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Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

King to speak about the ‘state’ of the district Debby Schamber For The Record

It had been a “great year” for the Bridge City ISD and school officials have plans to make it even better next school year. Mike King, BCISD superintendent, will be speaking at the Bridge City, City Council meeting on June 4 and the Rotary Club on June 13 to discuss the state of BCISD. ‘We had a great school year and we’ve got a lot of plans for the future,” Kind said. During his talk, he intends to cover the various programs

Stark Foundation welcomes new director Staff Report For The Record

The Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation in Orange welcomes Katrina (Trina) Nelson Thomas as Director, Stark Art and History Venues, effective Tuesday The recent retirement of Patsy Herrington, f o r m e r Managing Director of The W.H. Stark H o u s e , Thomas presented a unique opportunity for long-term planning for the Foundation’s arts and history venues. Foundation management, with the support of the Board of Directors, initiated a realignment that ultimately resulted in the consolidation of the Stark Museum of Art and The W.H. Stark House under one director. The Stark Foundation Archives will also be part of this art and history union going forward. While the Museum and House will retain separate physical facilities, the realignment will facilitate collaboration among these related venues, and


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the evening ahead. For and how they are dothe first time in Bridge ing. The programs to City ISD history, 300 be discussed include teachers were divided fine arts, athletics, into teams and visited vocational and acaabout 1,500 addresses demics. He will diswithin the neighborcuss how they are dohood sections. ing and the initiatives As 5 p.m. neared for the programs, they geared up to leave where BCISD is presMIKE KING and start knocking on ently and the plans to doors. During each short visit move forward. “We are proud of the kids while talking to area parents and all they’ve done through- and students they emphasized out the school year,” King said. how much BCISD appreciated King began the 2012-13 the strong relationships beschool year with a Red Bird tween the school and home. The teachers were also ready Roundup. The event started with a to answer any questions. Before leaving, the parents kick-off at the Bridge City Elementary as teachers met and were given a back to school received information about packet which included news-

letters from each campus, supply lists from Bridge City Elementary and Intermediate, lunch information, a school calendar, fall athletic schedule, booster club information, computer safety flyer and a phone number refrigerator magnet. It wasn’t long before BCISD was in the headlines regarding STAAR testing. In August there were reports from The Texas Education Agency which announced 44 percent of Texas school campuses met the Adequate Yearly Progress, known as the AYP, which is a federal accountability system. However, the Bridge City school district was the only public district in

Orange County this year to meet the federal standards set by the U.S. Department of Education under the 2001 ‘No Child Left Behind Act.’ Mike King, along with the Bridge City School board took a stand against what is called the “one day, one test” system. “One day, one test does not determine our accountability,” King said during a previous interview. “What we want is a full range of accountability. You just don’t get a full picture on one day tests.” King took the measure a bit farther when he traveled to Austin to discuss the matter further with legislators. The three bills debated were HB 5, SB 3 and SB 1734. The focus

points are accountability, graduation plan reform and funding. King and BCISD officials were faced with the growing controversy over CSCOPE. King said they will continue to use the program, but what is available may become limited. However, Bridge City teachers only use the program as a foundation to their daily lesson plans. CSCOPE, developed by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative and sold by Texas Regional Education Service Centers, is the curriculum management tool BCISD Page 3A

BC Library offers summer reading Debby Schamber For The Record

The Friends of the Bridge City Public Library in cooperation with the Texas State Library’s Reading Club 2013 is offering a Wednesday morning story time and reading program. Children from Pre-K through the fifth grade are invited to participate. Those who register at the library from May 28 through June 4 will receive a timed reading log to record the time spent reading. It is suggested participants read at least 15 minutes daily. The reading logs need to be turned in to the library by June 24. Only those who return logs will receive recognition for their accomplishments. This summer the library will host programs with special guests. Preschool children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the program. All of the programs begin at 11 a.m. and end at noon. Starting on June 5, Jim Pennington will present the Texas A&M Chemistry Road Show followed by Chester Moore who will ask, “Think you know the great outdoors?” Tiffany Ivy will host “Put that fire out, Mr. Fireman on June 19 and Don Vercher will make balloon animals on June 26. Janelle Ramsey will be at the library on July 10 talking about Pecos Bill who is not the only folktale. Jo Ann Russell will present a program on Therapy Dogs Caution and being safe around dogs fol-

lowed by Becky Webb on July 24 about pygmy goats liking to be petted. Finally, on July 31 there will be an awards ceremony with the Bridge City Strutters. The Friends of the Bridge City Public Library began as a support committee in March 1988 when twenty concerned citizens addressed the needs of the community to establish the city’s first public library. The response from the public was tremendous. By August 1988 a non-binding referendum passed showing support for a new public library and the city appointed an advisory board for the library. The group worked for two years prior to the completion of the 2,500 square foot structure in 1991 by receiving donations of thousands of books which they sorted and processed in preparation to putting them on the library shelves. The Friends supervised volunteers as they set up a make-shift library in a former dance studio to get ready to open. The city funded the building of the slab and shell exterior of the metal building. After many man hours of labor by the Friends of the Library, to build the interior of the new metal structure and

Tony and Arlette Guidry have been on quite a journey since July of last year. Tony is being called a medical miracle. RECORD PHOTOS: Penny LeLeux

The ‘Miracle Man’ Penny Leleux

For The Record

“He’s a true, documented medical miracle,” said Arlette Guidry. “He should be a vegetable and he’s not, praise God.” The he she is referring to is her husband, Tony Guidry. “When we say he is a miracle of God, we mean totally. Medical, they are not claiming anything but that the grace of God healed him.” In July of last year Tony underwent heart surgery. The surgery went well. It was when they tried to get him off the bypass machine and sew up the hole in his heart they encountered problems. The doctor equated it with trying to sew through cheese. It apparently was a birth anomaly that may have never been discovered. The surgeon, Dr. Lowayne Miller told Arlette he finally got it to hold, but Tony wasn’t out of the woods yet

and advised her to bring in her “Prayer warriors.” A passing nurse heard the whooshing sound of the blood when the sutures failed, even before alarms went off. “If it wouldn’t have been for their quick team work and the doctors, he wouldn’t be here. In fact he was gone,” said Arlette. She said Dr. Miller told them he said, “Lord, I’m losing this man.” He heard God say, “No you’re not.” Dr. Miller told Mrs. Guidry that was the first time he had ever audibly heard God speak to him. “So I kept working,” he told her. Arlette said she heard, but hasn’t confirmed that Dr. Miller was asked about four times if he wanted to “call it,” but he refused. In literal terms, “call it” means to pronounce the time of death. Tony’s brain became completely drained GUIDRY MIRACLE MAN Page 3A


Missing person case ruled homocide Debby Schamber For The Record

The case of a missing Louisiana woman is now being worked as a homicide case. Autopsy reports indicate Tami Higgenbotham, 41, was strangled to death. The case is an ongoing, active investigation. Joshua Latham, 26, is considered to be a “person of interest,” according to Robert Smith, of the Texas Rangers. Higgenbotham, left her residence on Feb. 8 from Vinton, La. to go to Orange. Her truck

rings. By 1:30 the was found later at Blue texts from HiggenboBird’s Fish Camp on tham stopped. Simmons Drive, but Knowing it was odd she was no where to be for her sister since she found. During the trip was “always connectto Orange she had sent ed”, Robinson bea text to her sister, Stacame worried and ci Robinson, saying tried repeatedly to she was going to sell call her but each call her phone to Joshua LATHAM went straight to voice Latham. Higgenbotham wanted to upgrade so mail. Robinson later went to the she had decided to sell her phone. Around 1 p.m. Higgen- fish camp and showed a picbotham sent a text to her sis- ture of her sister to people in ter saying Latham wanted her the area. They told her they to help him pick out wedding had seen Higgenbotham and

she had gotten into a vehicle with Latham. However, when Robinson asked Latham if he had seen her sister, he denied ever meeting up with her. Latham’s girlfriend told Robinson Latham was at work on the day of the disappearance. However, Robinson would later learn he didn’t have a job. Latham, who was wanted in connection with the disappearance of Higgenbotham, fled the area. He was arrested a few days later, Feb. 14, in Maryville, Tenn. Orange police contact-

ed local officials in Maryville, and told them Latham had relatives in the area. Maryville police checked the relative’s residence, and found Latham, along with his girlfriend, and their two-week -old infant. The woman and child were reported to be safe. He was held on charges he violated his felony probation. Detectives and the Texas Ranger went to Tennessee to interview Latham concerning the disappearance of HiggenHIGGENBOTHAM Page 3A

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

For grads, it’s just you and the future n Childhood memories will last a lifetime, but, life will never again be the same. Roy Dunn For The Record This is for those youngsters who will be graduating this month, who will be leaving the protection of home and striking out on their own. You have absolutely no idea what the future has in store. You will have great things happen, and you will also get a lot of hard bumps. The bumps will seem harder to you than they really are. Your parents, up to now, have been taking many bumps for you, sheltering you against them. Later, you will do the same for your children. Time will help you become calloused against those hard knocks. So don’t get discouraged. It takes cutting and polishing to reveal a diamond; it also takes some suffering to “bring you out.” Many of life’s worst heartaches come in those early years when we strike out into the world for ourselves. We stub our toes and scrape our shins on mountains made of molehills. Keep the courage; don’t get disheartened. You will find distinct classes of people down life’s highway. Some will go out of their way to help you, to guide you, to share their wisdom from the bitter

experiences they faced. Pay attention to these people, especially the elderly. They have learned the shortcuts to take and the pitfalls to avoid. You will also meet some plain nasty people, varying in degree. They are the people who make life disagreeable and wretched for themselves and can’t be content to see anyone else happy. They are the ones who will kick you when you’re down. They have absolutely no loyalty. They are predators, vultures eager to take advantage of your youthful innocence and lack of life experience. As far as possible, ignore these types. Don’t let them make you like them -- bitter, cynical. Just remember that no one is worth it; anger and resentment are the poisons of the mind and spirit. Keep your cool. That has served me well and it will you. As youngsters, we have a tendency to drift away from the folds at home. You’ll regret that later in life. Sometimes when it’s too late to make amends, the time will come when you fully realize the heartaches and struggles endured by your parents to get you started on the right road, to give you a better edge than they had. When you go away, write frequently. Mom and Dad can help steer you properly when you’re in doubt. They may seem old-fashioned to you, but, you know what? That may possibly be because they

have attained that old-fashioned quality-horse sense. Believe it or not, most of you will some day acquire this quality. But, that will occur only after you have fought through the many experiences and trials of life. Some of you will fall more often than others. Always have the courage to get up. It’s never easy, but believe me, as long as you’re trying, someone will come along to help you. Forget your mistakes. You can’t do anything about spilled milk. Let them be a lesson, however, and press on to the achievements of the future. I wish you all a good and happy life. Your opportunities are endless. What you make of yourself is strictly up to you. This is important for you to know. You’ve been schooled and nurtured. Life is going to change, not only for your, but for your parents as well. So, as you spread your wings and leave the nest, remember the foundation they gave you and what their hopes and dreams are for you. Here’s hoping you take the right fork in the road. Some day you will look back and you’ll know how right I am. I’ve been there, I was a lad just yesterday it seems. Life’s Highway travels fast. Godspeed, and a great journey.

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The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guidry: Miracle Man of blood and oxygen, which is a condition called Anoxia. It caused a large part of his brain cells to die “He literally lost 12.5 pints of blood,” said Arlette. She said they told her the cognitive part of the brain was dead. He also lost his sight because of irreparable damage. When brain cells die, they don’t come back. “We even have repeat CT scans that show there are parts of his brain that are just gone,” said Arlette. According to Mrs. Guidry, the left side of Tony’s brain was hit the hardest which affects the right side of his body. He still should not be able to use his right arm and leg, yet he does. “He walks and he’s actually developed motor skills and using his hand, which they say is just another miracle because he has no pulses on that side. He doesn’t have a brachial or radial pulse on that side and yet he works his arm and his hand.” She said a pulse cannot even be found with a stethoscope. His arm should just be limp with no use, yet he uses it and even

has a very firm handshake. “He is almost done with his therapy. He can walk with no assistance. He has no wheelchair, no cane and no walker.” “He’s able to carry on a conversation. He understands what you say. He walks, he talks. He’s not blind anymore; he can see again and can read at a size 14 font. God is just totally restoring him.” In the last year they have come full circle. They started at Medical Center of Southeast Texas, transferred to Memorial Herman Hospital in Houston. From there, he started his rehabilitation at Tirr Rehabilitation Hospital. From Tirr they went to Transitional Learning Center in Galveston for therapy and now they’re finishing therapy at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. At the Medical Center they call him the “Miracle Man.” “All the doctors are just elated,” said Mrs. Guidry. She said the doctors have been pressing her to get the story to out about Tony, because they think people need to know. “God is creating miracles


formulate a plan on what to teach their students in addition to using CSCOPE. Although, each teacher has the option to deviate from the plan since each classroom is different and has various needs. The administration also wants them to be organized in their lessons to meet the state requirements. Teachers have to option to deviate from the program during certain lessons, but many fall back on the program to ensure the needs are being met. One thing is for sure, the

ry.” Members of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the Guidrys have even been contacted by the 700 Club. They said so many people were calling for prayer for a certain man. “Mrs. Guidry we just want to know. Is Tony Guidry and the Miracle Man, one in the same?” they asked. “Yes he is,” she said. They may be calling back to set up a phone interview. They told her “We think we might be doing a story on this because it’s quite different. It’s a different kind of miracle. He literally brought him back from death,” they said. “It’s been an awesome thing for all of us,” said Arlette. “The doctors have been so gracious and so humble. They have to admit that they didn’t do this. I give them praise for doing what God asked. “This is a big change in our life, but we just count on God to take care of everything. It’s been quite a journey,” she said.

every day, but it’s something else to be able to witness or see someone who doctors absolutely admit that they were just instruments doing whatever God told them to do. They’re not taking credit for him. Dr. James Grotta at Memorial Herman told her there was no more he could do, “It’s up to God now.” Arlette told him that was a powerful statement and urged him to pray for Tony. He and his entire team of approximately ten doctors came to his room and did so. There was such a dramatic change the next day that they continued to pray in his room, every evening Tony was there. “I think God lines things up and lets you do the rest. My husband has worked so hard with his therapy. He is so grateful and full of joy that God has given him more time to be with his family. “He’s been a great inspiration to a lot of people around here. We have people that have sent cards and messages from all over the world when they heard about Tony’s sto-

BCISD King to speak of choice for 875 school districts, charter schools, and private schools in Texas. The program is aligned with the state standards adopted by the Texas State Board of Education and assist educators in covering all standards such as reading, math, science and social studies within the academic year. The state of Texas has requirements for each grade level in the core classes in order to be promoted to the next grade level and ultimately graduate. Bridge City teachers on each grade level work together to


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botham. During the interview he reportedly told them where Higgenbotham’s body could be found. Investigators went in search of the location north of Mauriceville on Feb. 15 where they found Higgenbotham’s body in a heavily wooded, hunting lease in Newton County. Police said there were certain features on the body that matched descriptions of the missing woman. Further testing and autopsy results would reveal it was indeed her. Latham was returned to Texas to face charges of violating his probation. He was initially charged with the felony burglary of a habitation in 2011. However, because he failed to meet the terms of the probation, it was revoked and he was sentenced in March to 180 days in the Orange County Jail and four years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. As of press time, no murder charges have been filed against Latham.


