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Édito Hello readers, We are so proud to present you this new summer issue 2019, which is the very first one with only new content on it! Are featured in this issue : actresses Daniella Monet, Jaylen Barron and Mary Mouser, singers Caroline Romano and Heather LaRose, and a portfolio by photographer Randy Gonzalez. We want to thank the wonderful teams who worked on the photoshoots : Photographer Heather Koepp, Stylists Gabriela Tena, Lauren Taylor and Lindsey Dupuis, Make up artists Hali Mcgowan, Renee Loiz, Cici Andersen, Amy Chance and Hairstylists Denise Perez, Michael Duenas and Michael Kanyon. We are so happy to share the art that these teams have created for this issue. As usual, only a part of the photoshoot is available to see on the issue, the entire photoshoot will be available on our website very soon. We dedicate this issue, and this magazine in general, to all those who pursue their dreams, do not stop believing it and you will succeed. Don’t hesitate to share your work with us via or via our social networks if you want to be featured on the next issue! It’s been 2 years now and we are very grateful to everyone for being able to do this. We are already working on the next issue and are very much looking forward to sharing it with you this fall. In the meantime, you can read our previous issues, if you haven’t already done so, and follow us on our social networks so you don’t miss anything! See you next issue dreamers ♡ Cerena Hammana & Lyna Allet

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The 21 year old actress Jaylen Barron stars in the series Free Rein, in the lead role of Zoe for 3 seasons now. Jaylen is also no stranger to the small screen. She has had notable recurring roles on hit shows such as the fan-favorite series Shameless as Carl’s girlfriend in Season 6 as well as Good Luck Charlie and See Dad Run. ... You star on "Free Rein" on Netflix, can you tell us a little about the show? Sure and thank you - Free Rein is a coming of age story about an American girl who spends the summer in England and finds that she loves horses. She meets a beautiful horse named Raven who turns out to be the love of her life, and of course there are frenemies, boys, best friend adventures and drama. How did you react when you found out you had gotten the part? I was extremely grateful, surprised and shocked. I knew it was an opportunity to change the face of a sport and have a show on Netflix, but I also knew I would have to leave my family and friends for the first time ever for over 3 months in a country I didn’t know.

Are you an actual horse rider or did you learn for the show? Just before we started, I got lessons from our fantastic team, and I also learned and trained while filming. And what is it like working with horses? Well, they have a personality all their own and although they are regal, beautiful animals, they can be downright rude. If they decide they don’t want to work, you are definitely not going to make them do it. They are sassy like cats are. You’ve also had roles in "Shameless" and "See Dad Run". Those are different types of shows. What is your favourite type of show to act in? That's a hard one, but I loved playing Dominique on Shameless because she is so not me. I like roles where I have to really stretch to play the character. Your character, Zoe, is a sweet girl but she is not afraid to speak out when something bothers her. Is that one of your personality traits as well? I should be that way, but I find myself kind of speechless and shocked when people are rude to me. But if there is an injustice that happens, then absolutely I speak up.

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Especially if it's happening to somebody else, then I won’t let it go (sometimes to a fault I have to admit). You have more than 200k followers on Instagram. How do you manage social media? Do you think it's dangerous for young people to be on it? I think social media is that necessary thing that can be evil for sure, but I think we have to keep it in perspective and have the proper mindset that it’s really what you do in your real life that counts. I also think that kids need to be taught safety measures as with anything else, like walking to school in groups, driving responsibly, etc. What advice do you have for the dreamers out there who are really passionate and want to become an actor/actress?

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Make it really hard for them to say no to you and eventually you will get a yes. What is the best and the worst side of an acting career? Do you have a memorable moment and a really bad moment you had during your career to share? I love acting and I can’t think of anything better, except the criticism, rejection, and doubting yourself. Part of it sometimes takes a toll on my soul but I try not to focus on negative things that have happened to me. What movie or show would you like to be on? And who is your dream actor/actress to work with? I wish they would bring The Office back, I’d love to be on that! I’d love to work with Halle Berry or Lupita Nyong'o, sheesh there are so many wonderful actors.

