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Garthdee community N ewsletter


Summer 2019

Issue 1

Garthdee Newsletter

WELCOME Welcome to the first edition of Garthdee Community Council’s Newsletter! We hope this will become a quarterly newsletter to let you know what is going on in your community, upcoming events, planning issues, clubs, activities, also important contact details and details of our local businesses. Future editions format is subject to change. Depending on your feedback and support from local businesses advertising local services by people in our own community, formats may change to suit.

Community Council Elections In Oct 2018, all local Community Councils across Aberdeen were due for elections. Garthdee was the only Community Council area where an election was held.

We have lots of exciting plans for the newsletter! This includes a competition for a proper title for the newsletter, photography competition with photos chosen to feature in future editions, and features on all the wonderful and varied clubs and activities that take place in Garthdee.

Following the election, Garthdee Community Council has 12 elected community councilors who are in post for 3 years until Oct 2021.

We hope to keep you up to date with information from your local elected representatives, the School, Library, Community and Learning Centres, Police and other bodies. There will be a letters to the editor page, contact details for Garthdee Community Council along with all the other elected representatives. Obviously, producing a newsletter costs money. RGU has generously funded this first edition but future editions will need to be self funded. However, this is not sustainable due to the very low level of funds the Community Council is allocated. We would hope that the local business community will be willing to take up advertising space in the newsletter. This will be a very cost effective way to reach EVERY home in the community, a market place of 2000 homes on your doorstep. There is a very wide, thriving business community in Garthdee. This can be from home based PC repair, hairdressers, garden maintenance, joiners, electricians, painters, driving instructors etc. If you own a business and are looking for a very cost effective way to put your advert in every home in Garthdee, please get in touch to discuss the packages available at

Summer 2019

The Community Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm in Inchgarth Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend, with the agendas and minutes of meetings available at the Library, School, Inchgarth Community Centre, Kaimhill Education Centre and other public access buildings in Garthdee. Garthdee Community Council is here to represent the community. Should you wish to raise any issues, please feel free to get in contact by the methods published inside. Garthdee Community Council Members Chairperson: Paul O’Connor Vice Chair: Tom Malcolm Treasurer: Secretary: Andrew Murray Secretary: Irene Buchan Planning Officer: Emma Avis Licensing Officer: Emma Avis Minute Secretary: Andrew Murray Members: Arthur Allan, Joe Espindola, Ben Espindola, Rab Murchie, Rob Preston, Liz Ponting, Hilda Smith

Issue 1

Aberdeen City Councillors

Garthdee has 3 Councillors representing the area: Douglas Lumsden: Gordon Townson: Ian Yuill: MSP’s/MP’s We have several MSP’s representing the area. Maureen Watt (Aberdeen South): Peter Chapman (List MSP): Jenny Marra (List MSP): Liam Kerr (List MSP): Bill Bowman (List MSP): Lewis McDonald (List MSP): Mike Rumbles (List MSP): Tom Mason (List MSP): We have one MP representing the area. Ross Thomson:

Contact numbers

Alcohol Alcoholics Anonymous 0800 9177 650 Drinkline 0300 1231 110 Crime Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 Drugs Drugs Action 01224 594 700 Dentist/Doctors Emergency G-Dens/G-Docs 111 Electricity 105 Family Planning 0345 3379 900 Gas 0800 111 999 Housing Emergency repairs 01224 219 282 Call Centre 0845 6080 929 Police non-emergency 101 Samaritans 01224 574 488 Social Work Duty Team 0800 7315 520 Emergency Out of Hours 01224 693 936 Young Carers 01224 212 021 Water Emergency 0800 0778 778 C-Fine 01224 596 196

Editor’s Note Well, what do you say in the first edition of a magazine? Welcome to what we hope will be a quarterly home delivered magazine for every home in our community! The new Garthdee Community Council had our first meeting in Nov 2018 and we have been looking at ways to improve two way communication with the community as well as providing a means of letting everyone know what’s going on in Garthdee. You will see from this inaugural edition that there is a tremendous amount happening in Garthdee. There are lots of clubs, classes and groups meet in Garthdee in both Kaimhill Learning Centre and Inchgarth Community Centre, as well as in other locations. There are also a range of other topics that the Garthdee Community Council are dealing with. This can be planning applications, potholes and the general state of the roads, bus stop locations, dog mess, parking issues, lack of facilities and so on. Although much of the work Garthdee Community Council does will be behind the scenes, we hope this magazine will make you aware of what we are doing on your behalf. We are planning to include a letters page so if you have anything to say about Garthdee - good as well as not so good - email to the contact details given. We will try to publish as many as we can given space available. Although we have tried to include groups in this first edition, we do plan to include other groups as time allows. If you are part of a group we have not contacted yet, please feel free to get in touch so we can try and get you in the magazine. So, there is a lot for us to do over the next 3 months before the next edition of the magazine. Groups and businesses to contact, format to consider, funding to source. We are all volunteers who do this for free as well as having to do our day jobs, so better get on with planning the next edition!!!



