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Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B1

SANDEEP AHUJA CHS 604-996-6862 Life Insurance

Suki Bath: 604.726.2626 Rana: 778.929.7864 E:


Great Announcement ONTARIO QUEBEC SUPER VISA INSURANCE Otttawa, Brampton Toronto

Mortgage Loan Insurance



#203 12725- 80th Ave Surrey Above Punjab Cloth House



Now open new location in Abbotsford


#210 30485 Cardinal Avenue, Abbotsford, BC Ph:604-625-0060

Dr. Manjinder Saini Ph: (604) 625-0060 mOrtgyj dy vDIAw ryt Aqy shI slwh leI sMprk kro Homekey Mortgages Inc.

Bwrq ‘c Dwrimk G`t igxqI qy dilq iPrky dy lok ZYr-brwbrI qy pRySwnI J`l rhy hn:AmrIkI irport

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• Purchases with 5% Down Payment • Re�nance & Renewals at Best Rates • Self-employment - Special Programs • Second Mortgage & Equity Loans (No Income Veri�cation) • Private �nancing - Easy �pprovals • Low Income & Bad Credit Financing

Satnam Saroya Mortgage Specialist

604.760.9172 # 384-8148 128 St, Surrey

(Payal Buss. Centre)



   “ ”


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 



778 317 6262 

#119-12888 - 80th Ave (york Centre) BC REGN 22824


For New Construction and Renovations

swnUM kMm vwsqy muMfy qy kuVIAW dI loV hY[

604.855.4444 #128 2238 Queen St, Abbotsford

Bwrq iv~c pYsy Byjx Aqy mMgvwax leI imlo srI qy AYbtsPorf ivc suKjIq is~DU (dODr vwly) AYbtsPorf

604-746-3131 srI #103 - 2752 Allwood St. South Fraser Way 604-864-6066 | 604-853-5259 604-593-7300 ABBOTSFORD LOCATION

#307 8128, 128th St Surrey

Furniture AYs fI PrnIcr Kitchen Cabinet

We beat competitor price with proof


hY ik Awaux vwly smyˆ ivc AsIˆ iek is`K nUM kYnyfw dy pRDwn mMqrI dy rUp ivc dyK skdy hwˆ[ ieh Biv`KbwxI kIqI hY AmrIkw dy iek rswly ‘jI ikaU’ ny[ ‘ ‘jI ikaU’ ny kYnyfw dy EntwrIE sUby ivc inaU fYmokRyitk pwrtI dy ivDwiek jgmIq isMG nUM kYnyfw dI isAwsq dw ‘auBrdw isqwrw’ krwr id`qw hY[ rswly dw kihxw hY ik jgmIq pRDwn mMqrI Ahudy dy dwAvydwr bx skdy hn[ie`Qy d`s dyeIey ik AY`n. fI. pI. dy AwgU dI cox AkqUbr ivc hoxI hY[ swl 2015 dIAwˆ Awm coxwˆ ivc v`fI hwr qoˆ bwAd AY`n. fI. pI. AwgU QOms mlkyAr ny Awpxy Ahudy qoˆ AsqIPw dy id`qw sI[ coxwˆ qoˆ pihlwˆ AY`n. fI. pI. nUM PYfrl srkwr bxwaux dw dwAvydwr mMinAw jw irhw sI pr pwrt I nUM qIjy nMbr ‘qy hI sbr krnw ipAw[ pwrtI dy AwgU leI cox hox qoˆ pihlwˆ hI jgmIq isMG dw nwˆ ies Ahudy leI au`Br ky swhmxy Aw irhw hY Aqy jykr auh pwrtI dy AwgU cuxy jwˆdy hn qwˆ Awaux vwly (hor vyrvw sPw bI16 qy pVHo)

Specializes in:


STUDENT • Work Permit for Truck Drivers WORKERS • Student BCPNP and EXPRESS ENTRY • Study Permit Extension /Post-Grad Work permits

778.888.6938 Vipan 604.726.3841 Happy Abbotsford: 32088 Cedar Lane Surrey: #214 12899 80th Ave Vaisakhi Kuldeep


Overseas Auto Body


sB qoN v~D ryt Aqy pYsy 24 GMty AMdr phMucwx dI gwrMtI


AsIN hPqy dy s~qy idn Ku~ldy hW

604-852-2204 , Surrey 604-501-1000

BC REGN 3329

gUru nwnk izaUlrz il: 24k & 22k Gold Jewelry Lucky Stones Gemstones 40% OFF Seiko & Citizen Watches


32088 Cedar Lane (Cedar Park)



gyVw ijQy mrzI lwEu, ssqI itkt swfy koloN hI bxvwau

• • •  • • 

‘qy is`Kwˆ dw vDdw Xogdwn dyK ky jykr ieh ikAwsrweIAwˆ lweIAwˆ jwx ik kYnyfw dw Aglw jwˆ iPr aus qoˆ Aglw pRDwn mMqrI iek is`K ho skdw hY qwˆ ies ivc koeI AiqkQnI nhIˆ hovygI[ mMinAw jw irhw

vYn r (ey sYNkU trvivKy Kolj cUMs ~kyIAwˆ hn[)-mOjUdw smyˆ ivc kYnyfw dI r`iKAw dw Bwr iek is`K dy moiFAwˆ ‘qy hY XwnI ik kYnyfw dw r`iKAw mMqrI hrjIq isMG s`jx iek is`K hY[ kYnyfw dw ienovySn mMqrI iek is`K hY Aqy hor qwˆ hor kYnyfw dI kYbint ivc ienwˆ dohwˆ smyq cwr is`K SKsIAqwˆ mOjUd hn[ kYnyfw dI srkwr ivc pMjwbIAwˆ Kws qOr

Complete, Partial and Implant supported dentures New and Emergency Patients Welcome Pediatric Dentistry Conscious Sedation available


Advanced Windows & DoorsLtd.

NOW HIRING SALES REPS! jgmIq isMG kYnyfw dw bx skdw hY Aglw pRDwn mMqrI, AmrIkI rswly dI Biv`KbwxI fw mnijNdr sYnI AwpxI nvIN lokySn kwrfInl

Greater Seattle, Everett, Marysville Portland, Bellingham, Belivue, Lyndon, Lynwood

Tel: 604-590-5200 Fax:604-596-5700 Toll Free: 1-877-584-5200 Vol. 24 Issue No. 08 Ending Date: Feb 24, 2017



gwrfIAn Edmonton Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Victoria,Nanaimo Prince George, Kamloops, Kelowna, Oliver, Squamish Calgary

Estate Planning

BRINDER S. GILL 604-825-9697

knyfw Aqy AmrIkw ivc sB qoN v~D piVAw jwx vwlw hrmn ipAwrw pMjwbI hPqwvwrI AKbwr


 •     •     •  •  

#301 8128-128St Surrey BC V3W1R1


An Environmently Friendly Facility • • • •

Pre-Approval • Residential Construction Mortgage New Purchase • Re-Finance/Switch Line of Credit

morgyz dy vDIAw ryt leI sMprk kro

Ishwinder Sandhu Mobile Mortgage Specialist

Surrey - 7638 129A St, Anvil Way - 604-594-9707 778-241-3342

• Honda Authorized Shop • Aluminum Frame Certified Repair Facilities Simran Sekhon: 604.377.5146

4 Locations to serve you

Surrey 7638 129A St, Anvil Way 604-594-9707 Abbotsford 2342 Windsor Street 604-853-9707

Surrey 7815 132 Street 604-503-4344 Coquitlam 2954 Pheasant Ave 604-474-2646

Surrey - 7815 132 St - 604-503-4344 Abbotsford - 2342 Windsor Street - 604-853-9707 Coquitlam - 2954 Pheasant Ave - 604-474-2646 Surrey - 7638 129AYour St, Anvil Way - 604-594-9707 We Can Customize Kitchen & Surrey - 7815 132 St - 604-503-4344 We bring the Office Space with great ideas! Abbotsford - 2342 Windsor Street - 604-853-9707 Showroom Coquitlam - 2954 Pheasant Ave - 604-474-2646

Advice you can bank onTM

All personal lending products and residential mortgages are offered by Royal Bank of canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria, Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada, RBC & royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. “ trademark of Royal Bank of Canada

Beauty to your home.


2593 cedar park place, Abbottsford

B2 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

klIAr kUl AOptIkl

Eyeglasses • Sunglasses • Contact Lenses 2450 McCallum Road, Abbotsford


HOURS: r We Offe g Mon to Fri 10:00 am to 7:00 pm illin Sat 10:00 am to 5:00 pm B t c e r i D


HOUR E ieMfIAw nwloN vI G~t kImqW qy ssqIAW Aqy vDIAw AynkW swfy koloN lvo S E RV I C PrI srivs do swlW dI gwrMtI nwl MOST




One of 100 Testimonials! imstr isMG auckotI dy AOptIkl jwdUgr hn ..... cmqkwrI hn! mYnMU Awpxy swry jIvn iv~c iksy hor qoN iehnW vrgI auckotI dI syvw nhI imlI[

pwl gRIn hyA,

Staff: Jaspreet, Mark, Margaret, Paul & Surjit

pRDwn PryzrvYlI qwrw ivigAwn soswietI

If you experience any of these symptoms Headache • Stress • Eyestrain • Visual Fatigue It might be due to • Wrong Prescription • Wrong Dispensing Job • Wrong Frames • Wrong Type of Lenses

Visit Clear Cool Optical for a FREE Consultation Appointment Appreciated

Single Vision complete* (Lenses & Frame) COUPON PRICE



Bifocal complete*

(Lenses & Frame) COUPON PRICE

Progressive complete* (Lenses & Frame) COUPON PRICE

00 $ 129 00 $ 199 00

Regular Price $240 00


Regular Price $27000


Regular Price $ 33000

Some restrictions may apply. Limited time offer. Some restrictions may apply. Limited time offer. Some restrictions may apply. Limited time offer.

25% to 60% Off

on Designer Frames

More than 50 Years Experience in Sight Testing


Free sight testing Free eye pressure test Free trial contact lenses Free evaluation of eye health for contact lenses

When you purchase complete pair of eyeglasses / sunglasses or annual supply of contact lenses.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED *Some restrictions apply.

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B3

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ONKAR TRAVEL . Ekwr trYvl swnMU iek AkwauNtYt Aqy iek sylz prsn dI loV hY

Japan Airlines

We change $$$ to Indian Currency Special Fare to India for travel expenses dunIAW dy iksy vI ih`sy ivc jwxw hovy qW swrIAW hI eyAr lweInW dIAW itktW vwjb ryt qy lYx leI hmySW Xwd r`Ko AsIN hPqy dy s`qy idn svyry 9 vjy qoN Swm 8 vjy q`k Ku`lHdy hW



2 lukySnW quhwfI syvw ivc


604-597-2211 15299-68 AVE SURREY

201-2589 cedar park (gurduAwrw duK invwrx swihb nyVy) Place ABBOTSFORD For Emergency call any time at 604-996-5900

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B4 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

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mog` hoimapYiQk ACTION TRAVEL AsIN nvI jgHw 2488

klIAr bru`k rof, BEST RATES & DEALS Kwlsw IN bYNkTHE dy TOWN FOR AIRswhmxy TICKETS PACKAGES mUv ho&geyTRAVEL hW ikrpw krky iDAwn dvo


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2412 Parkview St. Corner PeardonVille Rd, EYbtsPorf

sYl@: 778-552-8812



Bees`s Spy Camera Inc.

Always with you.....

604-507-8915 For All Yours Spy Products

Reside ntial- Commercial FULLY INSURED • WCB COVERED

We Use Good Quality Paint Only


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For Estimates Call Satinder:

604-722-1484 778-552-0234

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210-12877 76th Ave Surrey, BC

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B5

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Bharti Art Jewellers

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Mind is the key to the man.             NATURAL


Homeopathic Natural Products And Consultations

Meet /Call Your Classical Homeopath

•Stress •Obesity & Weight Management • Skin Problem & Hair Loss • Pimples, Freckles etc. • Any relationship problems • Children & Ladies Problems and much more

We Have Effective New Medicines Based On Latest Research For The Cure Of: •Allergy Conditions •Colitis •Migraine "Homeopath R S Saini •Arthritis receiving International Award" •All Auto-Immune Director, West coast Homeopathic Society of Canada Diseases

Bharti Art Jewellers

muMbeI- iSv sYnw ny pRDwn mMqrI nryˆdr modI vloˆ swbkw pRDwn mMqrI mnmohn isMG ‘qy it`pxI ‘qy Apxw pRqIkrm jwrI kridAwˆ ikhw ik modI dUijAwˆ dy gusl^winAwˆ ‘c Jwkxw bMd kr Apxy Ahudy dw mwx r`KidAwˆ ivroDI pwrtIAwˆ nUM aunHwˆ dI kuMflI ivKw ky DmkIAwˆ dyx dI Qwˆ AwpxI srkwr clwaux v`l iDAwn dyx[

World Class Imports of Gold and Diamond Jewellery

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42nd Anniversary Celebration

Dr.R S Saini Has The Latest Knowledge For The Cure Of These Diseases. h oi m A Up YQ E ` r . E Ys . s Yx I D.HOM. (London), MD(AM), International Medal Awardee 1 9 7 3 q oE Yk i t v p RYk i t s i v c @

Tel: 604-502-9579 sB nUM dIvwlI dI 231-8138-128 l`K l`ST.,KSURREY vDweI New Location: 346 8140 128th St (Payal Bus. Centre) Surrey BC Ph: 778-565-5000

Flagship Location: 6612 Main St. Vancouver BC Ph: 604-327-8711


“WE SECURE YOUR VALUESâ€? Specialist In: • Homeowners • Business • Farm • Fleet • Prorate • Cargo • Visitor to Canada • ICBC Auto • Travel Medial • Liability • Tenants • Private Motorcycle • Boat • Course of Construction • Commercial Property • Rental Home • High Value Homes

•Gr •ivaupwr •Pwrm •PlIt •proryt •kwrgo • vYn, kwr, tr`k •trYvl mYfIkl •ikrweydwr •pRweIvyt motrsweIkl •bot/ikSqI •kMstrkSn •kmrSIAl pRwprtI • rYNtl Gr •hweI vYilaU vwly Gr dI ieMSorYNs •ivjtr qy nvyN ieMmIgrWts dI mYfIkl ieMSorYNs

New Producers Welcome

Call Now for



quhwfI syvw leI dPqr hPqy dy s`qy idn hI Ku`lHw rihMdw hyY

quhwfI syvw leI d&qr h&qy dy s`qy idn hI Ku`lHw rihMdw hY

#101-2464 Clearbrook Rd. Abbotsford, BC V2T 2X8

604-852-8111 Fax: 604-852-4446


Open 7 Days a Week 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU:

#102-18408 64th Ave. Surrey ,BC V2S 1E9

604-574-5115 Fax: 604-574-5116

supr vIjw ieMSorYNs leI A`j hI Pon kro #115-6820 188TH St. Surrey ,BC V4N 3G6


Fax: 604-574-1761

B6 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

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rog Bj`A

qMdrusqI p`A

hux AYbtsPorf ivc vI syvwvW lY skdy ho vDyry j`xk`rI leI sMprk kro: 604-445-4700


Good & Fast Service

•Allignment Visit Our •Brakes Shop To Get Best Deals •Oil Change on Tires & Wheels •Tires (New & Used) •Rims & Wheels •Wheel Balancing •Puncture & Tire Installation


AlweInmYNt • brykW• qyl cyNj• twier (nvyN Aqy purwxy)• irm Aqy vIlH• vIlH bYlYNs• pMkcr Aqy twier• ieMstwlySn




s # 303-13395-76 Ave., Surrey BC.

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SANGHA FRAMING & RENOVATION Over 10 Years of Experience

A1 HERBAL AYURVEDIC CLINIC * EprySn qoN pihl~ iek v`r zrUr imlo * ifsk drd : l@k ivcoN l@q ivc drd j`xI (rIh dI drd) j`xI ky mxky ih@lxy j~ v@Dxy * srv`eIkl drd : DOx ivc drd j~ b~h ivc drd j~ isr ivc drd rihxI * goifE~ d` drd : au@Tx-bYTx j~ qurn iPrn n` skx`, goifE~ ivc soz j~ h@fIE~ d` v@Dx` j~ G@sx`, gTIE`, joV~ dIE~ drd~ * strYs, pyt dy rog, ilvr, cmVI, * hr qrH~ dI EYlrjI, moc, cu@k j~ Drn dy pYx` * hr qrH~ dIE~ zn`n` ibm`rIE~, rsOlIE~, p@QrI, mhIny d` v`D` G`t`| * k`l` pIlIE` qy hor n`-mur`d bIm`rIE~ ijnH~ d` qusIN iel`j krv` ky inr`S ho cu@ky ho q~ iek v`r s`nUM syv` d` mOk` idA Eqy TIk ho ky pRm`qm` dy gux g`vo| * s`f` qzrb` pIVHI dr pIVHI hY * hr qrH~ dI kmzorI d` p@k` iel`j

yK ky d z nb bm`rI i I r ` s y h~ d M d i d@s

sl`h mSvr` iblkul muPq vDyry j`xk`rI leI sMprk kro:

604-445-4700 UNIT #101- 9380 120 ST., SCOTT ROAD, SURREY


• Quality Work • Free Estimates • Reasonable Rates

• Specialized in Quality • New House Framing • Custom Framing • All Kinds of Framing • Residential & Commercial • Town Houses • Specialized in Foundations & House Framing

Serving All Lower Mainland

sMGw PryimMg AYNf rYnovySn vwilAW nUM vrkrW dI loV hY[qjrby AnUswr vDIAw qnKwh id`qI jwvygI[rweIf dw pRbMD hovygw[sMprk kro: 778.847.9128


srI : pI. rUbl 604-445-4700

tr~to : jI. rUbl 905-874-3333

visit us:

pMj`b : ky. rUbl 98766-74569

id@lI : ey. rUbl 98185-65141

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Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B7

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Special Sale Seattle to Delhi • Vancouver to Delhi

A`j hI kwl kro

PH: 360-305-4407

Injured in an accident? ICBC claim? We can help.

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We handle accident issues related to: Brain and spinal cord injuries Fatality claims Chronic pain Soft tissue injuries All economic damages and losses Slip and fall injuries For a fair settlement for your claim, call Mandeep Randhawa today. • Member, Law Society of British Columbia • Member, Canadian Bar Association including sub-section memberships in civil Litigation and insurance Law • Member, Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia • Member, Indo-Canadian Business Association • Speaker for the People's Law School on Personal injury Claims • BSc (Honours), University of Delhi, 1994 • LLB, University of British Columbia, 1998 • Nominated for the Stanton Award-”Outstanding All Round Graduate over 3 years.” • Admitted to the Bar of British Columbia in 1999

T 604 449 7500 #205 – 7134 King George Boulevard, Surrey, BC V3W 5A3

• F 604 449 7501 • TF 1 888 449 7573 •

Mandeep Randhawa,

B.Sc., L.L.B (UBC)





B8 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

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604.498.6474, 604.498.6475 # 236, 8138 - 128 STREET, PAYAL BUSINESS CENTER SURREY, BC V3W 1R1 CANADA





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   

We Deliver The Best Services!

