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Chantel Sawyer (Atkins) (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm iclounge.com to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm agazine.com Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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Larry Luve

Born on August 31, 1974 and raised in a small town in Georgia called Millen which is the county of Jenkins that hold a population of about 3,492 people. I’m known to friends and family as Larry “Luve” but my biological name is Larry Wright Jr. I grew up in poverty, which was a struggle for me because I was surrounded by the activities of the street life. There were drugs, prostitution, violence, and alcohol bootlegging etc. around me. Although I live in this type of environment, I refused to become a product of my environment so I found other ways to entertainment myself. I began writing poetry at the age of 8 years old because I didn’t have a lot of material things growing up which allowed me to be creative and just write about the things going on around me. I still can remember winning 1st place in a poetry contest in elementary school in which I wrote about “the Ghetto”. I used poetry and music to escape from the madness that surrounded me at that time. My love for music began to grow as I got older and can still remember my very first tape that was giving to me by my mother. She bought me a Run D.M.C. cassette tape for Christmas and a boom box that I couldn’t even carry. I would walk around with my Kangoo hat on listening to “walk this way” and my favorite “Run’s House” all day long. I also was a major fan of Melle Mel, 2 Live Crew, Slick Rick, KRS One, Kilo, Too Short, Mc. Shy D, Africa Bambaataa, and more. I then began to transform my poetry into rap lyrics and would use instrumentals from artists to create my own songs. As a teenager, I met up with a childhood friend of mine by the name of Earl B.K.A. “Prince Magnetic” who was at the time our hometown D.J. Believe me when I say that this guy owned every 12inch album that was on the market back in the late 80’s such as “The Get Fresh Crew” and “Eric B/rakim” I Ant No Joke”. We would be in his room making and looping beats from some of the best in the rap game. “Prince” had a homemade studio with two turntables, a mixer, an equalizer, one big speaker, and an amp and let’s just say that his mom use to hate to see me come because she knew it was about to be noisy. We formed a rap label called Mini Stiles Records in which we would copyright our songs by mailing them to ourselves so it would have the stamp on it. We would go around having M.C. battles and talent shows for the local talent in our town. After graduating in 1994 from Jenkins County High school in my hometown of Millen Ga, I wanted to learn more about music so I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, Ga. It was a major step toward pursuing my lifelong dream to become an M.C. I learned hands-on-training at (AIA) and the knowledge/skills I would need to know in the music industry. Being in Atlanta at that time in the mid 90’s was great for me because it was known for being one of the hottest cities around for music. There were companies such as So-So Def, La face, Rowdy, and Def Jam South etc. After completing my studies at (AIA), I moved back home where years later I committed a felony, which landed me in prison for 10 years back in 2002. I was released in 2012 and from then to now I haven’t looked back since. I attended this online college and graduated on July 05, 2015 with an associate’s degree in science, and continuing for a Bachelor degree in business. I feel like “I already know everything about the street life why not learn about something that I don’t know.” I am now currently an intern at Lg Music Publishing Company under the CEO/Founder Ms. Renita Holyfield who has not only been a mentor of mine but also a true friend. All I ever wanted to do was become an M.C. and be recognized for my lyrical gift. I could care less about fame; all I want is for people to remember my name. Respect!





!!!!!!!!https://soundcloud.com/larry-luve https://www.linkedin.com/in/larry-luve-45104372?trk=hp-identity-name


www.pozeproductions.com/profile/LarryLuv https://www.pinerest.com/wrightlarry697/


The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Larry Luve: I go by the name of Larry Luve in which I inherit from my homies growing up. I was born and raised up in a small populated town in Georgia called Millen. I been in the music business for almost 20 years now and attended the Art Institute of Atlanta back in 1995 after I graduated from high school to study Music Entertainment Management. I then became more familiar with the music industry after I started networking with artists in the industry, learning hands-ontraining, and how to become independent in the music world. Although music is my passion, I like to seek knowledge because to me knowledge is power. I just received my associates degree in science and continuing for my BS degree in business to help me better organize my independent record labels, which is called "Mini Stiles Records, Inc."/"Full of Life, Inc.". I just want independent artists to know that behind all the glitz and glamour in this industry "90% of it is business" for real.

TRL: You grew up in a rough area in Georgia, and those tough circumstances encouraged you and brought out your creative side, where others would have given up! How were you able to choose the better path? LL: As a youngster growing up in poverty in the ghetto and being surrounded by the street life on the daily basis, I witnessed so much as a youth. However, I never wanted to be a product of my environment and the older I got the wiser I became and being that I had a passion for poetry writing & music, it really helped me escape the desires of the street life. Although I didn't have a choice of being raised in the ghetto; I still had the mentality of making a name for myself through my art of poetry writing & music. I grew up listening to Run D.M.C., Melly Mel, The Get Fresh Crew, Jam Pony Express D.J's, Kilo, MC.Shy D., Too short, and Uncle Luke etc. Music just took me out of the hood to a place where I was isolated from all of the madness that surrounded me back then. From then on, I knew what was my destiny and pursued to chase my lifelong dream as a songwriter/artist.

TRL: Have you considered expanding your talent into other areas of music or entertainment? If so, which? LL: Of course, because expanding your brand is what marketing is all about in this industry. Its no limits to what you can do to explore your options in this industry in which technology has taken over. However, my main focus is to remain versatile in business and operate not only a hip-hop label but R&B and soul as well. I think expanding globally is awesome as well in this industry because the majority of our listeners is from other countries besides the U.S. so in order to become successful in this business, you can't put limits on your talents. Sourcing is always good for business.

TRL: Your path to where you are now with your life and with music was not an easy one. What advice do you have for those with a passion and talent for music, whom are struggling to make the right decisions and turn things around? LL: To anyone that is serious about their talents or goals in life, I would just encourage them to never give up on themselves and learn more about the business your apart of because knowledge is power and once you know it, then no one can take that away from you or tell you otherwise. It is very important to take your destiny in your own hands and don't let anyone treat you like a puppet on a string. Yes, it is a very hard task to become successful in this industry but what job you know where you don't have to put forth effort, time, and dedication into. Control your own destiny and become the artist you always dream of.

