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May 2013

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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” — Winston Churchill



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Winds of change

Publisher Roger Coover Publications Director Deitra R. Kenoly

Karen Bakhtegan



hange is in the air once again for San Joaquin Woman magazine. I am ecstatic to announce that come June, we will be merging with Lifestyles magazine to bring you one fresh and exciting bi-monthly publication filled with all of your favorites from both magazines, along with lots of new, fun and informative features. Joining forces with current Lifestyles editor Carrie Sass and under the Lifestyles name, we will continue to be the only area magazine that is one hundred percent local; local people, local places, local perspectives! While it is bittersweet to be writing my last message to you as San Joaquin Woman magazine’s voice, it is with great joy that this edition gives me the opportunity to introduce you to two new columnists that will be joining up with Lifestyles magazine in June. Each will share their unique, enlightening and often humorous perspectives on life in San Joaquin County by converting their own popular blogs into regular featured columns in the magazine. Heather Mompean’s Mom About the Town is an often hilarious, sometimes poignant, and always honest account of life as mom, wife, friend, business owner and everything else that comes with being a woman in San Joaquin County. Susan Michener Spracher ‘s Four o’Clock Martini is equally as refreshing. Born and raised in Stockton and now the single mother of teenage girls, Susan is our resident Carrie Bradford, offering reflection, great advice, and humor from her own perspective and experiences. You can take a sneak peek at both new columnists inside this edition, and visit their blogs at and Peek-A-Boutique, Tot Culture and I am San Joaquin Woman will also be coming along for the ride, in addition to all the health and fitness, and fashion and beauty content that our readers have come to love. For now you can still enjoy them inside these pages. So please enjoy this last edition of San Joaquin Woman as a single gal, and be sure to pick up the new Lifestyles magazine in June to find all the benefits of a great partnership. Farewell for now. I’ll be seeing you soon.

Editor Karen Bakhtegan Graphic Designers Jason Ente Dan Loeffelbein Contributing Writers Katie Donahue Charleen Earley Eunice Green Heather Mompean Leah Myers Susan Pirie Kim Robinson Susan Michener Spracher Contributing PhotographerS Charleen Earley Cover photo by Charleen Earley

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May 2013


7 Coaching the future Lynne Roberts

10 The Lisa Project

209 moms

14 Tot Culture San Joaquin kids photo gallery

20 Four o'clock Martini

By Susan Michener Spracher

28 Mom about the town

By Heather Mompean

body, mind & spirit

22 A woman's love




By Kim Robinson

24 Preparing for motherhood 26 Loving your children

with good nutrition

By Eunice Green


30 Stride Rite Saltwater sandals


32 Choosing the right makeup

artist for your wedding

MAY 2013

Coaching the future in the game of life B

STORY AND PHOTO By Charleen Earley

ased on her perfectly athletic figure, one would never

guess Lynne Roberts has 15 kids, all girls. Okay, so maybe she coaches each of them for the University of the Pacific’s women’s basketball Tigers, but in her eyes, and while most of these girls are away from home, she’s their surrogate “mom.” “There’s an element in coaching college kids; it’s like parenting – they’ve gotta know you love them, but you’re not their friends,” said Roberts of Stockton, coaching her seventh season at UOP. “They know I love them and would do anything for them, but we’re friends after they graduate!” ➤

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


photo courtesy of university of the pacific

As head coach, Roberts led her girls to 18 wins last season, and has 155 career coaching

It’s not going to be like Disneyland,” said

relationships with the players.”

Roberts, who, when off the court, enjoys

Her workweek is not for the faint. Working

cooking, staying active, and dinner parties

sometimes seven days a week, 12 hours long

with friends and good wine. “If you love it, it

“My goal is to be a positive catalyst for

with paperwork, recruiting, three-hour blocks

doesn’t feel like a job!”

these girls to reach their potential, and not

of practice, phone calls, emails, and during

necessarily on the basketball court,” said

season, games both home and away.

victories. As “mom,” her job is to give them tools for the future.


to impact young people and create those

Her students see both the coach and mom side of her.