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At just 17, pop singer/songwriter Caroline Romano is already on her way to stardom. After the release of original "Masterpiece," featuring pop sensation Jacob Whitesides, the Mississippi native was credited by Popmania with releasing "the best music video of 2017." While the song is Romano’s first collaboration with a marquee artist, she has shared the stage with an impressive resume of others, including Daya, Shawn Mendes, Why Don’t We, Kelsea Ballerini and Whitesides. First, how would you describe yourself? That’s a tough question! I’d have to start by saying that, like everyone, there are a lot of facets that make up who I am. I’m shy around people my own age, but when music is involved, I’m completely outgoing and free of all inhibitions. I’m an introvert, and I probably spend way too much time in my own head. I think the most important part about who I am is that I am relentless when it comes to chasing my dreams. I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge. Music means more to me than anything, and it’s the place where I go to be the best, truest version of myself. How did your adventure in the music industry start? It all started with me begging my parents to take me to Nashville for my 13th birthday.


I’d started writing my own songs when I was around 12, and I had amassed a pretty big collection of music that I’d written in my bedroom. I was so ready for people to hear my music, and I played a ton of open mic nights at places like The Bluebird Cafe during my first trip to Nashville. I absolutely fell in love with the city and the fact that I was able to tell bits and pieces of my life through the songs that I’d written. I was absolutely addicted after that, and I found the confidence to begin chasing after my dream to be in the music industry. I started coming back to Nashville nearly every month after that, writing new songs, performing new places, and trying to get experience. It’s grown so much since then, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here! What do you like the most about making music? I think we all have things in life that make us feel more alive, more like the true versions of ourselves, than anything else. Music is that “something” for me. It gives me a way to channel the feelings I can’t understand into lyrics and melodies that I do. I truly love every single aspect of music. I love the high I get from being on stage and watching people connect with my songs in real time. It’s such an amazing thing for me to be a part of, and it’s changed my life in so many crazy ways.

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“Games” is the favorite song of SATURNE. How did the idea of the song come to you? Thank you! The inspiration for “Games” is heavily based off of my experience of being seventeen and in a relationship. Teenagers are dramatic, fickle, and passionate (I know this being a teenager myself!). We make relationships, and life in general, way more complicated than they need to be most of the time. “Games” is my way of saying, “Why does this have to be so hard. I like you, you like me, so why is this so complicated?” It can be emotionally exhausting being in a relationship that’s full of extreme highs and lows, and I think “Games” sums up that experience in a way everyone can relate to! You are a young artist and you will have so much time to explore other artists, but ideally, with which artist would you want to do a collaboration? I think some of my ideal collaborations would be Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds of Summer, Yungblud, and Avril Lavigne. I think these artists all have sounds with a stark contrast to my own. I absolutely adore each of these artists and their work for so many different reasons, and I think it would be really interesting to work together! You worked with Jacob Whitesides on the song "Masterpiece." How was that experience? I had an incredible time working with Jacob on “Masterpiece.” “Masterpiece” was my first single, so it was really special that I was able to collaborate with someone I’d admired for a long time. We both had really similar ideas for what we wanted with “Masterpiece,” and he was so much fun to work with.

It was an experience I will always be so grateful for! Your song "Damsel" is about rescuing yourself first with a powerful theme and feminist vibes. Will you continue to create songs about empowering women? It will always be my goal to spread a message of empowerment through the music I write. Whether it be girl power, the willingness to chase your dreams, or the message to love yourself as you are, it’s very important to me that my music provides a positive, empowering message for anyone and everyone listening. Is music your only passion, or would you want to get involved in other things later? Acting, for example. Music is definitely my number one, but I do share a passion for anything that has to do with the arts. Whether it’s acting, theater, or makeup, I’m always down for being a part of something creative and new. I could very possibly be interested in pursuing another lane of the arts, along with music, sometime in the future. However, I am totally devoted to music right now! Do you have any projects you are working on that you would want to share with us? I am working on a lot of new and exciting things right now! I have been writing new music nonstop, and I have a lot of new music I’m very excited to be releasing in the near future. With that comes lots of new videos and other exciting pieces of content. I’m also beyond excited to start playing even more live shows in the upcoming months. There are definitely a lot of things coming down the pipeline very soon!