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the newly-created position of Director, Stark Art and History Venues, will replace the two separate Managing Director positions at the Museum and The House. Filling this new position will be Trina Thomas. For the past 10 years, Thomas served as the Senior Director of Public Programs for the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis, IN, where she was one of the Society’s key managers heading all public programs.

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BCISD school officials are doing all they can to ensure educational needs are being met

BC Library

in all areas whether it is the everyday curriculum or testing.

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to raise funds to purchase shelving, equipment, new books and fixtures their dreams are closer to reality. After more than 1,000 volunteer hours and using many donations of materials and supplies, the new library was completed and the doors opened to the public on March 18, 1991. The library currently serves 3,344 registered patrons. It is an accredited member of the Texas State Library, and participates in the state’s Texshare program which allows patrons to borrow from other Texas libraries, In addition, the library is an active member of the Southeast Texas Libraries Discussion Group. For more information, the Bridge City Public Library’s phone number is 409-735-4242. The library is located at 101 Parkway.

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

from Houston, named Judge Dunn, will take his place. Two Judge Dunn’s at the courthouse this week,*****Jon and Lisa Drago now run the Drago True Value Hardware in Bridge City,*****Lester “Buckshot” Winfree was named “Small Businessman of the year” by the Bridge City Chamber and Scored Chapter 521. He owns Winfree Rice and Cattle Company. The son of Lawrence and Gladys Winfree was born June 24, 1939.*****In the 4A baseball playoffs, after LCM lost game 1 at home 5-4, senior left-hander Josh Grey pitched a shutout in game 2 to give the Bears a 6-0 win and another chance in the playoffs. The Bears dealt the death blow to Carthage’s hopes in game 3 with an 11-5 victory. Grey pitched three scoreless innings. The Bears meet Brenham next in the quarter finals. *****Meanwhile, the Orangefield Bobcats squeezed by Huntington 5-4. Jeff Smith is Bobcat coach. They play powerful Lufkin Hudson next in a winner take all game. Orangefield was District 23-3A champions.

GRADS TAKE BIG STEP This week, we recognize all the youngsters who in the next few days will complete their high school years. Some day they will call the years they spent in school with their friends ‘the good old days’ because life will never again be the same. We take this opportunity to recognize and thank all the educators, who have chosen a profession that molds and prepares our youngsters to take on much more responsibilities. Until now, the graduates have been comfortable in the nest, enjoying life without all the baggage adulthood brings. As well as their family, their teachers have played a far greater part in their childhood than they now realize. Someday however, they will appreciate those teachers who were there in those formative years. Regardless of the friends they make along the way, there will always be that bond with friends who were former classmates. Even though everyone leaving school will go their separate ways, in their hearts they will never be too far from the joys of childhood. Best of luck to all the grads. Happy journey. Many parents have told me that no matter how proud they are of their graduates, they realize life will change for them also and they will be smiling through their tears on graduation day.***** I’d best move along. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm. JFK NOSTALGIA TO MARK 50TH ANNIVERSARY The 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death will bring months of tributes, ending with the saddest of all November anniversaries on November 22. Many speeches, books, magazines, news stories, television specials and admirers will pay tribute to the forever youthful president who inspired millions and was cut down in his prime in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. He’s frozen in the minds of all of us who recall the event. To some degree, the JFK legacy has affected all nine presidents who followed him. That includes President Obama, whose name will be invoked in three anniversaries to be celebrated next month, June 10, June 16, and a trip Obama will make to Berlin ahead of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s “Ich bin cin Berliner” speech. Get ready to know JFK again. To us old enough, Kennedy and his murder was brought into our homes by television just minutes after the fact. That vision has never left our consciousness. You can also expect the conspiracy theorists to come with a slew of books. Forgotten in the six month celebration will be that Nov. 22 also marks 50 years since LBJ become United States president. POPE FRANCIS SEEKS SOCIAL JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Pope Francis, born Jorge Bergoglio, in Argentina, to Italian immigrants, has been head of the Catholic Church worldwide only two months, yet he has shed some of the pompous symbols of papal power. The new Pope’s popularity is growing day by day. When he appears in St. Peter’s Square, the crowd shouts his name in every imaginable language and women hold out their babies to be kissed. He often gets off his pope mobile to shake hands, to hug and be hugged. Bergoglio wants to be the priest that everyone wants to have in his parish. Francis is steeped in the global issues of today and of the future. He is deeply concerned by what he calls the negative aspects of globalization. Pope Francis puts the poor front and center. He launched attacks on the global financial system that he calls “cult of money” that does not help the poor. Pope Francis has shunned the papal apartment. He lives in an communal setting in a Vatican residence where daily he delivers early morning mass. The renaissance vestments, golden crucifix and red shoes dear to Pope Benedict have been put away. There is a new and different pope in town TURNING BACK THE HANDS OF TIME 14 Years Ago-1999 Attorney Sharon Bearden held his annual bar party last week outside, behind he and Wayne Peveto‘s office building. Pickup trucks were used for sitting. Lawyer friends accused Bearden of making a windfall he wasn’t telling about. Sharon is known to be the most conservative liberal in these parts. Come December he will be saving a bunch when he quits sending money to Texas Tech. That’s where Jim Sharon is attending law school. *****While Judge Pat Clark is home recovering, a lady district judge

39 Years Ago-1974 Jack King is elected zone chairman of the Lions Club at the district convention in Galveston. *****Wally Fowler, gospel singer, formerly with the Oak Ridge Quartet, visits Orange. He and Roy Dunn spend a day exchanging stories about when they both traveled with Dudley J. LeBlanc’s Hadacol Caravan. Wally was at the height of his career and many of his songs were recorded by other artists. He was the first to bring Hank Williams to Nashville and was responsible for much of Eddie Arnold’s success. Fowler gave Roy an autographed copy of his new album, “Jesus.”*****The McCullums open a music store on short Sixth Street in downtown Orange. *****Plans are all made for the big annual Water Festival to be held next weekend. *****Granny Harper’s birthday was celebrated in style with a big gumbo--35 gallons. The whole gang showed up at Millie’s Harper Valley place in Mauriceville. *****Orange Rainbow Assembly No. 48 installs officers. Miss Alicia Annette Young is installed as Worthy Advisor; DeDe Phillips, Worthy Associate; Kellie Hogg, Charity; Sunny Phillips, Hope; Kim McCauley, Faith; Hostess, Vivian Powell, Theda Ladd, Maxine Williams, Carolyn Calvo and Betty Hinson.*****Coach Arien “Bubba” Moye, WO trainer, is leaving. Coach Glen Green says, “We’ll miss him.”*****Debbie Hawks will wed Duane Johnson on June 1. *****Romona Dillard will say her vows with Roger Percy on May 31. *****Staci and Christy Segura celebrate birthdays together May 26. They are four and one. BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK A.J. Lemoine, Christina Cunningham, Jerry Jackson, Stacey LaRose, Brian Ousley, Clint Worthy, Kimberlea Worthy, Derek George, Nikki Barron, Nikki Fisette, Darrell Perkins, David Olson, Brad Spooner, Irene Storment, Florence Evans, Rebecca Cartwright, Jeannette Foster, Lauren Brownlie, Macey Joubert, Terry George, Wilda Hart, Rhonda Wilson, Brooke Edwards, Linda Wolfford, Shirley Griffin, Dorothy Slusher, Emily Culpepper, Gene Armand, Joyce Bourdier, Rollie Cardner, Sheila Deason, Claudia Lyon, Janice Prevost, Levastie LeBlanc, Nina Aven, Susan Broussard, Peter Modica Jr., James Baumgardner, John Gifford, Julie Lummus, Kathy Holland, Kayla Hickey, Miranda McClure, Donna Witt, Herman Dupuis, David Lopez, Harold Trantham, Matthew Jagoe, Brittany Yu, Brittany Chalmers, Glenn Fisher, Paige Ousley, Jade Ousley, Brooklyn Goldsmith, Aaron McNeil, Sandra Hoke, Donna Benefield and Donna Rogers. A FEW HAPPENINGS Our friend Mildred Lemoine, who is Judge Janice’s sister, has been in a Houston hospital since February, nearly four months. Our prayers are with her and we know the family is grateful for all the prayers said for her recovery. *****This Saturday, June 1, from 12 noon to 4 p.m., Todd Landry, at Big Daddy‘s Crawfish, Bessie Heights Road in Bridge City, is having a big customer appreciation day. All proceeds will go to the “Cure Starts Now Foundation.” Come out and join the fun. Live music--boiled crawfish, only $10 with corn and potatoes and a Christian, family atmosphere. Fill up on fun and crawfish for a good cause. *****A few folks celebrating their special day. May 29 marks the birthday of two pretty good ole boys. The eldest first, longtime newsman Glenn Earl, who helped pioneer NBC affiliate television Channel 4, has spent the last few years in radio. Even though he often editorializes you can count on Glenn to get to the bottom of the story. ***Unlike Glenn, this next guy retired while on top of his game. Longtime peace officer, former Orange police chief and former acting city manager, Sam Kittrell, once our “Person of the Year,” is now part time employee, full time chief of Pine Forest. He did me a favor once and I’ll never forget it. Best wishes to you guys. ***May 30 is a very important day in the Dunn family. It’s the day Roy and Phyl’s first grandchild and Mark’s first daughter came along. Happy birthday to Dr. Amber Dunn. ***Also celebrating on this day is longtime friend, Bridge City dentist, Dr. David Olson. The two doctors share their birthday with Wynonna Judd, who turns 49.***May 31, finds Wilda Hart, Ronda Wilson, Florence Evans, Jeannette Foster and Brooke Edwards sharing their birthday with Joe Namath, former New York Jet quarterback, who turns 70. If you remember when he was a NFL star you’ve passed middle age. Clint Eastwood also shares this date and will be 83. ***June 1 is a special day for Linda Wolfford, Shirley Griffin, Rollie Cardner and Claudia Lyon. ***Celebrating on June 2 are Kayla Hickey, Miranda McClure, John Gifford, Julie Lummus, Peter Modica Jr. and Moma Aven.***June 3 finds Herman Dupuis and Har-

old Trantham celebrating.***On June 4, Sanda Hoke has another birthday as does Glenn Fisher, Aaron McNeil and Donna Rogers. They share birthdays with Angelina Jolie, who turned 38. Happy birthday and best wishes to all. Please see complete list. *****We met a nice lady a few weeks ago who brought an antique calendar featuring Fred Bailey‘s place on Sabine Lake. I was surprised to learn this beautiful lady, who looks half her age, “Mitge“ Duhon, is Jude Turley‘s aunt.*****A bill to require Texas prosecutors to undergo training to ensure evidence is not withheld in most felony and misdemeanor criminal cases has been sent to Gov. Rick Perry for signing. House Bill 1847 would require that one of the three hours of ethics training that Texas lawyers undergo each year be related to discloser of evidence in all but class C misdemeanor cases. *****Judge Pete Runnels, the local Humana Insurance agent, says if you‘re turning 65 and have questions about Medicare, give him a call at 409-877-1594, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. He will be glad to go over the program with you. *****Gov. Rick Perry calls a special session for Wednesday to take up redistricting. That should be a heated battle. Meanwhile, a federal court is gearing up to again take up a lawsuit by voting rights groups challenging Republican drawn redistricting maps passed by the legislature in 2011. However, our little part of Texas was shafted back in 2000 and we have taken a backseat to the Houston area in congressional races. Orange County, for the first time, doesn’t have a local state representative. Also Jefferson, Orange and other surrounding counties no longer have a local state senator. I’m not bothered as much about our representatives, national and state, being Democrats or Republicans as much as losing any kind of local control. We might as well not have a congressman for the good Steve Stockman, from Houston, will do for us. Perry and his troops will again do everything to gerrymander and keep Republican control but worse, they want to consecrate congressional power in the Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth areas, leaving rural counties behind like unwanted stepchildren. *****Tony Kanaan, after 12 tries, finally won the Indianapolis 500 and Kevin Harwick won the Coca Cola 600.*****West Orange-Stark freshman Nathan Hayes was elected class president of the student council for sophomore year 2013-14. Nathan will attend State UIL Solo/Ensemble in Austin. Good luck and congrats. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week and will be at Robert’s next week when Roy celebrates his birthday. Join him and the Bunch, everyone is welcome. No dues, no speeches, just good fellowship. CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS LaToya Jackson will be 57 on May 29; Melissa Etheridge, 52 and Annette Bening, 55. ***Wynonna Judd will be 49 on May 30. ***Clint Eastwood will be 83 on May 31; Brooke Shields, 48 and Colin Farrell, 37. ***On June 1, Morgan Freeman will be 76; Heidi Klum, 40 and Alanis Morissette, 39. ***Dana Carvey will be 58 on June 2 and Justin Long, 35. ***Angelina Jolie will be 38 on June 4; CAJUN STORY OF THE WEEK Every night right after it got dark Leroy Desomeaux, a bird lover, would go out in da backyard and hoot like an owl, hoping to attract one. After a few days, Leroy’s plan worked. One night an owl, wit a deep voice, started answering him. For a year, every night Leroy an dat owl hooted back and forth to one an utta. Leroy him, even kept a log of dere nightly conversations. Leroy tought he was on da verge of a breakthrough in interspecies communication wen his wife, Marie, had a chat wit her neighbor Mary Lou. “My husband Leroy him, spends his night calling out to da owls,” Marie said. “Mais, dat’s odd, so does my husband Sustan. For bout a year, every night he talks to an owl him.” C’EST TOUT In this graduation issue we are featuring all five of the schools in our distribution area. We thank all the schools for their assistance. We are also featuring our annual All Orange County Baseball Team and Class 3A All District Softball Team. Congrats to all the athletes.*****The weather experts are telling us to expect a more active hurricane season which begins this Saturday, June 1. No one really knows where a storm will go and where it will land. It depends on where the low pressure draws a storm in. I recall with Rita, the storm was supposed to go to South Texas because we were protected by a high. Without notice the high pressure backed up to Dallas and the low we were left with sucked Rita to our shore. You can’t predict a storm’s landing. On the other hand, the Gulf of Mexico is large, with a lot of targets, if it misses us by 100 miles, there is no damage. Five storms could enter the Gulf and have 3,000 miles to land. We probably have a better than 90 percent chance that a hurricane won’t visit us this summer. Remember, it goes only where the lowest pressure is. *****Twenty-four deaths in Moore Oklahoma last week is 24 deaths too many. Actually, it’s amazing that so many people survived when you see all the damage. I wouldn’t trade our hurricanes for their tornados. One thing I will bet on is that we’re in for a long, extremely hot summer. Outdoor work and activities will be miserable. *****Read us cover to cover. We thank the advertisers who sponsored this special graduation edition. My time is up. I thank you for yours. *****A final warning to all grads, don’t be a fool and try to drive if drinking. Be especially careful. Many young people are injured or lose their lives in celebrations this time each year. Have a great time. Take care and God bless.

