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September 24, 2008

NEWS BRIEFS Record High Enrollment Fall 2008 has already been one for the record books at Texas Wesleyan University.


inreased by 4 percent and is attributed to transfer studens, better retention and increased activity at the Burleson campus and the law school. SGA Serving Students The annual event is back! SGA will traditionally serve students lunch in the mall




A live band will perform, and


Local business leader to address students MARTIN GARCIA NEWS EDITOR

The Fort Worth Business Hall of Fame, sponsored by Texas Wesleyan University, the Fort Worth Business Press and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, has been honoring distinctive individuals in the local business community since 1970 for their contributions to the community, their industrial presence and their philanthropic altruism. Matthew K. Rose, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, represents the next addition into the lineup of Business Hall of Fame inductees. As a member of the BNSF family since 1993, Rose has been responsible for coordinating transportation, maintenance, labor relations and information services activities. Rose’s railroad career dates back to 1981 where he began as a corporate management trainee with Missouri Pacific Railroad. BNSF now operates one of the largest rail systems on the continent, covering more than 32,000 route miles through 28 states and two Canadian provinces. The Fort Worth Business Hall of Fame’s purpose is to inform young people about the American system of free enterprise and how it functions. “Mr. Rose is a wonderful example of a visionary - someone who took leadership of a company during difficult times, made hard choices and

anticipated BNSF’s role in the economy,” said Dr. Hector Quintanilla, dean of the school of business and professional programs at Wesleyan. “His vision is particularly impressive when you think of the importance of rail travel and how that relates to increasing demands on our highway infrastructure today.” Quintanilla, a member of the Hall of Fame board of directors, is one of many individuals who approved Rose’s induction into this elite group. He said that one of the deciding issues prompting Rose to the honor this year was his leadership during BNSF’s growth from a net worth of approximately $4 billion to its current value of $30 billion in an environment riddled with risk. As this year’s recipient, Rose is set to deliver an address for students at Texas Wesleyan Oct. 1. The event is designed “to provide students an opportunity to hear firsthand advice from a leader in the business community,” Quintanilla said. He said that Rose represents “someone who has made significant contributions and is selfless in his contributions to the community and the enterprise that is business.” During his visit to the university,

clinic from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Oct. 3: Guitar Fort Worth fearturing Adam Holzman 7:30 p.m., Martin Hall Oct. 30: Wesleyan Jazz Combo Halloween Concert, directed by Dr. Bryan English 3 p.m., Martin Hall Dec. 5: A Festival of Lessons and Carols 7 p.m., Polytechnic United Methodist Church


and various forms of insurbe

1981: Rose began railroad career with Missouri Pacific Railroad where he was appointed assistant trainmaster 1993: Rose joins Burlington Northern Railroad 1994: Named Vice President of vehicles and machinery 1995: Following the merger of Burlington Northern Inc. and Santa Fe Pacific Corporation, Rose appointed vice president of chemicals 1999: Responsible for all operations and marketing activities, Rose named president and cheif operating officer 2002: Rose appointed as cheif executive officer

The music department has several other events to offer this semester:

on Oct. 28 in PUMC. Shots


Road to the Hall

The Wesleyan music department began its concert season with soprano Colleen Mallette’s “Operatic Buffet.” She entertained a crowd in Martin Hall Sept. 19 at the President’s Council kickoff event. A reception was held afterward in the Baker-Martin Pavilion. For more, see page 4.

Health is sponsoring a flu


Photo courtesy of Laura Hanna

A feast for the ears

Tarrant County Public


The school of business invites students and staff to Martin Hall at 10 a.m. on Oct. 1 where Rose, chairman and CEO of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, will speak of business challenges and of what it takes to succeed amidst societal risk.


Prepard for flu season?


2008 Fort Worth Business Hall of Fame inductee

See Rose, page 2

ment will be provided.


Vol. 101, No. 4


Agnes of God and Stones in His Pockets

Photo by Gasten Schoonover

Theatre Wesleyan is excited to announce their riveting



Shows are Sept. 25 and 27 and Oct. 3 and 5 for Agnes of God. Stones in His




Sept. 26 and 28, as well as Oct. 2 and 4. Visit the theater box office for tickets, and don’t forge to ask for



Kappa Alpha presents: M.D.A. Mud Volleyball K.A. is hosting its third annual mud volleyball tournament on Sept. 27 outside of Stella Russell Hall. Be

Hatton W. Sumners Foundation welcomes three new members to its Wesleyan family TIARA NUGENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

The Hatton Sumners Foundation board of trustees announced the names of three new Wesleyan Sumners scholars for this semester. Accounting major Robert Meyer, political science major Jonathan Townsend and history major Natalie Wayman made the cut. “The Hatton Sumners Scholarship is the university’s most prestigious honor,” said university president Harold Jeffcoat. “It’s very competitive as it involves passing not only university standards, but those of the [Hatton Sumners] Foudation’s as well. Applicants for the scholarship had to meet numerous requirements, including a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or greater, completion of 60 academic credit hours and active involvement and exhibition of leadership with a strong sense of community responsibility. Although preference is generally given to students who are majoring in political science, prelaw, history or those planning to teach in the field of social studies, there is no restriction of majors. Debbie Roark, director of grants, narrowed

the broad pool of applicants down to a group of nine outstanding students who then appeared before the Sumners board of trustees for an intense 20 minute interview. “I was a mixture of nervous excitement,” recalled Meyer. “I felt confident and was happy to be there, but it was important for me to get the

