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This was once the stage used by the tail-coated, bow-tied players of the Savoy Havana Band and Savoy Orpheans. Since the birth of the Savoy in 1889, this grand hotel has been synonymous with the art of mixing drinks. A pioneer of the sophisticated drinking scene in London, the bars here have popularized and created some of the most famous classics ever known, and have seen the rise of a new generation of educated drinker. This is the Beaufort Bar’s contribution to this most magical of times; where old and new meet to dance together in gracious harmony, evoking the spirit of by-gone glamorous ages past, whilst embracing and bringing together joyous new marriages of flavour and balance. For guidance or advice, please consult our knowledgeable servers, who shall be most happy to assist.

Index Cocktails 1. Cocktail of The Moment 2-3. Small Plates 4. Light, Fresh & Crisp 5. Complex, Adventurous & Aromatic 6. Rich, luxurious & Indulgent 7. Rare & Vintage Cocktails 8. Non Toxic Tonics

Champagne 9. Champagne Foreword 10. Champagne – The Classics 11. Champagne – The Unique 12. Champagne – The Glorious 13. Champagne – The Giants

Wine – 14 & 15 Spirits – 16 – 28 The Beaufort Bar as it was – 29 Measures Information - 29

Cocktail of the Moment “Charred & Smoked� Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, Oloroso Sherry & Mushroom blend, Honeycomb Liquor, sugar syrup, smoked salt and an autumn rinse. A beautiful Autumnal cocktail to celebrate the new season and all that comes with it. A short stirred drink to be enjoyed over the course of the evening.


Beaufort Bar Small Plates Served from 5pm – 11pm

Inspired by famous Savoy personalities…

Cold Chicken liver parfait pillow with coffee jelly Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock

Smoked salmon on egg salad and Beluga Caviar Inspired by Coco Chanel

King prawn cocktail with Jack Daniel’s Marie rose Inspired by Frank Sinatra

Sweet potato and artichoke ceviche with crispy polenta Inspired by Maria Callas

Hot Truffle and Gruyère Puffs Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Lobster corn beignets with Chili mayo Inspired by Ava Gardner

Lamb shank braisage croquette Inspired by Charlie Chaplin

Choose two of your favourites (eight pieces) - 16 Choose four of your favourites (sixteen pieces) - 30 2.

Beaufort Bar Small Plates Continued Sweet Inspired by famous Savoy personalities with a sweet tooth‌

Golden chocolate beignets Inspired by Maria Callas

Rum baba with lime confit Inspired by Ernest Hemingway

Grand cru chocolate and wine ganache Inspired by Coco Chanel

Choose two of your favourites ( six pieces) - 14

Burlesque and Cabaret at The Beaufort Bar Join us for some frivolous entertainment on the first Sunday of every month with an array of beautiful, fun and a little bit risquĂŠ acts performing who will surprise and delight you! For more information or to make a booking please call +44(0) 207 836 4343


Light, Fresh and Crisp- Priced Individually A selection of lighter, fresher cocktails recommended for the beginning of the evening and pre dinner. Pomelo & White Pepper Gimlet - 16 Bombay Sapphire Gin, Pomelo & White Pepper Cordial.

Fragrant Citrus wrapped in fiery pepper and dry botanicals. Embankment Gardens- 16 Oxley Gin, Spiced Martini Bianco, Citrus, Fig Leaf Syrup

Inspired by the beautiful gardens on our south side, we collect our fig leaves from this very location. Pear & Liquorice Bellini - 18 Pear & Liquorice Puree St Germain Elderflower Liquor, Louis Roederer Brut Premier, Grated Tonka Bean.

Light, fresh pear with earthy liquorice, dried out with Champagne and aromatized with tonka bean.

Blue Angel - 50 Bombay Sapphire Gin, Martini Extra Dry, Cointreau, Botanical Cordial, Dom Perignon, Lemon Sorbet.

