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The Savoy Media Highlights November 2016

The Savoy Rooms and Suites Media Highlights

Manchester Evening News {Saturday Extra}

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UK Saturday 26, November 2016 22 781 sq. cm Pub Stmt 51794 Daily page rate £10,434.60, scc rate £29.40 0161 829 3300



A lifetime of treats on a Savoy weekend

RHIANNON MCDOWALL enjoys a weekend of luxury at one of the capital’s finest hotels


FTER 35 birthdays and Christmases it’s becoming more and more difficult to come up with ideas for presents for my nearest and dearest, after all there’s only so many picture frames, baskets of smellies and pairs of socks people can take. But when I was given the opportunity to visit the Savoy Hotel for a weekend, a whole new world of treats was unveiled, enough to take care of every birthday, Christmas, anniversary and even baby shower for a long time. It sounds clichéd but The Savoy is not just a hotel, it’s an experience. Whether it’s afternoon tea with a glass of champagne, dinner in one of its two swanky restaurants, its newly established Temptation

Wheel cocktail and desert experience, or a night in one of its luxurious bedrooms – there is something for everyone. My visit coincided with one of my best friends’ birthdays, who joined me for a treat neither of us will forget in a hurry. With its 200 year history and Art Deco splendour, the hotel is a sight to behold. The first thing we did was enjoy and afternoon tea in the elegant Thames Foyer. The huge room is filled with light thanks to a high domed glass ceiling, with an ornate ‘gazebo’ like structure in the centre. We started with a glass of Pink Champagne followed by a colourful quartet of crust-less sandwiches. Each sandwich had a different type of bread slightly, as well as usual the

brown and white there was pesto, and olive bread, which with Coronation Chicken was so delicious we asked for seconds. The scones, neatly wrapped up in a napkin and served with clotted cream and homemade jam and lemon curd, were the lightest and most delicious scones I have ever had. Bearing in mind we had an evening meal booked we decided to take it easy on the pastries and instead opted for the ‘Traditional High Tea’ rather than the Afternoon Tea, which included a savoury dish of asparagus, poached egg and crayfish instead of a larger selection of cakes. That being said, we still found space for the flour-less chocolate cake and Victoria sponge, which were both perfect.

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Manchester Evening News {Saturday Extra}

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UK Saturday 26, November 2016 22 781 sq. cm Pub Stmt 51794 Daily page rate £10,434.60, scc rate £29.40 0161 829 3300



The whole thing was washed down by a pot of tea. With a huge variety on offer I chose the palate cleansing Lemon Verbena while my friend chose the Oolong Tea, famed for being a favourite of the Queen’s. Our great plans to go and explore London fell to the waist side when we saw our room. Huge, light and airy, it boasted a view of the Thames, the London Eye and Big Ben. It had everything you would expect from a five star hotel, with a Nespresso machine, fluffy slippers and bathrobes, and a luxurious bathroom with and a monsoon shower you could stand in for hours. After spending an hour ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the plush room, we headed to the pool, steam and sauna for a relax before heading back down for our evening meal. For dinner we headed to Kaspars, a fish Restaurant towards the back of the hotel which also boasts views of the Thames. We started with a cocktail. I chose tasty gin and basil drink – which is definitely a combo I’ll be trying at home – while birthday girl chose ‘Moonwalk’, a citrusy champagne cocktail to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing. As you would expect, the elegant restaurant was definitely a place for celebrating. While I started with scallops and peas, my pal opted for the Lobster Bisque which she said was absolutely stunning. For our main we both opted for Catch of the day, sea bream with a garden peas and the creamiest mashed potato we’ve ever tasted. For our dessert we were taken back into the Thames Foyer where we enjoyed a ‘Temptation wheel’ experience. The menu of more than a dozen deserts and cocktails is arranged on a wheel, which means you make a

choice based on how rich you would like your desert to be, with a range of cocktail options to compliment your desert. This was a fun way to try cocktails we hadn’t considered before, and definitely added some unique charm to our evening. Despite the fact we’d eaten and drunk our weight in food and Champagne the night before, we still had an appetite at breakfast and opted for the Savoy Breakfast, a selection of sweet greats, muffins, toast, and a traditional English breakfast. As you’d expect all was amazing, but the scrambled egg deserves a special mention. It was so fluffy it felt like you were eating whipped cream. Nothing could have been better at the Savoy. So whether your celebrating or not, it’s definitely something everyone should experience – perhaps the perfect treat for someone special in your life...

NEED TO KNOW ■ Stays at The Savoy, A Fairmont Managed Hotel, start from £450 per night, based on two sharing a Deluxe Double room. Room Only basis. ■ For further information or to book, please visit www.fairmont. com/savoy-london or call 0207 836 4343.

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Manchester Evening News {Saturday Extra}

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UK Saturday 26, November 2016 22 781 sq. cm Pub Stmt 51794 Daily page rate ÂŁ10,434.60, scc rate ÂŁ29.40 0161 829 3300



Afternoon tea is served in the Thames Foyer at The Savoy.

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The Strand


The best Christmas dinner menus in London

Remarkably, it was only last year that the Strand first hung Christmas lights, but they proved a success and happily will be returning for 2016. This year they’re the greenest lights in London, powered by biofuel made from cooking oils leftover from London restaurants. Don’t forget to wander down to the Savoy, whose silver frontage will be topped by lit-up Christmas trees (and treat yourself to a cocktail in the iconic American Bar, or the cosier Beaufort).

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4.Glitz and glamour at The Savoy The Savoy is one of those icons that really lives up to its legendary billing – as our reviews of The American Bar, The Beaufort Bar and The Savoy Grill attest. This year, the entire hotel is set to be filled with ludicrously well-dressed party-goers drinking and dancing their hearts out, as champagne corks pop and trumpets blare. Both bars are hosting long NYE evenings, with live entertainment, and, at the Beaufort, live dancing. Go drink your fill in some of the finest bars in town – there's a £60 deposit required, but you'll get a complimentary cocktail on arrival. Elsewhere, they've a five-course meal at Kasper's, the seafood bar and grill, which comes with live entertainment. Afterwards there'll be dancing: old-school elegance at its finest. If that's not quite enough, the beautiful Lancaster Ballroom is hosting a black tie party, which includes a champagne and canape reception, a seven course meal, dinner and dancing. Info: From 8pm till late, The Savoy, Strand, WC2R 0EU,

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How to make the best cocktails according to the head of Europe's best bar Erik Lorincz, the head bartender at The Savoy, explains how to make the perfect cocktail at home and recalls his time spent on the sets of Spectre and Sky Fall. Publication Date: November

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Kashmira Gander | @kashmiragander | 23 minutes ago |  0 comments


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“If I were a cocktail,”How to make the best cocktails according to the head of Europe's best bar | The Independent says Erik Lorincz, the head bartender at “I’d a dry iconic martini. It’s classy, simple and tasty”. The be Savoy’s American Barelegant, in London, without a pause, News US Election Voices


His snappy answer – despite knowing the recipes for hundreds of cocktails by heart - is a testament to Lorincz’s cool personality and why he landed a job at one of the world’s most famous bars. You need a steady hand and a clear head to serve up their world’s best cocktails to the high profile figures that stop by each day (although he won’t disclose exactly who.)