BEST RATES FOR CLASS 1,2,3,4,5 & 7

Surrey: 604.614.9794 Abbotsford: 604.850.5858

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B9

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• ieMSorYNs dIAW swrIAW v~fIAW plYnW lYNdy hW • AsIN pMjwbI, ihNdI Aqy aurdU boldy hW • Swm Aqy vIkAYNf dIAW ApwieMtmYNtW auplb~D hn • skwt rof gurdvwrw dy nyVy, sqnwm plwzw iv~c

ipCly 10 swlW qoN au~pr syvwvW pRdwn krdy Aw rhy hW SERVICES: • jwV BrnI • Extractions • White Fillings • dMd k~Fxy • Root Canals • krwaUn qy ibRj • Crown & Bridge • ifjItl Ayksry • Digital X-Rays • vweIt iPilMgs • Teeth Cleaning & Checkup • dMdW dI sPweI Aqy cY~kA`p

syvwvW :

Evening & Weekend Appointment Available

Practising For Over 10 Years

  


quhwfy pirvwr leI...qMdrusq qy suMdr muskwn CITY OF DELTA




72 Ave.





#111 - 7130 120th Street, Surrey, BC

Near Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Ground Floor of Satnam Plaza




70 Ave.

Dr. Anjanpal Kaur Bhalla

SUPER VISA INSURANCE supr vIzw ieMSorYNs • lweIP ieMSorYNs Life Insurance • ifseybIltI ieMSorYNs Disability Insurance • mOrtgyz ieMSorYNs Mortgage Insurance Visitor Insurance • trYvl ieMSorYNs Travel Insurance • kirtIkl ielns ieMSorYNs Critical illness • Awr Awr AY`s pI Aqy Insurance Awr eI AY`s pI • RRSP & RESP

• • • • • •

Rajwinder Kaur Insurance Advisor


#301-8128-128th St., Surrey. B.C. V3W 1R1

* Topline Aluminum Patio Cover * Car Ports * Insulated Patio Roof * Gate or SDP Acrylic Patio Roof * Custom Built Sunroom Enclosures

* Aluminum Picket Railing * Glass Railing * Aluminum Fences * Driveway Power or Manual Sliding & Swing Gate * Window Security Bars

* * * *

pYtIaU kvr AlmInIAm ryilMg glws ryilMg * AlmInIAm PYNs frweIvyA slweIifMg for (pwvr jW mYnUAl) * ivMfo iskaurtI bwr For more information call:

Avtar S. Devgan


Jagtar S. Devgan

Ph: 604-596-6512 Cell: 604-866-1432 * Cell: 604-961-8767 Unit # 126, 130 - 12639 - 80th Avenue, Surrey

B10 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017 ipCly swl 8 julweI nUM burhwn vwnI nwˆ dy nOjvwn nUM &Oj vloˆ mukwbly ‘c mwr idqy jwx mgroˆ smu`cy kSmIr ivc hI ijvyˆ BwˆbV bl auiTAw sI[ dwAvy Bwvyˆ ijMny mrzI kr ley jwx pr Asl ivc Bwrq srkwr kSmIrI jn-swDwrx dw idl ij`qx leI gMBIr nhIˆ BwsdI[ ihMdU bhuigxqI dIAwˆ votwˆ sdkw s`qw auqy kwbz hox nUM hI kwmXwbI dw mMqr smJx vwlIAwˆ rwjsI pwrtIAwˆ G`t igxqI vrgwˆ dIAwˆ Bwvnwvwˆ dw dmn krn nUM Apxw jmwˆdrU h`k smJdIAwˆ hn[ iesy soc dy qihq hI ienHwˆ ny do dhwikAwˆ qk is`Kwˆ dw lhU vI foilHAw hY[ cVHdI aumr dw sohxw sun`Kw g`BrU jo pVH ilK ky Apxw Aqy pRvwr dw jIvn p`Dr suDwrn dy nwl-nwl dyS leI vI kMm kr skdw sI, ikauˆ AYsI k`tV soc dw mwlk bx igAw ik sur`iKAw dsiqAwˆ nUM aus nUM mwrn qoˆ ibnwˆ hor

Bwrq iv`c mIfIAw dw dohrw ikrdwr

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rs e k r Woanted W All Antique Work Full Finishing Work Vanishal Plaster Quality Workmanship

kMm krn leI vrkrW dI lOV hY

We Use Only Brand Name Paint Best Rates Guaranteed Work Fast & Friendly Service CALL US FOR A FREE NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE

Peter Dhaliwal 604.783.5217

Jaswinder Nahal 604.782.0675

Bwrq ‘c vI kmobyS Aijhy hI hwlwq bxwaux dIAwˆ koiSSwˆ huMdIAwˆ rihMdIAwˆ hn[ G`t igxqI BweIcwirAwˆ ivc pnp rhI AsMqoS Aqy inrwSw dI Bwvnw nUM smJidAwˆ ijQy rwjsI iDrwˆ nUM injI ihqwˆ nUM ivswr ky suihrd soc ApnwauxI cwhIdI hY auQy mIfIAw nUM vI bhuigxqI dw p`K pUrn vwlI rIporitMg C`f ky inrp`Kqw nUM qrjIh dyxI cwhIdI hY[ ies mwmly ‘c mIfIAw ny burhwn vloˆ v`Kv`K AMdwzwˆ ivc hiQAwrwˆ sihq iKcvweIAwˆ qsvIrwˆ nUM vwr-vwr ivKw ky aus nUM KUMKwr AiqvwdI swbq krn dw Xqn qwˆ kIqw pr iksy vI cYnl ny ieh d`sx dI zihmq nhIˆ auTweI ik kI aus ivruD pihlwˆ koeI AprwDk kys vI drj hoieAw sI jwˆ nhIˆ? mIfIAw dy dohry ikrdwr nUM drswaux leI bwlIvu`f Adwkwr sMjy d`q dy kys dw izkr krnw kuQwˆ nhIˆ hovygw[ aus koloˆ rweI&l Aqy hor nwjwiez hiQAwrwˆ dw zKIrw brwmd hox dy kys ivc szw dw &Yslw Awaux smyˆ ienHwˆ cYnlwˆ dIAwˆ sur^IAwˆ lgBg ieauˆ sn, ‘j`j ny ikhw muMnw hY BweI nhIˆ’[ XwnI ik eyny hiQAwr brwmd hox qoˆ bwAd vI auh kwnUMn dIAwˆ nzrwˆ ‘c guMfw jwˆ AiqvwdI nhIˆ blik b`cw hY Aqy b`icAwˆ koloˆ Aksr ZlqIAwˆ ho hI jwˆdIAwˆ hn[ ilhwzw aus nUM nwˆmwqr szw dy ky b^S idqw jwxw cwhIdw hY[ isr& iehI nhIˆ aus dI szw nUM mnsU^ krvwaux leI vI Anykwˆ mMnIAwˆ-pRmMnIAwˆ hsqIAwˆ ny ibAwnbwzI kr ky dbwA bxwaux dI koiSS kIqI[ aus nUM imlI ingUxI ijhI szw vI inAwˆ pRxwlI dw mKOl hI swbq hoeI hY[ QoVHy-QoVHy idn ipCoˆ pYrol qy Cu`tI Aw ky ieh ipkink mnwaux vwˆg jyl clw jwˆdw irhw[ dUjy pwsy jykr iehI z^Irw pMjwb jwˆ kSmIr dy iksy nOjvwn koloˆ brwmd hoieAw huMdw qwˆ lwzmI qOr qy aus dw mukwblw bxwaux dy nwl hI pRvwr dw vI Gwx b`cw pIV idqw jwˆdw[ ienHwˆ sqrwˆ dw mqlb hrigz vI burhwn nUM byksUr swbq krnw nhIˆ hY pr iksy nUM vI ksUrvwr Tihrwaux dw &Yslw kwnUMn ivvsQw nUM hI krnw cwhIdw hY nwik sur`iKAw dsiqAwˆ jwˆ mIfIAw p`qrkwrwˆ nUM[ burhwn dy ipqw muz`&r vwnI jo ik iek kwlj AiDAwpk hn, ny iek AMgryzI A^bwr nUM idqy ieMtrivaU ivc ieh pRgtwvw kIqw hY ik ku`J swl pihlwˆ qk ieh muMfw BwrqI &Oj dw bVw pRsMsk sI Aqy v`fw ho ky &OjI hI bxnw cwhuMdw sI[ kSmIr ‘c lgwqwr ivg-

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iSv sYnw nyy Bwjpw nMU hmwieq vwpsI dI id`qI DmkI muMbeI- iSv sYnw Aqy Bwjpw dy irSiqAwˆ

drimAwn iek vwr muV qoˆ Ktws v`DdI nzr Aw rhI hY[ iSv sYnw muKI aUDv Twkry ny hmwieq vwpsI dI DmkI id`qI hY[ aUDv ny ikhw hY ik aunHwˆ nUM nyVly Biv`K ivc m`DkwlI coxwˆ nzr Aw rhIAwˆ hn[ aunHwˆ coxwˆ leI vrkrwˆ nUM hux qoˆ hI ju`t jwx dw s`dw id`qw[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik muMbeI myrw gVH hY Aqy ies ivru`D mYˆ koeI vI g`l nhIˆ suxwˆgw[

NOW HIRING! THANDI AUTO CARE Syndicate Logistics Ltd.

Team Drivers nvyN frweIvrW leI cMgI SurUAwqI qnKwh


Starting Rate For New Drivers

Rate For Experienced Drivers


BC TO CALIFORNIA TO BC BC TO CALIFORNIA TO ALBERTA TO BC •TEAM WORK Experienced & New Drivers Wanted •Dental & Medical Benefits •Only New Trucks & Trailers •Bypass on Scales •On Time Pay - Direct Deposits

•tIm vrk-qjrbykwr Aqy nvyN frweIvrW dI loV hY •fYNtl Aqy mYfIkl bYnyiPts •swry nvyN tr`k Aqy trylr •skyl qy jwx dI loV nhIN •qnKwh smyN qy imlygI Aqy is`DI AkwaUNt ivc jwvygI

Cell: 604.832.6363, Office: 604.746.2777 Email:


WE DO REPAIR OF ALL MAKES & MODELS - General Repairs - Transmission- Brakes - Tune Ups - Mufflers - Electrical Problems -We also do Diesel Repairs AsI hr qrW dIAW fomysitk Aqy ienpotIf kwrW Aqy vYnW dI rIpyAr krdy hW

Bhupinder Singh Thandi Certified Auto Mechanic

604.503.0713 Fax:604.503.0712

#106-12465 82 Ave , Surrey BC

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B11

soPw PYktrI


stor qy Aw ky vyKo


ie~Qy hr qrW dy tr~kW dy mytrYs Aqy Pom dy g~dy imldy hn[

r a e Y e h t f o Sale Great Living Room Set

Sofa, Love Seat & 2 Chairs

Free 6 Pillows

PrI 6 ip~lo






kYnyfw dy bxy hoey bwks bY~f Aqy Pom dy mYtrs iksy vI swiej ivc imldy hn 12732-80TH AVE. SURREY pMjwb klwQ dy

B&B FURNITURE 604.594.6533

iblkul swmxy


220 Volt Electronic Appliances - Mixer, Toaster, Blender, Press, Chargable Light, Heat Pad & many more.

B12 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017




8356-120TH ST., SURREY


End of Season Sale

24 Hrs Gurbani Radio

kOrl vyAr dy BwiNfAW qy BwrI syl Corelle Ware Special Sales 6 for $11.99

$6 for Set

$1 each Squared white bowl

Corelle 3 pc Set


$1.50 each

$1.50 each

Kettle with Cups

4 Pc Canster Set

Corelle cups

Reg $19.99 now only $9.99


Buy 1 , Get 2nd 50% off $2

Buy 1 , Get 2nd 50% off Kettle with Cups

4 Pc Canster Set

12 pc tea set

Different decorative horses

Elephants set

Light couple lamp

Buy 1 , Get 2nd 50% off

Buy 1 , Get 2nd 50% off

Light House Fountain

Decoration Flowers

3 Pc Corelle Set

Cookie Jar


Reg 29.99 now $ 19.99 3 Pc Canster Set

Valentines special



Automatic stove

Buy 1 , Get 2nd 50% off Complete washroom set

Letter Holder

Buy 1 Get 2nd 50% off Starting from $29.99

Buy 1 , Get 2nd 50% off

Led lights


LED Flowers

ieMfIAw dI 220 volt ibjlI qy clx vwly smwn qy BwrI syl 220 Volts - $20 220 Volt Electronic Appliances

LED Flowers

Hair Style Kit

220 Volts

Hair Care Products

Food Chopper

220 Volts

220 Volts

Starting from $39.99

Press (Iron)

Starting from $39.99

Emergency Light with Radio

qs u IN AwpxI mrzI dy sweIz dw tb y l dw kpVw ktvw skdy h[o

Starting from $29.99

Police Flash LED Light

qsUIN Awpxy lwst nwm vwly hr O vI bhq u swrIAW AweItmW sl y q.y.. str o ‘c Aw ky dK y o kI-cny vI lY skdy ho

l dy BWifAW qy BwrI syl

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B13

PRABH Restaurant 17 SECTOR Fashion & Fabrics Special Sale Men’s 46 Size on Sale pMjwbI lyfIz sUt BwrI du~pty dy nwl

tYksI Aqy tr~k frweIvrW leI spYSl ifskwauNt

Buy One, Get 2nd on Half Price

w ls nvyN ifzweInW dy e N iva PUlkwrI du~pty vwly r Ar pMjwbI sUt keI rMgW ivc

spYSl: iPS pkOVw, qMdUrI ickn, SIK kbwb, qMdUrI iPS, pnIr it`kw, dwl mKxI, iclI pnIr, iBMfI mswlw, SwhI pnIr, cwt pwpVI, Coly BtUry

Binder: 778.251.6900



Eat in - Take Out

on all occasions

AsIN gurduAwrw, mMdr, ivAwh SwdIAW jW hor iksy vI qrHW dy PMkSn qy vwijb kImqW qy kytirMg vI krdy hW[


AsIN hr qrW dy kpiVAW dI islweI Aqy AltrySn krdy hW

Large Discounts On #186-8138 128 St, Surrey, BC Artificial Jewellery

(We Have All Sizes From New Born To Size 56)


9253 120th St. Delta, BC




8 Pcs Queen Bed Suite

$1999 - Reg 3499

3 Pcs Black White Sofa, Love Seat & Chair

$1999 - Reg 3699

$999 - Reg 1699

Queen Spring Mattress - $279 Memory Foam - $449 Top Line Spring Mattress With Memory Foam Cool Gel & Bamboo Fabric - $799 - Reg. $1899

3 Pcs Leather Sofa, Love , Chair

Tufted 3 Pcs Leather Sofa, Love, Chair

3 Pcs Fabric Sofa, Love Seat & Chair

$1599 - Reg 2699

$1699 - Reg 2999

$899 - Reg 1599

3 Pcs High Value Fabric Sofa, Love Seat & Chair

Sofa Bed Pullout

$1999 - Reg 2999

$699 - Reg 899


Unbeatable Prices

9 Pcs Solid Wood Dining Suite

$1999 - Reg 2999

9 Pcs Counter Ht. Dining Set

$899 - Reg 1699


3 Pcs Coffee Table Set

$199 - Reg 399

8375 120 St Delta BC V4C 6R1


MATTRESS AND FURNITURE COUNTRY B14 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

POPULAR FURNITURE 23 swl qoN v~D q~k kimaUintI dI syvw kr cu~kI pwpUlr PrnIcr PYktrI hux dubwrw quhwfI syvw leI Ku~l geI hY[ pwpUlr PrnIcr PYktrI SoA rUm Epn tU pbilk

Super Special Sale

AsIN AwpxI PYktrI iv~c PrnIcr iqAwr krdy hW AsIN v~Kry stweIlW ‘c soPy bxwauNdy hW qusIN AwpxI mrjI dw k`pVw lgvw skdy ho qusIN AwpxI mrjI dw sKq jW nrm Pom g`dIAW ivc pvw skdy ho AsIN bwks bY~f vI Awp bxwauNdy hW 3 Pcs Sofa Set AsIN sOilf vu`f dIAW bY~frUm svItW vI bxwauNdy hW Only for $1299 qusIN swfI PYktrI ivc ‘kstm myf’ PrnIcr bxvw skdy ho[

k * Headboard Extra

godryz dIAW nvyN stweIl dIAW AlmwrIAW dI nvIN iSpmYNt Aw geI hY - A~j hI stor ‘c Aw ky dyKo

5 inch Queen Foam Only Mattress : $99

isrP ies Weekend leI isrP ies Sukr, SnI Aqy AYqvwr

Queen Size Box Bed Only $299.00


AslI godryz dIAW AlmwrIAW

We Sell 5" Thick Foam Only Mattress Single-$80 Double-$90 Queen-$100 King- $140


(In Fruiticana Plaza) Next to Fruiticana


#104-12788-76A Ave Surrey, BC- Ph: 604-597-7181

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B15

iglwnI v`loN nvwz nUM ^u&IAw p`qr

sRIngr:-hurIAq kwn&rMs dy AwgU seIAd AlI Swh iglwnI ny pwiksqwn dy pRDwn mMqrI nvwz SrI& nUM ie`k Ku&IAw p`qr ByijAw hY, ijs dI puStI pwiksqwn dy pRDwn mMqrI d&qr ny vI kr id`qI hY[ p`qr dI AihmIAq dw AMdwzw iesy qoˆ lwieAw jw skdw hY ik nvwz SrI& ny A`j dw Awpxw igligq dOrw r`d kr id`qw, ikauˆik auh Awpxy BrosymMd lokwˆ nwl iglwnI dy p`qr ‘qy ivcwr vtwˆdrw krnw cwhuMdy sn hwlwˆik aunHw dy sur`iKAw stw& dw kihxw hY ik nvwz SrI& v`loˆ Krwb mOsm kwrn vIrvwr nUM igligq dOrw r`d kIqw igAw[ sUqrwˆ Anuswr iglwnI ny ieh p`qr Bwrq ‘c pwiksqwnI hweI kimSnr Abdul bwisq rwhIˆ nvwz SrI& nUM ByijAw hY[ pwiksqwn dy ie`k AMgryzI A^bwr dI irport Anuswr iglwnI dy iqMn BrosyXog hurIAq AwgUAwˆ ny ipCly idnIˆ Abdul bwisq nwl mulwkwq kIqI sI Aqy mulwkwq dOrwn hI iglwnI dw p`qr aunHwˆ nUM id`qw sI[ iehnwˆ sUqrwˆ dw Anumwn hY ik Awpxy p`qr rwhIˆ iglwnI ny pwiksqwn dy pRDwn mMqrI nvwz SrI& nUM Bwrq nwl dubwrw g`lbwq SurU krn leI koeI rwh l`Bx dI ApIl kIqI hY[ hurIAq kwn&rMs dy qrjmwn AYbwj Akbr ny mMinAw ik bwisq rwhIˆ iglwnI ny nvwz SrI& nUM ieh p`qr ByijAw hY[


ls: Specia

Hi Nitin, Chole Bhature: Can you please change $3.99 plate the word "skin Samosas: rejuvilaser" to "skin rejuvenation"on top 3 for $1 under laser hair removal. My business name is "rejuvilaser 51" not change the spellings there please...which means" laser and skin rejuvenation. And if you can make oxygeneo facial little bigger half and half.


