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LONDON RAIN AND JUSTIN JENNE’ WIN HOMETOWN SHOW… BELFAST, TN - The Belfast Lions Club held their 52nd Annual Horse Show Friday, August 3, 2012, at the S.W. Beech Memorial Field in Belfast, TN. The proceeds from this show went to support projects in Belfast and Marshall counties, which include eyeglasses and eye exams for the needy and street lighting for the community. The club also makes regular donations to the Lions White Cane Fund and other local charities. The Belfast Show is one of three held over this particular weekend known as the Belfast/Wartrace weekend, and also includes the Fayetteville Blue Ribbon Show on Thursday, night. These are the last three big shows for horses and exhibitors to show off their talents before going on to the Celebration. The Honorable Jeff Green of Shelbyville, TN judged the event. Photographer for the night was Jack Greene and ringmaster, Jeremy Wilhelm, lined up the entries. There were several thrilling classes that stuck out during the evening performance. The precious lead line class was filled with fierce competition and Miss Grace Wilhelm led by her mother, Kristen, made a blue ribbon ride on Rascal Flatts. Kailin Kesselring made a great show to claim the blue in the Amateur Park Performance class aboard Undecided. Sherri Pollack made an excellent show to claim the blue in the Amateur 15.2 & Under class with her champion, I’m P Diddy. Benjamin Bowen made a flawless performance to pick up the blue in the Youth Ponies class with Tommy Lee Jones. The Two Year Old Open winner was Jazzmine Lady with Winky Groover riding for proud owner, Jo Ann Dowell. Ironwork’s Tin Man and Chad Way made a great show to claim the blue in the Show Pleasure Open class for owner, Ray Jones Trucking. The most exciting class of the evening, as we know, is always the Stake class. There were three talented entries to enter the show ring competing for the big blue. First place went to London Rain and Justin Jenne’ for Gingerbread Farms. Second place went to George W. McLintock and Brock Tillman for Rick and Marla Lovett. The final ribbon was awarded to A Total Champion and Chad Way for the Tony Redmon family. What a great show! Thank you to all the show officials! The SCOOP congratulates the blue ribbon winners! For complete show results and the latest industry news, please visit our FREE website at

Ironwork’s Tinman and Chad Way (not pictured) made a great show to claim the blue in the Open Show Pleasure class. Picking up the blue in one of the largest classes of the evening. This champion was met by Todd Smith, Jacquelyn Elliott, Brian Reece, Ameilia Haselden, Jayden Jackson, Irelyn Weaver, and Madison Reece.

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Photo by The Walking Horse Report

Belfast, TN BELFAST LIONS CLUB Belfast, TN August 3. 2012 Judge: Jeff Green HORSE Lead Line 1. Grace Wilhelm 2. Julie Paige Callaway 3. Breanna Lovvorn



Weanling Fillies 1. Miss Martin

Karen McGee

2. Miss Lady Liberty 3. Watch Don’t Touch

Jeff Givens Michael Chandler

4. I’m Armed & Fabulous

Christy Hicks

5. She’s A Real Diamond

Robert Nelms

Henderson Colt Farm Old Silo Farm Michael Chandler Bradley & Kellee Patton Carole Hargett

Academy Open Specialty 1. Carmen Ray 2. Lexie Warren 3. Hannah Hollingsworth 4. Andy Hill Amateur Park Performance 1. Undecided

Kailin Kesselring

2. Prodigy

Sherri Pollack

3. A Armed Dealer 4. Black Jack Citation 5. Ebony’s Charlie Brown

Bart McWaters Sue Irby Jane Clemons

Weanling Colts 1.Nat King Cole 2.I’m Sexy And I Know It 3.A Clear Title 4.My Dangerous Liaison 5.Slim’s Optima

Karen McGee Chris Richards Robert Nelms Carla Hurley Cash McCall

Park Pleasure Western Specialty 1.Dark Spirit’s Mack Daddy Leigh Stuart Youth 11 and Under 1.Really 2.Walk On Command

Bailey McCormick Jessica Lowell

3.Dollar’s Electroglide

Addie Harris

4.The Summit

Makena Dempsey

Yearling Fillies 1.Ghost On Parole 2.Aliena 3.Silver Belle Titlest

Roger Richards Jr Robert Nelms Chris Richards

4.She’s Made In America

Evan Morgan

5.Legal In Alabama

Hunter Fikes

Kasey Kesselring Family Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch LaRue McWaters Sue Irby Wade & Jane Clemons Dr. Lorelle Beattie Chris Richards Carole Hargett Mary Beals Bill & Karen Bean Murrell & Shirley Stuart Dru McCormick Roger & Barbara Jenkins Randy & Evelyn Harris Charles & Joy Gleghorn Harlinsdale Farm Chris Cole 4J Land & Cattle Co. James & Dawn Payne Hunter Fikes

Youth Country Pleasure 1.Mr. Jessie James 2.Free Stock

Mackenzie Morgan Carter Gleghorn

3.Celebrity Jazz 4.Dial Me Up 5.Cash Lady

Carmen Ray Dalton Puckett Evan Gleghorn

Yearling Colts 1.Daddy’s Cash

Robert Nelms

2.Ritz Entourage

Beverly Lamp

3.Rowdy Show Stopper

Logan Goostree

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1.I’m Superbad 2.Escape From Alcatraz 3.She’s Armed With Poison

Molly Vaughn Benjamin Bowen Thomas Derickson

4.Mistress Of Jazz

Annalisa Cooper

Ann Jameson Charles & Joy Gleghorn Robert Westbrook John Puckett Charles &Joy Gleghorn Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Headrick Keith and Lorraine Rosbury Harlinsdale Farm Kris York Family Benjamin Bowen Thomas Derickson Annalisa Cooper

Riders’ Cup Four Year Old Open Canter 1.I’m Ritz And Dangerous Tim Smith

Allred & Beard

Amateur Two Year Old 1.I’m Marilyn

Fikes & Morrison

2.Mr. Onyx

Mary Elizabeth Morrison Nathan Oliver

3.Swing Jazz 4.I’Mn A Salty Dawg

Reilly Miller Margaret Ann Alias

5.Jose’s Compadre

Caleb Kilburn

Park Pleasure Open 1.Prince Jose 2.She’s Gunsan Roses

Anne Frank Jackie Byrom

3.Southern Jazz Charmer

Tim Craft

Amateur 15.2 & Under 1.I’m P Diddy

Sherri Pollack


Sarah Moersch

3.Jose’s Bumin Around 4.Rock Mountain Sky

Justin Howell Robin MacDonald


Kim Bailey

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Open 1.Line Up Tim Smith 2.Ted’s Snap Shot

Mickey McCormick

Amateur Four Year Old 1.The Gambino

Paul Hankins

2.Blueberry Dollar

Sara Mitchell

Darrell & Tracy Oliver Reilly Miller Margaret Ann Alias Salt Lick Farms Anne Frank Etheredge, Hargett & Morgan Royce Ellison Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch Rolling Hills Farm Justin Howell Bruce & Robin MacDonald James & Kim Bailey Family Holcomb & Marek Bill & Karen Bean Paul & Luann Hankins Jeff Mitchell

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Belfast, TN Amateur Specialty 1.That’s My Luck 2.Lined’s Lady MG

Alex Way Kim Bailey

3.General’s Main Lady 4.The Dangerous Commander

Bart McWaters Sister Milligan

5.Main Majorette

Caleb Kilburn

Amateur Country Pleasure 1.Designer Champagne 2.Smooth Talker 3.Jose’s Hannah Montana

Maggie Moore Kathy Anderson Kasey Kesselring

4.I’m Soulja Boy 5.Miss Lady Antebellum

Darren Gray Tamara Hader

Youth Ponies 1.Tommy Lee Jones 2.Mark Zone 3.Pusher’s General

Benjamin Bowen Lane Webb Jordan Dempsey

4.A Show Of Jazz

Robert Cortner

Amateur Three Year Old 1.Just Bet The Line

Libby Doub


Kailin Kesselring

3.Confederate Jose

Chase Adkins

4.Just Say Ole 5.Dollar’s Encore

Brandon Taylor Charlotte Chrestman

Lite Shod Open 1.Vindicated

Kasey Kesselring

2.Pusher’s ARC 3.Grandee Ann

Laurie Toone Mike Henson

Show Pleasure Open 1.Iron Works Tin Man

Chad Way

2.Encores Pazazz

Winky Groover

3.Straight Line 4.Mr. Black Sun Dust 5.Vigor’s Image

Frankie Roark Jackie Byrom Chet Mills

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Open 1.Jazzmine Lady Winky Groover 2.The Coach’s Son Brad Davis 3.Jose’s Full Throttle Jimmy Evans 4.He Has Status 5.El Rango

Brock Tillman Link Webb

Park Performance Open 1.San Juan

Tim Smith

2.Avenger’s Lady Threat 3.Antonio Banderas 4.Olympic Icon 5.Red Dirt Girl

Link Webb Ryan Gannon Jackie Byrom Winky Groover

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Doss Farms James & Kim Bailey Family LaRue McWaters Tommy & Sister Milligan Salt Lick Farms Moore & Leek Kathy Anderson Kasey Kesselring Family Darren Gray Tamara Hader

Amateur Canter 1.The Family Jewels

Kim Leonard

2.Ozone’s Major

Jack Heffington

Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Stake 1.London Rain Justin Jenne 2.George W McClintock Brock Tillman 3.A Total Champion

Chad Way

Scott & Kim Leonard Jack Heffington Gingerbread Farm Rick & Marla Lovett Tony Redmon Family

Benjamin Bowen Lawrence & Webb Charles & Joy Gleghorn The Cortner Family David & Libby Doub Kasey Kesselring Family John & Becky Sharp Brandon Taylor Charlotte Chrestman Kasey Kesselring Family Laurie Toone Mike Henson Ray Jones Trucking Inc. Monte & Patty Gibbs Carolyn DeLeon Connie McCarthy Chet Mills JoAnn Dowell Don Broome John & Becky Sharp Barbara Corbett Rolling Hills Farm Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lackey John Cabe Hall & Hall Julia Cole JoAnn Dowell

Little Miss Grace Wilhelm had the largest fan club of the evening after her blue ribbon ride aboard Rascal Flatts in the Lead Line class.

Belfast, TN

I’m Marilyn and Mary Morrison were the Amateur Two Year Old champions at the Belfast horse show.

Molly Vaughn was all smiles and had bunny ears provided by Bobby Hugh after her big win in the Youth 12-17 class on I’m Superbad.

Yearling Colts champion was Robert Nelms handling Daddy’s Cash for proud owner, Donnie Headrick.

Dark Spirit’s Mack Daddy and Leigh Stuart were the Park Pleasure Western champions for Murrell and Shirley Stuart. Caleb Kilburn and Paige Bennett congratulate the winners.

Andrea Baker, Megan Davis, Freda and Wayne Dean and Corey Green congratulated Kailin Kesselring after her win with Undecided in the Park Performance class.

Lisa Washburn met Karen McGee after her win with Miss Martini for owner, Laurie Beattie, in the Weanling Filly class. The Scoop / Page 11

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Irby lETTEr To cElEbraTIoN Marty Irby 4400 Franklin South court Franklin, TN 37064 august 10, 2012 VIa EMaIl & rEgular uS MaIl Dr. Doyle G. Meadows, Chief Executive Officer Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Post Office Box 10 1 0 Shelbyville, TN 37 162 Re: Suspension due to domain name issue Dear Doyle: Please allow me to present a few facts surrounding the domain names, and negotiations between TWHBEA k TWHNC: 1) On Thursday, June 28,2012, our TWHBEA Executive Committee met and voted to release the domain names to The Celebration. 2) On either Monday, July 2,2012 or Tuesday, July 3,2012 I contacted TWHBEA’s attorney, Mr. Walter Bussart to inform him we had voted to release the domain names to The Celebration. 3) Mr. Bussart subsequently negotiated the terms of the release with your attorney, Mr. Stephen Zralek, who in turn began to prepare an agreement for all parties to sign. 4) I received the final copy of the agreement at 1 1 : 14 a.m. on Wednesday, July 1 1,2012. At the time, I was out of my office. When I returned to my ofice the same day, I immediately initialed each page of the agreement, signed the document, and faxed back to Mr. Bussart at 3: 1 1 p.m. 5) After receiving confmation that the fax went through I filed the agreement away, and never thought about the issue again until I received your letter of suspension dated July 30,2012. During the 19 day gap, I was never made aware of any further issues related to the domain names or the agreement. In my mind, it was a done deal and behind us. I have attached and provided documentation of the above. As you can see, I operated under good faith that we had an agreement, and our attorney maintains we had an agreement. Your letter dated July 30,2012 stated “...after our attorney tendered settlement documents, we were unable to obtain your cooperation to access the usernames and passwords needed to transfer the domain names.” I was never notified by you, your attorney, our attorney, or any other party that there was an issue regarding the completion of the transfer of domains, until I received the previously referenced letter. I never

