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September 2009

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Cover: Artwork © Syed Ali Arif The TQC Team Editor & publisher: Keith. Columnists: Amey Kolhe, ‘Fleeting Sunshine’, Jaideep Bhide, Piloo, Pulkit Sharma, Ranjeet, Ruby, Tushar Tayal, Yuv. Layout concept, design & production: Keith. TQC (The Queer Chronicle) is a monthly e-magazine published for and by the queer community in Pune. This e-zine is a non-commercial publication, is not for sale and is exclusively for private distribution. Views expressed are solely the opinions of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the editorial team of TQC, nor its affiliates. The content of this e-zine may not be suitable for all audiences.

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Feature Story: Straight “I” for the Queer A Queer View: 5 reasons why you should marry a lesbian! Page 3 A Queer View: Legal to Love Art & Soul: Featured artist – Prakash Mohanty Art & Soul: ‘Na Yeti Uttare’ – a play in Marathi & English Movie Classics: C.R.A.Z.Y. Queer Biz Review: ‘Bangalore Rooms’ Health: Ask Doctor Tushar Leisure: Life & Tarot Readers’ Corner Reflections: I am YOU Classi-prides: Queer resources & businesses in Pune The Queer Chronicle

bra strap showing? Was he checking me out or hitting on me? And without worrying about “where is this going”

Feature Story

September Worrying about how I looked. Was my 2009

and “what do we mean” or anything like that! As they say about flirting, it is never a bad time to make someone feel good. It was pretty refreshing and liberating - the companionship and Piloo (L) & Ruby (R)

Straight “I” for the Queer

generalized mutual respect. For those people out there who have preconceived apprehensions or mind-


sets of hanging out with the queer, all

Sun, sand, sea, surf …. the four words

trends in make-up, fashion accessories,

we have to say is that its great; it’s time

seldom fall short of mystifying and

art and basically all things pretty, unlike

to embrace and accept the best in each

always bring forlorn looks of longing in

the you-know-whos ….


everybody’s eyes.

These folks definitely steal the thunder


To these four magical words add the

when it comes to tantrums, fussing

beliefs and ideologies, embracing life in

fifth – ‘GOA’ and the longing is filled

about and generally doing a great job of

all its wondrous glory is something one

with a different energy - the energy of

minding other people’s business.

should not miss out on.

lethargy. To someone unfamiliar with

Most folks seem to think that women

This was our first experience of being


were worrisome, constantly fretting and

with the queer for an extended period

unfathomable oxymoron.

prone to paranoia very like poor Mrs.

of time.

Well to cut a long story short, these two

Benette of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ fame,

their own fight! I wish all of us win our

very single and ready to mingle gals

but let me enlighten the readers that

fight and stand up for simply what we

decided to take off one weekend in

these fade in comparison to the

want. It is a radical act to create

January to wondrous Goa, and that too

‘Paranoid Parvatis’ of the queer world.

anything that’s unconventional. It is a

accompanied by three very eligible

Reflecting on this aspect I am seriously

radical act to love yourself in a society

bachelors. Now before your mind starts

wondering why Ekta Kapoor has not yet

that says you shouldn’t because of any

running away before you, it’s time for a

introduced a queer character into her


reality check!! The equation actually

Saas-Bahu drama.


reads two straight gals and three ‘not so

After all the tongue in cheek, on a more

choose a career that is different than

straight’ guys … so now you get it! The

serious note, the comfort shared was

the typical 9 to 5. It is a radical act to

situation was quite similar to the

immense. The ‘no agendas’ relationship





compliments on them. For the maverick

everywhere but not a drop to drink’, so

compassion and mutual respect that

in us, Goa and the Queer was a radical

us poor muggles, were in for something

was very relaxing and reassuring. It was

mix of loads of magical love and

quite hmmm different.

like having all the space in the world still

celebratory moments.

