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Friday 2nd December 2011

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Matthew James News Editor

More than 300 people demonstrated in the ‘back yard’ of Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude. Members of UNISON, the GMB, the

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and West Sussex Teachers’ Association (WSTA) were among those who took part in the protest against changes to pensions. Demonstrators started assembling at the bandstand in Horsham Park at about 10am on Wednesday before marching to

the bandstand in the Carfax via Madeira Avenue, which includes the constituency office of Horsham MP Mr Maude. The rain had cleared and the sun was out by the time they sang “They are robbing all our pensions, that’s why we’re striking now”, to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, outside Mr Maude’s office. Continued on Page 2

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From Saturday 19th November, Horsham is officially ‘Dressed for Christ and shoppers can vote for their favourite Christmas display.

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our children’s ‘Design a Window’ competition and you could have the Guildford ~ Richmond ~ Enter Horsham ~ Worthing and for your design to be made into an actual Christmas display at Beales in the to Christmas!!!


Friday 2 December 2011


Protest over pension changes Continued from Page 1 A few left UNISON and NUT stickers on the Horsham Conservative Association sign and on a window next to the front door. Many blew whistles and horns, or waved flags and placards such as: “Cut Trident, not pensions and jobs.” Some chanted: “Two, four, 68, we’re not going to work that late! Three, five, seven, nine, not without a lot of wine!” Phil Wood, UNISON regional secretary, told the crowd in the Carfax: “I don’t believe the government know what they’re doing and what people think about them.

Telephone: 01403 251000 First Floor, 7-8 Sterling Buildings, Carfax, Horsham RH12 1DR

There is deep ‘unhappiness and

Managing Director Matthew Wheeler

anger at what the government is proposing

Sales & Promotions Manager Davey Pearson

Studio Manager Steve Goodwin

“Yesterday (Tuesday) it became very clear that their policies of austerity have failed and failed miserably. They had the gall to tell us that we had to wait another five years before light appears at the end of the tunnel.” Mr Wood said most of the people affected by pension changes were

News & Sport Editor Matthew James

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women. There were only two women in the Cabinet, but “the times have gone when men could walk over women”. Marian Darke, of the NUT, read out a message of support from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). And an ambulance worker from the GMB said he was sorry to be striking but “something has to be done”. More than 20 schools in Horsham district were closed to pupils because of strike action on Wednesday. They included The Forest School, Millais, Rydon Community College, Steyning Grammar, Tanbridge House and The Weald. Cllr Louise Goldsmith, leader of West Sussex County Council, said: “This is a national dispute over pensions that can only be settled at national level. “We hope a resolution will be found nationally that matches the country’s economic circumstances and the aspirations of staff.”






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Friday 2 December 2011


Horsham on


We asked the 7,300+ members of the Horsham Facebook page if they supported the public sector strikes over pensions. Christ’s Hospital School remained open as the logistics of sending home boarding pupils made an allout strike impossible, but a group of teachers from the school took part in the Horsham march. Union spokesmen said lessons were covered by other teachers who were sympathetic to the aims of the day of action but who felt unable to withdraw their labour. Stephen Walsh, the school’s representative in the ATL, said: “We hope a Christ’s Hospital staff presence will send a clear message to Francis Maude and the rest of the Cabinet that even in independent schools there is deep unhappiness and anger at what the government is proposing.” Kevin Hannavy, school rep in the NUT, said: “The positive side of this unfortunate situation is that it has served to unify teachers at Christ’s Hospital and across the country. “Francis Maude would do well to heed the unrest at one of the biggest employers in his constituency.” Jim Monaghan, regional organiser of the Equality for Veterans

Here are a few of their comments...

Association, told The Resident earlier: “All pensioners will be affected by the reduction of annual uplift now linked to CPI and not RPI. “Members of HM Forces who retired before April 1975 and served up to but not including 22 years (18 years for officer rank) still get no pension at all. “Our fight  for a just pension has gone on for several years and not all of the general public are aware of that. “We want the government to remember those that are still living, treat them with equality and give them dignity in their old age.” A spokesman for Horsham District Council said 17 members of staff went on strike on Wednesday but “no essential services” were affected. The Resident asked Mr Maude to comment on November 11 and again this week, but we did not receive a reply before our print deadline. In interviews with the national media this week, he described the strikes as “irresponsible” while negotiations were continuing between the government and unions.

Jamie ‘Stan’ Stanley It is not just about pensions and it’s not about being owed anything by the state/society. It is about standing up to and opposing the outdated ideological madness of this medieval government. Everything they stand for is ARCHAIC and INHUMANE balderdash. Striking is the ONLY way to hit a negligent, criminal government where it hurts. Absolutely everybody who has a job should be striking today and everyone who hasn’t should be protesting in solidarity. Lisa Marie Bailey Excuse me but I’m a carer living on £55 a week, caring for my disabled nan. We don’t get any raises as we somehow do not ‘exist’. Where’s our rise on pay and pension? We don’t get it cos you public sector workers strike, then the government gives in to you lot, by raising the pension, which you lot have failed to notice. Don’t see the government giving in to carers. Also, do teachers have the right to have a go at kids for bunking off or going on holiday, when they are doing exactly the same today?

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The Holbrook Club North Heath Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 5PJ Telephone 01403 751150 Email:

Lucy O’pray They are not ‘bunking off’, they are taking a day unpaid in order to exercise their right to strike. Ridiculously simplistic to liken it to a child bunking off. Richard Paige No way. We all have to pay extra and work longer. Why should you be treated as special people? It’s tough, but it’s life. Join the rest of us and get on with it. Mike Tunstall In the real world, if an employer changes the terms and conditions and people continue working without protest then it is deemed to have been accepted. The strikers have the right to protest, but the employer has the right to implement changes (look at the changes implemented in the private sector) and also reduce the number of employees if he needs to. Jobs for life for most people disappeared a generation ago. Liz de Cruz Public sector workers have a right to protest. This government is on course to decimate the health service, the same as the last Con ‘reforms’ when thousands of experienced trained nurses lost their jobs, only to be replaced five years later by nurses recruited from abroad. It’s madness.


Friday 2 December 2011


Why ‘the end is Nye’ at Broadbridge Heath Matthew James News Editor

The demolition of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre has moved a big step closer. Horsham District Council’s Cabinet agreed to omit the centre from the next leisure contract, which will start in December next year, but the issue will be debated again by the full council on December 21 (6pm). No one in the Conservative Cabinet voted against the proposal.

It’s too much of a ‘facility and that’s part of the problem ’

Liberal Democrats who spoke at the meeting, but were unable to vote this time, called for a delay before any decision was taken and said existing users of the centre should be satisfactorily relocated if it was ever to be demolished. As first revealed on, a council-commissioned consultants’ report recommends that the centre be demolished after the contract with DC Leisure runs out at the end of November next year.

This is partly due to repair work which would cost up to £1.5 million and hamper the council when it agrees a new contract. Scores of protesters gathered outside the council offices before the meeting. They included members of Horsham Blue Star athletics club, who chanted and waved banners such as: “Change your tack, not our track.” So many people wanted to hear the debate that it was relayed to an overflow room nearby at The Capitol. Members of the public who had registered in advance, including Horsham Blue Star chairman Keith May, were allowed to ask questions and speak for up to two minutes each. Anne Heads said the council’s real objective was “a resale opportunity” but claimed it would lose a judicial review if it continued to claim the leisure centre was surplus to requirements. Dan Pettitt asked whether the demolition proposal was being made “purely for financial reasons” or because of “outside pressures such as Tesco” and wanted to know what kind of legacy it would leave after the London Olympics. Cllr Jonathan Chowen, district council Cabinet member for leisure, said there was an “over-provision” of leisure facilities in the district and just outside at K2, Crawley, and added: “Yes, we have had conversations

with Tesco.” But Cllr Chowen said development of the site could produce a “bonus”, used for “leisure facilities right across the district”. He told the meeting: “I can’t think of a better time to have this discussion than with the Olympic year coming up.

“I would like to work with the user groups to find alternative provision. We are unable to commit to relocating and providing an alternative. “It (the leisure centre) is an enormous facility. It’s too much of a facility and that’s part of the problem. “The Tube (part of the centre) is unique. If I can think of another use for it, maybe storage of Cruise missiles. “A lot of people have made

themselves very much at home (at the leisure centre) and I can understand why they are unhappy about being asked to move. “I’ve had more emails and letters than I think on any other issue I’ve been involved with. This is not an issue we’ve taken lightly. “Today you might think you have lost the battle and you will go away disappointed, but you have probably won a great victory for the future leisure provision in the district.” Cllr George Cockman, the Independent councillor for Steyning, said: “If I was involved in Broadbridge Heath, I don’t doubt I would be feeling very suspicious about mixed motives and contrived figures. “But I come to this from a different point of view. I have worked alongside Jonathan Chowen for quite a while and I find his style open and honest. The way he’s approaching this does engender trust.” Cllr Robert Nye, Tory leader of the council, said demolition of the centre after November next year would be phased, with the running track likely to go last. He said: “There is no doubt in my mind that we would have sufficient

funds to build another running track. That decision is not being made tonight. “If there is a real groundswell of opinion among all of the residents of the district, I am very sure that we could provide that running track.” Cllr Nye told the meeting there was “no deal with Tesco” but added: “Tesco do have an interest in the site.” Cllr Jim Rae (Con, Holbrook East) told The Resident later: “There are no hidden pots of gold. Even at this time of the year, there are no fairy godmothers with magic wands. Those are strictly confined within theatres. “I would sooner we all stepped back from rattling sabres and screaming from the rooftops and look at the bigger picture in relatively quiet reflection. “Would it not be far better to redevelop the site, to take a generous part of that legacy and invest, improve and create quality sporting facilities throughout Horsham district, looking forward another few decades? “Yes, the current facility is something we can all look back upon with pride and nostalgia, but that will not solve the issues raised by today’s harsh economic reality.”

More views on the leisure centre’s future – Page 12-13

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Friday 2 December 2011


‘800lb gorilla looms over leisure centre’ Matthew James News Editor

An 800lb gorilla – possibly Tesco – is looming over the plan to demolish Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre. That was the claim of Cllr Frances Haigh, Liberal Democrat councillor for Horsham Park, when she addressed the district council’s Cabinet. Cllr Haigh told the meeting: “I am concerned about the lack of honesty and transparency that is being demonstrated by this council.

The cost of fixing a leaky roof is minimal compared to the cost to the NHS of an unhealthy population

“There is an 800lb gorilla looming over these proposals, possibly by the name of Tesco’s. It seems that the whole document is a concoction to justify meeting their demands. “We have to decide about the future of the leisure centre without knowing what is intended for future use of the site. This is unacceptable. “The Cabinet has to remind itself that it is there to act on behalf of residents. It may on occasion be necessary to withhold commercially sensitive information, but that does not give the Cabinet the right to treat the community with such disdain. “There is a general lack of data in the report, with no consideration given to the capacity, suitability and affordability of other facilities. “This may have been considered by the officers, but we should have had a chance to review and assess this data before making any decision. “The report suggests alternative facilities are available in the private sector. This may be the case with

to include? Surely we are not MANSE going to have more shops as LL McT this would destroy our town AGGAR T centre as well as our treasured leisure facilities. £150 Ca “This town is not for sale, shback Fury ov so please take this back off e r SAVE £ FREE£1 l e i 6 s 50 49 the table. Get the assessu centre demoli re WIN FREE ment done properly, draw t i on WIN! up a clear vision, involve CHARITY RAFFLE the community and give us facilities to be proud 01403 242424 of.” Cllr Malcolm Curnock (Lib Dem, Broadbridge Heath) told the meeting: “I am very disappointed with the report before us toW H Tel: 01 night. It is merely a 61 West IBLEY 403 75 Street H S HIGHEST 0500 orsham PRICES statement of facts PAID F OR GO L D and assumptions without “The leisure centre has only been the necessary detailed The Resident, Nov 18 in use for 25 years. Surely we could evidence to support the aslook at the possibility of refurbishing sumptions. “The deal negotiated required “The report fails to provide a roand updating it. “Other authorities, such as Mole bust business case for the proposals Tesco to build the new building and Valley and the London Borough of at either a financial or infrastructure facilities at a cost of £4.5 million and the council would get £10 million. Sutton, have been updating their fa- level. “So with the exception of athlet“When the Tesco deal came along cilities which are of a similar age. If in the early-Eighties, the current us- ics, the building was never designed they can do this, why can’t we? “We should be making every ef- ers were promised a permanent, to be a district leisure facility and it fort to continue to use the site for the purpose-built building to meet the didn’t cost the council a penny. “Unfortunately, none of the £10 benefit of the community. In no way needs of their activities. “In addition, the council wanted to million was set aside as a reserve for should we be removing the facilities until a replacement leisure centre has include indoor and outdoor athlet- future maintenance of the facility. ics facilities, thus helping to partially Most of it was spent on the town cenbeen built in the same locality. “And finally, what is this so- satisfy the covenant on the use of the tre improvements. “Why not revert to the original tempting retail development likely site. way of running the site via the user clubs and societies, in the true spirit of the Big Society? That way it can be excluded from the leisure contract Email Your Shout at tender but still provide a valuable local resource, operated by and for the local community. “Beware of promises. They come cheap and mean nothing without a Opening Times written agreement to what is to be Mon-Sat delivered, by whom and by when.” 12 noon - 2.30pm 6.00pm - 10.30pm Cllr David Holmes (Lib Dem group Sunday leader, Horsham Park) said: “I have Chinese Restaurant & Take Away 12 noon - 10.00pm no problem with the council getting advice from consultants, but we cannot just do what they recommend JADE CITY HAS BEEN AWARDED 5* FOOD HYGIENE RATING without question. And there are a lot of weaknesses in the report. “It is wrong to say we do not need two sports centres – Broadbridge Heath and The Pavilions. “One offers swimming, the other offers athletics and accommodates various sports and leisure clubs. Sports centres are not identical beans that can just be added up. “It is wrong not to value the clubs at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre as providing public or community facilities. Voluntary clubs are precisely what we want as part of localism and the Big Society. “There are no facts to support the assertion that the building is at the end of its economic life. EXCLUDES LOBSTER, SCALLOPS, SOFT SHELL CRAB “The demolition of the leisure centre cannot be justified by this report. It may be that a case can be made on GO TO WWW.VISITHORSHAM.CO.UK FOR MENU the basis of the value of the land and its alternative use, but that is not the justification or the report we have before us.” The comments of the Liberal Democrat councillors prompted applause by members of the public at the meeting. regard to fitness facilities, swimming pools and golf courses, but not athletics tracks. “Providing council facilities enables all sections of the community to participate in sport and to enjoy the health and social benefits of doing so. “If we apply joined up thinking to health and leisure, the cost of fixing a leaky roof is minimal compared to the cost to the NHS of an unhealthy population.

Promises come cheap ‘and mean nothing without a written agreement

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Matthew News Edit James or

faced a matthew repa @the-res other leisu ir bill of up to k the area re facilities £1.5 million and Plans to . were avai sure Cenclose Broadb A large lable in Broadbridge part of ridg Hea am Blue the backlash tre have spar e Heath Lei- sham Dist Star (ath th Football rict Cou site is owned by dist County by Hor- Horsham Hoc letics), Hor Club, Horshncil and rict resi ked a furious As first Council, sham Jogg den reve key Wes Bad executiv ts. aled on on e Tom but district count Sussex (Amminton Club Club, Horsham ers, www.theCrowley and Suss report Tuesday, a coun erican cil chie Arun resident. early to say recomm f said cil-c ex Thu wha it was British football). t it migh demolish ends that ommissioned whether Tesc nder o was inte t be used for too fuls train Olympic and the cent Leisure ed after the Paralymp re be ing it. at the cent rested in or Olym contract runs out ic hopedevelopnext year Closure re, whic pic with at the end . of the camp forAssociation will h the Grenada of NovembDC centre The repo 25-yearis use two er likel as or thre London old y to be Conserv Jonathan rt was this wee e weeks a training 201 ative approved leisure before Users of 2 Olympics. member Chowen, distr k backed by Cllr at meeting -dominated by the the ict distr s for leisu including the centre’s re, who council Cabinet on Decembe on Thursday next ict council Kinetika othe said the week and impressed Gym, are r facilities, But the r 21. centre by Cllr expected also leisure certain facilities Chowen’s asse less than future for decision leav outside rtion that es an unsports – at the in the district clubs inclu proved and just since the K2, Crawley ding centre open – have imed. Continue d on Page 4 Next

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Friday 2 December 2011


Lions Club collections Horsham Lions Club will collect at Sainsbury’s tomorrow (Saturday), Waitrose on December 10 and Tesco on December 23-24. Its Santa collection in North Horsham will take place on Sunday, December 11. A spokesman said: “The Lions aim to help all age groups in our community, but none of this would be possible without the generous contribution made by the Horsham public.

“To pay for projects such as the Youth Award and provide help to the elderly, the Lions need to replenish their funds so will be fundraising over the next few weeks. “In addition, Horsham Lions Club will be having hamper raffles in various pubs, hairdressers and restaurants in the period leading up to Christmas.” To help, email info@horshamlions. 

Speed limit to be cut? A change to the speed limit on part of the A281 will be considered by North Horsham county local committee in the town on Monday (7pm). The committee will debate whether to cut the limit from 60mph to 50mph between Doomsday Lane and Mannings Heath, when it meets in the Goodwood Room, County Hall North,

Chart Way. Cllr Brad Watson, chairman of the committee, said: “This stretch of road was selected as there were six accidents resulting in injuries – three serious and three slight – in the threeyear period up to 2009.” The committee will also decide which highways and transport improvements should be prioritised.

Anger as 86 bus faces the end of the road Furious campaigners this week reacted with dismay after almost certainly losing their fight to save a bus service. The Metrobus 86 serves Horsham, Southwater, West Grinstead, Partridge Green, Shermanbury, Cowfold, Bolney, Ansty, Cuckfield including Warden Park School, and Haywards Heath including the Princess Royal Hospital. The service was one of more than 60 highlighted by The Resident in May as being earmarked for the axe in September or October, due to West Sussex County Council cutting subsidies. Campaigners won a stay of execution, but a county council committee this week recommended the subsidy be withdrawn in April. Cuts including the end of the 86 subsidy are likely to be approved before Christmas by Cllr Pieter Montyn, county council Cabinet member for transport. Cowfold resident Caroline Collins, who has spearheaded the campaign to save the 86, told The Resident: “To ensure our society does not selfimplode, the government has promised not to destroy front-line services. “Apparently, a bus which gets our children to school, our neighbours to work, and our elderly to friends, family and hospital is not considered

front-line. “Not only will Cowfold and Partridge Green lose the 86 route completely, but our residents will also suffer the loss of funding for our Stagecoach 17 service from Brighton to Horsham on Sundays and after 6.30pm every evening. “The council is prepared to use our taxes to carry out lengthy paperwork exercises and to pay their officers to find ways around making their

Arianne Puttock, nine, from Cowfold, protests in June Photo by Rob James

‘proposals’ firm decisions, while ensuring they tick all the legal requirements – just. “Our somewhat derailed young people are learning not that we live in a democracy, where we should care, above all, for our most vulnerable, but that it is a dog-eat-dog world where only the fittest survive. “Is it any wonder that they either take to occupying corporate floor space or decide to smash windows and help themselves?” The county council has launched a survey which it will use when making further decisions about bus cuts. In particular, the council wants to hear from people who use Arriva 63, Compass 8, 8A, 16, 19, 69, 84, 85, 99, 100, 106, 108, 109, 601 and 619, Countryliner 30, 31, 33, 33B, 36, 37, 38 and 40, Emsworth & District 11, Metrobus 23, 61, 82, 84, 89, 200, 270, 271, 273, 281, 291 and 684, and Stagecoach 47, 47A, 56, 66, 66A, 67 and 70. Phone 01243 642105, email buses or visit www. by January 17. Cllr Montyn said: “We have been actively working with bus companies to look for alternative ways to keep services running. Some services will be able to continue running on a commercial basis.”

The tash and the sash at Piries

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Jake Mitchell enjoyed a fan-tash-tic success by winning a competition for new moustaches. The 18-year-old from Horsham won the vote for lamest moustache at a gala party in Brighton, attended by about 150 people who had raised at least £80 each for Movember. And much to his amazement, fellow fundraisers went on to vote him the overall winner too. Men throughout the world grew moustaches throughout November – or Movember – to raise money and awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer. Jake, who works in Piries Bar and as a technician for Premier PC Supplies, said: “It’s not the greatest tash in the world so I was almost embarrassed to win, but it was good to help raise money and awareness.” Store manager Rob Page, assistant manager Chris Wright, Phil Cowey and Dipesh Patel, of the Sony Centre, Swan Walk, were among others who took part in the Movember challenge. Money raised in the UK is directed to programmes run by Movember, the Prostate Cancer Charity and the Institute of Cancer Research. Visit mospace/1552250 and http:// u k . m o v e m b e r. c o m / m o s p a c e / 1473664

Photo by Davey Pearson


Friday 2 December 2011

Why we must all keep an eye on our councils Nik Butler Twitter - @loudmouthman

If life today is to teach us anything, it is that outrage is transitory and today’s online news will be this week’s headline and eventually last month’s blog post. It comes and it goes and the news finds more ways to generate outrage and upset. It is right to be outraged by the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre report. It is appropriate to react with shock and to protest over its planned closure. As we are dragged from article to article, let us not lose focus in our disappointment at the unheard opinion and unconsulted voice. The council is not operating in a vacuum or through self-direction. The council exists because it has been voted into being by the people of Horsham. It may be easy to dismiss the power of the vote by holding up recent events as examples not to bother, but I disagree. Now is a fantastic time to ask what’s next. What other reports or reviews are on the cards for Horsham in the coming decade? Is the spectre of a hotel still overshadowing Horsham Park? Has smart rewording or rebranding ensured that an unwanted incinerator is now an ‘energy centre’? Will Albion Way be the next pedestrianisation plan to ensure that Horsham is more thoroughly sliced in half? We should not leave it to the media to be finding and breaking these stories. They will, after all, only present the ones they feel should concern us. We should not be asking questions of our council and our councillors when it is too late to do anything more than wave a placard and talk to yet another journalist. When did we lose sight that the council is formed for Horsham district and that it exists so we can create representatives who will, by definition, ‘represent’ that community? At times it seems people expect to treat councillors like distinguished fellows, approachable only by the press and council officers, to be held at a distance and approached through phone calls and letters. The role of an elected official, be it parish, district or county councillor or an MP, is to work for you. Somewhere in the mix of bureaucracy, paperwork, standing orders and our own press, we have set aside the idea of a council and made it harder to have our own voices heard. Often we do not make use of the public gallery space until it is too late. So here is a suggestion to take into December. Give yourself one hour a month where you make time to sit in the public gallery of the council. Sit. Listen. Watch. Tweet. Blog. But, most importantly, observe. Because nothing makes democracy more honest than its own citizens keeping a close eye on its passing and administration.


Pair are sentenced for Roffey attack Two men have been sentenced after attempting to rob another man in Roffey. Kieron Blunden, 26, of no fixed address, and Benito Salvia, 23, of South Holmes Road, Horsham, were sentenced at Lewes Crown Court. Blunden received 10 months’ imprisonment and Salvia one year, suspended for two years, a curfew, supervision order and 150 hours of unpaid work. Blunden had previously pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and assault by beating, while Salvia had admitted attempted robbery and assaulting a policeman. They attacked a 20-year-old man,

punching him in the head and demanding property, in Crawley Road, Roffey, shortly after 11.30pm on July 13. After a member of the public intervened, the victim was treated at Crawley Hospital for a cut to his head. Det Con Matt Wilson said: “This was a callous, unprovoked attack on a young man who had done nothing but walk down the same street. “We are very grateful for the heroic intervention of the witness, as she undoubtedly prevented this from becoming much more serious. Her quick thinking enabled the two to be arrested very quickly. This type of incident is thankfully very rare in Horsham.”

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Waitrose plans to expand its store in Storrington Waitrose has formally submitted plans to extend its store in Old Mill Square, Storrington, and add a two-storey car park for 224 vehicles. At a public meeting in September, Waitrose said its existing store had limited storage space and was not big enough provide a full range of goods. It argued that a strong supermarket anchor store tended to increase the number of customers visiting and




overall growth in the area. Asked about the number of daily delivery trucks, the company said it expected a small increase, equivalent to one extra articulated truck per day. Horsham District Council aims to decide on the application no later than February. For more information or to comment on the plans, visit http:// public-access and enter DC/11/2334.

Opening Times

Mon-Thurs. 12 noon - 2.00pm 5.00pm - 10.30pm Fri & Sat. 12 noon - 2.00pm 5.00pm - 11.00pm Sunday & Bank Holidays 6.00pm - 9.00pm


40 The Bishopric Horsham, RH12 1QN

01403 250100

The Twelve Days of Christmas IN the run up to Christmas, the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership is reminding the local community how to enjoy the festive season safely and responsibly. Timely tips have been put together to make sure that Christmas goes as safely as possible. On the 1st day of Christmas Drink driving has been the cause of over 50% of fatal collisions in Sussex during the festive season in the last three years. Sussex Police is conducting regular roadside checks, don’t risk it and visit the Sussex Safer Roads website for more on road safety.

On the 5th day of Christmas Christmas can be a time of family conflict. Local charity, West Sussex Mediation Service, provides a free, year round, confidential mediation service. Call 01403 258900

On the 9th day of Christmas Don’t overload electrical sockets. Take special care with Christmas lights – always switch them off and unplug them before you go to bed.

On the 2nd day of Christmas

On the 3rd day of Christmas

Don’t put on a brave face this Christmas. Domestic violence is unacceptable all year round. Call the National Domestic Violence helpline on 0808 2000 247.

On the 6th day of Christmas Never place candles near your Christmas tree or furnishings. Don’t leave presents under the tree in view of possible burglars.

On the 10th day of Christmas Drink responsibly. Don’t leave drinks unattended and know your limits! Beware date rape and drugs being secretly added to your drinks.

Take time to check on elderly relatives and neighbours this Christmas – make sure they’re safe and check that they have a working smoke alarm. If not, you can call (free phone) 0800 328 6487 and ask for a free ‘home fire safety check’.

On the 7th day of Christmas If you leave your car unattended, don’t leave bags of shopping or other valuables on display. It is safest to keep them with you.

On the 11th day of Christmas Buy with confidence this Christmas. Know what you’re buying by using a business approved by Trading Standards. For more information visit or phone 01243 642124

Horsham District Community Safety Partnership 01403 215116

Horsham District Community Safety Partnership On the 4th day of Christmas Don’t make your home attractive to burglars. Try to make it look occupied at all times, keep doors and windows locked and ensure all presents and valuables are not visible through windows and doors.

On the 8th day of Christmas However tempting it may be to walk back from parties at night, try to avoid walking alone. Make your personal safety a priority and either use a registered taxi or ask somebody you know to accompany you home.

On the 12th day of Christmas Check the battery in your smoke alarm every week and use Christmas as a reminder to clean it and remove dust.


