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Volume XX • Number 27 • July 4 - 10, 2013 •


Jersey guv asked to save river view By PAULETTE SCHNEIDER In a pitched battle between business and aesthetics, Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has joined forces with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, former New Jersey governors, The Cloisters, editors of The New York Times and nature conservation groups in opposing the construction of an eight-story office building in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, by LG Electronics USA. The site, from a New York perspective, appears to be right on the New Jersey Palisades—a geological spectacle of sheer cliffs and wooded slopes that offer a visual treat extending for miles along the western shore of the Hudson. Opponents claim the proposed building will mar their view of the Palisades. LG, a multinational electronics giant based in South Korea, has been established for 25 years at a nearby site in Englewood Cliffs. The new headquarters will allow the 500 employees at the current location to share a single space with 450 employees from the tri-state area and still have room for growth, according to a company website. Palisades Interstate Park, a 12-mile section of the cliffs, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1983. Developers in this area are restricted from building higher than 35 feet, but LG secured a variance for a 143-foot-high building. LG should change its plan, the critics say, to make that structure sit lower and wider on the company’s 27-acre parcel at 111 Sylvan Avenue, across the river from Ft. Tryon Park in Manhattan and clearly within view from Wave Hill in North Riverdale. A June 25 letter from Diaz and Stringer to New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie— unanswered as of press time—urges the governor to follow four of his predecessors who have “joined the growing chorus of disapproval concerning the construction of this office tower.” “While the Palisades are physically located in New Jersey,” the letter states, “they are of such importance to the people and the cultural institutions of New York City that our own development rules have ensured that their view is not obstructed.” In response to this and earlier criticism, LG bought full-page ads in New Jersey papers published on June 23 and June 30 to counter what it called “fiction” with “fact.” The claim in the Diaz/Stringer letter that the development as it stands “threatens to alter” the “unspoiled, pristine views of the Palisades” is countered in the June 30 ad with a statement that existing buildings, including “two 47-story towers under construction,” some visible residential buildings a half-mile south and a building

identified as Saint Peter’s University to the north, already top the tree line. The building north of the LG property is actually St. Michael’s Villa, a 70-yearold four-story building with a five-story tower owned by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, a Roman Catholic order. The Sisters use the building and others nearby as residences, and they lease a two-story building on the property to St. Peter’s University, according to a source there. To dispute a June 24 New York Times editorial opining that the LG site could accommodate a low-rise office complex that would “fit the company’s needs,” the ad states that a redesign would “severely delay the economic and community benefits the new building will bring to the region.” “New Jersey needs jobs now,” the ad contends, referring to the thousand construction jobs the project would create. The current design secured the necessary state, county and borough approvals, and “a redesign will mean a new round of approvals, additional architectural and site planning work as well as opening the door to further legal challenges and related financial costs.” LG’s vice president of public affairs John Taylor said redesign costs would add tens of millions of dollars to the cost of the

planned $300 million project. But why didn’t LG anticipate strong opposition to any alteration of the Palisades view and start out with a design for lower buildings? Taylor said the development plan was duly subjected to a series of public hearings and that the company did respond to suggestions at the time. “LG was very responsive to the community during the six public hearings and, as a result, we made various design changes at that appropriate time in the development process. Frankly, we didn’t anticipate any ‘strong opposition,’ especially at the 11th hour in the project,” he said. The June 23 ad presents two doctored photos created by two separate sources, each depicting the proposed building as a conspicuous solid white block protruding out of the landscape. The “accurate and honest portrayal of LG’s new HQ, as seen by the naked eye, from The Cloisters” is shown in a rendering as an unobtrusive form that’s “barely visible above the tree line.” The ad also points out that, contrary to opponents’ descriptions of the building as a “tower,” the proposed structure is a “state-of-the-art low-slung horizontal office building which is significantly wider than it is tall.” A tower, according to architectural definitions, is much taller

than it is wide. The bottom line is that LG, albeit reluctantly, will continue to consider a compromise. “We’re sensitive to the community on both sides of the river. We’re looking at design alternatives,” Taylor said. LG “tried hard to reach a compromise and put some significant offers on the table” pertaining to building height during a court-ordered six-week mediation process, but “there were no counteroffers, so it was clear that there wasn’t really any negotiating going on,” he added. Bergen County Superior Court Judge Alexander H. Carver is expected to issue a ruling on the mediation sometime this summer, and a pending lawsuit now stalling the project will be addressed on the basis of the ruling. “LG expects to prevail in court,” Taylor said. “It’s not so easy just to make the building shorter and fatter. There are lots of business considerations in terms of the square footage we need, the timing considerations, reopening the entire process for the approvals that are necessary. Our hope is that we can find a compromise that will mitigate the concerns of those who are concerned about their view and still meet our business needs. That’s always been our position.”

State Senator Jeff Klein and Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. enjoy the official Bronx Fireworks Display at Orchard Beach last week. Two public officials provided the financing of the annual event, which was attended by thousands. Photo: Jason Green

Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Bronx Museum expands collection

The Bronx Museum of the Arts has added more than 40 works to its collection through a $1 million acquisitions campaign in honor of its 40th anniversary, the organization announced last week. The collection includes more than 1,000 modern and contemporary artworks in all media and highlights work by artists of African, Asian, and Latin American ancestry and by artists who consider The Bronx critical to their development. Nearly all of the newly acquired pieces, including photographs, paintings, and sculptures, were completed in the past four decades. They were selected to further the museum’s goals of collecting works by artists who are African American, Latin American, Asian and Bronx-born or Bronx-based; works by artists with strong ties to the museum’s history; and works that deal with urban themes. A lead grant of $500,000 from the Ford Foundation was matched by funding from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Trust and the Pinta Acquisitions Fund with support from the museum's acquisitions committee, from the estate of Enid McKenna Soifer and from private individuals. “The Bronx Museum’s collection has always reflected the vibrant, diverse community around us,” museum director Holly Block said. “These new acquisitions highlight the Bronx connections of many contemporary artists—illustrating how the borough has served as inspiration for a wide range of artists over the past 40 years and showing how themes that are important in our community are being explored by artists around the world. We’re deeply grateful to the Ford Foundation for their lead grant and to the other donors who helped make these acquisitions possible. I also want to thank our acquisitions committee, under the leadership of Laura Blanco and Marilyn Green, for their incisive guidance in adding these works to our collection.” “The collection of the Bronx Museum has served to bring to the attention of collectors and other museums the work of artists working at the vanguard of free expression,” Ford Foundation president Luis Ubiñas said. “For 40 years the museum has introduced new talent, rediscovered past talent, and brought to the spotlight artists and works that others have sometimes overlooked. The newly acquired work continues this proud tradition and showcases the vibrancy and distinct styles emblematic of the Bronx borough.” Asian-American artists represented are Martin Wong, Roger Shimomura and Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao. Wong’s 1984 painting “No Es Lo Que Has Pensado...” (It's Not What You Think...) uses urban decay to explore identity and transformation. African-American artists represented are Elizabeth Catlett, Jamel Shabazz and Glenn Ligon. Catlett was the subject of the museum’s 2011 exhibition “Stargazers: Elizabeth Catlett in Conversation with 21 Contemporary Artists.” Part of the Harlem renaissance, she spent decades working in Mexico and was affiliated with the Taller de Grafica Popular. Latin-American artists include Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Juan Downey, Jarbas Lopes, José Toirac, Sandra Ramos, Carlos Garaicoa and Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck. Montañez Ortiz was featured in the museum’s seminal 1988 exhibition “The Latin American Spirit: Art and Artists in the United States, 1920-1970.” New works representing the urban narrative address themes like social activism and the processes of urban decay and renewal. A series of photographs by Bronx native Alvin Baltrop depicts the slicing of Manhattan’s decaying Pier 52, and five photographs by Fred McDarrah feature the Young Lords—a social and political movement that played a critical role in Bronx history. There is a lithograph by Bronx native Glenn Ligon, and a piece by Bronx-born Vito Acconci is a significant representation of the artistic practices that emerged in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s in New York. Öyvind Fahlström’s

1966 film “Mao-Hope March” is an important example of urban avant-garde works from the 1960s and ‘70s. The museum celebrated its 40th anniversary this year by offering free admission to all visitors and by “adopting” 40 schools in The Bronx. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is an internationally recognized cultural destination that presents innovative contemporary art exhibitions and education programs and is committed to promoting cross-cultural dialogues for diverse audiences. Since its founding in 1971, the museum has played a vital role in The Bronx by helping to make art accessible to the entire community and by connecting with local schools, artists, teens and families through its robust education initiatives. The museum’s home on the Grand Concourse is a distinctive contemporary landmark designed by the internationally renowned firm Arquitectonica.