#101-8383-128 St., Surrey

(In Red-FM Plaza)







Bus: 604.515.4984





Cell: 778.714.4247

#104-7738 EDMONDS ST., BURNABY Email:

• mOrtgyz leI ieMSorYNs • lwieP ieMSorYNs • ifseyibiltI ieMSorYNs • hYlQ ieMSorYNs • ikRtIkl ielnYs ieMSorYNs • trYvl ieMSorYNs • ivztr ieMSorYNs • grUp ieMSorYNs

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supr vIzw ieMSorYNs AsIN bI.sI., Albrtw Aqy antyrIa ivc syvwvW pRdwn krdy hW Paramjit Singh Gill 778-240-9409, 604-850-9000

Jatinder Singh Bhatia Former Advocate (India) & RSW (BC)


B16 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

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Photography & Videography Service srI (ruipMdr KYrw rUpI)-11 PrvrI, 2017 idn Sin`crvwr bwAd duiphr 12:30 vjy 15437 Pryzr hweI vy srHI bIsI, pMjwb Bvn ( su`KI bwT motrs ) ivKy kyˆdrI pMjwbI lyKk sBw auq`rI AmrIkw dw mwisk iek`T hoieAw[ ies smwgm iv`c Acwnk aulIky gey pusqk irlIz smwgm iv`c ihMdI dy auBrdy lyKk (khwxIkwr ) hrIS msMd dI ikqwb “ hr& ADUry “ dw lok Arpx kIqw igAw[ styj dI kwrvweI sBw dy skq`r ipRqpwl ig`l vloˆ bVI sihjqw nwl inBweI geI[Sok miqAw iv`c ryfIE host suK`imMdr cImw, gurjIq brwV Aqy Avqwr isMG rofy nUM sBw vloˆ SrDwˆjlI Byˆt kIqI geI[pRDwngI mMfl iv`c sBw dy pRDwn crn isMG, pMifq sRI nwQ idRvydI jI, lyKk hrIS msMd , sRI mqI Anupw msMd Aqy jnm idvs vjoˆ SRI mqI sumn Srmw styj qy SuSoiBq hoey[AwrMB iv`c krnl hrjIq b`sI ny AwpxI kivqw (snoA) qy pyS kIqI, ikRSn bYktr (rubweI), fwierYktr plivMdr rMDwvw (gIq), Zzl ausqwd ikRSn Bnot (Zzl), fwierYktr ruipMdr KYrw rUpI ny qrnuMm iv`c Zzl (cu`p kr nw kr Sor) pVHI, divMdr jOhl (rwjinqk t`py).

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Over 20 years Experience in Insurance & investments * Life Insurance * Mortgage Life Insurance * Critical Illness/Disability Insurance * Long Term Care Insurance * RRSP’s - RRIF - Annuities - TAX FREE Savings Account * Extended Health, Dental Insurance & Super Visa * Visitors to Canada & Immigrant Medical Insurance * Children Insurance Plans

kIqy, krm isMG ny AwpxI jwx pihcwn krvweI[ swl 2016 dOrwn ijnHwˆ lyKkwˆ ny AwpxIAwˆ ikqwbwˆ irlIz kIqIAwˆ auhnwˆ leI ie`k ^ws



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nrsrI gryifNg lwien Aqy grIn hwaUs dy kMm krn leI vrkrW dI ngInw loV hYisM[G bMgV

Cell: 250-613-0450 * Off: 250-960-2233 Res: 250-564-2167 * Fax: 250-562-4649 1448 - 6th Ave. Prince George BC V2L 3N2

Email: * Website:

swnUM AYbtsPorf Aqy srIN qoN kYnrI, nrsrI gryifNg lwien Aqy grIn hwaUs dy kMm krn leI vrkrW dI loV hY[ swnUM blUbyrI prUinMg vwsqy vrkrW dI loV hY[

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Gary Varing:

Charlie Sandhu:

604-807-3910 604-864-7711

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B17

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• Express Entry • Nannies • Work Permit • Student Visa • Super Visa • Parents/ Spousal Applications • If you are looking for workers for your business or farms we can help • Any other Immigration problem • AYkspRYs AYNtrI • nYnIAW • vrk primt • stUfYNt vIjw • supr vIjw • mwqw ipqw/spwaUjl AYplIkySn • Agr qusIN Pwrm jW ibjns leI vrkr l`B rhy ho qW AsIN m`dd kr skdy hW • koeI hor ieMmIgrySn muSkl If you are losing your status in Canada please call

Agr quhwfw iksy vI qrWH dw styts Kqm hox vwlw hY qW swnUM sMprk kro[

PH : 604-593-4388 Cell:778-242-9378

Parminder Kindhra Email:

ADDRESS: #214 8120 128 St., Surrey , BC, V3W 1R1 Payal Business Centre

W W W . G A R Y M A N G AT . C O M

h t l a e h r u o Get y ck! on tra Gary’s Holistic Restoration Centre FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE

f`rkÊPIlfÊm`eIkroskopIÊn`lÊl`eIvÊbl@fÊivSlySxÊ hoimApYQIÊn`lÊkudrqIÊiel`j,ÊhrblÊmYfIsn,ÊE`wurvYd,ÊnYcropYQI,ÊEqyÊ inaUtrSIEnlÊsl`hÊmSvr`,ÊrIPlYksolojIÊEqyÊEYkUpRYSrÊm`ilSÊE`idÊÊ • mot`p` • dm` • strok • gTIE` • ifpRYSn • icMq

•Êm`eIgRyn • kYNsr • Proctitus • heIprtYnSn • idlÊdIÊibm`rI • ElsvryvtvÊkorlIvts

• nS`ÊCf`aux`Ê • cmVIÊdyÊrog,ÊcMblÊE`id • Q`ier`iefÊdIÊsm@isE` • gYstRYikÊsm@isE` • ijgrÊdIÊsm@isE` incl. Celiac, kronz • E.N.T.Êsm@isE` • pRostrytÊdIÊsm@isE` • f`iebItIsÊiksm-I qy II EqyÊhorÊbhuqÊkuJ • E.D. PCOS

604.808.8769 5700 120 ST, SURREY BC

isrPÊEpuieMmYNtÊn`l svyryÊ9ÊvjyÊqoNÊS`mÊ7ÊvjyÊq@k hPqyÊdyÊs@qyÊidn

40Ês`l~Êd` qzrb`Ê


Certified Nutritionist & Homeopath M.A., C.N.P., R.O.H.P (Canada) Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner

B18 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

is`K kOm v`loN kuJ krn dw vylw...inrsuAwrQ AwgU A`gy Awaux

jspwl isMG hyrwˆ bwdl dl v`loˆ is`KI isDwˆqwˆ, pRMprwvwˆ qy mirAwdw dw Gwx krky swrIAwˆ srvau`c is`K sMsQwvwˆ dw Bog pw ky, mIrI pIrI dy isDwˆq nUM is`DI cuxOqI id`qI geI hY[ Bwvyˆ ik bwdlwˆ qoˆ pMjwb dy lok s`qw Koh ky, aunwˆ nUM ies pwp dI szw dy rhy hn, pRMqU Drm qy rwjsI kuMfw BwrU hox kwrx kOm nUM Biv`K ‘c ies ^qry nUM sdIvI rUp ‘c dUr krn leI socx qy zrUr mzbUr kr id`qw hY[ cMgy mwVy AwgU Awauˆdy hn, keI vwrI aunwˆ nUM cMm dIAwˆ clwaux dw mOkw vI iml jwˆdw hY, pRMqU aunwˆ dw jwxw XkInI huMdw hY[ kOmI isDwˆqwˆ dI Aqy kOmI sMsQwvwˆ dI rw^I krnI, kOm dw Prz huMdw hY[ ijhVIAwˆ ZlqIAwˆ kwrx bwdlikAwˆ nUM pMQ dy nwm qy pMQ dIAwˆ jVwˆ v`Fx dw mOkw imilAw, hux loV hY, kOm aunwˆ ZlqIAwˆ bwry isr joV ky ivcwr

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unds Available

lable (Against Real Estate only) gages at competitive rates

further information:


HARDIP swnUM kMm vwsqy vrkr dI loV hY

We Specialize in

-Transmission -Clutches -Fuel Injector -Diagnostic -Stocks -Rebuild Engine -Timing Belt

AsIN srIN fYltw ivc AwpxI SOp q~k toieNg PrI krdy hW Hardip S. Sidhu Tel: 604.590.2006 C:778-927-7073 #512318 84th Ave, Surrey BC

ieh vI Xwd r`Kxw pvygw ik kudrq dw ieh inXm hY ik koeI Qwˆ ^wlI nhIˆ rihMdI, ausnUM Brn vwlw koeI nw koeI Aw hI jwˆdw hY[ A`j is`K isAwsq dy ivhVy nUM jy kOm ny bwdlikAwˆ qoˆ ^wlI krvwieAw hY, jy is`KI pRym ‘c gVu`c, isMG sUrmy, iesnUM Brn leI mYdwn ‘c nw in`qry qwˆ koeI hor jwˆ, i&r muV bwdlky vI ies qy kbzw jmw skdy hn[ smwˆ lMGy qoˆ socx dw ijhVw doS swfy isr l`gdw hY[ ausnUM dUr krky, dUridRstI nwl pMQ qy gRMQ dI rw^I leI isr joV dy PYslw krIey[ AwgU auproˆ nhIˆ if`gdy, iBMfrwˆvwilAwˆ vrgy cmqkwr roz-roz nhIˆ huMdy, kOm ‘coˆ hI AwgU pYdw huMdy hn[ loV hY smripq qy s`cI-su`cI Bwvnw dI[ kOm ny ivDwn sBw coxwˆ ‘c Bwvyˆ koeI vI PYslw kr ilAw hY[ pRMqU A`j vI ausdy AMdrly mn dI pIVwˆ qy qwˆG, gurU nUM smripq, is`K lIfriSp dI aufIk kr rhI hY[ ‘’AYinE ‘coˆ auTU sUrmw’’ pihrydwr ieh hokw inrMqr idMdw Aw irhw hY Aqy idMdw rhygw[ kOm nUM hr pwsy qoˆ cuxOqIAwˆ drpyS hn Aqy ienwˆ cuxOqIAwˆ dw mukwblw, gurbwxI qoˆ syD lY ky smu`cI kOm nUM krnw pYxw hY[ A`j smyˆ ny mOkw id`qw hY[ jy ies qoˆ vI KuMJ gey, i&r hnyrw KUh swfI aufIk kr irhw hY[ kudrq vI vwr-vwr mOky nhIˆ idMdI[

Private Mortgage Available !!! Private Mortgage available at low rates. 1st/ 2 nd /3rd Mortgages. Borrow up to 80% value of Property. Bank Rules not applicable here. Bad Credit/ Less Income- No problem… Call- Mortgage Consultant,

Rajan Saggi, AMP The Mortgage Group Canada Inc.

Saggi Financial Solutions Inc.



Complete Service of Domestic & Imports

-Tune Up -Brakes -Oil Change -Exhaust System

zrUrI hY[ ies inSwny dI pRwpqI leI is`Kwˆ dI pwrlImYˆt Bwv SRomxI gurduAwrw pRbMDk kmytI dw pRbMD s`cy-su`cy is`Kwˆ, ijhVy kOm qy gurU nUM smripq hox, dy h`Qwˆ ‘c Awaux mu`Flw qy buinAwdI kdm hY[ Bwvyˆ ik SRomxI kmytI dIAwˆ coxwˆ hux kdoˆ hoxIAwˆ hn? ieh pUrn rUp ‘c hI modI dy h`Q hY, pRMqU kwnUMnI lVweI qwˆ SurU kIqI hI jw skdI hY[ SRomxI kmytI coxwˆ leI is`Kwˆ dI pRqIinD jmwq SRomxI AkwlI dl dI punr surjIqI, aus qoˆ vI zrUrI hY[ pMjwb dI DrqI gurUAwˆ dI DrqI hY, is`KI dI jnm BUmI qy krm BUmI hY[ ies leI ies DrqI qy is`K isAwsq nUM kdy vI mn&I nhIˆ kIqw jw skdw[ bwdlwˆ dy rwjsI Bog qoˆ bwAd pMjwb dI DrqI qy SRomxI AkwlI dl dI ^wlI Qwˆ SRomxI AkwlI dl hI Br skdw hY[ ies leI auh s`cy-su`cy is`K ijnwˆ dy mn ‘c is`KI qy pMjwb pRqI qV& hY[ auh inrsuAwrQ ho ky A`gy Awaux, is`KI dy ivhVy dI s&weI dw hokw id`qw jwvy, is`KI isDwˆqwˆ dI rw^I leI pihrydwrI mMgI jwvy, is`KI dy bUty dI sMBwl mMgI jwvy, AsIˆ nhIˆ smJdy ik pMjwb dI DrqI qy Aijhy s`cy-su`cy gurU qy pMQ nUM smripq is`Kwˆ dw kwl pY igAw hovygw[ dIvy nwl dIvw jgygw Aqy kw&ilAwˆ dy kw&ilAwˆ guris`K, mYdwn ‘c in`qrxgy[ swnUM

nrsrI bilaUbyrI dy bUty iqAwr krn vwlI iek bhuq purwxI, v`fI qy BrosyXog nrsrI hY jo ipCly 20 swlW qoN Awpxy iqAwr kIqy bUitAW dI kuAwiltI Aqy SuDqw kr ky pRis`D hY[hux bilaUbyrI dy bUty AsIN AwpxI XU.AYs.ey vwlI nrsrI ivc XU AYs fI ey dy stYNfrf Anuswr iqAwr krdy hW[hux qusIN swfy koloN bhuq vDIAw kuAwiltI dy, XU.AYs.ey ivc iqAwr kIqy hoey srtIPweIf bUty bhuq vwjb kImq qy KrId skdy ho[QoVy ijhy pYsy bcwaux dUI Kwqr GtIAw iksm dy bUty lw ky Awaux vwly smyN ivc l`KW kroVW fwlrW dw nukswn nw kro[vDIAw iksm dy bUty hI vDIAw pYdwvwr idMdy hn[

BLUEBERRY PLANTS Fax- 778-218-2060 360-312-4217

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B19

‘^wlsw mihmw’ smyq ‘srbloh’ gRMQ sRI gurU goibMd isMG dI rcnw nhIN: ig. jwck sMgq nwl hr roz v`fw DoKw ieh ho irhw hY ik muKvwk gurU gRMQ swihb qoˆ piVHAw jwˆdw hY Aqy kQw iksy hor gRMQ dI kIqI jwˆdI hY [ig. jwck ny spSt kIqw ‘^wlsw mihmw’ nwˆ dI kiQq kivqw srbloh gRMQ dw hI ie`k Bwg hY, ijs nUM ‘^wlsw pRkwS’ dy isrlyK hyT ibnw iksy pRkrx dy gRMQ iv`c GsoiVAw igAw hY [ ieh qwˆ mwno ie`k ^uSwmdmeI im`Tw kYpsUl bxwieAw hY ‘srbloh’ dw zihr pMQ nUM Kvwaux leI[aunHwˆ



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Special Discounts on Air Tickets

Residential & Commercial

EsIN pI E`r k`rf, p`sport Eqy istIzniSp dy P`rm vI Brdy h~

We fill PR Cards, Passports & Citizenship Forms


vYnkUvr qoN id@lI Vancouver to Delhi




vYnkUvr qoN tor~to


We Specialize In: -Cedar Fencing -Chain Link Fencing -Blocks & Tiles -Tree Trimming -Driveways


Mexico - 7 nights from



521 + Tax






+ Tax

All Inclusive




+ Tax Return



Cuba - 7 nights from

+ Tax All Inclusive

Dominican Republic 7 nights

Nadi, Fiji

Vancouver to Toronto

Tax Included Return

AsIN lYNfskyipMg dw kMm bhuq hI vwijb kImqW au`pr krdy hW ijvyN: PYNs, Gwh lwauxw, tweIAW, frwievy, sIfr PYNs, cyn ilNk PYNs, irtyinMg vwlz, AYln blOk Aqy hr qrW dw gwrfinMg dw kMm krdy hW[

dw kihxw hY ik ilKq muqwibk jy ieh gRMQ AMimRq sMskwr qoˆ pihlwˆ vYswK sMmq 1755(sMn 1698) iv`c sMpUrn hoieAw sI, qwˆ ^wlsw pRsMg Aqy pMQ qy gRMQ dI guirAweI dw izkr ikvyˆ ho igAw ? Aqy jy ieh AMimRq sMskwr qoˆ ip`Coˆ dw hY qwˆ ‘dws goibMd’ qy ‘Swh goibMd’ nwˆ dI kvI Cwp ikauˆ ? gurmiq dI isDwˆqk idRStI qoˆ vI ies nUM dsvyˆ pwqSwh dI rcnw mMnxw AsMBv hY[



El`sk` krUj

+ Tax








+ Tax


Nankana Sab (Pakistan) from





+ Tax

Includes Air + breakfast

+ Tax

Includes Air European Plan

nnk`x` s`ihb


+ Tax

Disney World 7 nights

Includes Air European Plan

London 6 Nights





De c 1 Blac 5, 20 kou 16 t p - J eri an od 10 ,2 01 7

Alaska Cruise - 7 nights

Disney Land - Anaheim 7 nights

+ Tax All Inclusive




StrI is`K pRcwrk igAwnI jgqwr isMG jwck ny eI-mIl rwhIˆ Byjy pRYs ibAwn dOrwn ‘c kIqw [ig. jwck ny ikhw ik kuJ mhIny pihlwˆ bicqR nwtk iv`coˆ durgw dyvI dI ausqq krvweI Aqy hux ‘^wlsw mihmw’ dy BulyKw pwaU ‘srbloh’ gRMQ nUM auBwirAw jw irhw hY, ijhVw mhwˆkwl dy Avqwr ‘srbloh’ nwˆ dy dyvqy Aqy SRI BvwnI (kwlkw) lCmI dI ausqiq iv`c mhwˆBgvq Aqy mwrkMfy purwx ‘qy ADwirq iliKAw igAw hY[aunHwˆ du`K pRgt kIqw ik isK


kotkpUrw (guirMdr isMG) Kwlsw jI! jwgo qy roko, gurduAwrw bMglw swihb id`lI ivKy ho rhy gurU gRMQ swihb jI dI ho rhI Gor ibAdbI dy AprwD nUM...ikauˆik, mOjUdw kmytI ny kyˆdr dI ihMdUqvI hkUmq dI ^uSI lYx leI Aqy ibprvwdI is`K fyrydwrwˆ dIAwˆ votwˆ btorn vwsqy sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI dI lVIvwr kQw bMd krvw ky dyvI dyviqAwˆ dI ausqiq vwly AnmqI gRMQwˆ dI kQw SurU krvw id`qI hY [aukq ivcwrwˆ dw pRgtwvw AMqrw-

Mar 2017 All Inclusive



Airfare Extra 5-Star Hotel Included (Quad Occupancy) Starting in November

supr vIz` bIm` ivSyS mu@l Super Visa Insurance Special Rates • •

Cancellation/Interruption Plan Emergency Medical Plan


• •

Summer Holidays Plan All Inclusive Worldwide Plan

EsIN pMj`bI, ihMdI qy EMgryzI boldy h~ Eqy hPqy dy 6 idn Kul @ d H h~ Awpxy GrW jW vpwirk iemwrqW dI lYNf skyipMg jW PYNs leI vwijb kImqW 'qy kMm krvwaux leI hmySw Xwd r`Ko

Pargat Singh Randhawa


We speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu & English. Open 6 days a week


604-596-9283 Toll free: 1-866-596-9283

#109 8166-128th St Surrey, BC V3W 1R1 (Payal Business Centre)

*Terms and conditions apply. All prices and packages are subject to change and availability.