Page 14 / The Scoop

personally had any passwords, or access to TWHBEA’s internet domain accounts. TWHBEA has a technology director named Rickey Clardy who handles items of that nature. Yesterday evening, I, along with our EC received a packet of information, documents, and emails from Mr. Bussart pertaining to this subject. After reading the emails between our attorneys and technology director, it appears your attorney communicated as late as Wednesday, July 18 at 1 1 :05 the instructions on how to transfer the names. With that said, I ask how The Celebration board made a decision on July 17 to suspend me, when our attorney was cooperating and working with your attorney to complete the transfer. Our technology director was ultimately unable to complete the transfer because had the domain names “locked up” due to the arbitration The Celebration filed. There was no username or password TWHBEA would have been able to turn over to The Celebration because of GoDaddy’s action to remove the names from TWHBEA’s account during the arbitration. If you will refer back to item number 10 of the agreement I signed as President of TWHBEA it states “Each party releases and forever discharges the other party, its principals, employees, legal representatives, and assigns from all manner of action, claims and demands for or by reason of any damage or loss which has been or may be sustained as a consequence of the subject matter of this agreement.” The Celebration has the domain names. I ask that you, and your board reconsider the suspension based on the facts, and based on the documents, and emails provided and attached to this letter. Mr. Bussart maintains this clause covers, TWHBEA, and me personally. This entire issue has completely gotten out of hand. The Celebration’s decision to suspend me personally does no good for anyone in our industry, or for our horse. My goal in life and as President of TWHBEA is to act and make the decisions that do the most good, for the most horses, and the most people. I ask you and your board to do the same. We have far more serious problems, and issues within our industry and breed that we need to solve and we need serious people to solve them. This matter has become nothing more than a distraction for our industry, and again does no good for anyone, and does no good for our horse. Our industry supporters, your celebration customers, our TWHBEA members, and our great horse deserves better than this. I ask that you lift the suspension, honor our original agreement that I signed and returned, and move forward to work in dealing with the real issues at hand. The choice is yours, and this is an opportunity for us all to show our industry that we are trying to do the right thing. Either way, 1 wish you a successful 2012 Celebration, and hope the event I have loved since I was 5 years old will be successful for many years to come. All the best,

xc: Celebration Board of Directors (via email) TWHBEA Executive Committee (via email)


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry $10,000.00 CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY The Celebration Association Membership has announced that $10,000.00 in cash will be given away in nightly drawings during the ten nights of The Celebration®. Each night in center ring at 8:30 PM there will be a drawing in which participants can win from $500.00 to $3000.00 per night. “All you have to do is register at any of our sponsored locations and be present at the horse show in order to have a chance to win the prize money,” said Donna Stone, Promotional Chairperson and Celebration Association member. “This promotion is being funded by local individuals, financial institutions and businesses,” said Stone. “They understand how much the Celebration contributes to our community and they wanted to take a hand in reaching out to our citizens and encourage folks to come back to the Celebration.” Sponsors will be announced soon. Anyone will be able to register at the sponsor’s business or at any of the participating vendors on the Celebration Grounds prior to each night’s drawing. The holder of the winning ticket will have 10 minutes to report to Center Ring. After time has expired, there will be another drawing. Should no winner be identified after three tries the prize money will be added to the next night’s drawing. “The Celebration thanks the committee and the sponsors for reaching out to our community,” said Doyle Meadows, Chief Executive Officer. “I hope everyone will come to our horse show at least one night because I believe they will have a fantastic time!.

LOYd HALL BLACk, JR., AppOINTEd Lewisburg, TN - Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association Member At Large By Laws Vice President Loyd Hall ‘Buster’ Black, Jr., was recently appointed to the American Horse Council Animal Welfare Committee. Active with the American Horse Council for several years, Black, who is an attorney specializing in equine law and equine regulation, was selected for this appointment based on his knowledge, experience and commitment to the sound horse and to the goals of the American Horse Council. He has recently completed a two year term as chairman of the Coalition of State Horse Councils of the American Horse Council. Founded in 1969, the American Horse Council (AHC) is the national organization representing all segments of the horse industry in Washington, DC. It is member supported by approximately 160 organizations and 1,200 individuals representing every facet of the horse world. The AHC has seven committees, of which Animal Welfare is one, that are looked to for expertise and advice on issues faced by the horse industry. The mission of the AHC is to ensure that the industry works together in Washington to accomplish the ultimate goal of “Keeping Opportunities Open” for all segments of the horse industry.

TWSHO TO HOST RECEpTION The Walking Horse Show Organization is encouraging everyone to attend a reception to be held on August 22 from 5:00-6:30 p.m. in the Blue Ribbon Circle. Purple Strategies, a national public relations firm, will be in attendance to answer questions regarding how they will be assisting and guiding TWSHO in their communications to the public and their media outreach efforts.

TENNESSEE WALkING HORSE NATIONAL CELEBRATION RESpONSE TO HUMANE SOCIETY (Shelbyville, TN) – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is coming late to the game on this one. Rather than working to reform the industry to rid it of soring trainers, the HSUS is going after the very people who have led the reform effort. SHOW HIO, which does the inspections at The Celebration, has the strictest inspections and the harshest penalties in the business. In fact our process goes above and beyond what is required by federal regulations. If the HSUS looked at The Celebration’s record it would see that we are doing much of what the organization proposes, and have been for years, and the things we are not doing have nothing to do with protecting the horse but everything to do with the HSUS’s sensationalistic media tactics. In terms of the HSUS’ requests: 1. We don’t allow soring horses in the ring. We have the strictest inspection business and the harshest penalties in the business. Already being done. 2. Already being done. 3. It would not make sense to do something that could harm the horse when there are a number of things we already do to ensure that the horse has not been sored. 4. This is a ridiculous request as the USDA and The Celebration inspectors are allowed to enter anywhere at anytime. The HSUS can keep talking about caring for horses but we are actually doing it. The difference between The Celebration and the HSUS is when inspectors at The Celebration see evidence of soring they send the trainer home and punish him or her severely. When the HSUS sees evidence of soring, they send a film crew, spend six months watching abuse, a few more editing a video and use it as a fundraising tool. When the HSUS becomes more interested in stopping abuse when they see it than watching enough that they can make money off it, maybe someone will listen. Press release from TWHNC

WHOA MEMBERSHIp & HIGH pOINTS The Walking Horse Owners’ Association would like to announce that September 10, 2012 is the deadline for becoming a member of WHOA for its National High Point program. Owners of horses must be a member of WHOA to be included in the WHOA awards presentation, which is scheduled in February of 2013. For the past two years more than 350 reservations were made for the banquet. We would like to make sure that you are recognized for your achievements in this program. Points for the Walking Horse Owners’ National High point program are kept by the Walking Horse Report and can be viewed at http://www. All horse shows that report their show results to the Walking Horse Report within 30 days of the event count toward WHOA National High Points. If at this date you have not renewed, or become a 2012 member of WHOA, please click on the link below to print an application, or you may join online at If you have any questions regarding the National High Point program please contact me. Sincerely, Tommy Hall Executive Director

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse industry TWSHO ReSpOnSe TO SORing TRaineRS Today The Tennessean is asking people, “Will you boycott future Tennessee walking horse shows to protest horse soring?” There isn’t anyone more concerned about protecting horses than those trying to reform the walking horse industry. Those reformers achieved a 98.5% compliance rate from the USDA last year. Unfortunately it has become popular, because its easy, to go after the entire industry, rather than listen to how to best reform it. If The Tennessean is interested at all, in saving a sport that generates hundreds of millions of dollars for small towns across the southeastern United States and donates almost its entire proceeds to charities – millions of dollars – then they should listen to those who are working night and day to run soring trainers out of the business, and actually have a track record of doing it. There are shows that have more stringent inspections processes, issue more violations, and punish more severely, soring trainers than even the USDA. If people want to rid the system of soring trainers, they need to tell the US Department of Agriculture to send inspectors to shows where there are NO inspections and support the shows with the strictest inspections. If The Tennessean was truly interested in getting rid of soring trainers, they would talk to the people actually doing it.

THRee-nigHT BOX SeaT TWHnc cOMBO Celebration begins its 2012 Walking Horse pageantry on Wednesday, August 22, with a Celebration day performance at 9:00 am. The Celebration® is making a special effort to encourage the community to purchase tickets. The Celebration® is offering a three-night box seat combination to include the three championship nights of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 30, 31 and September 1. Many people want box seats but are unable to purchase a box for the entire Celebration. “This threenight combination will allow our fans an opportunity to purchase box seats for The Celebration®,” says Carolyn Reed, Ticket Office Manager for The Celebration®. Three-night box seat combination prices are as follows: Rows E-H - $350.00 Rows I-N - $250.00 Rows LL-OO - $200.00 Rows M-P - $250.00 (East Side) Rows Q-T - $200.00 (East Side) In addition, The Celebration® is offering a three-night reserved seat combination for $50.00 per seat. A book of tickets for ALL nights is $100.00 per seat. For more information call 931-684-5915.

TWSHO ReSpOnSe TO SORing TRaineRS Shelbyville, Tennessee -The following is a list of the classes that will be split at this year’s Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. All of the following classes will be split two ways except for class 110, Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions, which will be split three ways. Class 26 O/A Riders on Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions Class 30 O/A Novice Lady Riders on Novice Walking Mares or Geldings Class 38 O/A Riders on Western Country Pleasure Walking Horses Class 51 Three-Year-Old Walking Stallions Class 73 Three-Year-Old Walking Mares Class 77 Two-Year-Old Walking Mares Class 81 Walking Stallions, 5 Years & Over, Over 15.2 (Canter) Class 91 O/A Riders on Four-Year-Old Walking Mares or Geldings Class 110 Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions (A, B, C Splits)

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Class 123 O/A Riders on Three-Year-Old Walking Stallions Class 129 O/A Riders on Three-Year-Old Walking Mares or Geldings Class 151 O/A Lady Drivers, Fine Harness For the qualifying class for stallions in the BIG Stake, this particular class is split with the following entries. (This is not the only class to qualify for the big stake, but is the most likely place where will might find the 2012 WGC qualify) The Walking Stallions, 5 Years and Over, Over 15.2 class on Saturday night will feature 15 horses in the first split and 14 horses in the second split. In the first split are Champagne Watchout (Natalie Pritchard), He’s My Main Man (Winky Groover), My Kinda Luck (Bill Cantrell), Magic’s Pure Ritz (Hal Newman), DiMaggio (Bill Young), ATL International (Brandon Stout), The Thug (Dick Peebles), Ozone’s Cut Above All (John Allan Callaway), Lethal Nightshade (Rodney Dick), Jail Bird On Parole (Travis Wiley), One More Dollar (Travis Wiley), He’s Slim Shady (Jimmy McConnell), Johnny Ritz (Billy Gray), I’m Copperfield (Knox Blackburn), and The Golden Sovereign (Tim Smith). The second split will include Jose’s Buddy Holly (Greg Bryant), Jose’s Don Julio (Brent Coburn), I’m Breaking Bad (Winky Groover), Walk Time Charlie (Chad Baucom), Walkin’ Dollar (Justin Jenne’), Rowdy Rev (Brandon Stout), Made Over All Over (Mike McCormick), Swing Batter Batter Swing (Danny Hughes), A Total Champion (Chad Way), Folsom Prison Blues (Steve Dunn), He’s A Weekend Warrior (Chuck Witherspoon), George W. McClintock (Brock Tillman), The Image Of Ritz (Larry Edwards), and Puttin Cash On The Line (Tim Smith).

WHOa annOunceS inTeRnaTiOnal VeRSaTiliTy HigH pOinT WinneRS International Versatility Champion Rebelation International Versatility Reserve Champion Victory Trip Both horses are owned and trained by Larry and Linda Starnes of Brownsville, Kentucky International Youth High Point 11 & Under Mia Walker of Garden City, Missouri Reserve High Point Youth 11 & Under Brooklyn Watkins of Oxford, North Carolina High Point Youth 12-17 Allison Thorson of Huron, Ohio Reserve High Point Youth 12-17 D.J. Hasler of Farmer City, Illinois

incOMing celeBRaTiOn ceO On his first day on the job, Mike Inman jumped in with both feet running. He knows he’s got work to do. Inman’s transition into his role as CEO of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration began last week; and during his first day on the job — before settling into his office, setting up a new email, getting business cards or doing anything else you might normally do on your first day on the job — Inman began working toward a very clear goal he has set for himself. Promotion He says he wants — he needs — to promote the walking horse, starting with the performance horse. “We are in difficult times, and we know that, and hopefully (I) can be a part of the solution,” said Inman. “We (The Celebration) put on three horse shows a year, but my responsibility is larger than that. I think my responsibility is to promote the walking horse 365 days a year, not just during show season.”