A homage to Marlene Dietrich, star of the silver screen and a benchmark for effortless glamour. Final Wonder - 16 Bacardi Superior, Cocchi Americano, Orange Bitters, Citrus, Pineapple, Orgeat

Rich yet sharp, complex yet quaffable. A marriage of international ingredients.


Complex, Adventurous and Aromatic– Priced Individually A selection of intriguing, innovative yet accessible drinks to take you from early evening to late evening. La Fée Anglais - 16 Grey Goose Vodka, Pouilly Fuisse, Citrus, Rhubarb, Raspberry, Anise.

Favourite English ingredients given a French twist.

Girl from Jalisco - 16 Bombay Original “Liquor”, Blanco Tequila, Hibiscus & Rosehip Tea, Citrus, Beaufort Grenadine, Jalisco Bitters.

A blend of traditional Mexican ingredients and flavours, rich red fruit and fresh citrus are given depth and body. Ol’ Blue Eyes - 40 Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Pierrer Ferrand Dry Curacao, Cocchi Americano, Benedictine, Orange Bitters.

Dedicated to Frank Sinatra, whose charm, wit and iconic voice still echoes with us today. Never Ending Story- 30 Bacardi 1909, Dark Creme de Cacao, Absinthe, Citrus, Sugar

The genius that was Ernest Hemingway drank his way around the world. This drink was inspired by his journeys. Impressionist - 26 Grey Goose Vodka, Miclo Violette Liqueur, Cherry Marnier, Raspberry Ruinart Rosé, Rose Fog

“For without its fog, London wouldn’t be a beautiful city”.


Rich, Luxurious & Indulgent– Priced Individually A decadent selection of drinks created to enjoy post dinner and late into the evening.

Epiphany - 16 Dewar’s 18yr, Camut 6yr Calvados, Honeycomb & Mead Liqueur, Sherry Blend.

Names for that moment when balance, flavour and perfection are finally achieved. Coco - 25 Grey Goose Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Vintage Moët et Chandon 2006 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Reduction

Made to remember an icon of fashion and the legacy she left.

Ratification - 16 Martini Rosato, Reprosada Tequila, Ilegal Mezcal, Strawberry, Ratifia, Coffee Liqueur, Chipotle Bitters

Smoke, agave, coffee and fruit with a “shot” to prepare the palate.

Pam American Highway - 16 Bacardi 8yr Rum Blend, Amer Picon, Branca Menta, Roasted Coffee Maple, Cocoa Nib Bitters. Inspired by the road which connects North, Central and South America and the journey upon which it might take you. Rhyme & Reason - 16 Bacardi 8yr, Spiced Golden Raisin Liqueur, Pecan Milk, Cinnamon Honey.

Rich and full flavoured, taken from the milk punches of the 1700s


Vintage & Rare Cocktails – Priced Individually Our collection of rare and vintage spirits presents a unique opportunity to sample a piece of history, and to taste some of the most rich and storied classics as they were destined to be.

SILVER BULLET - 80 First seen in the great Savoy Cocktail Book of 1930, this is a fine example of the era. Herbal notes are delivered courtesy of the classic Kummel, which lifts the botanical notes of this exceptional gin. 1960’s Booths Gin, 1960’s Wolfschmidt Kummel, Fresh Lemon Juice

OLD FASHIONED - 200 Building on the resurgence of this great classic, which is largely due to the “Mad Men” influence, this incredible bourbon is from a time before the show was set, and was bottled over 70 years ago Old Timbrook 5yo 1943 Bourbon, Bitters, Sugar, Orange Peel

HEMINGWAY DAIQUIRI - 250 An incredible opportunity to try this drink as “Papa Doble” himself would have tasted it. Bacardi now left Cuba 54 years ago, and Cuban Bacardi stocks are becoming extremely scarce. This is s stunning example of liquid history. 1950’s Bacardi, 1950’s Luxardo Maraschino, Fresh Lime, Fresh Grapefruit

HANKY PANKY - 80 The Hanky Panky was probably the first great classic drink that the Savoy gave to the cocktail world. Here is a great opportunity to sample it in its vintage form, using a rare old Fernet Branca. 1960’s Booths Gin, 1950’s Punt e Mes, 1960’s Fernet Branca


Non-Toxic Tonics – 10 Our range of non-alcoholic mixes, designed to refresh and revive parched thirsts and lift spirits. Approved prohibition potions!

