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February 22, 2012

Vol. 95 • No. 6

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Homecoming king and queen crowned at Lady Rams game.

Fashion-forward tips offered for men on a college budget.

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Quiz Bowl team heading to nationals Joshua Dunk

Texas Wesleyan will represent District 6 (Texas and Arkansas) in St. Louis in June as they compete at the national competition for athletic training. On Jan. 27, the Texas Wesleyan athletic training students won the District 6 Quiz Bowl competition in Irving, Texas, outpacing the second team University of Texas at Austin by more than 2,300 points. The Quiz Bowl tournament is a Jeopardy-style athletic training competition that is broken up into

five domains of athletic training. With each domain, there is a set of questions and the team to hit the clicker first has the chance to answer the question, earning them the most points with that domain. Quiz Bowl topics on Jan. 27 included injury/illness prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate and emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation, and organizational and professional health. The National Athletic Training Association (NATA) is a nationwide organization of athletic train-

ing that offers certification cards, education hours and it represents as the place to report to when starting work in that particular career field. The Quiz Bowl is the student portion of NATA. Before nationals, every participant must qualify at district level. “At district the first round is jeopardy then double-jeopardy and then final jeopardy where you wager how ever much,” Christina Kelley, senior Wesleayan Quiz Bowl team member, said. Last year was the first year Wesleyan entered the Quiz Bowl competition.

“We were the runner-up for the competition to [Texas Christian University],” Kelley said. “We were in the lead the whole time until the final jeopardy question.” This competition is different than others because unlike sports, it is not something that can be trained for in advance. John Walsh, junior Quiz Bowl team member, said it takes a lot of work to be apart of the team. “I’ve been doing this for two years and our seniors for three,. It’s not something that you can train for, it’s about the knowledge you obtain as you go through ath-

letic training,” Walsh said. Kelley said the key to winning these types of competitions is strategy. “Last year was our first time participating in the competition so you had a lot of us who didn’t really know much about it,” Kelley said. “We knew what to expect this year. We strategized more on how to answer the questions, studied and created a mock Jeopardy-style game to know who the fastest clicker was.” Laura Kunkel, clinical coordi-

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Rams hula-hoop their way to Homecoming

Library offers students tools for success Tristian Evans

Freshman mass communications major Lanysia Harrison (left) and senior marketing major Jasmine Tuya battle it out in a hula-hooping contest at the Homecoming block party Feb. 17 in Stella Hall. The competition included eight Wesleyan student participants, where freshman Elena Vannaman won it all.

The Eunice & James L. West Library has been meeting the academic needs of students and faculty alike for more than 20 years. The library is open seven days a week and offers a plethora of literature and research texts. Cindy Potter, director of the library, came to Texas Wesleyan in 1988, when the library had just been built. “I had just completed library school and did not know what kind of librarian to be,” Potter said. “I was told about the new [library] being built and they needed a librarian. So I came to interview and just fell in love with it.” Potter graduated from Texas Wesleyan in 1971 and had not been back since then. “It was very exciting to see the campus grow like it did,” Potter said. She said students can use the library to access the Internet, research topics for their classes, get their ID badges and parking passes. Students can also enjoy free coffee and tea during those late-night and earlymorning study sessions. On the first floor of the library is the reference and circulation department, which

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Morris ends term as dean after 3 years served Rolandra West

Dr. Trevor Morris re-defines the definition of well-rounded with his extensive resume. As the son of a commercial pilot, Morris has traveled to more than 60 countries around the world, received three degrees from two different universities, and has served two years as the dean of natural and social sciences at Texas Wesleyan. Morris has served as dean since June 2009 and will be ending his term at the end of spring 2012 semester and Dr. Marcel Kerr, professor of psychology, will take over as interim dean. Although Morris will end his term as dean, his work ethic has been recognized.

Morris completed his doctorate’s and master’s degrees at the University of South Carolina, and his bachelor’s at Roanoke College. Morris worked as a professor of political science at Methodist University in North Carolina for 15 years. He stood in as a department chair of political science and history, dean and vice president from 1989 to 2006. He was also provost at Lambuth University in Tennessee from 2006 to 2008. “I don’t have a favorite [job],” Morris said. “I enjoy teaching and being in the classroom, but I also enjoy the problem solving of administrative work.” Morris said it has been interesting working at Wesleyan and that there are many good faculty and staff.