B20 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

sMq iBMfrwˆvwilAwˆ dy jnm idhwVy ‘qy sMgqwˆ dw AwieAw hVH dunIAwˆ dI koeI vI qwkq is`K kOm nUM AwpxI mMizl auqy phuMcx qoN nhIN rok skdI:mwn &qihgV swihb, (kuldIp Suqrwxw)-sMq jrnYl isMG ^wlsw iBMfrwˆvwilAwˆ dw jo SRomxI AkwlI dl (AMimRqsr), pMQk jQybMdIAwˆ Aqy is`K kOm v`loˆ swˆJy qOr qy hr swl dI qrwˆ gurduAwrw sRI &qihgV swihb ivKy jnm idhwVw mnwieAw jwˆdw Aw irhw hY[ gurduAwrw sRI &qihgV swihb dI swhmxy vwlI styj ‘qy hoey koeI 25-30 hzwr dy kOmI Brvy joSIly iek`T ivc s. ismrnjIq isMG mwn pRDwn, SRomxI AkwlI dl (AMimRqsr) ny is`K kOm nUM sMq jrnYl isMG ^wlsw iBMfrwˆvwilAwˆ dy 70vyˆ jnm idhwVy dI hwridk mubwrkbwd idMdy hoey ikhw ik is`K kOm dw bIqy smyˆ dw ieiqhws bhuq P^r vwlw irhw hY [ sMq jI ny aunwˆ lIhwˆ auqy pihrw idMdy hoey Ajoky smyˆ ivc Bwrq, rUs Aqy brqwnIAwˆ iqMn mulkwˆ dIAwˆ AwDuink shUlqwˆ qy hiQAwrwˆ nwl lYs POjwˆ dw ijs idRVqw Aqy kOmI jjby rwhIˆ mukwblw kIqw[ sRI drbwr swihb qy sRI Akwl q^q swihb dI Ajmq dI rwKI leI iqMno! dySwˆ dIAwˆ &Ojwˆ nUM 72 GMty q`k sRI drbwr swihb AMdr dwKl nhIˆ hox id`qw[ sMq jI Aqy aunwˆ dy swQI isMGwˆ ny is`K kOm dy purwqn ieiqhws nUM muV duhrwky swbq kr id`qw hY ik is`K kOm iksy vI v`fy qoˆ v`fy zwbr Aqy julm A`gy kqeI nhIˆ JukygI, AMq Awpxy kOmI Aqy mnu`Kqw p`KI imSn dI pRwpqI krky rhygI[ dunIAwˆ dI koeI vI qwkq is`K kOm nUM AwpxI mMizl auqy phuMcx qo nhIˆ rok skdI[jo mOjUdw Awr.AYs.AYs. mu`KI sRI Bgvq ny smu`cy ihMd vwsIAw nUM zbrI ihMdU grdwnx sbMDI ibAwnbwjI kIqI hY, ieh

G`t igxqI kOmwˆ nUM fUMGI Tys phuMcwaux vwlI Aqy siQqI nUM ivsPotk bxwaux vwlI hY [ AijhIAwˆ iPrkU qwkqwˆ nUM AsIˆ d`s dyxw cwhuMdy hwˆ ik sRI gurU nwnk swihb ny is`K Drm dI nIˆh r`Kdy hoey sdIAwˆ pihly Awpxy muKbwribMd qoˆ ‘nw hm ihMdU, nw muslmwn’ aucwrky

muTByV ‘c jMmU-kSmIr ‘c iqMn POjI mwry gey

sRIngr: jMmU-kSmIr dy bwˆdIporw izlHy ‘c sur`iKAw blwˆ qy kSmirI gurIilAWˆ ivcwly mu`TByV ‘c 3 jvwn mwry gey[ sur`iKAw blwˆ nwl hoey mukwbly iv`c ie`k gurIlw vI Fyr ho igAw hY[ mukwbly iv`c A`T jvwn ijnHwˆ iv`c do A&sr vI Swml hn auh vI zKmI hoey hn[sUbw puils qoˆ ielwvw, sI.Awr.pI.AYP. qy sYnw dy jvwn vI ies ApRySn iv`c Swml hn[ sur`iKAw blwˆ nUM gurIilAW dy ies ielwky iv`c luky hoey dI ^br sI ijvyˆ hI aunHwˆ nUM GyirAw igAw qwˆ ie`k Gr iv`c luky hoey grIilAW ny golIAwˆ clwauxIAwˆ SurU kr id`qIAwˆ[ies kwrn mOky au`qy hI iqMn jvwn mr gey qy keI zKmI ho gey[ zKmIAwˆ iv`c sYnw dw myjr qy sIAwrpIAYP dw kmwfYˆt vI Swml hY[ sUqrwˆ Anuswr mwirAw igAw KwVkU lSkr-ey-qoiebw dw kmwˆfr hY[

pRq`K kr id`qw sI ik is`K v`KrI kOm hY[ ies leI Aijhy iPrkU AwgUAwˆ jwˆ hukmrwnwˆ dy Aijhy k`tVvwdI Tosy jw rhy PYsilAw nUM is`K kOm qy hor G`t igxqI kOmwˆ kqeI pRvwn nhIˆ krngIAwˆ[ iek`T ieh mMg krdw hY ik iqMnoˆ duSmx pRmwxUM qwkqwˆ dI iqkox dy ivckwr is`K v`soˆ vwly ielwky nUM AwDwr mMn ky kOmwˆqrI kwnUMnwˆ Aqy inXmwˆ ADIn ibnwˆ iksy KUn dw kqrw vhwey AmnmeI Aqy jmhUrIAq qrIky auprokq kOmwˆqrI sMgTn Aqy v`fy mulk swˆJy au`dmwˆ sdkw ijMnI jldI ho sky ‘b&r styt/ Kwilsqwn)’ nUM kwiem krn[ Aijhw au`dm krky hI ies eySIAw iK`qy dy Amn cYn nUM ij`Qy sQweI qOr ‘qy brkrwr r`iKAw jw skygw, au`Qy srb`q dw Blw loVn vwlI is`K kOm vI ibnwˆ iksy fr BYA qoˆ v`D Pu`l skygI[iek`T ivc koeI 24 dy krIb kOmI,

Dwrimk, smwijk Aqy rwjnIiqk mqy srbsMmqI nwl pws kIqy gey[BweI jIvn isMG dy nwm qy drbwr swihb ivc iPr qoˆ buMgw auswirAw jwvy[ sRI gurU gMRQ swihb dy Apmwn krn vwly doSIAwˆ nUM igR&qwr kIqw jwvy[ rMGryty, p`CVy vrgwˆ, mzdUrwˆ, ijMmIdwrwˆ dy krijAwˆ ‘qy pMQk hkUmq kwiem huMdy hI lIk mwrn dy nwl-nwl byzmIinAwˆ nUM zmInwˆ dw mwlk bxwieAw jwvygw[ q^qwˆ dy jQydwr swihbwn BweI iDAwn isMG mMf, BweI bljIq isMG dwdUvwl, BweI AmrIk isMG Ajnwlw swihb ny is`KI isDwqwˆ, soc auqy idRVqw nwl pihrw dyx Aqy Awpxy kOmI imSn ^wilsqwn nUM kwiem krn leI SRomxI AkwlI dl (AMimRqsr) dI isAwsI jQybMdI nUM hr qrwˆ sihXog krn dw sMdyS dyx dy nwl-nwl srb`q dy Bly vwly Amlwˆ auqy pihrw dyx leI is`K kOm nUM ApIl kIqI[



Marvelous English Speaking Course (Part I & II)

7 Day Kidney & Bladder Cleanser

7 Day Liver Cleanser

Grammar, Essays, Multipurpose Guide & Graph Writing books also available on

For more info, Call us or visit our learning centre at #207, 7928 128 St

Neeroga Well Being


Our World Famous Books

7am Advance Probiotics

Best Price & Best Service Great Selection of Branded Health Products

All our products are Health Canada Approved with an NPN (Natural Product Number)

York Center, Surrey

Online ESL Course +Tax For $199 *One Year


for all episodes and your valuable feedback

Watch our TV show for free English, Citizenship Tips &

Herbalex Canada

Entertainment on Vision TV, Joy TV & Hope TV

Every Saturday

Unit 104 - 8077 King George Blvd, Surrey Toll Free: 1-888-774-7775 | Local: 604-537-7521 • | Price: $9.99

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B21

PUln dyvI nMU SrDWjlI au~qrI korIAw dy Dmwky mgroN kMby AmrIkw qy jwpwn

inaUXwrk (eyjMsIAwˆ)-au`qrI korIAw dy bYlswitk imzweIl tYst dw mu`dw grmw igAw hY[ hux AmrIkw, d`KxI korIAw qy jwpwn ny ies mu`dy au`qy sMXukq rwStr sur`iKAw kOˆsl dI mIitMg bulwaux dI ApIl kIqI hY[ au`qrI korIAw ny AYqvwr nUM 500 ik`lomItr ryˆj vwlI prmwxU imzweIl dw sPl pRIKx kIqw sI[ AmrIkw dy imSn bulwry dy Anuswr XUAYs, jwpwn qy d`KxI korIAw ny ies mu`dy au`qy sMXukq rwStr dI sur`iKAw kOˆsl nUM mIitMg bulwaux dI ApIl kIqI hY[ au`qrI korIAw dI inaUz eyjMsI Anuswr zmIn q`k mwr krn vwlI imzweIl dw pRIKx sPl irhw hY[ eyjMsI ny ies nUM korIAn stweIl dw nvwˆ hiQAwr vI AwiKAw hY[ fonlf trMp dy AmrIkw dy rwStrpqI bxn qoˆ bwAd au`qrI korIAw ny pihlI vwr imzweIl dw pRIKx kIqw hY[ mwihrwˆ Anuswr au`qrI korIAw ies pRIKx nwl AmrIkw smyq dUjy dySwˆ nUM ieh idKwauxw cwhuMdw hY ik auh Awpxy prmwxU pRIKx bMd nhIˆ krygw[


jlMDr(pplpRIq isMG)-pUry 36 swl pihlwˆ bhwdr bIbI PUln dyvI ny 22 Twkurwˆ nUM golIAwˆ nwl BuMn id`qw sI, jo auus nwl jbr jnwh krn iv`c doSI sn[ bIbI PUln dyvI ny kukrm hox qoˆ bwAd cu`p rihx dI bzwie jUJx dw rwh cuixAw[ D`ikAwˆ iKlw& KVx qy lVx vwly lok sdw Amr ho jwˆdy hn[ sMswr dIAwˆ pihlIAwˆ 10 ivdrohI bIbIAwˆ ‘c bIbI PUln dyvI dw nwm cOQy nMbr ‘qy hY[ A`j dy idn aus v`loˆ kwiem kIqI imswl, sdw hI pRyxw sRoq bxygI[PUln dyvI Bwrq dI mYNbr pwrlImYNt vI bxI[

PH: 604.589.1399

SERVICES • notrI syvwvW • vsIAqnwmw • hlPIAw ibAwn

• GrW dI KrIdo ProKq


• qlwk

GrW Aqy kyAr homj ivc jw ky vI dsqKq krvw skdy hW PH: 604.589.1399 Fax: 604.589.1556

#102 9278 120th St, Surrey BC N W


NewWay Railing

Awning & Metal Work Ltd.

Residential & Commercial

- Aluminum/Picket Railing - Glass Railing - Fence & Gates - Window Security Bar - We also do Custom Designing We Are Very Professional Automatic Driveway Gates & Fence

Fast & Friendly Service

Call For more info:

Nirbhai Kainth

Cell: 604-773-1452 / Ph: 604-773-1498 Fax-:604-593-5079


#111, 8377 - 128th St, Surrey BC


B22 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

ies nUM kihMdy Aw, kudrq dy rMg...

SSIklw mu`K mMqrI dI shuM cu`kx dI Qwˆ, clI geI jylH nvIˆ id`lI (eyjMsIAwˆ): qwimlnwfU iv`c mu`K mMqrI bxn leI pnIrsylm nwl rwjnIiqk lVweI lV rhI SSI klw dIAwˆ id`kqwˆ hor v`D geIAwˆ hn[ suprIm kort ny 21 swl purwxy Awmdn qoˆ izAwdw sMpqI bxwaux dy mwmly iv`c SSI klw Aqy aunwˆ dy do irSqydwrwˆ nUM doSI krwr id`qw hY[ SSI klw nUM 100 kroV dw jurmwnw vI dyxw hovygw[ ies qoˆ ielwvw SSI klw 6 swl q`k leI cox vI nhIˆ lV skygI[ suprIm kort dy ies AwdyS qoˆ bwAd SSkIlw dw qwimlnwfU dI mu`K mMqrI bxn dw supnw tu`t

igAw hY[ ies qoˆ pihlwˆ hweIkort ny SSI klw nUM brI kr id`qw igAw sI[ iesI mwmly nUM suprIm kort ny plt id`qw hY[ suprIm kort dy AwdyS qoˆ bwAd SSI klw nUM hux Awqm smrpx kr ky jyl jwxw hovygw[ bMglOr dI spYSl Adwlq ny 27 sqMbr 2014 nUM jYlilqw, SSI klw Aqy do hor nUM Awmdn qoˆ izAwdw sMpqI bxwaux dy doS iv`c doSI krwr id`qw sI[ ies qoˆ ielwvw Adwlq ny 100 kroV rupey dw jurmwnw vI lgwieAw sI[ jYlilqw

is`Kwˆ ny inqIS kumwr nUM id`qI ‘gurU ipAwrw’ dI aupwDI

Aqy SSI klw 21 idn q`k jyl iv`c vI rhIAwˆ sn bwAd iv`c iehnwˆ nUM suprIm kort qoˆ zmwnq vI iml geI sI[ jYlilqw ny ies mwmly

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RAG Pindi Bhaji 778-803-5789

KAMCRAFT All Indian, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English

Kitchen cabinets ltd. National / International / Sports and more than

2000 Channels with HD quality, no freezing, no buffering, from best server. We can beat any price. We also install Satellite and Security Cameras. Limited time offer.

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Mahek Chat House Happy Diwali to All Our Customers mihk cwt hwaUs



Masala Dosa

Best IPTV Box Service* $4.99 Take Out Only

bhuSpecialty: q hI vDIAw BrosymMd srivs, ibnw iksy PirijMg, bPirMg, cMgI kuAwiltI dy nwl hr kImq nUM bIt krn dw vwAdw[ sunihrI mOky dw lwB auTwaux dy leI jldI sMprk kro[ swrI dunIAW dy 2000 qoN vI v`D ihMdI, pMjwbI, AMgryjI, aurdU, sporS cYnl dy nwl vwjb kImq ayyuqy lwieAw jwvygw[ AsIN sYtylweIt Aqy kYmry vI ieMstwl krdy hW[ hor jwxkwrI leI jldI Pon kro['pMjwb gwrfIAn' dw hvwlw dyx qy quhwnUM hor vI ifskwaUNt id`qw jwvygw[


Call Pinda Bhaji

Free Estimates

Mahek Chaat House Ltd. World Famous South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant We Are In Business Since 14 Years

Best Dosa, Uthappam, Bhel Puri, Idli Samber etc. in town. South Indian & North Indian Dishes

kMmPrices krn vwlIfor lyfUSA Ij vrkr dI qurMq loV hY Special Customers sMprk kro

Residential andkuCommercial VI vrkr dI loV Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling

Looking For Experienced Workers

rYstorYNt dy leI vytr/vytrY~s Aqy hYlp leI kuVI vrkr dI qurMq loV hY[jldI sMprk kIqw jwvy


Custom Mill Work Cabinets & Counter Tops


604-835-2745 604-835-2744 Email: #5 - 13415 - 76th Ave., Surrey • Ph: 604-507-8450 Fax: 604-507-8451

Open 6 days a week 11:30 am to 9:00 pm (Closed Tuesday) Call for Reservations: 604-597-3835, Fax: 604-597-3831 #106, 8556 120 St, Surrey (Chana Plaza)

2nd Location: Spice 72 Indian Restaurant & Lounge

t: 604.503.1172 f: 604.503.2772, 12025 72 Ave Surrey BC

S o H

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B23



syvwvW :

SERVICES: Available • jwV BrnI • Extractions • White Fillings • dMd k~Fxy • Root Canals • krwaUn qy ibRj • Crown & Bridge • ifjItl Ayksry • Digital X-Rays • vweIt iPilMgs • Teeth Cleaning & Checkup • dMdW dI sPweI Aqy cY~kA`p

 AsIN b`icAW Aqy bjurgW dI fYNnitstrI vI krdy hW

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

Practising For Over 14 Years


 BOTOX ielwz Invisalign ielwz dy dy nwl m`Qy Aqy ichry nwl ibnw qwrW qoN dMd qoN irMkl ( JurVIAW) vI htwauNdy hW[ is`Dy kIqy jWdy hn[