Garthdee Newsletter

ARCHWAY Many of you living in the Garthdee community may not have heard about Archway - Lots of our families would describe Archway as their Lifeline and one of our main goals is to have a positive approach to Making A Difference Every Day. Having a child with a learning disability is a life changing event with lifelong responsibilities. A number of our families can feel isolated and alone. But Archway is there to help. Archway is an Aberdeen based charity, set up by parents and carers over 30 years ago. We now provide a lifeline of caring services to approximately 175 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, and their families, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through respite, shared and permanent care services. We have 5 warm and welcoming community-based units throughout Aberdeen supporting families throughout the North East. Our 6 bedded respite unit Two Mile Cross in Garthdee supports almost 50 families. The age range is from age 5 with no upper age limit and we frequently describe their range of abilities and disabilities is as

Summer 2019

wide. For example, some of the individuals we support have profound disabilities requiring total support for all aspects of both their physical and emotional needs, others may have full mobility however due to their condition for example Autism even simple transitions can become extremely difficult. Our support gives families a chance to recharge their batteries knowing their loved ones are safe and well cared for. Equally it allows those we support to come in for a short holiday type break where they can meet their friends and develop positive relationships with staff. With all our service users, as well as the practical needs we focus on the aspirational. Not what our service users can’t do but what, with a little help they can achieve. We regularly arrange a variety of activities both in and out of the unit e.g. trips to the cinema, ice skating, bowling, discos, theatre, restaurants to name but a few. Our indoor activities include pamper sessions, arts and crafts, baking, cooking and music therapy. Each and everyone coming to Archway is a unique individual and we try to help them reach their potential, follow their dreams and realise their own personal goals and challenges whatever they may be.

Issue 1

BOWLS GROUP The Inchgarth Indoor Carpet Bowls Group meet every Wednesday morning from 09.30 to 11.30am The group is open to experienced bowlers and beginners alike. For those who would like to give it a try first, we have a limited number of bowls available. This is a social morning giving the members a bit of physical and mental exercise. There are also bowling groups meeting on Mondays 10.00 to 12.00 and 12.45 to 13.45.

GARTHDEE PARISH CHURCH Garthdee Parish Church is a Community and family oriented fellowship, where everyone is warmly welcomed and recognised as one-with-each-other. Just as we read in the good book! The Church has supported many families and individuals over the years. Background, creed or tongue, we are at one with each other. The church also supports projects /charities locally, nationally and internationally.

Garthdee Church’s hall facilities provide the community and organisations within and outside the community with space for activities, classes and functions. It provides an affordable and safe environment for all, is very accessible and within Bus routes. Garthdee is now a large community which is growing daily not only in terms of a student population but also permanent residents and for people living and working in and around Aberdeen. (cont.)


Garthdee Newsletter It would be a shame to lose such a building in the heart of the community. Many have testified to the presence of the Kirk as a saving grace to them when they were at the lower ebb of their life crisis. It is serving its purpose to humanity! We continue to serve the community. We are still a Parish Church open and ready to welcome everyone who steps across the threshold of our beautiful building. Support your community Church in whichever way you can. GARTHDEE PARISH CHURCH OF SCOTLAND 27 RAMSAY GARDENS AB10 7AE

Weekly Services: Sunday Services: - All are Welcome Special Seasonal Services are offered during the year. Sunday Evenings: 4.30-6pm (Youth Group – SI-S6) 7.30pm ‘Students Connect’. An opportunity for students to meet and make friends. Wednesdays: 9am-12pm Sanctuary Open for personal reflection and pastoral care. Charity no. SCO22497”


The Apostolic Faith Church The Apostolic Faith Church is a worldwide religious organisation, with international headquarters in Portland, Oregon, USA. Our roots stem from 1906 revival on Azusa Street in Los Angeles. Since then, the organization has grown and established branch churches in North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and other parts of the world. The UK branch started in 1976, we now have churches in Manchester, Birmingham, Peckham and Bexley, and small group meetings in many other parts of the country. Bexley branch is the headquarters of the Apostolic Faith work in Western Europe. The Scotland group started in March 1998, we have groups in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. In January 2015, the Aberdeen group started worshipping at the Garthdee Parish Church Hall till date. The Garthdee Parish Church facilities are every important for us as an organisation for the following reasons: • Our regular services take place on Sundays here (see service schedule below) • Our annual music concert that brings members of the Garthdee community together during the Christmas period is held here. • We use the facilities for Mother’s & Father’s day celebrations • We use the facilities for free refreshments. • We have printed documents for evangelical calls that bear the address of Garthdee Parish Church. • We hold yearly international student’s day for fresh and returning students from the University communities in Aberdeen. • Focal point where the Garthdee community come together for other functions that we have attended in the past.

Summer 2019

The mission of the Apostolic Faith Church is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this as we:

Pray - We make prayer the basis of every ministry and

encourage communion with God as the way we grow to spiritual maturity in Him.

