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EATING Eating disorders are a striking problem for people of all ages - and genders. For more, see pages 8-9.







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Although the Work Based Learning program revolves around an individual’s desired field of work, there is still a clear business aspect to the class. On Oct. 28, Work Based Learning students, visited the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham to hear from a panel of Distinguished Women. Senior Julia Labban discussed the impact the group of women had on students like herself. “I think it’s important to teach young adults how to succeed in their field,” Labban said. “I was especially pleased to attend a seminar that focused on the success of women in leadership roles.” The panel, which included women like President and CEO of The WW Group, Inc. Florine Mark, not only spoke of their origin stories but also shared advice for young adults entering work. “The one thing I took away from it is the power of confidence and self preservation,” Labban said. “These women had specific goals and didn’t let anyone deter them in their journey to reach those goals.”

The recent district-wide bike drive provided bikes and helmets to those children in Michigan who may not have been able to afford them. “I couldn’t believe that in our city that it was even possible for a child not to have a bike,” organizer Emily Brodbeck said. “After talking to Nancy Butty of the RHFD and telling her that I wanted to do a bike drive she immediately wanted to help and wanted to make sure that all the kids got helmets too. Every student that applied for a bike in the first go around had one available.” The event included participation from people and businesses across Rochester. “This was a real community project!” organizer Emily Brodbeck said. “ Many local groups and residents sent donations for helmets and bike parts.” Overall, the bike and helmet drive was a success. “The response from the community exceeded my expectations,” Brodbeck said. “The genuine smiles that the kids have when they receive the bikes make the entire project more than worth it.”

Following the controversial election of Republican Donald Trump, Liberal protest have been sparked across the country, including metroDetroit areas. However, some feel that the protests are disrespectful to the presidential position, saying that they lack regard for the democratic process. Junior Laura Eshelman supports the demonstrations. “The things he stands for are not what I stand for, so I think it’s great that people are using their constitutional right to protest,” Eshelman said. Protests have been reported across Michigan, including rallies in Royal Oak, Grand Rapids, and Detroit. A demonstration in Traverse City resulted in police officer being suspended after driving with a confederate flag through a protest. Junior Alexandra Kayes says that, while citizens have the right to protest, such demonstrations are not going to change the outcome of the presidency. “I think people should respect the decision,” Kayes said. “He is going to be our president, and the protests are not going to change anything.”

It’s four o’clock in the morning on Nov. 9, and many citizens of the United States have yet to sleep. They have been up all night anxiously awaiting the outcome of the presidential election. It’s finally announced that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be America’s next president. He has received 279 electoral college votes, while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has only received 228, not even close to the 270 needed to win the election. “I think Hillary had a hard time connecting to the middle and working class and Donald Trump really did speak to the working class people who are struggling right now with manufacturing jobs having left the country,” Social Studies teacher Mrs. Pierce said. “That seems to be what’s at the heart of the middle class’ troubles.” Junior Lindsey Garber discussed what school was like the day after the election. “People that were for Trump were getting hated on,” Garber said, “And people who supported Hillary were also getting hated on.”

New Zealand was jerked by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake Nov. 13, 2016. The epicenter of the earthquake was near the city of Kaikoura, destroying its infrastructure, roads and landscape. Additionally, the earthquake provoked a tsunami, forcing coastal populations to evacuate to escape the deadly 6 foot waves. “Earthquakes can be pretty devastating, depending on their location, strength, and its surroundings,” said RHS AP Environmental Science teacher, Mr. Shuter. “[Earthquakes] probably rank around the middle of all natural disasters.” Following the massive quake, 80,000 to 10,000 landslides have occurred and blocked major roads and transportation networks, trapping Kaikoura citizens in their destroyed town. Thousands of people are stranded, and in need of food and medical aid. Many countries, including the United States, have sent ships, helicopters and supplies to relieve New Zealand from its suffering.

Brief by Ninotchka Valdez

Brief by Makenzie Shubnell

Brief by Kathryn Chatman

Brief by Carly Craig

Brief by Elizabeth Bulat



GREEN CLUB COMES TO LIFE Increased attendance leads to larger projects

Green Club represents Rochester High School at Electronic Recycling Event. Photo courtesy of George Sweda of many of my classes I offer a little amount of extra credit to be a regular OPINION EDITOR member.” Rochester High’s colors may be blue and Green club relies on fundraising and white, but this year the school is glowing small payments to complete their projects. a little more green. Funding is limited and Rochester’s Green the club finds creative Club focuses on ways to help the improving the environment with little environment expense. The freedom around the “We have already done of the club grows with community of greater funding, and more than last year as Rochester, with any contribution from far as projects beyond the general goal the administration of decreasing the could transcend the weekly recycling carbon footprint club to new heights. collection.” of Rochester. “We are applying The club, led by for more grants to science teacher Mr. Brittney Everett, Junior help fund projects Brandon Schurter, now that the club is seems to have larger,” senior club sprung to life at the leader Louis Rolland start of this year, said. “We are trying with an influx of to get more recycle members, greater bins and finish installing organization and an extended mission more hand dryers which we started last compared to former years. The leaders of year.” the club gave some insight towards the The main duty of the club is to collect success of the club. and organize any recycling in the school. “Every year we get a little more However, as the amount of hands willing structured and organized,” Mr. Schurter to participate increase, the role of the said. “One reason we have an increased club can expand to fulfill other goals. attendance is students are realizing Schurter and the leaders are collaborating participation counts towards NHS points, to find anyway to effectively benefit the and since it has to do with the curriculum environment.


“We can do larger projects including weeding areas and recycling drives,” says junior Brittney Everett. “We have already done more than last year as far as projects beyond weekly recycling collection.” This new flexibility with time and energy is something that has been envisioned since the start of Green Club. The new members have brought a new form of unity and energy for the club to function and thrive. “It is fantastic that people are taking action towards improving the environment around our community,” Louis Rolland said. “The club’s size has increased from around two dozen members to around fifty members, which is great for more projects.” One example of the success of Green

Club is the Electronic Recycling Event held in late October at Rochester High. This event involved volunteers who collected electronic appliances that people needed disposing of. These devices cannot be recycled in the recycling bins, but also do not belong in landfills. “Volunteers were necessary for the event and we got the fifteen we needed,” Schurter said. “Without the members we had the event could not happen. We collected 12 pallet boxes worth of appliances and saved them from going into landfills so it was a huge success.”

think you’re pregnant? You Have Choices

Crossroads Pregnancy Center 248-293-0070



A door supiciously opens in an empty hallway in the abandoned Old South Pittsburg Hospital. Photos courtesy of Mary Ann Brown