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Known to many as an actress, host, and influencer, Daniella has become a tremendous voice for conscious, healthy, and kind living. So tremendous in fact, that she’s invested in three thriving companies: Kinder Beauty, Pig Out Chips, and Sugar Taco coming to Melrose in Los Angeles. Her previous television credits include “Listen Up,” opposite Jason Alexander, “Baby Daddy,” and Nickelodeon’s “Victorious,” amongst many others. She also served as host of Paradise Run, and appeared in former co-star Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” video. How would you describe yourself today? I’m a 30 year old, vegan, mom-to-be who grew up in Los Angeles as a child actor. I live with my fiancé and 2 rescue pit bulls. I love to workout, cook, and add value to the companies I’m passionate about in any way that I can. Can you tell us more about Kinder Beauty, Pig Out Chips and Sugar Taco? Kinder Beauty is an ethical vegan + cruelty free beauty subscription box that I founded with my partner Evanna Lynch. Pig Out Chips are a bacon chip made of mushroom that a company called Outstanding Foods developed with the help of Chef Dave Anderson and our CEO Bill Glaser. I was lucky enough to become one of the initial investors for the company years ago and have been huge supporter and fan ever since. I’m also an investor in Sugar Taco, which is a female owned environmentally friendly, vegan, Mexican restaurant - we’re a certified green business with a vibrant and bustling vibe, and the food is knock your socks off delicious! You’ve been plant-based for 17 years. What is it like to be plant-based and why did you choose to have this type of life? Being plant-based has made a huge impact on not only who I am, but my entire life’s purpose.

Speaking up and representing suffering animals has driven me to involve myself in any way possible to make vegan choices more accessible. Would you have an advice for people who try to eat more consciously? My advice would be to educate yourself. There are so many great documentaries out there like, What The Health & Cowspiracy, and even more information available at our fingertips online. It’s so much easier to make smart decisions once given the right information and tools. The truth is shocking, and typically once people are made aware, lifestyle changes just naturally take place. You appeared on Victorious several years ago, can you share with us a funny moment on the set you still remember of? Something funny happened DAILY on set of Victorious. We had the best time together, and I’m so grateful for their friendship today. It’s been so special to see everyone doing so well, and achieving so much! Such talent… I just love that cast. Can you tell us about your upcoming projects or projects you would want to realise? I’m entering a new chapter of life. Becoming a mom will be quite the job in itself, but I also have some really fun projects I’m excited about that will organically compliment this new journey. In addition to the businesses I’m part of helping grow, I plan to go back to TV in the future. I love sitcom so much – there’s nothing better than bringing laughter to a household. You appeared on Ariana Grande’s Thank you, next music video. Can you tell us more about this? How was the shooting? I had an absolute blast making a cameo in Ari’s Thank You, Next music video. She’s such a rock star, and I have so much respect for what she stands for.

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“To Live and Di3 in LA” Photographer : Randy Gonzalez | Model : Teresa Decher 40

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23-year-old actress Mary Mouser is best known for her roles on ABC’s “Body of Proof, Hulu’s “Freakish”, CBS’s “NCIS”, and CW’s “Life is Wild”, but you can also find her in the new Karate Kid sequel, “Cobra Kai” as Ralph Macchio’s daughter. Mary plays ‘Samantha’, the only female fighter and Daniel La Rousso’s (The original Karate Kid) Karate-fighting daughter. ... How did you get started with your career? What’s the hardest thing about being an actress? I started acting when I was 5 years old, sort of by accident. We had family friends we were visiting in Pennsylvania, right at the time that the movie Signs was casting there. My mom asked if my sister, brother, and I wanted to go audition for fun and we were all about it. I ended up being the photo double in the movie and have been IN LOVE with acting ever since. I love my job, but the hardest aspect has to be the unpredictability for me. Although that also keeps things interesting! We’ve known you from Frenemies and we grew up watching Body of Proof. What memories do you have from those projects? Frenemies was so fun, the excitement of playing two roles was unforgettable. My favorite moment on set was during Emma’s birthday party -