TRL: Do you have any news, projects or upcoming events that you’d like to mention to our readers? LL: I just released my new debut single " Just a Player" out now and working on my EP Album right and don't forget to check out the first single on the EP Album entitled "Microphone Check" which is doing well on YouTube and Twitter. I’ve been working very hard trying to promote these singles so I won't be doing any shows until next year after I receive my BS degree. I will leave the viewers with this, and that is to never give up and reach for the stars because the sky is the limit! Holla. !

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After a lengthy career as a Prosecutor, Criminal Defense Attorney, and Circuit Court Judge in Miami, Florida, now retired Ric Zweig has resumed a musical career, once previously abandoned upon admission to law school. Now after 12 years and the recording of 5 albums of original music, Ric has emerged as one of the premier singer/songwriters in the South Florida area. Along with his band "FRESH AIR", which he fronts as lead singer, Ric plays originals, select covers and adaptations that truly reflect his deep musical roots. "FRESH AIR" is a regular participant on the local South Florida music festival scene. The band recently played multiple gigs in New Orleans and plans a return trip. Whether its hosting a regular weekly Jam show at a local club or his regular appearances on local radio, Ric brings an enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge of the history of Rock 'n Roll dating back to its early days. Ric states: "I've been fortunate to live a most varied life, but nothing has been as rewarding and enjoyable as my years as a musician." The bands upcoming album "More Ric Zweig & Fresh Air" will be released sometime in January 2017

For Bio and more information visit: www.riczweig.com

TRL: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Ric Zweig: In an earlier life that spanned 3 decades, I Ric Zweig, was a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and Circuit Court Judge in Miami, Florida. Twelve years ago, I re-invented myself and returned to a career as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, once abandoned upon acceptance into Law School. We have not looked back. TRL: You made the leap from a lengthy career in law to being the lead singer of the band "Fresh Air." How easy of a leap was that for you? RZ: Very difficult. The jump from law student to trial attorney was relatively easy because legal thinking for the most part is based on orderly logic. The jump from wanna-be to musician is not so dependent on logic, but based on a process that thrives on a creative unpredictability and spontaneity stirred by a knowledge of what has come before. Just developing the callouses necessary to play guitar was a physical barrier not encountered in the practice of law. TRL: How did the band come about and please introduce the members to our readers! RZ: "FRESH AIR" has been in existence for four years, with us always searching for the right combination of chops, maturity and appearance in our members. That happened 15 months ago when Alex Mallet, age 27, with a well-earned reputation as one of South Florida's finest guitarist players, Miguel Cruz, age 23, our drummer, with machine like discipline and a sense of time one rarely encounters, and Ricky Risquez, age 21, our touring bass player, whose ability to dance and be forever in the pocket gets everyone's attention, especially our female fans. Also Robert Sherber, an old man of 37, holds down the fort as our bassist for studio and local gigs, enjoying a reputation as the most wellrounded bass player in South Florida. I have the enviable task of lead singer, frontman and bringing doughnuts on road trips. TRL: What has been the bands most memorable career accomplishment thus far? RZ: Having our music played on more than fifty (50) radio outlets, FM, AM and world wide NET this year alone, to an enthusiastic response, represented a major jump from relative obscurity to doors being opened via Radio interviews and quality festival gigs around the country upcoming in 2017.

TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects for Fresh Air that you’d like to mention? RZ: Our new album, the 6th for yours truly Ric Zweig, and the first for RZ and "FRESH AIR" will be dropped in early 2017. The band will start a tour this November, 2016 with stops in Northern Florida, culminating with an appearance at the GATOR BASH in Larose, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. "FRESH AIR" will be re-locating from our present home of Hollywood, Fl to our new home of New Orleans, LA in January of 2017 to seek fame and fortune or in the alternative, just a whole lot of fun. Not content to just be a studio band, "FRESH AIR" thrives on playing LIVE shows and meeting our burgeoning number of new fans. Our website, with almost a quarter of million visitors, the majority of them this year, is www.riczweig.com!

Michael(Egleton((! At the age of seven, Michael Egleton was introduced to music when his mom brought home a guitar for Christmas. He continued to play and experiment with numerous instruments before finding his musical connection with the keyboard. Michael began his musical career by playing and composing Gospel music for local artists and churches. Throughout the years his passion for music has broaden to include various genres such as Jazz, R&B and Soul. Johnny Gill, Bobby “Blue” Bland, George Benson, Michael Henderson, Tyrese are just a few of the names that come to mind when you hear the music of Michael Egleton. Whether you’re in the mood to dance or for love the R & B, jazzy and sultry blends of piano and orchestra sounds sprinkled with raspy vocals takes you there with every song. Today his keyboard is how he interprets life and allows his feelings to flow from the heart. Egleton’s mature sound can be attributed to his childhood and being raised by his grandfather, a fiery Gospel preacher from the south and former ” Honkie Tonk” musician himself during the 40′s and 50′s playing in the juke joints around Chicago. This fresh, new sound with an old flare and innovative techniques and style best describes Michael Egleton and his music. It is simple yet mature, nothing too complicated, a straight to the point sound that’s refreshing to today’s music. Many of Michael’s musical influences include legendary Stevie Wonder, The Clark Sisters, George Duke, Michael Henderson, George Haynes of St. Louis and Barry White to name a few. Originally from Barberton, Ohio, Michael currently resides in Akron, Ohio. Akron is well-known for producing several artists and industry greats and Egleton aspires to add his name to that list one day. He has released two independent albums Baby, Baby, Baby and his current album titled, That’s Alright. This new album is steadily rising up the charts and is currently number one on Akron’s charts in the Blues, Jazz and Soul categories. All of Michael’s life experiences and lessons shapes him as a musician and are reflected in his music. Eager to experience success on the next level Michael Egleton is making his mark in the music industry.((((( (

WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM www.reverbnation.com/michaelegleton www.soundcloud.com/michaelegleton( ( (

( The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Please!introduce!yourself!and!give!the!readers!a!brief!background!for!those!who!aren’t!familiar!with!you!! Michael(Egleton:(I(am(a(fresh(new(sound(with(an(old(flare,(innovative(techniques(and(style,(I(would(best(describes(and(my(music.(It's(simple,(yet( mature.(Nothing(too(complicated.(A(straight(to(the(point(sound(that's(refreshing(in(today's(music.(Many(say(I(sound(like(Donny(Hathaway,(Johnny( Taylor,(Michael(Henderson,(Billy(Paul(and(a(few(other(artists(and(singer(from(the(past(such(as(Isaac(Hayes,(and(Billy(Preston.(Originally(from( Barberton,(Ohio,(I(now(resides(in(Akron,(Ohio(and(make(my(music(home(in(Atlanta,(GA,(commuting(to(and(from(during(the(year.((I(have(released( three(independent(albums,(Baby(Baby(Baby,(the(award(winning,(A(Look(Into(My(Heart(and(his(new(independent(release,(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind”,( and(one(album(with(the(Tate(Music(Group(Label,(That's(Alright.(Songs(from(the(award(winning,(A(Look(Into(My(Heart(CD,(are(being(played(on(radio( stations(across(the(country,(the(UK(and(worldwide,(on(FM,(AM(and(XM(stations.(I’ve((won(The(Ohio(Music(Awards,(Adult(Contemporary(category,( 2014,(The(Most(Listened(to(songs(for(2014(with(Baby(Baby(Baby(“The(Remix”(with(the,(It’s(All(Soul(To(Me(with(Simon(Darke(Radio(Show(in(the(UK,( recently,(2016(Akedemia(Music(Awards,(Best(in(Jazz,(and(has(been(an(IMA(nominee,(and(is(also(a(2016(entry(into(the(IMA(Music(Awards.(I(have(had( numerous(articles(and(reviews(written(in(many(music(magazines(about(myself(and(my(music.(Songs(from(A(Look(Into(My(Heart,(has(quickly(reach(#1( on(every(music(site(it(has(been(a(part(of.((It’s(Over(“The(Remix”(was(one(of(the(songs(featured(this(year(during(the(domestic(abuse(crisis(of(the(NFL,( and(in(the(personal(lives(of(many(private(relationships.(My(past(release(with(the(label,(Tate(Music(Group,(That's(Alright(was(a(main(stay(in(the(top(10( on(music(charts(for(the(Akron,(Canton,(Cleveland,(and(regional(Ohio(area(in(the(Blues,(Soul(and(Jazz(genres(on(many(online(music(sites.(All(of(my(life( experiences(and(lessons(shape(me(as(a(musician(and(are(reflected(in(my(music.(( ( (

The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Were!there!people!around!you!who!really!encouraged!and!influenced!you!to!pursue!your!talent?! ME:(Actually(yes,(there(were(quite(a(few(people(from(many(years(past(that(had(encouraged(me(to(pursue(a(career(in(secular(music.(I(was(already( was(already(writing(Gospel;(music(and(had(written(one(song(that(was(secured(by(the(well(known(great(Gospel(singer(and(my(friend(from(this(area,( Douglas(Miller(of(“Anchored(In(the(Lord”(fame(and(his(hit(with(MC(Hammer(and(of(whom(every(now(and(then(I(have(opportunity(to(play(for.( One(of(my(sister’s(aunts(was(a(member(of(the(Weather(Girls(or(as(also(known,(The(Two(Tons(of(Fun(group(of(“It’s(Raining(Men”(fame(and(who(sang( background(for(Sylvester(for(many(years,(who(I(like(to(call(Ms(Izora,(the(late(Ms(Izora(Armstead,(husband(at(that(time(would(encourage(me(every( time(they(would(come(the(Akron,(Cleveland(area(to(come(and(record(a(song(back(in(my(20’s.(I(just(didn’t(feel(it.(I(wasn’t(prepared(mentally(and( chose(to(pass.(I(had(a(very(young(family….(It(just(was(not(in(the(cards(for(me(at(that(time.(There(were(other(at(this(time(who(also(would(talk(to(me( about(checking((things(out(some(of(which(went(on(to(pursue(their(music(careers(with(such(bands(as(the(S.O.S(Band(and(Roles(Royse,(Switch((and( more.(I(still(chose(to(stay(back.(As(you(see,(this(area(has(been(rich(in(music(history.(It(was(at(this(time(in(my(life(I(felt(I(had(something(to(offer.(I(gave( it(a(spin(with(my(first(independent(release,(Baby(Baby(Baby(and(really(didn’t(expect(anything(to(come(of(it.(As(a(matter(of(fact(I(laughed(to(myself( about(it.(I(submitted(it(online(to(a(few(music(sites(and(the(rest(is(history!( (

The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!What!has!been!the!most!memorable!accomplishment!of!your!career!so!far?! ME:(There(are(quite(a(few(memorable(instances(in(my(short(career(thus(far.(One(is(my(very(first(performance(on(stance(at(The(Musica(here(in(Akron,( Ohio.(It(was(mind(numbing(to(say(the(least.(The(energy(on(stage(with(the(band(was(out(of(this(world!(Then(there(was(my(first(award.(This(was(so( special(because(it(was(like(a(validation(that(I(could(play(in(the(big(leagues(if(given(a(chance(and(shown(the(proper(way(of(doing(things(required(by(the( industry.(Then(there(was(the(“Top(25(Most(Listened(To(Songs(of(2014(with(((the(late)(Mr(Simon(Darke(Radio(Show”(in(The(UK.(This(validated(that(I( could(be(appreciated(worldwide(and(that(music(is(a(universal(language.(I’m(sure(there(will(be(more(if(I(continue(on(the(path(that(I’m(on(and(with(the( help(of(the(Lord.( ( (