The purpose of the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation, as stated in its governing documents, is to encourage the study, teaching and research into the science and art of self-government, to the end that the American People may understand the fundamental principles of democracy and be guided thereby in shaping governmental policies. scholarship, so I was nervous too.” Applicants were questioned in complicated topics such as local and national politics, ethical situations, future goals, personal time and money management and past experiences in community service. “The hardest question of the interview was probably when they asked what have they had not

asked me!” said Wayman. Meyer, Townsend and Wayman are joining the ranks of Wesleyan’s three current Sumners scholars – seniors Martin Garcia, Tiffany Hanzik and Tiara Nugent. “It was a big surprise that they actually chose me because I remember leaving the interview room thinking, ‘Wow, they really chewed me to pieces,’” said Wayman. “I thought I hadn’t answered any questions correct, but I guess I lucked out. I am very excited and feel very blessed to have this opportunity awarded to me.” Hatton W. Sumners represented Texas in the United States Congress from 1913 until his voluntary retirement in 1947. The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation, established in 1949, is dedicated to the study and teachings of the science of self-government, to the development of leaders with a sense of community responsibility and to the maintenance of the American constitutional principles and the quality of life afforded under those principles. In support of this policy, an endowed scholarship program was established at Texas Wesleyan by the foundation in 1994. In addition to the monetary benefits, Sumners

See Sumners, page 2

sure to sign your team up; proceeds will go directly to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Opinions GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has been under the scope since the Republican National Convention. Is the hockey mother of five ready to hold the second highest office of the land? Page 3

Entertainment Been to the Boba Tea House yet? Find out about the ‘bubble tea’ craze that’s hit Fort Worth. Page 6


September 24, 2008

The Rambler 2

For the benefit of the dorm room

Photos by Gasten Schoonover

Wesleyan’s traditional poster sale draws diverse crowds with its assortment of art. Students are able to dig through hundreds of posters that will eventually line the walls of their bedrooms and dorm rooms. Some of the more popular selections include HBO original hit Entourage and John Belushi’s ‘College’ from Animal House.

A Sunday Tradition Poly UMC, Texas Wesleyan deliver Wesleyan Sunday TIARA NUGENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Polytechnic United Methodist Church invites all students, faculty and staff to take part in the annual tradition that is Wesleyan Sunday. This year’s festivities take place on Sept. 28. “It’s a time at the beginning of every fall semester to have a service where the university and church can come together and worship and celebrate our church being a campus church,” said Dr. Robert Flowers, pastor of the church. Senior religion major Elizabeth Cumpton will deliver the message, and contributions from other Wesleyan affiliates will round out the service. University President Hal Jeffcoat will deliver a welcome and greeting, as well as read a scripture passage. The Wesleyan Singers will perform under the direction of Choral Director Jerry Bierschenk, and John Fisher, chair of the music department will be at the piano to play a melodious offertory. University Chaplain Gladys Childs will supply an additional scripture reading. Flowers is enthused over the wellformed program. “There will be a lot of good music and hopefully a lot of students will be there,” he said. The service begins at 11:30 a.m. and will be followed by a reception. Wesleyan Sunday entered Wesleyan tradition when the church moved in to its current structure in 1952. “We have had a very strong connection with the school,” said Alma Ruth Tram, longtime Poly UMC church member and

office associate. According to Tram, several faculty members – many of whom are now legends on the Wesleyan campus – formerly held teaching positions within the church in addition to their academic responsibilities. These prominent educators included Law Sone, Alice Wonders, Gladys Bowman, Ted Mobert and Marie Glick. Both organist Elaine Garbin and Choir Director Eric Medlock are Wesleyan alumni. Steve Simons, professor of music, has also fulfilled the role of choir director for Poly UMC. Two rooms within the church have been named after significant Wesleyan figures. In recent years, after extensive renovation, the Betty and Bobby Braegan Hall was ordained. The Alice Wonders Conference room was christened Sept. 7. “The new conference room used to be Dr. Alice Wonders’ office and is named in her memory,” said Tram. Membership currently runs at 550, but not enough of those members are Wesleyan students for Flowers. “We are trying different things to draw in students,” said the pastor who just assumed his position in June. The college Sunday school class that began this fall is a part of the church’s campaign to reach out to the student community. The class is taught by Wesleyan alumnus and current law student Danny Chism. Church leaders have also planned a dinner in honor of Wesleyan international students to take place Sept. 27.

Rose, from page 1 Rose will be welcomed by the school of business and its respective students. He will speak on his acceptance into the Hall of Fame and will encourage students to realize their worth and potential that will enable them to better prepare themselves for post-college business careers. The school of business invites all students to the event. “Because of his responsibilities, Mr. Rose is the type of person that isn’t easily accessible, Photo by Katie Slaten and the attendees are being given BNSF’s Fort Worth location is an integral part of the an opportunity that few enjoy,” continental railway’s operations. Quintanilla said. He also emphasized that “those in attendance will drive Mr. Rose’s impression of the university and thus can influence their own destiny in many respects.” Rose’s address will take place at 10 a.m. Oct. 1 in Martin Hall. He will be formally inducted into the Hall of Fame that evening at a black tie event held at the Fort Worth Club.