• Swm Aqy vIkAYNf dIAW ApwieMtmYNtW auplb~D hn • AsIN AMgryjI,pMjwbI, ihNdI Aqy aurdU boldy hW • ieMSorYNs dIAW swrIAW v~fIAW plYnW lYNdy hW • ipCly 14 swlW qoN au~pr syvwvW pRdwn krdy Aw rhy hW NORTH SHOPPERS DRUG MART






We Speak: English, Hindi,Punjabi & Urdu

604.327.4406 # 208 - 6325 Fraser St., Vancouver

Dr. Aman Kalirai UBC Graduate

AsIN CotI kwr qy

• ieMfIAW qoN Awey nvyN ivAkqIAW nUM v~Kry FMg nwl tryinMg idMdy hW jo isKlweI idMdy hW[ ik clwaux Aqy pwrikMg • PylH ho cu~ky stUfYNt iek vwr zrUr Pon krn[ • AOrqW, bzurgW Aqy CotI aumr qyy ivAkqIAW nUM leI bhuq izAwdw spYSl isKlweI idMdy hW[ Awswn hY • ijnHW ivAkqIAW ny kdy vI kwr nhI clweI, AsIN aunHW nUM vI p~ky frweIvr bxwaux dI pUrI smrQw AsIN AYbtsPorf, srI, r~Kdy hW[ imSn Aqy iclwvYk iv~c • AsIN quhwfw rof tYst lY ky quhwnUM d~s skdy hW ik qusIN AweI. isKlweI idMdy hW[ sI. bI. sI. rof tYst leI iqAwr ho jW Ajy nhIN[ • rof tYst qoN pihlW spYSl isKlweI vI id~qI jWdI hY[ • jykr quhwnUM rof tYst leI bhuq dUr dI qwrIk imlI hY qW AsIN pUrI koiSS krWgy ik quhwnUM r~d hoeIAW qrIkW ivcoN pihlW dI koeI qwrIk dvw dyeIey[ • AsIN quhwnUM aunWH swrIAW 100 qoN v~D glqIAW bwry jwxUM krvwauNdy hW jo qusIN rof tYst vyly kr skdy ho Aqy nwl hI AsIN quhwnUM ienW glqIAW qoN bcxw isKwvWgy[ • AsIN srI, AYbtsPorf Aqy iclwvYk dy hr iek rof qoN vwkP hW Aqy quhwfI tryinMg vyly hr rof qy kwr clwauxI isKwauNdy hW[ • AsIN pwrikMg bhuq Awswn qrIky nwl lgwauxw d~sdy hW[ CotI kwr nwl pwrikMg krnw hor vI Awswn hY[ • quhwfy smyN muqwbk svyr qoN dyr Swm q~k tryinMg idMdy hW[ • AsIN rof tYst vI bu~k krdy hW Aqy qusIN rof tYst leI CotI kwr vI lY skdy ho[ • quhwfI jgHW qoN cu~kx Aqy C~fx dw pUrw pRbMD hY[

604.300.7799 isKlweI pMjwbI, ihMdI Aqy AMgryjI ivc idMdy hW

We Provide Instructions in:

English, Punjabi & Hindi

Iqbal Dhillon iekbwl iF~loN

Sona Chandi

B24 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

Jewellers Ltd.

Specializing In: 22K & 24K Indian Jewellery * EsIN nvyN qoN nvyN ifz`eIn` iv@c quh`fI mnpsMd dy gihxy iqE`r krdy h~ * s`fy kol kuE`ltI r`SI n@g v`ijb kImq~ qy lvo • Patio Covers • Sunrooms • Aluminium & Glass Railing • Fences • Gate • Security Bars Bring WATERFALL • Water Falls In Your Office/House

* EsIN Epryjl vI krdy h~ * EsIN gihxy irpyEr vI krdy h~

Call a Professional Installer, Not A Salesman

#13-12468-82nd Ave. Surrey • Fax:778-565-3468


#19-8430-128th St., Surrey BC

Dine In Take Out We print your Vision...

sweIn Aqy ipRitMg


Chettinad Dosa King South Indian Fusion Cuisine

AsIN nvyN GrW dy plYn vI kwpI krdy hW[

CUSTOM T-SHIRT PRINTING SIGNS & BANNERS TROPHIES Kyf myilAW leI k`p Aqy MEDALS & AWARDS mYfl vI bxwauNdy hW[ your We Print Berry Cards Print favorite byrI polW Aqy byrI stYNf picture & dy sweIn vI bxwauNdy hW[ design on

We Do Party Catering


SURREY, DELTA 8239 120th Street, Delta, BC V4C 6R1 .


TIMINGS SUN – THUR 11.30AM — 9.30PM FRIDAY – SAT 11.30AM — 10.00 PM.

TIMINGS SUN – THUR 11.30AM — 9.30PM FRIDAY – SAT 11.30AM — 10.00 PM.

604-590-5455 604-544-1561

your logo here

T-Shirt or Coffee Mug

AsIN cY`k vI ipRMt krdy hW[

Unit 1A-2488 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 2Y2 Ph: 604-746-2782, 604-807-2782, 778-240-2782 Email:

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B25

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Awr AYNf flʤ Awr hrbl Awiel •ã

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ieh hrbl hyAr qyl vwlW nMU JVn qoN rokx, vwl JVn qoN rokx Aqy isk~rI dUr iskrI dUr krn Aqy krn leI do hPqy vwlW nUM ishqmMd Aqy dw p~kw ielwj cmkIlw bxwaUNdw hY[

SrIrk mzbuqI leI Aqy rogW nwl lVx dI SkqI vDwau x leI SIlwjIq kYpsUl bhuq PwiedymMd hY[

ihaUmn hyAr AYlovyrw AYkstYNSn

SkqI golf kYpsUl

Syr kwmw tOink

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krIm, kYpsUl, jY~l Aqy jUs 20 ieMc ihaUmn hyAr Gtwau xK, rMsikn AYBwr kstYNSn v`K-v` gW ivc qusIN ieh Awpxy vwlW nUM Bwry mukrn SklW, hwjmw, kbj leI vrq skdy ho, lMleI my kr vrq skdy hoskdy jW Awpxw ho stweIl bdl skdy ho

mrdW AOrqW Aqy b`icAw

ivAwgrw dw pRikRqIk Altrnyt[ 2 qoN 4 idn q~k Asrdwr, ibnw iksy sweIf iePYkt qoN

nM U sPu r qI Aqy qwkq leI[ idl, idmwg, lIvr Aqy ikfnIAw nMU mzbUq Aqy Arog krdw hY[

vwlW nUM 10 imMt ivc klr kro Aqy 30 idn q~k dubwrw klr krn dI loV nhI[ SYNpU ivc koeI kYimkl nhI[

Srwb pIxI C~fx leI hrbl dvweI - jo ik Bu~K vDwauNdI hY, ies dw ilvr qy koeI nukswn nhIN hY

pRostyt dw ielwz: vDy hoey pRostyt, Gty hoey sprm, ip~T drd dy ielwz Aqy ipSwb dy Plo leI dvweIAW au~plbD hn swry AslI sYxI hrbl pRofkts isrP AwXUrhIilMg qoN hI imldy hn[ qusIN isrP ryKw Aqy rItw qoN hI KrId skdy ho[

* vDIAw Aqy jMumyvwr srivs * vwijb kImqW qy dunIAW dy iksy vI dyS nUM jwx leI hvweI itktW leI drSn idau GRE T A AT E GR S NEW W S E N SEAT SALE * ADDITIONAL FLIGHTS & NEW DESTINATIONS 14 FLIGHTS A WEEK TO DELHI





Special Cruise & Vacation packages available.

4 Locations To Serve You


7290 Main Street, Vancouver

Ph: 604-324-3336


Unit 101-12830-80th Ave



Unit 10 - 31940 South Fraser Way

7071 Airport Rd., Unit 10

Meadow Fair Mall:

Ph: 604-507-4477 Ph: 604-855-4888 Tel: 905-673-3336 4 Associated Offices in India • MOGA • LUDHIANA • JALANDHAR • NOOR MAHAL 1-800-663-6696

B26 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017



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(gurduAwrw swihb Kwlsw drbwr vYnkUvr)

7749 ipRs AYfvrf strIt vYnkUvr bI.sI Pon: 604-325-2290 PYks: 604-325-2260

vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw : vwihgurU jI kI Pqih

'swkw nnkwxw swihb'

19 PrvrI idn AYqvwr nUM mnwieAw jw irhw hY[ guruU ky lMgr dI syvw smuUh sMgq v`loN hovygI[

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gurmiq spirMg bryk kYNp

Kwlsw drbwr vYnkUvr ivKy 13-17 mwrc q`k svyr 9-1 vjy q`k gurmiq spirMg bryk kYNp lgwieAw jw irhw hY[

'holw mh`lw' smwgm

gurUGr ivKy 25 mwrc nUM sMgqW dy sihXog nwl 'holw mh`lw' DUmDwm nwl mnwieAw jw irhw hY[

rwgI j~Qy: BweI ikSn isMG msquAwxy vwly, BweI gurpRIq isMG cMfIgV vwly kQwvwck: gurpRIq isMG jlMDr vwly kvISrI j~Qw: BweI Avqwr isMG not:gurUGr ivKy ivAwh smwgm vI bu`k kIqy jWdy hn[

vDyry jwxkwrI leI sMprk kr skdy ho:604-325-2290 ikrpwl isMG (hYf gRMQI): 778-322-7996

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B27

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hux socx vwLI g`l ieh hY ik jy kr gurU swihb inrjIv p`Qr dI pUjw dI s^q inKyDI kr rhy hn qW SsqR ikhVy jwndwr hn? auh iehnW dI pUjw ikvyN kr skdy hn? auN\ vI pihlW pihlW hiQAwr vI p`QrW nUM hI qrwS ky bxwey jWdy sn ijhnW p`QrW dI pUjw dI siqgurU jI inKyDI krdy hn] BweI nMd lwl jI: Awp gurU swihb dy smkwlI Aqy AinMn SrDwlU sn] Awp bhuq au`c kotI dy ivdvwn Aqy kvI sn ijhnW ny bhuq swl AnMdpur iv`c rih ky gurU swihb dI syvw kIqI Aqy auhnw dI ausqiq iv`c bhuq kuJ iliKAw] auhnW dy kuJ ku hI bMd Awp nwL sWJy kIqy jwxgy] 1. qOsI&o snw BweI nMd lwl jI goXw] nwsro mnsUr guru goibMd isMG] eyzdI mnzUr guru goibMd isG]105] h`k rw gMjUr guru goibMd isMG] jumlw &Yzey nUr guru goibMd isMG] 106] lw mkW pwbois guru goibMd isMG] br do Awlm kois guru goibMd isMG] 121] ^wk bois pwey guru goibMd isMG] mukbl Az Awlwey guru goibMd isMG] 134] lwl sg-ey Zulwm-ey guru goibMd isMG] dwZdwr-ey nwm guru goibMd isMG]156 bwd jwnS i&dw-ey guru goibMd isMG] &rik E br pwey gurU goibMd isMG]158 ArQ: AkwlpurK nUM Bwey hoey gurU goibMd isMG jI dI ip`T ‘qy pRBU jI dw h`Q hY]105 mhwrwijAW dy mhwrwj gurU swihb pRBU dy pUry igAwnvwn hn Aqy aus dy sB ^zwinAW Aqy b^iSSW dy mwlk hn] 106] bYkuMT vI gurU goibMd isMG jI dy crn cuMmdw hY Aqy dovW hI jhwnW iv`c Awp dw ngwrw v`jdw hY]121] gurU swihb dy crnW dI DUV cuMmx vwLy auhnW dIAW b^iSSW nwL invwjy gey]134] mYN (nMd lwl) siqgurU jI dy drbwr dw kUkr hW ijs dy m`Qy qy siqgurW dwZ id`qw hoieAw hY (Bwv mYN auhnW dw Zulwm hW)] 156] hy AkwlpurK! myrI (NnMd lwl dI) jwn siqgurU jI qoN kurbwn ho jwvy Aqy myrw isr auhnW dy crnW ‘qy hovy] 158] Aijhy SrDwlU sn BweI nMd lwl jI] pr auhnW ikqy vI ieh ieSwry-mwqR vI nhIN iliKAw ik siqgurU jI SsqRW dI pUjw krdy sn] hiQAwrW bwry gurU nwnk pwqSwh dy au`cy ivcwr ies pRkwr hn] 1. isrI rwgu m:1 (16)] ----- GoVy pwKr suieny swKiq bUJxu qyrI vwt] qrks qIr kmwx sWg qygbMd gux Dwqu] vwjw nyjw piq isau prgtu krmu qyrw myrI jwiq]3] bwbw horu cVxw KusI KuAwru] ijqu ciVAY qnu pIVIAY mn mih cly ivkwr]rhwau] ----]4]7] ArQ: hy vwihgurU! qyry drswey hoey rwh au`qy qurn dI sUJ hI myry leI sony dI dumcI Aqy suhxI kwTI vwLy GoVy dI svwrI hY] qyrI is&q swlwh dw au`dm krnw myry vwsqy B`Qy, qIr-kmwn, brCI Aqy qlvwr dw gwqRw hn] qyry dr au`qy ie`zq nwL prvwn hoxw myry leI vwjw (ngwrw) Aqy nyjw hn, Aqy qyrI imhr hI myry leI au`cI kul hY] hy BweI! koeI vI suAwrI ijs nwL hMkwr pYdw hovy Aqy mn iv`c ivkwr pYdw hox aus nwL srIr nUM pIV hI huMdI hY Aqy AwpxI ^uSI nUM KuAwr krn vwLI hI g`l hY] rhwau] duinAwvI hiQAwrW qoN ibnW hor hiQAwr vI hn ijhnW nwL Awpxy Awp nUM cwlwk smJx vwLy kuJ lok dUsirAW dw lhU pINdy hn] • slok m:1 (471)] mwxs Kwxy krih invwj] CurI vgwiein iqn gl qwg] ----- mQY it`kw qyiV DoqI kwKweI] hiQ CurI jgq kwsweI] gurU Arjun swihb vI hiQAwrW dI mhwnqw bwry ilKdy hn pr auh hiQAwr ieh nhIN ijhVy lokweI nUM k`tdy v`Fdy hn] auh Aijhy hiQAwr au`cw Awcrn, inMmRqw, lok syvw Aqy pRBU iv`c At`l ivSvws Awid hn ijhnW nwL auh lokW iv`c fr pYdw krn dI QW auhnW v`loN siqkwr ij`qdy hn Aqy pRBU dy drbwr iv`c

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Custom Made Staircases Wood Glass & Metal Spindles Railing & Other Fine Woodworks

No.1 y an Compwer in Lo and l Main ALL KINDS OF STAIRCASES...

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BC Registered Acupuncturist

B28 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017 vifAweI kIqI geI Aqy is`K Drm nUM CuitAwaux dI koiSS kIqI] pr auhnW dI ieh cwl vI isry nW cVH skI ikauNik gurU Arjun swihb ny swrI gurbwxI nUM cux ky Aqy k`cI bwxI nUM r`d krky gurU grMQ swihb nUM invyklw grMQ bxw id`qw Aqy gurU hirgoibMd swihb ny AYlwn kr id`qw ik Awp koeI vI nvIN bwxI nhIN rcxgy] hwr ky bRwhmxW ny

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Bringing a�en�on to the cause against bullying, The SHIAMAK Vancouver Dance Team will perform a flash mob along with thousand students from four schools from the Lower Mainland.BC Lions player Travis Lulay will also be a part of the flash mob showing his support. The event will take place at the North Delta Secondary School on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 12:15pm. Showing unity against bullying, the performance will include par�cipants from diverse cultural backgrounds dancing together to demonstrate a strong stand. The track is specially re mixed for this flash mob by DJ ROH. “We all have a responsibility to stand up against bullying no ma�er what form it takes. It can be physical, verbal, cyber, or social bullying and each form can have a nega�ve impact on individuals.” says Event Director Sean Bindra. The par�cipa�ng schools include Sands Secondary School, McCloskey Elementary School, Jarvis Elementary School, Hellings Elementary School, Gibson Elementary School, Annieville Elementary School. Each year, the support is ge�ng stronger and the reach is growing which is a definite move in a posi�ve direc�on. Taking place for the 3rd �me and making this an annual event, Sean goes on to say, “The purpose of this ini�a�ve is to raise awareness for the An��Bullying message. What makes this An��Bullying ini�a�ve special is that it is being organized by the community for the community. There is no financial gain for anyone involved. Everyone is volunteering their �me and service to make these An��Bullying flash mobs happen.” Ac�vely par�cipa�ng at community events, The SHIAMAK Dance Team has been a part of bringing people together and empowering, enlightening and educa�ng them through dance and the power of the performing arts. 604-924-9104

i&r kI sI, bRwhmxW nUM vDIAw bhwnw imL igAw Aqy auhnW ny gurU swihbwn nUM vI ihMdU Drm dy hI prcwrk krwr dy id`qw Aqy is`K Drm nUM ihMdU Drm dw hI AMg d`sx l`g pey] ijs iv`c auhnW nUM bhuq s&lqw vI pRwpq ho geI] ikauNik Bwrq iv`c musilm hkUmq sI ijhVI ik ihMdUAW nwL byiensw&I krdI sI Aqy keI vwr bVy A`iqAwcwr vI krdI sI, gurU swihbwn ny auhnW dI h`kW dI r`iKAw leI sdw hI j`do-jihd jwrI r`iKAw] jd inrdoS gurU hirgoibMd swihb nUM jhWgIr ny gvwlIAr dy iklHy iv`coN irhwA krn dw &Yslw ilAw qW gurU swihb ny audoN q`k iklHy ‘coN bwhr Awaux qoN ienkwr kr id`qw jdoN q`k ik jhWgIr auQy 52 bygunwh kYd kIqy hor ihMdU rwijAW nUM irhwA krn dw hukm nhIN sI dy idMdw] iesy qrHW, gurU qyZ-bhwdur swihb ny vI ihMdU Drm ‘qy huMdy zulmW nUM rokx leI AwpxI Adu`qI kurbwnI dy id`qI] AOrMgzyb ihMdUAW nUM jbrn muslmwn bxw irhw sI, Aqy gurU swihb Drm-svqMqrqw cwhuMdy sn] ies ivSvws kwrn hI gurU swihb ny Awpxw sIs vwr id`qw] iehnw kwrnW krky swry ihMdU vIrW ny vI gurU swihbwn nUM ihMdU Drm dy rwKy smJ ky hI bhuq mwx siqkwr id`qw Aqy nwL hI is`K Drm nUM ihMdU Drm dw AMg hI GoiSq kIqw] iesy kwrn AzwdI imlx qy vI Bwrq dy nvyN sMivDwn iv``c is`K Drm nUM ihMdU Drm dw

