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Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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The musical life of De’boyed began in Nigeria as a secret. Disapproved by his business-owning parents for his exuberant and continual patter of song and dance. The active teen, De’boyed eventually took it upon himself to climb out of his bedroom window late at night, costume stuffed under his street clothes. He ran to the lounges, clubs, and small hotels where friends awaited him. These friends led bands. He would be introduced to the crowds, who would cheer him. He would sing his songs, side stepping until the whole audiences rose to their feet. But the secret couldn’t be maintained forever. By the time De’boyed packed his bags headed to college in the capital city, his family suspected that he was up to something. And, when the biggest club in Lagos gave him his own backup band and said, "Entertain", word spread throughout De’boyed’s native Nigeria about his talents. The day he announced that he decided to head to the music industry’s most fertile ground-the United States-the secret had to be revealed. With tears, joy and hope coming from his family. De’boyed packed his tapes, songs and stage clothing, and climbed aboard a large plane heading to America. Here he is presenting his debut cd entitled "Money Talks". Containing hit singles like “Sexy ‘N Simple, Chinyere, and You Are The Man”. He still has the infectious smile and dancing feet that made him a hit on another continent. Please welcome De’boyed-irrepressible singer, dancer, writer and entertainer-whose talent is a secret no longer.

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creativity lives

D E C E M B E R / / 75

! Essince:(What’s(going(on,(man?( Dj!Paul:!Ay,!man.!Chillin’.!Just!chillin.! Essince:(I(was(checking(out(the(new(project(with([multi<platinum( producer](Drumma(Boy.(How(did(that(come(about?(Why(did(you(decide( to(work(with(him(on(this(project?( Dj!Paul:!It!was!just!something!me!and!him!came!up!with!together.!We’ve!been! cool!for!a!long!time!we!did!some!stuff!together!back!in!the!days.!He!produced!a! track!for!me!for!one!of!my!earlier!mixtapes!so!we!did!a!whole!tape!together,! man.!That’!show!it!went!down.!We!talked!about!doing!this!3!years!ago!! [laughs]!But!it’s!just!coming!out!now!because!we’ve!both!been!so!busy.!!


Essince:(Better(late(than(never,(right?( Dj!Paul:!Yep.!Exactly.! Essince:(As(a(solo(artist(and(with(3<6(Mafia(you’ve(been(blessed(to(be(in(this(business(a(long(time,(to(what(to( you(attribute(your(longevity?(Is(evolution(more(important(than(understanding(your(niche?( Dj!Paul:!Man,!I!think!the!longevity!comes!from!keeping!the!fans!happy.!Sticking!to!the!script!by!giving!them!what! they!always!want.!And!I!think!you’ll!be!good!right!there.!It’s!all!about!the!fans!at!the!end!of!the!day.!! Essince:(What(do(you(think(your(biggest(contribution(to(hip<hop(is?(A(lot(of(people(copied(the(style(that(I( would(say(3<6([mafia](started.( Dj!Paul:!Yeah,!we!did!start!it.![But]!I!would!say!the!whole!crunk!music!thing.!Fight!music.!Fight/Rap!music…that!3T6! started!all!that!but!people!already!know!that.!Everybody!knows!what!we!brought!to!the!table!and!that!was!that.!! Essince:(Hip<Hop(has(been(making(a(lot(of(big(strides,(with(you(winning(the(Oscar(and(the(obvious(cultural( impact(it(has(but(do(you(think(hip<hop(still(has(a(way(to(go(to(be(considered(equal(with(other(genres?( Dj!Paul:!Yeah!hipThop!still!has!a!long!way!to!go,!man.!It!will!be!around!forever!in!some!form!or!fashion!because! people!love!rap!now!so!it’s!going!to!be!around!but!it’ll!always!be!looked!at!a!certain!way!because!of!where!it!came! from!and!who!it!came!from…black!dudes!form!the!hood.!It’ll!always!be!looked!at!a!certain!way!but!people!will! always!love!it.!But!it’s!opening!up!to!more!and!more!people!because!now!you!got,!you!know,!young!white!kids!that! love!rap!more!than!the!black!kids!!And!that’s!weird!but!they!do!that.!I’ll!do!a!concert!and!it’s!full!of!white!kids!with!a! couple!black!kids!scattered!throughout!it.!But!I!think!that’s!just!because!black!people!had!the!music!first!and!some! of!them!kinda!wore!out!on!it;!especially!with!some!of!the!new!rap!these!days.!That’s!why!I!tried!to!take!it!back!to!the! hold!hard!street!shit!because!I!heard!a!lot!of!people!say!they!missed!that.!! Essince:(Is(it(important(to(know(different(aspects(of(the(industry?(Do(you(need(to(be(more(than(just(a( rapper?(( Dj!Paul:!Yeah!yeah.!Always,!man.!That’s!pretty!much!with!anything!in!the!world;!a!UFC!fighter!or!a!PR!person!or! whatever.!The!talent!in!anything!is!only!a!small,!small!percentage!of!being!successful!in!whatever!you!do.!It’s!all!in! having!the!brain!power.!That’s!why!I!always!gotta!tell!the!kids!you!gotta!stay!in!school!because!you!gotta!have!the! education.!You!can!make!all!the!money!in!the!world!but!that!has!nothing!to!do!with!it.!If!someone!walked!up!to!you! and!gave!you!a!million!dollars!and!you!didn’t!have!your!head!on!straight!you’d!lose!it!in!a!million!seconds.!Because! everybody!gonna!be!coming!up!to!you!trying!to!get!you!to!do!something,!to!spend!it!on!this,!your!accountants!are! going!to!steal!it,!and!pretty!soon!all!your!money’s!gone.!You!gotta!have!a!brain!on!your!head.!! ! !

