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WINTER 2013 volume 3


Contributors Special thanks to the individuals who have contributed to the this issue of The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine!

Gwendolyn Talbot, Editor/Writer Bronx Bishop, Writer

Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner)

Essince, Interviewer

I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host.

William Kryjak, Writer

The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy!

K.P. Spright, Writer

Be sure to go to www.therhythmiclounge.com to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue.

Sankofa Tafari, Writer

Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

Monet, Columnist Andreea Nica, Writer Patrick Ross, Writer

Barry Stein, Writer

Wandalyn Thomas, Writer

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59 Michelle Bradshaw

16 Stuart Epps

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70 Santigold







“Everyday I Ball” "Everyday I Ball" is the debut novel from accomplished 10yr international pro basketball player Michael Sanders. In this novel, we follow the boggling double-lives of two high school student-athletes named Razah and Mizz. On the outside, the two boys appear to epitomize the high school dreams of book smarts, athletic prowess and popularity. There are darker forces at work however, as the two young men find themselves pressured by their unrelenting and heartbreaking inner-city environment. As the pages turn, Razah and Mizz learn to apply their wits and charisma to a series of dastardly deeds, deception and even a high-tech bank heist in order to finance their master plan: the invention of the most powerfully addictive legal substance known to man and the foundation of a clandestine network large enough to export it worldwide. Can the boys maintain their double lives as lovers, friends, family and the ever lurking city detectives become embroiled in their schemes?” Author Michael Sanders “Everyday I Ball”

where creativity lives



by K.P. Spright

Kofi%is%also%known%as%Carol%Simms,%a%singer%who%needs%no%introduction.%Working%as%a% partner%in%Koffe%an%Kreem%company,%in%the%past%she%was%a%member%of%band%called%Brown% Sugar,%who%left%no%stone%unturned%for%a%successful%solo%career%in%music%industry.%% Blessed%with%a%family%that%enjoyed% Ska,%Soul,%Reggae%and%Jazz%music% Kofi%was%a%natural.%Check%out%more% about%this%rising%star%at:% http://www.koffeankreem.com.% After%taking%lessons%for%acting,% Simms%joined%the%Brown%Sugar% band%that%went%ahead%to%top% charts.%Songs%like%“I%am%so%proud”,% “Black%pride”%and%“Looking%over% Love”%took%her%listeners%by%storm.%% Acclaimed%globally%and%across% many%national%platforms,%Kofi%has% received%Best%Female%Vocalist% award%from%the%British%Reggae% Industry%in%1988.%Now%Kofi%is%all%set% to%mesmerize%you%in%2013%with%her%upcoming%album%titled%“Intimate”.%As%multiple% composers%and%producers%have%worked%on%this%upcoming%album,%it%will%be%a%soulful%cross% section%of%musical%genres.% %Get%all%the%popular%and%rare%songs%from%current%hit%“Rocking%Eternally”%by%Kofi%at:% https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rockingUenternally/id513397708.%You%will%find%a%fine% mix%of%Soul/R&B,%Reggae,%Jazz%and%Lovers%Rock.%After%being%honoured%with%Reggae% Achievement%Award,%Best%Female%Vocalist%and%Best%British%Female%Singer%award%over% years,%it%has%only%added%more%rhythms%to%her%lyrics%and%creativity.%% Fans%that%are%ready%to%get%upfront%and%close%with%Kofi%can%check%out%her%UK%tour% schedule%for%2013%in%March%and%October.%All%live%footage%of%past%events%and%upcoming% details%can%be%found%on%http://www.youtube.com/user/kofiofficial.%After%two%seasons% performing%live,%this%new%album%will%be%a%super%hit%oneUwoman%show.%% You%can%get%more%details%about%this%renowned%artist%through%the%social%media%and%this% link:%http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kofi_(musician).%% %



Memory of a Melody

by K.P. Spright

Memory of a Melody also known by fans as MOAM, the band from San Antonia that captivates the short attention span of the modern listeners. The band members include Mario Melody, Joel Martinez, Wade Wonder, Roel Riot and Robin Lopez. They have taken the long way to reach popularity through clubs, tours and music acts. MOAM released their first album “Things That Make You Scream” produced by Bryan Scott. They also got their chance to share the dais with multiple popular artists like Sepultura, Chevelle, Tantric, Egypt Central, Adema, LIT and more. Such experience has added MOAM’s potential to bridge the gap between underground and mainstream music. MELODYFEST is the annual festival held by this band across different locations. The unforgettable songs, constant tours and live performances have taken this band to local dominance and recognition. MOAM lives up to the expectation of being a rock band, with its fine blend of guitar, strong vocal and beats loved by the current era. The new release titled “Breakaway” and “Official Live 2012” were instant hits and so is their new song “Mouthful of Razors”. This rock band is an overall entertainer and in 2013 an annual event called “A Very Metal Christmas... Part Deux” will be held in Austin, TX. Fans have nothing but more exciting music to look forward to over time. Get more information on this band at http://www.memoryofamelody.com http://www.reverbnation.com/memoryofamelody http://www.facebook.com/memoryofamelody

where creativity lives


Zaque Eyn | Director of Creative Empowerment

Production, Engineering, Events, Marketing, Branding. Funksville, UFO | www.funksville-ufo.com San Francisco, Ca Clients include: Jim Henson Studio, Neverland, George Lucas, Pomplamoose, Lauren Mayhew, OK GO, Anita Baker, The Family Stone, Sheila E, The Stone Foxes, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Marcus Shelby, WarField SF, Sea Of Dreams, Dave Weckl, KC Porter, Dennis Moody, Luis Conte, Skills, Clifton Powell, Fernando Tarango, Dj Schmolli, 96.1 FM Radio, Mutiny Radio, Tutto Media, Freshly Squeezed TV, Thrice, Tom Kennedy, Steve Weingart, Gary Meek, Ray Yslas, Glide Ensemble, SF Jazz, San Francisco Symphony, Magic Magic Orchestra, Nitin Sawhney, Meshell Ndegeocello, Dixi Delish, Roxy Reve, Ozomatli, SMOD, Al Jarreau, The George Duke Trio, The Family Drawn to technology at an early age, also fond of saxophone, I was always intrigued with music technology; of course back in the 80’s we didn’t have much in the way of computer technology, so it was all about: amplifiers, guitars, drums, bass, pedals, ect… My dream, perform on stage dancing for thousands of people; listening to music of artists like Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown with the advent of music videos made me want to dance and perform like them. Of course after singing to a couple of songs (by myself) I knew I didn’t have the voice. Being only 11yrs old at the time gave me the opportunity to indulge in other aspects of the industry; learning saxophone through 10th grade, break dance classes, and paying attention to pop culture. 16yrs old changed everything! I could finally drive to clubs! By the time I was 24yrs old I’d played out the club and rave scene: spinning vinyl, throwing parties here and there, dancing in all the hot spots for free, networking, learning, growing. By this point I needed a change and decided to learn the world of recording. From here it’s been quite the journey I must admit. I’ve done sound and helped run the event for Michael Jackson’s birthday at Never Land in 03’, project managed at Henson Recording Studio in Hollywood, technical director for Pomplamoose, event set up for George Lucas to name just four. From time management to creative execution of audio or that "can't be done" idea, Zaque Eyn understands how to deliver top tier product calling it "Creative Empowerment." Creative Empowerment: Visual, Art, Music; a range of specialized talents including producing, sound engineering, music, fashion, events, marketing and branding; each project rooted in successful business approach and strategy. Skills and solid industry background, to better even the most demanding of circumstances, provide experience and know how.

Currently finishing writing my book: techniques used by professionals in the industry to help producers, engineers, managers, and musicians take their careers to new heights; here are the 10 guidelines of networking I talk about... Guide Lines for Building a Better Network: 1. Set up a File Maker or Address list/book of the people you meet in the entertainment world. 2. Get yourself a business card holder so you can organize the cards you receive. 3. Build a set of “hot points” to remember where you meet them, i.e.: John Doe - 111 Mina Dance Club 8/15/2009 Musician ext ext. 4. Never let more then a month go by before you call the person back. 5. Always initiate the first call if they have not already called you, in other words don’t wait for them (unless guide line 7 applies). 6. Stay in touch at least every 3 months via phone call or e-mail but don’t wait longer then 3 months. If it’s an important contact, say someone whom you want to work with soon or in the near future, you want to be in touch at least once every month and a half (1 1⁄2 months). 7. Don’t get their information if your never going to use it. If they insist on giving their info, except it, and wait for them to call. Unless of course you find a need for them, then call or contact them as soon as you come to this conclusion. 8. Always get back to people within the same business day or 24hours at the latest if they have contacted you via phone or e-mail. 9. Get out of the house and socialize at industry events. 10. Repeat as necessary.

BOOK DROPS JANUARY 2013 Want the Book? Sign up at zaqueeyn@gmail.com Put “Book Me” in the subject line. www.funsville-ufo.com twitter.com/funksville www.soundcloud.com/funksville-ufo

Essince'(The'Rhythmic'Lounge):'One'thing'I’ve'always'respected'about'you'is'your'ability'to'freestyle.' How'important'do'you'think'it'is'for'an'artist'to'develop'that'skill?' Mistah'Fab:'Nowadays,'not'so'much.'I'think'everything'is'supported'by'a'great'machine'nowadays;'a' great'working'team.'You'find'the'talent'may'not'necessarily'be'there'but'it’s'more'of'the'branding,'more' of'the'buying.'These'types'of'things.'It’s'definitely'a'great'asset'to'have'as'an'artist'especially'doing'live' performances'and'when'you’re'able'to'switch'it'up'and'give'the'people'something'they'may'not'have' expected.'It’s'a'great'ability'to'have'but'I'don’t'think'it’s'a'necessity.' ' Essince'(TRL):'How'important'is'it'for'artists'to'get'out'of'their'city'to'do'things?' Mistah'Fab:'It’s'very'important'to'get'out'[of]'your'city,'to'go'out'and'network'because'you’re'planting' seeds'and'building'bridges'in'other'cities'and'other'areas.'And'everything'collectively'comes'back.' You’re'planting'money'trees.'Once'you'connect'the'dots'you'see'everything'start'sprouting'and' everything'makes'sense.'They'love'you'in'your'city,'and'when'they'stop'loving'you'in'your'city,'which' happens'sometimes,'unfortunately,'you'have'other'areas'that'still'support'you'and'you'can'keep'going' out'and'getting'money'in'those'cities'and'expanding'and'expounding'your'career.'' ' Essince'(TRL):'Talk'to'me'a'little'about'the'live'show.'You'said'you'have'an'open'mic,'too?'' Mistah'Fab:'I'do'an'open'mic'every'Wednesday'night,'well…about'three'Wednesdays'out'of'the'month' if'I’m'in'town.'The'sole'purpose'of'it'is'to'give'uncultivated'and'undeveloped'talent'a'chance'to'practice' on'their'skills,'build'their'stage'performance,'be'heard,'be'seen'and'I'bring'out'established'artists'like' Too'$hort,'Andre'Nickatina,'and'some'other'local'guys'who’ve'reached'local'stardom'in'our'area'to' come'out.'They'bring'out'the'fans'and'the'people'you'wanna'see'and'it'gives'you'a'chance'to'be'like' “Yo,'I'gotta'show'with'this'person'tonight”'and'it'just'motivates'them'to'continue'to'come'out'and' perfect'their'craft,'man.'To'me,'I'feel'like'it’s'very'important,'it’s'pivotal'that'upNnNcoming'artists,'instead' of'worrying'about'studio'time'are'focused'on'improving'their'stage'performance'and'becoming'better'in' that'way.'Your'stage'performance'is'everything.'I’m'a'people’s'person,'man.'I’ve'had'the'chance'to' travel'the'world'and'at'30'years'old'I’m'considered'a'legend'in'the'Bay'area,'which'is'like,'wow,'damn,'I' never'thought'that'would'be'something.'I'just'try'to'give'back'as'much'as'I'can,'man.'It'really'doesn’t'get' to'my'head.'I’m'just'giving'back'and'giving'people'the'opportunity'that'I'didn’t'have'and'sometimes'the' ones'that'I'did'have'to'help'out'wherever'I'can.'If'you’re'an'established'artist'from'your'area'I'feel'like' you’re'obligated'to'do'some'things'for'the'upNnNcoming'guys;'from'bloggers'to'upNnNcoming'artists,' magazines,'so'on'and'so'forth.'' ' Essince'(TRL):'Is'that'something'you'feel'you’d'like'to'be'remembered'for'when'you'look'back'at'your' career'10I20'years'from'now?' Mistah'Fab:'I'don’t'want'to'be'remembered'for'just'music.'I'want'to'be'seen'as'someone'who'used' music'as'a'steppingNstone'to'higher'endeavors'and'a'higher'plateau'to'let'my'voice'be'heard.'Music'is' such'a'beautiful'thing.'It’s'always'been'my'passion.'I'love'writing.'Music'is'something'I’ve'always'wanted' to'do'as'a'child;'honing'and'developing'my'skills'as'a'child.'But'at'the'end'of'the'day'I'think'the'bigger' calling'for'me'is'so'much'bigger'than'music.'It’s'the'community'philanthropy'that'I'do'that'a'lot'of'