Friday 2 December 2011


Our memorable time with councillors on Takeover Day Cabinet member for children, and Cllr Margaret Whitehead, fire and safety councillor. We began our trip in the council chambers and visited Ede’s House, a Grade I listed property opposite. We were lucky enough to see in the base of this house, where there is a TV studio used to make short broadcasts and updates for local television. Our second stop was the Chichester University graduation ceremony, involving many coloured mortar boards and a poet called Jo Sharpcott. The councillors took us to a Firebreak display, where young people who required a little more confidence-building were taking part.

Daniel Welch The Forest School, Year 9

The Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day gave children and young people the chance to work with adults and be involved in decision-making. Children benefited from the opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard. Pupils at The Forest School had the opportunity to shadow the daily activities of councillors. Daniel Welch, Henry Messenger and Roberto Salvia followed West Sussex county councillor Peter Evans,

The display was very good, with the young people saving a damsel-in-distress from a burning drill tower. We were also permitted to look around Worthing fire station, which helped us understand the inner workings of this distinguished branch of the emergency services. We progressed to the “special Cabinet restaurant”, AKA McDonalds, and went on to visit the Sussex Police Authority in Lewes. It was a busy, eventful and very enjoyable day. We went home tired but full of new knowledge. We were also given a lovely plaque in recognition of the day that will take pride of place in our school trophy cabinet.


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Roberto Salvia, Daniel Welch and Henry Messenger at the Sussex Police Authority

Number of colleges at Collyer’s Maths event Collyer’s hosted a regional conference, aimed at preparing gifted and talented students to study degree-level Mathematics at top universities. Students and staff travelled to Horsham from Brighton and Hove Sixth Form College, Burgess Hill School for Girls, Christ’s Hospital, Hurstpierpoint College, Lingfield NotreDame, Reigate Sixth Form College, Sussex Downs, The Weald and Worthing Sixth Form. Sue Poulton, head of Mathematics at Collyer’s, said: “A number of the elite universities require a pass in STEP Maths papers for students wishing to take a Maths-related degree. “The aim of the day was to support our most-able mathematicians to pass STEP on the road to fully reaching their potential.” Nick Robins, who helped coordinate the event, said: “It was a great opportunity for staff and students to work on some really tricky

Maths problems together, and for staff to get expert advice about preparing candidates. “We thought it important to share this expertise with staff and students from other institutions and have really enjoyed working with them.” Principal Jackie Johnston said: “We have an extremely strong reputation for Mathematics and it is a great honour for Collyer’s to host this event. “Hopefully it will help to make sure that the region’s most able mathematicians reach their considerable potential.”

‘New era’ for our police MP Nick Herbert has claimed the election of a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Sussex will herald “a new era in policing”. The Conservative MP for Arundel and South Downs, who is minister for policing and criminal justice, was speaking during a seminar at Slaugham Manor, organised by the Sussex Police Authority. In November next year, elected PCCs will replace existing police authorities, hold police to account, set the police budget and plan, and appoint the Chief Constable. Mr Herbert claimed PCCs would drive value for money, reduce bureaucracy and protect the frontline. He said: “The new Police and Crime Commissioner will need to be an outstanding leader for Sussex. They will be a hugely important figure in our

community. This is a real opportunity for a dynamic and driven individual to step forward. “We need people of real calibre who have built or led organisations and who are committed to public service to step forward. Candidates don’t have to be politicians, they can be independent of political parties. This is a big job for a big figure.” Cllr Steve Waight, chairman of the Sussex Police Authority, said: “Having the author of this very policy, Nick Herbert MP, at the event really gave delegates the chance to ask the questions that matter to them and to the communities they represent. “The minister was glowing in his appraisal of the event and obvious leadership and commitment being shown in Sussex to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.”


Friday 2 December 2011


How youngsters helped to brighten up hospital Embroiderers’ Guild member Edith Barton, paediatric physiotherapist Jenna Carter, Horsham Guild chairman Jackie Tennant and Friends chairman June Smith at the Hilltop Centre

Children visiting Horsham Hospital as patients were asked to draw what made them happy. Thirty drawings were individually embroidered by hand and machine, transferring them from paper to fabric, in an Embroiderers’ Guild project masterminded by member Edith

Barton. These pieces of work were mounted and placed in a solid frame, paid for by the League of Friends of Horsham Hospital, before the finished job was unveiled at the Hilltop Centre. The guild’s next project, Alphabet Bricks, will involve primary schools.

This will be followed by an educational and artistic venture for older children, involving microscope images of cells. For more information about the guild, phone Jackie Tennant on 01293 524569 or visit www.

Young people helped to express feelings The Horsham Young Persons’ Advocacy Service links a young person with an advocate who helps them express their wishes and feelings. This is a free, confidential and independent service for people in the district who are aged 11 to 25 and need support to speak up about specific issues. Alex Alcock, of Horsham Connexions Centre at the Y Centre, said: “As the service we operate here is a dropin, it is not possible for us to extend our support service and accompany young people outside of the centre. “The Advocacy Service is great. It fills that gap for us and for young people who may need to make an appointment with a professional and are concerned about meeting them on their own. “The young person could be worried about speaking up at an important meeting and would appreciate

someone to help represent them and get their voice heard. “We have used the service on several occasions and have found it easy to access, quick to respond and very helpful for the young people concerned.” Advocates are matched with young people from a referral through another service, such as a school, youth club or Connexions. Young people can also request an advocate by phone or email. All advocates are trained local volunteers who want to support young people, who undergo safeguarding checks and are supervised. The service is run by Horsham Matters in collaboration with Horsham Churches Together, West Sussex County Council, Horsham District Council, Youth Services, Information Shop, Connexions, YMCA and Outset. For more information, visit www.

Residents drooling over Horsham rugby calendar A saucy sporting calendar has been selling well since being launched in The Resident on November 4. Horsham Rugby Club players appear topless, most wearing only underwear, in aid of the Everyman appeal for research into prostate and testicular cancer. The calendar was the brainchild of controversial comedian John O’Sullivan, the rugby club’s self-styled “saviour”, who enlisted the help of Bel Signs and local photographer Toby Phillips. Mr O’Sullivan told The Resident: “People are just drooling. Most of the lads look pretty good and sales are going pretty well.” The calendar, which costs £10, is available at the rugby club and at The Candy Box in town. For more information about Everyman, visit www.everyman-campaign. org






Unit I, Foundry Close, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5TX 01403 264723 Fax : 01403 268153


Will Johnson on the front of the calendar




Friday 2 December 2011


A Roman road to learning

That’s a wrap Shooting Star CHASE is offering a Christmas wrapping service at BB’s Coffee & Muffins in Swan Walk. Volunteers will be by the Swans every Friday and Saturday in December, plus December 11, December 18 and every day in Christmas week from 10am to 4pm. Money raised will help provide care and support to families with a life-limited child in West Sussex, Surrey and South West London. Wrapping event organiser Sue Watts said: “With the recent merger of the two children’s hospices, Shooting Star and CHASE, we are now supporting 500 families. “We receive little or no statutory funding and in these uncertain economic times are entirely dependent on the continued generosity of people in the community.”

Children and their teachers at Castlewood Primary School, Southwater, dressed as Romans to learn about life in Roman times. Youngsters marched like Roman soldiers, made a mosaic, participated

in a slave market and learnt Roman dance and gymnastics. The day culminated with a splendid Roman feast prepared by the slaves for their masters, who were entertained by dancers, singers and gymnasts

while being fed delicacies such as dormouse and pizza! Year 3 teacher Steph Windsor said: “The children compared this experience to the Rights, Responsibilities, Respect ethos that we uphold.”

Texting will help trap drink and drug drivers People who choose to drive while impaired this Christmas season are being warned that the risks are too great. Chief Insp Di Roskilly, of Sussex Police, said: “We are concerned about the number of people who still choose to mix drinking or drug consumption with driving. “It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure they are not impaired when they get behind the wheel.

But we would also like to encourage other people to help us keep people safe and report those who still insist on driving. “Mobile phone users can report people they believe are drink or drug driving or those who are about to drink or drug drive by texting 65999. Some people may find this easier, especially as it can be done discreetly. “We will be making applications to the courts for vehicles of persistent

drink or drug drivers to be forfeited, along with our usual covert and overt operations and educational events alongside partners. “Drink and/or drug driving will not be tolerated in Sussex.” Phil Henty, of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said: “Alcohol can take time to get out of a motorist’s system. Drivers should be aware that they can still be over the limit even after a few hours’ sleep.

“Driving while hung-over can also be dangerous. Although levels of alcohol may have dropped below the legal limits, tiredness, headaches, dehydration, low sugar levels or the general after-effects of drinking can put drivers at risk.” Anyone with information can call police on 999 if an offence is taking place, 101 if it is not an emergency, visit or text 65999.

Choir rocks the Carfax

Rock Choir entertained at the Horsham Charity Christmas Market in the Carfax

Save the NHS, says Labour secretary The secretary of Horsham Labour Party joined the shadow Health Secretary at the launch of a campaign against the Health and Social Care Bill. After meeting Labour MP Andy Burnham in Brighton, Ray Chapman said: “The government is planning the biggest reorganisation of the NHS since it began in 1948. “It is unnecessary, unwanted, wasteful and damaging – and threatens to end the NHS as we know it. “There is a huge amount of opposition to this bill, but the Tories and Lib Dems are ploughing on, ignoring public and professional opinion. We need to make the government listen before it is too late. “I know how I and my family have relied on the NHS over many years. I want people in Horsham to engage with the idea that unless we bring a halt to this bill, we may well lose the NHS as we know it forever.” Labour believes the proposed changes would bring about postcode lotteries and risk turning the NHS into a full-blown commercial entity, putting profit ahead of patient care.

Pupils looking to the future Oxford University and Collyer’s were among 21 educational and training organisations which exhibited during a post-16 information evening at The Forest School. Well over 200 Year 10 and 11 parents and pupils attended the event, organised by senior assistant head teacher Mark England and learning co-ordinator Helen Mallows. Mr England said: “Young people face a challenging future as economic conditions remain uncertain and the cost of higher education increases for students. The job market is likely to remain extremely competitive. “Given these circumstances, it is more important than ever that we support our pupils to make informed choices at this key transitional stage in their learning. “Feedback from parents and pupils was very positive, suggesting they found the evening particularly useful. We will certainly seek to repeat the event in future years.”

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Photos by Ian Pearson


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Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

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Cllr Jim Rae Conservative, Holbrook East ward, Horsham District Council

The (consultants’) report does not fully recognise the role that the leisure centre plays in meeting the needs of local users and makes no allowance for the increase in population that will


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Those are strictly confined within theatres. The Liberal Democrats suggest your council raise council tax to fund such projects. What they did not tell you was by what percentage council tax would have to be increased. It is the prerogative of opposition in that they never have to make the hard, painful and sometimes unpopular decisions but in public simply sit on the sidelines and righteously tut tut. A little known fact is that an increase of one per cent in council tax raises only around £85,000. Therefore to raise £1.5 million we would be faced with an equivalent increase of around 17 per cent. This is more than three times the current level of inflation and many, many more times the rate at which each of us sees our income rise per annum. Is that such a great idea? Yes, we are facing the stark and harsh face of economic reality of trying to keep an aged building going even if it is beloved by those that use it. I would sooner we all stepped back from rattling sabres and screaming from the rooftops and look at the bigger picture in relatively quiet reflection. Would it not be far better to redevelop the site, to take a generous part of that legacy and invest, improve and create quality sporting facilities throughout Horsham district, looking forward another few decades? Yes, the current facility is something we can all look back upon with pride and nostalgia, but that will not solve the issues raised by today’s harsh economic reality. I now leave it to you to decide what is to be the future of the sporting provision in Horsham district in the decades to come.

Contradiction in report

We will not be beaten on price. facebook

When I stood for election in May, I did so on three platforms. i) was to continue to nurture and protect services in my community of Holbrook East and Horsham district. ii) was to help continue the legacy of making Horsham district an enviable place to live in. iii) was to do both of the preceding while leaving enough money in people’s pockets to enjoy living here. That meant lending my voice and financial experience to this administration, to ensure we handled the monetary affairs of your council as sensibly, if not more so, than I would treat my own family’s finances. Sometimes I have been chastised for being too hawkish re costs and the effect upon your (and my) council tax. I will now let you be the judge. Over the last week or so we have all read the heated rhetoric in our local press, the outraged demands for this administration to retain the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre – to pour millions of pounds into a building that is structurally well past its sell-by date and that is, and will increasingly be, more costly to maintain and operate. So where is that money to come from, if your council are not to pursue redevelopment of the leisure centre site? There are only three ways to find that money in the short term – to strip your council’s reserves to an extremely low level, a level where it will be near-impossible to respond to a local disaster, borrow the funds (if that is possible) and incur significant interest costs that will lead to an increase in council tax, or simply to raise council tax. Sorry, there are no hidden pots of gold. Even at this time of the year, there are no fairy godmothers with magic wands.

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come as a result of new housing. It seems contradictory that the report recognises we have aboveaverage levels of participation in sport in this area yet claims there is over-provision.

Cllr David Sheldon Liberal Democrat, Denne ward, Horsham District Council Tanbridge and Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex County Council

Councillors’ pantomime First the kids’ funfair, then the leisure centre – what else have the council got up their sleeve?

It’s a pity that the panto isn’t Scrooge. Councillors could have been jostling to play the lead role! Martin Read Denne Park, Horsham


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Your Shout

Consultants’ report was wrong I am writing to correct some inaccuracies contained in the paper produced for Horsham District Council, “Leisure Futures” – in particular the reference to Horsham Bowls Club on Page 55 and in your paper on Page 3 last week. In May 2009, the district council expressed an interest in acquiring the club premises in order to achieve development of the area adjoining the Bishopric and Albion Way. This area has subsequently been included in the Town Framework Report and zoned for mixed commercial and residential use. In correspondence and meetings with officials of the district council, this club has always made it clear that it is the club’s and its members’ overwhelming

preference to remain on its present freehold site. The statement in the Future Leisure Study, “Horsham Bowls Club has been looking for an opportunity to relocate its current green at the Bishopric… to realise the value of the current site and to improve facilities for its members”, is incorrect. While the directors of Horsham Bowling Club Ltd have listened to possible relocation sites with officials of the district council, such discussions have been at the instigation of the council. The club is fully aware of the value of this strategic freehold site but is more concerned with continuing to provide a facility which is easily accessible and gives a great deal of pleasure to many people.

Simon Felton Hon Secretary, Horsham Bowling Club

Our short-sighted council I have used Broadbridge Heath gym, running track and football pitches for over 12 years. The council has been very short-sighted, especially Mr (Robert) Nye. He was saying we have other places. It is true that there are, but not one local site is good or big enough to house all the kids’ clubs. Every evening the football

pitches are full. Where will they go? Every evening the gym is packed. Where will they go? Not Pavilions, as that’s already packed. All the new houses being built near Tanbridge House School will have kids who need facilities. Where will they go? I will cope if it does go, but all of the kids now and in the future will miss out. Carl Smith-Haggett Meadvale, Horsham

Piries Place’s example Congratulations to the businesses in Piries Place who all contributed to the cost of their heart-warming Christmas display. What a shame that some other Horsham businesses have not followed their example. Decorating streets at Christmas is not, nor should be, the

responsibility of the council. Local businesses with the foresight to spend on festive street displays would reap the benefits by attracting additional shoppers from further afield. And they would bring necessary cheer to the rest of us – loyal local shoppers – in the current dreary times. Sue McDonnell Shepherds Way, Horsham


A MEAL FOR 2 Enter our Prize Draw to win a meal for two at Carmela’s New Year’s Eve Party To enter, simply complete this form and send it to: Carmela Competition, The Resident, 7-8 Sterling Buildings, Carfax, Horsham RH12 1DR by 2pm on 15th December 2011

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Council hits a new low over leisure centre Time and again the council pushes ahead with unpopular policies that support their agenda and not the needs and wishes of local residents. Three such recent examples include the council’s approach to the Old Town Hall, sustainable development within Horsham and across our district and now our local leisure centre. Horsham residents expressed a wish to retain the Old Town Hall as a community facility. Instead our

council wanted to sell off our historic community hub to yet another chain restaurant. Horsham-wide consultation repeatedly evidences that we want sustainable development to deliver affordable homes. Instead our council does deals with developers that deliver massive profits for housebuilders and very little for those in inappropriate accommodation. No consultation took place on the proposed demolition of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre – a

new low even for this transparentadverse council. When will our Tory councillors learn that what Horsham residents want in exchange for their council tax is a range of council services that will benefit our community, not simply a focus on business opportunities that benefit private companies. Where the Lib Dems have consistently failed to oppose the worst excesses of this rogue council, we hope that at long last the Tories will hear the storm of opposition. David Hide Chairman, Horsham Labour Party


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT












JAMES CL OTHING 3 NORTH STREET HORSHAM WEST SUS SEX RH12 1BE T: 0 1 4 0 3 2 10269 (Entrance ju off the Car st fax, opposite W aitrose)


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011


Independent clothes shop opens for men A fresh, independent option for fashion lovers has opened in town, selling every item you could want for the season with service from someone who loves clothes as much as you do A new independent men’s clothing shop has opened near the Bandstand in Horsham’s town centre. James Clothing, which is on North Street, before the Sun Alliance building, offers a choice of brands

including French Connection, Jack & Jones, Ampli�ied and Strength & Honour and gives men in the area another option for clothes shopping. Owner Barbara Grogan said: “We wanted to offer something that people couldn’t already get in the town, and did a lot of research. At James Clothing we sell many of the labels that guys usually have to travel to London, Brighton or Guildford to get their hands on. “Also, because we are independent, we have the flexibility to choose what goes in the shop. We listen to what customers want, so if someone suggests a brand, we can usually get it in, or even find a particular item for them. “We make sure we follow seasonal trends too. For example, right now you can get winter coats ranging from an olive-coloured coat by French Connection or a more casual Letterman jacket and padded gillets

Cupcake congratulations Maxine Docksey and Michael Powell

from Criminal Damage. “We’ve also introduced two new clothing brands to the area. Originating from the North East of the country, Le Breve offers black, navy and khaki padded jackets that are right on trend. And Strength & Honour, also originating from the North East, has a range of thick jackets and warm jumpers for this season. Plus we have all the usual staples like Ts and chunky knitwear.” Many clothing lines in the shop are inspired by the Mod scene, which was celebrated at the opening of the store recently. Much of what is sold is also chosen personally by Barbara, who has a background in the retail industry, with help from her two children Ashlea and James (after whom the shop is named). Barbara added: “I love clothes and like to see men looking good. And that means that not only am I keen to get a range of great smart casual

pieces, but that me and the team will do our utmost to help advise people when they are in the shop.” Customer service is a strong point at James Clothing. “I am loving every minute of this, and I think that comes across in the shop. I really enjoy customer service and this is very much a service environment

rather than a sales environment. My responsibility is to help customers, guide them in making the right choice if they wish and helping them look the part! There’s no hard sell”, Barbara said. James Clothing is open seven days a week until Christmas, after which it will be open Monday to Saturday.

Enterprising students create a perfect present As part of a Dragon’s Den-style challenge, Farlington pupils are selling a winter warming gift for the one who has everything – and it includes chocolate!

The winner of the Horsham Cupcakes competition, which was run in partnership with Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop, has been presented with his prize. Michael Powell won the opportunity to have cupcakes made with ingredients that he suggested. Now, the local business will make and sell cupcakes using fudge and honeycomb until December 31 2011. All proceeds will go to the Dame Vera Lynn Trust, which supports children with cerebral palsy.

Michael said: “I entered because I’ve always loved cupcakes, honeycomb and fudge! Plus I am fond of the Dame Vera Lynn Trust and the work it does. I didn’t expect to win, I just thought it would make a nice cupcake so I sent off the form. Michael was given a box of six of the new fudge and honeycomb�lavoured cakes. They go on sale to the public from Friday, December 2 and can be ordered from

Business Proudly sponsored by

Young Enterprise participants from Farlington Sixth form school have set up their own company, Loco Coco, and will be selling their new product in Horsham’s Carfax on Saturday, December 3. The Young Enterprise scheme encourages young people to set up Offices in Brighton, Chichester, Horsham, Storrington and Worthing 01403 253282

their own business and think of innovative ideas for a new product or service. Those who take part then sell what they have created to the public and also present what they have done to a panel of judges, in a competition which is a cross between TV’s

The right elements to make light work for your printing

Apprentice and Dragon’s Den. Phoebe Walliss, from Farlington, who is part of the Loco Coco team said: “After great contemplation we decided to call our company Loco Coco and the product we decided to sell is a cube of specialist chocolate on a stick which, when you dip into hot milk, turns into delicious hot chocolate. “They are available in three �lavours - milk chocolate, caramel and dark chocolate, which are all equally tasty. We have also made gift sets including a beautifully wrapped mug containing the three different �lavoured sticks, �inished off with ribbon, which gives it a really festive feel. “We think that these are great for presents and we have received plenty of compliments on them.” The Loco Coco team has already been offering their chocolate on a stick product at the Farlington Christmas Fair, where they sold out. Now, the company has re-stocked and are ready to start selling again in Horsham this Saturday.

Call us on 01403 216 120 or email:


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT


Safer sight for cabbies thanks to Specsavers Specsavers in Horsham is providing free eye care to taxi drivers in the area this winter, as part of its ongoing ‘Drive Safe’ message. The scheme encourages all road users to have a regular eye examination at least once every two years. Any glasses required by the taxi drivers will also be treated with an anti-reflective coating, essential for driving in low light. Kumar Keshavji, store director of Specsavers in Horsham, said: “Horsham 24/7 Cars is facing a busy time this festive period, so good eye sight really is key to keeping themselves and their passengers safe. “We would urge all drivers to have regular eye examinations. Many people will wear glasses to read and watch TV but several forget to wear them when it comes to driving.

“We would also encourage everyone to carry a spare pair of specs in their car, just in case. Quite simply it’s not worth taking the risk.” Karl Johnson, director at Horsham 24/7 Cars, said: “It’s great that we can offer the Specsavers eye tests to all our drivers. Safety is paramount and eye sight is vital, especially when our drivers are working in all conditions.” Horsham 24/7 Cars serves Horsham and its surrounding areas. Its drivers also travel further afield if required. The services include airport transfers with a meet and greet service and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The store is also offering a discount on any glasses or contact lenses for the taxi drivers if they need them. To book an eye examination, visit the store at 57 West Street, Horsham, RH12 1PL, call 01403 275115 or visit

Local firm Businesswoman appointed new head of incentive scheme Cathryn Hindle has been appointed business, which helps clients make information visit the site or contact awarded Silver as Chair of Horsham Business positive changes to their life and Cathryn on reach their full potential. Incentive Scheme (HBiS). for PR event Cathryn said: “As the present The HBiS scheme was set up by

Cathryn Hindle

Wildwood PR received a Silver award in the Best Event category at the recent Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Home Counties South PRide Awards. Staff members from the Horshambased PR agency attended the black tie event at the Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel, where they were given recognition for the Smart Home Awards, organised on behalf of their client CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association). The awards celebrate excellence in the residential custom installation sector. The agency, which also provides PR services to Ringway, Lifestyle Europe and ILG, as well as international clients such as Panasonic, was shortlisted in four categories, including Best use of Media Relations, Corporate Business Communications, Best Not-for-profit campaign and Best Event. Jeff Hayward, a director at Wildwood PR, said: “Our Silver award for Best Event reflects all the hard work we put in to the CEDIA Awards. “It’s a great boost for everyone at Wildwood PR and proves the value of focus on generating a measurable return on investment for our clients. Not only that, but we had a great night out too!”

local businesses in 2008 and is designed to encourage employers and employees to ‘Keep it Local’ by offering HBiS cardholders special offers and discounts on services from HBiS partner providers. The scheme leads to increasing business service providers, and an incentive for employees of Horsham companies to shop locally. HBiS cards are allocated to employers and employees of local firms. Cathryn runs her own life coaching

Chair of HBiS, I am pleased to continue building on the foundations established by our previous Chairs, and other founding members. “Working together, and with new businesses joining all the time, I know we can ensure a strong relationship between local employers, employees and businesses.” The organisation has launched a new website at www.horshambis. and businesses are welcome to join the scheme. For more

LOVE ADMIN? WE DO! Good administration forms the foundation of an effective and profitable business. Delegate one task or your entire admin function to Clockwork – a professional, high quality, affordable service charged by the minute. Services include credit control & debtor chasing, office systems review & reorganise, book-keeping, proof-reading, all aspects of office admin.

Clockwork Creating calm, order and efficiency… in your world

Like Clockwork Ltd T: 01403 788400 E: W:


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011


Est 1982

Home Improvements

Upvc windows, doors, conservatories, fascias, soffits and guttering all ‘A’ Rated Windows with certificates any style all made to measure french doors, patio doors, composite doors, bi-folding doors replacement sealed units all colours no deposits taken

s w o d n i w d e t a r ' A ' t i f d n a y l p p u s Y L N O e W Check out our

Amazing Prices!

Payment by BACS, cheque or all major credit cards Call us on 01403 734391 or send an email to

“Specialists in helping you to improve your home”

Tel: 01403 01403 734391 Tel: 741857 01403or 734391



Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT


Exciting times in store for Beales Horsham’s ‘buzzy’ department store is ready to celebrate the holiday season and welcomes new brands to its range This is a busy time of year for any department store. But for Horsham’s own Beales, it’s an especially exciting time, with not only the festive season, but the arrival of new brands to add to its range. The department store is taking part in Dressed for Success, the competition that encourages the town’s businesses to create magical, seasonal displays for the public. Beales has added its own element of fun to the campaign, with a competition for young people (aged between six and 14) that allows them to design their own display.

The winning entry will be turned into a real-life window in time for Christmas. Beales is already in the spirit of things, with their shelves piled high with potential gifts for everyone. They include toys, cosmetics, men’s and women’s fashion, home wares, decorative accessories and plenty more. The visual merchandising team, which consists of Andrew and Nicky, have all been working hard, like little elves, to ensure that the store is turned into a Christmas wonderland, to make the experience even more magical for customers, which is what

Beales is all about according to deputy store director, Richard Lennard. He said: “We are a very customerfocused store. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. Everyone who works here really loves talking to and helping people find whatever it is they are looking for. It’s something that Beales as a whole company prides itself on.” That could be why Beales has achieved massive success in the last 12 months, growing from 13 to 32 stores nationally – no small feat during such tough ecomonic times. However, success in the Horsham

store in particular could be down to the choice available, according to store director Stephen Deller. He said: “We have a wide variety of products here and cater for a wide ranging customer base. You really can come here and find everything you need, especially for Christmas. In addition to seasonal items, Beales in Horsham is also proud to introduce new permanent ranges. The store recently welcomed men’s and women’s brands by George Davies including Gem, and Fransa, a Danish label for women also joined the collection recently.

From mid-December, it will be only the second of the department stores in the country to stock Tom Tailor – a range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes. The store also welcomes Yankee Candle from the first week of December, a new range of gifts. Exciting times for the department store for the Christmas period and beyond. Take a look inside (or in their window displays) to find something for your friends and family. As Richard put it: “There is a real buzz in the shop. Everyone is in good spirits. Come in!”


