heffington, Shelbyville, TN. And the proud mother of daughter Jayden Jackson .The groom is the son of Jerry and Sue Way of Columbia, Tennessee. Chad is the father of Brooke, Morgan and Bryce Way. Jacquelyn is the Publisher of The Scoop Walking Horse Publication and Chad owns and operates Chad Way Stables Shelbyville, TN. Both Jacquelyn and Chad have been involved in the Walking Horse Industry their entire lives. Jacquelyn is a World Champion and Chad is a World Grand Champion rider and Hall of Fame Inductee. The couple enjoyed their honeymoon in Panama City, Florida and wrapped up their week with the Gulf Coast Charity Trainers Horse Show. The couple will make their home in Wartrace, Tennessee.

Wedding Announcement Ashley Nichole Cantrell, 20, of Ripley, OH and William Ty “Marty” Irby, Jr., 33, of Spring Hill, TN were married April 28, 2013 in Panama City Beach, FL. The bride is the daughter of Ronnie Cantrell of Winchester, OH & Tamatha Pfeffer of Ripley, OH. The groom is the son of Ty Irby of Shelbyville, TN and Marla Lovett of Semmes, AL. Bee & Connie McAdams, long-term family friends of the groom were the best man and matron of honor respectively. The couple will reside in Spring Hill, TN. The bride is a graduate of Ripley High School and attended Southern State Community College. The groom is a graduate of UMS-Wright Preparatory School and The University of South Alabama. Both bride and groom began showing Tennessee Walking Horses at the age of 4, and are avid Tennessee Walking Horse Enthusiasts. The groom is the Past President of The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) in Lewisburg, TN. The couple plans for a reception during the Spring Fun Show on Memorial Day Weekend which will be announced soon.

WHOA May 4th Show Cancelled The WHOA Versatility show in Murfreesboro, TN is cancelled and will be rescheduled. The following shows in seven states for the May 4th weekend extend north to south and offer exciting and challenging classes whether you’re looking for Dressage to All Day Pleasure. We invite you to attend a show near you in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois or North Carolina.

The Michigan Little Celebration The Michigan Little Celebration which will be held on June 7-8, 2013. Has a website to view all the information for the upcoming show. Please visit their website at:


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Obituary J.G. Adcock, age 96, died March 17th, 2013 at his home in the Barfield community near Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He was the brother of well known horseman Odie Adcock, and the uncle of well known exhibitor Bob Adcock. J.G. Adcock was a lifelong admirer of horses and mules. He bred and raised them on his farm located on Adcock Road near Barfield, Tennessee. J.G. Adcock was a good judge, admirer and was very appreciative of the Tennessee Walking Horse, and attended the Celebration every year as long as he was able.

WHAT THE CHANGES AT TWHBEA MEAN TO YOU! Lewisburg, TN – One of the top priorities at TWHBEA is to provide the utmost in customer service to its members. Recently several changes were made to strengthen TWHBEA’s financial position, and these changes will impact our members. The Personnel Committee reduced the entire staff’s pay and hours by 20% or more including closing the office on Fridays. Several options for closing were reviewed but Friday proved to be the slowest day with regard to mail, phone calls, and overall registry business. The High Point Program, implemented in 2012, will be set aside this year due to the reduction in employee hours. The staff member who handled this program is now only working two days per week. The staff and Executive Committee will take a close look at all marketing requests to attend various breed exhibits and events. Every attempt will be made to promote our horse in all areas when possible. Because of a reduction in employee hours, the Registry will go to an automated phone answering service. While the removal of the “personal touch” was reluctantly made, it is now important to implement this cost-saving measure. Looking to the future, we will continue to study the Voice magazine, to evaluate all expense items, and to further consider the possibility of relocating to a smaller facility. In these troubled times for our industry it is our obligation to research and study all possibilities.


W.H.O.A. Announces May Shows April Membership Fee Increase The Walking Horse Owners’ Association is pleased to announce the following shows. Eight WHOA early May shows in six states cover the northeastern quarter of the country. There is an exciting and challenging show for you whether you’re looking for Dressage to All Day Country Pleasure. We invite you to attend a show near you in Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois or North Carolina. • May 3 & 4 28th Annual SSHBEA Spring Show, Calsonic Arena, Shelbyville TN Affiliation: WHOA • May 4 Pine Rock Farm Show Series Horse Show #3, Pine Rock Farm 100 J.A. Rogers Road, Kittrell, NC Affiliation: WHOA. Judge: Shannon Gibbs • May 4 WHOA Versatility Show, MacGregor Stables, Murfreesboro TN Affiliation: WHOA. Judge: Dee Dee Miller Sale • May 4 Wisconsin Spring Warm Up, Four Winds Eq. Center, Salem, WI Affiliation: WHOA. • May 4 Illinois Walking Horse Association Spring Show, Heart of Illinois Arena, 9201 Galena Rd, Peoria IL. Affiliation: WHOA. • May 4-5 Keystone Classic Horse Show, Quentin Riding Club, Quentin PA Affiliation: WHOA. • May 10-11 Tarheel Plantation Classic, James B Hunt Jr Horse Complex, 1025 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raleigh NC 27607. Affiliation: WHOA. Judge: Sandy Harris • May 10 WHOA Show (Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund Eligible), Kentucky Downs, 5629 Nashville Road, Franklin, KY 42134 Affiliation: International.Judge: Mark Taylor Please click on the link below then the date of the show on the WHOA Events Calendar. To see the class sheet open the show date then click on “More Details” Reminder: If you have not renewed your WHOA membership, the renewal fee is scheduled to increase after April 30, 2013. You may renew online at anytime, or call the WHOA office we will be available to help you.

Olympic Encore was humanely euthanized on May 2, 2013 at Ballentine Farms in Fuquay Varina, NC due to complications with colic. Recently purchased by Nancy and Caroline Elliott, as a mount for Caroline, Olympic Encore was foaled in 1995 in Tyler Texas. He was sired by Olympic Generator and out of a Triple Threat daughter. His long and illustrious show ring career stands as a testimony to the endurance of the breed. He is pictured with his previous owner, Paul Robbins. Our sympathy goes out to the Elliott family in the loss of this seasoned performer.

Albemarle, NC Show Cancelled The Stanley County Saddle Club Horse Show in Albemarle, NC scheduled for May 11, 2013 has been canceled.

