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City agrees to end phony parking fines By PAULETTE SCHNEIDER Folks can now park their cars with impunity in a controversial space on Independence Avenue. The space, clearly marked in a row of angled parking spots in front of 3777 Independence Avenue, has one peculiar feature: a curb cut. The cut is an artifact of a crosswalk that used to span Independence Avenue at West 238th Street. But that crosswalk has been history since the road from West 232nd Street to West 239th Street was repaved and outfitted with new parking space demarcations more than a year ago. Notwithstanding the absence of a crosswalk and the presence of parking space lines, traffic enforcement agents have been issuing parking tickets there, in deference to the defunct curb cut. “There are some predatory traffic agents who gleefully give out tickets even when they surely must know that it’s unconscionable to do so,” Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said. Carol Holt found a summons for $165 on her windshield when she parked in the spot, four spaces away from one end of the circular driveway for 3777 Independence Avenue. “We were actually told by some police officers that this was a bad ticket, and we did win at traffic court after two visits and multiple photos taken of the area,” she said. “But why should unsuspecting citizens have to bear the brunt of this obviously wrongful citation?” Holt said she knows people “have gotten one of these tickets” when she sees them taking photos of the spot and the surrounding street signs. “The city painted lines there indicating those parking spots,” Dinowitz said. “Therefore, it’s disgraceful that a traffic agent would even think about giving out a ticket there. Now, if it’s the intention of

Parking space occupied by black car used to be a crosswalk. It isn’t anymore, but city is still issuing parking tickets there. the city to not allow parking there—that’s how it used to be before they repaved— then they should mark it clearly.” According to a New York City Department of Transportation spokesman, the agency is “reviewing a community request to delineate space for pedestrians in front

of the existing pedestrian ramp.” The spokesman did not respond as of press time to a request for the source of the “community request,” which seems odd, considering that parking spaces in the area are more sought after than are spaces for pedestrians in front of ramps.

“I’m not sure you need a curb cut there,” Dinowitz said. “There are curb cuts on the corners where people should be doing their crossing. This is in the middle of a block. The real answer is that they should eliminate the curb cut at that location Continued on Page 13

As Stanton tries to explain his strip club ties, Cohen offers economic plan

Andrew Cohen, candidate for City Council in the 11th District, announced his business development plan for the northwest Bronx, a comprehensive set of priorities for the future economic growth and development of the communities of the district, which include Kingsbridge, Riverdale, Norwood, Woodlawn and Bedford Park. Meanwhile, his opponent, Clifford Stanton, has become increasing hamstrung by continuing to field questions about the large campaign contributions he accepted from the owners of Scores, the famous chain of strip clubs. “A strong business community requires us to not only encourage companies to move here, but to help our existing businesses grow as well,” said Cohen. “Growing the economy will benefit all New Yorkers, not only be increasing job opportunities but also by increasing revenues which can improve city services and make our streets more vibrant. My plan will help bring new businesses and new customers to our neighborhoods, creating new options for consumers and new jobs in

the process.” Cohen’s multi-fold plan offers opportunities for both new and existing businesses to expand in the Northwest Bronx, such as: Vacant property audit: Andrew Cohen and his staff will take full inventory of the vacant properties and storefronts in every corner of the district, and will work with landlords to find appropriate tenants to fill those vacancies. Infrastructure improvements & street beautification: Andrew Cohen will work to bring funding to the district for sidewalk renovations, planters and other aesthetic measures in our business districts, including Broadway between West 230th and West 238th Streets, 204th Street and Bainbridge Avenue, and Riverdale Avenue and Johnson Avenue shopping districts. Streamline regulation: As a City Council Member, Andrew Cohen will support policies designed to decrease regulatory headaches for businesses, in a wide variety of areas. He’ll work to ensure that regulations are sen-

sitive to the scale of the outer boroughs, aren’t overly cumbersome to small business and are used to deter bad behavior, not finance the city budget. New business events: Andrew Cohen will work with local development corporations and business improvement districts to come up with new events designed to highlight the many commercial and culinary offerings of the northwest Bronx. Promoting area eateries and businesses will attract potential new customers in other parts of the Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and all over the region. Webster Avenue BID: Andrew Cohen will work to create a Webster Avenue BID to help promote and improve the Webster Avenue commercial corridor. “The communities of the 11th City Council District have so much to offer, and as Council Member I will highlight our neighborhoods to new businesses and new customers. Not only will this add new consumer options for our current residents, it will make our neighborhood a retail and culinary destination, bringing new customers to our business districts,” said Cohen.

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Filtration plant nears completion

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Carter Strickland announced the completion of a $50 million distribution facility for the Croton Water Filtration Plant in the Bronx. The underground facility will receive filtered water from the Croton Filtration Plant through high and low pressure water tunnels and regulate it before it is released into the local distribution network for consumption by New Yorkers. Construction of the facility began in 2009 and its completion will allow for the activation of the Croton Filtration Plant, the largest such underground facility in the country, later this year. The Croton Filtration Plant is located under Van Cortlandt Park and will provide up to 290 million gallons of water to the city every day. “The completion of the distribution facility, and the activation of the filtration plant later this year, will help ensure a reliable supply of high quality drinking water for New York City for decades to come,” said Commissioner Strickland. “Thorough coordination with the community, elected officials, the Monitoring Committee, nearby schools, and other stakeholders ensured that this critical construction was completed in a timely manner with minimal disruption.” “With the completion of the Croton Distribution Chamber, more than 8 million New Yorkers can be even more certain that their drinking water is safe for themselves and their families,” said Council Member James F. Gennaro (D-Fresh Meadows), chair of the Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection. “I want to congratulate Commissioner Strickland for his leadership in making sure that this world-class facility was built while keeping costs to the City’s ratepayers down.” “I am pleased that this element in the filtration plant facility is complete,” said Council Member G. Oliver Koppell. “This part of the project was completed with relatively little adverse community impact. I appreciate the responsiveness of DEP to the Croton Filtration Plant Monitoring Committee on which I serve”. Construction of the underground facility included the excavation of 13,000 cubic yards of soil and 3,000 cubic yards of rock. To mitigate construction noise DEP built a 20 foot tall wall around the excavation site and funded the installation of air conditioners in a local school. Connecting the distribution facility to the local water mains required some traffic detours in the area and this work was completed over the last three summers, while school was not in session. The underground distribution facility also includes a grade-level green roof that will be landscaped and open to the public. The planted vegetation and soil on the roof will absorb rainfall and reduce runoff into the city sewer system. This eases pressure on wastewater treatment plants, helps reduce localized flooding, and improves the health of local waterways. The green roof will also help lower heating and cooling costs for the building. DEP manages New York City’s water supply, providing more than one billion gallons of water each day to more than nine million residents, including eight million in New York City. The water is delivered from a watershed that extends more than 125 miles from the city, comprising 19 reservoirs and three controlled lakes. Approximately 7,000 miles of water mains, tunnels and aqueducts bring water to homes and businesses throughout the five boroughs, and 7,500 miles of sewer lines and 96 pump stations take wastewater to 14 in-city treatment plants. DEP has nearly 6,000 employees, including almost 1,000 in the upstate watershed. In addition, DEP has a robust capital program, with

a planned $14 billion in investments over the next 10 years that will create up to 3,000 construction-related jobs per year. This capital program is responsible for critical projects like City Water Tunnel No. 3; the Staten Island Bluebelt program, an ecologically sound and cost-effective stormwater management system; the city’s Watershed Protection Program, which protects sensitive lands upstate near the city’s reservoirs in order to maintain their high water quality; and the installation of more than 820,000 Automated Meter Reading devices, which will allow customers to track their daily water use, more easily manage their accounts and be alerted to potential leaks on their properties. For more information, visit dep, like us on Facebook at facebook. com/nycwater, or follow us on Twitter at