Paranormal Investigator speaks out on her experiences NINOTCHKA VALDEZ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Maryann Brown of PE Paranormal crosses the room to make sure that the door will not be propelled open by any rigs. After inspecting the hinges carefully, she leaves the room with a member of her team to further explore the rest of the hospital. Little does she know that as she retreats, the door slowly falls open with force: this is all caught on camera. Exploring haunted buildings, as well as private homes, is just part of what Brown does. “It’s not really a job, because we don’t get paid to do it,” Brown said. “I don’t know of any organization that charges for investigations. Basically, when a client contacts us if they’re experiencing paranormal activity, we go in. Not to sound like a cliche, but it is very similar to what guys on Ghost Hunters do.” While there is speculation that paranormal investigators are part of a hoax in order to elicit money from clients, Brown ensures that that is never the case. “We all pay for [everything] ourselves,” Brown said. “We buy the cameras and pay for travel expenses out of our own pockets. My organization does fundraisers, but we don’t keep any of the proceeds. We donate it back to the location to preserve it. A lot of them are older places and need extra care. So yeah, we make no money. We incur the cost to investigate ourselves, and most of us do it because we love what we do. Our main goal is to help individual clients to document what’s happening, and get personal experience.” Although the paranormal is often

surrounded by a plethora of scrutiny, an that things are actually happening.” individual’s feelings towards his or her Senior Caleb Whitaker has found himself circumstances is always a priority for the in the center of a paranormal experience investigators, as well as safety issues. while spending the night at a friend’s house, “Sometimes we aks about mental where he was awoken by movement. illnesses, and if they dabbled in something “I was confused, [but] then I remembered they shouldn’t have, or have performed past [my friend] telling me about the ghosts in criminal tasks. There is a risk factor involved, her house which frankly [I didn’t believe] up and it can be very dangerous in a sense until this night,” Whitaker said. “So I put going into individual houses,” Brown said. that all together in my head and sit up, but “We don’t put anything out unless we have I’m still again and the wave stopped. Then all agreed that it’s legit. And we don’t post the bird hanging from her ceiling started to anything from flap its wings private home so that made “We incur the cost to investigate investigations, me uneasy, but ourselves, and most of us do it unless the client I just ignored it has disclosed because we love what we do. Our and fell asleep.” that it’s okay. While some main goal is to help individual We have the may view his clients to document what’s utmost respect experience in protecting as terrifying, happening, and get personal the privacy of Whitaker experience.” our clients.” believes that With there are each call and different ways Mary Ann Brown, Paranormal investigation, to perceive Investigator there’s a specific paranormal series of experiences. protocol that “You’d think I’d freak out but I didn’t follows to ensure that there are no outside feel any negative vibes from it. So that was factors. Gucci, you know just chilling with a ghost,” “I go in with my team to validate the Whitaker said. “Most people get scared or client’s experience,” Brown said. “I will be upset when people bring up paranormal the only one who talks to the client, and experience. [However], I think it can be both has an idea of what they’re experiencing. positive and negative occurrences.” Then my team goes in and sets up cameras Oftentimes, prior to experiencing the and other equipment, without them paranormal, spectators find themselves having any knowledge of what the client is doubtful of the existence of other beings. experiencing. That way, if the client says they Whitaker found himself in the same saw a shadow, and the team sees it without position. knowing that the client saw it, it gives proof “I use to say [paranormal beings] were

fake but this made me think otherwise,” Whitaker said. “It was such a bizarre event.” Those working in the paranormal investigation field often encounter people like Whitaker who begin as skeptics, regardless of the justifications that may be presented by their peers. “We’ll have people who have a theory about what’s happening, and then we’ll have evidence to back it up,” Paranormal Investigator MaryAnn Brown said. “But it doesn’t always ride on the evidence, because some people may never believe it until they personally experience them. I like taking what I like to call--and this is [the best term I can think of]--paranormal virgins, and devirginizing them in a sense.” According to Ms. Brown, paranormal experiences can change a person. “You’re never quite the same after,” Ms. Brown said. “I love to pull people who don’t believe and take them to places where they’ll experience something that changes their mind. It’s like getting to say ‘I told you so!’. I really do get pleasure from it, [even though] sometimes those people don’t really enjoy the experience.” Still, there are people who have grown up believing in the paranormal. Senior Mariam Kaakarli has yet to experience it herself, but tales passed from her own relatives have made an impact on her beliefs. “I think that growing up with stories [about paranormal experiences] definitely shaped me into believing in the paranormal,” Kaakarli said. “I was raised to believe that there are supernatural beings we aren’t aware of. And so hearing, from people I was close with, that this type of stuff was real, definitely made me believe in it.”



RHS HAU NTS Students describe paranormal experiences MORGAN GALLAGHER DESIGN EDITOR




Mariam Kaakarli, an RHS Senior, was kind enough to share a story (told and experienced by her older cousin) that proved to send chills down the backs of herself and various other family members. Being Muslim, Kaakarli informed us that popular belief tells of demons/spirits residing in dark, eerie places. Her story had taken place, conveniently, at a stay away camp for Muslim teens beside a darkened, ominous forest. As the site had usually been rented for Christian camps, there was a statue in the likeness of the Virgin Mary just outside of the place assigned for prayer for the students. According to Kaakarli, a certain group of boys had started to disrespect the statue (the exact antics were not specified). Soon enough, strange things were reported to have happened with the group. It was said that they had stopped showering, showing up to prayer sessions, and began to act strangely. Possibly the most chilling part of the account, perhaps, was when the group was made to recite passages from holy text (due to suspicion of possession by leaders), but refused to repeat them correctly- changing words and mocking the text. Kaakarli told The Talon that she had spent years convincing herself the story had been fake; purely because of it’s terrifying nature.

In perhaps a tamer supernatural account, Rochester Senior Caleb Whitaker shares his own experience. Though much different from spiritual possessions, Whitaker’s experience proves much closer to home for many of us. As the story went, Whitaker was asleep in a friend’s room late at night (reported about 1:00 AM) when he found himself drifting slightly out of sleep. Lying on a waterbed at the time, he reported feeling a “wave” from the end of the bed. Considering there had been no one else in the room, this should certainly have been alarming. Dismissing the mysterious waves due to drowsiness, (an object at rest must stay at rest unless an equal and opposite force acts upon it, right?) Whitaker began to slowly wake, realizing that the waves had become continuous. Coming to consciousness, he had remembered his friend casually mentioning that odd things often happened in the house. Sitting up in bed, Whitaker noticed a hanging wooden bird in the corner of the room as it started to flap its wings. Oddly enough, Whitaker went back to sleep (what a brave soul). He reported to The Talon that he hadn’t been a believer in the supernatural until this night.