Theresa Anderson, senior education major, said she has worked as Morris’ student worker for almost two years. “Dr. Morris is fair, easy going, and willing to listen,” Anderson said. “I’m glad I have had the pleasure of being his student worker.” Charity Strickland, administrative assistant of the Natural and Social Sciences, said she has enjoyed working for Morris for two and a half years. “Dr. Morris came to Texas Wesleyan at a time of great transition. The School of Arts & Sciences was being split and The School of Natural & Social Sciences was created,” Strickland said. “He is a very devoted leader, amazingly brilliant and a wonderful person. It is rare that you | Courtesy

find all of those qualities in a person.” Not only does Charity know him as a boss, she knows him as a person. “Dr. Morris is by far one of the


GROUP CLASSES Wednesdays and Fridays 12:00pm

most rational, approachable and kind-hearted individuals I have met here at Texas Wesleyan,” Strickland said. “I wish him the best in all of his future endeavors and look forward to hearing of his accomplishments.”



February 22, 2012


The Rambler |

College budget creates hurdles for dating Joshua Dunk Staff Writer

You’re really digging the cutie you just met. You guys talk on the phone for a while and decide it’s time to go on your first date. But let’s face the facts for a moment: you’re a college student. This is the time in your life where the phrase “the best years” is supossed to describe those carefree and rebellious years that every university student experiences. Relationships can be stressful and breakups can be even worse. However, before you cancel on your crush, realize that you can still take him or her on a date without going over board. The objective is not to create a relationship but to let one form on its own. Most of you will have to learn this for yourself, but when thinking about getting into a relationship in college, or even something else, try to stay logical before making a decision. A date for a college student takes a little creativity. You want to create an atmosphere that is not only carefree, but thoughtful. Money is already a problem enough, but the date doesn’t have to add on to it.

Dating on a college campus has lots of advantages. This may be the easiest time in life to meet people. Usually there are plenty of fun and inexpensive activities to do around campus. On the other hand, college dating can be complicated because it takes place in an atmosphere filled with stress, drama and gossip. Going to the movies is a classic date. It is relatively cheap, depending on where you live, and it doesn’t require knowing the person all that well. Despite the awkward moments involved in a movie date, like the arm-around-the-shoulder, you can find out quite a lot about your date by the kinds of movies he or she enjoys. Also, nothing says “I’m feeling you” better than a home-cooked meal. Remember ladies, mama always said the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you’re really digging your date and dinner ends a little too soon, make it a Blockbuster night. After you’ve gotten the girl or guy and the relationship starts, here is when you need to start paying attention to character. Always define your expectations. What exactly are you looking for? Are you looking for a serious relationship or someone to hang out with? Be honest with yourself and your date.

If you are not ready to be in a committed relationship, let them know straight away so that you do not give them false hope. Don’t just grab the first person that pays attention to you. You should know what

you want in a partner and look for those qualities in the people you meet. Think carefully about getting engaged or getting married during or shortly after college. Many young marriages last forever, but many

more do not. Never consider marriage because you feel it’s the “thing to do” after college. One of the most important things in a relationship is staying true to who you are, but being open for growth.

Transfer students 101

...and you can take that to the Bank (s)!

Learn the tips and tricks to getting over the transfer

Fraud discovered on reality show

By Tristian Evans

This semester, I transferred into Texas Wesleyan from Tarrant County College South Campus. Things have been a bit hectic for me since the beginning on the semester. I work for The Rambler, work at the TCC South Bookstore, and I’m a full-time student. Here are my tips for transfer student survival

1. Familiarize yourself with the campus before school starts.

Yes, the maps are easy enough to understand, but knowing where you are supposed to go beforehand could be the difference between you getting to class on time, or walking in late and being used as an example of what not to do.

2. Find out what resources are available and utilize them as

much as possible. The Academic Success Center has a series of workshops aimed primarily at transfer students and the Transfer Advisory Board is dedicated to helping transfer students integrate themselves into the Texas Wesleyan community.

3. Reach out to your fellow students and seek their advice.

I have learned so much information about my instructors— information that has served me well so far in my classes.

4. The phrase, “use your time wisely”, has become my man-

tra this semester. As stated above, I have a lot of things going on and must try to plan accordingly. I will not lie, I have not, by any stretch of the imagination, mastered the art of using my time wisely. As we all know, procrastination is a foe of great power. And we all must do our best to conquer it.

