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"Dont give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong." - Ella Fitzgerald


As I was wandering in my favorite bookstore, in a quiet Paris, with Lykke Li in my ears, I realized that sometimes, being alone was fascinating and even sometimes a necessity. Especially during the pandemic, when we need to keep our distance, it’s better to be alone. But there is a distinction between being alone and being lonely. And I am sure we all felt both of the feelings. And I wanted to talk about being alone. Losing yourself in the city, drinking a coffee in a quiet neighborhood, or just reading a book in a park. How this can be invigorating, appreciating yourself more this year. And in this issue, we will see how to start appreciating the little things, wandering alone in the wilderness of our neighborhood, looking at the people and the urban décor.

But, our goal for 2021 is not only to appreciate our own company but to also bring you new talents, all through 2021. Our first issue of this year features actors and actresses Jillian Shea Spaeder, Ashley Reyes, Parker Bates, Bayardo de Murguia, and the beauty YouTube star Haley Kim, who graces our new beauty column: The beauty Effect. They are free, inspired, and ready to takes on the world with their different projects. But, the realization of this issue could not have been the same without the team behind the camera. To the photographers, make-up artists, stylists, hair dressers, PR, and many more, thank you. For your kindness and generosity, whose creativity makes the magazine alive. We wouldn’t be here without Without further ado, let’s jump into this brand new issue of SATURNE Magazine, and the year. We hope this New Year brings you health and happiness and also success in everything. You deserve it. We all deserve it. Happy New Year and Stay Safe. Cerena Hammana & Lyna Allet

Co-founders of SATURNE Magazine

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The Beauty Issue ft. Haley Kim


Welcome to our new beauty column, when each issue we are welcoming a new beauty icon and they talks about their favorites products and their skincare routine. This Issue , we are welcoming HALEY KIM. The young beauty is recommending her favorite skincare, makeup and most, her beauty philosophy. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi! My name is Haley. I am running my YouTube channel called Haley Kim. I make videos to help people build a healthy relationship with makeup and love their natural self. How did you fell in love with makeup? When I was in high school I loved reading fashion magazine and just collecting them. The reason why I used to love collecting them is free gift. Every month they come with new beauty products so it made me so excited whenever I got it. I loved seeing all beauty new launches and made my own wishlist although I did not have any budget to buy. What is your Beauty philosophy? Less is more. But it doesn’t mean that people who wear relatively heavy makeup are insecure. It is about building a healthy relationship and mindset towards makeup. I don’t want to see people saying their bare face is ‘ugly’ or ‘unprepared’. My mission has always been making people feel comfortable with their natural self. Makeup is a tool you can play with. What is your favorite makeup item of the moment? During this time I don’t have chances to wear makeup as


I spend most of my time at home. But if I want to wear some, I would use only concealer for my face. At the moment my favourite concealer is KOSAS Revealer Concealer. Your favorite makeup look? I don’t have specific makeup look I love because it depends on my mood and outfit. But my go to look is always something natural whether I do smokey eye or just no makeup makeup look. Your favorite product of all-time? I never skip using a corrector whenever I do my makeup because it is way more effective to cancel out the darkness of my under eye. Salmon or peach shade correct will be my essentials when I do my makeup. My current favorites are Skinfood Salmon Concealer and Pixi Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach. Your favorite product of all-time? I never skip using a corrector whenever I do my makeup because it is way more effective to cancel out the darkness of my under eye. Salmon or peach shade correct will be my essentials when I do my makeup. My current favorites are Skinfood Salmon Concealer and Pixi Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach.