Senior Hiba Abbas shared with us a series of experiences which prove to be much realer than any wish to experience. Sleep paralysis, happening during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, happens when a disconnect between the muscles and brain occurs. During the REM stage, the body’s muscles are “shut off ” as the brain commits itself to vivid dreams during deep sleep. However, what happens when we wake up? This is sleep paralysis. 8% of the population will experience this, with the chances increasing to 34% with those suffering from other psychiatric disorders. Abbas reported experiencing this multiple times in the past. Having your nightmares literally come alive sounds terrifying, as sleep paralysis can cause your brain to “dream” inside the room around you, without being able to move. Abbas recounts the episodes starting with a pressure overcoming her entire body as she woke- as if something were holding her down. From here, the brain can dream up anything; some report people outside of their windows, shadows overcoming them, women in white, and other nightmarish concepts. Abbas reported one night feeling as if she had been consumed into a puddle and coming out the other side. Though her experiences have since stopped, it’s still imprinted as a frightening memory.




Junior Jack Paruch stands in his Pistons ball boy uniform. Photo courtesy of Mr. Paruch CRISTIAN SANDLER STAFF WRITER

“Before the game, I rebound for either team during their warm ups,” Paruch said. “During the game I pass out water and gatorade, grab their warm ups when they

Junior Jack Paruch packs his bag, ready to go from school to work. He grins as he thinks about where he will be for the next six hours. “I am very lucky because a lot of the people “I have the best job in that I talk to don’t enjoy working after school the world.” Paruch said. “I or let alone even their jobs, and yet, I leave to work as a ballboy for the work with a smile on my face.” Detroit Pistons . I love my job so much that I would Jack Paruch, Junior be willing to be paid $5.00 instead on my $9.50 an hour to be able to do what I do on almost a nightly basis. I like how right after school, I can go and work for NBA superstars.” are getting ready to go into the game and I Paruch describes himself as a “ ball sit on the bench to help out if anyone needs boy” or a “water boy” for the Detroit anything.” Pistons basketball team.

Paruch, through his job, has had the opportunity to sit and interact with NBA superstars; even building relationships with some of the players. “[The players] talk to me in the locker room and on the court. Last week, I jammed my finger the night before playing basketball with my friends, and I had work the next day. A player from the [Denver] Nuggets saw me constantly grabbing my finger in pain while I was rebounding, and wrapped my finger for me,” Paruch said. “It’s cool because, all of the Pistons really, like they know my name and we all talk sometimes about basketball, school and other things,” Paruch said. “It’s really cool too because I am able to meet NBA superstars on a nightly basis. Just in the past two weeks, I have met Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Gary Harris and Giannis Antetokounmpo to name a few.” Being a basketball player himself, Paruch knows how good the experience that he is getting from his job. “I get to see the best players in the world play on a nightly basis front row. I can learn a lot just by watching these amazing players,” Paruch said. “A lot of my friends are always telling me how jealous they are that I get paid to watch the best players in the world. I was lucky that my dad knew that guy that hires the ball boys.” But business is business, and he has to remember not to get carried away with just watching the players. “My job is actually very important to the players. If they don’t receive their water or Gatorade, they could become dehydrated which can affect their play,” Paruch said. “I cannot just be starstruck with just watching the players, so while I am working it goes over my head. I don’t realize how cool it is until after the game because I have to be focused during the game. But after the game, it comes to me.” Paruch always expresses a grateful vibe while talking about his job. “I am very lucky because a lot of the people that I talk to don’t enjoy working after school or let alone even their jobs, and yet, I leave to work with a smile on my face,” Paruch said. “I get to go somewhere where there is always a fun atmosphere, I get to work for my role models, and I get to meet a lot of important people. I love my job a lot and I feel as if I could work it for the rest of my high school career.”

Buy your Notecards on December 1st and 2nd! The RHS special ed program will be selling holiday and birthday cards on Dec. 1-2 during all three lunches above the mall. All proceeds go to the charity Paint a Miracle and the special ed program at RHS. Get your holiday cards and stocking sutffers now and supprot a great cause!




Winter is coming and you and your honey will love these low cost dates this chilly season! MAGGIE ROEHLING




For the Thrill-Seekers

For the Foodies

For the Creative Couples

For the foodies: BAKING COOKIES

If you and your heartthrob are looking for a night in with some scrumptious snacks, baking cookies is a must! Food admiring couples will love making homemade cookies that go well with a cold glass of milk, or a mug filled with hot chocolate, depending on Michigan’s everchanging weather. Baking cookies is simple, yet fun when you’re with your best friend and soul-mate. Most ingredients can be found at home, and a delicious recipe for gooey chocolate chip cookies is on Nestle’s website. Baking cookies allows you and your sweetie to bond in a warm home with some warm dessert.

For the thrillseekers: SLEDDING Thrill-seeking couples will love the rush of flying down nearby hills on their sleds this winter. With the cool frosty wind flowing through your hair, sledding will be a blast for you and your sweetheart. This date requires no money, but a little extra time in order to unbury those sturdy, plastic sleds from your basement. Finding a hill close to you is easy, but favorites include the hills of Bloomer Park and Waterford Oaks County Park. With your boo riding behind you or by your side, sledding is a fun activity that takes you outdoors and allows you to enjoy the snow Michigan has to offer!

For the Adventurers

For the Cuddlers

For the cuddlers: CHRISTMAS MOVIES

For the adventurers: DOWNTOWN LIGHTS

For the creative couple: GINGERBREAD HOUSE

Whether it’s “Elf ”, “The Night Before Christmas” or “Home Alone,” everyone loves Christmas movies. A marathon of holiday films will bring you and your better half closer together this Christmas season. Cuddling under an assortment of fluffy blankets, laughing together over hilarious moments and crying during sappy montages are some of the best memories you can create with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and it comes with no price! All this date requires is a little extra time in order to dig up some classic movies and pop some popcorn.

The downtown lights date is a classic go-to when it comes to swooning your significant other. It’s a cheap idea that involves a little gas money and a whole lot of love. Walking around downtown with the Christmas lights shining over you is a picture-perfect date that adventurous couples love! There’s something magically romantic about holding hands with your plus-one and roaming around the streets of Downtown Rochester. Along with great conversation and one-on-one time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, the lights are beautiful and the feelings of Christmas are ecstatic late at night.

If you and your candy-loving significant other are looking for a fun, cheap winter date idea that doesn’t involve leaving the warmth of your home, making a gingerbread house is the activity for you! Allow your creativity to come to life as you and your bae make icing and gumdrops into a magical house for little gingerbread people. Gathering your favorite candies and gingerbread house-materials is an easy task, as well. Gingerbread house kits are affordable and can be found at Walmart and Bushes.




