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Volume XXI • Number 2 • January 9 - 15, 2014 •


Montefiore agrees to alter building plans By ANDREW WOLF Montefiore Hospital Has agreed to ask its developer, Simone Development Corp. to revise its plans for a new 11-story medical building between Riverdale and Oxford Avenues, south of West 238th Street. Informed sources tell the Riverdale Review that while issues such as access and egress, particularly on Oxford Avenue will be addressed as will parking, the height of the building is likely to remain, or be just moderately reduced. The area is zoned, under the current highly restrictive zoning resolution, so that the proposed building can be built “as of right.” Following detailed conversations with Congressman Eliot Engel; Senator Jeffrey Klein; Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz; newly sworn in Council Member Andrew Cohen; and Steven M. Safyer, M.D., president and CEO of Montefiore Medical Center and Joe Simone, president of Simone Development, Montefiore has requested that Simone withdraw its current plan for a Riverdale facility so community concerns can be more fully taken into account. These conversations concluded Monday night.

“After meeting with the four of us, we are pleased Montefiore has agreed to withdraw its current proposal. We are very hopeful that when Montefiore and Simone submit their revised plan, it will be a compromise that can garner community support by taking into account the concerns raised by local residents,” said Congressman Engel, Senator Klein, Assemblyman Dinowitz and Council Member Cohen. “We have asked Simone to revisit its architectural plans. Montefiore has a long legacy of working with its community as a partner. We have deep ties to Riverdale’s residents and its physicians and are optimistic that Simone can develop a creative solution that respects the concerns of the community and delivers a less fragmented, more holistic healthcare presence in Riverdale,” said Dr. Safyer. Assemblyman Dinowitz noted that “many people in the community oppose any project by Montefiore at the Riverdale Avenue site. Others oppose the plan as previously proposed but are not necessarily against Montefiore building at that location if a much better

plan were to be presented. I believe that the services that would be provided by Montefiore would be welcomed by many people in the community.  “Unfortunately, the plan that they had put forth was totally unacceptable and would have caused too many problems.  It is my hope that they will come back with a proposal that takes into account all of the concerns of local residents.  They need to make revisions with respect to the size of the building and the location of the garage entrance and must deal with parking and traffic problems and other concerns.  I look forward to productive dialogue among the elected officials, the Community Board, concerned residents and neighbors and Montefiore and Simone Development.” The building is designed to address the huge demand for more comprehensive medical care in the community. “Local residents who look to Montefiore for medical care are seeking to get those services closer to home,” noted one community leader. “Bad news for the car services, good news for local residents.”

Major Deegan Expressway becomes ‘Airport for a Day’ By DAVID GREENE The stars must have been aligned perfectly as a single-engine fixed-winged plane with three passengers onboard made an emergency landing-- on the northbound Major Deegan a 1/2 mile south of the E. 233 Street exit. The unusual incident was reported at 3:26 p.m., on Saturday, January 4, when a member of the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit confirmed the incident, frantically telling his dispatcher, “Small plane down in the right two lanes.” The difficult landing on the three-lane highway was made more difficult as the two outside lanes had less room than normal due to the recent snowfall. Less than two minutes later the officer told his dispatcher, “We are at the job, it looks like the airplane is in an upright position... were not confirming any injuries or not, but it looks to be a pretty good hard-landing at this location.” Partial credit for the averted tragedy goes to the quick-thinking road crew with the Department of Transportation, who were already blocking two lanes, filling potholes when they spotted the troubled plane and quickly used their vehicles to block the third lane, so the pilot could land. First responders removed the 50-year old male pilot and two female passengers, ages 43 and 20 who were transported to St. Barnabas Hospital with minor bumps and bruises. One of the passengers suffered a nasty bump on her head, but was expected to recover.

Rescue crews surround single-engine plane that made an emergency landing on the Major Deegan Expressway.--Photo by David Greene The Piper Cherokee PA-28 was built in 1966, took of From Danburry, CT. for a sightseeing trip around the Statue of Liberty and was returning to Connecticut when engine failure forced the aircraft down. One Woodlawn resident who

declined to give his name, explained a friend had seen a ticker across the television screen, adding, “We live a couple blocks away and we came over.” Asked if he was surprised by the site, he replied, “Everything hap-

pens over here, you never know.” The miracle landing was reminiscent of former American Airlines pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who set a jumbo jet down on the Hudson River back on January 15, 2009.

The incident was the first breaking-news story of Mayor de Blassio’s administration, prompting his remark to members of the media, “I thought I’d seen everything in my life,” and calling it, “a bit of a miracle.”

Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


When The Bronx almost had its own airport By ANDREW WOLF The small plane that successfully made an emergency landing on the Major Deegan Expressway on Saturday might have had an alternative landing site had a long lost proposal to build a major airport in Bronx County nearly a century ago become reality. In fact, the economy of The Bronx might have been very much different had those plans been realized. And ironically, Major William Deegan himself, for whom the famous, or perhaps infamous highway was named, was a key player in trying to secure this type of development here, in his role as the President of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce. After Charles Lindbergh made his famous trans-Atlantic flight in 1927, the nation was consumed with the promise of commercial aviation. The idea of regular passenger air service was suddenly considered possible. Cities across the country were conceiving of airports and they were assisted in this endeavor by private interests. One of those businesses was the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. They purchased large plots of land in Queens. One of them, called North Beach, ultimately became LaGuardia Airport in 1939, named from Day One for the then sitting mayor, Fiorello LaGuardia. The major had been an airman during the First World War, and was a big booster of commercial aviation. Famously, when on a commercial flight to what said on the ticket was “New York,” LaGuardia refused to leave his seat when the plane landed in Newark, which was as close as you could get to the Big Apple at that time on a commercial flight. The second site was in the remote Idlewild section of Queens. This became

“Idlewild Airport” when it finally opened in 1948, and was renamed for President John F. Kennedy following his assassination fifty years ago. A third site was located on what is now Co-op City. It was acquired by the Curtiss Corp. in 1929. On June 4th of that year the general counsel of the company, Charles W. Cuthell announced the purchase of 250 acres for a new airport to “entirely for the people of the Bronx and Westchester Counties. The airport will be a local improvement of the finest sort.” Cuthell noted the strategic location, near proposed mass transit lines, lines that were never built, such as the planned extension of the Concourse line under Burke Avenue. Noting that the airport would be of even more benefit to the borough than Yankee Stadium, which opened in 1923, Bronx Borough President Henry Bruckner compared the two projects favorably, noting that while residents were inconvenienced by the street closing necessitated by the construction of the stadium, street closings for the Curtiss Airport would also have huge benefit at the end of the day. Construction was set to begin in March, 1930. But the Curtisss company was waiting for the federal government to dredge the Hutchinson River. This was thought to be important to permit the landing of seaplanes, then thought to be a key market segment in the aviation industry. The landfill dredged would be used to even out the site of the airport as well, and correct the “swampy nature” of the land. But ultimately the project was abandoned. Perhaps due to the national economic crisis brought on by the stock market crash, Curtiss Airport in The Bronx

never was built. But the two projects in Queens were, forever changing and anchoring the economy of that borough. Abandoned also were the plans for subway expansion, which would have had a profound effect on the development of the borough of The Bronx to this day. Money earmarked for the subway project ultimately went for the acquisition of the right-of-way of the defunct New York, Westchester and Boston Railroad, which became the Dyre Avenue line. Had the airport been built, it could have become a major transportation hub for the nation, located on the mainland of the nation, perhaps becoming one of America’s busiest airports. And pilot Michael Schwartz would have had a real runway in The Bronx to bring down his disabled aircraft last Saturday.