Friday 2 December 2011

Horsham Area

Gig Guide Gigs are sometimes cancelled or changed at short notice. To avoid disappointment please contact the venue.

Friday 2nd December

Hollows Of Venus at The Malt Shovel, Horsham

Monikers at The Queen’s Head, Horsham

The Gypsy Switch at The Tanners Arms, Horsham Saturday 3rd December

Monikers at The Shelley Arms, Broadbridge Heath, HorshamIncluding Foo Fighters Set

Mad Charriotts at The Bedford, Horsham

Chicago Thieves at The Tanners Arms, Horsham

The Tanners Live Lounge at The Tanners Arms, Horsham Live At The Bewery III with Epsilon at Weltons Brewery, Foundry Lane, Horsham

Trailer Trash at The Malt Shovel, Horsham Sunday 4th December

Acoustic Open Mic With Calvin & Hobbes at The Shelley Arms, Broadbridge Heath, Horsham Featuring “Rhubarb Crumble” (Dixieland Jazz) Tuesday 6th December

Dave Toye & Friends Open Mic at The Coach House, Cowfold Wednesday 7th December

Open Mic Night With Terry at The Tanners Arms, Horsham Thursday 8th December

Something Ginger at The Cricketers Arms, Wisborough Green

The Tanners Live Lounge at The Tanners Arms, Horsham Friday 9th December

Zu with Special Guests From Sabbath To Hell - Black Sabbath Tribute Band at The Malt Shovel, Horsham

Papa George at The Tanners Arms, Horsham Saturday 10th December

Jellyhead at The Malt Shovel, Horsham Reoffender at The Bedford, Horsham

Nigel Bagge at The Tanners Arms, Horsham

Listings kindly supplied by


‘Unusual’ act puts on a festive show for folk club James Hood Entertainment Editor

The Christmas crowd at Horsham Folk Club will be entertained by one of the more unusual folk acts, Pepper’s Ghost, on Sunday, December 11. Using a brass and mahogany magic lantern built in 1890, Pepper’s Ghost set the theme for their musical evening, which consists of images, monologues songs and poetry. Their original glass slides, most of which are over 100 years old, are mostly old photographs but several are hand painted. Among the themes are ‘Old Sussex’, ‘Transport and travels’ and a

‘Christmas show’. Organiser Caroline Thomas said: “As it’s December, we shall be getting the Christmas Show. And we know it will be one of the most entertaining and surprising evenings we’ve ever had.” Pepper’s Ghost is made up of MC and frontman Roger Brasier, poet Rene, Alan a lanternist and Charlotte, who sings and plays the Crane duet concertina while Richard sings and plays the mandolin and fiddle. On stage at 8pm at Horsham Folk Club, Normandy Centre, Denne Road, Horsham. Tickets are £5 ( or £3 for members). Under 21s and students get in free. They are available on the door from 7.45pm. For information call 01403 276273.

Can they escape the Evil Ebenazar? Start your Christmas Panto season off with a-lladin! Showing on Thursday,

sounds Danny Randon Music Reporter

Christmas is approaching fast, and so we called up some of our friends from the Horsham music scene, and asked them which festive tunes really get them in the Christmas spirit!

It will be one of the ‘most entertaining and surprising evenings we’ve ever had ’

Aladdin joins the line-up of this season’s pantos We’ve featured Jack and the Beanstalk, Peter Pan and even Little Red Riding Hood this year. And now, a local theatre company has teamed up with Kingslea Primary School to produce one of the all-time panto classics – Aladdin! The school’s drama club has been working with Theatre 48 to put on the Christmas show, by Richard Coleman. Join Aladdin on his adventures as he attempts to rescue Princess Wang with his friends Wishee Washee and Clarence the Camel. As usual, you can expect a few villains thwarting his efforts. This time, they include not one but three madcap merry widows - Twinky, Twanky and Twonky!


December 1 to Saturday, December 3 at 7.30 p.m. Call 0844 310 6797 for information.

High Octane Junkies Mark ‘Bomber’ Randon (bass) – “The Darkness’ ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)’ is a rocking Christmas song! It’s cheesy but the guitar melodies are just superb.” Dave Strange (guitars) – “Agreed. The video’s really good as well, Dan Hawkins (The Darkness guitarist) plays a twin-necked guitar in it, and I’d love one as a Christmas present!” The Jackie Generation Janey Bombshell (vocals) – “After much deliberation, we’ve decided that ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ by Wizzard tops The Jackie Generation’s Christmas list.” Greg Hart (guitars) - “It has everything you need for a classic anthem; roaring guitars, two drummers, huge saxophones, kiddies singing…” Janey – “That song proves why the 70’s were the best time for good music, especially at Christmas!” Hollows Of Venus Tara Swain Petty (vocals) – “My favourite Christmas song would have to be The Pogues’ ‘Fairytale Of New York’, simply because it’s not sugar-coated and slightly truer to life (not our lives, obviously, as our lives really are sugar-coated!). Besides that, it’s just a fantastic tune that never fails to fill you with Christmas cheer!”

Classix Matt Andrews (guitars) – “It just has to be ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)’ by The Darkness; it’s the only proper chrimbo rock song of my generation, there hasn’t been another one since the 70’s! I’m a big of The Darkness too.” Taygan Paxton “When I was little, my brother and I always used to change the lyrics of Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’; it’s only a little joke between the two of us, but it’s carried on through the years, and we still find it funny! Listening to that song reminds me of the good times with the huge family I have…” Bad Boy Boogie Paul Davis (vocals) – “I don’t like the band at all, but my favourite Christmas song is ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham!. The only reason for that is that I got a computer for Christmas the year that that song came out, and it just brings back good memories of that year.”

A Few Days Remain John Dobbe (bass) – “Peter Kay’s Christmas single as his character Geraldine (‘Once Upon A Christmas Song’) is fantastic. It’s either that or Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ just because it’s an absolute classic, and who doesn’t like shouting ‘IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAS!!!’ at the top of their lungs?!”


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

Join us on Stunning Operas screened live in the cinema from The Metropolitan Opera, New York.

Box Office 01403 750220

The Capitol,Horsham presents CBeebies

HANDEL’S RODELINDA Saturday 3 December 5.30pm Sensational in the 2004 Met premiere of Stephen Wadsworth’s much-heralded production, Renée Fleming reprises the title role.

as Fairy Twinkle

GOUNOD’S FAUST Saturday 10 December 6pm With Jonas Kaufmann in the title role, René Pape as the devil, and Angela Gheorghiu as Marguerite, Gounod’s classic retelling of the Faust legend couldn’t be better served.

From CBBC’s BAFTA Award Winning Tracy Beaker Returns as Fleshcreep

CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT Thursday 15 December 7.30pm Dressed In lavish period costume, and in front of an evocative candlelit setting, The Locrian Ensemble perform favourites including carols, string medleys of familiar Christmas tunes, and seasonal surprises. This is the ideal way to get into the true spirit of Christmas.

spring 2012 Theatre season Now Booking . . . HORRIBLE HISTORIES TERRIBLE TUDORS & VILE VICTORIANS Thursday 26 Sunday 29 January A NIGHT OF DIRTY DANCING Friday 3 February THE VOICE OF ROY ORBISON Saturday 4 February ABBA THE SHOW Friday 10 February JACKSON LIVE Saturday 11 February

CHRIS AND PUI ROadshOw 2012 Monday 13 February


THE WHEELS ON THE BUS Thursday 16 & Friday 17 February

Sunday 11 December 9.30am & 11am Giraffe, East Street Horsham. Your chance to enjoy breakfast whilst meeting CBeebies presenter Sarah Jane Honeywell. £10 per person (breakfast included) For more information and to book your table contact The Box Office: 01403 750220.

AN EVENING WITH JIMMY GREAVES Thursday 23 February SING-A-LONG-A GREASE Friday 24 February This is just a small selection of the shows now booking, for full listings pick up a copy of the brochure at the Box Office or log onto our website.

l to e Al eds Tre e t oc nu se pr est ou Ch H

THE SOLDIERS Sunday 15 January

Supported by

CINEMA Friday 2 - Thursday 8 december HAPPY FEET TWO 3D (U)


Daily (not Sat) 4.15pm & 6.30pm Sat 10.30am & 1pm

Digital Daily 5pm & 7.30pm Plus 2pm Sat & Wed


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011


Holidays are comin’ at The Capitol Whether it’s cinema or the stage you’re interested in, Horsham’s theatre has entertainment for everyone all wrapped up There are just over three weeks until Christmas! So The Capitol has been preparing a programme packed full of shows and screenings you won’t want to miss with your friends and family this festive season. Last week, the cast of this year’s pantomime arrived at the venue to begin rehearsals and with opening night on Thursday, December 8, the theatre has been a hive of activity with stars learning their lines, practicing their songs and brushing up their dance routines – all this while costumes are fitted, lighting is rigged and the set is built.

Tickets for Jack and The Beanstalk are selling fast so make sure you have got your tickets booked for this family pantomime that is full of fee fi fo fun! The show runs for 42 performances from Thursday, December 8 to Monday, January 2. To really get yourself into the true spirit of Christmas, why not join the Locrian Ensemble as they perform Carols By Candlelight on Thursday, December 15? The ensemble have firmly established themselves as one of Britain’s most popular touring groups and these charismatic performers, sing favourites including carols, string medleys of familiar Christmas

tunes and seasonal surprises to get you in the mood. Following shows earlier this year, Engine Shed Theatre Company returns to The Studio, with two new Christmas specials from Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s classic BBC comedy series, Steptoe & Son. See them from Wednesday, December 7 to Saturday, December 17. The cinema programme is also packed with a variety of films hitting the big screen over the next few weeks. Don’t miss the second instalment of the all singing, all dancing penguins in Happy Feet 2, showing in 3D from today (Friday December 2). Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are back as Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson, as they join forces to outwit and bring down their fiercest adversary, Professor Moriarty in, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows showing from Friday December 16. Director Garry Marshall and a stellar cast ring in the 2011 Christmas season with the romantic comedy New Years Eve starring Halle Berry, Jessica Biel and Robert De Niro, showing from Friday 9 December and Daniel Craig stars as Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, showing from Boxing Day. For more information or to book tickets, contact the Box Office on 01403 750220 or visit

Rookies steal the show when Marilyn comes to town James Hood Review

In 1956 Marilyn Monroe came to England to film The Prince and the Showgirl at Pinewood Studios with Laurence Olivier. Her visit was documented in the memoirs of Colin Clark, with whom the blonde bombshell allegedly had a brief dalliance, and this movie tells the tale of that week. But for the benefit of those who might be put off by the thought of an hour and a half of Monroe, this film is not only about her. Rather, it was equally as entertaining for its depiction of romance and the film business in the 50s. Its leading man, Colin, was likeable from the very first minute, and Eddie Redmayne who played him owned the screen, getting noticed head

and shoulders above a myriad of unquestionably established talent. They include Dame Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi, Dominic Cooper, Dougray Scott, Emma Watson, Julia Ormond, Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Williams, Toby Jones and Zoe Wanamaker (and breath!). The list is endless and it almost became amusing wondering how many they could squeeze into the movie in the hope that it might become the next ‘King’s Speech’. Speaking of which, this movie has Academy Award written all over it. It was the right length to keep me interested in what is essentially a tale of boy meets girl. And it was visually sublime - lighting directors, location scouts and costume designers should not be outshone by the big names and will hopefully get some recognition from Oscar come

the spring. Hats off too, to Michelle Williams, who did a superb job re-creating one of the most famous women in the world. More than just her mannerisms, she captured the star’s timid nature and vulnerability, despite being relatively inexperienced alongside all those British theatre lovies. My one and only disappointment was Marilyn herself. She was portrayed as a demanding, tardy, at-times-unprofessional drama queen who made filming difficult for everyone and would give Mariah a run for her money in the diva stakes. That aside, top marks from me. It was an absolute pleasure to spend an hour or so in their company, and my money is on Williams for the awards season. Even if you do happen to get bored, you could always play spot the British actor.

Showing on the big screen

Happy Feet 2 in 3D Elijah Wood, Pink and Robin Williams lend their voices to the sequel in the animated penguin flick series. Mumble and Gloria’s son Erik is reluctant to try dancing, as most penguins in Emperor land do. Adventure and plenty of dancing ensue in a 3D movie that’s fun for the whole family.

My Week With Marilyn An unlikely production assistant (Colin Clark) captures the heart of the woman with the world at her feet during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl. Based on the books by Colin himself and starring rising talent Eddie Redmayne and Michelle Williams.

For more information or to book tickets visit or call The Box Office on 01403 750220


Friday 2 December 2011

Events 2nd December 3rd December Christmas Bazaar

3rd December

Billingshurst Macmillan Support Group are holding a film night at 7.30pm at The Village Hall, Billingshurst. Tickets available from Mallards or on the door. The film for December will be Johnny English Reborn.

Christmas Bazaar in Rusper Village Hall from 2-4pm. Traditional Christmas stalls, new craft stalls, Santa Claus, fun things for children and delicious refreshments. Entrance 50p, children under 12 go free. All proceeds to Rusper Church. Call 01293 871821 for more details.

St Nicolas Church, Itchingfield is holding a fundraising Table Top Sale in Barns Green Village Hall RH13 0PT, from 10am-12pm. Refreshments available and free admission. Good selection of bric-a-brac, toys, games, books, household and more. Come and enjoy some Christmas shopping.

3rd December

3rd December

3rd December

5.30–8pm at Cowfold Village Hall. Come and enjoy all the fun of a Traditional Village Christmas Fair. Father Christmas, mulled wine, mince pies, gift stalls, local produce, wooden toys, tombola, raffle, games and carol singing for all.

Heron Way Primary School’s Christmas Bazaar from 2-4pm. Raffle, Santa’s grotto, tombola, Christmas games, crafts, face painting, festive cakes and refreshments. Admission: 50p adults, children free. Heron Way Primary School, Heron Way, Horsham RH13 6DJ.

The annual Horsham Hospital Christmas Bazaar takes place between 10am and 12 midday. Gift ideas, toys, variety of stalls, Father Christmas and chance to win a £400 cash prize. Proceeds go towards future hospital projects. All welcome.

3rd December

Live @ The Brewery III

3-4th December

5th December

Weltons Brewery is transformed into a live music venue for an evening of progressive rock covers by local favourites ‘epsilon’. The night also sees the launch of Weltons Christmas Ale. Also pre-gig entertainment and fish & chips. Advance tickets £4 from The Beer Essentials, East Street, Horsham or £5 on the door. Doors open 5pm with epsilon on stage at 7.30pm.

Santa will be in his grotto at the South Downs Light Railway over the weekend. For more details visit or telephone our information line on 07518 753784. There will be plenty of spaces for ‘on the day’ visitors. You can find us within the Pulborough Garden Centre.

Santa’s coming to The Red Lion in Ashington. The grotto will be open from 3-6pm. Tickets are £4, which includes a present from Santa. £1 of each ticket sold will go to Chestnut Tree House.

7th December

RAFA Club Coffee Morning

8th December

Moorcroft Pottery Event

8th December

Royal Air Force Association 665 Horsham & Storrington Branch are holding a coffee morning every Wednesday from 10am12pm. All are welcome, please bring a friend. Needles Farm buildings, Three Acres, Horsham.

Samuel Parkers, the China and Gift Shop in Middle Street, Horsham will be holding their Annual Moorcroft Event between 11am and 8pm. Joy Stephenson of Moorcroft Pottery will be in attendance. Free gift with every purchase, prize draw for a Moorcroft Book with proceeds going to Cancer Research. Free seasonal refreshments.

Panto season at The Capitol begins and runs until January 2. CBeebies presenter Sarah Jane Honeywell makes a welcome return and stars alongside CBBC’s Connor Byrne. As always the pantomime will be packed full of fun and music and comedy. See www. for all the details.

Charity Film Night

3RD DECEMBER Trapper Live Band 16TH DECEMBER 2.30-5.00 Tea Dance + Sing Along 17TH DECEMBER Fish and Chip Supper + Christmas Quiz, Cash Prize NEW YEARS EVE, GRAND NEW YEARS EVE DISCO, ANYTHING BRITISH THEME

Holland’s Way, Warnham, Horsham, RH12 3RH 01403 211747 - 07833 553148 (Steward)

Guests welcome

St. John’s R.C Church Nr. Shelley Fountain

Saturday 10th December 10am – 4pm “Have a Fairtrade Christmas!!”

Cowfold Christmas Fair

Christmas Bazaar at Heron Way

Santa’s Grotto at SDLRS

Table Top Sale

Hospital Christmas Bazaar

Santa’s Grotto at The Red Lion

Jack and the Beanstalk


Friday 2 December 2011


Add your event to our online Events page, free of charge at 8th December

Ladies Pamper Evening

10th December

Live Music with The Embers

10th December Table Top Sale

Pamper yourself and shop for Christmas! 6.30pm-9.30pm at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, RH12 3YS. Jewellery, cosmetics, food, cards, books, bags and more. Treatments include facials, hair, massage, nails, reflexology and threading. £2 entrance and raffle in aid of Help For Heroes.

Live music with ‘The Embers’ at Southwater Sports Club, Church Lane, Southwater. 8pm start, free to members, £1 for nonmembers. New memberships available. Call 01403 730345 for more information.

Table top sale at Southwater Church Hall, Church Lane from 10am-3pm. In aid of Orion Explorer Scouts. Contact Sally Eve on 01403 734368 to reserve table (£10 each). 50p entrance, which includes a cup of tea/coffee and biscuit.

10th December

10th December

Baby and Children’s Market

10th December

A Christmas Market will be held at Mannings Heath Village Hall from 11.00am to 1.00pm. Lots of lovely stalls including homemade cakes, Christmas floral decorations, homemade pate and bread, bottle stall, grand raffle and many more.

Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre, Roman Way, RH14 9QW. 10am-12pm. A great opportunity to buy and sell quality second hand goods at bargain prices for boys and girls aged from birth to six years. There is also the chance to buy unique products and services from a select range of new and local businesses. Admission £1 (kids free).

Fairtrade Christmas Market in St Johns Catholic Church Hall, Horsham from 10am–4pm. Fifteen stalls offering a variety of Fairtrade Christmas gift goods from around the world. Now in the sixth year this popular event is organised by Horsham Fairtrade Town Action Group.

12th December

13th December Storrington Film Night

15th December

‘Phantom of The Opera’. 7.30pm at Sullington Parish Hall. Tickets are £5, available from ‘The Card Centre’ in Storrington or on the door. For further info call Ken on 01903 740745 or Malcolm on 01798 812407. Organised by The Rotary Club of Storrington.

Horsham & Crawley Samaritans are holding a series of Open House events to welcome potential volunteers to their Centre at 21 Denne Road, Horsham, the next one being on Thursday 15th December from 6-8pm. For more information call 01403 276276 or email

17th December

18th December

18th December

Horsham Chamber Choir combine with the vocal ensemble Cantilena for a concert of carols and readings at Sedgwick Park House, Horsham. Tickets are £15, including wine and mince pies. Mulled wine will be served from 7pm, concert starts at 7.30pm. For tickets email cantilena. or phone Sarah Russell on 01403 266725.

At The Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane, Horsham RH12 5PJ. In conjunction with the British Heart Foundation. 18+ only £1 Registration = 4 Cards; £8 / 6 Cards; £11.50. Members & Non Members welcome. See for more information.

The Annual Community Carol Service at The Salvation Army, Booth Way, Horsham, at 10.30am. Featuring The Salvation Army Band, Singers, Children and Youth – and ‘Kids Alive’ featured in the presentation – Stable Manners.

Christmas Market

Horsham Skeptics in the Pub

A talk by Juliet Jacques, Guardian writer, on the emergence of gender variant people, practices and identities and examines some of the ideas and myths that grew around transgender people. 8pm at The Tanners Arms, Horsham. £2 per person to cover speaker expenses. For more information see

A Concert of Carols

Cash Prize Bingo


Horsham’s History Ideal s tma Chris nt! Prese

Volume 4 1914 - 1918

Fairtrade Christmas Market

Samaritans Open House Event

Community Carol Service



Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

TV Guide

You should have gone to Specsavers Specsavers Horsham are pleased to be the sponsor of The Resident TV listings

25% Off for the over 60’s See in store for details. 57 West Street, Horsham

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Sunday 4






6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Rip Off Britain 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) BBC News; Weather 11.00 Noise Squad 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather 12.15 Bargain Hunt (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather 1.30 Regional News; Weather 1.40 Doctors 2.10 Only Fools and Horses 3.05 CBBC 5.15 Pointless (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather 7.00 The One Show Topical stories from around the UK; BBC News; Regional News 8.00 EastEnders Yusef tries to buy Tariq’s silence. 8.30 The Two Ronnies Sketchbook Highlights and reminiscences from the pair’s partnership. 9.00 Have I Got News for You With guest panellists Boris Becker and Marcus Brigstocke. 9.30 Live at the Apollo Andy Parsons hosts the stand-up show. 10.00 BBC News 10.25 Regional News; Weather 10.35 The Graham Norton Show 11.20 The National Lottery Friday Night Draws 11.30 FILM: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992) Thriller, starring Rebecca De Mornay. 1.15 Weatherview 1.20 Sign Zone: Question Time (R) 2.20 Fry’s Planet Word (R) 3.20 BBC News

6.00 Breakfast 10.00 Saturday Kitchen Live 11.30 Home Cooking Made Easy (R) 12.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 12.15 Football Focus 1.00 Live Snooker: UK Championship. Including John Higgins v Rory McLeod. 2.00 Live International Rugby Union. Wales v Australia (Kick-off 2.30pm). 4.30 Final Score 5.10 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 5.30 A Question of Sport (R) 6.00 Tonight’s the Night. With Colin Montgomerie and Matt Baker. Last in the series. 7.00 Strictly Come Dancing The six remaining couples compete in a movie-themed quarterfinal. 8.00 Merlin The knights stumble across an eerie shrine deep in the forest. 8.45 Casualty Part one of two. Ruth’s old insecurities resurface. 9.35 The National Lottery Saturday Night Draws 9.45 BBC News; Weather 10.05 Match of the Day; National Lottery Update 11.30 The Football League Show 12.15 FILM: Mimic. (1997) Horror, starring Mira Sorvino. 1.55 Weatherview 2.00 BBC News


6.00 CBeebies 7.00 CBBC 12.00 FILM: Primrose Path. (1940) Romantic drama, starring Ginger Rogers and Joel McCrea. 1.30 FILM: The Master of Ballantrae. (1953) Swashbuckling adventure, starring Errol Flynn. 3.00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 3.45 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R) 4.30 Live Snooker: UK Championship. The best-of-11-frames first-round matches. 5.30 Escape to the Country (R) 6.30 Flog It! The team visits the Isle of Wight. 7.30 Dad’s Army First-ever episode of the classic comedy. (R) 8.00 100 Years of the Palladium Famous faces reminisce about the theatre. (R) 9.00 QI XL With Jo Brand, David Mitchell and Phill Jupitus. (R) 9.45 Pan Am Kate tries to save her relationship with Niko. 10.25 Pan Am 11.10 Rev (R) 11.40 Snooker: UK Championship 12.30 Snooker: UK Championship Extra 2.30 Close

6.00 CBeebies 7.00 CBBC 10.00 Something for the Weekend 11.30 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British (R) 12.15 Escape to the Country (R) 1.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R) 2.00 Live Snooker: UK Championship. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Steve Davis and Ali Carter v Robert Milkins. 5.30 FILM: Easy Virtue. (2008) Romantic period comedy, starring Jessica Biel and Ben Barnes. 7.00 The Party’s Over: How the West Went Bust Part one of two. Robert Peston analyses the West’s financial crisis. 8.00 How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine The construction of Rolls-Royce’s Trent 1000 jet engine. (R) 9.00 Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook Emily Maitlis interviews the Facebook co-creator. 10.00 Match of the Day 2 Including highlights of Everton v Stoke City. 11.00 Fast and Loose (R) 11.30 Never Mind the Buzzcocks (R) 12.00 Snooker: UK Championship 12.50 Snooker: UK Championship Extra 2.50 BBC News 4.15 Close



6.00 CBeebies 7.00 CBBC 8.25 CBeebies 11.35 The Pink Panther Show (R) 12.00 Daily Politics 12.30 GMT with George Alagiah 1.00 Coast (R) 1.15 Trash to Cash 2.15 Weakest Link (R) 3.00 Escape to the Country 3.45 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 4.30 Flog It! Travels Around Britain (R) 4.45 Euro 2012 – Live Draw 6.00 Eggheads. Quiz show, hosted by Dermot Murnaghan. 6.30 Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two. Analysis of the couples’ progress ahead of tomorrow’s quarter-final. 7.00 Heir Hunters Finding the relatives of TV scriptwriter Edward Luckarift. 8.00 Mastermind Subjects include Aircraft of the Second World War. 8.30 FILM: The Accidental Husband (2008) Premiere. Romantic comedy, starring Uma Thurman and Colin Firth. 9.50 Coast 10.00 QI 10.30 Newsnight 11.00 The Review Show 11.45 Weather 11.50 FILM: The Crossing Guard (1995) Drama, starring Jack Nicholson. 1.35 BBC News 3.20 Close


6.00 Daybreak 8.30 Lorraine 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning 12.30 Loose Women 1.30 ITV News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 May the Best House Win 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 3.59 Regional Weather 4.00 Ade in Britain 5.00 Best Dish: The Chefs 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale 7.30 Coronation Street 8.00 Wild Britain with Ray Mears 8.30 Coronation Street 9.00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! The remaining celebrities take part in the group trial. 10.30 ITV News; Weather 11.00 Regional News; Weather 11.05 FILM: Fearless (2006) Fact-based martial arts adventure, starring Jet Li. 12.55 The Zone; ITV News Headlines 3.15 FILM: Columbo: A Bird in the Hand. (1992) Crime drama, starring Peter Falk and Tyne Daly. 4.50 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.10 The Hoobs (R) 6.35 The Hoobs (R) 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 8.20 Frasier (R) 8.55 Secret Millionaire Australia 9.55 Relocation, Relocation (R) 10.55 The Renovation Game 12.00 Drop Down Menu 1.05 Channel 4 Presents – Liz Johnson “Magic Numbers” (R) 1.10 FILM: Campbell’s Kingdom. (1957) Adventure, starring Dirk Bogarde. 3.10 Countdown 4.00 Deal or No Deal 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.30 Unreported World 7.55 8.00 Come Dine with Me Four amateur chefs from Dundee and Lothian compete. 9.00 Peter Kay’s Top 43 Greatest Comedy Moments The comedian’s favourite comedy clips. 11.05 Peter Kay Live at the Bolton Albert Halls 12.10 Stand Up for the Week 1.00 FILM: Franklyn. (2008) Premiere. Fantasy drama, starring Ryan Phillippe. 2.40 Random Acts 2.45 Shameless USA 3.40 My Name Is Earl (R) 4.30 St Elsewhere (R) 5.20 Countdown (R)

Channel 5 * Source: GB TGI recent research ** Source: The Wanted Ads STAGE 1, GFK NOP Base: all adults