Preach - We emphasise the original Pentecostal doctrines

of salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, continually striving to develop fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Publish - We publish the Gospel through the printed

word, the spoken word, and through our personal lives, daily looking for opportunities to spread the message, “Ye must be born again.” Schedule of Services: Sunday Services for all ages: 1.30pm Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30pm Friday Prayer Meeting: 8:00pm Contact details: Telephone: 07772383001 Website: Email address:

Issue 1



About Us The Apostolic Faith Church is conservative in nature, following a tradition of Wesleyan holiness taught and practiced by those whom the Holy Spirit descended on at the Azusa Street Revival.

Contact info We welcome you to contact us and you can send in prayer requests as well. Phone: +44 (0) 7772 383001 | Email:


Garthdee Newsletter

DIABETES The group is for individuals, previously or newly diagnosed, with Type 2 Diabetes. The group will be a free, informal session where knowledge, experiences and tips regarding the management of the Do condition can be shared and exchanged. A guest speaker with an in-depth knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes will be at each peer-support group to provide additional information and answer any queries where possible. Your family members and/ or carers are also more than welcome to attend if they would like to come along!

you have or care for someone living with


The Robert Gordon University is accessible by bus (1, 1A or 2) and free parking is available from 4pm. There will be someone at the reception of The Sir Ian Wood building who will be able to direct you to the correct room. If you have any questions or would like to confirm your place, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by: phone (01224 551660) email (

Summer 2019

Peer-Support Group! Join us on: Thursday 7th March Tuesday 16th April Thursday 30th May Tuesday 2nd July Thursday 29th August Tuesday 8th October At Robert Gordon University, Sir Ian Wood Building, Garthdee Road, AB10 7AQ 4.30 – 6.30pm To secure a place please contact: Email: Telephone: 01224 551660 (This poster is available in different formats and languages)

Issue 1

RGU students contribute

to the local community process with the students gaining significant hands on experience and ownership of projects, while our community and organisation has seen significant capacity growth and income generation as a result of the student’s efforts. “The placements are a tremendous example of partnership work and positive relations between the community and university with mutual benefits and outcomes for all involved and I have to say, the students who volunteer, or participate on formal placements, have done so with enthusiasm, professionalism, and pride and have made a significant difference.”

RGU’s students actively work with community groups and organisations to make a positive contribution to help the Garthdee community thrive. Bringing together the people from the Garthdee community and RGU, as well as voluntary organisations and charities, students are involved in placements and project-work throughout the year. This year saw seven students carry out their placements at Inchgarth Community Centre where they got involved in a variety of projects in a bid to raise awareness of the centre and engage with the community.

Paul O’Connor, MBE, chair of Garthdee Community Council, said: “RGU students have been supporting Inchgarth community centre and making a tremendous impact through formal placements and volunteering for several years. The students have come from the occupational therapy courses, physiotherapy, marketing, journalism, business management and IT. “The students have contributed positively to numerous projects within the centre both in our business development and through supporting groups and services we provide. It’s been a two way beneficial

The corporate communication, marketing and journalism students were involved in various projects from marketing events, designing websites, creating short documentaries on some volunteers at the centre on how their volunteering made a positive impact on the community, creating a new logo and other tasks to increase awareness of the centre to its stakeholders. The university has also been working with Grampian Brain Injury Group (BIG) charities for several years to support people who live in the community with brain injury. Students from the university’s physiotherapy and sports science courses, along with supervising lecturers, help to develop exercise programmes and help with the use of equipment at RGU SPORT – which some members of the community can gain access to through the charity. As well as students helping the community, the RGU Foundation, the philanthropic fundraising arm of the university, also secured £10,000 in funding from the Big Lottery Fund to increase the accessibility of the RGU Community Garden to all by creating new disabled access facilities. The garden, an innovative community health project developed by the university in partnership with the Garthdee Field Allotment Association, is open to all and offers a variety of groups the opportunity to participate in activity outdoors, as well as encouraging social interaction. 9

Garthdee Newsletter

INCHGARTH COMMUNITY CENTRE Inchgarth Community Centre is Aberdeen’s busiest, biggest, best equipped, and most successful centre, with a programme of 150 sessions of activity a week. We have a tremendous programme in music, sports, fitness, education, leisure, social, support, recreation, art, the arts, while our facilities are unique and second to none. The unique centre has been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen via the Queen’s Award For Voluntary Service, an MBE for Inchgarth.

