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february 25, 2013 Volume 17 Issue 2

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UNION GROVE, AL- The Annual Walking Horse Association of Alabama was held at the spectacular Ferguson Farms in Union Grove, AL on Saturday, February 9, 2013. It could not have been a more perfect day with mild temperatures with a clear blue sky. The WHAA held a live auction that ranged from cakes to tree trimmers. The auction raised a total of $14,000 for the association and Camp Smile-A-Mile, the association’s charity. There were many horses presented from two year olds to stake contenders. A delicious pulled pork barbeque and smoked chicken along with steamed potatoes, corn on the cob and slaw was served for lunch. Anna Clark even brought some of her famous white sauce to complement the food. The ladies of the WHAA provided the desserts. After everyone got their plate and had a seat in the bleachers, the WHAA Trainer of The Year, Brandye Mills, entertained the crowd with the Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under World Grand Champion Mr. Heisman. Mr. Heisman is owned by Randall and Sadie Baskin of Franklin, TN.

A large crowd of spectators gather around as the auction begins.

Page 34 / The Scoop

Jamie Bradshaw making sure he does not miss any bids.

Union Grove, Alabama

Brandye Mills entertains the crowd as he exhibits Mr. Heisman.

Everyone forms two lines to dig into the delicious lunch that was prepared.

Johnny Hester enjoys the afternoon at Ferguson Farms.

Woody Woodruff announces each horse as they come in with the help of David Latham. The Scoop / Page 35

Union Grove, Alabama

Bob & Sudie Reed were all smiles as they enjoyed this beautiful day.

Gary Wayne Smith and Kelly Mills enjoyed catching up with each another. Patrick Thomas could not stop smiling while he was taking a spin on this pony.

Jamie Bradshaw finds the time to give his sweet little girl a ride on Diamond Ritz. Page 36 / The Scoop

Troy Richards Stables was delighted to congratulate LaRue McWaters on his purchase of this Gen’s Black Gin stud colt previously owned by Joe Barnes.

The Scoop / Page 37

ASHA HOLDS ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET CULLMAN, AL-The Alabama Show Horse Association held their 31st Annual Awards Banquet on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at the All Steak Restaurant in Cullman. Nan Barnes gave a warm welcome to the fifty-five guests in attendance. Following the greeting, Nan Barnes announced that the association would be donating $500 to Safety Net, a long-term treatment facility designed to serve emotionally or behaviorally disturbed children ranging in age from 10-18 years. Bob Cole gave the invocation before a delicious country style buffet was served. There were numerous items in the silent auction which drew a lot of attention and bidding. When the bidding came to a close, The SCOOP ad brought the highest bid of any item offered.

The SCOOP wishes to congratulate all of the winners who received awards for the 2012 show season!



Model 4 Sportster Suzanne Keplinger 3 Hawk’s Look Alike Charity Latham 2 Pride’s Midnight Flame Melissa Rowell 1 Gen’s Black Zack Roxy Reeves Country Pleasure 3 Mastercraft Casee Bush & Chance Crocker 2 Zeke Jean Brannon 1 Splashed Casee Bush & Chance Crocker Trail Pleasure 3 Command’s Special Sun Suzanne Keplinger 2 Vengance With Pride Casee Bush 1 Shake Shake Shake Casee Bush Lite Shod 2 Beam’s Vendetta Melissa Rowell 1 JFK’s A Pushin Jean Brannon Park Pleasure 1 A Jazz Man’s Rhythm David Latham & Blues Field Trial 3 Armed & None Ya Natalie Jackson 2 Bustin With A Bang Peggy Champion 1 Rocky Top Rainbow Jean Brannon

Page 38 / The Scoop

Owner Suzanne Keplinger Charity Latham Melissa Rowell Spinks & Reeves Kemp & Crocker Jean Brannon Kemp & Crocker

Suzanne Keplinger Kemp & Crocker Kemp & Crocker Melissa Rowell Jean Brannon Gary & Donna Hill

Jean Brannon Peggy Champion Jean Brannon

11 & Under 1 Irish Mardi Gras 12 - 17 Specialty 1 Sarah Jessica Parker 1 I’m Fort Knox

Chance Crocker

Kemp & Crocker

Shelby Beam Ashley Latham

Shelby Beam Mickey Groom

Youth Ponies 1 Real Bad & A Little Firey Chance Crocker 2 Year Old Amateur 5 Boss Man’s Dollar Benjamin Gray 4 She’s Symbol of Ritz Roger Latham 3 The Olympic Belle Casee Bush 2 Pushin That Power Blake Beam 1 Gun Maker Benjamin Gray 3 Year Old Amateur 3 I’m All About Cash Casee Bush 2 John F K’s Steel Magnolia Benjamin Gray 1 Miss Ebony Rose Sudie Reed 4 Year Old Amateur 2 Sarah Jessica Parker Bo Beam 1 Ritz’s Lady Dolly Jerry Whitaker 1 I’m All About Cash Casee Bush

Kemp & Crocker Bob & Sudie Reed Roger & Sylvia Latham Kemp & Crocker Blake & Bo Beam Spinks & Reeves Kemp & Crocker Bob & Sudie Reed Bob & Sudie Reed Bo Beam Jerry Whitaker Kemp & Crocker

Cullman, Alabama Ladies Amateur 5 Gypsy Dollar Casee Bush 4 A Cadillac By Jazz Donna Hill 3 Out In The Weather Sudie Reed 3 Irish Mardi Gras Joan Kemp 2 Ultra Bummin Around Nan Barnes 1 I’m Fort Knox Mickey Groom

Kemp & Crocker Gary & Donna Hill Bob & Sudie Reed Kemp & Crocker Nan Barnes Mickey Groom

Amateur Park Performance 2 My Unlimited Cash Gayla Whitaker Gayla Whitaker 1 The Goal Line Nan Barnes Nan Barnes 15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty 3 Real Bad & A Little Firey Casee Bush Kemp & Crocker 3 Vindictive Tony Bradshaw Tony Bradshaw 2 Crooked Line Benjamin Gray Benny Gray Family 1 A Dangerous Man Donna & Gary Hill Donna & Gary Hill Amateur Specialty 5 Crooked Line Benny Gray Benny Gray Family 4 Tiger Walk Bo Beam Bo Beam 4 I’m Joe Friday Jodi Powell 3 Ritz’s Lady Dolly Jerry Whitaker Gayla Whitaker 2 Vindictive Tony Bradshaw Tony Bradshaw 1 Cadillac By Jazz Gary & Donna Hill Gary & Donna Hill 50 & Over 2 Gypsy Dollar Joan Kemp Kemp & Crocker 1 Out In The Weather Sudie Reed Bob & Sudie Reed Amateur Show Pleasure 5 Dollars Worth Martin Clough JD & Ginger Evans 4 She’s Black Cash Jerry Whitaker Jerry Whitaker 3 I’m Joe Friday Jodie Powell Jodie Powell 2 A Rendezvous At The Ritz Roxy Reeves Spinks & Reeves 1 He’s My Pop Too Diane Hasty Diane Hasty Amateur Owned & Trained 1 Symbol Of Ritz Roger Latham Sylvia & Roger Latham Adult Pony Specialty 3 I’m All About Cash Casee Bush Kemp & Crocker 2 Vindictive Tony Bradshaw Tony Bradshaw 1 Real Bad & A Little Firey Casee Bush Kemp & Crocker Open Amateur 3 Ritz’s Lady Dolly Jerry Whitaker Jerry & Gayla Whitaker 2 Flash of Silver Benjamin Gray Benny Gray Family 1 Tiger Walk Bo Beam Shelby Beam 2 Year Old Open 2 Boss Man’s Dollar Benjamin Gray 1 A Legacy By Jose Larry Latham

3 Year Old Open 2 Miss Ebony Rose Benjamin Gray 1 I’m Judge Roy Brown Larry Latham & Gary Edwards 4 Year Old Open 1 Tiger Walk Steve Beam 15.2 & Under Open Specialty 3 Out In The Weather Ross Campbell 2 Vindictive Ross Campbell 1 A Dangerous Man David Latham Open Show Pleasure Specialty 3 Stashin Cash Benjamin Gray 2 A Rendezvous At The Ritz Ross Campbell & Benjamin Gray 1 He’s My Pop Too David Latham Park Performance Specialty 2 The Goal Line Jamie Lawrence & Nan Barnes 1 My Unlimited Cash Gayla Whitaker Open Specialty 1 A Special Ed Larry Latham Stake 4 Tiger Walk Steve Beam 3 Zhivago Steve Beam 2 A Special Ed Larry Latham & David Latham 1 Symbol Of Ritz Larry Latham

Bob & Sudie Reed Joe & Scott Cooper Shelby Beam Bob & Sudie Reed Tony Bradshaw Donna Hill

Kemp & Crocker Spinks & Reeves Diane Hasty Nan Barnes Gayla Whitaker Larry Latham Bo Beam Beam & Lawson Roger & Sylvia Latham Eddie & Stephanie West

Overall Racking Pleasure Horse Chester-Makayla Latham Overall Racking Performance Horse Motown’s Eclipse-Ashley Latham Overall Walking Pleasure Horse JFK’s A Pushin-Jean Brannon Overall Walking Performance Horse He’s My Pop Too-Dwight & Diane Hasty Horseperson of the Year Carolyn Spinks

Bob & Sudie Reed Gary & Donna Hill

The Scoop / Page 39

Cullman, Alabama

Symbol Of Ritz and Larry Latham won the Stake High Point Award for owners, Eddie and Stephanie West. David Latham accepted the award.

Chester and Makayla Latham wonthe high point award in the Youth Trail Pleasure and A Streak Of Heaven and Ashley Latham won second place.

A Touch Of Camelot and Morgan Lawrence won the high point award in the 17 & Under division.

Bustin With A Bang and Peggy Champion won the high point award in the Amateur Western Pleasure.

I’m Dangerous and Brooke Ferguson accepted the high point award in the Juvenile Show Pleasure.

Crystal & Fox Fire and Melissa Rowell won the high point award in the Amateur Style division.

Page 40 / The Scoop

Cullman, Alabama

4th of May and Nan Barnes won the high point award in the Amateur Action Specialty division.

My Mercedes and Donna Hill won the high point award in the Three Year Old Amateur.

The Flashlight and Melissa Rowell won the high point award in the Stake division.

Gen’s Black Zack and Roxy Reeves won the high point award in the Model division for owners, Spinks and Reeves.

Miss Ebony Rose and Sudie Reed won the high point award in the Three Year Old Amateur division. Ross Campbell accepted the award.

I’m Fort Knox and Mickey Groom accepted their high point award in the Amateur Ladies division. The Scoop / Page 41

Places To Be 2 NORTH CAROLINA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION SNEAK PREVIEW. Location. Lone Hickory Indoor Arena, Yadkinville, NC. For information contact Terri Mosley 336-786-2299,

FEBRUARY 22-23 MARSHALL LION CLUB CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, Marshall City Arena, Marshall TX. For information contact Ben Bane 903-938-4726. 23 BUCKEYE WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION BANQUET. Location, A La Cart Catering, Canfield, OH For information contact Laura Lindberg 330-533-7405 blind30359@ 23 VIRGINIA WALKING & RACKING HORSE OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION AWARDS BANQUET. Location, Phase 2 Club, Lynchburg, VA. For information contact Nellie Harris 434-277-5695. 23-24 NWHA DQP CLINIC. Location, Murfreesboro, TN. For information contact Linda Way 765-366-6327,





9 SCWHA Spring Fling -Hendrix Farms -2205 Augusta Hwy. in Lexington S.C. Contact person is Leon Rembert (803) 2290057 or Keels Kirby (843)598-0535. 9 SOUTH CAROLINA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATON SPRING FLING. Location, Hendrix Farm, Lexington, SC. For information contact Leon Rembert 803-2290057, 9 SOUTH CENTRAL KENTUCKY WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION BANQUET. Location Barren River Lodge, Lucas, KY. For information contact Robin Loid 270-791-1751, 14-16 NATIONAL TRAINERS’ SHOW. Location, The Calsonic Arena , Shelbyville, TN. For information contact Marcia Allison 931-684-5866. 14-17 CAROUSEL CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, WestWorld, Scottsdale, AZ. For information contact Melanni Hershberger 480-443-3372, 15-16 TEXAS NATIONAL SHOWDOWN HORSE SHOW. Location, George Henderson, Jr. Expo Center Lufkin, TX. For information contact Gary Clark

MARCH 2 LAUREL CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, Magnolia Center, Laurel, MS. For information contact Larry Wheelon 865-748-8660 2 SALE OF CHAMPIONS SPRING SALE-Location, Calsonic Arena, Shelbyville, TN 2 EAST TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE TRAINERS’ ASSOCIATION BARN PARTY. Location, Winding Creek Stables, Kingston, TN. For information contact Larry Wheelon 865-748-8660.

Page 42 / The Scoop

23 EAST TENNESSE TRAINERS ASSOCIATION & ETWHA BARN PARTY. Location, Winding Creek Stables. For information contact Brent Coburn, 865-755-6470 or Larry Wheelon, 865-748-8660. 28-30 MISSISSIPPI CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, Kirk Fordice Equine Center, Jackson, MS. For information contact Robert Taylor 601-942-0138 or Dude Prestwood 601-954-3477. 30 2ND ANNUAL SAWMILLS VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT & RESCUE HORSE SHOW. Location, Sawmills Optimist Park, Sawmills, NC. For information contact Donna Powell 828-217-5449.