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LG Palisades office building project faces new obstruction New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs have filed an appeal with the Appellate Division of New Jersey Superior Court following a decision to uphold a zoning variance that would allow LG Electronics USA to construct a 143-foothigh building in an area that until now had a building height limit of 35 feet—in deference to spectacular natural views of the New Jersey Palisades. The appeal challenges the lower court’s decision on the grounds that scrapping the 35-foot height limit amounted to a rezoning that the Zoning Board of Adjustment wasn’t authorize to grant, according to a statement released on Tuesday. It also contends that the lower court, like the Zoning Board, failed to account for many factors that should have been considered with such variance requests and that appropriate legal standards were not applied. LG, a Korean-based electronics giant, is planning to build a new corporate headquarters on a 27-acre site near its current location in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. If the $300 million development is allowed to proceed as planned, the new office building will be the first—and not the last, opponents fear—to protrude significantly above the tree line and ruin the vista seen for miles along the New York side of the Hudson River. In response to pleas for a lower, wider building that would accommodate the same number of employees, LG protested that a design change at this point would be unacceptably costly and time-consuming. “In filing this appeal, we are following through on Scenic Hudson’s commitment to safeguard the geology and extraordinary natural beauty of the Palisades, which

are both a National Historic Landmark that buildings in Fort Lee, a borough on and a National Natural Landmark,” Scenic the south end of the Palisades formation, Hudson attorney Hayley Carlock said. already do. They are “not concerned about “We have strong grounds for the appeal, threats of an appeal,” company spokesnot the least of which was the Superior man John Taylor said last week. Court’s failure to mention, much less ac“The court ruled correctly and decided cord any importance to, the destructive this case on long-established legal princieffect that LG’s building would have on ples that municipalities have the power * the Palisades. It is as if the Judge made and authority to best determine local his decision in a vacuum—a point we will zoning decisions,” Taylor claimed. emphasize in the appeal.” “Now that the court has upheld the “We are prepared to continue our battle against LG as long as it takes to preserve this grand escarpment against destruction Continued from Page 1 by high-rise development,” said Linda and have the cars park as they do now.” Babeuf, president of the New Jersey State The community can safely choose the Federation of Women’s Clubs. space with the curb cut—now that the Babeuf noted at a recent press confer- Riverdale Review has clarified the issue for ence that LG may have the legal right to NYPD’s 50th Precinct and for the Bronx despoil a National Historic Landmark but Traffic Enforcements Unit. Both have been that they have the moral obligation not to. very cooperative and have committed to In addition to the plaintiffs, four former instructing their respective agents that New Jersey governors, elected officials and cars parked in that spot must be left alone. environmental groups in both New Jersey Officer Steven Cordero of the 50th and New York, The Bergen Record, the Precinct’s community relations unit conNewark Star Ledger, the New York Times firmed on Tuesday that he would advise and the New York Daily News have criti- officers of the location and explain that cized the height of the proposed building parking there is not a violation. in that unique location. “If there’s no traffic control device,  “We continue to hope that LG will according to the law, then summonses reconsider its plans rather than forcing a should not be issued at that location,” long drawn out litigation process,” said Captain Robert L. Singleton of the Bronx Edward Goodell, executive director of the Traffic Enforcements Unit explained. New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. “You have to have either a traffic light, “No one opposes its new headquarters a stop sign or a crosswalk painting in orin Englewood Cliffs—we are only asking der for (a summons) to be issued in the for a small accommodation…It is hard to middle of a block.” understand why a company that claims Singleton also confirmed on Tuesday to be environmentally progressive has that he’d instruct his agents not to ticket deaf ears to the objections of every New cars parked in the now-famous space. Jersey environmental organization that Traffic enforcement agents are civilian has considered the issue.” members of the New York Police DeLG has argued that its new facility will partment who are assigned throughout barely extend above the tree line and the city after undergoing 12 weeks of training in parking and traffic rules and

Old parking ticket rules never die



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zoning board's approval, LG Electronics is proceeding with its building project as planned.” But obstructions to the plan remain in place. “We believe the decision of the Superior Court was erroneous and look forward to arguing the case before the Appellate Division,” said Angelo Morresi, attorney for the public interests groups involved in the case.

regulations, intersection control and, of course, ticketing. “I wonder how many thousands of dollar in fines the city has collected on tickets from that location in the meanwhile” from “people who just can’t be bothered taking off time if they want to fight it personally,” Dinowitz said. “They may be disgusted, but they just send it in. Some people have contacted us. It’s just an example of raising revenue in a way that just isn’t fair.” But for now, the jig is up on Independence Avenue for “predatory traffic agents.”

The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013


As promised, Scenic Hudson and the


Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Around the schools... P.S. 24

Parents are advised that their child’s scores on the state ELA and math tests are available at For ARIS login information, contact parent coordinator Florence Byrne at FByrne@schools. For general information about this year’s scores and about the Common Core curriculum that served as the basis for the exams, visit

P.S. 81

For login information needed to access, contact parent coordinator Nina Velazquez at NVelazquez@

Saint Gabriel School

Eighth-graders will welcome the community’s dirty cars at their annual Car Wash Fundraiser on Saturday, September 28, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the schoolyard. All proceeds help to offset graduation expenses. Parents of prospective students for the 2014-2015 academic year are invited to participate in Touring Tuesdays on October 22 and November 19 from 9 to 11 a.m. Saint Gabriel’s follows the state’s Common Core curriculum as well as the Archdiocesan Essential Learnings guidelines, offering classes in art, music, Spanish, computer skills and library skills as well as physical education. For more information, call the school at 718-548-0444. Pre-K3 is now offered three mornings per week—Tuesdays through Thursdays. Pre-K4 meets five mornings per week.

Horace Mann School

The school has enrolled 96 students from Riverdale this fall. They are among 1,780 students who are members of 1,264 families from any of three states and 153 ZIP codes. Enrollment includes 143 students in the Nursery Division, 453 students in the Lower Division, 441 students in the Middle Division and 743 students in the Upper Division. The Middle Division has chosen “Life of the Mind” as its core value for the 2013-2014 academic year. Activities will be designed around this theme throughout the year. Elective courses offered in the Middle Division and the Upper Division will now include a new full-credit level of Mandarin Chinese 3 and Italian 1 and a new computer skills class called introduction to Tetrix robotics. Students in all divisions can take advantage of course offerings at The John Dorr Nature Laboratory in Washington,

Connecticut. There are courses in ropes, planting trees and grass, clearing trails and opportunities to plan programs for the coming year. An orientation will be offered to incoming HM students this fall. Members of the school’s Office of Diversity Initiatives are planning to attend a National Association of Independent Schools People of Color conference in Washington, D.C., in December. The conference is called The Capital’s Mosaic: Independent School Leaders Building on Interconnected World. The office is also coordinating the Middle Division Hilltop Diversity Conference scheduled for November at the school. Middle Division classrooms can be used for conference workshops because MD students will be out of school for Narrative Writing Day.

Manhattan College

Dr. John Regan, a scientist, will join the faculty this fall as the new chair of the chemistry and biochemistry department and as an associate professor of chemistry. Regan has spent more than 30 years working in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds more than 50 U.S. patents and was involved in the drug discovery process at both Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals and at Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals, where he identified new treatments for cardiovascular diseases and medicines to treat rheumatoid arthritis as part of his research. Regan taught at the college from 2009 to 2011. He was also an assistant professor at Queensborough Community College and an adjunct associate professor at CUNY’s Hunter College. “Dr. Regan is expected to provide the department with the necessary leadership as it evolves with a renewed strong scientific research agenda, both for its faculty and its students,” said Dr. Constantine Theodosiou, dean of the School of Science. Dr. Yelda Balkir, a prominent researcher in green chemistry and the environment, was named coordinator of the college’s forthcoming environmental science program. She will also serve as an assistant professor of chemistry. Balkir, a native of Istanbul and longtime resident of Pittsburgh, will plan and develop the curriculum for the B.S. and M.S. in environmental science, to be launched in the fall 2014. The new program will offer cross-disciplinary experiences and combined faculty and student research opportunities. Balkir has already helped to develop an interdisciplinary environmental science program at Eckerd College. She has mentored students while teaching courses in biochemistry, organic chemistry and general chemistry.

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...You will find your home. Traditional and Innovative. Spiritual and Intellectual. Conservative and Egalitarian. CSAIR offers spiritually uplifting and intellectually stimulating programs for the High Holidays and year-round for children, 'tweens, teens, and adults. Whether you want a traditional service, or a smaller, more intimate lay-led setting, we invite you to explore our community.

Let CSAIR welcome you! For information call Executive Director Eric Nussbaum at 718-543-8400 or visit our web site at Barry Dov Katz, Rabbi Elizabeth Stevens, Cantor MasonVoit, Director of Education and Jewish Family Life

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It is not often that a person who gloried in the title of “The Bronx Plumber” can rise to a position of national influence. However, that is exactly what happened to George Meany. Born in Harlem in 1894, the future plumber was originally named William George Meany, but he later dropped the William. When he was five years old, the family moved to The Bronx living at 135th Street near Cypress Avenue. The boy’s father worked as a plumber, and the youngster naturally became interested in the field. His father was also the head of the local Bronx plumber’s union. Young George left school at the age of 14, which was not an unusual occurrence then. Two years later, he was hired as a plumber’s helper and attended trade school at night. In 1917, George Meany joined his father’s local, then one of the largest in the nation, as a journeyman plumber. Meany soon displayed his natural intelligence. He was also smart enough to show deference to those who had been around for some time. As a result, he was able to rise rapidly in the ranks of the union. In 1920, Meany was elected as a member of his local’s executive board. Two years later, he was named its business agent. He fully believed that member-

ship in the union should be restricted in numbers to keep wages high. He also mastered the details of the language of building trade contracts to hammer out the best deal for the union’s members. In 1923, he became the secretary of the New York City Building Trades Council. His rise also made it possible for him to move to the Pelham Bay neighborhood of The Bronx. Meany’s reputation in union circles grew. In 1932, he was elected vice president of the state Federation of Labor, becoming its president two years later. Working with Governor Herbert H. Lehman and Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, he obtained laws guaranteeing unemployment insurance and workman’s compensation. In 1940, Meany attained national stature by becoming the secretary treasurer of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and its president in 1952. Three years later, he helped merge the AFL with the rival Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), becoming the first president of the AFL-CIO. There he vigorously opposed both communism and job discrimination. He retired in 1979. Admired for his advances for labor, the Bronx Plumber died the following year.