Summer 2019

Inchgarth community centre has invested an incredible £100 000 to build a playpark to be proud of, which includes equipment suitable for children of all ages. With play items, a shelter, pool tables, table tennis, mini tennis, basketball, it’s a great place to visit with your children. When you’re down at the playpark, why not enjoy a visit to our excellent Peggy’s café which does lunches, snacks, quality bean to cup coffee, sweets, icecreams, soft drinks and so much more. Follow us on social media: @inchgarthcc phone: 01224 325191 website:

Issue 1

KAIMHILL LIBRARY Kaimhill Library is part of a network of libraries serving local communities in Aberdeen. The library is open to everyone living, working or studying in the city and free to join (proof of identity is required). If you haven’t visited us yet, you’ll find the library located within the Kaimhill School campus. It is a bright, modern space with a wide range of services and resources for all ages. We have an excellent stock of books, talking books and DVDs available for loan, and it is well worth browsing the shelves whether you have a particular author or subject in mind or just looking for inspiration. If what you are looking for is not in stock but available at another City library, it can be sent to Kaimhill for you to collect. In addition to books and other physical resources, the library offers access to a varied range of electronic resources. Many of these can be accessed from home if you have internet access. Within the library we have a computer suite with PCs for adult library members to use, and available for courses and talks. There is also access to a scanner and black & white printing. You will need your library borrower number and PIN to login and you can use the computer for up to 2 one-hour sessions per day. Wi-Fi is also available in the library and free to use with your own laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Online resources from the library include eBooks and eAudiobooks, and digital copies of your favourite newspapers and magazines which can be downloaded. You can also access family history, local history, health information, business information. Our library staff are always happy to help with accessing library resources or sites for job hunting, welfare benefits, etc. There are also great online resources for children with two PCs in the main library area for children to use (with their parent or carer’s permission). Regular activities for children in the library include: Bookbug sessions feature stories, song and rhymes for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their families and carers to enjoy together. Bookbug is free and takes place every 4 weeks on Thursdays at 2.15-2.45. The next sessions are on 21 February, 21 March, 18 April, 16 May and 13 June. Our Creators’ Club is held every 4 weeks on Mondays at 3.30-4.15. These are themed creative sessions for ages 8-11 years using bricks and other pieces. The next sessions are on 4 March, 1 April, 29 April, 27 May and 24 June. Booking is essential for this. Other events are organised on an occasional basis. On 18 April there is an Easter story and craft activity for children aged 5-10 years. This will be at 3.30 - 4.15 (pre-booking required). Kaimhill Library is open at the following times: Monday to Thursday: 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm Friday: 2pm-5pm Saturday: 10am-1pm Contact: Kaimhill Library, Kaimhill School & Nursery, Pitmedden Terrace, Kaimhill, Aberdeen AB10 7HR phone: 01224 498160 email:


Garthdee Newsletter

Supporting school pupils into university RGU actively engages with a number of schools across the region to ensure that young learners feel supported and informed as they progress their education. This engagement programme includes Harlaw Academy, a catchment school for Garthdee’s Kaimhill Primary School. Brian Webb is the university’s Access Pathways Lead and his team works to build effective relationships with schools and colleges. “The focus of RGU’s school engagement programme is to work with each school to support and encourage students who have the potential to pursue higher education but perhaps are at risk of not achieving due to a lack confidence or self-belief. We work to ensure that every student feels able to achieve their ambitions through university, no matter their background. “Traditionally, our school engagement has focused on schools in the region with lower progression to higher education. However, we began engaging proactively with Harlaw Academy last year as the school’s population is made up of pupils from across the city. This is also part of our work to reach the majority of school pupils across Aberdeen.”

Summer 2019

So far, nineteen pupils from Harlaw Academy have taken part in RGU’s ‘Access To’ programme. Access To aims to widen access to higher education by supporting talented and committed S5/S6 pupils who aim to study at degree level. The programmes offered range from creative subjects such as Art & Design, Architecture, and Communications and Media to more science-based subjects such as Engineering, Computing, Life Sciences, and Nursing and Midwifery. All of the programmes offer practical subject-focused sessions and support sessions that are delivered by RGU’s academic teaching staff. They run once a week from September to December after school and the cost of all materials, refreshments and transport are met by the university. These pupils also become RGU Associate Students, an initiative pioneered by RGU which was then made mandatory across all Scottish universities. This gives school pupils access to RGU’s library and specialist support services, such as the Employability Hub. Pupils from Harlaw Academy have also gotten involved in the university’s first TWOPLUS Alliance Spotlight Day with North East Scotland College (NESCol). The Spotlight Day brought school pupils together to take part in activities designed to build an understanding of a range of subjects and career routes. TWO PLUS informs young learners about the different pathways into further and higher educations, as well as providing extensive support to ensure that they understand the career options available to them.

Issue 1

GARTHDEE MEDICAL GROUP The practice is situated in large, purpose built premises in the Garthdee area where previously there had been no clinical services and since opening has established close links with the Robert Gordon University. With patients’ needs at the heart of everything we do, we have a website designed to make it easy for you to gain instant access to the information you need. As well as specific practice details on how to register and the services that we offer, you’ll find a wealth of useful pages covering a wide range of health issues along with links to other relevant medical organisations.