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What is your skincare routine? In the morning, I cleanse my face with lukewarm water, put some moisturizer and then sunscreen. Something you always have in your bag? Book, hand sanitizer, notebook, pen, lip balm, sometimes when I wear makeup I bring a tinted lip balm or lipstick I wear that day. Who are your beauty inspirations? I love learning from makeup artists who stan for natural beauty. Lisa Eldridge and Bobbi Brown. What is the best advice you received in terms of makeup/skincare? For makeup, find something you like on your face and celebrate it. For skincare, less is more. This year has been stressful and challenging, how do you relax? Reading book has been helping me a lot. Recently I started to feel more anxious and stress about current situation so try to read inspirational

or self-help book. It definitely helps me more centered. How do you see the evolution of your YouTube channel? For the last past two years, I have been focusing on what I love to share which is spreading positive message and healthy mindset towards makeup. Due to pandemic there is no chances for all of us to wear makeup which makes us what really matters in our life. I think it naturally leads to less care about how we look, what we wear etc. Instead we focus on what we truly want to be and how we want to feel without distraction from others. By going through a big change, I could see more people coming into my channel and feeling so related.


Any last thoughts to share with us? For all of you going through hard time, don’t be too stressed about being productive. Take your time and let it goes slow. Find you own pace then you might be able to find happiness.

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Parker is a young actor who started as a model. But the love of comedy and acting took over and he wanted to evolve in the industry. I am sure that you’re familiar with the show “This is Us”, the drama that follows the Pearsons family from childhood to adulthood. Parker plays the role of Kevin Pearson, the actor with a big heart. Parker played the role for 5 years and now the cast is like a big family. Nothing surprising, considering the amount of BTS of the show when we can see the casts close with each other. Now, Parker plays in his new movie, Magic Max who is also the definition of ‘family’. After the death of his parents, Tim is supposed to live with his uncle Max, who is a magician and is not parental material at first. But with the help of each other, they will evolve in a good way, trusting each other and learning to be a family. Magic Max is Parker’s first film and it’s an amazing first time. Parker loved his time on the movie and he can’t wait to show everyone the magic tricks he learned on set. With already “This is Us” and his first movie Magic Max and for such a young age, Parker is ready to impress us more in time. The young prodigy is ready to take over Hollywood and we are only waiting to see his evolution. --How did you decide to become an actor? I really just followed my brother into the acting industry, he started doing short films and got auditions for bigger shows, so I thought that I could give it a shot. Who are your inspirations? My mom and dad are my inspirations. My dad was a police officer for 3 years as I was growing up and my mom was an interior designer. When I was 5 or 6, they started flipping houses and they were able to move me and my brother to Los Angeles for acting. They are great parents and the are my inspirations. You played young Kevin Pearson in the show “This is Us”. How was that role for you? I think it’s a great role! Kevin is a 13-year-old boy and he is very active. He plays a lot of sports and loves to be mean to his brother. We have a lot in common. Something a lot of people don’t know is that old Kevin (Justin Hartley) has brown eyes, so I wear colored contacts because my eyes are blue.

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How was the cast and the ambiance behind the scenes? Since I’ve been on the show for 5 years now, everyone is like a family on set and I have grown super close to my cast mates. Everyone is amazing and I love being there. We support each other like family, when one of us has a project we support them and we even go over lines with each other. I loved going to Chrissy Metz movie premiere, such a great movie. Do you remember your reaction when you booked the part? I was super shocked, it was my first role so I was super excited. Going into it we kind of thought it was going be another pilot that won’t get picked up, but then the show blew up and we got picked up for 3 more seasons at the end of season 1. Adult Kevin is a complicated character with multiple facets, who has a big heart and is willing to do anything for his family. But how was he as a child, and how did you try to portray him? I see young Kevin as the athletic kid that is really close to his dad and I just try to make him as real as possible. Having a brother in real life that I am really close to really helps. “This Is Us” is more towards the dramatic genre and Magic Max more towards the comedy. How is that different to play for a young actor? I was so ready to do a comedic role, I love making people laugh, and being on Magic Max was such an amazing experience for my first movie. I would love to do more in the future. Magic Max iscoming out now and you can see why improv scenes were my favorite part of shooting a comedy. Talking about Magic Max, what is the best memory from filming? It was the first movie that I had ever done and everyone was super welcoming and kind. I made a lot of friends on set and my favorite memory is that I told the producer that we just got a dog. Since she was still a puppy, they let her be in the film. That was really special and the whole thing was a great experience. Do you relate to the character of Tim? Tim has been through a lot. He lost his parents, and he has to move in with his weird uncle. I think I can relate to Kevin more than Tim. But something I do have in common with Tim is that we like to pull pranks and we both love dogs. What should we expect from "Magic Max"? You should expect a lot of different emotions. It’s funny, sad, and exciting. It’s a great family film and a great story. Are you now the King of Magic? I did learn a lot of magic tricks but I’m not the king...yet. SOCIALS instagram