One must admit here that hanging out



So if you’re having trouble escaping the

with queer guys is a refreshing change;

provided the necessary security and

cult of societal norms which you do not

the benefits are immense – you are

generally made you feel good about

understand, stop and figure out how

both ogling at the same eye candy, they

yourself and everything around you.

you can put a little more love in the

are completely updated and like in this

Dates, Not Dating. The gist is, hey, it


case some even more so in the latest

was like being on a date without


April 2010



















away of



Kudos to them for winning






It’s a radical act to






in 1

A Queer View 2

5 reasons why you should marry a lesbian! (A satirical point of view)

September 2009

BY ‘FLEETING SUNSHINE’ Get real. We ain’t gonna have gay

thing) that it's gonna be an ‘open

eclipse in your dating calendar. Dykes

marriages in India anytime soon. 377

marriage’. So, there is hardly any

spend inordinately long times talking,

took full seven years to get repealed;

question of being upset about your

give cards and gifts and in general, do

sorry, amended.

partner screwing behind your back -

everything you'd want your boyfriend

So going by the odds, we gay mortals

someone else’s, that is. You might even

to, off bed.

need to accept this fact and make do

be able to use her as a bait to get that

with the next best thing - our female

straight hottie next door into your bed.

Gays are girlish. Lesbians are 4 boyish. So there's a chance that both of

counterparts, the dykes.

Twisted thought, yes, but (a) Yes,

you may find each other attractive in a

Here are 5 fabulous reasons why you

straights are that stupid. (b) She's only

queer(?) way, and end up having ...

SHOULD marry a lesbian:

bait. The fish ain’t gonna touch that fly;

umm ... children! Children are cute. And

You need work on Sunday 1 afternoons. The house is never gonna

only yours. And, (c) you can also show

even if you are blessed with an alien,

your gratitude by bringing home a hot

your mom will be happy.

get dirty if there are only gay people in

chick home once in a while ;)

it. The dykes are a perfect compliment. What a boring life it would be to live

If you manage to find a place in her 3 heart, even as a friend, hold on.

with someone just like you! You gotta

Wouldn't that have happened already

family is happy in the end. Everyone

have diversity; not just at the workplace

before you take your tailor-made

carries white lies behind the black suits.

but right in your home too.

marriage vows? You're just gonna love

Nobody has to reveal the true story, for

Now the best part. It's going to be 2 implicitly obvious (yes, there is such a

the attention she will give you. That's

the greater good, until the time is ripe.

going to be of big help when there's an

Do we hear wedding bells? ☺

Marrying a lesbian will turn your 5 life into a Karan Johar movie. Complicated, yes; but everyone in the

The Queer Chronicle

Page 3

September 2009

‘Birds of a Feather’ Q-Party IV, Pune | Photo Credits: Jimmy

A Queer View 4

Legal to Love


For majority of the non-gay population

social change or simply of expression. A

in India, gay people are like ‘Asafoetida’.


It’s a well known spice their curries

responsibility of striking a perfect

can’t do without but which needs to be

balance between the box office and the

sealed in an air tight container and kept

ethos he/she is directly or indirectly

far away from their drawing rooms

playing out in the societal influx. One

because of its queer smell.

earlier such character that people

Whether or not the Delhi HC’s hearing


in the Naz Foundation case will have an

Anupam Kher in Dulhan Hum Le

impact on the way homosexuals are

Jayenge. An unclassified category then,

portrayed in films and television is as

now all such characters are termed gay

big a question as whether or not the

without realizing the differences that

‘moral & culture police’ will ever sport

exists within the variegated community.

the pink chaddis gifted to them on

The critically acclaimed film Page 3 was

Valentine’s day.

beautifully crafted and showed the lead

Speaking about films, the ‘mother of all

actress being cheated on by her

arts’- the trend of documentary style

boyfriend who is gay. The recent Life in

film making is back. Current hot topics

a Metro took up the same ‘cause’. The

mostly become the theme and if not

difference? Here the boy isn’t bisexual

they make surely make cameos in the

but does it for his parents sake. Hmm,

films. Somehow homosexuality seems

nobody can deny that these things do

to be the flavor of the season. So much

happen. If I do not make things milder,

so that our traditional ‘Hindi film

they are actually the cases in majority.



Films inspire people and vice a versa.

conventional to include themes on it. If I

These flicks must be showing the

am not wrong in assuming most of the


gay community would have enjoyed the

experience in and around. Interestingly,

‘sense of mention’ as we generally do


for our states, languages or cultures.