Places To Be 27 South Central Ruritan Annual Horse Show- Chuckey, TN

APRIL 5-6 9th ANNUAL SOUTH ALABAMA CHARITY WALKING & RACKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Covington Center Arena, Andalusia, AL. 6 ARKANSAS WALKING & RACKING HORSE SHOW. Location, ASU Equine Center, Jonesboro, AR. For information contact Ann Eichenberger eich@cswnet.con or Mary Hooker 501940-3839, 6 34th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Tennessee Miller Coliseum, Murfreesboro, TN. For information contact WHOA 615494-8822, wwwwalking 6 NORTH CAROLINA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION SPRING SHOW. Location, Lone Hickory Indoor Arena, Yadkinville, NC. For information contact NCWHA 336-786-2299 12-13 SOUTH CAROLINA WALKING HORSE LADIES AUXILIARY CANCER BENEFIT HORSE SHOW. Location, T. Ed Garrison Arena, Clemson, SC. For information contact Beverly McLeod 803-276-7166, 864-270-1110, mcleodbs@ 13 WALKING FOR CANCER HORSE SHOW. Location, Bedford County Ag. Center, Shelbyville, TN. For information contact Virginia Stewart 504-494-0659. 19-20 FLORENCE CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, Florence, SC. For information contact Keels Kirby 843-598-0535. 20 REELTOWN LIBERTY CITY LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW- Reeltown, AL

MAY 4 DERBY CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Location, Mercer County Fairgrounds, Harrodsburg, KY. For information contact Ray Perkins 270-403-3701. 4 LORAINE WESSON FAITH HAVEN WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Lee County Agri Center, Verona, MS. For information contact Jan Carnathan 662-401-4253 or the Faith Haven office 662-844-7091. 4 MANCHESTER LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Coffee County Fairgrounds, Manchester, TN. For information contact Maurice Pittman 931-273-8969, or 4 40TH ANNUAL UPPER CUMBERLAND WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Hyder-Burks Pavilion, Cookeville, TN. For information contact Pat Stout 931-537-7458, 931-265-1717 or 4 WALTON COUNTY HORSE SHOW. Location, Walton County Fairgrounds, Monroe, GA. 10 WALKING WITH EAGLE PRIDE HORSE SHOW. Location, Bedford County Ag. Center, Shelbyville, TN. For information contact Allison Smith 931-607-2680, Ricky Richardson 931-492-0188. 10 WEST TENNESSEE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL HORSE SHOW. Location, Chalmus Davenport Arena, Elliott Street, Humboldt, TN. For information contact Vicki Benjamin 731-694-5188,


10-11 NWHA VIRGINIA CLASSIC. Location, Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA. For information contact NWHA Office 859-252-6942,

26-27 THE CUMBERLAND CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Location, Roane State College, Harriman, TN. For information contact Connie Holbrook 615-207-2754, connie@

10-11 TEXAS SPRING CLASSIC. Location, Lufkin, TX. For information contact Gary or Debbie Clark 936-856-1085, 936-8561723, The Scoop / Page 43

Places To Be

10-11 WHAM MICHIGAN SPRING FLING. Location, St. Joseph County Fairgrounds, Centreville, MI. For information contact Gayle Dodde 734-646-3373, 11 AL MILLER MEMORIAL HORSE SHOW. Location, Tri-State Exhibition Center, Cleveland, TN. For information contact Jim Richardson 423-238-9308, 423-605-4962. 11 46TH ANNUAL BILLIE LANE KING COTTON HORSE SHOW. Location, Lions Club Horse Show Grounds, Edison, GA. For information contact Reeves Lane 229-835-2211. 11 GALLATIN LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Sumner County Fairgrounds, Gallatin, TN. For information contact Martin Spears 615-364-4006.

JUNE 4TH ANNUAL CHAMBERS COUNTY SHERIFFS 1 DEPARTMENT HORSE SHOW. Location, Lafayette, AL For information contact 706-773-7218.

11 NETTLETON LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Jimmy Rogers Arena, Nettleton, MS. For information contact Don Rogers 662-963-3100 (off.) 662-231-7764 (cell), Nan Rogers 662-963-2341.

1 NESHOBA COUNTY CLASSIC WALKING & RACKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Neshoba County Coliseum, Philadelphia, MS. For information Kaye Rowell 601-656-1000,

16-18 SMOKEY MOUNTAIN CLASSIC WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, East Tennessee Agricultural Expo Center, Harriman, TN. For information contact Ed Hines 865-984-2569. PETERSBURG LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. 18 Location, Lions Pride Park, Petersburg, TN. For information contact Terry Tudor 931-205-6731. 18 NORTH CAROLINA LADIES AUXILIARY HORSE SHOW. Location, Biggerstaff Park, Dallas, NC. For information contact Kelly Duschel 704-297-9051. 18 TWIN CITIES CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Location, Phenix City, AL. For information contact Steve Abbott 334-2972977 or Tommy Raiford 334-297-1842. 23-25 SPRING FUN SHOW. Location, The Calsonic Arena , Shelbyville, TN. For information contact The Celebration 931-6845915.

1 NORTHEAST GEORGIA WALKING HORSE SHOW. Location, Toccoa, GA. For information contact Denise Coleman 706-499-0607, 1 39th ANNUAL PIKEVILLE SPRING HORSE SHOW. Location, Bledsoe-Pikeville Ag. Complex, Pikeville, TN. For information contact Billy VanWinkle 423-618-4967 or John Swafford 423-533-2852. 1 SMITH’S GROVE LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Smith’s Grove, KY. For information 270-563-4254. 1 TAYLOR COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW. Location, Campbellsville, KY. For information contact Anna Johns 270-4656797. 1 TAZEWELL JAYCEES HORSE SHOW. Location, Claiborne County Fairgrounds, Tazewell, Tn. For information contact Mary Trent 423-626-5677 hm, 423-626-1799 off.

31, 6-1 COLUMBIA SPRING JUBILEE HORSE SHOW. Location, Maury County Parks & Recreation, Columbia, TN. For information contact 931-698-5265, 931-797-3139.

4-8 GERMANTOWN CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Location, Germantown Charity Horse Show grounds, Germantown, TN. For information contact the horse show office 901-754-0009,

31, 6-1 HEART OF AMERICA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION SPRING SHOW. Location, Flying “M” Arena, Mt. Vernon, MO. For information contact Steve Skopec 417-3269979, Jennifer Condren 417-327-3878.

7 5TH ANNUAL LAWRENCEBURG LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Location, Rotary Park, Lawrenceburg, TN. For information contact Bobby Belew 931-242-3950, or Greg Johnston 931-242-3957. 7-8 MICHIGAN LITTLE CELEBRATION. Location, Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason, MI. For information contact

Page 44 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 45

Mississippi Walking Horse Association Banquet














OPEN TWO YEAR OLD 1. MASTER OF JAZZ OPUS – owned by Tommy & Pat Vinson 2. WICKED WALKING WITCH – owned by JoAnne Dempsey 3. I’M NICKI MINAJ – owned by Ella Abernathy


OPEN THREE YEAR OLD 1. COUGAR – owned by Tommy & Pat Vinson 2. A JAZZ DANCER – owned by Carole Baxter 3. SHEZA GAMER – owned by Stepp/Abernathy


OPEN FOUR YEAR OLD – Tie for First 1. GENS WHO DAT – owned by Carol Canerday 1. JAZZ ME UP – owned by Lance & Rhonda Lincoln 2. I’M SKY HIGH JOSE – owned by Darryle & Donna Thompson 3. BAD ECONOMY – owned by Tommy & Pat Vinson


Page 46 / The Scoop

OPEN 15.2 & UNDER 1. SENSATIONAL PREMIER – owned by Renee Montgomery 2. JOSE WHOLE SHEBANG – owned by Darren & Vicki Jones OPEN WALKING SPECIALTY 1. HOME RUN FEELING – owned by Martha Wilkes 2. JAZZ TALKING – owned by Renee Montgomery 3. THE THUG – owned by Luckey & Kay Easterling WALKING HORSE STAKE 1. THE THUG – owned by Luckey & Kay Easterling 2. PAROLED FROM SAN QUENTON – owned by Ann Rea 2. JAZZ ME UP – owned by Lance & Rhonda Lincoln

Mississippi Walking Horse Association

MWHA Officers & Directors L/R: Ron Carney; Joy Smith; JoAnne Dempsey; Gale Myers; Chrystal Abernathy; Tommy Vinson; Mary Ruth Wright; Betty Murphy; Kay Easterling

Edgar Abernathy; Joy Smith; Tommy Vinson – Open 2 Yr Old Master of Jazz Opus

Edgar Abernathy (Abernathy Stables) High Point Trainer

Alex Rea - Amateur 4 yr old Stallionst

Ann Rea – Amateur Specialty

Martha Wilkes; Percy Lewis – Open Walking Specialty, Home Run Feeling The Scoop / Page 47

Mississippi Walking Horse Association

Lucky Easterling; Marshall Myers; Kay Easterling – Walking Horse Stake, The Thug

MWHA Hall of Fame Inductee Joy Smith with Honey Stivers; Suzy Frank; Kristin Stivers

Horse Person(s) of the Year; Grandmother/Grandaughter, JoAnne Dempsey; Mary Elizabeth Wright

Overall HP Flat Shod Horse, Shimmer with Danny Murphy; Betty Murphy and Kirvan McCrory

Ben Moss, Open Amateur Walking Canter.

Patty Lang, Amateur Park Pleasure

Page 48 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 49

The Young Guns Colt Preview SHELBYVILLE,TN-The Young Guns Colt Preview was held on February 8, 2013. The event was hosted at the Calsonic Arena in Shelbyville, TN. The preview started at 6:00 pm and lasted for several hours. Vendors were set up for attendees to shop during the preview. Madhatter Hats was set up to buy your bling and Marsha’s OnThe Square was on site to get a custom suit made for the upcoming show season. The admission was free for spectators and everyone received a big elcome. The concessions stands were open at the Calsonic for everyone to purchase food. Performance and pleasure horses that were two and three year olds went through for people to view. David Williams was the announcer and kept everyone entertained with facts as he announced the horses as they were presented. SHOW HIO inspected the horses prior to entering the ring. The horses were prepared as if they were competing at a standard horse show. The preview allowed side blinkers for the young horses, but everything else was as if they were at a show. Most of the horses that went through were for sale and several bids were made on top colts. If you are interested in one of the colts presented, you can contact David Williams at Rising Star Ranch or by email at and he can give you further details on the entries. The fee for the horses going through the preview was $20. The money for each entry went directly to the Row McLaughlin Fund. The Row McLaughlin fund is for Sam and Jenny McLaughlin’s four year old son who is having a kidney transplant in March. Row was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in April of 2012, due to his kidneys not developing properly from birth. Because of this condition, he is now in kidney failure. If you were unable to attend the preview and would like to make a donation, an account has been established in Row McLaughlin’s name at US Bank. There was a silent auction handled by Julie Lambert with stud fees and other donated items. The proceeds from the auction went to the Celebration Scholarship Fund. The SCOOP was glad to be on hand to support the colt previews that were held in Shelbyville and in Alabama. For all your 2013 advertising need, contact The SCOOP at (931)680-5696. We are proud to offer our FREE website that now has a page by page print edition online, news, upcoming events, features, photos and online advertising at

Page 50 / The Scoop

Awards Banquet SUMMIT, MS- The Heart O’ Dixie Walking and Racking Horse Association held its annual awards banquet on February 9, 2013. The event was held at The Dixie Springs Café in Summit. The event began with a social hour and viewing of the silent auction items. President, Dr. John Dial, welcomed everyone and announced the Board of Directors for 2013. The Mississippi Charity Show and The Heart O’ Dixie Championship Show in McComb, MS tied for Horse Show of the Year. A gourmet dinner or rib eye steak, Gulf shrimp, or catfish was served. Josh Watts presented the awards to each recipient for their accomplishments throughout the year. Carole Baxter was voted Horse Person of the Year by the Heart O’ Dixie Membership. The association welcomes new members and looks forward to seeing you on the rail this season. For membership information, contact Morgan Head (318) 381-7848.

Heart O Dixie 2012 High Point Standings Fine Harness 1. Cash’s Baby Girl 2. Abel Country Pleasure Walking 1. Shimmer 2. She’s Loose and Armed 3. Enough Smoke Lite Shod 1. Another Ultra Dollar Youth 11 and Under 1. Cash on Line Amateur Park Performance 1. Kodachrome’s Firefly 2. I’m Pushed Enough 3. Im All Mixed Up 4. Dangerous Ms Williams Open Park Performance 1. Kodachrome’s Firefly 2. Im Pushed Enough 3. Dangerous Ms Williams 4. The Princess Cut The Horse Person of the Year recipient Carol Baxter, is pictured with Dale Watts, and Lee Baxter The Scoop / Page 51

Summit, MS Show Pleasure 1. Dollar and Dreams 2. Jazz Zone 3. Abel 4. Thru The Fire 4. Dixies Magician Ladies Walking 1. Abel 2. Silver Shiraz 3. Paroled from San Quention 4. Dark Escape 5. Dixies Magician Gentlemen’s Walking 1. Gen’s Stone Cutter 2. Crackerjack Edge 3. Lady Parolee

Jonathon, Lucy, and Josh Watts

2 Year Old Open 1. Especially Dangerous 2. Oh 2 Cool 2 Year Old Amateur 1. Oh 2 Cool 2. Especially Dangerous 3 Year Old Open 1. A Jazz Dancer 3 Year Old Amateur 1. Lady Rodebold 2. Seves Dark Star 3. Coins Cash On Delivery 4. Blue Chip Delight 5. Ruckous Razor 6. The Party Line

Lee and Carole Baxter

4 Year Old Open 1. Gins Who Dat 2. Im Sky High Jose 3. Shes A Taco Belle 4 year Old Amateur 1. Cash In Rubies 2. Gens Stone Cutter 3. I’m Sky High Jose 4. Shes A Taco Belle

Amanda and George Walker

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Summit, MS Amateur 15.2 1. Jose Emblem 2. A Major Rebel 3. Showboats Boogie Man 4. Gens Stone Cutter 5. Extra Good Lookin 6. Dark Escape 7. Lady Parolee 8. Miss Hosanna AOT 1. 5 Star Command 2. Gen’s Slow Motion 3. Crackerjack Edge 4. Cash’s Baby Girl 5. Gold Poison 6. A White Rose

The Lambert family had an incredible first year in the show ring. Mason Lambert received High Point Amateur Three Year Old and High Point Youth Pony.