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Panama City Beach, Florida Mills Byard Forman Final 291 291 291 291 270 782 782 782 782 289 270 270 289 270 299 289 299 299 289 299 Amateur 5 Yr. Old Mares & Geldings Specialty More Horse Power Jannie Chapman Dirty Sexy Money Laura Brandon Jose’s Night Train Sister Blackmon Milligan General’s Main Lady Larue Mcwaters Rev’s Flashback Kerri Laughlin

Bill & Jannie Chapman Laura Brandon Sister Blackmon Milligan Larue Mcwaters Joe Laughlin

Byard Forman Mills Final 144 145 144 144 145 144 145 145 777 777 777 777 770 770 770 770 Amateur 15.2 & Under Stallions, Specialty Boure’ Tam Brogdon Don Julio Alie Napier He’s Fred Astaire Mark Ellis I’m Breakin Bad Dr. John Odom

Tam Brogdon Alie Napier Mark Ellis Dr. John & Amanda Odom

Forman Mills Byard Final 779 779 779 779 139 139 139 139 120 120 120 120 Youth Trail Pleasure, Specialty (Riders 17 & Under) Suiza Allison Thorson Dark Picture Show Jada Cassidy The Magic Button Whit Lei Green

Allison Thorson Lloyd Cassidy Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane

Mills Byard Forman Final 297 297 297 297 277 277 277 277 116 318 116 116 318 270 318 318 270 116 270 270 146 146 146 146 Amateur 15.2 & Under Mares & Geldings, Specialty Rocky Mountain Sky Robin Macdonald A Savannah Delight Jackie Whatley Jose’s Pina Colada Susan Hatmaker 9 Yard Blitz Laura Cochran C Me Push Sister Blackmon Milligan Ricky Ricardo Mandie Napier

Bruce & Robin Macdonald Jackie Whatley Steve & Susan Hatmaken Tim & Laura Cochran Sister Blackmon Milligan Mandie Napier

Kudos For Cash and Dr. W.H. Hill were the Amateur Gentleman’s Specialty winners. Trainers, family and friends celebrated Dr. Hill’s big win in Panama.

Alex Luttrell is the proud new owner of Bustline and she is pictured with her after Mackenxie Morgan won the Country Pleasure Championship class.

Byard Forman Mills Final 320 320 320 320 751 751 751 751 135 109 109 109 109 120 135 135 330 135 120 120 120 330 330 330 756 756 756 756 Amateur Trail Pleasure, Four Years. & Under, Specialty (English Or Western) Juan Carlos Lisa Weaver Fred & Lisa Weaver Fuego Allison Thorson Allison Thorson Out There And Lovin It Tamara Hader Amanda Odom I’m Soul Sista Mackenzie Morgan Lloyd Cassidy The Magic Button Haley Lane Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane Oops Peek A Boo Laurale Lowery Laurale Lowery Stephanie Plum David Johnstone David Johnstone

Congratulations to all the winners in Panama City Beach Florida! Page 26 / The Scoop

Beyonce’ and Jackie Whatley made a blue ribbon performance to claim top honors in the Two Year Old Amateur Mares and Geldings divisions. Edward and Sons Stables crew joined the ladies after their win!

Panama City Beach, Florida Forman Mills Byard Final 788 788 295 788 295 768 768 295 768 295 788 768 772 772 772 772 108 108 108 108 Three Year Old Mares & Geldings, Open (Rider Cup) Lipstick And Lead Tim Smith Jazz Badazz Scotty Brooks Splashy Ritz Larry Edwards Jazzmine Lady Winky Groover Andromeda’s Redstar Link Webb

Byard Forman Mills Final 356 356 356 356 137 137 137 137 Lite Shod Open, Specialty Championship (Rider Cup) Absolut Skyy Hannah Pulvers Catastrophic Laurie Toone

Dr. Jana Anderson Laurie Toone

Lisa Baum Jerry Myatt The Monty Veazey Family Jo Ann Dowell Dr. Barbara Moersch

Mills Byard Forman Final 274 274 274 274 Park Performance, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) Hello Dollar Link Webb

Forman Mills Byard Final 783 783 783 783 147 147 147 147 373 373 373 373 Juvenile Specialty Championship Pushin’ That Jazz Robert Cortner Like A Rolling Stone Lane Webb Out On Bond Thomas Derickson

Robert Cortner Lane Webb & Barbara Moersch Thomas Derickson

D. R. Mozeley

Byard Forman Mills Final 350 350 350 350 W.H.T. Auxiliary Class, Specialty (Members Only) Keep Your Cash Sheila Groover

Crawford Colts

Mills Byard Forman Final 780 780 780 780 315 315 315 315 318 318 318 318 Walking Mares & Geldings, 15.2 & Under, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) Dance All Night Tim Smith War Commander Winky Groover 9 Yard Blitz Casey Mutter

Mr And Mrs Terry Smith Crawford Colts Tim & Laura Cochran

Byard Forman Mills Final 320 320 320 320 346 346 346 346 109 109 109 109 353 353 353 353 Trail Pleasure Amateur, Specialty Championship (Optional Tack) Juan Carlos Lisa Weaver Bedazzled By Jazz Lisa Baum Out There And Lovin It Mackenzie Morgan The Magic Button Haley Lane

Fred & Lisa Weaver Lisa Baum Amanda Odom Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane

Forman Mills Byard Final 774 774 774 774 305 305 305 305 787 787 787 787 Walking Ponies 60” & Under, (Riders 17 & Under), Specialty Roll The Gold Allison Thorson That’s My Luck Hailey Puckett Miss Splashy Cash Robert Cortner

Allison Thorson Doss Farms Evergreen Walking Horse Farm

Mills Byard Forman Final 107 107 107 107 258 258 258 258 Park Pleasure, Open, Specialty Championship (Rider Cup) Lined Up At The Ritz Patrick Thomas Prince Jose Brock Tillman

Cassique Plantation Buz And Jennae Patterson

Byard Forman Mills Final 322 322 322 322 341 341 374 341 269 374 341 374 374 269 251 269 251 251 269 251 293 293 293 293 Four Year Old Stallions, Open, (Specialty) (Rider Cup) Command On Parole Winky Groover The American Patriot Justin Harris Master’s Razzel And Jazz Herbert Derickson Category Five Link Webb Ted’s Hank Williams Brock Tillman A Homerun By Ted Marvin North

Metcalf & Crawford Anthony Joseph Family Alan Riddley Dr. Barbara Moersch Maple Crest Farm Double B Farms

Forman Mills Byard Final 136 136 136 136 117 117 117 117 118 118 118 118 Classic Park Pleasure, Open, Specialty, (Rider Cup) Double Shot Of Cash Laurie Toone Lucky Daze Patrick Thomas She’s Up For Parole Robert Nelms