“ANA” & “MIA”




An inside look at the struggles of eating disorders


Help Services National Eating Disorders Association Hotline: 800-931-2237 Psych Guides Hotline: 1-888-997-3147

Student Alexa Smith* scrolls through her Instagram page, glancing through old photos of herself. In the photos, she seems to have it all. She’s surrounded by friends and has a huge grin spread across her face, but she knows that smile is far from genuine. She remembers all too well the battle she was facing then and how ill she was. According to Eating Disorder Hope, eating disorders are a daily struggle for 10 million females and one million males in the United States. Four out of ten individuals have either personally experienced an eating disorder or know someone who has. Smith believes the culprit for this high number of eating disorders in the United States is due to the rise of social media. “Social media drives people to have eating disorders, because of photoshop; everything is photoshopped. You could have the flattest stomach and they still will edit it to make it even flatter,” Smith said. “The internet can definitely be harmful to certain people. It is an illusion. Everyone posts their happy days but no one reveals the bad ones.” Eating disorders have been on the rise. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the occurrence of eating disorders

has doubled since the 1960s. Not only that, but eating disorders are becoming prevalent among younger age groups. 40 percent of 9-year-old girls have dieted. Senior Mrudula Sriram believes that the easy access of media to all ages has a large effect on the many young people turning to eating disorders. “The media displays warped images of perfection. Even the models they use are further edited and photoshopped until they are a mirror shell of what they normally look like. Even if you’re considered perfect, you’re not. This is especially harmful to impressionable young girls,” Sriram said. I feel like the media displays an image that girls see as unachievable, so in turn they try to do unrealistic diets and everything in their power to achieve the unachievable. Girls believe that it is healthy, and then it gets to a point where it isn’t healthy at all and it is taking over your life.” Psychology teacher and coach Larry Adams, over his 35 years of coaching, has had multiple experiences with athletes struggling with eating disorders. According to Mr. Adams, it begins with positive intentions and quickly turns dark. “In the sports I have coached [gymnastics, track and cross country], I have had athletes

that have had both bulimia and anorexia. What happens is at first they perform better because they are lighter, they think they are more fit, and so initially they think ‘Oh, this is the right thing to do,’” Mr. Adams said. “But then as it continues, their body starts to break down because it isn’t getting the nutrition and supplements it needs and it’s not fueling itself like it should, so it begins to break down. That’s one of the biggest problems because they think they are doing the right thing and getting better, but then it always turns out the opposite way where they end up getting worse.” Senior Audrey Bevacqua believes that though eating disorders may start small, they can spiral out of control and do a lot more harm than good in the long run. “It’s really not worth it because the point of like having an eating disorder is that I feel like you want to be skinnier or like healthier, and eating disorders don’t help with that,” Bevacqua said. “It really just makes you really unhealthy and like anemic looking, and it’s just not good.” Based on her experience, Smith agrees with Bevacqua that restricting your food intake or purging isn’t worth the results one

may hope to achieve. “I know it sounds cliche, but when people say ‘don’t worry about it, it doesn’t matter’ it really doesn’t matter; especially at our age,” Smith said. Sriram believes that pressure from one’s surroundings are especially high during one’s teen years. “I think teenagers are constantly pressured to follow society’s delusional standards,” Sriram said. “We’re brainwashed to believe that we have to achieve that perfect hourglass figure, and a lot of girls in an attempt to try to achieve this goal, either starve themselves or eat so much and then make themselves throw up.” Senior Andrew House believes the root cause of eating disorders is the internal drive to present the best possible image of oneself. “I think what drives people to have eating disorders is the the drive to look your best. I think it has something to do with a mental state, and things going on in one’s life. It could also be caused by continued harassment,” House said. There are many teenagers who feel pressure to live up to unnecessarily high standards they set for themselves. Mr. Adams has seen a correlation between eating

disorders and students setting very high standards for themselves. “A lot of it is a misperception of what they believe themselves to look like or it goes along with the type of personalities they have,” Mr. Adams said. “A lot of times it is with a very driven, high achieving person. They are going to do what it takes to perform at a high level.” Many teenagers believe that in order to receive attention from the opposite gender, they must fit what society deems attractive. Sriram shoots down this common misconception. “Honestly, if everybody was one body type that would be so boring, like everyone has different tastes and preferences. Don’t think that boys aren’t going to like you because you aren’t skinny enough, or you’re not chunky enough or whatever,” Sriram said. “Everyone has different tastes. There’s not one ideal you have to conform to. If a guy doesn’t like you because you aren’t the exact picture of what he wants you to be, then he isn’t worth your time in the first place.” Eating disorders add a lot of stress onto those who suffer. Smith found one of the most stressful aspects of having an eating disorder was keeping it from family and friends. “The biggest struggle with

having an eating disorder is having to hide it,” Smith said. “It is frowned upon to have an eating disorder, you can be hospitalizedit’s crazy.” Mr. Adams has witnessed the great lengths teens struggling with eating disorders go to in order to keep their disorder secret. “They will hide it as long as they possibly can. I’ve had athletes who could never make it to a pasta party because they always had ‘homework’ or ‘they had to study for a test’ or this or this, because they knew they didn’t want to eat that food that was there,” Mr. Adams said. “They’re good at hiding things and once they got to face the facts that what they have is a disease, they realize that then they can go and get the help that they need.” Smith struggled for a long while to get over her eating disorder. Despite improving, it is still a challenge she faces. “It was bad. I was always cold, I was always really depressed,” Smith said. “It’s still a battle but I’ve definitely gotten a lot better. I’m comfortable eating, and I’m comfortable eating until I’m full.” Mr. Adams has seen every athlete he has worked with who had an eating disorder improve. Once they got the help they needed, recovery was in sight.

“They get through it. The ones I’ve coached have all come through it well. It took time for sure,” Mr. Adams said. “They went through the process. Once they got professional help then they started doing the right kind of behavior and once they did that, they got better.” Sriram believes that eating disorders are a disease brought on by society, that shouldn’t have to exist. According to Sriram, the happiest people are the most beautiful. “Focus more on being healthy than what is considered pretty because I believe that being healthy is the same thing as being beautiful because if you have a healthy body, then you have a healthy mind, if you have a healthy mind then you have a healthy soul,” Sriram said. “People need to focus on health and happiness rather than focusing on achieving this perfect image that society pushes on us to achieve by starving ourselves or eating too much.” *Name has been changed.