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The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

McAfee, Breaux named top graduates at CCS


Community Christian School will hold their 2013 Senior Graduation at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 30. Matthew McAfee was named the 2013 valedictorian and Hannah Breaux is the 2013 salutatorian. Valedictorian Matthew McAfee is the son of Mr. Ken and Dr. Nancye McAfee and has an older sister, Katie. He has participated in multiple clubs in high school, including National Honor Society, Student Council, and Student Leadership Institute. He has played varsity basketball, tennis, and golf for four years, and has achieved All-State and Academic AllState honors in each. He has won four State Championships in doubles in tennis. He has also played AAU basketball for Team Sneed of Beaumont the past two years. Matthew has received academic awards and scholarships as well, most notably the Mirabeau Scholarship of Lamar University, which he has accepted. Matthew currently plans to attend Lamar for a degree in Biology or Mathematics, and plans to either become an anesthesiologist or teacher. Salutatorian Hannah Breaux is the daughter of Michael and Caroline Breaux. As a senior, Hannah was the president of Student Council and the vice president of the National Honor Society. She was involved in many school sports including volleyball, cross-country, track, tennis, softball, and basketball and also plays Division II club soccer at the Gulf Coast Youth Soccer Club. Hannah has received many academic and athletic awards ranging from district through state. After high school, she plans to attend Lamar University, Beaumont and major in Accounting.

Valedictorian Matthew McAfee

Salutatorian Hannah Breaux

American Legion to host lunch fundraiser The American Legion Post 49, located at 108 Green Ave. in Orange, will hold a plate lunch fundraiser from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 6. The cost will be $8 per plate and the meal will consist of fried fish, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, bread and a dessert. Walk-in’s are welcome and delivery is available. Call 409-886-1241 after noon on Wednesday, June 5 and before 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 6 for orders and deliveries.


BC Lady Cardinal basketball camp to be held June 10-13

The Bridge City Lady Cardinal Basketball Camp will be held from Monday, June 10 to Thursday, June 13 at the Bridge City High School Competition Gym and BCE Gym for the little girls. Grades fourth through sixth will meet from 1 to 2:50 p.m. and grades seventh through ninth will meeting from 3 to 5 p.m. This is a girls only event. The camp package will cost $65 and will include a camp t-shirt and a new Baden rubber basketball. Please sign up by May 24 for the camp package. The cost just for the camp will be $60, no deadline to sign up. Just show up the first day of camp. Please make all checks out to Jennifer Willis. Please email Jennifer for applications at Jennifer.Willis@bridgecityisd. net. Forms and checks need to be mailed to Head Girls’ Basketball Coach - Jennifer Willis, Bridge City High School, 2690 Texas Ave, Bridge City, TX 77611. Post members may mail their membership dues to Post Quartermaster Wilbert Duhon at 1716  37th St; Orange, TX 77630. Make checks payable to VFW Post 2775 in the amount of $22.

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Smith, Oceguera named top graduates at Bridge City High School

Bridge City High School will hold their 2013 Senior Graduation at 8 p.m. Friday, May 31 at the Larry Ward Stadium. Valedictorian Jordan Elizabeth Smith is the daughter of Kimberly Bailey and Phillip Smith, and the stepdaughter of Brian Bailey. Jordan is a four-year member of the UIL Literary Criticism Team, of which she has been captain for two years. She is a fourtime individual state champion in Literary Criticism, and her team has placed first overall at the State competition for the last two years. She also placed fifth at the state level in UIL Ready Writing. Jordan is the captain of the Academic Team, of which she is a two-year member. Her team won the Lamar State College – Orange Cypress Challenge this year. Jordan also participated in the One Act Play this year, and received an Honorable Mention award at the District One Act Play competition. Jordan is the Secretary of the National Honor Society, of which she has been a two-year member. She was selected as the September Student of the Month and she is also a National Merit Scholar Finalist. She attended the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference her sophomore year. Jordan will attend the University of Texas at Austin as part of the Liberal Arts Honors program and intends to major in English, later attaining her Ph.D in order to teach English at the university level. Salutatorian Haydin Glen Oceguera is the son of Juan and Sunni Oceguera. He is the younger brother of Devin Oceguera, and grandson of Juan and Esperanza Oceguera and The Late Glenda Broussard and the late James “Sonny” Dorman. He is also the great grandson of J.W. and Evelyn Thompson. Haydin is the Vice President of the Student Body for Student Council. He is the Vice president of the Honor Society. He is also a member of the Spanish Club, Ping-Pong Club, an escort for the Strutter Drill team, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Haydin is a four year letterman in tennis, and a two year let-

terman in soccer. Haydin has received “Newcomer of the Year,” and three “Most Valuable Player,” awards in tennis. Haydin is also a three time district champion and three time regional qualifier for tennis. He was awarded the “Defensive MVP” for soccer. Haydin is the Captain of both the tennis and soccer team. Haydin is active in his church’s youth group. He attended the

Waco World Changers Mission Trip this past summer where he spent one week repairing and rebuilding local houses for underprivileged families. Haydin will be attending Texas A&M University at College Station pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering. Then he plans to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a dermatologist.

Valedictorian Jordan Smith

Salutatorian Haydin Oceguera

OHS names Newell, Ficken top 2013 graduates

Valedictorian Elizabeth Newell

Orangefield High School will hold their 2013 Graduation ceremony at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 31 at F.L. McClain Stadium. Valedictorian Elizabeth Newell is the daughter of Keith and Teri Newell. She has been a member of the student council, Interact, TAFE, library club, the debate team and was the treasurer for the student council, TAFE and National Honor Society. Her honors and awards include the National Honor Society, Rotary Youth Leadership and Academic Achievement, Rotary Club award for Scholastic Excellence, highest ranking student for grades 10-12, all A Highest Honors, Bluebonnet Girls, Citizenship Day by Kiwanis Club and placed first in the district finals of the 6th Miriam Lutcher Stark contest in reading and declamation.

Salutatorian Reagan Ficken

She has given back to her community by performing acts of community service for The Healing Hoof, Christus St. Elizabeth, the Special Olympics and the Veterans Memorial Beautification project. Elizabeth plans to attend Lamar University for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. After graduation, she would like to work at a hospital until she gets married and has children. Salutatorian Reagan Ficken is the son of Scott and Karen Ficken. He has been a member of the National Honor Society, Academic Challenge, varsity football team, Winfree Baptist Youth Ministry, Power lifting, debate team, National Forensics League, Interact, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was the class Vice

President for grades 10-12. Reagan’s awards and honors include the Big “O” Award, Academic All District Powerlifting, RYLA participant, Rotary Club student, THSPA Certificate of Excellence, Texas Boys State, honor roll for grades 9-12 and the UIL Lincoln Douglas Debate. Reagan has given back to his community by performing acts of community service for the Special Olympics, Student Life VBS, Relay for Life, Boys and Girl’s Club of America, Sheperd’s Inn, Winfree Baptist Pumpkin Patch, Hurricane Relief, soup kitchen, World Changers and Christmas in Orangefield. His future plans include graduating from Lamar University in Beaumont with a mechanical engineering degree, finding a local job, getting married, raising a family and preaching.

The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hanson, Morris named top graduates at LCM High School

Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School will hold their 2013 Senior Graduation at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 1 at the Montange Center on the Lamar University Campus in Beaumont. The 2013 Valedictorian is Jessica Hanson and the 2013 Salutatorian is Levi Kent Morris Jr. Valedictorian Jessica Hanson is the 2013 Valedictorian for Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School. Although she won the top 10 percent scholarship at University of Texas, she chose to attend Texas A&M University in the fall where she will use the scholarship she received from the Aggie Mom’s Club of Orange. At Texas A&M, Jessica will be majoring in biochemical engineering and will be involved in the A&M Honors Program. During her high school career, Jessica has participated in basketball (ninth grade), Key Club (tenth – twelfth), National Honor Society (eleventh and twelfth) and served as the NHS Project Chair, math UIL team (tenth – twelfth), and Keysis – her church youth group. Salutatorian Levi Kent Morris Jr. is the son of Levi Morris and Melissa and Charles Davis. He is a property officer in the LCM Battlin’ Bear Band, and Captain of the school’s Academic Challenge Team. He is also a member of the National Honor Society and has been involved in various organizations throughout high school, including Leo Club, Soccer, UIL Academics, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Debate; where he has been both a Regional and State competitor. Kent also works at Kroger and is involved in local church activities throughout the year. Levi has served as the First Christian Church representative on the Youth Ministries Council for the Coastal Plains Area since his freshman year. Levi was awarded the Mirabeau Scholarship from Lamar University and will study Civil Engineering there in the fall. Valedictorian Jessica Hanson

Salutatorian Levi Kent Morris Jr.

WOS names Wood, Taylor as top graduates for 2013

The West Orange-Stark High School will hold their 2013 Graduation at 6 p.m. Friday, June 7 at the Dan R. Hooks Stadium. Valedictorian Nathan Wood is the son of Ronnie and Jennifer Wood. He will attend Schreiner University where he will play soccer while majoring in communications and minoring in theater. While in High School, Nathan has been a four year participant in UIL One-Act Play, earning Best Actor honors during his senior year. He has also participated in UIL Prose, Stark Reading, and the National Honor Society. Salutatorian Kelsi’ Taylor is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie C. Taylor Jr. She will attend Stephen F. Austin and major in Finance. She is the 2012-2013 Captain of the WO-S High School Fillies Drill Team and is a member of the Key Club, Varsity Choir, Thespian Society, Honor Society, Student Council, and Academic Team.

Valedictorian Nathan Wood

Salutatorian Kelsi’ Taylor


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deaths and Memorials Nancy Ehrman Orange Nancy Ehrman, 68, of Orange, passed away Friday, May 24, 2013 at Calder Woods in Beaumont. A Mass of the Resurrection will be held at 10:30 a.m. Monday, June 3, at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Orange. A gathering of family and friends for a time of reflection will be from 4 to 8 P.M. Sunday, June 2, at the church with a rosary and prayer service to be held at 6 p.m. A private interment will be held later. Nancy did not like black clothing. In attending the viewing and services, please wear bright and cheerful clothing. Nancy was born on Oct. 16, 1944 in Erie, Pa. to Arthur T. and Kathryn M. Diefenbach. Before the ravages of Frontal Temporal Dementia intervened, Nancy was a tireless volunteer in the eight locations she lived, primarily for the churches she attended, the schools her children attended and the local hospitals. Nancy

loved “sewing” crafts, especially quilting. For the Bicentennial in 1976 she led a group of friends in making a quilt with the 50 state flowers. The center of the quilt was an American Beauty Rose that she had signed by President Gerald Ford and Mrs. Betty Ford. The quilt was part of a school fundraiser. She insisted that “all” her quilts were hand-stitched. Nancy is preceded in death by her parents and her brother, Thomas A. Difenbach. Those who will most cherish her memory are husband, Jerry Ehrman and six children: Rick Ehrman and spouse Lori, Tim Ehrman and spouse Amy, Julie Ehrman Whalen and spouse, Dr. P. J. Whalen, Melissa Ehrman Palmer and Major Ian Palmer, Amy Ehrman Boehme and spouse, David and Emily K. Ehrman; seventeen grandchildren, Alli and Paige Ehrman; Hannah, Abby and Eleanor Ehrman; Riley, Maret, Sorin, and Grady Whalen; Maggie Charlotte, Lucy, Nora and Adam Palmer and Elizabeth, Katie and Penny Boehme. Nancy is also survived by her brother, Gary Diefenbach and spouse, Joanne and her sister, Sue Peters and spouse, Mike; numerous nieces, nephews,


grandnieces and grand nephews. In lieu of Flowers, please make donations in memory of Nancy to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 4300 Meeks Drive, Orange, Texas 77632-4508, St. Mary’s Catholic School Foundation, 2600 Bob Hall Road, Orange, Texas 77630-2418 or Southeast Texas Hospice, Post Office Box 2385, Orange, Texas 77631-2385. The Ehrman family wishes to thank the staff of Calder Woods, Southeast Texas Hospice and all of the family and friends of Nancy for the support and kindness shown during Nancy’s final days. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Dorman Funeral Home in Orange. Friends may sign the register and leave condolences at

Kenneth “Puppy” Gore Deweyville Kenneth “ P u p p y ” Gore, 61, of Deweyville, passed away on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at his home. Services to honor his life will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 29, in the Chapel of Dorman Funeral Home in Orange with Brother Jeremy Walton, of New Cherry Grove Baptist Church in Gist, officiating. Rite of Committal and Interment will be at the King Cemetery in Hartburg. He was born on Feb. 10, 1952 in DeQuincy, La. to his parents,

Blance Irby Gore and Ruby (Buxton) Gore. He lived in Deweyville for 34 years, he worked as an operator with South Newton Water Supply Corporation and he was also a maintenance worker for Gulfco in Beaumont. Puppy enjoyed Deer Hunting and Fishing and he was a family man who loved people and enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren. He will also be remembered for his willingness to help others. Those who will most cherish his memory are his wife, Twyla Gore of Deweyville; daughter, Jodie Darlene Cates and husband, Waylon of Mauriceville; sons, Jason Gore and wife Marisa of Trout Creek and Bird Gore and wife, Jonnie of Deweyville; sisters, Sandra Hutson and husband William Lloyd, Frankie Fountain and husband Mike, Doris Smith and husband Jimmy and Brenda Pearson and husband Buster; grandchildren, Jace Ethan Gore, Bailey Gore, Haylie Cates, Carter Cates, Joseph Cooke, Tiffany Cates, Blance Gore, Nicholas Aaron Gore, Justin Morcom and wife, Chiara and Jacob Mendez. Puppy is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. Honoring Puppy as pallbearers will be Steven Sheppard, Michael Sheppard, Jonathan Sheppard, Ernest Linscomb, Dustin Linscomb and Shane Nix. Honorary pallbearers are Joseph Cooke and Blance Gore. Friends may sign the register and leave condolences for the family at

Congratulations to all Orange County Graduates! Judge Janice Menard, Penny Nguyen, Daryl Broussard & Aleta Nunez.