Tamara Hader Kevin And Lisa Kessell Carol Hargett

Forman Mills Byard Final 149 149 149 149 304 304 304 304 344 344 344 344 784 784 784 784 Show Pleasure, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) Chillin The Most Link Webb Coin’s Black Stroke John Puckett He’s Starbucks Knox Blackburn Brother’s Vengeance Tim Smith Horse Farm Mills Byard Forman Final 273 273 273 273 Amateur 5 Yr. Old Stallion Specialty Pride’s Conman Tammy Austin Byard Forman Mills Final 276 276 276 276 265 265 265 265 272 272 272 272 Two Year Old Mares & Geldings, Open (Rider Cup) Beyonce’ Larry Edwards Nevermore Link Webb Call Me Maybe Dick Peebles Forman Mills Byard Final 335 335 375 335 770 375 335 375 375 770 770 770 267 267 267 267 Walking Stallions 15.2 & Under, Open, Specialty (Rider Cup) Prime Poison Justin Harris Nine Dangerous Yards Jack Way I’m Breakin Bad Winky Groover He’s Bustin The Gin Link Webb Mills Byard Forman Final 150 150 150 150 263 263 372 263 372 372 263 372 268 268 268 268 Two Year Old Stallions, Open (Rider Cup) Putt For Dough Bill Cantrell They Call Me Kidrock Mac Benham Master Class Herbert Derickson We We Man Link Webb

Steve Mozeley Reggie Pimental Bud & Suzanne Moore Evergreen Walking

L. D. And Tammy Austin

Jackie Whatley Dr. Barbara Moersch Megan Peebles

Bruce & Robin Macdonald Dr And Mrs Rosser Wall Dr. John & Amanda Odom Steve Mozeley

Cantrell, Powell, & Lowe Ron, Brenda, & Kelly Dunn Tim Brooks L. S. D. Inc.

The Scoop / Page 27

Panama City Beach, Florida Mills Byard Forman Final 294 261 294 294 261 294 261 261 782 782 252 782 252 252 782 252 271 271 271 271 Amateur 5 Yr. Old Championship Specialty I’m Ritz And Dangerous Thad Way More Horse Power Jannie Chapman man Dirty Sexy Money Laura Brandon Jackpot Cash Henry Metcalf Looking For Gin Sister Milligan Byard Forman Mills Final 114 114 114 114 112 112 112 112 115 115 115 115 754 754 754 754 Country Pleasure Championship (English Or Western) Bustline Mackenzie Morgan I’m Manhatten Tamara Hader Parole Patrol Hunter Morgan Pushers Dangerous Lady Jaron Compton ald Forman Mills Byard Final 144 144 144 144 260 260 260 260 357 357 357 357 333 333 333 333 122 122 122 122 Amateur 15’2 & Under Championship Specialty Boure’ Tam Brogdon Don Julio Alie Napier Inception Detha Yoder I’m Uncle Kracker Haley Lane C Me Push Sister Milligan Mills Byard Forman Final 332 264 264 264 752 332 752 752 264 752 273 332 273 273 332 273 Amateur Specialty Championship Dollar Bright Star Jannie Chapman man Enrique Enrique Bob Lawrence John Fk’s Pusher Robin Macdonald Pride’s Conman Tammy Austin Byard Forman Mills Final 302 292 292 292 292 302 781 302 344 781 302 781 781 344 344 344 Amateur Show Pleasure Championship In A Danger Zone Kelly Martin Perfection Of Jazz Alex Way Brother Sovereign Robert Cortner He’s Starbucks Suzanne Moore Moore Forman Mills Byard Final 255 255 255 255 785 785 785 785 256 256 256 256 W.H.T.A. Championship Stake (Canter) (Rider Cup) Honors Larry Edwards The Golden Sovereign Tim Smith Gen’s Black Maverick Brock Tillman

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Double B Farms Bill & Jannie ChapLaura Brandon Henry & Peggy Metcalf Sister Blackmon Milligan

Alex Luttrell Tamara Hader Laurale Lowery Jim & Gwen Fitzger-

Lined Up At The Ritz and Patrick Thomas were congratulated after their Park Pleasure Championship win for Cassique Plantation in Bluemont, Virginia. This duo also won the the Park Pleasure preliminary class.

Tam Brogdon Alie Napier Detha Yoder Dr. Linda Jones & Haley Lane Sister Blackmon Milligan

Bill & Jannie ChapBob Lawrence Bruce & Robin Macdonald L. D. And Tammy Austin

Putt For Dough was the Two Year Old Stallions Champions in Panama City by Unanimous decision on the judges cards with Bill Cantrell riding for owners Cantrell, Powell and Lowe.

The Kelly Martin Family Mr And Mrs Ed Windemuller Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Bud & Suzanne

Dan & Keith Mcswain Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Maple Crest Farm

Hello Dollar won the Championship Park Performance Class along with the Open Park Performance division with Link Webb in the irons and the Amateur class. Chillin’ The Most was the Open Show Pleasure Champion with Link Webb for the Mozeley family.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Robert Cortner made another outstanding performance to claim the blue in the Youth Championship class aboard his champion, Pushin’ That Jazz. The David Landrum Stables crew came out to meet the winning team.

Hannah Pulvers congratulates Lisa Weaver following her Trail Pleasure Championship win with Juan Carlos at the beach. Juan Carlos also won with Hannah.

Hannah Pulvers is met by fans and friends following her Lite Shod Championship win with Absolute Skyy for owner Dr. Jana Anderson.

In a Danger Zone and Kelly Martin were the Amateur Show Pleasure Championship winners. John Puckett family and the Martins along with Jack Way celebrate the win. Kelly’s daughter Savannah won reserve in the Youth Show Pleasure division.

Pride’s Conman and Tammy Austin were the Amateur 5 Year Old Stallion Specialty Winners. L.D. Austin and Link Webb congratulate the winning duo.

Suiza and Allison Thorson were the Youth Trail Pleasure Champions at the Gulf Coast Charity show. Rhonda Thorson and London Williams met the team.

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WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY AWARDS Royal ribbons and awards Ribbons, trophies, back numbers and crystal awards. Located at 889 Colloredo Blvd, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Phone or fax 931-6850110. Owned by Keith and Suzy Johnson. BED AND BREAKFAST CLEARVIEW HORSE FARM Show Arena and Bed & Breakfast. Located at 2291 Hwy. 231 South, Shelbyville TN 37160. Call 931-684-8822 or visit BOARDING The Main Gait Farm Full care stall & pasture boarding available. Indoor & outdoor arena, and 65 acres to ride on. Located at 681 Rabbit Branch Road, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Please call 931-607-8897 or 931-7030153 for more information or visit CLOTHING/APPAREL MARSHA DeARRIAGA, LLC Equestrian riding apparel; ready made and custom western and saddle seats. “The Choice of Champions in Fine Equestrian Apparel.” Marsha Shepard. Located at 115 South Side Square, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 931-684-3500, fax 931-684-6544 or email Roy Rogers Western Wear 20% off Carhartt Outerwear. Located at 1708 Huntsville Hwy., Fayetteville, TN 37334. Call 931-438-4052. Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-5, Sun. 1-4. BLING TIE AFFAIR One of a Kind Swarovski Chrystal Enhanced Designer Ties. Contact Patti Pollack at 408-202-5752 or email 14500 Big Basin Way Saratoga, CA 95070 EMBROIDERY/AWARDS APPALACHIAN GRAPHICS Embroidery, trophies, ribbons, awards, back numbers. The source for all your promotional items. Located in St. Paul, VA. Call 276-762-9003 or visit www.appalachiangraphic FARRIERS Ronnie Tabor Shoeing Located in Shelbyville, TN. Call 937-684-1684 or email FEED DISTRIBUTORS CELEBRATION FEEDS Bulk and bag feed sales. “Celebrating the Horse.” Located at 10321 Rockvale Road, Rockvale, TN Page 32 / The Scoop

