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LG Palisades office building project faces new obstruction New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs have filed an appeal with the Appellate Division of New Jersey Superior Court following a decision to uphold a zoning variance that would allow LG Electronics USA to construct a 143-foothigh building in an area that until now had a building height limit of 35 feet—in deference to spectacular natural views of the New Jersey Palisades. The appeal challenges the lower court’s decision on the grounds that scrapping the 35-foot height limit amounted to a rezoning that the Zoning Board of Adjustment wasn’t authorize to grant, according to a statement released on Tuesday. It also contends that the lower court, like the Zoning Board, failed to account for many factors that should have been considered with such variance requests and that appropriate legal standards were not applied. LG, a Korean-based electronics giant, is planning to build a new corporate headquarters on a 27-acre site near its current location in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. If the $300 million development is allowed to proceed as planned, the new office building will be the first—and not the last, opponents fear—to protrude significantly above the tree line and ruin the vista seen for miles along the New York side of the Hudson River. In response to pleas for a lower, wider building that would accommodate the same number of employees, LG protested that a design change at this point would be unacceptably costly and time-consuming. “In filing this appeal, we are following through on Scenic Hudson’s commitment to safeguard the geology and extraordinary natural beauty of the Palisades, which

are both a National Historic Landmark that buildings in Fort Lee, a borough on and a National Natural Landmark,” Scenic the south end of the Palisades formation, Hudson attorney Hayley Carlock said. already do. They are “not concerned about “We have strong grounds for the appeal, threats of an appeal,” company spokesnot the least of which was the Superior man John Taylor said last week. Court’s failure to mention, much less ac“The court ruled correctly and decided cord any importance to, the destructive this case on long-established legal princieffect that LG’s building would have on ples that municipalities have the power * the Palisades. It is as if the Judge made and authority to best determine local his decision in a vacuum—a point we will zoning decisions,” Taylor claimed. emphasize in the appeal.” “Now that the court has upheld the “We are prepared to continue our battle against LG as long as it takes to preserve this grand escarpment against destruction Continued from Page 1 by high-rise development,” said Linda and have the cars park as they do now.” Babeuf, president of the New Jersey State The community can safely choose the Federation of Women’s Clubs. space with the curb cut—now that the Babeuf noted at a recent press confer- Riverdale Review has clarified the issue for ence that LG may have the legal right to NYPD’s 50th Precinct and for the Bronx despoil a National Historic Landmark but Traffic Enforcements Unit. Both have been that they have the moral obligation not to. very cooperative and have committed to In addition to the plaintiffs, four former instructing their respective agents that New Jersey governors, elected officials and cars parked in that spot must be left alone. environmental groups in both New Jersey Officer Steven Cordero of the 50th and New York, The Bergen Record, the Precinct’s community relations unit conNewark Star Ledger, the New York Times firmed on Tuesday that he would advise and the New York Daily News have criti- officers of the location and explain that cized the height of the proposed building parking there is not a violation. in that unique location. “If there’s no traffic control device,  “We continue to hope that LG will according to the law, then summonses reconsider its plans rather than forcing a should not be issued at that location,” long drawn out litigation process,” said Captain Robert L. Singleton of the Bronx Edward Goodell, executive director of the Traffic Enforcements Unit explained. New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. “You have to have either a traffic light, “No one opposes its new headquarters a stop sign or a crosswalk painting in orin Englewood Cliffs—we are only asking der for (a summons) to be issued in the for a small accommodation…It is hard to middle of a block.” understand why a company that claims Singleton also confirmed on Tuesday to be environmentally progressive has that he’d instruct his agents not to ticket deaf ears to the objections of every New cars parked in the now-famous space. Jersey environmental organization that Traffic enforcement agents are civilian has considered the issue.” members of the New York Police DeLG has argued that its new facility will partment who are assigned throughout barely extend above the tree line and the city after undergoing 12 weeks of training in parking and traffic rules and

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zoning board's approval, LG Electronics is proceeding with its building project as planned.” But obstructions to the plan remain in place. “We believe the decision of the Superior Court was erroneous and look forward to arguing the case before the Appellate Division,” said Angelo Morresi, attorney for the public interests groups involved in the case.

regulations, intersection control and, of course, ticketing. “I wonder how many thousands of dollar in fines the city has collected on tickets from that location in the meanwhile” from “people who just can’t be bothered taking off time if they want to fight it personally,” Dinowitz said. “They may be disgusted, but they just send it in. Some people have contacted us. It’s just an example of raising revenue in a way that just isn’t fair.” But for now, the jig is up on Independence Avenue for “predatory traffic agents.”

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Riverdale 08 29 2013  

Weekly newspaper published in Riverdale, NY 10471

Riverdale 08 29 2013  

Weekly newspaper published in Riverdale, NY 10471