Lorincz - who grew up watching his herbalist grandmother in


Lorincz - who grew up watching his herbalist grandmother in Slovakia prepare tinctures, oils and teas – worked at the Attica Publication Date: November club in Soho and the Connaught Bar before being head-hunted Circulation: Monthly unique by The Savoy when it reopened in 2010. Under his guidance, the browsers: 73,039,976 125-year-old bar has been named the Best in Europe and second in the world, thanks to this year's menu inspired by different 11/18/2016 How to make the best cocktails according to the head of Europe's best bar | The Independent areas of London. News

US Election



The Independent caught up with Lorincz, to ask him how to make the perfect cocktail and talk about working on the James all Bond set. Scroll down for two recipes to try atshow home.


Howdo you dream up with new cocktails? Cocktails at The Savoy's iconic American bar - In pictures

We have about 60 different whiskies, 30 rums, and 30 gins to work with, as well as different herbs, aromatised wines and spices. You have to understand the tasting profiles of those drinks, and what works with that type of flavour. Sometimes it’s a surprise. Last week I was creating a cocktail for a special event where I infused aromatised wine with absinthe, whisky and infused this with oyster mushrooms. I tasted the raw mushroom and it almost cooked itself. I wanted to throw it out but realised it was tasty and I used it as a garnish.

As the head bartender at the Savoy, how many cocktails do you expected know off the top of your head? To pass the exam to get my job at The Savoy I had to learn 250 classic cocktails, and since then I have picked up more that I have learned or created. Yes, I think I know about 400 and I would be ready for the challenge to see if that's true. What is the easiest cocktail to make at home?­style/food­and­drink/how­to­make­the­best­cocktails­according­to­the­head­of­europes­best­bar­a7422836.html

Vodka, rum, gin and whisky are all the basis of very simple drinks that don’t require you spending £100,000 on ingredients. With a bottle of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari and you have seven or eight combinations. A Negroni is equal parts gin, Campari and vermouth with a garnish of orange. Drop off the gin and mix sweet vermouth with Camari top with soda, you have an Americano. Stir the gin and add dry vermouth then you have a dry martini. What can you safely scrimp on, and what should you invest in?


dry martini. What can you safely scrimp on, and what should you invest in?

Publication Date: November Circulation: Monthly unique First of all don’t try to judge the drink by the bottle. Some drinks browsers: 11/18/2016 How to make the best cocktails according to the head of Europe's best bar | The Independent with fancy bottles are no good inside, while some 73,039,976

artisanal makers the liquid rather andguys haveatvery plain they’re sell ratherfocus thanon buying anything. The Gerry’s News US Election Voices bottles. It’sSpirits best toingo to professional storeand where know what Wine and Soho are professional theythey know their

stuff. Don't be afraid of spending a few more pounds. Use fewer ingredients, but better quality ones.


What are your top tips for making the perfect cocktail? It’s like cooking. If you want to make drinks at home its very important to following the recipe and measure everything. I’ve been a bartender for 15 years and I still measure every single drink. If someone comes to my bar three times and orders the same drink, they want consistency.

READ MORE Where to go during London Cocktail Week Caribbean cocktail recipes 10 best cocktail kits

For instance, absinthe is so strong with an aniseed flavour, and the Sazerac cocktail only needs three drops. Any more, and you’ll cover the whole flavour profile of the drink. If you measure by hand, then you’re very brave. What is the most incredible thing you have been involved in since working at The Savoy? I was asked to consult for the Spectre and Sky Fall Bond movies. I taught actors at Pinewood Studios how to hold a shaker and bottle, how to pour and make cocktails on screen when Bond came to the bar. Who is the most famous person you have served and what did they drink? I serve someone famous every day, but I can’t name anyone. But the most popular drink among famous people would be a dry martini, or a whisky cocktail: the Old Fashioned (with whisky, Angoustura bitters, a sugar cube, and water).


Angoustura bitters, a sugar cube, and water). How to make the best cocktails according to the head of Europe's best bar | The Independent Is there a drink that you refuse to make, or that you really don’t We have a certain rules. There are drinks that we don’t stock like? News US Election Voices  because they are known as party drinks rather than indulgence­style/food­and­drink/how­to­make­the­best­cocktails­according­to­the­head­of­europes­best­bar­a7422836.html 4/9 drinks. So we decline the order because we don’t stock the Publication Date: November ingredients. We don’t do Vodka Red Bull because we don’t stock Circulation: Monthly unique Red Bull but I’d be happy to make a vodka with fresh orange or browsers: 73,039,976 Martini or cloudy apple or sour. 11/18/2016


What message would like you people to take away from your bar? People can be too worried about what they’re drink looks like, or whether it’s “girly”. If you are an industry expert and you have a preference, then fine, but if you’re not in the field just know there is a purpose for every ingredient. Have a little bit of trust, and I’ll take you on a journey. Policeman’s Hook 45ml Haig Club 30ml Vermouth blend infused with kombu seaweed 3 drops Angostura 10ml roasted grain syrup Vermouth Blend Mix equal parts: Cocchi torino Cocchi Barola Chinato Dubonnet 20cm roasted kombu Wash the salt from the kombu, dry and roast before mixing with vermouth More about: | Food and Drink | Drink | Alcohol

COMMENTS­style/food­and­drink/how­to­make­the­best­cocktails­according­to­the­head­of­europes­best­bar­a7422836.html These are the most


O Christmas Tea… November 23, 2016 FO O D & D RIN K Publication Date: November Circulation: Monthly unique browsers: 3,100,000

The best meal of the day? No contest—a proper afternoon tea kicks all other comers into touch. It is both comforting and luxurious, being by its nature indulgently surplus to requirements. It’s also the perfect way to carb-load after December’s most physically demanding endurance event: Christmas shopping. If you’re in London for said activity, there are some heavenly versions to be had. Shop Covent Garden, then hit The Savoy’s Thames Foyer for the Ice and Diamonds Festive Afternoon Tea, with Louis Roederer Vintage Rosé cuvée, a carefully curated selection of sandwiches including Wiltshire bone ham with horseradish remoulade and apple cider chutney, cakes, scones, and Boodles-themed patisserie including a Frozen Fantasia opera pink almond macaroon. The whole is served amid a sparkling winter scene with an indoor ice rink and cascading Louis Roederer bauble installation. You just can’t fail to feel Christmassy after all that. If Mayfair is your destination, the Night Before Christmas Afternoon Tea at Sketch is such a treat, featuring their delicious signature sandwiches, scones and jam, Christmas petits gâteaux and a bûche de Noël. From November 26-December 30 at The Ritz, you can listen to carols sung by The Ritz Choir whilst sipping a glass of champagne (there’s a Ritz teddy for children) and taking tea in the hotel’s gilded Palm Court. Marylebone High Street is always a lovely, low-key place to shop: after hitting The Conran Shop, Brora, Emma Bridgewater, Skandium and Daunt Books you should have your list pretty well licked and will have earned tea at the Zetter Townhouse Marylebone, where you can nibble on Christmassy delicacies such as haggis sausage roll with homemade brown sauce, egg nog macaroons, and whiskey and chocolate Yule log. Or hit the Langham for a sparkly Festive Asprey Afternoon Tea, complete with Balvenie whiskey smoked-salmon sandwiches and a fairytale mini gingerbread house. Finally, Charlotte Street Hotel is a place to salve Oxford Street-frayed nerves. But it also makes the perfect post-matinée destination when, on December 6, 8, 27 and 28 it will be serving a special Nutcracker Afternoon Tea at Brasserie Max, featuring (as well as the usual) the prettiest sugar fairy pistachio macaroons and candy cane opera cake. Sweet dreams… —Anna Blomefield