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry CElEbraTIoN CEo, cont’d Inman has owned and shown horses for decades and also cofounded FAST (the Foundation for the Advancement and Support of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse, Inc.), a non-profit dedicated to promoting and raising funds for the industry in addition to serving on the Tennessee Walking Horse and Breeders’ Association’s executive committee in the past. In what has been a difficult year for the Celebration, which has been continuously criticized by media following the arrest of a prominent horse trainer, Inman says the industry needs to move on and focus on sharing with the community all of the good things about the breed. Positive approach First and foremost, this includes showcasing a sound show horse. He says it’s unfair the industry has been broadly painted in a negative picture as a result of a few trainers who have poorly represented the horse industry, which is filled with good people, who love and care for their horses properly. “I believe in this horse. Right now, we need to promote all the things we’re doing right,” said Inman. “All we’re doing right now is being defensive … There are things in this industry that have to change, but our biggest problem right now is that we are allowing our detractors to dictate who we are. We need to focus on the positive and actively promote the performance horse.” In short, Inman believes this mission can be accomplished by engaging the community, educating the public and addressing any issues head-on. “When you understand the package, the action device, when you put it in people’s hands, they understand it, they get it and accept it,” he said. New home Inman, whose background is in the residential home business, is leaving his home in Birmingham, Ala., with his wife Karen to permanently reside in Shelbyville, where he has had a second home for about a decade. “Now my preferred home is becoming our permanent home,” he said, explaining he and his wife have found delight in showing their horses in Shelbyville for 27 years. “The hardest part about (taking this new position) is going to be selling my (show) horses,” he said, explaining the Celebration Executive committee prohibits this due to it being a conflict of interest. “They have been gracious, though, in allowing me to keep a few trail horses.” After all, trail horses are what drew Mike and Karen Inman to the industry nearly 30 years ago. Mike and Karen both were working for Sears in Dallas at the time. “I told Karen, if I got a promotion, I’d get her a horse,” he laughed. He said they first acquired one walking horse and one appaloosa. “We’d fight over who got to ride the walking horse, and I lost the fight every time.” Love for horses Soon enough, the Inmans had a string of trail horses, and that evolved over the years to include a crop of breeding and winning Tennessee walking show horses, many of those in training with local trainer Allan Callaway. Though he says he and his wife will miss showing horses, they feel the sacrifice is justified. His passion, knowledge and dedication make him the right person to succeed outgoing CEO, Dr. Doyle Meadows. “The hardest thing will be not showing,” said Inman, of his new role. “We love showing and love the competition aspect, but the thing is, these (people who show) are our friends, and that’s key. There’s nothing better than being able represent your friends. Karen and I are passionate about this.” Inman also pointed out his wife will be assisting him in many of his duties as CEO, in addition to other resourceful industry insiders who, until now, have not been asked to help.

New focus Inman recently resigned from his FAST position to focus on his new job, however he plans to work closely with the organization, in addition to TWSHO (a new group that is also dedicated to promoting the horse) and all other groups that support the show horse. He wants to get into the schools, and get community leaders involved. “People are very generous with their horses and want to show the world all the good things,” he said. In reference to June’s AACA dual antique car meet, held at the Celebration, Inman said he would have liked to have seen show horses being exhibited all day long, for visitors to the community to see. “Now that would have made the newspaper,” he laughed. Inman said he wants to call on the industry, one that’s made up of people from all walks of life, to help him accomplish his mission of promoting the horse. ‘Right attitude’ “There’s such a variety of people with all types of resources,” he said. Inman, who worked with well-known motivational speaker Zig Zigler for a year, knows the year ahead will not be easy, but he says with the right attitude, success will come. “I believe 80 percent of finding and keeping a job is attitude,” he said. “If you don’t have the right attitude, I don’t care how smart you are … My attitude is that I love this horse. “Anyone who is successful can succeed in good times; it’s those who make it through difficult times who are truly successful.” Meadows, who announced his retirement last year, will continue his role as CEO through October, but until then, Inman will be assisting him. Both will be present for this year’s show. “My plan is to help Dr. Meadows put on a good Celebration,” he said. “I will be out and about, thanking sponsors, thanking exhibitors and talking to as many people as possible.” Coming together Beyond the Celebration, Inman also wants to unify the currently divided industry. He says there is a need for everyone to come together. “I started with trail horses and that evolved into showing, so I love it all,” he said. “But there are some people who (only) love trail horses, and there are some — very few — the other way (who only like performance horses), and that’s what makes it difficult …The extreme versatility of our horse sometimes pulls us apart instead of pulling us together.” Approaching this year’s event, Inman remains energized and optimistic about the future. “The Celebration is the best product in the equine industry, and we have a strong product that we have to sell,” he said. “It is an event that any other breed in the equine industry would swap with in a minute, even in a down year.” Article source:

CoUNTrY FESTIVal FIllED WITH FUN A Country Festival will be held in the Champions Arena on the Celebration Grounds on Wednesday, August 22, at 5:00 p.m. The action-packed fun will include a BBQ dinner, live music, womanless beauty pageant, cornhole tournament, live auction, dunking booth, mechanical bull ride, cow plop, pony rides, and a kids’ zone. The proceeds from this event will benefit the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association. Make plans to come on out and enjoy the festivities.

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The Alabama Classic Baileyton, AL- On Saturday, August 11, 2012, the Parkside School Teachers Supplies Benefit held their annual Alabama Classic show at the Baileyton, Park in Baileyton, AL. It was a beautiful day to have a show. There was a feeling of fall in the air which made it pleasant for people and for equines. The Honorable Tommy Howell of Shelbyville, TN judged the thirty-nine class event. The show manager was none other than Danny Ray and the photographer was Jennifer Barr. Some of the memorable classes included the Amateur Two Year Old with Blake Beam taking home the honors with Pushin That Power; The Goal Line and Nan Barnes claiming the Park Performance class; Outta Line and Kelly Peevy adding another win to their already impressive blue ribbon honors; Better Stand Back and Jack Heffington taking top honors in the AOT Specialty for owners, Brogdon and Heffington; They Call Me Saban and Ray Solley scored another touchdown winning the Amateur Three Year Old class. In the grand finale, Steve Beam and Tiger Walk claimed the Stake class honors for Shelby Beam. Complete results follow. Please visit our FREE website for all the latest news and results at www.thescooponline. com.

Tiger Walk and Steve Beam walked their way to the championship in the Riders� Cup Walking Stake where he was congratulated by friends and family. Page 18 / The Scoop

Baileyton, AL ALABAMA CLASSIC Baileyton, AL August 11, 2012 Judge: Tommy Hall HORSE Go As You Please 1. Eagle’s Winning Edge 2. Drama Drama Drama 3. A Streak Of Heaven 4. Kapow 5. Bud Model 1. Gen’s Black Zack 2. Sportster 3. The Shot Machine 4. Unsung Hero Tolton 5. Saturday Night Live Country Pleasure 1. He’s Puttin On Roses 2. Extra’s Bright Star 3. Splashed 4. Main Power’s My Padre 5. Drama Drama Drama

Riders’ Cup Open Lite Shod Specialty 1. Kick Start Jazz Steve Sanders 2. Starry Eyes Shelli Mehaffey



Clay Stanton Guy Bentley Ashley Latham Zack Meyers Destin Pace

Julie Lee Kristi Payne Diane Hasty Liz Nunnelly Billy Strickland

Roxy Reeves Suzanne Keplinger Linda McCarley Billy Wayne Tolton

Reeves & Spinks Suzanne Keplinger Linda McCarley Billy Wayne

Mackenzie Lawrence

Riley Finn

Donna Byard Bryan Mehaffey Casee Bush Kristi Payne Andrea Baker

Ken Stirn Shelli Mehaffey Bush & Kemp Kristi Payne Kristi Payne

Racking Two & Three Year Old 1. Hal’s Crackerjack Tammy Cole 2. Hootie

David Latham

Racking Trail Pleasure English & Western 1. Highfalutin Woman Debbie Cable 2. Eagle’s Winning Eagle 3. Steel The Moment 4. Bustin With A Bang

Clay Staton Bobby Murphree Peggy Champion

5. Saint’s Desiring Lady

Morgan Still

Amateur Two Year Old 1. Pushin That Power 2. The Olympic Belle 3. Firestone Black Ritz 4. A Clear Threat

Blake Beam Casee Bush Ray Solley Alex Way

5. Puttin Slots At The Ritz

Luis Martinez

Youth Racking 17 & Under 1. Provocative Woman

Chandler Armstrong

2. Sugar Daddy 3. Broadway Joe

Nicole Corona Indiana Morgan

Youth 11 & Under 1. Irish Mardi Gras

Chance Crocker

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Luna Lovegood Jerry Collier

Bob & Tammy Cole Jamie & Alison Witt Walt & Donna Bagan Julie Lee Bobby Murphree Raiford & Peggy Champion Riley Finn Blake Beam Bush & Kemp Ray Solley Enfinger & Williamson Linda McCarley Bruce & Kay Dempsey Nicole Corona Anthony Daniel

Bush & Kemp Jeanne Morrison

Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty 1. He’s My Pop Too Dianne Hasty 2. Decadent Design

Jamie Hennigan

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Jose Cactus Juice Jerry Beaty 2. Hysterianomics Jason Smith

Justin Manis Sally Reiley Dwight & Dianne Hasty Jamie Hennigan Gary Shacklett Jason Smith

Racking Show Pleasure 1. Phantom Of The Ritz 2. Armed And Firey 3. Orlando

Tony Stone Bo Beam Suzanne Keplinger

4. Flashy Woman

Barbara Harris

5. Free And Easy

Peggy Champion

Riders’ Cup Park Performance 1. The Goal Line 2. My Unlimited Cash 3. Defying All Odds

Nan Ingle Barnes Gayla Whitaker Luis Martinez

Nan Ingle Barnes James Whitaker Estate of Gilbert McCarley

Open Pony Specialty 1. He’s A Powerball

Steven Gates

Steve & Kelly Gates

Racking Open Specialty Action 1. The Silver Pride

Bob Cole

2. Ritzy Cash

Danny Latham

Bob & Tammy Cole George Haney

Field Trial Open 1. Bud 2. Bustin With A Bang

Clay Stanton Peggy Champion

3. Smokey 4. Recipes Man Of Magic

Brian Walker Luis Martinez

Youth 11 & Under Racking Specialty 1. He’s The Banker Nicole Carona 2. Motown’s Eclipse Ashley Latham 3. I’m A Dollar Hannah Heatherly Racking Country Pleasure 1. Sportster 2. E’s Little Big Man 3. Good Times With Master Pat

Suzanne Keplinger Liz Nunnelley Ned Dotson

4. Silvio

Janna Champion

5. Highfalutin Woman

Debbie Cable

Alabama Ladies Auxiliary Specialty 1. Outta Line Kelly Peevy Mickey Groom 2. I’m Fort Knox 3. Ultra Bumin Around Nan Ingle Barnes

Eddie West Bo Beam Suzanne Keplinger Kenneth & Barbara Harris Raiford & Peggy Champion

Billy Stricklnad Raiford & Peggy Champion Billy Strickland Estate of Gilbert McCarley Tommy Raiford Ashley Latham Brett & Stacy Heatherly Liz Nunnelley Liz Nunnelley Ned & Betty Dotson Raiford & Peggy Champion Walt & Donna Bagan Kelly Peevy Mickey Groom Nan Ingle Barnes

The Scoop / Page 19

Baileyton, AL AOT Specialty 1. Better Stand Back

Jack Heffington

2. Santana’s Jubilee Sun

Michael Smith

3. Proud Power

Brent Carter

Brogdon & Heffington Michael & Jason Smith Brent Carter

Gaited Mules 1. Tink 2. Marilyn 3. Moe 4. Jubilea 5. Lulu

Billy Wayne Tolton Clay Stanton Sonny Barker Brian Walker Jenny Leech

Steve Clark H.E. Barker Dr. Sonny Barker Jimmy Miller Aimee Blackburn

Amateur Racking 1. Hit Top Notch 2. Bold Collection 3. Jose’s Pushin The Line 4. Silver Bullet B

Morgan England Brent Carter Blake Beam Warren Heatherly

Wade England Brent Carter Bobby Murphree Warren Heatherly

Amateur 15.2 & Under Specialty 1. Greyline Jimmy Carter 2. A Dangerous Man Donna Hill 3. I’m Bellagio Ray Solley

Jimmy Carter Donna Hill Ray Solley

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. She Stings Like A Bee 2. Surely Not

Ashley Raby Victoria Miller

Ken Wilson Victoria Miller

Amateur Four Year Old 1. Mo’s Rowdy Rebel 2. Oohh Weee Parolee 3. The Special Ed

Doyce Lawrence Denise Garber Kelly Peevy

Beverly McNeill Bob Garber Kelly Peevy

Racking Two Year Old Action Specialty 1. Hootie David Latham 2. Set N Stone

Danny Latham

Riders’ Cup Open Show Pleasure 1. She’s One Hot Tamale Jamie Lawrence 2. He’s My Pop Too David Latham 3. Stashin Cash 4. It Wasn’t Me