Printed Suit look- Hi On Life (designer)

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Ashley Reyes Ashley Reyes is a surprising actress. First and foremost, she is a Broadway talent. She performed in the play, ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’, in which she remembers her time on stage with delight. Broadway is an experience that will always hold a place in her heart. Ashley is also a singer. She describes herself as a ‘not confident’ singer, but, without a doubt, and without even hearing a note from her, we just have a feeling that she is in fact, a wonderful singer. But here is why I call her a surprising actress. Something that you don’t know about Ashley is that she is Certified by the British Academy of Dramatic Combat with advanced specialization in the sword, fan, and small sword. I might be honest with you and say that it’s the first time I am hearing this title. But yes, Ashley describes herself as a big Games of Thrones fan and is now Certified by the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, actually badass. Ashley is on our screen already, with the third season of ‘American Gods’ available on Amazon Prime. She plays Cordelia, a powerful female character, and let me tell you, we can’t get enough of her. --How did the love of drama come to you? When I was a little kid, I was extremely quiet and shy. At around 6 years old, my mom took me to a festival where they were doing a small performance of The Wizard of Oz with balloon animals. I grabbed the microphone and started singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. My parents were absolutely shocked. After that, I asked them to put me in local drama classes, and I was hooked. I could be myself in front of an audience. My grandmother always wanted to be an actress, so part of me feels like it was somewhere innately inside of me. And now I’m living out this dream for both of us You also did Broadway before, with a play called: « The Play That Goes Wrong », how do you remember your experience? My experience on Broadway with The Play That Goes Wrong was just incredible. It was my dream growing up to be on Broadway. I’ll never forget taking my first center stage bow after my debut. I can’t remember actually doing the show because I think I was so nervous I blacked out, but bowing at the end was just magical. I cried so hard. It was a lot of work, and I think I fought really hard to be able to be taken seriously because I was just out of college, but it was worth it. Would you be interested in doing Broadway again? Absolutely! I love doing theater and I hope that Broadway opens again someday soon. You’re also a singer, would you consider writing your music or performing? I am a singer, but never the most confident singer. I would watch my friends sing and I would just be in awe of how beautiful it was. One of my goals for the years coming is to be confident in my voice and perform in front of people again! saturnemagazine - 17

ASHISH dress


Something pretty interesting about you is that you are Certified by the British Academy of Dramatic Combat with advanced specialization in the sword, fan, and small sword! How did you have the idea of passing this specialization? This may sound a little bit cheesy, but I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. When I went to school at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, basic sword fighting was a class requirement. I ended up falling love with it and spent a lot of my three years there dedicating my time to learning how to use different weaponry. I loved the challenge and I always felt so powerful when I was fighting with swords, like I was living out my Game of Thrones fantasy. Does this mean, if you have a combat scene you’ll do your own stunts? If the production will let me, then absolutely! Especially if it’s a specialty that I’m trained in. And if not, I always love learning how to do new things so I’d rather do it myself if I can! A big project of yours is coming on screen in 2021. You will play Cordelia in the show « American Gods »! Can you tell us more about your character, do you identify a bit with her, or on the contrary, is she the opposite of you? Cordelia is a badass, intelligent, quirky outcast with a wicked sense of humor. I look up to her in a lot of ways. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone and she lives on her own terms. I’m much more emotional than she is. I cry at everything (lol), but she’s far more rational. I think we’re both super strong women in very different ways. But she’s someone I’d love to hang out with, for sure. Without any spoilers, can you give us a little sneak peek of the season? All I can say is that it’s incredibly exciting, you never know what will happen next or whose side to be on. And there will be a LOT of explosions! For those who haven't seen the show at all, can you summarize it? American Gods is like a dysfunctional family road trip across America. Only the road trip you’re on is full of gods, zombies, sorcerers and leprechauns. And the purpose of the trip is to save humanity. So yeah, a super high stakes road trip. 2020 was a tough year for all of us. How did you manage to handle the quarantine and the aftermath? There’s a lot of bad to be said about 2020. For me, personally, a lot of loss and hardship. But I managed to make the best of it. I got to spend every second of my day with the love of my life (my dog Scout). I tried to make my apartment as homey as possible with a LOT of DIY projects (some successful, others not as successful) and I got REALLY good at cooking, and I was able to work at the local food bank a bunch which put all my pent-up energy into a good cause. What gives you hope for 2021? So many things! There’s a great saying that is “What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.” And since the past year has been unbelievably challenging, I really believe 2021 can only be a year of change for the better. SOCIALS Instagram