Park Pleasure 1. Mosetta Gun 2. The Big Lick Open Walking Spec. 1. Lady Parolee 2. I’m Sky High Jose 3. Dark Escape 4. Gins Who Dat Open Performance Racking 1. Pushovers Trade Mark 2. A White Rose Adult Walking Pony 1. Lady Parolee 2 . Cash on Line

The Cockerham family claimed reserve high point awards for Park Pleasure, Open Park Performance, and Amateur Park Performance.

Walking Stake 1. Paroled from San Quenton 2. Dark Escape 3. Gens’s Slow Motion 4. Hello Hello Amateur Specialty 1. Brette Farve 2. Paroled from San Quenton 3. Dixies Magician 4. A White Rose 5. Silver Shiraz 6. Gen’s Stone Cutter 7. Be Bold and A Major Rebel 8. Dark Escape 9. Cash’s Baby Girl 10. Gold Poision

Dr John Dial and Judith Dial

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Summit, MS Amateur Canter 1. Arms Dealer Trail Pleasure Walking 1. She’s Loose and Armed 2. Pushin Major Cane 3. Pushin My daddy’s Cash 4. Cash’s City Girl Pleasure Horse of the Year 1. Shimmer 2. Shes Loose and Armed 3. Pushin Major Cane Youth Walking Pony 1. The Party Line Amateur Performance Horse of the Year 1. Kodachromes Firefly 2. Abel 3. Gen’s Stone Cutter 4. Oh 2 Cool 5. Arms Dealer

Don Gallion and Rodger Ivins were delighted when Pushin Major Cane was recognized as the Reserve Trail Pleasure Horse of the Year and third runner up for Pleasure Horse of the Year

Flatshod Racking 1. Armed Lady of the Evening TP Racking 1. Sky’s Black Night Open Performance Horse of the Year 1. Gins Who Dat 2. A Jazz Dancer 3. San Quention 4. Especially Dangerous TWH Favorite Gait 1. Another Ultra Dollar 2. Shimmer 2. Cash’s City Girl

Chris and Ann Mills were thrilled after Cash In Rubies was named High Point Amateur Four Year Old and Especially Dangerous was named High Point Open Two Year Old and Reserve High Point Amateur Two Year Old

Trainer of the Year Josh Watts Amateur Rider of the Year 1. Ben Moss 2. Morgan Walden Head 3. Dr. Ann Rea Horse Person of the Year Carol Baxter Carol Canerday was all smiles after Gin’s Who Dat was named Open Horse of the Year as well as High Point Open Four Year Old. Canerday and Silver Shiraz also claimed the title of Reserve Ladies High Point.

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Summit, MS

Landon and Morgan Head accepted their award for Amateur Performance Horse of Year, High Point Open Park Performance, Amateur Park Performance, and Light Shod. Morgan Head was also recognized as Reserve Amateur Rider of the Year.

Ben Moss captured the spotlight as the Amateur Rider of the Year, High Point Amateur Two Year Old , High Point Amateur Canter, Reserve Show Pleasure and Reserve Open Two Year Old

Alex and Hannah Rea accept the award for The Dr. Ann Rea Family.

Youth Rider 12-17 of the Year was Mason Lambert

Youth Rider 11 and Under was Mannie James

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COURTNEY CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHY Located at 106 Haverford Path #7, Georgetown, KY

Royal ribbons and awards


40324. Call 502-370-4530 (home) or 651-442-0007 (cell)

Ribbons, trophies, back numbers and crystal awards.

Bulk and bag feed sales. “Celebrating the Horse.” Located

or visit

Located at 889 Colloredo Blvd, Shelbyville, TN 37160.

at 10321 Rockvale Road, Rockvale, TN 37153. Contact

Phone or fax 931-685-0110. Owned by Keith and Suzy

Joe Green, plant 615-274-2661, cell 931-619-9678 or




Equine Photography. Booking available for shows. Proofs can be seen at Located at



P. O. Box 7173, Cynthiana, KY 41031. Call the office 859-235-0400, cell 859-435-0570 or email



Show Arena and Bed & Breakfast. Located at 2291 Hwy.

Insurance for any horse related coverage., including full mortality,

231 South, Shelbyville TN 37160. Call 931-684-8822 or

major medical, surgical, stable fire, liability for training, instructions,



boarding, etc. Located at P. O. Box 609, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868.

Would love to cover your show or shoot individual pic-

Call Joe Barnes or Krissy Evans 877-332-2500, 865-774-2500, Joe’s

tures. Located at 203 Bell Harrison Rd., Evensville, TN

cell 865-654-2700, fax 865-774-1212 or visit

37332. Call 423-827-6390, email

or visit

Indoor & outdoor arena, and 65 acres to ride on.



Located at 681 Rabbit Branch Road, Shelbyville, TN

Providing all types of insurance coverage for the horse-

Located at P. O. Box 33, Christiana, TN 37037. Call

37160. Please call 931-607-8897 or 931-703-0153 for

man. Full mortality, major medical, prospective foal, farm

615-893-3993 or visit

more information or visit

& liability and workers’ compensation. Contact Bobby

BOARDING The Main Gait Farm

Full care stall & pasture boarding available.

Jones at 1330 Moberly Road, Richmond, KY 40475.

Jamie McCoy Photography

Phone 859-893-1097, fax 859-369-7952, or email

Now booking for horse shows. Also, portraits, action shots Whitney McConnell Davis

or conformation shots on location or at your farm/training


- phone 901-292-5598, fax 615-395-4152 or email

barn. Other photography available, including senior and

Equestrian riding apparel; ready made and custom western

family portraits. Located in Corinth, MS. Call 662-808-


and saddle seats. “The Choice of Champions in Fine Equestrian Apparel.” Marsha Shepard. Located at 115

0323 or email Portfolio at JEWELRY

South Side Square, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 931-6843500, fax 931-684-6544 or email


MOVIN’ ON Up Photography

Your premier source for equine jewelry. One of a kind de-

Jennifer Potts, Photographer. Horse shows, stallions,

Roy Rogers Western Wear

signs are our specialty. Over 25 years selling fine jewelry

headshots and onsite shoots. Other photography available,

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nationally & internationally. Call Ben at 931-639-7840 or

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931-684-1513 or

traits. Logo and ad design. Located at 168 Amos Gammill

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-5, Sun. 1-4.

Rd., Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 931-205-3493, email or visit



One of a Kind Swarovski Chrystal Enhanced Designer Ties. Contact Patti Pollack at 408-202-5752 or email



Capturing the spirit. Innovative horse show photography.

Located at 338 N. Cuyamaca, El Cajun, CA 92020. Call


Creative equine portraits. Call the studio 952-922-6300,

619-440-6841, cell 619-933-2730 or visit

cell 952-212-3964, email,


or visit PHOTOS BY NAT


Bradley Dick Photography

Natasha Douglas, Photographer. Offering extraordinary

Embroidery, trophies, ribbons, awards, back numbers. The

Portraits, headshots, action shots, on location. Other pho-

show horse photography in the ring and at the farm. Serv-

source for all your promotional items. Located in St. Paul,

tography available. Located at 1711 Hwy. 130 W.

ing the eastern United States and beyond! Located at 2212

VA. Call 276-762-9003 or visit www.appalachiangraphic

Shelbyville, TN 37160, 931-205-7035 or 931-580-2202,

Frog Level Road, Ewing, VA 24248. Call 865-585-4083,

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email or visit



Ronnie Tabor Shoeing

Horse shows, farm shoots, pet and action photography,

View and order proofs online at Locat-

Located in Shelbyville, TN. Call 937-684-1684 or email

Call Peggy Stewart 540-421-9612 or email

ed at 1245 Cochran Cemetery Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091.

Call or fax 931-359-6363 or call cell 931-993-7353.

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Find Your Gait


Located at RR 2, Box 111, Chesterfield, SC 29709. Call

CRI TRI CHA Certified. Find Your Gait Riding Acad-

Full service training facility for walking horses. Junior


emy has produced many accomplished competitors and

Wilhoite, Trainer. Located at 8971 State Highway 10 East,

champions including three USEF equitation riders. Lesson

Shorterville, AL 36373. Call 334-441-9082 or Junior’s


horses and flat shod training available. All breed riding

cell 352-435-5840.

Located at 2767 Lazy Pine Rd., Randleman, NC 27317.

and training center specializing in saddleseat. Located in

Call 336-318-2116, fax 336-318-2764 or visit

Oak Grove, MO. Call 816-934-2734 or visit

CALIFORNIA Bouquet Creek Farms



Walking horse boarding, colts, colt training, lessons, pleasure horses, show horses and versatility. Wendy Shaw,

Specializing in equine photography, including horse shows, on the farm and stallion, family and senior por-


Trainer. Located at 30280 Bouquet Creek Canyon Road,

traits. Sid Abernathy, P. O. Box 12, Shannon, MS 38868.

We have state-of-the-art covered storage/parking for motor

Saugus, CA 91350. Call the stable 661-296-3951, cell

Call 662-767-8281 or 662-401-0822, email Jsid46@

homes and RVs. Each space has electric, water and sewer

661-296-4087 or email or visit

hookups. Pay by the day, week, or month! Come stay with us during any event in our area! 24 hour access. Only 1.7 miles



from the Celebration Grounds, located at 1703 Green Lane,

Walking horse training and breeding facility. Scott

Located at P. O. Box 54911, Lexington, KY 40555. Call

Shelbyville, TN. Call 913-684-8585 or visit www.stornlock.

Benham, Trainer/Manager. Lalo Gutierrez and Manual

859-264-8579, 859-263-3623 or email


Rodriquez, Trainers. Located at 13213 Ontario Ave., TACK

Ontario, CA 91761. Call 909-947-5870 (b) or 909-9238128 (r).

TLC Photography


Booking horse shows now! Teresa Castle, P. O. Box 176,

Manufacturers and importers of fine quality horse equip-

Means, KY 40346. Call 606-768-4221, 606-768-2457 or

ment at competitive prices (retail and wholesale). Large


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Located 8 miles north of Shelbyville. Located at 148 Ebb

Specializing in flat shod for show and pleasure. Sheryl


Joyce Road, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Order toll free at 1-

Skala-Carl, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5850 NE 150th

Horse shows, portraits and action shots. Will transfer your

800-523-4971, fax 931-437-221 or visit

Avenue, Williston, FL 32696. Call the barn and house

home movies, photos or slides to DVD. Located at 132

352-528-5775 or visit website

Mankin St., La Vergne, TN 37086. Call 615-213-2931, 615-347-3835, email or visit


We specialize in tack for Tennessee Walking Horses. 603

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS A to Z Promotional Products

Evans Street, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call toll free at 1-


800-298-7398 or 931-684-2912 or visit

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Gary

Hollin, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5474 High Schoals Rd., Bishop, GA 30621. Call the barn 706-769-8790 or home

Embroidery, silk screening, caps, T-shirts, golf shirts, jackets and ad specialties. Contact Mark or Debbie Wil-


welding/ fabrication/ repair


liams, Shelbyville, TN, 931-685-0200. RIDING INSTRUCTORS

Classic Custom Cycles and more

Sawtooth STables

Welding, fabrication & repair (in-house and portable ser-

Walking horse training and sales. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Rogers,

vices, aluminum and steel) from stall doors, trailer repair,

Owners. Brian Watson, Trainer. Located at 3730 West Ellis

Alice Klein Equestrians

cattle gates, farm equipment to attachments, etc.

Rd., Griffin, GA 30223. Call Brian’s cell 770-298-5070 or

Certified Riding Instructor. Lessons for all ages and

Serving Rutherford, Bedford and surrounding counties.

Lindy’s cell 404-234-1879.

riding levels. Discounted packages available. Specializing

3615 Shelbyville Hwy. (231), Murfreesboro, TN 37127.

in centered riding, show ring preparation and equitation.

Call 615-893-7458, Hours Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4.

Will travel to you for private instruction. Lesson horses

Rolling Acres Farm & Stables

available in all disciplines. Located at Win A Few Stables


in Shelbyville, TN. Call 931-205-2067. BALLENTINE FARMS RIDING ACADEMY Full-time riding academy, boarding, and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders. Located at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526. Call 919-552-3536.


Bob Stannard, Owner. Robby Stannard, Trainer. Colt training and sales facility. Located in Lebanon, KY. Cell 859-


805-8011, email or visit www.

Walking horse breeding, sales, broodmares, weanlings,

and yearlings. Jack Doss, Owner; Morrow Doss, Manager/Certified Riding Instructor. Riding lessons available.


Located at 30 Doss Road, Cullman, AL 35057. Call Jack

Walking horse training, boarding and sales facility. Travis

256-708-5005 or Morrow 256-385-0401.

Wiley, Trainer. Located at 4600 Harrodsburg Road, Danville, KY. Call the barn 859-239-9607 or Travis’ cell 859-583-0024.

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Training, boarding, riding lessons, breeding and sales.


Walking horse training & sales facility. Located at Tan

Doug Simpkins, Owner. Pat Simpkins, Trainer. Beverly

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Lucy Watts, Manager.