Benjamin Grey Danny Latham

Amateur Three Year Old 1. They Call Me Saban 2. Lost Dollar 3. He’s King Tut

Ray Solley Jason Smith Alex Way

4. Stewart Cink

Jamie Waddell

Racking Three & Four Year Old Action Specialty 1. Gypsy Justice Danny Latham 2. Country Boy Eddie

Lamar Denny

Amateur Specialty 1. A Cadillac By Jazz 2. Color’s Stagger Lee 3. Senor Senor 4. The Santini

Donna Hill Dianna Hannah Kathy Lewis Mike Conley

Page 20 / The Scoop

Jamie & Allison Witt Roy Wester Beverly McNeill Dwight & Dianne Hasty Bush & Kemp George Haney

Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Open Specialty 1. Moonstruck Dollar Jamie Lawrence

Beverly McNeill

Trail Pleasure English & Western 1. The King’s Reward Kim Campbell 2. Pushin Some Black Jazz Bryan Mehaffey 3. Vengeance With Pride Casee Bush 4. Shake Shake Shake Joan Kemp 5. I Want My Papa Ashley Raby

Kim Campbell Shelli Mehaffey Bush & Kemp Bush & Kemp Sheila Raby

Amateur Racking Three & Four Year Old Action Specialty 1. Chicago Jazz Alex Way Raymond Clanton 2. Reba Kelly Gates Steven & Kelly Gates Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Stallions 1. Jose’s Double Trouble Jamie Lawrence 2. Out On A Vengeance Steve Beam 3. A Home Run By Ted Chuck Witherspoon

Beverly McNeill Richard Lawson Allred & Beard

Amateur Canter 1. Ozone’s Major 2. Royal Luck

Jack Heffington Ray Solley

Jack Heffington Ray Solley

Amateur Racking Action Specialty 1. Motown Eclipse Charity Latham 2. Fourth Of May Jody Powell 3. Jose’s Illusion Maria Esters

Ashley Latham Nan Barnes Maria Esters

Riders’ Cup Open Park Pleasure Specialty 1. Traveling Dr. Williams Steve Sanders

Sonny & Debbie Sanders Gary Hill Sonny & Debbie Sanders

2. A Jazz Man’s Rhythm & Blues 3. Motown’s Title Masterpiece

David Latham Steve Sanders

Racking Action Specialty Stake 1. Hillbilly Jose

Danny Latham

2. He;s The Banker

Bo Beam

Kenneth & Barbara Harris Tommy Raiford

Riders’ Cup Walking Stake 1. Tiger Walk

Steve Beam

Shelby Beam

Ray Solley Jason Smith Raymond & Jane Stiles Kenneth Freeman Linda & Rachel Duncan Roy & Donna Campbell Donna Hill Knute Christian Gary Shocklett Mike Conley

Roxy Reeves directed Gen’s Black Zack to the blue in the Model class and was congratulated by Gerald Campbell.

Baileyton, AL

He’s Puttin On Roses and Donna Byard put on a show to win the Country Pleasure Specialty for Ken Stirn.

Debbie Cable had a spectacular ride aboard Highfalutin Woman to win the Racking Trail Pleasure, English or Western and was met by Walt and Donna Bagar.

Blake Beam was congratulated by his mother, Sherry Beam, after he won the Amateur Two Year Old aboard Pushin That Power.

Provocative Woman and Chandler Armstrong were all smiles after their win in the Racking Youth 17 & Under and was met by Kay Dempsey, Jamie Lawrence and Matt Blackman.

Chance Crocker had a huge fan club after his win aboard Irish Mardi Gras in the Youth 11 & Under.

Luna Lovegood and Jerry Collier received top honors in the Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Mares & Geldings for Jeanne Morrison and was met by John Fikes.

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Page 22 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 23

Baileyton, AL

Amanda Dickerson, Justin Manis, and Debbie & Sonny Sanders were delighted to congratulate Steve Sanders on his win aboard Kick Start Jazz in the Riders’ Cup Lite Shod class.

He’s My Pop Too and Diane Hasty received top honors in the Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty and were congratulated by Dwight Hasty and Asher Keeton.

Jerry Beaty and Jose’s Cactus Juice won the Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Mares & Geldings for Gary Shacklett and were met by Kim Lewis and Mike Dukes.

Phantom Of Ritz and Terry Stone won the Racking Show Pleasure class.

The Goal Line and Nan Barnes scored the winning goal in the Riders’ Cup Park Performance where she was met by David Barnes.

Stephen Gates and He’s A Powerball had a powerful ride to the blue in the Amateur/Youth Pony Specialty and was congratulated by Kelly, Drew & Aiden Bates.

Page 24 / The Scoop

Baileyton, AL

The Silver Pride and Bob Cole were pleased with their win in the Racking Open Specialty Action.

Bo & Shelby Beam, Steve Beam, congratulates Nicole Carona on winning the Racking Specialty Action Youth 17 & Under.

Suzanne Keplinger was all smiles after her win aboard Sportster in the Racking Country Pleasure.

Outta Line and Kelly Peevy were delighted with their win in the Alabama Ladies Auxiliary and was met by Gary Wayne Smith and Ryan.

Jack Heffington and Better Stand Back stood up to the competition and received the blue in the Amateur Owned & Trained and was met by James Haynes.

Steve Clark was kind enough to loan out the infamous gaited mule, Tink, to Billy Wayne Tolton as they claimed top honors in the Gaited Mules.

The Scoop / Page 25

Baileyton, AL

He’s Top Notch and Morgan England were excited with their win in the Racking Horse Amateur.

Greyline and Jimmy Carter continued their winning streak from the May Baileyton show and won the Amateur 15.2 & Under Specialty Class.

Ashley Raby put a sting on her competition as she was awarded the blue aboard She Stings Like A Bee in the Youth 12-17 Specialty.

Mo’s Rowdy Rebel and Doyce Lawrence made the crowd get a little rowdy on their victory ride in the Amateur Four Year Old class for The Beverly McNeill Family and was met by Jamie Lawrence.

Charity and Larry Latham were thrilled with David Latham and Hootie’s win in the Racking Specialty Action Two Year Old.

She’s One Hot Tamale and Jamie Lawrence had one hot ride to the blue in the Riders’ Cup Show Pleasure Specialty for The Beverly McNeill Family.

Page 26 / The Scoop

Baileyton, AL

They Call Me Saban and Ray Solley coached their way to the winner’s circle in the Amateur Three Year Old class.

Danny Latham and Gypsy Dollar put a spell on the competition and won the Racking Specialty Action Three & Four Year Old.

A Cadillac By Jazz and Donna Hill had a smooth ride to the blue in the Amateur Specialty and was met by Dr. Gary Hill.

Jamie Lawrence had a moonlighting performance to win the Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Open Specialty for the Beverly McNeill Family.

The King’s Reward came out as the king in the Trail Pleasure English Or Western class with Kim Campbell in the irons. She was met by Mike Campbell and Shelli Mehaffey.

Alex Way and Chicago Jazz won the Racking Amateur Specialty Action Three & Four Year Old. The Scoop / Page 27

Baileyton, AL

Jose’ Double Trouble and Jamie Lawrence seemed to stay out of trouble long enough to put a show on to win the Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Stallions for the Beverly McNeill Family.

Jack Heffington had a great finish to his evening by winning the Amateur Canter class aboard Ozone’s Major and was met by James Haynes.

Traveling Dr. Williams and Steve Sanders claimed the blue in the Riders’ Cup Park Pleasure Specialty and was met by Debbie and Sonny Sanders.

Proud daughter, Mikayla Latham, was delighted to pose with her mother, Charity Latham, after her win aboard Motown Eclipse in the Racking Amateur Specialty Action.

Page 28 / The Scoop

Danny Latham had a spectacular ride to win the Racking Specialty Action Stake aboard Hillbilly Jose.

The Scoop / Page 29

106th Annual Wartrace Horse Show

THE GOLDEN SOVEREIGN AND TIM SMITH WALKED TO THE BLUE RIBBON HONORS IN WARTRACE WARTRACE, TN-The 106th Annual Wartrace Horse Show was held Saturday, August 4, 2012, at Jernigan Field in Wartrace, TN. Once a year three organizations, which include the East Bedford Civic Club, Cascade High School and the Cascade Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization, band together to form the Civic Enterprises of Wartrace. Together as one large group, they sponsor this event. The proceeds from this show will sponsor community, school and youth projects throughout the year. The Honorable Bill Cantrell of Phenix City, AL judged the 29 class

event. Brian Peery of Hampshire, TN kept the crowd moving with the sounds from his organ and Bobby Sands of Columbia, TN had the show moving right along as he announced the show. Photographer, Jack Greene, captured the horses at their best. Other show officials included farrier, Mark Walling of Wartrace, TN; veterinarian, Robert West; show chairman, Roy Ferguson, and show secretary, Heather Beard. Even though it was extremely humid, the riders and horses didn’t seem to mind and they performed at their very best. The show started

with Pride Of Willie and Mark West carrying the American Flag. The Cascade High School Band performed the National Anthem. There were many outstanding classes of the evening that made everyone take notice. Justin Harris rode Specialist’s Fancy Lady in the Two Year Old Mares or Geldings class for owners, Jim & Jane Walker, and The Special Design in the 15.2 & Under Open Specialty class for owners, Don & Elaine Milligan. Coachin And Preachin and Beverly Lamp walked away together with the blue ribbon honors in the Yearlings Colt class.

The Golden Sovereign and Tim Smith reined over the Walking Horse Stake class for owner, Evergreen Walking Horse Farm.

Page 30 / The Scoop




WEANLINGS 1. I’m Earnhardt 2. Watch Don’t Touch 3. The General Lee 4. Rowdy Sunshine 5. Watch Out Hollywood

Roger Richards, Jr. Michael Chandler Nathan Mills John Dorris Christy Hick

Roger Richards Michael Chandler Nathan Mills Harlinsdale Farm Thomas Adams

COUNTRY PLEASURE ENGLISH & WESTERN 1. Miss Lady Antebellum Tamara Hader 2. A Jazz Angel Darren Gray 3. Mikimoto Pearl Cindy Adams 4. She’s Magic To The Boys Kaylee Hash

Tamara Hader Kathy Anderson Cindy Adams Mr. & Mrs. John Hash

YEARLING FILLIES 1, Snookie Majors 2. Keeping Up With Jones 3. Oops Lady Luck 4. I’m A Farmers Daughter 5. Mercedes Lane By Design

Nathan Mills Sylvester Skierkowski Chris Richards Molly Vaughn Jenn Fleming

Nathan & April Mills Bobby Joe Jones Family Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley Bobby Joe Jones Family Faughn & Fleming

YOUTH 11 & UNDER 1. She’s Armed With Poison 2. I’m Ugly Betty 3. Jazzy Sally 4. General Willie 5. Gen’s Black Gin Reaction

William Derickson Counti Green Zachary Swafford Jayden Jackson Storm Sims

Thomas Derickson Counti Green Zachary Swafford Jack Heffington Mike Chiappari Family

TRAIL PLEASURE ENGLISH & WESTERN 1. Good Til The Last Drop Rhiannon Barker 2. Delightfully Royal Bob Lawrence 3. I’m Manhatten Tamara Hader 4. BDF Rock Landford Buster Black 5. Riff Raff Anne Frank RIDERS’ CUP TWO YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Specialist’s Fancy Lady Justin Harris 2. Atonement Scotty Brooks 3. Gen’s Clear Skies Greg Williams 4. He’s Two Foot Fred Dickie Scrivner 5. El Bandolero Tony Mercer

James & Dawn Payne Hutto & Lawrence Tamara Hader Black Dog Farm Anne Frank Jim Walker Gene Davis Martin Cox Eddie Williams Dr. Jack & Elizabeth Bailey

AMATEUR TRAIL PLEASURE FOUR & UNDER SPECIALTY ENGLISH & WESTERN 1. Line Item Veto Rachel Jernigan Jernigan & Teague 2. I’m Soulja Boy Darren Gray Darren Gray 3. Oops Peek A Boo Laurale Lowery Laurale Lowery 4. A Hard Line Ellie West Ellis West YOUTH 12-17 SPECIALTY 1. The Mississippi Hippie WhitLei Green 2. My Name Jose Emilee Graves 3. Bueno Loco Sydney Shortridge RIDERS’ CUP THREE YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Slice Of Heaven Justin Harris 2. Cashin In On Voltage Mickey McCormick 3. Leila Lucky Collins 4. Miss Splashy Cash Tim Smith FARM 5. El Casanova

Jeff Laughlin

WhitLei Green Mike Grave Family Salt Lick Farms Andrew Waites Family Charlie Renfro Don & Lucky Collins Evergreen Walking Horse Vickie Penick