The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Are!there!any!upcoming!events!or!projects!that!you’d!like!to!mention?! ME:(What’s(next(in(the(near(future(for(me(is(first(to(finish(my(new(independent(project,(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind’.(The(next(two(releases(to(this( independent(project(are(releasing(as(I(write.(One(of(which(is(also(already(entered(into(the(2016(IMA(Music(Awards.(This(song(is,(Behind(These(Walls( featuring(Bob(Esterle.(Behind(These(Walls(is(a(moving(song(about(the(emotions(and(feeling(one(may(experience(during(the(stormy(times(of(a( relationship(that(has(lost(it’s(flame.(Then(the(carry(over(that(occurs(when(one(transfers(all(of(this(baggage(to(a(new(relationship,(penalizing(the(new( interest(for(the(sins(of(the(past(relationship.(This(song(is(produce(by(Wes(McCraw,(Creekside(Audio,(Norton,(OH(and(Samuel(Haygood,(NeDAeGroove( Productions,(Atlanta,(GA.(for(the(new(independent(project(from(Michael(Egleton,(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind”,(produced(by(Wes(McCraw(and(Samuel( Haygood(with(associate(producers,(Mr(K.T.(Beats(((Mr(Kevin(Taylor(Jr)(of(KT(Got(Beats,(Atlanta,(GA(and(Mr(Dereck(Gelespie,(Gee(Funk(Productions,( Akron,(OH.(Pop(“Rewound”(has(already(been(released(to(radio(and(many(Smooth(Jazz(stations(are(starting(to(warm(up(to(it.(It’s(produced(by(Samuel( Haygood(for(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind”.(Then(there(is(the(HOT(dance(tune,(Stank(“Wound(Up”(also(produced(by(Mr.(Samuel(Haygood(for(That’s( Alright(“The(Rewind”.(This(Hot(dance(tune(is(being(played(by(DJ(everywhere(in(this(region.(It’s(built(for(hand(and(line(dancing(and(that’s(just(what( they(are(doing!( There(is(an(autobiography(planned(for(released(in(2016(in(which(my(branding(team(at,(BlueeArtists(in(Baltimore,(DC(area(are(preparing(to(write(with( me.(We’re(looking(at(some(small(roles(in(film(and(starting(planning(for(the(brand(new(independent(project(for(2017.( The(new(Video(EPK(Premier(for(Behind(These(Walls(was(release(recently.(Filming(for(the(Music(Video(to(this(song(will(start(in(August.(( To(my(fans(I's(like(to(simply(say,(Thank(you.(Thank(you(for(everything,(your(support,(your(listening,(your(kind(words.(Your(inspiration(when(I'm(ready( to(give(up.(For(getting(me(through(a(very(tough(time(a(few(months(ago(when(my(younger(brother(had(passed(from(Lupus(and(less(than(30(hours( later(my(baby(sister(was(murdered(by(her(lover.(When(I(thought(it(was(over,(20(days(later(my(nephew,(my(sister's(19(year(old(son(passed.((I(was( living(on(the(words(of(my(songs(and(the(touches(from(you,(my(fans.(Thank(you(so,(so(much.(I(am(nothing(without(you.(I(do(appreciate(and(respect( you.(Please(keep(supporting(and(spreading(the(word(about(Michael(Egleton!(


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Hailing from the Garden State, Joshua Terrell AKA

is the next big thing

in Hip-Hop and R&B. He has dedicated countless hours writing and studying music. His music tells you exactly who he is. JERZEY is the definition of creativity and will be the new face for a long awaited rejuvenation of Hip-Hop. His plan to takeover the game is in full swing as he has already developed a strong fan base through hit performances of his smash hit titled “I’m On.” JERZEY has released 3 more singles, which have been played and requested on notable radio stations. His music has created a buzz, gaining the attention of well-known radio hosts Shaggy and DJ Jack of Spades. He has an appetite for success and the drive not to stop until he reaches “Icon Status.” JERZEY has also released one of the hottest mixtapes “JERZEY DRIVE” and he’s currently working on his debut album “JERZEYS FINEST.”



TRL: Is there anything that you feel hip-hop music has been lacking, that you can bring to the table? JERZEY: HIP-HOP HAS BEEN LACKING CREATIVITY, MOTIVATION, AND ORIGINALITY. I BRING EVERYTHING REQUIRED TO KEEP THE CULTURE ALIVE. I RAP AS IS I AM HIP-HOP.

TRL: Do you have any upcoming news that you’d like to mention to our readers? JERZEY: I HAVE A NEW ALBUM DROPPING NEXT YEAR TITLED “JERZEY’S FINEST,” AND A MIXTAPE TITLED “JERZEY FLOW.”

Mixtape is available on datpiff.com http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail-2015.php?id=774308 Instagram.com/jerzeyateam Facebook.com/jerzeyateam Soundcloud.com/jerzeyateam soundcloud.com/ateammusicent facebook.com/ateamentrecords ! !!!!!!!!!!where