HOUSE MADE FLAVOURED LEMONADE The classic refreshing and thirst quenching lift. Fresh Lemon Juice, Soda Water, Bitters, your choice of flavour.

Choose from: Rhubarb Honey, Raspberry, Honey, Plain, Vanilla, Cardamom, Fig Leaf or Pineapple.

Combine lemon, sugar and bitters in shaker, shake to a froth and fill with soda. Finish with lemon and fresh mint.

BEES BUZZ A rich and fully flavoured blend of familiar ingredients. Pressed Apple Juice, Honey, Ginger Beer, Almond Essential Oil, Fresh Lime Shake all ingredients except ginger beer over cubed ice, then strain in to a chilled goblet. Charge with ginger beer, then place a pineapple leaf upon the top, and grate nutmeg. THE CARNIVAL Finding its inspiration in the Batidas of Rio. Passion Fruit, Fresh Lemon, Vanilla Syrup, Orange Flower Water, Cream, Soda Water Take a tall glass, and pour all of the ingredients in to it. Churn until ice cold.


Champagne The Beaufort Bar is a place of celebration. Formerly the Beaufort Room, it stands in one of the most historic parts of the hotel. The room was the scene of some of The Savoy’s most entertaining moments and is where the world-famous “Stomping at The Savoy” dinner dances would take place. A theatrical, glamorous, new addition to The Savoy, the Beaufort Bar is all about champagne, cocktails and live entertainment including a monthly Burlesque and Cabaret show. On the following pages we have listed a selection of our favourite Champagnes. They have been carefully selected for you to enjoy and our team will be more than happy to take you through each category should you require any assistance. We take you on a journey from ‘The Classics’ which list the more traditional and well known Champagne houses to ‘The Unique’ which will introduce boutique grower Champagnes. ‘The Glorious’ will list some of the most famous Grand Crus and ’The Giants’ will show you some well known Champagnes in larger formats.

The Classics

These Champagnes represent the traditional houses in the region. Their consistency and strive for excellence has distinguished them from other estates. These sparkling wines are great for any occasion, even if it’s just to relax and enjoy the ambiance or to celebrate that special moment in your life… Glass Bottle Our Recommendation: Moet & Chandon Rosé, NV 23 109

Non Vintage Louis Roederer, Brut, Premier, NV Pol Roger, Brut, NV Louis Roederer, Demi Sec Carte Blanche Ruinart, Brut, Blanc de Blancs, NV Krug, Brut, Grande Cuvée, NV Lanson, Extra Age, Blanc de Blancs, NV

18.50 20 26 70

78 84 95 115 300 250

Rosé 26 26

Ruinart Rosé, Brut, NV Laurent Perrier, Rosé, Brut, NV Krug, Rosé, Brut, NV Lanson, Extra Age, Rosé, NV

120 123 441 225

Vintage Louis Roederer, Brut, 2007 Louis Roederer Brut, 1996 Louis Roederer Brut, 1993 Louis Roederer, Brut, 1990 Louis Roederer, Blanc de Blancs, 2007 Louis Roederer, Blanc de Blancs, 1997 Louis Roederer, Blanc de Blancs, 1995



135 215.50 257 298 175 216 335

Vintage Rosé 145 293 231

Louis Roederer, Brut, Rosé, 2008 Louis Roederer, Brut, Rosé,1996 Louis Roederer, Brut, Rosé, 1995 10.

The Unique These Champagnes boast very distinctive flavours due to their unique and exclusive vineyard sites. Their growers are committed to representing the best of what the region has to offer. These sparkling wines are fantastic to drink especially if you feel adventurous and would like to try something new; well known by Champagne Connoisseurs these wines are an absolute must try.