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The young star on the rise already has a lot on her resumé. At 18, Jillian is a singer-songwriter and an actress. Starting the piano at five years old and evolving with the guitar and the ukulele. But the love of music didn’t stop there and now, the release of her songs such as ‘Worth my time’ ‘3: 43 am’ and ‘2021’ start the rise of her music career on good notes. But She is also a promising actress. Jillian joins Hollywood to pursue her acting career. She stars in the Disney XD show ‘Walk the Prank’, had a guest role in the series ‘No Good Nick’. But her career too, a different path when she starred in the Disney + Original movie ‘Godmothered’, alongside Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher. The Disney movie tells the story of Eleanor, a fairy godmother who finds out that her job might be out of business. So, she decides to go to the real world and help Mackenzie, a teenager who is now an adult, and to show that magic is still important. Jillian interprets the role of Jane, the daughter of Mackenzie. This beautiful movie shows the range of Jillian, as an actress, but also as a singer. You might want to keep Jillian under your radar, she will surprise you. --You play in the new movie ‘Godmothered’ on Disney+. What do Disney and fairytales represent for you? Growing up, I watched a lot of shows on Disney Channel and pretty much every Disney movie that came out since I was born. A lot of those movies were based on fairytales, and my family read a lot, so I was exposed to them through books too. So, Disney and fairytales represent my childhood to me. If someone had told me then that I would one day do the wand I.D. on Disney Channel or be in a movie that started with the iconic castle and “When You Wish Upon a Star” intro, I wouldn’t have believed it! Do you remember your first time in Hollywood? How was it? About six years ago, my mom and I flew out to L.A. at the end of January for two months to audition for pilot season. I was new to the acting world, so I remember how surreal it was getting auditions for movies or TV shows with big-name stars. There would be weeks where I had no auditions and others where I had three or four, so learning to juggle all that memorization, coaching and online school was a challenge. I did meet a lot of other kids in the industry, though, and I have made some lifelong friends from that time.

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Working with actresses like Jillian Bell, Isla Fisher, and other big names of the industry, was it intimidating at first? It was really cool to work with people who have been in the industry a long time, like Jillian and Isla. It was fun to work with them, and they both gave me lots of great advice. After doing a groundbreaking movie like ‘Godmothered’, what did you learn during the making of the movie? For starters, it’s really cold in Boston! But one of the big themes of the movie is female empowerment. The main cast and a large part of the primary crew was female. I loved working with such a strong group of women, and I learned a lot from watching all of them in their roles. Like your character Jane, you are a singer in real life and dropped some really good songs like ‘2021’, ‘3:43’, ‘Worth My Time’, and ‘i don't know’. What is the process for these songs, what inspired you? I’m an impulsive songwriter, so I just write when an idea comes to mind. I’m inspired by driving, so the car is one of my favorite places to write, even when it’s parked in the garage! Your first single came out in 2018, what changed between then and now? I feel like my songwriting has gotten more mature since then. I’ve been practicing my guitar a lot in the last two years, so more of that is coming through in my songwriting.