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The American Bar at The Savoy, reviewed: A triumph of evolution


The American Bar at The Savoy, reviewed: A triumph of evolution | London Evening Standard

The Savoy is far from a creaking museum rolling out its most famous exhibits, says David Ellis DAVID ELLIS | 9 minutes ago |  0 comments



Bringing the bar into a new era: head bartender Erik Lorincz

The American Bar at the Savoy is one of many American Bars around the world. It’s not even the only one in London.­american­bar­at­the­savoy­reviewed­a­triumph­of­evolution­a3389556.html

There’s something about that dumbly straightforward moniker that sounds like Paris in the 20s, Fitzgerald with Champagne, or Bette Davis doing that thing with her eyes. Just the ticket to advertise what you’re about if you aren’t feeling creative. For a couple of reasons, though, The Savoy has set itself apart from the others. First, if you say you’re off to The American Bar, no-one thinks it’s time to swing by the Stafford in St James, or the Beaumont in Brown Hart Gardens. The Savoy may as well have copyrighted the name in London. Secondly, according to the ever intriguing World's 50 Best Bars list, the American Bar is the best bar in Europe, and the second best in the world. Big billing, no? Lists like these are, of course, impossible: bars do different things for different people at different times. The dive serving cheap beer and whisky chasers to its pool tables is heaven some nights, but you might not want to propose there. The glimmering deco spot

Publication Date: November Circulation: 12,088,625 monthly unique browsers. 1/13

Publication Date: November Circulation: 12,088,625 monthly The American Bar at The Savoy, reviewed: A triumph of evolution | London Evening Standard unique browsers.


where men in black tie wrap their white-gloved hands around martini glasses will never fail to impress, but can intimidate. A lot of the time, the best bar is the closest one – few in the world are destinations in the way plenty of restaurants are.


World’s 50 Best Bars 2016: London versus New York

The American Bar is. It has been since Harry Craddock first penned The Savoy Cocktail Book, 86-years-old and still in print, and since the likes of Frank Sinatra washed away glasses of Jack, or since Marilyn Monroe sank Dom Perignon after long press days pretending to get on with Laurence Olivier for The Prince and the Showgirl. And though the place is smart, it doesn’t necessarily wow: there are no gimmicks, no grand set pieces. That’s not the Savoy’s style. Neither, I would have thought, is the awful carpet, but each to their own. What the Savoy does is old world glamour, a little glitz that sidesteps the tackiness. There are photographs on the walls to remind you just whose ghosts you’re sitting next to, and a piano, regularly played, to add a little background to the chatter. The bar is usually busy – impressive given it doesn’t have it’s own entrance. That they don’t take reservations hints at their confidence.  The best bars in London

Still, there are plenty of hotel bars, all with plenty of history. The Savoy earns admiration for its fine balancing act: it simultaneously embraces and rejects its history. Embraces with its look. Rejects Publication Date: November with its menu: bartenders build their reputation here with new Circulation: 12,088,625 monthly unique browsers. ideas, fresh takes, different concepts. You can drink classics here, but they don’t push them like some creaking museum rolling out its most famous exhibits. Instead, head bartender Eric Lorincz is keen on introducing new ideas. He is at first a quiet, concentrated man, but one who opens up with a little prising when it comes to talking drink, and then chatters excitedly about his plans, inspirations, experiments. He can oversee drinks while chatting to customers, jot down an order while tidying the shelves and explain 11/8/2016 The American Bar at The Savoy, reviewed: A triumph of evolution | London Evening Standard the backstory of a cocktail without being a bore about it. Oh, and he can pull of the white jacket/black tie look: one hell of skill in itself. No surprise he was headhunted. With him, the bar has triumphed, after a slump a little while back, because of its evolution.­american­bar­at­the­savoy­reviewed­a­triumph­of­evolution­a3389556.html

No explanation for the carpet: the main bar area

So the drinks themselves, then. Is there much point in describing them? You know the answer: they are exquisitely mixed, thoughtfully built and charmingly presented. Perfection is so dull to right about. I say perfection, but that’s not quite right: the drinks are very pricey: non-alcoholic cocktails, for instance, come in at £11.50, and proper ones run from £16 – £50. Some of the spirits seem a little suspect: Haig Club in a £25 drink is an unconvincing choice, even if the Pirate's Hook is bracingly flavoured. Still, I paid £16 for a double of Aisla Bay last week in a city bar and though that’s a lovely dram, the mark up made me sick (I said so). So the American Bar is expensive, but there are many other places which are a rip off. You won't be ripped off here, you'll just leave poorer. At least they serve healthy portions.


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Publication Date: November Circulation: 160,000 Monthly unique browsers:

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Publication Date: November Circulation: 69, 510

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BEAUFORT BAR: Introduces new canapés just in time for festive season Savoy has recently gone through 1/5 a mini makeover – fortunately it remains as chic as we remember, with it’s striking art deco interiors and black and gold almost gothic features that create the perfect atmosphere for a cocktail party.

One­bar­introduces­new­canapes­just­in­time­for­festive­season/ of our favourite hangouts for divine cocktails, Beaufort Bar at The

It’s also currently showcasing a medley of carefully selected indulgent canapés just in time for Christmas festivities. Giving us the perfect excuse to visit for inspiration to be the perfect hosts at our own parties and allowing us to draw inspiration from the selection which include poignantly pink Beetroot Macarons presented in a plant pot replica complete with a specially made soil and sprigs of fresh herbs. Or the Beef Tartar and Caviar canapé which is served with perfectly triangular crackers and presented in its own caviar tin. Also, with all the glamour of the season, ordinary batter will simply not do so, we’ll be taking a cue from The Savoy‘s King Prawns, which are instead wrapped in the exquisitely complex kadaifi pastry. This Middle Eastern favourite, normally reserved for baklava, bares testimony to the consistent innovation and high-standards that has built up Beaufort Bar’s reputation over the many years. Intrigued? Pop in for a cocktail or two or a glass of champagne (it’s known for having the widest collections of champagne by the glass) and see for yourself and whilst you’re there get some useful tips on how to do canapés with style! Beaufort Bar at The Savoy­bar­introduces­new­canapes­just­in­time­for­festive­season/ London