Lincoln Park Jewish Center HaMakom, ‘The Place’

311 Central Park Avenue • Yonkers, NY A modern Orthodox Jewish Congregation promoting spiritual growth, joy, acceptance of diversity, community and fellowship. Find your place with us. We wish you a L’Shana Tovah for a Sweet, Healthy and Happy New Year to our Members and Community and invite all to attend our High Holiday Services. For tickets please call our offices at 914-965-7119 and visit our website WWW.LPJC.ORG for our Holiday schedule. Credit cards accepted. Services conducted by Rabbi Rigoberto Viñas and Cantor Eric S. Freeman.

SCHEDULE OF HOLIDAY SERVICES, 2013-5774 SHABBAT, SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 8:30 pm Community Night (Movie, Broadway Musicals, A Jewish Legacy) and SELICHOT SERVICES, 10:30 pm.






The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Bronx Plumber

plans for food and water access, emergency shelter preparations, tracking individuals with special medical needs, traffic and fuel management and small business and non-profit organization recovery.

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


St. Gabriel's Parish trip to Washington, DC

St. Gabriel's Parish is sponsoring a trip to Washington, D.C. on November 6-8, 2013. Cost: $360 double occupancy, $475 single. A deposit of $200 is due August 15. Attractions include tour of the Capital, Smithsonian Museum, 'Les Miserables' at the dinner theatre, Arlington National Cemetery, White House if permitted (as of now it is not), monuments, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, and they are checking into the Franciscan Monastery that is supposed to have a replica of the Holy Land. To reserve a space or for more information, call Sr. Amy at 718-548-4471.

Cara Lynch's 'House Work' on view at Poe Park Center

An artistic view of Bronx's historic houses, Cara Lynch's 'House Work' will be on view at the Poe Park Visitor Center, 2640 Grand Concourse, from Aug. 30 through Oct. 5, Tuesday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Inspired by historical homes, including those in the Bronx, Cara Lynch's exhibition of prints and installations is a window into the world of intricate patterns from past centuries. House Work explores Lynch's concern and interest in feminine identity and the home, much like the domestic craft work created by 18th and 19th century housewives. Going beyond simple ornamentation, her intensely hand-worked woodcuts clearly illustrate her belief in the purification of self through meditative labor-quietly expressing frustration, instability and

obsession through intricate or repeating patterns influence by historic textiles, window dressings, and wallpaper. This exhibition is FREE and open to the public. For more information, please call 718-365-5516.

High Holiday Services at KCI

Kingsbridge Center of Israel, located at 3115 Corlear Avenue (near West 231st Street), Bronx, NY 10463, will have Rosh Hashanah services on Wednesday evening, Sept. 4; Thursday, Sept. 5; and Friday, Sept. 6. Yom Kippur services will be on Friday evening, Sept. 13; and Saturday, Sept. 14. Services will be conducted by Rabbi Davidi Jona. High Holiday Cantor is Chaim Dubin. Tickets: members $150; non-members $185. For more information, call 718-5481678.

Koppell bill assists vulnerable and homebound individuals

Among the package of bills to improve disaster planning signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg on Monday, August 12, 2013, was a measure sponsored by Council Member Oliver Koppell that will assist vulnerable and homebound individuals in the event of an emergency. It became apparent after Hurricane Sandy that there had not been a coordinated effort on the part of the city to reach individuals who may have been trapped in their homes or who were unable to safely

prepare and evacuate in the days leading up to, during and following the storm. It was only through volunteers that some people were reached. Under this legislation, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) must develop an outreach and recovery procedure to assist vulnerable and homebound individuals before, during and after a storm. The plan must include a description of how OEM will coordinate with relevant agencies, community-based organizations and service providers to provide information, supplies and transportation to these individuals. Furthermore, the legislation requires OEM to describe how it will utilize existing lists of homebound and vulnerable individuals maintained by the above organizations, as well as to describe the process that will inform these individuals about how they can be included on these lists. In addition, the legislation requires OEM to create a door-to-door task force to develop a strategy for locating vulnerable and homebound people in need of assistance and to consult with community groups in developing the outreach plan. 'I have long advocated for procedures that would enable the city to locate people with disabilities and other defenseless and homebound individuals in the event of an emergency such as Hurricane Sandy. Lacking such procedures, many such individuals were overlooked in this dire situation. By signing my bill into law, the Mayor has put into place a mechanism that will go a long way to prevent this happening again,' Koppell said. The package of legislation signed by the Mayor further requires OEM to develop

Run for the Trail events scheduled

Friends of Van Cortlandt Park and the Van Cortlandt Track Club announced today that they are combining resources to put on the inaugural race in a series of Run for the Trail events this fall in Van Cortlandt Park, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Van Cortlandt Park's historic cross-country course, and to raise funds for its maintenance. The first race of this series, The Riverdale B'Ramble 10k/5k, will be held on Sunday, September 1 at 10:00 a.m., at the Tortoise and Hare Statue, Van Cortlandt Park (near 250th and Broadway). Registration fee: $25 online, $30 mail in. All proceeds go to the Friends of Van Cortlandt Park's Summer Teen Trail Crew who will help to maintain the Cross Country Course. We promise you tough hills, Lloyd's Carrot Cake muffin age-group awards, and a great time! The first 200 runners will receive commemorative t-shirts. To register or for more information on this race and the series, go to: Save the Dates of the Remaining Run for Trail Series Events: Sunday October 27th at 11:30 a.m.; Friday November 29th at 10 a.m. The Entire Run for the Trail Series is a joint effort by the Friends of Van Cortlandt Park, Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy, Van Cortlandt Track Club and BronxNet. For more information, contact: Christina Taylor, Friends of Van Cortlandt Park, at 718601-1460 or visit

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7 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013

This is the full article as it appeared in Sunday’s Daily News. Brought to you as a public service by the Riverdale Review.

KCI 090612.pdf

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


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Our Beloved Shaliach Tzibbur, Dr. Elli Kranzler leads us in a spiritually inspiring concert followed by the recitation of Selichot prayers.

Concert begins promptly at 10:15pm Doors open 10:00pm

General admission, suggested donation only. Seating available on a first come, first served basis. A limited number of reserved seats are available for our sponsors. For more information visit our website or call 718-796-4730.

Y! Care runs Monday-Friday until 6pm @ PS 24 and is available for students attending PS 24. The Programs Offer:

Homework assistance by NYC certified teachers, transportation from over 10 local schools, sports, arts & crafts, music, and a kosher snack. More enrichment programs are available including swimming, drama, gymnastics, hands-on science and much more.

For more information go to our website at and click on afterschool link

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FREE HIGH HOLIDAY SERVICES Rosh Hashanah (Day 1) - Thurs., Sept. 5 Rosh Hashanah (Day 2) - Fri., Sept. 6 Yom Kippur - Sat., Sept. 14 3:30pm each day Register at to receive a jar of honey for a sweet new year! Celebrate the holidays at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale with a service that is sure to inspire. These services will be conducted in English and led by Rabbi Avi Weiss, Rabba Sara Hurwitz, Rabbi Ari Hart and Rabbi Steven Exler. All are welcome to attend.

May you be blessed with a sweet, meaningful and healthy New Year!

Interested in an intimate High Holiday service? Not fully comfortable with an all Hebrew Service/Prayer Book? Join our High Holiday Learning Services with Rabbi Ari Hart for a more personalized service with explanations and open discussion about the prayers and Torah readings. The Learning Service is ideal for those whose background in Hebrew is limited, but for whom a desire for learning and spirituality is limitless. Learning Services meet on the High Holidays and weekly during the year.