Sumners, from page 1 scholars are encouraged to attend formal luncheons in Dallas, hosted by either the Hatton Sumners Foundation or the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), with guest speakers such as Gen. Tommy Franks, author Linda Chavez, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Spring will find the scholars in Austin at a four-day leadership conference hosted by the University of Texas and jointly sponsored by Hatton Sumners. Last year’s speaker line-up included Michael Powell, NASA’s Ginger Kerrick and Dr. Howard Prince of the LBJ School of Public Affairs. The scholars’ current agenda includes visits with financial giant Steve Forbes and political news anchor Chris Wallace, as well as a weekend policy-analysis seminar in Dallas. These events are of significant value to the scholars. “I have learned so many concepts applicable to everyday life,” said Hanzik. “Access to the many conferences and distinguished individuals has truly shaped my college education.” Testimonials from current and past Sumners scholars – including Hanzik – have already lit an eager fire in new affiliates, according to Meyer. “I’m definitely looking forward to those luncheons,” he said. “I’m excited to meet Forbes and others. I’ve never been to conferences like this, and I see them as a great opportunity to make valuable contacts.” Networking is another valuable asset Sumners provides students, Jeffcoat said. “It gives the scholars great exposure to movers, shakers and go-getters in policy analysis, business, law, economic and other fronts.”

Courtesy of Office of Communications

Jonathan Townsend

Robert Meyer

Natalie Wayman

Say ‘I do.’ Write for Photo by Gasten Schoonover

Polytechnic United Methodist Church will be home once again to Wesleyan Sunday Sept. 28. It’s been part of tradition at Texas Wesleyan since the church moved to its current location in 1952. Senior religion major Elizabeth Cumpton will deliver this year’s message.



“How did you do on your first test?

Matthew Gassett Freshman Music Major

“It was because I studied.”

Kayla Roberts Freshman English Major

“It was way harder than I thought it would be, but I studied and I aced it.”

The Rambler

Moral, Ethical and Caring Soccer mom vice president candidate ideal pick for conservatives


lright people, let’s face it. The political scene is fuzzy at best right now, with blazing issues that are causing us all to question the leadership of the country, and where the upcoming election should take us. The most important figures right now are the presidential candidates, but the vice presidential candidates are vital as well. Both Joe Biden and Sarah Palin were picked for a reason, and their personal convictions and stances can help show us the values of our prospective BRYCE presidential leaders, Osama WILKS Obama, and G.I. Joe McCain. I love a good bashing just as much as the next guy, but let’s try to stick to the facts for this one, since we are looking at the undercards of the presidential tickets. The heavyweights still have a few months to slug it out. The following voting record information came is courtesy of First, look at an issue that presses Texas all the time, immigration. Joe Biden has an 8 percent approval rating from the United States Border Patrol. On a scale of 100, that’s about an F quadruple-minus. His stances have indicated an “open-border” persuasion, and he voted no to English being declared the official language of the U.S. government. Palin has experience dealing with immigration on the Alaska-Canada border. As governor, she tightened restrictions on illegial aliens’ driver’s licenses and addressed border security with Canada’s government. Energy and oil issues are at the top of everyone’s list now, with dependence on oil driving up the cost of living across the board. Palin recently stated that “we’re at a real critical crossroads: We are either going to become more and more dependent on foreign sources of energy, or we’re going to be able to secure our nation and drill domestically for safe, stable, clean supplies of energy that we have here in Alaska.” Palin is supportive of shale and ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) drilling We the people... opportunities. Biden voted no to drilling in ANWR and even voted no to preserving the budget for future conversations about action in the area. He focuses more on changing energy sources altogether, a task that will be uber-expensive in its own right, rather than cutting costs by taking advantage of opportunities in Alaska .


“I did pretty well due to my prior knowledge of music theory.” “Bad.”

Antonio Wider Freshman Music Major


Philip Blocklinger Junior Exercise Science Major

Both candidates get real fuzzy when it comes to what’s going on in the Middle East. They’re a bit flip-floppy. Both have said they want a plan in place to pull troops out of Iraq , but avoid what should happen in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Biden’s motivation seems economic, as he recently said that funds from the war should be redirected to other parts of the national budget. Palin must look at the situation as a mother more than a politician. Her son is in the Army and just got deployed to the Middle-East. Let’s call this one a wash as we move on to other, more clear-cut issues. Biden is pro-choice, Palin is prolife. Advantage Palin. Biden acknowledges that homosexual civil unions are acceptable and that gay marriage is inevitable. Palin subscribes to the idea that marriage as a union only shared between a man and a woman and doesn’t support benefits for same-sex couples. Some may consider that viewpoint conservative or old-fashioned, but the sanctity of marriage does need to be preserved. Biden has an F rating from the National Rifle Association, while Palin is an NRA member and supporter of the constitutional right to bear arms. Both candidates have experienced some criticism from the public and media. Palin’s daughter is pregnant out of wedlock, and Biden has a history of plagiarizing law school papers and presidential primary speeches. Whether or Courtesy of Google Images not either issue reflects their ability to be a good candidate is debatable. What is clear, is that the opposing candidates have ethics and morals that reflect the presidential tickets that they’re on. Biden is a liberal with sketchy voting records on important topics. The candidate he’s running with also presents many unknowns with less of a leadership record than many town mayors. Palin is a conservative with more leadership experience and has pumped life and intensity into the McCain campaign. Plus, let’s be honest: she’s not too bad to look at. Liberal late-night talk shows and their viewers will throw a fit about her over the next few months, but when it comes to the vice-presidential candidates, tally this conservative fool up as Pro-Palin. Bryce Wilks is a senior mass communication major and is sports editor for The Rambler.