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Comedian MizT The first verse in the third chapter of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes states, "To everything there is a there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Among the 27 purposes listed is a "...time to laugh." And so it is for audiences exposed to the comedy stylings of the fabulous Miz T. From her trademark opening dance routine (the girl can 'jam'), to her infectious laugh, Miz T knows how to bring "the funny" with purpose, ferocity and freshness. Miz T is an experienced comedienne now getting more national notice with her debut comedy album, "Back at 'Ya Lord!" Coming soon will be a DVD version of that hilarious CD. She has also won critical acclaim, being chosen runner-up as the "Comedian of The Year" during the 2010 Texas Gospel Music Excellence awards. And she has been notified that she's a nominee in the 2013 "Comedian of The Year" category by the Gospel Sounds radio network. Until fairly recently, Miz T's "side-splitting" comedy routines was shared primarily with folks in Texas...from Dallas to Houston to the capital city of Austin. But she is a regional star no more...becoming a comic force across the U-S with the release of "Back at 'Ya Lord." Clips from Miz T's comedy album are now airing on Internet radio stations across America and overseas in London. Wherever there are ears to hear, and a sound system to project her voice, Miz T has been bringing the laughter to folks in all sorts of venues, like churches and banquets. And she does it in a clean, non-profane manner...pleasing to audiences of all ages --from kids to senior citizens. As an entertainer Miz T is a triple threat; aside from her comedy, she's also a singer with a powerful voice, along with being an accomplished emcee (MC) and a newly published author. When she's not captivating audiences, Miz T is a devoted and doting mother and grandmother. It seems performing was pre-ordained for the Austin, Texas native whose real name is Tranea (Tra-NAY) Prosser. Both her mom and dad were singers of some note...with her late father, Harvey Prosser, being a member of the Soul Savers quartet. Tranea has sung in church choirs for most of life...and is presently the Praise and Worship leader at Freedom Home Baptist Church in Austin. When asked about her style of comedy, Tranea says; "Its rated 'I' for Infectious and for Innocence." As for a personal rating...Miz T would have to be rated 'H' for Humble and 'G' for Grateful: "I've been given a great gift by GOD, it's an honor and a joy to share it. I thank GOD for allowing me to minister to folks with my gifts of singing and comedy," says the extraordinarily talented and unforgettable Miz T. Let me share a few highlights of my comedy career so far. ! ! ! !

2011 Texas Finalist Search for the One Christian Comedy Talent 2010 Comedian of the Year Runner-Up Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards 2011 Dallas Idol Participant Nominee 2013 Christian Comedy of the Year Gospel Sounds Radio Network Annual Gospel Music Awards.

I have opened up for Ben Tankard in 2011 ! ! ! ! !

Gospel Music Workshop of America, 2009 St. Louis Praise Break at St. Louis Announcer’s Guild, 2010 The Gospel Music Excellence Awards, 2010 DWE Inspirational Events 2010, 2012 DWE Valentine Comedy Show 2011

I hosted two fundraiser comedy shows for a family dealing with Sickle-Cell Disease in 2011.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Hello everyone! My stage name is Comedian MizT and I have been a comedian/Emcee for more than fifteen years. My comedy is mostly based on what the kids said in my Sunday school classes for all the years that I taught as a young 9 y.o until I was 16 y.o. It also includes bits from auxiliaries in the traditional black Baptist Church. I am also an author and I published my first book, Celibacy, What Was I Thinking? As an inspirational piece to let the young adults know that you have options besides being pressured into sex. I hope it is a reminder to the mature saints also that when you love yourself more, you can't let people treat you any kind of way in life. I am a glam-maw, a mother and sister and a good friend.

TRL: How did you get started in comedy and who have been your comedic influences? I always told stories of my Sunday school kids when I hosted/Emcee musical programs and other social events so I have always done it. In 2007 I decided to record them with hopes that I could provide clean material to be played on the radio that people would not have to close their ears to hear. I tell people that your Pastor and granny can handle my type of comedy material! Bill Crosby, Sinbad, Cedric the Entertainer, the late Bernie Mac and the late Moms Mabley. Not all of them are clean as in not cursing but I enjoyed their style and personas respectively.

TRL: In addition to being a comedian and singer, you are also an author! Can you tell us about your first book and what the overall message of your future books will be? In my book, Celibacy, What Was I Thinking? It’s an inspirational piece to let the young adults know that you have options besides being pressured into sex. I hope it is a reminder to the mature saints also that when you love yourself more, you teach people that you can't accept them treating you any kind of way in life. I have started book number two, Dating After 50. What Am I Thinking? It's enough to make you want to keep your feet out of the dating pool because it is so different from the last time I went on a date in 1985! We woman have to become smarter and get hip to the games that men are playing. We have to come out of the shelter to be taught so we won't go hog-wild when a man turns on the charm.

TRL: What do we have to look forward to from you in the near future? I have a couple of comedy projects in the works right now that I plan to have released in early 2017. I have a blog talk channel called MizT's Comedy Nuggets that are 30 min comedy shows. Hopefully you will see me on a stage in your city really soon. " " " "

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Carcelia Amial I’ve been singing since the age of 8 years old. I received piano lesson until the age of 14, learning classical pieces. My first ministry assignment was at a neighborhood church in the south suburbs of Chicago, ILL. Since that time I have continued to be active in the area of singing/ writing/ministry, while receiving a B.A Degree with a focus in Religious Studies. Some of the events/groups that I’ve been fortunate to participate in are as follows: Stanley Daniels & company (background singer, Videos), David Adams & Friends, the stage play “Do Lord Remember Me” “Gospel Meets The Symphony”, Martin University Community Choir, Freetown Village Singers (a living History Museum), Fathers and Families Graduation Ceremony, Civil War Soldiers Ceremony, and numerous Churches, Women Retreats, weddings, funerals. Also appeared as a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network / Praise the Lord show. I would like to say Thank You for giving me the gift of your time to listen to my Music and viewing my DVD. Social Media Links: Twitter - https://twitter.com/Carceliaa Instagram https://www.instagram.com/carceliaamial/ Soundcloud -- https://soundcloud.com/carcelia-amial Reverbnation -https://www.reverbnation.com/carceliaamial?utm_campaign=FacebookSharing_v 3&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=thumbnail&utm_content=artist_2622715 Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/WonderfullyMadeMinistry/ ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/for-your-glory-ep/id1082133695



The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Carcelia Amial: Hi my name is Carcelia Amial. I was born in Chicago IL, but was reared in the Village of Dixmoor which is located on the far south side of Chicago. The youngest girl of 9 siblings, I began my journey with music at 8 years old. I began taking piano lessons in the area of classical music and performing with renown pianist Erma Smith performing at recitals as well as giving mini concerts at my home under the watchful eye of my mother Lucille Murphy. I grew up singing in the church choir and local churches. While in high school i performed with a number of school choruses and singing groups. Growing up i always knew i had a passion for singing and recognized the GOD had given me a gift, a voice. I continued to sing with The Young Voices of Bethel, soon formed my own singing group and traveled around several churches singing. Years later i moved to Indianapolis where i continued to sing with such groups as Stanley Daniels and Company, David Adams and Company to name a few, The voices of Freetown Village.