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Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B29 mMnx nUM mjbUr hoey hoey hn] bhuq swry ivdvwnW ny ieh swbq kIqw hY ik ieh ilKqW ju ik dsm gRMQ iv`c drj hn gurU swihb dIAW rcnwvW nhIN hn] pr swfy AwgU ies AslIAq nUM mMn nhIN rhy] iehnW ilKqW dy AwDwr ‘qy hI gurU swihb nUM ikRSn jI dw Avqwr Aqy nYxW dyvI dw pujwrI swbq kIqw igAw hY] hym kuMt dI mwnqw dw AwDwr vI iehI ilKqW hn] 1.ihMdU Drm iv`c SsqR pUjw Bwrq dI siBAqw bhuq purwxI hY] Ajy jdoN lokW nUM vwihgurU bwry koeI igAwn nhIN sI qW auh hr SkqISwlI pdwrQ A`gy Juk jWdy sn Aqy aus nUM pUjxXog smJ lYNdy sn] audwhrx vjoN kudrqI SkqIAW ijvyN sUrj, A`g, pwxI AQvw mINh, hvw, phwV (jW p`Qr), s`p Awid nUM dyvqy mMn ky auhnW dI pUjw SurU kr id`qI] ieQy hI b`s nhIN jwn-lyvw iBAwnk bImwrIAW nUM vI SkqIAW mMn ky auhnW dI dyvIAW vW| pUjw SurU kr id`qI Aqy Ajy q`k vI krdy hn] audwhrx vjoN cIck jW sIqlw dI dyvI, jW kuJ hor bImwrIAW jW qklI&W qoN Cutkwrw pwaux leI mMqR pVHny ijvyN ik qyeIey qwp Aqy s`p dy fMg Awid dy] SsqRW nUM vI SkqI smJ ky ihMdU Drm iv`c SsqRW dI pUjw hzwrW swlW qoN c`lI Aw rhI hY] swry dyvI dyvqy SsqRW dI pUjw krdy sn] qusW rmwiex Aqy mhWBwrq dy sIrIAl tI.vI. ‘qy vyKy hoxgy ik ikvyN auhnW dy nwiek A~KW mIt ky Aqy KwlI h`Q A`gy vDw ky AwkwS iv`coN hI AsqR (dUroN mwr krn vwLy SsqR ijvyN ik qIr, c`kr, Bwlw Awid) pRwpq kr lYNdy sn] iehnW iv`coN bRhm AsqR Aqy nwrwiex AsqR ^ws qOr qy mShUr hn] ieh AsqR auhnW nUM dyviqAW dI dyx huMdy sn ijs krky auh iehnW (AsqRW) pUjxXog smJdy sn] rwmcMdr jI qoN lY ky swry dyvI dyvqy SsqRW dI pUjw krdy rhy hn jo A`j q`k jwrI hY] hux qw sgoN kMm-kwr vwLy sMdW dI (ijvyN ik hQOVw, AwrI, qysw, rMdw, vrmw Awid) pUjw vI SurU ho geI hY] hor qW hor hux qW kMmipaUtrW Aqyy tweIprweItrW dI pUjw vI huMdI hY] auN\ qW ieh pUjw hr roz huMdI hY, pr swl iv`c ie`k idn – AXu`iDAw pUjw jo ik dusihry dy idnW iv`c nvrwqrI dOrwn mhw nOmI vwLy idn AwauNdw hY – kyvl SSqRW dI pUjw leI hI Kws-qOr qy rwKvW r`iKAw igAw hY] au`qrI Bwrq iv`c iesnUM ivSvkrmw idvs krky vI mnwieAw jWdw hY] (ihMdU rI&lYkSnz: 01.10.2013 Aqy ivkIpIfIAw) ikauNik ihMdU Drm iv`c SSqR pUjw dI bhuq

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turban service and training

Unique • Elegance • Pride pgVI bMnHxI is`Ko

PMkSnW Aqy ivAwhW leI Kws pYkyj Lakky 778.838.2332

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20 + s Yearence ri Expe

AsIN hr qrW dI rYnovySn krdy hW

- lYmInyt, hwrfvu`f Plor - krwaUn molifMg, bys borf - vwSrUmW dw hr qrW dw kMm - ielYktRIkl, plMibMg,pyNt, bwQrUm nvW jW purwxw , snfYk , ikcn kYbint, gtr klIinMg, PYNs , kMplIt bysmYNt, rI-rUiPMg ,Aqy nvyN gtr Awid krdy hW

- AMdr Aqy bwhrlI hr qrW dI rYnovySn dw kMm

All Kinds of Renovations mates s i t s E e e Fre ble Rat NEW & a n o s a Re Work OLD Quality HOMES

Jas Kooner

We Also Do All Fire Damaged Insured Jobs



B30 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

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auhnwˆ AwpxI ikrpwn imAwn’coˆ k`F ky nMgI kr leI Aqy KwlI imAwn bIbI jI nUM dy id`qI[ bIbI r`Kwˆ ny svwl kIqw ik ies KwlI imAwn nUM mYˆ kI krwˆgI? srdwr Swm isMG AtwrIvwly ny jvwb id`qw ik jykr mYˆ jMg ij`q ky vwps Aw igAw qwˆ mYˆ ij`q dI inSwnI vjoM Awpxy Awp ies imAwn’c ikrpwn pw ky kMD qy tMg dvwˆgw[ pr jykr AsIˆ nw ij`qy qwˆ mYˆ jMg hwr ky vwps nhIM Awvwˆgw sgoˆ jMg dy mYdwn’c jUJ ky Shwdq pRwpq krwˆgw[ qwˆ aus jMg qoˆ bwAd qusIˆ ieh nhIˆ kihxw ik srdwr Swm isMG AtwrIvwlw jMg hwr igAw hY[ qusIˆ ieh kihxw hY ik gurU dw Kwlsw A`j jMg dy mYdwn’c AwpxI ikrpwn C`f AwieAw Aqy ieh KwlI imAwn myrI kOm dIAwˆ AglIAwˆ pIVIAwˆ nUM idKwieE Aqy vMgwr pwieE ik Kwlsy dI ikr-

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Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B31 * jspwl isMG hyrwˆ pRym mnu`Kqw nUM ij`qx Aqy pRmwqmw nUM pwaux dI sB qoˆ v`fI Bwvnw hY[ pRym ny hI mnu`K nUM jwnvr qoˆ ienswn bxwieAw hY[ pRMqU pRym idlwˆ dw idlwˆ nUM rwh hY, ies leI ies dI numwieS nhIˆ lweI jw skdI, swfy dyS ‘c Byf-cwl qy ip`C-l`g dI BYVI rvwieq clI Aw rhI hY Aqy ies kwrx AsIˆ AwpxIAwˆ Swnwm`qIAwˆ purwqn keI rvwieqwˆ nUM iqAwg ky p`Cm dI Byf cwl nwl ‘’PUhV’ rvwieqwˆ nUM Apxwaux dw As&l Xqn kIqw hY, ijnHwˆ kwrx kwˆ dy hMs dI qor qurn dy Xqn vwgUM, AwpxI hI qor Bu`l gey hwˆ[ swfI DrqI ij`Qy gurUAwˆ, pIrwˆ, PkIrwˆ dI DrqI vjoˆ jwxI jwˆdI hY, auQy hIr-rwˆJy, lYlw-mjnUM qy s`sI-puMnU vrgy pRymIAwˆ dI DrqI vI AKvwauˆdI hY[ pRym qy ibrhw, AijhIAwˆ Bwvnwvwˆ hn, ijnHwˆ qoˆ ibnwˆ mnu`K, mnu`K nhIˆ AKvw skdw[ ies leI piv`qr pRym dI Bwvnw nUM hr Drm qy smwj ny hmySw srvau`c mMinAw hY[ ieSk hkIkI qy ieSk mjwjI dIAwˆ pqMgwˆ A`j qoˆ nhIˆ jdoˆ qoˆ mnu`K nUM Awpy hI hoS AweI hY, audoˆ qoˆ hI pRym AkwS ‘c aufwrIAwˆ mwr rhIAwˆ hn[ A`j jdoˆ dunIAw, iek mMfI bx geI hY Aqy bhu kOmI kMpnIAwˆ, AwpxIAwˆ cIzwˆ vycx leI mnu`K dIAwˆ Bwvnwvwˆ nwl hI Kyfx l`g peIAwˆ hn, aunHwˆ ny nOjvwn pIVHI dI socxI bzwrU bxw id`qI hY, ijs kwrx pRym vrgI piv`qr Aqy in`j dI Bwvnw nUM vI bzwrU vsqU vwˆgU SoA-pIs bxw C`ifAw hY[ pRym Awpxy idl dy hwxI nUM smripq hoxw huMdw hY, Awqmw, Awqmw dI Avwz nUM suxdI hY, ies leI kdy AwiKAw jwˆdw sI ik pRym kIqw nhIˆ jwˆdw sgoˆ ho jwˆdw hY[ is`KI ‘c pRym nUM pRmwqmw nUM imlx vwlw ie`ko-iek rsqw d`isAw igAw hY, pRMqU ies pRym ‘c iqAwg qy kurbwnI dw zjbw huMdw hY, suAwrQ dw iqxkw mwqr vI s`cy pRym nUM DoKy ‘c bdl idMdw hY[ 14 PrvrI nUM p`Cm ‘c pRym dy iezhwr idvs vjoˆ mnwieAw jwˆdw sI, ijhVw iek sMq vYlynt-

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p`Cm dI AMnHI nkl iv`c AsIˆ l`crqw dy dirAw iv`c AwpxIAwˆ swrIAwˆ purwqn nYiqk kdrwˆ-kImqwˆ roV C`fIAwˆ hn, ijs kwrx swfy irSqy iqVk rhy hn Aqy smwj iv`c bySrmI v`Dx kwrx Srmnwk Gtnwvwˆ iv`c qyzI nwl vwDw hoieAw hY[




• Glass Railing • Aluminum Railing • Window Security Bars • Sliding Automatic Gates • Motor Gates • Automation Work • All Kinds of Steel • Fabrication Work • Patio Cover • Glass Patio • Flat Roof • Fence

GURPREET: 778.319.4683 SUKHI: 604.780.4312

# 8-12331- 84th Ave., Surrey V3W 3G8

swnUM ryilNg dy kMm leI vrkrW dI loV hY[ A~j hI sMprk kro:

SINGH THIND & ASSOCIATES 13025 80th Ave, Surrey, BC New Address

(Above Verka Foods)

B32 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017 **jspwl isMG hyrwˆ 19 PrvrI nUM mwˆ-bolI idvs smu`cy ivSv iv`c mnwieAw jwˆdw hY[ AsIˆ mwˆ-bolI idvs qoˆ h&qw pihlw pMjwbI mwˆ-bolI dI vrqmwn dSw bwry pMjwbIAwˆ nUM hokw dyx jwˆ rhy hwˆ, qwˆ ik auh mwˆ-bolI idvs mnwaux smyˆ AwpxI mwˆ bwry vI kuJ soc ivcwr lYx[ pMjwbI bolI dy lu`pq ho jwx bwry Aksr qOKlw pRgtwieAw jwˆdw hY, pRMqU pMjwbI ipAwry ies qO^ly nUM byloVw d`sdy hn Aqy aunwˆ dw Brosw hY ik gurU swihbwn qoˆ vrosweI ies im`TI qy smr`Q bolI dI hoˆd nUM

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kdy vI ^qrw nhIˆ ho skdw[ AsIˆ ieh smJdy hwˆ ik jdoˆ q`k jwihrw gurU swihb sRI gurU gRMQ swihb dw pRkwS ies DrqI qy huMdw rhygw, audoˆ q`k is`KI qy pMjwbI dI ies DrqI qy hoˆd brkrwr rhygI[ pRMqU ijhVI icMqw A`j pMjwbI bolI qy ^ws krky gurmuKI il`pI nUM lY ky pRgtweI jw rhI hY[ aus nUM vI AsIˆ AxgoilAw nhIˆ kr skdy[ A`j pihlI qoˆ AYm. ey. q`k pVdy pMjwbI mwvwˆ dy pu`qwˆ-DIAwˆ nUM SuD pMjwbI ilKxI Aqy pVnI nhIˆ AwauˆdI, ieho kwrx hY ik skUl dI iksy vI jmwq ‘c pVn vwly ividAwrQI jdoˆ pMjwbI pVdy hn, qwˆ aunwˆ dw aucwrx SuD nhIˆ huMdw Aqy ilKx vyly qwˆ ‘gurmuKI il`pI’ dw jlUs hI k`F id`qw jwˆdw hY[srkwrI qy pRweIvyt skUlwˆ ‘c ies sbMDI krvwey srvyKx, byh`d icMqw dw ivSw hn[ pMjvIˆ jmwq ‘c pVdy ividAwrQI qoˆ dUjI jmwq dI pMjwbI pusqk dw pihlw pwT shI nhIˆ piVAw igAw[ bImwrI dI Cu`tI leI ilKI ArzI ‘c 40 PIsdI glqIAwˆ hn[ pRweIvyt skUlwˆ dw qwˆ ies qoˆ vI mwVw hwl hY, pRweIvyt skUlwˆ ‘c ihMdI nUM imldI pRDwnqw kwrx, SihrI pMjwbI ividAwrQIAwˆ nUM ishwrI-ibhwrI dy &rk dw hI pqw nhIˆ[ lgwˆ mwqrwˆ bwry skUlI ividAwrQIAwˆ dw igAwn nw vrgw hY[ ieho ijhI hwlq bI. ey. q`k dIAwˆ jmwqwˆ ‘c hY, Su`D Sbd-joV aunwˆ dy v`s dI g`l nhIˆ irhw[ pMjwbI ivAwkrx, pihlwˆ qwˆ hux pVweI hI nhIˆ jwˆdI, ikauˆik skUlwˆ, kwljwˆ ‘c hux isr& qy isr& ‘gweIfwˆ’ nwl kMm clwieAw jwˆdw hY[ ies leI ijs b`cy nUM aus BwSw dI ivAwkrx, ijsnUM auh ilKxwpVnw is`K irhw hY, nhIˆ pVweI qy isKweI jwˆdI, audoˆ q`k aus pwsoˆ SuDI dI Aws nhIˆ kIqI jw skdI[ A`j pMjwbI dy Biv`K nUM lY ky ijhVy bu`DIjIvI ieh is`tw k`Fdy hn ik jy AijhI siQ`qI brkrwr rhI qwˆ pMjwbI isr& bolx q`k sImq rih jwvygI, ilKx Aqy pVn vwlw ‘p`qw’ sw& ho skdw hY, aunwˆ nUM Zlq nhIˆ AwiKAw jw skdw[ pMjwbI pRymIAwˆ Aqy ^ws krky bu`DIjIvI pMjwbI vrg nUM ies pwsy qurMq iDAwn dy ky, ies ‘rog’ dw h`l l`Bxw cwhIdw hY[pMjwbI AiDAwpk, ijhVy skUlwˆ, kwljwˆ ‘c pMjwbI pVwauˆdy hn, sB qoˆ pihlwˆ, aunwˆ dy ivSyS sYmInwr lw ky aunwˆ nUM pMjwbI dI ivAwkrx bwry jwxkwrI dyxI zrUrI hY qwˆ ik auh pihlI jmwq qoˆ hI b`cy dy pMjwbI aucwrx nUM TIk kr skx[ iksy smyˆ ieh kMm gurU

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Grwˆ dy gRMQI krdy sn Aqy aunwˆ v`loˆ id`qI jwˆdI ‘sMiQAw’ pMjwbI dI SuDqw dw mu`F bMndI sI[ pMjwb srkwr v`loˆ Bwvyˆ pMjwbI nUM sUby dI mwq-BwSw dw drjw id`qw igAw hoieAw hY, pRMqU hwkm iDrwˆ, pMjwbI pRqI kdy vI gMBIr nhIˆ hoeIAw, ijs kwrx pMjwbI nUM A`j q`k srkwrI d&qrwˆ ‘c mwx-snmwn nhIˆ imilAw[ AMgryzI skUlwˆ dy ruJwn ny pMjwbI b`icAwˆ nUM AMgryzI isKwauˆdy-isKwauˆdy, aunwˆ qoˆ pMjwbI vI Koh leI hY[ ijs kwrx ipMfwˆ-ksibAwˆ qy Sihrwˆ dy nwm-inhwd AMgryzI skUlwˆ ‘c pVn vwly b`cy nw qwˆ ‘AMgryz’ hI bx sky nwˆ hI aunwˆ pws mwˆ-bolI dI muhwrq rhI[

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IEL TS COACHING CLASSES • vDIAw bYNf • pwrt tweIm/vIkAYNf klwsW • IELTS jnrl Aqy AkYfimks iemiqhwn leI pUrI iqAwrI • qjrbykwr Aqy auc Xogqw pRwpq stwP

srI ivc IELTS klwsW lwaux leI A`j hI kwl kro

778.927.1097 778.869.1097


Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B33

pwrtI qoˆ bwAd Gr prqdy hwˆ auh su`q-aunIˆdrw AMimRq vyly au`T nOkr h`Qoˆ cwh dw k`p pI swfy jwgx qoˆ pihlwˆ pihlwˆ ipMf nUM vwps prq jwˆdw hY[ Aksr hI myrw bwp bhuq G`t mYˆnUM imlx Sihr Awauˆdw hY[ -jI.AYs BMfwl

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SINCE 1982

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• Air Canada • Air France • British Airways • KLM • Lufthansa • Emirates • Qatar Airways • Air China • China Airlines • China Eastern • China Southern • Jet Airways • Air India • Gulf Air • Etihad Airways • Cathay Pacific & many more






B34 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

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JOGIYA ALTERATION SERVICES srI ivc nvyN sUtW dI islweI Aqy k`piVAW dI AwltrySn, gotw p`tI lgwauxI, swVI dIAW plytW Aqy Pwl, lihMgy Aqy myYirj frY~s dI iPitMg Aqy ijp, btn, islweI Awid dy qs`lIbKS kMm krvwaux leI sMprk kro[ ryt bhuq vwijb hn[

Phone: 778.891.0376 Alteration Services in Surrey

“fwktr prcI qy ikhVI BwSw ilKdy hn ,ijsnMU mYfIkl stor vwlw hI pVH skdw hY” gopI kihMdw” ieho ik mYN qW iesnMU l`t ilAw hux qUM lu`t lY ”[ ******** ie`k AOrq coxW iv`c KVI ho geI Aqy AwpxI shylI nMU kihMdI ‘dyKIN mY p`kw ij`qWgI”[ shylI kihMdI “ieh qYnMU ikvyN pqY ik qUM ijqyNgI”[ AOrq” jdoN vI mYN Awpxy Gr vwly nwl lVdIN hW qW mYN hI ij`qdI hW”[ ******** dwdI mW ro rhI sI ik ausdI nUMh nMU dUsrI AOlwd vI kuVI hoeI sI[guAWFx ny smJwieAw “ kI Prk pYNdw hY kuVI hovy jW muMfw[“ dwdI mW ny haukw lY ky ikhw mYnMU pqw DIAW l`CmIN huMdIAw hn!pr mYnUM du`K hY ik myrI nUMh nMU s`s bxn dw drd mihsUs nhINN ho swkygw[ ******** ie`k AwdmI pYrwSUt vyc irhw sI Aqy kih irhw sI cwhy ijMnI mrzI aucweI qoN Cwl mwro b`s ie`k btn dbwau qy pYrwSUt KuLH jwvygw Aqy qusIN DrqI qy shI slwmq lYNf ho jwvogy[ gwhk” jy nw Ku`ilAw qW? pYrwSUt vycx vwlw kihMdw “BweI AwpxyN pYsy vwps lY jWeI”[ ******** pwpw (bMtI nUM), ‘’qyry gixq ‘coˆ ieMny QoVHy nMbr ikauˆ Awey hn?” bMtI, ‘’gYrhwzrI kwrn[” pwpw, ‘’…pr qUM aus idn skUl igAw sI[” bMtI, ‘’myry A`gy bYTx vwlw muMfw gYr hwzr sI[”

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Email: VERICO A.K . Mortgage Plus Inc. 103-7337 137th St, Surrey, BC V3W 1A4 Ph:(604) 780-4497 (cell) (604) 501-7700 (office) Fax: (604) 998-1373 *OAC, SOME CONDITIONS APPLY.