people'may'not'be'aware'of,'the'community'activism,'and'the'motivational'things'that'I'do.'And' everything'collectively'around'that,'being'a'father.'I'would'rather'be'remembered'as'a'great'father'than' a'great'artist'and'those'are'the'things'that'are'important'to'me'because'music'is'my'passion,'man'but' that’s'not'my'life.'My'life'is'so'much'more'and'will'I'utilize'my'power'of'influence'or'while'I'brutalize'it.' Or'will'I'waste'it?'I'think'wasted'talent'that'should'be'one'of'the'seven'deadly'sins,'wasted'influence,' because'you'never'know'who'you’re'motivating'or'guiding.'And'the'lack'of'guidance'is'what'constantly' causes'negligence'and'negativity'in'our'communities'that'we'need'to'shy'away'from.' ' Essince'(TRL):'So'what’s'the'next'project'for'you'now?' Mistah'Fab:'I’ve'been'doing'a'lot'of'marketing'and'managing'some'of'the'artists'around'my'way'and'the' music'that'I’m'doing.'“Found'My'Backpack'3”'which'features'Styles'P,'Jadakiss,'Lupe'Fiasco,'Wale,'I'got'a' lot'of'cats'on'that,'man.'I'think'the'next'project'for'me,'though'is'“Son'of'a'Pimp'2,”'man,'which'is'the' main'project'that'I'really'wanna'promote'and'after'that'I'can'leave.'Honestly'I'can'leave'after'that' because'it’s'my'story.'“Son'of'a'Pimp”'1'was'my'story.'It’s'the'name'of'my'second'album.'That’s'what' gave'me'the'popularity'and'who'I'am,'and'what'I'am,'and'what'I'represented'and'what'my'life'meant'up' until'that'point'and'now,'it’s'like'this'is'the'new'me,'this'is'my'new'life'of'me'at'30'years'old.'Look'what' I’ve'gone'through.'Look'what'I’ve'been'through.'Losing'my'mother,'having'a'daughter,'losing'my' brother,'losing'my'best'friend,'having'a'career'and'all'of'that'is'in'this'album.'“Son'of'a'Pimp'2”'has' some'dope'features.'Kendrick'Lamar,'Snoop'Dogg,'Rick'Ross,'some'dope'features.'It’s'real'passionate.' The'first'one'had'my'father'on'it,'the'next'one'is'gonna'have'my'mother'on'it'and'my'daughter'on'the' intro.'It’s'serious'to'me,'man'and'that’s'the'project'that'I'wanna'push'and'after'that,'man'I'can'walk' away.'I'can'do'the'community'stuff,'the'mentoring,'the'managing,'still'tour'here'and'there.'Not'saying' it’s'done'after'that'but'I'can'walk'away'and'be'happy.'I'don’t'feel'like'I'can'walk'away'yet'until'I'do'that,' know'what'I'mean?' ' Essince'(TRL):'Where'can'we'check'you'out,'then,'man?'What'are'the'links?' Mistah'Fab:''I’m'on'SocialCam,'I’m'on'twitter,'on'Facebook:'MistahFAB.'And'that’s'what'it’s'about,'man.' Hit'me'up'but'last'thing'I'wanna'tell'everybody'is'let’s'utilize'the'importance'of'our'ability.'Let’s'stop' glorifying'those'that'get'out'of'jail'and'let’s'start'glorifying'those'that'graduate'from'college.'Let’s'start' perpetuating'intelligence.'There’s'nothing'wrong'[with'being]'artful'and'to'sound'educated.'Some' people'may'see'this'interview'and'say,'“Ah,'he'sounds'like'a'nerd.”'I’m'not'ashamed'of'that!'I’m'happy' to'be'intelligent.'I’m'happy'to'be'able'to'articulate'myself'and'you'should'be'as'well.''The'negativity'that' we'constantly'indulge'in'and'constantly'promote'is'the'main'thing'that'breaks'us'down'as'a'people.'It’s' not'a'Black'thing'it’s'not'a'White'thing.'It’s'a'people'thing.'Because'now'we’ve'globalized'this'so'much' that'everyone'from'another'place'or'another'community'can'have'the'traits'and'characteristics'of' another'nationality'because'everything'is'so'bridged'and'together.'But'let’s'start'pushing'intelligence' and'let’s'start'pushing'common'sense.'There’s'nothing'wrong'with'being'smart.'Let’s'praise'the'scholars' instead'of'praising'the'drug'dealers'and'the'dope'dealers.'We’ve'been'so'corrupted'and'brainwashed' that'we'think'that'downplaying'the'drug'user'but'upgrading'the'drug'dealer'is'good!'When'in'actuality' those'are'two'errors.'These'are'things'in'our'community'that'affect'us'on'a'major'scale'on'our' development'as'a'people'and'that’s'what'I’m'on,'developing'and'mentally'orientating'the'youth' because'we’re'more'powerful'than'we'think.'We'can’t'be'converted'we'just'gotta'be'reminded.'''





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Emma Bartolomucci is a Toronto based performing artist. Her artistic expressions are through the mediums of dance, acting, guitar and voice. Her performance opportunities include; Carmela in West Side Story (Theatre St. John's), contemporary company dancer in Conflicts and Resolutions for Dance Ontario Weekend (Jasmyn Fyffe Dance), aWife/Ensemble in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (Silver Mist Productions), Question in INFINITUM, a physical theatre piece with Melissa major and Faye Rauw and Can Can dancing/singing at Diamond Tooth Gertie's Casino in the Yukon. Choreography credits include: Bazaar: Heroes, Big Art for Little Minds, International Dance Day, Little Red Ridinghood with Resonance Theatre (Fringe Kids), Fame and Little Women with First Act Productions. Most recently she performed in Kensington Market with a group of her close friends. Director Victoria Fuller had a vision of creating a physical play version of the story, A Clockwork Orange. Late nights were spent in the dusty theatre as a group of close thespians used their free time to create something real. It was such a fulfilling experience because sometimes as performing artists we don't always get to have a voice, but this show was unique in the fact that we all got to speak honestly. Currently, I am choreographing the musical Hair for First Act Productions, colleague Nicole Strawbridge's company. Director Oscar Moreno and I have a great collaborative relationship... feeding off of each other's creative juices and living a similar bohemian life in my opinion gives the actors some authentic direction. Hair is a musical about living free, finding your destiny, knowing who you are, fighting for what you believe and simply, love. I am very proud to be working on such a classic and influential musical with a cast that is open and loving. With the hopes of doing this for the rest of her life, she lives for creating art from her heart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlwwfNI80YI

Epps Music Productions Epps Music Production has been set up by respected music producer and independent A&R professional Stuart Epps to provide artists & performers, song-writers & musicians, with a platform and structure to build their career and to help them establish their name in an ever more competitive music industry. Contact: www.stuartepps@talk21.com +44(0)1628 299077

Stuart Epps has toured America with Elton John, produce and engineered records for Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bill Wyman and Paul Rodgers and is now focusing on the Next Generation of up and coming artists. www.stuartepps.com




The Rhythmic Lounge: You are an amazingly talented Record/Music Producer. How did you get started? Stuart Epps: I left school at the age of 15 and went to work as an office boy at Dick James music. They were the Beatles’ music publishers amongst others. This is also where I met the young Reg Dwight (ELTON JOHN) This was London 1967…amazing times. I would get asked to take a demo around to Paul McCartney or Abbey Road. It was a great way to start in the Biz and I became great friends with Elton and started working on his career for the record company. I toured with him as his assistant in the States when I was still only 18 years old. I then carried on working at the record company and was actually producing records at this time. The Full story of my time with Elton is here… http://www.stuartepps.co.uk/eltontheearlyyears.htm

TRL: You have worked an endless number of musicians, from Elton John to Oasis and more! What is your most memorable experience? SE: To be honest there are too many to mention here. I had many great times with Elton John and possibly the most memorable was being on tour with him in 1974 and John Lennon agreed to play on stage with Elton at Madison Square Garden. I was with John in the dressing room and also with him when he went up on stage. He was nervous, as it was his fist time on stage in many years. It was an incredible reception he got from the crowd and quite emotional. I worked with Jimmy page for 5 years at the mill studios at the time when John Bonham died, and I mixed the last Zeppelin album. I also worked with George Harrison and Bill Wyman. I have many stories, not all of them possible to publish I’m afraid but I have had some great times. Liam from Oasis and I got along well and I also sang with Robbie Williams when working on his album. TRL: The success you’ve had has surely come from longevity in the business, as well as a lot of hard work. What are some of your business methods that have aided in your successful career?

SE: It’s just been a case of loving what I do, so you put a lot into it. I have a passion for music, so it never seems like work and I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing artists and they make the work easy. Also keeping up with the new technology helps and always trying to get it better is also the key. Never sitting back and thinking, that’s it, I know it all. Making music has no limits and your always learning! TRL: You now have your own company “EMP” that is a great platform for musicians. Can you tell us about what EMP is and what the company offers? SE: With all the new artists I am working with from all over the world I set up EMP as a platform for some of the best artists to showcase their tracks that I’ve produced. Also to offer them to bigger publishers and record companies. It’s not easy for unsigned artists to get in front of record companies with their material, so I try and help with that. TRL: What advice would you give to someone looking to become a successful producer? SE: Probably to get experience in engineering and studio techniques. There are many colleges now offering music courses so that's a good start. Then I would recommend for them to get hands-on experience, maybe even with local bands. It’s all down to getting as much experience as possible but its not easy. TRL: What does 2013 have in store for you as a producer, as well as your company? SE: I’m working with many bands form all over the world like I said. Mixing some artists’ home recordings, which is a challenge. Also working with some big established artists, one of which is the amazing drummer and Beatle son Zak Starkey. So lots of great stuff is in store!


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Saturdays 5-6pm EST “The Independent Music Show” with Tom Lambert The Independent Music Show does exactly what it says on the tin...plays the independent music of artists and writers from all over the world. The show features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever you the listener, would like to hear. Of course you will hear some mainstream music on the show, but you will find it hard to figure out who’s on big budget production and who isn’t because the Independents are as good and in some cases better, than the mainstream.

Sundays 7-8pm EST “A Bowl of Soul” with Terry Ferguson Displaying a wide variety of R&B ranging from 1949 to today, A Bowl of Soul, A Mixed Stew of Soul Music™ gives the listener a crash course in the history and background of R&B through the years. This show covers Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rock music. A Bowl of Soul takes listeners on a trip through history from the past to the present, highlighting singers, songwriters, arrangers and composers who have contributed to this music genre and also features the new rising stars in R&B from the U.S. and abroad.

Sundays 9-10pm EST “Detroit Sessions” with DJ Steve Ra Detroit Sessions displays a blend of sounds from up and coming Detroit talent and veterans, including Techno, House, Booty Bass, Electro House, Dubstep, Ghettotech, and more. This is the perfect show for all of you EDM fans.

Madness of the Night by K.P. Spright Music transcending beyond night, taking you through a rocking world; that is how Gothic Rock is portrayed by Sweden band ‘Madness of the Night’. Accomplished with more than 18 years of work in the entertainment industry the Night’s Madness actually takes a new turn with this international group. Madness of the Night has distinct origin, brilliant singer Abir Lillman from Beirut and a fine embrace of Sweden’s accord affixes elements of hardcore Rock and Goth music. Giving the man in the street a voice of equality and social causes Massacre Records label is out there to make a change and stand strongly for its beliefs. Madness of the Night is managed by Fredrik Ahlstrom and a brainchild of Daniel Lillman. Their song “We are Gothrockers and we don’t care” is a treat for all the dark song lovers, adding a special touch with soprano voice of Abir. Established on a strong message of diversity and human tolerance this band entertains the everyman. You can find more information on the social media, share music and find out more about the band here ttp://www.facebook.com/madnessofthenightmusic. Fans love the vocals of songs like “Voices of the people” and “State of Madness” and look forward to the full album. Melodies are bound to touch you deeply, especially with their fair use of lyrics against antiracism, government injustice, poor man facing discrimination, oppression and more. Watch Madness of the Night on television, catch up on the latest news shows or put your headphones on and get rocking right here at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!http://www.reverbnation.com/madnessofthenight. Darkwave music and Abir have many lives to touch and a very long way to go. As the fans are increasing on a global count and rave reviews from press add on, they have opened new horizons to connect humans bringing peace over the world. Be ready for bonus controversial lyrics, supreme blend of life and pure Madness of the Night’s new releases, news and more information at http://www.madnessofthenight.com



The Rhythmic Lounge: Describe why you named your group “Madness of the Night.” Madness of the Night: The music is made after midnight, so the idea of night came to mind. Madness came about because of the nature of singing in a theatre mad way, so it became Madness of The Night. Abir is also Bipolar, so that contributed as well.