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By PAULETTE SCHNEIDER At least 40 P.S. 81 students, with parents and some younger siblings in tow, returned to their red-brick schoolhouse on Riverdale Avenue for Math Night—an event for the whole family. Math coach Liz D’Ambrosio greeted families at the door, handing everyone a raffle ticket (for math-related prizes) and a list of grade-based game station locations. It wasn’t just about numbers—students dealt with shapes, images, quantities and concepts that relate to those numbers. Even words. “Compose your own haiku and win a prize!” was one activity for students, who were challenged to compose their own 17-syllable math-themed poetic

sequences. “Fractions of moonbeams / bright starts seem to multiply / staring down on me,” by N. Grochowski was provided as an example. Kindergarteners dragged rhombuses and trapezoids across Smart Boards and watched the shapes click into place as components of a larger shape. At an Estimation Station, a huge mango sat beside a melon several times its size. If the mango weighs one pound, how much does the melon weigh? Contestants submitted their judgments on the relative weights of the fruits and then came up with estimations of how many chocolate kisses were contained in a bag—it was helpful that a cellophane window

revealed a sample number of the candies, for extrapolation purposes. Prizes would go to the best estimators. There were workbooks, grade-specific resource lists and smiling teachers manning colorful learning stations set up in classrooms furnished with cookies and bottled water. Teachers of English as a second language were on hand for the many Riverdale kids who first learned a Slavic, Caribbean or European language. These specialists generally work within and outside the classroom for individual learning support. “We are very successful in moving them forward,” P.S. 81 principal Anna Kirrane said of the ESL students. “By using visuals, by making connections, they have new strategies to support their learning.” Some classrooms have a special educa-

tion teacher working along with a general education teacher in an “integrated co-teaching” setting that benefits all students. “We have a waiting list of general ed children whose parents want them in there because there are two wonderful teachers,” Kirrane said. Fifth-grade teacher Amy Horowitz, a self-described “frustrated artist,” works visual art into her curriculum whenever she can, incorporating patterns typical of particular artists into math lessons. D’Ambrosio serves as a mentor for teaching math, ensuring compliance with ever-changing state standards. The current program, “GO Math,” is “chapter-based, whereas our previous program was more of a spiral approach,” she explained. “Teachers are very excited about that, as well as I.”

P.S. 81 student Roni Scheuman (left) happily learns from teacher Anne Marie Finlan at Family Math Night.

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Registration and classes begin in August 2013. For more information contact: Cav. Maestro Signor Jackson Ph.D. (718) 597-7545•

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3 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, July 4, 2013

P.S. 81 families flock to after-school Math Night

Around the schools... Local Scholars Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced that Asad Ahmed earned a Master of Public Health degree from the university’s Rollins School of Public Health and Ravens Gilberts earned an Associate of Arts degree from the university’s Oxford College and was named to the merit list for the semester. Emory University enrolls more than 7,400 undergraduates and more than 6,400 graduate students in its nine academic divisions, including schools of liberal arts, business, law, medicine, nursing, public health and religion. It is known for its demanding academics, highly ranked professional schools and state-of-the-art research facilities. The university includes the Carlos Museum, the Carter Center, the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and Emory Healthcare, Georgia’s largest health care system. Emory is the third-largest private employer in the metro Atlanta area. Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, has announced that Scott Kapelman received a degree in performance this spring. He was among more than a thousand students—the college’s largest-ever graduating class. The top three majors were professional music, performance, and music business/management. Guitar, voice, and piano were the three most common instruments among the graduates. Berklee College of Music was founded on the principal that the best way to prepare students for careers in music is through the study and practice of contemporary music. The college has evolved over the past half century to reflect the state of the art of music and the music business. With more than a dozen performance and nonperformance majors, a diverse and talented student body of around 4,500 students representing over 70 countries and a music industry "who's who" of alumni, Berklee is the world's premier learning lab for the music of today and tomorrow. Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, has announced that Kristyn M. Esteves earned a Master of Arts in medical science, Paulette Jacobo earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration and management, and Rodney A. Roth earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration and management. They were among 6,073 students awarded academic degrees at Boston University this spring. BU is an internationally recognized institution that enrolls more than 33,000 students in its 16 schools and colleges. The fourth-largest private university in the country, it offers more than 250 programs of study in science and engineering, social science and humanities, health

science, the arts, and other professional disciplines, along with a number of multi-disciplinary centers and institutes integral to the university's research and teaching mission. It was ranked 51 out of nearly 1,400 institutions in the 2013 edition of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges and was noted there for its business and engineering programs, ranked among the best in the nation. Herkimer County Community College in Herkimer, New York, has announced that Zakiya L.S. Thomson, a student of liberal arts and sciences, was named to the dean’s list for the spring 2013 semester. Thompson is among 350 students to earn this distinction, which requires a GPA of at least 3.25. Herkimer County Community College is a unit of the State University of New York, located about 20 miles east of Utica. With an enrollment of approximately 3,400 students, Herkimer offers more than 40 associate degree and certificate programs, on-campus housing, an active co-curricular activities schedule and a national championship athletic program. The State University of New York at Potsdam in Potsdam, New York, has announced that Annalise Adolphus, an early childhood education major, was named to the president’s list for the spring 2013 semester. She was among 827 students to earn this distinction, which calls for a GPA of at least 3.5 while completing 12 numerically graded semester hours. SUNY Potsdam is a fouryear liberal arts college located on the outskirts of the Adirondack Park. Founded in 1816, it has the longest history among the 64 units of the State University of New York system. It currently enrolls more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. SUNY Potsdam is known for its academically challenging liberal arts and teacher education programs and for its Crane School of Music. The State University College at Brockport in Brockport, New York, has announced that Daniela Bulos was named to the dean’s list with honors for the spring 2013 semester. To achieve this status, students must have a GPA of at least 3.40. The College at Brockport, with an enrollment of more than 7,000 undergraduates and more than 1,200 graduate students, offers 50 undergraduate majors, more than 40 graduate programs and 24 teacher certification programs. The college has been rated among the “Best in the Northeast” by The Princeton Review, a “Best Regional University” by U.S. News and World Report, and a “Best Value” by Kiplinger's Personal Finance. Its 464-acre wooded campus is located 45 miles east of Buffalo and is a short drive from the Canadian border.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


for Energy


Bronx Toastmasters Club of Riverdale invites new members to join at their free meeting on Wed., July 10, 7:00 pm at the Riverdale Neighborhood House, 5521 Mosholu Avenue. Wouldn’t you like to communicate effectively? Now you can! Toastmasters will show you how to listen effectively, think on your feet, and speak confidently. You will learn valuable leadership skills - all in a supportive, non-intimidating environment. Come as a guest and witness for yourself what they accomplish. The club meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. For further information, visit their website or call 718-796-6671.