5. Get to school as early as possible for a decent parking spot. As we all know, parking kind of sucks around here. And I don’t know about you guys, but when I am already sleepy, spending 15 or 20 minutes looking for a parking spot is not fun. 6. The last and final piece of advice is to not lose sight of what is important. Yes it is a new university, new people and new experiences. But don’t get so overwhelmed with your new surrounding that you get sidetracked and forget what is really important. This is about getting your degree and building a happy and successful future for yourself.

The Rambler Shauna Banks, news/opinion editor Stephanie Randall, sports editor Meisa Keivani Najafabadi, photo editor Brandon Loredo, multimedia editor Erica Estrada, cartoonist/photographer Wendy Moore, faculty adviser Dr. Kay Colley, faculty liaison Frederick Slabach, publisher

websites, such as Ebay, it didn’t seem completely impossible Shauna Banks that Joel could have obtained Opinion Editor/Columnist that many coupons. I came across an article through Yahoo! News, which stated that the Quilted Northern coupons 16-year-old Joel used in the episode were in fact counterfeit. To remedy the situation, Be still my coupon-loving heart. his mother has since paid the store Yes, you are broken. But the healing they were purchased at the full $400 will begin — eventually. retail the toilet paper was worth. I have to say I’m sad to say a new case In hindsight it all makes of coupon fraud has been exposed on sense — seeing as during the epione of my favorite shows, and the rea- sode, the coupons were not ringing son I started couponing last year, Ex- up properly, with the register saying treme Couponing on TLC. the code on the coupons was inIn an episode that seemed too good valid. But in the name of television to be true when it aired, a high school- (and ratings…and free advertising), er named Joel managed to get through the manager gladly came over to a haul that included 36 coupons for override the register and push the free Quilted Northern toilet paper. coupons through during the origiNow, I’m not claiming to be the nal transaction. queen of couponing, but even I But you know my coupon-loving raised an eyebrow at that one. heart was still curious after reading For those not familiar with cou- this intriguing case of coupon fraud. pons for completely free prod- As I searched for other reports and ucts — well, they’re not easy to come stories on the subject, I found several by. You usually have to write letters to companies in support of their products in hopes of possibly receiving free product coupons. The few I’ve used have been for one of my dog’s high-dollar dog food — which has been a life saver, but nonetheless took an effort to obtain. However, since I do know people sell their coupons on resale

other articles posted on reputable news sites with further claims of coupon fraud on the infamous show. In the long run, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. Most episodes have seemed beyond belief—even considering most of the participants were stay-at-home moms with much more time on their hands than myself. It was hard however not to be envious of their savings. I mean, to get a grocery bill to go from $1,300 to less than ten dollars? Seems awesome to me. But, if the way to get there is finding fake coupons and hoping they go through, or learning how to cheat the coupon bar coding system to use coupons for products other than the ones they were intended for — then I opt out of “extreme” savings. I’ll stick to my price matching at Wally World, and to my trusty Trapper Keeper, full of valid coupons. After all, I can’t let down all those cashiers who rightfully call me “the price matching lady.” All in the name of honestly saving money. Nothing less, and nothing more.

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3 News Wireless access stretches campuswide

The Rambler |

Tristian Evans

The Internet has become more important for most college students. On most college campuses, there are only wireless access points in certain areas. At Texas Wesleyan however, every building has the potential for wireless access. “About a year and a half ago we received the ability to get wireless access points located in certain areas around campus,” Kendra Ketchum, director of IT infrastructure services, said. “Early last year we did an assessment and we realized that we had forty percent of the campus that didn’t have wireless what so ever.” In early April of last year, Ketchum said she and her coworkers completed a project that included adding wireless access points to areas that didn’t have wireless coverage. “In early June, we determined


February 22, 2012

[that we would] now do an assessment of our infrastructure to determine where those weak points are,” Ketchum said. A team of engineers did a site survey, which required them to stand in almost every room of the residential spaces, office spaces and common spaces with laptops to determine where the wireless coverage is and how large the perimeter of the particular access point would go, Ketchum said. She said the team of engineers spent all summer figuring out where the weak points were in the buildings. They also got a better understanding of some of the things that would interfere with the wireless signals. “Something as silly as a poster on a wall, a closet full of clothes,” she said. “All of those are barriers to a signal.” Brick walls can also be a barrier to the signals, she said. After spending all summer doing

the project, all the weak points were found and new access points were purchased to be put into the weak spots, especially in the residential areas to get wireless capability up to 100 percent, Ketchum said. Ketchum also said last fall, the engineers came back to figure out how to strengthen the wireless capabilities while students were on campus. “I wanted to know, worst case scenario, with every room filled, with every closet filled, how far [would] the signal go,” Ketchum said. The engineers confirmed that all the residential areas had good signals, with the exception of Wesleyan Village. Eventually, six new wireless access points will be added to get Wesleyan Village up to 100 percent wireless coverage. Ketchum and the engineers also did a security assessment to make sure Wesleyan’s wireless network was safe. After a few adjustments