Oak Farms, Highway 41A North, Shelbyville, TN.

Lamp, Riding Instructor. Jazz Maniac at stud. Located at

Dale Watts, Josh Watts and Jonathan Watts, Trainers. 4025 Highway 51

Call 931-703-3926.

2394 West Trimble Road, Milton, TN 37118. Call 615-

North, Summit, MS 39666. Call the barn and residence 601-276-2641 or Dale’s cell 601-660-6194.

496-4636 Pat’s cell, 615-218-5710 Bev’s cell or 615-273DOUBLE DIAMOND STABLES


Walking horse training and boarding facility. Horses MISSOURI

for sale in all price ranges. We provide training for your

tan oak farms

pleasure horses, start to finish. Lessons available. Shelli

Breeding facility. Many World Champion Stallions Standing


Mehaffey, Trainer. Located at 145 Halls Mills Road,

at Stud. Jack Heffington, Owner. Call 615-390-9006. Mailing

Walking horse training, boarding, and sales. Jim Huffman,

Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 425-931-2772.

address P. O. Box 1658, Shelbyville, TN 37162.

Owner/Trainer. Located at 2476 State Highway W., Ozark, MO 65721. Call 417-581-6868, Jim’s cell 417-839-6890 or Brad’s cell 417-860-8012. NORTH CAROLINA BALLENTINE FARMS RIDING ACADEMY Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses - Full-time riding academy, boarding and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders. Located conveniently near Raleigh, NC at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526. Call 919-552-3536.


WHITE OAK FARM Breeding, training and sales facility. Robert and Lisa Marbry, Owners. Vicki Self, Trainer. Sammy Sanders, Stallion Manager. Standing at stud: Silver Express, Stud Fee: $550. Located at 10023 Rosemark Road, Atoka, TN 38004. Call the office 901-458-4314, barn 901-829-3303, fax 901-458-9792, email or visit

Walking Horses - Weanlings, yearlings and broodmares for

FORMAC STABLES Walking horse training and sales facility. Jimmy McConnell and Dan Waddell, Trainers. Located at 2039 Walker-Tanner Road, Union City, TN. Call the barn 731-885-1768 or residence 731-536-564.

sale. Breeder of WGC Ironworks and WGC Generator’s Santana. Standing at stud: Watch Out José. Located at 529


Crowell Lane, Lebanon, TN 37087. Contact Delaine Smith

Walking Horses - Specializing in two year olds, yearlings and

at 615-444-1422, 615-347-4565 or email

show horses for sale year round. Tony Yokley, Trainer.

Located at 490 Factory Creek Road, Ethridge, TN 38456. Call the barn 931-363-0191, residence 931-363-7981 or cell

K & B BTWH, LLC Walking horse breeding and boarding. J. C. and Marceline Knight, Owners. Standing at stud Generator’s Sergeant Major. Located at 2750 K & B Farm Lane or P. O. Box 1700, Lenoir, NC 28645. Call the barn 828-754-0335,

GROOVER STABLES at Saddlecrest Farms Walking horse training, sales and breeding. Standing at stud: I’m Dumas Walker. Located at P560 Airport Road, P. O. Box 1435, Shelbyville, TN 37162. Call the residence 931-3899131 or cell 931-703-6127. For breeding information contact

home 828-754-6538 or visit website

Sheila’s cell 931-224-5825 or email


HARLINSDALE FARM Walking horse breeding facility. Standing at Stud: Gold Power, The Revelation, Out On Parole, Rowdy Rev. Rocky Jones, Stallion Manager. Located at P. O. Box 280, 6611 Eudailey-Covington Road, College Grove, TN. Call 615-368-3468.

Walking horse breeding and training facility. Ronald Mosley, Owner. Located at 213 Lindsay Creed Lane, Mt Airy, NC 27030. Call the barn 336-789-2024 or home 336-786-2299. Walk Away Farms Grandy Tuck, Trainer. Located in Reidsville, NC. Call the barn 336-616-0074 or home 336-951-3691. TENNESSEE BLAKE SIMS STABLES Walking horse training and sales facility. Located at Shiloh Farms, 210 Big Springs Road, Bell Buckle, TN (off of Highway 231 North). Call the barn 931-437-3160 or Blake’s cell 931-580-2408.

BUD DUNN & SON STABLES, LLC Walking horse training and sales facility. Steve Dunn, Manager/Trainer. Located at Bridlewood Farm, 140 Hwy 82E, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Mailing address 1620 Hwy 64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 256-335-3258.

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931-629-8253. Valton Rummage Stables Walking horse breeding, mare care and colt preparation. Standing at stud: I’m Dark Vengeance ($400 or 2 for $700). Located in Columbia, TN Call 931-388-8166 or cell 931-374-5178.

Winding Creek Stables Boarding, breeding, mare care, foaling and recuperative care. Mares and foals for sale at all times. Owned by the Dotson Family. Brent Coburn and Chris Helton, Trainers. Located at 472 Poplar Springs Road, Kingston, TN 37763.


Call the farm 865-376-4477, Leslie Dotson’s cell

Training, riding lessons and sales facility. Located at

606-226-4266 or Brent Coburn’s cell 865-755-6470.

P. O. Box 133, Belfast, TN 37019. Call Jeff at 931-993-3174. Riding instructions available by Alice TEXAS

Klein. Call Alice’s cell 931-205-2067 for an appointment. JOE COTTEN STABLES


Joe Cotten at Summerhill Farm. Full-service training and

Sales, training, breeding and yearlings. Specializing in

sales facility. Located at 225 Hwy 82 East, Bell Buckle,

performance, flat shod and trail. Home of Wired To Be

TN 37020. Call 615-202-8429.

Awesome and He’s A Major Push. Dr. Jim and Dodi Speece, Owners. Marco Suarez, Trainer. Kim Lewis,


Instructor. Located at 3812 CR 530B, Burleson,TX 76028.

Full service training facility for walking horses. Joe

Call the barn 817-614-0623, email mcdodi@mcdodifarms.

Fleming, Manager/Trainer. Justin Harris, Trainer.

net or visit

Located at 2003 Highway 64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call the barn 931-684-0136.

WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY WALKERS WEST Walking horse breeding, sales and training. Standing 7 stallions at stud. Mary Ellen Areaux, Owner. Located at 3002 FM 2728, Kaufman, TX 75142. Call 972-962-2797, cell 214-507-6032, email walkersw@ or visit VIRGINIA DOGWOOD STABLES Walking horse breeding and sales facility. Performance, plantation, pleasure horses and colts for sale. Standing at Stud: Guilty As Charged and Hard Hearted Jose’. David, Mary Ellen and Codi Marie Wright. Located at 3001 Whispering Pines Road, Axton, VA 24054. Call 434685-2830 or email


Visit our FREE website at! The Scoop / Page 59

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry TWH Receives Touch of Class Award Award Recognizes Equine Excellence in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD (Jan. 19, 2013) – Kristen Wilson of Eldersburg (Carroll County) and her multi-national champion 4-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare, The Midnight Ride, were presented with the Maryland Horse Industry Board’s January Touch of Class Award at the Horse World Expo in Timonium today. Wilson exhibited The Midnight Ride in the Main Ring and received the award during special Expo ceremonies. The MHIB, a program within the Maryland Department of Agriculture, started the Touch of Class awards in September 2011to honor Maryland horses and people who achieve national and international success. It is awarded monthly. The Midnight Ride is the National Walking Horse Association Overall High Point Champion of 2012, winning 50 first place ribbons and 77 percent of the classes in which she was entered. The shows were held in six states, including the National and International Grand Champion events. Wilson, originally from Annapolis, is the former Extension Horse Specialist at the University of Maryland, and worked primarily with the 4-H Horse program as well as teaching in the university’s equine studies program. While working fulltime, she showed The Midnight Ride and other horses regularly on weekends on the national walking horse circuit. Walking horses have a naturally smooth gait, including a flowing four-beat walk, and are soughtafter mounts for trail, pleasure riding and showing. Kathie Morrow of the National Walking Horse Association in Lexington, Ky. said Wilson and The Midnight Ride competed “against hundreds of talented horses from all over the country. As their record indicates, they certainly deserve the national championship. We are very proud of Kristen and this beautiful mare.” This is the second year that MHIB has been presenting the Touch of Class Award. In its second year, MHIB has honored Olympian Suzanne Stettinius of Parkton (Baltimore County); world Mounted Games champion, Mackenzie Taylor of Damascus (Montgomery County) and her pony Inkspot; ASPCA Maclay National Horse Show equitation winner, Jacob Pope of Columbia (Howard County); and Megan Lau of Dickerson (Montgomery County). Officer Lau represented the Montgomery County division of the Maryland National Capital Park Police and won the equitation championship at the North American Police Equestrian Competition. For more information about MHIB and the Touch of Class award program, contact MHIB Executive Director Ross Peddicord at 410-8415798 or Visit the MHIB website www.mda.

TWHBEA Bids Farewell To Midnight Sun Statue Lewisburg, TN - It was with a solemn heart that the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) bids farewell to the beautiful statue of legendary sire and World Grand Champion Midnight Sun that has graced the Association’s Commemorative Garden for the past ten years. The statue, which had been loaned to TWHBEA for a contracted period of ten years, is on its way back to its original home, the Dixie Plantation in Greenville, Florida. “The Association has been very fortunate to display this magnificent statue for the past decade. We are sad to see it go but we are grateful to have had the opportunity to share it with Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiasts from around the world,” states TWHBEA President Tracy Boyd

CORRECTION In the February 11, 2013 issue there was an error in one of our cutlines for the East Tennessee Walking Horse Association year end banquet. Fred Randolph is the owner of Jose’s Don Julio. He is pictured with trainer Brent Coburn accepting the High Point Stake award for the 2012 show season. The Scoop apologizes for this mistake.

How To Renew Your WHOA Membership Online Several members have experienced confusion regarding online renewal.To avoid this confusion, take a look at your WHOA membership card from last year. If your membership number begins with an X, you do not yet have an online account, as you did not provide an e-mail address with your registration. To renew your membership and create an online account, click “JOIN WHOA” located on the homepage, then choose the correct membership type and complete the process. If your membership number does not begin with an X, an online account has ALREADY been created for you. You received your account information (username and password) last year in an e-mail. To renew your membership, DO NOT CLICK “JOIN WHOA”. Doing this will create a whole new account and causes multiple problems. Instead, click “MEMBER LOG IN” at the top of the page. Log in with the same username and password from last year, and you will get a message that says “Your membership has expired.” and a button to “RENEW NOW”. Click this button, and follow the instructions on the Renewal Page. Your username will always remain the same. Your password will remain the same unless you change it.

WHOA announces its 2013 Board of Directors election results. 2013 President: Kim Bennett—Franklin, KY Eight board seats were filled by ballots mailed to the WHOA office: 1.Martha Child 2.Don Hancock 3.Ella Kline 4.Maggie Moore 5.David Pruett 6.Mark Taylor 7.David Williams 8.Harolene Willis These eight will serve a three year term. The WHOA Board of Directors is made up of 26 members. For more information, please contact the WHOA office at 615-4948822 or

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry The Walking Horse Owners Association announces the new Board Members and Officers Kim Bennett President – Franklin, KY Dee Dee Sale (2013) V. President – Lewisburg TN Martha Child (2012) Treasurer – Nashville TN 37211 Lynn Womack (2014) Secretary – Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Dr. Jana Anderson (2014) – Shelbyville, TN Jean Baum (2014) – Ixonia, WI Tam Brogdon (2013) – Panama City Beach, FL Steve Brown (2014) – Vancouver, WA Chip Carrier (2014) – Franklin, KY Sally Fleck (2013) – Shelbyville, TN Darden Gladney (2013) – Homer, LA Richard Greer (2014) – Lenoir, NC Don Hancock (2015) – Princeton, KY Jack Heffington (2013) – Shelbyville, TN Ella Kline (2015) – Robins, TN Phyllis Langley (2013) – Sandpoint, ID Judy Martin (2013) – Shelbyville, TN Maggie Moore (2015) – Murfreesboro, TN Peggy Moore (2014) – Shelbyville, TN Frank E. Neal (Pro-Tem) – Nashville, TN Kathy Owen (2014) – Murfreesboro, TN David Pruett (2015) – Old Hickory, TN Mark Taylor – Murfreesboro, TN Duke Thorson (2013) – Huron, OH David Williams (2015) – Wartrace, TN Harolene Willis (2015) – Wartrace, TN

TRAINERS VOTE TO SUPPORT NEW HIO Shelbyville, TN. – The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association, at a called membership meeting, voted February 18, 2013, to support a new HIO. The new HIO will use DQPs from three existing HIOs which agreed to join in the plan and to temporarily shelve existing HIOs in favor of the new HIO. The HIOs in attendance that voted to comply with the new plan were Heart of America, PRIDE and SHOW. The new organization will have two members each from the three HIOs and two members from TWSHO, two from WHTA and two independent veterinarians. It was originally believed that KYHIO would also be a fourth HIO to participate. However, at press time, it appears that after their board met, the decision was made not to join. WHTA members were of the opinion that the new organization representing the industry with one unified voice was absolutely necessary in order to prevent the passage of proposed legislation which in effect would serve to eliminate the performance Tennessee Walking Horse as it is presently known.