Engel chastises Republicans on student loan rates

Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY-16) slammed House GOP Leadership for failing to work with Democrats in the House and Senate on a bipartisan solution to prevent a scheduled doubling of the interest rate on subsidized Stafford student loans. As a result, the deadline will pass on July 1 further indebting students and their families. Rep. Engel joined Democratic colleagues in submitting a bill to freeze the interest rate on these loans at 3.4% for the two years - giving Congress time to enact comprehensive student loan reform as part of a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. The legislation was ignored by Republican leadership. 'College students and their parents need help to afford the rising costs of a college education. Having interest rates double will force families into decades of debt or having their children skip college. It is yet another sad story of the Republican House leadership bowing to its most radical members rather than govern responsibly and seeking a compromise with Democrats. The only people who suffer from such a governing policy - or lack of a governing policy - are the American people,' said Rep. Engel. On May 23, House Republicans passed a student loan bill which would force even higher interest payments by students and families. According to the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, under the Republican bill, students who borrow the maximum amount of subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans over five years would pay $2,000 more in interest costs than if interest rates only doubled. Total student debt currently stands at $1.1 trillion, greater than credit card debt. Instead of reducing student debt, the GOP bill would actually increase it. 'This double whammy of increased rate and existing debt is unacceptable and must be avoided. College must remain affordable if we are to thrive as a nation,' said Rep. Engel, a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Koppell hails good news budget

Council Member Oliver Koppell called the $70 billion budget for fiscal year 2014 voted on by the City Council on June 26, 2013 as a 'good news' budget insofar as it guarantees current public safety services, prevents any firehouse closings, restores funding for libraries, cultural institutions, after-school and daycare programs, city pools and senior citizen centers. In addition, $58 million was allocated to continue to support public housing developments, despite the federal funding cuts as a result of sequestration in Washington.

The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, July 4, 2013

Toastmasters Club invites new members

'This budget benefits all New Yorkers including our most vulnerable residents, children and the elderly, who will be able to utilize the services at daycare centers, after-school programs and senior citizens because of the budget restoration to these programs,' Additionally, Koppell was able to designate funds for a number of projects in his district. Among them is a new roof at the Spuyten Duyvil library and repairs at the Mosholu library, a new building for the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, over a $1 million for furnishings at the Hebrew Home, $325,000 to replace an elevator at the FEGS, $550,000 more for new library and media center on the John F. Kennedy Campus, for which he had allocated over a $1 million previously, and $300,000 to renovate the gym on the Walton Campus. Wave Hill, the Botanical Garden, the Woodlawn Conservancy and the Woodlawn Dog Run will also receive Koppell funding. Moreover, Koppell allocated discretionary funds to youth programs, senior centers, local arts organizations and to virtually every school in his district to purchase state-of-the-art technology, including Smart Boards, laptops and desktop computers. At Koppell's request, Speaker Quinn appropriated $50,000 to the Familial Dysautonomia Research Project at Fordham University and an additional $20,000 to Riverdale Community Center.

Great Bronx Bar Tour set for July 13

Ever since Jonas Bronck served his home-brewed ale to guests in the 1640s, The Bronx has had a history of beer and entertainment. On Saturday July 13th, beer aficionados, history buffs, residents, bar-goers and tourists from all over New York City will join that tradition as they explore the first annual Great Bronx Bar Tour. Participants will enjoy beer, drink and food specials at 25 bars, and receive matching bar tour T-shirts, a map of all participating bars and food trucks, plus transportation drop-off and pick-up locations. The event will be a scattered crawl from noon until 8:00 pm. Participants can move from bar to bar at their own pace and utilize a FREE special trolley bus service provided from specific pick-up locations throughout the day. The trolley features commentary provided by staff of The Bronx Historical Society. 'This event brings friends from the five boroughs together to enjoy all the Bronx community has to offer,' says Michael Prendergast of the Jolly Tinker. "The Bronx is home to local breweries, universities, and renowned institutions like the NY Yankees, the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, Arthur Avenue, Edgar Allan Poe cottage and the Bronx Walk of Fame. Come explore the Bronx with us!" The first annual Great Bronx Bar Tour was created by the Jolly Tinker Bar and the Bronx Beer Hall with the help of Innovision Advertising. 'Having the oldest bar in the Bronx (Jolly Tinker) partner with the newest (Bronx Beer Hall) makes a dynamite team in the launch of what is expected to be the largest organized bar crawl New York City has ever seen,' says Chelsey Pendock, Marketing Director of Innovision Advertising. Tickets are $30, exclusively on the website, as of June 21st , and $40 on the day of the event, July 13th at The Jolly Tinker Bar (2875 Webster Avenue) and The Bronx Beer Hall (2344 Arthur Avenue). Proceeds for the event will benefit The Bronx Historical Society. More information can be found at








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Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


BAE's 4th of July concert in Van Cortlandt Park

The Bronx Arts Ensemble's SummerMusic 2013 Series opens with 'A Holiday Salute to George M. Cohan' featuring Jazz and Dixieland favorites at a free concert in Van Cortlandt Park at Rockwood Drive Circle, near Mosholu Avenue and Broadway on Thursday, July 4 at 2 pm in celebration of Independence Day. Trombonist and bandleader Jack Gale, who has arranged music for numerous Broadway theaters, commercials and concerts, will arrange all music for the July 4th performance that will also feature vocalist Cathy Gale. Seating is provided but the audience is urged to bring folding chairs. In the event of rain, the concert will be moved to Vladeck Hall in the Amalgamated Houses at the corner of Hillman Avenue and Van Cortlandt Park South. Please contact the BAE office after 11 am on the day of the performance. SummerMusic 2013 free concerts continue on Sundays throughout July and August including AFRO-TANGO! with bandonéon player Raul Jaurena, vocalist Marga Mitchell and tango dancers on July 14, SUNDAY WITH BACH with harpsichordist Edward Brewer playing the Brandenburg Concerto No.5 and selected arias on July 21, BROADWAY JAZZ with the Mark Sherman Quintet and Grammy-nominated Singer Roseanna Vitro on July 28, Irresistible Latin Rhythms with Willie Rodriguez on August 4 and Summer Treats featuring music for strings and winds by Schubert and Martinu on August 11. Concerts will be performed at 2 pm at Rockwood Drive

Circle in Van Cortlandt Park and again at 4 pm at Fordham University. In the East Bronx, BAE will present three Friday twilight concerts in Pelham Bay Park at 6 pm including All You Need is Love on July 12, Irresistible Latin Rhythms on July 26 and More Jazz Classics on August 9. For more information, visit or call 718.601.7399.

Jazz and more at BartowPell on July 5th

First Friday! on July 5 features sought-after singer-musician-bandleader Mark Anthony Reid. Originally from the Caribbean, Mark has spent 35 years developing and showcasing his musical gifts, and has enjoyed thrilling audiences with live music performances in the Bronx, Westchester, New Jersey, and across New York City. Since 2000, Mark has been a teaching artist to scores of young people and adults in the Bronx. This is the third in a series of concerts presented by Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum and Bronx Music Heritage Center. This partnership is made possible, in part, with public funds from the Bronx Council on the Arts through the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program. Cool down from a hot 4th with some very cool music as Mark and his band-featuring a piano, bass guitar, and drumsflow seamlessly from American standards and jazz to classical, gospel, and tropical rhythms. Mark brings an unmistakable talent on the keys and vocals, a commanding stage presence, and a winning sense of humor.

In addition to enjoying the music, visitors may explore the mansion, stroll the garden and partake of light refreshments from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. The free Bronx Seaside Trolley makes a continuous loop from the Bx29 bus stop at Pelham Bay Park/#6 Pelham Bay Park subway station to Bartow-Pell and to City Island. First Friday! begins at 5:30 p.m. The Mark Anthony Reid Band will play from 6 to 8 p.m. Registration requested: call 718-885-1461 or email Cost $10 adults, $8 seniors & students, BPMM members free.