Our Favourite:

Jacques Selosse, Brut, Initial, Blanc de Blancs, NV





17.5 17.5 18.5 23 34

72 72 80 92.5 190

Rich butter and brioche on the nose. On the palate an inspiring juxtaposition of an almost tropical ripeness and an astonishing purity of flavour.

Non Vintage Jacquesson, Brut, Cuvée N˚ 736, NV Pierre Gimonnet & Fils, Brut, Blanc de Blancs, NV Gatinois, Grand Cru, Brut, NV Egly Ouriet, Brut, NV Jacques Selosse, Brut, Initial, Blanc de Blancs, NV Jacques Selosse, Extra Brut,Version Originale, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs, NV


Rosé Billecart-Salmon, Rosé, Brut, NV Egly-Ouriet, Rosé, Brut, Grand Cru, NV

29 33

120 139

Vintage Pierre Gimonnet Brut, Fleuron, 2005 Bruno Paillard, Brut, Assemblage, 1999

92.5 144

Sparkling Wine Furleigh Estate Cuvée Brut, Dorset, England, 2009 Furleigh Estate Cuvée Rose, Dorset, England, 2009 11.

17.50 17.50

68 68

The Glorious These prestige cuvees reflect the region’s commitment to providing premium quality.

Vintage Prestige Moët et Chandon, Brut, Grand Vintage, 2006 Louis Roederer, Brut Nature 2006 (Exclusive) Bollinger, La Grande Année, 2004 Dom Pérignon, Brut, 2004 Pol Roger, Sir Winston Churchill, Brut, 2000 Taittinger, Brut, Comtes de Champagne, 2000 Bollinger, Brut,Vieilles Vignes Françaises, 2000 Krug, Clos d’Ambonnay, Blanc de Noirs, 1996



26 32 38 59 60 88.5 162

108 145 160 285 285 430 720 3,998

Vintage Rosé 200 390 720 560 650

Bollinger, La Grande Anée, Rose, 2004 Dom Ruinart, Rosé, Brut, 1996 Dom Ruinart, Rose, Brut,1990 Veuve Cliquot, La Grande Dame, Rosé, Brut 2004 Dom Perignon, Rosé, Brut, 2003

Vintage Cristal Rosé 1100 990 1050 1558 1640

Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé, 2006 Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé, 2004 Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé, 2002 Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé, 1996 Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé, 1995

Vintage Cristal 85

Louis Roederer, Cristal, 2006 Louis Roederer, Cristal, 1997 Louis Roederer, Cristal, 1996 Louis Roederer, Cristal, 1993 Louis Roederer, Cristal, 1990 Louis Roederer, Cristal, 1989


360 500 530 620 758 831

The Giants These voluptuous bottles bring out an inimitable taste and flavour which is unlike the regular sized bottled Champagne.

Magnum 1.5l

By the Bottle

Louis Roederer, Brut, Premier, NV Nyetimber, Brut, Classic, 2005, West Sussex, England Ruinart Rose, NV Ruinart, Brut, Blanc de Blancs, NV Louis Roederer, Rose 2008 Louis Roederer, Brut, 2007 Louis Roederer, Brut, 2000 Louis Roederer, Brut, 1999 Louis Roederer, Brut, 1997 Louis Roederer, Brut, 1996 Louis Roederer, Brut, 1990 Dom Perignon, 2003 Krug, Brut, Grande Cuvée, NV Louis Roederer, Cristal, 2006 Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé 2002 Louis Roederer, Cristal, Rose, 2005 Salon, Brut, Le Mesnil, 1976, Blanc de Blancs

155 164 185 215 270 280 320 408 446 472 508 574 667 1100 1999 2700 6000

Jeroboam 3l 480 492 5950

Louis Roederer, Brut, Premier, NV Bollinger, Brut, Special Cuvée, NV Louis Roederer, Cristal, Brut, 2006

Methuselah 6l

990 21,000

Louis Roederer, Brut, Premier, NV Louis Roederer Cristal, 2006

Salamanazar 9l 2000

Louis Roederer, Brut, Premier, NV

Nebuchadnezzar 15l 4800

Louis Roederer, Brut, Premier, NV 13.