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WHTA Auxiliary Dues & March Meeting Attention all WHTA Auxiliary Members and those wishing to become members. Your dues for 2013 are due by March 1. If you have any questions please contact Sarah Smith at or 931-580-5085. Also, please mark your calendars for an Auxiliary Meeting to be held on March 16, 2013 at 11AM at the Trainers’ Office in Shelbyville, Tenn. We are looking forward to a great 2013 and encourage everyone to join! The Auxiliary is a great group that helps all aspects of the industry!

twh asked to attend Cowboy Up Tracy Pinson and her incredible horse, Tuff, are one of the twelveteams in North America to attend this 2013 event. To be invited to the Cowboy Up Challenge at the legendary Calgary Stampede in Canada is a huge honor. This is the home of the first Official Extreme Cowboy race and the Largest single class payout in the world. Last year the event hosted 1.4 million people. So it would be amazing to have Tracy and Tuff represent the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry at this huge event. They are planning some fundraisers to help get them to Canada from Florida and The Scoop will update you with details as soon as they find out. For information on the event that Tracy will be attending you can visit their website at www.

CONGRESSMAN WHITFIELD NO FRIEND OF THE AMERICAN HORSE INDUSTRY The Cavalry Group calls out Rep. Whitfield for HSUS partnership in new Horse Protection Act Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) is preparing to introduce a bill intended to replace the Horse Protection Act. Written by the Humane Society of the United States, this new Horse Protection Act would serve as the final crushing blow to what remains of the U.S. Horse industry. While it is intended to regulate the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, Congressman Whitfield’s bill sets precedent for further onerous regulatory action that could harm horse industry professionals in Whitfield’s state of Kentucky and all across the nation. The Congressman’s wife, Connie Harriman-Whitfield, currently serves as the Senior Advisor for Presidential Initiatives at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). It is clear that this newly devised Horse Protection Act serves to advance HSUS’ radical animal rights agenda as it follows the goals as written in their Change Agenda for Animals. Mindy Patterson, president of The Cavalry Group stated, “I find it to be an outrageous conflict of interest for Congressman Whitfield to write policy regulating the horse industry while his wife is employed by the very organization which seeks its demise. This new bill will ruin livelihoods across the country at a time when jobs are scarce in this challenging economy.”

letter to twh industry from sam hamilton Dear Walking Horse Industry, I am writing this letter today with a heavy heart. I have been in this industry my entire life and I have loved this horse and the many friends that I have made. It has come time for me to step aside because I no longer believe that the direction the leadership of this industry has chosen is healthy for its future. I have held many positions in this industry and have grown up showing horses that my grandfather and I raised on our small farm in rural Kentucky. It was an opportunity for me to spend time with the grandparents that I cherished so dearly. My grandfather passed away almost 6 years ago and the farm is void of any Tennessee Walking horses. I have always stood for the one night horse show and the little guy in this industry. My convictions to support fair and equal treatment for all involved and to stand firmly against soring have cost me several positions in this industry but I do not regret one vote that I have made to stand for integrity and honesty. As the leader of PRIDE I have advocated eliminating soring for the last 4 years by fair and objective means and not by selective enforcement based on political status in an organization. I have been bad mouthed by both the HSUS supporters on one side and the SHOW supporters on the other side saying I am promoting sore horses. I am proud of the work that PRIDE has done over the last 3 years. I am proud of the board especially the hard work that Duane Rector and Jeff Daniel put in helping me guide this organization thru some rough times. I want to thank every PRIDE supporter in this industry for your support over the years. Your vote of confidence was very important to me. I stated from day one that I would do two things. I would put the horse first, the industry second and our organization third. Secondly I stated that I would be part of the solution to eliminate soring or I would get out of the way and allow others to fix the problem. Over the last few months I have been working on a solution that I have attempted to bring to the table but it failed to get industry support and on Monday industry leaders chose to go in a new direction. I am not writing this letter to air dirty laundry about my opinions of individuals or motives but instead to clear the air about what Sam Hamilton stands for as I exit this industry for good. Over the last two days I have attempted to call many of these new leaders to voice my opinion one on one and to leave them with my ideas in case they chose to use them at some point. I have also wished each one of them well as I have ended my conversations with them. The last call I made today was to a trainer on the trainer’s board. As we were talking his wife decided to take the phone and tell me off and again attack me and tell me I was supporting sore horses and that PRIDE was causing this industry to continue to show sore horses. She was so belligerent that I finally just hung the phone up after three failed attempts to explain my position. As many of you know I was an original member of the KWHA-HIO. What many of you do not know was I took a stand against sore horses while on that board and was promptly voted off the HIO board and out of the KWHA completely. When I started PRIDE I committed to two things. First to eliminate sore horses and secondly to not allow the USDA to unfairly harass the people of this industry that were trying to obey the law. PRIDE has always taken a firm stand against the USDA and its attempts to overstep its authority. Many in the industry praised us for our position, but when we took a stand against sore horses many have been critical. I have been called arrogant by many trainers in middle Tennessee who do not even know me. This particular lady told me to get off my backside but used a different word and stop promoting sore horses. She has not had the first conversation with me to even know what I have proposed. These types of assumptions by people are what has become the downfall of this industry. I should have gone to the trainers meeting on Monday but I was in a meeting with a US Congressman discussing his support for our industry and his willingness to go toe to toe with the HSUS on our behalf. Many of the leaders of this industry think they have a corner on the political market because they write big checks but some of us little guys have long relationships with deep roots with these politicians. I have withdrawn my requests for help from these folks over the last two days. I want to close my letter by wishing this industry much success and by making it perfectly clear about what Sam Hamilton stands for and if you do not believe this letter then I will welcome your phone calls or emails to clarify any misconceptions of my stance. My phone number is 859-694-3700 and my email is The following is the very bullet points that I had sent to Congressman Whitfield for our proposed meeting that he had agreed to in early March. * 1. Trainer and Owner Education Programs to insure that the responsible parties are being held responsible for the condition of the horses presented for inspection. * 2. Eliminating USDA case backlog by allowing the USDA to negotiate penalties directly with the potential violators.

*3. Embracing objective testing such as swabbing to eliminate the conflict and personalities involved in subjective testing. This discussion must also include how to determine what substances should be band and how to objectively add new substances to the banned substance list. *4. Subjective testing should only be used to protect Show Management and not be the basis of penalties. *5. Scar rule and how it should be enforced moving forward. Based on the above bullets I want to make my position clear. I believe that three things must happen for this industry to survive. -The USDA must be totally responsible for enforcing the HPA and held accountable for every single ticket that they write. -The HIOs only job is to protect show management. -The trainers and owners must be held completely responsible for the condition of their horses when presented for inspection. My plan to accomplish these three objectives was very simple. In order to hold owners and trainers responsible you must create a program where trainers license are only given once a person goes thru proper training including the same training as our DQPs. They must also have continuing education to renew their license. Every trainer must have a photo id and present it at the show and enter their own horses for inspection. They must also present a document that shows the legal owner of each horse entered so that only the legal owner is listed on the entry sheets. In order to hold the USDA accountable for enforcing the HPA there needs to be a few legislative changes to the HPA. The USDA needs to have the ability to negotiate penalties directly with potential violators so that the backlog of cases can be reduced. It also eliminates the all or nothing approach to prosecution. Once they have this authority then they must also be held accountable for every ticket written and they should have six months to either decide to prosecute or dismiss the case against the person. These documents need to be public record so that the HSUS cannot hold it over a person’s head that information was taken on their horse 10 years ago but the USDA never prosecuted them. Secondly the industry needs to embrace objective testing such as swabbing and agree to swab every horse. At the same time the USDA should be asked to pay for the testing of the swabs because enforcement is their responsibility. All penalties should be based on these objective tests and the USDA should be responsible for handing out the penalties. There should be a list of illegal substances and an objective way to add new substances to the list that could cause a horse to be sore. This would prevent the USDA from arbitrarily adding substances to the list. If the industry embraces objective testing the palpation would only be used by the DQPs to keep potentially sore horses out of the show ring in order to protect show management from potential liability. If a horse fails palpation then it would be sent back to the trailer. This prevents one DQP or VMO from putting a trainer out of business without objective proof. Once these items are in place then an objective discussion can happen about how the scar rule comes into play and there would be grounds to ask for a more relaxed interpretation. The items above are what I believe could save this industry and at the same time eliminate soring once and for all. My last position concerns pads and chains. I am 110% against agreeing to a reduction in pads and chains in any way because they do not cause horses to be sore and it is time to stand up for this industry and say enough is enough. I am a person who fixes the problem not treats the symptoms. This industry has spent the last 40 years treating the symptoms instead of addressing this issue head on. In closing I want to thank everyone that has supported PRIDE and I in our efforts to do what we felt was right in our hearts for this industry. Many of you may not agree with my stance and that is why this country is so great but know that every single decision that I have ever made was thought about long and hard with the principle of horse first, industry second, and organization last. I have agonized over many difficult decisions over the years and I have never backed away from doing the right thing no matter what it was or who was involved. I have suspended some of my closest friends and have fought to protect the rights of some of my worst enemies. I hope and pray that my reputation as an honest person with the highest level of integrity has shown through all of my decisions. I wish each and every one of you the best and may God bless this industry and this great horse. Respectfully and sincerely, Sam Hamilton

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A FUN AND INFORMATIVE WEEKEND WITH MEMBERS FROM AS FAR AWAY AS THE WEST COAST IN ATTENDANCE AT THE 36TH ANNUAL WHOA CONVENTION MURFREESBORO, TN – The morning of Saturday, February 9, began with the meeting of the WHOA Board of Directors. Following the Board of Directors meeting, the general membership meeting was held and was open to the public. WHOA announced the election results for 2013. The WHOA Board of Directors consists of twenty six members. The following new members will serve a three-year term: Martha Child Don Hancock Ella Kline Maggie Moore David Pruett Mark Taylor David Williams Harolene Willis Kim Bennett from Franklin, Kentucky was re-elected as President for 2013. Dee Dee Miller is the new Vice President; Treasurer, Martha Child; Secretary, Lynn Womack. The Board of Directors voted to go forward with the April 9, 2013, horse show to be held at the Miller Coliseum. This show had originally been scheduled for the fall of 2012. The WHOA International will be held on the Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, 2013. The convention began at 5 p.m. and was held in the Tennessee Room of the James Union Building on the MTSU Campus. Every enjoyed greeting friends and catching up on the past year during the cocktail hour which began at 5:30 p.m., after which the Versatility and Register of Merit Awards were presented. At 7:00 p.m., a delicious buffet style dinner of roast beef and chicken and all the “fixins” was served to the approximately 270 attendees. They also enjoyed a fabulous dessert bar.

Ella Kline and Mike Janeway on behalf of C.L. Kline Farms graciously accepted their award for Doc Pearl as the Halter High Point Horse of the Year.

Mark Farrar served as emcee for the evening. After dinner, the presentation of Appreciation Awards took place. Sarah Keenan was presented the newly created award for sportsmanship. The presentation of the prestigious Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Womack Memorial Achievement Award went to Jean Baum, longtime WHOA member and director from Wisconsin. And last, but not least, the National High Point and WHOA Quest Awards were presented. With great anticipation the 50/50 giveaway drawing took place. After the process of elimination, Maggie Moore and Allison Thorson were left standing. Allison Smart was asked to draw the last two names. She drew Maggie’s name donated the winnings back to WHOA. A silent auction was held during the evening. Tommy Hall reported that the auction was quite successful and thanked everyone for their participation. WHOA is very appreciative to all of those who attended and took part in the 36th Annual Convention. The SCOOP extends its congratulations to the winners and wishes everyone another outstanding show season.

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The Midnight Ride and Kristen M. Wilson were the Pleasure High Point Horse of the Year recipients.

Murfreesboro, TN

Lilly Lane is so cute and having a great time.

Glenda Levin shops the silent auction table.

Mark Taylor and Charles Howard pause with smiles for the SCOOP camera.

Sandy Harris and Glenda Levin appear to be thoroughly enjoying the evening.

Phyllis and Bill Reed are anticipating their forthcoming awards.

Steve and Sharon Perry waiting for the party to begin.

