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Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A1

SANDEEP AHUJA CHS 604-996-6862

Great Announcement QUEBEC SUPER VISA ONTARIO INSURANCE Otttawa, Brampton Toronto


Life Insurance


Mortgage Loan Insurance




#301 8128-128St Surrey BC V3W1R1



Estate Planning


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Large Variety of Indian Mouth-watering Sweets We do Catering for all Occasion Special Discount for Gurudwara & Mandir



Edmonton Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Victoria,Nanaimo Prince George, Kamloops, Kelowna, Oliver, Squamish Calgary

Greater Seattle, Everett, Marysville Portland, Bellingham, Belivue, Lyndon, Lynwood


$150 Monthly Tiffin Service

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100% vYzI pIjw

Tel: 604-590-5200 Fax:604-596-5700 Toll Free: 1-877-584-5200 Vol. 26 Issue No.10 Ending Date:Mar. 22, 2019


We’ve got the

Together we can identify the right mortgage home financing solution for you that meets your needs.

604 379 7212

A&Zwinsqwn qoN ihMdU-is`K pirvwrW dI knyfw Awmd SurU gurduAwrw isMG sBw srI ivKy is`K sMgqW ny kIqw svwgq srI:mwrc 14 nMU vYnkUvr eyArport qy APgwnI is`K Aqy ihMdA U W dy pRIvwr phuc M y ijQy gurdvwrw isMG sBw srI, vrlf is`K AwrgynweIjySn Aqy mnmIq isM G Bu~lr PwaUNfySn ny svwgq kIqw[cyqy rhy A&Zwinsqwn ivc sdIAW qoN rihMdy Aw rhy ihMdU-is~K pirvwrW dw hux au~Qy rih skxw Visa applications, muSikl huMdw jw irhw hY Aqy qwilbwnW ny nw citizenship, security license processing, kyvl aunHW dw jIxw hrwm kr id~qw hY sgoN aunpassports HW & name change dy kwrobwr qbwh kr id~qy gey hn qy aunHW ƒ

Mortgage Broker/ Real Estate Course

• Toll Free:1 855 267 2836

Neetu Bedi Manager, Mobile Mortgage Specialist


Fingerprinting For All Purposes

Aluminum Frame Certified Repair Facilities

Special Tutoring Promotion During Summer Vacation

*ÊrMgÊmYcÊkrnÊcÊm`ihr *ÊE`toÊgl`sÊvIÊbdldyÊh~

ICBC and Private Claims

Contact Us (Pushminder or Prince)

6 0 4 -5 0 3 -0 9 8 8 #16B 7823-132 ST. SURREY




Awpxy Dwrimk rIqI irvwjW dw pwlx krn 'c id~kqW dw swhmxw krnw pY irhw hY[AOrqW


duinAw dy iksy vI kony iv`c pYsy Byjx jW mMgvwaux leI imlo Daljit Singh 778-822-8410

Baljit Singh 778-861-0324

#285-8128-128 St. Surrey, BC V3W 1R1

#2A-2599 Cedar Park Pl. Abbotsford, BC V2T 3S4

49 778-565-1717

Ranjeet S. Sohi




Food Safe sB qoN v~D ryt Aqy pYsy 24 GM t y AM d r phM ucwx dI gwrMtI Course Bwrq iv~c pYsy Byjx Aqy sikErtI $ mMgvwax leI imlo DEEPA JOHAL



SECURITY COURSE AYsYks Collision SSEX Services Ltd. (BST)

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gwrf kors

604-746-3131 srI (Registration begins) 604-593-7300 #307 8128, 128th St Surrey



Details on Page A11



kstm vUf for : hr pRkwr dy for Pwiebr glws - rOt AweIrn Aqy PRYNc for PolifMg for - imnI blwieMf-kyisMg qy bysborf

604-543-7300 $2495.00 + Tax

· Custom Body Work · Custom Paint & Exact Color Matching · Base Coat Clear Coat · Complete Collision Repair Specialists · Free Pick Up & Drop Off Service

Our technicians fully Certified. Quality service at affordable prices. Call us today !


9:30 am to 3:30 pm

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#119, 12888, 80th AVE, Surrey sMqoK isMG is~DU

604-613-6000 604-501-1000 Custom Wood Door





: All Ext & Int Doors

kI qusIN krzy ivc ho? Fiberglass - Wrough

Iron & French Door EsIN quh`fI md@d Folding Doors - kr skdy h~...

