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FIR ST COUR SES ~ Ballotine Langoustine andMorels Ham Hock with Pea Puree, Roast of Langoustine with and Broad Beans, Quail Egg Beignet and Fennel Pollen New Season Almonds and Shellfish Jus £24 £27 Melba Crusted Pulp Verbena, Salad of Native Lobster withSardine Carrot and Tomato Radish, Lemon Herb with Creme Fraiche, Apples, Ginger andOlives Rosemary Pickled Vegetables and Black £28 £17 Fillet ofwith Red‘Beans Mulleton and Fennel Salad Puree, Roast Scallops Toast’, Celeriac Vanillaand Scented Orange Emulsion Whitewith Asparagus Vinaigrette with Jabugo Ham £24 £19 Salad of Native Lobster, Vegetable a la Greque Salad of Native Crab with Cucumber Jelly, Delicate Citrus Jelly Pickledwith Girolles and Lemon Vinaigrette £28 £25 Slow Roast Pork Belly and Sea Scallop with Garden Peas, Cauliflower Pannacotta with Green Bean and Almond Salad, and Pear Puree Summer Ginger Truffle Confit and Toasted Poilane Bread (V) £21 £23 Slow Cooked Duck Egg with Asparagus, Veloute of Watercress with Spiced Quail Egg, Parmesan Broth and Sauce Choron (V) Crushed Potato and Hot Smoked Sea Trout £19 £20 Terrine of Foie Gras and Smoked Eel Pressed Terrine of Foie Gras andwith Salt Beef with Green Apple and Radish Salad, served Seaweed Brioche with Shaved Pear and Pickled Vegetables £25 £25 Veloute of Watercress with New Season Garlic and Snails, Tortellini of Rabbit with Fennel Puree, Feuillantine of Tomato and Herbs Stuffed Morels with a Veloute £17 of New Season Almonds £21 Warm Salad of Quail with Honey and Spice, Apricot and Almond Clafoutis served with Saute of Foie Gras and Anis Jus £21

(v) Denotes vegetarian dish Prices include Value Added Tax and Service

M A IN COUR SES ~ Roast Turbot of and CocoBraised Beans,Grelots, Curry Spiced Turbotwith withFricassee Asparagus ChorizoHerb and Gnocchi, Artichoke,Lemon Tapenade Beignets, Verbena BrothJus Gras £49 £49 Roast Bass with Fennel andOnions Carrot and Puree, Seabass withSea Fennel Confit, Button Olives, Ras El Hanout Jus and Olive Jus Chorizo and Scallop Vol au Vent £38 £39 Salmon with Pickled GirollesPuree, NativePoached LobsterWild Infused with Ginger, Cauliflower Sauce Choron Etuvee of Babyand Vegetables and Lobster Broth £49 £42 Fricassee of Native Lobster Americaine with Lasagne of Celeriac and Wild Mushrooms Fresh Garden Peas and Morels Broth (V) with Roast Asparagus and Wild Mushroom £54 £27 Artichoke Royal with New Season Vegetables, Peppered Fillet of Beef with Ravioli of Braised Veal, Lettuce, Perigord Truffle andVinaigrette MushroomofVeloute (V) Sweetcorn Puree and Mousserons £29 £38 Fillet of Beef with Morteau Pain Perdu and Beignet of Bone Marrow, Cannon of Lamb Antiboise with Glazed Rib, Stuffed Red Pepper, Hermitage Jus, Glazed Mushrooms, Onions and Salsify Aubergine Caviar and Baby Artichoke £38 £37 Fillet of Veal with Sweetbread Ravioli, Fillet of VealBraised with Roasted Devilled Sweetbread, Fricassee of Broad Beans, Savoy Cabbage, Chartreuse of Vegetables White Asparagus and Almond Butter, Madeira Jus and Sweet Marjoram Jus £42 £38 Poached, Roast AnjouCutlet Pigeonand Breast and Beignet with Foie Gras, Fillet of Leg Lamb Savoy Shallot Marmalade, withCabbage, AromaticPressed BayaldiFig, of Aubergine and CrispHoney OnionsJus £39 £34 Five Spiced Duck with Grapefruit Confit, Vol au Vent Printanier, Coffee and Cardamom Jus £34

(v) Denotes vegetarian dish Prices include Value Added Tax and Service

R IT Z T R A DIT IONS ~ Organic Oak Oak Smoked Smoked Scottish Scottish Salmon Salmon Organic £24 £24 Double Chicken Consomme Terrine of Foie Gras £19 with Sauternes Jelly and Toasted Brioche Whole Dover Sole, Grilled or Meuniere £28 £48 Double Chicken Consomme Grilled Turbot £17 £53 Grilled Organic Sirloin Whole Dover Sole, Steak £40 Grilled or Meuniere £46 Roast Rack of Organic Lamb £40 Grilled Turbot Chateaubriand £49 Henri IV (For Two) £88 Grilled Organic Sirloin Steak £39 Grilled Fillet of Aberdeen Angus £40 Roast Rack of Organic Lamb £39 Chateaubriand Henri IV (For Two) £84 Grilled Fillet of Aberdeen Angus £39

FROM THE ROTISSER IE ~ Roast Duck Crisp Suckling PigletOnions with Prunes and Natural Apples Roast with Grelot and Jus (For Two) (For Two) £74 £68 Rotisserie Black Pigeon Leg Chicken Gratin RoastofSquab with with Foie Cauliflower Gras Brioche, (For Two) Braised Lettuce and £68 Peas, Smoked Bacon Jus


Organic items are certified to the Soil Association’s standards for organic food and farming. Prices include Value Added Tax and Service

The Ritz London - Summer Menu  

Summer Menu at The Ritz London

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