Snookie Majors and Nathan Mills accepted the blue ribbon. April Mills joined in to celebrate. PLANTATION PLEASURE SPECIALTY 1. Hello I’m Johnny Cash Sherri Pollack

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

AMATEUR TWO YEAR OLD 1. Keep Your Cash Sheryl Crawford 2. The Armed Titleist Barbara Corbett 3. I’m A Firey Diamond Sherri Pollack 4. Jazz Man’s Cash Becky Barnes 5. Stagecoach Mary Leah Boyd

Crawford Colts Ridgemont Farm Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch Norman Williamson Leah Boyd

YEARLING COLTS 1. Coachin And Preachin 2. He’s Fabulous 3. Master Of Motion

Keith & Lorraine Rosbury Bobby Joe Jones Family Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley

Beverly Lamp Sylvester Skiewkowksi Chris Richards

RIDERS’ CUP OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Intensity Steve Dunn 2. Ricky Ricardo Brock Tillman 3. Public Enemy Number One Tony Mercer 4. The Chorus Line Scotty Brooks 5. Another Line Justin Harris

Stephanie Gordon Tim Napier Family Charles and Carol Ann Gavin Gene Davis Oliver & Fleming

AMATEUR 50 & OVER SPECIALTY 1. She Scored Nine Pam Williams 2. People Are Crazy Jeff V. Smith 3. High Jacked Dr. Jim Baum 4. Jose’s First Rhythm Lucky Collins 5. I’m Bruce Pearl LaRue McWaters

Pam Williams Jeff V. Smith Lisa Baum Don & Lucky Collins LaRue McWaters

RIDERS’ CUP TWO YEAR OLD STALLIONS 1. An Eclipse Rocky McCoy 2. Twenty-One Gunn Salute Link Webb 3. Silver Berlin Tony Mercer

SBS Colt Group D.R. Mozeley Tony Mercer

AMATEUR 15.2 & UNDER SPECIALTY 1. Your Wish My Command Bart McWaters 2. Jose’s Flamengo Dancer Sister Milligan 3. Mucho Pavo Ty Irby 4. B 13 Henry Metcalf

LaRue McWaters Tommy & Sister Milligan Irby Farms Henry & Peggy Metcalf The Scoop / Page 31

106th Annual Wartrace Horse Show RIDERS’ CUP LITE SHOD SPECIALTY 1. Justifiable Laurie Toone

Kasey Kessselring

AMATEUR THREE YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. I’m Gun Shy Christy Warner 2. Erin Andrews Lauren Williams 3. Jazz’s Witchie Woman Lynn Hickok 4. Susie Q Express Debbie Marbry 5. Ringer Sarah Moersch

Christy Warner Lauren Williams Ridgemont Farm Chester Marbry Rolling Hills Farm

RIDERS’ CUP PARK PERFORMANCE OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Hello Dollar Link Webb D.R. Mozeley 2. JD’s Armed Ray Lewis Jeff Green Randolph & Edna Scott 3. One More Encore Jeff Laughlin Raymond & Diana Popp 4. Prodigy Sherri Pollack Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch 5. Bustin Jose Tony Mercer Ashley Case AMATEUR THREE YEAR OLD STALLIONS 1. The Red King Alex Way 2. All Ready Jennifer B. Lee

Double B Farm Fred Brown

AMATEUR FOUR YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Jose’s Night Train Sister Milligan 2. Dirty Sexy Money Laura Brandon 3. Sox Appeal Debbie Eichler 4. I’m A Jazz Thing Sherri Pollack 5. Fourth Quarter Miracle Jacob Miller

Tommy & Sister Milligan Wallace & Laura Brandon Rising Star Ranch Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch Jacob Miller

RIDERS’ CUP 15.2 & UNDER OPEN SPECIALTY 1. The Special Design Justin Harris 2. DJ Jazzy Jeff Winky Groover 3. Admission Is A Dollar Charlie Green 4. Nine Yard Blitz Brock Tillman

Don Milligan Davenport & Davenport Pam Hendrickson Laura & Tim Cochran

AMATEUR SHOW PLEASURE 1. In A Danger Zone Kelly Martin 2. Pearl Gunn Linda Imler 3. A Final Call Wanda Goodson 4. C Me Push Sister Milligan 5. Raining Gold Heidi McWilliams

Kelly Martin Sally Fleck Wanda Goodson Tommy & Sister Milligan Jim & Heidi McWilliams

RIDERS’ CUP THREE YEAR OLD STALLIONS 1. Los Lobos Brandye Mills 2. The Crimson Sky Tony Mercer 3. Southern Black Gin Brock Tillman

Joe Barnes Judy & Ashley Case D.R. Mozeley

AMATEUR FOUR YEAR OLD STALLIONS 1. Jose’s Dr. Pepper Lucky Collins

Don & Lucky Collins

AMATEUR MARES & GELDINGS SPECIALTY 1. Rosetta Stone Patti Marek 2. Dollar’s Big And Rich Wes Hendrick 3. C Est La Vie Carol Lackey 4. I’m A Hustler Jacquelyn Elliott 5. Ms. Jose Walks Sister Milligan

Marek & Smith Kenny Hendrick Family Jimmy & Carol Lackey Jack Heffington Tommy & Sister Milligan

I’m Earnhardt and Molly Vaughn seem excited as they walked away with the blue ribbon in the Weanlings class.

Good Til The Last Drop and Rhiannon Barker won first place for owners, James and Dawn Payne, in the Trail Pleasure English & Western. They are joined by Rhiannon’s family.

RIDERS’ CUP FOUR YEAR OLD STALLIONS & GELDINGS 1. House Special Justin Harris Bill & Janice Anderson 2. Sir Skywatch Charlie Green Joe and Ann Rich Amateur Specialty 1. Jose’s Crystal Lite Rhonda Stewart Stewart’s Farm & Nursery 2. Dimaggio Alexandria Holland Alexandria Holland RIDERS’ CUP WALKING CHAMPIONSHIP 1. The Golden Sovereign Tim Smith 2. Rowdy Rev Brandon Stout 3. The Thug Dick Peebles 4. Skywatch’s Masterpiece Bill Callaway Page 32 / The Scoop

Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Harlinsdale Farm Luckey & Kay Easterling Bill Hill

Slice Of Heaven and Justin Harris are joined by the Andrew Waites family. They are all happy as the twosome won the Three Year Old Mares & Geldings class.

106th Annual Wartrace Horse Show I’m Gun Shy and Christy Warner rode to the blue ribbon victory in the Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings class.

Jose’s Night Train and Sister Milligan took home the blue ribbon honors in the Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings class.

Justifiable and Laurie Toone won the Open Lite Shod class for owners, the Kasey Kesselring family.

An Eclipse and Rocky McCoy won the first place ribbon in the Two Year Old Stallions class for owners, SBS Colt Group.

Specialist’s Fancy Lady and Justin Harris won the Two Year Old Mares or Geldings for owners, Jim & Jane Walker.

Coachin And Preachin and Beverly Lamp walked their way to the blue in the Yearling Colt class for owners, Keith & Lorraine Rosbury.

The Special Design and Justin Harris were thrilled after their blue ribbon win in the 15.2 & Under Open Specialty class for owners, Don & Elaine Milligan. The Scoop / Page 33

106th Annual Wartrace Horse Show

Page 34 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 35

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The Scoop / Page 37

Page 38 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 39

CHRIS PICKEL AND ON THE DOTTED LINE WALKED AWAY WITH THE BLUE RIBBON AT THE FENTRESS COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW JAMESTOWN, TN – August 11, 2012 was the date of the Fentress County Fair Horse Show held at the Fentress County Fairgrounds in Jamestown, TN. This marked the 55th year for the show, which was held in memory of Arnold D. Wright. The event was sponsored by the Fentress County Fair Association. Trophies and ribbons were awarded to the top competitors in each class along with the winning checks. The Honorable Mike Janeway from Robbins, TN marked the cards. The show affiliated with PRIDE HIO and the DQP’s did a great job getting the horses inspected in a timely manner. The concession stand had great food that seemed to be enjoyed by all. The show started with the stick horse class and had 5 entries. The Walking Horse Stake class winner won the challenge trophy in memory of Al Miller, Sr. donated by the Al Miller family. This year’s winner was On The Dotted Line and Chris Pickel for owner, Charles Garner of Loganville, GA. Reserve went to Parole Breaker and Scott Beaty for owner, Barren Witherspoon of Cincinnati, OH. The third place ribbon went to Radar’s Motown ridden by J.B. Buchanan for owners, Ted & Bernice Turner of Livingston, TN. The evening also provided Racking and Mule classes, which were exciting to watch. Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s show. THE SCOOP was proud to be on hand to greet each champion after they made their blue ribbon victory pass and to celebrate their win. For complete coverage of this show and other industry news, go to our FREE website at

On The Dotted Line and Chris Pickel took home the honors in the Walking Stake class for owner, Charles Garner. Page 42 / The Scoop

Jamestown, TN FENTRESS COUNTY FAIR Jamestown, TN August 11, 2012 Judge: Mike Janeway HORSE Yearling 1. I’m A Farmers Daughter



Roger Richards

2. G Mail 3. A Bad Element 4. She’s A Walking Tribute

Hayley Wisehart Meagan Byrd Pam Webb

Bobby Joe Jones Family Hayley Wisehart Meagan Byrd Pam Webb

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. Sweep’s Sir William 2. Man Of Fortune 3. Oops You Better Be Good

Lauren Robinson Annette England Harolene Willis

Donald Robinson Annette England Rodger & Harolene Willis

Two Year Old Open 1. Senorita Martinez 2. She’s Hot And Sassy

Bradley Bottoms J.B. Buchanan

Bradley Bottoms Bernice Turner

Gaited Mules Open 1. Major Mouse 2. Star

Tonya Cummings Bill Welch

Tonya Cummings Bill Welch

Trail Pleasure 1. I A Mysteria 2. I’m Just Jesse

Joe Lester Ruth Tudor

3. My Red Corvette 4. Ratchet

Harley Goad Wanda Reagan

5. Watch With Caution

Allix Lowe

Joe Lester Larry & Ruth Tudor Goad Family Danny & Wanda Reagan Allix Lowe

Amateur Two Year Old 1. I’m So Blessed

Tonya Cummings

2. Sovereign Dollar

Bethany Allred

Youth 12-17 1. Tickle Me Pink 2. Ebony’s All Colors

Cassi Slagle Brown Smith

Amateur Three Year Old 1. Mister Myrtle Beach

Harolene Willis

2. Senior Moment 3. Jazz Fusion

Jennie Funk Rod Slagle

Adult Country Pleasure 1. She’s Bold N Spicey Wright 2. Too Hot 3. Heavenly Vision 4. Bottoms Up 5. Mamacita Mamacita

Bailey & Cummings Fred Allred Cassi Slagle Doug & Jean Brown Rodger & Harolene Willis Jim & Jenny Funk Cassi Slagle

Youth Ponies 1. Major’s Magic Horizon 2. Autumn Trek

Cassi Slagle Boone Smith

Cassi Slagle Doug & Jean Brown

Open Three Year Old 1. The Promise Of Gold

Chris Pickel

2. Catch 22 3. Sheza Switch Hitter

J.B. Buchanan Michael Burton

4. Lee Wall

David Dupes

Jerry and Linda Martin Bernice Turner Ervin Maxwell Family Danny Murray

Youth Country Pleasure 1. Too Hot 2. He’s Making Waves 3. Copy Of Rage 4. The Cruiser 5. My Oreo

Matasia Goodwin Mackenzie Goad Mark Templeton Lily Crickman Cole Brown

Hayley Wisehart Goad Family Clay Rogers Sam Beaty Tina Brown

Four Year Old Open 1. She’s Lady Antebellum

Scott Beaty

Fred Allred

Amateur Specialty 1. Joe Hand

Abby Fox

2. Rebel In Command 3. Jose’s True Grit 4. Sweep Over 5. Chicken On A Chain

Hayley Wisehart April Jeffers Rodney Koger Mark Templeton

Lewis Kenney Family Hayley Wisehart Brian Jeffers Johnson & Koger Carol Rogers

Flat Shod Racking Open 1. Pure Image’s Jubilee 2. Pusher’s Beth Sada 3. Cut By The Undertaker 4. Jubilee’s First Cut 5. Mountain Spirit

Harley Goad Freddie Norris Misty Shouse Jason Todd David Stowers

Goad Family Freddie Norris Misty Shouse Jason Todd David Stowers

Park Performance 1. Extra IRS

Ruth Tudor

2. Ballesteros 3. Generator’s Strong Dollar 4. Ozone Warning 5. Extra

Tom Garren Jerry Swallows Kyle Bush Jalon Foster

Larry & Ruth Tudor Angela Garren Jerry Swallows Kyle Bush Cheryl Marcum

Amateur Four Year Old 1. A Lady Antebellum 2. Sky Up

Rodney Koger Tonya Cummings

Bobbie Jo Koger Cummings & Bailey

Jack McCormick Tina Brown Lily Crickman Makayla Cope

Jack McCormick Tina Brown Ricky Price Patrick Cope

Jason Todd Misty Shouse Brittany Rains Chandler Brown

Jason Todd Misty Shouse Freddie Norris Chandler Brown

Ruth Tudor

Fred & Diane

Spotted Horses Specialty 1. Silver Dollar Express 2. My Oreo 3. Domino’s Spotted Dolly 4. Dancer