ROSH HASHANAH (Day 1) Thurs., Sept. 5 at 9:30am ROSH HASHANAH (Day 2) Fri., Sept. 6 at 9:30am KOL NIDRE (Yom Kippur Eve) Fri., Sept. 13 at 7:00pm YOM KIPPUR Sat., Sept. 14 at 9:30am Yizkor approx. 10:30am Neilah (Final Service) at 6:45pm

Hebrew Institute of Riverdale - The Bayit 3700 Henry Hudson Parkway, Bronx, NY 10463 718-796-4730 *

For Your Convenience,

Gentle Hands Veterinarian

has a new fall schedule Please call and make an appointment,

347-947-9849 Our Fall Hours are: Monday 11am to 7pm Tuesday - CLOSED Wednesday 9am to 4pm Thursday 12pm to 8pm Friday 9am to 4pm Saturday 10am to 3 pm Sunday 3pm to 7pm

Our Address: 3547 Johnson Avenue, Bronx, NY 10463 Dr. Shirley Koshi has been a veterinarian for 33 years Visit Our Website for more information

The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013

Riverdale Y’s After-School Programs

for a 30 minute individualized computer appointment. Learn how to open a new e-mail account, save documents, browse the Internet, download NYPL e-books, etc. Make a list and ask questions. E-reader, tablet and smart phone users are welcome. Wednesdays 2 - 4 p.m. by appointment only. Call 718-549-1212.

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW



Thursday, August 29 Kingsbridge

BABY LAPSIT 10:30 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Stories, songs, fingerplays and flannelboard illustrations for babies birth-18 months for parents/caregivers. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


OPEN COMPUTER LAB 11 a.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Attention new computer users: Come to the Riverdale Library and get assistance on using the computers. Do you need to learn how to open a free e-mail account or practice going online and exploring the Internet? How about learning how to save a document or copy and paste text? Come to this open lab and ask questions and learn from doing. First come, first served. For more information, 718-549-1212.


WRITER'S CIRCLE 1 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Are you an aspiring writer? Join our writer's group to share your work and get feedback from other members. All types of writing are welcome, whether it's fiction, memoir, poetry, or other! For more information, call 718-548-5656.


GAME ON 4 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Come have some fun playing the latest Xbox games at the Kingsbridge Library! For ages 12-18. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Friday, August 30 Kingsbridge

SUMMER READING CELEBRATION 4 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library

291 West 231st Street Celebrate the grand finale of the teen summer reading club with friends, fun, food, and fabulous prizes! This special program is open to everyone who participated in the 2013 teen summer reading club. For ages 13 to 18 years. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Saturday, August 31

ROSH HASHANA SERVICES 7:15 p.m. Chabad of Riverdale 535 W. 246th Street Rosh Hashana services will begin on Wednesday evening, September 4, 2013 at 7:15 p.m. Thursday and Friday, September 5-6 morning services will be held at 9:00 a.m. The Shofar will be blown on Thursday and Friday at 11:30 a.m. On Thursday, the afternoon service will be at 6:30 p.m. followed by prayers at the river at 6:50 p.m. For more information, call 718-549-1100 Ext. 10, or visit

Thursday, September 5 Kingsbridge


OPEN HOUSE 8 p.m. Congregation Shaarei Shalom 5919 Riverdale Avenue The community is invited to join them celebration at an Open House Selichot service led by Rabbi Steven D. Burton and Cantor Ronald J. Broden; and with beautiful musical accompaniment by pianist Walter Winterfeldt on Selichot. Plan to attend and see if this synagogue might be a good match for you. For more information, call 718-796-0305.

BABY LAPSIT 10:30 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Stories, songs, puppets, and flannelboard stories for birth-18 months for parents/caregivers. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


TODDLER STORY TIME 11 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Stories, songs, puppets, flannelboard stories for toddlers ages 18-36 months for parents/caregivers. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

OPEN COMPUTER LAB 11 a.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Attention new computer users: Come to the Riverdale Library and get assistance on using the computers. Do you need to learn how to open a free e-mail account or practice going online and exploring the Internet? How about learning how to save a document or copy and paste text? Come to this open lab and ask questions and learn from doing. First come, first served. For more information, call 718-549-1212.



Wednesday, September 4 Kingsbridge

bargain prices. Free parking will also be available so get there early and snare yourself a great find. For more information, please call 718-543-3003.


INTERMEDIATE MEDITATION 10:30 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Join in for an intermediate meditation class. This session is open to those who've been regularly attending the weekday beginner's class for a couple of months. Learn to go into a deeper meditation and learn new techniques that will help your spiritual ascent. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


READ ALOUD 1 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Rotary Club of Riverdale read aloud for children ages 5-12 yrs. old. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


MOVIE TIME 1 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Come watch some classic movies, old favorites, and new releases on the little silver screen. This month's movie will be Lincoln (2012). Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Monday, September 9 Spuyten Duyvil

KNITTING & CROCHET 11 a.m. Spuyten Duyvil Branch Library 650 West 235th Street A get-together for knitters & crocheters at all skill levels to work on a current project, learn new techniques, and share good information. Registration not required. For more information, call 718-796-1202.


GAME ON 1:30 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Got the gaming moves? Show off your skills with the controller and challenge your friends and neighbors to a game of Wii Bowling in the library. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

GAME ON 4 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Come have some fun playing Xbox and Xbox Kinect games at the Kingsbridge Library! For ages 12-18. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

GAMING 4 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Wii games for children ages 5-12 yrs. old. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


Saturday, September 7 Kingsbridge

MEDITATION 6 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street If you’re having trouble juggling the challenges in your life, Sahaja Meditation can help you manage stress, master your emotions and find solutions to your problems. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

COMPUTER ASSISTANCE 2 p.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Come to the Riverdale branch and sit down with a Librarian

FLEA MARKET 9 a.m. Old St. John's School 3030 Godwin Terrace Clothes, jewelry, accessories and bric-a-brac will be sold at



(Meat, Chicken & Groceries)

3540 Johnson Avenue, Riverdale, NY


SECOND HELPING (Homemade Food)

3532B Johnson Avenue, Riverdale, NY Please place your order BY SUNDAY, SEPT. 1st


Under the Va'ad HaRabbonim of Riverdale - Glattt Kosher


Friday, August 30

Bring a white t-shirt and learn how to print botanical designs on it. Bring a hammer if you have one. For info, call 914-428-1005.

HORTICULTURE FOR CHILDREN 10:30 a.m. Lasdon Park Route 35 Children and their adults can learn the joys of horticulture through gardening activities, planting flowers and vegetables, and crafts to take home. Fee $6 per person; pre-registration required at (914) 886-5108.

Sunday, September 8


Sunday, September 1 Somers

FARMERS MARKET 10 a.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Over 20 vendors will be selling great food, meats, produce, pasta, dressings, pickles, jams, baked goods and more, every Sunday through October. For more info, call 914-864-7282.

Monday, September 2 Somers


FARMERS MARKET 10 a.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Over 20 vendors will be selling great food, meats, produce, pasta, dressings, pickles, jams, baked goods and more, every Sunday through October. For more info, call 914-864-7282.


ART EXHIBIT 12 p.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Paintings by artist Carolyn VannNess and members of the Westchester Watercolor Group on display weekend through September. For more information, call 914-864-7282.


MORNING BIRD WALK 7:30 a.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Join members of Saw Mill River Audubon for this walk. Meet in the parking lot. For more information, call 914-864-7282.

GRANDPARENTS DAY CELEBRATION 1 p.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Help celebrate these special people in your life with special activities and hayrides. For more information, call 914-864-7282.

Wednesday, September 4



POTLUCK SUPPER 6:30 p.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Ferry Sloops Pot Luck Supper. 6:30 p.m. dinner; 7:30 p.m. performance by storyteller Jonathan Kruk. All are welcome. For more information, call 914-862-5297.

Friday, September 6 Somers

HORTICULTURE FOR CHILDREN 10:30 a.m. Lasdon Park Route 35 Learn the joys of gardening with your child/grandchild through nature walks and horticultural activities. Fee $6; pre-registration required at (914) 886-5108.

White Plains

DOWNTOWN MUSIC 12:10 p.m. Grace Church 33 Church Street Featuring The Art Bennett Quartet, with Sonelius Smith on piano, Ed Petillo on bass and Steve Dunn on drums. Part of ArtsWestchester's Jazz Fest 2013. For more information, call 914-428-4220 or visit

White Plains

LATIN JAZZ CONCERT 8 p.m. Arts Westchester 31 Mamaroneck Avenue Featuring Bobby Sanabria and Quarteto Aché -­ - Latin and Jazz drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, recording artist, producer, filmmaker, conductor, educator, multi-cultural activist, and multiple Grammy nominee. For more information, call 914-428-4220 or visit

Saturday, September 7 Rye

NATURE WALK 7:30 a.m. Marshlands Conservancy Route 1 Where Are the Warblers? Bring binoculars for sightings of these energetic feathered visitors. For more information, call 914-835-4466.