TRL: How did your group get started? MOTN: Madness of the Night worked in music for 18 years but under different names. We started doing music again after a many years of silence. We met online, started to make music together, then fell in love and got married :).

TRL: The music world can be so competitive! In what ways do you try and stick out and set yourself apart from other groups, while staying true to who you are? MOTN: The project is about a vision. We have messages in our songs and the songs are very feministic. We target real people on the streets, real stories, women rights, human rights and we are anti politicians. Our music is a mix between alternative rock, gothic rock, metal and punk. We have fans whom like all kinds of music and anyone can relate to our music. We value all people the same, from anywhere and any background, race or color.

TRL: How has your music evolved from your first single to where you are now? MOTN: It went from songs about the oppression of women to voices of the people against wars and politicians, to the Syrian Revolution with the song “Stand Up our latest.”

TRL: Do you create music with a specific audience in mind or do you have a vision much greater than that? MOTN: Yes we create music to bring out messages. Madness of the Night is a vision, not only a band. It is actually a concept. We would like to expand it to our children so they can continue with it. It is about all people and we target everyone. Anyone can relate to our music. Our music is very real.

TRL: You often use your music to deliver messages and address real things that are going on in the world. What is it that you hope listeners will take from what they hear? MOTN: They will hear a lot about women’s rights. There is too much degradation and humiliation against women in society today. Society prospers when women are treated fairly. Children also grow healthy with happy souled mothers. There is also anti-political messages against wars etc.

TRL: What can people expect from your new album that comes out in late spring? MOTN: It will be a real surprise, A lot of feministic songs and songs against politicians, as well as energetic & powerful songs. It is also going to be like a story-telling album that includes poetry then comes a song. So it becomes the telling of a story of a little girl from an oppressed environment who is fighting against dictators with songs like “Stand Up against the Syrian Regime” to other songs like “She is a Demon” where women fall in love and become involved in a destructive relationship. The name of the CD and Cover will also be a very big surprise!

SKEET DA YUNG POET by Barry Stein When we are young, we hear the command of how children should be seen and not heard. Devin Streeter has always had something to say and his voice has never been able to be suppressed. He’s not like most of us, who frivolously leak out meaningless words to strangers, unable to make a difference. Devin, a.k.a. Skeet Da Yung Poet, is determined to inspire us and to be heard.

Compelled to write since he was a young child, Skeet Da Yung Poet has always been an old soul beyond his years. He began writing Gospel Songs in sixth grade and like many great authorities, performed poorly in his high school English class. Despite harsh criticism by so-called authorities, Skeet Da Yung Poet was unable to not write.

Gifted with gab and the ability to promote himself, S.D.Y.P. became the poetic acronym of his self-created movement. The initials of his brand name have also become synonymous with Success, Determination, Youth and Prosperity. Self published author, musician, model, promoter and entrepreneur, the words of Skeet Da Yung Poet will touch you one way or the other.

He authored “The Black Book Vol. 1” followed by “The Year of the Writer”, “The Mysteries, Powers and Confusions of Love Vol.1”, “As I Yearn for Her” and “The Black Book Vol. 2. It’s hard to contain his expression with one general label, as each listener will interpret something different from what they hear or read. At the very least Skeet Da Yung Poet talks the talk and walks the walk.

He’s got a website, fan pages on Facebook with almost 2,000 followers on one page and almost 9,000 followers on another, with a trending Twitter page and books for sale online containing his poetry. Check him out when you get a chance… he might just inspire you to believe in yourself if not just encourage you to speak your mind, be seen and be heard as he has.

http://www.skeetdayungpoet.com/ https://twitter.com/S_D_Y_P https://www.facebook.com/SKEETDAYUNGPOET http://www.facebook.com/bestpoetalive http://www.pinkkisspublishing.com/skeetdayungpoet.html




Smooth jams radio is the Internet's home for all the jams from yesterday and today's artists. Our genres include Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Slow Jams, Old School Hip-Hop, Gospel and Caribbean music. Check it out at www.smoothjamsradio.com/ You can also tune in via the most popular Internet directories, iTunes, Shoutcast, Windows Media, Nokia radio, Audio radio and many more. Be sure to check out our free App for your Android, smartphones and tablets. Just search smooth jams radio in (Google play) and download it or free! We can also now be heard on all blackberry devices through Nobex Radio, a FREE Mobile App available in the blackberry world for blackberry/playbook users to tune in to smooth jams radio. Smooth jams radio has been broadcasting over the Internet for 4 years and growing stronger, one listener at a time. We have new programing, which offers a free platform for up and coming artists and bands to submit their music tracks to smooth jams radio for air play consideration. We encourage new artists to make sure its smooth and jamming to get played on the air weekdays 3pm est., Smooth Grooves hosted by Dj Koolbob M-F 6pm est. and all day Saturdays, The Midday Mix hosted by Dj Mad Mike on weekdays noon est., Smooth Jams After Dark, Sunday Slow Jams hosted by the legendary Kevin Slow Jammin James at 10pm est., and Gospel Time Sun-Fri 5am est. just to name a few.


BIO Trish Standley is an active woman of God who pours her time, effort, and energy into pleasing the Lord. She possesses a strong faith, and credits her “genuineness to Jesus‟ to her upbringing. She was raised by her mother, a single parent, Ms. Janette Christie. She, and her four sisters attended Grace Memorial Church of God In Christ in Kokomo, Indiana, under the leadership of the late Bishop Milton L. Hall. It was there that she received the greatest gift of all: the gift of Salvation. She co-founded a teenage gospel group called the Sweet Sounds of God at the age of 15. She, along with three other young ladies traveled throughout the state of Indiana singing songs of Zion. Their group became very well-known for their soul-stirring ministry gifts, and they received invitations to sing and compete in competitions throughout the state. It was through that experience that Trish began to develop her talent for songwriting and arrangement. She was led to Jan Smith Studios where Canangela Boyd-Robertson became her personal vocal coach. Through years of voice lessons, paired with my continued spiritual growth, Trish obtained an array of ministry-enhancing skills that literally took her singing to another level. She formed the very first children’s choir at Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia in 2000, where she faithfully served for 11 years. She was the Lead Director for the Voices of Praise choir, as well as one of the Pastor’s select soloists. While there, she was inspired to work with a group of young girls, encouraging them to use their voices for the Lord. The group, Sisters of Praise, soon became a blessed expectation among the parishioners because of their uplifting performances. In 2004, the Lord led Trish to form the gospel ensemble, AHAVA, which consisted of nine members who worshipped at various churches throughout the Atlanta area. Many of the members had no prior experience singing in public. She embraced the opportunity to guide and develop these individuals into ministry gifts.

In 2008, she went into the studio and began to record the songs that the Lord had given me. Hence, the journey began. In December, 2009, Trish released her first album. Now given the mandate to step out of a group setting and to minister to God’s people who feel unworthy of His love, compassion and grace, she is prepared to share her personal testimonies of God’s mercy. These testimonies comprise the lyrics of the songs she ministers on her albums.

“Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” -2 Peter 1:10-11


Trish Standley P.O. Box 1834 Conyers, GA 30012 Phone: 770.789.6945 Email: jansjoy@hotmail.com



by Patrick Ross

Nashville)Tennessee)native)artist)2Four)is)a)budding)local)rapper,)with) his)sights)set)on)the)big)time.)His)presence)ranges)from)mix)tape)artist,) to)rapper,)to)hip>hop)enthusiast)is)evident)in)his)ambition)to)rise)above) his)life)in)Tennessee.)While)his)ability)to)deliver)lyrically)diverse)rhymes) and)patterns)is)within)his)grasp,)and)the)musical)backdrops)engaging.)I) did)not)get)the)sense)of)a)ground)breaking)experience)emerging)from)his) music,)that)would)allow)him)to)stand)apart)from)the)fact)that)he)is)being) compared)to)other)rappers)such)as)Drake,)Lil)Wayne,)Ludacris,)Lupe) Fiasco,)and)T.I.)) ) While)his)current)EP)CD)release)“Long)Hair)Don’t)Care”)on)the) independent)record)label)Juggernaut)24)Entertainment)is)being) distributed)on)iTunes.com)It)does)come)with)a)parental)advisory)warning) label,)that)suggests)that)it)may)not)be)suitable)for)radio)play)to)gain)the) necessary)exposure)that)the)artist)seeks)to)attain)beyond)an) underground)mix)tape)genre.)I)did)enjoy)the)track)entitled)“Tokyo)Paris”) which)had)the)most)commercial)appeal)on) his)Reverbnation.com)website.)The)tracks)“Fly”)and)“Dear)Summer”)also) presented)the)possibility)that)music)maturity)was)within)sight)at)some) point)in)the)future.)While)many)rappers)feel)that)maintaining)street) credibility)is)important)to)the)fan)base)they)start)from)in)their)early) careers,)it)does)hinder)them)from)achieving)a)more)commercial)status) that)would)allow)them)to)crossover)to)a)wider)audience.)I)recommend) that)all)lovers)of)hip>hop)listen)to)this)EP)and)check)him)out)on)his)social) networks!)) Website and Social Network Info:

Booking and Publicity inquiries:

www.juggernaut24music.net http://www.facebook.com/The-Real-2Four www.twitter.com/thereal2four www.reverbnation.com/thereal2four

William Conwell Juggernaut 24 Entertainment - 615-218-2620 juggernaut24entertainment@gmail.com www.juggernaut24music.net

where creativity lives

W I N T E R / / 29

The Rhythmic Lounge: How did you come up with the name “Long Hair Don’t Care” for your debut EP? 2Four: Well with having dreads and that being a part of my image it wasn't difficult for that to be the name of my first project. TRL: How long was the process from start to finish for putting this EP together? Was it easy for you to go into the studio and deliver the tracks or was it more of a writing process? 2Four: The entire process only took a few weeks or so and all of my songs are more or less a writing process but getting in the studio and writing is something that is easy to me and sort of comes natural to me. I write fairly fast and I pretty much know what I'm gonna say and how I want the song to sound like before I even step in the booth so I have my game plan and then in the studio it's attack mode. TRL: You are known for your thoughtful lyrics! What made you decide to go against the grain and talk about things other than just women and money? 2Four: I think my influences are a big part of that not just any particular artist but different genres and the diversity of music that I listen to. And I just write about what I see and what I know so I'm not sure if it’s against the grain per say but it definitely is different and it gives me my own voice. Coming up with clever and thoughtful lyrics makes it fun for me and allows me to put my college vocabulary on display in a way as well as my lifestyle. TRL: You were born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, which is the music city. Did you feel pressure to be involved in music because it was all around you or was it just a natural gift from the start? 2Four: Well not really pressure because when I was growing up sports were top dog at the time and music was something I knew I had in me but I really didn't push it to the point where I'm at now. I knew a dream for me would be a career in sports or a career in music and luckily I have the ability to do both but now that sports is on the back burner I'm able to achieve what I really want to do in music. When I first started I was a little unsure but not I think I have what's it takes to make a noise in the business. I think my surroundings did help develop my taste in music as well as my baseline for how and what I represent. I love Nashville to the death. TRL: Not only are you a rising hip-hop artist, but you are also a college student. How do you keep your focus and balance these two different worlds? 2Four: It's definitely a struggle and I struggle with it everyday. It's a gift and a curse. It's a curse because you got classes to work around and different things going on at unforgiving times but its a gift because these are the best years of my life and it will be this time I look back on if I'm fortunate to see old age. I think it's no accident that my college lifestyle whether its partying, working, or whatever ends up in my music. I'm also sure lots of people can relate to what I'm saying. TRL: You have said that your debut EP is just sample of the talent that you have. What are you planning to do next to really put yourself out there and showcase what you have to offer? 2Four: This is definitely just a taste of the ability that I have in my possession. I have lots of ideas and genres I want to explore because I don't see myself as just a rapper. I am and will be a lot more than that and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that I hope to bring to the light in the near future. Stay tuned because I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.