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6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff 11.10 LIVE with Gabby 12.05 5 News Lunchtime 12.15 Law & Order (R) 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 Meerkat Manor (R) 2.45 FILM: Last of the Dogmen. (1995) Modern-day Western, starring Tom Berenger. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours (R) 6.00 Home and Away (R) 6.30 Home and Away: Bay Reporter 7.00 5 News at 7 7.30 Fifth Gear Tiff Needell drives the new Aston Martin Virage convertible; 5 News Update 8.00 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads The truckers face a perilous journey over the Rohtang Pass in the dark; 5 News at 9 9.00 FILM: Black Hawk Down (2001) Fact-based military drama, starring Josh Hartnett. 11.50 Inside Hollywood (R) 12.05 SuperCasino 4.05 Motorsport Mundial 4.30 Fifth Gear (R) 4.55 Rough Guide to Cities (R) 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge (R)

6.00 CITV: Mini CITV 7.15 CITV 9.25 Coronation Street 11.45 This Morning: Saturday 12.45 ITV News; Weather 12.50 You’ve Been Framed! (R) 1.20 FILM: Small Soldiers. (1998) Children’s adventure, with Kirsten Dunst. 3.20 FILM: The Mummy. (1999) Action adventure, starring Brendan Fraser. 5.30 Regional News; Weather 5.45 ITV News; Weather 6.00 The Chase. With Alex James, Ann Widdecombe, Sara Cox and Eamonn Holmes. 7.00 New You’ve Been Framed! Featuring a pole-dancing pensioner. 7.30 Harry Hill’s TV Burp The funniest moments from previous series. 8.00 The X Factor The semi-final. 9.30 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Viewers choose this year’s winner. Last in the series. 10.30 ITV News; Weather 10.45 FA Cup Highlights 11.45 The Cube (R) 12.45 The Zone; ITV News Headlines 3.00 Kojak (R) 3.55 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.05 Sali Mali (R) 6.10 The Hoobs (R) 6.35 Extreme Sailing Series 7.00 Great Ethiopian Run 7.55 The Morning Line 8.50 T4: Smallville (R) 9.50 T4: Made in Chelsea – End of Season Party 10.50 T4: 4Music Video Honours 2011: Top 20 11.50 T4: Pixie Lott: The Album Chart Show Special 12.20 T4: The Big Bang Theory (R) 12.50 T4: The Big Bang Theory (R) 1.20 T4: The Simpsons (R) 1.50 Channel 4 Racing. Live coverage from Sandown Park and Aintree. 3.55 Come Dine with Me (R) 4.25 Come Dine with Me (R) 4.55 Come Dine with Me (R) 5.30 Come Dine with Me (R) 6.00 Come Dine with Me. Barry Hill hosts the final dinner party in Doncaster. (R) 6.30 Jamie’s Great Britain. Jamie Oliver concludes his culinary tour in the west of Scotland. Last in the series. (R) 7.30 Channel 4 News 7.55 8.00 Tony Robinson’s Gods and Monsters The presenter turns his attention to evil spirits. 9.00 FILM: Taken (2008) Thriller, starring Liam Neeson. 10.50 8 Out of 10 Cats Uncut 11.40 Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night (R) 12.30 FILM: Waltz with Bashir. (2008) Premiere. Animated documentary, directed by Ari Folman. 2.10 Shameless USA 3.45 Happy Endings 4.10 St Elsewhere (R) 4.55 Countdown (R) 5.40 The Hoobs (R)

Channel 5

6.00 Milkshake! 10.00 The Gadget Show (R) 11.00 London: The Inside Story (R) 12.00 FILM: The Adventures of Robin Hood. (1938) Swashbuckling adventure, starring Errol Flynn. 2.05 FILM: My Spy. (2008) Comedy, starring Colin Hanks and Meg Ryan. 3.50 FILM: Sleepless in Seattle. (1993) Romantic comedy, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. 5.55 FILM: Ghostbusters II. (1989) Supernatural comedy sequel, starring Bill Murray. 8.10 5 News Weekend 8.15 NCIS The team hunts down a sniper. (R) 9.00 An Audience with Bob Monkhouse The comedian entertains a celebrity audience. (R) 10.05 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 11.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) 11.55 Inside Hollywood 12.00 SuperCasino 3.55 Great Artists (R) 4.25 Divine Designs (R) 4.50 Rough Guide to Eco Escapes (R) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline (R) 5.10 The Milkshake! Show (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends (R) 5.45 Roary the Racing Car (R)

6.00 Breakfast 7.30 Match of the Day (R) 9.00 The Andrew Marr Show 10.00 Fern Britton Meets Katherine Jenkins 11.00 Country Tracks; Weather for the Week Ahead 12.00 The Politics Show 1.15 EastEnders 3.10 Frozen Planet (R) 4.10 Frozen Planet (R) 5.10 Points of View 5.25 Songs of Praise 6.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 6.25 Countryfile. How the Vale of Aylesbury has inspired authors. 7.25 Strictly Come Dancing The quarter-final result is announced. 8.00 Antiques Roadshow From Layer Marney Tower, near Colchester in Essex. 9.00 Garrow’s Law The barrister defends a man framed for murder. Last in the series. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 10.25 Have I Got a Bit More News for You (R) 11.10 Would I Lie to You? (R) 11.40 The Sky at Night 12.00 FILM: Amityville III: The Demon. (1983) Horror sequel, with Tony Roberts. 1.25 Weatherview 1.30 Sign Zone: Film 2011 with Claudia Winkleman (R) 2.10 Holby City (R) 3.10 A Farmer’s Life for Me (R) 4.10 BBC News

6.00 CITV: Mini CITV 7.15 CITV 9.25 Monk (R) 9.30 Horrid Henry (R) 9.45 Horrid Henry 10.00 Finger Tips 10.15 Tricky TV 10.40 You’ve Been Framed! (R) 11.10 ITV News; Weather 11.15 All Star Family Fortunes (R) 12.00 Live FA Cup Football. AFC Totton v Bristol Rovers (Kick-off 12.30pm). 3.05 The X Factor (R) 4.35 Midsomer Murders (R) 6.35 Regional News; Weather 6.45 ITV News; Weather 7.00 The Cube A Tottenham woman and a retired man take part. 8.00 The X Factor Dermot O’Leary announces which three acts are in the final. 9.00 A Night with Beyoncé The American superstar performs her biggest hits. 10.15 ITV News; Weather 10.30 FA Cup Highlights Action from today’s second-round ties. 11.30 Premiership Rugby Union Highlights of the latest top-flight fixtures. 12.30 The Zone; ITV News Headlines 2.00 Motorsport UK 2.55 Kojak (R) 3.50 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.05 The Hoobs (R) 6.30 Channel 4 Presents – Liz Johnson “Magic Numbers” (R) 6.35 Ironman Wales (R) 7.30 Triathlon (R) 7.55 T4: One Tree Hill (R) 8.50 T4: Battlefront 9.05 T4: Hollyoaks 11.40 T4: Olly Murs: The Album Chart Show Special 12.10 T4: The Simpsons (R) 12.45 T4: Shipwrecked: The Island 1.45 T4: The Simpsons (R) 2.15 FILM: Turner & Hooch. (1989) Family canine comedy, starring Tom Hanks. 4.15 Deal or No Deal 5.20 Channel 4 News 5.45 The Political Slot 5.50 5.55 FILM: The Golden Compass. (2007) Premiere. Fantasy adventure, starring Dakota Blue Richards and Nicole Kidman. 8.00 The Secret Millionaire Property developer Mike Holland goes undercover in Grimsby. Last in the series. 9.00 Black Mirror: The National Anthem New series. Horror, written by Charlie Brooker, starring Rory Kinnear. 10.00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man With Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis. 11.05 FILM: Escape from Alcatraz (1979) Factbased prison drama, starring Clint Eastwood. 1.15 American Football Live. Coverage of a match from Week 13 of the NFL regular season. 4.45 Post Modern Pastimes (R) 5.00 Freesports on 4 (R) 5.25 Countdown (R)

Channel 5

6.00 Milkshake! 10.00 Inside Hollywood 10.05 Andre Rieu at the Albert Hall (R) 11.05 Highland Emergency (R) 11.35 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads (R) 12.35 FILM: What About Bob? (1991) Comedy, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. 2.30 FILM: The Fifth Element. (1997) Sci-fi adventure, starring Bruce Willis. 5.00 FILM: Click. (2006) Comedy, starring Adam Sandler. 7.10 5 News Weekend 7.15 FILM: XXX2: The Next Level (2005) Action sequel, starring Ice Cube. 9.00 FILM: Pineapple Express (2008) Premiere. Action comedy, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. 11.15 FILM: Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies (2004) Comedy adventure, starring John Cho and Kal Penn. 1.00 SuperCasino 4.00 Animal Rescue Squad (R) 4.10 Nick’s Quest (R) 4.35 Divine Designs (R) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline (R) 5.10 The Milkshake! Show (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends (R) 5.45 Roary the Racing Car (R)



6.00 Br Under t Noise Sq Weather Weather 2.10 On (R) 6.00 Program 7.00 T J 7.30 I N 8.00 E d 8.30 T – r 9.00 Y c 10.00 B 10.25 R 10.35 A 11.05 J 11.50 T 12.40 W Think Yo Secrets o BBC New


6.00 CB Pink Pan Snooker Dale an Bikers’ B Money Strictly C 7.00 T E Y 8.00 U 8.30 M 9.00 R M g 10.00 N 10.30 N 11.20 S 12.10 S News 3.4


6.00 Da Show 10 ITV New May the 3.59 Re 5.00 Be Weather 7.00 E 7.30 C 8.00 L 8.30 C 9.00 I C c 10.00 I 10.30 R 10.35 T 11.50 D S 12.40 Th League W Kyle Sho


6.10 The Squeeze Everybod Secret M (R) 10.5 FILM: S Barry Jo 5.00 Co 6.00 The 7.00 C 7.55 4 8.00 T 8.30 L 9.00 T o 10.00 T 11.30 R 11.35 M 12.40 L Underco Endings 4.15 I H The Unto


6.00 Mi with Ga Order (R CSI: Crim Stone: N Tom Sell 6.00 Ho show, ho 7.00 5 7.30 H 8.00 T g 9.00 C a 10.00 F s 12.00 U 4.00 An 4.55 Ro Michaela


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6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Rip Off Britain 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) BBC News; Weather 11.00 Noise Squad 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather 12.15 Bargain Hunt (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather 1.30 Regional News; Weather 1.40 Doctors 2.10 Only Fools and Horses 3.05 CBBC 5.15 Pointless (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather 7.00 The One Show Topical stories with Alex Jones and Matt Baker. 7.30 Inside Out Regional documentary; BBC News; Regional News 8.00 EastEnders Kat grows increasingly disillusioned with her relationship. 8.30 The Truth About Supermarket Price Wars – Panorama Sophie Raworth checks out the real cost of supermarket offers. 9.00 Young Apprentice The six remaining candidates create a brand of popcorn. 10.00 BBC News 10.25 Regional News; Weather 10.35 A Question of Sport 11.05 John Bishop’s Britain (R) 11.50 The Graham Norton Show (R) 12.40 Weatherview 12.45 Sign Zone: Who Do You Think You Are? (R) 1.45 Natural World: Komodo – Secrets of the Dragon (R) 2.45 Dragons’ Den (R) 3.45 BBC News


6.00 CBeebies 7.00 CBBC 8.25 CBeebies 11.35 The Pink Panther Show (R) 12.00 Daily Politics 12.30 Live Snooker: UK Championship. Judd Trump v Dominic Dale and Mark Allen v Adrian Gunnell. 3.45 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 4.30 Flog It! (R) 5.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 6.00 Eggheads 6.30 Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two 7.00 The Big Bread Experiment New series Efforts to restore a mill in Bedale, North Yorkshire. 8.00 University Challenge 8.30 MasterChef: The Professionals 9.00 RBS – Inside the Bank That Ran Out of Money The Royal Bank of Scotland’s fall from grace in October 2008. 10.00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10.30 Newsnight; Weather 11.20 Snooker: UK Championship 12.10 Snooker: UK Championship Extra 2.10 BBC News 3.45 Close


6.00 Daybreak 8.30 Lorraine 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning 12.30 Loose Women 1.30 ITV News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 May the Best House Win 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 3.59 Regional Weather 4.00 Murder, She Wrote (R) 5.00 Best Dish: The Chefs 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale 7.30 Coronation Street 8.00 Little England 8.30 Coronation Street 9.00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Coming Out Cameras capture the contestants outside the jungle. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.35 The Fight of Their Lives 11.50 David Jason’s Greatest Escapes: The Full Story (R) 12.40 The Zone; ITV News Headlines 2.45 Champions League Weekly 3.20 ITV Nightscreen 4.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R) 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.10 The Hoobs (R) 6.35 The Hoobs (R) 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.25 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 8.25 Frasier (R) 8.55 The Secret Millionaire 9.55 Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare (R) 10.55 Sealed Bid 12.00 Drop Down Menu 1.20 FILM: Seven Days to Noon. (1950) Thriller, starring Barry Jones. 3.10 Countdown 4.00 Deal or No Deal 5.00 Come Date with Me 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.55 8.00 Turner Prize 2011 8.30 Landlords from Hell: Dispatches 9.00 The Great British Property Scandal Part one of two. The UK housing crisis. 10.00 The Million Pound Drop Live 11.30 Random Acts (R) 11.35 My Transsexual Summer (R) 12.40 Late Night Poker 1.35 Confessions of an Undercover Cop (R) 2.30 Shameless USA 3.25 Happy Endings 3.50 Momma’s Boy (R) 4.10 Lucky Escape (R) 4.15 I Hate That Smile (R) 4.20 St Elsewhere (R) 5.10 The Untold Invasion of Britain (R)

Channel 5

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff 11.10 LIVE with Gabby 12.10 5 News Lunchtime 12.15 Law & Order (R) 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) 3.15 FILM: Jesse Stone: Night Passage. (2006) Detective thriller, starring Tom Selleck. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours (R) 6.00 Home and Away (R) 6.25 OK! TV. Magazine show, hosted by Jeff Brazier and Jenny Frost. 7.00 5 News at 7 7.30 How Do They Do It?; (R) 5 News Update 8.00 The Gadget Show The team selects the best gadget gift for Christmas; 5 News at 9 9.00 Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers The adventurer visits Ontario and Winnipeg. 10.00 FILM: Shadow Man (2006) Action thriller, starring Steven Seagal. 12.00 UFC 12.50 Inside Hollywood 1.00 SuperCasino 4.00 Animal Rescue Squad (R) 4.10 Grey’s Anatomy 4.55 Rough Guide to Weekend Breaks (R) 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge (R)

Tuesday 6 BBC1

6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Rip Off Britain 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) BBC News; Weather 11.00 Noise Squad 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather 12.15 Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News; Weather 1.30 Regional News; Weather 1.40 Doctors 2.10 Only Fools and Horses 3.05 CBBC 5.15 Pointless (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather 7.00 The One Show Topical stories, hosted by Alex Jones and Matt Baker. 7.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News 8.00 Holby City Hanssen tries to manipulate Sahira. 9.00 Death in Paradise Dwayne’s favourite singer is murdered. 10.00 BBC News 10.25 Regional News; Weather; National Lottery Update 10.35 Imagine: The Lost Music of Rajasthan 11.40 FILM: The Other Man (2008) Premiere. Drama, starring Liam Neeson. 1.05 Weatherview 1.10 Sign Zone: Frozen Planet (R) 2.10 The Story of Ireland (R) 3.10 Dragons’ Den (R) 4.10 BBC News


6.00 CBeebies 7.00 CBBC 8.25 CBeebies 11.35 The Pink Panther Show (R) 12.00 Daily Politics 12.30 Live Snooker: UK Championship. The opening two matches in the last 16. 3.45 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 4.30 Flog It! (R) 5.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R) 6.00 Eggheads 6.30 Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two 7.00 The Big Bread Experiment A major setback places the project in jeopardy. 8.00 MasterChef: The Professionals Two semifinalists are challenged to work at London’s L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. 9.00 Money How finances affect personal relationships. 10.00 Life’s Too Short (R) 10.30 Newsnight; Weather 11.20 Snooker: UK Championship 12.10 Snooker: UK Championship Extra 2.10 BBC News 4.15 Close


6.00 Daybreak 8.30 Lorraine 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning 12.30 Loose Women 1.30 ITV News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 May the Best House Win 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 3.59 Regional Weather 4.00 Murder, She Wrote (R) 5.00 Best Dish: The Chefs 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale 7.30 The Adventurer’s Guide to Britain 8.00 High Stakes Big-money game show, hosted by Jeremy Kyle. 9.00 My Child’s Not Perfect Part one of two. Youngsters with behavioural, emotional or clinical issues. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.35 FILM: The Interpreter (2004) Political thriller, starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. 12.55 The Zone; ITV News Headlines 2.55 Kojak (R) 3.45 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.10 The Hoobs (R) 6.35 The Hoobs (R) 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 8.25 Frasier (R) 8.55 The Secret Millionaire 9.55 Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare (R) 10.55 Sealed Bid 12.00 Drop Down Menu 1.35 FILM: Face of a Fugitive. (1959) Western, starring Fred MacMurray. 3.10 Countdown 4.00 Deal or No Deal 5.00 Come Date with Me 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.55 8.00 The Food Hospital The team offers advice to a fitness instructor with an aversion to vegetables. 9.00 The Great British Property Scandal Part two of two. George Clarke’s campaigns at the Conservative Party conference. 10.00 The Million Pound Drop Live 11.30 Random Acts 11.35 The Joy of Teen Sex (R) 12.40 UK & Ireland Poker Tour 1.35 Extreme Sailing Series (R) 2.00 Sailing 2.30 Beach Volleyball 3.25 KOTV Boxing Weekly 3.50 Great Ethiopian Run (R) 4.45 Post Modern Pastimes (R) 5.10 Brief Encounters of the Sporting Mind: Kickboxing (R) 5.20 Grudge Match (R) 5.40 Road to London 2012: That Paralympic Show (R)

Channel 5

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff 11.10 LIVE with Gabby 12.10 5 News Lunchtime 12.15 Law & Order (R) 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 CSI: Miami (R) 3.15 FILM: The Tenth Circle. (2008) Thriller, starring Kelly Preston. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours (R) 6.00 Home and Away (R) 6.25 OK! TV. Magazine show, hosted by Jeff Brazier and Jenny Frost. 7.00 5 News at 7 7.30 How to Take Stunning Pictures; (R) 5 News Update 8.00 London: The Inside Story The street wardens target nuisance street performers; 5 News at 9 9.00 CSI: Miami A student is killed while relaxing at a university spa. 10.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) 11.00 CSI: Miami (R) 11.55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) 12.40 Forensic Files (R) 1.05 SuperCasino 3.50 Animal Rescue Squad (R) 4.05 The Gadget Show (R) 4.55 County Secrets (R) 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge (R)

Wednesday 7

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6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Rip Off Britain 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) BBC News; Weather 11.00 Noise Squad 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather 12.15 Bargain Hunt (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather 1.30 Regional News; Weather 1.40 Doctors 2.10 Only Fools and Horses 3.05 CBBC 5.15 Pointless (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather 7.00 The One Show 7.30 That’s Britain! Stories exploring the best and worst sides of the nation; BBC News: Regional News 8.30 The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson 9.00 Frozen Planet What rising temperatures will mean for life in the polar regions. Last in the series. 10.00 BBC News 10.25 Regional News; Weather 10.35 The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draws 10.45 Who Do You Think You Are? US 11.15 Film 2011 with Claudia Winkleman; National Lottery Update 11.55 FILM: Body Heat (1981) Thriller, starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. 1.45 Weatherview 1.50 Sign Zone: See Hear (R) 2.20 Planet Dinosaur (R) 2.50 Country Tracks (R) 3.45 Dragons’ Den (R) 4.45 BBC News


6.00 CBeebies 7.00 CBBC 8.25 CBeebies 11.00 See Hear 11.30 Daily Politics 1.00 Live Snooker: UK Championship. Coverage of two matches in the last 16 on day five in York. 3.45 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 4.30 Flog It! (R) 5.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R) 6.00 Eggheads 6.30 Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two 7.00 The Big Bread Experiment The search begins for premises and a new trainee. Last in the series. 8.00 MasterChef: The Professionals Two semifinalists compete at Andrew Fairlie in Gleneagles. 9.00 FILM: Storyville: Inside Job (2010) Premiere. Analysis of the 2008 financial crisis. 10.40 Newsnight; Weather 11.30 Snooker: UK Championship 12.20 BBC News 4.45 Close


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6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Rip Off Britain 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) BBC News; Weather 11.00 Noise Squad 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather 12.15 Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News; Weather 1.30 Regional News; Weather 1.40 Doctors 2.10 Only Fools and Horses 3.05 CBBC 5.15 Pointless (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather 7.00 The One Show Topical stories, hosted by Alex Jones and Matt Baker. 7.30 EastEnders Phil gets information about who his tormentor might be; BBC News; Regional News 8.00 DIY SOS: The Big Build A family home in Nottingham is transformed following a tragic event. (R) 9.00 The Manor Reborn Tempers become frayed over the royal bed. 10.00 BBC News 10.25 Regional News; Weather 10.35 Question Time 11.35 This Week 12.20 Holiday Weatherview 12.25 Sign Zone: The Truth About Supermarket Price Wars – Panorama (R) 12.55 Countryfile (R) 1.55 Antiques Roadshow (R) 2.55 Digging for Britain (R) 3.55 BBC News


6.00 CBeebies 7.00 CBBC 8.25 CBeebies 11.35 The Pink Panther Show (R) 12.00 Daily Politics 12.30 Live Snooker: UK Championship. The opening two best-of11-frames quarter-finals from York. 4.30 Flog It! (R) 5.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R) 6.00 Eggheads. Quiz show, hosted by Jeremy Vine. 6.30 Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two. Fanzine devoted to the ballroom dancing show. 7.00 Live Snooker: UK Championship The concluding two best-of-11-frames quarterfinals from York. 8.00 MasterChef: The Professionals Two semifinalists work at London’s Pied a Terre. 9.00 Rev Richard E Grant guest stars. 9.30 Life’s Too Short Warwick explores religion and goes on a blind date. 10.00 Frank Skinner’s Opinionated 10.30 Newsnight; Weather 11.20 Snooker: UK Championship 12.10 Pan Am (R) 1.35 BBC News 3.55 Close


6.00 Daybreak 8.30 Lorraine 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning 12.30 Loose Women 1.30 ITV News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 May the Best House Win 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 3.59 Regional Weather 4.00 Murder, She Wrote (R) 5.00 Best Dish: The Chefs 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale Cain is arrested for threatening the Sharmas. 7.30 Lives in Limbo: Tonight Families searching for loved ones who have gone missing. 8.00 Emmerdale Cain is left fighting for his life after being attacked. 8.30 Coronation Street Peter battles his cravings after a hospital visit to an alcoholic friend. 9.00 Without You New series. Drama, starring Anna Friel. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.35 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Cilla Black (R) 11.35 The Late Debate 12.05 Grimefighters (R) 12.30 The Zone; ITV News Headlines 2.35 Lives in Limbo: Tonight (R) 3.00 ITV Nightscreen 4.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R) 5.30 ITV Morning News

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6.10 The Hoobs (R) 6.35 The Hoobs (R) 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 8.20 Frasier (R) 8.55 The Secret Millionaire 9.55 Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare (R) 10.55 Sealed Bid 12.00 Drop Down Menu 1.00 FILM: The Net. (1995) Thriller, starring Sandra Bullock. 3.10 Countdown 4.00 Deal or No Deal 5.00 Come Date with Me 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons. Lisa helps Moe become a poet. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. Maddie discovers some of Callum’s secrets during a date. 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.55 The voluntary work of a Sikh businessman. 8.00 Kevin’s Grand Design Part one of two. Kevin McCloud’s project to build 40 homes in Swindon. 9.00 Living with the Amish The teenagers learn about Amish courtship rules. 10.00 The Million Pound Drop Live 11.30 Random Acts 11.35 The Secret Millionaire (R) 12.35 Music on 4: Inputoutput 12.50 Music on 4: 4Play: The Pierces (R) 1.05 FILM: She, A Chinese. (2009) Premiere. Drama, starring Huang Lu. 2.45 Southland 3.35 Happy Endings 4.00 Whatever Turns You On (R) 4.05 Atlantic (R) 4.10 Emily’s Song (R) 4.25 Unreported World (R) 4.50 Landlords from Hell: Dispatches (R) 5.20 Countdown (R)

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Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

Friday 2 December 2011


Health & Lifestyle

Why we must not be tempted to hibernate Julia Martin Health & Lifestyle

I have always loved the sound of the word ‘cosy’ and it is a great comfort in these wind-lashed, rainy days. My thoughts turn to steaming

mugs of soup or hot chocolate, snuggled up with a blanket on the sofa, watching a good film. The enticement of a warm pair of slippers and thick soft pyjamas cannot be beaten when the nights start to get cold. Yet we must avoid the temptation to hibernate when the days are so short. A good brisk walk can work

wonders for elevating your mood and energy as it ensures you get as much light as possible. It is also one of the best forms of exercise. The speedy approach to the festive season should also spur us to action as the shops are already full of Christmas offers and delights and early planning leads to a stress-free Christmas.

Creative, Exciting Drama Classes


approach ‘toThethespeedy festive season


should also spur us to action

Book online or call 07786398869 Enrol for January term!

Places available for ages 4 to 16 years. Saturday morning, Monday and Wednesday. Christmas vouchers available - ideal present for grandchildren

Be safe this winter and get the flu jab West Sussex County Council is encouraging vulnerable people to be safe and get the flu jab this winter. Cabinet Member for Adults’ Services Peter Catchpole said: “Flu can be life-threatening and prove fatal. I would encourage all residents who are eligible to receive a free flu vaccine to contact their local GP surgery and take up the offer. “We’re also encouraging our frontline social care workers to have the vaccine to help ensure they’re

protected and that we can continue to provide a full service over the flu season.” The flu vaccination is available for free to: • Pregnant women • People who are over 65 • Carers • People with long term conditions (such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease and multiple sclerosis) To find out more, contact your local GP or pharmacist.

Give the most precious gift of all this Christmas, the gift of time Karen Jones Dip Hyp CS, Dip CP, HR

Our lives are so busy these days, both at home and work. The thing I hear most often in my hypnotherapy and counselling clinics is that people feel so stressed and under pressure because they don’t have enough time to do the never-ending list of jobs they see before them. One session of relaxation therapy can leave you feeling more deeply

With Christmas parties approaching, a spot of serious shopping is required in order to secure the essential dress. There is nothing more likely to inject a sense of reality than a visit to a changing room in a department store. I am sure they distort the mirrors! In the soft light of home you can lead yourself to believe your figure is much the same as last year. But once the fat-seeking searchlights of the average cubicle are targeted on your nether regions, Planet Denial is exploded! We are treated to side view, rear view and all in the television equivalent of HD, revealing lumps and bumps which surely do not belong to us. I have a renewed respect for the participants of an old TV series where the changing cubicle view was

relaxed than ever before, both mentally and physically. A deep relaxation of the mind during the safe and natural process of hypnosis helps to put all your thoughts into order and filter out your unnecessary stresses. A slow relaxation of every muscle in you body leaves you feeling as though you have just woken from the best night’s sleep you have ever had. A whole body experience of calm and tranquillity that will stay with you long after leaving the therapy room.