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Council Member Andrew Cohen officially sworn-in at inauguration ceremony at Lehman College Members and State Assembly Members and Senators. During his remarks Council Member Cohen addressed many of the issues facing the 11th Council district including the need to improve our public schools and maintain our parks. “I will be on the frontlines with our students, parents, teachers and administrators. I have begun meeting with all the principals in the district, and I will meet with every parent association to take their concerns directly to City Hall,”

said Mr. Cohen. Over a dozen of Mr. Cohen’s colleagues in government also spoke commending Mr. Cohen for his work ethic and integrity. They mentioned how much they are looking forward to working with him on issues that affect the Bronx. “I am happy and proud to have a new partner in government who will serve our district well,” said Congressman Eliot Engel. “Andrew Cohen will be a strong advocate not just for his district, but for the entire Bronx. I am proud that he is part of our team,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. State Senator Jeff Klein said, “Last November, voters in the 11th district overwhelmingly elected Andrew Cohen to the City Council. Voters across the northwest Bronx elected Andy not just because he

is hard-working and honest, but because he truly understands this community. That’s \why I was proud to support Andy from the beginning and look forward to working with him on continuing to make the Bronx a great place to live, work and do business. Congratulations to Councilman Cohen, his wife Heather and their wonderful family!” Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said, “I am so pleased that hundreds of people came out in horrible weather to be part of the swearing in of our new Council Member, Andrew Cohen. Andy’s super landslide win was the result of his hard work and the work of countless volunteers. I am confident that his tenure in the Council will be just as successful as his campaign and that he will be a great partner to work with on the many issues facing our community.”



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United States Senator Chuck Schumer congratulates Council Member Andrew Cohen after speaking at his inauguration ceremony at Lehman College this past Sunday.

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3 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Council Member Andrew Cohen was officially sworn-in to office this past Sunday at an inauguration ceremony at Lehman College. Despite the inclement weather, friends, family, community members and an impressive array of elected officials packed into Lovinger Theatre for the ceremony. Those in attendance included United States Senator Chuck Schumer, Public Advocate Letitia James, City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Congressman Charles Rangel and several Council

Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Klein has plan to make DeBlasio Pre-K program a reality Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein and Senator Diane Savino Urge State to Approve Mayor de Blasio’s Universal Pre-K Plan Lawmakers release new economic study showing $3.7 billion benefit to NYC by adopting plan Three days before the start of 2014 state legislative session, Senate Co-Leader Jeffrey D. Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) renewed his call for Albany’s approval of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s universal pre-k plan and released a new economic report detailing the major, long-term benefits of doing so. According to the report, An Economic Argument for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Universal Pre-K Plan, New York City will earn a $3.7 billion return on investment if it enacts the program. “It’s been decisively proven by a generation of research that providing free, universal pre-kindergarten is a game-changer that tears down barriers to opportunity and delivers an overwhelming return on investment. I commend Senator Jeff Klein and the Independent Democratic Caucus for adding a powerful voice to this cause, and putting their weight behind our plan to tax the wealthiest New Yorkers so every child can have a better chance to succeed,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.  “Universal pre-k is clearly one of the best investments our city can make. By investing in the Mayor’s pre-k plan, we’re giving our kids the tools to live healthier, safer, and richer lives,” Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein said. “That’s why when I go back to Albany next week, passing Mayor de Blasio’s full plan will be one of my top priorities. Our city’s working families deserve this plan and I intend to make it a reality. With billions of dollars in new savings and revenue on the line, every

lawmaker should get behind this plan as soon as possible.” New York City’s long-term economic benefits will be driven in three main areas: (1) increased earnings by those who attend full-day pre-k, (2) a citywide drop in crime and incarceration rates, and (3) a sharp reduction in mental health issues and substance abuse rates among those who complete a full day pre-k program. The report’s total economic benefits were calculated over a 26-year period. The report also underscores the need for a dedicated funding stream to help pay for the program, citing erratic and inconsistent funding in recent years for the state’s existing, partial day pre-k program. Under Mayor de Blasio’s plan, universal pre-k and expanded after-school programs would be paid for by an income tax surcharge on the city’s wealthiest residents. Senator Diane Savino (D-Staten Island/ Brooklyn) said, “Full day, universal pre-k is an economic imperative for New York City. Working families deserve the same opportunities for their children as any other parents in our city. How can we deny our kids the opportunity to lead better, healthier lives, all the while improving our city? We can’t. We need to get this done and I have every confidence that we will.” 

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State senators Jeff Klein and Diane Savino propose a universal pre-k program for city school children inside City Hall on Sunday.

Unveils The

A disastrous January thaw Weather forecasters often tell of a warming spell in the first or second week of January. They label this short respite from the rigors of Winter the January thaw. While most people welcome a period of relative warmth, at one time in The Bronx, the January thaw caused a disaster. In the late colonial period, Peter DeLancey owned a saw mill and a grist mill on the west bank of the Bronx River at the falls near today’s 180th Street. Residents of both the town of Westchester to the east and the manor of Fordham to the west came there to have their wheat ground into flour and trees cut into lumber. Crossing the stream nearby was a span called DeLancey’s Bridge. It carried traffic, including herded cattle and sheep, on a road that connected the farms in Westchester town to the King’s Bridge at the northern end of Manhattan Island. Further north, other bridges also crossed the Bronx River. Peter DeLancey had married Elizabeth Colden, the daughter of noted physician, scientist and politician, Cadwallader Colden. DeLancey himself was the brother of the wealthy New York City merchant, James DeLancey, the

powerful Lieutenant Governor of the colony. Both DeLancey’s mills and the adjacent land, as well as his household, were operated with the help of a few slaves, a situation normal in wealthy families at the time. On December 27, 1766, a severe cold snap hit the region, freezing everything hard. This was followed by a six-inch snowfall on December 28th. The weather suddenly turned warmer on January 4, 1767, and a hard rain came down lasting until January 6th. The torrential rain coupled with the thawing ice and snow led to the flooding of the Bronx River. The raging torrent swept away every bridge crossing the stream and shattered DeLancey’s mills. Some slaves took refuge in a nearby storehouse containing cider, apples and other produce from the farm. But the rampaging river ripped the building away with the people inside it. Horrified onlookers quickly manned boats to rescue the slaves, who tried to stay afloat clinging to the remnants of the storehouse. With great difficulty, they were all saved. the property damage from the disastrous January thaw, however, took months to repair.


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The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, January 9, 2014



Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Riv. Y Senior Center upcoming activities

The Riverdale Y Senior Center (5625 Arlington Avenue) has a full schedule for adults ages 60+ in January: Five Fridays of Fabulous Foreign Films at the Riverdale Y Senior Center for Adults 60+. Each Friday a new foreign film will be shown on our large screen at 10:00 am. A delicious and nutritious lunch will follow. No reservations needed. Suggested Contribution for lunch $2.25. Jan. 3- The Other Son- French Drama1hour, 45 min. Jan. 10-Elsa And Fred - Spanish Comedy- 1hour, 45 min. Jan. 17- I Do: How To Get Married and Stay Single -French Comedy- 1hour, 30 min. Jan. 24- The Flat- Hebrew Documenary1hour, 40 min. Jan. 31- Certified Copy- French Romantic Comedy- 1hour, 45 min. On Friday Jan. 10, 2014 at 10:00 am we will present a Special Computer Class: Mac Computer Basics. Experienced computer instructor. Please call - 718- 5488200 X224 to Register .No fee to adults 60 years old + . On Wed. Jan. 15, 2014 at 10:15 am, Pierre Montiel, Film Historian, will present an entertaining and informative talk with colorful and vibrant slides on the Career of Gene Kelly: Most Famous Dancer in Hollywood musical films . Jan. 22- Wed. at 10;30 am - Edgar Allan Poe at Fordham: Poe’s life in New York City and the legacy he left behind at Poe Cottage in the Bronx. Lecture, Readings, and Slides. Presented by Angel Hernandez, Education Coordinator, The Bronx Historical Society.