! ! Essince:(A(lot(of(artists(start(clothing(lines(but(you(started(DJ(Paul’s(BBQ.((Why(did(you(decide(to(get(into(the( food(industry?( Dj!Paul:!I!was!always!into!food,!growing!up!down!in!the!south.!It!was!always!something!I!was!into.!The!whole!BBQ! thing!came!about!with!me!living!on!the!west!coast!mostly!and!not!being!able!to!find!BBQ!like!we!got!in!the!south.!So! I!took!it!into!my!own!hands!to!try!to!let!the!rest!of!the!world!see!how!our!BBQ!is!where!I!come!from.!Because!every! time!they!hear!about!or!it!taste!it!they!go!crazy.!I!just!made!my!own!BBQ!and!started!selling!it.!People!loved!it.! ! Essince:(What(are(your(goals(with(that?(Do(you(ever(want(to(open(a(restaurant(or(mostly(focus(on( seasonings(and(sauces?( Dj!Paul:!I!had!a!restaurant!a!couple!years!back!that!I!won!on!this!TV!show!called!famous!foods!Called!the! Lemongrass!in!LA.!But!we!closed!that!down!because!it!was!put!together!through!this!TV!show!and!wasn’t!the!style! of!restaurant!I!would!want.!But!it!was!fun!and!I!loved!everybody!that!was!a!part!of!it,!the!guys!I!ended!up!owning!it! with!were!already!my!friends!so!that!was!cool!but!there!were!other!characters!in!the!TV!show!that!had!something! to!do!with!the!running!of!it.!I!had!some!other!ideas!I!would!have!done!if!it!was!just!me!but!not!no!time!soon.!I’m!too! busy.!! Essince:(Any(final(shout(outs?(Where(can(we(get(in(touch(with(DJ(Paul(online?( Dj!Paul:!Thanks!to!everyone!out!there.!I!appreciate!you!supporting!your!boy!after!all!these!years,!23!years!now.!Be! on!the!lookout!for!the!new!projects.!!!!!!! instagram!@DJPaulKOM!! ! !



The Rhythmic Lounge: Can you please tell us a little bit about Aromaology, for those who are unaware? Daisy Kimbro: Daisy Kimbro is the founder and CEO of Daisy's Aromaology LLC, the newest, hottest All Natural handmade Bath and Body Product line to hit the market in recent years. Kimbro developed the Eco-friendly line consisting of soy candles, diffusers, body butters, an all-in-one bath, body, hair and massage oil, raw Shea butter and moisturizing soaps because of her concern for the environment. Daisy wanted to create products that benefit both her customers and the Earth. Daisy's mindset has always been focused on loving, giving and helping wherever there is a need. She puts that same synergy into all of her products which has set her apart from the rest of the market. Daisy's Aromaology home based business began in 1998, specializing in natural and organic home fragrances. Back then her only product was candles. Today aromaology is privileged to have developed a complete line of high quality products that continues to produce natural/organic items that are cruelty free, ingredients that are of faire trade, supplies that are made from recyclable resources. She also focused on leaving less of a carbon footprint as much as possible. Babies, teenagers, college students, men and women all can benefit from the products. Our products are bursting with toxic free natural/organic ingredients and pure botanicals that nourish and balances the skin while supporting its natural ability to produce anti-aging moisturizers that clarifies, protects and effectively fight the signs of aging. Aromaology's timeless product line is recognized for its fragrant superior quality and is coveted by the chic shopper and celebrities alike. Nature makes perfect "Scents". Aromaology, as much as possible, creates her strong fragrances from nature which creates a catalyst for awakening the senses. These scents are so powerful that with just one sniff, customers are instantly captivated by the smell. Once they try the product they always return for more. Aromaology fragrances awaken your emotions and help restore the body/mind to a healing state. Essenses extracted from plants, flowers, shrubs, herbs and trees create fragrant essential oils which are used in 2 ways, through the nose and through the skin. Apart from its antiseptic and medicinal properties, plant essences (essential oils) are healing fragrances that not only treat the body but also the mind. This mind and body connection is the first step towards natural healing where the beauty of holistic aromatherapy lies. Fragrance oils are used in some of our products as well. Fragrance oils are aromatic or perfume oils and are sometimes called manufactured scents. They are designed primarily in the manufacturing of perfumes, cosmetics and flavoring oils. All of our products are available in over 20 different aromas. Daisy is always looking for ways to give back to nature and everyone she comes in contact with. So much so that she found a most creative way to do so. Anyone who purchases an aromaology product (such as a candle in this case) would normally be prepared to discard the casing after the candle is all used up and that would be the end of the experience,but not here. This is where another one begins. Once you've used the product you can then peel off the label (which is made of plantable paper) put it in the ground and grow precious flowers. In addition to that you can also reuse the glass for any purpose of your choice including drinking. Aromaology soy candles are hand poured and contains no animal products, making them ecco, vegetarian and vegan friendly. Our candles are manufactured meeting FDA and kosher standards and comes from non-GMO, herbicide and pesticide-free soybean crops in the United States. We directly support American farmers and the American economy which helps reduce American dependency on foreign oil which helps support the American economy. The all natural clean white candle come in an array of amazing scents. They burn 50% longer than other wax, and produce little to no soot. These candles provide a long lasting powerful fragrance guaranteed to create a heavenly long lasting scent through out your entire home. There are added benefits in these soy candles, once liquified they can also be used to moisturize your body.