Roberts. “College years are a critical time in

“Especially in Division I Athletics, it’s tough;

“On the court, she’s very energetic; she

developing who you are, and I have the ability

it’s a full-time job, year-round, full commitment.

knows how to motivate you and get you going. ➤

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2013

She knows how to get you to play better,”

Female basketball idols, on the other hand,

very relatable because she’s played college

said Erica McKenzie, 21, of Sparks, Nevada,

were difficult to come by for Roberts, who

basketball at a high level, so she’s been through

who plays guard. “Off the court, she’s always

remembers looking up to Tara Vanderveer,

the same experiences I’m going through now.”

there for you if you need someone to talk to.

who led the Stanford Cardinal to two NCAA

“She’s also someone I can go to, because

With your family far away, it’s nice to know her

Women’s Division I Basketball Championships

I don’t physically have my parents here, since

office is always open to talk about life. It’s really

in 1990 and 1992.

they’re in Southern California,” she added.

great to have a relationship like that with your coach.”

“It’s neat to see the shift in 20 years, with all the women who are role models now,” said

“She’s been a huge mentor for me. I look up to her 100%.”

As Roberts becomes a mentor to these

Roberts, who helped her Pacific Tigers finish

Even though Kendall Kenyon’s parents live

young women, she recalls her own lifelong

third in the Big West in 2011-12, the highest

in town, she still sees Roberts as coach, mom


BWC finish since 2004.

and sometimes sister.

“Gordy Presnell, he’s the head coach at Boise State University, and coached me at

Kendall Rodriguez, 21, of La Habra, Ca. says Coach Roberts is her first female coach.

“It’s great to have someone who doesn’t just care about you as a player, but who cares

Seattle Pacific University (her alma mater). I still

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was in

about you as a person as well,” said Kenyon,

talk to him about four to five times a week;

the fourth grade, so for the last 12 years, I’ve

19, center. “Coach Rob really cares for us. With

he’s a great support for me,” said Roberts. “I

only had male coaches until I came to Pacific.

my family being here in town, it’s like having

wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. He knows

It’s a new experience for me having Coach Rob

another mom around, taking care of the team.

me like I know my players. If I hit a rough spot

as someone I could relate to off the court,”

But it’s also like having an older sister, because

or tough loss, we just check in.”

said Rodriguez, who plays forward. “She’s

she’s hilarious and goofs around with us!” ❧



S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an




MAY 2013




By Katie Donahue

hen Gene Hardin visited the traveling King Tut

exhibit in San Francisco, he was inspired by more than just the history and artifacts. He was inspired by a concept: a multisensory museum exhibit. ➤

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


“Why can’t we do this type of display for child abuse?” Hardin

little something extra [with a multisensory exhibit]. It’s like looking

says of his initial thought. “Take a child by the hand, figuratively, and

at a picture of the world’s fastest rollercoaster or reading all the

let them tell you their story.”

stats about it, versus being on the ride itself,” says Hardin. “The Lisa

The seeds of The Lisa Project had been firmly planted. Hardin

Project promises to make you ‘go beyond the headlines.’ We immerse

collaborated with staff at the Child Abuse Prevention Council of San

you in that world for 25 minutes and the result is something not

Joaquin County (CAPC) on the initial steps. His wife, Lindy Turner-

easily forgotten.”

Hardin, is executive director of the CAPC. CAPC staff social workers compiled the stories that were to be

including stops in Lodi, Manteca, Sacramento and Modesto. The

told. Designed and executed in less than four months, the first exhibit

exhibit will be shown in Tracy throughout the month of June at

was made possible thanks to 800 volunteer hours prior to opening

the West Valley Mall – hours are Thursdays and Fridays 4-8 p.m.,

day in April 2010.

Saturdays 10-6, Sundays 1-5, closed on Father’s Day.

The project is named for Lisa, whom visitors meet through the

The Lisa Project has surpassed Hardin’s original expectations, and

audio of a 911 call from 28 years ago. Hardin says they were fortunate

he has received inquiries from across the U.S. and around the globe

to know someone connected to that particular case, allowing them

about the exhibit, including India and the Netherlands.

to tell the rest of her story, revealed at the end of the exhibit. The powerful, true stories are depicted in staged scenes and

A visit to the Lisa Project provides an opportunity to prevent violence before it happens, Hardin says.

the accompanying audio of each child’s story is read by an actor.