Could we expect an EP or an album soon? I am planning to release my first album sometime in the new month or two. It will have some of the singles I already released, plus a few new songs. When younger you were a member of the show Walk the Prank, looking back now, what memories does it bring back to you? Working on Walk the Prank was SO much fun and brings back a ton of memories. I remember a few pranks that were especially fun for me, like when I got to be a mind-melding robot, a creepy psychic girl, or a flying vampire. But most of my best memories were just being with the cast, who are still some of my closest friends. You directed and acted in the YouTube Video It Counts alongside Lilia Buckingham, to raise awareness for young voters. Even now that the election is over, why should everyone in the age of voting be registered? With all the events that have happened over the past few years, especially those in the last few months, every American needs to know that their vote is their voice. The only way we can make changes in this country is to vote and make our voices heard. What gives you hope in the future? Seeing how politically involved my generation is really gives me hope that our country may finally get to a place of true equality.

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When I was younger, I mostly hang in the city by myself. Not that it was a problem, I loved that, going through the streets of Paris on my own, wandering at my paces without being rushed or go somewhere I didn’t want to. But at first, I recognize, it wasn’t by choice. Every time I wanted to hang out with someone, they rarely could, or it was difficult to schedule a date that would fit anyone's schedule. So this is how it started. How I started to truly enjoy my own company. Let’s start slow, baby steps by baby steps. If are clueless about what you should do, start with a little program of your amazing day by yourself. I talked earlier about being alone in the city, but you could start at home, a fresh start. Start your daily routine with a face mask and a book or a TV Show, candles lit in the corner of the room with a little background music. And trust me, you will review your membership to your self-care day. Then when you are comfortable enough, it’s time to running through the city by yourself. Start by planning your day if you don’t like unplanned trips or just your main stop and then you could improvise. And when you finally have your day planned, grab your bag and go. This is my favorite part because sometimes getting lost in the city can lead you to great stories. But now, not counting the social distancing, I feel like it’s a necessity to be on my own sometimes. And I hope I will inspire people to feel this way and to be able to go outside and have a date by themselves, without fearing people's judgment because they are eating alone in a Mcdonald's. Spoiler alert: no one care. I remember when I would run into a friend and they will ask me what I am doing and when I answer that I am on my own they are a little surprised: ‘You’re shopping alone?’, and it never was a problem for me. It’s even better to shop on your own, to be honest, but sometimes, we could appreciate the company. And being alone it’s not necessary synonyms for meeting no one. Two years ago, I saw a tweet of a girl that was organizing a girl party in a bar, no boys allowed, good vibes and good music only, and she was mentioning that it was better to come alone because we would meet new people. So I followed her advice, I went alone. And now, I can’t count the amount of time I went to this ‘Girl Party’ and I met some of my best friends there. And this is where I realized that if I would have gone with a friend, my experience would have been truly different but one thing is clear, I have no regret. Don’t hesitate to plan yourself a little ‘you’ day. Try to step out of your comfort zone, eat alone in a restaurant à la Carrie Bradshaw, because you deserve it and, you are fabulous.


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10 Dazziling Essentials for 2021 WORDS BY BARBARA BIOSAH, Fashion designer at DUMEBI @atelier_dumebi

After such an unpredictable, unstable year where we spent most of our “nights out” in our living room, we can all agree that we are in dire need of lots of sparkle and glamour this new year. Whether you will be staying in with family or hosting small social distanced parties with friends get ready to ditch the loungewear with these 10 dazzling essentials for 2021. In the age of social media domination, especially during a pandemic, we’ve found ourselves being more creative and innovative within our confined environments. Creating exciting content and finding new ways to express ourselves through Fashion, Virtual Parties, Tik Tok Videos and Reels are our new red carpet. 2 & 3. Jimmy Choo Viola 110 & Cloud This spectacular Jimmy Choo Sandals & Clutch bag set is a perfect fun mix of exotic and opulent materials That dazzle and shimmer. The upper shoe is white suede with hotfix crystal embellishment, then finished with a white ostrich feathers tassel for that extra flare.