37153. Contact Joe Green, plant 615-274-2661, cell 931-619-9678 or email INSURANCE

BARNES EQUINE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance for any horse related coverage., including full mortality, major medical, surgical, stable fire, liability for training, instructions, boarding, etc. Located at P. O. Box 609, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868. Call Joe Barnes or Krissy Evans 877-332-2500, 865-774-2500, Joe’s cell 865-6542700, fax 865-774-1212 or visit JONES EQUINE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Providing all types of insurance coverage for the horseman. Full mortality, major medical, prospective foal, farm & liability and workers’ compensation. Contact Bobby Jones at 1330 Moberly Road, Richmond, KY 40475. Phone 859-893-1097, fax 859-369-7952, or email Whitney McConnell Davis - phone 901-292-5598, fax 615-395-4152 or email whittermac23@msn. com. MARKEL INSURANCE COMPANY Providing coverage for horses and horse-related businesses for over forty years. Whether you ride for pleasure or competitively, owning a horse is a substantial commitment. The horse people at Markel can help you protect the emotional and financial investment you’ve made. Coverage’s include agreed value horse mortality with optional medical/ surgical plans, farm pack and liability only policies, independent trainer/instructor liability and excess/ umbrella liability. P.O. Box 1094 Murfreesboro, TN 37133. Contact Bill Carrington at 615-890-1163 or Holly Liddell Sanders at 931703-0267 or visit JEWELRY BEN BRANTLEY & CO. Your premier source for equine jewelry. One of a kind designs are our specialty. Over 25 years selling fine jewelry nationally & internationally. Call Ben at 931-639-7840 or 931-684-1513 or PHOTOGRAPHY AVALON PHOTOGRAPHY Capturing the spirit. Innovative horse show photography. Creative equine portraits. Call the studio 952-922-6300, cell 952-212-3964, email jolene@, or visit Bradley Dick Photography Portraits, headshots, action shots, on location. Other photography available. Located at 1711 Hwy. 130 W. Shelbyville, TN 37160, 931-205-7035 or 931-5802202, email or visit

COUNTRY REFLECTION PHOTOGRAPHY Horse shows, farm shoots, pet and action photography, Call Peggy Stewart 540-421-9612 or email COURTNEY CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHY Located at 106 Haverford Path #7, Georgetown, KY 40324. Call 502-370-4530 (home) or 651442-0007 (cell) or visit DANA DOYLE PHOTOGRAPHY Equine Photography. Booking available for shows. Proofs can be seen at Located at P. O. Box 7173, Cynthiana, KY 41031. Call the office 859-235-0400, cell 859-435-0570 or email GARY THORNSBURY, EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHER

Would love to cover your show or shoot individual pictures. Located at 203 Bell Harrison Rd., Evensville, TN 37332. Call 423-827-6390, email or visit JACK GREENE, PHOTOGRAPHER Located at P. O. Box 33, Christiana, TN 37037. Call 615-893-3993 or visit

Jamie McCoy Photography Now booking for horse shows. Also, portraits, action shots or conformation shots on location or at your farm/training barn. Other photography available, including senior and family portraits. Located in Corinth, MS. Call 662-808-0323 or email Portfolio at MOVIN’ ON Up Photography Jennifer Potts, Photographer. Horse shows, stallions, headshots and onsite shoots. Other photography available, including weddings, senior portraits, pets and family portraits. Logo and ad design. Located at 168 Amos Gammill Rd., Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 931-205-3493, email or visit PHOTOGRAPHY BY DEBBIE UECKER-KEOGH

Located at 338 N. Cuyamaca, El Cajun, CA 92020. Call 619-440-6841, cell 619-933-2730 or visit PHOTOS BY NAT Natasha Douglas, Photographer. Offering extraordinary show horse photography in the ring and at the farm. Serving the eastern United States and beyond! Located at 2212 Frog Level Road, Ewing, VA 24248. Call 865-585-4083, email tasha@ or visit

WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY PJ WAMBLE PHOTOGRAPHY View and order proofs online at Located at 1245 Cochran Cemetery Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091. Call or fax 931-359-6363 or call cell 931-993-7353. SANDRA HALL PHOTOGRAPHY Located at RR 2, Box 111, Chesterfield, SC 29709. Call 843-623-6652. SHANE SHIFLET PHOTOGRAPHY Located at 2767 Lazy Pine Rd., Randleman, NC 27317. Call 336-318-2116, fax 336-318-2764 or visit SID ABERNATHY PHOTOGRAPHY Specializing in equine photography, including horse shows, on the farm and stallion, family and senior portraits. Sid Abernathy, P. O. Box 12, Shannon, MS 38868. Call 662-767-8281 or 662401-0822, email or visit TERRY YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHY Located at P. O. Box 54911, Lexington, KY 40555. Call 859-264-8579, 859-263-3623 or email

Find Your Gait CRI TRI CHA Certified. Find Your Gait Riding Academy has produced many accomplished competitors and champions including three USEF equitation riders. Lesson horses and flat shod training available. All breed riding and training center specializing in saddleseat. Located in Oak Grove, MO. Call 816-934-2734 or visit www. STORAGE Stor–N-Lock We have state-of-the-art covered storage/parking for motor homes and RVs. Each space has electric, water and sewer hookups. Pay by the day, week, or month! Come stay with us during any event in our area! 24 hour access. Only 1.7 miles from the Celebration Grounds, located at 1703 Green Lane, Shelbyville, TN. Call 913-684-8585 or visit www.stornlock.netoffice. TACK

TLC Photography Booking horse shows now! Teresa Castle, P. O. Box 176, Means, KY 40346. Call 606-768-4221, 606-768-2457 or visit

BEDFORD TACK, INC. Manufacturers and importers of fine quality horse equipment at competitive prices (retail and wholesale). Large selection of English and Western attire. Call for catalog. Located 8 miles north of Shelbyville. Located at 148 Ebb Joyce Road, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Order toll free at 1-800-5234971, fax 931-437-221 or visit

TOM OAKLEY PHOTOGRAPHY Horse shows, portraits and action shots. Will transfer your home movies, photos or slides to DVD. Located at 132 Mankin St., La Vergne, TN 37086. Call 615-213-2931, 615-347-3835, email or visit

THE WINNER’S CIRCLE HORSE SUPPLY, LLC We specialize in tack for Tennessee Walking Horses. 603 Evans Street, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call toll free at 1-800-298-7398 or 931-684-2912 or visit


welding/ fabrication/ repair

A to Z Promotional Products Embroidery, silk screening, caps, T-shirts, golf shirts, jackets and ad specialties. Contact Mark or Debbie Williams, Shelbyville, TN, 931-685-0200.