So instead of the usual trawl around the hot, crowded shops this Christmas looking for something different, give me a call and arrange a ‘Relaxation Therapy Voucher’ for that special person in your life, the most appreciated £40 you will ever have spent. One more thing crossed off that to-do list! Karen Jones has clinics in Horsham and Southwater. Please call 07926 971327 or visit www. for further information.

beamed out over the airwaves. Sweet Dreams were certainly not made of this. So how can we combat the winter lethargy and ensure a toned body to slip into the increasingly shrinking dresses we see in the shops? Well, you can turn on to the shopping channel and purchase one of the plethora of slimming and exercise products which promise you a new body or, in my case, a very cluttered under-bed space. I was attracted by the abs reshaper and religiously performed the routine night and morning – until the niggling pain in my chest was revealed to be torn small muscles which linked my breastbone to my ribs. So do take great care. Wobbling on a giant plastic ball while watching your film is also supposed to help strengthen core musclesm but it is not as easy as it looks and falling off hurts your dignity as well as your bottom. All of which leads me back to the brisk walking regime. Then you can sink into the sofa, glowing with satisfaction as you sip your hot chocolate (low calorie of course).

Manicures & Pedicures at Home OPI Luxury Manicure OPI Mini Manicure Luxury Pedicure Gelish Soak-off Manicure

No chipping, smudging, lasts up to 21 days !

For an informal chat or more information please contact Jenny Oliver Tel: 01403 251621 Mob: 07503 212355 Email:

Hypnotherapy & Counselling For All Ages Christmas Gi5  Vouchers  available Relaxa:on  Therapy One  hour  of  complete,  deep  relaxa:on of  the  body  and  mind

Put the  balance   back  into  life

Weight Control                                   Stress  and  Anxiety  Issues     Rela:onship s  &  Bereavement         Confidence  &  Self  Esteem               Depression

Karen Jones Dip Hyp CS, Dip CP

07926 971 327


Friday 2 December 2011

Health & Lifestyle

Council to monitor safety Fake vodka warning of local beauty industry for West Sussex Environmental health officers from Horsham District Council will be working with the local beauty industry to ensure there are no health risks to the public or their employees. The focus will be on premises that carry out non-surgical cosmetic treatments involving lasers, sun beds and nail treatments. Horsham District Council’s environmental health officers will be visiting tanning salons and nail bars in the Horsham District as part of a

Sussex-wide campaign, being jointly co-ordinated by all East and West Sussex councils and the Health and Safety Executive. Councillor Roger Arthur, Cabinet Member for a Safer and Healthier District at Horsham District Council, said: “In recent years there has been a high demand on these types of services; therefore it is appropriate that we check the level of safety of the public in these businesses. “We recognise that residents are quite capable of managing their own

risk, where the hazard can be visually identified. “However, with the equipment involved, the level of emissions is not evident to the naked eye and Horsham District Council has a statutory responsibility to see that the local service industry is managing the risk properly.” For more information call 01403 215421 or visit the Health and Safety Executive’s website at www.

THE BEST KEPT BEAUTY SECRET IS WELL AND TRULY OUT!!! Threading has fast become one of the most popular and sought after beauty treatments. Your eyebrows are one of your most important facial assets. After all, they help to balance your face, they draw attention to your eyes and if they are not well groomed they can give your whole face an unattractive look. For simply fabulous shaped eyebrows that will instantly lift your features and improve your overall look, try Threading. frame can make to a painting. It is the eyebrows that form a frame for your eyes.” - Make up Guru Bobbi Brown Your nearest Divine Brow Bar is located at: Swan Walk Shopping Centre (Next to Superdrug)

Horsham District Council, acting on reports from West Sussex Trading Standards and the Food Standards Agency, is warning local businesses and the public that bottles of fake and potential harmful vodka are being circulated in Sussex. Labels to be on the look out for include Drop Vodka, Red Admiral, Arctic Ice and Spar Imperial. A spokesperson for Horsham District Council’s Environmental Health & Licensing department said anyone drinking counterfeit vodka could be consuming more alcohol than they were aware, as well as a mixture of harmful chemicals. The most recent case involving Drop Vodka – a product allegedly bottled in France or Italy – has been highlighted as posing a specific risk to health, as it contains the industrial solvent Propan-2-ol (also known as Isopropanol or IPA). Previously, Smirnoff vodka and Glen’s vodka have also been the victims of illicit copies, whereby bottles contained 52.5% strength alcohol despite labels claiming 37.5%. Subsequently, the counterfeits were found to include a range of chemicals often used in cleaning fluids, the consumption of which could lead to blindness and in some cases death. Local off licences, shops, and restaurant operators are warned to be apprehensive of low cost vodka or other beverages as the holiday season approaches, particularly those offered to them from outside their normal supply chain. Suspicions should be raised by

Image of the illegal bottles from the FSA

poorly printed or ‘self adhesive’ labels, duty stamps that do not fluoresce under UV light, invalid bar codes, and the lack of manufacturers’ addresses or lot numbers. It is also worth noting that anyone involved in the unlicensed alcohol trade risked prosecution and the loss of their licence if found selling any counterfeit products. Business operators and members of the public concerned that they may have purchased or been offered fraudulent alcohol are encouraged to contact Horsham District Council’s Environmental Health Food Safety Team on 01403 215403.

Why not start the New Year as you mean to go on with a new fun fitness programme. As well as changing your body shape and feeling great, you will learn about healthy eating without the need for dieting. This is a 4 week course on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings OR evenings and welcomes both men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Why not surprise someone with a healthy gift this Christmas. Gift vouchers are available from as little as £10 and can be used for either the group sessions or one 2 one personal training sessions in a private fitness room. For more information please contact me, Petra, on 07989 304529 or see the website


Friday 2 December 2011

Health & Lifestyle

My Christmas wish list! product for years but never wanted to splurge on it! Containing Moroccan argan oil, it’s said to make hair über glossy. Well, if it’s good enough for the salons...

Sophia Moir Health & Lifestyle Twitter - @smoir

Hey ‘Shammers! How are you all? Have you missed me?! Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas already? I LOVE the holiday season but I find it goes by SO quickly! Before you know it, it’s going to be 2012... booo! Every year I compile a wish list of all the things I would love to be treated to at Christmas. I always add LOADS of items so that my family and friends have plenty of choice so that there’s still an element of surprise involved, haha! This year I’ve not disappointed them (!) and created a wish list containing a whopping 31 items. Here’s a sneak peek into what I’m hoping Father Christmas will pop into my stocking this year... Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser: I’ve been using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for a while now and I fancy trying this cleanser instead - My skin LOVES Sanctuary products!

The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide: I’ve read all the books (including Bree Tanner), seen all the films (including Breaking Dawn Part 1... amazing!) and now it’s time to cement my ‘twihard’ status by adding this complete guide to my collection! Please, santa, please!

Gossip Girl box set: I watched this series a couple of years ago and fell behind with it, so gave up. They’ve recently released the new 1-4 series box set so I can catch up, with a big bar of Galaxy... yes, please!

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP perfume: The moment I spritzed this perfume I instantly fell in love with it! I’ve been rocking Miss Dior Cherie for a couple of years now and as everyone else seems to have it, it would be nice to smell a little different!

Hair stylist Nail technician Manicures and pedicures Hand and foot massage Available for home visits

OPI Best of the Best Mini collection: I have a few OPI polishes in my collection but at £12 a pop they really are a luxury. Now I can get all their bestselling colours in handy travel sizes... perfect! UGG Tall Black boots: I’m really hoping for a new pair of UGG’s this year. I’ve had my short sand coloured ones for a good few years now, and whilst they are still faring pretty well, it’s time to invest in a new pair. How can you go wrong with chic black? LUSH It’s Raining Men shower gel: This is a liquid formula of their yummy Honey! I Washed The Kids soap bar, which smells DELICIOUS! I know I will love it... Moroccanoil Oil Treatment: I’ve been lusting after this

07787538006 Bridesmaids DVD: Do I really need to justify this one? It’s only the funniest film of the year! I’ve been a huge fan of Judd Apatow for years and he really has crowned himself the king of comedy with this girlie comedy. I can’t wait to get all my friends together to watch this! When my friend Flo and I went to see it at the cinema we were literally crying with laughter! What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? I would love to hear! Tweet me @smoir and let’s hope that by the time you next hear from me in the New Year, I would’ve received some of those coveted gifts! Fingers crossed...

20% off with this voucher until end of Jan 2012 Follow us on



Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

Your Westons Farm strapline to go here ----Fresh free range bronze and white Sussex turkeys direct from the farm and competitively priced

Your Westons Farm strapline to go

Quality Nordman OPEN 7 DAYS trees A WEEK at Mon - Sat 9am great- 5pm value here Sundays ----- 10am - 4pm

DAYSItchingfield, A WEEK Westons Farm, OPEN Fulfords7Road, Mon - Sat RH13 9am - 5pm Horsham, West Sussex 0NR Sundays 10am - 4pm Westons Farm, Fulfords Road, Itchingfield, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 0NR

3 1

THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Cowfold and Ashington Lying at the junction of the A272, that road with an ode to it, and the A281, Cowfold is often seen as an inconvenience to free �lowing traf�ic as it does a �igure of eight around two mini roundabouts. Yet for many a traveller the time waiting in the traf�ic affords time to spend looking at a remarkable village and parish that lies on the very edge of the high weald. As its name suggests, Cowfold is a place for cattle, perhaps a pasture before entering the woodland and travelling up to the markets of Horsham and London. While today we see the A27 as one road, if we travel back 200 years then the road would not have cut the village in two, for the road to the west was one road, that to the east another. The split occurred in 1825. It is the layout of the

village that give clues to its development, for the village was rather a collection of scattered farmsteads with land owned by manors to the south, than a major trading settlement. These scattered farmsteads had to provide upkeep for the church and churchyard. If you stop and look around the churchyard you will see that sections of fence are linked to the names of farms, or owners, so that there is no dereliction of duty in maintaining God’s acre. The row of cottages lying between the churchyard and the road suggests that the developer either took the land from the road or acquired the land from the churchyard. Remarkable for this village there was a bowling alley west of the church, mentioned in 1635, and Cricket, a sport that had its origins in Sussex area, was mentioned being played here in 1721.

Support your local coop store this Festive Christmas Season

Cracking offers throughout the store, Fresh Foods including: Instore Bakery, Chilled dairy,Meat,Produce,Beers Wines and Spirits,and many seasonal extras. Cash Point and Post Office

Merry Christmas to all our customers London Road, Ashington

01903 893879


01403 864247 for details

Horsham Road, Cowfold RH13 8BT

01403 864247 A272 Cowfold

Dial Post

A2 4

ur st Ro ad


Ro ad


Book online using our handy widget, or call us on 01903 892523, and reclaim Wednesday nights to yourself... Chaps - why not win some easy brownie points by booking your better half in for Ladies Night? It’s got to be worth a free pass for a Friday Night pint, right? Better still, sign up to our newsletter and get a drink on us.


I. A. MacKinnon

London Road, Ashington West Sussex RH20 3JR Henfield



Blue Bird Garage M.O.T. Testing Motor & General Repairs

Partridge Green


Bi lli ng sh

St ey ni

Brighton Road

A2 4


Our Ladies Night menu is stuffed with perfectly portioned pub-food dishes, all lovingly compiled from some of the freshest ingredients we could find. Think feta & watermelon salad for starters, then seabass on saffron potatoes & samphire. Delish. It's all good stuff. So surely there's margin to be a little bit naughty... especially with the likes of cappuccino cheesecake with mocha sauce and bread & butter pudding with clotted cream for pudding. And not forgetting the key ingredient - our quaffable wine list to help keep the banter flowing...

Monday 5th December at The Red Lion, Ashington 3pm – 6pm Tickets £ 4.00 Available now

Price includes present from Santa £1 of each ticket sold will go to Chestnut Tree House

01903 892080


Past & Present

Friday 2 December 2011

In a special Past & Present, we feature Remembrance Day in Henfield 88 years ago, and an updated photograph from this year

1923 Remembrance Day at the War Memorial, Cagefoot Lane, Henfield 2011 photo by Piers Brittain, taken from the same window at The George



THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Christmas in Henfield will banish the blues Henfield continues its “no-gloom zone” campaign with a bright December of Christmas trading culminating in the “Spirit of Christmas” event in the High Street on Friday December 16. So why not avoid the ‘Hassle of Holmbush’ and do all your shopping in Henfield, where virtually everything is available - from gifts and household items to decorations and food. This thriving village of more than 5,000 residents offers a stress-free shopping experience with not a glimmer of gloom to be seen. On Friday December 16 (4-8pm) children and adults are being encouraged to dress as their favourite pantomime characters for judging outside Barclays at 7pm. There are prizes for the best costumes. Henfield Enterprise (the Chamber of Trade and Commerce) is expecting the weeks leading up to Christmas to overturn a slow trading year. And to do that traders are pouring all their efforts into Christmas attractions, special offers and glorious window displays. Henfield Budgens have dropped the price of more than 2,000 items to compete with Tesco as a reward for the loyalty of local customers.

Manager Andrew Warnes says: “As we approach the festive season we are very waware that the people of Henfield need to be cost-conscious – and Budgens is committed to its shop-loyal, shop-local policy with a wide variety of value-formoney items essential for the family.” And up and down the High Street traders are taking the same approach. Chris and Amy Nevatt at Jasmines Florists say this will be their busiest time. “Christmas is always hectic for us,” says Chris. “With so many people wanting floral displays and wreaths for Christmas, plus celebration flowers for relatives, we have our work cut out meeting all the orders in time for Christmas Eve. “We will be welcoming everyone into the shop on the Christmas evening and outside the shop Rushfields Nursery will have a table filled with locally-produced goods to tempt passers-by.” Gail and Paul way run Henfield Post Office and Roast and Grind coffee shop. Says Gail: “We love the Christmas period, our busiest of the year because of the Post Office side - but also the sweets for the children and seasonal cards. “Henfield really pulls together at Christmas and you won’t find a better community spirit anywhere.”

Celebrate Christmas for less BUY 1 GET 1




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£3.50 Budgens Medium Fresh Chicken

15 Pack

Offer Valid 24.11.11 - 30.11.11

£4.29 1.35kg

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2 Litre



Offers available Thursday 24th November to Wednesday 14th December 2011 *Across all Budgens stores subject to availability


See small print for details



£8 400g





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200g All Varieties

350g, 270g


9 £3EA.9 CH


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RRP £8 258g




£6.60 800g


hELPIng yOu Pay

LEss EvERyDay


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£4.79 Each







5-6 Pack

Terry’s All Gold Milk, Dark, 400g, (£2.00/100g) • Mini Cheddars, Twiglets, Cheese Footballs, Cheeslets, Hula Hoops Sour Cream & Chive, 142g-260g, (£1.35-£1.75/100g) • Terry’s Chocolate Orange Original, Honeycombe Crunch, 170g-175g, (£1.88-£1.94/100g) • Bassett’s Jelly Babies Carton, Liquorice Allsorts Carton, 600g, (69.8p/100g) • Crawford’s Family Circle, 800g, McVities Victoria, 725g, (37.5p-75.0p/100g) • Cabury Milk Tray, 400g, (£1.00/100g), Guylian Luxury Collection, 258g, (£1.55/100g) • Cadbury Dairy Milk Block, Fruit & Nut, 230g, (65.2p/100g) • Quality Street Carton, 400g, (68.8p/100g) • Cadbury Carton Roses, 250g, Heroes, 350g, Celebrations Carton, 270g, (85.7p-£1.11/100g) • Lindt Lindor (All Varieties), 200g, (£2/100g) • Bounty Milk, Mars FA, Snickers, Twix, 57g, 58g, 56p, 53p, 51p Each, (87.9p-98.2p/100g) • Mr Kipling 6 Mince Pies, Iced Top, 6 Pack, £1.89 Each, (31.5p/each) • Mr Kipling Cakes Snow Star, Festive Flake, Slices Christmas, Pudding, Rum & Raisin, Festive Bakewell, Mini Yule Logs, 5-6 Pack, £2.29 Each, (38.2p-45.8p/each).

Budgens of Henfield High Street, Henfield West Sussex BN5 9HP Tel: 01273 492750





£3.50 500ml







£4.63, £4.97


McCoy Classic, Meaty Variety, 6x32g, £2.11, £2.19, Monster Munch Pickled Onion, 6x22g, £1.79, Quavers, 6 Pack, (98p/100g) • Boasters Choc Hazelnut, 182g, £2.19, (54.9p/100g), Quirks Chocolate, 175g, £1.72, (57.1p/100g), Jacobs Club Orange, 8 Pack, £1.86, (12.5p/each), Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie Biscuits, 130g, £2.04, McVities Cheddars, 150g, £1.26, (66.7p/100g), McVities Krackawheat, 200g, £1.22, (50.0p/100g), Tuc Crackers, 150g, £1.54, Tuc Savoury Sandwich, 150g, £1.38, (66.7p/100g) • Ocean Spray Wholeberry Sauce, 250g, (40p/100g), Haywards Piccalilli, Sweet Pickled Onions, 454g-460g, (21.7p-22.0p/100g), Branston Original Pickle, 360g, £1.15, (27.5p/100g) • Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Tube, Cadbury Dairy Milk Tube, Smarties Giant Tube, Malteasers, 75g-170g, (58.8p-£1.00/100g) • Mr Kipling Festive Whirls, Frosty Fancies, 6-8 Pack, (12.5p-16.7p/each) • Cadburys 6 Merry Mini Rolls, 6 Pack, (16.7p/each) • Pringles (All Varieties), 190g, £1.99, (52.6p/100g) • Lucozade Energy, Sport (All Varieties), 500ml, £1.25, £1.30 Each, (25p-26p/100ml) • Coca-Cola Range, 6x330ml, £3.25 Each, (16.4p/100ml) • Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Zero, 500ml, £1.19 Each, (23.8p/100ml) • Dr Pepper, Fanta (All Varieties), 500ml, £1.19 Each, (23.8p/100ml) • Youngs Cooked and Peeled Prawns, Wholetail Breaded Scampi, 250g, (£12/kg).

of Henfield

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7am-10pm, Sunday 10am-4pm Christamas Eve- 7am-8pm, Boxing Day- 9am-8pm, New Years day-10am-4pm


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

Continued from Page 33 Jackie Slaughter, who has run JD Cleaners with her husband Derek for more than 15 years, says: “This is a really great time in the High Street and one of our busiest. People often forget to clean their best suits and party frocks in time for Christmas and the New Year. “We always say get these things to us in the �irst week of December and don’t leave cleaning till the last minute.” Jackie’s parents ran the business before her and the premises have been used as a laundrette and cleaners since the Sixties. Gyles Culver, landlord of The White Hart for 12 years, said: “Hen�ield has a great community spirit with so many volunteers ready to help, like HART (Hen�ield Area Response Team) and parish council snow-clearers for example. It just shows what great people live here.” Neville de Moraes, lead parish councillor on economic affairs, has launched a shop window competition and judging takes place from December 5, with a celebrity giving out prizes on December 16 – the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ evening (4-8pm) “This is a time for us to show everybody what Hen�ield can do,” said Neville. “We need to give everyone a lift to beat all the gloomy news we have from around the world.” Traders, parents and children are

being encouraged to dress as their favourite pantomime characters for the evening. There will be prizes for the best costumes. Hen�ield pubs and restaurants are stepping up to the seasonal mark with real offers. There are Christmas special meal deals throughout December at The White Hart, The Plough, The George and The Cat and Canary – while there will be seasonal curries at Bollywood Spice and Little India. The George and The Plough will be open to those who have booked meals on Christmas Day. So will Bollywood Spice. Gift shops have everything for the discerning Christmas shopper – including Top Shelf, Village Care, Hen�ield Furnishing and Stokes. Says John Willis, of Top Shelf and Village Care: “December is one of our busiest times and we pride ourselves of offering something for everyone when it comes to unusual or classical gifts. “Hen�ield traders have really pulled out all the stops this season to make sure that shoppers don’t have to go outside the village for their Christmas fare.” In the High Street on December 16th there will be fairground rides for young children, carol singers, charity stalls, Father Christmas and his sleigh (BP Guild) and shops offering nibbles and drinks to customers.


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Hen�ield Youth Club will have a base for Santa’s Grotto in the bus shelter and lucky children will get to meet the great man himself – and collect a gift. Hen�ield has a long tradition of organising Christmas events and in the past themes have involved Victorian characters, and dressing up in a variety of costumes to promote productions by Hen�ield Theatre Company. Mike Beardall, chairman of Hen�ield Enterprise (the Chamber of Trade and Commerce) said: “We have all done our best over the years to make this an evening to remember and last year we had the added bonus of cold weather following snow with sledges being sold by an enterprising trader. “This year promises to be even better and we certainly need to keep the gloom

at bay. Hen�ield is the place to do all your shopping for the festive period – shop local and stay local is our motto.” Tony Jackson, chairman of Hen�ield Community Partnership, said: “We have great community spirit in Hen�ield and this is the time of year which proves what great facilities and shops we have. “This is the festive season and Hen�ield is out to show that it can compete with the best when it comes to providing something for everyone. “You can regard Hen�ield High Street as a complete supermarket for all your needs.” Hen�ield Christmas contacts: Tony Jackson 01273 492636 (07793 288090) or Mike Beardall 01273 495619 (07889 707807). Charity stall places still available.



ERS N & MU N N P BA  DESIG U   IA   TING  P R B O A E P T   Y  E W ANN E   R G K B R   G E N R I C P N N A I E U IS ERT TOCOPY ESIGN S ERS EM .. STATIO G POP  TATION D O  D E A NN RE. TISIN ORE... S BANN R Michael Finn & CompanySELimited R IC TING PH RAPHIC P UP BA CH Mt.O01273 E 493098   E U  G O E AD MUCH M  POP UP TIO Chartered Certified AccountantsEMARK ONERY SING P IGN & M comER IC Old Bank  House, &  HighIStreet, ING . STA NN S NWest TI S TI   S E A R G Henfield, Sussex, BN5 9DB RE.. I T E D T A S   Registered Auditors I S R A E   ...  ICE AD  WEB CRETAR  WEB D E AD E UCH MO P UP B A G N I E G R Y IC SE  & M ISING PO E... ... ST ER COP ESIGN S COPYIN N Myrtle House, High Street, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9DA S O G   I T S ERT H MOR  UP BAN  DEChristmas PHO PHIC D PHOTO ETARIAMerry B Telephone: 01273 491200 Fax: 01273 491300 D E A     A G G W R ICE MUC NG POP  STAT ECR YIN   S & Email:    GR KETIN     & Happy New Year N N P E I ... G MAR IC DESI HOTOCO ARIA  S B DESIG D ERTIS  MORE P BA   E Small independent friendly firm established in 1988. APH E A & MUCH  POP U TA G P SECRET ING WE C N R I I G T   Services include: Accountancy, Audit, Taxation, Consultancy Services, KE N  N  PY ER ING RE... S G S G S O R I   I I C S A S T E SOLUTIONS... Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll and Company Secretarial Services ER E M HIC DE PHOTO ETARIA DESIGN B DON DDOORSTEP. H MO OP UP B E A C     W P   R ...RIGHT YOUR U E G A C G M N P IC FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION GR ARKETI SIGN SE COPYIN A  SER ESIGN &  TISING  ER ...  D E M HIC DE PHOTO ETARI B D E A   E   W P   R E GRA KETING GN SEC OPYING SER IC UCH MOR R   I E MA HIC DES PHOTOC ETARIA SIGN & M G  AP  DE CR



Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT









‘Your local residential letting specialist’

L E T T I N G Call in, telephone, or email us for advice about letting We are always happy to take time to answer your questions

01273 495220


l Established 199 nal ciency & a professio l Experience, effi



ction or managem

l Tenant introdu s e tenancy agreement l Comprehensiv l service pfu hel & y ndl Frie l Coopers House | Coopers Way | Henfield | West Sussex | BN5 9EQ


01273 495551

Fresh sandwiches made to order Organic and fair-trade teas and coffees Delicious cakes (including Gluten-Free) Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 4.30pm Sundays for breakfast, 9.30 am - 12.00

We also cater for business lunches & outside catering Find us at Taste Deli, High Street, Henfield BN5 9DD


Henfield builds for the future

Henfield Enterprise, the Community Partnership and the Parish Council have joined together in a scheme called ‘Partnering for Success’. Neville de Moraes, lead parish councillor for economic affairs, said a threeyear plan had been initiated to ensure a vibrant a sustainable economy for Henfield. A survey was commissioned last year into retail provision in Henfield to give an insight into what needs to be done. “We have identified needs and, providing we have sufficient funding, the




and a lot more...

01273 495546

OPENING TIMES Mon-Sat 12pm - 9.30pm Sunday closed

Telephone orders welcome


GENTS HAIR SALON OPEN 6 DAYS 8.30am to 6pm LATE NIGHT Monday till 8pm


2 Stanmore House, London Road, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9JJ

VIP treatment on your doorstep - Warm & friendly staff

Gents Hair Salon 1st Class Gents salon - Traditional Barber Skills by Highly Experienced and Qualified Staff

Great deal for Grooms and Best Men HENFIELD 2 Caudle Street, Henfield. West Sussex, BN59DQ Tel. +44 01273 494283

STEYNING 67 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3RE Tel. +44 01903 879703

Come an d have a haircu t and ho t towel w et shave to make your day !

BRIGHTON 167 Lewes Road, Brighton East Sussex, BN2 3LD UK Tel. +44 01273 620875

three-year three-stage programme will focus on business success and improving the skills of retailers to meet trading challenges,” he said. “The effect will be to stimulate economic energy and to regenerate and strengthen the local economy.” This year Henfield groups partnered with Central Sussex College to provide job training support to help retailers improve the skills of their staff. Ten local businesses undertook to train 28 staff in new skills in NVQ and apprenticeships programmes.


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011




In 2012 retailers will focus on speci�ic business attractions surG DEN GARDEN rounding Easter, the Gardens and Arts Festival, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Horsham Food and Drink Fair and the Christmas season. Then in 2013 Hen�ield traders will build on campaigns to engage with the local community by continuing the “shop local, shop loyal” theme.

The Partners will design and implement a series of loyalty building CEN CENTRE and marketing campaigns to engender local support for the local economy. Funding for the three-year programme may be around £25,000 and will be sought from investors, including the local authorities and other parties with an interest in High Street regeneration.



A large range of affordable British grown FARM SHOP O non-drop Christmas trees. Including an extensive range of cut trees and a selection of pot grown Christmas trees. Local Poinsettias & Holly Wreaths.


