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The fascination of structure and pattern. The power of colour. Colour ignites the senses. The Royal botanical gardens of Europe are ablaze with vibrant colour fuelling the emotions. A radiant melange of Azalea bushes and Camellia trees; the luminosity of wild coriander and the intoxicating scent of a lemon tree. Vivid colours, eternally changing. Sometimes shocking, always pleasing. The colourful, exotic flowers contained within imperial glasshouses illustrate a synergy between the gentleness of natural form and symmetry of architecture. Intense year-round colour; natural flora intertwined with man-made structures, uplifts our spirits. The perception of colour is personal and ever changing. Our daily lives are infused with colours juxtaposed with the patterns of nature and humanity. Romo’s designers celebrate the importance of colour and structure within our lives. We design with the aim of facilitating the creation of harmonious interiors that reflect personality and sensibilities. We aspire to provide textiles and wallcoverings that will be loved and cherished for many years to come.

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Fougere Contemporary Prints

Fougere Wide Width Wallcoverings

Somerford Cotton Stripes

Zola Textured Chenille

Melbury Cotton Stripes & Checks

Cellini Linen Plains & Sheers

Ziani Geometric Velvets

Dauphine Decorative Weaves

Lanza Small Scale Weaves


Fougere Contemporary Prints Efflorescent florals, bold geometrics and trellis patterns bursting with vibrant colour reflect the natural beauty seen in the Royal botanical gardens of Europe. Pompoms from the Acacia tree and the richness of a Peony flower combine with geometric form to create an elegant interior.


Fougere Prints


Fougere Prints


Fougere Prints

Fabulous in vivacious Zinnia, this stylised paisley is perfect for statement upholstery.


Fougere Contemporary Prints


Fougere Prints

Accents of fresh lime stir the coolness of Lagoon, just enough so as not to disturb the feeling of tranquility and calm.


Fougere Wallcoverings

Flowering ferns and geometrics in Lagoon give a light, airy feel.


Fougere Prints


Fougere Contemporary Prints


Fougere Prints

Fiery Rocoto pepper radiates warmth and seduction. A fusion of geometric and natural form used to great effect in a minimalist contemporary setting.


Fougere Wide Width Wallcoverings

Innovative wide width wallcoverings complement the fabric collections. Geometric and floral designs have great impact when used on walls. Although bold in nature, the designs and colours are pleasing to the eye and can be used to create feature walls as well as complete interiors.



Fougere Wallcoverings


Fougere Wallcoverings

A bright metallic fretwork on a ground of rich Zinnia works beautifully with antique Swedish furniture updated with Fougere prints.


Fougere Wallcoverings


Fougere Wallcoverings

Acacia Yellow combined with neutrals. A filigree leaf and a classic stripe with metallic detail continue the theme of nature and architectural form.


Somerford Cotton Stripes


A fresh mix of broad, narrow and multi stripe designs, woven in crisp combed cotton.


Layering stripes of varying scales in shades of Rowan and Dusk, a relaxed approach that creates a classic tailored look.





Nordic shades spiced up with Magenta present an invitingly fresh ambiance to a window setting.


Zola Textured Chenille

Wonderfully textured with a luxurious soft handle, this beautiful tactile chenille is offered in a broad range of contemporary jewel-like brights as well as softer shades and sophisticated neutrals.




Melbury Cotton Stripes & Checks

A new take on a Romo classic. We love the simplicity of these gingham checks and stripes. Re-coloured in our latest palette, Melbury offers limitless solutions to interior decor.







Smart check detailing with soft shades of Feather Grey and zesty Ginko, evoke a calm yet refreshing atmosphere.


Cellini Linen Plains & Sheers

A subdued natural colour palette has been chosen for this collection of relaxed yet elegant pure linen sheers and light-weight weaves. The supple natural quality of linen combined with a soft infusion of light evokes a sense of calm serenity.




Ziani Geometric Velvets


Confident geometrics in vivacious colours allow the possibility of adding wow factor. A stunning six colour stripe is teamed with clever geometric designs in lively colours and elegant neutrals.




Cool Quartz and rich Viridian in a mosaic-like rectangular design, creates a retro yet modern look in a classic interior.







Elegant simplicity, a calm Pewter Grey velvet sofa enlivened with a zesty Lime cushion.


Dauphine Decorative Weaves & Printed Silk

Classical grandeur of the stately home and the formality of its gardens provide the framework for this luxurious collection. A painterly floral expertly printed on silk is complemented by the structure and symmetry of striking geometrics inspired by classical columns and wrought iron trellising.







Pared down to the elegance of line and form, shades of succulent Peony combined with stony neutrals give balance and versatility.


Dauphine Decorative Weaves & Printed Silk



Bright metallic effect yarns catch the light on a curved armchair.



Neutral shades and Viridian work to great effect in this Art Deco inspired interior.




Lanza Small Scale Weaves

Bright, contemporary colours and soft elegant shades are skilfully combined with neutrals and metallics to create striking visual effects. Contrasting yarns, textured weaves and ombre effects are incorporated to create relief, depth and intricacy in this smart collection of decorative weaves.








Index Front Cover

CHAIRS: Portico Acacia. CUSHION: Quintus Zinnia. DRAPES: Fougere Zinnia.

Page 2

DRAPE: Livia Titanium.

Page 4 & 5

SOFA: Picus Zinnia. CHAIRS: Haversham Zinnia & Portico Acacia. DRAPES: Beatrix Acacia. CUSHIONS: Portico Acacia, Quintus Zinnia & Fougere Zinnia. WALL: Octa Wallcovering Whitewash.