Bhandarkar’s favorite topic. I also

But somewhere there is deep rooted

wonder why poor Konkana every time?!

phobia with gay

characters (read

A real mockery of homosexuality was

homos) in the minds which makes itself

seen in Kya kool hain hum & Kal ho na

evident on the screen periodically.

ho but they got away with something

Let us go retrospective. A recent film

called ‘sense of humor’. The later can

shows John Abraham & Abhishek

still be given a benefit of doubt but I

Bachchan as a gay couple only to

wonder how the first one, with its

ridicule the gay traits and strengthen

dialogues that leave a bad taste in

the already existing stereotypes like

mouth, could be forgotten by the



saviors of culture and religion. But the

gestures. It is needless to mention that

real issue of protest is somewhere deep

films always work in the ambit of


stereotypes but it is also true that they

Let me mention, has it been forgotten

are one of the most potent tools of

by the common man that the hullabaloo















September 2009






The Queer Chronicle

laughed at, lesbian acts on the September silver 2009

Deepa Mehta’s Fire was more about the

screen are cherished. Basic Instinct and

lead characters being called Radha and

American Pie for example. I thought it

Sita and less about homosexuality itself.

was ‘normal’ to see a man and woman

It then becomes crystal clear that Fire

making love. Then? Oh, they say a

came under a deep fanaticism only

mindset is reflected in films. But isn’t

because it was a simultaneously a bitter

America an equal and just society?

and feminist take on religion, more than

Specious issue!

same sex love. Mehta goes into

Different still are the films in which the

intercuts of how the ‘karwa chauth’ fast

issue is handled with care, sensitivity &

started and intelligently cuts into the

research. The most recent & popular

present where the leading ladies are

one is The Brokeback Mountain directed

neglected by their husbands either for

by Ang Lee. The brilliance with which

other women or under the influence of

the film handles the gay theme is

‘religious gurus’ teaching abstinence

praiseworthy. Though the film is a very



‘Hollywood formula’ take on a love

something unprecedented that the

story, it doesn’t nonetheless shy away

chauvinist and ‘sanatan’ parivar could

from showing an onscreen kiss between

not take and the excuse sought was the

two men. But mere classics whether

love affair shown between two women.

queer or not, are actually foreign

Of everything gay that has struck Indian

language films.

screens ever, Mehta’s Fire is the most

Bad Education by the famous & award

memorable. It was cinematic, bold, & a


poignant tale of love & desires. Even the

Almodovar and Happy Together in

better acclaimed film maker Mira Nair

Chinese by Wong Kar Wai are few that

couldn’t catch this poignancy in her

can be mentioned. In Hindi, it was the

Kama Sutra-The tale of love. Fire spoke

recent Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd that

and spoke so boldly that the legs of all

should be praised for its subtlety.

the chairs from Nagpur’s Reshambagh

Though My Brother Nikhil handled the

to Delhi’s 24, Akbar Road were shaken

theme very boldly there was a certain

to the core. For the first time after the

air of discomfort in handling the scenes

new wave of the 70s-80s, a film had

when the two guys come together.

shown what cinema was capable of

Bad Education is a vivacious take on a


cross dresser’s life. Almodovar, himself

Talking about homophobia, arousing

an openly queer, gives a certain edge to

attention, are actually Hollywood flicks


coming from so called ‘liberal &

different from the caged or rebel



characters of film makers of the ‘New


Queer Cinema’ like Todd Haynes, Derek

Wedding Crashers, to mention a few.

Jarman, Greg Araki et al; Almodovar’s

The Shawshank Redemption again goes

gay characters are already liberated and

in the category of ‘things that happen’.

roam around the space of the film, just


doing the usual.






America - Euro Pie,





noteworthy is that where gay men are April 2010

A Queer View

created by the Sena and Sangh during







Continued on Page 11 5

Art & Soul

Art & Soul

COMPILED BY KEITH September 2009

TQC is committed to encouraging and promoting the creativity of queer & queer-friendly talent. Prakash Mohanty, the featured artist, has pledged that 15% of the proceeds on sale of this artworks through TQC, would be donated to ‘Voices Against 377’ (, a coalition of NGOs and progressive groups working together as a united voice to fight against Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code. If you would like to purchase this work of art and would like to connect with the artist, please send an email to, mentioning the artwork code in the subject line.