Opening Hours Extended Hours*


08:00 - 18:00

18:00 - 19:00

Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00

07:00 - 08:00 18:00 - 19:00


08:00 - 18:00

07:00 - 08:00


08:00 - 18:00

07:00 - 08:00


08:00 - 18:00




Appointments can be made by telephoning the practice on 01224 208312 or via our online services which patients can register for. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT OFFER A DROP IN SERVICE Garthdee Medical Group Health Centre Garthdee Road Aberdeen AB10 7QQ


Garthdee Newsletter

POLICE Hello to all the readers of the Garthdee Community Council Magazine. As this is a new magazine I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my team. My name is Jackie Knight and I am the Community Policing Team Inspector based at Nigg Police Office, Abbotswell Road, Aberdeen. My team of three Sergeants and eighteen Constables have 24/7 responsibility for the Garthdee, Kincorth, Nigg and Cove areas. We also have support from various departments across Police Scotland if and when required. The priorities of my officers and I are driven by the feedback we receive from each of you and your elected members. Our focus is very much on reducing AntiSocial Behaviour, Violent Crime including Domestic offences, Acquisitive Crime (thefts etc.) and improving Road Safety. We will achieve this with your support and I would encourage you all to contact us if you are a victim of crime or you witness a crime in progress. There are numerous ways to get in touch from 101 for all non-emergency’s and 999 in an emergency. We can also be contacted locally via email on kincorthloristoncpt@scotland.pnn. albeit this is not monitored 24/7 so may take a few days for us to reply.

Summer 2019

At this time of year, with the days getting longer and weather starting to improve historically we get an increase in calls of anti-social behaviour. This is generally a very small minority of youths and young adults causing a nuisance in public places such as the retail premises in the Garthdee area and around the surrounding streets. I would encourage all parents/ guardians where possible to be aware of where and what their children are up to. I am also conscious of the concerns of many people in the area about speeding motorists, particularly on Garthdee Drive during the morning and evening rush hours. My team and I are out and about where possible and we will continue to deal robustly with any road traffic offences we observe. Our colleagues in Roads Policing are also aware of this and they likewise will continue to provide support in targeting inconsiderate drivers, dealing proactively with any road traffic offenders. Should you have any problems, as above we are contactable on 101 or 999 in an emergency. You can also follow us on: Facebook or Twitter @AberdeenPolice or if you wish information please visit our website

Issue 1

STREETSPORT Streetsport have been present in the Inchgarth community since it all began back in 2006 and continue to be so with two great sessions every week. We’ll be at the Community Centre every Monday evening from 16:30 – 17:30 as well as at the Kaimhill Asda astro pitch from 20:30 – 22:00 every Wednesday night. The sessions are targeted towards youth aged around 10 to 16 but everyone’s always welcome to try it out. The Denis Law Legacy Trust is a Scottish registered charity and the flagship divisionary programme, Streetsport, operates and delivers a number of free to access programmes for young people across Aberdeen. All our sessions are free and always will be as we strive to promote easily accessible programmes which are based around sport, physical activity and creative endeavour. Our vans are packed with kit to use with our participants including unique games and tennis, hockey, football and rugby equipment, plus loads more!

Initially running as a part-time programme delivered in a handful of locations, the programme has developed over the years and is now full-time, operating across Aberdeen every night of the week. This growth would not have been possible without the continued partnership with RGU Sport, Gray’s School of Art and Police Scotland. As well as sessions in your Inchgarth community we also deploy into areas of high youth annoyance, as identified by Aberdeen City’s Community Safety Hub, utilising our mobile sports arena and equipment in various locations including car parks, parks and local facilities. Our goal is to reduce the number of instances of youth crime and anti-social behaviour by promoting health and wellbeing and encouraging inclusivity. All our weekly activities and locations can be found on our website. Please also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out what we’re up to. As well as promoting our sessions, we’re also always on the look-out for volunteers so please spread the word and get in touch if you’d like to get involved or have any questions. You can get us at or 01224 263681 and we’re based out of RGU Sport.


Garthdee Newsletter

GARTHDEE COMMUNITY COUNCIL Garthdee Community Council has existed for some 50 years and consists of local residents who are elected for three year terms to represent the views, needs, and aspirations of our residents. The Ccommunity council strives to make Garthdee a better place to live, work, learn, and socialise for all. We do this by representing, campaigning, challenging, while working in partnership with multiple agencies, organisations, businesses and statutory services. Over the decades the Community Council has had many significant successes that have made a difference to the lives of individuals, but also for the wider community, and as local people ourselves, we passionately believe in the importance of the Community Council and welcome you to get in touch should you have an issue you wish to raise. WHEN AND WHERE DO WE MEET? The Community Council meets the second Tuesday of every month, 7pm at Inchgarth Community Centre. The meetings are open to the public and normally run until 9pm. You can also ask a question or raise an issue during the meeting at the public forum section of the

Summer 2019

agenda. You can see all previous minutes and agendas online by visiting or emailing us at and we will email you the papers that you require. SOME OF OUR SUCCESSES The Community Council deals with such a diverse range of personal and local issues that it would be impossible to list them all here. Indeed some are of a personal nature to residents that we cannot discuss them openly, but rest assured, the Community Council has made a tremendous difference and impact over the years. • We campaigned for and won 10 years of free parking for every resident, with the promise of another 10 years on top. • Campaigned for a new Primary School, Health Centre, and Library and helped secure these vital resources for our community. • Strived to forge positive, mutually respectful, and proactive relations with RGU that allows our community to address local issues in partnership with RGU should they arise. We now have a great relationship. • We created the Garthdee Liaison group in partnership with Inchgarth, which is a collection of over 50 service providers who work together for the benefit of Garthdee and its residents. An outstanding success.