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1. Dust Bunny 2. Nuclear Weapon 3. Walking Fierce

LEAD LINE 1. Ashtyn Clair Brown 2. Julia Paige Callaway 3. Grace Wilhelm

Double Springs Farm Jo Ann Dowell Kathy Zeis

FINE HARNESS 1. Cash’s Baby Girl 2. Clutches Power Play 3. I’m Chesapeake Bay

Allison Thorson Andee Patton Rachel Baker


PLEASURE DRIVING 1. Scores Heartbreaker 2. Trigger On The Prowl 3. 5 O’clock Somewhere


Donna Kay Head Double Springs Farm Meadows & Myers


1. The Grizzly 2. Eagles Secret 3. Santana’s Coin

Mesimer Family Shari Gripshover Landrum & McNeely

TRAIL OBSTACLE 1. Victory Trip 2. Dolly Dumas 3. Count On Spirit O’Three

Linda Starnes Mr. & Mrs. John Wright Jennifer Batts

AMATEUR/YOUTH CLASSIC PARK 1. I’m Gunn Powder And Lead Dr. Randall & Kathy Baker 2. Extra Motion Wayne Westbrook 3. Carbons Triple Coin Sharon Rice

Leek & Moore Emma Krock Cindy Adams


Rushing Creek Walkers Jo Ann Dowell Ali Merritt


Jo Ann Dowell Milly Player Phyllis Reed


Rushing Creek Walkers Rushing Creek Walkers Jo Ann Dowell


Allison Thorson Allison Thorson Hankins & Vaughn


Allison Thorson Kelly & Savannah Martin Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley


1. Command And Control 2. Vegas Ritz 3. Kid Callahan AMATEUR 15.2 & UNDER

Crawford Colts Julia Livingston Ed Breedlove


1. Boure 2. Texas Joe Black 3. Liar Liar

Tam Brogdon Steve & Kathy Zeis Gary & Shae Sproles


McDonald & Walling Tommy & Sister Milligan Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch


Kristen M. Wilson Jennifer Batts Shirley Basehore


1. Designer Champaign 2. Prides Striding Generator 3. Mikimoto Pearl MODEL MARES 1. I’m A Coppertone Girl 2. It’s My Moment 3. Firewitch MODEL GELDINGS 1. Trigger Treat 2. How Dare You 3. Heavenly Texas Cash MODEL STALLIONS 1. Prestige 2. Armed With Intent 3. Maximize YOUTH TRAIL PLEASURE 1. Sleipnir 2. Suiza 3. Gi Gi’s Lunch Money YOUTH SHOW PLEASURE 1. Santana’s Renaissance Man 2. In a Danger Zone 3. Ninety Yards AMATEUR 50 AND OVER

ADULT WALKING PONY 1. The Dixie Lineman 2. Joses Flamingo Dancer 3. He’s Extra Ordinary TRAIL PLEASURE 1. The Midnight Ride 2. Count On Spirit 0’Three 3. A Gold Star Command

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1. C Me Push 2. Turnbow 3. Raining Gold

1. He’s Vita Blue 2. A Private Benjamin 3. Bad Man Jose

1. The Concealed Weapon 2. Dos Equis 3. Dr. Ritz Carlton

1. Vigor’s Dixie Chick 2. Gi Gi’s Halberd 3. Coppertops Cover Girl

1. I’m Eyeing To Win 2. Rowdy Sunshine 3. Adorable Diamond

1. I’m A Farmers Daughter 2. I’m Stargazing 3. Doc Pearl

1. Bad News Flashy Cash 2. Dangerous Willie 3. A Titan

1. Commanding Lightening 2. Rock Solid Rev 3. Extra Classic

1. Lil Wayne 2. Wise Fantasy 3. Catastrophic

1. Bob Dillon’s Ebony Threat 2. Magicians Encore 3. Sky Full of Gold

Tommy & Sister Milligan Womack & Sims Heidi McWilliams

Jim & Kay Green Detha Yoder Gerald Buckland

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch Thorsport Inc. Kristen McWilliams

Allison Thorson Logan Hankins Morgan Palmer

Dotson Brothers Bill Harlan & Harlindale Farm Keith & Lorraine Rosbury

Gary & Karen Doss Martocci & Richards C.L. Kline Farms

Rosalee Manning Carole Hill Lori Snyder Lowe

Jim & Dodi Speece Marianne Springer Mag Ranft

Jeff Gillespie Dick Baer Laurie Toone

Dowling & Sexton Chad & Katie Tanner Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Murfreesboro, TN

Carol Wakefield paused for a photograph.

Dodi Speece, and Kim Lewis, travelled all the way from Texas to accept their awards. It was a long trip from Texas but well worth it for mother & daughter.

Ella Kline had a lot of awards to smile about.

Beverly Lamp and her friend, Tony Collins, looked extremely happy together!

Mike Janeway blinked before the camera flashed.

Bryce Sims, Susan Shelton, Robert and Amanda Nelms, Ronnie and Angela Rushing were delighted with their honors. The Scoop / Page 71

Murfreesboro, TN NOVICE PLEASURE 1. 2. 3. 3.

Keeps Pushin The Blues Merry Girl Kate She’s Incredible Wicked Endeavor

FOUR & UNDER PLANTATION/PARK PLEASURE Shannon Thomas Hal Bowden Allie Dennis Allen Irby & Anderson

AMATEUR LADIES 1. A Private Benjamin 2. MGS Final Stand 3. Bold Vengeance

Detha Yoder A Walking Miracle Farm Judy McDonald

AMATEUR OWNED & TRAINED 1. Peppermint Score 2. Better Stand Back 3. Share The Moment

Dana Kyte Brogdon & Heffington Gary Clayton

1. Magicians Encore 2. Jazzed By Moonlight 3. Cocoas Legacy

Chad & Katie Tanner JoAnn Palazzo Tiffany Crawhorn

FOUR & UNDER TRAIL PLEASURE 1. Fuego 2. The Midnight Ride 3. Good Luck Chuck

Allison Thorson Kristen Wilson Rhonda Martocci


Prides Striding Generator Coppertops Cover Girl The Son of Lightning I’m Shake N Bake

Emma Krock Morgan Palmer Joe Davis Family Levin & Lester



1. Admission Is A Dollar Pam Hendrickson 2. I’m Breakin Bad John & Amanda Odom 3. I’m Splashed Hillview Production

1. Just Doing My Time 2. A Officer And A Gentleman 3. Wicked Imagination



1. El Zorros Star 2. Pride of Willie 3. He’s Top Priority

Rick & Della Compton Family Charles & Carol Ann Gavin Benedict & Hutchison

PRO-AM 1. 2. 2. 3.

Prime Country A Private Benjamin Promise Me The Ritz Willie Mays

John Callicut Detha Yoder Gary & Shae Sproles Double Springs Farm

Linda Starnes Linda Starnes Mr. & Mrs. John Wright

YOUTH 11 & UNDER 1. Free To Score 2. Joses Delightful Pusher 3. She’s A Silver Lady

Maggie Kail Landon Callicut Krauth Family

YOUTH 17 & UNDER 1. I Command Applause 2. Be Cool 3. Pushin That Jazz

Lexie Stinnett Rick & Della Compton Family Robert Cortner

SHOW PLEASURE 1. Chillin The Most 2. Coin’s Black Stroke 3. Turnbow

Steve Mozeley Reggie Pimentel Womack & Sims

NOVICE PERFORMANCE 1. The Mississippi Hippie 2. Joses Centerfold 3. Cougar

Whitlei Green Bill Williams Tommy & Pat Vinson

PARK PERFORMANCE 1. Dr. Ritz Carlton 2. Dos Equis 3. Landshark

Kristen McWilliams Thorsport Inc. Jones & Lane

WALKING HORSE AUXILIARY 1. Putting For Cash 2. Vegas Ritz 3. Bold Vengeance

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Sandy Harris Sunset Farms Steve & Sharon Perry


NON TIMED VERSATAILITY 1. Rebelation 2. Victory Trip 3. Dolly Dumas

1. Corona Gold 2. Acapulco 3. Strong Dollar Flash Cash

Leek & Moore Emma Krock Dr. Jana Anderson

K.C. Griffin Julia Livingston Judy McDonald

1. A Chance Affair 2. X Files 3. Midnight Miracle

Jim & Donna Staiger Anne McFarland Bob & Linda Noffisinger

AMATEUR OWNED & TRAINED PARK/CLASSIC/PLANTATION 1. Razzel Me Dazzle Me 2. Keeps Pushin the Blues 3. Counselors Jewel

Sandy Harris Shannon Thomas Wally & Terre Huebner

WEANLING FILLIES 1. Watch Don’t Touch 2. Rowdy Sunshine 3. Just Me & Bobby McGee

Michael Chandler Harlinsdale Farm Bobby Joe Jones Family

WEANLING COLTS 1. Nat King Cole 2. My Diamond Back 3. I’m Eyeing To Win

Bobby Joe Jones Family Bobby Joe Jones Family Dotson Brothers

YEARLING FILLIES 1. Doc Pearl 2. I’m A Farmers Daughter 3. I’m Star Gazing

C.L. Kline Farms Gary & Karen Doss Martocci & Richards

YEARLING COLTS 1. Black Bruce 2. Coachin & Preachin 3. Parole Patrol EQUITATION 11 & UNDER 1. Kathleen Burroughs 2. Claire Hankins 3. Brooklyn Watkins EQUITATION 12-17 1. Allison Thorson 2. Elysee Powell 3. Shelby Finch

C.L. Kline Farms Keith & Loraine Rosbury Harlinsdale Farm



1. Jackie Dean 2. Jennifer Batts 3. Lani Sollenberger

1. Remembrances Starfire 2. Leilanis Pride 3. Rebelation



1. Dun Rusted 2. Godivas Royal Princess 3. Beowolf

Thomas & Plunkett Barbara Parker Virginia Brummitt

1. Roll The Gold Thorsport Inc. 2. A Show of Jazz Robert Cortner 3. Tommy Lee Jones Benjamin Bowen PLANTATION PLEASURE WALKING HORSES, LITE SHOD

Tommy & Sister Milligan Roger & Laura Mauney Pam Williams

1. R.B. Banners Dixie Bell 2. Rebelation 3. Absolute Skyy

WALKING MARES 1. Ms Jose Walks 2. Nightshade Maiden 3. She Scored Nine WALKING GELDINGS 1. Goodbye Joe 2. Promise of Candy 3. He’s Doctor Cash

Hasler Family Deanna Hasler Linda Starnes

Marilyn MacLeod Linda Starnes Dr. Jana Anderson

PLANTATION/PARK PLEASURE C & E Miller Farms Gene Davis Larry & Farrah McAlexander

1. Extra Classic 2. Rock Solid Rev 3. Bob Dillon’s Ebony Threat

Mag Ranft Marianne Springer Dowling & Sexton



1. Can of Whoopflash 2. Arriba 3. Hell on Heels

Lori Snyder Lowe Leek & Moore Bailey Momb

1. Double Shot of Cash Tamera Hader 2. Carbons Triple Coin Sharon Rice 3. I’m Gunn Powder & Lead Dr. Randall & Kathy Baker AMATEUR 4 & UNDER PLANTATION/PARK PLEASURE

Nancy Odell Plunkett Linda Aronold Linda Arnold Angela Patterson

1. Magicians Encore 2. I Can’t Imagine 3. Cocoas Legacy


Nights Destiny Jose Jose Major’s Maiden Gold Designer Edition

TWO YEAR OPEN 1. Jazzmine Lady 2. Jimmer Fredette 3. Keep Your Cash

Jo Ann Dowell Deborah Williams Crawford Colts

THREE YEAR OLD OPEN 1. Command On Parole 2. Jose It Ain’t So 3. Fenway Finesse

Crawford & Metcalf Deborah Williams Terry Dotson Family

OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Breaking News 2. Absolute Proof 3. I’m Breakin Bad

A Walking Miracle Farm Ricky Young John & Amanda Odom

FOUR YEAR OLD OPEN 1. Those Fancy Legs 2. Reflection In Gin 3. He’s Bustin The Gin

AMATEUR 4 & UNDER PLEASURE LITE SHOD 1. Arriba 2. Lil Wayne 3. Can of Woopflash

FOUR & UNDER COUNTRY PLEASURE 1. I’m Shake N Bake 2. Unforgettable Design 3. Wicked Image

Pam Hendrickson George Ann Pratt Steve Mozeley

1. 2. 3. 3.

Puttin’ Cash On The Line Walk Time Charlie Ozone’s Cut Above All Jail Time

Doc Pearl

Tommy Jower’s Family Holland, Kilgore, & Callicut George Ann Pratt Sammy & Gayle Cagle

Crawford Colts Riley Miller John Callicut

C L Kline Farms


Kristen M. Wilson


Steve Mozeley WHOA QUEST

Thorsport Inc. Tommy & Sister Milligan Henry Metcalf

AMATEUR FOUR YEAR OLD 1. Ritz’s Big Dipper 2. Prime Country 3. I’m Pushin N Line

Levin & Lester Angela Patterson Dr. Jana Anderson


AMATEUR THREE YEAR OLD 1. Marino 2. Powerstrokes Miss Delight 3. Jack Pot Cash

Leek & Moore Jeff Gillespie Lori Snyder Lowe


AMATEUR TWO YEAR 1. Keep Your Cash 2. Swing Jazz 3. Willie Twilight

Chad & Katie Tanner Carole Hargett Tiffany Crawhorn

Jim & Heidi McWilliams John Callicut Joe & Janice Fostek

WHOA QUEST: YOUTH FLAT SHOD DIVISION (411 Riders) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Allison Thorson Mackenzie Morgan Logan Hankins Claire Hankins Alex Hopkins

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Morgan Palmer Bradley Richards Aerial Spooner Emily Ann Turner Grace Cozart

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Murfreesboro, TN

Misty and Dickie Gardner always a happy couple, enjoy the evening together.

New board member, Mark Taylor, and new Vice President Dee Dee Miller, enjoyed greeting friends.

The SCOOP camera caught Scot MacGregor with a delicious dessert.

Amy and Tracy Boyd join Marty Irby while Barkley Landis waits patiently in the buffet line.

Dr. Randy Baker and his lovely wife, Kathy are having a great time at the banquet.

Katie Gerber and Debbie Brown were enjoying their dinner.

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. Scores Heartbreaker 2. Trigger On The Prowl 3. Five O’clock Somewhere

Maggie Moore Kristen M. Wilson Joe Lester Emma Krock Amanda Dickerson

6. Jana Anderson 7. Kim Lewis 8. Wayne Westbrook 9. Lori Snyder Lowe 10. Mackenzie Morgan


Allison Thorson Robert Cortner Lexie Stinnett Counti Green Maggie Kail

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Svanah Martin Benjamin Bowen Landon Callicutt Nathan Britt Macey Krauth


Sister Milligan Kenny Compton Julia Livingston Sheryl Crawford Gail Walling

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Heidi McWilliams Allison Thorson Karen Bean Tam Brogdon Bill Williams

Double Springs Farm Jo Ann Dowell Kathy Zeis

WATER GLASS YOUTH 1. Rebelation & Shelby Finch 2. Whisper of the River & D.J. Hasler 3. The Masked Phantom & Olivia Nye WATER GLASS ADULT 1. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen 2. The Masked Phantom & Katherine Starnes 3. Rebelation & Dan Starnes ENGLISH COUNTRY PLEASURE 1. Designer Champagne 2. Lucky Josefina 3. Dales Bon Temps

Moore & Leek Donna Armstrong Gladney & Richards

LITE SHOD SPECIALTY 2012 WHOA VERSATILITY HIGH POINT AWARDS TRAIL OBSTACLE 1. Dolly Dumas and Ada Kitty Keen 2. Victory Trip and Dan Starnes 3. Leilanis Pride & Deanna Hasler

1. 2. 3. 3.