Title: “COMING OUT” Artwork Code: TQC-0005 Artist name: Prakash Mohanty Medium: Digital Art Poster Style: Figurative

The published image is copyright of the featured artist.

Size: 30 inches x 18 inches Mounting: Unframed Price for the art: Indian Rupees 7,000/Year: 2009

‘Na Yetee Uttare’

REVIEW BY RANJEET their families and society.

Event at a glance

Although the play may not offer any

Venue: Sudarshan Rangmanch, Pune

novel facts about the whole mysticism

Date & Time: April 4, 2010 at 11:00 am

of being gay (for people who are well

April 14, 2010 & April 18, 2010 at 7:00 pm

read, and are sure about who they are),

Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes

it certainly makes a firm yet gentle

Tickets: Rs 50/-


Writer & Director: Pramod Kale

The play is a must-watch for everyone

Artists: Harshad Rajpathak and Mandar

Ashutosh and Ranjeet are students in

who is gay and who is out, planning to


the same college. Ranjeet is gay and has

come out, closeted, planning to get

Music: Akshay Kulkarni

accepted his sexuality. He is out to his

married, already married. AND their

Set: Sachin Bhilare

family and some people close to him.


Lights: Apoorv Sathe

On the other hand, Ashutosh’s mind is

brothers, or whomsoever may want a

in chaos. He is in a dilemma about

glimpse into the myths, facts and issues

several things about himself and his

of being gay.

sexual orientation. He is terrified by

The play is usually followed by a

certain experiences. He is unable to

discussion, in which you may/may not

accept the fact that he is gay.

participate, but do watch the play!




Production: Maharashtra Cultural Center

‘Na Yeti Uttare’ is a Marathi-English play


that portrays life of two gay young men

For more details, please contact Pramod

as they discover themselves, fall in love

Kale (+91-9850839917) or Shubhangi

and try to answer questions posed by

Damle (+91-9822055421). The Queer Chronicle

Movie Classics

September 2009

REVIEW BY AMEY KOLHE A real family movie, CRAZY charts the

brothers, heralding the movie's tragi-

Predictably enough, everything goes



comic tone, and foreshadowing two

awry after Zac accidentally smashes his


decades of spills, thrills and hard knocks.

father's rare Patsy Cline import - and

concerned with inter-generational ding-

Most all these ensuing scenes will be

especially when he's caught trying on

dongs, wearing its sexuality beneath its

filtered through family life or Zac's

his mother's dresses and pearls. He’s

crushed velvet sleeve. As director Jean-

inner. If his brothers - sporty, rebellious

sent to a psychiatrist after Gervais spies

Marc Vallée stresses, "the theme of the

and egg-headed - share little in common

him apparently making out with another

film is personal acceptance... about the

with their sensitive sibling, their bullish

boy and, succumbing to parental peer-

struggle to express yourself and being



pressure, he beds his best friend

honest in the moment”.

crooning Gervais (Cote), initially takes a

Michelle (Thompson). He also beats up a

shine to his youngest son, taking him

'gay' stalker in a misplaced display of

(Grondin) 'otherness', his initial entry



into the world on 25 December 1960

expeditions and attempting to curb his

Offsetting the hardships, temporary

owes more to the horror genre, with the

doting wife's cooing indulgences.

salvation comes in the form of David

emphasis on bloody birthing tables and

Gervais puts his foot down when she

Bowie, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling

foreboding incubators; a beast is born.

buys Zac a doll's pram, determined his

Stones. Trying to find himself, Zac

Furthering the anti-Christ imagery, he's

son won't grow up to be anything less

eventually winds up in Jerusalem, where

also comes furnished with a strange

than a man's man. "I knew very well

he takes a lover (a man this time) and

birthmark on his scalp, which his mother

what a fairy was," says Zac. "I especially

nearly dies in the desert, before

Laurianne (Proulx), with whom he

knew I didn't


returning home to make peace with his

shares a strange psychic bond, believes

“Sometimes I wonder why we pray to a

father, prompted by his offering of a

denotes the gift of healing - a blessing,

long-haired guy who hangs out with a


"for good or ill".

bunch of guys in robes", grumps papa.

coincidentally found at an Israeli market

Almost immediately, however, he's

Nevertheless, Zac prays to Jesus every


dropped on his head by his resentful

night to make him less "soft".