Judge Janice Menard, JP Pct. 3

Willey C. Richardson Orange Willey C. Richardson, 79, of Orange, passed away Saturday, May 25, 2013, at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas in Port Arthur. Funeral services will be 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 29, at Claybar Funeral Home Chapel in Orange with Pastor Ruth Burch, of Harvest Chapel Church in Orange, officiating. Burial will follow at Arcola Cemetery in Roseland, La. Born on July 16, 1933, Willey was the son of Clarence and Leona (Mack) Richardson. Willey was a tree surgeon at Blume System. He enjoyed watching sports; especially his favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys. He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Nadine Richardson; sisters, Jewel Raffaele and Carolyn Wright; and brother, Bobby Richardson. Willey is survived by his sons, Willey Richardson Jr. and wife Linda, Ben Richardson and wife JoAnn of all of Orange; and grandchildren Jessica Richardson, Julia Richardson, Shelbie Bell and Michael Bruene. He is also survived by his siblings, David Richardson, Wanda Icary, Oscar Richardson and Betty Jo Chase.

Darlene Annette McPherson Orange Darlene Annette McPherson, 49, of Orange, passed away Saturday, May 25, 2013, in Orange. Funeral Services will be 2 p.m. Thursday, May 30, at Claybar Funeral Home Chapel in Orange with Deacon Eddie Blankenstein officiating. Visitation will be 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, at the funeral home. Born in Orange on April 2, 1964, Darlene was the daughter of Francis and Billie J. (Funderburk) Tucker. Darlene was a wonderful wife, mother and daughter. She was a kind person who cared more for others than herself. Darlene was a very strong person and stayed busy all the time. Her daughter, Tara, was her life. She treasured her nephews and she had a special place in her heart for Owen. Darlene loved being outdoors and cherished the time spent with her family at the lake. Preceded in death by her grandfather, Charlie McClain, Darlene is survived by her husband, Kenneth McPherson; daughter, Tara Lynn McPherson; parents, Francis and Billie Tucker; and grandmother, Ruby Jean McClain, all of Orange. Darlene is also survived by her


- Justice of the Peace -


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE GRADUATES! REMEMBER: Education opens the door to opportunities for success. More education opens more doors. Mauriceville High School Panola College Houston Baptist University U. S. Defense Language Institute Lamar University Lamar University Texas Justice Court Training Center Texas Municipal Court Training Center Justice Court Honors College


1963 Graduate Associate Of Science Bachelor Of Arts - Biology & Chemistry Russian Linguist (National Security Agency) Masters Of Education - School Administration Mid-Management Certification 380+ Hours 48 Hours Charter Member

sister, Tammy Tomplait and husband, Todd of Orange; brother, Troy Tucker and wife, Kim of Bridge City; nephews, Owen Tucker, Brandon Tomplait, Derrick Tomplait and Doug Sartin; and niece, Macie Myers. Serving as Pallbearers will be Todd Tomplait, Troy Tucker, Brandon Tomplait, Derrick Tomplait, Cody Gordy and Devin Gunter-Tucker. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to St. Mary School, 2600 Bob Hall, Orange, Texas 77630, or a charity of your choice.

Brigitte Sylvia Fuerst Mangham Orange Surrounded by her family, Brigitte Sylvia Fuerst Mangham, 57, of Orange, passed away at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston on Sunday, May 26, 2013 after a brief illness. The visitation will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, May 31,at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. The service will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 1, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange with the Hon. Keith Giblin officiating. She was born on March 19,1956, in Fort Carson, Colo. to Christa Matuttis Fuerst and Juergen Kurt Fuerst. Brigitte grew up in Colorado, Germany, and Houston and became a resident of Orange in 1979. Brigitte graduated from Sharpstown High School and received a bachelor’s degree in education from Stephen F. Austin State University. Her first teaching job was at Klein Middle School in Houston. Brigitte married her college sweetheart Kenneth Samuel Mangham and moved to Orange in 1979. Later she earned a master’s degree in Curriculum and Administration from McNeese State University. Brigitte devoted 33 years teaching middle school students mathematics in the Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD, first at Mauriceville Middle School and then at Little Cypress Junior High. Brigitte’s professional and leadership skills kept her active in the Texas Classroom Teachers’ Association for many years. As an advocate for teachers, she served as president of the local CTA chapter, Little Cypress Junior High’s campus representative, and served a term on the Director’s Council for TCTA. Brigitte also was a member of the professional educators’ sorority, Delta Kappa Gamma and was a past member of the Orange County Aggie Moms’ Association. She and Sam enjoyed their membership in the Joie de Vivre Mardi Gras Krewe for several years. Brigitte worked tirelessly for the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” program raising funds and awareness for cancer victims, survivors, and their families. She attended First United Methodist Church in Orange. Brigitte’s parents, Christa Matuttis Fuerst and Juergen Kurt Fuerst preceded her in death. Brigitte is survived by her beloved husband of 33 years, Kenneth Samuel Mangham; sons, Eric Mangham and his wife Ashley of Little Rock, Ark., and Scott Mangham of Fayetteville, Ark.; daughter, Emily Mangham Jansky and husband Brian of Houston; an eagerly awaited first grandchild, Eric and Ashley’s son Ethan Christopher, coming in September; and brother, Brian Fuerst of Houston. Brigitte’s family also includes her mother-in-law and father-inlaw, Juanita and Glenn Mangham of Orange; sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Glenda Mangham Wilson and Steve Wilson of San Juan Capistrano, Calif.; and nieces, Stefanie and Annie. Also left to treasure Brigitte’s memory are other extended family and numerous friends. Brigitte lived a life of abundant energy and enthusiasm. Her optimism was contagious; she was your biggest cheerleader in life...for her sweetie Sam, her precious children, her friends, her teaching colleagues, and her students. Her “can do” spirit made everyone believe they

OBIT. cont. Page 9A

The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Collin, our caboose graduates

This week the last of our grandchildren, the caboose, Collin Slade Gros, graduates from high school in Bridge City. There was always something a little sad to me as each of our previous four grandchildren completed high school. I’m sure I will feel the same when my buddy Collin gets his diploma. Over the years we have been close, starting way back when he was a Tee Ball player. We spent many hours together going to and from baseball practice, lessons and sitting around

talking baseball and watching sports events on television. He always was a student of the game and could give me the box scores, batting averages and who was the all time leader in hits, home runs, stolen bases and the ERA of past and present pitchers. As a Little Leaguer and all the way to Pony he was always a winner. He learned a lot about being a team member when a leg injury in his junior year hampered his efforts to play as much as he would have liked to. If he was

“Blue eyed Bill”

OBIT. from Page 8A could be better...a better man, a better son, a better daughter, a better teacher, a better math student...a better friend. That legacy, Brigitte’s legacy, lives on in each life that she has touched. Cremation will be performed under the direction of Claybar Haven of Rest Crematory. The family would like to express its great thanks and appreciation to Dr. Dong Kim and his staff at Memorial Hermann Hospital for their kindness and support during Brigitte’s illness. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society at PO Box 22718, Oklahoma City, OK 73123.

Thomas Dwyer Bourgeois Bridge City Thomas Dwyer “ To m m y ” Bourgeois, 90, of Bridge City, p a s s e d away Sunday, May 27, 2013 in Cedar Park. Funeral services will be Thursday, May 30, at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Bridge City with the Rev. Brad Morgan officiating. Burial will follow at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens

near Bridge City. Visitation will be Wednesday, May 29, at St. Paul’s Family Activities Center. Tommy, the second of nine children, was born in Orange on April 29, 1923 to V.W. and Ada Bourgeois. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur in 1941. He was a World War II veteran having served in the Merchant Marines. Following his discharge, he began a nearly 40 year career at DuPont Sabine River Works in Orange. Following his retirement in 1985, Tommy and Bettye traveled around the Midwest, serving several years as national park hosts. They were also very active at St. Paul UMC and sung with a group of retirees called the “Primetimers” for quite a few years. Following Bettye’s death in 1997, he continued his service at St. Paul and attended as many of his children’s and grandchildren’s activities. Tommy was always a good listener and a good friend. He liked to visit friends and relatives and regularly checked up on people in the hospital. He was an avid golfer and enjoyed playing at area golf courses with his brothers. Tommy was preceded in death by his parents; his wife Bettye; and brothers Richard, Robert, Murphy, Albert, James, and George (Scotty) Bourgeois, and sister Mary Vivian Hlavinka. He is survived by his brother Jerome (Jerry) and Agnes Bourgeois of League City; children Lisa and Douglas Havens of Bridge City, Nancy and Mark

See for more Obituaries

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disappointed at the hand dealt him his senior year of baseball, he made the most of it and never complained. He was proud of whatever accomplishments he had and his contributions to his team. He’s a very loyal youngster. Out of our five grandchildren, Collin is the most different. He’s the only left hander and the only blue eyed one surrounded by a bunch of dark brown eyes. Over the years I’ve given all the grandkids nicknames. In fact, I tend, for some unknown reason, to nickname everyone I’m close to. I guess it personalizes our relationship. I’m sure other folks do the same. Anyway, I started calling Collin “Blue-eyed Bill” when he was just a little guy. In fact, when he was two years old, nearing three, he locked me out of the house. As I tried desperately to find a way in to no avail, I finally talked him into pulling up a chair, standing on it so he could remove a chain lock and let me in. Even though I had gotten desperate it was funny in the end and he found it that way also. I wrote an award winning column titled, “Snookered by Blue Eyed Bill” so we could remember the occasion. I also was in the habit of calling him “Billy Jack” when he was a little guy. Once I took him to the rodeo and told him to sit there near the bull riding pens and said that I’d be right back. As a joke I told him if they called his name, it will be his turn to ride one of those bulls. As luck would have it,

Sawyer of Cedar Park, Emily Bourgeois of Pearland, Timothy Bourgeois and his companion Mary Knight of Pearland, and Mark and Pam Bourgeois of Beaumont. Tommy is also survived by six grandchildren: Darrin Havens and Andrew Havens of Bridge City, Laci Dougharty and fiancé Joseph Wojnarowski, Cole Sawyer, and Jake Sawyer, all of Cedar Park, and Jordan Bourgeois of Beaumont as well as two great-grandchildren Ava and Elijah Sebring of Cedar Park. Darrin and Andrew Havens, Jordan Bourgeois, Cole and Jake Sawyer, and Joe Wojnarowski will serve as pallbearers. The honorary pallbearers will be the Men’s Class at St. Paul UMC, Dwayne Duncan, and Laci Dougharty. The family would like to offer special thanks to Dora Johnson and Martin Nwankwo, Tommy’scaregivers while living at his home, the staff at the Isle at Cedar Ridge in Cedar Park, and Hospice Austin. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to St. Paul United Methodist Church in Bridge City.

the announcer said, “Billy Jack, you’re up next.” When I got back to Collin he was walking towards the chute. I had to explain to him that they were calling another cowboy named Billy Jack. I did let him try to catch a calf in the arena. His mother Karen had bought him a brand new outfit for the rodeo and after chasing the calf and rolling in the dirt he was unrecognizable. He didn’t catch a calf but we laughed about knowing we would catch hell when we got home. Over the years, we’ve spent some valuable time together. He’s a nice, polite kid that everyone enjoys being around. Raised by a single mom, I was always glad to be around to help guide him. He has a great mother who always saw to it that her three boys enjoyed all the pleasures the other children enjoyed. In some way, that might be the hardest lesson for Billy Jack to learn. When you’re grown material things don’t come easy. He’ll have to realize that in the adult world it takes hard work and dedication to get ahead. My hope is that he will put education first and seek a professional career that will advance his chance to succeed in life. There are no guarantees and it’s not easy but as long as he avoids the pitfalls and works to accomplish his goal good things will happen. For me, I’ve been fortunate


Collin Slade Gros “Billy Jack”

to have been around my grandkids during their growing up years. It’s been rewarding. I’m a proud grandparent who they all refer to as “Poppa.” Someday, Collin will look back on his childhood and realize how fortunate he was to be surrounded by people who loved him and provided for him. His mom and dad are loving parents who want only the best for him. Having been a parent and grandparent, the latter carries a different kind of pride. There is no sin in being a proud grandparent. We should cut them more slack.

Collin will always be special to me and his grandmother. Phyl and I both feel a little sadness along with our pride this graduation year of 2013. To Billy Jack, we wish a long, successful and happy life. Someday you’ll look back and realize the value of the great years you just completed and the people you traveled with during that short stretch down life’s highway. As for this old granddad, those enjoyable years flew by much too quickly. I’m just glad I was here to share them and help when I could.

Congratulations Class of 2013! Mon. - Fri. 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Sat. 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

“You’ll Never Have to Unbuckle Your Seat Belt!”

AND LAUNDRY 1311 Green Ave. Orange, TX

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Record’s


2013 All-Orange County

Baseball Team

Orangefield Bobcat pitcher Braxton Smith has been named to The Record’s All-Orange County Baseball Team. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn

Bridge City Cardinal senior first baseman Nick Portacci has been named The Record’s All Orange County Baseball Most Valuable Player- Defense. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn

Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bear senior James Swan has been named The Record’s All Orange County Baseball Most Valuable Player-Offense. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn

Class 4A. The third seed team from Dist. 20. Meanwhile, crosscommunity rivals, Bridge City and Orangefield exited Dist. 213A second and third behind first place Silsbee. All but Silsbee remains swinging in Region III. The Tigers are facing Dibol in the regional final later this week. The 2013 playoff season would not end without spectaculars. The Bridge City Cardinals (20-3) would stun the state’s No. 1 ranked Sweeny in the area round. What seemed to be a long shot, Bridge City swept the three game series ejecting Sweeny from the playoffs. The Cardinals took Game One 4-1 with senior

pitcher Hayden Guidry racking up 12 strikeouts. A three run homer by senior Preston Pittman would earn Bridge City a victory. The stunning Game One victory over Sweeny proved not to be a fluke. The Cardinals came back in Game Two to mercy rule the state baseball powerhouse 11-0 in six innings. Pittman would strikeout 11 batters in the upset to get the win on the hill. Meanwhile the Orangefield Bobcats (21-11) were blazing their own trail in the playoffs knocking out Houston Furr 11-0 in 5 in-

For The Record

Another spring sport season is in the record books. But not before three Orange County baseball teams launched post season campaigns. The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears, Bridge City Cardinals and Orangefield Bobcats fanned out across the area in the playoffs. It was a thrilling season that came to an end during tough and talented Region III baseball action. Little Cypress-Mauriceville bit into regional playoff action in



• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All-Orange County Baseball Team From Page 1B

nings in the regional area round. The following week Orangefield went into the quarterfinals a long shot against the dominate Silsbee Tigers. After falling in Game One, the Bobcats battled back splitting the series with a 5-1 Game Two victory with Braxton Smith on the hill for Orangefield. “All year Braxton has come through,” Coach Tood Trawhon said after the game. “He is 10-2 and he’s gutted it up for us. He’s had a good year,” Trawhon said of Smith. The Bobcats would be defeated in the decisive Game Three the next day at Vidor High School. But it had been a remarkable season for second year head baseball coach Todd Trawhon and his scrappy group of Orangefield Bobcats. The successful season earned Coach Todd Trawhon The Record’s All-Orange County Coach of the Year. The LCM Bears (12-11-1) also went down swinging in the Class 4A regionals. On a crisp, cool, blue skied Saturday the Little CypressMauriceville Bears took the field in a final battle to survive the 2013 Class 4A regional playoffs. After dropping Game One of the best-ofthree series on the road against Barbers Hill, the Battlin’ Bears returned home to Don Gibbens Field for crucial Game Two. The favored Barbers Hill Eagles would eventually prevail, 11-8. But not before the Bears would drag the Eagles into an extra inning. LCM senior James Swan had two home runs in the contest, one a third inning grand slam that tied the ball game 4-4. Swan struck again with a two run homer in the sixth inning to tie the contest back up 8-8 forcing an extra inning. Barbers Hill pulled ahead 11-8 in the eighth ending another great season for LCM baseball. Swan has been named as The Record’s All-Orange County Offensive MVP. Total team effort propelled local teams in the playoffs during the 2013 season. Individuals selected for The Record’s 2013 All-Orange County Baseball Team are worthy of the recognition. But none would receive mention without the dedication and support of their fellow teammates. Departing seniors are all worthy of mention. The Bridge City Cardinals will be saying goodbye to Bryce Sampere, Collin Gros, Preston Pittman, Hayden Guidry, Nick Portacci and Caleb Rodriguez. The Orangefield Bobcat seniors departing are Garrett Morrell, Eric Truncale, Dustin Selman, Kurt Haggard, Ryan Gunstream, Luke Johnson and Cody Angelle. West Orange-Stark (10-17) seniors Ke’Javion Cooper, Daniel Woodson and Antonio Warnell will be leaving the Mustangs. The Record Newspapers and TheRecord Live.