Strand WC2R 0EU

Date: 2016/11 Country: USA Audience : 60,006 AVE : $10,192.00 Page 1/2

Media type: Travel publication

Topic: The Savoy, A Fairmont Managed Hotel

Linked to an ongoing action: NO

Summary:  

Highlights the Peach Melba Sensation offered at Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill in The Savoy within story on standout hotel desserts Brands mentioned: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Publication Date: November Circulation: 100, 000 monthly unique browsers


Top 10 Best Cocktail Bars in London's West End

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few ou






New Year's Eve Partie Sports Bars Rooftop Bars Afternoon Teas

Top 10 Best Cocktail Bars in London's West End

All To

A top 10 guide to the best cocktail bars in Filed under the categories London's West End. For pre­theatre cocktails, Bars & Pubs post­dinner cocktails, after work drinks, romantic Where in London? cocktails, basement bars cocktails, cocktails that will get you in the dancing mood, this guide 11/9/2016 Top 10 Best Cocktail Bars in London's West End to the best cocktail bars in Soho, Covent Garden, Seven Dials, Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Mayfair, Trafalgar Square, The Strand, and Regent Street offers cocktail bars to The London Cocktail Club Shaftesbury Avenue    suit every kind of mood in central London.   West End / Bar /     Holborn ­ The London Cocktail Club on New Oxford Street continues the Image courtesy of Flickr user Mr Andy Bird tradition and magic found at with its big brother on Goodge Street in Fitzrovia. The second London Cocktail Club to pop up, it's sure to live up to Tags: Cocktails, Central London, Bars the hype and love its predecessor is known for. The best bartenders in the business serving with finesse and flair, cooking up some truly wonderful and tasty concoctions in a cozy and stylish atmosphere.  Beaufort Bar at The Savoy   West End / Bar / Hotel / Cuisine: British  Experimental Cocktail Club China Town 

This hotel cocktail bar on the Strand in the heart of London offers elegance West End / Bar /   and glamour. Not far from Covent Garden, the bar is perfect to complete a Put down the cosmopolitan and step away from that mojito, because there's night of theatre. In the decadent Art Deco style, the bar is all about a whole world of cocktails out there! London's Experimental Cocktail Club ­ champagne, cocktails and cabaret. Champagne is definitely the best, secretly nestled in the heart of the West End's Chinatown ­ is the place to offering the vastest choice in London, including rarities as Louis Roederer head in order to expand your cocktail boundaries, with exciting concoctions and Cristal. This bar has been home for many celebrities: Carol Gibbons, on offer every night of the week. A low­key speakeasy, the Experimental the Savoy Orpheans and George Gershwin. The bar's historical tradition of Cocktail Club import from France has quirky decor, fantastic cocktails cabaret and music still continues to this day: nightly live entertainment and (obviously) and a wondrous 3am license. With more than a dash of its monthly evenings of cabaret and burlesque should not be missed.  Parisian counterpart about it, the bar's black leather lounge sofas, exposed brickwork and low level lighting make the ECC a hip hangout.  Artesian    Marylebone / Bar / Hotel / Cuisine: Eclectic  The American Bar at The Savoy  

Situated in the beautiful Langham hotel, the David Collins designed bar is West End / Bar / Hotel /   sleek, sexy and dramatic. With its 50 types of rum, Artesian is ideally The American Bar at The Savoy is my home from home because it's like placed for a post shopping cocktail or a refined haven from the frenzy of going back to the Golden Age. This bar has such a timeless style. You're nearby Soho. This bar showcases one of the largest collection of rums sitting here enjoying drinks from as far back as the early 1900's, but around, an extensive list of Champagnes, and ground breaking, innovative anything you could possibly want, you can have, whether it's on the menu or cocktails. Their latest invention is the Butterfly Wheel menu which allows not. Your first tipple has to be the Hanky­Panky, but I won't tell you's guest to choose progressive cocktails with unusual flavour combinations. It a glorious surprise. While money is the name of the game here, if you have is colour­coded to indicate the descriptive style and flavour of each cocktail. great taste, don't let price stand in your way. (Ross Kerslake)  Artesian is a bar not to be missed by any discerning cocktail lover.  Graphic    Bassoon   Soho / Bar / Cuisine: Bar 

West End / Bar / Hotel /   This cocktail bar is not only one of the best cocktail bars in London, it's also Trafalgar Square ­ As the name suggests, this destination cocktail bar at one of the funkiest. The creative use of paint (redesigned every few months the new Corinthia Hotel London in the West End is musically inspired, and to keep the bar looking fresh) makes it a vibrant central London cocktail showcases an array of theatrically created cocktails. A seven­metre long hangout. It's also home to probably the biggest collection of gin in London. piano forms the bar top, surrounded by a 1920's Art Deco music room, with And, table service (hoorah for no queues!!). Best Cocktail: the bar's smoky glass doors, an open fire, sound waves on the ceiling and jazz signature paint tin punch cocktails, especially Green as it contains the inspired art adorning the walls. And no musically­inspired bar would be delightfully reassuring Hendrick's gin.  complete without a regular schedule of musicians popping in to entertain. Longitude 0°8'    How swell! 


Wher Day D

Not a g

Best New Restaurants London 10 Best Gin Bars in L

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Learn culinary skills, expert tips and recipes from some of the industry’s award-winning specialists. The Savoy’s in-house chocolatiers will guide guests through a brief history of chocolate and with touch upon the process, cultivation and signature flavour notes. Try your hand at creating perfect versions of ganache, mousses and sauces whilst drawing from an interactive and engaging demonstration using emulsions and tempering. Also on offer are pastry classes headed up by The Savoy’s talented and inspirational Executive pastry chef, Ludwig Hely. Ludwig will reveal how to create a series of festive pastries in the lead up to the holiday season. You’ll also enjoy a three course seasonal lunch and will leave with a bespoke Savoy apron as well as a string of recipes from the day. Date: Sunday 6 November, Sunday 27 November Time: From 10am – 12pm Price: £185 For more information click here. Further 2017 classes will be announced and guests can enquire directly at for these.

Publication Date: November Circulation: 61, 000

Chocolate making masterclasses at The Savoy What's the scoop? The Savoy is holding chocolate masterclasses run by their in-house chocolatiers. For anyone that wants to learn more about chocolate and how to make it, the masterclasses begin with a guide through the history of chocolate. Following this, partakers will be shown how to make an exquisite ganache, delicious mousses, and tasty sauces as well as interactive demonstrations using emulsions and tempering. Classes are ÂŁ185 and held on November 6th, 27th, 25th February, 22nd April, 17th June and 19th August. Why go? The intimate classes will never exceed four participants, and each class includes a threecourse seasonal lunch at The Savoy to celebrate your efforts. Oh - and a bespoke Savoy apron to take home!