Beaufort Bar Favourite Sauvignon Blanc, Craggy Range, Marlborough, New Zealand


Fresh, vibrant and fragrant Sauvignon Blanc from the Avery vineyard, NZ

Light and Refreshing

Grenache Blanc, La Loupe, 2012, Languedoc, France

11 /36

Pinot Grigio, Portenova, 2011, Veneto, Italy


Cortese, Gavi di Gavi, 2013, Piedmont, Italy


Domaine S. Febvre, 2012, 1er Cru Montmains, Chablis, France


Fruity and Aromatic Albarino, Pazo Barrantes, 2013, Rias Baixas, Spain

15 /50

Sauvignon Blanc, Craggy Range, 2013, Marlborough, New Zealand


Complex and Classic Sauvignon Blanc, La Moussiere, 2013, Sancerre, France


Chardonnay, Stag’s Leap, Karia, 2011, California, USA


Domaine Faiveley, 2010, Puligny Montrachet, 1er Cru, France



Domaines Ott, Clos Mireille, 2012, Côtes de Provence, France


Sommeliers Selection Gruner Veltliner, Hirtzberger, Smaragd, Wachau, Austria Domaine Pinson, Les Clos, Grand Cru, Chablis, France Château du Nozet Baron de L, Pouilly-Fumé, France Domaine Louis Latour, Corton Charlemagne, Grand Cru, France J. Marc Morey, Batard Montrachet, Grand Cru, France 14.

Vintage 2011 2009 2008 2008 2011

Bottle 135 160 170 280 450


Beaufort Bar Favourite Barolo, Pio Cesare, Piemonte, Italy


Mild tannins and full dark fruit work in harmony to create a truly classic Barolo. Grapes are sourced from old family owned vineyards, resulting in an excellent wine.

Light bodied and fruity Merlot/Shiraz, Domaine du Mage, 2012, Gascogne, France


Pinot Noir, Little Beauty, 2010, Marlborough, New Zealand


Pinot Noir, Rene Bouvier, 2010, Chambertin, Burgundy, France


Medium bodied and Fragrant Cabernet Sauvignon, Casa Silva, 2008, Colchague Valley, Chile


Malbec, Catena, 2010, Mendoza, Argentina


Full bodied and complex Tempranillo Garnacha, Rioja Muga, Reserva, 2010, Rioja, Spain


Barolo, Pio Cesare, 2009, Piemonte, Italy


Bordeaux blend, Chateaux de Pez, 2008, St-Estèphe, France


Sommeliers Selection Pinot Noir, Vosne-Romanée, Côte de Nuites, Burgundy, France Chateaux Batailley 5ème Cru, Pauillac, Bordeaux, France Penfolds St. Henri, Shiraz, Barossa Valley, Australia Chateaux Pichon-Lalande, 2 ème Cru, Pauillac, Bordeaux, France Ornellaia, “Super Tuscan”, Tuscany, Italy Chateaux La Fleur-Pétrus, Pomerol, Bordeaux France Romanee Saint Vivant, Grand Cru, F. Arbelet, Burgundy, France 15.

Vintage 2009 1998 2008 2005 2007 2004 2009

Bottle 160 170 200 325 420 600 950

Spiritous Liquors The technique of distillation dates back as far as 3000BC, when the Chinese used this technique to create liquids used for wine and medicine. This then slowly spread across the Asian continent through India, Egypt and then on to Greece and Italy. By the sixth Century AD, the Arab army that was invading Europe released the technique of distillation, and the monks and alchemists of the time began perfecting and refining both the technique and the equipment used to distil. In Eastern Europe, the first vodka distillery was documented in 1174, and in 1250, Arnaud de Villeneuve was the first to distil wines in France. He called this new liquid ‘Eau de Vie’ or water of life, due to his belief that it prolonged life and enhanced health. The word of this new technique slowly spread, and by the 15th and 16th Century countries across Europe were producing their own style of fiery spirit; the Dutch made Genever (which later became gin), the Scottish and Irish made Whisky, and the French made Brandies. Even in Mexico, where the Spanish began to settle in the 1500’s they began to distil Tequila using the locally grown agave plant. The first American Whiskies appeared in the second half of the 18th Century, when British and European settlers moved shore and began distilling using the locally available grain. The following is our selection of these most joyous elixirs and potable potions.