Lorally Palarpalar is Schervier's award recipient

Bon Secours New York Health System's Schervier Nursing Care Center, specializing in long-term and rehabilitation care in the Riverdale section of The Bronx, proudly announces Lorally Palarpalar as its May 2013 Values in Action award recipient. The prestigious Values in Action award is presented monthly to recognize an individual who embodies the mission of Schervier and exemplifies Bon Secours' core values, namely de- Lorally Palarpalar livering superior quality care and service to each resident with compassion, respect, integrity and justice. Palarpalar, the nursing manager of the second floor at Schervier Nursing Care Center, was selected for the award

by her peers for the exceptional care she provides its residents and patients, and the outstanding service she delivers to residents' family members. Lorally is a graduate of Silliman University College of Nursing in Dumaguete City, Philippines. 'Lorally's clinical knowledge and passion for the care that she provides, enhances the lives of our residents and inspires her colleagues to emulate the quality of service she provides,' said Stephen Kazanjian, Director of Mission at Schervier. 'She is a true leader and asset to our management team.' A Values in Action ceremony was held in honor of Palarpalar on June 6, 2013, to honor her and recognize her accomplishments. She was presented with a certificate of excellence, along with a small gift on behalf of Schervier by Kazanjian. For more information on Schervier Nursing Care Center and the services it provides, including short-term rehabilitation and long-term care in Riverdale, N.Y., visit,

Rotary Club sponsors Library Reading Hour

Youngsters 3-12 years old are invited to participate in the Reading Program on Saturday, July 6, 2013 at the Kingsbridge Library, 291 W. 231st St., 1-1:45PM. Readers will be grouped by skill level and encouraged to read, helped with pronunciation and word understanding, and for those without reading skills, interpret pictures. There is no charge for participation. The Rotary Club of Riverdale is part of Rotary International and sponsors the library reading project as a local community service. Volunteers who would like to help in this once monthly program, first Saturday of the month, except for holiday weekends, are invited to contact Karen Pesce, 718-549-4469.

Visit Ferncliff Cemetery from the convenience of your own home.


More families are learning about the timeless elegance, enduring value, and the many options for memorialization at Ferncliff Cemetery – and they are doing that from the convenience of their own homes. They found that by going to, they could find information on everything from Ferncliff’s beautiful gardens, peaceful surroundings and magnificent community mausoleums, to the financial and emotional benefits of planning in advance. We also invite to visit us for a personal tour of our park, or feel free to call us at 914/693-4700. Ferncliff – Where Memories Live Forever.

280 - 284 Secor Road • Hartsdale, N.Y. 10530 914/693-4700 •


Van Cortlandt

4TH OF JULY CONCERT 2 p.m. Van Cortlandt Park Rockwood Drive Circle The Bronx Arts Ensemble's SummerMusic 2013 Series opens with “A Holiday Salute to George M. Cohan” featuring Jazz and Dixieland favorites at a free concert. For more information, visit or call 718-601-7399.

Friday, July 5 Kingsbridge

TEEN SUMMER READING 4 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Meet new friends and check out new books at the Kingsbridge Library's teen summer reading club. Discuss the books you've read lately, earn virtual badges, and participate in weekly raffles for a chance to win COOL and FABULOUS stuff!!! The teen summer reading club is open to all students who are in (or who are about to enter) 7th - 12th grade. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Saturday, July 6 Kingsbridge

INTERMEDIATE MEDITATION 10:30 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Join us for an intermediate meditation class. This session is open to those who've been regularly attending the weekday beginner's class for a couple of months. Learn to go into a deeper meditation and learn new techniques that will help your spiritual ascent. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


READ ALOUD 1 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Rotary Club of Riverdale Read Aloud for children ages 5-12 yrs. old. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


MOVIE TIME 1 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Come watch some classic movies, old favorites, and new releases on the little silver screen. This month's movie will be Philadelphia (1993), starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Monday, July 8 Kingsbridge

KNITTING & CROCHET 3 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Gather with other knitters and crocheters and perhaps pickup a few tips and tricks as you work on your own creations! For more information, call 718-548-5656.


TEEN CAFÉ 3:30 p.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Teen Cafe: come to the library to hang out with friends play X-Box games or maybe watch a movie. Snacks will be provided. For ages 13 to 18 years. For more information, call 718-549-1212.


MEDITATION 6 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Feel the energy within. Sahaja Meditation is a simple, time-honored technique. It helps reduce stress and increase wellness. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Tuesday, July 9 Riverdale

e-READER HELP 11 a.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Learn how to download free e-books from the New York Public Library. Get help on using your iPad, Kindle or other tablet or e-reader. First come, first served. Tuesdays @ 11:00 a.m. (some exceptions, please check the online calendar or branch calendar) Wednesdays between 2 and 4 p.m. by appointment only. Please call Lynda at 718-549-1212 to make an appointment.


TODDLER STORY TIME 11:30 a.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old and their parents/

caregivers can enjoy interactive stories, action songs, and fingerplays, and spend time with other toddlers in the neighborhood. For more information, call 718-549-1212.


GADGETS & GIZMOS 2 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Learn about the world and how to solve problems by watching demonstrations and participating in hands-on experiments. Each session explores a simple machine-such as the spring, the gear, and the propeller-and the work it does. Presented by the Children's Museum of Manhattan. For children ages 5 and older. Limited to 25 participants. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Wednesday, July 10 Kingsbridge

TODDLER STORY TIME 11 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Stories, songs, fingerplays, flannelboard illustrations for toddlers ages 18-36 month for parents/caregivers. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


GAME ON 1:30 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Got the gaming moves? Show off your skills with the controller and challenge your friends and neighbors to a game of Wii Bowling in the library. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


COMPUTER HELP 2 p.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue One-on-One Computer Assistance. Come to the Riverdale branch and sit down with a Librarian for a 30 minute individualized computer appointment. Learn how to open a new e-mail account, save documents, browse the Internet, download NYPL e-books, etc. Make a list and ask questions. E-reader, tablet and smart phone users are welcome. Wednesdays 2 - 4 p.m. by appointment only. Call 718-549-1212 .


TOASTMASTERS CLUB MEETING 7 p.m. Riverdale Neighborhood House 5521 Mosholu Avenue Bronx Toastmasters Club of Riverdale invites new members to join at their free meeting. Come as a guest and witness for yourself what they accomplish. For further information, visit their website or call 718-796-6671.

Thursday, July 11 Kingsbridge

BABY LAPSIT 10:30 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Stories, songs, fingerplays, flannelboard illustrations for babies birth-18 months for parents/caregivers. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


WRITER'S CIRCLE 1 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Are you an aspiring writer? Join our writer's group to share your work and get feedback from other members. All types of writing are welcome, whether it's fiction, memoir, poetry, or other! For more information, call 718-548-5656.


ARTS & CRAFTS 2 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street OWL DAY with LINC (Literacy Inc.) arts and crafts ages 4-12 yrs. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


GAME ON 4 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Come have some fun playing the latest Xbox games at the Kingsbridge Library! For ages 12-18. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Sunday, July 14 Kingsbridge

CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT 5 p.m. Church of the Mediator 260 West 231st Street Music by Brahms, Haydn, and Mendelssohn will be performed by the piano trio in a concert series of classical music. For additional information, (347) 326-5846;

The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday, July 4

Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Two versions of the Declaration of Independence By NORMAN LISS The Declaration of Independence exists in two official texts authorized by the Continental Congress. The first in point of time is the July 4th edition of which there are now 24 original printed copies known to exist. The second authorized version is the July 19/August 2 handwritten copy which is far the better known. A brief history of each official proclamation follows: On July 1, 1776, the Committee of Five, composed of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston, presented to the Continental Congress their revision of Thomas Jefferson’s original draft. Congress debated and further modified the proposed Declaration with 88 changes. Thomas Jefferson was seriously upset by the depredations as he called the changes by Congress. In his notes he says: “The pusillanimous idea that we had friends in England worth keeping terms with haunted the minds of many. For this reason those passages which conveyed censures on the people of England were struck out, lest they should give them offense. The clause too, reprobating the enslaving of the inhabitants of Africa was struck out in compliance to South Carolina and Georgia who had never attempted to restrain the importation of salves and who on the contrary still wishes to continue it. Our northern brethren, I believe felt a little tender under these censures, for their people have very few slaves themselves yet they had been pretty considerable carriers of them to others.” On July 4 the final version was approved by 12 states. New York did not join the others until July 9 since the New York delegates’ instructions issued nearly a year before, when reconciliation with Great Britain was still hoped for, forbade the delegates attending Congress of July

