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Keeping In Touch

ANNUAL REPORT JULY 1, 2010 — JUNE 30, 2011 Volume 5: 2 SPRING 2012


TABLE OF CONTENTS Phil Deely Head of School ’11/12 Denita Banks-Sims Director of Development Keeping in Touch Editorial Committee Katie Buchmann Editor Bonnie Schemm Art Director

Contributors Buck Baker Denita Banks-Sims Katie Buchmann Phil Deely Julie Gillikin Tom Huneke Steve Milbeck

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Features WHAT CAN I DO FOR ROEPER? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phil Deely, Head of School 2011/12


FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Buck Baker, Vice Chair — Finance/Roeper Board of Trustees the roeper strategic plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Steve Milbeck, Chair/Roeper Board of Trustees unrestricted operating fund actual . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Dave Fluent, Associate Head for Finance & Operations 2010/2011 Annual fund donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


2010/2011 special gifts donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 2010/2011 the children’s library donors . . . . . . . 13 2011 mosaic: the auction for roeper donors & purchasers 15 THE LEO & CAROL SHEINER SCHOLARSHIP . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Patrick O’Connor, Director of College Counseling PARTING THOUGHTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Denita Banks-Sims, Director of Development


On the Cover Penguin by Alexis Johnson, Grade 7

The Roeper School is an independent coeducational day school for gifted and talented children preschool through grade 12 and an equal-opportunity institution



Phil Deely

Head of School ’11/12


In my career I have been at a lot of schools ranging from wealthy established institutions to “mom and pop” schools run with a checkbook and a dream. No matter the type of school, the question is the same, “What can I do ?” Fuel enthusiasm. Your personal endorsement is important for Roeper. Potential donors and prospective parents are more influenced by positive word of mouth than anything else. “Like” us on Facebook; send in the name of a prospective student; offer to host or help at a gathering in your neighborhood for friends and families. Tell everyone when you’re happy with Roeper, and when you’re not, help Roeper by telling us first!


Provide steady financial support. The $25 from a recent graduate has an impact far, far greater than she might imagine. Foundations, corporations and many private philanthropists want to see evidence that the school is supported by those that know it best — graduates, present and past parents, relatives and friends. Think long term. While a large percentage of Americans never draft a will, I hope that our gifted population doesn’t follow this trend! Over time the great and enduring educational institutions have been saved by thoughtful bequests from graduates and friends. I told our young graduate that her support was a model for others. She was giving freely of her “time, talent, and treasure.” She replied that she enjoyed doing it. I told her that I’d tell her story. Thanks to you, our readers, The Roeper School can look forward knowing that it enjoys support from all of you, the people who know us best.


Last fall a recent Roeper graduate, now at the University of Michigan, asked me, “What can I do for Roeper?“ Quickly adding, “I’m but an impoverished student and only send $25 to the Annual Fund!” She went on to talk about her social networking with fellow graduates and ways in which she might volunteer her time and talents to the school. I commented that her energy and engagement shone through and, yes, the $25 to the Annual Fund meant a lot too.

Fuel enthusiasm. Provide steady financial support. Think long term.


Buck Baker

Treasurer Roeper Board of Trustees



Financial sustainability is never very far from top of mind for any of us who work at Roeper, volunteer at Roeper, or just care about the School.

L to R: Buck Baker, Todd Baker ’11 and Christie Peck on the occasion of Todd’s graduation from Roeper.

I can assure you that ensuring the financial sustainability of the School gets significant ongoing attention from the Board, the Head of School and the Administrative Team. It is baked into many of the processes and policies by which the administrative side of the School is run. You’ll recognize them all immediately; they’re the same ones we use at home and work. To name a few:

Budget: Each year the School sets a detailed, complete and conservative budget, and monitors revenue and expenses vs. that budget continuously during the academic year.

Endowment & Cash Reserves: The School also has a strong focus on maintaining and — where possible — expanding its Endowment and operating cash reserves.

There is another dimension to financial sustainability. Paradoxically, it involves more than just finances. We all instinctively recognize that schools and other institutions that have a clear sense of their unique contribution or purpose — and a deep commitment to that purpose — will tend to endure and prosper for longer than similar institutions that don’t have the same clarity and commitment. I believe that that is one of the reasons why the faculty, students, parents and administrative team are drawn to investing their time in understanding, clarifying, updating and implementing the philosophy established for the School by George and Annemarie Roeper. Simply put, that effort is among the most important contributions we can make. It’s why every Long Term Plan the School has had, up to and including the new one that will shortly be released to the community for comment, has placed a primary emphasis on their philosophy. And it is one more reason why Roeper’s financial sustainability — regardless of the Great Recession and the “new normal” — is as strong as it has ever been.

• Maintenance: The School operates two campuses, and maintenance is an invest ment, not an expense. By saving money, and prolonging the life of our facilities, spending money saves the School money over time. Each year the School performs maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment on both campuses according to a pre-established multi-year schedule.



Steve Milbeck

Chair Roeper Board of Trustees

ROEPER’S STRATEGIC PLAN The reason for strategic planning at Roeper may not seem obvious, as there are several projects within our everyday sight which need our attention. Projects like the Birmingham roof and windows, eventual replacement of the Domes and our lack of field space for soccer, baseball and track are all easily identifiable to those within our Roeper community and to those who are looking at us as a place to be educated and as a community to which they would like to belong. Unfortunately, these obvious projects tend to be those which are the most costly and require the greatest commitment from those who are currently paying Roeper tuition (current families) or those who have already paid Roeper tuition (alumni and alumni parents). Just as when we are fixing up our homes, planning our vacations, helping our kids practice sports or play instruments, we have a tendency to focus on the things we care about from the standpoint of trying to help fix and improve them without sometimes stepping back and seeing what we have already accomplished. Our Strategic Plan will recognize that we have an opportunity, in just a few short years, to step back and celebrate the milestone of Roeper’s 75th Anniversary! This will be the time to take pride in our accomplishments, pay tribute to our Founders, marvel at the careers and lives of our graduates and position ourselves for the next 75 years.


And as we position ourselves for that next 75 years, our Strategic Plan will identify all of the components that were necessary to reach our Diamond Anniversary including our: • commitment to the Philosophy; • preparation of students for the 21st Century; • use of technology in education;

• identity and image within our community;

• support for the best faculty and staff;

• use of facilities and space to enhance teaching and learning;

• strengthening of Roeper’s financials.