Do as I say, not as I do: oo young and idealistic! A media grubbing celebrity! Dangerously unqualified! Are these all attack points for the Republican Party to pounce on Barack Obama? No, not any more. Not since their new VP nominee now fits that bill. Let’s not focus on Sarah CHUCK Palin’s qualifications, or lack FAIN thereof, to be next in line behind a 72-year-old man for the most powerful job in the world, even though the average life expectancy is around 75. Besides, she has been a governor – for less than two years – in a small Alaskan town of roughly 9,000 people (Fort Worth is home to about 600,000 people for point of reference), so she does have some experience. Let’s leave it at that. There is, as they say, more than meets the eye. I’m not going to attack her personal life (including her husband’s DWI, her 17-year-old daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy, her option to choose whether or not she would like to bring her unborn son, inflicted with Down syndrome, to term even though she would deny this choice to others). No, I’m not going to bring up private, personal affairs – that’s just bad journalism. Inexperience and questionable private life aside, there’s still so much more repulsiveness to Palin. Consider her television interview on CNBC in which she asks, “What is it exactly that the VP does every day?” OK, to be fair, it’s not like there’s worlds of information out there available to us at the click of a button through some interconnecting network, or as if there was some

Palin doesn’t deserve voters’ trust or respect

building filled with books on almost any subject available to the public. This brings me to another point about Palin: her efforts to ban books from Alaskan public libraries. True, she never actually banned books from the library, but according to CBS News, she did inquire of the local librarian how one would go about banning said books. When the librarian acted outraged and

Want more? ABC’s Jack Tapper reports that in 1994 both Sara Palin and her husband were members of AIP (Alaskan Independence Party), a separatist group intent on succeeding from the United States. NPR reported that Sara Palin was a prime supporter of the now defunct “bridge to nowhere,” which she denies regularly in speeches. This is somewhat true, as she renounced her support of the program after the bill died. Palin never returned the millions of dollars in earmarked funds for the bridge. Details on the money’s accountability are still sketchy. Still want more? According to Associated Press, Sara Palin’s church has set up a ministry to “pray the gay away.” These organizations try to persuade those who experience homosexual tendencies to suppress their natural Courtesy of Google Images urges through prayer and religion. She supported a bill to absolve Palin, mother of five, was subjected to much scrutiny and scorn on family-related benefits for homosexual state topics until the Obama campaign spoke up workers, and she supports abolishin defence of the children’s privacy. ing the teaching of evolution in our refused to cooperate, she schools and teaching instead. was promptly fired for So let’s not get too bogged down in Sara “not fully supporting her Palin’s lack of credentials. That’s just short sightgovernor.” ed and a bit closed minded, and we, as the future Scary, no? of this great land, can do better than that. She has But why stop there? Consider her position on so many other reasons for us to distrust, dislike the Iraq war. Sara Palin believes that the war is a and disrespect that it would truly do a disservice “mission from God,” MWC News reported. She to her and the entire Republican Party to base our said her party is praying, “praying there is a plan, disdain on just that one issue. and that the plan is God’s plan.” Prayer is not a Chuck Fain is a senior writing major and is a staff basis for foreign policy. writer for The Rambler.

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Thumbs up to Wesleyan’s new Hatton Sumners Scholars.

Thumbs down to the puddles on campus that become swamps.

Thumbs down to the Christmas lights that hang year-round on the library.

Thumbs up to how great the buildings look across Rosedale.

College Life BTW, did you get my gift?

4 September 24, 2008

The Rambler

Student connectivity lures Wesleyan faculty to Facebook Actually, no. Professors are joining Facebook like vultures to a carcass, but, like students, aren’t really taking full advantage of it. “I’m enjoying the contact but not really using it,” Pugh said. “I was more amazed at the number of people who ‘found’ me using Facebook.” It seems the same is true for most of the professors. Dr. Stacia Neeley’s page is virtually empty, except for the noticeable tid bit that mentions she’s married, and Dr. Carl Smeller is only a member of one group so far. What’s the deal, professors, why can’t you add me as a friend? Looking through various professors’ pages, I must admit it is cool to find out some things that just wouldn’t arise in a classroom setting. For instance, former dean Dr. Miriam Espinosa received a degree in philosophy from the University of Dallas, Smeller’s birthday is Aug. 31, and Pugh was apparently born in 1908 (it really says that). If anything, this new phenomenon of professors joining Facebook closes the gap between teachers and students. The legacy of Wesleyan is the ability of its students to develop personal relationships with their teachers, and Facebook is another way to do just that. Now if only I could get President Jeffcoat to add me as a friend ...