Zabania©'Perfume:'A'MODE'of'Cosmic' Fragrance'Therapy!' Most'of'us'would'agree'that'human'beings'are'guided,'controlled,'dictated'and'governed'by' subconscious'desires'that'we'are'‘more'than'likely’'unaware.'Not'only'are'we'ignorant'of'the'significant' ‘all'too'obvious'clues’,'promptings,'implications,'distinctions,'and'surprising'consequences,'but'more' importantly'we,'sometimes,'[more'often'than'not]'ignore'or'denyMmuch'to'our'chagrin'Mthose' sensations'which''lead'us'into'circumstances,'situations,'events'and'relationships''not'easily'explained.'' These'unexplained'episodes'result'in'“inexplicable'feelings”'as'such,'ones'we'can’t'possibly'being'to' understand,'much'less'define.'In'other'words,'we,'sometimes,'either'discount'or'deny'the'‘whirling’' sensations'without'trusting'our'first'instinct.' These'hidden'desires,'not'only,'motivate,'encourage,'confuse,'constrict,'dissuade,'and'support'decisions' and/actions'we'probably'don’t'properly'understand'or'appreciate'fully,'at'the'time,'but'oftentimes,' leave'us'feeling'vulnerably'exposed,'especially'where'new'involvements'are'concerned.'Instead'of' ‘zoning'in’'with'what’s'going'on'down'under,'we'attempt'to'fill'and'justify'the'awkward'space'with' anything'available'or'convenient'to'us,'at'the'moment.''To'complicate'matters'further,'we'try'to' interpret'the'meanings'of'our'reactions'to'the'various'situations'with'only'half'the'information'supplied,' which'only'complicates'the'already'muffled'scenario.' The'truth'is:'we'have'absolutely'no'clue'as'to'why'we'are'attracted'to'and'attract'the'people'we'draw' into'our'lives,'other'than'we'are'vibrating'at'a'certain'frequency'('some'may'call'this'‘vibration’)'which' acts'as'an'electromagnetic'resonance'which'immediately'pulls'the'person'into'your'field'of'echoing' energy.'Another,'more'simple'way'of'explaining'this'mysterious'phenomenon'is'to'say:'we'all'possess'a' certain'innate'scent'that'attracts'some'and'repels'others.''It'is'easy'to'embrace,'accept,'and'incorporate' the'idea'of'“following'a'certain'scent”'{like'a'blue'tick'coonhound}'than'try'to'differentiate'and'explain' the'various'magnetized'properties'of'electrified'elements'and'chemical'compositions'we'put'off'as' human'beings.''Bottom'line:'these'resonating'properties'are'radiating'from'a'distinctive'scent'we'put'off' as'prompters.' Some'may'interpret'these'unexpected'uncomfortable'sensations'as'natural'ATTRACTION.'Others,' however,'are'bombarded'with'expressing'unsettling'words'that'don’t'make'one'bit'of'sense.'Regardless' of'how'the'feelings'are'explained'away'or'reasoned'out,'the'fact'remains'that'we'unconsciously,' automatically'respond'to'a'wellMpreserved'scent'of'attraction.' It’s'something'that'happens'of'itself.'We'know'instinctively'whether'we'like'something'or'we'don’t!'No' if,'ands,'or'buts'about'it.'We'just'plain'KNOW!'We'just'can’t'say'WHY'we'know.'According'to'the'Father' of'psychoanalysis,'Sigmund'Freud,'“The'quickest'way'to'trigger'an'emotional'response'is'with'scent.”' I'am'convinced'{current'research'also'strongly'suggests}'that'the'power'of'scent'is'the'single'most' influencing'factor'in'determining'a'person’s'predispositions.'You'don’t'have'understood'why'something' or'someone'appeals'to'you,'but'you'will'respond'to'those'initial'stirrings'in'order'to'discover'more' about'the'apparent'mystery.'In'fact,'you'are'powerless'to'do'otherwise.' Thus,'begins'the'challenge'of'paradoxical'pursuit.'{Following'an'individual'scent'that'has'lured'you.}'Like' a'Blue'Tick'Coonhound'on'the'‘hot’'chase'of'a'raccoon,'the'object'of'your'affection'will'soon'be'treed,'



you'hope.'The'pursuit'involves'the'old'‘cat'and'mouse’'chase'of'ambiguity'and,'at'first,'secrecy.'Coyly' denying'the'obvious'attraction'works,'too,'for'some.'Be'that'as'it'may,'something'of'an'inexplicable' nature'has'been'set'in'motion'to'unlock'the'door'into'the'unknown'aspects'of'yourself'revealing'veiled' motivations'unknown'to'you'at'the'time.'It’s'called'ineffable'scent'which'is'the'imploding'impetus'for' your'actions.' What'could'that'mysterious'impetus'be?'FRAGRANCE,'That’s'right.'The'smell'of'the'encounter'has' inadvertently'caught'your'nose.'There’s'an'ongoing'debate'with'chemists'as'to'whether'scent'is' triggered'by'receptors'or'vibrations.'{Another'lengthy'article'of'discussion'for'another'time}'Either'way,' the'point'remains:'certain'fragrances'work'specifically'for'you'and'only'YOU!' Nothing'else'will'satisfy.'Preferred'scent'{PERFUME}'is'something'incredibly'difficult'to'explain'or' comprehend.'Bottom'LINE:'You'are'able'to'detect,'without'a'moment’s'hesitation,'a'fragrance'you'love' or'despise.'You'just'know!'It’s'generative'passion'at'work.'Sort'of'magical,'I'guess.'Anyway,'enhancing,' enlivening,'and'accentuating'our'natural'scent'encourages'an'overall'sense'of'wellMbeing.'A'Plugged'in' feeling,'unresponsive'to'anything'else'except'the'natural'desirous'response.' Can'you'enhance'that'‘natural'and'convenient’'sacredly'erotic'scent'of'you'and'thereby'increase'the' chances'of'your'being'more'sexually'attractive'and'appealing?'Of'course'you'can,'or'the'Perfume' business'wouldn’t'comprise'more'than'$6'1/2'billion'in'retail'sales.' Paula'Andrea'Pyle,'M.A.' Mode'of'Cosmic'Therapy©' Senior'Perfumer'Zabania©'Perfume' http://shop.modeofcosmictherapy.com/ZabaniaMPerfumeMzp1.htm' '

' '

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W I N T E R / / 35

Kai Storm Alani, a young Panamanian girl that came to New York with her mother in the 80's when crack was first introduced to the ghetto, made Flatbush, Brooklyn her home. Tracy, a drug dealer pedophile, got her attention and invited her into his life but once Alani was in, she took things to another level! Get yourself familiar with these great reads that have over 60 reviews combined on Amazon! Available in paperback and e-book for Kindle and Kindle reading app! Go towww.nattiekai.com or www.wix.com /nattiekai/kaistorm for store listings in New York, Roxbury MA, Morrow GA, Philadelphia & Maryland.

Kai Storm Author of Alani's Bigger Hustle & Alani's Hustle Gets Bigger! 21st Street Urban Editing & Publishing, LLC kaistorm@21streeturbanediti ng.com www.21streeturbanediting.co m facebook.com/KaiStorm twitter.com/alanistory

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Boombox Saints C o n s i s t i n g o f F r e e k y P , A d l i b , H u g g y F r e s h a n d D J Re l i k , this multi-face te d quarte t of sne ake r fie nds, stre e t-we ar enthusiasts and addicted to fresh junkies have an uncanny ability to capture the attention of anyone within earshot of their music, creating fans with their own b r a n d o f H i p H o p & R& B i n f u s e d P o p .

Boombox Saints has garnered considerable media attention for their quality of music and hyped performances alongside some of today’s most succe ssful and re spe cte d acts — J. Cole , Kid Cudi, Big Se an, Mos De f, Jay Ele ctronica, Talib Kwe li, Souls of Mischief, Far East Movement, Danny Fernandes, Sean Paul and many more.

The group released their debut album “For The Moment” on Oct 23, 2012.

Essince (The Rhythmic Lounge): How did you guys come up with the name Boombox Saints? Freeky P (BBS): I was not part of the group when the name was made up. But it was taken from a movie about 2 brothers who kill in the name of God. I guess you can translate that into our career somehow.

Essince (TRL): How did you meet? Freeky P (BBS): Well I met Adlib and Huggy when I first moved to Vancouver in 06' through my girlfriend at the time. They were just getting into the band thing and asked me to come through a rehearsal one time and from then on I never left.

Essince (TRL): I love the combination of hip-hop/R&B. These last few years singing & rhyming have really become an important part of hip-hop (not just with Drake and Nicki Minaj) How important are showcasing both elements in your music? Freeky P (BBS): A good melody will get stuck in your head. It's easier to listen to and easier to learn when the melody is sticky. In songwriting today, that is key. It's like the sweetener in the medicine - our content deals with a lot of personal experiences, which may be hard to take, but with the right melody, could make a song be repeated over and over.

Essince (TRL): What's the scene like in Canada? Specifically your native Vancouver? Freeky P (BBS): It's still new. Just like the city itself, it's very young. We have talent here but it's still in development. The hot spot right now is Toronto, their music scene is poppin right now. With Vancouver's population difference, we will come into ours a little slower.

Essince (TRL): How popular are American acts there versus Canadian talent being that the countries are so close and share so much common pop culture? Freeky P (BBS): The Americans ARE the popular act. Since they're the inventors of hip-hop music, it's only right that everyone else comes second. Just like in the previous answer, Vancouver and Canada itself is still trying to find its own sound.

Essince (TRL): What is the response for "For the Moment" like in Vancouver? Freeky P (BBS): It's all love. Everyone's saying it's our best body of work yet, which I believe to be so. A lot of people are rooting for us and the support in our community is tremendous.

Essince (TRL): What's next for BBS? Freeky P (BBS): Touring across the country and hopefully breaking into the states, and furthermore, touring Asia. On top of that, working on Bringin The Boom Back Pt. 2.

Essince (TRL): Where can we keep in touch with you online? Freeky P (BBS): Boomboxsaints.com. You can link all our social media outlets there.

Essince (TRL): Any final shout outs? Freeky P (BBS): Hi Mom!!!!! See ya in the Philippines.




Songwriting 101:  Part  1   By:  Monet  

So you want to be a songwriter? You want to leave a

At this point you may be wondering about where to start

legacy; leave your mark on the world through your

with the songwriting process. There are some key things

music. Or maybe you just want to write songs for the

to remember when you decide to create your song.

enjoyment of family and friends. Many people have a

Every song has lyrics and melody (that are developed

desire to sing, sometimes coupled with the desire to

into verses, chorus), rhythm and harmony.

write songs, but the question comes up about how much they really know about the songwriting process. Songwriting is part God-given talent and creativity, and part skill. The good thing about it is that even if you were not born with the innate talent to create a picture with words, it is an art form that you can definitely learn and build upon. Whether country, R&B, pop, rock etc., all songs have the same general make up. There are lyrics, melody and rhythm that are strategically designed to form a chorus (the main focus of your song), verses

Lyrics – the lyrics tell the story and make up about 50% of the song. Catchy melody and a strong beat will get a listener’s attention, but any great song, a hit song, has not only a great beat, but strong lyrics as well. Melody – the part of the song that not only gets the listener’s attention, but the first part that the listener retains. It’s that part of the song that persons can’t get out of their head! This is usually the part sung by lead vocals or played by the main instrument. Rhythm – this is the motion/movement of the song. This is usually generated by various instruments, but can also be dictated by the arrangement of lyrics and melodies.

same end result – a beautifully written song. Over time,

Harmony – this is the accompaniment to the lead vocals and melody. Usually created by the background vocals or non-percussion instruments, it adds to the emotions the listener feels as they are taken on the musical journey.

you can find what method works for you and go with

The only way to begin your songwriting journey is to

that. Some persons find it more comfortable to start

write a song. You have spent enough time daydreaming

with the idea/topic of a song first, others get a burst of

about that #1 hit you are going to make, now is the time

creativity and create a melody and rhythm which they

to get started. Inspiration can hit anytime and anywhere

develop and add lyrics later. Then there are those again

(even in dreams as you sleep) but when it does it,

that begin with lyrics and worry about melodic structure

whether it be lyrics or melody first, write it down it

afterwards. Either way, the final product is verses, (pre-

record it. Do whatever is necessary to ensure that you

chorus), chorus, and bridge.

don’t forget that piece you just came up with. Once that

and most times a bridge. Songwriters have many ways that they arrive to the

Any and every great song tells a story, and it is up to you as the songwriter (story teller) to captivate your audience with a fascinating description of each stage of that story. The audience should be able to understand your story and also envision themselves in that story. Because you as the songwriter will not be there to explain every little detail, your writing and melodic phrasing should be in such a way that they are able to travel on the trail you created.

is done, focus on building the song’s lyrics and/or melody & rhythmic structure. At this point just brainstorm and play around with lyrics and melody. In Songwriting 101: Part 2, I will talk about proper form for your song, mainly lyrical patterns which can be the difference between a good song and a great song. Until then, here’s to songwriting and creativity…cheers!