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Publication Date: November Circulation: 54,592

Publication Date: November Circulation: 54,592

Publication Date: November Circulation: 54,592

Publication Date: November Circulation: 1,000,000 Monthly unique browsers:

London's wealthiest homes

This Covent Garden stalwart was recently refurbished and has a martini bar, (/people­places/london­life/i­ smart dining room and a menu including Maryland crab cakes, Thanksgiving am­treated­like­a­slave.html) Publication Date: November dinner and pancake­rich brunches. (

Circulation: 72,698


Bar Boulud, SW1 Another big name on the US restaurant scene, Daniel Boulud, brings his high quality French cooking to Knightsbridge. ( Smith and Wollensky, WC2 Sink your teeth into prime, dry­aged American rib­eye at a restaurant described as “the steakhouse to end all arguments” by The New York Times. ( The Diner With nine locations in London,  this casual diner has five varieties  of pancake plus burgers, hot dogs  and milkshakes. (

Cut at 45 Park Lane, W1 The omnipresent celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s first European venture is a modern American steak restaurant with some of  the USA’s finest wines available. ( The American Bar, WC2 There’s really only one place to savour a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour in London, at a bar that has been serving cocktails since 1903. You may also be interested in reading about the Savoy's head barman Erik Lorincz (­gardens/celebrity­ homes/erik­lorincz.aspx). ( The American Food Store, W11 Find your Cheetos, Jell­O, Twizzlers, Kool Aid and Skippy under one roof including patriotic stars and stripes paper plates and napkins. ( Panzer’s, NW8 A family run St John’s Wood deli with all the favourite American pickles, home baking, cereals and kosher foods that can be delivered to your door.  They also have a special South American section plus a catering service. (

British seaside homes London's favourite UK destinations (/people­places/london­ life/london­on­sea.html)


The Dalloway Terrace This winter, Bloomsbury’s Dalloway Terrace has been transformed into an enchanting frosty hideaway complete with large outdoor heaters, rich and creamy hot chocolate cocktails, mouthwatering cheese fondue and a weekly 㘧lm club. They have gone all out this year. The winter incarnation is surrounded by 퉟owers covered in snow to mimic the magical Narnia forest. The Dalloway Terrace will also be providing hot Publication November water bottles and complimentary shots of Génépi liqueur (a digestif similar to Absinthe) on the heated terrace to guaranteeDate: the perfect cosy evening. 16-22 Great Russell Street, Fitzrovia, London WC1B 3NN; Circulation: 342,240

The Narnia-styled winter terrace at The Bloomsbury


The Savoy The Savoy – recently voted as London’s best cocktail bar – will be transformed into a frozen fantasia from 20 November, featuring a magni㘧cent 15ft Christmas tree and, for the 㘧rst time in Savoy history, an indoor Ice Rink and cascading Louis Roederer Champagne bauble installation. The Savoy’s Christmas celebrations will include special festive teas in the Thames Foyer, a luxury dining experience in Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill, truly traditional British dining in Simpson’s-in-the-Strand, festive cocktails in the American and Beaufort Bar and luxury gift shopping at The Savoy Tea. The Strand WC2R 0EU;

An illustration of The Savoys highly anticipated winter events


The Lodge, Clapham 

TV chef Jimmy Garcia returns to London with the third edition of his autumn/winter Alpine pop-up restaurant, The Lodge. Launched on 21 October and running through to the end of February 2017, The Lodge delivers the 퉟avours and fun of the Alpine mountains to Clapham with seasonal sharing plates, fondue, bottomless bubbles, hot cocktails, Swiss wines and Morand Liquors, plus Michelin-star restaurant chefs. Open TuesdaySunday 5.30pm. The Lodge, 409 Clapham Road SW9 9BT;

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Some might almost say that the art of cocktails and bartending was created at the Savoy in the ‘20s, when some of America’s best stirrers and shakers came over to a land where booze wasn’t illegal. Loaded with two bars -- the monochrome American Bar, which was recently voted the Second Best Bar in the world),and the dark and sultry Beaufort Bar -- this place is the definition of classic; it's no surprise that legends like Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe called this their local.

Publication Date: November Circulation:Monthly unique browsers: 1,000,000

Circulation: 1, 000, 000 Monthly Unique Browsers. The Beaufort Bar If it’s good enough for Duran Duran’s supermodel filled ‘Girl Panic’ video, then it’ll be just fine for us! The Savoy Hotel’s shining has over 27+ Champagnes by the glass and the biggest/baddest selection of vintage Crystal you’ll find in London (yes Puff Daddy). If you can’t find what you like amongst the boutique Grower Champagne and vintage Louis Roederer, there are plenty of over-the-top Champagne cocktails and free nightly cabaret acts to keep you entertained. Don’t be standing around, get BarChick to book you in. The Savoy Hotel, 189 Strand, London, WC2R 0EU

Publication Date: November Circulation: 104,057

Circulation: 2,662,066

11. Belle’s Burnt butter Alexander

Recipe and image via The Savoy's Simpson's-in-the-Strand

Ingredients: o o o o o o

35ml Old Raj 15ml Burre noisette washed Geniver 50ml Cream 20ml Crème de cacao 10 ml Vanilla Gomme Garnish with nutmeg line

Method: 1. Shake all ingredients with ice 2. Double strain into a chilled Savoy coup glass

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Publication Date: November Circulation: n/a (https://www.hotelView The Current Newsletter ( Hotel-Online ( » News ( » Fairmont's Philip Barnes to Lead London's Savoy Hotel as Regional Vice ACT=27&ad_id=205) President & Managing Director

Fairmont’s Philip Barnes to Lead London’s Savoy Hotel as Regional Vice President & Managing Director November 2, 2016 1:38pm Share

VANCOUVER, BC, November 2, 2016 - Philip M. Barnes is replacing his umbrella for a "brolly" and will be departing Vancouver as Regional Vice President, Fairmont Hotels PNW and General Manager, Fairmont Pacific Rim, e煏ective November 18. Born, raised, and educated in the UK, Barnes will be returning to his roots and will assume the role as Regional Vice President & Managing Director for London's iconic Savoy ( hotel. Barnes will lead the hotel's team in all aspects of the operation, guest services and owner relations. Under Barnes' stewardship since 2011, Fairmont Pacific Rim has garnered prestigious recognition as the Best City Hotel in Canada (Travel & Leisure), #1 Hotel in Canada (U.S News & World Report) in 2013 and Best International Hotel for Business (Condé Nast Traveler) in 2014. In 2015 the hotel achieved the highest rating for Guest satisfaction within FRHI globally from JD Power and Associates.  Philip has been a member of the Board of Directors of Tourism Vancouver and is the co-founder of Tourism Industry Partners Society, a charity established to support the financial needs of future generations of tourism professionals and schools. Tags: philip barnes (/latest_news/tag/philip+barnes/), fairmont hotels (/latest_news/tag/fairmont+hotels/), fairmont hotels pnw (/latest_news/tag/fairmont+hotels+pnw/), fairmont pacific rim (/latest_news/tag/fairmont+pacific+rim/), savoy hotel (/latest_news/tag/savoy+hotel/)