“Oftentimes, people see things but they’re not sure if they should

Altogether, approximately six stories are told that cover the spectrum

act. I think the Lisa Project reminds them and encourages them to

of child abuse.

act,” Hardin says. ➤

“One-dimensional exhibits are very effective. However, there is a


The Lisa Project has been exhibited widely across the state,

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

“One thing we say is this: ‘Chances are there has been a time when you’ve witnessed something or heard something that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.’ Make the call. It’s not just the social worker’s, CPS, or law enforcement’s job. It’s everybody’s.” ❧

For more information about The Lisa Project:

209 M OM S

tot culture Ava Grace Jobrack 1 month OLD Stockton Parents: Sol & Jessica Jobrack Photographer: Stephanie Libhart, Lucille Marguerite Photography

Elijah Carter 7 months OLD STOCKTON Grandparents: Rob and Diana Flores-Magin

Haven and Hope 4 years old Escalon parents: Lloyd and Holly MacKinnon photographer: Heather McAlister

Alexa 5 years OLD Stockton Grandparents: Arnold and Bobbie Fasano


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MARCH 2013

Isabella and Mila 3 years old and 10 months old Stockton Parents: Cynthia Huerta and Thomas Hoyle

Ayden Ryan 12 weeks, DOB 11/01/12 Linden Grandmother: Kris Tillery

Jaide 2 years old Lodi Parent: Alyisha Calvert

Cary 14 monthS old Dexter 4 years old Grandmother: Jackie Sinigaglia

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


Braylen Utterback 2 yEArs old Stockton PARENT: Kaycee Patton

Trenton 4 months Tracy parents: Adam Smith and Samantha Maggi

Dominic 5 YEARS OLD Stockton Great-Grandmother: Lorraine Sabbatini

Aliyah 3 YEARS OLD Stockton Parents: Travis and Rachel Stafford


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MARCH 2013


Gracy Eva Pippi 3 YEARS OLD Stockton Parent: Randall G. Pippi

London Olivia Rivera 10 days old Stockton Parents: Jacqui Saenz and Rudy Rivera

Ella 3 YEARS OLD Stockton Grandparents: Danny & Janet

Anaiya Taylor 5 years old Stockton Parent: Lisa Misasi-Chang

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


209 M OM S

By Susan Michener Spracher


elcome to The Four o’clock Martini. I couldn’t be

earliest recollection there was Lucille Ball. I LOVED Lucy. As

more excited to meet you in this space. What is this space and

a latchkey kid I logged many hours laughing with Lucy, and

who am I? Read on.

I’m sure she was a big influence on developing my sense of

This space is the column version of the blog I’ve been writing for two years. Being a writer has been a lifelong

great women to my writing.

dream, and losing my job provided the time and motivation

What you’ll read about here is probably just the stuff

to do it. I’m a lover of words (translation: avid reader) with

you’re experiencing in this crazy, sexy life. I’m pretty much

a big desire to talk, so having a forum where those things

the girl next door, having lived in Stockton all of my life. I’m a

converge is heaven.

single mother of two teenage girls, reinventing my life at 47.

My role models and inspiration are Erma Bombeck, Carrie

I’ve been up, down, almost out, and now I’m back, baby. Trust

Bradshaw (the Sex in the City theme is my ringtone) and

that there will be a laugh in there somewhere, because that’s

Lucille Ball. Erma’s witty sense of humor turned everyday

where the joie de vivre (exuberant enjoyment of life) is. I hope

topics into clip-worthy columns carried in wallets and posted

to give you something to sip on, with a friend that leaves you

on refrigerators until the newspaper yellowed. Back in the

stirred and soothed.

day, my aunt would mail me Erma’s pearls of wisdom that

I see The Four o’clock Martini as a word lounge; a place to

every college girl should know. I still love watching re-runs

come and partake in witty, lively, opinionated, and thought-

of Carrie writing from her New York apartment about the

provoking conversation. I think people thrive in community

subjects we’re endlessly fascinated with; relationships and

and conversation, and I’m looking forward to interacting

sex, all the while looking impossibly fashionable. I fancied

here, on the blog and on the Facebook page. Pull up a chair,

that I too might become a columnist someday. And from my

pour your favorite beverage, and let’s dish. ❧




humor. My goal is to bring some measure of each of these

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an



WOMAN’S LOVE By Kim Robinson


recently attended an event where the keynote speaker, after warmly

our unbridled, joyous state we shower those we love with kindness,

greeting everyone, said, “Ladies, listen up! The latest statistics show that

compassion, nurturing and care. We wrap our loved ones in a bubble

husbands are 90% more likely than wives to put their spouse into a care

of good intentions, prayers, sage words of wisdom and nourishment in

home if the spouse develops a chronic or life threatening illness. Women

various guises. We are often the hub of the family. It’s a weighty and

have officially been proven to be the mainstay caretakers in our society,

precious responsibility that we women hold, for our hands not only rock

hands down. So if you get sick, you’re going to a home!” The mainly

the cradle, they also help shape the world.