Good selection of Christmas chocolates, Turkish delight, homemade cakes, biscuits, and much more Henfield Common East | Brighton Road | Henfield | BN5 9RP Tel: 01273 494582 |

Seasons Greetings Certified Public Accountant & Tax Consultant

Gift Wrapped Accountancy Solutions... WE WOULD LIKE TO WISH





Accounts • Bookkeeping VAT • PAYE/CIS & Payroll Corporation Tax Returns Self Assessment Tax Returns Companies • Individuals

• • • • •

Tel: 01273 491112 Fax: 01273 495512 Email: Jasmine House, High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HN





01273 492952


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

Disco Night Themed Disco with all your favourite Christmas hits and Christmas buffet. £19.95 per person

Minimum 50 people Race Night


Betting on the races to win prizes with fun money. £27.00 per person

Minimum 60 people

Casino/Bond Night Welcome drinks, Casino tables with fun money and keepsake photos all included. Plus Christmas buffet. £35.00 per person

Its as easy as 1 2 3

Minimum 50 people

1. Pick your theme Choose from our most popular themes or pick your own

Dinner & Dance Night

2. Pick your date

Welcome Drink, 3 course sit down meal, party poppers and crackers followed by a Disco.

Our Christmas packages are available from 26th November – 23rd December

3. Get in touch Call our functions co-ordinator on 01403 211311 or Email Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre Wickhurst Lane, Broadbridge Heath, RH12 3YS

£40.00 per person

Minimum 50 people

Got your own idea? Get in touch and we will try to accommodate your requirements.


We’ve got it covered, all parties include upto 4 taxis into Horsham town before midnight.

DC Leisure Management working in partnership with Horsham District Council







Enquire online @

01403 788642


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011


Charming Grade II listed farmhouse

An ideal pied-a-terre in an historic Grade II Listed manor house

Kettlesbridge Cottage is a charming Grade II listed period farmhouse near Billingshurst believed to date to the 16th century. Many original features are still in evidence throughout the house and of particular note are the �ine Inglenook �ireplace in the main reception room and the many exposed ceiling and wall timbers. The property has been sympathetically extended in recent years by way of a lovely orangery off the dining room which offers a pleasant aspect over the gardens. Also on the ground �loor is the traditional style �itted kitchen with a

generous utility room, a welcoming reception hall, cloak room and a lovely atmospheric drawing room. To the �irst �loor are the four bedrooms, the master bedroom bene�iting from an en suite, and a contemporary style family bathroom. Situated in beautiful mature gardens of approximately 1 acre the cottage is approached via electrically operated gates that open on a generous vehicular parking area which is adjoined by the detached triple garage having a studio above and a small stable building. The formal gardens extend

from the rear of the house and are predominantly lawn interspersed with attractive �lower beds and twin feature ponds. A raised decked area and bar offer the perfect place to enjoy alfresco dining looking over the adjoining �ields. A productive vegetable garden and green house are also located within the rear garden with a small pony paddock situated at the bottom of the land. Price: £1,175,000 For more information, or to arrange a viewing, please contact Matthew Mannall at Knight Frank, Horsham on 01403 339180, or visit

A rare opportunity to purchase a top �loor apartment within this impressive Grade II Listed former Manor House in a stunning location adjacent to a golf course and within just over a mile of Horsham town centre. This safe and secure property with stunning views down the impressive 13 acre tree-lined drive would make

an ideal pied-a-terre or suit a gol�ing enthusiast being within only a few hundred metres of the 3rd tee. Price Guide: £129,500. For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact Harper James, Horsham of�ice on 01403 264962, email info@harper-james. or visit www.harper-james.

The HCR Partnership

Energy Performance Certificates from


plus VAT

07810 008193



Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

E S TAT E A G E N T S S I N C E 1 9 4 7 ED









A 2 bedroom Victorian terraced house with 71’ rear garden coming to the market for the first time since 1979, requiring complete modernisation, offering scope, situated close to railway station and town centre. NO CHAIN.


A stunning 2 double bedroom Victorian semi-detached house with 50’ east facing garden, presented in excellent order within a short distance of the railway station, Horsham Park and town centre. Ideal first time buy or investment.



A beautifully presented period 2 double bedroom, 3 reception room semidetached cottage with parking, single garage and scope to convert loft space, located in a convenient position close to road links and open countryside.

A 3 bedroom 1920s half tile hung cottage built for the forestry workers of the local estate, 175’ west facing garden, semi-rural location, stunning views over farmland, offering scope to extend to the rear.

A 3 bedroom family home built by Gleeson Homes in 2005 with landscaped garden, parking, situated in a very quiet position within a short distance of country walks, Christs Hospital public school and Horsham railway station.




A 2 double bedroom part tile hung cottage believed to have been built for the workers of the Broadfield Estate in the 1800s, retaining a wealth of character, 51’ garden, parking, close to station and schools.





A 2 double bedroom detached bungalow built in the 1970s presented in excellent condition with refitted high gloss kitchen, conservatory, garage, situated within a short distance of the station and the town centre.

A 3 double bedroom detached family house (which could be made into four bedrooms by dividing bedroom two), situated within the desirable hamlet of Faygate close to the railway station and country walks.





A spacious 4 bedroom, 3 reception room, detached house, built by Bryant Homes in 1999 with 2 receptions, kitchen/breakfast room and double garage, within close proximity of the railway station and Leechpool Woods.












A 5 bedroom extended Victorian semi-detached house, with accommodation arranged over three floors including 27’ sitting/dining room, driveway, 64’ garden, close to schools, railway station, town centre and Horsham park. No chain.





PLUMTREE CROSS LANE, ITCHINGFIELD Offers in excess of £439,950

An attractive 3 bedroom, 2 reception room, extended detached character lodge in a semi-rural location adjacent to open farmland, well maintained and greatly improved by the current vendor, 93’ garden, garaging.









IFIELD WOOD, IFIELD Guide price £460,000 to £480,000

A superb 4 bedroom attached barn forming part of a select development, converted approximately 20 years ago, retaining a wealth of character including vaulted ceilings, exposed beams. Double garage and 83’ garden.

01403 263000 15 Offices in Sussex

THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011



E S TAT E A G E N T S S I N C E 1 9 4 7


A modern 1-bedroom ground floor apartment for the over 55’s on a managerassisted development. Communal hall, inner hall, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, shower room, communal gardens and parking.


A 1-bedroom first floor apartment for those aged 60 years and over located in the centre of the village. Communal hallway and entrance hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen, double bedroom, bathroom, communal gardens and parking.



A 2-bedroom first floor retirement apartment in a warden-assisted development close to the village centre. Entrance hall, lounge/dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, communal gardens and residents’ parking area.






A brand new individually-designed semi-detached property, one of only 4, conveniently situated just off the High Street. Entrance hall, cloakroom, living/ dining room/kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, gas central heating.


A 2-bedroom mid-terrace house presented in good decorative order throughout. Spacious entrance lobby, downstairs cloakroom, large open-plan living room/ kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, lovely private garden and allocated parking.



ed uir




A cottage-style property on the popular Penfold Grange development. Entrance hall, 2 bedrooms (1 with en-suite), living room, kitchen/breakfast room, bathroom, garden, private access to garage en bloc.



A well-presented end-of-terrace house offering well-planned accommodation. 3 bedrooms (1 en-suite), sitting room, kitchen/breakfast room, family bathroom, cloakroom, garage, west-facing rear garden.


Situated in a private residential road, a 3-bedroom chalet-style bungalow. Sitting/ dining room, re-fitted kitchen/breakfast room, 2 ground floor bedrooms, first floor bedroom, bathroom, garage/workshop, mature gardens.


In the last two weeks, we have agreed another two sales on properties on the highly sought after Penfold Grange development and now URGENTLY REQUIRE more 2 and 3 bedroom homes for our registered applicants. Following our recent merger with Mallards, we are pleased to offer a highly competitive sole agency rate to any vendor whose property we put on the market between now and the end of February 2012. Tel: 01403 785288


A wonderful and beautifully renovated period residence believed to date back to the 15th century with detached home office/studio annexe and small stable block all set in 1.7 acres including a paddock.


A 4/5 bedroom detached family house. Entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, dining room, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, master bedroom with en-suite shower room, bedroom 5/office, family bathroom, double garage, gardens.


An 4-bedroom property set in 13 acres of paddocks and woodland. Entrance hall, inner hall, cloaks/shower, double-aspect lounge, dining room, study/bed 4, farmhouse-style kitchen, breakfast room, utility, family bathroom. Barn/garaging.

01403 785288 15 Offices in Sussex



Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

E S TAT E A G E N T S S I N C E 1 9 4 7


A beautifully appointed ground floor apartment, being one of six completed to a high specification with walking distance of local amenities. 2 bedrooms (1 ensuite), lounge, kitchen, bathroom, allocated parking.


A spacious chalet style end terrace town house located within a short walk of the High Street. 3 double bedrooms, dining room, sitting room, kitchen, cloakroom, large bathroom, garage, secluded garden, gas fired heating, double glazing.



A modern detached family home with screened gardens bordered by farmland. 3 bedrooms, sitting/dining room, fitted kitchen, conservatory, cloakroom, family bathroom, garage and driveway, mature garden, double glazing, gas-fired heating.

ed uir

q r re







A spacious detached family home affording 3 good size bedrooms, sitting room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, en-suite shower room to master bedroom, family bathroom, garage and driveway parking, west facing rear garden.

A detached bungalow offering scope for improvement and enlargement, situated on the Thakeham/Storrington borders. 3 bedrooms, 2 receptions, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, utility area, bathroom, useful loft, gardens, parking.



A well presented and spacious three bedroom detached bungalow comprising spacious entrance hall, sitting room, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, family bath/shower room, en-suite bathroom, garage and west facing rear garden.

A detached bungalow with scope for extension (STPP) situated in a cul-de-sac in plot of approx. 0.2 of an acre. 2 double bedrooms, sitting/dining room with open fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, W.C., garage, gardens with outbuildings.



A family home with accommodation over 3 floors. 4 bedrooms (1 en-suite), sitting room, dining room, 16’2 x 12’9 conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, reception, utility, cloakroom, family bathroom, parking, gardens, views over farmland.


A spacious and well planned family home. 4 double bedrooms (master bedroom with en-suite bathroom), sitting room, dining room, study, kitchen, utility room, cloakroom, family shower room, double garage, well stocked rear garden.


Properties up to around £200,000 for first time/investment buyers within the Storrington and Pulborough area.


A semi-detached house in select village centre location retaining many character features and affording ample potential. 3 bedrooms (1 with en-suite W.C.), triple aspect living room, kitchen, garage plus parking. NO FORWARD CHAIN.


Detached single storey property with equestrian facilities in approx. 2.4 acres. 4 bedrooms (1 en-suite), 4 receptions, kitchen/breakfast room, utility, bathroom, shower room, double garage, stabling, paddock, barn, outbuildings.

01903 746000 15 Offices in Sussex


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011


Single storey residence in much sought after location Guy Leonard & Company is pleased to bring to the market a good size detached single storey residence set within a large corner plot in a quiet no through road in a much sought after location close to the village centre. The property offers versatile accommodation comprising entrance hall, shower room, 3 good size bedrooms, family bathroom, sitting room with separate dining area and modern �itted kitchen. The property

bene�its from ample parking, an attached double garage, detached studio/workshop and the bene�it of planning for potential enlargement if required. The property is being offered for sale with a Guide Price of £489,950 for the freehold interest and a viewing is highly recommended. For further information or an appointment to view, please contact Guy Leonard & Company on 01903 742354 or visit

First In Letting

The Horsham team at Leaders would like to invite you to join them for a

Festive Open Lunch on Friday

9th December from 12.30pm

Join us for a relaxed afternoon of wine & nibbles to help celebrate another successful year.

18a Market Square, Horsham, RH12 1EU


01403 217585


i 2 RS nd VP De by ce m be r

We look forward to seeing you all.

Move before Christmas Furniture suppliers will struggle now to deliver your new sofa before Christmas but Leaders, the area’s leading independent Rental Agent, could easily move you into your new rental home before Santa Claus does his rounds this year! With speedy referencing, ef�icient administrative processes and an inhouse inventory service allowing a quick turn-around, you could be waking up on Christmas morning in any one of the varied selection of properties currently on offer for immediate occupation.

Home Farm House a modern, centrally located studio apartment with some bills included offers economical living for those on a budget. £550pcm Ridgehurst Drive a well presented one bed house situated in a quiet culde-sac along an attractive back-drop by the riverside. £695pcm Gladstone Road recently refurbished to a high standard this two bedroom period property is conveniently situated within a stones throw of Horsham mainline station £895 pcm Tanbridge Park this spacious two

double bedroom apartment is set in a highly sought after development and within a short walk of the town centre. £950pcm Wood�ield Road, Rudgwick a three bedroom detached house situated in this popular village and featuring a lovely wood burning stove for those cold winter nights! £1,250pcm For information on these and other available properties contact Leaders in Horsham 01403 217585 or www.


George Harrod & Sons (Est. 1970)


GARAGE CONVERSIONS ~ Check us out at ~




MEMBER NO. 70615

FREE QUOTATION Mob: 07774470207 Home: 01403 269319 Email: 19 Church Street, Warnham, Horsham, RH12 3QP


Friday 2 December 2011

Property - Ask the Experts

If you would like to ask our panel of industry experts a question, please send an email to:

The Estate Agent

The Mortgage Consultant The Surveyor


Ross Attwood BA (hons) Partner Harper James


Is there any point in going on to the market this late in the year?

Yes, I think there probably is. Whilst I appreciate that Christmas Day is less than a month away, the market is still busy enough to justify marketing a house now. In fact, at Harper James we have already agreed sales on over £2.5 million worth of property so far this month. Only good quality buyers look at houses in late November/December; probably because they have just accepted an offer on their own or because the one they were buying is no longer available for whatever reason and they have to replace it as soon as possible so they do not risk losing their own buyer. So whilst you will not have a long queue of prospective buyers, the ones your estate agent does encourage to see your house should be of the highest quality and their feedback immensely helpful and relevant. It also means that all the laminated brochures, window cards and photography can be organized, fine-tuned and produced to the highest quality whilst space for the advertising & marketing campaign can be booked so that at the very least, your property is fully ready to take maximum advantage of the start of the New Year when the telephones tend to ring off the hook with new enquiries from potential buyers who have decided over Christmas that they really need to move and cannot possible spend another year in their current home ! If you decide to wait until next Spring, you will probably discover you will not be alone, and many more houses similar to yours will come onto the market at the same time making it harder to sell yours for the best possible price. So my advice is what have you got to lose by going for it now? At the very least, get all the promotional and publicity material sorted out so you are completely ready to hit the ground running at the beginning of January and in the meantime, who knows, you might just attract a fantastic buyer If you would like advice on any property matter, please contact me at the address below.

Harper James Land & Property The Old Post Office, Worthing Road. Southwater West Sussex RH13 1RD 01403 732727

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Is it the right time to remortgage?

The last few months have seen some positive activity in the mortgage market with many banks and building societies being proactive in their search for market share. Although the Bank Of England have kept interest rates at 0.5% for over two years now, many lenders have been reducing the mortgage rates that are available . The interest rates being offered are also becoming more competitive with new lenders entering the market place and established banks and building societies increasing there offerings. The “buy to let” market, which has been starved of choice over the last three years, is finally seeing some competition as far as lenders and interest rates. This could re-ignite an investor’s appetite and again help towards getting the housing market moving. For any borrowers on lenders standard variable rate’s, now could be the perfect time to look around for a better deal. If you are looking for peace of mind and security over a number of years, fixed rates are at record lows. The more equity you have, the better the rate you are likely to be offered. For those who are more adventurous, tracker mortgage’s are also offering great value. Although your mortgage rate will follow whatever the Bank of England decide to do with interest rates, our view is that it will be some time before interest rates start to rise. With offset mortgages still available and most products having overpayment options, there has never been a better time to review your finances and make sure you have the best mortgage product on offer. Some scheme’s are fee’s free to arrange and in some instances, the lender is actually paying the borrower to take the mortgage out! To find out more information about the mortgage products that are now available, please contact me on 01403 268562. Alternatively if you would like to ask a question, please e-mail

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My daughter is thinking of buying a Thirties house in Mannings Heath which would need quite a bit of modernisation, and has had a survey done. She is worried about the survey report on the floor where it says that the ground floor is part suspended timber and part solid concrete, in the bathroom and kitchen. The surveyor says this might create a risk of dampness in the floor timbers if the concrete wasn’t properly laid “with a damp-proof membrane married up to the existing damp-proof membranes and dampproof courses”. Also, as she is planning to have some work done, i.e. new wiring and plumbing, and a new kitchen, she is worried about the concrete floor and how the plumbing and wiring could be carried out. In general why was the house built in such a way, with half-and-half timber and concrete? PS, by email


Please note that this article does not constitute as advice, anyone seeking independent advice should contact an independent financial adviser. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage Mercier Allen and Associates Limited is an Appointed Representative of IN Partnership the trading name of The OnLine Partnership Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

In all probability the house was not originally built in that way, but with a suspended timber floor throughout. In the Sixties and Seventies it became fashionable to replace suspended timber ground floors in older houses with solid concrete in the misguided belief that floors in rooms with a water supply were at risk of wood rot. In fact the part-replacement of a suspended timber floor with concrete has often caused more dampness problems than it solved. It is possible to replumb and rewire a house with a solid concrete floor, either by cutting ducts in the concrete or by dropping the new cables and pipe runs down from the ceilings above. But you would still be left with a cold, hard, uninsulated floor slab and the reduced ventilation problem. I suggest the best thing would be to remove the concrete, and reinstate suspended timber. The whole of the ground floor could then be insulated between the joists, and new air bricks fitted in the outside walls to provide that essential through-flow of subfloor ventilation. Ideally, a vapour barrier should be laid across the top of the joists (on the “warm” side of the insulation) and the floorboards refitted on top. This would safeguard the timbers against condensation. I would suggest trying to negotiate a price reduction from the vendor to cover the costs of this work. Should you have any questions for Duncan, please email:

Mercier Allen 43 – 44 Carfax, Horsham. West Sussex RH12 1EQ 01403 268562

Harper James Land & Property The Old Post Office, Worthing Road. Southwater West Sussex RH13 1RD 01403 732727

THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011



Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

residential sales and lettings



A superbly presented and attractive four bedroom detached Sussex Farmhouse style home set on one of the most sought after streets in Southwater. The property is finished to a very high standard throughout and comprises an entrance porch, spacious entrance hall, cloakroom, study, 22’ lounge, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, master bedroom with ensuite, three further bedrooms, 13’ family bathroom, large landscaped secluded rear garden and garage.



A well presented and spacious four bedroom detached family home set in a quiet cul de sac location in the thriving village of Southwater. Comprising entrance porch, entrance hall, cloakroom, generously proportioned 19ft lounge, conservatory, dining room, kitchen/ breakfast room, master bedroom with ensuite, three further bedrooms and refitted family bathroom. GCH and double glazing throughout. Outside there is a landscaped south facing rear garden, detached garage and driveway. NO CHAIN.



A superbly presented and spacious extended three bedroom detached family home set in a quiet cul de sac location. Comprising entrance hall, cloakroom, modern kitchen, 20ft lounge opening onto the dining room, study, three bedrooms and a newly refitted family bathroom. Double glazing and GCH. Outside there is an integral garage with driveway providing parking for several vehicles, secluded landscaped rear garden.



A superbly presented two double bedroom home set in a sought after cul-de-sac location in an executive development in the thriving village of Southwater. Compromising entrance hall, cloakroom, 14ft modern kitchen/breakfast room, lounge, stylish conservatory, two double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and a refitted family bathroom. GCH and double glazing. Outside there is a landscaped rear garden, garage and off street parking in the driveway. NO CHAIN.



An attractive and well presented four bedroom detached family home set on a large and secluded plot in a sought after executive development near Southwater Country Park. Comprising entrance porch, entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, dining room, modern kitchen, utility room, master bedroom with ensuite, three further bedrooms and a family bathroom. Outside there is a generously proportioned rear garden, garage and off street parking in driveway.



A well presented and spacious four bedroom detached family home situated within walking distance of all village amenities. Comprising entrance hall, cloakroom, 17ft lounge, dining room, study/playroom, kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, four bedrooms and a family bathroom. Double glazing and GCH. Outside there is a generously proportioned and secluded sunny aspect garden, driveway providing ample off street parking and garage.



A well presented and spacious contemporary townhouse, situated in a sought after development within walking distance of Horsham Town Centre. Comprising on the ground floor - an entrance hall, shower room, 16ft guest room with french doors opening onto the garden. On the first floor - a 16ft lounge with balcony, modern open plan kitchen/dining room. First floor master bedroom with en-suite, one further bedroom and a family bathroom.



A double fronted three bedroom home, which would benefit from some cosmetic modernisation, situated within walking distance of local village amenities. Comprising entrance hall, kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, 18ft lounge, three bedrooms and a family bathroom. Double glazing and GCH. A real feature of this home is the large west facing secluded rear garden. NO CHAIN.



A very well presented four bedroom detached family home situated in a sought after location overlooking a green in the village of Southwater. Comprising entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, modern kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, dining room, conservatory, master bedroom with refitted ensuite, three further bedrooms and a refitted family bathroom. Double glazing and GCH. Outside there is a delightful secluded rear garden. Garage and ample off street parking in the driveway.



A well presented and spacious four bedroom detached family house set on a larger than average plot within the popular village of Cowfold. Comprising entrance hall, cloakroom, 18ft lounge, dining room, conservatory, study/utility room, modern kitchen, master bedroom with en-suite, three further bedrooms and a modern family bathroom. Double glazing throughout. Outside there is a generously proportioned secluded rear garden, double garage and ample parking in the driveway.



A superbly presented three bedroom townhouse situated on a modern development within walking distance of Horsham town centre and mainline train station. Comprising entrance hall, cloakroom, dining room, modern kitchen/breakfast room, lounge, master bedroom with en-suite, two further bedrooms and a family bathroom. GCH and double glazing. Outside there is a rear garden and allocated parking.



A spacious two bedroom end of terrace home situated in a sought after location, within walking distance of Littlehaven Station and other amenities. Comprising entrance hall, 16ft lounge/diner, kitchen, two double bedrooms and family bathroom. Double glazing and GCH. Outside there is a good sized secluded rear garden. NO CHAIN.


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

residential sales and lettings







A well presented three bedroom terraced home, backing onto a wooded copse and situated

A superbly presented and spacious three bedroom end of terrace home situated in the

within walking distance of local village amenities. Comprising entrance hall, 14ft lounge,

popular village of Partridge Green. Comprising entrance porch, entrance hall, 23ft lounge/

amenities. Generously proportioned home comprising 18’4’ lounge, 18’3’ kitchen/diner, three

dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a good sized modern family bathroom. Double

bedrooms and family bathroom. Tarmac driveway providing off street parking and rear garden

glazing and GCH. Outside there is a south facing rear garden and garage.

laid to lawn with paved patio area. No forward chain.

dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a modern bathroom. GCH and double glazing throughout. Outside there is a secluded garden with a covered veranda offering all weather outside entertaining space and two allocated parking spaces. NO CHAIN.



£1,300 PCM

An attractive four bedroom home set in a sought after executive development in the village Southwater. This property boasts a stunning modern kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, lounge, master bedroom with ensuite, three further bedrooms, family bathroom, garage,


A top floor retirement apartment, having the best views on the complex over the Sussex Weald and South Downs, within this popular development for the over 55’s. This apartment also benefits from having a long lease. Godmans Court is conveniently situated to all local amenities including shops, doctors surgery, village hall and church. Communal facilities including residents lounge, fully equipped laundry, guest suite, lifts, alarm pull cords, entry phone. Bus services pass through the village.

Call 01403 734200 now for launch offers


£1,240 PCM

A well presented three bedroom link detached property situated in a cul-de-sac location close to Southwater Country Park and other village amenities Comprises entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, dining room, modern kitchen, utility room, master bedroom with refitted en-suite, two further bedrooms and a modern family bathroom. GCH and double glazing. Secluded rear garden, garage and ample off street parking.



ample off street parking in driveway and a secluded rear garden.





Address Residential Lettings



A well presented and spacious two double bedroom first floor apartment. Comprising private entrance lobby and hall with large walk in cupboard, 15ft lounge, fitted kitchen, bathroom with white suite and two double bedrooms. Double glazing and GCH. Outside there is ample parking and communal gardens. Ideal for investment or first time buyers. Benefiting from a long lease.

£1,100 PCM

A well presented and modern three bedroom home situated in a quiet cul-de-sac location in the thriving village of Southwater. Comprising entrance hall, cloakroom, refitted kitchen, spacious open plan lounge/conservatory, three bedrooms and a modern family bathroom. GCH and double glazing. Outside there is a delightful south facing secluded rear garden, garage and off street parking.



£1,100 PCM

A well presented three bedroom family home backing onto open fields, situated within walking distance of Southwater Country Park and other village amenities. Comprising a 23’ lounge/diner, kitchen, three bedrooms and refitted bathroom. Double glazing and GCH. Secluded garden and large driveway providing ample off street parking.



A large two bedroom split level maisonette presented in excellent decorative order with the benefit of BRAND NEW 99 YEAR LEASE. Comprising 14ft lounge, dining area, modern kitchen, 14ft master bedroom, one further bedroom and refitted modern bathroom. Outside there is a front garden, rear communal gardens and garage. Double glazing. Ideal for first time buyers or investment.

Well presented house, set in a small cul-de-sac location, close to Horsham Town Centre and

£775 PCM

A completely refurbished and spacious two double bedroom first floor flat, set in a quiet cul de sac location in the heart of Horsham, only a short walk from Horsham mainline train station, Horsham park and other town amenities. Comprising communal and private entrance halls, 14ft lounge/diner, kitchen, two double bedrooms and a refitted bathroom. Double glazing. Outside there is communal gardens and parking, garage in a block.


£725 PCM

A two bedroom terraced property situated in the popular village of Cowfold, within walking distance of amenities. Comprising covered entrance porch, entrance hall, kitchen, lounge, conservatory, two bedrooms, refitted bathroom, double glazing, larger than average rear garden and garage.