Film duration: 2 hours, 9 minutes




April 2010




closeted it's








want to be





The Queer Chronicle 7

Queer Biz Review 8

September 2009

‘Bangalore Rooms’


Whenever I am overseas, the spectrum

Any apprehensions that I may have had

Fairly priced airport transfers, local

of accommodations available to the

about ‘Bangalore Rooms’ immediately

transport and relocation assistance are

queer traveler never ceases to amaze

flew out of the window, when I was led

among the additional services that are

me. Queer owned. Queer operated.

into the tastefully appointed lounge of

on offer.

Queer friendly. Queer safe.

the serviced apartment.

I have always wondered why India did

The apartment comprised a well-sized

not have such options, especially when

lounge, three cozy bedrooms that were

there is an obvious need to unwind and

ensuite, a small but picturesque foliage

‘drop your straight mask’ at the end of a

laden balcony, a dining room and a

long and exhausting day.

kitchen that was equipped for every

mushrooming across India, the owners

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing

eventuality – from microwave-proof

of ‘Bangalore Rooms’ are pioneers in

PlanetRomeo and I came across an

dishes, to wine glasses and even a

their own right; and it is important for


complete dinner service!

us queers to acknowledge and support

‘Bangalore Rooms’. As I had a work trip

Every room had ‘Home Centre by

their business efforts. We hope to see

planned to Bengaluru, curiosity finally

Lifestyle’ written all over it – a treat for

more such queer-safe spaces in every

got the better of me.

any Home Centre aficionado. And most

major city across the country!

A quick visit to their website and I knew

importantly, every room was not just

I HAD to try it out. A phone call and a

‘clean’ … for all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans

few efficient minutes later, I received

out here we could call it ‘Monica-clean’!

my room confirmation by email.

Each apartment had a substantial

money: 5/5

The property I stayed at was blissfully

collection of home delivery menus

TQC verdict: “Seriously dude, I am

nestled in one of the by-lanes of the up-

representing every conceivable cuisine,

really trying to find something that I

market locale of Koramangala and a

there is a really nice breakfast included

can find fault with. But I can’t!”

stone’s throw away from the popular

in the tariff and to top it all … free Wi-Fi

Reservations: +91-9535475222.

and eye-candy laden mall ‘Oasis Center’.






Photographs courtesy ‘Bangalore Rooms’

To me, ‘Bangalore Rooms’ represents value for money, coupled with comfort and convenience. And who knows … you just may get ‘lucky’! Although



breakfast accommodation options are

TQC rating - Queer friendly: 5/5, Location:




Amenities: 5/5, Service: 5/5, Value for

The Queer Chronicle

September 2009

“I need to maintain the body I have

Egg white


currently, with the perfect balance of

Tofu (100 gms)


energy, fat and proteins. But I

Soybean (1 cup)


sometimes indulge in the occasional

Peanuts (½ cup)


junk food binge. What should be my

Almonds (½ cup)


calorie and protein uptake to maintain

Cheddar cheese (per 100 gms)


and what would make me put on?” –

Parmesan cheese (per 100 gms) 35

Ankur, Pune

Yogurt (per cup)

Dr Tushar: Ankur, I’m glad you asked

Coming to fats, avoid butter, ghee;

this question because with the sudden

switch over to olive oil. Have the pre-

advent of modern lifestyles, which is

requisite 8 glasses of water every day.

inclusive of eateries advertising calorie-

Always keep an oatmeal bar/nutribar in



your backpack along with a handful of

supermarkets with rows and rows of

peanuts/almonds. Supplement your

health foods, finding the middle path

meals with flavored yogurt (available at

seems a bit difficult.