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B35

ielyktRwinks dy swmwn dI syl

Apple/Samsung Used Phones

Vehicle Front & Back View Camera

Gurbani FM Radio & Audio Player

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Headset

AYYpl Aqy sYmsNg dy Xuzf Pon

kwrW vwsqy PrMt Aqy bYk ivau kYmry

gurbwxI Aqy Bjn leI ryfIau

blUtu~Q spIkr

blUtu~Q hYfsYt

hor vI bhuq kU~J • bhuq G~t kImqW

Limited Stock Order by Phone:

Sucha Singh


BODY TONIC MASSAGE OIL drd htwau qMdrusqI pwau Sucha Singh 604-353-3863 Toll-Free


• Deep tissue massage • Acupressure massage • Foot massage • Head massage • Back shoulder massage • Head to toe massage

bwfI twink mswj Awiel Full Body Massage Service Also Available jo ik quhwnMU drdW qoN rwhq dvweygw, ijvyN ik gofy, moFy, isr drd, ip~T drd qy bl~f srkulySn bwfI twink mswj Awiel

jo ik quhwnMU drdW qoN rwhq dvweygw, ijvyN ik gofy, moFy, isr drd, ip~T drd qy bl~f srkulySn

Body tonic massage oil is a natural ingredients liniment specifically formulated to relieve pains from various causes, the pain may cause from different sources such as ,Inflammation of joint tissue, tendons or ligaments , muscle strain & fatigue, arthritis.

mrdW Aqy AOrqW dI pUrI bwfI mswj kIqI jWdI hY[

2G Oil - For Men Only AwpxI mrdwnw kmzorI nUM dUr krn leI 2G Awiel vrqo Aqy AwpxI ijMdgI dIAW Anmo l Ku S IAW pwau[

Massage with 2G oil can be a smart choice for diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, thyroid condition, blood pressure, poor blood flow, depression, anxiety, nerve damage from prostrate surgery, injury to spinal cord can also lead to weak erection

mUf cwrzr Awiel

Foot Detox Service Available

Mood Charger Oil

jykr qusIN strYs qoN pIiVq ho qW mUf cwrzr Awiel quhwnMU strYs qoN rwhq idvw skdw hY[

If you are experiencing mood swings, apply 2-3 drops of oil on forehead and behind both ears, then massage it using the tips of your fingers.

Detox foot baths are extremely beneficial for the following 7 reasons: 1) Enhancing the immune system 2) Assist in recovery time from injuries and surgery 3) Can relieve pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis 4) Improves sleep pattern 5) Remove heavy metals 6) Removes blood clot material 7) Improve liver and kidney function

B36 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

AYn Awr AweI BYxo-Brwvo! ieMfIAw jw rhy ho? qW suxo!! pMjwb dI quhwfI koeI vI sm`isAw hovy ijvyN ik :• zmIn dI Prd Aqy mwlkI dy ih~isAW dI jwxkwrI • mwlk dI mOq ip~CoN jW hor iksy qrHW dw ieMqkwl • quhwfI jwiedwd dI eyDr bYTy qksIm jW trWsPr • iksy vI AdwlqI kys ivc quhwfy v~loN pYrvweI • ikrweydwr mwmlw jW hor iksy qrW dw puils kys • AYn Awr AweIz dy iksy dPqr nwl ilKw pVHI

jW Aijhw hI koeI hor Jmylw hovy qW qusIN swfI slwh qy shwieqw nwl knyfw bYTy hI h~l kr skdy ho[

mwl mwmilAW dy mwhr, qjrbykwr Aqy swbkw sInIAr AiDkwrI

s. hrcrn isMG sMDU pI sI AY~s (irtw:) dy pMjwb dy 35 swlW dy qjrby dw Pwiedw auTwaux leI 604-518-3637 qy Pon kro[ swfIAW syvwvW hwsl krn leI pqw hY

pI sI AY~s lYNf silXUSnj ieMk: Xuint # 203, 12639-80 AYvyinaU srI


Catering Restaurant Going Beyond Your Expectations

We Do Catering For All Events


Specializing in: East Indian Cooking & Sweets for All Occasions

Fish Pakora

We do catering for all events:

• Gurdwara • Mandir • Weddings • All Parties • Tandoor Services



Chicken Pakora

2 Free Naan Reg. Dish With

604-588-RANA Open 7 Days - 11am to 9pm


For Catering Enquiries Contact:

Avtar Rana 604-306-1108 Jay Rana 604-603-5171 8910 120 Street Surrey

Eat in or Take Out


Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B37

SRI gurU rivdws jI dw pRkwS idhwVw auqSwh nwl mnwieAw igAw[ SRI gurU rivdws sBw(vYknUvr) vloN SRI gurU rivdws jI dw 640vW pRkwS purb bVI SrDw Aqy auhswh nwl mnwieAw igAw ijs iv`c dUr-duryfy dIAW sMgqW ny BwrI igxqI iv`c hwzrI BrI[ sRI gurU grMQ swihb iv`c AwsQw r`Kx vwlIAW sMgqW vloN pRkwS idhwVy dy sMbMD iv`c sRI AKMf pwT sihb Su`krvwr 10 PrvrI nUM ArMB hoey, Sincrvwr 11 PrvrI nUM inSwn swihb jI dI syvw kIqI geI Aqy AYqvwr 12 PrvrI nUM sRI AKMf swihb jI dy Bog pwey gey[ Bog auprMq gurUGr dy hzUrI rwgI BweI hrdIp isMG dIp Aqy aunHW dy j`Qy ny gurbwxI kIrqn nwl sMgqW nUM inhwl kIqw[ BweI suirMdr isMG sMGw dy FwgI j`Qy vloN kvISrI vwrW nwl sMgqW dI hwzrI BwrI[ gurUGr dy pRDwn AmrjIq isMG lIhl ny gurUGr phuMcIAW sMgqW Aqy rwjnIiqk pwrtIAW dy AwgUAW dw svwgq krdy hoey smUh syvwdwrW dw DMnvwd kIqw ijnHW dI AxQ`k imhnq sdkw gurpurb dy pRogrwm nypry cVHy[ gurUGr dy pRDwn ny 11 mwrc nUM hox vwly ngr kIrqn vwry vI jwxkwrI sWJI kIqI Aqy sMgqW nUM ngr kIrqn 'qy huMm-huMmw ky phuMcx dI bynqI kIqI[ styj dI kwrvweI jnrl sk`qr kyvl isMG is`DU ny bhuq hI suc`jy FMg nwl inBweI[ sMgq nUM sMboDn kridAW aunHW ny gurUGr phuMcx leI sMgq Aqy sMgq dy rUp iv`c phuMcy rwjnIiqk AwgUAW, lMgr dI syvw iv`c bIbIAW Aqy hornW syvwdwrW dw DMnvwd kIqw[ gurU rivdws jI dy jIvn qy sMKyp jwxkwrI idMdy hoeI sk`qr ny kihw ik SRI gurU nwnk dy jI ny gurU rivdws jI dI bwxI iek`TI kIqI Aqy gurU Arjn dyv jI ny gurU jI dI bwxI nUM sRI gurU grMQ iv`c Swiml kIqw[ aunHW ny A`gy ikhw ik SRI gurU rivdws jI dw aupdyS iksy ie`k kOm, zwq jW mjHb leI nhIN sgoN smu`cI mn`Kqw dy Bly ih`q hY, bygmpury dw supnw skwr krn leI imhqn iv`c juty rihxw cwhIdw hY[ brnbI nOrQ qoN AYm. AYl.ey Aqy ifptI spIkr ircrf lI ny bI.sI. sUby dI pRImIAr ikRsqI klwrk vloN gurpurb dy sMbMD iv`c ByijAw vDweI sMdyS pVHky suxwieAw Aqy A`gy ikhw ik ircrf lI Kud G`t igxqIAW nwl sMbMDq hn Aqy aunHW dI pwrtI BweIcwry dIAW sm`isAwvW qoN jwxU hY[ gurUGr dI kmytI vloN ircrf lI dw isrwpwE dy ky snmwn kIqw igAw[ AYm. AYl. ey. rwj cOhwn ny AwpxI prtI dy lIfr vloN sMgqW nUM gurpurb dI vDweI id`qI[ brnbI istI kONslr sYv DwlIvwl ny ikhw ik gurUAW dI bwxI qoN syD lY ky smwijk brwbrqw dy nwl-nwl AwriQk brwbrqw dI bhuq loV hY ijs pRqI auh vbnb`c hn[ swbkw AYm. pI.ijMnI ismz ny vI ivcwrW dw pRgtwvw kIqw ik brwbrqw isrP AmIrI-grIbI dI nhIN sgoN gurU rivdws jI dI bwxI qo syD lY ky brwrbrqw swnUM Awpxy irSiqAW iv`c vI ilAwxI cwhIdI hY[ iesqoN ielwvw gurUGr dy trstI AYs. fI. pRdysI, AweI. bI. E. knyfw dy pRDwn jI.fI. g`fU, gurUGr dy FwaUNifMg jnrl sk`qr qyj kumwr ArDwvw Aqy SRImwn izly isMG ny vI sMgqW nUM gurpurb dI vDweI id`qI Aqy Awpxy v`fmu`ly ivcwrW nwl Xogdwn pwieAw[

B38 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017



AsIN twierW ivc

nweItrojn vI Brdy hW



AsIN hryk brYNf dy twier r`Kdy hW


On All Seasons & Winter Tires (Auplus & Comforser)

195/65R15 Reg: $160.00

205/55R16 Reg: $180.00

205/60R16 Reg: $180.00

225/60R16 Reg: $180.00

225/55R16 215/45R17 Reg: $200.00 Reg: $180.00

225/55/16 Reg $220.50

225/60/17 Reg: $180.40

235/40/18 Reg: $205.50

245/40/19 Reg: $220.55

285/40/22 Reg: $320.80

205/60/16 Reg: $120.00

AsIN mYciln Aqy bir`j ston dy twier vI vycdy hW

Cell: 778-322-1610 Tel: 604-592-2667

hux qusIN swfy koloN iksy vI qrHW dy kwr, vYn, AYs XU vI dy twier lY skdy ho

#106-13112-84th Ave.,Surrey

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B39

gurduAwrw swihb suK swgr brsI sMq bwbw suMdr isMG jI iBMfrWvwly sRI AKMfpwT swihb

17 PrvrI Su`krvwr AwrMB svyry 9 vjy 19 PrvrI AYqvwr Bog svyry 9 vjy not:Bog auprMq 1 vjy dIvwn sjxgy[ syvw:smUh swD sMgq v`loN

pwT sRI suKmnI swihb 18 PrvrI Sincrvwr Swm smyN syvw BweI AmndIp isMG puryvwl pirvwr v`loN

lMgr kIrqn syvw 18 PrvrI Sincrvwr Swm smyN syvw BweI suKinMdr isMG Aqy bIbI jsivMdr kOr huMdl pirvwr v`loN 19 PrvrI AYqvwr Swm smyN syvw BweI muKiqAwr isMG in`Jr pirvwr v`loN

ikcn syvw

gurUGr ivKy ikcn dI syvw c`l rhI hY[ies kMm nUM qkrIbn 2,00,000 fwlr l`gxy hn[

ikcn v`fI, hvwdwr Aqy AwDuink shUlqW BrpUr hovygI[sMgqW nUM bynqI hY ik mwiek, kMm rwhIN syvw kr ky gurUu dIAW KuSIAW pRwpq kro jI[

pMjwbI skUl

gurUGr ivKy 2016-17 dw pMjwbI klwsW dw sYSn 12 sqMbr qoN AwrMB ho cu~kw hY[b`icAW nUM pMjwbI is`Kx leI gurUGr pMjwbI skUl ivc Byj ky lwhw lvo jI[sMprk:604-537-8300

gurmiq klws

hr AyYqvwr svyr 11-12 vjy q`k b`icAW vwsqy ivSyS klws lgdI hY ijs ivc gurmiq ivcwrW pMjwbI Aqy AMgryjI ivc kIqIAW jWdIAW hn[b`icAW nUM gurmiq nwl joVn leI gurUGr ivKy c`l rhI klws ivc ilAwau Aqy gurU dIAW KuSIAW lvo jI[

gurduAwrw swihb ivKy 4 PrvrI nUM svyr 6-7 AwrMB hovygI[sMiQAw pRymI smW not kr lYx jW sMprk nMbr 604-537-8300

gqkw klwsW

ismrn: hr bu`Dvwr Swm 7-8 vjy q`k ismrn hovygw[sMgqW nuMU Swml hox leI bynqI kIqI jWdI hY[

kIrqn klwsW gurUGr ivKy kIrqn klwsW mMglvwr, vIrvwr, Su`krvwr Aqy AyYqvwr Swm 6-8 vjy q`k lgdIAW hn[kIrqn isKlweI BweI mnjIq isMG jI idMdy hn[mwqw ipqw nUM bynqI hY ik auprokq klwsW dw lwB auTwE Aqy b`icAW nuMU gurbwxI Aqy kIrqn nwl joVo[sMprk:605-537-8300

syvw inBw rhy jQy:

sMiQAw klws

gurUGr ivKy g`qkw klwsW Su`krvwr Aqy AyYqvwr lgdIAW hn[Su`krvwr Swm 6-8 vjy q`k, AyYqvwr dupihr 12 qoN 2 vjy q`k[gqkw isKlweI BweI jgmIq isMG jI idMdy hn[gqkw dI isKlweI leI sMprk nMbr:604-537-8300

kIrqnI jQw:


BweI hrimMdr isMG j`blpur vwly

BweI kuldIp isMG krnwl vwly

vDyry jwxkwrI jW gurU Gr ivKy pRogrwm krvwaux leI sMprk kro: 604-537-8300 gurUGr dw Pon: 604-521-3111 PYks: 604-521-4936 manager gurdwara - 604-537-8300

B40 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017


* AsIN purxy GrW dI rYnovySn Aqy nvyN GrW iv`c bysmYNtW Awid bxwaux dw kMm qs`lIbKS krdy hW[ * snfYk, snfYk aupr rUm Aqy pOVIAW vI cwVdy hW[ * frweIvwl dy kMm dw kMtrYkt vI lYNdy hW[ * tweIlW Aqy lYmInyitf Plor dw kMm qs`lIbKS krdy hW[ * AsIN ikcn kYbInyt bxwaux Aqy kMplIt bwQrUm rYnovySn dy vI mwihr hW[ * muPq AYstImyt vwijb ryt

hor jwxkwrI leI AmrjIq isMG nwl sMprk kro

778-994-5981 / 604-588-6931


• Insured & Bonded SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS • Truck Mounted Unit • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning mOsm TEED sy vI Mty c’ N k A i R A G • Car, Van, Truck, Area Rugs & Sofa Steam Cleaning GU IED IN ivc 3 I gwrMtI DR S R d H • Offices & House Cleaning Services N 3 su`kx WITH I sTIm k;rpeT klIinMg, • Floor & Carpet Cleaning Services

Call Ratinder: 604-765-3419


     


s of 10+ Yrence Experi

• Specialized in Quality • New House Framing • Custom Framing • All Kinds of Framing • Residential & Commercial • • • •

doo Aqy iqMn storI GrW dI PryimMg swfw vDIAw PryimMg krn dw irkwrf Aqy kMm leI Big Crew swfI PryimMg pihlI hI ieMspYkSn ivc pws ho jWdI hY AsIN hom vwrMtI idMdy hW

J&J FRESH LOOK HOME BUILDERS • twaUn hwaUs • nvyN Gr • grMtISudw kuAwiltI vrk • Pwst srivs • rYjIfYNSIAl Aqy kmrSIAl We Provide 10 Years Home Warranty We Built Custom Homes Jarnail Singh Maan:

604.832.9308 Fax: 604-850-9308


kwimAW dI lOV hY

3412 Nightingale Dr., Abbotsford BC V2T 5W3


AsIN Gr dI 10 swl dI grMtI idMdy hW, AsIN kstm hom bxwauNdy hW

Choice Carpet Cleaning Services Ltd.



rIAl rYnovySn

Call Sarab:

• • • • •

lYmInyt Plor PU~l vwSrUm irpyAr PU~l snfYk irpyAr pYtIa glws rUP pYtIa kvr

Cell: 604.760.4585 SAVE IN SEP/OCT

SAVE $200.00 BIG W CRE

k;r ate TrLk d; iXMTIirar, sofe mETreseJ Aid

• stIm kwrpyt klIinMg • kwrpyt Aqy ApholstrI klIinMg • kwr, vYn, tr`k, eyrIAw rg Aqy soPw stIm klIinMg

lYmInyt Plor pYtIa glws rUP Residential & Commercial pYtIa kvr • Interior & Exterior Painting PU~l snfYk irpyAr • Roller, Brush & Spray Painting PU~l vwSrUm irpyAr • Stucco Painting

• Townhouses • New Homes Special Discount • Re-Painting • Guaranteed Quality Work on Repaint • Fast & Friendly Service • Fast Service swnUM kMm&vwsqy qjrbykwr vrkrW dI loV hY[qnKwh • Residential Commercial qjrby dy muqwbk 12-18 fwlr pRqI GMtw id`qI jwvygI[

24 Hour Emergency Service


Eureka• EAS625 vDIAw kuAwiltI • nvyN GrW dI 625 Air Watts with Deluxe imMg • kstm PryimMg • sB Electric Pry Kit Package Deal M.S.R.P. $899.00 pRkwr dI PryimMg • rYOver jIfINSIAl 30 Years Aqy kmrSIAl In Business


• Framing for two & three-story Houses • We have an excellent framing record & Big Crew for work • Our framing is passed on the very first inspection • We provide home warranties

Deluxe Electric Kit, 30' 30' 1-1/4" 110/24V crushproof hose easy change with 3-way switch (turns power unit and power brush on & off), Progression swivel handle, EZ Change chrome roll electric power brush with cord management, Premium quick release disconnect wand, telescopic chrome wand, 10" oor brush, and premium tool set. Models 004124 w/012346

SUPER EXPRESS VACUUM Exclusive Eureka Dealer

604-591-1868 / 604-591-1865

13478-72 Ave., Surrey BC Dealer may sell for less. Installation not included. See in store for details.