DJ Wil by Patrick Ross London based Disc Jockey, DJ Wil AKA “The Master Selector” is the founder and C.E.O. of Smoke Entertainment since March 2007 to the present, also a managing director in charge of one the United Kingdom’s finest urban Internet radio stations Hotbox Radio London since October 2010 to the present. Born April 19, Wilmot Faulkner in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Music has always been a part of his life beginning as a member of one best and most renowned church and school choirs in West Africa for several years. While still in school around the early 1990’s, young Wil discovered a passion for disc jockeying and soon after started on the path to a career in the entertainment industry. Making guest appearances on FM and short wave radios stations, Wil worked nine years as a DJ, announcer, presenter, and production assistant on the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service SLBS FM 99.9 and also on Skyy Radio 106.6 FM in Freetown along with it’s sister station KISS 104 in Bo. A mixture of native and French, British and Kriol influences, Sierra Leone music is represented by Palm wine the drink and is played by an acoustic guitar with percussion in countries through out coastal West Africa. Palm wine is also the source of the name of the music and clubs where it was both drunk and played. Also known as Maringa, it was first popularized by Ebenezer Calendar & his Maringa band, and used styles that came from freed slaves from the Caribbean, especially Trinidadian calypso. Milo-Jazz is a distinctly Sierra Leonean style named for a brand of chocolate powder, empty cans of which were filled with stones to create a core percussion instrument. Beginning in the 1970’s, rumba, Congolese music, funk and soul combined to create a popular kind of Afro pop. Western Rap, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, and Grime have begun to have an impact on the new music generation, while the internet and spread of western music culture has encouraged the youth like DJ Wil, to express themselves through new styles of music. Consequently, as one of the pioneers in Sierra Leone’s music scene, Wil became a strong influencer helping to promote local music artists in his country, helping many of these artists to gain both national and international recognition in the music industry. DJ Wil made many appearances at events, shows, and parties gigging in and around the townships and districts of Sierra Leone. He now has made his residence in the UK. His most recent gigs as a radio show host have been on “Night Ride” which is on air every Monday night 9pm – 11pm UK time, and “The Weekend Starter” show every Friday night 9pm – Midnight UK Time. His versatility includes playing regularly at local clubs and events in the United Kingdom and around Europe. Being eclectic and open in music taste, his is a wide-ranging audience of varying cultures and musical genres. Having a wealth of experience as a media producer and broadcaster on terrestrial radio, the Internet, bars, nightclubs, and parties. Website: http://www.TMSDJWil.com

where creativity lives

W I N T E R / / 43

t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8 Little is known about t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8's past other than his frequent references to college, his humor and heavy sarcasm to describe real world issues, and his apparent love of Inspiring music. Since his almost phantasmal appearance in the underground Hip-Hop scene, he has opened for notable artists such as Juvenile, Digable Planets, Blockhead, and Grammy nominated artist, Talib Kweli. Recently, this unconventional hip-hop artist has made a groundbreaking presence in Houston as the 1st place winner of Battle of the Bands, being featured on Locked and Loaded vol. 6 hosted by Chalie Boy, and worked with prominent artists such as Devin the Dude, Just Brittany, and Sha Stimuli. Still being loyal to his social conscious brand, t.h.e Misfit Crazy8 mixes thought provoking lyrics with uptempo instrumentals to create a sound that distinguishes him from his peers.

Sales/Downloads: -Over 2,000 projects Sold/Downloaded independently

Notable Performances: -Over 50 Performances -Opened for Cupid (Cupid Shuffle) Lafayette Louisiana -Opened for Juvenile New Orleans LA -Opened for Blockhead Houston TX -Opened for Talib Kweli New Orleans LA -Opened for Digable Planets Houston TX -FlyFest 2010 Houston Tx -Main Street Music Festival 2010 Houston Tx -State of Emergency Album Release Party Houston Tx -Elements of Hip Hop Dallas Tx

Notable Press: -Houston Press http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2011/04/crazy8_giving_back_with_new_re.php -DayandaDream http://dayandadream.com/2010/10/14/t-h-e-misfit-crazy8-my-galaxy/ -REUPSPOT http://www.reupspot.com/t-h-e-misfit-crazy8-state-of-emergency.htm -TrackStarLaxative.com http://trackstarlaxative.blogspot.com/2011/03/misfitmfc8.com-crazy8-releasesstate-of.html -HipHopRuckus.com http://hiphopruckus.com/2010/06/t-h-e-misfit-crazy8-funky-fresh.html/

Notable Media Presence: -Guest on Alternative Scream TV (Independent Artist locally broadcast TV show) -Song (t.h.e. Player) featured on 104.1 KRBE (DJ Tony Styles Mixshow) -Song (Backstabbers) featured on DJ Tsunami's Mixtape hosted by Chaalie Boy -in Rotation at WTUL New Orleans, 90.1 KPFT Houston and numerous internet radio stations -in Rotation on Wes Coas Radio (http://wescoas.com/) -Guest on Damage Control with DJ. Chill -Appeared on Time II Shine Radio Show -in Rotation on Havok Musik Radio 80.1 -Guest on 90.3 GMT Underground Radio (100k) hits

Accolades: -1st Place in Gorilla Production’s Battle of the Bands -1st Place in Jet Lounge Hip Hop Battle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16B39VlD_XM) -2nd place at Martell’s “Rock the Mic” Competition -Over 200 in attendance at self-promoted Album Release Party Contact www.MFC8.com Crazy8Publicist@gmail.com Business Line 281.888.9911

The Rhythmic Lounge: You have adopted the term “MisFit� as a positive identity. Why do you consider yourself to be a MisFit? t.h.e. misfit crazy8: A MisFit by definition is someone who does not fit in with a group of people. As a hip-hop artist, I can't say that my music fits in with other music. It is definitely rap, but the most common compliment I get is that "it sounds so different I don't know who to compare you too" TRL: You have opened up for some amazing artists. What is your most memorable performance? TMC8: My most memorable performance was my first one. I was in a packed nightclub and all the acts before me sounded quite similar. After my song, two college girls came up to me and said "OMG I love your music." It sounds so different! We are you two biggest fans!" To which I replied, "actually you are also my first!" I think this is so memorable to me, because it lets me know that while I may not appeal to the masses, the few that do get my music will be die hard fans.

TRL: With well over 50 performances under your belt, how has your performance style evolved from the very beginning? TMC8: My live show has evolved from standing still while rapping, fumbling over words, accidentally disconnecting the microphone cord, almost falling off stage, flipping off stage, being too drunk on stage, having the wrong set cd, to the artist I am today. I believe now I am a lot more polished and while I may make mistakes, I aim not to make the same one twice. I think for any artist this is a natural progression that only makes him stronger in the end. TRL: How would you describe your musical style for those who aren’t familiar with you?

TMC8: My music style... Hmm some have described it as "nerd rap" or "hip pop". But I think my music is just like any other real artist's. I am rapping about what I know and what is important to me, which tends to be different because of how I grew up. No matter how it comes out, you can be that I gave nothing but 110% as far as truth. TRL: What is next for t.h.e. MisFit? TMC8: Next I have a few projects coming out and some "out-there" music videos. You can expect more original music and some killer collabs. Also expect some expansions on the State of Emergency concept

2 Deep Productions LLC Producing, Recording, Mastering, Duplicating

Music producers Jesse Bertrand and Reginald Moton have been making artists dreams a reality by producing, recording, mastering, and duplicating albums as well as assisting with vocal and lyrical arrangements, since 1999. More recent services have included the production of music that was featured in a commercial by Director Matthew Brown (www.brownmedius.com). Additionally, 2 Deep Productions has provided sounds for local churches and festivals. 2 Deep Productions has produced excellent albums working with artists in R&B, gospel, rap, pop, country, hip hop, soul, and dance. While 2 Deep Productions continues to thrive, through the ebbs and flow of the music industry, they are turning their attention toward opportunities that may exist within producing music in film or for major artists. Currently, they hold membership in BMI, New Mexico Music Commission, CD Baby, and Music Dealers. Moton, a certified audio visual engineer tutored Bertrand in the art; forming the dynamic production union of 2 Deep Productions. Bertrand, a teacher is faithful to the industry by using his natural abilities to educate artists on issues including but not limited to copyrights, performing rights organizations, mechanical, exclusive and non-exclusive rights.

In the beginning stages of most artists’ careers, they are seeking the business of a qualified producer. Many independent artist’s who work with smaller budgets and a fast timeline, often run into many constraints, finding it harder and harder to complete their records. 2 Deep Productions LLC is stepping up to help artists, offering them a full array of low-cost services in a waning economy. Their services range from music production, mastering, recording, duplication, etc. If you are looking for affordability, you need to check out 2 Deep Productions LLC in Alamogordo. Their low-cost services will surprise you. They work only with serious artists who need the services they provide.

PROJECT VITAE Project Name: Velvet Enterprise Arts & Entertainment Festival in Alamogordo (2007 – 2009) Project Summary: Radio Commercial Ad for Festival Contribution: Radio Commercial Ad for Festival Project Name: New Mexico Sunset Project Summary: Album Contribution: Recording, Mixing & Mastering Project Name: Kimberly Nickels (Kimba) Project Summary: Album Contribution: Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering Project Name: Roderick Jarrell Project Summary: 4 Song EP Contribution: Music Production (2 songs), Lyrics, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, CD Duplication & Artwork Project Name: Downtown Entertainment Project Summary: 2 Albums (Franchyze) and 3 Singles (Diamond Cutz) Contribution: Mixing & Mastering Project Name: WNDC 910 AM Radio Station (Church Point Ministries) Project Summary: 4 Commercial Snippets & numerous Sermons Contribution: Recording, Mixing, Mastering 2 Deep Productions LLC Phone: 575-430-6056 Email: sinamientertainment@msn.com Website: www.2deepproductions.com MySpace: www.myspace.com/400426225

Static Fiction

by Andreea Nica

Static Fiction is not your ordinary punk/rock band. What makes them so unique? Their vigor, creativity, and drive. Did I also mention their famous producer/mixer, Ryan Greene? Ryan Greene has helped musicians like Megadeth, Jay-Z, and Alice Cooper reach stardom. Based out of Huntington Beach, California, Static Fiction just finished their first EP with producer, Ryan Greene in tow. With a strong backing in California, they are rolling out their sounds nationwide. Founding member, Paul Lapinsky (vox, guitar), said "I think we should start a band where we try and accomplish everything we ever wanted in the music industry.” Band member, Adam Gardner, then responded with, "I want a Ryan Greene recording.” The final piece was added a few weeks later when Justin Herter (stellar guitar player) jumped on board. Three months flew by as Static Fiction wrote striking tunes that still needed a little spice. Determined to make good on Paul’s wish, they showed up to get Ryan Greene’s phone number at an Authority Zero concert in Tempe, Arizona. Ahem, backstage that is… we will let you find out how on your own. Once Ryan Greene heard what they were made of, it was all smooth sailing from there. Don’t forget to check out their latest hit, Stop and Go! Check out Static Fiction here Follow them on Twitter: Static_Fiction Like Static Fiction on Facebook

where creativity lives

W I N T E R / / 49

Jes Falcon Jes Falcon, though born in the green, rainy and Celtic north of Spain has been living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, since the 90´s. It all started while playing rock music at high school and then composing some music for radio programs at independent (and pirate) radio stations, which prompted him to start composing rock songs. From The Netherlands, his personality led him to start establishing contacts with people from different parts of the world and thus he has been invited to play at many places in different countries at both sides of the Atlantic. He had been releasing material for some time considered by Jes as “just some kinda long demos� however in 2011 he joins forces with Spanish guitar player Antonio Turro who convinces Jes to professionally record an album at a lovely studio by the Mediterranean sea with the help of a couple of producers and he releases Fake Bluff . Many online and "classic" radio stations in Europe and the U.S. have actively played songs from this album. Produced by The Mechanical Eye and featuring the brilliant and sexy play actress Laura Hernando, a promotional music video for the song Nights Are Not The Same Without You which in fact turns out to be a funny, spooky and interesting 3 and a half minutes short film is shot as well to critical acclaim just a couple of months ago. The development of a logo- the shy evil girl (please see press kits covers or CD) has been an important achievement in terms of recognition and merchandising. Find more info at http://www.myspace.com/jesfalconforever Music available at http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/JesFalcon

where creativity lives

W I N T E R / / 51

C. Carter C. Carter is a MC/producer from Compton, CA who recently joined forces with the legendary Freeway Ricky Ross and Freeway Music Group. She's been making moves online and in the streets and recently dropped her debut "Kurrupted Mindz" on FreewayMixtapes.com Essince (TRL): How long have you been making music? C. Carter: I have been making music since I was a young kid. I used to try to rap to those beats that are set into those Yamaha Keyboards and record myself with a tape recorder. I was 12 going on 13 the first time I got to work in an actual studio. Essince (TRL): How did you start working with Freeway Music Group? C. Carter: I Linked up with Ricky Ross's nephew, Lil Mont through twitter. We met, he said he liked my music and my hustle, then Next thing you know I’m riding around with Rick Ross making moves. Essince (TRL): What is the scene like in LA now? With the rise to popularity for female artists like Snow tha Product, Azalea Banks, do you see the scene changing to be more accepting of females in hiphop? C. Carter: Yes, most definitely we are seeing a lot more Female MC's being noticed. It's hard for a female MC to get respect for just having that raw talent and being able to drop crazy bars. So it's Love and Respect to the ones who are actually getting respected for Lyrics & opening up the gates for young woman who share the same dreams of being an artist. Essince (TRL): What can we expect from you this year? Where can we find you online? C. Carter: I'm actually working on my album [and] cant put a date on it yet but sometime this year. More Visuals for my recent project I just dropped titled Kurrupted Mindz available for Exclusively on www.FreewayMixtapes.com You can stay Updated with my Videos on www.YouTube.com/Iamccarter Follow me on twitter @Iamccarter_FMG or Find me onwww.Facebook.com/Iamccarter

The Chimpz

by K.P. Spright

Music of The Chimpz or the band nicknamed ‘Monkeys’ is reverberating everywhere. Starting from the streets of Los Angeles to the radios and popular television show like ‘Sons of Anarchy’, MTV and live performances, this punk rock, heavy metal and hip-hop crossover is all over the place. Chris Curtis manages the band and their latest music release “Who can I Trust” was recorded and produced by Ryan Greene of NFOX & Megadeath fame. Music critics have nothing but good words for The Chimpz. The original punk style added to fusion rap/metal album makes it quite appealing to larger global audiences.