VOLUNTEER WORK PROJECT 10 a.m. Lenoir Preserve Dudley Street Come spruce up the Beverly E. Smith Butterfly Garden. Bring work gloves and get ready for some grubby fun! For more information, call 914-968-5851.


ART EXHIBIT 12 p.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Paintings by artist Carolyn Vann Ness and members of the Westchester Watercolor Group on display through September. For more information, call 914-864-7282 or visit

North White Plains

BOTANICAL IMPRINT T-SHIRT 1 p.m. Cranberry Lake Preserve 1609 Old Orchard Street

ARCHAEOLOGY OPEN HOUSE 1 p.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Join members of the New York State Archaeological Society to view the collections and learn about the history of the area. For more information, call 914-862-5297.


HARVEST PARTY 2 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road It’s the season to reap the harvest of the Nature Center’s organic garden and hives. GNC naturalists prepare tasty treats from our garden. Learn about beekeeping, the fascinating social network of honeybees, and how honey is harvested from our hives. Watch honey be extracted by our beekeeper Peet Foster. There's a free tasting of fresh honey-from-the-hives, and honey is available for purchase. Members-$4, Non-members-$8. For more information, call 914-723-3470.


NATURE WALK 2 p.m. Marshlands Conservancy Route 1 Through a Hand Lens Clearly. View and learn about tiny things in the different habitats. For more information, call 914-835-4466.

Tuesday, September 10 White Plains

OPEN REHEARSALS 7 p.m. Music Conservatory of Westchester 216 Central Avenue Westchester Choral Society, under the direction of Frank Nemhauser, welcomes new members to our 2013-2014 Season. Open rehearsals begin Tuesday,September 10 from 7 to 9:30 pm and subsequent Tuesdays in September. For a singer-friendly audition contact Numa Rousseve at 914-285-9026 or email:

Friday, September 13 Somers

PRE-K FRIDAY 10 a.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Tots and their adults can learn about a different animal each week with hands-on activities. Choose 10 - 11 a.m. or 1 - 2 p.m. Fee $10; pre-registration required. For more information, call 914-864-7286 or visit


HORTICULTURE FOR CHILDREN 10:30 a.m. Lasdon Park Route 35 Learn the joys of gardening with your child/grandchild through nature walks and horticultural activities. Fee $6; pre-registration required at (914) 886-5108.

Saturday, September 14 Somers

BLACKSMITHING WORKSHOP 9 a.m. Muscoot Farm Route 100 Adults age 18 and older can learn this age-old craft with Bill Fitzgerald. Fee $85; pre-registrations required. For more information, call 914-864-7286 or visit

Let LIEBMAN'S Make It For You...Even Dinner, With All The Trimmings Too !

Delicious Holiday Dinner




For 10 to 12 People

SOUP : (Homemade, of course)


4 Quarts of Liebman's Renowned Chicken Soup

3 lbs. Roasted String Beans with Almonds 3 lbs. Kasha Varnishkes 3 lbs. Egg Barley with Mushrooms

with 15 Homemade Matzo Balls


Plus Tax



5 Oven Roasted Chickens (3 lbs. each)

1.5 quarts Carrot Tsimmes 3 lbs. Homemade Cole Slaw - 1 qt. 1 qt. Gravy (w/Turkey or Brisket)

1 Whole Roast Turkey

(16 lbs. pre-cooked weight)

4 lbs. Sliced Brisket of Beef

Got Big Fressers? Add These...

109 95

APPETIZERS: 24 Mini-Stuffed Cabbage plus a choice of one of the following: Gefilte Fish,12 small pieces with carrot & sauce 3 lbs. Chopped Liver



DESSERT FOR 10 Rugelach Black and White Cookies Honey Cake



Plus Tax

95 Plus Tax

Ask Us About Our Other Rosh Hashanah Specialties: Gefilte Fish Cucumber Salad Health Salad Stuffed Derma Stuffed Breast of Veal Stuffed Cabbage and More...

Chopped Liver Roast Chicken Baked Chicken Chicken Soup Matzo Balls Potato Kugel Broccoli Pudding


Kosher Delicatessen/Caterers

552 West 235th Street Riverdale (off Johnson Avenue)


Fax: 718-548-3233 • We Accept Major Credit Cards

11 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Don't Have To Make a Big Tsimmes Just Because

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Totally Free ExtraValue Checking* — Plus a $100 Bonus with Direct Deposit** and a Great CD Rate! TOTALLY FREE ExtraValue Checking*


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apple bk - RIVERDALE REVIEW - $100 DD Checking.indd 1

7/11/2013 3:04:44 PM


Golden Dreams 183 West 231st Street (by Broadway) Bronx, NY 718-796-0787 Lic# 1306867

$$$ WE PAY TOP DOLLAR! $$$ *In Any Condition

Silver • Diamonds • Watches • Estate Jewelry


Best Deal 5562B Broadway Bronx, NY 718-432-2220 Lic# 1452855

Auditions for Riverdale Childrens Theatre roles/ensemble Tuesday September 17th 4:00-5:00pm - 2nd thru 4th graders for Beauty and the Beast 3:00-5:00pm - 5th thru 8th grade Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables children's roles/ensemble 5:00-7:00pm 8 thru 12th graders for Les Miserables All auditions will be held at the Riverdale Jewish Center located at 3700 Independence Avenue. Please prepare a short musical theatre selection (1 minute or less) and be prepared to learn a simple dance combination. Selections from the shows are welcome. The Riverdale Children’s Theatre brings together youth from different religious and cultural backgrounds to learn about themselves, each other and the joy of performing. For more information about the auditions, rehearsal and show performance dates and other RCT programs log on to

13 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013

Riverdale Children’s Theatre Announces Auditions for their winter season! Trio of Broadway Blockbusters include Fiddler on the Roof, Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables! Beauty and the Beast -2nd -8th graders. Disney's Beauty and the Beast casts its spell in the Bronx! This Tony Award-winning musical is filled with lovable characters, beautiful sets and costumes, and dazzling production numbers, including "Be Our Guest" and the beloved title song. Premieres January 18th at the Lovinger Theatre at Lehman College Les Miserables: School Edition-8th-12 graders. This international smash-hit may be the most popular musical in the world. Epic, grand and uplifting, LES MISÉRABLES packs an emotional wallop that has thrilled audiences all over the world. (Some 5th -7th graders will be cast in children’s roles and the children’s ensemble) Premieres January 30th at the Lovinger Theatre at Lehman College. Fiddler on the Roof- By popular demand, RCT will produce this beloved classic with a cast of teens and adults. Directed by Derek Woods, and featuring David Winter in the role of Tevye and Antonia Barba as Golde, this theatrical event premieres November 16 at Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy Auditions dates (attend one date only) Sunday September 8th 2:00-4:00pm - 8 thru 12th graders for Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miserables 4:00- 6:00pm - Adults for various roles and ensemble parts for Fiddler on the Roof Tuesday September 10th 5:00-6:30pm - 8 thru 12th graders for Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miserables 6:30- 8:00pm - Adults for various roles and ensemble parts for Fiddler on the Roof Sunday September 15th 2:00-3:00pm - 2nd thru 4th graders for Beauty and the Beast 3:00-5:00pm - 5th thru 8th grade Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables children's

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW




Yonkers Gold




The Verminator Extermi nating Corp.


SPECIALISTS! 646-423-2274

Call Today • Ask For Dave • Expert References

Tax & CompuTer

Computer repair

Hair salon

printinG serviCes

CleaninG serviCes



transport serviCe B O O K N O W F O R A L L Y O U R S U M M E R & FA L L E V E N T S ! Camps•Schools•Charters • Sports Teams

Execuvan, Inc. THE



Weddings • Parties Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Riverdale’s Most Widely Circulated Newspaper!

Read the


Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm • DEADLINES Monday, 11AM


5752 Fieldston Road Riverdale, NY 10471

BY PHONE (718) 543-5200

BY FAX (718) 543-4206


Address Your Reply to the Box Number in the Ad c/o the Riverdale Review

POLICY NOTICE: We make every effort to avoid mistakes in your classified ads. Check your ad the first week it runs. The Riverdale Review will accept responsibility ONLY for the FIRST INCORRECT INSERTION. The Riverdale Review assumes no financial responsibility for errors or omissions. We reserve the right to edit, reject or reclassify any ad. Copy changes are $10 per change. Contact your sales rep directly for any copy changes. All classified ads are prepaid. No refunds on classified ads whatsoever. House credit only.