TRL: What made you create this company? DK: I started creating Aromaology products as a hobby in the beginning. I have always been a creative being. My grandmother who I was named after, my precious loving Mom and my Mom's sister all encouraged my creativity. My grandmother and my mom both owned there own business. My grandmother owned a daycare center. My mom was a hair stylist and had her own beauty shop at one time. All three of these successful women motivated and supported me in all three of businesses I tried. Aromaology has been my baby for fourteen years. I never gave up on this passion of mine. I knew this was the one.It all started when a wonderful dear friend of mine had an idea to make pillar candles made with parrafin wax. Because I have always been health conscious I wanted to try a wax that was healthier for the environment. I researched waxes and came across, soy wax. I knew this was the ticket. We started making these scented soy candles in our house and found people walking by smelling the scents would knock on the door and ask what was that smell. Our neighbors, family and friends begged to purchase but we weren't selling at the time, we were doing it for fun. Later on we decided to sell the candles to family and friends. The more we sold the more they wanted.

Next we signed up to be a vendor at a local festival in LA, we were shocked that we sold out the first day. The second day we had nothing left to sale. The light bulb went off, I knew we had something incredible. Immediately I decided I wanted to create a complete line of products that would be non-toxic, no animal by products and safe for the planet. A year later I moved back to my hometown, Palmdale California, with my Mom to help take care of her, she was not well. I continued with the development of the Aromaology line which consists of scented soy candles, a bathbody-hair-massage oil, healing soaps, diffuser, body butters and himalayan salt scrubs. I was not selling the products, I just made them to give as gifts and for relaxation. Moving ahead to a year or so ahead, one of my best friends, Geraldine Hughes, came to me while I was in the garage whipping out some candles. Hughes insisted I get my products out for the world to experience. Daisy, you have an amazing product, you should sell these items. I wasn't interested. Geraldine did not give up and would not take no for an answer. After weeks of persistence I finally gave in and said yes. I am so thankful that Geraldine insisted when I resisted. That was the true beginning of Aromaology. We shared a booth at the Black Business Expo, the results were amazing. My products were picked up for a movie by Alton Glass called, "The Candy Shop", that went straight to DVD. Sadie Mestman, a dentist that I worked for in Beverly Hills, my mentor, started selling my products in the dental office. I have many celebrities supporting Aromaology, Molly Shannon from SNL, P-diddy, Vanessa Simmons, YoYo to name a few. The rest is history in the making.

TRL: How does Aromaology stand out from its competitors? DK: Aromaology stands out from other competitors in many ways. The number 1 is that my products sell itself. With just one wiff and the customer is sold. My products smell amazing! The scents are precise and strong, my customers tell me regularly, they have never smelled anything like it. My products have many uses besides what I intentionally made them for, the body. Customers inform me constantly what other uses my products have. For instance, my all-in-one bath, body, hair, and massage oil are made with oils that have many benefits. Men and women alike have told me the oil is good for more than there body. It is an excellent moisturizer for the interior of there cars. Its great to moisturize leather seats and as a bonus it leaves your car smelling incredible. Aromaology body butter is also beneficial for your hair. Almost all of my customers including me have experienced someone running behind you asking what are you wearing? You smell amazing! How can I get a hold of those products? One of my favorite testimonials came from a client thats a man, he expressed to me that during the summer, the more you sweat, the more you smell good. I thought hmmm, I need to use that as a slogan. lol