Page 6

DRAPES: Beatrix Acacia & Tyneham Zinnia.

Page 7

CHAIR: Heloise Zinnia.

Page 8

DRAPES: Portico Lagoon. CUSHION: Beatrix Lagoon.

Page 10

Fougere Wallcovering Lagoon.

Page 11

CHAIR: Quintus Lagoon. WALL: Octa Wallcovering Whitewash.

Page 12

CHAIR: Picus Rocoto. CUSHION: Heloise Nougat.

Page 13

SOFA: Linara Hot Pink, Heloise Nougat, Linara Nougat & Beatrix Rocoto. FOOTSTOOL: Quintus Rocoto. CUSHION: Beatrix Rocoto.

Page 14

Beatrix Wallcovering Rocoto.

Page 15

Page 25

Zola Grape, Zola Magenta, Zola Dusk, Zola Cassis.

Page 26

Melbury Rye, Tyneham Rye, Haversham Dusk, Elmore Dusk, Chilton Magenta, Melbury Magenta, Chilton Zinnia, Elmore Zinnia, Chilton Ginko & Melbury Ginko.

Page 27

CHAIR: Melbury Sapphire. BLIND: Tyneham Sapphire & Chilton Ginko. CUSHION: Chilton Ginko.

Page 28

BLINDS: Melbury Gris. CUSHIONS: Elmore Ginko, Haversham Rye, Elmore Rye, Chilton Gris, Haversham Ginko, Elmore Gris & Melbury Ginko.

Page 29

DRAPES: Chilton Feather Grey & Elmore Dusk.

Page 30

Cellini Ash, Cendal Porcelain & Lucent Sandstone.

Page 31

DRAPES: Cendal Porcelain, Cellini Sandstone, Cellini Ash & Cendal Nori. CUSHIONS: Dimity Nougat & Cendal Porcelain.

Page 32 & 33 SOFA: Amadei Zest. DRAPE: Delphi Lava Rock. CUSHIONS: Lanza Pesto & Devante Nougat. WALL: Mandola Wallcovering Ash. Page 34

CHAIRS: Artio Quartz & Artio Viridian. CUSHIONS: Lanza Viridian & Octa Lagoon.

Octa Wallcovering Nougat, Fougere Wallcovering Rocoto, Livia Wallcovering Bisque & Beatrix Wallcovering Rocoto.

Page 36

CHAISE: Caspia Peony. CUSHIONS: Delphi Lava Rock & Elina Dusk.

Page 16

WALL: Livia Wallcovering Bisque. CHAIR: Misa Platinum.

Page 37

CHAIR: Ziani Pewter. CUSHION: Lanza Pesto.

Page 17

WALL: Portico Wallcovering Zinnia. CUSHIONS: Quintus Zinnia & Heloise Zinnia.

Page 39

Page 18

Laurus Wallcovering Acacia.

Page 19

WALL: Cassini Wallcovering Nori. CHAIRS: Portico Acacia.

DRAPES & CUSHION: Livia Titanium. CHAIRS: Cybelle Dusk, Octa Clematis, Petrus Dusk, Elina Dusk, Dauphine Peony & Mazara Titanium. WALL: Livia Wallcovering Bisque.

Page 20

CHAIR: Somerford Rocoto. DRAPE: Charcott Rocoto.

Page 40

DRAPES: Livia Titanium. SOFA: Clemente Dusk. CUSHION: Cybelle Dusk. FOOTSTOOL: Devante Nougat.

Page 21

SOFA: Kemble Rocoto. CUSHIONS: Charcott Rowan, Malvern Rowan & Somerford Rocoto.

Page 41

Mazara Peony, Cybelle Dusk, Octa Clematis.

Page 22

Charcott Dusk, Kemble Dusk & Somerford Dusk.

Page 42

CHAIRS: Octa Lagoon. DRAPES: Mazara Viridian. CUSHIONS: Cybelle Viridian & Mazara Viridian.

Page 23

BLIND: Charcott Dusk. CUSHIONS: Elmore Zinnia, Kemble Dusk, Somerford Dusk, Malvern Dusk & Charcott Dusk.

Page 43

CHAIR: Clemente Viridian. DRAPE: Mazara Viridian.

Page 44

CHAIR: Clemente Viridian. CUSHION: Cybelle Viridian.

SOFA: Zola Zinc. CUSHIONS: Zola Cassis, Zola Magenta, Zola Dusk & Zola Grape. DRAPES: Lucent Sandstone.

Page 45

SOFA: Devante Viridian. CHAIRS: Octa Lagoon. DRAPES: Cybelle Viridian. CUSHIONS: Livia Azurro.

Page 46

CHAIR: Belice Jaipur Pink. WALL: Octa Wallcovering Nougat.

Page 47

Carini Zinnia, Belice Jaipur Pink, Lanza Viridian, Delphi Magenta, Lanza Pesto & Carini Viridian.

Page 24

Page 48 & 49 CHAIRS: Luis Clematis, Thea Jaipur Pink, Lanza Pesto, Luis Pesto, Delphi Viridian & Thea Viridian. DRAPE: Carini Viridian. WALL: Mandola Wallcovering Nickel. Back Cover

CHAIR: Ziani Pewter. CUSHION: Lanza Pesto.

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George Smith

Aura Interiors


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Robert Langford

David Seyfried

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Romo New Collections for September 2011: Fougere Prints & Wallcoverings, Somerford, Melbury, Zola, Cellini, Ziani, Dauphine and Lanza

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