4th from taking any steps which would hinder reconciliation. By this count our Hudson River fireworks are held five days early. The Committee of Five was ordered by the Congress to personally supervise the immediate printing of this, the first official Declaration of Independence, on the night of July 4, 1776, in the printing shop of John Dunlap of Philadelphia. This version has been called the Dunlap Broadside. Minor changes were made by the Committee as the type was set. There is no record of how many copies were printed but historians estimate the number to be 80. It is known that the printing was not actually completed until the early morning hours of July 5. The Secretary of the Congress left appropriate space in his minutes of the July 4 proceedings. One copy of the newly printed Declaration of Independence was inserted on the mornings of July 5 in the “rough” Journal of Congress on July 4 and affixed in place with wax and is on display in The National Archives, Washington, D.C. The second official text is the copy engrossed, or handwritten, on parchment, bearing 56 signatures. This is the famous copy, best known of all, and its history is quite unique. Congress decided on July 19, 1776, to have the Declaration handwritten on parchment somewhat as an afterthought because of the overwhelming popular reception given the document upon its July 5 release. Professional penman Timothy Matlack was retained to do the writing. He delivered the engrossed copy on August 2, 1776. A comparison of the handwritten text with the printed text uncovered the fact that a word was missing. It was inserted on the spot by Matlack. Approximately two-thirds of the signatures were inscribed by members of Congress pres-

ent in Philadelphia on that date. The remaining signatures were secured over a period of five years, the last signatures being obtained in 1781. So, technically if we date the document the day of final execution, this bicentennial celebration is five years early. The John Trumbull painting of the “mythical” signing of the Declaration took 12 years to complete and shows 48 members of Congress assembled waiting to sign the document. This romantic portrayal has often been reproduced in history books as fact, though there was never such a signing. The August 2 handwritten copy is also on display at The National Archives alongside the July 4 printed copy. It is missing the signatures of a few Congressmen who were present on July 4 but never signed and it carries the signatures of a few men who were not members July 4 but were members and present August 2, 1776. Both the printed

and the handwritten documents are dated July 4, 1776. When Congress ordered the printing on July 4, it also directed that copies of the broadside be delivered to the various state assemblies, army posts, freedom committees and to the several commanding officers of t he Continental troops, including General George Washington and that the Declaration be proclaimed in each of the Untied States. Hundreds of local copies were printed in the various states using the July 4 copy as the text. The Declaration of Independence broadside printed by John Dunlap on July 4 bears no written signatures. The only other difference between it and the July 19/August 2 copy on parchment done by scribe Timothy Matlack, is that the word “unanimous” was added to the heading. The Declaration of Independence originates the use of the words, “United States of America.”

Summer Soirée: An evening of fun and fundraising

Chabad of Riverdale is proud to announce its third annual Summer Soirée, benefiting the Scotch for Scholarship Jewish Education Fund. The elegant annual fundraiser will be held on Thursday, July 18, 2013 on 55 W 252 Street, at the elegant Riverdale Residence of Marilyn Sopher, owner of Sopher Realty. Beginning at 7:00pm, guests are invited to enjoy, in the gorgeous setting of Marilyn’s terrace, a sumptuous outdoor summer barbeque and catering by New York’s award-winning Gemstone Catering. Gemstone’s Chef, Ari White, who hails from El Paso, Texas, has received rave reviews for his wildly popular NYC’s traveling Kosher hot spot: Hakadosh BBQ. Ari’s succulent smoked meats, delectable sushi and other delicacies will be served at the Soirée.

The evening will also feature signature cocktails and mojito bar, boutique wines from Israel, elite single malt whiskies, tasting sessions, small batch bourbon & rye, and a whiskey auction. A shuttle service will be available. Fine food and drink will be accompanied by stirring live music from Pey Dalid, who perform a unique blend of musical styles, incorporating roots, rock, reggae, latin and many other popular genres. All donations from the event are distributed exclusively to local Jewish students in the Bronx in need of financial support. The Scotch for Scholarship Jewish Education Fund was established in 2011 by Chabad of Riverdale’s Director, Rabbi Levi Shemtov, with the sole purpose of helping subsidize local Jewish families’ tuition fees.


9th. For more information, contact Jody Maier, at 914-3371500, ext. 492.

CANCER SUPPORT GROUP 10 a.m. Support Connection 40 Triangle Center Support Connection, Inc., a not–for-profit organization that provides free, confidential support services for people affected by breast and ovarian cancer, offers a Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support Group on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Support Connection office, Yorktown Heights, NY. Open to women with breast, ovarian or gynecological cancer. There are many common factors to any cancer diagnosis. Join other women who have been diagnosed as we discuss all stages of diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment. Call Support Connection at 914-962-6402 or 800-532-4290.

White Plains

Yorktown Hts.

Mt. Vernon

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION 10:30 a.m. St. Paul's Church 897 S. Columbus Avenue A traditional July 4th celebration featuring music, speeches, refreshments, reading of the Declaration of Independence, and tolling of the historic St. Paul's church bell - 13 times. Keynote speaker is Professor Lisa Keller of SUNY Purchase. For more information, contact : David Osborn, 914-667-4116.


POPS, PATRIOTS & FIREWORKS 8 p.m. Caramoor Center for Music & Arts 149 Girdle Ridge Road The A Train to Harlem: Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn and the Harlem Jazz Craze. Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn were joined at the musical hip, (and oh were they "hip") producing great tunes for the Duke Ellington big band at the Cotton Club. Ellington expert Darius de Haas and Manhattan Transfer's Janis Siegel sing and scat their way through the Ellington Songbook. Jamie Bernstein fills in the historical background with little-known stories about Harlem's golden age of jazz. Janis Siegel, vocalist; Darius de Haas, vocalist; Jamie Bernstein, narrator; Westchester Jazz Orchestra; Michael Barrett, conductor. Fireworks Display to Follow the Concert. For more information, call 914-232-1252.

Friday, July 5 Yonkers

FOODIE FRIDAY 2 p.m. Riverfront Library One Larkin Center A series of programs featuring Food in Literature and Film on four Friday afternoons in July and August. The series is designed to appeal to families, children, teens and adults. Friday July 5 kicks off our culinary and literary feast with the G rated Disney film about a rat who dreams of becoming a chef (running time 111 minutes). For more information, call 914-337-1500 x449.


VIENNA PIANO TRIO 8 p.m. Caramoor Center for Music & Arts 149 Girdle Ridge Road The internationally acclaimed Vienna Piano Trio makes its Caramoor debut with a program featuring one of the greatest master works of the genre (Schubert’s E-flat Trio), and SaintSaëns’ lovely and lyrical trio in F. Beethoven, one of the supreme masters of the variation form, is represented by Kakadu, the Tailor. For more information, call 914-232-1252.

Sunday, July 7 Rye

MARSHLANDS HISTORY HIKE 2 p.m. Marshlands Conservancy Route 1 A guided journey to experience the preserve's natural and living wonders, past, present and future. For info, call 914-835-4466.


SUMMER SING 7:30 p.m. Music Conservatory of Westchester 216 Central Avenue Westchester Choral Society invites all to its Summer Sing, fourth in a series of five, the Faure "Cantique de Jean Racine", Polenc "Gloria" and Thompson "Alleluia". Admission of $10/ Students $8 includes refreshments and use of score or bring your own. Information and directions:

Wednesday, July 10 Katonah

DANCING AT DUSK 5 p.m. Caramoor Center for Music & Arts 149 Girdle Ridge Road Come to Caramoor for an evening of fun with the kids! Bring a picnic, spread out a blanket, and enjoy great music together. Children of all ages will have the opportunity to dance to live music, interact with the musicians, get to know their instruments, and ask questions. This is a wonderful way to have your child introduced, up close, to music in a relaxed and joyful way. Designed for toddler-preteen. Tickets: Adult $10, Children $5. For info, call 914-232-1252 or visit


FERRY SLOOPS POTLUCK 6:30 p.m. Croton Point Nature Center Croton Point Avenue Pot Luck Supper, followed by a demonstration of sailing techniques by Captain Lenny Lipton. All are welcome. For more information, call 914-862-5297.

Yorktown Hts.