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

t: 01403 275543 w: e: e:

MR M seeking one bedroom town centre immediately




HORSHAM £1,300 PCM • Spacious three bedroom bungalow • Fitted kitchen with appliances • Off street parking • Very good standard throughout • Unfurnished • Available Now


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BROADBRIDGE HEATH £625 PCM • One bedroom house • Fitted kitchen with appliances • Parking • Double bedroom • Unfurnished • Available Now

BROADBRIDGE HEATH £525 PCM • Re-decorated studio apartment • Kitchen with appliance • Off road parking • Communal gardens • Unfurnished • Available Now



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HORSHAM £625 PCM • One double bedroom apartment • Private rear garden • Fitted kitchen • Private cul-de-sac • Unfurnished • Available Now





HORSHAM £850 PCM • Two bedroom character cottage • Town center location • Lounge and dining room • Fitted kitchen • Allocated parking • Available Now

HORSHAM £695 PCM • One double bedroom house • Private garden • Spacious lounge • Parking • Unfurnished • Available Now






la ful

Call us today to arrange a free valuation Subject to terms and conditions

HORSHAM FROM £650 PCM • Two bedroom apartment • Town centre location • Impressively fitted throughout • Gas central heating • Unfurnished • Available Now

MR S three bedroom town house near Town, December

FULL MANAGEMENT for the first 6 months

01403 275543

HORSHAM £775 PCM • Two double bedroom maisonette • Fitted kitchen with appliances • Bathroom with shower cubicle • Spacious lounge • Part furnished • Available Now

HORSHAM £950 PCM • Coming to the market soon • Two double bedroom house • Garage • Newly decorated • Unfurnished • Must be seen

HORSHAM £525 PCM • Studio/Annexe • Parking • Self contained • Bills included • Single occupant only • Available Dec Tenancy Deposit Scheme member


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

t: 01403 275543 w: e: e:



HORSHAM £214,950 LEASEHOLD A Two Bedroom First Floor Luxury Apartment | Built by Rydon Homes in Approximately 2004 | Popular Gated Development of The Comptons | Master Bedroom with En-Suite Shower Room | Spacious Hall Leading to Bathroom | NO ONWARD CHAIN


OIEO £240,000 Freehold

A Two Double Bedroom Victorian Semi Detached House | Situated Within Close Proximity of Horsham Town Centre & Mainline Station | 12’ Living Room | 13’3 Separate Dining Room | Refitted Kitchen | Refitted Bathroom | Two Double Bedrooms | En-Suite Bathroom | Gas Radiator Heating | Double Glazing

£169,950 LEASEHOLD



TOWN CENTRE £227,000 LEASEHOLD A Two Bedroom Top Floor Apartment | Built by Belway Homes in Approx. 2003 | Select Gated Development only a Short Walk from Horsham Town Centre | Modern Kitchen with Integrated Appliances | 16’2 Living Room | 15’1 Master Bedroom


A Well Presented Two Bedroom Ground Floor Flat | Located in the Popular North Horsham | 16’ Refitted Kitchen/Breakfast Room | 15’6 Living Room | Two Double Bedrooms | Refitted Bathroom | Double Glazing | Gas Radiator Heating | Balcony Area



BROADBRIDGE HEATH OIEO £220,000 FREEHOLD A Three Bedroom End Terrace House | Located in the Popular Village of Broadbridge Heath | 16’11 Refitted Kitchen | 23’4 Lounge/Diner | Three Bedrooms | Bathroom | Enclosed Rear Garden | Allocated Parking Space | Viewing Recommended.


£279,950 FREEHOLD

An Older Style Four Bedroom Semi Detached House | Located in North East Horsham within Close Proximity of Littlehaven Railway Station and Local Shops | 24’8 Kitchen/Diner | 14’7 Living Room | Downstairs Cloakroom | 14’4 Master Bedroom | Three Further Bedrooms | Family Bathroom | Gas Radiator Heating | Double Glazing | Off Road Parking | 20’1 Garage/Home Office










£144,950 LEASEHOLD

A One Bedroom Ground Floor ‘Wimpy’ Built Maisonette | Located in the Popular Heath Way Area of North Horsham | 12’10 Refitted Kitchen | 16’8 Lounge/Diner | 11’11 Double Bedroom | Refitted Bathroom | Double Glazing | Allocated Parking Space | Private Rear Garden




HORSHAM £499,950 FREEHOLD An Extended Four Bedroom Detached House | Situated on the Popular Rusper Road | Located within the Forest/Millais Catchment Area of North East Horsham | 13’10 Kitchen/Breakfast Room | Open Plan to 13’5 Breakfast Room

BROADBRIDGE HEATH HORSHAM £230,000 LEASEHOLD A Two Bedroom Second Floor Retirement Apartment | Located Within Close Proximity of Horsham Town Centre | 17’ Living Room | Two Double Bedrooms | LIFT | House Manager On-Site | 24hr Emergency Careline Response System | Resident’s Lounge

£234,950 FREEHOLD

A Three/Four Bedroom Terraced House | Located in Popular Village of Broadbridge Heath | 16’8 Kitchen | 23’2 Lounge/Diner | 16’ Conservatory | Downstairs Cloakroom | Refitted Bathroom | Loft Room/Bedroom Four | Integral Garage | Driveway Parking for Two Cars


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

London I Surrey I Sussex I Hampshire

Horsham I £2,795 pcm

Wisborough Green I £995 pcm

Henry Adams Lettings are proud to offer this substantial and immaculately presented 5 bedroom, 3 reception room. Downstairs accommodation briefly comprises a useful entrance porch, stylish hallway with storage cupboard, delightful open plan lounge area with fabulous working fireplace, sliding bi-fold doors opening out to the rear.

Henry Adams Lettings are pleased to present this recently redecorated 2 double bedroom rural cottage. Accommodation briefly comprises, entrance hall, spacious lounge, 2 double bedrooms, family bath/shower room, kitchen/diner, timber framed garage, large driveway and large gardens.

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

Horsham I £1,095 pcm

A recently refurbished 2 bedroom, split level maisonette situated off north parade and with fabulous views over Horsham Park. The property briefly comprises a entrance hall with ‘Parquet’ wood flooring, contemporary white fitted kitchen, spacious open plan lounge/diner with ‘Parquet’ wood flooring, modern shower room with heated towel rail and under floor heating.

A 3 bedroom, 2 reception room, semi detached period house with large rear garden, situated down a popular road near central Horsham. Downstairs accommodation briefly comprises spacious entrance hall, sitting room with feature fireplace (not working), dining room with feature fireplace (not working), modern fitted kitchen with oven/hob, washing machine and fridge/freezer, rear porch area.

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

ag LE re T ed

Horsham I £825 pcm

Henry Adams Lettings are delighted to offer this unfurnished, well presented, recently constructed, high specification, 2 double bedroom first floor apartment. The property comprises car port, private parking for two cars, entry phone system, communal entrance hall, private entrance hall, open plan triple aspect lounge/diner, modern fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, modern bath/shower room.

ag LE re T ed

Pulborough I £750 pcm

Rudgwick I £895 pcm

Partridge Green I £895 pcm

Southwater I £995 pcm

A 2 bedroom semi detached cottage set in a fabulous semi rural location and surrounded by fields on the edge of the highly sought after village of Rudgwick. Downstairs the accommodation briefly comprises storm porch, entrance hallway, sitting room with open fireplace, kitchen/dining room with electric range cooker, utility room.

A 3 bedroom semi detached period cottage located in a rural location on the edge of the highly sought after village of Partridge Green. Accommodation briefly comprises entrance hall, kitchen, downstairs bath/shower room, dining room and separate sitting room with working fireplace.

A 3 bedroom semi detached house located towards the end of a private close and in the highly sought after village of Southwater. Accommodation comprises entrance hall/porch area, large sitting room with working gas fire, dining room, sun room with sliding patio doors leading out to the patio/rear garden, fitted kitchen with separate utility area, conservatory, downstairs shower/wet room.

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

Horsham Lettings Office 01403 282500

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THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Lettings Sales Land & New Homes Holiday Lettings Farm & Equestrian Sales & Management




Beautiful charming detached barn conversion set in approximately one acre of grounds. Hall. Spacious Kitchen/Dining Room. Large Bright Living Room. Shower Room, Study/Bedroom 4. Master Bedroom with Picture Window. Bathroom. Two Further Bedrooms. Stabling & Kennels. Good Sized Paddock. Double Garage.

Very well presented penthouse retirement apartment situated in a prime town centre location. Lift. Entrance Hall. Two Double Bedrooms. Spacious Living/Dining Room. Large Bathroom. Fitted Kitchen. Communal Gardens.

Set in the grounds of a farm this newly built modern one bedroom apartment offers; Newly Fitted Kitchen. Living Room. Double Bedroom. Modern Fitted Shower Room. Two Parking Spaces. Secure Gated Entrance to Farm. Lovely Outlook.




Well appointed detached family home with generous accommodation and recently refurbished to a high standard throughout. Drawing Room. Dining Room. Study. Kitchen. Utility Room. Master Bedroom with Ensuite.

Well presented two bedroom third floor flat in an ideal town centre location. Hall. Open Plan Modern Kitchen and Living/Dining Room. Master Bedroom with Ensuite Shower Room. Further Double Bedroom. Bathroom.

Unique property situated on the outskirts of the Parham Estate. Hall. Cloakroom. Kitchen/Dining/Family Room. Master Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom. Two Further Bedrooms. Family Bathroom. Two Reception Rooms in the Round Tower. Extensive Gardens. Parking.




Very well presented furnished detached property set on the edge of the beautiful village. Living/Dining Room. Modern Fitted Kitchen. Master Bedroom with Ensuite. Further Double Bedroom. Bathroom. Bedroom 3/Study. Driveway & Double Garage. Small Garden Area. Lovely Views.

A deceptively large and bright chalet bungalow with flexible accommodation in a quiet semi-rural location. Galleried Entrance Hall. Two Reception Rooms. Kitchen/Dining Room. Utility. Master Bedroom with Ensuite. Three Further Bedrooms.

Modern first floor apartment in a sought after village location. Large Reception Room. Modern Kitchen. Two Double Bedrooms. Bathroom with Shower. Communal Gardens. Allocated Parking.




Beautiful residence attached to an historic Quaker Meeting House with extensive communal gardens. Kitchen/Breakfast Room. Utility Room. Pantry. Sitting Room opening to Dining Room. Snug with Open Fire. Four Bedrooms.

Refurbished Edwardian style family home with charm and modern comforts. Dining Room. Large Drawing Room. Period Style Kitchen. Master Bedroom with Ensuite. Three Double Bedrooms. Two Bathrooms. Driveway to Double Garage.

Modern three/four bedroom town house set in 14 acres of park like communal grounds in a lovely village setting. Modern Fitted Kitchen/Breakfast Room. Study. Dining Room. Sitting Room. Master Bedroom with Ensuite. Two Further Double Bedrooms. Family Bathroom. Two Allocated Parking Spaces.

Horsham 01403 246750

Storrington 01903 744166


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

01403 275030

The Pinnacle

Letting Company


We are an established and independent Letting Agent and our reputation is built upon our experience and high level of service we provide

HORSHAM £850 pcm

• 2 Double Bedroom Apartment • Open Plan Living • Kitchen with White Goods • Walking Distance of Town & Station • Parking

BROADBRIDGE HEATH £850 pcm • House in Village Location • 2 Double Bedrooms • Newly Decorated • Private Rear Garden • Garage


r requ

Simila LET


• SHORT & LONG TERM LETS • Fabulous Country House • Furnished Rooms • En-Suite & Kitchenette Facilities • 10 minute Drive of Gatwick


HORSHAM £950 pcm

• Tanbridge Park Development • 2/3 Double Bedroom Apartment • 2 Bathrooms • New Carpets & Redecoration throughout • Parking


r requ



HORSHAM £825 pcm

• Fully Furnished Apartment • 2 Double Bedrooms • Modern Kitchen/Breakfast Room • Double Glazed • GCH & Parking


r requ

Simila LET

BROADBRIDGE HEATH £950 pcm • Excellent Location • 3 Bedroom House • Delightful Rear Garden • Garage

PULBOROUGH £875 pcm • Unique Executive Apartment • 2 Double Bedrooms • Built to High Specification • Close to Station • Allocated Parking

PULBOROUGH £675 pcm • Ground Floor Maisonette • 2 Double Bedrooms • Good Size Accommodation • Close to Station • Allocated Parking


r requ



HORSHAM £695 pcm

• Deceptively Spacious House • Larger than average Double Bedroom • Built in Wardrobes • Bathroom with Shower • Private Rear Garden


r requ

Simila LET

HORSHAM £625 pcm

• Opposite Horsham Park • One Bedroom Flat • Good Size • Walking Distance to Town & Station


r requ

Simila LET


r requ


BROADBRIDGE HEATH £625 pcm • One Bedroom House • Village Location • Spacious Double Bedroom • Parking


r requ

Simila LET

HORSHAM £615 pcm

• Good Size Accommodation • Double Bedroom with Wardrobes • Shower Room • Parking

Find us: 26 Piries Place, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EH | Tel: 01403 275030 | Email:


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Horsham Office: 01403 218723 |

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Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT


Citroën DS5 is ‘Family Car of the Year

Olli Nott Motors Editor

Some say, Citroën’s New DS5 is re�ined, luxurious, uniquely-styled and dramatic. And for the second year in a row, Top Gear magazine has made Citroën a top choice, naming DS5 its ‘Family Car of the Year’ in the publication’s 2011 awards. The family-sized DS5, which combines distinctive style with creative technology and takes design inspiration from the world of aviation, saw off tough competition from already established models to take the best family car title. Top Gear magazine has said; “DS5 is a well-grounded, slick, futuristic machine, both inside and out. The inside is quirky but rational, exciting but functional and put together with

considerable care, just like the rest of the car. And that makes it very pleasing indeed. All of which goes to show that because the DS5 isn’t a half-hearted copy of a German saloon, it’s the better for it.” The award means a second year of success for Citroën. In 2010, Citroën DS3 won both Top Gear magazine’s ‘Small Car of the Year’ and overall ‘Car of the Year’ accolades. Linda Jackson, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, commented; “A second year of recognition for Citroën in the Top Gear magazine awards is a tremendous achievement and further proof the DS range is cementing Citroën’s reputation for class-leading design. Standing out from the crowd with its unique looks, Citroën �lair and innovative Hybrid4 technology, New DS5 is about an outstanding motoring experience for the whole



01403 240513



WINTER IS COMING are your tyres safe? CaLL us for a free CHeCK

family to enjoy.” New Citroën DS5 is an aerodynamic masterpiece with �irm features, �lowing lines and a dynamic pro�ile. The model’s compact and agile design also delivers exemplary handling and meticulous soundproo�ing. With pilot-style overhead switches inspired by plane cockpits, the cabin blends ergonomic function with aesthetic appeal. Immaculate attention to detail and authentic premium materials ensure an immediate impression of quality and re�inement. New Citroën DS5 will be launched in the UK in the �irst quarter of 2012, with a price list expected in early 2012. The 2011 Awards edition of Top Gear magazine is on sale from today. What would The Resident’s Car of the Year be?

Learning to drive economically is good sense November 23rd began like any other day – not wanting to get out of bed, even with the lure of a cup of tea. At 11am however, it changed. I was scheduled to take a taster course from DriveSense, a company subsidised by the Department of Transport and the Energy Saving Trust, that currently offer �leet driver training, to make them more economical when driving. The company are looking to expand their sixty instructors to the private driver market, in the hope it will help the consumer with their fuel consumption, and essentially save them money, the Energy Saving Trust claim that a driver doing 12,000 miles in a year would be able to save £250 after taking the training and incorporating it to their normal driving habits. My instructor, John Chambers, explained to me exactly what the training would achieve, “We aim to get road users to follow three main points when driving; anticipate, use the gears effectively, and no harsh acceleration. “Driving economically is essential in any car on the road, but we don’t want to enforce it upon people, we want them to take on board the training and use it when they feel it necessary.” John got me to drive his Mini Cooper D, on a drive that took me from Slinfold, along the A264, down onto the A24 and then back up along Robin Hood Lane,

coming back through Broadbridge Heath, before heading back into Slinfold. On my �irst run I managed an 63.6mpg, which impressed John, I give credit to my mother for teaching me to drive properly in the �irst place! He then explained that I already do some of the techniques they teach to drivers, such as block shifting, for example going from 2nd to 4th or from 3rd to 5th, and that when we approach traf�ic lights I don’t tend to come to a complete halt. I was awarded an 8.5/10 for my �irst run. Now I had to take on board what John had said and to take my mpg reading even higher. On my second run, John explained what he called “town driving cruise control” and working with a car’s “happy speed”, this involved taking the car to a certain speed, around 15mph in 2nd, putting it into 3rd and taking your foot off the accelerator, and letting the engine run at idle. I’m amazed to �ind that it actually works! It’s an odd sensation, and I was tempted to keep to the slower speeds, but we were able to keep the car moving at 30mph in 5th gear with no throttle. I took John and the Mini out on a �inal run, the exact route – and whilst on the route, John told me to anticipate the roundabouts an to not use the brake

pedal, aim to slow down with the engine. “I know you can do it, it’s all about looking ahead, anticipating and if you use the break, I’ll have to stab you in the leg with my pen… its sharp!” That was more than enough of an incentive for me! I took the Robin Hood roundabout without touching the brake pedal, and used the engine to slow myself down. “Some people like to do comfort braking; it’s like using it as a protective shield, but you don’t realise that braking and slowing down, means that you have to use more petrol to get yourself going again.” Upon returning to the set off point, John took the reading for my new average mpg. I scored a 71.3mpg, earning myself a 10/10 from John. “This is a great improvement; you’ve managed to better yourself by around 12 per cent and I can manage around 80mpg when I really try. You’ve done very well.” If you’d like to get some training and improve your fuel economy from DriveSense, head over to their website, or give them a call on 01628 581930 I aim to apply all I learnt today to when I’m driving my Mitsubishi, making sure that I get the optimum fuel economy out of him, though I doubt I’ll ever get it to 71.3 mpg!


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011


Drive safely this Winter with Lifestyle Europe A full report of the vehicle will also be provided, as well as winter car care kit to help you on frosty mornings. This is the perfect way to begin the winter, but it should be noted that continued care should be taken throughout the winter to ensure safety is maximised. Here are Lifestyle’s top tips for staying safe and keeping your car healthy this winter:

indicate a frozen water pump. • Your fans to help heat and de-mist the inside of the car. • When defrosting, stay with your car. Some models will lock themselves, locking the owners out. Or worse, your car could be stolen. • Remove snow and ice from all windows, mirrors, lights and bodywork. • Lift your wiper blades to ensure they are not stuck.

Preparing your car • When starting your car, do so in short bursts. If it doesn’t start immediately, rest the battery to ensure you don’t drain it or burn out your starter motor. • Turn off your car if you hear prolonged squealing, this could

To book your winter safety check to ensure your car is safe for the road, as well as a complete list of showrooms, please visit www.lifestyleeurope. I’m booking mine before it’s too late! I’ve got my shovel packed already. Bring on the snow.

Maintenance • Book your car in for a Lifestyle Europe winter safety check. • Fluid levels- keep topped up including antifreeze, brake fluid and screen wash. • Tyres, including the spare, are advised to have a minimum of 2mm tread. It is also important to ensure they are at the correct pressure. Do not deflate for extra grip, this is a myth, and could cause instability. Well maintained tyres will also provide better fuel economy. • Battery - should also be in a good condition, as the winter weather increases the demand for its use.

Defy Convention

} o zoo}

o -z


} o o -z

PAY NO vat,



Paying no vat means you save £3607*


Mazda 6 2.2 5dr TS2 Diesel • 17” Alloy wheels • Dual-zone climate control air-conditioning • Front & Rear parking sensors • Rear Vehicle Monitoring • Integrated Bluetooth®


0% APR^

over 4 years with a 30% deposit.

LifestyleMazda The journey starts here

01403 342196 53-55 Bishopric HORSHAM West Sussex RH12 1QJ

01293 894334 Manor Royal CRAWLEY West Sussex RH10 9PY

01323 453144 Lottbridge drove EASTBOURNE East Sussex BN23 6NS

Retail sales only on selected Mazda6 diesel stock, subject to availability at participating dealers only on vehicles registered between 3 November and 31 March 2012. *No VAT offer is the equivalent to 20% VAT applied to original base price which is a £3,607.50 saving and includes dealer contribution. The No VAT offer excludes road tax, first registration fee, dealer fitted and factory fitted options, VAT at the current rate of 20% still applies to the discounted price. ^0% APR available on Mazda Conditional Sale with a minimum 30% deposit required. Finance subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. Applicants must be 18 or over. Guarantees/Indemnities may be required. Mazda Financial Services RH1 1SR. Model shown: Mazda6 2.2 5dr TS2 Diesel. OTR price £18,468. Model shown includes metallic paint. On the road price includes VAT, number plates, delivery, 12 months’ road fund licence, 1st registration fee, 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty and 3 years’ European Roadside Assistance. ˚Test Drive subject to availability and status.

Driving • Stopping distances can increase by 10 times on icy roads, so leave plenty of room from the car in front. • Brake, accelerate and manoeuvre gently to minimise the risk of skidding. • Check ahead for weather forecasts and road conditions, and listen to travel bulletins. • Remove gloves and wet boots before driving. Wear dry shoes that you can feel the pedals with. • Pack an emergency bag with a first aid kit, shovel, warm clothing, blankets and refreshments.

The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the Mazda6 range: Urban 25.2 (11.2) – 44.1 (6.4), Extra Urban 44.1 (6.4) – 65.7 (4.3), Combined 34.9 (8.1) – 55.4 (5.1). CO2 emissions (g/km) 188 – 133.

During the winter months, more and more people rely on their cars to get from A to B with as little hassle as possible. Many people forget though that their car needs extra protection. Whilst we can wrap up warm in scarves and coats, our cars are faced with the harshest of elements. This is why Lifestyle Europe is encouraging motorists to ensure that their vehicles are ready for winter. These past two years have seen the country caked in inches of snow. Following many years of mild winters, these harsh conditions can take us by surprise, resulting in many people being caught off guard before they’ve had time to adequately prepare their vehicles. This results in risks to personal safety as well as costly mechanical faults. This is why Lifestyle Europe is asking local motorists to think ahead this winter. To give motorists peace of mind, Lifestyle Europe is inviting local motorists to book their vehicles into their service departments for a winter safety check. For just £20 plus VAT, a full safety check will be carried out by one of the specially trained mechanics who will check all the routine components, plus the harder to reach and understand ones. It will also ensure that all fluid levels are topped up to the correct level and concentration.


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

Buy now, 12.8% Pay 2012 APR

Buy now, and after initial deposit* pay nothing until 2012. Payments being deferred for 3 months from deposit representative being taken.



From Only

All available with

Network Q Multi-Point Check Network Q Ownership Promise


Comprehensive Warranty


Nobody does it better

CRAWLEY Tel: 0844 375 1231


30 day exchange Nationwide vehicle search

Cars shown for illustration purposes only. Calls may be recorded for training purposes. All prices correct at time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Lifetime Warranty available on selected vehicles, subject to terms and conditions. †To qualify we ask that you bring in written proof from a retailer within 15 miles of one of our branches. Written proof must have been supplied within the past 28 days. Finance subject to status, terms and conditions apply. *Minimum deposit 10%.



Lifetime 100,000 miles Warranty

From Only

Fleming Way, Industrial Estate RH10 9NS



Our amazing Lifetime Warranty is available on selected cars

£5,999 58 PLATE

Over 140 Quality cars from just

PriceMatch Which means that if you find a cheaper, like-for-like car within 15 miles, we'll match it. Guaranteed.†


Finance available Ask for details.

78 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3LP

HORSHAM Tel: 0844 375 1239







Every car, every deal, every day...

Open 7 days a week

Winter Service * only £129 Plus a FREE set of Snow Socks worth from £49.95 Please bring this advert into Stevens to claim this offer Stevens Crawley

Stevens Horsham

0844 375 1231

0844 375 1244

Manor Royal Industrial Estate Crawley RH10 9NS

78 Billingshurst Road Horsham West Sussex

*Offer applies to interim service. Promotion applies to Vauxhall passenger cars and commercial vehicles over 3 years (36 months) old and cannot be taken in conjunction with any other promotion. Retail customers only. No cash alternative. Service must be completed between 1st October 2011 and 29th February 2012. Free set of AutoSock Snow Socks only applicable to the serviced vehicle. In the instance of wheel size being 18 inches or larger, service cost will be £139. This promotion must be mentioned at the time of service booking and cannot be awarded retrospectively. Vauxhall reserves the right to modify the terms of this promotion at Vauxhall’s discretion at any time.


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

HPI Checked  Pre-Delivery Inspected  Fully Valeted  Warranty  Finance Available 

06/06 – 54000 Miles 2.0 TDi 140 SE 5dr, Leather


RH14 9AL



06/56 – 59000 Miles 520d SE 4dr











08/58 – 15000 Miles 1.4 SXi Auto 3dr, A/C, Alloys

£9499 08/08 – 66000 Miles 2.0D Sport Design Coupe 3dr, Sat Nav

 Scirocco

05/05 – 68000 Miles 2.7 TD V6 S 5dr, AC, Sunroofs, Alloys

01403 783399


9 99


 Discovery


 C30

09/59 – 60000 Miles 2.0 TDCi 140 Zetec Estate






08/08 – 35000 Miles 1.4 Exclusive 5dr, AC, 1 Owner, SH

Ford £7999


08/08 – 20000 Miles 1.8 i-VTEC Type S 3dr, A/C, Alloys

 A3

07/57 – 53000 Miles 1.5DCi Dynamique 5dr, Panoramic Roof

 Mondeo



 Civic

05/05 – 40000 Miles Arriving Soon 1.8iWheels Icon 2dr, Leather, Hard Top, Alloys


£5999 



 MX-5

04/54 – 65000 Miles 2.0 T Convertible Auto 2dr, Leather, AC


 Corsa







£4999 Renault



£5799 

07/07 – 31000 Miles 1.4 Look 3dr, AC, SH

 Laguna

 C70

07/07 – 51000 Miles 1.3 CDTi Design 3dr, Alloys

06/06 - 72000 Miles 1.6 Reference 5dr, A/C, F/S/H

 C3


 Corsa

05/05 – 74000 Miles 1.4 Sport 3dr, A/C, Alloys

Seat 05/05 – 39000 Miles 1.3 O2 Convertible 2dr



06/06 – 29000 Miles 1.4 Elegance Automatic 5dr, A/C, Alloys





06/06 – 70000 Miles 1.6 SXi 3dr

 Leon



9 79


 206

 Jimny

 Fabia W NO

02/52 – 64000 Miles 2.3 V5 3dr, Leather, A/C, Alloys





04/53 – 41000 Miles 2.0 SE Automatic SW Estate 5dr, A/C



 Astra













03/03 – 91000 Miles 1.6 Coupe Cabriolet 2dr, 1 Owner

 Beetle




 307 NO

04/04 – 108000 Miles 1.6 Edge 3dr, A/C


Land Rover

01/Y – 22000 Miles 1.25 Freestyle 5dr, Service History










 206

 206



 Focus

 Fiesta

09/09 – 24000 Miles 2.0T GT DSG 3dr, Sat Nav, Leather, S/R


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To advertise alongside these professionals please call 01403 251000 or email SCCS Accounting Services


PEOPLE est. 1984 For : Brick/stone work, carpentry, concreting, ceramic tiling, drainage (clearing, repairs, etc), electrical, fencing, guttering (clearing, repairs, etc), glazing, groundwork, paving, plastering, plumbing, roof repairs, re-pointing and almost any other type of job around the home, then contact us.

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NO JOB TOO SMALL The odder the job, the better we like it ! TELEPHONE : 01403 784281 or 07850 394326 (ANYTIME)

Commercial and industrial enquiries welcome

Find out how surprisingly affordable and secure Everest Home Improvements are and transform your home. Windows & Doors Highest security in PVC-U, Aluminium and wood – Industry leading guarantees. Driveways and Patios 10 year guarantee on both blocks and foundations – Add value to your home from the moment it’s installed Everest Greener Grass Grass without the graft, looks great all year Please call direct and get: ü No obligation quote and financing ü AT LEAST 25% OFF* FREE VISIT TO YOUR HOME – WEEKENDS AND EVENINGS, NO PROBLEM Contact Ashley on 01403 243646 or email

*Off list price. Offer open at time of quotation. Not to be used in conjuction with any other offer. Minimum order value £5000, dependent on product.