To some people, eating disorders are not seen as a disease that needs to be concealed. Instead, it is viewed as a lifestyle. Teenage bloggers share their experiences and tips with others through online websites, encouraging vomiting and extreme dieting to get the body size they desire. Inside this other world, pictures of incredibly skinny girls can be found as ‘thinspiration’ in order to motivate other teens to continue to starve themselves. In addition to this, many web pages contain ‘thin commandments’, which are basically rules for the sickness such as “never admit you are skinny enough” or “if you aren’t thin, you aren’t attractive.” These websites are often titled ‘Ana’ and ‘Mia’, which are shortened names for the critical illnesses, anorexia and bulimia. The names ‘Ana’ and ‘Mia’ are used to personify these diseases to help people talk about it more openly. This is hazardous for teens who find themselves in a dark place as they are encouraged to continue these unsafe habits rather than to seek help. The National Eating Disorders Association said the blogs were as dangerous as “putting a loaded gun in the hands of someone who’s suicidal” because they are easily accessible to anyone with connection to the internet. The power of these websites can clearly be seen through the thousands of comments left by other young teens looking for an escape from society’s constant pressures.




New form of social media emerging Junior Brittney Evered, an avid finsta-er, discusses the type of photos she posts to her finsta. “It can range from pictures of me looking Senior Alisia Harp, also known as like a thumb to pictures that just sit in my “sassy_al_” walks to her fifth hour, where camera roll that I’ve always wanted to post she discovers she has another test that she but never had a place,” Evered said. forgot about. She cannot wait to take to her Embarrassing photos aren’t the only finsta to let all of her feeling out about the purpose of finsta; the captions are where stressful day. users express themselves the most. Everyone is familiar with the popular app, “I caption them with ‘this is me’ or stuff Instagram, where users post their everyday about my face breaking out and how I’m not pictures of family and friends. Recently, perfect and that we all have our flaws,” Dyja instagramers have been making a second said. account to post their embarrassing photos Some might ask what the point is of to a smaller, more selective following. This having a separate account, and Harp clears second Instagram account is nicknamed the difference up between the two. by users as “The “finstagram” difference or finsta for between short, which rinsta and “The difference between rinsta and stands for fake finsta is finsta is rinsta is where you post instagram. rinsta is One pictures that are attractive and cute and where advantage post anything you wouldn’t mind the public you to finsta is pictures seeing. Finsta is just ugly pictures that it allows that are for a deeper and screenshots and funny meme’s... attractive level of selfcute there’s no rules for finsta. Except not and expression.. and judging posts, it’s a judgement free “Finsta anything is basically zone.” you a separate wouldn’t Instagram mind the Alisia Harp, Senior account you public make to post seeing,” things you Harp said. really wouldn’t “Finsta is post on your just ugly rinsta [your pictures and original or real Instagram],” Harp said. “It’s a screenshots and funny memes... there’s no way to express yourself in a judgement free rules for finsta. Except not judging posts, it’s zone basically.” a judgement free zone.” Finsta hasn’t always been a trend, until Some members of the finsta community recently. Senior Alyssa Dyja, who recently are more popular than others. Evered shares joined finsta talks about why she thinks what finsta is her personal favorite. finsta is very prominent right now. “My favorite finsta is ‘sw33tt00thless’ “I think finsta became a big thing because because her long rants about common day people like to express the real them,” Dyja things are something I usually go through said. “And they can still be perfect in their and they make me laugh,” Evered said. own way without all the makeup and filters.” As the finsta community grows, Harp Finsta allows its users to enjoy posting expresses what she wishes for in the future content without as many limits. of her finstagram. “I started my finsta because it seemed “I hope that I can continue to post fun and a better way to express myself than anything I want without judgement,” blowing up people’s twitter timelines,” Harp Harp said. “I hope I use it forever because said. “Also there’s no character count on honestly it’s a great way to express myself on Instagram like twitter.” the daily!”


Junior Brittney Evered poses with her private finsta account. Photo taken by Victoria Wendt.

Senior “Roehlingdownthehill”, aka Maggie Roehling, posts silly photos on her finsta that express how she’s feeling everyday. Photo courtesy of Maggie Roehling.


The Book of Mormon


RHS grad Gabe Gibbs shines in this hilariously irreverant musical ANGELA MAMMEL FEATURE EDITOR

Back by popular demand, the tour of Robert Lopez, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s outlandish and irreverent musical, “The Book of Mormon”, played a two-week engagement at Detroit’s Fisher Theatre during the beginning of the month, this time led by RHS grad and R.A.T.S alum Gabe Gibbs. The show follows Mormon missionaries on their religion-based journeys across the world, specifically the devout and uptight Elder Price (Gibbs) and the socially awkward and clumsy Elder Cunningham in their station to help convert the people of Uganda to Mormonism. While things refuse to go as planned in Uganda, Price constantly feels hilarious but impending failure to his church and a desire to escape to his favorite place, Orlando, and it is revealed only after he attempts to leave the mission base that Cunningham has never actually read The Book of Mormon. Left to his own devices, Cunningham frantically conjures outlandish lies involving his incessant pop culture knowledge of “Star Wars” and “The Lord of the Rings” to capture the attention of the Ugandans and convert them to something coined as Mormonism, but far from the religion. Featuring showstoppers such as “Turn it Off,” a tap number surrounding the hilarious repression of negative childhood emotions in the name of religion, “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream,” where Price dreams he is forced to confront the likes of Hitler and others in the 7th circle of Hell for lying about eating a doughnut at the age of 5 and leaving his mission companion unaccompanied, and “Baptize Me,” an irreverent and innuendo-filled duet between Cunningham and a Ugandan woman named Nabulungi, “The Book of Mormon” delivered a night of blasphemous humour and mind-blowing talent that was absolutely not-to-be-missed. Gibbs is phenomenally representing our school and theatre program on a national level, and his amazing talent clearly shines through within the role of Elder Price. Along with incredibly portraying the vastly comical actions the role demands, the character also has a clear arc where he slowly realizes perfection isn’t attainable and loosens up from the narrow mold his role as a missionary had placed upon him. Although the show mainly provides irreverent comedic gold, it also explores the place of religion in society and the nature of true friendship, ending with a heartwarming message. The upbeat feeling of the show parallels its comedy, making audiences eagerly take in every moment, and through purposefully including offensive humour carried out by talented actors, the show provides a space to escape the outside world and laugh at jokes that would be unacceptable in any other context. The most prevalent example of the humour used in the show is that during the first act, Elder Price tells the Ugandans the story about Joseph Smith that provides the baseline of their religion through a peppy song called “All-American Prophet.” Continuing this, in the second act, the Ugandans perform a variation of this number for the Mormon mission president in a number called “Joseph Smith American Moses,” detailing the immense amount of blasphemous and irreverent changes from the original they had learned from Elder Cunningham. Here, the audience equally laughs at the Ugandans’ performance and the disgusted expressions of mission president and the rest of the Mormons, marking one of the best scenes in the second act. Through comedic scenes such as these, an upbeat and catchy score, and outstanding set design, choreography, and lighting, the musical absolutely provides most everything one wants from a show, and made for an amazing night out. This show is definitely not for the faint of heart, however, as its crude and blasphemous humour can make it very offensive and R-rated at points. This is to be expected from the creators of “South Park”, who wrote the show. The show isn’t family-friendly and it’d be advisable to be aware of the content in both language and context before buying tickets. If age-appropriate audience members can loosen up enough to not let the jokes here impact them, it proves to be such an enjoyable and incredible musical. A night out taking in live theatre always promises to be an incredible experience, and the peppy and comedic nature of “The Book of Mormon” definitely did not disappoint. Although the crude humour included in this show may not be pleasing to everyone, I’d give it a 5/5 stars due to how talented the entire touring cast is, and how the originality and creativity of the hilarious production clearly shines through. The tour unfortunately doesn’t have any remaining stops in Michigan, but I’d highly recommend it if you can see Gibbs perform in surrounding states, or the Broadway cast nail it in NYC!