TRL: Do you have any words of advice for young entrepreneurs trying to create a lasting brand? DK: My advice to young entreprenuers: Dream big and set goals that are so high that they scare you, otherwise your goals are not big enough. Form habits that feed success instead of habits that feed failure. When I incorporated these daily habits, my life and business took off. I get up every morning no later than 5am. I read my bible, mediate, write at least 10 things I am grateful for and I also write down 10 goals as if I have already achieved them. I eat to live and not live to eat, I am a vegetarian. I try to walk every morning and listen to music that's empowering. Now I am pumped and ready to start my day. Have a good positive, attitude and perspective towards everything in life. Sometimes you have to embrace failure. You may see it as something bad, try looking at it as something good and learn from it. What you thought was a failure could be disguised as a great opportunity. Never give up on your dreams or passions in life. Do something daily towards your goal. Even the smallest minut thing done daily will help you get closer and closer to your goals. Add value to everything you do. My goal was never to focus on money, my focus has always been to give back and do my part to try to make this universe a better place. If every person in the world made deposits daily for the betterment of the universe, can you imagine how much better off the world would be? Never stop learning and growing. Make it a habit to learn something new every day personally and in your business or career. What better way to learn and grow? Read! Try to make it a habit to read a book every month. I would like to suggest reading a book that helped me succeed, "The Slight Edge", by Jeff Olson. This book will help you succeed in anything you are trying to accomplish in life And above all, do everything in love, have faith, believe and receive all the blessings that God has in store for you. God made it happen for me and He definitely can make it happen for you!!




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNSIGNED ARTIST, BRANDON MADDOX, NAMED 2014 LUCAS OIL MONSTER TRUCK ARTIST OF THE YEAR NASHVILLE recording artist and songwriter, Brandon Maddox, has just been named 2014 Lucas Oil Monster Truck Artist of the Year. Maddox has an impressive catalog of over 800 original songs, 18 artist cuts, and a song in a movie that was released in 2012. His first EP titled "Weightless" was produced by Doug Sisemore, Reba's long time band leader and keyboard player. He performed with Brett Eldredge (#1 for "Don't Ya".) during this year's Colorado State Fair and also played multiple shows in Nashville during the CMA Fan Fare in June. Maddox is excited to be recording the Monster Truck theme song, "The Bigger the Wheels, The Better the Man," on his next album. This album will be available for download on iTunes as well as for purchase at each Monster Truck event across the nation. Brandon is thrilled at the opportunity tour the country and build fan bases across the U.S.! His accomplishments are especially impressive because, Maddox, has yet to be signed to a record label. He has a small but dedicated team of people are working very hard to make the most of every opportunity they are given to make, Brandon Maddox, a household name. ###

Allen Weber/Hot Shock Band by Patrick Ross Chicago, Illinois the gateway to the Midwestern United States and major center for music. During the “Great Migration” of the 1920’s, poor black workers from the south brought traditional jazz and blues music to Chicago. Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Howlin’ Wolf, and Sonny Boy Williamsons among it’s more notable blues artists. Nat King Cole, Gene Ammons, Benny Goodman, Bud Freeman it’s jazz greats. Chicago is also well known for its soul, rock, punk, and hip hop music. As a result of the “Great Migration”, Chicago Blues develops during the first half of the 20th century. Boogie Woogie, the faster juicer form of the blues emerges from among other places Chicago. Chicago blues and boogie enjoys continued popularity today with appreciation of its many pioneer musicians such as Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, and Muddy Waters; guitar players such as Bo Diddley, Elmore James, Buddy Guy, Tampa Red, and Lefty Dizz; and “harp” musicians Big Walter Horton, Little Walter, Junior Wells, Charlie Musselwhite, Sonny Boy Williamson and notably James Cotton. Another Chicagoan to emerge from its music scene is Allen Weber. At age 7 his journey begins, as the first instrument he learns to play is piano. He dreams of becoming a bass player after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan variety show but the dream never becomes a reality, after switching to trumpet at age 11 and playing in the junior high school band, still dreaming of learning to play bass. At 15 his chance comes when his music teacher a masterful jazz player agrees to teach him bass, but only if learns to play guitar first for six months as a trial. At the end of six months, if he decides that he still desires to, he would teach him bass. After learning advanced jazz chords and theory during the six-month period, Allen becomes hooked on guitar and the dream of playing bass fades. His resultant love of jazz gets Weber a job at the public library and he becomes curator of a jazz library after convincing the head librarian to start a jazz section in the library. He begins filling the collection with all kinds of jazz, from Be-Bop, Swing, Hot Jazz, Cool Jazz, Modern Jazz, highly esoteric (Sun Ra). After having heard the blues for the first time, he immediately decides it is what he wants to play. Weber begins by wood shedding with a bunch of B.B. King records, listening and practicing every day after school till lights out for bed. Meanwhile auditioning for local bands, he meets and jams with legendary Bluesman Lefty Dizz at the Kingston Mines Café. The chance meeting earns him the respect of Dizz they become friends. His career begins in earnest playing in various small “hole in the wall” clubs around town and eventually at the prestigious Aire Crown Theater in Chicago, he starts touring the States and in Asia. After the tour he joins a funk horn band touring the Midwest. Gigging in a few more touring bands out of Chicago, Weber moves to Hawaii, Los Angeles, and New York City working in local bands and doing session work in the studio. Later moving to Jacksonville, Florida the heart of Southern Rock and after many attempts to put together a jazz-fusion band, the Hot Shock quartet is born in 2012. After opening for some major acts while performing locally, and having discussions with some promoters, Allen Weber decided to record some music for a premiere CD entitled “Hot Shock” with John Baker, Frank Basile, and Mike Noble. The album composed, arranged, and produced by Allen Weber.

16 !