Issue 1 • We have worked tirelessly to ensure our communities voice is always heard when the council attempts to sell off land or developers attempt to build in our community. We currently have several ongoing campaigns. • We have had tremendous success in assisting local residents with housing issues such as heating, dampness repairs, and ensuring the right agencies were assisting local people until a positive and successful outcome. • We created the website which allows the public to access information on local services in the one place. This has helped many residents to access opportunities and support. PROPOSED LAND DEVELOPMENTS Over the last 30 years our community has witnessed tremendous changes, some for the good, and others absolutely not for the betterment of our neighbourhood. More recently there has been proposals within the local development plan (LDP) which earmarks two major pieces of green space for housing in Garthdee. There has been a proposal to build housing on the site of opposite the former Caledon pub while in 2017 the council promised council housing on the site of the former bowling club, which should not have been closed in the first place. It is the strong view of Garthdee Community Council that the site of the former bowling club should be developed for council housing, while the site opposite the former Caledon pub MUST be retained as green space, and to allow the Gwen’s garden project who currently use part of that site, the opportunity to progress their ambitious plans to grow the space for the community. OUR COMMUNITY MUST BENEFIT Far too often when Garthdee has witnessed development of our green spaces or loss of amenities, our community hasn’t benefitted in any meaningful and significant manner. Garthdee Community Council believes that any construction moving forward should see our community benefitting from section 75 developers contributions, and any major construction on our green spaces must result in major investment into our local community in terms of community facilities or infrastructure improvements. The big questions is this? At what point do we stop taking away all of our green space in Garthdee? We need YOU the public, to stand with us in opposing any detrimental proposals. DOG MESS IN OUR COMMUNITY Garthdee Community Council has had countless communications from residents by email and on social media relating to the minority of disrespectful residents who feel that it’s acceptable to leave their dogs mess on our pavements, grass areas, children’s playparks, or on occasion

thrown into people’s properties. This must stop and stop now! We are calling out to the residents to work together to eradicate this problem and report those residents who continuously leave their dogs mess behind. Report them to the city warden service! PARKING YOUR CARS ON THE PAVEMENTS. PLEASE STOP IT! While we appreciate that in certain streets in Garthdee there is a lack of parking spaces, a problem other communities also face, this cannot be justification for residents to park half on, or full on the pavements and causing a serious obstruction and safety problem for others. People with prams, those with wheelchairs or mobility scooters, the elderly, children, and the vulnerable should not have their safety put at risk, and sadly this is what is happening. Please, respect others who live here, park your car further away if needs be, but do not park on the pavements. WONDERFUL THINGS HAPPENING. Our community has a tremendous range of service providers, organisations, businesses, and professionals who all work together to make our community a better place for all. Three times a year all of these representatives, and others from outside of our community who play a role in helping local residents, meet to share ideas, network, assist one another, and with the one remit - making Garthdee better! This group is called the GARTHDEE LIAISON GROUP and is chaired by the Community Council Chair Paul O’ Connor MBE, while you can view these tremendous services and opportunities from the comfort of your home by visiting If you represent an organisation and would like to attend these meetings, email us at We also have guest speakers to these meetings, so if you have something to offer, news to share, and want to work with our community, then do get in touch. A great way of giving us your views, other than coming to our monthly meetings, is to post your ideas and opinions onto our facebook page. Visit our facebook page at NEW BRIDGE OF DEE? As we all know, there has been talk of a new Bridge of Dee for decades, but the question must now be asked on whether we need it at all! The opening of the AWPR has definitely had an impact in reducing traffic levels, but this must be monitored over a period of time to assess if this is a short term shift or whether to proceed with the new bridge. 17

Garthdee Newsletter We have noted suggestions that a new bridge could join onto Garthdee Road and clearly this would cause monumental disruption to the people of Garthdee. Such a move, if proposed, would be opposed by the people of our community, Garthdee community council, and other major partners Garthdee. TRANSPORT Do you have any issues with public transport, bus stops, or positive feedback too? then why not get in touch to make us aware of your views so that when we meet with first bus,

Kaimhill School

we can raise these concerns on behalf of the community. VOLUNTEERING IN YOUR COMMUNITY. All over Garthdee there is a tremendous level of volunteering taking place, where local people are making a real and lasting difference to the lives of others. Why not give something back yourself and help make Garthdee that little bit better for all. Its great fun, your learn new skills, make new friends, and best of allit’s helping your own community. Contact the numerous organisations directly and see what you can do to help!

to create for the Look Again Festival in June. The most intriguing prototype had walls made of recycled water bottles joined together by small valves. The children had fun making the tallest wall and joining the bottles to go in different directions. The Rainbow Room picked the perfect day this month to visit Wynford Farm Park for some outdoor learning. They went pond dipping, built a bug hotel and planted seeds. There was time to play in the park and soft play too.