TRL: Who were your musical and creative influences while growing up? CA: Growing up my household i was privileged to be exposed to all types of music. Music from Aretha Franklin to Mahaila Jackson. All types of jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horn, Billy Holiday and Etta James Listening to these ladies was like music to my soul, they captured the very essence of life through their heart felt music.

TRL: Have you considered expanding your talent into other areas of music or entertainment? If so, which? CA: I have considered extending my music creativity into other area's of music and entertainment. I'm considering other styles of music such as Pop, Jazz. Writing a little poetry as well. Also I’m told comedy is one of my strong suits.

TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you’d like to mention? CA: The up and coming events we will be having our Premier Party in the spring of 2017 for our First CD named For Your Glory. The CD will be featured as the first solo album. Also the release of a brand new single will but introduced. Wonderfully Made Clothing line will also lunching in the spring as well. Other projects are in the works as well.

Jerome Pullen



Street!and!rhythm!and!blues.!!He!began!playing!music! professionally!at!the!age!of!17!and!in!1988!he!formed!the!duo! P.M.,!releasing!his!first!single,!“You”!later!that!year.!!After!the! release!of!“You”,!the!group!had!the!opportunity!to!tour!across!the! country!and!overseas,!including!stops!as!far!and!wide!as! Greenland!and!Japan,!with!popular!R&B!group!Kool!&!the!Gang.! In!1996,!seeking!a!new!creative!venture,!Pullen!founded!a!new!group,!Project!Inc.!(featuring! Mac!RHedd).!!Mac!RHedd!served!as!a!new!solo!endeavor!for!Pullen,!backed!by!a!group!of!top!tier! musicians.!!The!band!began!to!grow!in!popularity,!as!they!performed!with!major!artists!like!Outcast! and!J.!Blackfoot.!!Their!single,!“Playing!Ain’t!EZ”!gained!them!more!notoriety!as!their!touring! schedule!intensified.! Now!an!established!artist,!Pullen!has!continued!to!build!on!his!decades!old!musical!friendship! with!the!legendary!Barkays,!performing!with!them!whenever!possible.!!He!has!recently!opened!his! own!label,!W.E.K.!Entertainment,!to!support!the!release!of!his!single,!“Make!Me!Say!Ooh”!from!his! debut!solo!album!My#Life.!!The!album!also!features!Barkay!lead!singer!Larry!Dodson!on!“Forever!and! Ever”!as!well!as!Pullen’s!own!twist!on!the!Barkays!classic!“Your!Place!or!Mine.”!!Original!Barkays! bassist!James!Alexander!will!be!handling!promotions!to!radio!for!the!record.!!Pullen!feels!the!new! album!will!give!him!a!chance!to!showcase!the!full!range!of!his!talents,!saying!“The!sky!is!the!limit!”! In!addition!to!his!career!as!a!recording!and!touring!artist,!Jerome!also!leads!one!of!the! meanest!party!bands!in!Memphis.!!Having!headlined!the!2012!Africa!in!April!Festival,!his!band!is! among!the!most!in!demand!in!the!club!party!scene.!!Their!range!extends!from!classic!hits!from!soul! men!like!Stevie!Wonder,!Luther!Vandross!and!Al!Green!to!rock!acts!such!as!ZZ!Top,!Journey!and! Foreigner,!to!modern!pop!stars!like!R.!Kelly,!Madonna,!Michael!Jackson!and!more.!!If!you!need!a! party!band,!you!need!The!Pullen!Project.!



& THE FAITHFUL FEW We Praise You (Radio edit) – Run time: 4:30 We Praise You (Remix) - Run time: 4:30 From the Album: Divine Direction


ne of the first things to keep in mind when you’re listening to Charles Moorer & The Faithful Few and their debut album Divine Direction is their disclaimer that they’re “not a group of entertainers, but a ministry full of love for God and concerned about doing His will by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.” The message, delivered by the powerhouse, soulful vocals of Chuck and his other singers, is the focus – but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t some of the liveliest, funkiest gospel, coolest jazz and greatest songwriting you’ve ever heard from an independent group. The groove is anchored by Chuck himself on bass. The 7-track set kicks off a question: “Are You Ready?” The song has a deep grooving jazzy gospel vibe, with soulful female vocals, trumpet and sax harmonies, some rockin’ electric guitar edges and Chuck’s supremely soulful lead vocals. For the first single, there are two versions of the hands in the air old school jazz gospel jam “We Praise You”, and the second, “We Praise You, The Remix”, which features a spirited rap vocal over soaring female vocals and Chuck’s lead voice. It’s a tune about how God can change us. It affirms, in wildly musical terms, “When Praises Go Up, blessings come down!” The title track “Divine Direction” points us to God via an easy flowing vocal urban jazz groove, with a smooth and silky sax taking the emotional harmony role behind Chuck’s silky lead vocals. While that song is about finding our way, the next two tracks are instrumental and vocal versions of a gospel/soul-jazz/laid back funk tune urging us to “Make A Change”. While the vocal version features Charles on regular bass, he plays the fretless on the instrumental version which shows his deep Marcus Miller influences on his instrument. The dedication track, “Why Should I Fear”, starts with a bang, a dramatic rock jazz intro with sax and electric guitar, which eases into an uplifting, slow simmering sax-enhanced vocal ballad. It’s gospel-jazz at its finest.