CANCER SUPPORT GROUP 7 p.m. Support Connection 40 Triangle Center Support Connection, Inc., a not–for-profit organization that provides free, confidential support services for people affected by breast and ovarian cancer, offers a Young Women’s Breast Cancer Support Group on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Support Connection office, Yorktown Heights, NY. Join this group of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age as we discuss issues pertaining to all stages of diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment. For info, call 914-962-6402.


DISCUSSION ON CLIMATE CHANGE 7 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road Is climate change real or part of a natural cycle? This presentation by Peggy Kurz will focus on the impacts seen already around the world in extreme weather, and specific arguments about climate change. Larger policy issues will be addressed as well as some ways to get involved locally in climate mitigation, including the Sierra Club’s “Turn, Don’t Burn” initiative. Peggy Kurz is a Co-Leader of the Rockland Sierra Club and participated in the 2012 Climate Reality Project Training Program created by Al Gore. Program presented in partnership with the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group; designed for adults and high school students. FREE and handicapped accessible. For more info, call 914-723-3470. MUSIC FEST 7 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road Come for an hour or stay for the day! Join us for a musical tribute to the Town of Greenburgh, which is celebrating its 225th anniversary. People of all ages can enjoy an afternoon and evening filled with musical entertainment provided by a variety of popular local artists. Bring blankets, lawn chairs, and a picnic dinner or purchase food and beverages courtesy of ShopRite. For more information, call 914-723-3470

Thursday, July 11

Tuesday, July 9


AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL 1:30 p.m. Riverfront Library One Larkin Center Travel the United States in a series of free film presentations. America, the Beautiful, meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 pm in the Community Room, 2nd floor. Visit New Jersey, Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Alaska on July

Family Owned for 57 Years


STRING QUARTET 4:30 p.m. Caramoor Center for Music & Arts 149 Girdle Ridge Road The adventurous, genre-defying string quartet Brooklyn Rider, brings its high-wire virtuosity back to Caramoor to introduce music from their new recording, A Walking Fire. Take an unforgettable journey through multiple sound-worlds and traditions, ending with violinist/composer Jacobsen’s Brooklesca –a romp through Brooklyn and its melting pot of culture and style. For info, call 914-232-1252 or visit


The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday, July 4


GUITAR IN THE GARDEN 6 p.m. Caramoor Center for Music & Arts 149 Girdle Ridge Road Guitar in the Garden, with its exquisite blend of setting, sound and serenity, has become a Caramoor Festival highlight. Discover the enchanting Sunken Garden and the vastly talented young guitarist, Ana Vidovic. For more information, call 914232-1252 or visit ROCK BAND 8 p.m. Tarrytown Music Hall 13 Main Street Legendary rock band Sweet (aka The Sweet) shot to the top of the charts in the 1970s with such hits as Ballroom Blitz, Fox on the Run, Love is Like Oxygen, Little Willy, Hellraiser, Teenage Rampage, Blockbuster and Action. For more information, email

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Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW





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22-W-Reduced! 2BR, bath, renovated, terrace, Hudson River views ......................... $399K 21-O-NEW Alc studio, renov, riv views $165K


#16N Studio, renov, views .............$116K #5J 3 BR/2 bath,renov,terrace .....$459K


NEW #12J 2 BR/2 ba, renov w/terrace, dining alcove, Hudson River views. $595K “Skyview” offers a full service doorman, health club, pool, transportation & parking-

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Historic limited equit co-op. Lovely full 2-br, 1 bath apts. $150-$160K. Maint below $700 incl utils. Excel restored cond. Hrdwd flrs. Lge beautif grounds, convenient shopping, transport at door. Parking $49/mo.

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3 BR, 2 ba, doorman, garage avail, near shopping/trans...........$485k

Condo North Riverdale

3 BR, 2 bath, near shopping/ transportation....................$400k

West of Pkwy:

SPONSOR APT NO BOARD APPROVAL 2BR, 2 baths, doorman, near shopping/transportation.....$350k


NEW #314 1 BR, river views, deeded parking spot .................................... $149K


Linda Lepson Cell: 646-305-4009 Office: 212-896-8699

West of Pkwy:

3BR, 1 1/2 baths, terrace, concierge, pool, gym, G&E incl. ......$339k

West of Pkwy:


2 BR, comp renov, concierge, pool, gym, garage avail........$311.2k


1 BR, river views, EIK, doorman, near shopping and transportation.. Reduced to $210k

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3750 HUDSON MANOR TERR: 2BR/2Ba Renov, Window 3840 GREYSTONE AVE: 2BR/1Ba Marble Kitchen, S/S Appl, Kitch, East Facing, Low Fl...PRICE REDUCTION!!... $274,900 PRICE DROP ..........$149,900...OWNERS MOVED...WILL SELL 3901 INDEPENDENCE AVE, 2 BR / 2 Bath w/ Terrace, 245 RUMSEY RD: 2BR/2Ba W/Terr..... $149,900 Playground, Great Location ... $269,900...JUST LISTED 3901 INDEPENDENCE AVE: Renov 1Br/1Ba, 3725 H.H PKWY: (The BLACKSTONE): 2BR/1.5Ba, Hardwood Fl, Updated Kitchen & Bath ....... $149,900 Granite EIK And Renov Bath, Shabbat Elevator... $224,900 5610 NETHERLAND AVE, Priced To SELL 1 BR / 1 Bath, 555 KAPPOCK ST: Renov 1BR/1Ba, Open Kitch., Maint Incl Renovated, Motivated Seller ..... $144,900...JUST LISTED Util & Cable, Pool...PRICE REDUCTION!! .... $209,900 5615 NETHERLAND AVE: BRIGHT & Renov HUGE 601 KAPPOCK ST: 2BR/1Ba Indoor Parking Avail, 1BR/1Bath...WILL SELL SOON........... $ 139,900 Pool, Doorman...MUST SELL !! ...........$199,900 5635 NETHERLAND AVE: Gorgeous 1 BR, 1 Bath, Close To 91 W VAN CORTLANDT AVE: 2BR/1Bath / Balcony w/ Metro North Riverdale Train Station .. $134,900...JUST LISTED French Doors, Maint $786, DP 10% Priced To Sell... $189,900 3400 WAYNE AVE 1 BR /1 Bath, Great Location, Steps to 629 KAPPOCK ST: Jr.4 Convt. To 2BR/1Ba, Great MONTEFIORE Hosp., #4 Subway, Ready To Move In... $124,900 Space, Priced For A Quick Sell............. $184,900 125 BRONX RIVER RD: 1BR/1Ba Renov. & 601 KAPPOCK ST. Great Location, Huge Jr. 4 Convt CONDOS Ready To Move In ............................. $124,900 To 2 BR/ 1 Bath, Parking AVAILABLE ...... $182,490 531 WEST 235TH ST: Penthouse 4BR/3Ba, 3 91 W VAN CORTLANDT AVE: 1BR/1Ba, High Balconies, 2 Roof Tops/park spaces ... $1,599,900 3840 GREYSTONE AVE: 2BR/1Ba, Renov Kitch End Appl. $605...Priced To Sell ........ $124,900 531 WEST 235TH ST: NEW CONDOS 2-5 BR/2-3 w/ Island, Dogs OK ........................... $179,000 3225 JOHNSON AVE: Lg 1BR/1Ba Eat-In Bath, 2 Balconies.............................. $449,900 4705 H.H. PKWY: 1BR/1Ba Renov Kitch, HUGE Window Kitch...JUST LISTED ............. $124,900 2287 JOHNSON AVE: 2BR /2Ba, View / Top-Of- PRICE DROP !!................. $175,000...WILL SELL 2750 JOHNSON AVE: 1BR/1Ba, Low Maint Line Appliances – MUST SEE ........... $ 589,900 2550 INDEPENDENCE AVE : Gorgeous River View1BR/1Ba, $525, Dogs OK ................................. $114,900 3329 RESERVOIR OVAL WEST – 3 BRs / 2 Bath, Walk 2 Blocks To Metro North Station - 24 Min To GC .... $174,900 5 FORDHAM HILL OVAL: Gated Communities, To Montefiore & #4 Train...... $299,000...JUST LISTED 3050 FAIRFIELD AVE: Large Jr. 4/1 Bath/ Terrace Faces South & East, Can Be Convt. to 2 BR, ESTATE SALE... $174,900 Renov. 1 BR/1Ba, MUST SELL ............. $99,000 CO-OP FOR SALE 1 BRONXVILLE RD: Lg. 1Br/1Ba L-Shaped LR, 5620 NETHERLAND AVE: 2BR/1Ba, Windowed 145 EAST 15TH STREET, MANHATTAN: 2 Combined Kitch, Utilities & Parking Space Inclu. .... $172,500 Windowed Kitch & Bath...SHORT SALE.... $99,900 Units - 4BR/1Ba 1 Block To Union Sq................. $899,900 2390 PALISADE AVE Spacious Jr.4 Convt. To 2BR/1Ba, COMMERCIAL 2575 PALISADE AVE: 3BR/2Ba / River & Gym, pool & steps to Metro North............... $169,999 40-42 WALLER AVE: Combined 13,600 sq.ft., Palisade Terr-View, Pool, Gym ......... $674,900 512 KAPPOCK ST: Lg 1BR/1Ba EIK, Great ZONED CB -1 ................ $1,199,900 & $899,900 5355 H.H PKWY: 2BR/2Ba & Large Terr, Location – Priced To SELL................ $169,900 145 E 15TH ST: READY MEDICAL PRACTICE And OWN Parking Avail, Gym Great Location ... $359,900 3840 GREYSTONE AVE: Spacious Jr.4, Lg LR, Alcove THE SPACE - 3 Exam Rm & Reception........ $1,249,900 Dinning Area, Updated Kitch& Bath ........... $169,000 RENTAL: OTHER LISTINGS ARE NO FEES OR NBA 7 BALINT DR, YONKERS: 2 BR/2Ba w/ Huge Balcony, Upscale Renov ................... $324,900 555 KAPPOCK ST: Lg 1BR/1Ba Terr, High Floor, RIVERDALE AVE: 4 BR/2Ba, 2 parking .... $3200 Ready To Move In,...JUST LISTED ..... $164,500 601 KAPPOCK ST: 2BR/2Ba W/ Terrace & 3329 RESERVOIR OVAL WEST – 3 Bedrooms / 2 Parking Spot...MUST SELL !! ............. $299,900 555 KAPPOCK ST:. Lg 1BR/1Ba-Luxury Bldg, Maint Incl-Elec/Cable/Heat, Pool ..... $159,900 Bath Walk To Montefiore & #4 Train ..... $2500 3135 JOHNSON AVE 1 BR / 1 Bath / Terrace - Granite Kitch, 5550 FIELDSTON RD: Jr.4 w/Terr – Gorgeous POST RD : 3BR/2Ba ............................... $1,999 Luxury Bldg, Pool, Parking, Storage, Gym,.......... $299,900 Views, Maint Incl Util,Pets OK ......... $164,900 3400 WAYNE AVE: 1BR/1Ba..................... $1200 CALL FOR FREE MARKET ANALYSIS & GO TO WWW.REMAXINTHECITY.COM FIELDSTON TERR: Newly Renov, Gorgeous 5BRs, 4.5Baths .............................. $1,100,000 371 W 254TH ST: Renov Cul-De-Sac Home, 3BR/2Bath, In-Law Apt W/ Sep. Entrance ... $ 974,900 411 W 261 STREET, Multifamily House w/ Walk-Out Renov Basement, In-Law Apt, 3 BR/1 Bath + 4 BR / 1 Bath ... $899,900 5808 MOSHOLU AVE, Great Investment Property 3 Multifamily, Store Front .......... $674,900...JUST LISTED 5137 POST ROAD HOUSE: 3BR/1.5Bath, Jacuzzi, Fenced Backyard & Deck 2 Car parking ... $574,900 2114 MAPES AVE, BRONX: MULTIFAMILY ... $459,900 129-41 134TH ST, QUEENS: Multifamily, 3BR/1Ba + 2BR/1Ba, 2+Cars Driveway, Basement, Back & Front yard .......... $ 389,900

Apts For Rent

Space For Rent

Studio - $950/mo 1 Bedroom - $1150/mo

10 building elevator complex 718-543-2746 or

718-549-7766 Apts For Rent Kappock:

3 BR, 2 bath, terrace, river views, drman, beaut renov. .......... $2900

Central Riverdale:

Prewar rental bldg, 4 BR, 2 1/2 baths, renovated, near shopping/ trans ...................................$2900

Central Riverdale:

Prewar rental bldg, 3BR, 2 bth, renov, nr shop/trans ..........$2500

North Riverdale:

2 fam , 3 BR, 2 bath, duplex, beaut renov, shared driveway and backyard ............................$2300

Central Riverdale:

West of Pkwy:


West of Pkwy:

Partitioned store space.


West of Pkwy:

of Pkwy: Apartment For Sale West 1 BR, renov, doorman, near shop

Lux rental bldg, Jr 4 (convert to 2 BR), hi-floor, south expos, granite kit, concierge, pool, gym .. $2195 Rental building, 2 BR, renovated, doorman, nr shop/trans.. $2000 SPONS APT NO BD APPROVAL Luxury

bldg, Jr 4, concierge, health club, garage avail, nr shop/trans $1995

West of Pkwy:

3 family, top floor, 3BR, 1-1/2 ba, approx. 1200 sq. ft., incl h/hw, parking available ............. $1900

Central Riverdale:

2 BR, 1-1/2 bath, renovated, near shopping/transportation .. $1750 West of Pkwy: Rental bldg, Jr4 w/2nd BR, renovated, d/m, pool, parking available .....$1700

West of Pkwy:

Rental bldg, Jr4 w/2nd BR, updated, doorman, near houses of worship ............................ $1500

Central Riverdale:

Pre-war rental bldg, 1 BR, renov, near shopping/trans......... $1400

Anita Wolfe 718-796-3135

2 BR, renovated, near shopping/ trans ...................................$1900

West of Pkwy:

Rental bldg, Jr 4 with 2nd BR, doorman, near schools & houses of worship .......................... $1500 & transportation ................. $1450


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Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


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All Animal Care and Services Dog walker, cat sitter. No worries for you or your pet For refs and services call Margaret Cortez

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The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale - the Bayit and Artists Supporting Israel, LLC present a unique Art Show titled 'The Response Art Series: Israel's Restraint.' The Response Art Series exposes artists to specific material in support of Israel and encourages them to create and exhibit work in response. Artists will listen to a podcast, or watch a video of at least one designated lecture or other media presentation. This project's aim is to create artwork that supports the right of Israel to exist in peace and security. Artists are invited to use the lectures as inspiration to create new artwork in an array of media. The theme may be broadly interpreted from an activist, political or personal context to connect to the viewer.