Falcons’ Thoughts: Julian Karagounis, Junior

“I loved the show! I thought Gabe’s performance was incredible because he’s so talented, and seeing an RHS grad on a Broadway stage was mind-blowing. My favorite part was probably the huge tap number in the show, “Turn it Off”, because I’m a tapper, and that song (and the entire show, honestly) is just hilarious.”

Jessie Carl, Senior

“Gabe was incredible in ‘The Book of Mormon’-he’s such a cool guy, and the fact that someone from my school made it all the way and is doing what I aspire to do in the future is really super awesome. The performance was so funny and high-energy, and we got to go backstage afterwards, too, which was so amazing.”

Mr. Gollon, Theatre Teacher

“I was most impressed with was how upbeat the entire show was- the tempos of the dance numbers are so fast, and I had seen him on a Saturday where it was their second performance of the day, but there was no letdown from that, which was amazing to watch. To see the lights go down, the show opens, and the first character that steps out is Gabe, and he steps right up and rings that doorbell, and it was like being taken right back to high school again.“

Q & A with the star, Gabe Gibbs How did you get started in theatre? How did the RHS theatre program and Mr. Gollon’s direction help continue your love for the performing arts? “I got started my freshman year of high school with “Little Shop of Horrors!” I broke my collar bone playing football, and auditioned for it the next day. Doing “Urinetown: The Musical” at RHS was the one that made me realize I actually loved the art form. Mr. Gollon was always wonderfully encouraging and sort of hands off. He allowed us to make choices and learn for ourselves, without forcing anything.”

How was your audition process for Book of Mormon? When did you find out you were going to lead the tour?

“The audition process was not too long, but very intense. They had me sing two songs from the show for more important people everyday for a few days in a row. I found out about the tour five months ago, but couldn’t say anything until a few weeks ago. I saw a bunch of shows at the Fisher when I was growing up here, so performing there as one of my first stops leading the tour was very special to me.”

What advice do you have for aspiring performers from RHS or otherwise? “You can do it. It’s hard, and you will be jobless here and there. But you can do it if you work hard and show up on time. “



Night Riots release groundbreaking new album Alternative album “Love Gloom is a must-listen MAKENZIE SHUBNELL ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

The alternative music genre grows in popularity every day, and Night Riots is no exception. From the tiny city of San Luis Obispo to traveling the world in a tour van, California-based band Night Riots has been making its way to the top of the charts and center stages alike following the release of their freshman album, “Love Gloom.” On Oct. 21, the album hit the airwaves with songs like “Nothing Personal” hitting the top spots on Alt Nation’s playlists, along with others like “Fangs” and “Breaking Free” becoming popular among fans. The collection of songs is well-written, vibrant and is definitely worth the listen. The opening track on the album is something else that might interest new listeners, as the band took the creative initiative to include not only the typical three to four minute tracks, but introductions and interludes as well. The first song on the album is a haunting one-minute track titled “Introduction – Ego Sum in Colubrum,” a latin translation to something the band has kept personal to them since the release. The additional tidbits are instrumental for the most part, and add just a bit of mystery to the already-gloomy atmosphere of the album. These transition pieces are incredible in terms of mood shift, as two adjacent songs may go from sensual to violent in a matter of minutes, but only to be connected by the sound of one of the two interludes. In terms of specific tracks, the album contains something for listeners on all ends of the spectrum. The bass line of “Nothing Personal” may appeal to the more heavyhearted rock listener, while the slow-moving ballad, “As You Are” may have more of an indie audience. “Nothing Personal” is a track that was focused on much throughout advertising the new album, with sounds from a very eccentric electric guitar paired with an extremely danceable chorus. The intense buildup and catchy lyrics have caught the attention of fans and new listeners alike, making for a dramatic favorite off the new release, also catching spots on Alt Nation’s Alt 18 playlist, as voted for by listeners of the station. The ever-so infamous single from Night Riot’s previous EP, titled, “Contagious,” has also managed to make an appearance on the album, bringing in that smidge of rock and roll angst to what would ultimately fit right into their new sound. The funky synth tune and smooth opening to the track draws in the attention of anyone listening, creating the feeling of invincibility to those who hear it. Another electric piece, “Work It” is a tune with a building beat and sensual feel, as the story has the feeling of want and desire, an aspect contributing to the more seductive side of the album. The funkstyle vibe and quick moving guitar riffs are something that give the song it’s ultimately upbeat feel. In exquisite transition from one sound to another, the quintet managed to intertwine their rock and roll sound with multiple ballads, such as “Pull Me down” and “As You Are”, both great additions to the album. These slower songs may stray from their usual sound, but the inclusion of softer instruments including piano and violin is a refreshing taste of the band’s musical range. The honest lyrics matched with the powerful instrumentals make up for songs that are definitely repeat-worthy for someone who might be feeling the same way. “Love Gloom” was surely a home run for Night Riots, as the strategic mesh of a wide variety of sounds really tied their album to an array of listeners, and should continue gaining popularity as time goes on. The talent behind the album really shines through in their work, and Night Riots shows no sign of slowing its roll as the band continues to impress with new music and new performances to blow listeners out of the water.

Rating: 5/5

Frontman Travis Hawley of Night Riots performing at The Shelter on November 5th. Photo by Makenzie Shubnell





The Hunger Games

The Selection

The Lightning Theif

Go to Rochestertalon. com to check out these book recommendations....