Upcoming Musical Entertainment: Jan. 14, 2014 - 1:15 pm - Henry Covner will sing and play keyboards to music from the 30s- 50s. Music you can dance to. Jan. 16, 2014- 10;30 am - Duo from Claremont Strings Ensemble : Concert- Waltzes by Johan Strauss, Music from the American Song book, & Classic hits from symphonies & well known operas. For more information, call 718548-8200, or visit

Chabad to celebrate 22nd anniversary

Chabad of Riverdale will be celebrating 22 years of outstanding service in Riverdale on Saturday evening, January 11, 2014 at 7:00 pm. In the breathtaking New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, guests will enjoy an evening of inspiration, gourmet meat cuisine by Foremost Caterers, and hilarious comedy from Joel Chasnoff, word-renowned comic and best-selling author. The Guests of Honor, Daniel and Rachel Friedlander, are being recognized for their ongoing devotion and commitment to the success of Chabad. Elissa and Steven Seltzer, whose daughter, Daniella, is enrolled at the Chabad of Riverdale Early Learning Center, are being honored as Parents of the Year for their priceless contribution to the Early Learning Center. The theme of the evening, the Aleph Bet of Jewish Life, draws a connection between 22 years of Chabad in Riverdale and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This year’s dinner journal - a true community project and labor of love - embodies the spirit of Chabad of Riverdale. Each page is dedicated to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet

and its accompanying theme. Treasured members of the Chabad of Riverdale community - new faces and old, Chabad Early Learning Center and Camp Gan Israel parents, shul and committee members, devoted volunteers, JLI students, Shabbaton participants, Jewish Women’s Circle members - have joined together to share their own unique perspective of each facet of Jewish life at Chabad. The spirit of unity and diversity that characterizes this journal truly exemplifies life at Chabad. To register for the dinner, or to place an ad in our journal, visit: or call Chabad at (718) 549-1100 Ext 10. Split-the-Pot Raffle tickets are also being sold. The price of one ticket is $100, and the estimated prize, depending on the number of tickets sold, is $5,000-$10,000. The drawing will be held during the annual dinner. Tickets can be purchased online or bought at the door.

Live readings at Poe Park Visitor Center

Come celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday at the Poe Park Visitor Center with live readings of his best-known short stories and poetry! The readings will be held on Saturday, January 11, from 2 to 3 p.m., at Poe Park Visitor Center, 2640 Grand Concourse. Non-profit performance group Staten Island OutLOUD will lead readings, but all are free to join in. The Poe Park Visitor Center will be holding a series of events in January to celebrate the 205th anniversary of the famous American poet’s birth. Poe Park is named for Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849), who lived for three years in a white farmhouse on the property. The farmhouse, now called Poe Cottage, is adjacent to the Visitor Center. Staten Island OutLOUD is a grassroots performance project that organizes readings of world classics, historical texts,

and other compelling works across New York City. The event is FREE and open to the public. All ages are welcome.

Journal-making workshop at Huntington Library

The Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) and the Huntington Free Library (HFL) present a family-friendly, hands-on ‘Journal Making’ craft workshop with Lis Ortiz on Saturday, January 18, from 12:30 to 3:00 pm at the Huntington Free Library (9 Westchester Square, next to the Apple Savings Bank). This workshop is free and open to the public. All are welcome. New year, new beginnings... So come and create your own handmade personal journal to capture your new year’s thoughts, hopes and dreams. Journals will be made of recycled items, so please feel free to bring images, fabric and/or items to make yours extra special! NOTE: This workshop is labor intensive. Please arrive on time so that you can leave with a completed piece. The family craft workshop series continues on Saturday, February 15, 2014 from 12:30-3:00pm, when BCA presents Headdresses with Lucrecia Novoa at the Huntington Free Library. Master mask-maker Lucrecia Novoa shares her techniques on how to build headdresses. Choose a simple character, create it, develop a feeling over the head, and leave with a beautiful and unique piece. Admission to all workshops is free, but space is limited. For information, call 718-931-9500 x33 or 718-829-7770, or visit On the day of the workshop, please call 917-972-2386 for information. Visit regularly for updates on the 2014 Saturday Family Craft workshop series as well as other programs and activities of the Bronx Council on the Arts.

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Former HIR colleagues support Rabbi Weiss


overturned a policy of accepting Rabbi Weiss’ testimony, a policy that has been in place for over forty years! We feel that your decision was one-hundred-percent wrong.  It was also reckless and not based upon sufficient due diligence and careful reasoning.  As a consequence you have defamed the reputation of Rabbi Weiss and the thousands upon thousands of people who associate with him and his congregation and his students.   We feel you owe it to the people of Israel and to the Jewish people—the Jewish communities across the United States—to do better.  We urge you to change your policy as it relates to Rabbi Weiss in particular and in general to as it relates to how you define and accept testimony of Jewish identity from rabbis in synagogues across the United States.  The latter was signed by Barry Gelman, Rabbi of the United Orthodox Synagogues In Houston, TX; Shmuel Herzfeld, Rabbi of Ohev Sholom—The National Synagogue in Washington, DC; Yosef Kanefsky, Rabbi of B’nai David-Judea Congregation in Los Angeles, CA; Chaim Marder, Rabbi Hebrew Institute of White Plains In White Plains, NY; Etan Mintz, Rabbi of B’nai Israel Congregation in Baltimore, MD; and Adam Starr, Rabbi, Young Israel of Toco Hills in Atlanta, GA.

The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Six former assistants to Rabbi Avi Weiss of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale have jumped to his defense in the ongoing dispute with the two chief Rabbis of the State of Israel. The six American rabbis who lead orthodox Jewish congregations across the nation, note that while their letter is about Rabbi Weiss, “the issue is so much bigger than just Rabbi Weiss. It goes to the very core of the future of the land of Israel.” Their letter identified the4mselves as “’rabbis who have been ordained by Yeshiva University and now serve as rabbis in Orthodox synagogues throughout the United States. “We have all also had the great privilege of serving in the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in an assisting role to the head rabbi of the congregation, Rabbi Avi Weiss. Each of us learned a great deal about the rabbinate by serving in the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale at the feet of Rabbi Weiss and as a consequence we have gone on to be rabbis in major Orthodox synagogues across the country and in Israel. “How sad to see that you now have a new policy of no longer believing that Rabbi Avi Weiss is Orthodox enough for your office. No longer do you believe him about a person’s status as it relates to his Jewish identity. It pains us to say that we protest against this hurtful and dangerous decision. We fear that your policy change is more reflective of rabbinic politics in America and the customs of individual communities and not at all reflective of halakhah and the Shulchan Arukh. You are placing politics above Torah and inserting politics into the lives of innocent people  On the basis of second hand information (from unidentified people) you have

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Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Thursday, January 9 Van Cortlandt

RETIREMENT PLANNING 12 p.m. Van Cortlandt Branch Library 3874 Sedgwick Avenue Meet and speak with retirement planning specialist, Alan Katz, CFP. This retirement funding and planning workshop explains: -the important stages of money through life and what it means to families, -how to understand the risks of various investment types, -How asset allocation can affect your retirement plan. Open to all individuals interested in learning to plan and live through retirement. For more information, call 718-543-5150.

Friday, January 10 Kingsbridge

STAY WELL EXERCISE 10 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Join in for a free, fun Stay Well exercise session. Stay Well volunteers certified by the NYC’s Department for the Aging will lead participants in a well-balanced series of exercises for seniors of all ability levels. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Exercise equipment will be provided. Those participating in the exercises must sign an activity release form. For more information, call 718-548-5656.


FOREIGN FILM 10 a.m. Riverdale Y Senior Center 5625 Arlington Avenue Featuring the film, ‘Elsa and Fred,’ Spanish comedy. A delicious and nutritious lunch will follow. No reservations needed. Suggested contribution for lunch $2.25. For more information, call 718-548-8200.