However, to do this will require all of us to recognize that great accomplishments require great sacrifices. Just as we recognize and revere those who have poured their hearts, souls, time and money into the Roeper we have today, we will be asking our current generation and future generations of students, graduates and their families to join the Board in committing to our Strategic Plan so that our children’s children may have the opportunity and privilege of a Roeper education.

Steve Milbeck delivers remarks at The Children’s Library Donor Party, January 2012


Dave Fluent

Associate Head for Finance & Operations

unrestricted operating fund actual fiscal year july 1, 2010 through june 30, 2011




Tuition and other programs Gifts and grants Other Endowment income

$11,699,742 331,905 347,140 229,569

92.8% 2.6% 2.8% 1.8%

Total Sources






Academics and other programs Auxiliary services Facility operation Project work Financial aid, scholarships and discounts Development Publications Public relations and admissions Management and general Debt service Working capital reserve Board designated funds

$6,342,916 116,743 942,815 117,600 1,902,736 409,436 89,744 441,593 1,370,818 390,000 253,955 230,000

50.4% 0.9% 7.5% 0.9% 15.1% 3.2% 0.7% 3.5% 10.9% 3.1% 2.0% 1.8%

Total Uses






Gold Circle

A GIFT OF $10,000 or more

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

William & Ann Sachs Robert Sims & Denita Banks-Sims John & Marcy Sznewajs Target Christopher & Linda Torres Samuel & Tanya Way Kevin & Kevin Welsh Dave & Francine Zick

Silver Circle

A GIFT OF $5,000 to $9,999

Curtis Bagne & Catherine Gofrank

Founders Circle

A GIFT OF $3,000 to $4,999

Anonymous Donor Joel, Carol & Aaron Appel Robert & Sandra Johnson

A GIFT OF $1,000 to $2,999


Anonymous Donor Buck Baker & Christie Peck Dennis & Hadas Bernard Carolyn Borman Alfred Calhoun Frank Crosby ’85 David & Linda Dagenais John DeCerchio & Michelle Guisewite Brian Dietz ’83 & Debra Meier James & Diana Elshoff Gregory Gamalski & Lori Lutz ’75 Harold & Bonita Gardner Stephen & Mary Kay Glazek John & Sharna Hatcher James & Karen Heasley Frederick & Karen Henderson Thomas & Tricia Huneke David Jaffe ’74 & Erica Peresman Dikran Kashkashian ’72 & Julia Kashkashian Paul & LeeAundra ’89 Keany Gayle Kirker Geoff & Jody Kretchmer Library Book Sale Proceeds Robert & Pamela Murray David Nowinski & Margaret Coughlin Patrick ’78 & Dianne O’Connor Michael & Sherri Paz Eric Peterson ’95 George Popp & Cynthia Haskin-Popp Roeper Booster Club



A GIFT OF $500 to $999

Anonymous Donor Paul & DeLana Borja Orlando & Veronne Bustos Ron Citkowski & Judith Riley Lance & Andrea Cousins Eric Davies ’77 & Karole Davies Steven & Ann Deneroff Randall & Elizabeth Dunn Bill Eisenman & Susan Guenther David & Andrea Fluent Stephanie Fried ’95 & Michael Bifolco Eleanor Gamalski ’11 Robert & Geri Garlo Steven & Tara Grekin Paul & Ellen Hoppe Andrew & Lisa Kochanowski Michael & Patricia Lawrence Howard Lipkin & Kate Pitone-Lipkin Jamie & Beth Michelson Arthur & Linda Myatt Julie & Paul Nemchik Joyce Nilis John & Madeline O’Neill Nick & Pam Pudar Paul Rabe Jerry & Gretchen Reeves John & Rosemarie Reilly Ron Robinson & Leslie Hosey David Rocco & Mary Pynnonen-Rocco Allan & Nancy Rothfeder Thomas Wilkinson & Marcia Ruff William & Mary Jane Ryan William, Patricia & Evan Ryan Richard & Linda Saslow Robert Shaya & Ashley Lowe Steven & Donna Silk Susan Steigerwalt Kim Strong Joseph & Anne Marie Walkiewicz

The Roeper School is pleased to acknowledge the generosity of the 2010/2011 donors to the Annual Fund Campaign ...

Boldface indicates donors who have contributed to Roeper’s Annual Fund for five or more consecutive years. * indicates the actual graduation year of those alumni who matriculated from other secondary schools.


A GIFT up to $499

Martin Hirschman & Marcia Abramson Adam Acey ’89 & Alicia Schneider Acey ’89 R. Dean & Pam Acheson Martan Agnew James & Patricia Aikin Richard & Patricia Akkashian Brian & Andrea Akkashian David & Colleen Allen & Sons Robert & Catrina Alpert Elli Altman Donna Ancypa Holmes ’87 Laddie & Janice Andahazy Soren & Walli Andersen Lori Anderson Brian & Michele Andre Anonymous Donors Geoffrey ’84 & Michelle Armstrong Fakhruddin & Farida Attar Stephon & Kellie Bagne Nelu & Dorica Bakaluca Sarah & Charlie Baker Joanna Baker Harper ’88 James & Martha Balmer Kathleen Baltman Andrew Wedepohl & Sarah Baltman Wedepohl Noel Baril Michael & Carol Barnhart Sr Gerry & Phil Barrons Rand Barthel ’74 Ruth Barton Judeen & Rita Bartos Jennifer Bartz ’87 David & Ann Batdorf-Barnes Mark & Julie Baumkel Lonie Smith Beck ’96 & Bryan Beck Amelia Becker ’83 & Scott Peeler Jamey Bell ’75 Paul & Susan Benedict James Benigna Mark & Joyce Bennett Bob Berg Howard & Julianne Berlin David Best ’90 Lea Marie Bistak Herron ’86 & Erik Herron Udas & Robert Blank Robert & Dee Blankenburg Cheryl Blau ’80 Julie & Ken Booth Barbara Boraks Samson ’70 Nicholas & Michelle Bosway