From new topics, various school trips, celebrations and fundraisers it has been a busy Term 3 at Kaimhill School.

P6/7 and P7 classes took part in an enterprise project this term to raise money for the upcoming leaver’s trip to Cromdale. Each group of pupils involved borrowed £5 and were challenged to make that £5 grow by using the money to create items to sell at an event held in the centre foyer. The school and members of the community had the opportunity to purchase cupcakes, cookies, milkshakes, bookmarks and lots of other fun products. A total of £350 was raised!

Nursery children have started learning about recycling and littering and ways that they can be responsible citizens. They are hoping to make a small difference in the community by picking up litter that they see in or on the way to school. In Primary 2 it has been all about Scotland this term. Our fantastic storyteller sang a Doric song and the children enjoyed a visit from a young bagpiper. The classes created beautiful paintings of Edinburgh Castle and shared their learning with their upper stages buddies who helped them to create digital mind maps about Scotland.

The whole school celebrated World Book Day on the 7th of March and participated in a range of fun activities and lessons. The children and staff dressed up in either their pyjamas or as a character from their favourite book. There were lots of fabulous and creative outfits from Harry Potter characters to Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins. Each class designed a cover for their favourite book and displayed it outside their classroom. Pupils across the school were fortunate enough to receive three books to take home in addition to a book voucher to buy a new book.

The rangers of Duthie Park organised great workshops for primary 3, 4 and 5 classes on a recent trip to the park. They created an experiment about the water cycle, ventured onto the tropical trail and found out about plants from the rainforest and arid regions. They then shared, at class assemblies, all of the interesting things that they had seen and showed pictures from their trip. This term Primary 5 visited Robert Gordon University to meet some design students in their final year. The P5’s were very excited to be the first ‘clients’ of the students who shared with them unique models which they hoped

Over the next few months lots of exciting things are set to be happening at Kaimhill. P1-P6 are visiting RGU on March 12th to take part in Youth Games organised and run by RGU Sport students. The children will be split into groups and have the opportunity to play games related to various sports like Tennis and Rugby. This is an annual tradition at Kaimhill. The Primary 7s are fundraising for the Cromdale trip. They are planning a coffee morning for the 22nd of March to sell some delicious sweet treats in the community wing, all are welcome.

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Issue 1

WASTE & RECYCLING Can we persuade you to use the mixed recycling bins more? The mixed recycling service is a one stop shop for household recycling material. Lots of households use it and like it. We ask for loose recycling as the processing plant does not and cannot open bags. What we are seeing when we look at overused general waste bins is a lot of recycling not put into the mixed recycling bin. The general waste bin fills quickly and the mixed recycling bin is lucky to be a third full. If it’s a trachle to stand at the bin putting you recycling through the flap try this;

the flap easily. Please don’t leave them at the side of the bin. Just a wee bit rain or a passing pet can make this really unpleasant for the crew to collect! And they’re not obliged to collect anything outside of the bin, that’s technically fly tipped and a crime. • If you are unsure as to what can go in the mixed recycling bin contact us, we will post out the leaflet for your service at your address. • The absolute Golden rule: If we don’t ask for it we don’t want it.

• • • •

Flower pots are not the same as margarine tubs or detergent bottles. Washing up bowls are not the same material as milk bottles. Those materials we ask for are reprocessed once Suez (the plant operators and our partners) have sorted, baled, stored and shipped the materials. The end user can’t put a washing up bowl into your milk bottle.

Request one of our bags for mixed recycling (if you live in an area served by communal bins). Printed with reminders as to what we will accept, easy wipe for any unexpected spills, folds away and can open up to be used as a recycling bin at home. Free, colourful and paid for from your Council Tax. Don’t let the bag fill to the top! Take you recycling on the way to work a few bits at a time, on the way to school with the children, going for your morning walk, when you take the pooch oot. Don’t be bullied by boxes. Cut them up into cereal box size pieces. Fold them down so they fit through

Environmentally you can make a big difference. Not just in material recovery but the look of your area too. Its far nicer to see properly used mixed recycling and general waste bins than bins with lids propped open with bin bags and the gulls ripping them open to spill litter all over the road.