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nator at Wesleyan, is a faculty member at the athletic training workshops. “Our students got involved with the Quiz Bowl after going to the workshops and meeting Texas Wesleyan’s Quiz Bowl team currently consists of junior Jeff Hooks (left), senior Grace Savage, junior John Walsh and senior Christina Kelley. After their tournament win in Irving, Texas Jan. 27, the team will head to the national tournament in June in St. Louis, Mo. The Texas Wesleyan team will represent District 6 for the first time in Wesleyan history. In the tournament, they outscored the second place team, University of Texas at Austin by 2,300 points.

were made, the network was completely secure. “We are looking at some newer technology regarding our [wireless] network as well,” Gregg Flowers, networking operations major, said. Flowers said originally, some students didn’t like having to log on when accessing Texas Wesleyan’s wireless network, and although they no longer have to do that, it is still important that there be some way to register devices connecting to the network. “We’ve learned a lot about our infrastructure, but more importantly, we had to learn about the students’ habits,” Ketchum said. “We’re here to support the students and to insure that they have the technology they need to be successful.” Ketchum said theoretically, at this point, students should be able to log on to the wireless network from one side of the campus, and walk to the other without losing the signal.

with several different people,” Kunkel said. “Because they won at district, NATA will waive their registration fee for the competitoin they won and the district will award them

each $500 towards travel and hotel.” The team consists of Kelley, Walsh, junior Jeff Hooks and senior Grace Savage.

Meisa Keivani Najafabadi | Rambler Staff


Ketchum and Flowers both said while the IT department doesn’t police the usage of the wireless network, they want to encourage students to use it responsibly. If one person were to get a virus and then log onto the network, everyone else on the network would be susceptible. Ketchum said annually, students bring at between six to eight devices to school. Making sure the students can access the Internet from all of those devices is the top priority of the IT department. “In the last year and a half I would say we’ve advanced 14 years in technology,” Ketchum said. Gates Lopez, freshman mass communications major, said he has noticed the wireless is better in some places than others. “The library is like the center of the wireless network,” Lopez said. “You can get on it, but it is time consuming.”

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is headed by Kaeli Vandertulip, reference and instruction librarian. Vandertulip covers science and education, and said her background in science makes it a perfect fit. “I’ve always been a research nerd,” Vandertulip said. “When I was studying to be a biologist, my favorite part was research. When I was a biologist, my favorite part was teaching my colleagues about the new research that had just come out.” Vandertulip said finding out about the new research that had just come out was one of the things she always enjoyed, which is what led her to librarianship. After she got her master’s degree in library sciences, she decided that reference librarianship was what she wanted to do and applied for a job at

Texas Wesleyan. “I never want research to be boring, or painful,” Vandertulip said. “I call myself the librarian evangelist because like a religious evangelist, I go around and spread the good news about how great libraries are.” Vandertulip said she and her coworkers love helping people and she believes that to be true about anyone who goes into the library sciences. Vandertulip and her coworkers work with the faculty of Texas Wesleyan to ensure they have the resources they need to teach their students. Also on the first floor are the Academic Success Center, the Center for Excellence and Learning in Teaching and the juvenile collection of books. On the second floor are the periodicals department,

freshman advising, computers for student use and private study rooms. Students can also lounge on comfy couches while studying. On the third floor, there are various other book collections, research computers and conference rooms. There is also an inter-library loan service that acquires books students need from other libraries in the area. Sherri Parker, coordinator of library services, has worked at the library for 16 years, and said she enjoys it. “It’s just a very nice place to work,” she said. “[It’s] very interesting, and there is always something new happening.” Parker said students are welcome to come to the library to interact with each other, even if they aren’t necessarily studying.



February 22, 2012


The Rambler |

Ram pride put on display in pie eat 1.