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RCC to offer Summer Test Prep Academy

The Riverdale Community Center at the Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy (M.S./H.S. 141) is pleased to offer a Summer Test Prep Academy of intensive "High School and

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The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, July 4, 2013

HIR to present unique art show

Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


A time for truth Mayor Bloomberg somehow has become the least discerning evaluator of the successes and failures of his administration. He ham-handedly defends his crime reduction efforts by managing to insult those New Yorkers who have benefitted the most from his policies. At the same time we suspect that he really believes that his educational policies have really succeeded, when in truth the disasterous performance of our students when measured honestly in a hundred different ways, shows what a debacle the mayor’s school policy has been. Rather than defend the number of minority men forced to submit to the indignities of the “stop-and-frisk” policies that have been in place now for the better part of two decades by making the insulting assertion that whites are stopped at disproportionately high rates, Bloomberg would be so much better off by simply laying out the most impressive set of statistics of all: that is that it has been the minority community that has benefitted the most from the plummeting crime rates that we have enjoyed under mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg. While it is regrettable that minority men are disproportionately responsible for the commission of crimes, it is also true that minorities disproportionately represent the victims of those crimes. If one were to go back to the really bad old days, during the David Dinkins administration, and project the crime rates of then onto to present, the bottom line would have assuredly been the premature deaths of thousands of minority New Yorkers, alive today, and blissfully ignorant of the fate that would have befallen them. How many would be protesting stop-and-frisk had thery really understood what was really going on? History will clearly giver credit to the last two administrations for what is clearly the greatest public policy triumph of our age, regaining control of our streets. This began with the seminal “broken windows” theory and continues with stop and frisk. These policies must be done with sensitivity and within the law, but these policies must continue. The current proposals that would modify these policies are a prescription for disaster and a return to the “bad old days, a time when black and Latino parents would put their children to sleep in what they perceived as the only safe bed in the house, the bathtub where it was perceived that the walls of which might afford some modicum of protection from the crossfire of the drug dealers that controlled the streets. To hear of such things today may lead those who weren’t here and lived it to believe that such tales are fiction. But they are true. We must carefully quiz all candidates for City Council as to where they stand on crime. Those who put the feelings of criminals ahead of the well being of the population as a whole, must be defeated. We cannot allow the public safety to be compromised by pandering. At the same time let us be perfectly clear on what we think of more than a decade of mayoral control of the schools. It has been an unmitigated disaster. We note with amusement that the mayor has trotted out as his spokesman, the failed and despised former chancellor, Joel Klein. In fact, Klein epitomizes the failure of the mayor in a truly profound way. He has become a millionaire “selling” services to the schools in the private sector, as the public nature of our school system has been allowed to wither and in some cases die. Bloomberg and Klein have much to answer for, and the next mayor will have his hands full (we are confident that the voters will reject Ms. Quinn, widely perceived as Bloomberg’s loyal lap dog). We will have a lot to say about this. But suffice it to say that we a heartened by the entry of Anthony Weiner into the race, someone we trust on this key issue, and the emergence of former Comptroller Bill Thompson as a serious contender as well. Maybe a real debate between these gentlemen is just what our children need as we once again approach the crossroads.

Oppose plan for skyscraper in Riverdale To the Editor: For decades, majestic views of the Palisades have been a treasured part of life here in the Riverdale community. Over the years, developers have threatened to destroy these views by erecting intrusive and unsightly commercial structures along the area. When these threats have been made, residents from New York and New Jersey have joined forces to successfully defeat them. Nevertheless, today, the beautiful views of the Palisades are once again under siege by commercial interests. LG Electronics recently announced plans to build a towering, 143-foot skyscraper in the area, damaging the beautiful views for thousands of New York and New Jersey residents. But that’s not all. Due to the office tower’s height—more than 100 feet higher than any structure previously permitted in the area—LG would need to gain a special exemption before beginning construction. If LG receives this exemption, it will open the door for dozens of other commercial interests to do the same, threatening the entire undisturbed area.

Note our new address: 5752 Fieldston Road Bronx, New York 10471 (718) 543-5200 FAX: (718) 543-4206

That’s why, as legislators, we firmly believe that LG Electronics should be denied this exemption and that the tower must not be built. In response to objections like ours, LG has said it will design a building to complement the surroundings and will have minimal environmental impact. But these assurances miss the mark entirely: a man-made construction, no matter what the aesthetic, immediately detracts from what makes the Palisades so special. Most important, LG’s tower would set a precedent for future developments, forever ruining what communities along the Hudson have valued and fought to protect for over 100 years. Fortunately, we are far from alone in our concern. Elect-

Justice for Trayvon, Justice for All

Who is Justice? I would like to know Whosoever she is,  I could love her so; I could love her, though my race.  So seldom looks upon her face.  -John Henrik Clarke-  To The Editor: While one would think, after years of fighting the institution

ANDREW WOLF, Editor and Publisher JOEL PAL Production Manager ROBERT NILVA Marketing Director

ed officials, non-profits and community groups from both New Jersey and New York have pro-actively sought to halt this construction. Together, we join Bronx Community Board 8, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, along with four former New Jersey governors, in opposition to LG’s plans and have called on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to intervene. No skyscraper is worth sacrificing a national landmark. For that reason, we will continue to do everything possible to ensure that LG’s current plans do not become a reality. Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz

CECILIA McNALLY Office Manager

STAFF: Robert Lebowitz, Paulette Schneider, Lloyd Ultan, Daniel R. Wolf

of Slavery and subsequent Jim Crow Laws, the nation would be able to move on to a new day of freedom and justice for all Americans, it just has not happened. “An unjust law is no law at all”, said St Augustine, providing the foundation of civil disobedience movements across the globe. If a law is not really a law at all, it is argued, one has a right — even a duty — to break it. Martin Luther King articulated this view in his Letter from Birmingham Jail: “one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”. Apparently, there are new racist laws which have replaced the old unjust laws. And so once again, we must take up the mantle to strike them down. In the past we had courageous leaders, Continued on Page 15

Justice for Trayvon, Justice for All racial profiling in law enforcement. According to the New York Times, in 2009, African-Americans and Latinos were nine times more likely to be stopped than whites, but no more likely to be arrested. From 2004 to 2009, almost 3 million people were stopped and frisked; 90 percent of these people were not charged with a crime.”ACLU Surely there will be more difficult days ahead. The U.S. Justice Department recently sued Arizona over SB 1070. Yet, throughout these tumultuous times, we can take comfort in knowing that, ”The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice.” Martin Luther King 1964. May the moral arc of the universe bend once more so that justice for Trayvon Martin is served. Phyllis C. Murray

Involved in a Real Estate Dispute?

We can help Down Payment Disputes Contractor Problems Lien Law Property Damage Architectural Negligence Guest Injuries Paulose PLLC

Attorneys at Law Mathew Paulose Jr., Esq. 5676 Riverdale Avenue Bronx, NY 10471


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The Riverdale Y Sunday Market Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm Now until Nov. 24, 2013 at MS/HS 141 in the arcade Independence Ave. & West 237 Street

Natural Organic Local and Fresh Kosher and Non Kosher

Meats • Cheeses • Breads • Produce • Eggs • Baked Goods • Jams, Honey, Maple Syrup • Pickles • Soaps • Organic Sugar & Salt Scrubs and Lotion Candles • Starbucks Coffee - hot or cold • Herbal Organic Iced Tea & Homemade Lemonade

The market is supported by a grant from the UJA-Federation of NY Advertising sponsored by The Riverdale Review

15 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, July 4, 2013

Continued from Page 14 white and black, Jews and Gentiles, who would make the ultimate sacrifice to see that justice was served. We had dynamic lawyers like Thurgood Marshall who crisscrossed the nation to fight injustices. However, today, there seems to be less outrage to the injustices which plague our nation as the growth of intolerance continues. The quiet storm of outrage is limited primarily to the affected communities. But perhaps this may change as national and international outrage grows as we mourn the loss of Trayvon Martin due to the” Stand Your Ground Law. ” In 2007, Julian Bond said that each and every citizen, irrespective of color, should be assured of the equality of opportunity and equality before the law, which underlie our American institutions and are guaranteed by the Constitution. Martin Luther King said:”I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial “outside agitator” idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds.” Fredrick Douglass warned, “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” I believe Douglass, King and Bond were correct. However, not many people were listening. Because today our basic rights are not fully protected. And therefore, the racial profiling in Arizona and New York and Florida which impedes our liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness must end. King also stated that “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” If that is true, we must applaud Governor Paterson and President Obama for taking a quantum leap forward in the right direction. “Because human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” “The Arizona immigration law is poised to inflame the already widespread problem of racial profiling in the United States. This law, S. B. 1070, would require law enforcement officers to investigate a person’s citizenship status, if they think that the person could be in the country unlawfully,” said the ACLU. “This is a clear invitation to racial profiling, and because of this new law, more people will be put into jails and the criminal justice system merely because of their race or ethnicity. When law enforcement is invited to question people based on appearance and without evidence of criminal activity, dire consequences occur.” “Similarly, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s support for New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy is another abysmal example of

Thursday, July 4, 2013 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


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