RB Banners Dixie Belle Rebelation Dangerous Willie JFK’s A Pushin



1. The Son of Lightning 2. I’m Shake N Bake 3. Outback Express

1. Rebelation & Shelby Finch 2. Victory Trip & Shelby Finch 3. Dolly Dumas & Kayla Wright

CLASSIC PARK PLEASURE SPECIATY 1. Lightning’s Belladonna 2. The Dirty Trucker


1. 2. 3. 3.

MODEL Phyllis Reed Rhonda Hatch Jo Ann Dowell

WEANLINGS 1. Watch Don’t Touch 2. Tough Justice 3. Carson Daly


Jo Ann Dowell

1. Shelby Finch 2. Luke Keller 3. Rachel Cowles

1. I’m Heaven Bound 2. Victory Trip 3. Generators Sun Devil

1. 2. 2. 2. 3. 3.



Vic Gernt The Hasler Family Catherine Starnes Michael & Patricia Crisp

Bill Reed Linda Starnes Glenda Levin


Shelby Finch Patricia Crisp Olivia Nye Michael Crisp

1. Whatta Wolf Again 2. Extra Blue 3. Alex Cayhill DA

Wise Impact Remembrances Starfire The Masked Phantom Ratchett

TRAIL PLEASURE CANTER Gary & Karen Doss Carol Camp Tim & Melissa Sager


Marti Vitulli Chris Robey Family

YOUTH EQUITATION Michael Chandler Tim & Melissa Sager Stephanie Richardson

YEARLINGS 1. I’m A Farmers Daughter 2. Egotistical 3. Steel Vengeance

Joe & Shirley Davis Levin & Lester Sarah Keenan


1. Rebelation & Linda Starnes 2. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen 3. Rebelation & Shelby Finch

1. Heavenly Texas Cash 2. Miss Serena Williams 3. It’s My Moment

Marilynne Macleod Linda Starnes Carole E. Hill Jean Brannon

Danny & Cindy Moyers Owen & Sapp Tammy Sapp

Just Doin My Time Big City Jose Generators Sun Devil Wicked Imagination Wise Impact I’m Heaven Bound

Moore & Leek Charlie Howard Glenda Levin Dr. Jana Anderson Vic Gernt Bill Reed

AMATEUR LITE SHOD SPECIALTY 1. Dangerous Willie 2. Rebelation 3. Who Gives A Hoot

Carole E. Hill Linda Starnes Wayne & Sandra Barnes

1. Ada Kitty Keen 2. Linda Starnes 3. Kathy Gottlieb

The Scoop / Page 75

Murfreesboro, TN OPEN RACKING 1. Midnight Miracle 2. Scarlett’s Out On Parole 3. K & M’s Bondox

TRAIL PLEASURE WESTERN SPECIALTY Bob & Linda Noffinsinger JoAnn Palazzo Marti Vitulla

1. 1. 2. 2. 3.

Womack Stables Kathy Zeis Mary Beth Pruett Phyllis Langley Steve & Sharon Perry



My Stormy Pride Five O’clock Somewhere Bullet’s Surefire Shaker Bobbin That Head Little Bit of Coppertop

Wise Impact I’m Heaven Bound Victoria’s Got A Secret Andreas Button Remembrances Starfire

1. Designer Champagne 2. Lucky Josephina 3. I’m Shake N Bake



1. Big City Jose 2. I’m Heaven Bound 3. Fuego

1. Rebelation 2. Command The Storm 3. Allen’s Golden General

Charles Howard Bill Reed Allison Thorson

Vic Gernt Phyllis Reed Jack & Wilsene Kwok Peggy Puryear The Hasler Family

Moore & Leek Donna Armstrong Levin & Lester

Linda Starnes Sharon Rice Norgee Thompson



1. I’m Shake N Bake 2. Mikimoto Pearl 3. MG Magee

1. Banner Headlines

Levin & Lester Cindy Adams Moore & Leek

LITE SHOD FOUR & UNDER Moore & Leek Sharon Rice Allison Reagan Mason Angela Runnels

1. Corona Gold 2. Rebelation 3. Strong Dollar Flashy Lady

Larry & Sandy Harris Dan Starnes Steve & Sharon Perry


TWO & THREE YEAR OLD COUNTRY PLEASURE 1. Dales Bon Temps 2. I’m Shake N Bake 3. Boom Boom Wow

Gladney & Richards Levin & Lester Womack Stables

CLASSIC PARK PLEASURE AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1. She’s Jazz On The Rocks 2. I’m Gunn Powder & Lead 2. Lightning’s Belladonna 3. The Dirty Trucker

Monty Miller Family Dr. Randall & Kathy Baker Marti Vitulli Chris Robey Family

TRAIL PLEASURE ENGLISH SPECIALTY 1. I’m Heaven Bound 2. Wise Impact 3. Total Knockout

Bill Reed Vic Gernt Donna Armstrong

JUNIOR CLASSIC PARK PLEASURE 1. She’s Jazz On The Rocks 2. Chip For Eagle

Monty Miller Family Mike & Kim Campbell

Phyllis Langley Gladney & Richards Carolyn Gernt

LIGHT SHOD CANTER 1. Dangerous Willie 2. Rebelation 3. JFK’s A Pushin

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Womack Stables

2012 WHOA Register Of Merit Certificate Awards DJ Hasler and Leilanis Pride Gold in Trail Kathleen Burroughs and Commands Big Money Diamond in Model, Games, Showmanship & Equitation Bronze in Trail & Dressage Michael Crisp and Ratchet Bronze in Showmanship DJ Hasler and Remembrances Starfire Diamond in Games & Contest Silver in Trail, Showmanship & Equitation Chase Hasler and Remembrances Starfire Gold in Trail & Games Chase Hasler and Leilanis Pride Diamond in Trail Gold in Games Heavenly Vision and Patricia Crisp Gold in Showmanship & Equitation Bronze in Trail DJ Hasler and Haslers Dream Angel DLD Bronze in Model, Contest & Promotion Gold in Trail & Games Michael Crisp and She Just Is Silver in Games Bronze in Showmanship & Equitation DJ Hasler and Remembrances Starfire Silver in Trail, Showmanship & Equitation Diamond in Games & Contest Heavenly Vision and Michael Crisp Gold in Trail

COUNTRY PLEASURE YOUTH 1. The Redlight District 2. Dale Bon Temps 3. Revs Treasure


1. Arriba 2. Command The Storm 2. I’m A Midnight Warrior 3. Gimme Solidarity LITE SHOD AOT SPECIALTY

1. Prince Jose

Martha Child

D. J Hasler and Whisper Of The River Diamond in Trail & Games & Contest Bronze in Equitation ADULT

Carole E. Hill Linda Starnes Jean Brannon

Prides Trigger Finger with Janet Knight Diamond in Contest Gold in Trail Silver in Games Bronze in Western Lite Shod No Canter & Equitation

Murfreesboro, TN The Masked Phantom owned by Catherine Simpson Starnes Diamond in Games Silver in Trail & Showmanship Gold in Jumping Bronze in Contest I’m Angels Amazing Grace with Cynthia Natzke Bronze in Showmanship & Stock Horse (Field Trial) Gold in Trail Counselors Jewel and Terre Huebner Bronze in Games Total Knockout and Donna Armstrong Bronze in Equitation & Trail Gold in Dressage Remembrances Starfire and Deanna Hasler Diamond in Games Gold in Trail Silver in Contest & Showmanship Sweet Dixie Delight owned by Linda Starnes Bronze in Trail Rock Solid Rev owned by Marianne Springer Diamond in Plantation Pleasure No Canter Silver in Plantation Pleasure Victory Trip owned by Linda Starnes Diamond in Trail & Games Gold in Reining and Dressage Bronze in Western Riding, Reining, Equitation & Jumping Outback Express and Sarah Keenan Bronze in Country Pleasure English No Canter

The American Legend and Sandy Harris Bronze in Contest & Western Riding Silver in Trail, Games & Dressage Lucky Josephina and Donna Armstrong Bronze in Jumping + Games Silver in Dressage Designer Edition with Angela Patterson Bronze in Games & Western Pleasure No Canter Whisper of The River Don, Louise & Deanna Hasler Bronze in Games & Showmanship Silver in Trail Texas News & Laurine Marlow Diamond in Games Silver in Equitation and Dressage Gold in Trail Bronze in Contest Extra Agent & Terre Huebner Silver in Games Gold in Lite Shod No Canter Bronze in Contest Go Boys Regis & Christine Pepmeyer Bronze in Contest Silver in Trail & Games Register Of Merit Certificates in the Adult Division Prides Trigger Finger & Janet Knight The American Legend & Sandy Harris Rebelation & The Larry Starnes Family & Shelby Finch

Leilanis Pride owned by Louise, Don and Deanna Hasler Diamond in Games & Contest Gold in Trail I’m A Midnight Warrior and Alison Reagan Bronze in Stock Horse (Field Trial Horse) & Lite Shod No Canter Haslers Dream Angel and Deanna Hasler Bronze in Trail Gold in Games Rebelation owned by Linda Starnes Diamond in Games & Contest Silver in Lite Shod No Canter, Trail & Showmanship Gold in Western Riding Bronze in Western Lite Shod No Canter Supremes Dog Soldier and Cathy Gottlieb Bronze in Showmanship Dolly Dumas with the John Wright family and Kitty Keene Diamond in Trail, Games & Showmanship Silver in Reining Promotion Bronze in Western Riding Regal and Randi Taylor Silver in Trail Gold in Games, Showmanship & Dressage Bronze in Jumping & Equitation Sir Albert and Susan Havard Diamond in Games Silver in Trail & Showmanship Gold in Equitation & Dressage Ratchet and Wanda & Danny Reagan Silver in Games Embellished and Donna Armstrong Silver in Dressage Bronze in Games

Frankie Jo Bradley and Patsy Newberry welcomed the guests to the WHOA Banquet.

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Beyond The Ring Joyce and Dick Myers met at a barn and still today enjoy their barn time! Joyce grew up in the Shenandoah Valley, Stuarts Draft, Virginia, with her parents, Hall and Dorothy Hanger. Joyce, now 63 years old currently lives in Shelbyville, TN. She attended Juliet Gibson Career College in Washington, D.C. where she studied and majored in public relations. Later in life, she graduated from Career Beauty College as a nail tech. Dick grew up in York, Pennsylvania where he started breaking ponies at a very young age. After school, he entered the United States Navy. When he returned after four years of service, he continued to work with horses, which has been his life long career. His family wasn’t “horsey” and his parents never saw him ride or show a horse. He has three brothers and two sisters and his oldest sister and her husband did attend a show to cheer for her brother in the ring. Joyce met Dick Myers, now age 74, when he was an assistant trainer with David Welsh, at Beaumont Stables in Stuarts Draft, VA. The stable was owned by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gorsuch. Joyce was in high school and babysat for all of the Welsh children. Eventually, the Welsh family moved to Oaks Corners, New York, to work for Mr. and Mrs. Cebern Lee at Leeswood Farm. Dick also made the move north to continue working with David.

Joyce and Dick Myers at the 2012 TWHNC prior to showing in the Ladies Fine harness class.

A couple of years later, Joyce’s family went to visit the Welsh family and see the beautiful Leeswood estate. Shortly thereafter, Dick moved back to Virginia to take over the training position for J. D. Stokely’s Breezy Hill Farm in Haymarket, VA. This farm was located near her college so Dick would pick up Joyce on the weekends to take her home. During show season, he would let her ride and show horses, plus drive his corvette and the rest of the story is history! The couple doesn’t have children, but they love their four-legged hairy kids! Joyce works for Joyce Meadows at Georgia Career Institute in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as admissions coach. She is also a director with Legal Shield which is legal insurance and she is a sales rep for It Works, Ultimate Body Wrap Company or better known as the “crazy fat wrap thing”. Most recently, Joyce became involved with Blessing Permanent Make-Up which is something she is very excited about. Joyce keeps herself very busy with the beauty and wellness industry. Since her bout with cancer last year, she is very active with the After Breast Cancer Program which involves, education, counseling, fashion shows, etc. She is delighted and blessed that she is cancer free and running full blast!

1988 Graystation Horse Show was one of the premier shows during this time. This was the original show that is now located at the new White Pine, TN facility. Dick was judging and Joyce was on hand .

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Beyond The Ring and trained by Dick Myers. The training bill was $125 month and in those days the owner kept the winnings. This horse always won enough to pay his way and first place ties paid $20! Her first win was in the Walking Pleasure Class on Joy’s Dream Girl at a 4-H Horse Show in Stuarts Draft, VA. Joyce’s first win on a performance horse was in the amateur class on Go Boy’s Whiplash in Haymarket, VA. Joyce credits her friend, Kay Swisher, for her first ride on a pony, but as any horseperson knows ponies truly have minds of their own so they are great learning tools. Her intense riding instructions came much later in life from Dick Myers. She also received coaching from Ronald Mosley of Mount Airy, NC. for several years. Her biggest influence in the show ring is her husband, Dick. He is very demanding and expects perfection. Joyce said he makes her mad, but it helps make her better. She loves to show and have a good ride! Joyce says she doesn’t have to win. She just enjoys showing her horses and having fun and being around her friends.

“Ironworks” and Dick Myers were multi -world champions for years for proud owner, Betty Freeman. “Ironwrorks” is still one of the greatest legends in the Plantation division for the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Dick’s first Celebration blues were with Midnight Dandy, a plantation horse. He is probably most remembered for Ironworks, also a plantation horse that set the standard and created the excitement for flat shod horses. Ironworks was very popular. In one season, he won 28 blues. Dick always said he was his “gas money” horse!