C.E.V CHIM EY CO TRACTORS CHIM EY SWEEP REPOI TI G FIREPLACE A D STACK RESETTI G POTS ALL MAJOR REPAIR WORK Get your chimney serviced before the BIG RUSH in September Taking Orders ow For April Fully Insured Phone 07512 045443/07784 654080 Email:

Bedbugs Fleas Flies

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Wasps Hornets

5 89


2 03




8 09




For All your Pest Problems

and Property Maintenance

20 years experience All aspects of property maintenance undertaken - no job too big or too small Fully Insured Free Estimates References available on request

Jeff Bartle

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Resident The

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THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011


Dynamic, Horsham-based media group is expanding to exploit growing publishing opportunities in international and regional publishing. You have time on your hands and you’re keen to put your years of front-line communication/ sales skills to good use, without the strictures of a 9 to 5, but with the security of working as an associate alongside an established and respected local firm. Depending on specific project and commitment, uncapped & realistic OTE of £20k-£50k. We are an equal opportunities employer. Please contact: Tel: 01403 251000


One Italian, one Spanish. Fluent/native speakers preferred, 2 - 10 hours per week (can be flexible). Email CV to

Recruitment Caring Individuals Wanted


Are you a caring person who would like to provide a variety of help to people living in their own homes ? We can offer a full time position, willing to work weekends and a weekend position.

An exciting opportunity to work for a growing and vibrant independent publishing group based in Horsham. This position will involve working on our regional glossy magazine aimed at the ‘high end’ market place. Covering Sussex and Surrey, our magazine has a readership of 40,000+.

Good rates of pay, enhanced at evenings and weekends Flexible hours Work in your local area Full training given CRB checks carried out

Call us 01403 270055 or email For further information or an application pack, visit us at South Suite, 1st Floor, Chipman House, Nightingale Road, Horsham RH12 2NW

PART TIME/SELF EMPLOYED SALES PEOPLE REQUIRED An exciting opportunity is available for experienced sales people.

The successful applicant must have good communication skills, be selfmotivated, able to work in a fast paced environment and provide a superior level of service to our corporate clients. Line Up Aviation are a fast growing International Aviation recruitment company with clients all over the world. We are looking to hire talented professionals with an entrepreneurial approach and the desire to make money. WE CURRENTLY HAVE TWO POSITIONS: • Managing Consultant. A business driven professional to head up, further develop and grow our International Division. Salary from £30k. • Recruitment Consultant to join our UK and Ireland team. Salary from £20k. So, why would YOU want to work for Line Up Aviation, and what’s in it for you? Here are some of the reasons: • Offices in West Sussex (20mins from Gatwick Airport) • Exceptional & realistic commission structure, no limit • Performance based pay • Holidays 20-23 days (based on individual performance) • Promotion based on achievements Additionally we have all the resources you would ever need to make money. • Integrated workflow based recruiting system • Online multi-posting & CV search system • Access to all the main external CV databases • Smartphone with data base accessible through app The kind of professionals we are looking to hire will be business orientated and entrepreneurial. You must also have exceptional communication skills, be passionate about sales and have a ‘can do, will do’ attitude. Requirements: • Experienced in recruitment • Positive, energetic and resourceful self-starter • Driven, pro-active and confident • A good level of education and be articulate and numerate • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills • The ability to influence and persuade • A proven record in business development and sales • A good organiser with a focused, work hard approach • Commercially aware and passionate about sales • Open to training and development

For further information please submit a copy of your latest CV in confidence to or please call 01403 217688

Please call Davey Pearson on 01403 251000 or email

OFFICE JUNIOR REQUIRED For Christmas temporary work. November to January. Good standard of English. £6.50 hourly rate. Email CV to


Involves picking up my lovely kids (aged 2 and 4) from nursery at 3pm, MonWed & all day care Thu-Fri Email CV to

The successful candidate will ideally have two years’ field sales experience on newspapers or magazines and will be confident with both face to face and telephone sales. We are looking for someone who will be hungry to get the business in, rather than expecting it to come to them, with freedom to sell display advertising and bespoke creative solutions. To be considered you must possess the relevant experience in a similar role working for a publishing company (ideally a newspaper / magazine environment) and bring with you energy, drive, motivation and enthusiasm to promote the client brand. The ideal candidate will be extremely confident in their sales ability; you would thrive on managing your own patch and database of clients. Additionally you will be determined, charismatic and full of bright ideas. You would be expected to build your own client database, which you will account manage to generate new and repeat business. This is an essential role in the publishing group’s ongoing expansion. You will be joining a team of proven sales professionals and will be expected to perform to a consistently high standard. You will be reporting to the Display Advertising Manager and the Managing Director. For more information please contact Matt Wheeler on 01403 251000 or email

HeadStart Day Nursery Seeking enthusiastic, friendly and caring

Room Leader

Maternity cover with 3-5yr olds Excellent communication skills. Full time shift work to cover full daycare hours. Suitable applicants level 3/4 with previous experience of a lead role.

We are also seeking a Part Time practitioner to work on a shift basis Mon-Fri. Send CV to Sallyanne Kasey, HeadStart Day Nursery, Collyers College, Hurst Rd, Horsham RH12 2EJ headstartdaynursery@

01403 210560


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT

Brain Gym Codeword







Last week’s solutions: 2







































Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark?

Double Crossword

Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet and every letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter(s) to the right of the main grid to start you off.














Choose either quick or cryptic clues.


1. He is known for his acts (10) 7. Superstitious symbol of many following a gambling system (5) 8. Courses followed by those who fly high (7) 10. Censure a professional in reach (8) 11. He falsifies his accounts (4) 13. Used by people of high-standing? (6) 15. Science that puts healthy colour into a lad (6) 17. Provides weapons for members (4) 18. Sailor, given the sack, goes on foot (8) 21. A sort of colour relationship? (7) 22. Apparent reduction of overtime (5) 23. Commanding individual with an important role to play (7,3)

1. Started to smoke, having had a lot to drink (3,2) 2. Useful when the going is sticky (8) 3. Quickly take a few notes, perhaps (6) 4. Side winds? (4) 5. Like an egg, it’s blown (7) 6. Appears frightened and begins to go home (6,4) 9. The plight of the Quick Clues: penitent? (5,5) Across 12. Boring character in 1. Prosperous (10) 7. Kingly (5) the literary world (8) 8. Offender (7) 14. Big men at heart (7) 10. Last (8) 11. Uniform (4) 16. Excuse to knock up 13. Substitute (6) a Spaniard (6) 15. Develop (6) 19. It can smash a 17. Concerning (4) 18. Four-fifths of air (8) canoe to pieces (5) 21. Rascally (7) 20. Unproductive sort of 22. Accumulate (5) raid (4) 23. Backward view (10)

















15 21








Split Decision















12 11








19 10




Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid.



29 15


8 14




8 5


















Vision (5) Disaster (8) Rouse (6) Identity (4) Disentangle (7) Basis (10) Compassion (10) Vanquished (8) Introduction (7) Opulence (6) Bestow (5) Row (4)



Fill in the white squares with numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block to the number above. Numbers may be used once in each block. Last week’s solutions: >

Give yourself ten minutes to find as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9letter word to be found.


How you rate: 10 words - average; 15 words - good; 20 words - very good; 25 or more - excellent.

Rearrange the letters in the grid B to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed to start you off.


Scribble pad 7 2 7 9 5 1 4 5 4 3 8 4 6 2 5 7 6 4 8 3 2 8 3 5 1

4 9 8 2 7 6 5 1 3

8 9 3 7 9 3 4 1 8 3 8 8 9 6 9 7 3 8 6 5 1 9 7 5 6

Fill in the grids below so that every column, every row and each of the 3x3 boxes contains all the digits from 1 to 9.




Last week’s solutions: > From top to bottom Simple, Intermediate, Difficult








Last week’s solutions: Chaps, Heron, Arise, Posse, Sneer.

Last week’s solutions:

Sudoku Simple



abase, abasement, abate, abates, abeam, abet, abets, absent, bane, bans, bantam, base, baseman, basement, bast, baste, bate, bates, batman, bats, batsman, beam, beams, bean, beast, beat, beaten, beats, been, beet, bent, beset, best, beta, bets, nabs, samba, stab, tabs.


Last week’s solutions:







1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 9. 12. 14. 16. 19. 20.

Wordsquare 11



CRYPTIC - Across: 6 Grenade; 7 Nylon; 9 Amp; 10 Annotator; 12 In operation; 15 Philanderer; 17 Centipede; 19 Pat; 21 Idiot; 22 Another. Down: 1 Frame; 2 End; 3 Eden; 4 Dynasties; 5 Solomon; 8 Course; 11 Inflation; 13 Pins-ups; 14 Threads; 16 Waves; 18 Dent; 20 Sty. QUICK - Across: 6 Whisper; 7 Beast; 9 Ill; 10 Apportion; 12 Ups-and-downs; 15 Yellow fever; 17 Occupying; 19 Met; 21 Repel; 22 Awkward. Down: 1 Whole; 2 Asp; 3 Deep; 4 Destroyer; 5 Astound; 8 Fondle; 11 Applauded; 13 Always; 14 Teacher; 16 Merry; 18 News; 20 Ewe.



Last week’s solutions: The letter represented by the question mark is W. Crossbow, Tomahawk, Howitzer, all weapons.

Last week’s solutions:




L E D G S A I A R ? O M N A A S I O C

Cryptic Clues: Across


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Sport Hornets ‘buzzing’ despite defeat

James Herd Football

Horsham captain Ryan Woodfood was upbeat despite another home defeat, this time at the hands of mid-table Kingstonian. The Hornets produced a muchimproved performance, dominating much of the match in front of a lively crowd, but the �it-again skipper was left to rue more bad luck. He said: “We had a lot of possession in the �irst half but just couldn’t transfer it. We ran the game really. “We must have made 100 passes in the �irst half, something we haven’t done in the whole game for the last two or three matches. “We went for it in the second half and were unlucky. I don’t think they deserved it, I don’t think it was a 3-1 performance. “All the boys enjoyed playing and there’s a bit of a buzz in the changing room even after the end result.” Kingstonian went 1-0 up early in the game, courtesy of a strange penalty decision. Tony Nwachukwu fouled Sam Clayton two yards outside the area – but to everybody’s disbelief, referee Michael O’Keefe awarded a penalty and Bobby Traynor slotted it away. The ref did converse with one of his assistants but apparently went against what he was told, so the decision stood. Horsham then had a Ray Freeman






Photos by John Lines

goal correctly ruled out for offside after a brilliant ball from Senny Diedhiou, as the Hornets dominated possession throughout the first half. Tom Hutchinson hit a post for the visitors after the break and the K’s went 2-0 up through Gary MacDonald’s header after 61 minutes. Horsham pulled one back six minutes later when Diedhiou’s corner was cleared only as far as Ian Varley, who ri�led home off the crossbar from 25 yards. Despite heavy pressure from the home side, the K’s clinched the points in the 88th minute when Clayton scored a �ine individual goal. Woodford added: “We didn’t quite have the personnel, so I had to sweep up in the �irst half. In the second half I gave it a good 25 minutes before Hugo pulled me off to keep me fresh for the weekend. “It’s nice to be back after eight or nine weeks out. The �irst couple of games have been hard but I’ve played 30 minutes, and 70 minutes twice, so I’m probably pushing for 90 minutes on Saturday.” Horsham face Cray in the league at Gorings Mead tomorrow (Saturday) before visiting Littlehampton in the Sussex Senior Cup on Tuesday.

Ian Varley receives his man-of-the-match award from match sponsor Ian Jaffe

Horsham believe they are heading in the right direction despite another defeat

Callum McGeehan controls the ball

Williams Peauroux shows composure on the ball

‘Outstanding’ YM are mugged by struggling Arundel Tom Norris Football

Ten-man Horsham YMCA suffered an agonising 2-0 home defeat at the hands of lowly Arundel, as two stoppage-time goals concluded a woeful night for Sammy Donnelly’s men. An even �irst half ended in a ruinous state of affairs for the hosts when Dan Smith was shown a straight red card for kicking out at Rory Biggs. But despite their numerical disadvantage, YM were by far the

better side throughout the second period, twice hitting the woodwork while forcing James Fernandes into three top-class saves. With opportunities to wrap up the game not taken, YM set themselves up for defeat. The cruel blow came two minutes into stoppage time when Arundel’s Scott Tipper �ired home the winner, before substitute Steve Gettings added a second. Donnelly said: “I couldn’t fault the lads on their second-half performance. I thought we were outstanding, but we got mugged towards the end there. “We murdered them in the second

half. If just one of the shots that hit the target had gone in, it would have been a different story. “I thought we showed tremendous spirit with 10 players, so we’ve just got to regroup for Saturday.” That might be easier said than done for YM, whose injury troubles have mounted again ahead of the trip to Redhill tomorrow. Liam Hunter limped from the �ield with a hamstring problem, while Justin Gregory suffered a nastylooking dislocated shoulder, joining the already-injured Jahmahl King (arm), Lee Wood (back) and Lloyd Graham (hamstring).

Other results Sussex County League Division 1: Horsham YMCA 4 (Wright 2, Hunter, Wood) East Grinstead 2, Rye 1 Horsham YMCA 0. Division 2: West�ield 2 Steyning 2, Eastbourne United 3 Storrington 3 (Harding 2), Dorking Wanderers 2 Steyning 1, West�ield 2 Storrington 4 (Cockerton 3). Division 3: Uck�ield Town 2 Broadbridge Heath 2, Clymping 1 Forest 2, Barnham 7 Roffey 0, TD Shipley 2 (Pritchard 2) Bosham 1, Roffey 2 Haywards Heath 0, Clymping 1 TD Shipley 1. Mid Sussex Charity Cup 2nd round: Broadbridge Heath 0 Cowfold 2, Forest 1 Hassocks Res 2.


Friday 2 December 2011 THERESIDENT


North West Sussex Seagulls

Big crowd at Atlantis event Andrew Dunlop Youth Swimming

Shocked by Speed Andy Stonestreet

I had planned to write how good it was to watch Albion win 2-1 against Coventry, but events later in the weekend changed all that. As I watched Goals on Sunday at about 11.30am on Sunday, it was announced on the Football Association of Wales website that their national manager, Gary Speed, had died. As I write this column, the full details of his death are not clear but it would appear from police reports that he took his own life. As with any news event nowadays, Twitter goes into overdrive as soon as a story breaks. Most of the people I follow are players, fans or reporters, so I soon appreciated the total shock and deep sadness that Speedo’s passing brought to the football community. Aston Villa played at Swansea in the early kick-off, only a couple of hours after Gary’s death had been announced. The minute’s silence before the game was spontaneously broken by a round of applause and sombre chants of “There’s only one Gary Speed”. We will probably never know why Gary felt he had no other choice but to do what he did. From the messages and interviews I have read and watched, he had many friends and was very well respected, but he must have been in a terribly dark place at the end. I have no way of knowing if Gary suffered from depression. But as someone with a very close friend who went through it and thankfully came out the other side, I do have some experience of this illness. For those who have not been close to anyone with depression, it’s not just a case of telling them to buck their ideas up. They are ill and they need help and support.

A full house for the Atlantis Christmas Cracker

Horsham blitz has Seals in a flap Youth Football

Eight players got on the scoresheet as Horsham U15 won 8-0 against Selsey Seals U15 in the Arun and Chichester Youth League. Harry Lee, Callum Nash, Andrew Roberts, Rueben Selby, Ross Williams, Will Kerr, Jack Norris and Glenn Johnson each scored once as the goals were spread around in remarkable fashion. Roberts’ effort was a penalty after the visitors’ goalkeeper upended Nash, but arguably the pick of the bunch was Nash’s dipping shot from distance. With the visitors down to 10 players due to injury and illness, Horsham struck five times in the second half. Horsham U14 fought back from 2-0 down at half time to win 3-2 at Hangleton Rangers U14 in the Sussex Sunday Youth League. Finn Bigg scored scored twice, the equaliser set up by Tom Summerfield and Liam Clarke, and Louis Lewis completed the comeback with a neat chip. As the young Hornets continued to push for another, George Matthews, Ali Kerr and Clarke combined well but Clarke’s shot whistled just wide. Royal United U16 won 5-2 at Steyning Strikers U16 to maintain their unbeaten record in the Horsham and District Youth League.

Strikers took the lead through a dubious penalty, but Zac Love finished well after good work by Alex Parsons and Jacob Waller before Stanley Rice volleyed Royals’ second. Steyning drew level but another debatable penalty decision, this time for Royals, allowed Tom KillnerBrown to score from the spot. Rice fired his second and Harry Garman completed the scoring with a mazy run and cool finish. Royals boss Richard Chaplin said: “Even though we were nowhere near our best, to win 5-2 shows what a good side we are.” Lower Beeding and Handcross Lions U15 lost 5-3 against Copthorne U15, despite first-half goals by Aaron Pyzer and Glenn Johnson and a penalty equaliser by captain Andrew Roberts. Copthorne were devastating on the counter attack and struck again twice, despite the best efforts of man of the match Charlie Blair-Rains. Broadbridge Heath U13 opened up a six-point gap by beating secondplaced Cranleigh Colts U13 5-2. Heath took the lead through a brilliant individual goal by Jack Sizzey, who beat five defenders, and good work by Cameron McCracken set up Joe Kirkham for a superb second. McCracken, a Cranleigh defender and Kirkham scored the others as

Heath registered their sixth win in six league matches. The prolific Zac Massey hit a hattrick for Horsham Tigers U12 in an 8-3 win at North Holmwood U12. Sam Howard, Soul Buckman, Ben Whiteley, Lewis Rendell and Taylor Longhurst also scored. Chesworth Rovers U11 made it eight wins from eight matches with a 7-0 win against Crawley United U11. Tim Bennett, switched to centre forward, justified the decision with a hat-trick, while Josh Baker, Henry Browning, Jack Frankland and Archie Talbot contributed one each. Roffey Robins Rockets U9 won 4-2 and 4-1 in a double-header against Heron Way U9, thanks to Tom Lawrence (three), George Powling (two), Ryan Foley, Finley Harper and Josh Wheatley. Horsham Sparrows Girls U11 shared a rare 0-0 draw as Edie Tippins, Ellie Hutchinson and Hannah Gardener helped thwart tabletopping Newhaven Pinks Girls U11.

Watson powered through again and Nwachukwu used his strength and pace to score two more tries before half time, when Horsham led 29-5. As Horsham found themselves on the back foot after the break, Nwachukwu tackled a Worthing player just before the line and Matt Streeter was there to clear. Worthing increased the pressure and scored again, but Tom Clayton replied with a fantastic try and Horsham were back in control.

Sean Richardson and Tom Ayre were dominating in the forwards and the hard work paid off as fast handling from Horsham’s backs, especially Matt Blake, enabled Liam McGivern to run from the halfway line and touch down between the posts. The visitors added a controversial try when Nwachukwu was pulled back, but Watson had the final say with his third try of the game as Horsham ran out convincing winners.

Roffey Robins Rockets U9

Horsham’s competitive swimming club broke new ground by holding its first two-day open meet. Atlantis’ Christmas Cracker has become a fixture in the swimming calendar in the run-up to Christmas and this was its fifth year. But the club had changed the licence for the meet from Level 2 (the highest standard in the 25m short course format) to Level 3, opening it up to a wider range of swimmers. The programme encompassed a full range of 32 events, from 50m sprints in all strokes to the middle distance 400m free and IM events. The meet attracted a record entry – and a capacity and vocal crowd at The Pavilions in the Park. Five hundred swimmers from 31 clubs, across eight counties, completed 2,350 individual swims and achieved about 80 regional qualifying times. In addition to individual event medals, the swimmers also competed for the Atlantis Top Club trophy, awarded to the visiting club accumulating the most points. And in the four 50m sprint events (back, breast, fly and free) there was hot competition to win the Top Gun trophies for most points in each age group. The top visiting team was Shiverers, based in Lancing and Hove, who finished ahead of Sutton and Cheam, with Mid Sussex Marlins third. But it was the home club who emerged on top of the pile. Atlantis swimmers scooped 31 gold medals, 25 silver, 23 bronze and one of the Top Gun trophies, while achieving 133 county qualifying times and 27 regional qualifying times. Head coach Bill Penny said: “This two-day meet was a great advert for Atlantis and Horsham and a fantastic team effort by the club’s volunteers, who worked hand in glove with The Pavilions’ management. “It was no mean logistical feat and we were rewarded by some excellent performances in a wonderful atmosphere. This can only be good for the success of future meets.”

Declan and Michael are the hat-trick heroes Matt Streeter Youth Rugby Union

Coach Charlie Oatway presents a signed copy of his book to lifelong Albion fan Terry Hardy at the Hare & Hounds, Cowfold

Declan Nwachukwu and Michael Watson scored three tries each as Horsham U15 enjoyed a 48-17 win against Worthing U15. Nwachukwu opened the scoring and his try was converted by Liam Ruz, with the first of four successful kicks, before Watson broke through to touch down for his first. Worthing scored a try, but

Shiverers’ Henry Young, captain of the top visiting club, with Atlantis president Anne Geale


THERESIDENT Friday 2 December 2011

Sport in Brief Cricket Sussex will take on local rivals Surrey in a four-day LV County Championship match at Horsham from Wednesday, June 6, to Saturday, June 9, next year. Derbyshire Falcons will play at Horsham in the CB40 on June 10. Sussex wicketkeeper-batsman Ben Brown has signed a one-year extension to his contract, which now runs until the end of the 2013 season. Crawley-born Brown, 23, said: “I’m really pleased to have signed an extension. This is where I have grown up playing my cricket and I want to continue here.” Sussex captain Michael Yardy said: “This will give Ben further time to develop his game and work hard to produce excellent performances.” Southwater U12 lost two matches in the IDentilam Colts Indoor League at Tanbridge House School. Steyning U12 (54-1, Ewan Clark 20*) beat Southwater (53, Robbie Walder 17), Lingfield U12 (129-3, Adash Das 35) beat Southwater (69) and Lingfield (114-3) beat Steyning (92-2, Bart Poyser 23).


Holbrook Allstars suffered lastminute heartache as they lost 51-50 at Crawley Lightning. Allstars led by six points at the end of the first period, trailed by 10 at half time and reduced their deficit to a single point going into the final quarter. Lightning’s winning basket came with 26 seconds left, leaving Allstars beaten by the narrowest of margins in a game that could have gone either way. Kirsty Batchelor, Nicky Shaw and Jenny Webb each scored 10 points, Sarah Storey nine and Haylee Miller six. Horsham Hawks U12 lost 50-44 at Brighton Cougars U12, despite leading by six points with 10 minutes remaining. Hawks drew comfort from the performances of their less experienced players, which offered encouragement for the rest of the season.


Horsham’s seven-goal stunner Martin Read Hockey

After administering a clinical 7-1 demolition, Horsham richly deserved the post-match cheers from Brighton and Hove’s 2nds. An immediate attack followed by two more could easily have put Horsham three goals ahead after just five minutes, before Duncan Howarth opened the scoring following a short corner. Although the city side equalised, Horsham quickly restored their advantage with an excellent strike from 15-year-old John Kimberley. The return of Ian Brown from his gold medal-winning trip to Singapore with the England Masters strengthened Horsham’s defence, allowing them to launch fearless attacks, abetted by accurate passing. Two goals resulted in quick succession towards the end of the

half, Matt Hough and John Burroughs giving Horsham a 4-1 cushion. Horsham continued to invade straight from the restart. Although chances went begging and a goal was disallowed, repeated raids soon produced two goals within a minute, Hough and 16-year-old Jamie Whitehouse taking the score to 6-1. Howarth added Horsham’s seventh goal, his second, before another was disallowed. This superb win against a physically strong and experienced Brighton side heralded a jubilant reaction from the Horsham camp at the final whistle. Coach Sam Naismith said: “I’m so, so happy for the team. They’ve worked really hard and this is the best they’ve played for 12 months.” Team manager Al Campbell said recent performances suggested “this had to happen”, while Burroughs told The Resident: “We played with far more co-ordination to get the result

we’ve all been waiting for.” Prolific scorer Kimberley enthused: “We’ve been playing well. It’s been great, but this was by far our best performance this season.” Despite winning their last four games, Horsham remain third in the table as the top two teams both won again. Horsham travel to Folkestone tomorrow (Saturday). Horsham Ladies beat their second team 5-0 in the Sussex Knockout Cup, with goals by Heidi Menniss (two), Fran Crossley, Zeph Hardy and Shiv Aherne. And this confidence booster suggested a change in fortunes, going into the home match against Oxford Hawks Ladies. Belying their position at the foot of the league, Horsham enjoyed the better of early possession, leading to Louisa Denman scoring after 15 minutes. Oxford equalised with a scrappy goal before taking a 2-1 lead on the stroke of half time.

Horsham 7 Brighton & Hove 2nds 1 Second-half Horsham pressure created two short corners and a goalscoring chance, all unconverted. Then a lack of cover enabled Oxford to increase their lead with a breakaway goal. Horsham blocked three short corners, keeper Hannah Simpson saved a penalty and Fran Crossley reduced the deficit. But despite valiant efforts, urged on by enthusiastic supporters, Horsham were edged out 3-2. Disappointed skipper Siobhan Henn said: “We’re capable of winning, but lapses in concentration caused us to surrender the ball too easily. We’re in for a tough second half to the season.”

Billingshurst youngsters win cross country Youth Athletics

Billingshurst Primary School won the Family Schools Cross Country event at The Weald School. Youngsters from Wisborough Green, Plaistow and Kirdford, Slinfold and Loxwood also competed in the team event for youngsters from Year 1 to Year 6. Four races were contested on courses of varying lengths. Billingshurst Year 4 pupil Matthew Amor won his race and the rest of the team contributed to the school’s overall victory. This achievement is the highlight to date of an excellent start to the sports year at Billingshurst Primary School, whose football and netball A teams are unbeaten.

Kenagi trio’s belt success

Cameron Rowell, Luke Sutton and Emma Ritchie Youth Karate

Three Horsham teenagers have earned the prestigious Kenagi Karate Black Belt. Emma Ritchie and Luke Sutton, both 16, are students at Collyer’s, while Cameron Rowell, 15, attends

Tanbridge House School. The culmination of many years’ intensive study, achieving the black belt involves a six-and-a-half-hour test of endurance, technique and skill. Sensei Brian Redman, of Kenagi, said: “All three students performed exceptionally well on the day and I was delighted they all passed. “Each of the Kenagi disciplines requires intense concentration, precision and skill to reach black belt level. Achieving a black belt is an exceptional achievement. “Students will continue to grow and develop their knowledge, learning advanced techniques and styles to take them to a very different level.” Richard Skinner, of Kenagi sponsors Chandlers Building Supplies, said: “The success of these three students is exemplary. On behalf of all at Chandlers, I would like to congratulate them on becoming black belts.”

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