We’ll get down to the basics here,

tetrapaks). Have a glassful of Aloe Vera

starting with daily energy (E) and

juice at night for fantastic bowels. It’s

protein (P) requirements.

the season of fruits; have half a

E = Wt(kg)*2.2*15 Kcal/day & P = Wt*

watermelon for dinner with a bowl of

0.6-1gm/day. So a person of 50 kg

chicken / paneer / mushroom /sprouts

weight would require approximately

salad and a glass of mango/chickoo

1650 calories and 30-50 gms of protein


as daily maintenance. Fat requirement

water/tomato juice instead of your

varies from 50-80 gms/day.

regular cuppa chai. Have roasted

Your protein requirement can be

instead of fried, boiled instead of

adjusted according to the following list:

roasted, steamed instead of boiled and

Food article

best of all raw, you get the idea? Last




Protein (gms)









Milk (1 glass)


but not the least, don’t forget your

Egg (with yolk)


daily multivit capsule, I’d recommend

Paneer (100 gms)


Riconia Silver.

Roasted chicken (100 gms)


And yes, it’s okay to binge once in a


April 2010


Ask Doctor Tushar

while. The fun would be lost otherwise,

(per ½ cup)


won’t it?!

Fish/shrimps (per 100 gms)


In case you have a health related query

Chapati (1) / Brownbread (1)


that you would like answered, email us

Soy milk (1 glass)


at 9


September 2009

Life & Tarot


“I am an MBA living in Mumbai. I have

next 2 to 6 months, so keeps your eyes

rarely forgiven by the aggrieved spouse,

received two job offers, both very

and ears and options open.

and in your case, your wife finds it all

lucrative, both excellent opportunities.

In the long term, you may settle/work

the more inexcusable!

One is in the U.K and the other in



Very tough phase ahead of you. Your

Bangalore. Which one should I select?”

Bangalore is where you should be

wife is almost certainly headed for

Name: Dev

headed. SPECIAL ADVICE: Big jobs entail

divorce court and will ask for (and

Date of Birth: October 31

bigger responsibilities. You may have to


JB: Hi Dev, a tough choice indeed!

put in longer hours and more pressure.

settlement. In addition, there are bound

Obviously, a career decision needs to be

Be ready to cope with a lot!

to be accusations and mud-slinging




made carefully as it has far reaching




which will be painful to bear. Your

consequences and impacts other areas

“My marriage of 6 years is on the

parents are also likely to be dragged

of life as well.

rocks, as my wife has found out that I

into this, so it would be advisable to

In your case, both job offers are really

have been cheating on her…with other

warn them in advance.

good. However, the one in Bangalore

men! What do I do? Is there any

The time to make amends is long gone.

would pay dividend sooner than the one


The only thing to do now is to accept,


Name: Vishal

endure and then, move on. Easier said

Date of Birth: February 10

than done, but there honestly is nothing








of and

overall growth, the Bangalore job seems


to offer much more than the other one.

hopeless…and is set to become worse. I

That said, don’t give up on overseas

am guessing that you got married under

opportunities. Keep looking, as the

duress and the fact that you continued


sleeping with men could only mean that









opening could come your way in the








that is where your natural leanings are. However, infidelity within a marriage is

else that can be done with this situation. Have a question for our Resident Tarot Expert? Email your Name, Date of Birth & Question to The advice of Tarot Cards can help you find a solution to any problem or situation you are facing in Life.

The Queer Chronicle

Here is what we heard from you, on TQC’s March 2010 edition.

“Love the issue! It gets better and better!” – Imran, Pune

Legal to Love – Continued from Page 5

“It’s lovely. Loved the heartfelt one about German Bakery. Thought about the Sunday breakfasts the first time I heard the news break.” – Sachin, Mumbai

Won Kar Wai takes his sizzling lead

“You guys are on fire!! Absolutely love this issue.. starting with the cover! – Nakul, Mumbai “Arif's art gives an entirely different dimension to the e-zine. He's an exceptional artist.” – Sameer, Mumbai

Reader’s Corner

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September 2009 At the same time Hong Kong film maker

couple of Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung on an intellectual and philosophical journey to find a certain mysterious waterfall in Argentina. During this process they break up and start over again and again. Where films like Fire & Kaizad Gustad’s Bombay Boys are getting close to seep in the class of the language of New Queer Cinema, films like My Brother Nikhil, though a cliché AIDS story, are