The Scourge (Brilliant Darkness Series) By: A.G. Henley Seventeen-year-old Fennel is a Groundling, condemned to the ground where beasts roam. For Fennel, being blind has its perks, for it is only her who the beasts will not go near. Because of her immunity, Fennel is sent out to gather water for the Lofties, the Groundlings’ tree-dwelling neighbors. Once Fennel is made the official water gatherer, she is assigned a companion, Peree, who is a Loftie that will help to guide and protect her. With the two communities on the brink of war, it is only through Fennel and Peree to uncover the secrets of the forest so that their people survive and live peacefully once again.

Nameless (Broken City Series) By: Jessica Sorenson Held captive for an unknown amount of time, Allura can’t remember her life before she was locked away. Assaulted by guards and used on the daily because of her apparent ability to give energy to others, Allura’s life is looking hopeless. It is only when three young men, Blaise, Ryder and Reece, show up that Allura sees some semblance of light at the end of the tunnel. With the help of her new friends, Allura will learn that outside of her cell, the world is just as unforgiving. The new world is a desert land with an endless supply of predators, and Allura just so happens to be the prize prey.

Bound (The Guardians Series) By: M.J. Stevens

One Night With the Prince By: T.M. Mendes

At seventeen-years-old, Mella has graduated high school and is working hard to save up for college. When Mella stops to help a hurt young man, her life changes forever. The young man she helped is Leo, a successor, and child of the Guardians of Selestia. It is then that Leo chooses Mella to be his bride, as successors are to supposed to choose a person to be their future spouse. Getting along with Leo is not the only challenge Mella faces. Because she has to get along with a family of royals she cannot stand, as well as conform to their standards, life for Mella can’t get much worse. But when an old enemy of the Guardians arises, it will be up to Mella to rise to the challenge.

Seventeen-year-old Anna lives a normal, if not a little boring, life in Montana. All she wants to do is graduate high school so that she can have a little adventure in her life. When Anna wins a trip to Bantaniomos, her life takes an unexpected turn. On the first day of her trip, Anna suddenly finds herself kidnapped by the royals. Anna then comes to find out that she was mistaken for a princess of another country and must compete for the prince’s heart alongside 14 other girls. Asked to stay in order to prevent a disaster with the press, Anna decides to enjoy herself and have fun while in the unexpected situation. It’s not like she has a chance with the prince. Right?

Downcast (Olympus Falling Series) By: Cait Reynolds Life for senior Stephanie Starr is anything but content. With a controlling mother who forces her to wear clothes made for an 80 year old and packed lunches of organic tofu, Stephanie is for the most part labeled a nerd. It is only when Haley Smith comes to town that her life changes for the better. While Haley tries to catch her attention, Stephanie runs away from him, afraid that he is only going to set her up for embarrassment. As Stephanie gets to know Haley more and more, her mother takes her controlling and domineering ways to a whole new level. It will be up to Stephanie herself to figure out who she truly is in order to save the town from a surprising villain.

Ignited (Ignited Series) By: Desni Dantone Life has been no walk in the park for seventeen-year-old Kris Young. After being attacked by strange gold-eyed people who are dead set on killing her, Kris runs away with the help of Nathan, a man sent to protect her. Trying to stay alive is one thing, but getting along with Nathan is a whole other task that has its fair share of challenges. Though trying at times, it is only Nathan who can tell Kris the truth about who she is and where she comes from. But not everything is as clear as Nathan originally thought. Kris has powers that have never been seen before, powers that are in league with the gods, and neither of them can figure out why. With enemies always around the corner, not everyone will make it out intact.


Harry Potter

Sunset Rising (Sunset Rising Series) By: S.M. McEachern Branded (Sinners Series) By: Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

The Witches of the Glass Castle By: Gabriella Lepore Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Series) By: Breena Puttroff


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The dangers of Ana and Mia sites To some people, eating disorders are not seen as a disease that needs to be concealed. Instead, they are viewed as a lifestyle. Teenage bloggers share their experiences and tips with others through online websites, encouraging vomiting and extreme dieting to get the body size they desire. Inside this other world, pictures of incredibly underweight girls can be found as “thinspiration” in order to motivate other teens to continue to starve themselves. In addition to this, many web pages contain “thin commandments,” which are basically rules for the sickness such as “never admit you are skinny enough” or “if you aren’t thin, you aren’t attractive.” These websites are often titled “Ana” and “Mia,” which are shortened names for the critical illnesses anorexia and bulimia. The names “Ana” and “Mia” are used to personify these diseases to help people talk about it more openly. Anorexia is the eating disorder that does not allow a person to consume healthy amounts of food, often starving themselves to be thinner. Bulimia is an eating disorder where an individual will binge, but turn to “purging” or forcing oneself to throwing up in order to not digest the food. Ana and Mia sites are hazardous for teens who find themselves in a dark place, as they encourage readers to continue these unsafe habits rather than to seek help. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) said the blogs were as dangerous as “putting a loaded gun in the hands of someone who’s suicidal” because they are easily accessible to anyone with connection to the internet. The power of these websites can clearly be seen through the thousands of comments left by other young teens looking for an escape from society’s constant pressures. The debate that is prevalent surrounding Ana and Mia websites is whether or not they are morally justified. These websites are teaching young people how to potentially harm themselves, with motivation to think that one should be as thin as possible, and the sites are viewed as disgusting by many. On the other hand, some people argue the websites have the right to exist and post content. Also, the teens that use the sites argue that they are already set on these habits and the website helps them do it the best way. The websites often have comment sections filled with criticisms of the advice given. However, some pages get thousands of views and the blogs continue. After an anonymous poll on whether or not websites and blogs that promote purging and starving have any justification to exist, 14 out of 19 members of the Talon staff voted that they do not have enough justification to exist. The danger of the websites is that many young people may not fully understand the consequences of the methods of weight loss being suggested. Adolescent boys and girls are often insecure about many aspects of their life and to leave them alone to make decisions about the treatment of their bodies could be harmful with the spread of the false information. These sites don’t realize the morality of promoting insecurities within people suffering from eating disorders. However, free speech is a core value of our society, and despite the toxic behavior these sites promote, they are within their legal bounds to exist. They aren’t doing anything illegal, but they are detrimental to the physical and mental health of the people who frequently visit them. Eating disorders are a major issue for young people across the United States, the anorexic and bulimic behaviors can be hazardous, potentially leading to death. Supplying information that cultivates harmful practices instead of helping victims overcome their illnesses is disgusting. Regardless of what the readers believe, the sites are spreading false information and negative mentalities. These websites should be replaced with support for overcoming these diseases and spreading positivity for young people across the world.There are hotlines and services towards eating disorders, but unfortunately these programs are not widely publicized. Websites such as can help guide you towards the correct action to take in order to get help if you or loved ones are struggling.