J Kristopher “IT” is a term used in show business to describe true talent and/or pizzazz. Simply stated – J Kristopher has “IT”. From award winning feature films to co-starring roles on primetime television, even recurring late night appearances with Conan O’ Brien on NBC and TBS, J Kristopher is on a buzz worthy path to ultimate success. It all began in Houston, TX at the age of 6 when J wrote a note to his elementary teacher officially declaring that he would be an actor when he grew up. Soon afterwards, he had the pleasure of meeting Denzel Washington following a moving performance in the Broadway show, Checkmates. This experience inspired him to make his dreams become reality by acting in theatre. That dedication, some strict parenting, and a hard knocks upbringing resulted in an unbreakable work ethic that was soon complimented by his natural presence and amiable personality. J intuitively had a talent for portraying versatile characters and he developed a reputation for learning pages of lines despite last minute script changes. After achieving success with lead roles in numerous theatre productions and TV commercials in Texas, he left for Hollywood to fulfill his destiny. Since his arrival, J has graced the screen on the TV shows The Crazy Ones, Mixology, Days of Our Lives, 90210, NTSF:SD:SUV, and Outlaw, as well as the feature films Seven Pounds and Janky Promoters. He has also had the pleasure of working with such stars as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Mindless Behavior and Seth Green. He has also appeared in national spots for Dancing with the Stars, Trivial Pursuit, GMC, Georgia Power, Nickelodeon, Mastercard, as well as a FOX promo with Carl Weathers. Not content with success in TV and film, he has been featured in a Target display ad that was posted in all stores nationwide and the comic book Batman: Legend of the Dark Knight. His delivery prank video became viral after the first week with over 1 million views. J Kristopher is indeed headed on a successful path that has no end in sight. With his hand in hit TV shows, big budget features, award-winning independent films, music videos and nationwide ad campaigns, he is poised to make an unforgettable mark on the entertainment industry and on the next 6 year old actor-to-be. WEBSITE: 3 MIN COMEDY REEL: DRAMA REEL: IMDB: EXTENDED COMEDY REEL:!

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Iron Man Power Washers has partnered with local financial institutions to create a program wherein small business owners, or individual seeking to start their business can receive financing for commercial pressure washing equipment. This means that with a very reasonable down payment and extremely affordable monthly payments you can own a completely equipped hot water pressure washer trailer unit. You can also get $100 when you refer a qualifyng candidate to our program. Under this program a person may qualify if they are able to verify: • • • •

A permanent residence; Local references; Sufficient income to make payments; The ability to make a reasonable down payment.

The equipment you will receive consists of: • hot water pressure washer skid, • High pressure Hose reel • Low pressure water hose reel • 100 ft high pressure hose • 300 Galon water tank • Heavy duty trailer • Plumbing • Installation • With your new pressure washing equipment you will be able to do many different types of work. If you have never done a particular type of work before don't worry. You can take advantage of our customer training program. Some of the types of work you will be equipped to do includes: • Pressure wash driveways • Pressure wash houses • Pressure washtractor trailer rigs • Pressure washcommercial buildings • Pressure washsidewalks • kitchen exhaust systems • restaurant drive-throughs • Food proccessing plants • and much, much more! Whether you want to start your own business, earn extra income, or both this is an opportunity that will help you take a big step forward. Remember, this is a pilot program, so act quickly, it may not last long!!

U.R.E. / Urban Royalty Entertainment & Artist Management

Presents its Producers & Artists

Prepare yourself for an upcoming Music Release by Producer and Drummer to the Stars

Eric Seats Eric Seats, Next Great Drummer Founder, Jazz Musician and Creator of The Next Great Drummer All Star Band - is available to perform at your next event. Eric is currently Drummer to Patti LaBelle, Lalah Hathaway, to name a few. Book him now for concerts, corporate events, festivals, parties or more. He and the All Star Band perform a 45-60 min set that you will never forget – features 4 to 6 drummers playing simultaneously with a full band and singers. Contact management for booking @

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Roshe', Director of B.E.A.T. School of Makeup Artistry and CEO of Roshe' Cosmetics LLC in Baltimore, Maryland. With a Prestige Cosmetics and Botanical Skincare Line, Roshe' Cosmetics, she is equipped to service all of your beauty, skincare, and grooming needs. With a stroke of a brush, you will feel as beautiful inside as you will look on the outside once she has finished BEATing your face!!! Roshe' has satisfied clients from photoshoots, weddings, proms, runway shows, and music videos nationwide. If you like what you see please book an appointment. "Like" her facebook at BEAT School of Makeup Artistry and Roshe Cosmetics; befriend her at Roshe Anthony. You can also catch her on Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, or via email - or you can simply call the number above. Find her on all Social Networks @ RosheCosmtics.