Emerging from the streets of LA, the lyrics take you to strong yet positive approach to the daily life challenges. Songs like “Victim”, “Corrupt”, “Killing Me” and “Mr. 44” have entertained fans at all live shows and over the radio. Over the years The Chimps have performed at Orange County Fair, Uproar Festival, House of Blues, Lane County Fair and Seattle Hemp Fest. As the competition in music world requires constant augmentation, in the upcoming years we will definitely see The Chimpz getting more fame and glory on global platform. Be sure to check out this great band at http://thechimpz.com/ http://www.reverbnation.com/thechimpz http://www.facebook.com/chimpznation

Shamiah If you mix a little Lisa Left Eye, with a dash of Pink, and a sprinkle of Rihanna, you end up with fun, sexy, talented Shamiah. It has been said that she is eye and ear candy all wrapped in one and when you lay your eyes upon her and open your to hear the sweet melodies that she sing, you too will agree. With hit music such as her singles Nothing like This and You Can’t Tell Me Nothing, she will have you in the club dancing and breaking a nice sweat. Then when it’s time to slow things down and just know that your emotions will become in sync with your heart, you can listen to hear soul touching ballad Love. Shamiah is a singer, dancer that places her all into everything that she does and when it is time for her to do what she do you can expect nothing less. The passion conveyed through her music comes by way of her life experiences. From relationships to simply a night out on the town with her girls, you will definitely be able to relate. Not only you will you be able to relate to her through her music you will probably be able to relate to her in general as a down to earth person. Like us all, she just wants the best out of life that we can get out of it. Now, although I love her music, what you and I will love about her most is that she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth nor pretends or wants to be perceived as she did. She works a 9-5 and still makes the time to make her dreams happen or at least she is giving it its best chance to materialize. Unlike many artist who pretend to be humble and loving of those who support them or they want to support them, you can tell that Shamiah will be who she is which is who she has always been her whole life which is herself. You will get to know who she is through her music and I promise you will not be disappointed. She is the real deal with a career that I be a part of as a support and fan. Shamiah has a team that is working around the clock to get her project off the ground. Writing and production wise, she is working with the likes of Maurice Carmon “Mlyrics” who has worked with some of the industry’s most prominent artist, the Iron Mavericks, Jerod “Kodeezie Production” marketing and advertising by Joi Allen headed up by Julian Reeves of Architect Media Group, and Greg Jessie “Greedy Greg” who has facilitated a number of deals for artist from publishing deals to artist deals,. All I can say is with those guys as ingredients; let’s just say that what’s being cooked up is going to satisfy your appetite. Shamiah is definitely guaranteed to have something enjoyable for all who listens. https://soundcloud.com/shamiah-trenae http://www.reverbnation.com/shamiah https://twitter.com/Shamiah_Trenae








www.cdbaby.com www.rjknapp.com www.reverbnation.com

RJ Knapp & Honey Robin

Available Now! RJ Knapp & Honey Robin, the exciting new addition to the artist roster at Critical Sun Recordings, announce the release of their explosive new album,

Don’t Blame the DYNAMITE…If you can’t light the fuse!

Album Art

Track Listing 1. I Call It The Bluz 2. All Cried Out


3. If The Bluz Was Money 4. SOMFB

Photo Credit: Larry Star, Gordon Star Photography


Smart, Witty, Rocking Bluz!



5. Hole In My Heart


6. Don’t Let Your Mind Be Writing’ Checks 7. Bus Stop Bluz


8. Kirkland Krawl


9. Moan Dem Bluz


10. No Tell Motel

Robin "Honey Robin" Mahaffey brings her smooth and sultry voice to the blues! With her classical training and background in Opera, Swing and R&B, she is now setting the Seattle blues scene ablaze. Her sizzling cuts, "Ready for Times" and "Hole in My Heart", are highlights of RJ Knapp & Honey Robin's new CD.


11. Ready For Times


12. Don’t Walk On Me


13. Can’t Stand The Heat


14. Don’t Blame the DYNAMITE


15. BONUS TRACK: Concrete Crawl, for those outside of the great NW 4:07 RJ Knapp - Guitar + Lead & Backup Vocals Honey Robin - Lead & Backup Vocals Rob Baker - Bass + Backup Vocals Rick J Bowen - Drums + Backup Vocals E-mail: robinam@earthlink.net RJ Knapp & Honey Robin P O box 2073 Bothell, WA 98041

We Call It the BLUZ


Chicago born RJ Knapp, is a 30 year veteran of the Seattle music scene, and has played music ranging from Classic Rock, Top 40, to Soul, Funk and Blues, from California to Canada. Second only to his phenomenal guitar playing skills, are his song writing abilities. While playing in Seattle’s Pioneer Square circuit in the 80's, RJ was given the moniker of Mr. Bluz, that stands to this day.

"These guys played all the way over at the Big Sky Blues Festival in Noxon, Mt...and they are still talking about their set...you’ll really like these guys. They’re one of newest and hottest bands on the scene today.” Randy Oxford, Oxford Entertainment, Mt Rainier Art’s Festival "… RJ Knapp and his crew kicked things into high gear on Saturday by making a dramatic entrance on their Harleys. The crowd went wild over that grand entrance, and their great set of music that featured RJ’s sizzling guitar work and great singing, the bar was set high for the weekend…” Baggs Groove– Washington Blues Society

Performance References Big Sky Blues Festival, Noxon, MT, Blues to Benefit The Brave, Arlington, WA Freedom Fest, Ebey Island, WA

Mount Rainier Arts Festival, Ashford, WA Taste of Music Festival, Snohomish, WA Washington Blues Society International Blues Challenge, Snohomish, WA

w w w. r j k n a p p . c o m

Michelle Bradshaw

by William Kryjak

With drops of honey in her voice, pulverizing beats, and flashes of an early Nelly Furtado, it is easy to see why German/AfroAmerican singer songwriter Michelle Bradshaw goes by the motto, “I choose to be happy, and I can only succeed.” Bradshaw has been involved with music since the age of 13, not only developing her solo career but also participating in the hip-hop musical Changes. Her album 'Hypnotique' is an ample showcase of her talent, and with high-energy tracks like “Back to the Dancefloor” and the darker “Monopoly-Back to the Start,” it is clear she is painting with a wide palette of emotions. If you'd like to find more on Michelle be sure to find her on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/michellejbradshaw or on her official webpage www.michelle-j-bradshaw.com.





















TW ITTER: @Mr_Ri ddl er704 FACEBOOK: MrMel thaRi ddl er APEX RECORDS: www. apexstudi os. org/MrMel theRi ddl er. html CURRENTRELEASES

MTown,Ski t t l esRi ddl es,Apext acyand morecanbef oundi nI t unes,IHeartRadi o, Rhapsody,Amazon,MyspaceMusi candmore.


Mr.MeltheRiddler,knownforhisriddlepunchlinesand makingyouthinktwiceaboutwhathesaid;capturesthe audiencewithmetaphorsandpureimagery.Butwithinhis youthyearsMr.Meldidn'thavethepassionfortheartof rappingnotuntilhewasateenager;that'swheneverything reallytookaturn. PuttingtogethermixtapeswithhisbrotherProducerDee; theybothreleasedmixtapesonthestreetsofMiltonRoad, CharlotteNC.Onemixtapeingeneralwhichshowed everybodythathehadtheabilitytorapandkillindustry beatswas"HorrorScope".YoucancatchMr.Melontracks withFreddyGee,ProducerDee,andApexDaOpticsun.Not caringwhattypeofartistheworkswithMr.Mellovestoshow hisdiversitywhenitcomestomusic.Slow beats,fastpaced tracks,hypnotizingmusic,dirtysouthbeats,orcrunkmusic ingeneral;Mr.Mellovesitallandwillshow youthat hecandisplayhistalentonanybeat.

Michael Grimm

by William Kryjak

In a society where there seems to be a new vocal skills competition show each week, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the actual talent that passes through. America's Got Talent winner Michael Grimm is one of these cases. His smooth style mixes with a few bits of mud to give him a unique southern sound. His music is more Americana than honky tonk, and the spirit of Biloxi comes out through his songwriting. Playing with acts like Stevie Nicks and Heart, he is beginning to solidify his place in the country music scene, and if you'd like to hear a few songs check out his website at www.michaelgrimmmusic.com. His CD is also available at www.cdbaby.com/Artist/MichaelGrimm.



Graham Sclater Graham studied at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter, where he concentrated on creative writing for the screen and television. His key interests are teleplays, and screenplays as well as developing and writing original drama series’ for television. Those recently completed include “The Other Side of the Tracks,” “Streetlife” and an action/drama series “Pebble on the Beach,” set on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Dave Penn. Adam Faith, John Altman and a number of actors, directors and producers have favorably reviewed his scripts and several television and production companies have taken options on his work. Born in Exeter in 1947 he spent many years living and playing Hammond organ in a number of groups in Germany and Scandinavia during the sixties. He returned to England in the early seventies where he worked as a session musician in many of the London studios. An accomplished songwriter and musician, Graham has been featured in a number of arts and musical programs and has performed and recorded with many artists including Jimi Hendrix, Fats Domino, Ritchie Blackmore, James Taylor, Elton John and numerous name musicians. Many of his songs have won competitions in France, Spain, Gibraltar and Japan, as well as being recorded by many well-known artists. Graham has produced records in varying styles as diverse as punk, folk, country, heavy rock and MOR in studios as far afield as Trinidad and Jamaica. Many of these productions were released on the Tabitha Record label in the Benelux and Spain and major or independent labels around the World. Graham’s production credits have resulted in a number of hit records by many artists. Graham is now working on the novels “Love Shack,” based in the east end of London and the red light district of Amsterdam and “Receivers,” based around the current recession. Active on developing a number of projects at any one time, Graham is a prolific writer who carefully researches his subject before reaching for the PC. Many of his projects involve music and his background enables him to combine an unusual mix of original music and script. Graham Sclater enjoys working in many arenas, using first hand experience of as many subjects as possible, often spending time researching overseas. He is at home writing and developing any concept. He has an understanding of budgeting, the logistics of production, location and direction. Graham is currently working on a number of film scripts including the titles: More than a woman and Lyin’ eyes plus a number of television series'. "Ticket to Ride” ISBN 0-9545945-7-6, was published in 2006 by UK publisher Flame Books but will be available from Tabitha Books in June 2011 "We're gonna be famous" ISBN 978-0956397706 aimed at girls 9+ was published in April 20009 by Tabitha Books. “Hatred is the key” ISBN 978-0956397713 was published in the USA in November 2009 available America from Amazon.com and in the UK from Tabitha Books in April 2010. "Too big to cry" the latest novel by Graham will be available in spring 2013. USA and UK versions now available of the reissued pop novel "Ticket to Ride."

Vintage City Entertainment, LLC Company Description: V.C.E. is an independent umbrella production company specializing in film, live theatre, music, literature, fashion, art, event planning, and philanthropy. Vision: Our vision is to blend the borders of culture and genre in creative expression with the class and sophistication of Old Hollywood fused with the style, edge, and originality of st the 21 century. Mission: Our mission is to provide a platform for contemporary art and entertainment by broadening the definition of creativity and expression. Overview: Vintage City Entertainment was founded in 2005 by Tai French, Tia Morris, Pjai Morris, and Brittany Morris, in Los Angeles, California. Led by the young and ambitious CEO, Tai French, V.C.E. is an up and coming media giant in the entertainment industry. With high quality creativity, respect for people, art, and a heritage of commitment, V.C.E. continues to evolve and nurture future leaders in entertainment. V.C.E. values education and providing opportunities for members of the community to grow and broaden their horizons. For this reason, V.C.E. prides itself on allowing up and coming actors and writers the opportunity to showcase their talents in various projects and contests.

Contact Information: Phone: (424) 260-3010 / Email: info@vintagecityent.com / www.vintagecityent.com

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December 2012

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I Hate My Co-Worker (IHMC) is the first web series from creator Tai French of Vintage City Entertainment. Developed by Tai French and Egbert Bernard, IHMC is a comedic web series that follows the extraordinarily ordinary life of two friends, Daren and Tai, and how they try to deal with their over-exaggerated growing loathe for their co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances.