I was playing both Savannah and Emma, and I was playing Savannah pretending to be Emma and Emma pretending to be Savannah. It was madness, during a rehearsal of a scene where I was talking to myself, I forgot who I was playing! Midway through the scene I had to ask who I was supposed to be! And Body of Proof was equally fun. It was three amazing years of running around a fake morgue! I’m a goth girl at heart, so that was my dreamland! What’s your favorite project / series you’ve worked on so far? That’s so hard to answer, I really can’t choose one. Voicing Eloise as a kid was magical, Body of Proof had some of my absolute favorite memories and really helped to shape me, living in South Africa for a year to film Life is Wild was unforgettable... for now, I can’t choose one - but I am equally humbled by and grateful for every opportunity I’ve had. Can you tell us a little bit more about your series "Cobra Kai" and your character Samantha? Cobra Kai has been so amazing to work on. The show is on YouTube Premium, it’s about the story we all know from The Karate Kid movies from the 80’s, but it picks up 34 years later, seeing where the classic hero and bully’s lives are now. But the story is flipped, it’s telling Johnny Lawrence’s perspective, which is super cool to see.

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I play Samantha LaRusso, Daniel LaRusso’s daughter. She’s kind, a low-key nerd, and a notso-secret-anymore karate badass too. How did you prepare for the role? I didn’t know much going in to season one, so my prep for that was learning about The Karate Kid universe. For season two, Sam gets in on the action so I got to do a LOT of physical training in many different martial arts. For season three, which will start filming soon, we’re already back in training to get ready for all of the stunt work. Since it’s on YouTube and you have a YouTube channel, how do you feel about being on this platform ? It’s been so cool learning this new platform. I’ve loved being on Cobra Kai and learning the new ropes of YouTube Premium. Starting my own channel was a ‘just for fun’ thought, to keep myself busy and creative, now it’s become something I get so excited about every week and love being able to use to connect with fans and friends. Is being on a YouTube show any different than being on a 'regular' TV show? There are some differences, mostly on the schedule. I’m used to filming and seeing the show


come out around the same time. With CK, however, we film for three months, do some postproduction things like ADR a month or so later, and then the show doesn’t come out for another few months. It’s cool, also, to have a more instant connection with people’s reactions for to the show! What show have you always wanted to be on (past or current)? I mean, I would have loved to be on Friends, or the original Charmed, or Gilmore Girls! Now, I would say there are so so many amazing projects I’m excited to watch and would love to get my hands on. Are you working on any new projects these days? I’ve been busy with Cobra Kai, but I do have an episode of the show Room 104 due to come out this year that I’m stoked for people to see! Do you have an advice for people have dreams to be an actress? DO NOT GIVE UP! Acting is a dream come true for me, but it involves a lot of rejection too. You’ve got to have thick skin, and be in it for the right reasons. Fame may never come, and that has to be okay, if you’re in this for the passion and heart and art of it all - I’m sure you’ll kill it. And I’ll be rooting for you the whole way!!

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Heather LaRose is an American electro-pop singer and songwriter. She is best known for her song "New Moon," which was featured on MTV's Teen Wolf. Growing up, listening to classics like Abba and The Beatles, along with early 2000s pop inspired her to begin singing and writing. LaRose’s upbeat blend of electronics and real instruments garnered her sponsorship by Gibson Guitars. Now she spends her time bouncing from NYC to LA writing and performing her own original music. First, how would you describe yourself? I'm a fun-loving, free-spirit, hopeless romantic with a fear of purposelessness. If I was a food I'd be pineapple because I'm sweet and tangy but inappropriate in some situations, like on pizza. But I love pineapple pizza. One of my favorite things to do is sing on the top of my lungs while driving down the PCH with all the windows rolled down. When did you know you wanted to make music your job? I always loved music and started writing songs in elementary school. It wasn't until high school when I was getting severely bullied, I skipped lunch and taught myself guitar. Music became my outlet but also my best friend. It was then when I realized I couldn't live without it. Who is your favorite artist? Oh that is a loaded question! For me it depends on the decade. I was raised on Abba, The Beach Boys, ACDC - which then evolved to The Killers, Fall Out Boy.