About Fairmont Pacific Rim Fairmont Pacific Rim - Vancouver's definitive luxury hotel - was rated the World's Best Business Hotel by Condé Nast Traveler readers and the #1 City hotel in Canada by Travel + Leisure. This ultramodern downtown hotel o煏ers unobstructed mountain and harbour views, combining best of the Pacific Rim in its architecture and décor. The hotel features three eclectic dining destinations, resort-style Willow Stream Spa, roo렇op pool deck, and guestrooms with lavish appointments, including a variety of the city's most luxurious suites. Contact: Kaylyn Storey ( / 604 695 5465

About Fairmont Fairmont Hotels & Resorts connects guests to the very best of its destinations worldwide, providing travelers with ( travel experiences, thoughtful and attentive service and luxury hotels that are truly unforgettable. Each Fairmont property reflects the locale's energy, culture and history through locally inspired cuisine, spirited bars and lounges and distinctive design and decor. With more than 70 hotels globally, and many more in development, the Fairmont collection boasts some of the most iconic and distinctive hotels in the world. This extraordinary collection includes The Plaza in New York, The Savoy in London, Fairmont Grand Del Mar, Dubai's Fairmont The Palm, Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai, Fairmont San Francisco and Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Québec City. Fairmont is part of AccorHotels,  a world-leading travel & lifestyle group and digital innovator o煏ering unique experiences in more than 4,000 hotels, resorts and residences, as well as in over 2,600 of the finest private homes around the globe. For more information or reservations, please visit (   (mailto:)

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Philip M. Barnes appointed Managing Director, The Savoy ­ Hospitality & Catering News

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Philip M. Barnes appointed Managing Director, The Savoy

Chef Central


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Julius Meinl 1862 Premiu...

Philip M. Barnes, Managing Director, The Savory

The Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, will welcome Philip (Phil) Barnes as Regional Vice President and Managing Director from 21 November 2016. Phil will lead The Savoy’s team in all aspects of operations, guest services and owner relations. Born, raised and educated in the UK, Philip boasts a four­decade hotel career that has seen him work across five continents in some of the world’s most sought after destinations and hotels. Philip joins The Savoy from his recent position as Regional Vice President, Pacific Northwest Region and General Manager, Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver. He took on his first General Manager role at Four Seasons Inn on the Park in Houston on his 35th birthday, and spent the subsequent 12 years in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia with Four Seasons, Shangri­La, and Stamford Hotels. He joined Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in 1998 in Vancouver and transferred to Dubai in 2007 to oversee operations in the Middle East and Africa until the opportunity presented to return to his now beloved “home” of Vancouver with his family, and the newly opened Fairmont Pacific Rim, in 2011.­m­barnes­appointed­managing­director­the­savoy/

LATEST NEWS Top 20 Fastest Growing Foodservice Operators in the UK New report shows “statistically significant result” in reducing prisoner reoffending Elior UK wins CSR Award at FSM Awards


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What: Savoy Skating Why: The Savoy, for the first time in their long history, have installed an indoor ice rink. As well as this, the hotel itself has been transformed into a frozen fantasia, complete with an ice rink installation. Inspired by a child's jewellery box, there's a perpetually spinning life size ice skater sculpture we can forgive you if you can't pirouette quite as well as she does. Where: Strand, Strand, London, WC2R 0EU Website:


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Cafe&Coffee Central Publication Date:Chef November Circulation: 23,381


The Savoy introduces dreaming of a pink Christmas with boodles ­ Hospitality & Caterin

HOSPITALITY & CATERING NEWS Home Latest News Restaurant Hotel Pub&Bar Contract Catering The Savoy introduces dreaming of a pink Christmas with boodles

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The Savoy introduces dreaming of a pink Christmas with boodles


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Julius Meinl 1862 Pr


Julius This Christmas, The Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, will be transformed into a frozen fantasia, featuring a magnificent 15ft Boodles­inspired Christmas tree and, for the first time in Savoy history, an indoor Ice Rink and cascading Louis Roederer Champagne bauble installation. Celebrated for its annual creative festivities, The Savoy’s spectacular showcase will feature sparkling Ice and Diamond inspired decorations, with Boodles’ signature pink and Louis Roederer champagne festive offerings. Savoy Flowers, The Savoy’s floral design team, will work tirelessly throughout the night on 19 November to transform

LATEST NEWS the entire hotel. Hotel guests retiring to bed at The Savoy that Saturday night will This Christmas, The Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, will be transformed wake up to a magical Christmas surprise on Sunday 20 November. into a frozen fantasia, featuring a magnificent 15ft Boodles­inspired TV chef Damian Wawrzy

shares exclusive new re Christmas tree and, for the first time in Savoy history, an indoor Ice Rink and

cascading Louis Roederer Champagne bauble installation.

forthcoming book releas

Dine Contract Catering 

Westminster Abbey ser Celebrated for its annual creative festivities, The Savoy’s spectacular showcase will

celebrate feature sparkling Ice and Diamond inspired decorations, with Boodles’ signature pink and Louis Roederer champagne festive offerings. Savoy Flowers, The Savoy’s floral

A New Year’s Eve fiesta

design team, will work tirelessly throughout the night on 19 November to transform Ceviche Old St the entire hotel. Hotel guests retiring to bed at The Savoy that Saturday night will

wake up to a magical Christmas surprise on Sunday 20 November.­introduces­dreaming­pink­christmas­boodles/


TV chef D shares ex forthcomi

Dine Cont Westmins celebrate

A New Ye Ceviche O

Publication Date: November The Savoy introduces dreaming of a pink Christmas with boodles ­ Hospitality & Catering Ne


Circulation: 23,381

HOSPITALITY & CATERING NEWS 11/28/2016 11/28/2016

The Savoy introduces dreaming of a pink Christmas with boodles ­ Hospitality & Catering News The Savoy introduces dreaming of a pink Christmas with boodles ­ Hospitality & Catering News Home

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The Savoy introduces dreaming of a pink Christmas with boodles NOVEMBER 27, 2016 Tweet



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UK debut site for The Food Y Cafe&Coffee Chef Central opens its doors UK debut site for The Food Y opens its doors Conrad London St. James launches a winter afternoon  Conrad London St. James with a festive twist launches a winter afternoon  with a festive twist Payne & Gunter Relaunches! Payne & Gunter Relaunches! Surprising UK takeaway habi revealed in national debate Surprising UK takeaway habi revealed in national debate There will be a room at the J LOOKING FOR Inn this Christmas! There will be a room at the J Inn this Christmas! Search this web Stapleford Park unveils ‘Quintessentially English’ Stapleford Park unveils refurbishments ‘Quintessentially English’ refurbishments Singer gives Coombe Abbey Hotel a rave review Singer gives Coombe Abbey Hotel a rave review

The Boodles Christmas tree for The Savoy, a magnificent 15ft high Nordmanniana The Boodles Christmas tree for The Savoy, a magnificent 15ft high Nordmanniana tree will be adorned with elegant, bespoke decorations inspired by some of Boodles tree will be adorned with elegant, bespoke decorations inspired by some of Boodles most iconic designs, created using cut mirror, which will hang alongside mirrored deco

most iconic designs, created using cut mirror, which will hang alongside mirrored deco squares and rectangles. Perfect decorations in ‘Boodles pink’ tones, sit alongside squares and rectangles. Perfect decorations in ‘Boodles pink’ tones, sit alongside ombre and mirrored details in line with the Ice and Diamond theme that has been ombre and mirrored details in line with the Ice and Diamond theme that has been selected for this stunning tree. selected for this stunning tree.