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by Bronx Bishop

We Are Grateful That Marjane’ Is Walking In Favor For Her Adoring Fans Marjane’ Parks was born and raised in the church singing her heart out by the age of two and praising the Lord. Now, with three albums and numerous awards, she is still singing her heart out with praises to the Lord and enjoying herself as much now as she ever has. She would tell you that she is Walking In Favor, which is the title of her new single from the album Grateful. One of the wonderful surprises about Marjane’ is that despite the awards, fame, and the immense talent, she is still the same church going little girl that she has always been, still full of wonder, trust, and friendship, and still walking in the light of God’s favor. Being on her Facebook page is like visiting a dear friend. Now, let’s pick that talent back up, dust those three incredible albums off and polish those awards because the hardworking Miss Parks is still Marjane’, the gospel singer who has more creative talent than the majority of the planet and a voice that inspires the awe and adulation of an adoring public who just cannot get enough. Read on, fellow music lover. Marjane’ Parks is in the house!

After releasing only two albums, Marjane’, which is joyfully pronounced mar-ja-nay, has the entire Independent Gospel Music Community singing her praises. Her voice, dripping with soulful honey and a heavenly power that could only have come straight from above, has been nominated for an incredible 21 awards and has recently conquered 3 of them, taking home wins in 2011 for the Heart & Soul Gospel Award, and knocking down two of four categories at the coveted Rhythm of Gospel Awards. More recently, this beautiful child of God with the voice of an angel was gratefully given the 2012 nomination for the Rhythm of Gospel Award’s music video of the year. If her new project Grateful is any indication, the best is yet to come. This talented and beautiful songwriter amazes with the CD’s very first single release called Walking In Favor and that is exactly what she is doing. Her dynamic vocals and personal charisma are awe-inspiring as she allows God’s favor to flow through her in her music. The Album has proven to be the standard for which the rest of the gospel music industry’s many talented artists have had to strive. When Marjane’ filled our hearts with joy in 2007 with the release of her debut album, Keys To My Heart, we were elated with the inspiring Soprano’s much anticipated rise. Her voice resonated across the country from the West, reinforcing our faith in God and music. After securing a Stellar Award 2008 Best Artist of the Year first round ballot, Marjane’ once again delighted true believers with her second album, appropriately titled Won’t Let Go, lifting hearts once again with her amazingly voice. The inspiring music on this, her second album of praise and love was carried bravely on the majestic wings of a complete body of work vocal performance that proved beyond a doubt that a rich, powerhouse voice could gently sweep the music world off its feet and inspire listeners to renewed levels of worship through music. The album Won’t Let Go would not let go, quickening spirits and exalting God through music, leading to a heartfelt expression of genuine appreciation in the form of a praise worthy nomination for the London MP3 Music Award in 2009. The amazing vocals and inspired music continued to build strength, propelling the talented Marjane’ to a solid first round nomination for the Stellar Award for Contemporary Female Artist of the Year for 2009-2010. Continuing to work hard and use her powerful performances to make her elated joyful noise in song, Marjane’ spread her message of love and dedication, including celebrations of God’s love with fellow believers. During one such happy occasion, she teamed up with the equally devoted Dr. Bobby Jones at the BET Celebration of Gospel 10th Anniversary. Through faith, hard work, and spirit infused song writing, a God glorifying Marjane’ came full circle once again, winning the Enshroud Music Award for Best Urban Gospel Female Artist for 2010. It is hard to believe that this wonderful gospel artist could improve upon her first two amazing albums, yet here we are witnessing the phenomenal success of the appropriately named album Grateful. With amazing songwriting and powerful vocals that can only be described as heaven sent, Marjane’ continues to inspire, amaze, and steal our hearts through her music. She is grateful for the blessings of her ongoing success in Gospel music. We, her loyal and adoring fans are grateful every time our hearts are lifted by one of her amazing songs. And at the end of the day, it is obvious that Marjane’ truly is Walking In Favor. Pop in on her Facebook page and Facebook fan page. Her entire life is out in the open for all to see and be inspired by. http://www.marjanemusic.com

SPECIAL REQUEST If you don’t already know them, then let me introduce you to Prime USA Records/Blue Pie Records/Sony Red Recording Artist, “SPECIAL REQUEST“. This is one of the best R&B/Pop Bands I know of. Each one of them individually are sensational performers and they have managed to blend their sound into a truly special form of music that is all their own. “SPECIAL REQUEST” has reached out to the world with their music in Tours, Special Events, Festivals, Television, Movie Soundtracks and many other venues both in America and Abroad. They have sold over 100,000 CDS from the trunks of their car. “SPECIAL REQUEST” live performance is something you would not want to miss if and when the opportunity becomes available for you. They hit the stage with the level of energy that tantalizes and rocks any crowd, bringing them out of their chairs and onto their feet! Special Request just has the style and showmanship that causes the audience to participate to the extent that the performance leaves them feeling almost as if they were part of the show.

“SPECIAL REQUEST” Line up includes: Reynard Thomas (aka Rey T.) - Lead Vocalist Mark Hunter (aka Hunter) - Guitar, Keyboard Gary Hunter (aka G. Hunter) - Keyboard ADDITIONAL BAND MEMBERS Ken Edward (aka Ken) - Bass Guitar Dominic (aka Dom) - Saxophone, Clarinet, Horns Nelson Yee (aka Nels) - Drums NOTE: Additional Band Members subject to change “SPECIAL REQUEST”, (Rey T.), is the lead vocalist and have been around for some time. They have over 15 million plays/views on Myspace (www.myspace.com/primeusarecords.) They are on iTunes, Rhapsody, E-Music and CD Baby. They have 4 videos, which can be seen on their website(s) and www.youtube.com/reycyn. They have performed all over the Nation and Abroad. SPECIAL REQUEST CD’S “SPECIAL REQUEST” has 4 CD’s available. The 5th CD entitled “THE RED ALBUM” was released in April 2010. They are sure to make a deep impact on the music world scene as they become available internationally very soon. You can purchase these CD’s on: Primeusarecords.com or iTunes right now. You'll certainly be glad you did! Rey Thomas Email: Primeusarecords@aol.com Email: Reycyn@aol.com Website: http://www.myspace.com/primeusarecords Website: www.primeusarecords.com Full Special Request Featuring Rey T. (EPK): www.sonicbids.com/ReyT Phone #: 707-646-1645 or 510-406-7213

KORROSIVE "KORROSIVE" KOURAGEOUS, KAPIVATING AND KLARIFYING Even though he’s new to the industry, he brings a riveting mix of something old, something new, remaining unpredictable while on the cutting edge. It’s a new vibe indeed, and he has taken it to the next level, creating a sound that’s being described as the new sound in Hip-hop, which makes you want to get crunk in the club. “KORROSIVE” - Hip-Hop producing/creating hot beats, beats you can dance to. He is a Rap Artist and songwriter, having over 800,000 hits on Myspace.com within the first 60 days. KORROSIVE (aka: CJ) began his ascent as a Producer who has worked with Rappers, such as: Major D, Two Face, Cydal T-Looney and Ice Dogg. After establishing himself as a successful solo artist, with his solo releases, on the compilation “HEAVENLY EYES” he grew to become a local favorite, while at the same time, entertaining audiences nationally and abroad. “KORROSIVE” grew up on the East side of Oakland, CA. There he became acquainted with Prime USA Records, which he eventually joined as a Producer, bringing in a few other Artists to the Label. “KORROSIVE” - Landed a Deal with Straw House Entertainment and Sony Red giving him Worldwide exposure with his 2nd cd entitled " Money Rules Everything " The Artist whose popularity is growing due to the success of his hit singles entitled “2 STEP, Get It Girl and Let Me See U " which charted on the Top 30, Top 40 Urban, Internet, Satellite and College Charts, also the songs “Favorite Girl ”, recorded by “SPECIAL REQUEST”, and " Rey T's " track " I'm The Only One " was produced by “KORROSIVE” and too has charted for this young rising artist/producer. These songs are receiving International acclaim making “KORROSIVE” one of the hottest artists and sought after producers in the Music Industry today! You can also visit Korrosive at www.Korrosive.net / www.wearemre.com / www.twitter.com/mreent1 www.Myspace.com/korrosive00 / http://www.primeusarecords.com/Korrosive.html or drop him an email at: ctjawaan@aol.com

Xymphoni Confidence and pure soulfulness makes Xymphoni one of the Bay Area’s hottest, rising stars. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Xymphoni began singing and performing at the age 7. As a teen, she performed in Gospel choirs and talent shows around the Detroit area. Inspired by great performers like Gladys Knight, Tina Turner, Minnie Ripperton, and The Isley Brothers, Xymphoni was determined to establish a musical career in Rhythm & Blues. She has worked with some of the hardest working Blues and R & B artists in the Bay Area including The Hepcatz, The Main Street Groove Band, and A Touch of Soul, in doing this, Xymphoni has developed such a unique style that she now engages her audience with conviction and unquestionable soulfulness. Not only is Xymphoni a talented performer, but she is also a Writer, Composer and a Producer, she has written and produced many of her own songs that's been embraced by the music world and of all genres. The release of her New CD entitled “" Love Is "” is already climbing the charts on Internet Radio and is ready to be embraced by all Major FM/AM Commercial Stations with the video of the first track entitled "Driven " heating up the Internet and Television airwaves. Xymphoni, Ron Joseph and The Steppen Stones, Together are performing all across the Nation and soon will take their show abroad. Check Xymphoni out: www.xymphoni.com http://www.primeusarecords.com/Xymphoni.html http://www.myspace.com/xymphoni www.twitter.com/xymphoni www.tatemusicgroup.com/epk/?id=17439

www.facebook.com/xymphoni www.wearemre.com


antigold is Santi White: an artist whose perseverance relies on invention, a champion

who survives off her own skill and faith. She is a major muse watched by the inspired world, an in categorical performer who collapses time and genre with one hand guided by tradition, while the other hand carves out a shining future. Santigold is neither calm nor mayhem, but from her lungs burst every color in between. After four years of hide and seek in which blogs blew up at the sudden release of any track with her name attached to it, Santigold returns in a moment of global aggression and vulnerability. Honing in on the hyper-media cult of personality, in her unmistakable voice she asks the listener: Into what fantasy do you hurl yourself as you gaze into the glow of your machine? The answer to this question is central to what drives Master of My MakeBelieve, her latest work to be released this spring on Atlantic Records. As an antidote against self-celebratory status updates in a climate where the focus on fame outweighs a day’s emotions, Master of My Make-Believe summons pop culture zombies back to life. This is sound proof of an artist on a diligent journey, measuring the power of individual mood against social clamor. Sifting through a wondrous wreckage of airplay, upload, and anguish, Santigold’s talent lies in filtering reality through freakdom, to find in desire a timeless spark of raw magic. Anyone caught referring to Master of My Make-Believe as a sophomore effort is only half right. Though relatively fresh as Santigold, Santi White’s history of writing, production, and performance stretch beyond the century’s flip. Her collaboration with the industry’s most recognized and respected talent is something continuous and wide reaching, making her musical lineage all the much richer. Declared Best Breakthrough Artist by NME in 2008 and Pop Music Vanguard by ASCAP in 2009, the voice that defines Santigold is as complex as the faces that pack a subway car, as intimate and honest as conversation on a weathered stoop. Through chopped pianos, the clink of glass bottles, and the peaking blast of motorcycle engines, Master of My Make-Believe accounts for 21st century details of life from the heart’s center to the mind’s periphery. In her pen and in her voice, the breadth of substance presented in Santigold’s newest songs is immediate and complex. There are valleys here wherein the drudge of daily living is met with caution and confronted by mortality, but underneath it all there is the celebration of each person’s power and vision to fight toward what they believe. Consider this your invitation.

www.santigold.com www.facebook.com/santigold www.twitter.com/santigold For more information contact: Sheila Richman, Sheila.richman@atlanticrecords.com., 212-707-3063 Aleix Martinez. Aleix@girlie.com , 212-989-2222 ext. 136 Spencer Scanlon, Spencer@girlie.com , 212-989-2222 ext. 120