RYAN AUTHIER ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Kids these days and their social networking: the MyFaces and Spacebooks are corrupting the youth of today. They’re always spending their free time in front of the computer screens, “poking” and “writing on walls.” What has happened to the youth of tod...oh sweet, a friend request. BRB! Yes, it’s true, youth these days do spend way too much time on social networking sites. In fact, according to, in 2006 more than 460 million hours were spent on Myspace alone. Shocking. Even more shocking: adults are now getting in on it too. That’s right, even your professors, the lights that are leading our supple young minds into the future, are now tagging each other in albums documenting their crazy weekends (or conferences, whatever professors do). Though the number is still small, there are a handful of Wesleyan PhD-professors who have pages up on Facebook. From English professors to former deans, a surprising portion of the campus is represented. So what draws professors to Facebook? “It makes a lot of sense that [professors] ought to consider communicating with students the same way [students] communicate with each other,” said Dr. Marilyn Pugh, asisstant professor of psychology. That does make sense. Wouldn’t it be easy to just write on your professor’s wall if you have any questions, or send them a gift if you want to brown nose a little? It’s the new wave of teaching!


Service providers easy to choose between


sk yourself, what arguably the best coverage out there. is the one thing They have a reliable network (which I’m that a college student sure you all already know of via cannot live without? Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” No, it’s not your TV, commercials), decent customer service and your laptop is a and other cool features such as streamclose second, but ing video via their V-Cast network. This that’s not quite it. It’s is an innovative company (they were the your cell phone! first to offer the 3G network) and is a GASTEN You would be good choice for coverage. SCHOONOVER hard pressed to not Lastly, our No. 1 runner and grand see somechampion is one texting in class or to go a AT&T. This whole day and not hear somecompany has **Rollover Minutes one in the library angering the the largest netAT&T librarians by carrying on a work in the rather loud conversation. Cell nation with phones are our nexus to the more than 62 **Roadside Assistance world; we talk to our friends, million subAT&T, Verizon, parents and loved ones. We can scribers and Sprint Nextel get updates about the weather, claims to have check our bank accounts or get the most avail**Conference Calling on Wikipedia to challenge our able coverage AT&T, Verizon, friend’s knowledge of obscure in the world. Sprint Nextel facts. They too have Let’s face it, we are tethdecent cus**Multi-Media Messaging tomer service ered to TDMA, enchanted with AT&T, Verizon, EDGE, and enthralled with 3G. (maybe a little With cell phones being better than T-Mobile, Sprint such an important part of our Verizon), and Nextel lives, it is important that we all the bells pick a reliable service provider and whistles of **Live Help/Support to expedite our essential interthe competition Chat connections. There are four combined. AT&T, Verizon, major carriers in the United AT&T Sprint Nextel States AT&T (formerly might be just a Cingular), Verizon, T-Mobile little more and Sprint. expensive than others but it is worth it. Which one is best? There are so All of the carriers have service plans many things to consider from service to starting around $40, plus your standard price to features. two year service agreement and other Let’s go ahead and get one of these applicable fees here and there. For the out of the way. Sprint is an abhorrent average perabomination of cell phone service. Run son, you my friends, just run. I could start with will probtheir abysmal customer service, increas- ably end ingly declining number of cell towers up spendthroughout the U.S. or the fact that most ing of their phones don’t even have the around “commonplace” technology of $60 or SIM cards, but I am not $70. going to even waste paper by writing about them. Now, to the big boys. No. 3 on our list of technological titans is T-Mobile. T-Mobile is, well, average. That’s pretty much it. They do not really stand out in Oh any one area, save some unique service yeah, and features such as international roaming AT&T has the iPhone. and other such calling plans. Enough said. Coming in at No. 2 is Verizon. Gasten Schoonover is a senior business major and is a photo editor for The Rambler. Verizon is a great company and boasts

Provider Features

Photos by Caitlin Fanning

An operatic, spooffilled night Soprano Colleen Mallette performed The Lamaze School of Singing Presents: How to Birth a Song at the Preseident’s Council Kickoff Sept. 19. Mallette, along with accompanist Keith Critcher, drew a large crowd to Martin Hall with her comedic vocal wonders.

Be a solicitor. Sell ads for The Rambler.

Wanted: Part-T Time Youth Minister Covenant United Methodist Church in Arlington Pay is good for the right Christian Individual. (United Methodist Preferred) If interested Call Rev. Mike Redd at 817-891-211.

You have destiny. Write for The Rambler. Meetings are held every Thursday during free period in the Stella lobby.


The Rambler

Quick Quotes “Sports is human life in a microcosm." - Howard Cosell Famed broadcaster

Upcoming Events Sept. 25 1 p.m. Men’s Soccer @ Texas College 3 p.m. Women’s Soccer @ Texas College Sept. 27 *5:30 p.m. Men’s Soccer vs. Bacone College *7:30 p.m. Women’s Soccer vs. Bacone College Sept. 30 *5 p.m. Volleyball vs. Tarleton State *7 p.m. Volleyball vs. Paul Quinn * denotes home game

Sports Briefs Rams golf team finishes fourth at ACU Sept. 16 The men’s golf team finished fourth at Abilene Christian University’s Charles Coody Tournament held at Diamondback Golf Course. Paco Saracho and Kevin Doskocil led the Rams to a very solid final round of 287. Rams soccer falls just short versus Oklahoma City Sept. 16 The men’s soccer team traveled to Oklahoma City and lost 2-0 against the eighth ranked Stars. The women’s team nearly forced overtime in their contest, but a late goal by the Stars made the final 3-2. Lady Rams rack up conference honors Sept. 15 Sophomore outside hitter Kristen Venhuizen was named conference volleyball player of the week for the period of Sept. 8-14. Venhuizen compiled 21 kills and 51 digs in action at the Hastings College Classic. Teammates Katlynn Romig and Emily Millican also earned awards. Sophomore Prince gets defensive Sept. 15 Chamuquin Prince was named conference men’s soccer co-defensive player of the week for the period of Sept. 8-14. Prince shared the award with Olen Arey of Bacone College. He anchored a defense that allowed just five shots on goal with only two coming in the second half in a 4-1 victory overConcordia.