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Sean Delaney by Maria Bianco Soulful and smooth, inviting and intriguing -- these are just a few ways to describe Sean Delaney, a hip-hop artist who skillfully blends pop, alternative, and electronic sounds into his hip-hop melodies. A poet at heart, Delaney artfully crafts each song using his extensive vocabulary and clever wordplay. He has received a wealth of recognition via radio shows, blog interviews, and Internet magazines and continues to impress the media with his entrepreneurial mindset and positive attitude. From a young age, Delaney knew he was destined for the music industry. He saw music as the soundtrack to the lives of people everywhere and gravitated towards the compassionate story-telling that lyrical creation allowed. His passion and dedication towards music and entertainment coupled with his unique business savvy lead him to create Hudcity Entertainment, the Sincerely Dedicated Clothing Company, and Hudcity Television & Hudcity Radio. Starting his business out of a small town in New York, Delaney and the team at Hudcity Entertainment remain humble through their successes. “We built this from a dream. No loan, no investment, just the hope and the realization that we can be the next big thing in Hip-hop music,” said Delaney. Today’s music scene is a far cry from the wealth of talent and drive of past artists and musicians, and according to Delaney, “It’s time for something real. It’s time for Hudcity!” With genuine, honest lyrics that convey the struggle to be heard and recognized as an independent artist, Delaney is able to capture the real, raw lifestyle of an up-and-coming artist in a way that most artists cannot. Currently, Delaney is focused on building his business and establishing his team at Hudcity. A true entrepreneur, he is driven to enhance each of his businesses by consistently coming up with new marketing strategies and ways to promote his brands. He is also working on his new mixtape -- Wonder Years 3, which he says is the third series in a mashup of classic rock hits from the 80’s and 90’s blended and infused with hip-hop -- and his new album, which will be his 12th studio album since 2004 when he released Dreamer. For future artists, Delaney says, “Don't let ‘NO’ be your end result. Don't let anyone change your vision. Don't allow the lackadaisical approach in today’s music to deter you from relaying a powerful message. And lastly, remain independent!” With his encouraging words and advice, Delaney will continue to inspire other artists to pursue their passions and build their own unique brands all while braving the path towards securing his spot as a musical force in the hip-hop industry. For more of Sean Delaney, visit: WWW.SEANDELANEYWORLD.COM WWW.DONEPRODUCTIONS.COM


The Rhythmic Lounge: What first inspired you to start creating music? Sean Delaney: From the moment I could understand music it took over me. Whether it was waking up on Saturday morning's to my father playing Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, or The Beatles or the strong Hip-Hop scene that swept across my small town, music had me hooked. I see it as the soundtrack to our lives. Once I started school and took English I had a knack at poetry and loved being able to metaphorically tell a story. Poetry would soon turn into lyrics and the next thing you knew I was writing songs at the age of 13. TRL: What advice can you give to young people looking to pursue dreams in the music and/or entrepreneurial industry? SD: The industry is not the same as it was back in the hay-day of the era. Record deals are not given anymore for talent. Labels and the industry want to see your strong work ethic. They want to see how much work you already do to get your fanbase and your image off the ground. Claim to fame as an artist these days is purely based off that hit "single" that you give them. You also need to be fully established with numbers that prove that fact. My advice for artist's coming up would be don't let NO be your end result. Don't let anyone change your vision. Don't allow the lackadaisical approach in songs these days to deter you from relaying a powerful message. And lastly, remain independent ! It's a new music industry, you have to get the world to love you by building your brand and showing the world why you belong. TRL: What are you currently working/focused on? SD: Currently I am very busy establishing my businesses and my team. Fine tuning and branching out to different networks to build a stronger presence. Having each one of my companies become a source of income. Coming up with ways to enhance my clothing line, online radio station, indie label and television network. As an artist I am working on my next mixtape entitled Wonder Years 3 - the third series in a mash up of classic hits blended and infused with hip-hop. This mixtape I focus on the rock era of the 80's and 90's. Songs I grew up listening to and putting my own spin on them paying homage to classics such as Nirvana, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Besides that I am also working on my new album which will be my 12th Studio Album since 2004 when I released "Dreamer". TRL: Are there any points that you'd like me to highlight in the article? SD: We are on the brink of getting the worlds attention. All we need is the right person to realize how incredibly unique and talented we are. Remember, we built this from a dream. No loan, no investment, just the hope and the realization that we can be the next big thing in Hiphop music. The world needs to stop being brainwashed from all the repetitive jargon that we are so used to hearing. It's time for something more's time for Hudcity ! TRL: What sets you apart from other artists besides your lyrical genius? SD: We at Hudcity Entertainment are humble folks from a small town in NY. But we are very clear in our mission to be the next unique entity in Hiphop music. We take pride in standing out from the rest by bringing a different aspect of songwriting to the table. Powerful messages, not your cookie cutter rhymes about cars, clothes, jewelery and violence. We depict the real "raw" lifestyle of an independent artist and the struggle to be heard.