1. Fellow Rams raise David Owen, junior general business major’s hand in victory after the pie eating contest at the Homecoming block party Feb. 17 in Stella Hall. 2. Senior math major Erin Bethany and junior business major Trent Sandles were crowned queen and king at halftime of the Lady Rams basketball game Feb. 18. The Lady Rams won the game 60-57 versus Texas College’s Lady Steers. 3. (left to right) Participants in the pie eating contest, junior Zuheir Inayat, senior Giovanni Monsanto, freshman Jeremy Hunt, junior David Owen and senior Dashena McLendon chow down on a mix of cherry and blueberry pies at the Homecoming block party Feb. 17 in Stella Hall. At the end of the contest, Owen was declared the winner. 4. Phillip Chavez, freshman exercise science major and Ram baseball player, shows his Ram pride before being deemed the top Ram fan at the Homecoming block party. As the winner, Chavez won a 32-inch flat screen television and the support of many other Ram fans.



The Rambler |


February 22, 2012



ting contest, block party festivities 3.




Meisa Keivani Najafabadi | Rambler Staff 5. The lead singer of up-and-coming pop band Jet Blaq is accompanied by Wesleyan friends at the Homecoming block party Feb. 17. Performers included (from left to right) senior Stephanie Randall, freshman Joshua Dunk, junior Jordan Twine and Jet Blaq member Devin Canady. 6. Country band Aspen Creek, performs a song-set for entertainment at the Homecoming block party. 7. Laura Alexander, junior political science major, Kriti Sharma, senior criminal justice major, and Ainielle Mitchell, senior finance major dance with other Wesleyanites at the Homecoming block party. Also at the block party, international students, graduate Nourin Maredia, graduate Wei Sun and freshman Hafidh Alghussein treated students to their names written in different languages on a piece of paper to take home. Students who participated had their names written in Hindi, Chinese and Arabic. Other activities included students at the block party writing Homecoming messages on a paper mache Ram statue created specifically for the event.



February 22, 2012

A��� � E������������


Men learn fashion tricks, dress to impress ladies

Finding affordable and stylish clothes for men can be a bit tricky. So many brands and retailers produce cookie cutter styles that will quickly assimilate your individuality into a look that is largely homogeneous. Fashion in my eyes gives me a way to show my personality and creativity. As a man who has an eye for style I have an upper hand compared to most men. However, it’s still hard for me to find clothing that is not only affordable for a college student, but looks as if it is not. In the fashion industry most designers focus their collection mainly on women, thus men’s fashion have been given the title that it is boring. The obvious difference between women’s fashion and men’s fashion is choice. One thing women’s fashion certainly doesn’t lack

is choice and that choice comes in many forms; choice of retailers, choice of styles, even choice of trends. The number of designer’ and fashion houses that put out collections for women surpasses that of those for men, so you get a wider variety of collections each season, more trends and styles. I also think it may come from how society perceives male fashion and how men react to it. Women, generally, grow up with the notion that liking fashion is acceptable. On the other hand men aren’t really encouraged to like fashion when they’re younger. It is not really perceived as a ‘manly’ thing. Because of this, I’d say that men are less likely to experiment than women when it comes to clothes. Designers can afford to be more experimental with women’s fashion because it is more likely to be accepted, tried and bought by women. Being more experimental

with men’s fashion therefore is more likely to end up with the clothes gathering dust on the store hangers. Appearance is everything. You don’t want to be taking your girlfriend to a restaurant and other men come up to talk to her because you didn’t look as if you could possibly be with her. Here is a hint. Men, sagging is not cool anymore. Give it up. If you’re currently stuck in the world of Old Navy, Gap, Forever 21, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister, there are a few other retailers who stand above the pack. These outfitters produce fashions and styles that will help you better develop your image and express yourself. The top 10 retailers where to find some of the most affordable, stylish fashions available to men are: BlueFly, Bonobos, Gilt Groupe, H&M, Top Man, Uniqlo, YesStyle, Yoox and Zara.

Erica Estrada | Photo Illustration

‘Charley’s Aunt’ comes to Wesleyan Theatre Wesleyan will perform Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas in Thad Smotherman Theatre. Performances are set for 7:30 p.m. Feb. 23-25 and March 1-3, and 2 p.m. March 4. Tickets are $8 for general admission, $6 for Wesleyan faculty and staff and $4 for students with ID. To purchase tickets or for more information, call the box office at (817) 531-4211.