David & Lisa Bottesi Christopher ’86 & Carolyn Bradley Clair J Branch Sullivan ’93 & Michael Sullivan William Brashear Dan & Millie Braunstein Margaret Broadwell Colin & Jeanne Broddle Denise Brodsky Hoeflich ’84 & Adam Hoeflich Kathryn & Jeff Buchmann Mary Lou Budman Labe ’74 & Rob Labe Jan Bulman Daniel Burbulla & Laura Wood Olene Burns Ann Burns Kate Bush ’00 & Daniel Montingelli Curtis & Michele Buttermore Ian Buttermore ’00 Bert & Christina Calderwood Barbara Calderwood Darin & Kimberly Canales Peter & Sue Caplan Mark Carley & Grace Ward Regis & Mary Beth Carozza Keith Carpenter & Mary Henry Robert & Ruth Carrigan Gloria Chandler Vivian Chang ’88 Shirley Charbonneau Peter & Carrie Charlick Rodney Cheatham & Michelle Thomas-Cheatham Catherine Chow ’88 Kenneth & Sylvia Chun Jonathan ’94 & Lindsay Citrin Robert & Susie Citrin Volna Clermont Gerald Cohen & Karen Couf-Cohen Sander Cohen ’86 & Christy Dunn Cohen ’94 Steven & Margaret Cohen Max Collins John Cooper & Martha Royal Cooper Carol Cox Robert Cox ’81 & Dara Kovel Dick & Cherrill Cregar Fred & Jennifer Cruz Carolyn Daitch Marilyn Davidson Dean & Jennifer Degazio Sara Dent Clay Thomas & Bessy Despotis Daniel & Lauren Dinneweth Michael Dinwiddie ’83 Diversity Film Series Proceeds


2010/2011 ANNUAL FUND DONORS Adam Dorfman ’90 & Melissa Moskof Christopher Vogt & Mary Droste Claire Dumas ’90 & Sergei Prutkin Nina Edgerton ’83 & Teresa Hannan Richard & Ann Edwards Arlene J. Frank & Robert J. Egan George Ellenwood Morgan Elliott ’95 Vickie Ellis & Aisha Ellis-Gordon ’08 Arthur Ensroth ’68 Richard & Karen Eschebach John Evelev ’83 Judy Failer ’82 Joe & Liz Fallert Ms. Ruth Favro Jay & Ann Feldman Susanne Feldstein Sevan Ficici ’82 Jayson & Erin Field David Finkel & Amy Good John & Karen Fischer Mark & Amy-Beth Fleischer Bruce Fleischer ’78 David & Kris Flynn Amy Forman-Voigt ’85 Jim & Wendy Fox Sid & Cyntha Fox Harold Francis & Diane Davis Francis Rebecca Fried Bolton ’98 & Jordan Bolton Marc Friedman ’75 & Madalyn Friedman Anne Gahagan & Richard Dennis Lynda J. Gale Matthew & Maribeth Galligan Dr. Julius Gardin ’66 Judy Gass Paul & Li Gass General Mills Box Tops for Education Peter & Charlotte Gerrits Richard Geyer ’81 Kristi Gibson-Berg ’10 Craig & Julie Gillikin Gerald & Susan Gilman Pat Gleason ’86 Michael Gloster & Anne Denning-Gloster Andrew & Laura Goldberg Ted Golden Martin & Dena Golden David & Jamie Goldschmidt Roger Goldstein Ed & Justine Good Eric Gordin & Elizabeth Schneider Marc ’83 & Carol Gorelick Scott & Jennifer Gorland


Angela & William Govier Viviane Gracey Beth Greenapple & Julia Pais Gordon & Ninochk Griffin Nan & Dick Griffith Jonathan ’88 & Michelle Grossman Jeff Groulx ’84 Lisa Baker & Lynn Grunza Bernard & Carol Grunza Mr & Mrs. William Guisewite Gregory Hackel & Lynda Misra Philip Hague ’87 Janice Haines Diane Haithman ’75 & Alan Feldstein Dick & Carol Halsey Jenny Hansell ’82 Bob & Joyce Harner Robert Harner & Pamela Majchrzak Brittany Harwood ’05 Dale & Jacqueline Haskin Anita Hawkins ’84 James & Lynn Heiman Jeff & Liz Heldt Daniel Hellner ’07 Barb Herman Jim Hess & Karen Feldstein Michael & Rhonda Hicks Ken & Becky Hill Sam Hirschman ’94 Daniel Hirschman ’02 Martin Hirschman & Marcia Abramson Dorothy Hoag Ellis Charles & Elaina Holsey Mary Ann Hopkins, MD Charles & Kimberly House Sharen & Les Howard Rudy & Nancy Huizenga Lee & Barb Huneke Burton Hurshe Patricia & Larry Jackson Dan Jacobs Thomas & Martha James Mark Jeffery ’71 Kenneth Jensen Vaja Jhashi & Tamara Machmut-Jhashi Nathan Jhaveri ’02 Walter Johnson ’11 Naomi Johnson Miller ’74 Amber Joiner-Hill ’06 Marianne Jones ’82 & Joe Nelson Gabe & Rachel Karp Jerome & Malca Katz Elizabeth Kaufman

Elizabeth Kellogg Prince ’91 Sue Kellogg-Graf ’87 Michael & Anita Kelly Rodney & Barbara Keteyian Steven & Debi King Dennis & Jean King Christopher & Elizabeth Klee Daniel Klein ’05 Adam Klein ’10 Walter & Francina Knall Jerry & Sharon Knoppow Jason & Karen ’88 Kohn David & Anessa ’89* Kramer Michael & Zina Kramer Corey Krause ’70 Tao & Thomas Kroetsch Craig & Lisa Kruman Bernadette Krupa-Grier Mark Krysinski & Susan Learman John Krzok & Joanna Jamieson Ilana Kutinsky & Michael Brager Eric & Monica Labe Marty LaBrecque Henry Lambertz & Cherie Abbey Susan Lane Michael & Michelle Lane Margaret Mary & Iain Lanivich Leonard Lanivich Nita Larpenteur Steven & Tina Lavine Patricia Ledderboge Howard Lee ’81 & Vi Nguyen Pamela Lee Johnson Ira Firestone & Joan Lessen-Firestone Fred & Roz Lessing Carolyn & Raymond Lett Daniel Licht ’74 Ross & Cathy Lillie Josh Linkner ’88 Deborah Lipson Feldman ’74 & Steven Feldman Michael & Laurie Lisi Suzanne & Jeff Lloyd Joseph LoCascio ’11 Dr. & Mrs. Elliott Luby Dr. Sol & Mrs. Beatrice Luft John Luttermoser ’75 & Ann Randall Joel & Barbara Lutz Alan & Dorothea Lyon James & Sharon Lyons Chris Eddy & Jamie Lyons-Eddy Jane MacFarlane Diane VanderBeke Mager Kurt Magnus ’88 & Emily Magnus