Corner of MacArthur & Henrietta St., Orange


M All-Orange County Co-Newcomer of the Year- Tryce Howard, OF M All-Orange County Coach of the YearTodd Trawhon, OF All-Orange County Baseball Team:

M Second Baseman: Bryce Sampere, BC M Short Stop: Shea Richard, LCM M Third Baseman: Brennon Moore, LC-M M Outfield: Dylan Gruber, LCM M Outfield: Grant Lapoint, WOS M Outfield: Keaton Langston, BC

Co-Newcomer of the Year Coby Roddy pitches for the Bears in the playoffs.

Co-Newcomer of the Year Tryce Howard of the Orangefield Bobcats.

Grant Anderson is named All-Orange County Baseball Utility Player of the Year.

LCM pitcher Brandon Humphery is named to the All-Orange Counnty Baseball Team.

M Catcher: Hunter Uzzle, BC M Pitcher: Hayden Guidry, BC M Pitcher: Braxton Smith, OF M Pitcher: Brandon Humphrey, LCM M Pitcher: Preston Pittman, BC M Utility Player: Grant Anderson, WOS



04 Suburban LT

Automatic - Air, 54k, XL 7 Passenger, Silver


Lttle Cypress-Mauriceville Bear Shae Richard is All-Orange County shortstop. RECORD PHOTOS: Mark Dunn

M First Baseman: Nick Portacci, BC


‘07 Chrysler Town & Country


Clean Pre-Owned CARS, TRUCKS, & SUVs

the Year- Coby Roddy, LCM

129k, Dark Blue, Automatic - Air, Leather

‘05 Chry. Convertible

Sebring Convertible Touring, Auto. Air 54K

M All-Orange County Co-Newcomer of

Automatic - Air, 157k, 4x Dr, White


‘05 Buick Rendezvous

Automatic, Air 56k, Gray, V8

M All Orange County Defensive MVPNick Portacci, BC

‘04 Ford Focus

‘02 Chrysler Town & Country LX

7 PASSENGER, Dual Air, Automatic, 76k, Silver

James Swan, LCM

STANDARD SHIFT, White, 91k, 2 Dr

‘06 Ford Taurus

59K, 4 Dr Silver Automatic-Air

M All-Orange County Offensive MVP-

‘08 Chevrolet Cobalt

‘08 Pontiac GT

60k, Automatic - Air White, Very Nice

Com are proud to announce the 2013 All-Orange County Baseball Team as follows:


‘02 Chevy Camaro

Silver, 89k, Sun Roof, Automatic - Air


‘08 Chevy Box Van

Automatic - Air, Tommy Liftgate, White, 85k


‘04 Buick LeSabre

Automatic - Air white, 69k, 4 Dr


‘03 Mercury Grand Marquee

Automatic - Air Gray, 4 Dr, 95k


‘08 Saturn Astra

Automatic - Air 99k, 2Dr Red


‘07 Chevy Cobalt

Automatic - Air Red, 4Dr

! s s e n r i a F

s FamouFOR



‘05 Chevy Cavalier

84k, Air, 2 Door, Standard Shift, Silver


‘05 Chrysler Town & Country

Automatic - Air, Blue, Very Clean, 112k

‘04 Chevy Malibu Classic

Work Car 114k, White, Automatic - Air

s ‘06 Chevy Equinox


‘79 Cadillac El Dorado

98k, Maroon, Automatic - Air,



‘78 Oldsmobile Toronado


Automatic - Air Refurbishable Classic


‘78 Chrysler Cordoba

124k, Gray, Automatic - Air



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s ‘07 Grand Marquee

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‘05 Chevy Tahoe


Automatic - Air Refurbishable Classic


Automatic & Air, Gray, 95k 4dr


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The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013


2013 All District 21-3A Softball Team Most Valuable Player Cierra Roby, Pitcher, Sr., Silsbee Offensive MVPs Haleigh Turley, Outfielder, Sr., Orangefield Annelise Borg, Designated Player, Sr., Bridge City

Honorable Mention

Kori Soignet, Sr., Silsbee Ryaisha Daughtry, Sr., WOS Kelsey Ancelot, Jr., Orangefield Baili Thibodaux, Fr., Bridge City

Bridge City: Kelsey Fults, Bailee Bacon, Hannah Faulk Buna: Hailey Campbell, Keana Rat-

Designated Player Kylie Bradley, Soph., Orangefield

cliff-Hogan Hamshire-Fannett: Courtney Forse, Kaytlyn Richard, Wendee Piggott, Hardin-Jefferson: Makenna Cowart, Orangefield: Maleah Saucedo,

Ashton Ratcliff, Silsbee: Kailin Kerl, Ashlee Biscamp West Orange-Stark: Mar’kia Davis, Mar’laysia Davis, Tia Edwards

LCM Lady Bears highlight Dist 20-4A

Utility Player Kaitlyn Dickerson, Soph., Orangefield

Defensive MVP Kellyn Cormier, Bridge City




Newcomer of the Year Hannah Carpenter, Shortstop, Fr., Bridge City Coach of the Year Miste Henderson, Bridge City FIRST TEAM Pitcher Khandi Breaux, Jr., Orangefield Catcher Kaleigh Carter, Soph., Bridge City First base Kaylie Evans, Jr., Orangefield Second base Taylor Cowart, Fr., Hardin-Jefferson Third base Cailin Pustka, Sr., Silsbee Shortstop Ashley Laurents, Soph., HamshireFannett

SECOND TEAM Pitcher Emma Adkins, Sr., Buna Catcher Kaitlyn McFarland, Soph., HardinJefferson Infield Bailey Campbell, Sr., Buna Haley Fontenot, Fr., Orangefield Kasey Frederick, Soph., Bridge City Ashton Gautreaux, Soph, Orangefield Lauren Gilbert, Soph., Silsbee Outfield Sami Burgess, Sr., Orangefield Alyssa Garcia, Fr., Buna Lottie Griffin, Sr. Silsbee Skyler Kahla, Soph., Bridge City Brooke Smith, Sr. Hamshore-Fannett Karly Smith, Soph., Hardin-Jefferson Utility Player Faith Kaufman, Fr., Bridge City

Several Little Cypress-Mauriceville Lady Bears have been named to the coaches All-District 20-4A Team. Most notably is senior Raven Cole (in the photo above) who was given the ultimate honor of being named Most Valuable Player for 2013. Lady Bear third baseman, Kassie James was named Offensive Player of the Year. Also making the team for the Lady Bears was catcher Taylor Fraccastoro, infielder Kayleigh Roy, and outfielder Morgan Babineaux. On the second team was Chelsea McLain, Mikaela Stegall and Hope Russell. Named as honorable mention were Lady Bears Shelby LeBouef and Angel Villanueva. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn

More Evidence Links Pesticides, Solvents, With Parkinson’s Staff Report For The Record

Exposure to pesticides increases the risk for Parkinson’s disease (PD) by as much as 80%, according to a new metaanalysis, although the heterogeneity could not be assessed in some included studies. The analysis shows that exposure to the weed killer paraquat or to the fungicides maneb or mancozeb was particularly toxic, yielding about a 2-fold increase in the risk for PD, and that the risks of farming and rural living are also significant. “Exposure to pesticides and solvents may be a modifier of the progression of Parkinson’s disease as well as a risk factor for the development of the disease, so clinicians should not only encourage patients to avoid further exposure to these compounds but also make them aware that treatments could be less effective than expected,” said author Emanuele Cereda, MD, PhD, Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, Italy. The findings reinforce the importance of protective equipment and compliance with recommended prevention practices, particularly in high-risk workplace environments, said Dr. Cereda. The analysis is published in the May 28 issue of Neurology. The authors selected 104 articles for qualitative assessment. They included 89 in the meta-analysis, providing data on 6 prospective investigations and 83 case-control comparisons. From the case-control studies, the analysis showed that PD was associated with exposure to any type of pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, and solvent, with the risk ranging from 33% to 80%. “We were not able to clarify what is the most important route of absorption for these toxicants. For example, we don’t know if exposure is more detrimental if it is by way of inhalation or through a transcutaneous route.” Anyone with a family history of PD should be concerned about the possible risks.

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vijay Singh’s suit against PGA may come back to bite him



If there’s one thing PGA Tour member Vijay Singh doesn’t have, it is many friends and allies among his peer group. Lots of money usually doesn’t buy many friends, but it can always get a competent counsel if one is needed. And after the PGA learned

from a Sports Illustrated report that Singh might have used a banned substance, it started their process seeking to determine whether the deer antler spray that Singh admitted using or any of its ingredients qualified as a banned substance. According to an article written by, under the PGA program, to be banned, the substance must “affect muscle, tendon, or ligament protein synthesis/degradation,



vascularization, energy utilization, regenerative capacity or fiber type switching.” Without any of these physiological effects, the substance is legal. There is little doubt that the PGA Tour’s testing of the deer antler spray that Singh admittedly used, and its attempt to impose discipline on Singh, was at best a comedy of errors, the article continued. Confronted with insurmountable evidence that the deer antler spray did not qualify for the PGA ban, the tour had no choice, according to, and abandoned its attack on Singh. It’s easy to see why the PGA drug program has not worked real well. The drug testing programs in the four major team sports were forged in collective bargaining between team owners and the player unions, a process that has been checked and re-checked, written and re-written. And there still have been some flaws. The PGA dropped its program on the players without the scrutiny of a bargaining process. Players agree to the plan each year when they renew their tour memberships. So Singh filed a lawsuit claiming that the PGA Tour was “reckless” in its attempt to operate its drug testing program and caused “an unjust blemish on his personal and professional record.” Singh hired high-powered attorney Peter Ginsberg who claims the banned substance present in the deer antler spray was in such a miniscule amount, like a shot of liquor in a swimming pool. Ginsberg also pointed that the substance was biologically dead and could not work even in a larger amount. He added that the substance must be injected, not sprayed, to have any effect. “As a direct and proximate result of the PGA Tour’s actions, Singh has been humiliated, ashamed, ridiculed, scorned and emotionally distraught,” reads the lawsuit filed with the New York State Supreme Court. Ginsberg is a tenacious and relentless advocate who has succeeded in sports cases more difficult that the Singh situation. He fought the NFL

to a standstill for trying to suspend defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams for steroid violations. The attorney also represented Jonathan Vilma in the New Orleans bounty scandal and assisted Michael Vick in his bankruptcy difficulties. However, Singh’s claim that he suffered “an unjust blemish on his personal and professional record” will allow the PGA lawyers to dig into Singh’s background for other personal and professional blemishes and according to ESPN. com, they will find both. Singh criticized LPGA stalwart Annika Sorenstam’s participation in the 2003 Colonial and publicly stated that he hoped she would miss the cut. In addition to his attack on Sorenstam, points out that the PGA lawyers will tell the jury about Singh’s attempt to change his scorecard in the Indonesian Open in 1985 so he could make the cut- a serious professional “blemish” that has followed Singh for nearly 30 years. “The surly Fijian, who contravened the PGA Tour’s drug policy, got off on a technicality earlier this month but then later sued because of the damage done to his character, isn’t exactly golf’s Mr. Congeniality,” commented Foxsports. com. “He’s curt with his peers, ignores fans and treats the media that covers him with virtually complete disdain, and he wears golf’s scarlet letter—Cheater,” the article continued. “Golfers value nothing more than playing strictly by the rules of the game. And when the PGA lawyers get to the emotional distress portion of Singh’s lawsuit, they will remind the jurors that Vijay used to work as a nightclub bouncer in tough bars, so he’s not a man easily distressed. They’ll bring up the cheating and Singh’s notoriously bad treatment of caddies and the acrimonious divorce from his ex-wife. It will get ugly. But Vijay Singh brought it all upon himself by not just

letting the PGA Tour admit it made a mistake about deciding to get into the drug testing business and go on about his business of playing golf for a living. KWICKIES…The Lamar Cardinal baseball team did a great job of staying alive in last week’s Southland Conference tournament before finally getting bounced out 7-2 by Southeastern Louisiana in the semifinals Saturday. But the fifth-seeded Redbirds used a stout bullpen to clamor out wins in the loser’s bracket after dropping their game in the first round. The Cards ended the season 39-20 and posted 17 more victories than the 2012 team that didn’t even qualify for the post-season tournament. The SLC tournament was won by Central Arkansas which shut out Southeastern La. 4-0 in the championship game. And in a touch of irony closer to home, Bridge City was eliminated from the state high school baseball playoffs May 4 when ace pitcher Hayden Guidry, who had given up only one hit to Huffman, had a bad inning fifth inning where Huffman scored five runs and won 5-4. Last weekend former Bridge City ace pitcher Jake Lemoine, who was the top pitcher for the University of Houston despite being only a college freshman, was breezing along enjoying his best outing as a Cougar pitcher against Tulane in the Conference USA baseball tournament. Lemoine gave up two singles in the first inning against the Green Wave and then retired the next 16 batters he faced, beautifully protecting a 2-0 U of H lead. But a walk, a couple of Tulane singles and a costly error found the Cougars trailing 3-2 which was the final score and Houston was eliminated from the tournament. Saturday’s loss marked the final appearance in a C-USA event for Houston, which is moving to the American Athletic Conference after this season. The first “CBS College Football Game of the Week” will feature national champion