September 24, 2008 5

What on earth did Chiu do? Wesleyan student-athlete Carlos Chiu did more than just watch last summer’s thrilling Olympics. He went behind the scenes and made Mexico proud of their native son.


n Aug. 8, 2008, the most spectacular opening cere- show that captivated the world: the Opening Ceremony. mony in the history of the Olympic Games hapAthletes from more than 200 countries began assembling at the Bird’s pened in Beijing, and I was there in person to experiNest at 3 p.m. The five hours leading to the ceremony were probably the ence it! five longest hours of my life. The event capped off an amazing summer, a period Everyone was so excited to be in there, and after two hours of waiting of my life that will never be replicated. Everyone that in line, it was finally time for the countries to walk towards the National takes part in the Olympics has an amazing story to tell, Stadium. and mine began with an invitation from the Mexican According to the Chinese alphabet, the Mexican Delegation was the Olympic Committee. 197th country to march out of 204 countries and regions. CARLOS At first, my friends, family and professors asked if We entered the stadium through a marathon tunnel, and I was shocked at CHIU I was going to represent Mexico in the table tennis how huge the stadium was. There were so many people inside and with so event. As much as I would have loved to play, the answer was no. After dedicating 14 years of my life to playing table tennis for the Mexican National Team and Texas Wesleyan, it was time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. The Mexican Olympic Committee invited me to be the team’s attaché for the 2008 games. I decided to make whatever sacrifices necessary to take the important position in the delegation. To be an attaché, I had to go to Beijing two months early to prepare everything in anticipation of the games. There were six people, including me, from the Mexican Team who arrived early. I was responsible for facilitating cooperation between the Mexican Olympic Committee, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee, as well as various local groups and individuals in Beijing. Furthermore, I was the liaison between China and Mexico and helped develop important relationships between Mexico and other countries. I also assisted with the language barrier —translating from Chinese and Courtesy of Carlos Chiu Chiu got an up-close look at some of the record-breaking swimming that happened in Beijing at English to Spanish and vice versa, — with helping athletes, coaches and team leaders have a better understand- the famed Water Cube. Meeting Michael Phelps was just one of the many thrills he encountered. ing of the Chinese culture and customs and with finding solutions to logistics, security, accreditation and administrative issues. many things happening; it was hard to know what was going on. The time I spent improving my Chinese skills and taking some Chinese As I heard the voices of my teammates shouting, the Mexican groups of business courses proved to be well worth the effort during my time there. people in the crowd cheering and the loud music, I felt like the king of the I had already traveled to Beijing once, and, upon my second arrival, I was world very impressed with all the technological, architectural and social changes There were many colors, flags, lights and fireworks that delighted our and improvements that had occurred in a period of only six months. eyes. The Mexican delegates were wearing very classy beige linen suits I was astonished with the cleanliness of the city and all the new roads, with brown shoes and a red tie for men or a red scarf for the ladies. Everybody was looking sharp; the intense heat being the only downfall of “All of the athletes I met are very famous, but during opening cer- the evening. The Chinese-appointed escorts holding the names of countries were emony, everybody was very humble. I felt that in that place and gorgeous – they looked like porcelain dolls. They were so beautiful that I moment, everyone became equal, no matter their color of skin, felt like I was dreaming for a while. gender, age, social status or nationality.” During the ceremony I was able to meet and take pictures with many important athletes like Roger Federer, Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Phelps and bridges and buildings that they had finished. I was especially in awe of the Ronaldhino, among others. All of them are very famous, but in the opening National Olympic Stadium, or “Bird’s Nest.” The eccentric metallic strucceremony, everybody was very humble. I felt that in that place and ture was the main Olympic construction, and it was a sight to behold. moment, everyone became equal, no matter their color of skin, gender, age, The entire trip was euphoric, but nothing compared to the spirit of the social status or nationality. Olympic Village. I was able to sense the joy and unification between After a while, when all the countries finished marching, it was time for nations with the outlines of the Olympic Movement. the flag-raising ceremony. There were three flags raised: the Greek Flag, The Village was the heart of activity and literally pumped life into the the Olympic Flag, and the Chinese Flag. event and the nation. It was huge, containing 42 buildings that were home It was a very symbolic moment. Everyone was in suspense about how to more than 16,800 athletes, coaches and officials from all over the world. the Olympic Cauldron was going to be ignited. It took almost 30 minutes to walk the Village, but it was delightful to All of a sudden, Li Ning, a former gymnast who won six medals in Los see all the pathways, gardens, statues, lakes and fountains. Angeles in 1984, appeared from nowhere, flying through the air. The Olympic Village was not only a place where the athletes rested He started running in the air through an imaginary racing track. Ning during the Games. They developed their daily life in all the facilities – such ran around the Bird’s Nest with the Olympic Torch that carried the flame as a clinic, several dining halls, multi-functional library, entertainment cen- and with it, the hero of the night ignited the magnificent cauldron. ters, gym, leisure center and shops – that the Village offered. The Games of the 29th Olympiad in Beijing 2008 were finally inauguThe Olympic Village was a small city where the Olympic family could rated, and thus began my unbelievable Olympic experience in Beijing. find everything necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable daily life. Carlos Chiu is a senior international business major and is a guest contributor for Once everyone was settled into the Village, it was finally time for a The Rambler.