George Mann & Ann Mandelbaum-Mann Karina Marcotty ’79 & Kleo Taliadouros David Marmon & Linda Speck Shannon & Clarence Martin Caryn Alexander Martinez ’81 & Alex Martinez Lila Massoumi Monica Mätter Chmielewski ’94 & Gary Chmielewski Glenn Maxwell & Kathleen Stevens Curtis & Karen Maxwell Karen May Wendy Mayer & Chris Reo Glen Maylath & Claire Bryant Catherine McGee Rick McKenzie, Barbara Bartz & Jennifer Bartz Mendelsohn ‘87 MaryLou McMillan ’81 Thomas & Mary Louise McMillan Tina McNeal-O’Brien ’88 & Mark O’Brien Carol McPhail Glowacki Chuck & Karen Menthen Diana Mercer-Pryor Craig Merseles Michael & Mary Jo Mersol-Barg Marc & Linda Mettes Bonnie & Jim Michelson Sue Mitchell Ilene Mitchell ’74 Jon & Lori Mojares Mr. and Mrs. John Mollick Monica Moons J.J. & Darsa Morrow The Moss Family Cyrus & Shiva Motlagh Anthony & Stacia Mottley Michele Munde ’80 Kathleen Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Robert Murray Ellen Must Jay & Leisl Must Lawrence Nagel Jeff Nahan & Annette DePetris Matthew Nahan ’04 Michael Nardone & Wendy Rogelle-Nardone Kimberly Newberry Leigh Newland O’Donnell ’88 Charles & Sharon Newman Nanette & Stephen Newman Rachel Newman ’87 & Yossi Zekic Geoffrey Nieboer ’89 & Lisa-Jayne Nieboer Robert & Regina Noto Rae Anne Randi Noyes Dotter ’81 Ila O’Connor


2010/2011 ANNUAL FUND DONORS Robert & Debra Oestreich David & Theresa Olane Roger & Linda Olsen Jerry & Karen Olson Christopher Olson & Jennifer Clarkston Daryl & Barika Pace Virginia Panek George & Athena Panourgias John & Lisa Panourgias Rhian Pape Arvidson ’74 Bridghette Parker Sara Ann Paul Malstrom ’71 Alicia & Barry Pearlman Mrs. J. Stevenson Peck Emery & Linda Pence Angela Perry Margaret Peterson Anne Peterson ’69 Michael & Mary Peterson Kristen Pett ’86 Rich Pirrotta & Kathleen Phillips Virginia Pirrotta Celeste Pleasant Charles & Sydnie Plotkin Karl & Judith Porth Joanna Porvin ’87 Darren & Mite Post Kimiko ’07 & Yumiko ’12 Post James & Colleen Potocki Maurice & Marian Prottengeier Rasul & Antoinette Raheem Roy & Jodee Raines David & Dena Raminick Nicole Ramos ’97 & Jose Victor Ramos Eric Raphael & Amy Barron René & Greg Ratchford The Raveane Family Ray & Eva Reame Marlita Reddy-Hjelmfelt ’79 & Eric Hjelmfelt Ann Reed Nancy Reed Reel Link Films, LLC Anne Marie Regal Mark & Suzanne Reynolds George Rising ’83 Astrid Robinson Nicholas Robinson ’11 Werner Roennecke & Patricia Ignatius Tom Roeper ’61* & Lisa Holland Andrew Romano ’11 Kathryn Romano David & Sheila Ronis Barbara Rosenthal


Nicole Rosenthal ’07 The Rosenthal Family Arthur & Valerie Rosner Matt & Teri Rossetti Steven Rost & Andrea Eis Brad Rourke ’83 Dave & Sue Ruby Mike & Jarie Ruddy Geoff & Laurie Saham Gail & Kousay Said Kousay Said & Gelayol Ghafouri Denise Salatino Francena Sargent Zachary & Susan Savas Melissa Sawyers Harry & Carolyn Schaefer Helen Schakel Leonard & Bonnie Schemm Tom & Susan Schlaf William & Nancy Schluter Margaret Schmid David Scholl & Laura Lucas Howard Schubiner & Valerie Overholt Joseph Schuster ’82 Mark & Carol Segel Nipurn & Rita Shah Kent & Nancy Shallow Alan & Leslie Sheidler Colleen & Scott Shelton Ike & Donna Sheppard Steve & Lori Shoha Sandra Shoshani Mark & Lisa Silverman Rudy & Roseanne Simons Arvi Sinka Steven Solys & Julie Frost Melissa Sommerfeld Gresalfi ’95 & Jason Sommerfeld Gresalfi Barbara J. Sorensen Clint Spevak Joan Spevak Pat & Vicki Springstead James & Donna Stano Karen Stapf Ann Steglich Jonathn & Lauren Stein Sanford & Sharon Stein Brett & Linda Stern Matt & MaryKay Stevanus Jeremy Steward ’85 Tim Strom Susan Szabo Mattano ’77 & Len Mattano Robert & Andrea Teitel

Joseph & Eileen Terranova Ganpath Thanumoorthy & Shopana Ganpath Edward & Amy Thibodeau Cynthia Thomas & Michelle Hagerman Art & Maxine Thomas Rosanne Thompson Theresa Tobkin Anthony & Anne Townson Lawrence & Marilyn Trinkaus Barbara & Roger Trunsky John & Elizabeth Turner Joshua ’91 & Rachael Turner Tyne Turner ’80 Kerri Van Aken & Michele De Gregorio Patricia & William Vance Richard & Mellanie Varkle Scott & Katherine Vartanian Mark Vasquez & Heather Hill-Vasquez Steve & Deborah Veillette Jim & Beth Vens Fran Victor & Bill Harder Pamela Victor ’84 & Jeff Hausthor Sally Victor Lisa Vihos ’77 & Michael Hoover Yakov & Luda Vinogradskiy Bryant & Lisa Wade Deirdre Wade ’87 & Lisa Portscher Karen Walkowiak ’84 James & Malinda Waltz Robert & Kimberly Waters

Fred & Gulin Watson Terrence Way ’09 Julie Weatherston ’86 Jim Webber & Jeannie Bartlett Ted & Carol Wedepohl Joseph Weiss Steven & Sharon Weiss Leseliey Welch & Stephanie Holloway Diane & Doug Whipple Patrick White & Amy Clark Charlotte Whitney Stevens Thomas Wilkinson & Marcia Ruff Bob & Sue Williams Brian & Cathy Wilmers Garrick & Mary Windram Bob Wine Laurence & Emily Wine Doug & Mary Beth Winkworth Satish K. Yalamanchili & Claudine George Maria & Kim Yamasaki Ann Yarger ’86 Steven Yedlin Bowman Yee David & Sally Young Threada Young Scott & Heather Zack Anita Zaleski Weinraub ’69 Zenon & Helene Zarewych Lori Zinser

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings. If an error has occurred, please accept our apologies and contact the Development Office at 248/203-7315 so the appropriate changes can be made to our records.