Alabama at Texas A&M Sept. 14 at Kyle Field in College Station. The game is set to kick off at 2:30 p.m. when the average high temperature in September at College Station is 91 degrees and temperatures on the Kyle Field turf occasionally reach 120 degrees. So the Aggies should have an advantage from the weather standpoint over the Crimson Tide where temperatures in Tuscaloosa are considerably lower in September. The two teams also played at 2:30 p.m. last season in Tuscaloosa, but the 72-degree November temperature played no factor in the Aggies’ 29-24 upset victory over the Crimson Tide. District 21-3A baseball champion Silsbee Tigers will meet Diboll this week for the Region III title and the right to play in the state finals in Austin next week. The Tigers defeated Diboll 6-4 in Silsbee’s first regular game of the season back on Feb. 18. The Houston Astros were leading the Oakland A’s 5-3 in the top of the ninth inning Friday night at Minute Maid Park in Houston when manager Bo Porter called on his closer Jose Veras to preserve the victory. Unlike any closer in the major leagues, Veras walked two of the first three hitters and then hung a curveball to Houston native Chris Young and in a jiffy the A’s led 6-5 and our feeble Astros found yet another way to lose in the ninth inning. JUST BETWEEN US…A personal note to those criminal wannabees who broke down the door of the Sunset Grove Country Club pro shop Saturday night and stole cases of warm beer and some golfing apparel. There was no need to even dust for fingerprints or gather DNA samples from you bozos because our cameras took some beautiful photos of your faces and we will even pay someone if necessary to identify you. But we will give you an option of either being caught by the law enforcement personnel and put away in jail with REAL criminals or contacting the pro shop (8839454) and working out a reimbursement plan. It’s only your futures, so do the right thing, please!!!


had produced some very respectable fish that no wade fisherman could have ever reached. The pattern was foreign to “Mctrout” and he made no bones about it, drifting in deep water and throwing topwater plugs was just too strange a concept for this shallow water angler extraordinaire. Now give my boy “Mc-

trout” a foot of water over a gin clear flat and he makes magic happen, the guy is a stud when it comes to chasing them in the skinny. Knowing all this made the chaos that much more enjoyable for yours truly. Late Spring and early Summer are terrific months for making long drifts over deep structure, the southeast winds

allow anglers a chance to set up on a particular stretch of deep water and fish it with minimal boat noise. Sabine and Calcasieu are perfect places to drift deep, the trout cooperate and the crowds are usually all bunched up in the shallows. It’s not uncommon to see 50 or 60 boats on a reef in Calcasieu, that’s just standard practice. The smart angler will fish the outside edge of the big crowds and use them to their advantage. All the noise produced by the boats will push trout off of shell and out into deeper water where they tend to gang up on the next piece of structure. Bink Grimes, his dad Danny, and myself used this technique to dupe a 30” Calcasieu trophy trout. Our drift allowed us several hundred yards of water in the 3 to 4 foot depth range with crowds on both sides of us. We had an alley of roughly a hundred 100 yards between the two big groups, just enough room to keep our success hidden from most of the spectators. On our initial pass through the alley Danny hooked the huge trout on a Top Dog and was successful in bringing her to the boat. The next couple of hours were filled with solid trout; one after another they crushed our offerings and stretched our string as we did everything we could to hide our good fortune from the fiberglass army that surrounded us. The notion of throwing topwater plugs in areas that nor-

Topwater plugs are versatile in deep water too FOR THE RECORD

“That’s just stupid, that is just stupid” said my partner for the day Mike Mcbride, “I can’t believe you can get these fish to eat topwater plugs in 7 feet of water”. Our drift along the east shore line of Sabine


Just another windy day


I was fixin’ to address a few of the problem s associated with fishing in winds that exceed fifteen miles per hour on a daily basis in this week’s column when it occurred to me, “How can anyone be “fixin’” to write or say anything?” Exactly what are we fixing just prior to stating…”I was fixing to say…!” In this case I was fixin’ to write something only to realize that the topic wasn’t all that generic. Not everyone fishes for a living or reads about fishing at work all week before loading up the boat Friday evening. If you like to fish just to do something different a few times a year or if the neighbor occasionally invites you up to their camp, windy days or of no concern to you and are even welcomed as temperatures creep above the ninety degree mark. If you are a dyed in the wool bass fisherman and I was at one time, the wind is considered an inconvenience, but not a show stopper as you can always find fishable water in a protected finger off a major creek on most impoundments. If bay fishing for trout and flounder is your bag, however, you are at the mercy of any wind as three feet of salt grass or Roseau cane won’t block a whisper. The best of game plans can be reduced to electing to fish where the waves are the smallest or retreating to the bayous and ship channel. That backup plan is acceptable if the fish are there, but it is a bitter pill to swallow when you know the fish are doing their thing in the open lake and you are forced to fish elsewhere! Every year I hear this same statement over and over when speaking at seminars or just running into other fishermen

UZZLE from 4B mally are reserved for sub surface offerings is backwards for most folks along the coast. Sure there are some times when fish are schooling and it’s just natural to throw a topwater, who could resist watching fish under the birds or a herd of surfacing redfish seek out and destroy a She Dog or a Super Spook. That same pattern normally reserved for summer months and schooling fish works well in the spring, especially on the upper coast. The largest trout I ever caught was in April while drifting 6 feet of water and throwing a She Dog, the huge fish weighed over 10 pounds so you can understand why I am a believer in this method. Conventional wisdom and history says you must attack big fish while wading

Nice trout caught under the gulls on a very windy day.

around town.“I don’t ever remember the wind blowing the way it has this year.”Many of the folks making that statement are converted bass fishermen that have recently discovered the world class trout fishing in their own backyard only to be thwarted by gale force winds. According to my logs which include 19 days on the water in May of 2011 and 22 days in 2012 the wind was still blowing and we were still singing the blues. The difference is that it was not blowing as hard as it has this year and velocity is the game changer. Velocity is the culprit that results in increased fishing pressure in tighter areas. No wind at all is no bargain

either as it is all but impossible for boat fishermen to keep from scattering the bait and the fish each time they hit the troll motor or slam a lid on a compartment. The best of the topwater fishermen are praying for a modest chop before they ever make their first cast of the day. The most productive drifts across a shallow flat are always made when a light wind is moving the boat rather than the troll motor. The bottom line, however, is that we have not had to deal with a lack of wind thus far and it is working on us mentally as well as physically. The tides are back to normal and more and more bait is funneling out of the marshes and into the open lake every day.

The fish and gulls are right behind them, but that knowledge is of little or no use when you can’t stand up to make a cast in a rocking boat. The problem for both the addicted anglers and professional fishermen is that they are forced to deal with it and as tough as that is, while it is uncomfortable it is not impossible. The number one mistake is avoiding potentially productive water because the wind has reduced the clarity to six inches or even less. The fish are still there as long as the salinity is acceptable and they still have to eat. They will not move as far to track down a faster moving reaction type lure making the larger profile

and they have to be in shallow water, that’s all well and good but it’s not the gospel nor is it the whole truth. So far this year we have seen the deeper areas around the flats we wade hold more fish for some reason. Several times this year the big flat on the lake side of Stewt’s island was covered with waders who were struggling to figure the fish out while just a few hundred yards away anglers drifting a little deeper water with same plugs were doing a number on some better than average fish.

In normal years these same areas off the flats are reserved for drifting live bait or plastics. I can’t tell you how many times we have big trout come up and strike at a cork while we drift live shad or chunk Mansfield Maulers. These fish are perfect topwater fish only they are in a different area than most anglers associate for the spring and they usually don’t have the pressure that the shallow fish have either. Don’t paint yourself into a corner with the idea that your topwater plug won’t catch fish

in deeper water; they produce well as long you are willing to try them out. Also don’t worry about a little chop on the water either because the fish don’t care; as a matter of fact it’s really preferable to have a little ripple on the water. This technique is tailor made for big fish, just remember they swim in the deep stuff too.


The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

mullet imitations or bulkier five-inch tails a better option. Think cold water winter tactics and you will do better in badly silted water. Secondly, never write off the possibility of help from gulls ratting out schools of surface feeding fish between the whitecaps. I detest the idea of ever counting on the gulls to get it done as there is no reward for having done your homework, but I will be the first to check them out when my options are limited. While it is significantly tougher to cast into the face of a gale force wind, that approach will produce more fish as you will not blow right through the school. The birds will hold longer and you can reload as you idle back into casting range. If you have a GPS, mark the spot and always drift back through it once the surface activity ceases. Another option which is unacceptable for most of the folks


that have invested $40,000 or more in a bay boat is wading. Not having to deal with boat control is a significant advantage when you locate the fish. That is the number one reason the Power Pole and Talon anchoring systems are so valuable. The most productive choice for the long haul would be to use this time to do some exploring in the ship channel, ICW and bayous while waiting on those days when you would welcome any wind at all. You can eliminate a great deal of wasted time by turning on the depth finder and looking for schools of bait holding on the deeper breaks. You have to commit to it to make it work, but you will not have to share these discreet honey holes and the largest trout I catch every year come off these deep breaks! Learn to better deal with the wind or park the boat….the choice is yours.



• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Community Bulletin Board OF Athletic Department creating Wall of Honor The Orangefield Athletic Department is developing a “Wall of Honor” for those athletes who have either been named All-State or have gone on to play at the next level. Much of the Orangefield Bobcat memorabilia was lost in a fire in the early 1990’s. An effort is being made to rebuild the collection. The athletic department is requesting an 8x10 photo and the year of recognition. Donations to the “Wall of Honor” may be dropped off at the field house between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The boy athlete photos will be hung in the field house and the girls pictures will be hung in the new gym. The Orangefield Athletic Department is asking for the community’s help to rebuild this “Wall of Honor” that will celebrate the accomplishments of their athletes, past and present. For any questions, please call the field house at 735-4504 or email

Farmers Market open Wednesday, Saturday Orange County Farmers’ Market is held 3-6 p.m., Wednesdays and 7-10 a.m., Saturdays throughout the growing season in the Big Lots parking lot on MacArthur Drive. Produce and items expected to be available this week include: Green beans, sugar snap peas, yellow squash, potatoes, red onions,  mustard greens, tender greens,  blueberries, blueberry bushes, yard plants, house plants, homemade jams and jellies, local honey, fresh eggs, homemade cookies and granola, fresh bread, and more. For more information, contact any of the market coordinators: Jim Frasier-  409-656-3739; Billy Peveto-  409289-5289; Jean Fregia- 409-670-6121. The Orange County Farmers’ Market is sponsored by Texas AgriLIFE.

American Legion to host lunch fundraiser The American Legion Post 49, located at 108 Green Ave. in Orange, will hold a plate lunch fundraiser from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 6. The cost will be $8 per plate and the meal will consist of fried fish, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, bread and a dessert. Walk-in’s are welcome and delivery is available. Call 409-886-1241 after noon on Wednesday, June 5 and before 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 6 for orders and deliveries.

Lady Cardinal basketball camp to be held

The Bridge City Lady Cardinal Basketball Camp will be held from Monday, June 10 to Thursday, June 13 at the Bridge City High School Competition Gym and BCE Gym for the little girls. Grades fourth through sixth will meet from 1 to 2:50 p.m. and grades seventh through ninth will meeting from 3 to 5 p.m. This is a girls only event. The camp package will cost $65 and will include a camp t-

Prescribed Home Health, Inc.

The Ladies Auxiliary to VFW Post 2775 are making plans to attend State Convention. National moved their convention to an earlier date, so Texas had to do the same. The Ladies Auxiliary is now collecting “Early Bird Dues” for the fiscal year 2014 ‘Parade of Transmittals’ at State Convention in June 12-16. Members who have let their dues lapse and wish to reinstate OR remain continuous may send their dues to Jeanette Clark, Membership Chairman,  at 3705 Martin St, Orange, TX 77630 or Patricia Kemp, Treasurer, at 4700 London Circle, Orange, TX 77632. Please make checks payable to LAVFW Post 2775 in the amount of $18. If you are a cancer patient or know of anyone in the Nursing Home or very ill, please contact Jeanette at 409-8830264. The auxiliary pays these dues with the utmost discretion.  Post members may mail their membership dues to Post Quartermaster Wilbert Duhon at 1716  37th St; Orange, TX 77630. Make checks payable to VFW Post 2775 in the amount of $22.

Mustang golf tourney to be held June 24 Mighty Mustang GFW Golf Tournament will be held at Babe Zaharias Golf Course beginning at 8 a.m. on June 24. Four man scramble costing $50 per player or $200 per team. The Might Mustang GFW is a 501(c)(3)non-profit corp., supporting extra-curricular activities and academics at West Orange-Stark CISD. Zummo links, sodas and water will be supplied. Players can bring their own cooler and beverage. Long drive, closest to hole prizes. There will be an auction on signed helmets from Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Alabama, LSU and the Seattle Seahawks by Earl Thomas. If schedule permitting, Earl Thomas will be in attendance. Call Ray Hancock at 409-988-6833 to enter or to become a hole sponsors.

The monthly meeting of the Orange County Master Gardeners is held at 6 p.m. the second Thursday of the month at the Salvation Army building on the corner of MLK and Strickland in Orange. A potluck supper and the business meeting will be held first or program will start at 6:30PM. They will have a program on hydroponics in July. Door prizes will be drawn at the end of each meeting. The public is invited to attend each meeting. Please visit their website for more information or to contact us.

• Medicare pays 100% if you need home health services • We offer skilled nursing, physical, occupational, speech therapy and home health aides to come into your home to take care of you in your time of need. • This may include teaching you about: - disease processes, about your medications diet and how to prevent from going into the hospital

KOCB sells Litter Button banners

We are a locally owned agency, come by and visit anytime or call if you may have any questions.

Keep Orange County Beautiful hopes to sell 50 banners to local businesses for $25 each promoting their “Litter Button” on their Website: Their hope is that each banner will generate 10 hits of the “Litter Button,” which would mean 500 litterers in the State of Texas would be notified by the Texas Department of Transportation of their illegal activity. If you see someone littering, take down the time, date and place of the littering and the license plate of the vehicle. Report the activity by going to and hit the litter button. Fill in the information which is then sent to TxDOT. The offending litterer will be sent a letter reminding them it is illegal to litter in the State of Texas. They will also receive a litter bag for their car and a Don’t Mess With Texas sticker. To purchase a banner, contact a member of KOCB or visit their Website.

...We can help! Locally owned by John and Pamela Willey.

2303 N. 16th st. Orange TX 77632 • (409) 670-0026


We Buy Gold, Silver and Coins!

409-330-7882 Check the rest and come see us! The one that really pays the best. We are a Texas precious metalregistered dealer with certified scales.We’re here today and anyother day you want to sell your precious metals.

Why Go Anywhere Else? We Pay More! 1922 Strickland Dr. Orange, TX 77632

Ladies Auxiliary to VFW taking member dues

OC Master Gardeners monthly meeting

Did You Know?

• Taking care of you: - after a surgical procedure - after a stay in the hospital - after a recent fall - you have developed a wound - if you need injections

shirt and a new Baden rubber basketball. Please sign up by May 24 for the camp package. The cost just for the camp will be $60, no deadline to sign up. Just show up the first day of camp. Please make all checks out to Jennifer Willis. Please email Jennifer for applications at Jennifer.Willis@ Forms and checks need to be mailed to Head Girls’ Basketball Coach - Jennifer Willis, Bridge City High School, 2690 Texas Ave, Bridge City, TX 77611.