Hayley Wisehart Wanda Reagan

Hayley Wisehart Danny & Wanda Reagan Allix Lowe Lester & Long

Style Racking Open 1. The Royal Flash 2. Diamond Finesse 3. Pusher’s Beth Sada 4. Lilman

Allix Lowe Mila Long

Racking Horses, Open Action Device 1. I’m A Wildfire Tommy Rivers

Meredith Driskell

The Scoop / Page 43

Jamestown, TN Lite Shod Plantation Pleasure Specialty 1. Design Joe Lester 2. I’m A Midnight Warrior Allison R. Mason 3. Wise Impact 4. JFK’s Carolined

Danielle Johnson Wanda Reagan

5. Showboat & Gen’s Eli

Gary Austin

Joe Lester Allison Reagan Mason Vic Gernt Danny &Wanda Reagan Gary Austin

Show Pleasure Specialty 1. A Dangerous Decision 2. Billy Clyde 3. Dollar’s Mick Jagger 4. Hot All American 5. John FK’s RBI

Scott Beaty Jeff Slagle Randy Young Donald Robinson Tommy Rivers

Fred Allred Cassi Slagle Mary Lou Hess Donald Robinson Tommy Rivers

15.2 & Under Specialty 1. Cashin In On The Faith 2. The Engineer 3. Sports Edition

April Jeffers Larry Wheelon Scott Beaty

4. J R In Command

Jason Owenby

5. Ozone’s Ace

John Robbins

Brian Jeffers Wartrace Farms Doug & Pam Hunt Owenby & Strader Richmond Smith

Amateur Park Pleasure 1. I’m A Jaywalker

Hayley Wisehart

2. It’s Nancy Lopez

Allix Lowe

Jason & Samantha Fitrell Allix Lowe

Jason Todd

Billy & Dana

Allix Lowe David Russell Misty Shouse

Allix Lowe David Russell Misty Shouse

Walking Horse Stake 1. On The Dotted Line 2. Parole Breaker

Chris Pickel Scott Beaty

3. Radar’s Motown

J.B. Buchanan

Charles Garner Barron Witherspoon Ted & Bernice Turner

Speed Racking 1. Miss Undertaker Hurst 2. Highway Man 3. Beam’s Masquerade 4. Dragon Fire

Tamara Webb, James Webb and Jonathan Byrd are expecting a great time at the horse show.

Page 44 / The Scoop

Fred Randolph and Renee McJunkins drove from Niota, TN to watch the show.

Joe Lester came to exhibit his horses and have fun.

Jamestown, TN

Todd Burnett, Mike Janeway and Chris Watson

Harolene and Rodger Willis are having a wonderful time enjoying her Amateur Three Year Old championship ride aboard Mister Myrtle Beach.

She’s My Sophia and Alyssa Lawson, who is just 15 months old, are starting young.

Owner, Linda Martin, Chris Arden, and Ann Derryberry celebrated with Chris Pickel and The Promise Of Gold after their Open Three Year Old win.

Franklin Beaty, Silver Dollar Exclusive and owner, Jack McCormick, pose for the camera after winning the Spotted Specialty class.

Noah, Gabe Garren, Chris Pickel, and Brian Jeffers shared the thrill of victory with Cashin In On The Faith and April Jeffers, 15.2 & Under Specialty champions.

The Scoop / Page 45

Page 46 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 47

Johnny Ritz and Billy Gray Take the Blue at Fayetteville Fayetteville, TN – The Lincoln County Horseman’s and 4-H Horse Show Grounds was the setting for the Thirty-first Annual Fayetteville Blue Ribbon Horse Show held on August 2, 2012, in Fayetteville. The Lincoln County 4-H Honor Club sponsored the show with the proceeds being invested in the Youth of Lincoln County 4-H Clubs. The Honorable Don Milligan from Shelbyville, TN judged the thirty-class event. It is always good to hear Chip Walters handling the announcer’s responsibilities. Jack Greene was the official photographer and Brian Peery tickled the ivories of his horse show organ. The class sheets for the show were sponsored by Brook Haven Farm of Fayetteville. The show got off to a good start with pretty Breanna Lovvorn winning the Lead Line class sitting aboard multi-World Champion, Shake’s Little Midnight. Absolute Bullet Proof and Jordan Dempsey made the ride down victory lane in the Youth 12-17 Specialty class. Ed Breedlove and Kid Callahan wore the blue ribbon out on their bridle in the Amateur Specialty class. These are just a few of the memorable rides that were made. The Stake class winners were Billy Gray in the irons aboard Johnny Ritz for owner, Hoyte Eakes. Brett Boyd and Knee Deep In Cash took home the red ribbon for Charles and Joy Gleghorn. The SCOOP was happy to be in attendance to greet the champions. Please visit our FREE website at

Johnny Ritz and Billy Gray had an amazing ride to win the Walking Horse Championship. Page 48 / The Scoop

Fayetteville, TN FAYETTEVILLE BLUE RIBBON SHOW Fayetteville, TN August 2, 2012 Judge: Don Milligan HORSE Lead Line 1. Breanna Lovvorn 2. Grace Wilhelm 3. Julie Paige Callaway


Youth 11 & Under Country Pleasure Specialty 1. It’s Hammer Time WhitLei Green 2. Buddy Colton Trimble 3. Free Stock

Carter Gleghorn

4. Cashy Lady

Evan Gleghorn

5. Avenger’s Crooked Creek

Taylor Gleghorn

Weanlings 1. Watch Don’t Touch 2. Master Mind

Michael Chandler Cash McCall

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Ritz’s Heart Throb Scotty Brooks Lite Shod Open Specialty 1. Justifiable

Laurie Toone

2. He’s All That Jazz

Carrie Martin

Yearling Fillies 1. Flirtin To Win 2. I’m A Farmers Daughter

Chris Richards Beverly Lamp

Youth 11 & Under Mares & Geldings 1. On Probation Katie Mason 2. Unforgettable Pusher

Makena Dempsey

3. She’s A Silver Lady

Macey Krauth

Adult Country Pleasure Specialty 1. Cowboy On Parole Wilsene M. Kwok


Jordan Howell James & Kim Bailey Family Charles & Joy Gleghorn Charles & Joy Gleghorn Charles & Joy Gleghorn Michael Chandler Cash McCall & Karen Bean Gene Davis Kasey Kesselring Family Montverde Academy Lisa Washburn Bobby Joe Jones Family Buddy & Lynn Wilhelm Charles & Joy Gleghorn Macey Krauth

2. Mikimoto Pearl 3. Designed 2 B Blue

Cindy Adams Steve Smith

O & W Moody, Ltd. Cindy Adams Steve Smith

Two Year Old Stallions 1. Led Zeppelin

Rico Bravo

Darrell Frazier

Trail Pleasure 1. Victoria’s Got A Secret

Jack Kwok

2 Smokin The Line 3. Jose’s Sweetness

Tamara Hader Mike Bell

O & W Moody, Ltd. Tamara Hader Mike & Kristie Bell

Amateur Specialty 1. Kid Callahan

Ed Breedlove

2. Blackjack Twenty One

Allison Oliver

Genevieve Breedlove Oliver & Simpson

Youth Trail Pleasure 1.She’s Indescribable 2. Affectionately

Allison Dennis Hunter Morgan

Allison Dennis Hunter Morgan

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. Absolute Bullet Proof

Jordan Dempsey

2. Stemwinder 3. Look I’m Sandra Dee

Koston McWaters Susan Cowley

Charles & Joy Gleghorn LaRue McWaters Edwin Cowley

Yearling Colts 1. Cooperstown Kid

Marty Warren

2. Ritz Entourage

Beverly Lamp

3. Master Of Motion

Chris Richards

Three Year Old Stallions 1. The New York Giant

Rico Bravo

Park Performance Open Specialty 1. Strike It Bold Candice Hass Youth Ponies 1. Pusher’s General

Jordan Dempsey

Denise Smith/ Darrell Frazier Keith & Lorraine Rosbury Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley Darrell Frazier Geczi & Ward Charles Joy Gleghorn

Four Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Those Fancy Legs Charlie Green

Pam Hendrickson

Amateur Canter 1. I’m Bruce Pearl

Bart McWaters

Bart McWaters

Five & Over Mares & Geldings 1. Promise Of Candy

Scotty Brooks

Gene Davis

Walking Championship 1. Johnny Ritz

Billy Gray

2. Knee Deep In Cash

Brett Boyd

Hoyte & Jane Eakes Charles & Joy Gleghorn

The Scoop / Page 49

Fayetteville, TN

Justus Carter, Counti Green and Hannah Pulvers congratulate WhitLei Green on her win aboard It’s Hammer Time for owner, Jordan Howell.

Breanna Lovvorn and Christen Lovvorn were all smiles after their win in the Lead Line class aboard Shake’s Little Midnight.

Hunter, Evan and Mackenzie Morgan congratulated Laurie Toone on winning the Lite Shod Specialty aboard Justifiable for the Kasey Kesselring Family.

Page 50 / The Scoop

Layne Leverette and Lynn Womack enjoy watching the show.

Fayetteville, TN

On Probation and Katie Mason were congratulated by a large group of friends and family after winning the Youth 11 & Under Specialty. Led Zeppelin and Rico Bravo played their way around to the blue in the Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Stallions for Darrell Frazier.

_______________ McGee, Lisa Washburn and Karen McGee congratulate Chris Richards on his win in the Yearling Fillies after he flirted his way around the ring with Flirtin To Win.

Wilsene Kwok and Cowboy On Parole were all smiles after winning the Adult Country Pleasure class and were met by Brad & Payton Davis.

Kid Callahan and Ed Breedlove had an amazing performance to receive the blue in the Amateur Specialty. The Scoop / Page 51

Page 52 / The Scoop

Fayetteville, TN

She’s Indescribable and Allison Dennis won the Youth Trail Pleasure and were met by Justus Carter and Hannah Pulvers.

Friends and family gather around to celebrate Jordan Dempsey’s win in the Youth 12-17 Specialty aboard Absolute Bullet Proof.

Justin Jenne’ and Steve Smith congratulate Marty Warren on his win with Cooperstown Kid in the Yearling Colts.

The New York Giant and Rico Bravo hit it out of the park in the Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Stallions.

Candice Hess and Strike It Bold were ecstatic to win the Park Performance Specialty.

Jordan Dempsey was met by Charles Gleghorn and Brett Boyd after her win aboard Pusher’s General in the Youth Pony Specialty. The Scoop / Page 53

Fayetteville, TN

Those Fancy Legs and Charlie Green had a fancy ride to the blue in the Riders’ Cup Four Year Old Mares & Geldings.

Thomas Seymour, Ann and LaRue McWaters congratulate Bart McWaters on his win with I’m Bruce Pearl in the Amateur Canter class.

Scotty Brooks directed Promise Of Candy to the winner’s circle in the Riders’ Cup Five & Over Mares & Geldings for Gene Davis.

Michael Chandler led Watch Don’t Touch to the blue in the Weanling class.

Ritz’s Heart Throb and Scotty Brooks received top honors in the Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Mares & Geldings.

Nancy Davis, Don Broom, Wilsene Kwok, Brad and Payton Davis and Anton Bowen congratulated Jack Kwok on his win aboard Victoria’s Got A Secret in the Trail Pleasure class.