2010/2011 SPECIAL GIFTS Dennis & Hadas Bernard Bill ’71 & Susan Booth Paul & DeLana Borja Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation Inc Orlando & Veronne Bustos Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Frank Crosby ’85 Steven & Ann Deneroff Richard Dennis & Anne M. Gahagan Dietmar & Jill Exler Harold & Bonita Gardner Sharna & John Hatcher Frederick & Karen Henderson Mariann E. Hoag Trust


Robert & Ann Hopkins David Jaffe ’74 & Erica Peresman Geoff & Jody Kretchmer Josh Linkner ’88* Jamie & Beth Michelson Steve & Danita Milbeck Jack Oakie & Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation Eric Peterson ’95 Michael Raveane & Mary Haddad-Raveane Allan & Nancy Rothfeder Steven & Donna Silk Christopher & Linda Torres Anthony & Anne Townson

A “Special Gift” is any monetary donation given to The Roeper School designated for a specific purpose — other than the Annual Fund or The Capital Campaign for Roeper — or it may be simply an outright, unsolicited gift.


the children’s library DONORS The Children’s Library is a beautiful addition to the John & Phyllis Steward Building on the Bloomfield Hills Campus. It not only houses a marvelous collection of children’s literature, but also collections for faculty and parents as well as the Alex Frank Publishing Center and a technology center. We are deeply grateful to our generous donors.

The Akkashian Family Paula Amann ’71 The Appel Family In Memory of Pericles & Evelyn Pappas The Baker-Peck Family Carolyn Borman Familia Bustos The Children’s Library Raffle Kyler & Cecilia Cousins John DeCerchio & Michelle Guisewite The Gahagan-Dennis Family Jann Devereux Hunter, Chase, Liz & Randall Dunn Sue & David Efros, Michelle ‘95 & Carly ‘98 William Eisenman & Susan Guenther Vickie Ellis In Honor of the Roeper Teacher Jim & Diana Elshoff Mark I. Evans Leila & Martin Evelev Drusilla Farwell Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Dan Share & Sophie Fierro-Share Alan & Ann Frank & Sons Gregory Gamalski & Lori Lutz ’75 The Glass Family David Glazek ’95 & Katherine Stoller Robert Goor & Linda Tebelman Paul, Elizabeth, Samantha & Abigail Gramer The Grekin Family Michael & Jeanne Haynes Jim, Karen & Evan Heasley Lotte & Max Heine Philanthropic Fund Jim Hess & Karen Feldstein Katherine ‘09 & Samuel Hess ‘11 Ron & Kathy Kasper Christopher & Elizabeth Klee Jared & Peggy Klein The Kohlenberg Family In Memory of Mignon & Eugene Kraft The Kramer Family David, Anessa, Sam & Max Rosalie Lake

Robert Long & Marlene Seltzer David & Christine Lyon The Lyon Foundation, Inc. The Martinez Family Karen May The Michelson Family Jon & Lori Mojares & Family Jay & Leisl Must & Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Oldenburg Chris Popp & Cindy Haskin-Popp & Family The Meyer & Anna Prentis Family Foundation, Inc. Bob & Sharon Resnick The Richie Family Roeper Stage III Christopher Ruth & Janet Chrzanowski William & Nancy Schluter Secrets of Writing Pros Robert Shaya & Ashley Lowe Sandy & Michael Short Steven & Donna Silk Eric Silverman Glenn Sims, Denita Banks-Sims, Alexandra ‘06 & Carter ‘10 Neil & Nancy Sosin In Memory of Mary Ryckman Michael Tilchin ’72 Diane VanderBeke Mager Bob & Mindy VanHellemont Volkswagen of America, Inc. Wal-Mart Foundation Kevin, Laurie & Connor ’10 Welsh Robert & Susan Williams Rheyn ‘01, Starr ‘03, Sky ‘06, Hale ‘09 Doug & Mary Beth Winkworth Janet Yageman Pandora Young Paul, Colleen, Brian ’04 & Jaime ’05 Ziegler Family Foundation


the children’s library DONORS Named Collections Publishing Center: The Frank Family Reading Circle: The Silk Family Classical Music Collection: The Appel Family International Collection: Familia Bustos The George A. Roeper Centenary Collection: The Dunn Family Faculty Resource Collection: Jim & Diana Elshoff

Non-fiction Collection: The Grekin Family Fiction Collection: The Klee Family Digital Collection: The Kramer Family Parent Resource Collection: The Long/Seltzer Family Young Readers Collection: The Popp Family The Roeper Philosophy Collection: The Richie Family

GRANDPARENTS’ LEGACY GIFTS Chris Baker & Karen Schwartz Matthew Baker Grunza Harold & theresa Banks Alexandra & Carter Sims Freda Brown Aaron & Rachel Keteyian Norton J. Cohen Carter Eugene Cohen Ken & Patty Eisenbraun Noah Judith Gass Ben & Adam Kochanowski Paul & Li Gass Ben & Adam Kochanowski Helen Gofrank Christie A. Bagne Ken & Becky Hill Rudy & Nancy Huizenga Aurora & Quinn Thomas-Hagerman Patricia Jackson Kyler W. & Cecilia R. Cousins John Krzok & Joanna Jamieson Aristide Gardette Howard & Marjorie Jenkins Miles A. Hicks

Phillip Lind & Mireya Lukasiewicz Alex, Gabe & Calvin Lind Dan & Carolyn Lowe Eli & Scarlett Shaya Susan Mitchell Jonathan Kaufman Joyce Nilis Maya Rose & Ryne Alexander Murray Richard & Ila O’Connor Leland & Lily O’Connor Richard and Carol Popp Nicholas, Phillip & Grace Popp Ann Reed Andy & Wesley Reed Leonard & Bonnie Schemm Cameron & Olivia Schemm Geri & Bill Schwanger Ethan & Elliot Silk Joan Spevak Catherine & Clayton Spevak Sharon & Sanford Stein Noah Stein Margaret Vasquez Olivia Vasquez

The Lori Lutz Visiting Artist Series was established as a permanent endowment to honor the extraordinary contributions made by Lori over the years as student, alumna, parent, alumnae parent and Chair of the Board of Trustees. This program by local author Jean Alicia Elster (seated on left) launched the series.