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Our firm is a minority and women owned company, and as a Black woman entrepreneur who founded a business that has enjoyed a track record of “excellence in service”, I hope that you will give Wings Limousine Service every opportunity to remain competitive throughout this process. Our premiere private car service, that has provided transportation in the greater Los Angeles area for over eleven (11) years in poised to meet your needs. What gives us the competitive edge? Courteous drivers Smoke-free luxurious vehicles that are well maintained and comfortably equipped Competitive rates (commitment to maintain affordability in today’s economic environment) Wings Limousine Service has earned recognition for our service quality and knowledge of the industry. Some of our accolades include: · Honored by the California Small Business Association (CSBA) · Featured in BBC’s Transportation · Featured in Career Day by Entertainment Studios broadcasted on KTLA · Official limousine service for Los Angeles Sparks · Official limousine service for Rainbow Promotions (Long Beach Jazz Festival) · Vendor for Los Angeles Unified School District In addition, Wings Limousine Service is: · Rated AAA by the Better Business Bureau · Licensed by the Public Utility Transportation · Insured and bonded by Kettering Rose · Certified by Small Business Enterprise (SBE) · Certified by Women Business Enterprise (WBE) · Certified by Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)



So#you#want#to#cover#a#hit#song?# By:#Monet#

Cover songs are a great tool, especially for new, upcoming

made from your version of their song. Now, this is with the

artists looking to expand their fan base. If their timing is

assumption that once the song is done, the artist is going

right, they can take the momentum of a current hit, record,

to distribute and sell for a profit. There are some popular

create their own version and amass a hefty amount of new

selling avenues that automatically deduct from your profit


to pay all associated persons. One primary means of

During the Christmas Holidays also, many artists and

ensuring everybody is paid and all bases are covered, is to

musicians recreate popular Christmas songs to add to

obtain a license for each song you plan to release.

their repertoire. The good thing about Christmas songs


however, is that a lot of the more traditional ones are what

One main requirement for covering someone else’s

are called public domain songs. This means that a lot of

published work is to obtain a license. This is usually a

the songs we all grew up listening to and loving are not

mechanical license, which allows you to pay a fee for a

officially tied to any particular publisher and are therefore

specified number of sales. For example, some companies

free to reproduce without having too much red tape to fight

(distributing agents) charge about $25 for up to 100 digital

through. (There are websites that can give you a list of

purchases. Anything beyond the specified and agreed

such songs‌ones that are "free" to use and others that

upon amount requires an additional license. A mechanical


license therefore gives you limited use for each cover song.

Some other popular songs on the other hand aren't as Whether it’s a public domain songs or a song for which straightforward. Like with any cover song you may wish to you must obtain a license in order to perform, a good reproduce and attach your name to, you must do the cover song can be a great asset to a new or independent necessary work to keep yourself out of any dire legal artist. A little research within the public domain database situations. Any song written after the year 1922 is not and a small fee will be a minor investment to make for going to be considered public domain. Meaning, that there what can potentially produce a big return. So when you is someone holding the rights to that piece of work and any need a little boost in the numbers of your listening recreation from another artist/musician has to be more or audience, get a good cover song, preferably a past or less approved. In addition to approval, arrangements are current hit, and the rewards can be potentially outstanding. made to pay them a percentage of whatever monies are

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Santo Florelli He was born in Sicily (Italy) in 1976, spent part of his childhood in New Jersey (USA), where he still lives. Periodically, he travels to Genoa (Italy), where he lived 27 years (1983 to 2010). His music career began studying with the composer and drummer Max Biaselli (1992), in the meantime he graduated in Art (Artistic lyceum P. Klee). In 2000, Santo continued his music studies at the Modern Music Academy in Milan (AMM) and privately with the Italian famous drummer Agostino Marangolo. In 2010, S. Florelli completed his studies by attending the “Collective Music college” in New York City for an intensive course. Santo is also having a career as a music teacher that began in 1998 when he promoted new educational initiatives at the Scientific Lyceum “Cassini” (1998 to 2003). He taught in the Artistic Music Academy “ Sinafe” and in the Musical Study Center “ C.DM”(2005-2010), all located in Genoa (Italy). He had Master classes and Drum Clinics in the famous PERCFEST (Italy) and in different privet schools. He cooperated with many Italian jazz, latin, pop bands and the rock band “Altera” with Franz Di Cioccio, famous singer and drummer (PFM). Santo Florelli had different theater experiences. He played for the directors Graziella Martinoli, Nella Bozzano, Alfred De Grazia and the choreographer Markus Zmoelnig. Music collaborations: Terrence Brown, Emanuele Dabbono, Matteo Merli, Jimmy Weinstein, Tommaso Rolando, Alfie Pollitt, Marcello Picchioni, Giulio Gaietto, Bobby Soul, Martin Grace (Delirium), Francesco Moneti, Facundo e Santiago Moreno, Silvia Dainese, Marco Tindiglia, John Solley... Today, Santo Florelli has been considered “A Master Of Musical Sensitivity” by the known DRUM Magazine (USA) and he is also endorsed by “Rotodrum” and “Saluda Cymbals”. He plays in “Terrence Brown Trio” in “Calomito” in “ Clark Kent Phone Both” (Rock Acoustic and Electric Trio) and in the Italian-Argentine band “Aparecidos” with which performs all over Europe. Discography: “Canto di spine”(2004) , “Lo que hay en el charco” (2009) Dodicilune Label (, “Twelve Days of Fitness” (2010), “Palito, bonbon, helado” (2012).