Julius Mei

SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERS Chefsteam, a few puffs and i

ready Chefsteam, a few puffs and i ready Connected Wash: advanced online management system Connected Wash: advanced maximises kitchen efficiency online management system This Christmas, The Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, will be transformed into a frozen fantasia, featuring a magnificent 15ft Boodles­inspired maximises kitchen efficiency Stock up your bar for Christm Christmas tree and, for the first time in Savoy history, an indoor Ice Rink and with The Artis Barware Collec Stock up your bar for Christm cascading Louis Roederer Champagne bauble installation. with The Artis Barware Collec Deadline Extended for Entrie Salon Culinaire 2017 Deadline Extended for Entrie Celebrated for its annual creative festivities, The Savoy’s spectacular showcase will Salon Culinaire 2017 feature sparkling Ice and Diamond inspired decorations, with Boodles’ signature pink The Germans are coming… The Germans are coming… and Louis Roederer champagne festive offerings. Savoy Flowers, The Savoy’s floral Flute v Coupe – what’s your design team, will work tirelessly throughout the night on 19 November to transform choice? Flute v Coupe – what’s your Louis Roederer, a family­owned Champagne house since 1776, and The Savoy’s LATEST NEW the entire hotel. Hotel guests retiring to bed at The Savoy that Saturday night will choice? Louis Roederer, a family­owned Champagne house since 1776, and The Savoy’s Aperol spritz and negroni: ho preferred champagne, has collaborated with The Savoy to create the Ice Rink wake up to a magical Christmas surprise on Sunday 20 November. TV chef Dam the Italian aperitifs are winni Aperol spritz and negroni: ho preferred champagne, has collaborated with The Savoy to create the Ice Rink installation in the Thames Foyer. To bring the idea to life, The Savoy has shares exclus British hearts the Italian aperitifs are winni installation in the Thames Foyer. To bring the idea to life, The Savoy has commissioned London­based creative production agency, We Are Family, who took forthcoming b British hearts commissioned London­based creative production agency, We Are Family, who took inspiration from a child’s jewellery box featuring a spinning dancer. Designed and Drury’s Christmas greetings  Dine Contrac inspiration from a child’s jewellery box featuring a spinning dancer. Designed and made for The Savoy by renowned sculptor Gareth Knowles, a life­size ice skater will pyramid shapedWestminster  Drury’s Christmas greetings  made for The Savoy by renowned sculptor Gareth Knowles, a life­size ice skater will pirouette under the champagne bauble adorned gazebo, and continually twirl on an pyramid shapedcelebrate The Great Hospitality Show 2 pirouette under the champagne bauble adorned gazebo, and continually twirl on an ice­like surface throughout Christmas and New Year in the Thames Foyer. ice­like surface throughout Christmas and New Year in the Thames Foyer.

– Rational presents the new The Great Hospitality Show 2 A New Year’s generation SelfCookingCente – Rational presents the new Ceviche Old S combi oven generation SelfCookingCente combi oven Create the perfect Christmas

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You & Your Wedding promotion


THE BEST From the Savoy in London to Le Montreux Palace by Lake Geneva, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has a grand tradition of hosting momentous occasions


ith Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, you really can make all your wedding dreams come true. After all, its beautiful and elegant hotels across Europe have been holding special events – including weddings – for over a century, so they have them down to a fine art. But with so many lovely venues, it can be hard to decide on one for your big day. Here are three wedding ideas from Fairmont to help you find the perfect one for you.


At the Savoy you can enjoy an authentic Art Deco-themed wedding at one of the most glamorous historic hotels in London. And with full personal wedding planning services provided, every detail will be absolutely seamless.

Riviera glamour at Fairmont Monte Carlo


Take advantage of the flawlessly beautiful setting of Lake Geneva and marry on its shore at the lakeside Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. With its historic ballroom and hotel, there couldn’t be a more magical setting for your wedding.


Whether you’d like to say “I do” overlooking the sparkling sea or the famous F1 hairpin, the Fairmont Monte Carlo provides an exclusive selection of glamorous venues on the Cote d’Azur – all of which provide private catering.

Swiss perfection on the shores of Lake Geneva at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

Classic British Art Deco at the Savoy, London

Book your wedding by 28 February – to take place by 31 December 2017 – and receive 5% off your final invoice, or 5% off the total value of your wedding towards your honeymoon at any Fairmont Hotel & Resorts worldwide. For further information, visit

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Luxe locations

Destinations don’t come more decadent - or different - than these three heavenly picks from Fairmont hotels...

Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Switzerland


Fairmont Monte Carlo, Monaco Where? Yachts? Tick. Formula one? Tick. The international elite? Tick. Is it any wonder this sun-basked town has become synonymous with the high life? What? Your chance to be treated like a superstar, Côte d’Azur-style. Expect every bridal whim to be catered for; the hotel’s dedicated specialists will happily create a bespoke cocktail, bedeck the walls with fresh blooms or whip up a six-tiered wedding cake. But what are the details without a flawless setting? Look no further than the breathtaking Horizon terrace restaurant, where your guests will be so blown away by its panoramic views over the Riviera and Mediterranean Sea, they can be forgiven for forgetting that all eyes should be fixed firmly on the beautiful bride. All the ingredients for an unforgettable day A double room costs from £153 per night;

STAR INSPO Princess Elizabeth made her first public appearance with future husband Lt. Philip Mountbatten at The Savoy in XX

Scenic Romance

Where? Nestled between the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva, you won’t find a more perfect or picturesque backdrop. What? A wedding as dazzling as it is dreamy. You might think that exchanging vows on the vast lawn, the snow-capped Alps and serene lake just behind you, is the ultimate in unforgettable wedding moments – but we’re not done. Le Montreux Palace’s piece de resistance is its opulent interiors, whether you enjoy a cocktail reception in the ornate La Coupole adorned with antique mirrored walls or take centre stage during a gourmet wedding breakfast in the breathtakingly extravagant Léman ballroom. You’ll feel like Cinderella, except the luxury doesn’t end at midnight. The morning after, laze on your private veranda, toasting your happiness, or indulge in a blissful treatment-for-two at the Willow Stream Spa to set off on your honeymoon feeling brand new. Heavenly. How? A double room costs from £153 per

Riviera Glamour

STAR INSPO Film icon Audrey Hepburn swapped Hollywood for Lake Geneva, where she spent the last 30 years of her life

STAR INSPO Monaco’s practically a second home to A-list couple Beyonce and Jay-Z, so often do they jump aboard a yacht and sail the Riviera