The ALJ Agency Arvetra Jones / 910.988.4614 thealjagency@gmail.com


Bookings: 317-733-1068 info@charlesmoorerpraise.com



Divine Direction


“One thing that anyone who knows the story behind Charles Moorer & The Faithful Few must acknowledge is that their hearts are in the right place. Yet it’s their musical soul that’s bound to get people excited as they groove and tap along and hear the life changing Gospel conveyed through Pastor Chuck’s instantly infectious urban jazz influenced gospel tunes. The group’s sound brings to mind the great Grammy winning gospel-jazz work of Kirk Whalum, and will inspire jazz, R&B and gospel fans alike. Dynamically produced with exciting instrumentation, explosive vocal textures and driven by the vision and the heart-tugging vocals of Chuck himself, Divine Direction provides a roadmap to great music that feeds your soul!” – Jonathan Widran, Music Journalist

Available now on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Life Way Christian Book Store.

Download Charles music here: Password: cmdownloads



Over!20!years!ago,!Chuck!Moorer!left!his!native!Ohio!and!moved!to!L.A.!to!pursue!his!musical!dreams.! Considering!that!the!talented!singer!and!bassist!was!raised!up!in!church,!and!sang!at!gospel!concerts!as! a!kid!everywhere!from!Akron!University,!Kent!State!University,!Prayer!Tower!Church!of!God!In!Christ,! and!a!host!of!other!churches!and!events,!!!it!surprised!some!that!he!was!pursuing!secular!music.! Exploring!his!passion!for!R&B/funk!and!jazz,!he!was!in!several!of!those!kinds!of!bands!throughout! college!and!beyond.!It!took!a!lot!of!soul!searching,!a!bunch!of!hard!knocks!and!closed!doors,!and!some! definitive!signs!(which!all!came!with!wild!stories)!to!bring!him!back!to!the!Lord.!Once!he!felt!that!God! “pricked”!his!heart!and!he!headed!back!home!musically!and!physically,!his!sense!of!purpose!became! much!clearer.! ! While!attending!the!NAACP!Image!Awards! one!year!in!L.A.,!Chuck!met!legendary! Grammy!winning!gospel!singer!and!pastor! Donnie!McClurkin,!who!kindly!remembered! an!email!Chuck!had!sent!him!a!few!years! earlier!about!their!mutual!love!for!Donnie’s! major!inspiration,!Andrae!Crouch.!McClurkin! told!Chuck!how,!for!him,!pastoring!and!music! ministry!came!together!perfectly,!like!a!hand! in!a!glove,!with!one!complementing!the!other! to!uplift!people’s!lives!and!draw!their!souls! closer!to!God.!Chuck!was!attentive!as!the! singer!told!him!how!while!his!music!is! blessing!the!church,!his!preaching!in!turn! blessed!his!music!ministry.!McClurkin’s!words,!combined!with!a!rededication!to!the!Lord!and!Chuck’s! rediscovery!of!gospel!via!contemporary!genre!superstar!Fred!Hammond!and!his!ensemble! Commissioned,!inspired!a!whole!new,!incredible!double!life!for!Chuck!as!a!pastor!and!singer.! ! For!over!12!years!now,!every!Sunday!morning,!the!congregation!at!Divine!Direction!Christian!Church!in! Indianapolis,!an!affiliate!of!the!Indiana!Wesleyan!Church,!come!to!hear!“Pastor!Chuck”!sing!and!preach.! He!says!“Singing!calms!me!and!helps!me!focus!on!the!message!I’m!about!to!share.”!Chuck!also!leads!a! band!of!musical!ministers!called!the!Faithful!Few!Music!Ministry,!whose!original!lineup!he!formed!in! 2000.!The!Faithful!Few’s!primary!mission!has!been!to!expand!beyond!the!four!walls!of!the!church!and! outreach!to!all!people!across!the!world.!The!group,!now!releasing!their!7\track!debut!album!Divine! Direction!under!the!name!Charles!Moorer!&!The!Faithful!Few,!plays!a!dynamic!mixture!of!traditional! and!contemporary!gospel!styles!with!a!touch!of!jazz!and!funk!that!ministers!to!all!age!groups.! Although!it!is!Chuck’s!desire!and!that!of!his!band!and!singers!that!the!music!be!used!to!encourage! people!to!meet!God!in!Christ!all!around!the!world,!a!portion!of!the!proceeds!from!Divine!Direction!will! go!to!the!Indiana!Make\A\Wish!Foundation,!which!was!supportive!of!Chuck!and!his!family!when!his!son! Chadwin,!then!16,!was!battling!renal!sickle!cell!carcinoma,!a!form!of!cancer!that!gave!him!a!10%! survival!rate.!The!wish!they!provided!turned!into!a!celebration!of!life!when!Chadwin!was!miraculously! healed.!Charles!himself!was!healed!of!cancer!just!a!few!years!later.!Another!unique!element!of!the! recording!is!the!fact!that!it!has!seven!tracks!–!just!as!Pastor!Charles!promises!all!future!Faithful!Few! albums!will.!“In!the!Bible,!starting!with!the!creation!story,!the!number!seven!is!God’s!number!for! completion,”!he!says.!“If!it’s!good!enough!for!Him,!it’s!good!enough!for!us!”!


Adrian David UK Songwriter/Composer/Producer Member of: PRS/MCPS The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters Musicians Union Played in several bands as a vocalist and lead guitarist and appeared on several TV shows in the UK. Left the live music scene to concentrate on song writing and producing. Over 200 songs published by several publishers including BMG, Chelsea Music, Champion Music etc. etc.