SANTIGOLD Master of My Make-Believe

Available Now! http://www.santigold.com/

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release

Unseen Images Rock New Online Gallery

Never%before%seen%fine%art%photographic%images%by%internationally%renowned%rock%photographer,% Nick%Elliott,%are%being%made%available%to%purchase%for%the%first%time%through%a%new%online%gallery%by% specialist%music%art%and%book%publisher,%Red%Label%Publishing.% % Providing%high%quality,%contemporary,%limited%edition%rock%art%and%books,%the%new%gallery%will%excite% rock%fans%across%the%world,%as%they%feature%rare%images%of%such%iconic%names%as%Metallica,%Thin%Lizzy,% Status%Quo,%Slash,%Ozzy%Osbourne,%Robert%Plant%and%Roger%Daltrey,%amongst%others.% % Nick,%who%has%been%working%with%some%of%the%biggest%names%in%the%music%industry%for%over%20%years,% has%a%reputation%for%his%unique%ability%to%capture%the%true%essence%of%the%artists’%live%performance%and% much%of%his%work%has%been%featured%on%album%artwork%and%published%extensively%across%the%media.% % Red%Label%Publishing%secured%the%exclusive%rights%to%offer%Nick’s%work%online%and%produce%the%images% as%limited%edition%fine%art%photographic%prints%through%www.redlabelpublishing.com,%which%launched% 1st%November.% % “Red%Label%has%created%a%completely%different%kind%of%gallery,”%said%Nick.%“It%specialises%completely%in% rock%art%for%serious%collectors%so%is%perfect%representing%my%work%online.%%I’m%really%excited%about% granting%them%permission%to%feature%my%images%and%am%pleased%to%be%able%to%offer%many%unseen% pieces%exclusively%through%them.”% % Nick’s%fine%art%images%are%in%very%high%demand%and%his%work%is%currently%available%to%buy%in%over%a% dozen%galleries%throughout%the%world.%However,%this%is%the%first%time%that%his%fine%art%photography%is% being%made%available%through%an%online%gallery.% % As%well%as%offering%collectables%for%personal%collectors%and%businesses%to%buy,%Red%Label%also%offers%a% leasing%facility%and%a%concierge%service%for%sourcing%bespoke%images%to%order.%Red%Label’s%online% gallery%can%be%found%at%www.redlabelpublishing.com%and%more%information%about%Nick%and%his%work% is%available%at%www.nickelliott.info.% % 7 January 2012

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JazRay’e She's young, she's amazing, she's Jaz Harris or you can call her JazRay'e. When she opens her mouth and those amazing melodies come out you will understand that there is a new sheriff in the town when it comes to young music that there is a takeover in motion. This 12 year old sensation will wow you every aspect of entertainment. From singing, dancing even to acting, this kid has it all. She has Disney or Nickelodeon written all over her. JazRay'e is also the cousin of new up and coming and talented Shamiah in which both young ladies are being guided by the talents of Maurice Carmon "Mlyrics". Jaz is a young lady who for better of words is simply talented and her songs will fit any platform from movies to radio. She is also definitely a breath of fresh air for those who like their kids to still act and dress like a kid. JazRay'e is gifted and would like to share her musical gifts with any ear open to receive them. Her new hit singles "Don't Blame Me" and "Teenage Dream" are the new under aged listeners and even older kids music anthems that you will love. Jaz is the new kid on the block and from the looks and sounds of it she is here to stay. We need to go back to listening to music being fun for our kids and with Jaz it is definitely where we can start.

http://www.reverbnation.com/jazharris https://soundcloud.com/jazray_e http://twitter.com/songwriterdaMrs

where creativity lives

W I N T E R / / 73

Movie Reviews ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’ by Wandalyn Thomas



‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’ is the 2001 film directed by Christophe Gans. Screenwriters are Christophe Gans and Stephane Cabal. Starring Mark Dacascos, Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. This pre- French Revolution corset movie incorporates a true story, fantasy, myth, horror, thriller and martial arts. While these genres sound like they should never belong together they work beautifully. The Beast of Gevaudan is slaughtering citizens across several lands. No one is safe. The wealthy, peasants and children have been its victims. The police have been helpless to stop its rampage. The people demand justice. And their cries have been heard by the Monarch. Knight and royal taxidermist Gregoire de Fronsac (Samuel Le Bihan) and Iroquois warrior Mani (Mark Dacascos) are sent to investigate. They are also told to return with the stuffed creature as a present for King Louis XV of France. But dark forces are against them. A conspiracy by the secret society of Brotherhood of the Wolf has been using the murders to overthrown the King. The Vatican sent Italian spy Sylvia (Monica Bellucci) to learn the truth as well. She has been posing as a courtesan at a local brothel. Jean-Francois Morangias (Vincent Cassel) struggles to readjust to normalcy after his experiences abroad. This includes him fighting his unnatural desire for his sister. Bosoms constantly threaten to spill over in this over the top drama. It’s an unpredictable wild ride you’re sure to enjoy. The good: The action choreography and fight scenes. Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci, Jean-Francois’ cool bone weapon. The costumes. The countryside. The set locations. The bad: That tart who’s responsible for a death. The ugly: A certain someone’s untimely death. Which makes any sequel impossible? Maybe a prequel. !

‘Raise the red lantern’ by Wandalyn Thomas



Raise the red lantern is the 1991 film directed by Zhang Yimou. Screenwriter is Zhen Ni. Starring Gong Li. Based on the 1990 novel Wives and Concubines by Su Tong. The death of Songlian’s (Gong Li) father was devastating. Her family went broke. She was forced to drop out of college. With limited options available, she marries the wealthy Master Chen. Songlian becomes his fourth wife. The staff refers to her as fourth mistress rather than use her actual name. Born a simple country girl, she’s overwhelmed by the palatial estate. On her first day she is lavished with attention by staff and new husband. She’s dismayed to learn this is not always the case. Master Chen is a rolling stone. Every day he decides where he’ll spend the night. Being the object of his affection has many perks. It’s a soap opera death match as the wives fight for the top spot. Mind games, vicious gossip and ruthless back stabbing ensue. Master Chen encourages their spiteful behavior towards one another. Servants show open contempt for any mistress who goes too long without red lanterns. The mistresses aren’t allowed to leave the estate without permission. Nor are they allowed any outside interests or hobbies that he doesn’t approve of. They live life no better than privileged slaves. Songlian is blindsided. She trusts the wrong people. This leads her to ruin. Songlian tries to outsmart the competition. She announces that she’s pregnant. Hoping that repeat sessions will make it true. She’s busted by her personal maid Yan’er whom is having an illicit affair with Master Chen. Doctor Gao confirms the non-pregnancy. Master Chen vows never to have sex with her again. Her lanterns will be shrouded in black forever. Songlian exposes Yan’er’s secret. Her room is filled red lanterns. These are taken out and burned. All the while she’s kneeling in the snow. She refuses to apologize. She later dies from pneumonia. Songlian finds herself shunned by the staff. This and her self-imposed isolation make her feel suicidal. Later she reveals the affair between Doctor Gao and the third mistress. Who is taken from her house then hanged in a shed on the roof. Songlian sees everything from the kidnapping to the abandoned body. She goes insane as a result. The following summer the household welcomes a new bride.

Album Reviews Alexandra Legouix & The Sunflowers – This One’s For You by Sankofa



After listening to this debut CD I did a little research, and I found out what I suspected. This UK based group billed as a fuse of Latin, soul, jazz, and pop were having financial difficulties getting this CD finished, a problem that plagues many a artist. This is a good promo CD but little more. Three versions of the song Lola is a bit much on one CD. She seems to talk more then sing and her band the Sunflowers have tremendous potential but were not allowed to really let their talents show. I watched a YouTube video and the stage presence is there. And it’s on point. She’s quite pretty but looks alone won’t sell this CD. I listened to all 15 tracks and other then the tracks Lola and Damn Facebook I can’t remember any other track as I am writing this. I could play this CD during a dinner party and it would great background music that wouldn’t interrupt our mundane discussions about the sucky policies at our jobs. Be on the look out for the next CD though because I am sure they’ve learned some lessons from this one.

Mongrel - Reclamation by Patrick Ross



Mongrel, a female led Rock-Metal-Punk band from Boston, Ma. features Jessica Sierra – Lead Vocals, Adam Savage – Guitar, Micah Maltais –Bass, and Mike Hogan – Drums. This band comes with the warning that this dog bites, and with the release of this second album after two EP releases in between the debut album Fear. Lies, & Propaganda. Reclamation serves as a warm reminder that this dog has a taste for blood and will bite the hand that feeds it. Jessica Sierra’s vocal deliveries bring freshness to this bands ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Adam Savages guitar work brings the growl to this dogs bite, and don’t fooled by the deceivingly passive intros on songs like “Tarnished Halo” and “Revisionist” The chain on this dog is longer than you think, passerby beware. Cut number four “Zombies of War” is anthem like, and Savage’s guitar is like a chugging freight train about to run you down at any moment. Jessica’s angst filled vocals warns you that they are out for your blood, should you get in their way. Micah and Mike boldly anchor the band with their driving drum and bass rhythm, cementing the foundation of this bands ability to rock you to your socks. While songs like “Wake Up” and “No Gods No Masters” bring out the punk sentiments of Mongrels ideological, energetic appeal to bring you to your knees. The weak hearted need not apply for this doggie sitter job.

Eseme - Food for Thought by Patrick Ross



Es, (pronounced “S”) is Eseme Elango, based out of Mississauga, a Toronto suburb. Is self-described as both fan and student of Hip Hop. While the album entitled “Feud For Thought”, might evoke images of lyrical war that is usually associated with popular rappers feuding with one another. Es’s feud is with record companies and the media that promote Rap for capital gain and the dumbing down of the Rap/Hip Hop audience. While the airwaves are flooded with the sounds of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Kendrick Lamar, you will not be getting any of that from Es. True to the roots of Hip Hop and it’s origins, Es brings lyrical thought to the scene with a freshness that has been scarcely seen, much less heard on the air waves or in the video scene. “King” is a smooth grooved ode to relationships between a husband and wife, rather than the typical hound on the prowl lyrics that fill the airwaves. “Make Believe” addresses the issue of life in the streets and songs that promote and popularize the gangster lifestyle. “Speak Up & Speak Out” admonishes the listener to think before speaking, and to speak of the things that matter in society, while ‘Talk To Me” speaks about communication in relationships of love. “Fake People” serves as warning to choose your friends carefully, and “Feel Good” brings a message of inspirati on and uplifting thoughts on a jazzy R & B feeling track.

Don R Vigo - Back on the Highway by William Kryjak



Chances are you may not be familiar with the name Don Vigo. He doesn't get the day after day radio airplay like country superstars Brad Paisley or Alan Jackson, but believe me when I say that his music stands right up there with the best of 'em. Vigo is originally from Hamburg, Germany and has loved music since he was young, when he learned the accordion at age 6. After purchasing his first country album six years later he was hooked and hasn't looked back, playing music for over 40 years with a variety of outfits. And like a fine whiskey, Vigo's music has gotten better with age. His wealth of experience is apparent when listening to 'Back on the Highway,' as it demonstrates the sort of musical maturity that is hard to find on a debut album. With tight production and inspired songwriting the album succeeds as an pleasant introduction to the music of Don Vigo. My favorite song on the album has to be “Louisiana.” With a jambalya-combination of Vigo's German accent and the zydeco influence, the song conjures feelings of being down on the bayou. The album maintains this upbeat feeling, and even though there are a couple slower tunes like “Still Holding Me” and “Texas,” they feel more like breaths of fresh air than dead spots. Too many ballads can bring an album down, but Vigo includes them in a way that suggests competence. “Hey Sheriff” is another song that's a lot of fun, which is the prevailing feel of the album: fun. In my opinion that is what country music is all about. As the name implies, the theme of the album is truck driving, a tried and true country tradition. Don Vigo makes clever use, but perhaps the idea is a bit too dominant. The only other issue that might take listeners some getting used to is Vigo's German accent. At first it feels a bit out of place, but after listening to the album two or three times it becomes an essential quality, making the album that much more unique and in turn more enjoyable to listen to. I can't say enough about the quality of the music, not only in the talent of the playing but the caliber of the melodies - no song is boring. 'Back on the Highway' might not be among your local airwaves yet, but as Vigo certainly knows – some things are worth the wait.

Justin Sebring by Andreea Nica

In the words of Justin Sebring, aka JBreeze, “Mixing is an art form that encompasses the physics of sound. It is a delicate balance between sonic cleansing and dynamic taming.” With over 10 years experience as a mixing engineer, JBreeze began his career in Oklahoma where he was a producer and artist in the Oklahoma City group Tri-Nitty. Now working out of 177 studios located in the heart of Atlanta, he is currently working with Musiq Soulchild, Ceelo Green, QT Jazz, and most recently Losky on the latest and greatest sounds. JBeeze keeps it fresh by also writing and producing with his crew, Damies and Runnies. Bringing it all together under one roof, Justin keeps busy with his company, DNR Music Publishing, which he started with his 3 writing partners. Wait, there is more! Justin recently produced a 30 for 30 ESPN Documentary entitled "Benji", a 2012 documentary film about the 1984 death of Chicago South Side basketball player, Ben Wilson, who starred for the Simeon Career Academy. It was awarded ‘Best of the Best’ at Tribecca Film Festival. Justin continues to work his magic combining art and physics to make extraordinary sounds. Dying to hear his talented sounds? Check them out here! Connect with 177 Studios on Facebook Visit Justin Sebring’s Online Mixing Services Find out more about JBreeze



http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/JesFalcon http://www.myspace.com/jesfalconforever


Profile for The Rhythmic Lounge

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine Winter 2013  

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine Winter 2013  

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...