British Elegance The Savoy, London

Where? The classic Covent Garden hotel that’s played host to the British glitterati since it first opened its doors back in 1889. What? A big day that oozes class, without the obligatory sleepless lead-up. From the moment you choose The Savoy, your excitement levels will be sky-high – and, happily, famed wedding planner Bruce Russell (and his expert team) begins to take on all the hard work to make your dream day a reality, so you can focus on the fun stuff. Like arriving in opulent style by drawing up to the hotel’s entrance in an exclusive chauffeur-driven Savoy RollsRoyce (well, why wouldn’t you?). Haven’t yet settled on numbers? No problem; the River Room is perfect for a party of epic proportions, with ample space for 300 dancing guests, or enjoy a more intimate family gathering in one of the six smallerbut-no-less-stylish private dining rooms. What are you waiting for? A double room costs from £153 per night;

BOOK YOUR WEDDING by 28th February, to take place before 31st December 2017, and receive a 5% discount or receive 5% of the total value of your wedding towards your honeymoon at any Fairmont Hotel & Resorts worldwide. For more info, visit



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Boodles decks the halls of The Savoy in diamonds and ice October 31, 2016

The Savoy London


British jeweler Boodles is dreaming of a pink Christmas at Fairmont-managed hotel The Savoy in London. This holiday season sees Boodles and The Savoy team for seasonal decor for the second year running (see story). The jeweler and hotel’s team will construct the holiday display on the night of Nov. 19, transforming The Savoy’s entrance hall into a “surprise of diamonds and ice” on the morning of Nov. 20.

Diamonds on ice For this year’s holiday display, Boodles and The Savoy found inspiration in “frozen fantasia.” The display will include the Boodles Christmas tree, decorated in the jeweler’s signature soft pink and ombre and mirrored details to create a “diamond and ice” theme. Ornaments include mirrored deco squares and rectangles and bespoke decorations inspired by Boodles’ most iconic designs.­decks­the­halls­of­the­savoy­in­diamonds­and­ice/


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Luxury Daily

Also within The Savoy’s entry hall, Boodles has placed a pink pillar box next to its Christmas tree. Guests of the hotel will be encouraged to drop a Christmas letter into the post box using Boodles’ cardstock.

Illustration of Boodles' holiday 2016 efforts at The Savoy When the holiday season is over, Boodles’ chairman Nicholas Wainwright will select a card at random. The selected holiday card will be gifted a special piece of Boodles fine jewelry. The theme of diamonds and ice is also continued at the Thames Foyer through a partnership with The Savoy and Champagne house Louis Roederer who has collaborated on an ice rink installation. Inspired by the mirror of a jewelry box, sculptor Gareth Knowles created a life-size ice skater who will pirouette in the center of the bauble-adorned gazebo during the holiday season.

Illustration of Boodles' holiday 2016 sweets at The Savoy  Guests at The Savoy will also have the opportunity to attend a holiday afternoon tea inspired by Boodles jewelry and Louis Roederer Rose cuvee. Email this



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Christmas at The Savoy ­ The Handbook FEATURES 



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Publication Date: November The Handbook Instantly find things to do and places to go  CELEBRITIES



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CHRISTMAS AT THE SAVOY Afternoon Tea, Art & Exhibitions, Christmas, Drinks, Festivities , Food , Hotels




Christmas at The Savoy Read more »

Iconic hotel The Savoy will be transformed into a frozen fantasia this

The Capital Hotel Christmas Collaboratio n with Claire Clark Read more »

Christmas, inspired by luxury jewellery brand Boodles, complete with a 15ft tree, an ice rink and a Louis Roederer Champagne bauble installation…quite the Christmas celebration. The magnificent tree will be adorned with bespoke decorations inspired by


some of Boodles most iconic designs – the tree will be covered in mirrored deco squares and rectangles, in their signature pink tones, whilst the hotel itself will be adorned with ice and diamond inspired decorations. The Savoy’s floral design team are set to work overnight, giving the guests a wintry surprise to wake up to. For the first time, The Savoy will become home to an indoor ice rink, but if you’re a little like Bambi on the ice, perhaps enjoy the ice rink installation instead. The hotel has collaborated with Louis Roederer, the family-owned Champagne house, to create a cascading champagne bauble installation – of course you’re going to be even more like Bambi if you have a glass or two

The Sav

Read mo

first. Inspired by a child’s jewellery box, a life-sized ice skater will pirouette under the Champagne baubles and will twirl on an ice like surface throughout Christmas and New Year. Escape the cold streets of London with the hotel’s festive afternoon tea


which brings Boodles inspired patisseries with Louis Roederer Vintage Rose cuvée. If it’s a little bit of magic you’re after this Christmas, your first port of call should be The Savoy.

Winter Warming Grill Academy Read more »


A Feast In


Publication Date: November Circulation: n/a The Luxury Travel Bible ­ LUXURY HOTEL: The Savoy, London

ICE AND DIAMONDS are the inspiration for the decorations at The Savoy this Christmas ( . Yesterday the Fairmont Managed Hotel, was transformed into a frozen fantasia. Hotel guests went to bed on Saturday night and woke up to a magical Boodle-inspired Christmas on Sunday 20 November. The centre piece was a magni�cent 4.5 metre Christmas tree sparkling like Boodles diamond jewellery and, for the �rst time in Savoy history, an indoor Ice Rink and Louis Roederer Champagne gazebo cascading with festive baubles

The Savoy ('s-Royal-Suite) has always celebrated Christmas in �ne style and has partnered with Boodles before and this year’s showcase featuring serious sparkle and Boodles’ signature pink is spectacular. Add to this the possibility of Louis Roederer champagne and it’s just about perfect. The �ower fairies at Savoy Flowers, the hotel’s �oral design team, worked tirelessly throughout the night to transform the entire hotel

( into an ice and diamond wonderland. The Nordmanniana tree is adorned with bespoke decorations inspired by some of Boodles most iconic designs, as well as mirrored deco squares and rectangles all glittering alongside blushing pink touches. Louis Roederer, a family-owned Champagne house since 1776, is The Savoy’s preferred champagne, and has collaborated with the hotel to create the Ice Rink installation in the Thames Foyer. To bring the idea to life,

The Savoy ( commissioned Londonbased creative production agency, We Are Family, who took inspiration from a child’s jewellery box featuring a spinning dancer. Designed and made for The Savoy by renowned sculptor Gareth Knowles, a life-size ice skater will pirouette on an ice-like surface under the champagne bauble adorned gazebo, and twirl her way continuously through Christmas and New Year. A Champagne Festive Afternoon Tea will feature Boodles inspired patisserie and Louis Roederer Vintage Rose cuvée and available from Sunday 20 November 2016 until Friday 6 January, 2017. Other Christmas transformations: The Peninsula Paris Here ( The Ritz London Here ( Luxury Links: ( , ( )  ( )  Hilary Doling 20/11/16

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November Press Coverage Report 2016  
November Press Coverage Report 2016