female audience broke out into peals of laughter, which seemed to shock

A mother’s love for her child often brings forth the essence of her

and surprise the male speaker and the smattering of chagrined males

true identity as a woman. The act of giving birth is heroic because it

in the room. The speaker seemed to think this would be shocking news

involves pain, and forces her to shift from a focus on ego to a focus on

to us all. However, we women have known for a very long time that we

facing the risks of life together with her newborn. In the excitement to

love in a way that defies common sense, logic or rational thought. We

see a brand-new baby we sometimes forget that a brand-new mother

love with our entire being. Mind, body, spirit, emotions: we are in it to

was born in that moment as well, a woman who now has an awakened

win it when it comes to love, and we will see it through with a tenacity

heart beating inside her chest. Profound, transcendent, selfless, unlimited

that amazes most men.

love pours out of the new mother in waves towards that tiny bit of

A woman’s heart is a precious thing. We all have the basic issue

humanity she’s just gifted to the world. How wonderful would it be if in

8 ounces of life force pumping muscle embedded in our chests, yet

that moment of triumph our mothers could lift us up to the heavens in

the energy that our hearts emit truly makes the world go round. In

Simba-like posture and proclaim their courage, pride and intentions ➤

Do you have a question for Kim?

Email your questions to kimrobinsonintuitive@gmail. com, and you may find your answers in the next edition of San Joaquin Woman magazine. Kim Robinson is an intuitive life coach in Stockton. Combined with her unique gift of intuition, her non-standard approach helps people deal with issues such as grief, low self-esteem, anger, depression, substance abuse, compulsive behavior, financial difficulties, sexual abuse, control issues, and weight and eating disorders, just to name a few. 22

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

for us, flesh of their flesh, heart of their hearts. Women seem to know and understand the importance of their role in caring for their young, yet sadly not all mothers have been taught how to best love their child, nor are all mothers prepared to immediately step into a maternal role. Loving does not always guarantee that a child feels loved, nor that the relationship between mother and child will be a happy one. Mothers will do their best to provide us with a home, food, basic care and security, yet there are five crucial things that allow a child to grow into a loving, vibrant adult with good self-esteem, a healthy ego and who creates and sustains happiness and knows how to make relationships work. The mother who grew up with and knows how to give these gifts to her children is wise indeed. For those who did not receive these things in their own childhood, it is never too late to learn and share them with your own children. In his insightful book How to Be an Adult in Relationships, author and therapist David Richo teaches us about the Five As and the importance they play in our relationships throughout life:

1. Attention to the present moment; observing, listening, and noticing all the feelings at play in our relationships. 2. Acceptance of ourselves and others just as we are. 3. Appreciation of all our gifts, our limits, our longings, and our poignant human predicament. 4. Affection shown through holding and touching in respectful ways. 5. Allowing life and love to be just as they are, with all their ecstasy and ache, without trying to take control. When deeply understood and applied, these five simple concepts form the basis of mature love. They help us to move away from judgment, fear, and blame to a position of openness, compassion, and realism about life and relationships. When a mother gives and receives these five As, she can by example show her child how relationships become deeper and more meaningful, and how they become a ground for personal transformation. It’s every mother’s wish for her child as she lovingly guides them towards adulthood. Imagine with me, if you will, a world filled with people who have an enriched, happy, healthy existence where love flows and wisdom grows. A wonderful world where generations recognize and reap the legacy of a woman’s love. ❧


Preparing for Motherhood By Susan Pirie


hether you’re expecting your first or fourth child,

the months before your little one arrives will be spent preparing for the role of a lifetime: motherhood. Motherhood is an amazing journey that starts long before the birth of your baby. As a pre- and post-natal educator at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, I’ve had the pleasure of guiding new moms (and dads) on their journey to motherhood for over 30 years. If you’re expecting your first (or fourth) child, here are a few helpful things to consider along the way. ➤