Dear Editor,

“Pune is one of India's largest cities, and has a gay community that's growing both in confidence and visibility. The Queer Chronicle is playing a big part in that, through the magazine itself and its Facebook page. The March 2010 edition contains a vivid and moving article about the deadly terrorist bombing last month, which destroyed a restaurant that was a popular meeting place for the local gay community.” – Tim, Gay Travellers Network “I congratulate the editorial team for the sensitivity displayed in each article and word put out in the magazine. I am not queer, but it still bonds me at a human level.” – Ruby, Mumbai “Thanks to you and your team for keeping up with this every month. I can only imagine the effort it takes to do something like this - especially the layout and graphics. Looking forward to future issues.” – Pratap, Pune “Congratulations for the wonderful job you do! More space for freedom and brotherhood, more space for tolerance and intelligence.” - José, France April 2010

Souvik, Kolkata: “Congratulations for the fabulous work that you are doing. Just read the March 2010 issue and as expected it turned out to be an awesome read. I just had a question. From the nature of the articles that you publish, it seems that theme of the various contents for each issue is planned ahead. So in that case, are all contributions to your e-zine only by invitation to select contributors? Or you do also entertain voluntary contributions on adhoc themes ?” TQC: Thank you for your encouragement, Souvik. TQC is ‘for and by’ the queer community. To keep the content relevant and dynamic, we maintain a healthy balance of regular columnists and guest columnists. We definitely encourage and welcome article contributions from readers. These articles may be sent via email to for assessment by our editorial team. Rahu, Pune: “How can I get this magazine?” TQC: As TQC is only available as an online edition, to receive the links to the ezine, you could opt to join our Fan Page on Facebook ( or our guide/club group on Planetromeo (

doing their best to get gay stories their rightful place in mainstream cinema. How fast homophobia disappears from the Indian screen then, is as good a question as whether you can be an Indian housewife used to the smell of asafoetida every morning.

Event at a glance Dates: April 22-25, 2010 Host City: Mumbai Venues: To be announced International




Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA. More





at Those who would like to volunteer or attend the festival, please write to: 11


September 2009

I am YOU - A lament for the differentially preferenced BY PULKIT SHARMA A love-lorn glance, a meaningful touch Condescension and abhorrence, I cannot take it much I was born this way, i chose a different way Then why is it that I am the one with almost nothing to say I am alone at times, I talk to myself too I cry for equality, for my feelings so true Why is it so hard to accept me, make me one of your own Then why those drops of salt, to which now I am much prone You laugh at the eye-liner I put, or the feelings I wish to share, Then for once after introspection, reflect upon the facade you all wear My tight clothes may subject me to mockery, enabling you to play with my mind The Bible says it, but does God ever say to you that it is a sin to love your own kind? I leave you with a tear and a bit too much paint Get an insight into me hear my voice which is now almost faint I am one of you all, just a research never referenced I’m neither gay or straight, I am just differentially preferenced A bird in a cage, you are the feathers to my wings I am the nightingale, you are my voice which sings Leaving you on a solemn note but at the same time so true I descend from the same mother, I am none other but I am YOU

Poem Š Pulkit Sharma Model: Pierre Cotroni-Wagner Wardrobe: Azaad Bazaar (


The Queer Chronicle


September 2009

Centre of Contemporary Dance Temple Tree & Contemporary Arts and Crafts

present a new range

of furniture, tableware, table linen, cushion covers,





accessories for the summer. We are also

For more details, please visit

happy to add that we will begin our new section for accessories for men and women from 1st May including jewelry, bags, stoles and much much more. As a queer run/friendly business we would like to work with as many people from the community as possible. If you are an artist, potter, fashion / jewelry designer, interior /

Open Space is an independent, interactive and creative public space where civil society organisations and public-spirited citizens can interact, debate and initiate action on social justice and development issues. For more details please visit Location: 301, Kanchanjung Building, Kanchan Lane, Off Law College Road, Pune.

furniture designer or if you have something you want to sell / show, contact us and we can try and make things happen. For further information contact us at or call Rishad on +91-9890295263 This issue of The Queer Chronicle was published on April 1, 2010. The next issue would be published on May 1, 2010.

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We would love to hear from you! We hope that you enjoyed reading this issue of The Queer Chronicle. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make future editions even more exciting! E-mail us at 13

The Queer Chronicle - April 2010  

‘The Queer Chronicle’ is a monthly e-magazine published for and by the queer community in Pune. The Queer Chronicle (TQC) is the first city-...

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