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This Organization main focus is set out to educate those that are lost and has never received the word of GOD in their life's pick them up and bring those into the body of CHRIST so that their SOUL'S will be SAVED and those that are all ready SAVED help us to SPREAD the word for the KINGDOM and SAVE LIFE'S. Help Artist, Singers, Songwriters, Producers, Musicians, in the Gospel industry to fulfill their dreams in Music And Healing Ministries. Our Mission is to save souls and bring those that are not saved to the Lord Jesus Christ with a power full Healing Ministry as well for those that need to be healed by God's Power.







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Voices Of Praise Magazine

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Voices Of Praise Magazine™ is a publication and website whose vision is to inform you, the reader, with the most up to date and exclusive urban Christian music content. We make a commitment to you our readers to be a platform that addresses a variety of informational issues such as family, health, spirituality, and finances. We will build our company as a caring and responsible and accurate publication for people in the communities to relate and appreciate. Our magazine serves the community and invokes change. 
Voices Of Praise Magazine ™ gives a voice to a new generation and allows them a viable platform
Voices Of Praise Magazine ™ promotes community awareness
. Voices Of Praise Magazine ™ provides a platform for new and existing ministries to be heard
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U.R.E. / Urban Royalty Entertainment & Artist Management

Presents its Producers & Artists

Codie LaLonde

Music Producer:

Codie LaLonde’s music production experience falls in the genre of Experimental, Electronic, Ambient, Melodic, Psychedelic, Down Tempo and Dance. His tracks are movie soundtrack worthy and should be on everyone’s radar. To sample, purchase or lease his tracks contact his management @

Hip Hop & R&B Duo – Native


Soulful 20 year old crooner Janvier Mason, writer and producer with his partner and thoughtful lyricist/ rapper Chris McDuffey weave a new blend of heartfelt urban storytelling. Says Music Connection Magazine of the new duo, “Chris McDuffey & Janvier Mason show potential on a project steeped in early 90’s hip-hop, with a Tim Hardaway name check”. To book them for tracks or performances contact their management @



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Album Reviews Limb Liftr - BOLLYHOOD by William Kryjak


★ ★ ★ 1/2

As the popularity and ubiquity of electronic music continue to increase, we are forced to distinguish between the good, the bad, and the just plain awful. Yet at the same time, this growing pool of artists and styles treats us to previously unknown genres and combinations, which test the boundaries and provide some diamonds in the rough. The Bollyhood EP by LiMB LiFTR is a perfect example. By combining elements of trap and hip hop and mixing them with the sounds of traditional Indian and South/Southeast Asian music, we are left with a combination that is innovative, while at the same time feels a bit more natural than one might expect. The music is reminiscent of Aphex Twin and other similar ambient artists, but carries its own unique flavor. Eastern Promises is perhaps the best example of this mix, with a repeating exotic vocal motif over an 808 kit.. The complex mixture of styles results in tunes that would feel just as at home being freestyled over as coursing through the thick air of an opium den. Now although LiMB LiFTR is clearly on to something, the album is by no means perfect. Perhaps it is the small sample size of tracks, but I feel like this producer has a bit of growing up to do, in the sense that he needs to further refine his style. At the moment it feels like less of a recipe than a bunch of ingredients thrown together. With that being said, there is a lot of potential, and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this artist.

Allen Weber/Hot Shock Band - Hot Shock by Patrick Ross !


★ ★ ★ 1/2


Chicago is the home of jazz, boogie-woogie and blues from legendary artists who migrated or hailed from its’ inner cities ever since the 1920’s. Today one such artist is Allen Weber, a modern and contemporary musician who proudly upholds the jazz traditions of the past, present, and now future. His band is called Hot Shock and the debut album is self-same titled. Weber is a veteran journeyman who leads his troupe on guitar with sidemen John Baker on keys, Frank Basile on drums, and bassist Mike Noble. They describe their style and sound as sandunga jazz-fusion or groove with energy, infused with Latin, carribeo funk, blues, r & b, and rock. Weber likes to call it world fusion jazz. The album features eight tracks all composed and arrange by Weber. The opening cut “Gong Xi” opens with a vocal chant reminiscent of a Buddhist temple that transitions into a smooth Latin rock laced jazz groove with hints of the orient. “Blues Sparks” combines elements of the inner city blues sentiments of Chicago’s blues scene, still there is that hint of Latin influence in his soloing. “Aw Funk It” hints of his time spent touring and playing in funk bands throughout the Midwest. Overall the album smacks of 70’s rock tinged with Santana, Average White Band type grooves, and a hint of the Caribbean on “Caribbean Breeze”. This is kickback jazz-rock fusion music that is very listenable.

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Flicknife, was both a home for artists like Hawkwind and their individual members and a starting point for artists as Dogs D`Amour, Ozric Tentacles, Adamski, SOHO and many others, yet that is not all there is. Flicknife Records keeps on releasing fascinating music from either legendary bands or new artists - so come in and be fascinated. Thirty years of History and still going strong! If you would like to contact the label please use the form at the bottom of the page or send an email to To contact one of the bands on the label, please see the relevant contact information below:

Slydigs Head to or email Gunslinger Head to Lastwind Head to Steve Swindells Head to Flicknife on ReverbNation Contact us about the site Send an email to!

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