Rum Perhaps the most important and historical of the spirit family, many of the rums we see today are a far cry from the fire water that was traded as a commodity in the 17th Century. Here is our selection of some of the finest examples available today, ordered by region of origin. —

Spanish Colonies A lighter style of rum than traditional English counterparts, these rums are full of finesse and provide an excellent base for mixing. —

Bacardi Superior - Puerto Rico, 37.5% - 9.50 Recommended Serve: Final Wonder —

Bacardi 8yr, Puerto Rico, 40% - 10.50 Recommended Serve: Pan American Highway —

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Venezuela, 40% - 11.50 Recommended Serve: El Presidente —

Ron Zacapa, Guatemala, 40% - 15.50 Recommended Serve: Japanese Ice Ball —

Bacardi Carta Blanca, 1950’s, Cuba, 44.5% - 250 Recommended Serve: Vintage Hemingway Daiquiri

— French Colony A more industrial style of rum, made with straight sugar cane. —

Trois Rivieres, Martinique, 50% - 10 Recommended Serve: Agricole Daiquiri


English Colonies A heavier and darker style of rum, made using traditional techniques which retain more of the pungent aromatics. — RL Seales 10yr, Barbados, 43% - 10 Recommended Serve: With mixer

— Gosling’s Black Seal, Bermuda, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Dark & Stormy

— Appleton 8yr, Jamaica, 43% - 10 Recommended Serve: Mai Tai

— Mount Gay Extra Old, Barbados, 43% - 10.50 Recommended Serve: Rum Old Fashioned

— Pyrat X/O, Anguilla, 40% - 11.80 Recommended Serve: On ice, Lemon twist

— El Dorado Special Reserve 21yr, Guyana, 43% - 23.50 Recommended Serve: Neat, to sip

— Pusser’s Trafalgar 15yr, 47.75% - British Virgin Islands - 38

Cachaca A traditional Brazilian sugar cane spirit. — Leblon, Brazil, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Caipirinha

18. 17.


A spirit which was truly perfected by the British in the second half of the 19th Century when the ‘London Dry’ style was created. Previous to this styles such as Genever and ‘Old Tom’ were the prominent varieties. Here we serve our list to you by way of flavour profile, always let your tastebuds be your guide…..

Ripe, Fresh, Fruity…. Vibrant and racy, these examples of the distillers art perfectly showcase the fine balance of botanicals. —

Bombay Sapphire, 40% - 9.50 Recommended Serve: White Lady —

Beefeater 24, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Gin Collins —

Oxley 40% - 13 Recommended Serve: Embankment Gardens

Juniper Lead… Juniper is the heartbeat of gin; it adds depth and wonderful notes of wood and bitter lemon. —

Tanqueray, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Aviation —

Bombay Original, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Girl From Jalisco —

Beefeater, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: G&T


Gin Continued… Sweeter, Spices, Floral….. Bringing different flavours to the fore is something to be revered, these renegades are fine examples of this, no doubt! —

Tanqueray 10, 40% - 11 Recommended Serve: Martini —

Sipsmith, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Corpse Reviver no.2 —

No.3, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Gin Sour —

Hendrick’s, 41.4% - 10 Recommended Serve: With tonic, cucumber

Different Altogether…. The more unusual and unique styles that can still be acquired today. Remnants of old times, but just as relevant as ever! —

Plymouth, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Red Snapper —

Jensen’s Old Tom, 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Tom Collins —

Bols Genever 40% - 10 Recommended Serve: Martinez —

1960’s Booth’s Gin* - 110 Recommended Serve: Vintage Satan’s Whiskers

*as used by the infamous Harry Craddock 20.