Page 54 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 55

Page 56 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 57

Page 58 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 59

OLIVE HILL KENTUCKY SHOW WAS OFF TO A GOOD START, BUT . . . Everyone was in great spirits on Friday night as the Shrine Club had a great turnout for their benefit show. However, things turned very grim Saturday with the USDA in attendance. It is sad to announce that there was not a racking or walking champion. Under the strict mandatory penalties agreed to by the KY-HIO, people feared the worse and most decided not to show. Please visit the SCOOP’s FREE website at CARTER COUNTY SHRINE Olive Hill, KY August 3-4, 2012 Judge: Johnny Zeller

Amateur Two Year Old 1. Big Blue Nation 2. Preview This Dimension

John Cox Vanessa Wagoneer

Youth Ponies 1. Pusher’s Ebony

Rhiannon Stephens

2. She’s Unthinkable 3. John FK’s Bay Thunder

Wade Cave Brandi Blackburn

AOT Trail Pleasure English & Western 1. Enchanted Wolf Debbie Smothers 2. Joey’s Midnite Shinin Star Erica Heaster 3. Gen’s Commando Haley Searls KWHA Ladies Auxiliary Specialty 1. Dollar’s Luck Of The Draw Dana Yeager 2. A Black Gin Hangover Kim Butler Youth 11 & Under 1. A Little Mo Magic 2. Side Arm

Delaney Reynolds Adam Mabry

Country Pleasure English & Western 1. Night Wolf Debbie Smothers 2. Jose’s Doll Baby Wendy Payton 3. Pride’s Fancy Miss Morgan Murphy 4. A Splash Of Gold Alisha Hall Park Performance Open Specialty 1. Black Angel Delaney Parsons 2. Master’s Strutt Mitzi Bumpus Amateur Specialty 1. Joselito 2. The Loco Jose

Tina Moss John Wright

Plantation Pleasure Open Specialty 1. Piddler Out Of Parole Will McArthur 2. I’m Super Bad Jaiden Knox

Page 60 / The Scoop

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. Big Show 2. Eb’s Night Storm Boy 3. Gen’s Thunder Maker 4. Lightning McQueen

John & Dana Cox Justin Wagoneer Shannon S. Stephens Anne Patterson Tyler Blackburn Debbie Smothers Erica Hester Haley Searls Dana Yeager Kermit Tyree Family Delaney Reynolds Adam Mabry Debbie Smothers Paul Payton Morgan Murphy Alisha Hall Delaney Parsons Mitzi Bumpus Tina Moss Mr. & Mrs. John Wright Will McArthur Jaiden Knox

Shannon Nichols Taryn Howell Cheri Claxon Tina Moss

Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty 1. I’m Caliente Tina Moss 2. Sheza Hole In One Michael Long

Shannon Nichols Terri Harris Cheir Claxon Emma Thompson Tina Moss Ron Long

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. Fable’s Broker Promise 2. Lady Of Cash 3. Vaquero

Brandi Blackburn Britney Smith Wade Cave

4. Spellbound Generator

Morgan Murphy

Amateur Novice Rider Specialty 1. My Lucky Color 2. Stepping Around Town 3. Pushin For Payment 4. I’m Willie The Kid 5. Stomp The Line

Kendra Hall Rusty Dillon Tabitha Porter Kendra Hicks John Wright

Kendra Hall Rusty Dillon Tabitha Porter Wesley Allen Mr. & Mrs. John Wright

Amateur Three Year Old 1. The Signature Series 2. Casino Girl 3. Especially Delightful

Brandi Blackburn Delaney Reynolds Conrad Long

Blackburn Stables Ron Long Conrad Long

Trail Pleasure English & Western Specialty 1. Willie’s Gold Champion Brandon Berthing 2. Midnight Eddie Butler 3. Johnny’s Pride & Hot Air Gracie Carper 4. Dolly Kelsey Maddox

Brandon Berthing Eddie Butler Gracie Carper Kelsey Maddox

Amateur Four Year Old 1. Night Shades Threat 2. I’ve Got The Title 3. Irish Sun’s Delight D 4. Delightful Josie

Ron Long Greg Lute Terri Harris Conrad Long

Michael Long Melissa Stephens Terri Harris Conrad Long

Blackburn Stables Britany Smith Sherman & Diana Williams John & Linda Maxwell

Olive Hill, KY

Open Pleasure horse winner, Erica Heaster and Joey’s Midnite Shinin Star.

Scoop correspondent Shannon K. Mitchell, aka The Grill Master, is shown sampling her work. The Scoop / Page 61

Page 62 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 63

Page 64 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 65

67th Annual Sumner County Fair

For the Fourth Consecutive Year Generator’s Freefalling and Justin Taylor Take the Championship Honors GALLATIN, TN – The 67th Annual Sumner County Fair was held Saturday, August 4, 2012, at the Sumner County Fairgrounds. The Honorable Randy Young marked the cards, while organist, Debra Gammons, entertained the crowd with her organ music, and ringmasters, Robert Lankford and V.K. Rutledge, lined up the horses. Show chairman, Jimmy Moore, and his

volunteers did a superb job of putting on this horse show. It was also fun to visit the fair and enjoy the rides or eat some of the great food. The funnel cakes were a huge favorite and always a delight to eat. For the fourth straight year, Justin Taylor and Generator’s Freefalling made the victory pass in the Walking Championship for owners, Carroll and

Virginia Counts. Julio Julio and Leigh Ann Gregory were reserve for Gunner Gregory. Third in this good class was Jeff Givens riding the Jo Ann Dowell entry, Incredible. Rounding out the stake was John Paul Jones and Sky’s Midnight Mirage for Andrew McCloy. For the latest industry news, pictures, and results, please visit our FREE website at www.

Justin Taylor and Generator’s Freefalling were delighted to make this their fourth win in a row in the Walking Horse Championship at the Gallatin Show. He was congratulated by friends and family. Page 66 / The Scoop

67th Annual Sumner County Fair SUMNER COUNTY FAIR GALLATIN, TN AUGUST 4, 2012 JUDGE: RANDY YOUNG HORSE YEARLINGS 1. Doc Pearl 2. Parole Patrol 3. Polka Dottie 4. Black Bruce 5. I’m So Charismatic YOUTH 11 & UNDER 1. Ms. Poteet

RIDER Ella Kline Carla Hurley Alesia Van Hooser Jim Blankenship Ben Kelley Keely Morrow

OWNER C.L. Kline Farms Harlinsdale Farm Alesia Van Hooser C.L. Kline Farms Ben Kelley Keely Morrow

OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Major Sky’s Nightwatch 2. The Sicilian 3.Ritzy Rascal 4. Sergio

Justin Taylor Tommy Loid John Paul Jones Jerry Beaty

Shirley Judd Ashley McGuffey Andrew McElroy Linda Holsomback

PARK PERFORMANCE OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Extra IRS Ruth Tudor 2. Nine Ladies Dancing Justin Taylor 3. He’s Majestic Jeff Givens 4. The Morning Line Tommy Loid

Larry & Ruth Tudor CentralGAEquineServices JoAnn Dowell Ann Darmody

AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1. My Ritzy Lady YF 2. He’s A Showboat 3. Haze’s Senor Jose

Joe Estes Virginia Counts Bill Martin

Joe Estes Carroll & Virginia Counts Bill Martin

AMATEUR TWO YEAR OLD 1. She’s American Cash Marshall Kemp 2. Coin’s Delight Charlie Carr

Marshall Kemp Carr Brothers

AMATEUR COUNTRY PLEASURE 1. Pusher’s Hurrican Baby Don Hancock 2. Patterned By Command Joel Teeples 3. She’s Bold N Spicey SF Ruth Tudor 4. Extra Brite Spot Bryan Mehaffey 5. The Son Of Lightning Joe Davis

SHOW PLEASURE OPEN 1. Special Dollar 2. I’m Phil Fulmer 3. The White Mask

Justin Taylor Tommy Loid Dustin Smith

Larry & Pat Randolph Mark Frodge KB Farms

Don Hancock Dianna Teeples Fred & Diane Wright Shelli Mehaffey Joe Davis Family

WALKING CHAMPIONSHIP 1. Generator’s Freefalling 2. Julio Julio 3. Incredible 4. Sky’s Midnight Mirage

Justin Taylor Leigh Anne Gregory Jeff Givens John Paul Jones

Kevin Counts Gunner Gregory JoAnn Dowell Andrew McCloy

AMATEUR SHOW PLEASURE 1. Checkin In At The Ritz Kent McGary

Kent McGary

TWO YEAR OLD OPEN 1. El Nino’s Jazz 2. Review’s Dream Girl 3. Cash’s Scoring Lady

Todd Smith Buist Carr Jerry Beaty

Charles Mosley James & Alice Blankenship Junior Holsomback

LITE SHOD SPECIALTY 1. The Bases Are Loaded 2. Starry Eyes 3. Image Of Ted 4. Extra Brite Spot 5. My Boardwalk

Jeff Givens Donna Byard Don Hancock Bryan Mehaffey Allie Easley

Joe & Emily Siciensky Sally Reiley Don Hancock Bryan Mehaffey Riley Gregory

AMATEUR NOVICE SPECIALTY 1. King Of Mexico Kathy Lewis 2. Jose’s Carmalita Emily Loid 3. Under Oath Leslie Shire

Kathy Lewis Mark Frodge Jackie Young

OPEN THREE YEAR OLD 1. Cash In On Blackjack 2. An All American Belle 3. It’s Blk Velvet If U Ples 4. All American Bigshot

Bill & Judy Underwood Anne Cunningham Douglas Ann McGovern Leigh Anne Gregory

Justin Taylor Todd Smith Buist Carr Dustin Smith

PLANTATION PLEASURE OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Private Treasure Ruth Tudor 2. Heritage’s Serendipity Shephanie Richardson 3. Coach Saban Allie Easley

Fred & Diane Wright Hollie Kelley Allie Easley

AMATEUR LADIES SPECIALTY 1. Show Boat Chaparral Betty Mosley 2. Cash’s Bold And Fresh Virginia Counts

Charles Mosley Carroll & Virginia Counts

AMATEUR THREE YEAR OLD 1. Big Cat Daddy Marshall Kemp 2. Captain Sky Watch Phillip Mullins

Marshall Kemp Buist Carr

The Bases Are Loaded and Jeff Givens hit a homerun to the blue ribbon circle in the Lite Shod Specialty for Joe & Emily Siciensky. The Scoop / Page 67

67th Annual Sumner County Fair

Ella Kline was delighted to lead Doc Pearl to the blue in the Yearling Class.

Ms. Poteet and Keely Morrow had a spectacular ride to win the Youth 11 & Under.

Pusher’s Hurricane Baby and Don Hancock let the hurricane send them right to the winner’s circle in the Amateur Country Pleasure Specialty. Marshall Kemp received top honors in the Amateur Two Year Old class aboard She’s American Cash.

Kent McGary and Checkin In At The Ritz were all smiles after their win in the Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty. Page 68 / The Scoop

With rain and storms surrounding the show, El Nino’s Jazz and Todd Smith won the Open Two Year Old class for Charles Mosley.

67th Annual Sumner County Fair

Kathy Lewis and King Of Mexico came out champions in the Amateur Novice Specialty class.

Diane Wright was all smiles after her horse won the Plantation Pleasure Specialty with Ruth Tudor.

Showboat Chaparral and Betty Mosley were delighted with their win in the Amateur Ladies Specialty.

Major Sky’s Nightwatch and Justin Taylor had a wonderful ride to win the Open Specialty for Shirley Judd.

Ruth Tudor directed Extra IRS to the winner’s circle in the Open Park Performance Specialty.

Cash In On Blackjack and Justin Taylor cashed in to receive the blue in the Open Three Year Old for Bill & Judy Underwood.

Special Dollar and Justin Taylor won the Open Show Pleasure for Larry and Pat Randolph.

Marshall Kemp and Big Cat Daddy received top honors in the Amateur Three Year Old Class. The Scoop / Page 69

Page 70 / The Scoop

PUTNAM COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW Cookeville, TN – The Putnam County Fair Horse Show was held on August 4, 2012, in Cookeville. Keith Bryant from Hudson,NC judged the event. The weather cooperated and it was a beautiful day for a horse show and enjoying good fellowship with friends. Some very talented horses made the gate call and took home blue ribbons. A few of these outstanding winners included Jerry Graves and Dazzling Dumas in the Youth 11 & Under; Chris Pickel and On The Dotted Line in the Open Four Year Old Specialty for Charles Garner; Mr. Jose Walks and Kim Parker in the Amateur Park Pleasure Specialty; Joe Lester took home two blues with Mamacita Mamacita and Design. Scott Beaty captured the Walking Stake title aboard Crazy Heart for the Quentin Fox Family. The SCOOP congratulates all of the winners and invites everyone to visit our FREE website at www.thescooponline. com.