COMPUTER CLASS 10 a.m. Riverdale Y Senior Center 5625 Arlington Avenue Mac Computer Basics. Experienced computer instructor. No fee to adults 60 years and older. For info, call 718-548-8200 x224.

Saturday, January 11 Kingsbridge

FLEA MARKET 9 a.m. Old St. John’s School 3030 Godwin Terrace Clothes, jewelry, accessories and bric-a-brac will be sold at bargain prices. Free parking will also be available so get there early and snare yourself a great find. For more information, please call 718-543-3003.


INTERMEDIATE MEDITATION 10:30 a.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Join us for an intermediate meditation class. This session is open to those who’ve been regularly attending the weekday beginner’s class for a couple of months. Learn to go into a deeper meditation and learn new techniques that will help your spiritual ascent. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Sunday, January 12 Riverdale

TALK ON SOUTH AFRICA 10 a.m. Riverdale Temple West 246th St. & Independence Ave. Allison Currier will speak on: “Activism, Philanthropy, South Africa and You.” Allison spent this past semester studying multiculturalism and human rights in South Africa. The presentation includes a power point presentation, and a Question and Answer segment. For more info, call 718-548-3800.


HITLER’S CHILDREN 2 p.m. Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel 475 West 250th Street This documentary directed and produced by Chanoch Ze’evi reveals, on screen for the first time, how family members of Hitler’s inner circle struggle with the burden of a family legacy and surname equated with pure evil. CSAIR member Dr. Gary Orin will introduce the film and lead a discussion following the showing. All are welcome. Refreshments graciously provided by Gary and Sheila Orin. For more information, call 718-543-8400.

Monday, January 13 Spuyten Duyvil

KNITTING & CROCHET 11 a.m. Spuyten Duyvil Branch Library 650 West 235th Street A get together for knitters & crocheters at all skill levels to exchange information, learn new techniques while working on current projects. For more information, call 718-796-1202.


KNITTING & CROCHET 3 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library

291 West 231st Street Gather with other knitters and crocheters and perhaps pickup a few tips and tricks as you work on your own creations! For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Tuesday, January 14 Riverdale

e-READER HELP 11 a.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Learn how to download free e-books from the New York Public Library. Get help on using your iPad, Kindle or other tablet or e-reader. First come, first served. Tuesdays @ 11:00 a.m. (some exceptions, please check the online calendar or branch calendar) Wednesdays between 2 and 4 p.m. by appointment only. Please call Lynda at 718-549-1212 to make an appointment.


MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT 1:15 p.m. Riverdale Y Senior Center 5625 Arlington Avenue Henry Covner will sing and play keyboards to music from the 30s- 50s. Music you can dance to. For more information, call 718-548-8200.


INTERACTIVE TEEN TUESDAY 4:30 p.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue A program where teens will get the chance to interact with one another and share common interests while being themselves. Ages 15-18 only. On Jan. 14, the program is ‘Debate Time.’ For more information, call 718-549-1212.

Wednesday, January 15 Riverdale

FILM HISTORY 10:15 a.m. Riverdale Y Senior Center 5625 Arlington Avenue Pierre Montiel, film historian, will present an entertaining and informative talk with colorful and vibrant slides on the Career of Gene Kelly: Most Famous Dancer in Hollywood musical films. For more information, call 718-548-8200.


TAI CHI 11 a.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue This tai chi (Sun Style) includes agile steps and exercises that may improve mobility, breathing and relaxation. Tai chi has been show to reduce pain and stiffness, increase flexibility, enhance muscle strength, improve concentration and memory, and help people cope with stress and depression. This is an adult program. Registration is required. This is a developmental program and participants are expected to make a weekly commitment. Due to limited space and a high demand, participants will be chosen by a lottery. Please call the branch at 718-549-1212 to add your name to the list


COMPUTER ASSISTANCE 11 a.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue Come to the Riverdale branch and sit down with a Librarian for a 30 minute individualized computer appointment. Learn how to open a new e-mail account, save documents, browse the Internet, download NYPL e-books, etc. Make a list and ask questions. E-reader, tablet and smart phone users are welcome. Wednesdays 2 - 4 p.m. by appointment only. Call 718-549-1212.


BOOK DISCUSSION 1 p.m. Riverdale Branch Library 5540 Mosholu Avenue This month the group will be discussing Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton. Book club participants must reserve copies of each title through the Library’s catalog system. Reserve your copy by placing a hold online at or visiting your local branch. For more information, call 718-549-1212.


GAME ON 1:30 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Got the gaming moves? Show off your skills with the controller and challenge your friends and neighbors to a game of Wii Bowling in the library. For more information, call 718-548-1212.


DOWNLOADING eBOOKS 4 p.m. Kingsbridge Branch Library 291 West 231st Street Electronic books, e-audio books, digital music and video – all available through NYPL’s website! Learn how to take advantage of free access to new media from the comfort of your own home. Please bring your eReader or mobile device if you have specific questions about downloading library eBooks to your device. For more information, call 718-548-5656.

Call toll-free: 1-888-459-1026

Bon Secours New York Health System’s Schervier Nursing Care Center, specializing in long-term and rehabilitation care in the Riverdale section of The Bronx, proudly recognizes Suryadavie Hariprasad as the Values in Action award recipient for November 2013. The prestigious Values in Action award is presented monthly to recognize an individual who embodies the mission of Schervier and exemplifies Bon Secours’ core values, namely delivering superior quality care and service to each resident with compassion, respect, integrity and justice. Hariprasad, a CNA serving on the 5th floor, lives in the Bronx. She was nominated by her peers and fellow leaders for delivering exceptional care to all residents on her unit. ‘I am very proud to present Surya with this award, as she consistently exhibits compassion and serves as a role model for others; her dedication to our patients and the care we provide remain her primary goal,’ said Stephen Kazanjian, Director of Mission at Schervier. Surya treats her residents like family. She is sharp and attentive to the needs of our residents and is able to identify even the slightest changes in a patient’s condition. No job is too difficult for her.’ A Values in Action ceremony was held in honor of Hariprasad on December 19, 2013, to honor her and recognize her accomplishments. Hariprasad was presented with a certificate of excellence, along with a small gift on behalf of Schervier by Kazanjian. Bon Secours New York Health System is

Tehillah sponsors seminar for caretakers

Caring for Caretakers Winter/Spring Seminar sponsored by Congregation Tehillah: Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 30, May 4, June 8. Join Linda Jaffe Caplan, PhD in an informal setting, as we share our experiences about caring about our parents and other loved ones that emerge over the course of time. Share in the discussion of love and loss and the changing nature of our intimate relationships as loved ones age, may become ill, struggle with chronic illness and ultimately, may die. Join family and friends discuss memories and bittersweet moments. Attention will be paid to the evolving changes in our relationships with parents, spouses, children, friends and beloveds. Attendence is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Individuals who have experienced a recent loss also are welcome. The first meeting will be hosted by Debbie and Ed Eisman. Please contact CONGREGATION TEHILLAH to register and receive location specifics.




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The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bon Secours recognizes Suryadavie Hariprasad

comprised of Schervier Nursing Care Center, a 364-bed long-term nursing facility providing skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services, palliative care, and care in a secure environment for those with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments. The Frances Schervier Apartments offer 154 units of federally-subsidized housing for independent living to seniors and heads of household with disabilities. For more information, visit, or its Facebook page for frequent updates at SchervierNursingCareCenter.


Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW





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Address Your Reply to the Box Number in the Ad c/o the Riverdale Review Co-ops For Sale



#3-S 1Bedroom, terrace ................... $155K


NEW #3N Renovated studio....... $125K #15P Renov Studio, river views .........$139K

“Skyview” offers a full service doorman, health club, pool, transportation & parking THE WINDSORS APTS. Studios, one, two and three bedrooms available for sale and rent

Linda Lepson Cell: 646-305-4009 Office: 212-896-8699


Knolls Co-op Sect #1 Lovely full 2-br 1 bath apts. Windowed eat-in kitch. $145k to $158k. Maint below $700 incl utils; Excel restored cond. Great views. Gorgeous gardens, sitting areas, playgr; Super; Laundry; Bike rm; Storage; Conv. shopping; Expr buses at door; Easy IRT and Metro North access. Parking $49/mo. See

Call Sales 718-796-0171 or Sheila at 718-796-5478

Co-ops For Sale

parking spot .................................... $149K


Wishing everyone

5620 NETHERLAND AVE: 2BR/1Ba, Windowed Kitch, Utilities & Parking Space Inclu. ....................... $172,500 5615 NETHERLAND AVE: Bright & Renov HUGE 1BR/1Bath, Indoor Parking Space, MUST SELL .................. $139,900 5610 NETHERLAND AVE, Priced To SELL 1 BR / 1 Bath, Renovated, Motivated Seller ............................. $129,900 5644 NETHERLAND AVE Priced To Sell, Gorgeous 1 BR/1Bath, Great Location ................................. $119,000 5235 POST ROAD: Great Location 1 BR / 1 Bath, Priced To Sell In Well Maintained Building...................... $149,900 5235 POST ROAD: Renovated Studio L Shape, Brand New Kitchen and Bath, Lots Of Closets.................... $119,900

a Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year!

OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY- 1/11/2014... 12:30 - 1:30

OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY- 1/11/2014... 2:00 - 3:00

OPEN HOUSE: Sun., 1/12, 12-1:30 5639 Netherland Avenue 1 BR, 1 bath.....$129K OPEN HOUSE: Sun., 1/12, 2:30-4 5425 Valles Avenue 1 BR, 1 bath.....$149K (or RENT for $1350 mo.)

Apt. For Rent



5715 MOSHOLU Large 1 BR, 1 BA, Windowed Kitchen, Renov Bath, Abundant Closet Space ................ $149,000 5715 MOSHOLU AVE: 1 BR / 1 Bath, Updated Kitchen and Bath, Close To Transportation, Schools ........... $109,900 531 WEST 235TH ST: Penthouse 4BR/3Ba, 3 Balconies, 2 Roof Tops/2 Indoor Parking spaces ................. $1,599,900 531 WEST 235TH ST: NEW CONDOS 2-5 BR/2-3 Bath, 2 Balconies... Starting from ................................. $449,900

530 Riverdale Avenue 1 BR, 1 bath.....$85K Valentine Gardens 2 BR, 2 bath.....$169K

3240 Netherland Ave. 6A 2 BR, 2 bth, 2balc $2200 mo. #314 1 BR, river views, deeded


Call Renee White



332 CENTRAL PARK AVE - SCARSDALE: 3 BRs / 3 Baths, MUST SELL, 2100 Sq.Ft................................... $499,900 7 BALINT DR, YONKERS: 2 BR/2Ba w/ Huge Balcony, Upscale Renovated ........................................... $299,900 47 FORT WASHINGTON, 3 Br/1Ba In Washington Heights, Great Location, Priced To Sell .......................... $424,900 1232 CHOCTAW Single Family Bronx House, 5 BR, 3.5 Bath, Finished Basement ........................................... $999,900

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY- 1/12/2014... 11:00 - 12:00

3901 INDEPENDENCE AVE, 2 BR/2 BA w/ Terrace, Playground, Great Location, Avail to Rent For $2100....... Sale Price $224,900 3901 INDEPENDENCE AVE: Renov 1Br/1Ba, Hardwood Fl, Updated Kitchen & Bath ................................... $149,900 3901 INDEPENDENCE AVE 1 BR/ 1 BA, Parquet Fl, Open Kitchen, Great Condition! ................................. $149,900 3850 HUDSON MANOR TERR Gorgeous 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Playground, Doorman ...................................... $424,900 5235 POST ROAD Sunny Studio W/ Renov Kitchen, Bathroom...Price Reduced ................................ $69,999

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY- 1/12/2014... 12:30 - 1:30

555 KAPPOCK AVE Luxury 2 Bedroom/2 Bath, Parquet Floors, Lots Of Closet Space, Great Location .................... $264,900 555 KAPPOCK ST 1Br/1Ba, Hardwood Fl, Lots Of Closet Space, Excellent Views ..................................... $189,900 512 KAPPOCK ST: Huge 1BR, 1Bath, Ready to move-in, Best Price and Location............................................ $184,900 512 KAPPOCK ST, Charming 1Br/1Ba, Low Maintenance, Great Location .................................................. $174,900

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY- 1/12/2014... 2:00 - 3:00

5775 MOSHOLU AVE: 3 BR / 2 Bath, Renovated, Ready To Move In - CONDO, No Board Approval ............ $399,900 5775 MOSHOLU AVE: 2 BR / 1 Bath, Needs TLC, Great Location, Best Priced CONDO, No Board Approval ......................................... $299,900 1232 CHOCTAW Single Family Bronx House, 5 BR, 3.5 Bath, Finished Basement ........................................... $999,900

Linda Lepson Cell: 646-305-4009 Office: 212-896-8699


For Sale or Rent with Option to Buy


Apartment For Sale SKYVIEW

Studio w/pvt alcove, new cabinets, ceramic tiles thruout, terr w/view. FSDM, health club, pool, prkng & transport.Easy commute to Manhattan.

Must see. $185K Contact: (347) 603-7063

1 BED., 1 Bath Co-op. Spacious Living room, Beautiful renovated kitchen, Dining room area, Renovated bathroom, Plenty of closets, Hardwood floors, Lots of windows, Pet friendly. Laundry + Super + Garage on premise. Close to park, transportation, Metro-North, Hwys., Manhattan Express Buses and shops. $125,000/ Rent $1,300 with Option to buy.