Apts For Rent

Co-ops For Sale



3-S NEW 1Bedroom, terrace ........... $155K 21-O Alc studio, renov, riv views ......... $165K NEW #19L 1 BR, terrace, wood floors, Hudson River views........................ $195K NEW #15U 2 BR, 2 bath, completely

renovated. Bridge, Manhattan & Hudson River views ..................................... $619K


NEW #12J 2 BR/2 ba, renov w/terrace, dining alcove, Hudson River views. $595K NEW #3G 2 BR, terrace, pool, health club, country views ........................ $295K

“Skyview” offers a full service doorman, health club, pool, transportation & parking

Lovely full 2-br, 1 bath apts. $150-$160K. Maint below $700 incl utils. Excel restored cond. Hrdwd flrs. Lge beautif grounds, convenient shopping, transport at door. Parking $49/mo. Visit website

and call



Linda Lepson Cell: 646-305-4009 Office: 212-896-8699

West of Pkwy:

NEW #314 1 BR, river views, deeded parking spot .................................... $149K 3 BR, 2 ba, doorman, garage avail,

near shopping/trans...........$485k

Condo North Riverdale

3 BR, 2 bath, near shopping/ Linda Lepson Cell: 646-305-4009 transportation....................$400k Office: 212-896-8699 West of Pkwy: SPONSOR APT NO BOARD APPROVAL

Need Help?

Look No Farther Than The Classifieds!!!

531 WEST 235TH ST: Penthouse 4BR/3Ba, 3 Balconies, 2 Roof Tops/2 Indoor Parking spaces .........$1,599,900 2287 JOHNSON AVE: HUGE 2BR /2Ba, Panaromic - Palisades, City & River Views / Top-Of-Line Appliances ...............$574,900 531 WEST 235TH ST: NEW CONDOS 2-5 BR/2-3 Bath, 2 Balconies .................................................$449,900 3329 RESERVOIR OVAL WEST – 3 BRs / 2 Bath, Walk To Montefiore & #4 Train ...........................$299,000

Apts For Rent



7 BALINT DR, YONKERS: 2 BR/2Ba w/ Huge Balcony, Upscale Renov............................................$299,900 3135 JOHNSON AVE 1 BR / 1 Bath / Terrace - Granite Kitch, Luxury Bldg, Pool, Parking, Storage, Gym, .........$299,900 3750 HUDSON MANOR TERR: 2BR/2Ba Renov, Window Kitch, East Facing, Low Fl ............$274,900 525 W 235TH STREET: 2 BR / 1 Bath - Pet Friendly, Perfect Location, Steps To Johnson Ave ....$249,900 3901 INDEPENDENCE AVE, 2 BR / 2 Bath w/ Terrace, Playground, Great Location PRICE REDUCTION ..$249,900 3725 H.H PKWY: (The BLACKSTONE): 2BR/1.5Ba, Granite EIK And Renov Bath, Shabbat Elevator.....$224,900 3215 NETHERLAND AVE 2BR/1 Bath, Great Location, PRICED TO SELL ..........................................$209,900 601 KAPPOCK ST: 2BR/1Ba Indoor Parking Avail, Pool, Doorman...MUST SELL !! ...................$199,900 512 KAPPOCK ST: Huge 1BR, 1Bath, Ready to movein, Best Price and Location ........................$199,900 91 W VAN CORTLANDT AVE: 2BR/1Bath / Balcony w/ French Doors, Maint $786, DP 10% Priced To Sell ...$189,900 5700 ARLINGTON AVE: Gorgeous View 1 BR / 1 Bath, Terrace, Lots Of Light – Luxury Bldg .........$189,900 629 KAPPOCK ST: Jr.4 Convt. To 2BR/1Ba, Great Space, Priced For A Quick Sell ..................$184,900 3635 JOHNSON AVE 2BR/1Bath, Spacious LV RM & Beautiful Crown Molding, Renov Kitc & Bath ...$184,900 2550 INDEPENDENCE AVE : Gorgeous River View1BR/1Ba, 2 Blocks To Metro North Station - 24 Min To GC..........$174,900 3050 FAIRFIELD AVE: Large Jr. 4/1 Bath/ Terrace Faces South & East, Can Be Convt. to 2 BR, ESTATE SALE ................$174,900 4705 H.H. PKWY: 1BR/1Ba Renov Kitch, HUGE PRICE DROP !!…$172,900...WILL SELL 5620 NETHERLAND AVE: 2BR/1Ba, Windowed Kitch, Utilities & Parking Space Inclu ..................$172,500 2390 PALISADE AVE Spacious Jr.4 Convt. To 2BR/1Ba, Gym, pool & steps to Metro North ...............$169,999 512 KAPPOCK ST: Large 1BR/1Ba EIK, Great Location – Priced To SELL.......................$169,900 3840 GREYSTONE AVE: Spacious Jr.4, Lg LR, Dinning Area, NEW Kitch & Bath...............$169,000 5550 FIELDSTON RD: Jr.4 w/Terr – Gorgeous Views, Maint Incl Util,Pets OK ...............................$160,000 555 KAPPOCK ST: Lg 1BR/1Ba Terr, High Floor, Magnificent River & City Views, Ready To Move In..................$164,500

5235 POST ROAD: Great Location 1 BR / 1 Bath, Priced To Sell In Well Maintained Building ...............$149,900 3840 GREYSTONE AVE: 2BR/1Ba Marble Kitchen, S/S Appl, OWNERS MOVED...MUST SELL...........$149,900 3901 INDEPENDENCE AVE: Renov 1Br/1Ba, Hardwood Fl, Updated Kitchen & Bath ........................$149,900 5610 NETHERLAND AVE, Priced To SELL 1 BR / 1 Bath, Renovated, Motivated Seller................144,900 5615 NETHERLAND AVE: BRIGHT & Renov HUGE 1BR/1Bath, Indoor Parking Space, MUST SELL.......$ 139,900 5635 NETHERLAND AVE: Gorgeous 1 BR, 1 Bath, Close To Metro North Riverdale Train Station....................$134,900 3225 JOHNSON AVE: Sunny LG 1BR/1Ba, In South Riverdale - Steps To ALL ............................$124,900 91 W VAN CORTLANDT AVE: 1BR/1Ba, High End Appl. $605...Priced To Sell .........................$124,900 3400 WAYNE AVE 1 BR /1 Bath, Great Location, Steps to MONTEFIORE Hosp., #4 Subway, Ready To Move In...$124,900 125 BRONX RIVER RD: 1BR/1Ba Renov. & Ready To Move In ......................................................$124,900 5235 POST ROAD: Renovated Studio L Shape, Brand New Kitchen and Bath, Lots Of Closets......$119,900 2750 JOHNSON AVE: 1BR/1Ba, Low Maint $525, Dogs OK .....................................................$114,900 5715 MOSHOLU AVE: 1 BR / 1 Bath, Updated Kitchen and Bath, Close To Transportation, Schools.....$109,900 1 BRONXVILLE RD: Lg. 1Br/1Ba L-Shaped LR, Windowed Kitch & Bath...SHORT SALE ........$99,900 6535 BROADWAY: 1BEDROOM/ 1Bath, Ready to move-in, HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLER...........$99,900

2BR, 2 baths, doorman, near shopping/transportation.....$350k

West of Pkwy:

3BR, 1 1/2 baths, terrace, concierge, pool, gym, G&E incl. ......$339k

West of Pkwy:


2 BR, comp renov, concierge, pool, gym, garage avail........$311.2k


1 BR, river views, EIK, doorman, near shopping and transportation.. Reduced to $210k

Anita Wolfe Licensed Real Estate Broker


Read the

Lux rental bldg, Jr 4 (convert to 2 BR), hi-floor, south expos, granite kit, concierge, pool, gym .. $2195

West of Pkwy:

Rental building, 2 BR, renovated, doorman, nr shop/trans.. $2000

West of Pkwy:


bldg, Jr 4, concierge, health club, garage avail, nr shop/trans $1995

West of Pkwy:

3 family, top floor, 3BR, 1-1/2 ba, approx. 1200 sq. ft., incl h/hw, parking available ............. $1900

Central Riverdale:

2 BR, 1-1/2 bath, renovated, near shopping/transportation .. $1750 West of Pkwy: Rental bldg, Jr4 w/2nd BR, renovated, d/m, pool, parking available .....$1700

West of Pkwy:

Rental bldg, Jr4 w/2nd BR, updated, doorman, near houses of worship ............................ $1500

Central Riverdale:

Pre-war rental bldg, 1 BR, renov, near shopping/trans......... $1400

Anita Wolfe 718-796-3135

Studio - $950/mo 1 Bedroom - $1150/mo

10 building elevator complex 718-543-2746 or

718-549-7766 Apts For Rent Kappock:

3 BR, 2 bath, terrace, river views, drman, beaut renov. .......... $2900

Central Riverdale:


Prewar rental bldg, 4 BR, 2 1/2 baths, renovated, near shopping/ trans ...................................$2900


Central Riverdale:

145 E 15TH ST: READY MEDICAL PRACTICE And OWN THE SPACE - 3 Exam Rm & Reception ....$1,249,900 RIVERDALE AVE: 4 BR/2Ba, 2 parking .............$3200 3329 RESERVOIR OVAL WEST – 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bath Walk To Montefiore & #4 Train .......................$2400 3400 WAYNE AVE: 1BR/1Ba..............................$1300 DELAFIELD AVE 3 Bedroom & 1 Bath, Ready To Move In - No Board Approval .........................$2300

Prewar rental bldg, 3BR, 2 bth, renov, nr shop/trans ..........$2500

North Riverdale:

2 fam , 3 BR, 2 bath, duplex, beaut renov, shared driveway and backyard ............................$2300





INVESTMENT BLDG IN NORTH RIVERDALE 3 Commercial Units & 3 Residential Units (2+ 2+ 4 BRs) & Basement ..$1,700,000 FIELDSTON TERR: Newly Renov, Gorgeous 5BRs, 4.5Baths...................................................$1,100,000 371 W 254TH ST: Gorgeously Renov, 3BR/2Bath In CulDe-Sac, In-Law Apt W/ Sep. Entrance ............$ 974,900 411 W 261 STREET, Multifamily House w/ Walk-Out Renov Basement, In-Law Apt, 3 BR/1 Bath + 4 BR / 1 Bath ...$899,900 101 HELENA AVE, Immaculate 2 Family W/ An Adjacent 50x100 Buildable Lot Sold Separately, 3 BR+2 BR ..................$699,000 5808 MOSHOLU AVE, Great Investment Property 3 Multifamily, Store Front..............................$674,900 5137 POST ROAD HOUSE: 3BR/1.5Bath, Jacuzzi, Fenced Backyard & Deck 2 Car parking ....$624,900 2114 MAPES AVE, BRONX: MULTIFAMILY.....$459,900 301 TORRY AVE 2 Family Corner Lot, Built In 2003 W/ Spectacular Water View, Sq Ft: 2125, Massive Backyard..................$469,999 1051 E 227TH STREET Great 3-Family House In The Wakefield, 1st& 2nd Flr Have 2B & 3rd Flr Has 3Br, Spacious Backyard.. $425000 129-41 134TH ST, QUEENS: Multifamily, 3BR/1Ba + 2BR/1Ba, 2+Cars Driveway, Basement, Back & Front yard .........$ 389,900 75 ELISSA LN, 2 Family Home On A Cul-De-Sac For The Price Of A Single Family In Bronxville Heights ......$389,000

145 EAST 15TH STREET, MANHATTAN: 2 Combined Units - 4BR/1Ba 1 Block To Union Sq. ......$899,900 2575 PALISADE AVE: 3BR/2Ba / River & Palisade Terr-View, Pool, Gym..................................$674,900 332 CENTRAL PARK AVE - SCARSDALE: 3 BRs / 3 Baths, MUST SELL, 2100 Sq.Ft, ..................$499,900 5355 H.H PKWY: 2BR/2Ba & Large Terr, Parking Avail, Gym Great Location ..........................$359,900 3135 JOHNSON AVE 2 BR /2 Bath / Terrace, Luxury Bldg, Pool, Parking, Storage, Gym, ...........$349,900

Studios, one, two and three bedrooms available for sale and rent

256th St. & Netherland Avenue

Real Estate Is Your Advantage / E-Mail:



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RE/MAX IN THE CITY - 929.222.4200 - REMAXINTHECITY@GMAIL.COM Chintan Trivedi - Principal Broker | John Lajara & Rut Mehta - Licensed Real Estate Sales Person

Co-ops For Sale

Space For Rent



Central Riverdale:

2 BR, renovated, near shopping/ trans ...................................$1900

West of Pkwy:

Partitioned store space.


Rental bldg, Jr 4 with 2nd BR, doorman, near schools & houses of worship .......................... $1500

of Pkwy: Apartment For Sale West 1 BR, renov, doorman, near shop

& transportation ................. $1450


Studio w/pvt alcove, new cabinets, ceramic tiles thruout, terr w/view. FSDM, health club, pool, prkng & transport.Easy commute to Manhattan.

Must see. $185K Contact: (347) 603-7063

Anita Wolfe Licensed Real Estate Broker


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The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013


Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


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St. John's Church will host a flea market on Saturday, Sept. 7, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The sale will be held at the Old St. John's School located at 3030 Godwin Terrace in the Bronx. Clothes, jewelry, accessories and bric-abrac will be sold at bargain prices. Free parking will also be available so get there early and snare yourself a great find. For more information, please call 718-543-3003.

Upcoming special events at JASA Senior Center

Art with Michael Ferris Jr. will resume on Mondays starting Sept. 16th at 10:15 AM. Yael Acher 'KAT' Modiano flutist/composer/educator from Israel and Yily Nelson Guitarist/Vocalist/Composer from the Dominican Republic will present a program


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Dr. FlorA HolDerBAum, aud, CCC/a Pediatric and adult hearing evaluation, counseling, hearing aid fitting/repairs, CAPD testing

of Jewish, Latin and Broadway music on Thurs. Sept. 12th at 1:00 PM. Yael Acher has performed in Europe, Israel, USA and Canada. She has composed and performed across multiple genres including classical, contemporary, Free- Improvisation and Progressive electro/instrumental Jazz. Moroccan tilapia, whole grain pasta and vegetables will be served at 12:15 PM. Recommended senior meal contribution is $2.50 and $2.00 for the event. Please call the center office 718-549-4700 to reserve for the meal by Tues. Sept. 10th. Katherine Rodriguez from IPRO will present 'Diabetes Count Wellness,' a 6-week diabetes workshop starting on Mon. Sept. 9th at 1:00 PM. Please call Maritza in the senior center office: 718549-4700 to pre-register. *Celebrate Sukkot (Tabernacles) on Wed. Sept. 25th with Rose and Meir Beer, accordion, tof and vocals at 1:00 PM.

Attorney/real estate daniel PadernaCht Attorney at Law

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Shake and Bake Chicken, baked potato and braised red cabbage will be served at 12:15 PM. After lunch, the program will be held in the Van Cortlandt Jewish Center sukkah where we will enjoy refreshments. Recommended senior meal contribution is $2.50 and $1.00 for the event. Please call the center office 718-549-4700 to reserve for the meal by Wed. Sept. 18th. David Glukh, piccolo trumpet and Liya Petrides, pianist/vocals will perform classical and international musical selections on Sunday, Sept. 29th at 1:00 PM. Chicken chow mein, brown rice and vegetables will be served at 12:15 PM. Recommended senior meal contribution is $3.00 and $2.00 for the event. Please call the center office 718-549-4700 to reserve for the meal by Wed. Sept. 25th. JASA Van Cortlandt Senior Center offers monthly shopping and trips to Empire City and area museums. Please call the center office 718-549-4700 for specific

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information and reservations. JASA Van Cortlandt Senior Center offers Senior Fitness on Mon., Movement and Tai Chi on Tues., Gentle Exercise on Wed., Yoga on Thurs. and Tone & Stretch on Fri. Call the center at 718-549-4700 for dates and times of these classes. All meals at JASA Van Cortlandt Senior Center are catered by Mauzone (kosher) Meal Service. We offer a daily alternate choice of main dish. We are located in the Van Cortlandt Jewish Center at 3880 Sedgwick A v e . off of Van Cortlandt Ave. West on the Bronx #1 or #10 bus routes. For more information, please call the center office at 718-549-4700. JASA Van Cortlandt Senior Center is funded by NYC Dept. for the Aging, UJAFederation of NY and by special grants from Council Member Oliver Koppell and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

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The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flea market at St. John's Church