1. DUMEBI- Silk Chiffon Lace Appliqué Apricot Gown - Ladies get ready to embrace your inner Goddess/ Queen/ Amazon with this show-stopper outfit that will have heads turning. Just as a walking masterpiece This gorgeous gown is Inspired by The Original Sin (Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden) The use of Silk Chiffon as the base fabric represents the transparency and delicateness of Adam and Eve in the garden before the Sin. The floral lace appliqué represents the branches and leaves they used to cover them selves from God after they had eaten the apple. 38

4 & 5. Bulgari Divas Dream This gorgeous green pair of diamond earrings & Necklace are definitely a Divas Dream Dramatic, sophisticated and eye catching. 18 kt yellow gold Earrings & Necklace set with malachite and round brilliant-cut diamonds that dazzle and draw attention “embodying Italian elegance the DIVAS’ DREAM epitomise the legend of a diva, with her mysterious, unforgettable allure”

6. Spinelli Kilcollin - Atlantis MX Charming bracelet for a charming girl, In love with this unique Spinelli Kilcollin Atlantis MX Bracelet. Black Gold is comprised of an exclusive mixture of 18k gold and palladium to create a uniquely

7. Lilly Lashes Since we’ve had to adapt to wearing Face masks our eyes have become our main asset so lets add an EXTRA spark with these Lily Lashes - So Extra Miami.

9.Moreno BHLV Pop Champagne in style with this glamorous leopard print Swarovski Crystal embellished sparking wine from Beverly Hills. The Moreno BHLV Swarovski® “M” Metallic Gold Leopard Brut is the perfect champagne. 10. D.Exterior Last but not least Feel Foxy & Fabulous with this beige Fox Fur coat from D.exterior available at Harrods. If you want plush comfort and warmth this is the perfect statement piece for your winter nights

8. DUMEBI - Make It Fashion Mask Face Mask But....Make it Fashion. Reusable Handmade Face Mask DUMEBI Haute Couture 3 Layer Reusable face Mask Handmade with Intricate embroidered lace and 100% Cotton on the inside. Embellished with handmade Tulle and lace flowers and Swarovski Crystal Pearls. Look fashionable whilst keeping safe this new year with our super chic, show stopper face mask saturnemagazine - 39





If you like dance and ballet, you are not unfamiliar with Bayardo. He plays Ramon, a strict ballet teacher but driven for success in the show ‘Tiny Pretty Things’, a show a bout mystery, dance and love , an incredible show to see if you love ballet and dance, or even if you appreciate a good mystery. But to succeed to a professional level like his character, Bayardo had to go through multiple dance class and had to train with the best in the game. And it paid of, the long training gave us the amazing results that is the series and the complex character of Ramon. Bayardo is a Mexican-American actor, and he knows the struggle of finding who you are, and who you are trying to be. Especially in the entertainment industry. Bu luckily, Bayardo now know what he is and what he stands for. And we can’t wait to see more of him in the future but for now, let’s acknowledge the amazing music, dance and performance of this series. It’s truly a wonderful show and in our honest opinion, underrated. And we hope, like Bayardo for a second season, and why not, for the futur, Him playing Batman? --Can you tell us what the public should expect from the show "Tiny Pretty Things?" ? Tiny Pretty Things is suspenseful, thrilling, sexy, and compelling. You will enjoy every twist and turn along the way and then realize there are more secrets to be uncovered. How did you prepare yourself for the role of Ramon? Since Ramon is Cuban-American, my research included everything I could find on Cuban Ballet and the Latin American Ballet Schools. As a cast, we had dance rehearsal every day months prior to shooting. We essentially created a dance company with our show. Our resident ballet choreographer came from the National Ballet of Canada, and we worked diligently to make the dance authentic and on point. What is your most beloved moment from the show? Having a chance to perform in the dance scenes gave me such a sense of accomplishment. As you watch our show, you will see all the work we put into the technique, authenticity, and finesse. We used no dance doubles on the show, which is something I’m sure the dance community will appreciate. My castmates are so immensely talented, that at times I would become speechless and forget lines when watching them dance. Without revealing so much from the character, what’s he like? Passionate, Fiery, Honest, and Intense. Ramon lives to bring the best out of you, whether that means bringing out the worst as well. There’s no judgement with him either, because he knows we all have our secrets.