Contact ERA Empire Realtor Julie Reyes, (646) 732-2369 •

Read the

INVESTMENT BLDG IN NORTH RIVERDALE 3 Commercial Units & 3 Residential Units (2+ 2+ 4 BRs) & Basement ........ $1,700,000 FIELDSTON TERR: Newly Renov, Gorgeous 5BRs, 4.5Baths ........ $1,100,000 371 W 254TH ST: Gorgeously Renov, 3BR/2Bath In Cul-DeSac, In-Law Apt W/ Sep. Entrance ................... $ 974,900 411 W 261 STREET, Multifamily House w/ Walk-Out Renov Basement, In-Law Apt, 3 BR/1 Bath + 4 BR / 1 Bath ... $899,900 50 W MARBLE HILL AVE, Multifamily House in Bx ... $750,000 101 HELENA AVE, Immaculate 2 Family W/ An Adjacent 50x100 Buildable Lot Sold Separately, 3 BR+2 BR .............. $..$699,000 5808 MOSHOLU AVE, Great Investment Property 3 Multifamily, Store Front.................................... $674,900 5137 POST ROAD HOUSE: 3BR/1.5Bath, Jacuzzi, Fenced Backyard & Deck 2 Car parking ....................... $624,900 5 HIGHLAND AVE, Multifamily House 3 Apts W/ 1 Bedroom Each, Walk-Out Basement, Porch, Backyard .... $599,999 2511 ST. RAYMONDS AVE, In Westchester Village, 3 family detached home with 4 car garage/driveway ..... $599,900 1158 ARNOW AVE, 2 Family Bronx House comes With Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Counter and More ........... $599,000 647 CARDINAL RD, Two Story Single Family House In Yonkers, Large Backyard, In-Ground Pool ....... $575,000 1525-1527 BRYANT AVE, Bx Multifamily House ..... $550,000 515 BRUSH AVE Single Family House, 3Br/2Ba ....... $525,000 1468 ST. LAWRENCE AVE, Multifamily Bx House, 3+3 BR, 2 Ba, Full Basement............................................. $525,000 254 CALLHOUN AVE Perfect Red Brick Semi-Detached 3 BR + 2BR + 2 Bath ................................................. $515,000 210-20 88TH RD Single Family In Queens, 3Br/3Ba, Great Location ............................................................ $489,000 574 MCLEAN AVE Single Family 4 Br, 3 Ba, 2 Stories, Great Value................................................................. $469,999 1466 ST. LAWRENCE AVE, Bronx 3+2 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Newly Renovated Spacious 2 Family Detached Duplex House, has over 2100 Sq Ft of Living Space ... $480,000 1051 E 227TH STREET Great 3-Family House, 1st& 2nd Flr Have 2B & 3rd Flr Has 3Br, Spacious Backyard.... $425,000 135 CARYL AVE, Yonkers, 6 BR/4 BA with a finished walkout basement + 2 car garage ............................ $389,999 1517 COMMONWEALTH AVE 2 Family House, 2 BR/1 Bath Over 3 BR/2 Bath, Finished Walkout Basement .... $385,000 75 ELISSA LN, 2 Family Home On A Cul-De-Sac For The Price Of A Single Family In Bronxville Heights.... $379,999 325 UNDERHILL AVE, 2 Houses On Lot, 2 Br Each .. $370,000 1536 COMMONWEALTH AVE, Multifamily House Great Income Producing Property - 2 BR/1 Bath, 3 BR/1Bath............. $370,000 290 RESERVOIR PLACE, 2 Family House......... $369,000 936 CRANFORD AVE, Two Detached House W/ Shared Driveway And Finished Basement .................... $365,000 1521 COMMONWEALTH AVE, ........................... $ 365,000 1561 HERING AVE, Bronx Single Family House In Morris Park! Great Starter Home In Need Of A Little TLC ........... $350,000 3013 PAULDING AVE, 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms......$315,000 1915 BUSSING AVE Single Family, 2 Story, 3Br, 2Ba .. $300,000 283 WARBURTON AVE, 2 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom .. $235,000 3421 EDSON AVE, 2 Br/1 Ba Single Family Bronx Home, Stainless Steel Appliances, New Kitchen ......... $224,500 2860 VALENTINE AVE, Multifamily House 1BR+4BR+5BR ... $205,000


189 CHURCH STREET, Poughkeepsie, 5 BRs & 3 Baths... $450,000


6200 Riverdale Avenue




15 BRENNER RIDGE ROAD, Pleasant Valley, 4 BRs & 4 Baths, Beautiful Garden, Build In 1991 ............ $430,000 29 VIRGINIA AVE, Poughkeepsie, 3 BRs & 3 Baths, Buyer Responsible For City & Estate Certification Req............ $125,000 91 GARDEN ST, Poughkeepsie, 4 BRs, 1 Bath, Short Sale, Buyer Responsible For City & Estate Certification Req ....... $80,000


3538 JUNCTION BLVD Luxury 2 Bedroom With Renovated Kitchen, Lots of Closet Space .......................... $375,000 543 MAIN STREET, NEW ROCHELLE: Immaculate 1 BR Unit with Balcony & Deeded Parking....................... $255,000


525 W 235TH ST, 2Br/2Ba, Parquet Fl, Spacious Living Rm, Abundant Closet Space, Pet Friendly ............... $274,900 3135 JOHNSON AVE 2 BR /2 Bath, Luxury Bldg, Pool, Parking, Storage, Gym .................................... $349,900 3135 JOHNSON AVE: 1 BR/1 BA In Luxury Building, Pool, Storage, Exercise Room, Parking ..................... $299,900 525 W 235TH ST, 2Br/2Ba, Large Bedrooms With Renovated Master Bath, Abundant Closet Space, Pet Friendly.... $249,900 601 KAPPOCK ST: 2BR/1Ba Indoor Parking Avail, Pool, Doorman MUST SELL !! .................................. $199,900 3050 FAIRFIELD AVE Jr 4, Eat-In Kitchen, Terrace With Gorgeous Views, Lots Of Closet Space............ $199,900 75 W. 238TH ST 3 Bedroom/1.5 Bath, Great Location W/ Most Amenities ................................................ $190,000 629 KAPPOCK ST: Jr.4 Convt. To 2BR/1Ba, Great Space, Priced For A Quick Sell .................................... $184,900 3635 JOHNSON AVE 2BR/1Bath, Spacious LV RM & Beautiful Crown Molding, Renov Kitc & Bath ...... $184,900 3840 GREYSTONE AVE: Spacious Jr.4, Lg LR, Dinning Area, NEW Kitch & Bath ........................................... $169,000 2390 PALISADE AVE Spacious Jr.4 Convt. To 2BR/1Ba, Gym, pool & steps to Metro North..Also Avail for Rent For $1600...Sale Price ... $162,999 5550 FIELDSTON RD: Jr.4 w/Terr – Gorgeous Views, Maint Incl Util,Pets OK...PRICE REDUCE TO SELL...... $160,000 180 VAN CORTL PARK SOUTH, 1BR/ 1BA........ $145,000 1175 ANDERSON AVE 3 BR/ 2 Bath, Great Value ..... $130,000 5635 NETHERLAND AVE: Gorgeous 1 BR, 1 Bath, Close To Metro North Riverdale Train Station ................. $127,000 3065 SEDGWICK AVE, 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom ...... $115,000 6535 BROADWAY: 1Bedroom, 1Bath, Ready to move-in, HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLER ............................ $99,900 3121 MIDDLETOWN RD, 1 Bathroom............... $ 69,999 2500 JOHNSON AVE, Large Studio in Luxury building W/ Gorgeous Views ............................................... $124,000


739 W 231 ST, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath ................... $5,000 245 E. 93RD ST., Large Jr. 4 W/ 1.5 Marble Bath, Terrace, Updated Kitchen, Rent With Option To Buy...... $3750 6200 RIVERDALE AVE, 2 Bedroom ................... $1750 6200 RIVERDALE AVE, 2 Bedroom.................. $1700 3800 INDEPENDENCE AVE, Junior 4 (CONV 2) .... $1525 3800 INDEPENDENCE AVE, 1 Bedroom ............ $1450 BAINBRIDGE AVE: Walk-Up - Brand New Renovation, 2BR/1Ba ................................................... $1350 - $1550


86-13 JAMICA AVENUE, Woodhaven Building w/Doctor Office and Residential ....................................... $899,900


Apts For Rent

Apts For Rent

Riverdale Gardens

West of Pkwy:

Studio - $975/mo 1 Bedroom - $1175/mo


256th St. & Netherland Avenue

Rent concession $1,000 if possession taken by 2/1/14

10 bldg elevator complex

Sponsor Apt - No BD Approval 2BR, 2bth, terrace, beaut renov

Anita Wolfe 718-796-3135 Licensed - Real Estate Broker

718-543-2746 or

718-549-7766 No pets allowed

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The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, January 9, 2014



Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW







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St. John’s Church will host a flea market on Saturday, January 11, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The sale will be held at the Old St. John’s School located at 3030 Godwin Terrace in the Bronx. Clothes, jewelry, accessories and bric-abrac will be sold at bargain prices. Free parking will also be available so get there early and snare yourself a great find. For more information, please call 718543-3003.

Auditions for ‘Diary of Anne Frank

Riverdale Rising Stars and Riverdale Rep announce auditions for their upcoming production of the play THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. Teen and adult actors may audition on any one of the following dates/times: Sunday, January 12, 5- 8 p.m.; Tuesday, January 14, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.; Wednesday, January 15, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.


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Dr. FlorA HolDerbAum, AuD, CCC/A Pediatric and adult hearing evaluation, counseling, hearing aid fitting/repairs, CAPD testing Medicare/Medicaid and major insurance plans accepted for audiologic evaluations. Our location is handicap accessible. Se habla espanol.