Whisk(e)y An historic and influential spirit originally flavoured with heather, honey and other sweeteners to mask its harsh, raw flavours. This is no longer necessary due to the beautiful quality of spirit and ageing techniques now available. —

Light and Fruity Originating from a number of regions, these are the most accessible and easiest drinking whiskies on our list. — Glenlivet 12yr, French Oak - 10 Speyside, 40%

— Auchentoshan 3 Wood - 10 Lowland, 43%

— Dalwhinnie 1992, Distillers Edition - 14 Highland, 43%

— Balvenie 21yr, Port Wood - 25.50 Speyside, 40%


Rich, Silky, Salty Perfect for drinking after dinner or over ice; this selection of malts captures the very best in sumptuous whisky drinking. — Oban 1996, Distillers Edition - 15.50 Highland, 43%

— Highland Park 18yr - 17.50 Island, 43%

— Talisker 18yr – 20 Island 45.8% — Macallan 18yr, Sherry Wood - 22.50 Speyside, 43%

— Peat, Smoke and Bonfire You either love them or hate them; these monsters of whisky will put a fire in your belly and a song in your heart. Laphroaig 10yr - 10 Islay, 40%

— Bunnahabhain 12yr - 10 Islay, 40%

— Lagavulin 16yr - 13.50 Islay, 43%

— Bowmore 18yr - 19.50 Islay, 43%

— Lagavulin 25yr - 210 Islay, 57.2%


Scottish Blends The art of the blender is a magical one, capturing the perfect balance of complexity and flavour to marry as one. — Dewar’s 12yr, Double Aged 9.50 40%

— Johnnie Walker Black Label, 12yr - 10 40%

— Chivas Regal 12yr - 10 40%

— Compass Box Spice Tree - 10 46%

— Johnnie Walker Blue Label - 41 40%

Irish Blends Ireland holds the world’s oldest registered whisky distillery, and their experience shows through a feather-light touch to produce some wonderfully light and complex whiskies. — Jameson - 10 40%

— Bushmills Black Bush - 10 40%

— Midleton Very Rare - 31 40%


American The contrasting climate and different grains used in the production process produce a sweeter and richer result which is just as refined as their British counterparts. — Jack Daniel’s - 9.50 Tennessee, 40%

— Woodford Reserve - 10 Kentucky, 43.2%

— Maker’s Mark - 10 Kentucky, 45%

— Gentleman Jack - 11.50 Tennessee, 46%

— Blanton’s Special Reserve - 11.50 BT Distillery, Kentucky 40%

— Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel - 12.50 Tennessee, 45%

— George T. Stagg - 26.80 BT Distillery, Kentucky, 67%

— Old Timbrook 5yr, 1943 - 200 Bernheim Distillery, Kentucky, 50%


Cognac A region famous for producing the finest brandies in the world, partly due to its unique terroir and partly due to the wonderful craftsmen who work so hard to maintain the standards that have been set down over the centuries. — Remy Martin VSOP Mature Cask, 40% - 9.50 — Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac, 40% - 10.50 — Ragnaud Sabourin VSOP, 40% - 10.50 — Hennessy X/O, 40% - 29 — Remy Martin X/O, 40% - 32 — Remy Martin Louis XIII, 40% - 230

Armagnac A spirit full of complexities and flavour, with numerous differences in the production process to its famous cousin; Cognac. — Cles des Ducs X/O, 40% - 15.50 — Chateau de Gaube, 1959, Darroze, 40% - 72

Calvados An apple brandy traditionally distilled in Normandy. — Dupont VSOP, 40% - 27.00 — Lemorton 25yr, 40% - 33


Tequila Using artisanal production processes and improvements in the ageing process, tequila has shaken off its old image and can now be considered amongst the finest sipping spirits in the world. —