She is joined here by Carmen Pianko, Lower School Media Specialist (seated on right), and (standing, L to R) Alumni Relations Coordinator Emery Pence, School Historian Marcia Ruff, Lori Lutz and Director of Development Denita Banks-Sims.


MOSAIC: THE AUCTION FOR ROEPER — DONORS 6 Birmingham 220 Restaurant Abe’s Deli Donivan Abraham ‘08 Adventures in Toys African Safari Wildlife Park Alan Jackson Platinum Fan Club All American Pet Resorts of Royal Oak All The King’s Men Allegiant Travel Company Amber & Karen’s Stage I Class AMC Theatres American Home Fitness Angelina Italian Bistro Anonymous Donor ASICS America Corporation Astrein’s Creative Jewelers Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa Avi Resort and Casino Ayisha & Julie’s Stage IV Class B Photography Balletto Vineyards Be Present Massage Birmingham Wellness Center Bitonti Salon Blossoms Boogie Fever Cafe Nicholas & Michelle Bosway Boyd Cosmetic Surgical Institute Brio Tuscan Grille Buca di Beppo Orlando & Veronne Bustos Cacao Tree Cafe Casa Magna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa Castle Rock Entertainment Cathy & Susie’s Stage III Class Chateau Chantal Chris & Andrea’s Stage IV Class Claddagh Chiropractic Clever Container Company Coach Genevieve Sports Coach Me Fit Colleen & Nicole’s Stage I Class ColorGoRound, LLC Comfort Inn Suites Cork Wine Pub Courtyard by Marriott Chicago Downtown River North CrossFit Bloomfield Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal D’Amato’s & Goodnite Gracie Dan Jacob’s Homeroom Dancing with the Stars

Depaul’s Merle Reskin Theatre Detroit Golf Club Detroit Historical Society Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit Red Wings Detroit Skating Club Detroit Tigers Community Affairs Department Deyo Studio — Nicolena Inniss Deyo Studio — Russ Simon DH Productions Diana Brumfield CMT, CAEH Dick O’Dow’s Direct Wines of Distinction, J & J Importers, LLC Discount Tire Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort & Casino Dr. Phil Show Randall & Elizabeth Dunn Dynamite Landscaping Co. Eastman Kodak Ecology Ken & Patty Eisenbraun Elbinger Studios Electronic Arts Elise & Paula’s Stage IV Class Ellen & Gloria’s Stage IV Class EmbroidMe English Gardens Equilibrium Studio Brian Eschbach ‘01 February Point Estates Resort Festivities Studio Stage IV Fibers Students Fleming’s Restaurant Flip Salon Folger Theatre Fonda, Inc. Forest Grill Four Seasons Garden Center & Custom Landscape Services Fox Broadcasting Co. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West Franklin Athletic Club fuse Matthew & Maribeth Galligan Ganz Bradley George ‘09 Goldner Walsh Garden & Home Great Clips Birmingham Greek Islands Ruth Hall Haute Chocolat Heartwear Designs Hedemann Photography


MOSAIC: THE AUCTION FOR ROEPER — DONORS Beverly M Helm Helping Hands Home Care Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens Hilton Chicago / Northbrook Hilton Garden Inn Chicago Magnificent Mile Hotel Le Bristol Desire Houck Lee & Barb Huneke Thomas & Tricia Huneke Hyatt Regency Dearborn Inn Season Café Inside CNN Atlanta J.W. Marriott Washington, D.C. Jamie Lyons-Eddy’s Homeroom Jessica’s Natural Foods Jimmy Kimmel Live John Travolta Lynn A. Jovick Julie Byrne Interiors Just Add Water Katerina Bocci Fashion Designer Kathleen A. Phillips Zoom Artistic Photography, LLC Shannon Thomas Kennedy Kimberly & Sarah’s Stage II Class Christopher & Elizabeth Klee Knit2gether Group Balthazar Korab Aaron Michael at Cole Street Salon Kroger L2O La Belle Provence & Word of Art Late Show with David Letterman Armani Lee ‘15 Leon & Lulu Lifeline Theatre Linda Pence’s 6th Grade Homeroom Linda Vernon’s Homeroom Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Lisa & Andi’s Stage II Class Lisa & Matresa’s Stage III Class Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando Lola Your Coiffure Specialist Longaberger, Ind. Consultant Luigi Bruni Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood Maggiano’s Little Italy Manolis Thanasas, DDS, PLC Margot European Day Spa Mariana’s Homeroom Matt Mikola of Beverly Hills Club Max Your Gold Meguiar’s Inc


Michele & Patti’s Stage II Class Michigan Opera Theatre Mick Management Andy Mignery Mike Ruddy’s Homeroom Miracle Springs Resort & Spa Mojo In The Morning Morley Candy Makers & Sanders Robert & Pamela Murray My Good Life Fitness Studio N.E.A.T. Nestle USA New Jersey Devils New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival & Foundation, Inc. New York City Fire Museum New York Philharmonic Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace Norris Financial Group with UBS Northbrook Symphony Oak Electric Olivers Trendz OPI Products, Inc. Optik Otsego Club & Resort P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Palace Sports & Entertainment Hwan Park ‘10 Michael & Sherri Paz Pete’s Body Shop philosophy inc. Rich Pirrotta & Kathleen Phillips Planet Rock Plum Market Portraits by Sayles Primo’s Pizza / Birmingham Pronto! Rainforest Cafe Ramada Plaza Minneapolis Ray’s Ice Cream Company, Inc. REC Diving/Blue Chip Travel Red Knapp’s Dairy Bar Reggie’s 7th Grade Homeroom Regis’s 6th Grade Homeroom Renaissance Spa Restyle Child Isabelle & Larry Rich River Expeditions River Palms Resort & Casino River Riders, Inc. Roberts Restaurants Annemarie Roeper

Auction guest, Elizabeth Gramer raises her paddle in support of Professional Development for the Roeper faculty.