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Whether you are training for a marathon, trying to lose weight or maintaining your mental wellbeing; all shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome at RGU: SPORT Summer 2019

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Welcome to

RGU wellness RGU is not just a provider of high-quality vocational education, it also shares some of its facilities with members of the pubic – especially with those living locally in the Garthdee area. RGU’s Physiotherapy Clinic sits within the Sir Ian Wood Building and offers a flexible service of professional assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists can assess sport and work related injuries, and the clinic uses AXA PPP, BUPA, CIGNA and AVIVA registered practitioners. Anyone with a different provider can check with their insurance company to see if treatments will be covered before booking an appointment. “Our service will work with you every step of the way during your recovery,” said Physiotherapist Crystal Reno. “We also look to incorporate your goals into a personalised treatment programme specific to your needs. Our aim is to provide you with the skills you need to help manage your own rehabilitation, and if needed we are also happy to speak with your GP for onward referral to specialists and diagnostic services.”

Find out more about the Physiotherapy Clinic and book an appointment online at

Prevention is better than cure, and ways to stay fit and healthy can be found in RGU Sport. The local community is welcome to join and take advantage of the modern sporting facilities, which include access to the swimming pool, climbing wall and three gyms. There is also a range of classes available for all fitness levels that come with membership. Learn to swim, or find your flow with some Aqua Zumba – a low impact, high energy aquatic exercise class with Latin flavour. Lean into some yoga to fix that posture; or get the best of both worlds with PiYo, a combination of Pilates and yoga for a blend of strength and core conditioning. For the wiser generation, there are specialist and senior classes like the steadier chair-based yoga, Zumba gold to get you back into exercise and even Grampian Cardiac Rehabilitation, which General Practitioners can refer onto. More information about RGU Sport can be found at including opening hours and pricing. You can also pop in to have a chat with the friendly staff about your fitness needs.

Follow both @RGUSport and @PhysioClinicRGU on Twitter or find them on Facebook.


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ONE SEED FORWARD One Seed Forward is a community food growing initiative run by volunteers that encourages schools, community groups and individuals to grow their own fruit and vegetables. We do this by giving away free seed potatoes, vegetable seeds and plants to anyone that wants to take part. For schools, we can provide seeds and seed potatoes that can be grown and harvested before the summer holidays. We host various give away events throughout the city during the growing season. We also support local groups in Garthdee such as Gwen’s Garden and Kaimhill School, as well as growing activities at the Inchgarth Community Centre and Garthdee Allotments.

As a community we would like you to share your growing experiences of the seeds and plants we give you by sending us photos and comments to our website or Facebook page. You will also find advice there on how and when to plant as we grow along with you, sharing tips and answering any questions you may have. Remember, you don’t need to have a big garden to grow food, you can also use grow bags, pots and even trays on a windowsill! We do ask that if you can you share some of your crop with family, friends, neighbours or others in the community. Donating some to a local food bank would be appreciated as well. If you would like further information on our projects please email

GRAMPIAN CREDIT UNION Best wishes for Spring to everyone in the Garthdee area!

Our office is now at: Grampian Credit Union 250 Union Street, Aberdeen.

Great news - Grampian Credit Union is available for anyone living or working in Garthdee. The Credit Union offers adult, Christmas and Junior savings accounts, which are safe and easy to access. Loans are fair and affordable from £200 to £5,000 - repaid from 6 months to 36 months. We can help you pay for the things you need, eg holidays, home improvements, new car or family event.

phone: 01224 561506

If you live in Garthdee, or anywhere in the Grampian area, you are welcome to join Grampian Credit Union. Details of savings and loans services are on our website:

Summer 2019

email: We help local people have safe accessible savings and fair affordable loans. Our Christmas savings accounts help you have money available when you need it most. Our Junior savings accounts help you save for your childrens future. Good money management can help you have enough for the good times, and funds available to fall back on when things need sorting out.

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GILCHRIST FUNERALCARE Wm Gilchrist, Co-op Funeralcare are a local Funeral Director based at The Old Crematorium, Kaimhill Road. The building was built between 1935 and 1938 by renowned architects R Leslie Rollo and D.P Hall, who were also responsible for building the Kaimhill housing estate. The very first cremation took place on the 15th March 1938 and closed its doors in 1975 with the opening of the new crematorium at Hazlehead. We still offer the use of the chapel today for services as it offers a unique setting within the lovely gardens of remembrance. We can help families arrange a funeral for their loved ones, we can arrange for scattering of ashes in our garden of remembrance and we can help you set up your funeral

plan, taking the burden and worry away from your families at the time of need. We hold a Bereavement Support Group on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 10.00-12 Noon, where people come along have a cup of tea, coffee and a fine piece and speak to others who have lost a loved one, all are very welcome to come along . Kaimhill is a place of peace and tranquillity where people come to remember loved ones who have passed away and everyone is free to stroll through the gardens or take a moment of quiet reflection whilst sitting in the chapel. The door is always open at the funeral home where anyone can come and speak to us. Our telephone number is 01224 313800 or you can email us at


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Garthdee Community Newsletter Summer 2019 flipbook  

Garthdee Community Newsletter Summer 2019 flipbook

Garthdee Community Newsletter Summer 2019 flipbook  

Garthdee Community Newsletter Summer 2019 flipbook