On The Dotted Line and Chris Pickel claimed the blue in the Four Year Old Open Specialty for Charles Garner. The Scoop / Page 71

Cookeville, TN PUTNAM COUNTY FAIR Cookeville, TN August 4, 2012 Judge: Keith Bryant HORSE Youth Ponies 1. Major’s Magic Horizon

Show Pleasure Open Specialty 1. Cut A Rug 2. Billy Clyde 3. This Spirit’s In Command 4. Mr. Black Sun Dust 5. Mr. Title Max

Michael Burton Jeff Slagle Beck Oakley Jackie Byrom Ryan Gannon

Beth Tays Cassi Slagle Beck Oakley Connie McCarthy Keith & Anita Bowman

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. Tickle Me Pink 2. Red Hot Dollar

Cassi Slagle Elly Stamper

Cassi Slagle Allison Stamper

Park Performance Open Specialty 1. Papa’s Scotty

Kathy Owen

2. Olympic Icon 3. Ed Hardy 4. Flash Of Fortune 5. Dumas Bright Star

Jackie Byrom Allison Stamper Nathan Nixon Kevin Gower

Kathy Owen. Double Springs Farm Julia Cole Allison Stamper Nathan Nixon The Larry Brewer Family

Youth Country Pleasure 1. Copy Of Rage 2. The Cruiser 3. He’s Making Waves 4. Prissy’s Merry Legs

Mark Templeton Lily Crickman Mackenzie Goad Tucker Phillips

5. Coin’s Gopher Broke

Bailee Vertner

Clay Rogers Sam Beaty Mackenzie Goad Randall & Rellon Phillips Lester & Long

Youth Trail Pleasure 1. My Red Corvette 2. Mamacita Mamacita 3. Domino’s Spotted Doll 4. Primetime’s Little Lady 5. Mack’s Ragg Doll

Mackenzie Goad Bailee Vertner Lily Crickman Madison Hillis Alexis Clark

Goad Family Lester & Long Ricky Price Madison Hillis Jimmy Sherrell

Park Pleasure Open Specialty 1. The Lady Has Connections

Jackie Byrom

2. Mr. Jose Walks 3. Evil Patty Gray

Ryan Gannon Drew Graves

William & Lynn Kasicki Bobby & Kim Parker Graves & Burton



Cassi Slagle

Cassi Slagle

Two Year Old Open 1. I’m Pat Summitt

Michael Burton

2. It’s Business Time

Brad Beard

3. Her Majesty’s On Parole

Charles Drake

Ricky & Lisa Atnip Mark & Gail Walling Drake & Hemphill

Amateur Four Year Old 1. I’m Donna Sue 2. Cash In My Dollar 3. I’m Generatin Dollars

Ken Frye Julie Cole Lisa Garrison

4. Armed Eliminator

Amanda Maxwell

Country Pleasure 1. Copy Of Rage 2. The Heavenly Star 3.Watch With Caution 4. The Cruiser 5. Rev’s Treasure

Carol Rogers Nicole P. Norvelle Allix Lowe Rachel Crickman Carolyn Gernt

Clay Rogers Aaron Norvelle Allix Lowe Beaty & Young Vic Gernt

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. Sports Edition

Beck Oakley

2. Cashin In On The Faith 3. White Out By Jazz 4. Sunrise Showdown

April Jeffers Tonya Cummings Carol Hall

Doug & Pam Hunt Brian Jeffers Tonya Cummings R & K Stables

Amateur Trail Pleasure 1. Mamacita Mamcita 2. My Red Corvette 3. Power Spark 4. Armed Lawman 5. Sun Of Skywatch

Joe Lester Harley Goad Danielle Johnson Melanie Beckwith Ariel Chaffin

Lester & Long Goad Family Vic Gernt Herb Baugh Larco Medical

Amateur Specialty 1. Orient Express 2. Rio Grande Command 3. Nine Yards To Glory 4. Mojack

Donald Robinson Carrie Hurst Amanda Buckner Jerry Swallows

Sandra Robinson Ronnie Slagle Amanda Buckner Jerry Swallows

Amateur 15.2 & Under Specialty 1. Major Assets 2. Sweeps Sir William 3. Pushin For Parole

Ken Frye Donald Robinson Rachel Sheffield

Ken & Sue Frye Donald Robinson Ed & Shelley Lewis

Four Year Old Open Specialty 1. On The Dotted Line 2. She’s A Gold Medalist 3. Sweetheart Of Jose

Chris Pickel Drew Graves Brad Beard

Youth 11 & Under 1. Dazzling Dumas 2. Rio Grande Command 3. Vegas Folly

Charles Garner Power Industry Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley

Jerry Graves Riley Hurst Elly Stamper

Koni Graves Ronnie Slagle Allison Stamper

Lite Shod English & Western Specialty 1. Design 2. Wise Impact 3. Federali

Joe Lester Danielle Johnson Lucas Clayborn

Scott Beaty Michael Burton Jackie Byrom Ryan Gannon

5. My Wheel Of Fortune

Jonathan Cantrell

Quentin Fox Family Ervin Maxwell Family Vick Etheridge Keith & Anita Bowman Jason Goode

4. Showboat & Gen’s Eli 5. A Cover Girl’s Fantasy

Michael Burton Jordynne Walker

Joe Lester Vic Gernt Morgan Meadow Farms Gary Austin Jordynne Walker

Open Three Year Old 1. Strong Beat 2. Sheza A Switch Hitter 3. Hard By The Yard 4. Ruby Tuesday’s Jose

Open Specialty 1. A Shady Character 2. Parole Breaker 3. Ozone’s Ace 4. Quattro 5. Rebel’s Gold Threat

Drew Graves Scott Beaty Michael Burton Chris Pickel Randall Phillips

Graves & Thrasher Barron Witherspoon Richmond Smith Martha Payne Harold Jackson

Amateur Two Year Old 1. Senorita Martinez 2. Sovereign Dollar 3. Superior Jazz 4. Luna 5. Cash’s Hidden Asset

Bradley Bottoms Bethany Allred Jamie Hillis Tonya Cummings Amanda Bunker

Amateur Three Year Old 1. Jazz Fusion 2. Who Dat Jose 3. Senorita Sky 4. Senior Moment 5. It’s Sunday Morning

Rod Slagle Brian Jeffers Bethany Allred Jenny Funk Mike Moody

Cassi Slagle Brian Jeffers Fred Allred Jim & Jenny Funk Mike & Pam Moody

Riders’ Cup Walking Stake 1. Crazy Heart

Scott Beaty

Quentin Fox Family

Amateur Park Pleasure Specialty 1. Mr. Jose Walks

Kim Parker

2. Evil Patty Gray 3. I B Flashy 4. It’s Nancy Lopez 5. Jose’s Blonde Bomber

Jamie Hillis Elly Stamper Allix Lowe Jimmy Sherrell

AOT Specialty 1. Royal Imprint 2. Chicken On A Chain 3. Jazz’s White Night 4. Some Gold 5. Hot Fortune

Robbie Casteel Carol Rogers Tonya Cummings Lauren Davidson Jimmy Lewis

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Ken & Sue Frye Julia Cole Marshall & Mary Tinch Ervin Maxwell Family

Bradley Bottoms Fred Allred Jamie Hillis Mike Rowland Marshall & Mary Tinch Bobby & Kim Parker Graves & Burton Allison Stamper Allix Lowe Jim & Donna Sherrell Chloe Casteel Carol Rogers Tonya Cummings Lauren Davidson Jimmy Lewis

Cookeville, TN

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11- Mid SuMMer HorSe SHow, lincoln county fairgrounds, Stanford, KY, Show Manager, ray Perkins 270-403-3701. 17- 5TH annual BeTTY freeMan B. MeMorial walKinG HorSe claSSic. wilson county fair, ward agricultural center, lebanon KY. contact delaine f. Smith at 615347-4565 or 615-443-2626. 18- laurel/london oPTiMiST cluB HorSe SHow. london, KY., aaaa optimist Sports complex. contact Jack watkins at 606-862-7027 or 606-682-0366.

3 – 52nd annual BelfaST lionS cluB HorSe SHow, at S.w. Beech Memorial field, Belfast, Tn at 6:30 P.M. contact nancy lynn Greene, 931-993-3187. 3-158TH annual GerManTown fair & HorSe SHow. Germantown fairgrounds, Hwy. 10 Maysville, KY. contact John Jackson for info. 606-301-1933. 3-4- carTer counTY SHrine cluB cHariTY. Shrine club Show Grounds, olive Hill, Ky. contact Mike Hancock for info. 606-474-0117. 4- SuMner counTY HorSe SHow. Sumner county fairgrounds, Gallatin, Tn. contact Jimmy Moore for info. 615-9738497.

18-wiSconSin foX ValleY claSSic, Heartland Stables, custer, wi. Tennessee walking Horse Pleasure classes only. contact carol olp at 920-725-4455. 22 – country festival, celebration champions arena, Shelbyville, Tn. Benefits wHTa. for information, contact Susan coleman 931580-2867. 22-1- TenneSSee walKinG HorSe naTional celeBraTion, celebration Grounds, Shelbyville, Tn. contact The celebration at 931-684-5915 or visit 25-26- Sand creeK “celeBraTion” Sale, Sand creek farms, Shelbyville, Tn. for further information contact Sand creek Sales at 931-684-1844

4- PuTnaM counTY fair. Putnam county fairgrounds, cookeville, Tn. contact cathy reel for info. 931-261-3175.

30-1- Sand creeK “YearlinG feSTiVal” Sale, Sand creek farms, Shelbyville, Tn. for further information contact Sand creek Sales at 931-684-1844.

4- warTrace HorSe SHow, Jernigan field, wartrace, Tn. contact Heather Beard at 931-684-0010 (work), 931-389-6922 (home) or


11- alabama classic Horse Show. Baileyton Park, Bailyton, al. contact Joan Kemp for info. 205-566-6090. 11- celeBraTion VerSaTiliTY SerieS, TBa, Tn. 11- eaST TenneSSee TrainerS’ SHow. contact larry wheelon 865-748-8660 for info. 11- fenTreSS counTY fair HorSe SHow. fentress county fairgrounds, Jamestown, Tn. contact Gretta York for info. 931397-1861 or 931-863-5769. 11- BucKeYe SuMMer claSSic HorSe SHow. ashland county fairgrounds, ashland, oH. contact Sherri Szucs at 419483-2563 or 419-483-4389.

7-8-Bland counTY HorSe SHow, Bland county fairgrounds, Bland, Va. contact Patty Strock 276-688-4898.

11- MancHeSTer fire deParTMenT 20TH annual HorSe SHow. Manchester, ohio. contact 931-779-1843 or 740935-6768.

15-6TH annual eTwHa ladieS auXiliarY. cocke county fairgrounds-newport, Tn. for information, contact Melissa ripley 423-823-1852.

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15 - EquinE invESTmEnT Walking HorSE SHoW, located at the Chamber’s County Showgrounds, 1084 al Highway 77, lafayette, al at 4:30 p.m. EST. For information, call 706-7737218. 15- norTHEaST gEorgia Fall ClaSSiC, Hull, ga. 15- CElEBraTion vErSaTiliTY SEriES, TBa, Tn. 15-WiSConSin Fall FinalE, mandt’s Equestrian Center, oregon (madison area) Wi. Tennessee Walking Horse Pleasure Classes only. Contact Carol olp at 920-725-4455 15-EaST TEnnESSEE laDiES auXiliarY HorSE SHoW, will be held in morristown, Tn. 15-nCWHa Fun Show, For information contact Terri mosley 336786-2299. 15- Warren County agricultural and livestock Fair Horse Show, Fairgrounds, new Smithville Highway, mcminnville, Tn. 6:30 p.m. Contact Dawn Christian 931-808-9745 or Bernadette Hodges 931-619-1645.

4-6-nCCWHS, 6 p.m. Western north Carolina ag. Center, arden, nC. Contact athy robinson 919-618-1889. 12-13-nC STaTE Fair, B. Hunt Horse Complex, raleigh, nC. Contact nC State Fair 919-821-7400. 13 - liBErTY CiTY lionS CluB Fall Walking HorSE SHoW (old Tallassee Show) at realtown arena, 19700 Highway 49S, notasulga, al at 3:00 p.m. CST. Contact Darcie rogers at 334-887-9240. 18-19-20-ETWHa Fall ClaSSiC, great Smokey mountain Expo Center, White Pine, Tn. Contact vickie ricker 423-4706655. 20-HEarD CounTY lionS CluB, Franklin, georgia. mike nolley 706-675-3361 x234 27-gWHla/lionS CluB SHoW, Edison, georgia. Contact mandie mcFay 229-835-2832 28-29-SC CHamPionSHiP SHoW, T. Ed garrison arena, Clemson, SC. Contact Bill rorick 864-350-5637.

18 – JaCkSon CounTY HorSE SHoW, gainesboro, Tn

29 – CornErSvillE, Tn HorSE SHoW, 6:00 p.m.

19-22- uroHEa WorlD CElEBraTion, great Smoky mountain Expo Center, White Pine, Tn. Contact rhonda gribble at 423-623-7004 or 423-625-5043.


22-nWgWHS, Chatsworth, georgia. Contact Beth 706-766-3283 22-lEnoir oPTimiST CluB HorSE SHoW, lenoir optimist Park, lenoir, nC. Contact Donna Powell 828-217-5449. 28-29- SouTHErn CHamPionSHiP CHariTY HorSE SHoW, georgia international Horse Park, Conyers, ga. Contact Dee Cantrell at 334-297-2771, 706-366-1011 or email birddogs@


4-5 – SouTHErn CHamPionSHiP CHariTY HorSE SHoW, georgia national Fairgrounds, Perry, ga. 4-5 – 18th annual SSHBEa SPorT HorSE CHamPionSHiP, Calsonic arena, Shelbyville, Tn. Contact SSHEBa at 931-6847496. 5 – nCWHa Fall TiP SHoW, Fisher river Park, Dobson, nC. Contact Jimmy nichols at 336-320-2138. 10-12 – DElTa Fall ClaSSiC, Paul Battle, Jr. arena, Tunica, mS. Contact James Benton Pendleton at 615-804-0433.

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