Mini-blinds-Casing • E`px~ krz` 50% qoN v~D q@ k Gt`au& Baseboard x ivc • • bYNkrpsI ivc • E`eI.sI.bI.sI. dy krzy ivc kRYift k`rf krzy ivc • iekMm tYks / jI.EYs.tI krzy ivc


604-543-7300 604-543-7300 604-543-7300 604-543604-951-8984 778-878-6000

AsIN iksy vI kMpItISn dI kImq nUM bIt krWgy[ 104-8918 Holt Road Surrey BC V3V 4H2

AsIN kmrSIAl, rYjIfYNSIAl, trYvl, Awto, AsIN koeI vI kImq bIt krWgy mrIn Aqy hr qrHW dI ieMSorYNs krdy hW Open 7 days a week



Air Canada Direct hrmIq isMG Ku`fIAW Sunday YVR to Delhi

AsIN Gr dy AMdrly qy bwhrly hr qrHW dy ArivMdr isMG klsI AvnIq isMG klsI 20 virHAW qoN v`D dw qjrbw drvwjy quhwfI psMd dy srI ivc hI bxwauNdy hW[


#105-12921-84 Ave, Surrey E-mail:



Oak Veneer Door & Frame Special



24 Food Safe Course

krvwauxIAW hox jW 24 GMitAW ivc pYsy (ALL SUBJECTS) Byjx/mMgvwaux leI A~j hI Pon kro

GMitAW ‘c Awpxy pYsy Byjx jW mMgvwaux leI

REAL ESTATE & FOOD SAFE tYst dI iqAwrI vI krvwauNdy hW


gyVw ij~Qy mrjI lwau, qusIN ieMfIAw nUM pYsy ijs rwhIN mrzI itkt swfy koloN hI bxvwau Byjo pr swfy nwl ryt zrUGRADE r cYk kro ssqI1-12 ieMfIAw jwx leI itktW bu~k




B.Sc., L.L.B (UBC)


AYkscyNj il.

srI qy AYbtsPorf ivc suKjIq is~DU (dODr vwly)


Mandeep Randhawa,

#223-8028 128 St. Surrey BC V3W4E9 (Little India Plaza) #205 – 7134 King George Blvd, Surrey •

is~DU mnI

We do aluminium railing, fences, glass railing, patio covers, stairs & security bars

prdy hyT rihx leI Aqy lVkIAW skUlW 'c (bwkI sPw ey8 qy pVHo) nw jwx leI mjbUr Injured in an accident? ICBC claim? We can help. AweI.sI.bI.sI. Aqy prsnl ieMjrI klym

•WORK PERMIT •BCPNP •EXPRESS ENTRY •LMIA muk`dmw nw ij~qx qy koeI PIs nhI leI jwvygI[ •SUPER VISA •FAMILY SPONSORSHIP swfyy kOl pRoPySnl Aqy qzrbykwr stwP hY[ AsIN pMjwbI, ihMdI Aqy aurdU ivc g~l krdy hW


Send money instantly Worldwide We also Buy & Sell US Dollars/Euro & Pounds


Manjit S. Dhami Cell: 604-812-3931

T: 604.599.5222, C: 604.812.3931 #102-7500,120th St.(Scott Rd), Surrey

Food Safe Course

Business Solutions

& credit counselling services

#205-12033-92A Ave, Surrey #1A – 2497 Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford

Swm Aqy vIkAYNf qy vI ApwieMtmYNt muFlw slwh mSvrw iblkul muPq Aqy gupq

A2 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

Contact us for Best deals

sB qoN vDIAw fIlW leI swnUM kwl kro[

ir~kI bwjvw 604.306.5266

*Dealer #30538. Vehicles May Not Be Exactly As Shown - All Vehicles Available At Time Of Print. Prices And Payments Are Plus Taxes And Documentation Fees Of $997. All Dealer Rebates, Discounts, Factory Incentives, Prices And Interest Rates Are Subject To Change Or End Without Notice As New Retail Incentive Programs Are Announced. All Incentives And Rebates Are Reflected On Advertised Vehicles. Where Cash Prices Have Been Advertised, Consumers Have The Option To Take The Cash Price Or The Payment But Not Both. Up to 30% off MSRP discount available to retail customers on the purchase/lease of select in-stock 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan models; example stock # cv350163. Discounts are calculated based on MSRP plus options, freight, A/C and tire charge and will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Percentage off MSRP discount cannot be combined with any other bonus cash or consumer cash offer. This offer cannot be combined with low rate financing. The No Gst No Pst Tax Credit Is Available To Retail Customers On New 2018 In-Stock Vehicles until February 28 2019. No Gst No Pst Does Means Taxes Are Still Paid, But Shown As A Tax Credit Deducted On The Bill Of Sale. Tax Credit Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Offer, Rebates, Sale Item, Bonus Gift, Bonus Cash Or Consumer Cash Offer. All credit accepted means we will accept all types of credit to work with, approval may depend on valid-cosigner, down payment, and employment. We bring the test drive to you means we will bring a vehicle with a sales representative for a test drive anywhere within a 50km radius of the dealership with a credit application completed over the phone. Up To $30,000 Cashback Is OAC. Cashback Amount Will Be Added To The Purchase Price And Financed On New Contract OAC; Available On #RA346985. 0% Finance Rates OAC, From 0 Months - 60 Months, Available On Select Makes And Models: 2017/2018 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2017/2018 Jeep Cherokee/Cherokee Sport, 2017/2018 Ram 1500 (Excluding Reg. Cab), 2018 All New Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Wrangler JK, And 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Example Of 0% Financing Available Up To 60 Months OAC On STK#CK224327. 0% Finance Rates Are Offered As An Alternative Finance Program, It Is Not Compatible With Any Other Consumer Cash Amount Or Subvented Financing. Save up to $23,144 on 2018 ram 1500 stk# ra346985. No payments for 90 days means payments are deferred not skipped. Full term of payments is still required to be paid in full to satisfy the terms of the finance contract. Payments would commence 90 days after the contract start date. Interest accrues during the payments free time based on the contractual terms and must be satisfied regardless if full payments are made at any point. All payments are at 4.59% over 96 months OAC. Example payment; on Stk#RA156936 are $86 weekly plus taxes and doc fee of $997 based on price of $29995 plus taxes at 4.59% over 96 months OAC; COB $5885. No two offers can be combined. See Dealer For Complete Details. Offers Expire March 31, 2019.

Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A3

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Bwrq 'c mnu`KI AiDkwrW dw ho koTI ivkwaU hY JOHAL ACCOUNTING & TAX Sherry Johal irhY aulMGx:AmrIkI irport ie~k koTI 209 v: gj, PrMt swief 33 Pu`t tYks irtrn lM b weI 57 Pu ` t cVH d I v` l mU h ijs ivc 2 bY f rU m vwiSMgtn:AmrIkw ny AwpxI iek irport 'c ikhw hY ik Bwrq 'c mnu~KI E-file

Çm AtYc lobI, frwieMg rUm, nvyN qrIky July 31-Aug. /2013 AiDkwrW 06 dy au lMGx dIAW GtnwvW v~fI p~Dr 'qy vwpr rhIAW hn[ irport nwl bwQrU muqwbk puls dI ihrwsq 'c Axigxq kql ho rhy hn, lokW ƒ zbrI gwieb dI rsoeI Aqy stor Aqy AuprlI mMzl ivc v`fw kIqw jw irhw hY Aqy v~K-v~K lokW 'qy qS~dd kIqy jw rhy hn[irport 'c kmrw qy bwQrUm Aqy tYirs bxI hoeI ivkwaU hY[ ipCly swl sYNsriSp, soSl mIfIAw 'qy ivcwr pRgt krn vwilAW ivru~D muk~dmw clwaux leI mwxhwnI dy kwƒn dI vrqoN krnI Aqy v~K-v~K sweItW koTI pwlm ivhwr pYQovwl rof luiDAwxw ivc hY[ ƒ blwk krn vrgy mwmly dyKy gey[ivdyS mMqrwlw ny 2018 'c mnu~KI AiDkwr spMrk kro 260419 mwmilAW 'qy keI dySW dI irport 'c Bwrq dy izkr vwly ih~sy 'c ikhw hY ik Bwrq srkwr ny kuJ gYr-srkwrI sMgTnW ƒ ivdySI AwriQk mdd lYx 'qy vI pwbMdI lweI[ ieh irport ivdyS mMqrI mweIk ny jwrI kIqI[ G050319



pUrI iftyl A22 qy pVHo

647.532.9292-Sat. & Sun


kMpnI jW ibzns tYks irtrn leI vI sMprk kro

360.220.5016 0011-91-98159-60785 778-251-5374 IMMIGRATION SERVICES


AsIN iemIgRySn dy PylH kysW dIAW AnykW ApIlW ijqIAW hn qUsIN Awky nqIjy dyK skdy ho


#301 8128-128St Surrey BC V3W1R1



Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Member ICCRC

Commissioner of Oaths

7 Dayesk! a Weto 9pm 9 am Tr uck Insura nc & Pro-Rate e



$450,000 $550,000 $650,000 $750,000

Million Million Million Million


$302 /YEAR $346 /YEAR $407 /YEAR $467 /YEAR

Above Rates Includes: * Senior Discount * Claims Free Discount * New Home Discount * Mortgage Free Discount * Home Production Discount * Deductible Applicable * Monthly Payment Plan

ÁÃÄ Ôð åð·» çÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à òÅÇÜì ÕÆîå å¶ Õðç¶ Ô»Í