saturnemagazine - 41

What would be your dream role? Batman. Every little boy growing up wants to be Batman haha. El Batman? Le Batman? I’ll take the Latin American version anytime. You are from Tijuana, Mexico. As a Latinx actor, how was the road to Hollywood? The biggest struggle in finding your place in Hollywood comes from establishing your identity. Who you are, who you think you are, and who they (Hollywood) might think you may be. In becoming more comfortable with who I was and proud of being bicultural, I was able to bring better authenticity to roles which translated into more acting opportunities. You are someone who came to Hollywood with no guidance, to make your path. Can you tell us something that helped you get through the adventure? I had a loving family that taught me to be a good person, have a sense of humor, and treat others the way I wanted to be treated. My parents didn’t know much about entertainment, but at least they could teach me these essential things. You go through good and bad, and even when you might think it’s the lowest of the low, tell yourself that you are never going to experience that again, and make sure that you don’t. You started your career with theater as well, do you miss being on stage? Nothing beats performing in front of a live audience. That raw energy is so beautiful. I can’t wait to have a chance to do that again. You also dream of being a director. Do you ever think of the type of movie you would like to direct? I would love to do something that incorporates movement and action. Having this newfound experience of dance in addition to stunts is helping pave that way. Add a little comedy or fun, and we are good to go. If you weren’t an actor, what would you be? Batman. I thought we established that already ;) Can we have any clue on your future projects? I hope you tune in to watch Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix so that we can continue telling our stories with a season 2. In addition to Tiny Pretty Things, I’ll be voicing a few characters in animation including Netflix’s Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous! SOCIALS Instagram


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After a difficult year, staying in our home, the first thing we want to do is to express ourselves. Well, here are ten trends we hope are becoming huge or even bigger than they are now.


SCARVES EVERYWHERE Scarves had been huge in our hair, especially during summertime. But this time, we want to be more classy and put it not only in our hair but also where it should be, on our neck or even as a top.

MATRIX : RELOADED Jillian Shea Spaeder rocks this style in our cover. Black Leather barely came and mainly in coats but we want to see it everywhere: on skirts, pants, top… to unleash our inner Neo.



RIBBONS Since the braids and the double bun, our childhood have a big place in our life and hair. And what’s better than having again this little ballerina looks with little ribbons? Nothing.

70’s LOOK Like our cover Girl Ashley Reyes, Disco needs to be back. And with it, all the outfits sequins dress and jumpsuit. And a little boogie.





CREATIVE EYESHADOWS The more we look forward in terms of an eyeshadow look, the more original it is. Thanks to the series ‘Euphoria’, glitter has made a huge comeback. But now, we are also looking for little drawings and doodles to show more of our inner artist.

PRINCESS AESTHETIC If you are on TikTok and watching ‘Bridgerton’ on repeat, you might have seen the rise of the corset. And we are hoping for a bigger comeback, alongside the tulles. Yes to the drama.





saturnemagazine - 47


BOOTS I am going to put it simply, I want boots. High boots, Winx’s style, little boots, white, black, pastels… the possibilities are endless and we want more.

60’s LOOK Thanks to ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, the 60’s style was very much the talk of the season. But we hope for a stronger comeback, with massive patterns.




GLOSSY MAKE UP Glossy lips are and always be on top. But glossy eyelids are also amazing. And plus, they look so good on camera.

FLUFFY HAIR Sleek hair is chic. But adding more texture makes them look bouncier and bigger. Just the way we love it.





A last thing to tell you We are currently looking to feature artists from lots of different backgrounds. So if you are : a photographer, a model, a writer, a singer, an actor, or if you just want to submit something to us, just send us an email with all your information and we will reach out to you asap! Be safe, and keep shining your light.

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