Classic Custom Cycles and more Welding, fabrication & repair (in-house and portable services, aluminum and steel) from stall doors, trailer repair, cattle gates, farm equipment to attachments, etc. Serving Rutherford, Bedford and surrounding counties. 3615 Shelbyville Hwy. (231), Murfreesboro, TN 37127. Call 615-893-7458, Hours MonFri 10-6, Sat 10-4.

RIDING INSTRUCTORS Alice Klein Equestrians Certified Riding Instructor. Lessons for all ages and riding levels. Discounted packages available. Specializing in centered riding, show ring preparation and equitation. Will travel to you for private instruction. Lesson horses available in all disciplines. Located at Win A Few Stables in Shelbyville, TN. Call 931-205-2067. BALLENTINE FARMS RIDING ACADEMY Full-time riding academy, boarding, and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders. Located at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526. Call 919-5523536.

ALABAMA Brandye Mills Stables (Walking Horses) Training and Sales Facility. Brandye Mills, Trainer. Leon Averitt, Assistant Phone number 205-239-1938. Pinson, Alabama

WGC Greyline, WGC Generator’s Santana, WGC Papa’s Final Choice, WC The New York Yankee, WC The Santini, Doekle Ster Stllion, Anne 340 Sport Approved FPS Friesian Stallion, Berend (Baron WC Friesian), Bennie the 29’ Leopard App Mini. Danville, AL Phone 256-410-3194 barn, 256-606-8217 Chris Cell, 256-426-0749 Kelly Cell. Website: DOSS FARMS Walking horse breeding, sales, broodmares, weanlings, and yearlings. Jack Doss, Owner; Morrow Doss, Manager/Certified Riding Instructor. Riding lessons available. Located at 30 Doss Road, Cullman, AL 35057. Call Jack 256-708-5005 or Morrow 256-385-0401. KELLEY RANCH Full service training facility for walking horses. Junior Wilhoite, Trainer. Located at 8971 State Highway 10 East, Shorterville, AL 36373. Call 334-441-9082 or Junior’s cell 352-435-5840. CALIFORNIA Bouquet Creek Farms Walking horse boarding, colts, colt training, lessons, pleasure horses, show horses and versatility. Wendy Shaw, Trainer. Located at 30280 Bouquet Creek Canyon Road, Saugus, CA 91350. Call the stable 661-296-3951, cell 661-296-4087 or email GOLDEN WEST FARMS Walking horse training and breeding facility. Scott Benham, Trainer/Manager. Lalo Gutierrez and Manual Rodriquez, Trainers. Located at 13213 Ontario Ave., Ontario, CA 91761. Call 909-9475870 (b) or 909-923-8128 (r). Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch (Walking Horses) Boarding, Training and Breeding Facility. Standing at Stud: Our Mr. Hollywood. Robert and Wanda Pollack, owners. Lindsey Luna, trainer. 14990 Columbet Ave. San Martin, CA 95046. Phone number 931-205-2173 (Lindsey cell) 408-867-1080 (office) 408-8677360 (fax) Colt division, Jimmy Norris, 408-607-5798(cell) FLORIDA HARD ROCK FARM Specializing in flat shod for show and pleasure. Sheryl Skala-Carl, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5850 NE 150th Avenue, Williston, FL 32696. Call the barn and house 352-528-5775 or visit website

Choose Your Gait Farms (Walking Horses, Friesians, Minis) Breeding & Training Facility. World Grand Champions Stallions at Backyard Stallion fees. Standing: 2xWC & WGC Outta Line, WGC John FK’s Delight, The Scoop / Page 33

WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY MONTEVERDE ACADEMY Located just 25 minutes from Orlando, we are an international, coeducational, independent college preparatory school for grades PK3-12, with our boarding program serving grades 7-12, and postgraduate studies. We are the only private school with a Tennessee Walking Horse program and offer an on-campus equestrian center with 38 stall barns, tack/locker rooms, and three all-weather riding arenas. For more information visit www. or call 407.469.2561. GEORGIA HOLLIN FARM, INC Full-service training facility for walking horses. Gary Hollin, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5474 High Schoals Rd., Bishop, GA 30621. Call the barn 706-769-8790 or home 706-769-7750. Sawtooth STables Walking horse training and sales. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Rogers, Owners. Brian Watson, Trainer. Located at 3730 West Ellis Rd., Griffin, GA 30223. Call Brian’s cell 770-298-5070 or Lindy’s cell 404-234-1879. KENTUCKY J & H Stables (Walking Horses)Full-Service Training and Sales Facility. Danny & Jason Hughes. Russell Springs, Kentucky. Contact information Danny at 270-7797550 or Jason at 270-585-2294

MISSOURI HUFFMAN STABLES Walking horse training, boarding, and sales. Jim Huffman, Owner/Trainer. Located at 2476 State Highway W., Ozark, MO 65721. Call 417-5816868, Jim’s cell 417-839-6890 or Brad’s cell 417-860-8012. NORTH CAROLINA ACADEMY at BAYFIELD FARM Tennessee Walking Horse Training. Riding Lessons available with 3 TWH Certified Instructors. Boarding, and Sales. School and Summer Camps. Located less than one hour from Raleigh. Standing at Stud WC Allen’s Avenger & WGC Dillon’s Law and Order, both Reg. TWH & SSH. 6025 Highway 96 North, Oxford, NC 27565 Kevin Gilliam, Trainer/Instructor, 919-691-2569 final I think per the boss. BALLENTINE FARMS RIDING ACADEMY Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses - Full-time riding academy, boarding and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders. Located conveniently near Raleigh, NC at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526. Call 919-552-3536.