Lady Rams host the ‘Hughes’ While bleachers were still being installed in Sid Richardson Gym, head coach Christy Clawson and the volleyball squad hosted the 2nd Annual Hughes-Wesleyan Classic at the Texas Advantage Volleyball Complex. Sept. 19 was the first day of action, and the Lady Rams got off on the right foot by defeating Faulkner University 3-2. Sophomore Brittney Person led the charge with 10 kills. Later action set Wesleyan to face Lubbock Christian, and the Chaps dominated game one before the Lady Rams forced them to a fifth game. LCU eventually claimed the match 3-2. Sophomore Kristen Venhuizen matched Person’s effort from earlier in the day with 10 kills. During day two of the classic, sophomore Rachel Daniel (left) helped the team push John Brown University and Oklahoma City University to tight matches. The Lady Rams ended up dropping both matches as they approach a grueling conference schedule. Freshman Katlynn Romig’s play at the tournament did garner her recognition from the conference. For the third time this season, she was selected as the conference libero of the week.

Lopez recognized for offensive efforts Sep. 15 Diana Lopez, a freshman soccer forward from El Paso, Texas, booted in the first three goals of her collegiate career in an 8-0 trouncing of Concordia University. The hat trick resulted in her being named conference player of the week.

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- Bryce Wilks Stats compiled from Photo by Jose Valdez

Intramurals This week’s standings: Flag Football: 1. Gopher 2, 3-1 2. Pickles, 3-1 3. Lambdas, 2-2 *Saturdays @ Martin Field Poker League: 1. Joey Kenard, 450 pts. 2. Aaron Whaley, 300 pts. 3. Ryan Amador, 180 pts. *Mondays @ Stella Russell Lobby Fantasy Football Pig Skin Pick ‘Em: 1. Aaron Hastings 2. Terry Waldrop 3. Christy Clawson *Weekly forms available at student activities web site: Check the SUB for information about upcoming events like ultimate frisbee


6 September 24, 2008

The Rambler

Boba Tea: the place to be F

ootball season is in full swing, the such as the Mocha Dream and Cappuccino Chiller costing days are getting just a bit shorter and around the same $3 as an iced beverage at the coffee shop. prettier, and perhaps soon we’ll all be The store brews real coffee and espresso, and the added able to detect a slight nip in the air. Yes, boba puts a unique spin on popular cold coffee drinks. summer has given way to fall, but just a Some of the best drinks that BTH has to offer are short drive from campus there is a place mixed with ice cream to make the drink thicker and more to find a delicious tropical treat any time delicious. The strawberry avalanche and peaches and of the year. cream, both for around $4.25, are two The such drinks. They are both good for BRYCE Boba Tea beginners, because after tasting them, WILKS House it’s hard to imagine anyone not slurp(BTH), ing up the bottom wishing there was located in the corner shopping more. center at Beach Street and It’s obvious how the store has built Belknap, offers a menu of a customer base in Fort Worth. The soothing drinks that will make customer service at the BTH is excepany day this semester feel like tional, and you can observe the assema memorable summer night. bly of all the beverages, with a nifty Boba, or bubble tea as lid sealer that finishes the process. some call it, came to the It pays to be a frequent Boba cusUnited States after becoming tomer, as the store has organized a popularized in Taiwan and punch card that they hand out to cusChina. BTH’s menu includes tomers. After you buy eight drinks all types of exotic teas, cof(not hard considering the divinity of fees, fruit smoothies, slushies all the drinks), the ninth is free. They and the innovative tea fusion. also run specials throughout the week The bottom of every cup that reward visitors for getting their is filled with tasty gummy boba on. spheres called tapioca pearls. The store is open Tuesday-Saturday For first time Boba drinkers, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday Photo by Gasten Schoonover it’s an odd sensation to feel from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Don’t go on Senior religion major Brady Wells frequents Boba the pearls coming up the Monday, because the doors will be Tea House, enjoying its plethora of choices. straw. Although the pearls locked, and there will be a sign directhave little taste, they are cooked in brown sugar, which pro- ing you to come back during the previously mentioned duces a subtle sweetness. times. Boba creates a texture and experience not available It’s almost October, and most of you are probably in the from other smoothie and specialty drink makers. While process of studying for those first rounds of examinations Jamba Juice and Smoothie King both have delicious drinks, and putting the finishing touches on essays. Next time even their smallest sizes usually cost a pretty penny. you’re heading to the library to study, swing by the Boba BTH only has one size, and drinks cost $3-$4, dependTea House and remember what summer feels like. ing on fruit selections and flavor combinations. Bryce Wilks is a senior mass communication major and is Sports Boba is also a good Starbucks substitute, with drinks Editor for The Rambler.