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2013

A healthy, well-balanced diet is crucial during pregnancy. Eating

Exercise is important during pregnancy, and can even offset some of

enough protein, carbohydrates and whole grains is important for

the common discomforts that occur during pregnancy. Just 30 minutes

developing babies. However, you’ll make your head spin if you read too

of exercise a day can reduce backaches, bloating, and swelling, boost

much into what to eat and not eat during your pregnancy. Too many

your mood, build strength, and help you sleep better. And trust me, you’ll

new moms go crazy on the Internet reading message boards, blogs,

want to get as much sleep as you can before your new baby arrives!

and articles. There are no easy solutions or anecdotes for what you

Walking, swimming, and light aerobics are excellent exercise options

should or shouldn’t eat, and how much you should consume. Most

for future moms.

of this is specific to your body type and the way it functions. Future

Your pregnancy is also a great time to start exploring the

moms obviously should stay away from alcohol, and decrease caffeine

option of breastfeeding. It’s proven that moms who seek education

consumption. If you are concerned about what to eat or not eat, talk to

on breastfeeding during their pregnancy are more successful in

your physician or a nutritionist; he or she can give you a diet specific to

breastfeeding their babies. St. Joseph’s Medical Center, the county’s first

your body’s needs.

Baby-Friendly hospital, provides incredible support and education for

While nutrition is a big concern for future moms, one thing that most

new moms interested in breastfeeding. Both mom and baby benefit from

women have a hard time coming to terms with is the weight gain that

breastfeeding; your little one receives optimal nutrients, antibodies, and

comes with pregnancy. You’re going to put on more weight than you

easier digestion from breast milk while you burn more calories, lower

might be used to, but this is all part of providing for your little one. A

your risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and save money by breastfeeding.

normal-weight woman should gain about 30 pounds during pregnancy.

In addition to breastfeeding, new moms should start making a

To help future moms feel more comfortable about this weight gain,

birthing plan. This is the best way to ensure that the birth of your little one is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Things to begin thinking

here’s how it breaks down:

• • • • • • • •

Baby – 7.5 pounds Amniotic Fluid – 2 pounds Placenta – 1.5 pounds Uterus – 2 pounds Breasts – 2 pounds Body Fluids – 4 pounds Blood – 4 pounds Maternal stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients – 7 pounds

Susan Pirie

RNC-OB, CCE, IBCLC, St. Joseph’s Prenatal Education Coordinator

about and include are birthing options, use of pain medication, and who you want to have with you during the birth of your child. And finally, it is incredibly helpful to learn about the realities of a caring for a newborn. Start asking your parents or friends with children about their experience. The more experience and education you soak in before your baby arrives, the more prepared you’ll be. Part of this is finding a support group during your pregnancy – find people that can be there for you before and after your baby is born. The birth of a baby is an experience to cherish. While the journey there might seem arduous, don’t forget to stop and savor it. To all of you expecting and new moms: congratulations, you’re in for the time of your life. ❧

St. Joseph’s offers free and comprehensive childbirth and parenthood preparatory classes. For more information on these classes, call 209-461-5213 or visit

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an



Loving our Children with Good Nutrition W

e no longer live a Leave it to Beaver lifestyle where moms are home

all day, cleaning, taking care of the home and cooking healthy, nutritious meals from scratch. Moms these days have a heavy schedule, and even children have heavy schedules that moms need to coordinate. It is no wonder that families resort to fast food for their meals, sometimes many days of the week. There really isn’t time to even think about the detrimental effects – it’s enough, most of the time, to just decide which fast food restaurant to go to, to fill the bellies of hungry children who are coming from or going to the next class, game or event. But maybe it is time to give some thought to the adverse effect of this kind of lifestyle. Childhood obesity, young people with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even the high incidence of skin disorders, including acne, are clues that this lifestyle is not conducive to good health. Not only for what it is doing to children now, but setting a pattern for their future lifestyles and eating habits. ➤

By Eunice Green, NHD


MAY 2013

and making the decisions on what to cook.

It is amazing how little children know about

their child. Why not spend some additional time

food; many think that French fries are a vegetable

now on prevention and establishing good habits.