"If You Want My Love" – shortlisted in top 10 for BBC Radio 2 Eurovision Song Contest. 4 songs reached Semi Finalist stage in the prestigious UK Songwriting Competition 2015 Signed in the past as Songwriter to Champion Music and Management (London) Some of past songwriting and production collaborations etc. include: HTV and Yorkshire Television UK Champion Music and Management Simon Napier Bell – ex Manager George Michael/Wham! Humera Arshad - World- famous Asian singing star. Niki Evans - X Factor finalist UK. Marwenna Diame UK Songwriter Tania Evans Lead singer of Culture Beat Winston Sela – UK Songwriter Joe Quaranto – Producer ETNC Canada Currently working on many collaborations with artists and companies worldwide. All music is “One-Stop” - Master&Sync rights self-owned and sample- free. Tel: UK 07854902770, UK 01792882982 Music link: https://soundcloud.com/songman777 https://www.facebook.com/adrian.david.77 https://twitter.com/Songman7 Skype: Davidsongs7 All music, lyrics and songs: © Adrian David / PRS for Music



is a formally trained,

award winning, critically acclaimed trumpet player, skilled keyboardist, composer, arranger, lyricist, engineer and producer and has been featured on close to 45 records. After losing a lifetime of work and memories in a fire, Michael is reestablished in his new Manhattan studio, recording and producing several original projects and playing jazz with the Michael Karrtet™. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Michael’s debut in music came at age 11, recording his first two albums as a trumpet soloist with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony. In the 9th grade, Michael caught the eye of the great Randy Purcell (lead trombonist with Maynard Ferguson) who assisted Michael is getting a music scholarship for trumpet and piano to Carnegie Mellon University, which he began the following year. He continued his education at Duquesne and Pitt Universities, where he played under the direction of Nathan Davis and his Pitt University Jazz Assemble. After completing two Bachelor Degrees by age 19, Michael left Pittsburgh and went on the road, touring across the United States and in Europe. Michael’s extensive performance experience includes national tours and playing with The Whispers, The O’Jays, Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band, After 7, Billy Joel, The Human League, Jimmy Ponder, The Tommy Dorsey Band, Modern Man, The Jets, The Gap Band, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, The Drifters, George Benson (in the line-up at the Newport Jazz Festival), Houston Person, Roy Buchanan, Maynard Ferguson, Freddie Hubbard, Dennis Williams, B.B. King, Mary Wilson, Stanley Turrentine, Russ Freeman, Alex Blake, Arnie Lawrence, Cecil Brooks III, Dave Budway, Eddie Henderson, Dennis Irwin, Joe Harris, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Eric Lewis, Essiet O. Essiet, Grady Tate, Grover Washington Jr., James Moody, Jay and Marty Ashby, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Joe Cohn, Joe Negri, John Benitez, Kirk Lightsey, Mark Murphy, Marian McPartland, Ned Gold, Seleno Clarke, Randy Johnston, Rodney Jones, Ray Brown, Rhoda Scott, Roger Tucker, Roger Humphries, Ron Affif, Russell George and Victor Jones. Michael is also a veteran session musician, signed under numerous labels, including 3C, Laurie, Antenna Records and Corona Rounder. Michael hit the Top Ten on Billboard’s R&B charts as a producer with the Stanley Fields cover of “You, Me & He” (3C Records). He was the first musician to record live for WDUQ’s Tony Mowad and Chuck Leavens with whom he recorded with for several years. Michael wrote and produced music for the popular radio show Top 30 USA with Donnie Simpson with Sheridan Broadcasting Network WAMO, which aired every Saturday on 169 stations and in Europe and Japan. He has worked with many production, mixing, mastering and engineers of note, including the Grammy-winning Phil Nicolo of Studio 4 Recording. Records of note include one of Michael’s CDs featuring the legendary Houston Person and several of Michael’s live CDs featuring Claudio Roditi. Michael’s Karrtet™ features a rotation of top musicians including Ron Affif, Victor Jones, John Benitez, Randy Johnston, Alex Blake and Essiet O. Essiet. As a bandleader, Michael is listed as a Jazz Improv Magazine “Noteworthy Performance“. He has held several residencies at notable jazz venues in NYC including St. Nick’s Pub, Cleopatra’s Needle, Arturo’s, Blue Water Grill, the Bell Cafe, De Lounge, and Mannahatta. Michael has performed in almost every club east of the Rockies – he has played in settings from “after-hours” clubs to stadiums, for the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani to two Presidential Inaugural Balls.



Album Reviews Tn.Tank – The Black Tarzan/Properswangedge by Ross Guity (www.facebook.com/Ross.Guity21; www.instagram.com/R.G.Major)



Devoted fans of Rap music all around the world are always looking for variety; the 'brand new-new,' per se. Nashville, Tennessee native Derrick Himes aka TN. TANK is definitely an indie artist showcasing a one-of-a-kind soundscape in the Rap arena with an intimidatingly dark vocal delivery that's reminiscent of how the hardcore Heavy Metal rockers do it up. A relative newcomer who's been at it for just a couple of years after going through life hardships during the early portion of the New Millennium, TN. TANK is trying to now do the right things and highly-motivated and determined to make a positive impact and be successful in the music industry in his own unique way by expressing his realness to the masses globewide. Check out his vibes via YouTube under 'Derrick Zumba.' Facebook: Derrick Tn. Tank Himes Instagram: Tn. Tank

Bianka Amos - by Ross Guity

(www.facebook.com/Ross.Guity21; www.instagram.com/R.G.Major)

Rating: ★


! Creating incredible, original music compositions is a rarity in the current landscape of Soul music - especially from female artists. Enter the brilliant, super-talented and on-the-rise Bianka Danielle Amos - better known as 'bNatural' out of Indianapolis, Indiana, who not only possesses a beautifully toned singing voice, but is equally adept as a producer, arranger and songwriter who clearly understands what it takes to consistently make good, timeless music that all can truly enjoy worldwide. Smooth, sensual love songs like 'Dreaming' and 'Say What You Like' are strong samplings of her hit-making abilities right off the bat, and the sexy lush strings of the Rap-tinged track 'Let Me' featuring a verse from Champ Tyson also shines bright with great potential. In my book, the gorgeous bNatural is literally a natural breath of fresh sonic air, and will no doubt be one to watch out for going into Chapter 2017 and beyond. YouTube: bNatural Music Facebook: Bianka Amos Instagram: Bianka_3


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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print and digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From f...


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print and digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From f...


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