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


More on the Sign of the Times for “Strip Club Stanton” Without even knowing it, folks in the south Bronx are

coming out against Clifford Stanton, the north Bronx City Council candidate lavishly financed by Robert Gans, the owner of the Scores chain of strip clubs. Up until now, they have fought and fought hard to maintain the family-friendly integrity of their communities, using every possible tactic to stop the clubs from opening, and trying to close the ones that are. We’re not casting moral stones here. But it is incontrovertible the damage that such clubs can do to a community. So concerned are folks in the Yankee Stadium area that they are attempting not to close a club, but get rid of a sign advertising a branch of the Scores strip club empire located in Manhattan. The sign, which is located on 161st Street near Yankee Stadium, as tame as it is, still is a cause of concern. So is it any wonder that residents in the 11th City Council District are concerned that Clifford Stanton, a candidate for the Council seat being vacated by the term-limited G. Oliver Koppell? Now we have had our policy differences with Mr. Koppell. But can anyone imagine him even consorting and taking big money contributions from strip club operators? We can’t even envision him in a strip club. Obviously Mr. Stanton has no such moral compass. He calls the strip club owner, Mr. Robert Gans, a “philanthropist” and insists that the clubs are mere “cabarets.” Make no mistake about it. Campaign contributions are made to exert influence over public office holders. Those who pour thousands, and in this case will be responsible for a $9000 increase in Mr. Stanton’s campaign’s cash position, we assume do so because they want a favorable official in a position to help, if not today maybe tomorrow or the next day. In this case, help means possibly help with land use and zoning matters. Or with a liquor license. Since there is no promise that Mr. Gans, who is always looking to expand his empire, will not look to expand to Riverdale or Kingsbridge or Norwood or Woodlawn or Wakefield or maybe somewhere else in The Bronx, every community in The Bronx is at possible risk. The folks who live in the south Bronx are so concerned that they don’t even want a sign advertising the jiggle joint in their community, and fought to get even that torn down. Maybe the sign is just a sign. Maybe it is a trial balloon to see if there is demand in the area to open a branch nearby. Maybe it is a subtle effort to get communities to tolerate more and more, until we reach a point when strip clubs can be opened here with barely a whimper of protest. We’ve seen this all before, when an ethically challenged former borough president made the northeast Bronx safe for “hot sheet” motels and led to increases in crime, prostitution, drugs and gun sales. He did it to win campaign contributions, the very reason why we are concerned with Clifford Stanton’s unapologetic acceptance of strip club cash. If there was no other reason, the acceptance of these large contributions alone should disqualify Clifford Stanton from this or any public office. Some cash is beyond the pale. We have already demonstrated that Clifford Stanton is among the worst candidates to ever present themselves to Bronx voters. And as our readers well know, we’ve had plenty of bad officials in our county, some of whom are right now contributing to the overcrowding in federal and state correctional facilities. So we look at the fight against the Scores sign near the Stadium as a sign of the times. Amazingly, the outcry resulted in an agreement to remove the offending sign. It proves once again that folks won’t tolerate community-killing projects, the signs advertising them, or the ethically compromised politicians that let them happen. The sign is coming down as sure as the voters will take Strip Club Stanton down two weeks from now.

Riverdale Choral Society Invites Singers for the Fall, 2013 Concert Season

The Riverdale Choral Society begins rehearsals for its 48th season of concerts on Wednesday, September 11, 2013, and invites singers in the area to join this open rehearsal. The Riverdale Choral Society’s Fall, 2013 concert season will focus the chorus’s talent on British folks songs including A Cycle Round Britain by Goff Richards and will also feature Laud to the Nativity by Ottorino Respighi. Music Director John Lettieri will begin rehearsals for the December, 2013 concert on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. Since 1964, the Riverdale Choral Society has been bringing joy to the community through performances of high-quality choral music. Our welcoming, diverse group of men and women rehearses weekly under professional artistic direction, singing both traditional and adventuresome repertoire. Through live concerts and community outreach, the chorus enriches the cultural life of the greater Riverdale area.

Note our new address: 5752 Fieldston Road Bronx, New York 10471 (718) 543-5200 FAX: (718) 543-4206

If you are an experienced sight-reader or even if you do not sight-read but have a good musical ear you can schedule an informal audition with Music Director John Lettieri by sending an e-mail to riverdalechoral@gmail. com, or calling 718-543-2219. Or you may sign up for an informal audition at our open rehearsal on Wednesday, September 11th at 7:30 PM. Choral rehearsals will be held every Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:45 PM at Christ Church Riverdale, 252 St. and Henry Hudson Parkway East, where there is street parking available and easy access to public transportation. Additional information can be obtained at the RCS web site:

Riverdale Children’s Theatre Announces open registration

Registration is open for the winter session of Broadway Babies and Broadway Kids Musical Theatre Workshops: for children in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. The classes will be taught by Director/Actress/Singer Antonia Barba and will be offered on Sundays at the Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy beginning

ANDREW WOLF, Editor and Publisher JOEL PAL Production Manager ROBERT NILVA Marketing Director

CECILIA McNALLY Office Manager

STAFF: Robert Lebowitz, Paulette Schneider, Lloyd Ultan, Daniel R. Wolf

September 29th. Broadway Babies (Noon) is designed for Pre K and Kindergarten students and Broadway Kids (1pm) for 1st and 2nd graders. The workshops will focus on the basics of dance, vocal production, diction, projection, and performing in group numbers. Broadway Kids will also begin concentrating on solo performance and scene work from a musical theatre show. Students will work on stage, with a final presentation for family and friends, giving the students the opportunity to perform before a live audience. This is a 60-minute class and runs for 12 classes. Fees are $285 which includes a music folder, song CD, DVD of final presentation and a Broadway Babies T-shirt. To register, please log onto www.riverdaletheatre. org. For more information please contact Becky Woods at 646-436-3045 or email Becky@ Riverdale Children’s Theatre Riverdale Children’s Theatre brings together children from various religious and cultural backgrounds to learn about themselves, each other and the joy of performing. By participating in a full scale theatrical production, children learn the basic elements of theatre, music and dance, while pushing their own creative and physical boundaries. We believe the performing arts stimulate children emotionally and intellectually, and in the process raises self-esteem, emphasizes teamwork and fosters a strong sense of community.

Bloomberg Confronts Obama day. We comprehend that the mayor could turn around and suggest that Congress has a limited regulatory power. It has the power to regulate commerce among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes, and with foreign nations. So if president wants to ink a trade agreement that limits protectionist measures, he could then ask Congress to put through the appropriate laws or the Senate to trans-ratify a treaty. But that wouldn’t be taking the matter out of politics. It would be the reverse — submitting the matter to politics. It’s not just the federal constitution that enshrines these concepts. State constitutions echo them. This is a lesson that the mayor could have learned in the battle over the limits he got his Department of Mental Hygiene to put on big sugary soda. The lawsuit that resulted was heard by a brilliant judge, Milton Tingling, who went and re-read every city charter going back to the 1600s. He couldn’t find any grant of power to the health and mental hygiene department to regulate the size of sugary soft drinks. He concluded if the mayor wants to take such a public health measure, he’d have to submit it to politics — i.e. the City Council. The mayor is still trying to evade the politics, and the matter is under appeal. No matter which way the soda ban turns out or the battle over the foreign trade in tobacco, the principles will endure. The ideology of public health — the idea that public health is above politics and the people get no say in the matter — is an ideology that is alien to America’s constitutional system. We have previously predicted that if tyranny enters the United States, it will come in through the kitchen. It will have been cooked up in our schools of public health, funded with billions from Mr. Bloomberg. Every time he talks about public health being above politics he’s talking about giving to government rights that belonged to the people before government came along.

The Riverdale Y. Sunday Market Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm Now until Nov. 24, 2013 at MS/HS 141 in the arcade Independence Ave. & West 237 Street

The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, August 29, 2013

Editorial of the New York Sun August 23, 2013 Mayor Bloomberg is on one of his patented tirades, this time against President Obama. The mayor reckons the president has betrayed Mr. Bloomberg’s endorsement by bowing to Big Tobacco. The mayor has erupted in an op-ed piece in the New York Times. He complains that a free trade agreement the Obama administration is preparing to ink could open America’s — and New York’s — regulation of tobacco to challenge. That, Mr. Bloomberg frets, would interfere with “governments’ sovereign right to protect public health through tobacco control laws.” What in the world is Mr. Bloomberg talking about? What rights — sovereign or otherwise — do governments have? Rights under our system are something enjoyed by people. Rights are something given to people by God. Rights are inalienable. Under our system, rights are protected by laying restrictions on government. In other words, government doesn’t get the rights. Government gets the restrictions. The people get the rights. This is as basic as it gets under the American system. Yet it seems to have totally escaped Mr. Bloomberg. His Honor wants President Obama to put science and public health above politics. Why? Why should Mr. Obama do that? Where in the world would the president even get the power to do that? We ran Mr. Bloomberg’s op-ed piece through the newest model of The New York Sun’s electrically-operated constitutional spectroscope and couldn’t find the phrase “public health” even once in the Constitution. The word “science” does appear. The one time it does appear (it’s in the copyright clause), it is in an inferior position to politics, that is, to Congress, which at its discretion can, or not, promote “science and the useful arts” through issuing copyrights, though only for a limited time. Now this newspaper wasn’t born yester-


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Natural Organic Local and Fresh Kosher and Non Kosher

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A small firm with a sizeable impact

Thursday, August 29, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Ruben Diaz Jr. has... Brought thousands of new jobs to our borough, and continues to promote smart economic development Has provided important technology grants to public schools in every corner of The Bronx Has put forward major plans for transportation and other infrastructure improvements Is helping to make The Bronx safer, working with police to take guns off our streets

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Riverdale 08 29 2013  
Riverdale 08 29 2013  

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