Roeper Stage I Roeper Stage II Roeper Stage III Roeper Stage IV Rosarito Beach Hotel Roughrider Spirit Shop RTC 2010 Cabaret Cast Ruby+Associates Jarie Ruddy Salon Jacqueline & Spa Sarah & Stacy’s Stage II Class Schakolad Chocolate Factory Scott & Dee’s Stage III Class Scotty Reiss Designs SEA Landing Secrest Wardle Service 1st Maintenance Shannon & Bryan’s Stage III Class Sharon & Eulalia’s Homeroom Shedd Aquarium Sheh Yi’s 6th Grade Homeroom Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport Sign Solutions of Michigan Bob Simon & Tessa Stein Rudy & Roseanne Simons Somerset Collection South Bar Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club Specialties Showroom Starbucks / Square Lake & Woodward Sugarland Sunstone Vineyards and Winery Susan & Lisa’s Homeroom Nicole Susser & Roger Lewis Sweet Lorraine’s Sweet Thing Sylvia Bell’s Homeroom Systematic Heating & Cooling, Inc. Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry TCBY Team Detroit Teaser Pilates TGA of East Oakland County The Antigua Group The Book Beat The Court Theatre The Detroit Marriott The Detroit Lions The Essex The Fairmont Dallas The Grekin Skin Institute

The Henry Ford The Moose Preserve The Polo Fields Golf & Country Club The Roeper School The Roeper School Board of Trustees The Roeper Parent Community The Townsend Hotel The Varsity Shop The Whitney Cynthia Thomas & Michelle Hagerman Townsend Street Pilates Trader Joe’s Trap Door Theatre Treasure Bay Casino & Hotel Trevarrow Troy Gymnastics TRU Uptown Entertainment Mindy & Bob VanHellemont Jim & Beth Vens George Vutetakis Warehouse Restaurant James & Jennifer Watry Wendy & Carolyn’s Homeroom Wesch Cleaners Wheel of Fortune Wilderness Voyageurs Robert & Susan Williams Zazio’s Zoup! Fresh Soup Company Zulu Nyala Zuma Coffee House

Held at the Detroit Athletic Club, the silent auction salons teemed with action early in the evening.



MOSAIC: THE AUCTION FOR ROEPER — PURCHASERS Jeanette Abraham Adkison, Need & Allen PLLC Christopher & Kristi Ahn David & Colleen Allen Elli Altman Michael Anderson & Lisa Maruca Anonymous Donor Joel & Carol Appel Curtis Bagne & Catherine Gofrank Stephon & Kellie Bagne Sarah Baker Buck Baker & Christie Peck Lisa Baker & Lynn Grunza John & Linda Ban F. Troy Barnhart Mark & Joyce Bennett Birmingham Wellness Center Paul & DeLana Borja Carolyn Borman Tyler Brooks Orlando & Veronne Bustos Butzel Long Judith Catrine Chris Charlton Gerald Cohen & Karen Couf-Cohen ColorGoRound, LLC Lance & Andrea Cousins David & Linda Dagenais John DeCerchio & Michelle Guisewite Steven & Ann Deneroff Richard Dennis & Anne Gahagan Enrico P. Digieolano Craig Dillon Mark Diskin DTE Energy Randall & Elizabeth Dunn Patty & Ken Eisenbraun William Eisenman & Susan Guenther David Eisenstein & Kathryn Regan Elli’s Bed & Biscuit Energy Sciences Jayson & Erin Field David Finkel & Amy Good First Michigan Bank Mark & Amy-Beth Fleischer David & Andrea Fluent Matthew & Maribeth Galligan Gregory Gamalski & Lori Lutz ’75 Harold & Bonita Gardner Gerald & Susan Gilman Andrew & Laura Goldberg David & Jamie Goldschmidt Marc ’83 & Carol Gorelick


Janet & Felix Grabowski Paul & Elizabeth Gramer Steven & Tara Grekin Robert W. Haag Mahmoud Habboub & Irini Beardman Robb Harner & Pam Majchrzak Alicia Harris-Turner James & Karen Heasley Kevin Heckman Jeffrey & Elizabeth Heldt Helping Hands Home Care Frederick & Karen Henderson Roland & Stacy Holloman Charles & Elaina Holsey Charles & Kimberly House Thomas & Tricia Huneke David Jaffe ’74 & Erica Peresman Karen Johnson Andy & Avis Jolly Borce & Megan Josifovski Steven & Bridget Katzman Elizabeth Kaufman Christopher & Elizabeth Klee Jared & Peggy Klein Susan Knight Dennis Parrott & Kathryn Kohn-Parrott Kathy & Greg Kosmatka Kevin Kruszewski & Michelle Goff Mark Krysinski & Susan Learman Patrycja Krzok ’96 Todd & Rashel Kwasny Eric & Monica Labe Bryan & Vanessa Lancaster Roman & Kathleen Lesnau Carolyn & Raymond Lett Patricia Lewis Ross & Cathy Lillie Kathleen Lindbeck Joshua ’88 & Dana Linkner Alan Kuester & Sara Liter-Kuester Glen & Cindy Logan Robert Long & Marlene Seltzer David & Christine Lyon Rodger MacArthur & Karie Peterson Lynn Mathia Marc & Linda Mettes Jamie & Beth Michelson Steve & Danita Milbeck Erin Milbeck Wilcox ’04 & Jon Wilcox ’03 Jon & Lori Mojares Todd & Stephanie Morita Michael & Leslie Moskowitz

Three handmade Griffyndor robes await their successful bidders.

Robert & Pamela Murray Jay & Leisl Must Godfrey & Nancy Nolan David Nowinski & Meg Coughlin Christopher Olson & Jennifer Clarkston Dan Ortman & Julie Douglas Daryl & Barika Pace Bridghette Parker Emery & Linda Pence PensionTrend Investment Advisors, LLC Eric Peterson ‘95 Rich Pirrotta & Kathleen Phillips Ron Pruette Nick & Pam Pudar Mary & Robert Purcell Sara Puzey ’96 Gerry & Janelle Radtke Rapid Development Services, LLC Gregory & René Ratchford Michael Raveane & Mary Haddad-Raveane Cindy Reagan Rehmann Group Ron Robinson & Leslie Hosey David Rocco & Mary Pynnonen-Rocco Tim & Nancy Roop Matt & Teri Rossetti Michael & Darla Rowley David I. & Susan Ruby Ruby+Associates Robert Rubin & Jill Rudofsky Rubin Geoff & Laurie Saham Kousay & Gail Said Zachary & Susan Savas Lewis Schlanbusch & Mary Puls David & Karen Schulman Darryl & Angela Segars Kent & Nancy Shallow Shana Shaw Robert Shaya & Ashley Lowe Steve & Lori Shoha Steven & Donna Silk Simons Michelson Zieve Advertising Inc. Rudy & Roseanne Simons Robert Sims & Denita Banks-Sims Peter J. Smidt Drew Smith & Jennifer MacLeod-Smith Eric Snider ’87 Steven Solys & Julie Frost Speedy Tees Glenn & Vanessa Stafford Stage IV Girls Basketball Susan Steigerwalt Jonathan & Lauren Stein