“I dislike these sites because they promote that eating disorders are the right way to lose weight, rather than healthy diet and exercise.” Grace Crites, Junior

“I think that they’re really sad and, for people with eating disorders, it almost normalizes it, and those people should reach out to each other for help but not in that way.” Carly Craig, Senior

“I find these websites disgusting.” Oliver Najar, Senior




Brother and sister Austin and Camryn Remick both qualify for cross country states AUDREY WEBER STAFF WRITER

Watching the other races go off, freshman Camryn Remick waited in anticipation at the Regional meet for cross country. The meet was held at Anchor Bay High School on Oct. 29, and runners in the varsity race could qualify for the State meet. Camryn Remick spoke to her brother, junior Austin Remick, to get some racing advice before her race. “I am very happy with how my race went on Saturday,” Camryn Remick said. “I was not expecting to place as high as I did. Coming in eighth was a big surprise. I am also happy that I got a personal record, but overall I am just glad that I qualified for states.” Competing in regionals as well was Camryn Remick’s older brother, Austin. “I was happy with the fact that I qualified for states. I wanted to run a fast first mile and separate myself from the pack and I was able to do that,” Austin Remick said. “The second half of my race wasn’t very good but I held on the best I could. My race as a whole Camryn Remick, left, standing with coach Anthony Pavicic, middle, and Austin Remick, right, at the State meet. could’ve been a lot better and I was pretty disappointed when I initially to support their children in the age. definitely impacts my season in has had a positive effect on their finished, but I realized that there same sport. “I didn’t start running until 7th a positive way,” Camryn Remick relationship. are a lot of runners that would do “We are enjoying this together grade track,” Austin Remick said. said. “I get lots of advice from my “Being on the same team as my anything to be in the top 15 and as a family,” Kelly Remick said. “I liked running in middle school experienced relatives, and I also get brother has definitely made our qualify for states. It may have not “They both had a good season and and I was good at it so I decided to so much support from my family relationship stronger,” Camryn gone exactly the way I planned it, are looking forward to continued which encourages me to Remick said. “We are both trying but all that matters success in the next few years.” do my best.” to reach our goals in running and now is the state As Austin Remick has qualified Austin Remick being on the same team makes it meet.” for the State meet twice in his high agrees with Camryn easier to support each other and Both Camryn school career, he hopes to be a role Remick that their family cheer each other on.” and Austin started “We are enjoying this together as a family,” Kelly model for his younger sister. Austin Remick agrees with running prior to Remick said. “They both had a good season and history of running “I think that my success is a has also had a positive Camryn. Their shared passion their introduction are looking forward to continued success in the way for her to see how she can impact on his season. for the sport has given way to a into the Cross next few years.” continue to be successful in the “A lot of my family stronger bond. Country program Ms. Kelly Remick, future,” Austin Remick said. members either run or “Being on the same team at RHS. “We’ve both been gifted naturally they used to run and means that we have something in “I started Austin and Camryn’s mom and she’s discovered her natural they’re really involved common. Running is something running in about ability this season, but you can’t in my running,” Austin that we both enjoy and like to talk third grade, mostly just rely on talent. I hope that she Remick said. “My uncle about,” Austin Remick said. “This because I saw sees my success and knows that it ran in college and he is my third year of cross country how much my doesn’t happen overnight. I had a run cross country. My family does has taken Camryn and I to tracks so I always have tips for her about family enjoyed it,” Camryn Remick pretty good freshman season like have a history of running but it’s for workouts and he’s at most of how she can improve even though said. “I continue running because her but I still had to step up my something that I decided to do on our meets. It’s nice to have runners sometimes she likes to do on I realized I was naturally pretty training to get where I am now. my own.” in my family because we have her own. It’s definitely made us good at it. I also loved racing and She’ll have to do the same as she Camryn reflects on how her something in common.” closer while also sparking a little the feeling you get when you get a gets older.” family’s history with running has Other factors besides their competition between us.” personal record.” encouraged her to succeed. relatives also affect their season. Austin and Camryn’s parents Unlike Camryn Remick, Austin “Being in a family of runners Being involved in the same sport say that this is a special opportunity Remick started running at a later







Captains: Jenna Norgrove, Paola Barraza

Captain: Amber Brafford

Captains: Megan McMurray, Sydney Asuncion, Zy Turner

Next Game: 11/23/16 at the Onyx Ice Arena

First Game: 12/1/16 at Rochester High School

First Race: 1/9/16 at Pine Knob

First Competition: 12/16/16 at Athens High School





Captains: Hunter Schattler, Ivan Barraza

Captains: Jacob Jackson, Daniel Vince

Captains: Karan Kataria, Hamza Kaakarli, Ryan Maloney

Captains: Drew Dukart, Paul Leo, Christian Nguyen

First Game: 11/23/16 at Livonia Franklin High School

First Race: 1/9/16 at Pine Knob

First Meet: 12/15/16 at Rochester High School

First Match: 1/18/16 at Clarkston High School

“It’s highly rewarding when you put that much work into something and it turns out well. Even if it doesn’t turn out well, it’s still rewarding.” Drew Dukart, Senior Wrestling Captain

“I like being outside, and being with my friends and the people on the team.” Daniel Vince, Sophomore Ski Team Captain

“My favorite tadition with the team would have to be when we all shave our heads. It’s a unique tradition no other sport has.” Karan Kataria, Senior Swim Captain


think that’ll be good.” Girls basketball starts up in late November with new faces, attitudes Many girls intend to improve their personal game each season and continue and goals. The team looks forward to to push themselves. Like her teammates, making this next season successful, and are hoping to make this year’s team better Hawkins has her own personal goals for this winter. than ever. Sophomore Tori Hawkins “I would like to get my scoring average comments on how she thinks this season up,” Hawkins said. “I will go. will definitely try to “It’ll be good, score more this season we did lose a point but still be a team player guard this year, but “...I think we’re gonna have I think we’re gonna and get a lot of assists.” girls that step up and rise to The team hopes have girls that step the occasion.” to beat Adams at up and will rise crosstown showdown to the occasion,” Tori Hawkins, Sophomore this year and surpass Hawkins said. “I the accomplishments hope we can actually they’ve had in the past. play together as a team and get a Cubba has confidence in the team’s possible couple more wins success. than last year.” “You’ll definitely see us crush Adams Senior Nicole Cubba has high hopes at cross town, which is what we want,” for this season’s outcome. She predicts at Cubba said. “Hopefully we will make it leat 50 percent of the games to be wins. past the first round of districts, that’s our “Overall I think it’ll go pretty well,” Cubba said. “If we go over 500ww then I goal.”

The Talon's November 2016 Issue