It is not necessary for actors to attend all three nights. Callbacks will be held the following week. Audition monologues and character descriptions are available at Auditioners should be very familiar with their monologue, but memorization is not necessary, All roles will be filled with age-appropriate casting. Auditions and performances will be held at the Riverdale YM-YWHA, located at 5625 Arlington Avenue (just off of Riverdale Avenue and West 256th Street), in Riverdale, Bronx, NY. ‘The Diary of Anne Frank,’ dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman, will be directed by Riverdale Rising Stars Managing Director of Performing Arts, Shawn Renfro. Performances will be held April 26-28, 2014. Riverdale Rep and Riverdale Rising Stars will collaborate again in June 2014 on a multi-generational production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ with auditions to be held in the spring.

Attorney/real estate DAniel PADernACht Attorney at Law

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Video Transfers sAve your vhs memories • Transfer your special VHS tapes to long-lasting DVDs. • We also transfer from your mini-DVs, photos, LPs, audio cassettes and more.

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Talk on South Africa at Riverdale Temple

On Sunday, January 12th at 10:00 a.m., in The Social Hall at Riverdale Temple, located at West 246th Street and Independence Avenue, Allison Currier will speak on: “Activism, Philanthropy, South Africa and You.” Allison spent this past semester studying multiculturalism and human rights in South Africa. Living with many different South African cultures, she will explore how race and class affect lifestyle and economic opportunities for individuals post- Apartheid.

Personal Trainer PrivAte PersonAl trAining stuDio

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Physical Therapy PHysiCAl THerAPy AT meTHoDisT Home For NursiNg & reHAbiliTATioN • Post surgical rehab — Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation • Arthritis clinic • Stroke Rehabilitation • Sports and orthopedic injuries • Gait and balance training 2,000 square foot state of the art rehab center Most major insurances accepted

Contact us 718-732-7100 #224 4499 Manhattan College Pkwy Riverdale • NY • 10471

The presentation includes a power point presentation, and a Question and Answer segment. For more information, call 718-548-3800.

CSAIR Sisterhood to show ‘Hitler’s Children’

Sunday Film hosted by Sisterhood CSAIR will feature ‘Hitler’s Children’ on Sunday, January 12, at 2 p.m. This documentary directed and produced by Chanoch Ze’evi reveals, on screen for the first time, how family members of Hitler’s inner circle struggle with the burden of a family legacy and surname equated with pure evil. Ze’evi states, ‘My intention is that the film will successfully touch varied audiences and stimulate discussion of the holocaust of European Jewry from a new point of view and ultimately provide an indisputable answer to Holocaust deniers. CSAIR member Dr. Gary Orin will introduce the film and lead a discussion following the showing. All are welcome. Refreshments graciously provided by Gary and Sheila Orin. Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale is located at 475 West 250th Street. For more information, call 718-543-8400.

Home Companion ComPAnion for seniors IS AVALABLE FOR:

Stimulating Conversation and Patient Manner • Walking • Reading • Shopping • Singing Driving You To Doctor’s Office. Add life to your years!

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(e.g. college and graduate level entrance exams/clinical board certification etc.)

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13 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Flea market at St. John’s Church

For more information, please visit www., email srenfro@, or call 718.548.8200 x208. Riverdale Rising Stars, under the direction of Founder Laurie Walton, was created to provide the teens of the Riverdale community and beyond a professional repertory company experience, creating a nurturing environment where they feel free to express themselves artistically; as they grow both onstage and off. Since our inception 13 years ago, we have now expanded our programming to include Rising Stars Jr. and Riverdale Repertory Company.

Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


Shame on Mayor DeBlasio

This newspaper has certainly been critical of the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, particularly as it pertains to our schools. But as he departs from official public life, he certainly didn’t deserve the abuse and the downright deceptions that twisted his record at the inauguration of Mayor DeBlasio. DeBlasio should be ashamed of himself. While his own remarks weren’t objectionable, the remarks of others on the official program were. So-called “progressives” are quick to criticize former mayor Rudy Giuliani on any number of issues. But a look back on Mayor Giuliani’s remarks on his predecessor, an abject failure as our city’s chief executive is instructive. Here is what Mayor Giuliani had to say about Mayor Dinkins oN January 1, 1994: “Mayor Dinkins, I salute your accomplishment for our city. Mayor Dinkins’s special dignity and grace will also mark his governance of our city and it’s something that we hope to call on in the future. And I know that we can and that we can count on it.” This, of course, was the man that Giuliani actually ran against, first in 1989 unsuccessfully, and again four years later. There was bad blood here. Mayor DeBlasio may have been critical of Mayor Bloomberg’s administration, but the same rivalry did not exist. The trashing of Mayor Bloomberg by speaker after speaker both on and off the podium was unseemly and unworthy of a great city. Mayor DeBlasio’s actions after the inauguration were equally distressing. As Governor Cuomo and others seek to find the funds for a truly universal pre-Kindergarten program, one that all agree would be beneficial, the new mayor seems more fixated on raising the taxes of the “rich.” This Tale of Two New Yorks theme is dangerously wrong headed. You and I are where we are not because Mayor Bloomberg or anyone else is doing well, but because of our own hard work, energy or luck. This is not Stalinist Russia where the a perverse notion of “equality” was mandated by government and everyone was kept down economically and spiritually. We are already living in one of the highest taxed municipalities in one of the highest taxed states of the nation. Governor Cuomo has it right. The best way for New York to prosper is by cutting taxes, to do more with what we have, not to constantly seek higher taxes that stifle investment in the local economy, which is the only route to widespread prosperity. Universal Pre-K is a good idea, but as the United Federation of Teachers pointed out during the primary campaign, we aren’t even spending what has already been made available, without raising or creating new taxes. The way to prosperity is to provide more for everyone by encouraging investment. But Mayor DeBlasio’s brand of neo-socialism by discouraging investment, promoting over-taxation and ramping up opposition to creative development projects is wrong-headed. This is a unique opportunity for bona fide liberals such as Comptroller Scott Stringer and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. to emerge as leaders of a new center, one that will bring up the folks at the bottom by integrating them into the kind of newly-expanded economy that can be created through new jobs resulting from investment, not the jobs lost due to confiscatory taxation. Those with the vision to swim against the DeBlasio “progressive” tide will be rewarded by not drowning in the tsunami of red ink that will surely result from its inevitable failure, one that is sure to come if we choose the wrong path. Mayors Lindsay and Dinkins have already shown us what not to do. The Koch-Giuliani-Bloomberg vision has already proven itself far more successful. We fear the tunnel vision that Mayor DeBlasio has exhibited thus far. If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Thanking the Riverdale community To The Editor: Beis Menachem Synagogue and Jewish Community Center of Parkchester and surrounding areas wish to sincerely thank the Jewish and non-Jewishzq community of Riverdale for their generous support of our synagogue and the Al-Iman Mosque as we both received plaques in our honor at a recent Breakfast at the Riverdale Y building. At this time our synagogue is urgently seeking necessary funds to buy a fire and burglar proof safe Holy Ark for the Torah scroll that took over 4 1/2 years repair and checks all the hand written lettering of the parchment which was donated to our synagogue by the former Young Israel of Parkchester. This Torah is very large and heavy in weight and very heavy to carry for the elderly men in their late 70s, 80s, and a few in their 90s, so the young Chabad men are able to carry the Torah back and forth. We hope someday in the near future that a mid-sized lighter weight Torah or Torahs in good condition will be donated to the synagogue so that these elderly men will also be able to carry the Torahs as the Chabad men do.