Sanford & Sharon Stein Matt & MaryKay Stevanus Systematic Heating & Cooling, Inc. John & Marcy Sznewajs Talpos & Arnold, PC Taylor Publishing The Roeper Parent Community The Roeper School Board of Trustees Cynthia Thomas & Michelle Hagerman Theresa Tobkin Christopher & Linda Torres S. Douglas & Sarah Touma Bill & Lynne Treharne Barbara & Roger Trunsky Chris Bonde & Jennifer Turnbull Bonde Ronald Turner & Alicia Harris-Turner U6 Reptars Soccer Team Philip & Nancy Uchno Bob & Mindy VanHellemont Scott & Katherine Vartanian Susan Vogt Andrew & Sarah Wedepohl Kevin & Laurie Welsh Eric & Sherry Wexler Anthony & Anne Whitbeck Thomas Wilkinson & Marcia Ruff Robert & Susan Williams Doug & Mary Beth Winkworth Suzanne Young Lori Zinser

Successful bidder, Kellie Bagne takes home her newest prized posession.



Patrick O’Connor ’78

Director of College Counseling

THE leo & carol sheiner scholarship Thanks to the generosity of a Roeper School alumnus, Roeper students attending the University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts will soon be eligible for a $20,000 scholarship to U of M. Richard Sheiner, a graduate of Roeper’s Class of 1976, has established the Leo and Carol Sheiner Scholarship at the University of Michigan. Named in honor of Richard’s parents, first priority for the scholarship will be given to U of M students who graduated from Roeper and demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. The scholarship provides $5,000 a year in academic support for four years. “I hope this inspires other Roeper alumni to create similar scholarships at other colleges,” said Sheiner, a Principal and a Portfolio Manager at Geneva Investment Management of Chicago, LLC. “This is the first scholarship for Roeper students, but it shouldn’t be the last.”

“This is typically selfless of Richard,” added Patrick O’Connor, Director of College Counseling at Roeper, who was a classmate of Richard’s at Roeper. “As a student, Richard was always thinking of ways to improve the school. Given the high cost of college tuition, the scholarship is going to be a huge benefit to our students.” “My parents were big believers in Roeper and supported it all of their lives,” added Richard, whose brother Joel ’74 and nephew Daniel Epstein ’04 also attended Roeper. “They would be very proud to have this scholarship named after them.” The first recipient of the award was Cachet Colvard ’11, who is currently a freshman at Michigan and most grateful for the opportunities the scholarship has provided.

“I hope this inspires other Roeper alumni to create similar scholarships at other colleges.… This is the first scholarship for Roeper students, but it shouldn’t be the last.” Richard Sheiner ’76

Roeper was overjoyed to hear about the scholarship. “This is a remarkable demonstration of generosity,” said Randall Dunn, Former Head of Roeper School. “Richard’s thoughtful tribute to his parents will advance the educations of Roeper students for years to come and is a shining example of Roeper’s mission to inspire students to give back to the community around them.”

L to R: Director of College Counseling Patrick O’Connor ’78, Sheiner Scholarship recipient Cachet Colvard ’11, Richard Sheiner ’76 and Former Head of School Randall Dunn.



Denita Banks-Sims

Director of Development

PARTING THOUGHTS Generosity comes in many forms, and The Roeper School is the beneficiary of delightful and meaningful expressions. We are fortunate to enjoy your commitment and passion for who we are and what we do for gifted children — 70 years and counting! In addition to the increasing success of the Annual Fund Campaign and MOSAIC: The Auction for Roeper, we have simultaneously guided a decade of dramatic transformation of the Birmingham and Bloomfield Campus physical plants and are anticipating an exciting vision for continuing growth through the implementation of the new Strategic Plan. What may not receive its due attention, are all of the extraordinary “special gifts” Roeper receives each year. It’s a wonderful montage of assistance that strengthens the program and includes everything from donations to support fees and expenses for the 6th Grade Wolverine Camp tradition to underwriting the Roeper Benefit Talent Show to covering the payment for local students enrolled in the Make-A-Splash Program. We have recently benefitted from a particularly heartfelt “special gift” from Roeper Alumnus, Dr. Frank Crosby, Class of 1985, requesting that his donation of $10,000 be evenly divided among all Roeper Faculty and Staff. Stage I teacher Amber Webb noted: For the last two years Dr. Frank Crosby has been generous enough to give every member of the Roeper school staff a financial gift. For him to take the initiative to think of us is beyond charitable, it is kind and thoughtful. Dr. Crosby is someone who knows the school well and understands the time and energy it takes to make it such a wonderful place. Last year when he gifted us it was just before my daughter was born. I sent him a thank you note explaining how much his gift would help as we began life with a newborn. Within a few weeks I received a card in return letting me know that he was excited to hear of the birth of my daughter and he was happy to give the gift to the staff. There are not many people I know who send a thank you note for a thank you note! So this year I am happy to again send my notes of thanks to Dr. Crosby and don’t mind doing it here as well…Thank you Dr. Crosby!

Frank Crosby, from the Roeper Yearbook, 1985

The Annual Report provides an opportunity to both convey our thanks to all of our community members for your continuing confidence and generosity. Please know that we pledge to continue earning it. Yours,

For more information on making a gift to Roeper, please contact me at







return service requested


Join us for Summer 2012!



a recreational day camp for 3- to 12-year-olds


2-week sessions all summer

ROEPER SUMMER STOCK THEATRE imaginative theatre experiences for grades 1 – 12 one 4-week session for grades 6 – 12 three 2-week sessions for grades 1 – 6

ROEPER SPECIALTY CAMPS four different 1- and 2-week camps SCIENCE CAMP for grades 6 – 8 FORENSICS CAMP for grades 4 – 9 DANCE CAMP for grades K – 12 CLAY CAMP for grades 3 – 12 and adults

contact us to receive information!


Keeping In Touch - 2010/2011 Annual Report  

Spring 2012 Vol. 5:2

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