Top Prices!

The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013 • 7B

Orange County Church Directory 9788 F.M. 105 Orangefield, 409-735-3113 Pastor Forrest Wood Sun.: Bible Study - 9:30 a.m., Worship Service - 10:30 a.m., Evening Worship- 6:30 p.m. Wed.: Midweek Meal- 5:30 p.m., Praise & Prayer - 6:30 p.m. Youth & Children Activities, 7:15 p.m. - Choir Practice Email:

St. Paul United Methodist Church 1155 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City 409- 735-5546 Pastor Brad Morgan Sun. Mornings: Worship Experience - 8:15 a.m.; Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.; Worship - 10:45 a.m. (Nursery provided at all services) For Mid & Sr. High Youth Sun. Afternoon: 3:30 to 6 p.m. Sun. Evening : Taizé Service - 7 p.m. For Children Ages 4–10 on Wednesday evening – 6 to 7 p.m. – JAM (Jesus & Me) Club

First United Methodist Church Orange 502 Sixth Street 886-7466 8 a.m. - Worship in Chapel 9 a.m. - Celebration Service in Praise Center 10 a.m. - Sunday School for all ages 11 a.m. - Worship in Sanctuary 5 p.m. - UMYF & Kids Pastor: Rev. John Warren Director of Music & Fine Arts: Doug Rogers Organist: Justin Sanders Director of Youth and Christian Education: Allisha Bonneaux

Trinity Baptist Church 1408 W. Park Ave. @ 14th Street, Orange Office: 886-1333 Pastor Dr. Bob Webb Worship Leader Dan Cruse Sun. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Nursery Provided

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 945 W. Roundbunch Road Bridge City, TX 77611 409-735-4573 - Church 409-988-3003 - Pastor Paul Zoch Worship Services: Traditional - 9 a.m. Sunday School: 10:15 a.m. Contemporary: 11 a.m. Wednesdays (Young & Young @ Heart) Potluck: 6 p.m. Fun, Games, Singing & Bible Study: 7 p.m. The Little Church with a Big Heart.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Services at 9 a.m. 6108 Hazelwood 409-779-9039

YOUR CHURCH LISTING COULD BE HERE! Call 886-7183 for more information!!!

Living Word Church Hw 87 & FM 1006, Orange 409-735-6659 Samuel G.K. - Pastor Joseph Samuel - Asst. Pastor Sun. Service - 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wed. Service - 7 p.m. Come As You Are!

Orange First Church of the Nazarene 3810 MLK Drive, Orange Lead Pastor: Ray McDowell Music Pastor: Bruce McGraw Youth Pastor: Michael Pigg Children’s Pastor: Rebekah Spell Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Celebration Service 10:45 a.m. Prayer Service: 6 p.m. Wednesday Service: 7 p.m. Everyone Welcome!

First Baptist Church of Bridge City 200 W. Roundbunch, BC Office: 409-735-3581 Fax: 409-735-8882 Rev. Bob Boone, Pastor Sunday Schedule: Traditional Worship - 8:15 a.m.; Bible Study at 9:30 a.m.; Celebration Service - 10:45 a.m.; CSI, Youth Bible Study, Discipleship Classes - 5:30 p.m. Wednesday Schedule: Prayer Meeting - 6:30 p.m., Youth Worship “Living Stone”

First Christian Church of Orangefield

Trinity Baptist Church of Orange will celebrate the dedication of their newly acquired church, located at 1819 N. 16th Street in Orange, on Sunday, June 2. Everyone is invited to come and celebrate this great occasion. Sunday School will be at 9:45 a.m. and the Sunday Dedication Service will start at 11 a.m.. A luncheon for members and guest will be served immediately following the service. The Dedication Service is expected to draw a large number of members and visitors to celebrate the dedication of the newly renovated facility. The church was formally the longtime home of the Trinity Lutheran Church of Orange. One Lutheran Church member expressed gratitude that the facility would remain a church and God’s work would continue. For several months the church has undergone a facelift to prepare for this great event. There has been a scurrying of activities as the dedicated church members and contractors completed the renovation of the inside of the church sanctuary, fellowship hall, offices and education building. The outside of the church has been painted in beautiful earth tone colors along with new landscape plants to enhance the front of the building. Upon entering the church the open foyer serves as a welcome area for members and guest to greet each other before the church services. The beautiful sanctuary features high ceiling, plush red carpet and lovely warm wood. For several months Trinity Baptist had a “Become a Key Person” campaign where the member could purchase a key designated in memory or honor of a friend


BRIEFS Announcements

Congratulations Collin!

Church to host gospel singing Area residents are invited to an old fashioned gospel singing at 7 p.m. Friday, May 31 at New Anointing Church, located at 10681 N. Hwy 87 in Orange (about seven miles north of Northway Shopping Center, on the left).   Those who sing with a tape/cd or sing live or play an instrument are encouraged to bring it to the singing.   Refreshments will be served after the singing.  For more information, call 746-9515.

St. Paul selling bricks for Prayer Garden St. Paul United Methodist Church is continuing plans for its Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Prayer Garden by paving the garden with a brick walkway. The church is selling bricks that will be engraved with a personal note of the buyer’s choice. These bricks would provide a special way honor family and friends with a history at St. Paul’s. Each brick costs $30. Order forms are located in the St. Paul UMC reception area or can be found on For more information, call the St. Paul office at 409-735-5546.   

4234 FM 408 (between BC & Orangefield) 409-735-4234 Minister Jim Hardwick Sunday School: 9 a.m.; Sunday Worship: 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wednesday: Prayer & Bible Study 7 p.m. Nursery provided For a ride, call 735-4234

We wish you luck in all you do in life. Your Family ~ Mom, Dad, MeMe, Poppa, Garrett, Brittney, Leland and Sean

Cowboy Church of Orange County

25 Optical

673 FM 1078 Orange 409-718-0269 E. Dale Lee, Pastor Sunday Worship Service 10:30 a.m. “Round Pen” (Small Group) Studies: Ladies & Men’s group: 7 p.m. Mondays, Come as you are! Boots & hats welcome!



Complete Frames with single vision lenses

Orange 2313 16th Street (409) 883-7200

Echo Church 1717 FM 3247, Orange 409-735-8580 Pastor George A. Cruse Jr. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Praise & Worship Contemporary music! Come as you are!


Complete Frames with bifocal lenses

VIDOr 225 W. FreeWay (409) 783-1800

Hrs: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday BeaUMOnt 545 11th Street (409) 813-3930

PINE HOLLOW Apartments

West Orange Christian Church 900 Lansing Street, W.O. 409-882-0018 Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:40 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wednesday Evening - 6 p.m. “Our church family welcomes you!”

or loved one to acquire funds to buy their new Yamaha Grand Piano. The beautiful piano is featured at the front of the church. Marian Finnell, who participated in the selection of the piano, was adamant about purchasing the best the church could afford and had faith from the beginning it would happen. That must come from years as a school teacher. Special guest minister will be Dr. Charles (Rusty) Walton who will deliver the message during this special service. Dr. Walton was the first pastor of the church who was instrumental in organizing the church from its inception. Dr. Walton’s approach to leadership was to develop a relationship with the people of the congregation as he taught and preached God’s word. He stated, “God has done some wonderful things at Trinity Baptist Church. I don’t know of a better church with more loving members in Orange County.” Dr. Robert (Bob) Webb will do the dedication service to celebrate the purchase of the property and give God the glory of how far the church has come. Dr. Webb is the pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. He, also, serves as Chaplain of the Baptist Hospital in Beaumont, TX. Dr. Webb is married to Dianne Webb who is a member of the Trinity Baptist Choir. Dianne is a high school math teacher. Special music for the June 2nd service will be provided by the Trinity Baptist Choir under the direction of Dan Cruse. Dan serves as Worship Leader at the church. He is married to Sarah Cruse.



First Baptist Church Orangefield

Trinity Bapt. to dedicate new building





Church Sponsors YOUR AD COULD BE HERE! Call 886-7183 for more information!!!

Celebrating 50 years Four Area Locations


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013


• Just $10 For A 30 Word Ad In Both Papers And The Web • Classified Newspaper Deadline: Monday 5 P.M. For Upcoming Issue • You Can Submit Your Ad ANYTIME Online At

Community Classifieds Call 735-5305

Your ads published in both newspapers, the County Record and the Penny Record plus on our web site PART FOR ‘99 CHEVY P.U.: 5.7L Butec 3/4 ton trans, $400; passenger side fender, $50 OBO; bumper, $75; and more parts. Call 221-9996 for more info after 1:30.

Maximum Effects Now Hiring in Orange! Hair dressers, massage therapist and nail technicians. Room or booth rental – $75 per week. Have walk-ins, but clientele helpful.

2 GUTTER CONNECT GREENHOUSES, w/ 2 heater tables, 24’ x 75’ ea., will take best offer, (409) 735-3319. SERVICE CUIDO NINOS EN MI CASA, desde i mes de nacido hasta Sanos. (409) 365-9555 or 365-2864.

Call Christine at 409-886-7776

EMPLOYMENT THE RAPE AND CRISIS CENTER is in need of Volunteer Advocates to offer intervention on our 24 hour hotline, and in direct services to sexual assault survivors. Training is provided and certified through the office of the Attorney General. If you are interested please call the Crisis Center ar (409) 8326530 to set up an interview. Thank You, Make A difference, become a volunteer! EXP. PREP & COOK person wanted. Must have 1 yr restaurant exp & certification. EXP WAITRESS WANTED. Must have one year restaurant experience. Come by Peggy’s on the Bayou at 2 p.m. for interview. 409-8861115 APPLIANCES USED APPLIANCES, start-

ing at $99.95 & up, Harry’s Appliances, 302 10th. St. (10th. & main), Orange, We buy used appliances, 8864111.

HOUSEKEEPING RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL housekeeping. Excellent references. Call 409-734-8096.

FURNITURE LARGE COUCH, made by Townsend, good cond., brownish grey, $50, (409) 594-8112.

PETS COLLIE PUPPIES, AKC REG., “Lassie Type”, (409) 786-3787 or ]659-2877.

MISCELLANEOUS JUGG’S PITCHING MACHINE, like new, auto feeder, throws 30 90 MPH, fast & curve balls etc., paid $2,500, used vey little, will sell for $1,000 for all, perfect cond., great buy! (409) 474-2855.

FOUND SMALL M SCHNAUZER, gray and white, no collar, well groomed, if yours call and describe @ (697) 7180501. CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES for

Stakes Electric

SCALLOPED CONCRETE BORDER sections, 21 colored 12x5x2, 1 corner, 6 24x5x2, 6 12x5x2 regular concrete color, all for 25, (409) 960-2384.

Residential & Commercial Free estimates specializing in older home rewires.


• Dirt / Shell Spreading • Bushhogging • Garden Tilling • New home pads Prepared • Sewer / Water / Electrical Lines Dug Home 735-8315 Cell 670-2040

409-749-7873 License #’s Customer: # 25151 Master: # 14161


• Penny Record Office: 333 West Roundbunch, Bridge City • County Record Office: 320 Henrietta, Orange Note: Offices Closed On Wednesday

sale, adorable colors, $125 ea., (409) 499-2128. LOST! GREY STRIPED CAT w/ orange belly, affectionate, large male, help him find his way home in BC, near Fernwood and Rosehurst, (409) 735-3590. FREE KITTENS, ready to go, (409) 735-2826. APARTMENTS ALL BILLS PAID! Southern Oaks Apartments in Bridge City. Is now leasing 2 bedroom apartments for $775. All bills paid including electricity / water / sewer and trash. Property is in a safe location in a neighborhood setting with an excellent school district. We are a pet friendly community. located just minutes from refineries and Colleges Chamber of Commerce recommended and an A+ rating with the BBB! Stop by 245 Tenney St. Bridge City, or give us a call at (409) 735-7696 or 232-0290. CHATEAU ROYALE APARTMENTS, spacious 1 & 2 bedrooms. Conveniently located in downtown Orange, minutes from LSCO, library, churches, parks, museum, shopping & the boardwalk. Starting at $500. Move in specials. call 409-886-4176.

COMMERCIAL NICE OFFICE SPACE, on Bland St., BC, former lawyer’s office, newly redone, nice. (409) 735-2030. (M&R) FOR RENT ON ROUNDBUNCH RD, BC, various sizes and prices, frontage available. Rear spaces cheaper and perfect for shops, storage, warehouses, etc. (409) 735-2030. (M&R) STORE FRONT, BC, on Texas Ave. across from Market basket, (409) 7352030. (M&R) HOME RENTALS SMALL 2/2 ON COW BAYOU, for lease, fenced back yard w/ dock, No pets or smokers, $700 monthly + $500 dep., references req., (409) 735-3339. 3 BDRM w/GARAGE. 1524 Longhorn. Fenced yard, 24’ x 24’ detached storage or garage building. $750/mo. Call 988-4179 3BD/1BA. 121 Henrietta. No inside pets. $450/mo + $150/ dep. Call 337-254-6468. 3/1/1 + CAR PORT IN WO. Stove, refrid., central heat and air. Fenced yard. $700/mo + dep. Call 886-3235.

Apt. in Orange For Rent

1bd/1ba, FULLY FURNISHED, with fireplace. All appliances included, plus w&d. No utilities paid. Great for contract workers! $650/mo., $500 dep. Call Christine at 886-7776 or 779-6580.

Avail. July 1.