Chop up some raw vegetables and put them

and that home cooking means putting something

So how do we make these changes without it

in the cooler with some fruit – put it in the car, and

in the microwave.

being incredibly overwhelming?

have something ready for healthy snacks before a

Moms are not doing this to intentionally harm

It does take some planning and sometimes a

game or a class. Add some bottles of water so

their children; many are not even totally aware

little education. In this day and age, we have so

you aren’t tempted to go to a drive-thru for a

of the harm bad diets are causing. Yet ignorance

many tools and resources available. Can’t cook?

soda because someone is complaining of thirst.

and avoidance do not eradicate the harm. No one

No excuse – if you can read, you can cook. There

Yes, it does take some time, but mom’s health

wants to think that what they are doing is setting

are so many healthy cookbooks available, and the

will improve as well, and her energy will increase.

their children up for future pain and suffering.

internet is also a great resource.

A multivitamin for mom and kids is also a

Fixing healthy meals can take some additional

How about throwing fruits, vegetables and a

wonderful idea; but remember, a supplement with

time. But the time spent now can save the time it

protein powder in the blender in the morning, and

a bad diet is still a bad diet. The foods we eat

will take later, attempting to “fix” these problems.

making a great tasting smoothie?

are the most important; they supply the fuel, the

And fixing health problems, taking a child to the

Crockpots are a great tool to use. Set it up in

doctor, for tests, treatments etc. can be very time-

the morning and come home to a delicious hot

consuming and difficult to fit into a schedule, but


energy and the nutrition that keeps disease from forming. Let’s get our children – our future generation –

this can also be a financial challenge. Any parent

Need some quality time with your children?

on the road to good health, and more aware of

would do anything, spend any amount of time

Get them involved and teach them how to cook.

what it takes to prevent health challenges by

and money, to alleviate a sickness or disease for

Let them help with the planning, finding recipes

eating the right foods. ❧

209 M OM S


ello! Well, great. What if the introduction to my

introduction is more exciting than me? Pressure!


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

By HEATHER mompean

bonus three adult children, are my world. If any of them were to relocate to the moon, I would miss them.

So about me. I am a mom, wife, employee, business

My husband is a pretty neat guy. He, like me, does not

owner and blogger. I have basically given up sleeping, as it

know how to say no to any of his passions. He works full-

gets in the way of all the above. Plus, I drink a lot of coffee.

time as a marriage family therapist by day, and a musician

A lot of coffee.

on the weekends. He is in TWO bands. One wasn’t enough.

I have a 7-year-old daughter and a 2.5-month-old son.

I think he is trying to escape the family. Since he does not

I love them to the moon and back. That does not mean

drink coffee, do dishes or vacuum, he still has time to sleep.

that there aren’t moments when I want to send them to

Mr. Mompean is also my best friend. We have made

the moon. Since flights into space are still just a tad too

our marriage work for 16 years, and both of us are willing

pricey, the alternative is to enjoy the heck out of them,

to commit to at least another 5. Then we’ll see how it

which I do, most of the time.

goes. I love him entirely. That does not mean that every

Sarah is a second-grader, and is currently working on

day is a good day – it’s just that our commitment to each

some really hard math that may require me to hire a tutor

other holds a little more weight than a mid-day argument

for myself so that I can help her with homework. Elijah

about why he doesn’t do dishes.

is in daycare, and is becoming quite adept at stacking,

When I am not working, giving the kids a bath, or

racing, throwing, and “vrooming” little toy cars across

working with my photography clients, I am at the computer

ANY surface, including my once expensive, pre-children,

writing about life and community. That is how Mom About

inlaid wood coffee table. These two kiddos, along with my

The Town was started. I wanted to write in a way that ➤

connects with other women, wives and moms

just reasonably acceptable, grab a cup of coffee

about this crazy life. I like the community aspect

and let’s hang out together. If you like what you

because I think if we all feel connected to one

read here, and think we’d be good friends, you

another, it’s a whole lot easier to support each

can learn more about me here: ❧

other. Plus, Mom About The Town gives me an excuse to take more pictures and do a lot of shopping. A lot of shopping. My goal with the Mom About The Town column is to provide reading enjoyment

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sandals outlast summer article and photos By Charleen Earley


uality shoes and sandals are difficult to find these days, but if

you’re shopping at Stride Rite at the Sherwood Mall in Stockton. With 30 years in the business of children’s shoes, you could almost call owner Henry Meester a cobbler. He owns two Stride Rite stores (the other in Modesto), measures every kid’s feet, and knows pretty much everything about children’s shoes, especially their most popular summer footwear, the Salt Water Sandals. “The soles are indestructible, which makes them so popular,” said Meester of Ripon, who now helps design some of the latest colors and patterns. “That’s the foundation of this business – the quality and durability. And they’re comfortable, too!” ➤