Dick continues to do what he did when Joyce met him - he is a horse trainer and currently assists trainer, Brock Tillman, at Maple Crest Farms owned by Keith and Lorraine Rosbury. The farm is the former Winky Groover Farm in Bell Buckle, TN. The Rosbury’s built a new training barn, riding arena and large home on the property. This is truly one of the most gorgeous farms in the area. Maple Crest was also formerly the property of David & Ethel Welsh who gave Dick his first training job in Virginia. The way Joyce became involved in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry was when she cleaned tack for the Gorsuch’s at Beaumont Stables. They loaned her a horse named Honey to ride and Joyce loved taking her to shows and participating in the 4-H horsemanship programs. Joyce’s first spin on a Tennessee Walking Horse was at Beaumont Stables under the direction of David Welsh. Joyce’s first horse show was Elkton, Virginia. Joyce remembers it like it was yesterday. It was very hot. It was only Joyce, her mom and father, who prepared the horse to show. She laughed and said they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. She placed fifth and was thrilled! Unfortunately, they called her back and said there had been a mistake and they took her ribbon away and she got nothing. Of course, Joyce was crushed, but it didn’t keep her from wanting to get back in the ring. The horse she was showing was Joy’s Dream Girl, which she showed in the Walking Pleasure Class. Dick saw them at the shows, felt sorry for them and he started to help them. After graduating from high school, Joyce asked for a new horse instead of a car. Her first performance horse was The Bumble Bee purchased from

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Generators Uno and Dick Myers made history when they won their preliminary class by unanimous decision and went back to when the roses and World Grand Championship title by unanimous decion. This was the year their were 133 two year old stallions competing for the honor. Generators Uno and Dick also claimed the International Grand Championship Two Year Old title.

Beyond The Ring Delight’s Bummin’ Around is Joyce’s favorite World Grand Champion. Dick’s favorite World Grand Champion is Sun’s Delight. Joyce is very proud that she owned Silver Design. He was purchased when he 14 months old. She named him and considered him her baby and sold him at the age of three. She never attained a World Championship title on him, but is proud to be a part of a legend. The year Silver Design was two, Dick had an exceptional group of two year olds. He went to three shows in one weekend, showed three different two year old stallions and won all three classes. Dick’s favorite thing was breaking and starting colts - never burning them out or breaking them down at a young age. You could see horses that he started showing for many years. He always took pride in the fact that he had to develop horses to show because he didn’t have the owners that could go out and buy him what he wanted. He either had to make them or he didn’t have anything to show! In 2005, the Trainers’ Show had one of the most exiting classes they have ever had. It was the Senior Trainers class , very similar to our Young Trainers class, and Dick as he directed He’s A Rebel to the blue ribbon. This is their victory lap after topping a great class of good horses and fellow senior horsemen.

His most memorable win and favorite horse was Generator’s Uno, who was a reject. Dick purchased Uno at a sale during the Celebration for $1750. The perfect “1” in his forehead was the omen that he was something special. He went on to win the International Two Year Old Stallion Class unanimously. He also won the preliminary Two Year Old Stallion Class and Two Year Old World Grand Championship, both unanimously at the 1987 Celebration. There were 133 two year old stallions that year and the classes were split three ways. Another special time for Dick was in the futurity with He’s A Rebel. Dick tied second behind RPM and Bud Dunn as a two year old and as a three year old, unanimously. This was this first time in history a stallion and stallion owner had the first and second place winners sired by the same stud. Joyce’s all-time favorite win came showing He’s A Rebel and leaving the ring in Woodbury with the Amateur Two Year Old blue ribbon. She remarks that this blue was special for two reasons - this was the first show for Rebel and the only time that Major Splash was ever defeated as a two year old. Joyce thought it was impossible for her to win this class and was thrilled beyond belief! She remembers saying, “I can’t win because Major Splash is here and she has never been beat”. Dick replied, “You just go in there and ride like you’re going to win!” And that is exactly what she did and Dick’s instructions paid off! Joyce’s dream was to ride, show and win on a horse that she raised. She fulfilled her dream that night. Joyce’s proudest ride was when she won her first World Grand Championship aboard Heir’s Rolling Stone. Riding under the spotlight was an unforgettable thrill. Dick’s proudest moment in the show ring was his first World Grand Championship ride under the spotlight aboard Uno. Another cherished moment for the couple, although it is faint to Joyce, was when He’s A Rebel carried Bobby Michaels to the Amateur Novice Men’s World Championship title. This win came the night that Joyce’s mother passed away.

Currently the couple owns Joyce’s beloved world champion, He’s A Rebel, who is 19 years old. Joyce said she would love to show him one more time and win at the Celebration and then would she be ready to retire him. The only hold up on this dream is Joyce is having a little trouble getting Rebel’s trainer, Dick, to work him. Joyce said Rebel hates not being in the mix of things. He loves to show and refuses retirement. Joyce Meadows of Atlanta, GA and Joyce Myers have a partnership on 2x World Champion Ladies Fine Harness horse, I’m Chesapeake Bay. This champion is trained by Johnny Puckett at 5Way Farms in Shelbyville, TN. This year Joyce will be at the whip and the duo will be aiming for their third World Championship. Joyce and Dick’s current pride and joy is a coming two year old stallion, King Of Kool, who is by Jazz King out of Ruby Sky (Rebel’s half sister). This

Heir’s Rolling Stone and Joyce Myers made her first spotlight ride at the TWHNC in the Amateur Show Pleasure divison in 1992. Howard Roberts trained this top horse. Later, this horse was purchased to be Karla Landrum’s amateur mount and was moved to David Landrum Stables.

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Beyond The Ring homegrown prospect is making terrific progress under the direction of Charlie Green. Plans are for a mid-summer debut in the amateur division. Joyce Meadows recently purchased half interest in this talented prospect. Horse partnerships with Joyce Meadows began in 1999 when Joyce began working with her at Georgia Career Institute. Not only are these two ladies successful in the professional world, they are making their strides in the show ring, too. They named their partnership J & J Enterprises. Knowing Joyce Myers show ring experience, she seems to be the jockey, while Joyce Meadows enjoys watching. However, Joyce Meadows is no stranger to the winner’s circle as she used to show horses herself. Meadows was a long-time customer of J.T. and Mary Ann Leech. Meadows got involved in the Walking Horse industry in 1965. She was a customer of the Leech’s until their deaths. She has owned and shown several great horses for nearly 50 years. Two of the horses she remembers the most was Gen’s Party Doll, a major amateur ladies contender in the mid and late 90’s. Joyce and Mary Ann shared the reins in the 15.2 & Under Gelding division aboard What’s Better Than Cash. A horse that Joyce Myers showed was Row Ya’ Boat,one of Joyce Meadows favorites. This horse was one that Joyce and Dick raised and Joyce Meadows decided to purchase half interest. The partners were even more thrilled when Row Ya’ Boat began to blossom. Joyce directed him to two blue ribbons in the Amateur Three Year Old competition at the ASHA Fall Extravaganza and the Franklin County Horse show. Something anticipated for the future for J & J Enterprises is that they

In 2004, Joyce made a victory ride on her beloved horse, He’s A Rebel. They were the Amateur 15.2 and Under Champions at Cullman, Alabama. This was one of her many thrilling rides on him. Joyce says he was a horse she loved to show and was always a fun ride.

have their hearts set on King Of Kool, their upcoming Two Year Old colt for 2013. He is out of the same mother as Row Ya’ Boat. The two Joyces also enjoyed a partnership with World Champion, Jose’s Whole Shebang, an outstanding show horse in 2008 and 2009 under the direction of Charlie Green Stables. Jose’s Whole Shebang was purchased on a Wednesday and on Saturday night Joyce Myers directed him to a blue ribbon at the Lynchburg Horse Show. They were offered a very large profit following this outstanding performance, but Meadows had never had a horse to win a World Championship at the Celebration and she felt this was her chance. Not only did Meadows believe Jose’s Whole Shebang was worthy of a title, so did the judges at the 2008 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. Jose’s Whole Shebang made history for Meadows by winning the Four Year Old Gelding World Championship title with Charlie Green in the irons. The two Joyce’s couldn’t have been more pleased with the blue! This year, J & J Enterprises is proud to present I’m Chesapeake Bay and King Of Kool. They are very excited and would appreciate the support of the crowd in the upcoming show season. When you have some spare time, make sure to make your way to Murfreesboro, Columbia or McMinnville, Tennessee or to their largest location in Conyers, Georgia and visit the Georgia Career Institute facilities which have been in business since1989. They offer a wide variety of beauty services at an affordable rate.

Joyce Myers making her victory lap on Jose’s Whole Shabang at the Lynchburg Horse Show in 2008. This was their debut show . The J and J Enterprize Patrenrship purchased this talented horse on a Wednesday and made a blue ribbon show on Saturday night. He was under the direction of Charlie Green Stables.

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When Joyce has the opportunity to get away, she likes to vacation with the girls somewhere with sun, sand and palm trees, like Marco Island, Key West and Panama City Beach. Joyce doesn’t really have hobbies other than horses. Between the horses and work, no time is left for other hobbies. Dick enjoys channel surfing when he is not at the horse barn. Dick is “Mister Fix It” and is known around town and called on by many to fix things, especially manure spreaders. You may

Beyond The Ring also see him teaching a horse to canter or teaching an amateur to canter. Other things the Myers both enjoy are PBR bull riding and NASCAR. Joyce votes Tazewell, Virginia Horse show as her favorite one night horse show, by far. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to attend anymore, but she remembers the crowds and horses and atmosphere fondly. She really misses being able to attend this show with all its bonuses. They had a band and a cookout the night before the show and it was always a good time! Her favorite multi-day show has always been the North Carolina Championship show in Asheville, NC. The North Carolinians make you glad that you came to their show with extra hospitality events. This shows is well attended and the classes filled with high caliber horses and exceptional places to visit and dine. Dick’s favorite horse show isAsheville, and he loved to show at Harrisburg, PA. Joyce enjoys the horse show family and friends that she has developed over the years. She likes the fact that they can go to shows and gather with them, unwind and have fun doing what they love to do - show horses! She realizes how hard blues are to come by, but she is never going to let not winning ruin her love for horses and showing. Dick likes to win! He states that he doesn’t want to work that hard just for a ribbon! He enjoys being around all of his friends and loves talking with trainers about the “good ole days” and all the “good ones” that they have trained!

Row Ya Boat and Joyce Myers making a victory ride after their win in the Three Year Old Amateur class at the ASHA Fall Extravaganza Horse Show in Decatur, Alabama. This team also won at the Franklin Show and both Meadows and Myers were very pleased with this colt that they raised.

Joyce believes that the industry is forever changed and we will never see it again as all of us “oldies” remember. She is pleased that she is old enough to remember how great the shows used to be, but she feels confident that our horse and industry will survive in spite of the changes. The true lover of our horse will continue and those who refuse to change will move on to other things. She follows advice she was given, which was to ride for the love of the sport and the horse. Be competitive, but enjoy the ride and the friendships. Always exhibit good sportsmanship. Stanunon, Virginia was home to Joyce along with the famous quartet,The Statler Brothers. Joyce was a makeup artist for their music video and album cover they produced. This photo actually was taken when filming their hit Maple Street Memoiies. Photo from left to right: Jimmy Fortune, Harold Reid, Joyce, Phillip Balsley, Phillip Reed.

I’m Cheaspake Bay and Joyce Myers at the whip claiming their 2011 World Championship title. This duo won two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012. Their eyes are set on their third title this year for the J and J Enterprize parternship. Johnny Puckett trains this entry.

Joyce Myers, Counti Green and Joyce Meadows meet Charlie Green and Jose’s Whole Shabang in the winners circle. They were the 2008 TWHNC Four Year Old Gelding World Champions.

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Beyond The Ring Dick’s thought on the Tennessee Walking Horse industry is that he is grateful he is at the end of his career as he could not handle the stress and pressure in today’s world. He loves our horses and enjoys working with them but is perfectly happy assisting. Joyce’s next goal in the industry is to direct their Jazz King colt, King Of Kool, the last one that she and Dick raised, to a World Championship title in the Amateur Two Year Old division. She is hoping to make it 3 for 3 in Ladies Fine Harness with I’m Chesapeake Bay. The final item on her Bucket List is to show and win with He’s A Rebel in the Classic Horse Class. When those three goals are accomplished, Joyce will happily hang up her spurs and sit on the sidelines and cheer for all of her friends. Dick hopes that they both stay healthy and fit enough to do what they want to do! He has high hopes for King Of Kool, as the Myers want to go out with a bang! This couple is very competitive in the show ring. Dick maybe a little more so than Joyce, but they are always having a good time. They love their horses and all the things that horses have brought them -the friendships and their horse show family are priceless. The Myers found their soul mates at a horse barn and they still continue enjoying their time together with family and friends at the barn and at the shows.

Joyce Myers and Joyce Meadows not only work together in the beauty and wellness industry they are partners in the horse industry. They’ve enjoyed two World Championships with I’m Chesapeake Bay and one World Championship with Jose’ Whole Shabang. When they are not working at Meadow’s four schools they can be seen at the shows enjoying their horses and time with horse show friends.

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Joyce Myers with her all time favorite horse, He’s A Rebel. Joyce in this photo shows her love and support for her horse with her rebel attire. Joyce says any time she’s with a dog or a horse, you will see a smile on her face.

Joyce Myers receiving roses from her employees and friends on her 40th birthday. Before moving to Tennessee, Joyce owned a Merle Norman studio, tanning salon, and exercise studio for 16 years.

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