Guitar Fort Worth: Classical Series Honoring President Slabach Johannes Moller, guitar

February 24 - 7:30pm

Visit Visitusus online onlineatat 




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Baseball strikes out to Scorpions Emma Fradette

The Texas Wesleyan baseball team lost all three games against the University of Texas at Brownsville in Brownsville, Texas Feb. 18 and 19. The first game Saturday was a long one for the Rams, going into 13 innings. Christian Soberanes, senior shortstop, scored the first run for Wesleyan early in the first inning, and Justin Barnes, senior outfielder and first baseman, gained another run for the Rams putting them up 2-0. The Scorpions scored in the fourth inning taking the lead 3-2. The Rams did not give up with the bases loaded in the seventh inning. Taylor Jockers, senior outfielder, gained a run tying the score 3-3. In the bottom of the seventh, Patrick Stanley, junior pitcher, came into the game keeping the Scorpions off the score board until they gained three walks and loaded the bases. The Scorpions gained a lastminute run beating the Rams 4-3. Dillon Wilson, senior left handed pitcher, said he believed the team’s effort should have been enough to win. “I feel that we played well enough to win all three games in the series, but we had a few calls that didn’t go the way that we wanted, and we let it get to us,” Wilson said. “That’s baseball. Sometimes you play with your emotions on your sleeve when you shouldn’t worry about them and just play the game.” The Rams played UTB again Saturday night. The Rams had seven errors in the game that cost them four runs. The Rams were scoreless until the fifth inning when Jake Howeth, freshman outfielder, hit a single that brought Vincent Winter, junior outfielder, home. It was a quick game for the Rams lasting just under two hours, but the Rams could not get the win. They lost 4-1. Derek Vaughn, redshirt junior pitcher, agreed with Wilson saying almost the same thing about the team’s performance. “I feel like we played well enough to win the first game, but some calls here-and-there by the umpires got under our skin, and we were more focused on the calls than doing our job,” Vaughn said. “There were plenty of positives that came out of this weekend, but it also shows us a lot of what we need to work on.” Nolan Barbee, junior pitcher, thought the team did not play as well as it should have. “We just didn’t take care of what we needed to,” Barbee said. “We need to improve in every area still, and we have a lot of work to do, but it’s early so we have time.” The last game of the weekend was played on Sunday to cap off the weekend series. The Rams played with a never-give-up attitude, but it just was not enough. They lost to UTB 7-5. Alex Padilla, junior catcher, and Stephen Niedwiecki, senior first baseman, gained the Rams a 4-0 lead in the fourth inning. The Scorpions came back at the Rams scoring four runs and tying the game 4-4. In the seventh inning Tyler King, senior pitcher, reclaimed the lead for the Rams scoring a run. UTB did not give up and scored three runs in the seventh inning to defeat the Rams with a final score of 7-5. Vaughn said the team needs to learn to play a complete game. “We get up on a team early, and instead of staying on them and keep tacking on more runs, we just seem complacent, instead of burying them which we need to do,” Vaughn said. “All around we can improve. Hitting has been showing signs of improvement, but we still have to get those bats hot.” Wilson said the team also needs to cut down on the walks allowed, although the team is pitching well. “Our sticks are coming around, and we are fixing to start swinging well,” Wilson said. “We just have to take it a day at a time and keep improving on what we can.” The Rams will swing back into action Friday, Feb. 24 against Central Baptist College in Fort Worth at La Grave Field at 2 p.m.