Theatre Wesleyan ready to take the stage this fall Agnes of God, directed by senior theater major Alfredo Martinez, and Stones in His Pockets, directed by senior theater major Dillon Maroney, will be presented in repertory beginning Sept. 25. Agnes of God, a murder mystery starring senior theater major Whitney Park, will be presented Sept. 25 & 27 as well as Oct. 3 & 5. Stones in His Pockets, a comedy starring senior theater major Ben Phillips and junior theater major Chase Burnett (pictured above), will run Sept. 26 & 28 as well as Oct. 2 & 4. Call (817) 531-4211 for tickets.

Listen Up: Alt-Rock rocks the fall W

ith the music industry pushing its way ever forward into the digital age, it won’t be long before CDs become nothing more than flashy cup-holders. But despite all of the free downloads, there are still artists out there putting out quality albums that are worth the cash. The next few weeks will see some outstanding releases, some you’ve never heard of, but ones that should definitely grace your home collection:

Kings of Leon Just released- Here’s one you haven’t heard: How do three brothers and a cousin raised by a traveling Pentecostal evangelist in the southern United States go from Sunday morning gospel band to releasing a song titled Sex on Fire? Well that’s how rock and roll works, and it’s exactly what the band Kings of Leon has done. The band released its fourth album, Only by the Night, Sept. 23, and it has already made its way onto the top of my iTunes playlist. The album is a fond remembrance of the rock of yesteryear, with heavy distortion, raspy voices, cry-baby effects and, believe it or not, actual guitar solos! This is the kind of music that belongs on every iPod in that special “driving” or “running” folder. Visit, listen to their music, and I dare you not to nod along in silent admiration.


Jack’s Mannequin Sept. 30- Andrew McMahon, current lead man for solo group Jack’s Mannequin will be releasing The Glass Passenger at the end of this month. McMahon, former front man for Orange County based piano-rock group Something Corporate, wrote a majority of the tracks for this most recent album after recovering from his fight with leukemia, which he was diagnosed with in mid 2005. The single The Resolution, which is making its way up the U.S. charts, will be featured on The Glass Passenger and is an incredibly inspiring song given McMahon’s past.The band, not unlike Ben Folds, is considered to fall into the “piano-rock” genre, meaning the main instrument is a piano rather than guitar. The sound is a welcomed deviation from the typical distorted guitar power chords heard from most rockers. Again, check out some of the band’s upcoming works at their MySpace at Oasis Oct. 7- So it turns out Oasis has still been making music since Wonderwall. Who knew? Their seventh (wow) album Dig Out Your Soul will be hitting the shelves early next month. Frontmen brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher promise this one will be simply amazing: “I really fancy doing a record where we just throw the kitchen sink at a 100 piece orchestra and choirs and all that stuff” ( So far only one single The Shock of the Lighting has been released, and though there are no kitchen sinks to be found, the music is the same old catchy Oasis.

Ben Folds Sept. 30- Ben Folds, who once rocked the suburbs (just like Quiet Riot did), will be putting out his third solo album entitled Way to Normal (Epic Records). Though he isn’t exactly a chart topper, Folds is by far one of the most talented musicians in the industry. His skills on the keyboard can only be topped by classical performers, but those guys aren’t nearly as fun. The prereleased single You Don’t Know Me (featuring Russian rocker Regina Spektor) is a fun throwback to Folds’ days of old, tying in some quirky keyboard effects and electro-rock. The music video, which features Adult Swim’s Time and Eric in an odd yet surprisingly thought provoking skit, can be seen on Folds’ MySpace page at




On Campus:

Saturday On Campus:


*MDA Mud Volleyball: mud volleyball court, noon. *Agnes of God: Thad Smotherman Theater, 7:30 p.m.

On Campus:


*Baptist Student Ministry: Sid *The Rambler staff meeting: Stella Russell Hall lobby, Richardson Building, noon, 12:15 p.m. free lunch served

AHEAD To submit an event for the calender, e-mail




There is no doubt that the music industry has changed over the years, but in many ways the music has stayed the same. There will probably never be anymore dive-bar recordings or peddlers on the street trying to unload their new demos, but the tunes are still out there. Keep your ears open and you never know what you might hear. Ryan Authier is a senior psychology major and is entertainment editor for The Rambler.


On Campus: *Stones in His Pockets: Thad Smotherman Theater, 7:30 p.m.

Presidential Debate Party

*See You at the Pole: the mall, *Methodist Student Off Campus: Movement: Poly UMC, 12:15 noon. p.m., free lunch served Weekly Movie Releases: Choke; Miracle at St. Anna; *Agnes of God: Thad Nights in Rodanthe Smotherman Theater, 7:30 p.m.

Sunday On Campus:


Monday Off Campus:


* Wesleyan Sunday: * The Swell Season: Polytechnic UMC, 10:30 a.m. Palladium Ballroom, 6:30 p.m. *Stones in His Pockets: Thad Smotherman Theater, 2 p.m. *Sunset Rubdown: Granada Theater, 8 p.m.

Tuesday On Campus:


* Chapel Service: Polytechnic UMC, 12:15 p.m. Off Campus: Weekly DVD Releases: Forgetting Sarah Marshall; Iron Man

Sept. 26 8 p.m.

Local Candidates Speaking at 7 p.m. in Stella Hall

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Rambler 09.24.08

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