Loid Stables (Walking Horses) A Full-service Training facility. Specializing in sales and training. Tommy Loid, Trainer and Manager. Bowling, Kentucky 270779-5633 (Cell)

K & B BTWH, LLC Walking horse breeding and boarding. J. C. and Marceline Knight, Owners. Standing at stud Generator’s Sergeant Major. Located at 2750 K & B Farm Lane or P. O. Box 1700, Lenoir, NC 28645. Call the barn 828-754-0335, home 828-754-6538 or visit website

Rolling Acres Farm & Stables Bob Stannard, Owner. Robby Stannard, Trainer. Colt training and sales facility. Located in Lebanon, KY. Cell 859-805-8011, email or visit

RONALD MOSLEY STABLES, LLC Walking horse breeding and training facility. Ronald Mosley, Owner. Located at 213 Lindsay Creed Lane, Mt Airy, NC 27030. Call the barn 336-7892024 or home 336-786-2299.

SHANE MULLINS STABLES (Tennessee Walking Horses) Full service training, boarding and sales facility. Trainer/Manager Shane Mullins 37 Wild Turkey Lane, Brodhead, KY Cell 606-308-2900

Self Made Farm (Walking Horses) Boarding, Colt Training, Lessons, Training, Show Horses, Versatility. 6588 NC 42W MacClesfield, NC 27852. Email: Jessica Hlebak (cell) 252-883-5060 or Charlie Canipe (cell) 252-883-5511.

TRAVIS WILEY STABLES Walking horse training, boarding and sales facility. Travis Wiley, Trainer. Located at 4600 Harrodsburg Road, Danville, KY. Call the barn 859-239-9607 or Travis’ cell 859-583-0024. MISSISSIPPI PIONEER STABLES Full-service training facility for walking horses. Lucy Watts, Manager. Dale Watts, Josh Watts and Jonathan Watts, Trainers. 4025 Highway 51 North, Summit, MS 39666. Call the barn and residence 601-276-2641 or Dale’s cell 601-6606194.

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Walk Away Farms Grandy Tuck, Trainer. Located in Reidsville, NC. Call the barn 336-616-0074 or home 336-951-3691. TENNESSEE BLAKE SIMS STABLES Walking horse training and sales facility. Located at Shiloh Farms, 210 Big Springs Road, Bell Buckle, TN (off of Highway 231 North). Call the barn 931-437-3160 or Blake’s cell 931-580-2408. BUD DUNN & SON STABLES, LLC Walking horse training and sales facility. Steve Dunn, Manager/Trainer. Located at Bridlewood

Farm, 140 Hwy 82E, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Mailing address 1620 Hwy 64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 256-335-3258. CHAD WAY STABLES Walking horse training & sales facility. Located at Tan Oak Farms, Highway 41A North, Shelbyville, TN. Call 931-703-3926. DOUBLE DIAMOND STABLES Walking horse training and boarding facility. Horses for sale in all price ranges. We provide training for your pleasure horses, start to finish. Lessons available. Shelli Mehaffey, Trainer. Located at 145 Halls Mills Road, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 425-931-2772. Fantasy Farms for all your breeding, foaling, boarding, rehabilitation, special care and aging horse care needs. At stud: Cash’s Blackjack, The Dixie Lineman, Gen’s Wayhigh Willie, The Silver Bandit, Mighty Maxx, Steel Connection, Trip My Trigger and Royal Limelight. barn: 931-389-6983, Fax: 931-3896980, Cell 931-703-5378 351 Hwy 82 E. Bell Buckle, TN 37020 FORMAC STABLES Walking horse training and sales facility. Jimmy McConnell and Dan Waddell, Trainers. Located at 2039 Walker-Tanner Road, Union City, TN. Call the barn 731-885-1768 or residence 731-536-564. FREEMAN FOALS Walking Horses - Weanlings, yearlings and broodmares for sale. Breeder of WGC Ironworks and WGC Generator’s Santana. Standing at stud: Watch Out José. Located at 529 Crowell Lane, Lebanon, TN 37087. Contact Delaine Smith at 615-444-1422, 615347-4565 or email GROOVER STABLES at Saddlecrest Farms Walking horse training, sales and breeding. Standing at stud: I’m Dumas Walker. Located at P560 Airport Road, P. O. Box 1435, Shelbyville, TN 37162. Call the residence 931-389- 9131 or cell 931-703-6127. For breeding information contact Sheila’s cell 931224-5825 or email HARLINSDALE FARM Walking horse breeding facility. Standing at Stud: Gold Power, The Revelation, Out On Parole, Rowdy Rev. Rocky Jones, Stallion Manager. Located at P. O. Box 280, 6611 Eudailey-Covington Road, College Grove, TN. Call 615-368-3468. JEFF WILLIS STABLES Training, riding lessons and sales facility. Located at P. O. Box 133, Belfast, TN 37019. Call Jeff at931-993-3174. Riding instructions available by Alice Klein. Call Alice’s cell 931-205-2067 for an appointment.

WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY JOE COTTEN STABLES Full-service training and sales facility. Hay and Shavings for sale at all times. Call 615-202-8429. JOE FLEMING STABLES Full service training facility for walking horses. Joe Fleming, Manager/ Trainer. Justin Harris, Trainer. Located at 2003 Highway 64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call the barn 931-684-0136. Mike McCormick Stables (Walking Horses)Full service Training Facility. Mike McCormick, Owner/ Trainer. Ronal Young, Trainer. Located at Highway 41-North, Shelbyville, TN. Mike’s cell (931)703-5701 or Ronal’s cell (931)224-5677 MORGAN MEADOWS FARM (Walking Horses) Breeding and Sales of trail pleasure, plantation, and show horses. 1724 Meister Hills Rd., Deer Lodge, TN, 37726. Harold and Richie Flynn owners. Ph. 931-863-4791., Website: MORGANMEADOWSFARM.COM Peebles Stables (Walking Horses)Full-Service training facility. Training and breeding. Dick Peebles, Manager, Sharon Peebles, Trainer. 115 Holt Avenue Shelbyville, TN cell (931)224-3425 Pleasant Valley Farm (Walking Horses)Training and Sales Facility. Alvis Porter, Owner; Brandon Stout, Manager/Trainer 525 Oakland Road, Rutledge, TN 37861 (931)2242362 or (865)828-5641 Quality Horses for sale at all times. QUINTESSENTIAL FARM Training, boarding, riding lessons, breeding and sales. Doug Simpkins, Owner. Pat Simpkins, Trainer. Beverly Lamp, Riding Instructor. Jazz Maniac at stud. Located at 2394 West Trimble Road, Milton, TN 37118. Call 615-496-4636 Pat’s cell, 615-218-5710 Bev’s cell or 615-273-4255. tan oak farms Breeding facility. Many World Champion Stallions Standing at Stud. Jack Heffington, Owner. Call 615-390-9006. Mailing address P. O. Box 1658, Shelbyville, TN 37162.