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2013

He said the sandals are waterproof, and the

couldn’t copy the quality or durability, only the

buckles, rustproof. Believe it or not, the sandals

look. Girls started to ask ‘are these real Salt

will basically outlast summer, and with their

Water Sandals?’ So I had the logo placed on the

signature stitching and special coating over the

top for authenticity,” said Meester, whose four

leather, ocean salt water can’t have its way with

grandkids also wear Salt Water Sandals.

deterioration. “What we find is, the sandals usually get passed down to the next child!”

Stride Rite was the first to carry the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) grant of

Salt Water Sandal sizes range from simply

its Seal of Acceptance for several styles of their

adorable (baby size 3) to fabulous (women,

baby shoes. Meester says what sets them apart

size 11), and are made exclusively for Meester

from all other shoe stores is their knowledge

in the U.S.A. from a company called Hoy Shoe

and service.

Company in St. Louis. He said the logo name of

“We hear people say all the time, ‘whoa,

“Salt Water” was recently engraved on the top

this is the way it used to be!’” said Meester.

of each sandal for a reason.

“I’ve always stayed in the children’s shoe

“Several years ago Nordstrom and Mervyn’s went to Brazil and copied the pattern but

business, because by fitting children in quality footwear, it makes a difference.” ❧

STRIDE RITE 5308 Pacific Avenue • Stockton 209-957-4509

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an



Choosing the Right edding Makeup Artist


By Leah Myers


akeup style is very personal, and wedding

makeup is not the same thing as an everyday look.

using your own favorite items for the big day.

The photos will last a lifetime, and every bride wants

An alternative to looking for a makeup artist via

to look like a better version of herself on the day she

the Internet is searching at your local department

gets married. Everyone has an individual preference

store or through friends and family. Many makeup

when it comes to colors, brands and application

artists who work for retail cosmetics lines, such

method. A makeup look conveys much about the

as MAC, Chanel and Estee Lauder also work as

person, and it is especially important for a bride to

freelance makeup artists in their free time. It is fairly

exude her distinct personal style and taste on her

common for major cosmetics lines to

wedding day.

offer free in-store makeovers, and if

Wedding season is here, and when searching for


any certain brand of cosmetics, or feel free to suggest

you like the final result, that is

a local makeup artist, the Internet is usually the best

the time to inquire about

place to start looking for information. Makeup artists

outside services. YouTube

who show before-and-after photos of previous

offers countless makeup

clients on their web site make it easy to gauge skill

application tips, and is an

level. It is quite easy to get a sense of the artist’s style

excellent source for viewing

and ability by looking at a professional portfolio;

makeup tutorials. As a bonus,

however a “trial run,” ideally scheduled six to nine

the exact products used

months before the wedding date, is truly the only

in the video are usually

way to know for sure if the artist’s personality and

listed at the end.

skills are a good match for the client. During the trial

Recently, I had the

makeover, feel free to ask the artist if he/she prefers

chance to speak with ➤

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

Lia Negrete, a San Francisco-based wedding hair and makeup artist, who shared some advice for women who are preparing for their big day. The first one is to bring your wedding dress with you to the trial makeover (or photos of the dress) so the artist can get a sense of the overall look and style the bride wants. It can also be helpful to bring in magazine photos of makeup looks that you want to replicate on the day of the trial run makeover. A professional makeup artist understands the difference between everyday makeup and makeup used in photography. There is a fine line, and the key is to wear enough makeup so the photos capture the right amount of color without appearing overly made up. Fees will vary from person to person, yet some things are negotiable. For instance, if the bride includes her wedding party in the services, they could potentially offer an all-inclusive price for a certain number of people. After you have chosen a makeup artist, closely review the details in the contract agreement – such as a timeline of when the makeup artist will arrive to set up on the scheduled event date, when he or she will begin makeup, and a list of each person who wants hair and makeup services. Coordinate this information with the photographer and makeup artist so that he/she knows when to be ready for photo sessions, and then all the bride has to do is calmly slip into her dress and smile. �

San Joaquin Woman May 2013  

The May issue of San Joaquin Woman, by the Stockton Record.

San Joaquin Woman May 2013  

The May issue of San Joaquin Woman, by the Stockton Record.