Feb 17Feb 23, 2017* Guardian - B41 February 26 2016March 03 ,The 2016Punjab *The Punjab Guardian



Handyman Services


AsIN nvyN Aqy purwny GrW dy ielYktRIkl Aqy plMibMg dy kMmW dy mwhr hW[ AsIN Laundry, kybInyt irpyAr/pyNt, forW lwauxIAW, vwSrUm PYn, tI.vI lgwauxy, isMk irpyAr, tUtIAW purwnI ikcn Aqy dI lIkyj TIk krnw, forbY~l/ieMtrkwm lgwauxw, frweIvwl bwQrUm Apgryf krdy hW[ purw kMm irpyAr, pyNt, GrW dIAW l~kVI dIAW nvIAW poVIAW bxwauNdy hW Aqy pUrwxIAW poVIAW dI irpyAr,iPiniSMg dw smyN qy vwjb ryt qy kMm vI krdy hW[ swfy kol 12 swl dw kYnyifAn qjrbw hY[ gwrMtI nwl krdy hW


Satisfaction Guaranteed

AsIN PloirNg qy rUiPNg nhI krdy

Call Raj: 778-229-9261 GILL BROTHER RENOVATION We Do All Kind Of Renovation



at Small o * Framing • PryimMg * Drywall • frweIvwl m i t s r E Big Job * Painting • pyNitMg * Tiles • tweIlW FREE s * Sundeck Repair • snfY~k dI irpyAr AsIN snfY~k Aqy * Laminate • lYmInyt * Electrical • ielYktRIkl pOVIAW vI irpyAr krdy hW * Plumbing • plMibMg * Roofing • rUiPMg dw kMm v`fI jW CotI jOb, hr pRkwr dI rYnovySn PrI AYstImyt vwsqy 16 swlW dy qjrbykwr gurdIp isMG nwl sMprk kro :

Gurdeep S. Gill


AsIN kMtrYkt qy nvyN Gr vI bnw ky idMdy hW[

Up-To-Date Finishing

AsIN purwxy GrW dI hr qrHW dI rYnovySn krdy hW We are specialized in Custom Wood Working:

AsIN rI-rUPINg, PryimNg Aqy frweIvwl dw kMm vI krdy hW[

•Doors •Mouldings •Fire Place •Base Board •Hardy Plank •Wood Floor

Residential & Commercial Renovations

Sanjeev Dhir

All kinds of exterior finishing


B42 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

Awimr dI ‘T`g Aw& ihMdosqwn’ vwlI id`K soSl mIfIAw ‘qy hoeI vwierl

nvIˆ id`lI: Awimr ^wn ies mOky ApxI nvIˆ i&lm T`g Aw& ihMdosqwn bxwaux ivc msrU& hn[ies i&lm ivc aunHwˆ jo id`K bxweI hY, auh lokwˆ dy mn nUM BwA geI jwpdI hY[ iesy leI aunHwˆ dI dsqwr vwlI &oto vwierl ho rhI hY[ Awimr dI ieh id`K aunHwˆ dI pqnI ikrn rwE nUM vI cMgI l`gI[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik T`g Aw& ihMdosqwn ivc lok Awimr nUM lMmI dwVHI ivc vyKxgy, aunHwˆ dI ieh id`K sdw leI qwˆ nhIˆ pr ijnIˆ dyr leI vI hY aunHwˆ leI ieh mnorMjk hY[

jOlI AYl. AYl. bI. 2 ny pihly idn kmwey 13 kroV

muMbeI: bwlIvu`f dy mShUr Adwkwr AkSY kumwr dI Sukrvwr nUM nvIˆ rIlIz hoeI i&lm jOlI AYl.AYl.bI. 2 dI itkt iKVkI ‘qy pihly idn dI kmweI 13 kroV rupey hoeI hY[ suBwS kpUr vloˆ inrdySq kIqI hoeI ieh i&lm 2013 ivc rIlIz hoeI i&lm jOlI AYl.AYl.bI. dw Aglw Bwg hY[ &wks stwr stUfIE dy sI.eI.E. ivjY isMG ny disAw ik AkSY kumwr dI jOlI AYl.AYl.bI. 2 nUM lokwˆ vloˆ cMgw hulwrw iml irhw hY[ lok Cu`tI nw hox dy bwvjUd vI i&lm vyK rhy hn[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik drSk auhI i&lm vyKdy hn jo aunHwˆ nUM cMgI lgdI hY Aqy ijs ivc khwxI Aqy cMgw sMdyS huMdw hY[ aunHwˆ ^uSI zwhr kridAwˆ ikhw ik i&lm aunHwˆ dIAwˆ aumIdwˆ ‘qy KrI auqrI hY Aqy auh h&qy dy AMqly idnwˆ ivc i&lm dI kmweI vDx pRqI AwsvMd hn[

kSmIr ivc izMdgI ku`J v`K sI: zwierw vsIm

muMbeI-‘dMgl’ i&lm nwl crcwvwˆ ivc AweI 16 swlwˆ Adwkwrw jwierw vsIm ny ikhw ik dUijAwˆ dI qulnw ivc kSmIr ivc aus dI izMdgI v`K sI Aqy auh Gr qoˆ izAwdw bwhr inkly ibnw v`fI hoeI[ nOjvwn Adwkwrw ny ikhw ik auh hmySw ApxI dunIAw ivc sIimq rhI Aqy Apxy Gr kol iek v`fI phwVI qk nUM nhIˆ vyiKAw sI[ ieh pu`Cy jwx ‘qy ik kSmIr ivc v`fw hoxw ikvyˆ sI, jwierw ny ikhw ik mYˆ hmySw ApxI iek dunIAw ivc sIimq rhI[ mYnUM lgdw hY ik 16 swl dy iek ienswn dI izMdgI ijs qrHwˆ hoxI cwhIdI hY, myrI izMdgI aus qoˆ QoVI v`K sI[ mYˆ bwhr izAwdw nhIˆ inklI[

nyqwvwˆ nUM doSI Tihrwauxw bMd kro, ^ud eImwndwr bxo: hsn

cyneI: qwimlnwfU ivc jwrI rwjnIqk Gmwswn ivckwr pRis`D Adwkwr kml hsn ny lokwˆ nUM ApIl kIqI ik auh nyqwvwˆ nUM doSI Tihrwaux dI bjwey ^ud ‘eImwndwr’ bxn[ auunHwˆ ny tvItr ‘qy iliKAw ik AMnwdRmUk dy nyqwvwˆ E pnIrsylvm Aqy SSIklw ivckwr jwrI iK`coqwx ivckwr pUrw dyS sUby nwl KVw hY[ hwsn ny tvIt kIqw ik AsIˆ Zlq Aqy iBRSt nyqwvwˆ ‘qy Apxy vot dw dwA Kyf ky ApxI AwzwdI nUM ivArQ jwx idqw[ auunHwˆ (nyqwvwˆ) nUM doSI Tihrwauxw bMd kro[ eImwndwr bxo[ hsn ny nwl hI Adwkwr Awr mwDvn nwl vI sUby ivc jwrI rwjnIqk sMkt nUM lY ky ApxI Awvwz auTwaux dI ApIl kIqI[

kIhdy ‘qy igAw krInw dw muMfw qYmUr?

pRymI nwl juVy svwl nw kro: AwlIAw B`t

muMbeI: krInw kpUr Kwn muqwbk aunHwˆ dw bytw qYmUr sB qoˆ hYˆfsm muMfw hY pr auh igAw ikhdy ‘qy hY, ieh krInw ny hwl hI iv`c ‘eybIpI inaUz’ nUM d`isAw[ krInw ny ikhw, ‘qYmUr, myry Aqy sYP dohwˆ qy igAw hY[‘krInw ny nwl hI ieh vI d`isAw ik auh hux kI izMmyvwrI mihsUs krdI hY[ krInw ny ikhw, “hr idn hr pl hux ie`k izMmyvwrI mihsUs huMdI hY[ sYP qy mYˆ, dovyˆ hI b`cy dw iDAwn r`K rhy hn[ mYnUM l`gdw hY Ajy isrP SurUAwq hY, A`gy mYnUM hor vI bhuq kuJ nvwˆ pqw l`gygw[”krInw Anuswr hr AOrq Gr swˆBx dy nwl-nwl kMm vI krdI hY[ Swied r`b ny AOrqwˆ nUM ieh gux pihlwˆ qoˆ hI dy r`Ky hn[

muMbeI: AwlIAw B`t dw nwm isDwrQ mlhoqrw, vrux Dvn Aqy Arjun kpUr vrgy aunHwˆ dy izAwdwqr sih-klwkwrwˆ nwl joiVAw jwˆdw irhw hY pr Adwkwrw ny Apxy pRym sbMDwˆ bwry g`l nw krn dw &Yslw kIqw hY[ ‘qMmw qMmw’ gwxy dy rImyk dy lwˆc mOky mOjUd 23 swlw Adwkwrw ny mIfIAw nUM ‘pRymI’ sbMDI svwl nw pu`Cx nUM ikhw hY[ gIq dy bol ‘qU pRymI, Awhw, mYˆ pRymI, Awhw’ dy sbMD ivc p`qrkwrwˆ ny AwlIAwˆ qoˆ aunHwˆ dy buAwey&rYˆf bwry svwl pu`Cxy SurU kr idqy[ ies dy jvwb ivc Adwkwrw ny ikhw, ‘’myry nwl vwAdw kro ik qusIˆ (p`qrkwr) pRymI bwry nhIˆ pu`Coˆgy[ qusIˆ nhIˆ pu`Coˆgy[‘’ ieh gIq AwlIAw Aqy vrux Dvn dI i&lm ‘bdrInwQ kI dulhnIAw’ dw ih`sw hY[ mUl gIq ‘Qwxydwr’ i&lm dw hY, ijs ivc mwDurI dIkSq Aqy sMjy d`q ny kMm kIqw sI[ ‘bdrInwQ kI dulhnIAw’ 10 mwrc nUM irlIz hovygI[


KEYSTONE INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. * E`to ieMSorYNs * Gr~ dI ieMSorYNs * ibjns Eqy kMstrkSn ieMSorYNs * l`ieibltI ieMSorYNs * ivztr mYfIkl ieMSorYNs

* Auto insurance * Home & Business Insurance * Construction Insurance * Liability Insurance * Visitor Medical Insurance

AUG 28



PH: 604-484-3130/604-595-8666

Renew Your Car Insurance with US!


Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B43

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HAPPY 2017

How is your new year’s resolution going? Do you plan to find a new job, or perhaps...


We Can Help

Pick one Package! Starting at $999 (1 time fee)

Starter package Pro package Premium package Plus Add-ons


Our Premium Package includes all of the following services* - Business Registration

- Phone System (+1 Cisco 303 phone & Toll-free no.)

- 1 Laptop

- Accounting Services (1y)

- 1 Domain (1y)

- 100 Business Cards & 250 Flyers

- Cloud IT Solutions (1 user, 1y)

- 5-page Website

- Virtual Office

- Invoice Book

- WebHosting (1y)

- Social Media Pages

- Logo Design

- 3 emails (1y)


CALL US FOR DETAILS *Terms & conditions apply

(604)777-2710 #109 - 8166 128th St Surrey, BC V3W 1R1

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Best Rates

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B44 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

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for BC-CA-AB-BC Our Transport company is expanding and we need company Team drivers & BC-CA-ON-BC lanes and owner operators (reefers or dry) for new business accounts.


• Class 1 license & good driving abstract • Understand US and Canadian compliance and regulations. • Understand log book recording • Pre-trip- Ability to recognize vehicle maintenance needs and perform basic repairs

AsIN kMpnI leI tIm frweIvr Aqy anr Awprytr tIm hwier kr rhy hW[ G`to G`t 1 swl dw qjrbw jrUrI hY[ klIn frweIvr irkwrf Aqy bwrfr krws leI zrUrI dsqwvyz hoxy cwhIdy hn[vDIAw ryt[

What we offer:

• Company team drivers: $0.60-0.62/mile • Live pick up $50 • Live Drop $50 • Layover $200 • For Owner Operators Team up to $1.65/mile • Extended Health Benefits • Best in Industry

Please email your resume and driver abstract at Or call for more information at 604-743-4398, 604-751-0728


Please send your resume and driver abstract for more information/ pleas

Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B45

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Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

Dr. H. Bhullar & Associates

• Animal Dermatology • Pet Cardiology • Pet Deworming • Pet Ear Infection • Pet Endocrine Diseases • Pet Eye Infections • Flea & Tick Control • Pet Oral Infections • Pet Allergies • Pet Anal Gland Expression • Vaccination

• Dental Cleaning • Pet Grooming • Nail Trimming • Ear Cleaning • Pet Boarding • Puppy Training • Veterinary Diets • Behavioral Consultation • Pet Identification • End of Life

Tel: 604-301-0300

5696 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC, V5W 2Z4

B46 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017


jykr qusIN Awpxy Pwrm nUM swP krvwauxw cwhuMdy ho, dr`Kq pu`txw cwhuMdy ho, lYvl krnw cwhuMdy ho qW kho jsvIr isMG bnvYq horW nUM[ iehnW kol 3 v`fIAW Excavators, 2 Bulldozers with Lasers and Ripers, 980 Loaders, Rock Trucks, Sweepers, Backhoe, Demolition Machinery Aqy hor loVINdI mSInrI hY[mOsm TIk ho jwx qy kwPI kMm ho jwxw hY so A`j hI Pon kr ky buikMg krvwau[

Extensively renovated 4 level split in Popula include Platinum Stone - Tiled Backsplash. countertops & kickboards. Premium stainless zilian cherrywood H/W floors. All updated ba fenced with barbecue area, lane access with light fixtures, 2 huge family rms & rec rm. Dou gorgeous stone fireplace feature wall in Lvg. inlaws.Very quiet street located across Conveniently located minutes to Guildford ma

Phone: 778-552-0305 Kam Purewal

103 - 13631 80 Ave Surrey, BC

Exclusive listing!


Call for Price 12139 94A Ave BRAND NEW! A 3 level dream home in the heart of bearcreek! 14031 91st Ave surrey. Over 6200 Sq ft of living area. 10 beds, 9 bath, separate double garage. Front driveway and also backlane access. House has 3 basement suits( 2 two bed and 1 one bed) for a perfect mortgage h e l p e r. E v e r y b e d comes with its own washroom. Lots of other features like top quality Bosch stainless steel appliances, covered patio, HRV system with A/C and radiant heat.

5657 180 St

Call for Details 11482 97a Ave

Renovated cozy rancher rented out to a long term tenant for $1500 per month. This beautiful rancher sitting on a large 7281 sq. ft. rectangular LUC corner lot in the heart of Cloverdale. Walking distance to all levels of schools and shops. Great home to live in, or keep it as an investment property. Keep rented out or tear down and build over 7000 sq. ft. 3 level mega house. Don't miss out on this one.

Call for Details

Another great home in Queen Mary Park area with covered area of approx 5500 sqft and lot size of 7265 sf with 8 beds, 8 bath and 3 basements for mortgage help. This large home is in a great location on a quiet no through road and one block away from LA Matheson Secondary and Moffat Park. Within couple blocks you have all sorts of shopping on Scott Road and quick access to the Scott Road Skytrain station. This newer large custom home features grand entrance with high ceiling and crystal chandelier, brilliant white kitchen cabinets and quartz countertop, crown molding throughout the house and skylight windows, large bedrooms with private bathrooms and walk in closet.

13430 67 Ave

$785,000 14582 106a Ave

Great Solid Home located on quiet area, 2,280 sq. ft. covered area on 7,200 lot. Fully renovated, 2 bedroom new basement suite, 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 full baths, new windows, new kitchen with granite counters, new pain, hardy siding, lots of updates, spent almost $60,000 on renovations, fully fenced, Close to school and park,

Call For Price F U L L y R E N O VAT E D HOUSE. over 60000 spent on renovations. 3 bed , 2 bath up. living room, fmaily room, b r a n d n e w kitchen. brand new flooring and new 2 bedroom basement. approx 9400 sqft lot with 2200 covered area on a quite street.


Gorgeous home in the Heart of Guildford!! With an Open-Concept Layout, 3 bedrooms above and a legal 2 bedroom suite (rented out to great tenants for the past 6 years, paying $900/month). Downstairs you have an additional recroom/office area open to your ideas! This property has an open 9,000 sqft lot with a huge balcony, perfect for entertainment! THIS HOME IS VACANT UPSTAIRS (MOVE IN READY). Property is available, call or touchbase for showings

5657 180 new price + remarks send to link newspaper + kam realtor


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Feb 17- Feb 23, 2017* The Punjab Guardian - B47

Sobha Singh Grewal & Sons Farm Ltd Pwrm vrkrW dI loV soBw isMG gryvwl AYNf sMnj Pwrmj ilm. vwilAW nUM Pwrm vrkrW dI loV hY[swnUM G`to G`t 6 vrkr cwhIdy hn jo Pwrm ivc AYgrIklcr nwl sbMDq kMm kr skdy hox[rweIf dw pRbMD kIqw jwvygw[

sMprk kro:

Sobha Singh Grewal And Sons Farm Ltd has vacancies for 6 hard working farm workers who are capable of performing different duties related to agriculture. Ride will be provided to and from work. For more information, Call the number below.


Dream Oak


We are The Manufacturers Custom Furniture Ltd. Est. 1999

frIm Ek PrnIcr AwpxI PYktrI ivc ipCly 17 swlW qoN soilf mypl Aqy soilf Ek dw PrnIcr bxwauNdy Aw rhy hn[ieQoN qusIN AwpxI mrjI dw PrnIcr iksy vI rMg ivc bxvw skdy ho[

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ieQoN qusIN soilf mypl dI 8 pIs bY~frUm sueIt $1800 qoN SurU ho ky $3000 q~k dI iksy vI rMg ivc bxvw skdy ho

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri: 7am to 3:00pm Sat: 7am to 12 noon Sun: Closed

soilf mypl dw pytI bY~f

Single Size : $400 Queen Size : $500 King Size : $650


Cloverdale, BC PYktrI dw pqw hY: #109 18669 52nd Ave hweIvyy 10 Aqy 184 strIt dy nyVy

B48 - The Punjab Guardian * Feb 17 - Feb 23/ 2017

E paper – 03 february 2017 – section b – the punjab guardian