February 22, 2012



Softball run rules in Cowtown Classic Emma Frdette

The Texas Wesleyan softball team played in the Cowtown Classic Feb. 17 at Gateway Park in Fort Worth winning two of the three games played on Friday. The Lady Rams played three games against Graceland, Bakers University and Southwestern University and ended the day 2-1. Courtney Orebaugh, senior outfielder, said she was impressed with her team’s performance this past weekend. “I think we did really well,” Orebaugh said. “It was a really good look into seeing how the season is going to go, and we are going to be strong this year. I’m really excited.” Raven Moreno, junior utility player, said practice for the Lady Rams has helped prepare the team properly. “We got a lot of reps in, and we have a lot of fun with each other during practice, just being intense and having fun makes it easy when it’s game Erica Estrada | Rambler Staff time,” Moreno said. The first game of the day was against Graceland who Morgan Johnson (5), sophomore right handed pitcher, pitches a fast-ball Feb. 17 in the Cowtown Classic at Gateway Park. scored on the Rams early. With a 1-0 lead in the third inning Moreno ran into home Lady Rams even more cush- take a lead of 2-0. Wesleyan plate after Christina Kelley, ion with a 11-1 lead. The Lady remained scoreless in the fifth senior first baseman, hit a sin- Jackets only scored two more inning when the Lady Wildgle into centerfield tying the runs giving Wesleyan the win cats earned another two runs game 1-1. In the fourth inning 11-3. making the score 4-0. Howevthe Lady Rams had the bases Moreno said she was happy er, the Lady Rams did not give loaded and scored three more with the first game results. up with a run from Orebaugh runs with a couple of bunts “I think we did awesome, to give the Lady Rams a score changing the score to 4-1. especially for our first games,” of 4-1. The Lady Rams kept bring- Moreno said. “It is definitely The Lady Rams kept pushing the intensity in the seventh the best we have been since I ing. They scored three more inning. They scored four more have been here.” runs with help from Moreno, runs in that inning, taking the The second game was played Jiminez, Lindsay Cline, sophopressure off the Lady Rams against Bakers University. more third baseman, and Mawith a score of 8-1. Ashleigh The Lady Rams fell behind rissa Rangel, senior outfielder. Jiminez, senior second base- early in the game. The Lady Despite their efforts, the Lady man, hit a three-run homer Wildcats scored two runs in Rams fell short to Bakers 5-4. over the left fence to give the the beginning of the game to The last game of the day was

played against Southwestern University with a second inning that gave the Lady Rams an extremely high and quick score. The Lady Rams scored nine runs in the second inning alone. Chelsea Boles, sophomore catcher, Cline, Jiminez and Dakota Whittern, freshman catcher, helped the Lady Rams get the 9-0 lead. The Lady Rams scored two more runs in the fourth inning 11-0. After the fifth inning, the Lady Rams won the game 11-0. Makelle Akin, senior outfielder, said the team stayed together and encouraged each other the whole time. “We got compliments from other coaches saying we look great, and they couldn’t believe these were our first games,” Akin said. “Coach was very proud of us, and we put defense, offense and pitching all together.” Moreno said head coach Shannon Gower has played a big part in keeping the team motivated. “She helps by talking to us when we need it. She doesn’t yell at us, and she is always encouraging,” Moreno said. “She is always telling us to keep pushing harder and keep our heads up.” Even though the Lady Rams came through 2-1, Orebaugh said there are things the team can work on. “Of course there is always room for improvement,” Orebaugh said. “I do not think, however, there is any area in particular that we are weak in, and we can only get better from here.” The Lady Rams will play in the upcoming St. Gregory University Tournament starting at 12:00 p.m. Feb. 24 in Farmers Branch, Texas.

Rams buck Steers to fight for first-place seat Stephanie Randall

The Texas Wesleyan men’s basketball team won Feb. 18 against Texas College finishing with a score of 79-71. This win secures the Rams’ record of 21-5 overall and 16-4 in the Red River Athletic Conference with four games left in the regular season. Ryan Glanzer, senior guard, said the team played a really good game. “Texas College is a really tough team,” Glanzer said. Glanzer said with Ronnie Moss being unable to play, quite a few players stepped up to the plate. “Oscar stepped up and played hard, and Eric played really well as well,” Glanzer said. “It was really a contribution from every one, and it was a good team win.” The game started off slow as Eric Frederick, senior forward, quickly gained two fouls in the early minutes of the half. Oscar Griffin, junior guard,

stepped up his game and contributed three, three-point shots to hold the Steers from gaining the lead. Griffin said the win was a great team effort and a good bounce back win. “We came out with something to prove, and we accomplished exactly what we needed to accomplish,” Griffin said. The Rams stepped up their defense and kept the Steers to a lowscoring half, but a couple of quick points from the Steers put them in the lead. Jazz Holman, sophomore guard, fired back at the Steers, with an easy layup to tie the game at 35-35 at the half. The Steers started the second half with more intensity than before. The Steers gained backto-back points until Holman and Brian Talley, junior guard, contributed threes to jump start an 11-0 run over the Steers. The Rams continued to increase the lead, but the Steers did not go down without a fight.

“We came out with something to prove, and we accomplished exactly what we needed to accomplish.”