WINDING CREEK STABLES Boarding , breeding, mare care, foaling and recuperative care. Mares and foals for sale at all times. Owned by the Dotson family. Brent Coburn, trainer. Located at 472 Poplar Springs Road, Kingston, TN. 37763. Call the farm 865-376-4477 or Brent Coburn’s cell 865-755-6470. TEXAS MCDODI FARMS Sales, training, breeding and yearlings. Specializing in performance, flat shod and trail. Home of Wired To Be Awesome and He’s A Major Push. Dr. Jim and Dodi Speece, Owners. Marco Suarez, Trainer. Kim Lewis, Instructor. Located at 3812 CR 530B, Burleson,TX 76028. Call the barn 817-614-0623, email or visit www. WALKERS WEST Walking horse breeding, sales and training. Standing 7 stallions at stud. Mary Ellen Areaux, Owner. Located at 3002 FM 2728, Kaufman, TX 75142. Call 972-962-2797, cell 214-507-6032, email walkersw@earthlink. net or visit VIRGINIA DOGWOOD STABLES Walking horse breeding and sales facility. Performance, plantation, pleasure horses and colts for sale. Standing at Stud: Guilty As Charged and Hard Hearted Jose’. David, Mary Ellen and Codi Marie Wright. Located at 3001 Whispering Pines Road, Axton, VA 24054. Call 434-685-2830 or email CALL THE SCOOP FOR MORE INFORMATION ON BEING LISTED IN OUR WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY 931-680-5696

The Colt Center (Walking Horses)Training, Sales and Showing. Bobby Richards, Manager/ Trainer. Located at 4308 Trinity Road Franklin, TN 37067. Bobby’s cell 615-708-COLT WHITE OAK FARM Breeding, training and sales facility. Robert and Lisa Marbry, Owners. Vicki Self, Trainer. Sammy Sanders, Stallion Manager. Standing at stud: Silver Express, Stud Fee: $550. Located at 10023 Rosemark Road, Atoka, TN 38004. Call the office 901-458-4314, barn 901-829-3303, fax 901-458-9792, email or visit TONY YOKLEY & SONS Walking Horses - Specializing in two year olds, yearlings and show horses for sale year round. Tony Yokley, Trainer. Located at 490 Factory Creek Road, Ethridge, TN 38456. Call the barn 931-363-0191, residence 931-363-7981 or cell 931-629-8253. Valton Rummage Stables Walking horse breeding, mare care and colt preparation. Standing at stud: I’m Dark Vengeance ($400 or 2 for $700). Located in Columbia, TN Call 931-388-8166 or cell 931-374-5178.

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Panama City Beach, Florida

The Walking Horse Trainers Ladies Auxiliary Champions were Keep Your Cash and Sheila Groover for Crawford Colts. Jay Kennahan, Henry Metcalf, Winky Groover, Sheryl Crawford and Barbara Kennahan celebrate the win.

The American General and Sellers Veazey were the Youth 11 & Under Champions at the Gulf Coast Charity Trainers Show. Massie McSwain congratulates the winning team following their big win.

Tim Smith directed Lipstick and Lead to the blue in the Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Class on Friday night. Lisa also won with Lipstick and Lead in the Amateur ranks. Karla Landrum, Sarah Smith, Vicky Self, Lisa and Dr. Jim Baum and David Landrum are in the photo with Lipstick and Lead.

Chad Williams made a winning show on Gretzky for Throsport Farm. This team were the Three Year Old Stallion champions.

Jannie Chapman reved her engine to race her way to winners’ circle in the Amateur 5 Year Old Mares and Geldings class to claim the blue.

The Smith family was thrilled with Dance All Night’s wins in Panama. Dance All Night won two blues with Robert Cortner in the irons and a blue with trainer Tim Smith riding. This horse won three blues in three nights!

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Panama City Beach, Florida

Adorable Diamond made an Adorable performance to claim the blue in the Yearling division for proud owners Keith and Loraine Rosbury. This great horse recently won at the Fayetteville Blue Ribbon horse show.

Maisie McSwain and Victoria’s Secret were the Amateur Ladies Specialty Champions. Maisie also won with The Lady’s Man in the Amateur Mares and Gelding class.

Robin MacDonald was all smiles following her blue ribbon performance aboard Prime Poison in the Amateur Pony Class. This horse also carried Justin Harris to the blue and Robin directed Rocky Mountain Sky to winners’ circle at the Gulf Coast Charity Trainers Show in the Amateur 15.2 & Under Mares and Geldings class.

Henry Metcalf had an excellent night he won two blues in one night both by Unanimous decision. Command On Parole was the Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Champion for owners Metcalf and Crawford. A large group of friends celebrated with Henry.

Jason Myatt was the Amateur Three Year Old Stallions champions with I’m A Title One at the Gulf Coast Charity Trainers Show. The Myatts along with the Brooks and friends came out to congratulate Jason after winning such a large class.

Betty Laughlin was met by family following her Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty win aboard Bronco Billy. This talented horse picked up a reserve at the Trainers show in the Youth Show Pleasure division.

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Opening Ceremonies at 15th Annual Gulf Coast Charity Trainers’ Horse Show. The American colors were presented by World Grand Champion, Lined Up At The Ritz and Patrick Thomas for owners Cassique Plantation.

Henry Metcalf is congratulated by his wife Peggy following his Unanimous win with Jackpot Cash in The Amateur Four Year Old Mares and Geldings class.

Command and Control and Sheryl Crawford were met by many friends after they claimed the blue ribbon in the Amateur Riders 50 & Over class.

A Mountain Jazz and Patrick Thomas were the Lite Shod Open Specialty Champions for owners Jim and Debbie Nichols. This team is met by friends following their win.

World Champion Trigger Treat showed off his stylish ways to claim the blue ribbon in the Model division at the Gulf Coast Charity Trainers Show for proud owner Jo Ann Dowell.