M.H. RENTALS FEMA TRAILERS FOR RENT, fully furnished, well kept and in real good cond., No pets, $350 monthly + utilities and deposit, (409) 6972552. BC AREA , as little as $30 daily for rooms, M.H.’s by day or week, starting at $30 a day or weekly, 735-8801 or 7347771. (cctfn) 3/1 & 3/2 IN OFISD, 1 block from schools, Large lot, W./D hookups, No Pets, $550 and $450 monthly + dep., (409) 720-8699. (6/19) LARGE 3/2 M.H. IN BC, in Shady Estates, Hazel St.. #310 ,CA/H, laundry room w/ W&D ookups, all appliances inc.. dish washer, excellent cond., $750 monthly (includes water and garbage) + (1st. & last), References Req., (409) 474-2855. SMALL 1/1, WEEKLY RATES, ALL BILLS PAID, (409) 738-3775. BRIDGE CITY 3/2 (full baths), ‘06 Horton, furnished, in nice family park, 515 Jones, $750 monthly + $750 dep., small pets OK, (281) 855-4444. (6/12) HOME SALES 3/2/2 BRICK IN BCISD, CA/H, on 3/4 acre lot, (409) 735-7680. 4/1 W/ COVERED CARPORT, #12 circle G in Orange, Lg. family, dining and den, wood floors under carpet, workshop, backyard privacy fence, enclosed patio, corner lot, vinyl siding, (409) 8863545 or 330-0437. 1500 SQ FT. 3 BD/ 2 BA. Completely remodeled, new top of the line central heat and air. All stainless appliances in-

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SAT., 134 TANGLEWOOD, BRIDGE CITY, 8 till 3. Home decor, glasses, lighthouse dishes, kitchen items, holiday items, Disney and other VHS movies, cassette tapes, cordless and wall phones, tolls, Lots More! Moving, must go! SAT, 235 BLAND, BC, street behind Walgreens, Big Big Big Driveway Sale! 8 till 1. $1 merchandise coupon for each $5 purchase! Household items, crafts, nice women’s clothes, pie safe, oval vintage kitchen table, lawn chair, oak bed frame, some furniture, Come See! SAT., 4.08 WESTERN AVE, W.O., 7 till noon. Lots of good stuff! SAT., 350 AUSTIN, BC, #32, across from stadium, 8 till ? Huge sale and fundraiser for “Monica’s Mission!” Please come out and show your support. Links an drinks. Furnitire, women’s and teen girl’s clothes, home decor, jewelry, antiques, Much More! SAT, 2995 PATILLO RD, ORG/BC, 7 till ? Lots of everything! Household items, baby boy clothes, shoes, toddler girl clothes, women’s and men’s clothes, lawn equip. (make an offer and it’s yours!), Everything must go! SAT. 702 SWEET GUM, ORG. 8-4. Across fro LCM High, turn left on Lawn Oak, turn right on Sweet Gum. Last house on right. Furniture, clothing, shoes, fabric, books & misc. SAT. ON OWEN BURTON RD, MVILLE. 8am until. From Mauriceville Hwy. 62, take Hwy 1130 toward LC, approx. 3 miles left on Meyers Rd, left on Owen Burton Rd. Estate Sale. Nice furniture, china, glassware, pictures, lots of home decor, large area rugs, antiques. Too much to list!

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Sharon Newcomer appointed to Sabine River Authority Board of Directors

128th District Cout Judge Courtney Arkeen (right) swears in Sharon Newcomers as SRA Board of Director.

Governor Rick Perry recently appointed Sharon Newcomer of Mauriceville to the Sabine River Authority of Texas Board of Directors for a term to expire July 6, 2017. Ms. Newcomer was sworn into the position by 128th District Court Judge Courtney Arkeen in Orange. Created by the Legislature in 1949, the Sabine River Authority (SRA) is an official agency of the State of Texas. The Authority was created as a conservation and reclamation district with responsibilities to control, store, preserve, and distribute the waters of the Sabine River and its tributary streams for useful purposes. The Sabine River Authority of Texas is governed by nine Board of Directors who are leaders in their communities and are dedicated to addressing water issues in the Sabine River Basin. The Board of Directors, appointed by the Governor, must reside in a county within the basin. Sharon Newcomer is a past education

certification instructor at Lamar State College-Orange and a former educator in the state of Alaska. Ms. Newcomer is also past president of the Alaska School Counseling Association, and a past member of the National Middle School Association, National Education Association, Matanuska Susitna Agency Partnership, Alaska Extended Learning Advisory Board and LifeQuest Mental Health Executive Board. Ms. Newcomer received a bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University, a master’s

degree in elementary education from Stephen F. Austin State University, and a master’s degree in education counseling from Oregon State University. Ms. Newcomer has a daughter and son-in-law and four grandchildren. She resides with her husband, Ed Newcomer, in Mauriceville and is a Sunday school teacher at First Baptist Church of Orange. For further information on SRA of Texas contact Ann Galassi, Water Resources Manager for SRA at (409)  746-2192 or agalassi@

Solution from last week

cluded. New plumbing, 1 car attached garage and 2 car attached carport. Screened in back porch with covered work area and privacy fence. on 2 large corner lots with fruit trees & landscaping. Selling below market value, a must see. Don’t let this one get away. Price and financing neg. Call Vance at 409-9203762. 4/2/2 IN GREAT AREA, brick home at 6804 FM 1130, Little Cypress, LCMISD, living room and den w/ fireplace, Lg. kitchen and dining room, separate Lg. wash room, built-in stove & dishwasher, long front porch & small patio in back, a bargain at $99,500! (409) 735-3604. (4/17) 3/2/2 IN BRIDGE CITY, 1,820 sq. ft., Lg kitchen and dining w/ open floor plan, double lot with plenty of room! Call today for an appointment to see this great home, it won’t last long! COUNTRYLAND PROPERTIES LLC. 409-745-1115. (6/5)

LAND & LOTS 4 PLOTS IN HILLCREST Garden of the Good Shephard, 1/2 price, Lot 31, block No. D, section 4 Spaces 1- 2-3-4, $1,000 ea., (972) 596-1370. 2 ACRE TRACT in Newton County on Hwy 62. Tract has culvert, drive, water/ sewer and electricity. Property is residential and/ or commercial. Deweyville ISD, owner financing available. COUNTRYLAND PROPERTIES LLC. 409-7451115. (6/5) 1/2 TO 1 ACRE TRACTS in Vidor ISD, wooded acreage ready for you to customize and make your own! Owner financing available. COUNTRYLAND PROPERTIES LLC. 409745-1115. M.H. SALES 5 ACRE REPO with single wide M.H., OFISD, front 2 acres are cleared back

Jeep Liberty Sport Limited Edition ‘08 Premium Package. Like new. Low Miles. Features: SkySlider electronic retractable roof, Bluetooth UConnect system, satellite radio, MP3/CD, onboard diagnostic system, tan interior, leather trimmed bucket seats, 3.7 liter 6 cylinder engine, 4 WD automatic transmission, running boards, 4 doors, additional Chrome Accents Group on Inferno Red metal flake exterior. Only 39,650 Miles.



2013 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab

YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear before the Honorable County Court of Orange County, Texas, at the Courthouse of said County, in the City of Orange, Orange County, Texas, at or before 10 o'clock A.M., on the first Monday after the expiration of ten days from the date of publication of this citation by filing a written answer to a petition that was filed in said Court on May 1, 2013, in Cause No. P16514, and styled: ESTATE OF MICKI ANN ENER, DECEASED. A brief statement of the nature of the application is as follows, to-wit: APPLICATION FOR INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATION AND LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION & APPLICATION TO DETERMINE HEIRSHIP, as is more fully shown by the application on file in this cause. This citation shall be served by notice published once in a newspaper of general circulation in Orange County, Texas, the County in which the proceedings are pending1, said publication being not less than ten (10) days from the return date exclusive of the date of publication.


Stk# C151162 / MSRP $31,520, includes rebates.

2014 Chevy Impala


2013 GMC Sierra - V8


Stk# G301949 - MSRP 24,920. WAC. Must qualify for incentives.

2012 Sierra 2500

The officer executing this process shall promptly execute the same according to law, and make due return as the law directs. If this citation is not served within ninety days after the date of issuance it shall be returned unserved.

ISSUED AND GIVEN under my hand and official seal of said Court at Orange, Texas on May 1, 2013. KAREN JO VANCE, Clerk, County Court, Orange County, Texas By: Shanell Breaux, Deputy Shanell Breaux 1

BRIDGE CITY 3/2 (full baths), ‘06 Horton M. Homes, furnished, in nice family park, $3,000 down, $500 monthly, pays off in 5 years. (281) 8554444. (6/12) PUBLIC NOTICES: AL-ANON MEETS ON Wednesday & Sunday at 7pm. 1512 Strickland Dr., Orange, call (409) 779-4289 or Cindy @ 994-5503 for details. GOLDEN TRIANGLE TOUGHLOVE is a self help parents support group for parents of children display-

All persons having claims against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law. c/o Steve Parkhurst Attorney at Law 1009 Green Ave. Orange, Texas 77630

Inside or Outside - Kitchens, bathrooms, floors, sheetrock, spray painting and painting. 25 years Experience Call Jimmy Harmon

409-594-5650 ing unacceptable behavior. Meets every Tues. at 7 pm. at Immaculate Conception education building, 4100 Lincoln (corner of Lincoln & Washington) in Groves. For more information call 9620480. SUICIDE RESCUE of Orange County. Suicide is not the answer, give us a chance, 769-4044 Vidor.


Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of Frankie Gene Kimbro, Deceased, were issued on May 21st, 2013, in Cause No. 16508, pending in the County Court of ORANGE County, Texas, to: LUCRICIA GENE CAMPISE. All persons having claims against this estate, which is currently being administered, are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law. c/o George B. Barron Attorney at Law P.O. Box 279 Orange, TX 77631-0279 DATED: the 23rd day of May, 2013

DATED the 22nd day of May, 2013

George B. Barron

Steve Parkhurst

Attorney for BECKY HENRY State Bar No.: 00797206 1009 Green Ave. Orange, Texas 77630 Telephone: (409) 883-0892 Facsimile: (409) 670-0888

Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of BILLY JOSEPH FRANKLIN SMITH, Deceased, were issued on the 23rd day of May, 2013, in Cause No. P-16517, pending in the County Court at Law, Orange County, Texas, to: BEVERLY ANN SMITH.

Enlarged for proofi

All personsActual having claims size: 1 col. x against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present To bethem published i to the undersigned within the The Record time and in the manner pre- Newspa 03/06/13 scribed by law.

c/o Jerry V. Pennington Attorney at Law PLEASE FAX A P.O. Box 2010 CORRECTIONS Orange, Texas 77631-2010

DATED the 23rd NOON day of May, 2013

MONDA before publication Thanks. Jerry V. Pennington Jerry V. Pennington

Attorney for Beverly Ann Smith State Bar No.: 15759000 P.O. DRAWER 2010 ORANGE, TEXAS 77631-2010 Telephone: (409) 886-0575 Facsimile: (409) 996-1353

FAX # 735-7346


Testamentary for the Estate of Micki Ann Ener, Deceased, were issued on May 21, 2013, in Cause No. P16514, pending in the County Court at Law of Orange County, Texas, to: Ardice Clay Ener. All persons having claims against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.

To be published in The Record Newspapers 04/28/2010

******PLEASE FAX ANY CORRECTIONS BY THE STATE OF TEXAS 5 P.M. TODAY TO: Brad Williams to 735-7346 1107 McFaddin St c/o: Paul M. Fukuda Beaumont TX 77701 AttorneyThanks, at Law Respondent, NOTICE: 312 Border Street Orange, Debbie Texas 77630 YOU HAVE BEEN SUED. You may employ an attorney. If ATTORNEY FOR EXECUTRIX


proofing. you or Enlarged your attorneyfor do not file a written answer with the clerk who issued this citation 10:00 a.m. on the Monday next Actual size:by2X5” following the expiration of forty-two days from the date of issuance of this citation and petition, a default judgement may be taken against To be you. published in the June 2012 issue of You are 27, hereby commanded to the appear by filing a written answer to Record the Plaintiff's Petition at or before 10 a.m. on the The Newspapers Monday next after the expiration of forty-two days after the date of issuance of this citation the same being JULY 8, 2013.

FAX ANY SaidPLEASE ANSWER may be filed at the District Clerk's Office at the Orange County Courthouse, 801 W. Division Ave., or by CORRECTIONS BY mailing it to 801 W. Division Ave., Orange, Texas 77630.

P.M. MONDAY Said 5PLAINTIFF'S FIRST AMENDED ORIGINAL PETITION to 735-7346 was filed and docketed in the Honorable 260th District Court of Orange County, Texas at the District Clerk's Office at Thanks. the Orange County Courthouse, 801 W. Division Ave., Orange, Texas on SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 in the following styled and numbered cause: The suit requests DEFENDANT CITED TO APPEAR AND ANSWER HEREIN FAX

# 735-7346

CAUSE NO. 110081-C

Sandra Godwin vs Nadine Williams et al The name and address of the attorney for Plaintiff otherwise the address of Plaintiff is: JONATHAN C JUHAN 985 I-10 N STE 100 BEAUMONT, TEXAS 77706 ISSUED AND GIVEN under my hand and seal of said Court at Orange, Texas, May 24, 2013. VICKIE EDGERLY, District Clerk Orange County, Texas


DATED this the 22nd day of May, 2013

Paul M. Fukuda

PAUL M. FUKUDA Attorney for Ardice Clay Ener State Bar No. 00789915 312 Border Street Orange, TX 77630 Telephone 409-883-4357 Fax 409-883-6263


Notice is hereby given that original Letters of Administration for the Estate of MARY MAZIE PREJEAN, Deceased, were issued on February 13, 2013, in Cause No. P16382, pending in the County Court at Law No. 2, Orange County, Texas, to: Stacie Prejean Longron.

All persons having claims against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.

c/o THE LAW OFFICE OF TOMMY GUNN Attorney at Law 202 S. Border Street Orange, Texas 77630

Sweet Creations, etc.

DATED the 13th day of February, 2013

Gifts • Candles • Candy • Flowers

by & e m Co e our se tands tS Plan r your fo ers. flow


Notice is hereby given Actual size:Letters 1x9.5” that original of

GEORGE B. BARRON 108 N. 7th Street P.O. Box 279 Orange, TX 77631-0279 Phone No.: 409/886/3090 Fax No.: 409/886-4448 SBT No.: 01817500

Steve Parkhurst

By: Charlean Deputy

Probate Code 33(f)(3)

Home RepaiR & Remodeling

3/2 M.H. IN BC, CA/H, laundry room, stove & refrig., appliances, clean inside and out. In great condition, and in nice park. $14,000, will finance with $3,500 down. Owner financing available, (409) 474-2855.

Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of BETTY BOYD, Deceased, were issued on May 22, 2013, in Cause No. P16,492, pending in the County Court at Law No. Two, ORANGE County, Texas, to: BECKY HENRY.

Call 409-221-0601 or 886-7183


acreage is heavily wooded. Owner financing available, COUNTRYLAND PROPERTIES LLC. 409745-1115.


For Sale..................$18,500


The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013 • 9B

Tommy Gunn

15% OFF Selected Items (Valid with Coupon)


Stk# B232139 / MSRP $30,095. Must trade 1999 or newer to qualify

TOMMY GUNN State Bar No.: 08623700 Attorney for Applicant 202 S. Border Street Orange, Texas 77630 Telephone: (409) 882-9990 Facsimile: (409) 882-0613


Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of I. D. POWELL, Deceased, were issued on May 22, 2013, in Cause No. P16218, pending in the County Court at Law No. 2 of Orange County, Texas, to: Lorinda Powell Porche.

All persons having claims against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.

c/o THE LAW OFFICE OF TOMMY GUNN Attorney at Law 202 S. Border Street Orange, Texas 77630

*With approved credit. See dealer for further details.

3855 EASTEX FRWY | BEAUMONT 409.892.5050 |

Residential & Commercial Cleaning









Behind PK’s Grill

409-886-1630 • 3515 Mockingbird, Suite C


DATED the 22nd day of May, 2013

Tommy Gunn TOMMY GUNN State Bar No.: 08623700 Attorney for Lorinda Powell Porche 202 S. Border Street Orange, Texas 77630 Telephone: (409) 882-9990 Facsimile: (409) 882-0613


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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