Oscar Griffin

junior guard

The Steers scored eight straight points to cut the Rams lead down to five. With four minutes left, Eric Frederick, senor forward, fouled out leaving the Rams to fend for themselves. The Rams stepped up their game and knocked down 11 of 12 from the free throw line, holding the Steers with seconds left in the half. Key plays by Stephane Mudiay, senior forward, put the Rams up 77-71, and Talley sealed the deal with two free throws. The final score was 79-71. Mudiay said the Rams played well as a team and came out with a strong win. “We played with high energy

after the loss to Wiley. It was a wakeup call for us,” Mudiay said. “It pushed us to really bounce back against Texas College and showed what we can achieve if we play together.” Five players for the Rams reached double-figures against the Steers. Frederick contributed with 17 points. Griffin put up numbers with 16 points, seven rebounds, four assists and four steals. Holman added 13 points. Mudiay finished with 12 points along with Talley’s 11. The Rams will take on Our Lady of the Lake at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 20 in the Sid Richardson Center.




February 22, 2012


Lady Rams’ steer in right direction with win “Our goals for the rest of the season is to win every game here on out and go to Nationals. We have to play every game like it’s our last,” Turner said. The game started off quick with a 9-0 lead against the Lady Steers. The Lady Rams defense held the Lady Steers to a non-scoring half until four minutes remaining. The Lady Steers quickly went on a 10-2 run against the Lady Rams, but the Lady Rams fought back holding the score at 31-25 at the half. Brittany White, senior guard, said the game went well for the Lady Rams. “We were fortunate enough to pull out the win,” White said. “There are still things we need to work on and get better at.” White said the team needs to sharpen a few skills before they head into the conference tournament.

Stephanie Randall

The Texas Wesleyan Lady Rams basketball team took on Texas College Lady Steers Feb. 18 in the annual pink out game, winning 6057. The pink out game is a game where team members wear as much pink as possible to support breast cancer awareness. The Lady Rams are currently 21-5 overall and 16-4 in the Red River Athletic Conference. Courtney Turner, junior guard, said the team played well against the Lady Steers. “We played hard and came out with a win,” Turner said. “We missed easy shots, but in the end we stuck together when it counted.” Turner said Octavia Mullins, senior forward, stepped up and sunk key free throws when the team needed them the most.

At the opening of the second half, the Lady Rams continued to dominate. Late in the half, the Lady Steers decided to charge back with an 8-2 run with seven minutes left in the game. The Lady Steers were up one point until Kristi Alexander, senior guard, snagged a big rebound with seven seconds left and the Lady Rams scored finishing 60-57. Nicole Terral, senior guard, said it was kind of an ugly game. “We couldn’t get simple shots to fall, but we stuck together as a team and got the win,” Terral said. White contributed 18 points and seven rebounds. Mullins added six points and 13 rebounds in the win. The Lady Rams’ next game is against Our Lady of the Lake at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 20 in the Sid Richardson Center.

Meisa Keivani Najafabadi | Rambler Staff Octavia Mullins (35), senior forward, dribbles the ball down the court for a fast-break play Feb. 18 in the Sid Rchardson Center for the pink out game for breast cancer awareness.

The Runnin’ Rams rule out competitors in outdoor Tyler meet Saturday Emma Fradette

Erica Estrada | Rambler Staff Distance runners Maria Aguayo (left), freshman, Ana Segovia, freshman, Jisvi Padilla, sophomore, run around Wesleyan campus to prepare for the time trials in Tyler, Texas.



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Hawes said practice has consisted of the team working hard to set goals they want to reach, and practicing hard can help accomplish those goals. Smith said the team can prepare by continuing to work hard, and everything will fall into place. “We all have the common desire to win,” Smith said. “When everyone is on the same page, the goal is much easier to accomplish.” Both men’s and women’s track will run in the Lion Preseason Meet on Feb. 24 at Texas A&M UniversityCommerce in Commerce, Texas.






The Texas Wesleyan men’s and women’s track teams ran Friday Feb. 17 in the University of Texas at Tyler Time Trials in Tyler, Texas. Jessica Davis, junior runner, said both teams did well ,and the meet let them know what they could do. “We all did well, and we have an idea of what we are capable of doing and what we need to work on,” Davis said. Davis said the team attended the time trials meet to give them a clue of what times the team members are running. She said every run was timed

by hand, so there were no official times. Christopher Smith, senior sprinter, said he agrees the team did well this past weekend, but he knows he can personally improve. “The meet went pretty good,” Smith said. “I have a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks to meet my goals, and I am ready to work.” Although this meet was not officially timed, Bobby Hawes, junior runner, said it was the team’s first outside meet. “The team ran good being our first outdoor meet,” Hawes said. “We all ran really good for also running multiple events with little rest.”

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