Soft and Mellow Some of the roundest and most accessible tequilas on our list. Their delicate, fruity flavours are also excellent when mixed in to any number of classic drinks. — Tapatio Blanco, 40% - 10 — Jose Cuervo, Reserva de la Familia, 38% - 20 — Gran Patron, Platinum, 40% - 53.50

Hearty and Rugged Tequilas with a more traditional, earthy and full bodied flavour. Perfect for sipping alongside a cold beer or pouring over ice. Ocho Reposado, 40% - 10 — Herradura Reposado, 40% - 10 — Tapatio Excelencia, 40% - 41

Mezcal A smokey rich and energetic spirit made from the heart of the agave plant, smooth and velvety this spirit is for sipping. — Ilegal Mezcal, 40% - 10


Vodka The vodka craze in the 90’s led to a huge variety of styles, finishes and packaging flooding on to the market. Only the best have survived, and this is our choice of this elite band. — Grey Goose, 40% - 10 France, Wheat Vodka, Single Distilled

— Grey Goose La Poire, L’Orange or Le Citron, 40% - 10 France, Wheat Vodka, Flavoured, Single Distilled

— Sipsmith Vodka, 40% - 10.50 London, England, Barley Vodka, No Filtration

— Belvedere, 40% - 10.50 Poland, Rye Vodka, Quadruple Distilled

— Belvedere Intense, 50% - 10.50 Poland, Rye Vodka, Quadruple Distilled

— Stolichnaya, 40% - 10.50 Latvia, Rye & Wheat Vodka, Quadruple Distilled

— Kauffman Vintage 2006, 40% - 21.50 Russia, Wheat Vodka, Multiple Distilled

— Ultimat, 40% - 36 Poland, Potato, Wheat, Rye Vodka, Triple Distilled

— Smirnoff Private Reserve, 45.2% - 80 U.S.A, Grain Vodka, Twice Distilled


The Unsung Heroes A selection of the often under used and unheard of elements of the bar, bought out to show off their attributes.

Port and Sherry Spanish and Portuguese fortified wine made by addition of grape spirits. Ramos Pinto 20yrs, 20% - 15.50 — Ruby Dow’s, 19% - 10 Pastrana Manzanilla, 15% - 8 — Don Jose Oloroso, 18% - 10

Absinthe Generally made using green anise, wormwood and sweet fennel, absinthe has enjoyed a great revival in recent years. — La Fée Parisian Absinthe, 68% - 11.50 — Pernod Absinthe, 68% - 12.50

Grappa A traditional Italian spirit made using pomace, Grappa is now protected by various production laws. — Domenis Storica Nera, 50% - 12.50 — Nonino Picolit, 50% - 26.50

Eau de Vie Translated as ‘water of life’ eau de vie is a traditional French spirit made my distilling fruit wines. — Framboise, Miclo, 40% - 10.50 — Poire Williams, Miclo, 40% - 10.50 — Kirsch, Miclo, 40% - 10.50


The Beaufort Bar in 1913, when it was known as the ‘Winter Garden’. Note the glass ceiling…..



Champagne 12 % - 13 % White & Red Wine 12 % - 13 % Beers 4.3 % - 5.5 % Vermouth 4.7 % - 18 % Campari 25 % Ricard 45 % Sherry & Port 5.5 % - 20 % Gin 37.5 % - 49.3 % Vodka 37.5 % - 50 % Rum 37.5 % - 50.5 % Whisky 40 % - 70 % Cognac 40 % - 70 % Absinthe 68 % Tequila & Mezcal 40% In accordance with the Weights and Measures Act of 1985, the measure for the sale of Gin, Vodka and Whisky in these premises is 50 ml and multiples thereof. Champagne and sparkling wines are sold by the glass measured at 150ml. Wines are sold by the glass measured at 175ml, but are also available upon request as 125ml. Port and Sherry are sold by the glass measured at 75ml. Please note that all vintages were correct at the time of printing, but are subject to change.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.


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