Currently, I've been constantly listening to every project Julia Michaels has been apart of. She is such a brilliant writer and vocalist! An artist you would want to collaborate with? There are so many. I'd love to work with ILLENIUM, Bryce Vine, LAUV, 5 Seconds of Summer, Lizzo, Sabrina Carpenter, just to name a few. Who is your absolute icon (actress/singer/...)? Jesus. Britney. Kesha. Oprah. What’s your biggest accomplishment so far? Personally, there was a tour that I was on across the South West. Along the way we stopped at high schools where there were funding cuts for music programs. When we stopped at each school, we set up a mini Coachella fairground and donated over $20,000 in music equipment to each school thanks to Gibson, Guitar Center, DW Drums and more. How would you describe your musical style? My style is reminiscent of retro-pop vibes with big synths, strong floor toms but with current progressions and melodies. Each song I write is inspired by moments that truly moved me, whether it was an event in my life, the story a friend shared with me or a response to one of my favorite shows. When writing lyrics I try to always add messages of hope, even in sad songs. What’s your biggest dream as a singer today? My goal for this next season is to play more festivals.

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I love being in front of new crowds and feeling the challenge of making someone dance and sing along that has never heard my music before. I'm looking forward to more of those opportunities. Are you working on any new projects? There is not a time where I don't have a new melody stuck in my head or I'm scribbling down lyric ideas getting ink smudged on the sides of my hands. My new song "Cool" came out August 20 as an end of summer jam and I'd love to release an EP in the beginning of 2020. What’s the closest song to your heart, that you love more than the others / which has a big signification for you? Everything that I've been working on recently has been coming from a place of extreme personal growth. Two years ago someone really close to me passed away. It made me question who I was and what I believe. It took some time, but I needed to discover who this new Heather is, what she stands for and what her message is to the world. My song "Kerosene" is about Charles who passed away, but now my new songs are about reclaiming who I am, what I want, and learning and letting go of the past. Can you tell us about the process of songwriting? Each song starts different. Like seeds they come in different shapes and have to be nurtured in different ways. Sometimes I'll get an idea for a title and meditate on it for weeks. Other times someone will say something to me and I'll think to myself, "Oh this needs to be a lyric!" Then there are songs that write themselves. A top-line gets stuck in my head while I'm driving and by the time I get to my destination I've got half of the song written. How do you find your inspiration for your songs? Inspiration strikes at any moment. Most recently, I met someone I like a lot. He was just in town for the summer. During his last week here, I was hit with such a flood of emotions that I wrote nine songs in seven days. There are other times when I'm watching Netflix and something dramatic

happens to the character I relate with the most. I'll put myself in the mindset of that character and I'll write about their experience. What’s the best part of being a singer? And the worst? I love being able to step into the moments of what I felt while writing a song and performing it live, making people feel that same feeling. You get to watch people laugh, dance, cry, all within the same hour, because of something you created. Most people don't know the perseverance pursuing music as a career takes. The amount of times you hear no and told that you're not good enough before you even hear one yes. It can be exhausting at times. But the harder you work for something the better it feels when you earn it! Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Congratulations on the release of your new single, “Cool.” Where did the inspiration for that song come from? Thank you! I was visiting my parents back in New York and I was walking my dog early in the morning when all of a sudden this guy I had a crush on back in high school ran past me. No shirt on. And we had a little conversation while my greasy hair was in a ponytail. When he walked away, I was thinking, “Why is he so cool”. Once he was out of earshot, I started singing it out loud and me and Wolfie ran home so I could break out the guitar and figure it out more. A couple of months later, I was workshopping it with extremely talented writers and producers, Greisun, Alex Venegas, Joel Ferber, Elliot Sergon. We all were vibing with the new ideas and kept working on it until 5:30am. How is "Cool" different from the songs you've released in the past? "Cool" is the first summer-love song I wrote after a couple of years of self-reflection and going through the grieving process of losing my ex to cancer. I was afraid to move on. Opening yourself up to someone else, and the vulnerability is scary and leaves room for insecurity. "Cool" touches on finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone and live life. saturnemagazine - 63


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Profile for Saturne Magazine

SATURNE #11 ft. Daniella Monet  

featuring Daniella Monet, Jaylen Barron, Caroline Romano, Heather LaRose, Mary Mouser.

SATURNE #11 ft. Daniella Monet  

featuring Daniella Monet, Jaylen Barron, Caroline Romano, Heather LaRose, Mary Mouser.