Published by Northside Publishing Corp., Inc. 5752 Fieldston Road Bronx, New York 10471 (718) 543-5200

In the spirit of Jewish community and Brotherhood we therefore turn to the many readers of this newspaper to please join us in this historic endeavor as your most generous donations will enable the Jewish community of Parkchester to properly utilize, honor and protect its cherished new Torah Scroll. Please send

A salty dog’s life

To The Editor: It was about 9 p.m., January 5. Walking with my dog on West 239th Street,  heading to Henry Hudson Parkway, I noticed a truck coming up the block, spreading salt on the road.  It was drizzling at the time. While driving the next day, at about 4 p.m., I noticed a truck spreading a lot of rock salt on Corlear Avenue, heading to 231st Street, from near Manhattan College. The temperature was still mild, having earlier in the day reached the mid-50’s. Last April, I wrote to Riverdale Review about salt-spreading on the lower part of Riverdale Avenue, during drizzly weather.  Is this now to be  a common occurrence?  Is the city out to provide

ANDREW WOLF, Editor and Publisher JOEL PAL Production Manager ROBERT NILVA Marketing Director

your very kind and generous donations to the synagogue mailing address: Beis Menachem of Parkchester, P.O. Box 273, Bronx, NY 10462. Our sincere thanks for your kindness. Rabbi Meir Kabakov Congregant Leon T. Blackmoor Beis Menachem of Parkchester

CECILIA McNALLY Office Manager

STAFF: Robert Lebowitz, Paulette Schneider, Lloyd Ultan, Daniel R. Wolf

a variation of a salt company slogan: “When it rains, it pours”? Following the January 3 snowfall, rock salt was strewn about the  local roadways and heaped on some sidewalks by city workers.  Everywhere else, the sidewalks were covered with toxic chemicals. The result? It may indeed be said,  never before have so many people carried so many dogs over so many blocks.  I was very grateful to the Almighty for sending rain on Sunday, and again Monday, to wash away the rock salt and those toxic chemicals that burn everything they touch, foremost being dogs’ paws.  (Animal rights people, where are you?)   But the rock-salt spreading after the rain:  Is an official campaign underway  to get the last word over the Almighty? David R. Zukerman

Email letters to: or mail to:

Riverdale Review

5752 Fieldston Road Bronx, NY 10471

PROJECT FEEDER WATCH 8 a.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Watch and learn about birds with members of the group, and photograph and record the birds at the feeders. For more information, call 914-862-5297.


VOLUNTEER WORK PROJECT 1 p.m. Marshlands Conservancy Route 1 Bring work gloves and help out with a different project each week. Hand tools provided. For more information, call 914-835-4466.


FAMILY PROGRAM 2 p.m. Westchester Italian Cultural Center One Generoso Pope Place Musical retelling of the folk tale of La Befana, featuring Mariuccia Romano of the Coro d’Italia, Italian Singing and Dancing Ensemble. La Befana is an Italian Christmas tradition that has its origins in the 13th century legend of “La Befana.” Befana is a benevolent old woman who delivers gifts to children on January 5th, the eve of the Epiphany. Sing, dance and enjoy a wonderful afternoon with your children. The program will conclude with a holiday reception and gifts from la Befana. A program for all ages! For more information, call 914-771-8700.


OWL PROWL 6 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road This fun and informative program has you meeting owls up-close, learning about their unique behaviors, and hiking at night through the forest looking and listening for our nocturnal neighbors. Bring flashlights! FREE. For more information, call 914-723-3470.

Sunday, January 12 Croton-on-Hudson

PROJECT FEEDER WATCH 8 a.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Watch and learn about birds with members of the group, and photograph and record birds at the feeders. For more information, call 914-862-5297.


SPECIAL PRESENTATION 11 a.m. Westchester Italian Cultural Center One Generoso Pope Place Celebrity stylists Joan Calabrese and Mary Jane Tomasino will discuss how their Italian upbringing has defined their life and unique cultural design. In 1975, Joan Calabrese started working at home designing children’s clothes, which have been sold to royalty and celebrities worldwide. Her couture collection is displayed at some of the most renowned department stores as well as part of a permanent collection at the Metropolitan’s Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mary Jane Tomasino inherited her love for detail and quality from her Neapolitan grandfather, a tailor of fine clothing for detail and quality. She has been designing exquisite children’s baptismal, communion and special occasion clothing for her company Christie Helene for over 23 years. Meet the designers and preview the newest designs from their 2014 collection. Sponsored by Sacred Heart Gifts and Apparel in Mahopac, NY. Light reception will follow. For more information, call 914-914-771-8700.


WINTER TREES & ANIMALS 2 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road Learn how trees and animals not only survive but thrive during the cold winter months. Enjoy a short woodlands nature walk and a visit from some winter-hardy critters! Members $5, Non-Members $8. For more information, call 914-723-3470.

Saturday, January 18 Croton-on-Hudson

PROJECT FEEDER WATCH 8 a.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Watch and learn about birds with members of the group, and photograph and record the birds at the feeders. For more information, call 914-862-5297.


VOLUNTEER WORK PROJECT 1 p.m. Marshlands Conservancy Route 1 Bring work gloves and help out with a different project each week. Hand tools provided. For more information, call 914-835-4466.


WILDLIFE IN WINTER 2 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road Come for an hour of fun as a naturalist shows off some of our favorite animals. This entertaining and informative program allows visitors to hear, see, and touch many of our fascinating furry, feathered, and scaly friends. Best for ages 5 and over. Members $5, Non-Members $8. For more information, call 914-723-3470.

W 236

th St

n Ave



Saturday, January 11

Sunday, January 19 Croton-on-Hudson

PROJECT FEEDER WATCH 8 a.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Watch and learn about birds with members of the group, and photograph and record birds at the feeders. For more information, call 914-862-5297.

White Plains

CHORAL CONCERT 3 p.m. The Presbyterian Church 39 North Broadway The Hudson Valley Singers, under the direction of Eugene Sirotkine, presents “Choruses from the Great Oratorios of Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Others.” On Concert Day we will be collecting much needed items for two worthy Westchester Organizations. We will gladly accept your donations of new and “gently used” children’s books for JCY-Westchester Community Partners and used cellphones and new lipsticks for Hope’s Door. Tickets are $30 at the door, $25 in advance $25 for students and seniors. For more information, call 914-674-2865.

Monday, January 20 Scarsdale

WINTER WATER 2 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road Is there any life in a pond on a cold, winter day? Join us on an easy hike to our pond to explore if, and what, is going on beneath the surface. You just might be surprised! Members $5, Non-Members $8. For more information, call 914-723-3470.

Saturday, January 25 Croton-on-Hudson

PROJECT FEEDER WATCH 8 a.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Watch and learn about birds with members of the group, and photograph and record birds at the feeders. For more information, call 914-862-5297.


VOLUNTEER WORK PROJECT 1 p.m. Marshlands Conservancy Route 1 Bring work gloves and help out with a different project each week. Hand tools provided. For more information, call 914-835-4466.

Sunday, January 26 White Plains

INDOOR FARMERS MARKET 10 a.m. Westchester County Center 1985 Westchester Avenue Shop local produce and food products from local farmers. Free admission; parking $5. For more information, call 914-995-4050.


WINTER WALK 2 p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Road Bring your gloves and come explore with a naturalist. Take an easy walk to study winter life and to see what animals need to survive the cold. Members $5, Non-Members $8. For more information, call 914-723-3470.


PROJECT FEEDER WATCH 2 p.m. Croton Point Park Croton Point Avenue Watch and learn about birds with members of the group, and photograph and record birds at the feeders. For more information, call 914-862-5297.

Email letters to: or mail to:

Riverdale Review

5752 Fieldston Road Bronx, NY 10471

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347-947-9849 Our Address: 3547 Johnson Avenue, (off 236th Street) Dr. Shirley Koshi has been a veterinarian for 33 years Visit Our Website for more information

15 The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, January 9, 2014

For Your Convenience, Gentle Hands Veterinarian is located right here...

Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The RIVERDALE REVIEW


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Riverdale 01 09 2014  

Weekly newspaper published in Riverdale, NY 10471.

Riverdale 01 09 2014  

Weekly newspaper published in Riverdale, NY 10471.