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Places To Be 10-11 NWHA VIRGINIA CLASSIC. Location, Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA. For information contact NWHA Office 859-252-6942,

10-11 TEXAS SPRING CLASSIC. Location, Lufkin, TX. For information contact Gary or Debbie Clark 936-856-1085, 936-8561723, 10-11 WHAM MICHIGAN SPRING FLING. Location, St. Joseph County Fairgrounds, Centreville, MI. For information contact Gayle Dodde 734-646-3373, MAY 3 The Row Mclaughlin and Greg Maupin Benefit Walking Horse show, 6:00 pm at the Bedford Co Agriculture Center. Contact -Allison Smith 607-2680 or Ricky Richardson- 492-0188. 4 Wisconsin Spring Warm Up located at Four Winds Equestrian Center, Salem, WI. Pleasure classes only. Contact Carol Olp at 920-725-4455 www. 4 DERBY CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Location, Mercer County Fairgrounds, Harrodsburg, KY. For information contact Ray Perkins 270-403-3701. 4 LORAINE WESSON FAITH HAVEN WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Lee County Agri Center, Verona, MS. For information contact Jan Carnathan 662-401-4253 or the Faith Haven office 662-844-7091. 4 MANCHESTER LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Coffee County Fairgrounds, Manchester, TN. For information contact Maurice Pittman 931-273-8969, or 4 40TH ANNUAL UPPER CUMBERLAND WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Hyder-Burks Pavilion, Cookeville, TN. For information contact Pat Stout 931-537-7458, 931-2651717 or 4 WALTON COUNTY HORSE SHOW. Location, Walton County Fairgrounds, Monroe, GA. 10 WALKING WITH EAGLE PRIDE HORSE SHOW. Location, Bedford County Ag. Center, Shelbyville, TN. For information contact Allison Smith 931-607-2680, Ricky Richardson 931-492-0188. 10 WEST TENNESSEE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL HORSE SHOW. Location, Chalmus Davenport Arena, Elliott Street, Humboldt, TN. For information contact Vicki Benjamin 731-694-5188,

11 South Central Ruritan Annual Horse Show- Chuckey, TN 11 AL MILLER MEMORIAL HORSE SHOW. Location, Tri-State Exhibition Center, Cleveland, TN. For information contact Jim Richardson 423-238-9308, 423-605-4962. 46TH ANNUAL BILLIE LANE KING COTTON HORSE 11 SHOW. Location, Lions Club Horse Show Grounds, Edison, GA. For information contact Reeves Lane 229-835-2211. 11 GALLATIN LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Sumner County Fairgrounds, Gallatin, TN. For information contact Martin Spears 615-364-4006. 11 NETTLETON LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Jimmy Rogers Arena, Nettleton, MS. For information contact Don Rogers 662-963-3100 (off.) 662-231-7764 (cell), Nan Rogers 662-963-2341. 16-18 SMOKEY MOUNTAIN CLASSIC WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, East Tennessee Agricultural Expo Center, Harriman, TN. For information contact Ed Hines 865-984-2569. 18 PETERSBURG LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Lions Pride Park, Petersburg, TN. For information contact Terry Tudor 931-205-6731. 18 NORTH CAROLINA LADIES AUXILIARY HORSE SHOW. Location, Biggerstaff Park, Dallas, NC. For information contact Kelly Duschel 704-297-9051. 23-25 SPRING FUN SHOW. Location, The Calsonic Arena , Shelbyville, TN. For information contact The Celebration 931-6845915. 25 Bluegrass Pleasure & Walking Horse Association. Rockcastle County Fairgrounds, Brodhead KY 31, 6-1 COLUMBIA SPRING JUBILEE HORSE SHOW. Location, Maury County Parks & Recreation, Columbia, TN. For information contact 931-698-5265, 931-797-3139. The Scoop / Page 47

Places To Be

31, 6-1 HEART OF AMERICA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION SPRING SHOW. Location, Flying “M” Arena, Mt. Vernon, MO. For information contact Steve Skopec 417-3269979, Jennifer Condren 417-327-3878.

7-8 MICHIGAN LITTLE CELEBRATION. Location, Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason, MI. For information contact 8 Bluegrass Pleasure & Walking Horse Association. Shelby County Fairgrounds, Shelbyville, KY 8 CUMBERLAND COUNTY OPEN WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Crossville Community Complex, Crossville, TN. For information contact Bradley Bottoms 931-248-2250. 8 EDMONSON COUNTY SADDLE CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Hwy. 259 South, Brownsville, KY. For information contact Larry Starnes 270-597-3429.

JUNE 1 NESHOBA COUNTY CLASSIC WALKING & RACKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Neshoba County Coliseum, Philadelphia, MS. For information Kaye Rowell 601-656-1000, 1 NORTHEAST GEORGIA WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Toccoa, GA. For information contact Denise Coleman 706-499-0607, 1 39th ANNUAL PIKEVILLE SPRING HORSE SHOW. Location, Bledsoe-Pikeville Ag. Complex, Pikeville, TN. For information contact Billy VanWinkle 423-618-4967 or John Swafford 423-533-2852. 1 SMITH’S GROVE LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Smith’s Grove, KY. For information 270-563-4254. 1 TAYLOR COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW. Location, Campbellsville, KY. For information contact Anna Johns 270-4656797. 1 TAZEWELL JAYCEES HORSE SHOW. Location, Claiborne County Fairgrounds, Tazewell, Tn. For information contact Mary Trent 423-626-5677 hm, 423-626-1799 off. 1 Wisconsin Summer Jamboree at Walworth County Fairgrounds, Elkhorn, WI. Pleasure Classes only. Contact Carol Olp at 920-725-4455 ( 4-8 GERMANTOWN CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, Germantown Charity Horse Show grounds, Germantown, TN. For information contact the horse show office 901-754-0009, 7 5TH ANNUAL LAWRENCEBURG LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Rotary Park, Lawrenceburg, TN. For information contact Bobby Belew 931-242-3950, or Greg Johnston 931-242-3957. Page 48 / The Scoop

8 NICHOLAS COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW. Location, Nicholas County Fair Grounds, West End Park, Carlisle, KY. For information contact Robbie Zornes 859-473-2199, Teva Vice 859473-1122. 8 NORTH CAROLINA FOOTHILLS CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Location, Fisher River Park, Dobson, NC. For information contact 336-786-2299. 8 PICKENS COUNTY BENEFIT HORSE SHOW. Location, Valley Springs Stables, Easley, SC.For information contact Bill Rorick 864-350-5637. 8 TWIN CITIES CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Location, Phenix City, AL. For information contact Steve Abbott 334-2972977 or Tommy Raiford 334-297-1842. 14 LIBERTY LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location Bedford County Ag. Center, Shelbyville, TN. For information contact Paul Gambill 931-684-0239, 931-684-2632. 14 SAVANNAH LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Hardin County Fairgrounds, Savannah, TN. For information contact Neil Smith 731-925-2848, 731-425-4715. 14-15 EAST TENNESSEE CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. For information contact Shea Sproles 423-349-7115, 423-612-2646. 14-15 FAST Horse Show-Shelbyville, TN 14-15 LINCOLN COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW. Location, Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Stanford, KY. For information contact Dan Grigson 606-669-0221. 14-15 MARSHALL EVENING LIONS CLUB CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, Marshall City Arena, Marshall, TX. For information contact 318-547-3082, 903-263-9498 & 903-9352210 (for stalls), 903-938-4643 (show manager), 832-429-1057 (office, entries).

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