Jaswinder S. Parmar 604-351-6539



YORK BUSINESSCLOVERDALE CENTER, SURREY (HEAD OFFICE) #120-12888-80THPh: AVE., SURREY HEAD Ph: 604.507.6666 604.576.6648 1 minute away from AirCare

LANGLEY #134-17455 - Hwy 10 Ph: 604.882.6000 SURREY

COQUITLAM #103-8399-200 St. Ph: 604.939.2425 LANGLEY

NORTHShopping VANCOUVER COQUITLAM ABBOTSFORD Plaza, 454-West Broadway,VANCOUVER Eagle Ridge Plaza, 405-1192 Burquitlam Ph: 604-985-3185 526 Clarke Road, Coquitlam Ph: 604-942-3555 Landowne Dr,Ph: Coquitlam 604.744.0360 VANCOUVER Ph: 604-876-0126 140 East 14th Street,

#404, 552 Clarke Rd 405-1192 Lansdowne Dr 454 West 604-942-3555 Broadway 134 -17455, Hwy 10 604-576-6648 31696 South Fraserway 160-20728 Willoughby Town Center 604-882-6000 Dr 604-876-0126 604-939-2425 604-507-6666 North Vancouver • Call us to minimum 10% or more on your Insurance

80th Ave.

130th St.

#120, 12888 - 80th Ave.

128th St


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Discounts may to individual and policy Discounts may vary vary due to due individual circumstances circumstances and policy requirements. Rates subjectrequirements. to change without notice Rates subject to change without notice.

ÁÃÄ àðÕ ¼ »INSURANCE Áå¶ àðñ ¶ ð» ñÂÆ TRUCK & PRO RATE ëÅÇÂéºËÇÃ× ³ òÆ Õðç¶ Ô»



$315,000 $385,000 $455,000 $525,000

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AMC Insurance


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A4 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

kyNdrI pMjwbI lyKk sBw au~qrI AmrIkw dw slwnw ‘jdoN auh is`KW nMU AiqvwdI kihMdy hn’ ivSy ‘qy (WSO) v`loN ivsyS smwgm 17 mwrc nMU smwgm 31 mwrc,2019 ƒ iek ‘roick Swm’ srI:vrlf is`K AwrgynweIjyS kYnyfw v`loN srI iv`c 17 mwrc idn AYqvwr nUM duiphr 1:30

srI:-Awp sB ƒ siqkwr sihq sUicq kIqw jWdw hY ik, kyNdrI pMjwbI lyKk sBw au~qrI AmrIkw dw slwnw smwgm 31 mwrc 2019 idn AYqvwr Swm ƒ 6 :00vjy( Bombay Banquet Hall ,7475 135 Street Surrey ) ivKy bVy auqSwh Aqy DUmDwm nwl mnwieAw jw irhw hY[ies smwgm iv~c swl 2019 dw‘ srvoqm swihqkwr AYvwrf’ AYlwinAw jwvygw[ swry fwierYktrz dI hwzrI iv~c sBw v~loN ivjyqw ƒ snmwinq kIqw jwvygw[ies swhiqk, kwivk Aqy surmeI Swm iv~c au~Gy Aqy nwmvr kvI , ilKwrI, rwjnIqk AwgU phuMc rhy hn[tI. vI.,ryifE,AKbwr AdwirAW qoN host pq~rkwr ,Sihr dIAW nwmvr ibzns hsqIAW Aqy pqvMqy s~jx hr swl iSrkq krdy hn[ies smwgm iv~c kivqw pwT,gIq,gzl, nzm, dohy ,bolIAW Aqy gIq sMgIq pyS kIqw jwvygw[ ies rOick Swm iv~c Swiml hoky, mW bolI dw mwx vDwE[itkt dI kImq $25 hY[ifnr dw ivSyS pRbMD hovygw[sBw dy pRDwn hrBjn isMG mWgt, smwgm dI pRbMDk kmytI Aqy sB mYNbrW vloN quhwfw sB dw svwgq hY[itkt Aqy hor jwxkwrI leI hyT ilKy Pon nMbrW qy sMprk kro[itkt leI sMprk: rUipMdr KYrw rUpI (778 892 9731), ipRqpwl ig~l:604 726 8410 sk~qr:plivMdr isMG rMDwvw 778 552 5320surjIq isMG mwDopurI:604 377 4171

BweI AmrIk isMG cMfIgVH vwly isMG sBw srI phuMc rhy hn srI:BweI AmrIk isMG cMfIgVH vwly isMG sBw srI phuMc rhy hn pMQ pRis`D kQwvwck BweI AmrIk isMG jI cMfIgVH vwly 18 mwrc qoN 24 mwrc q~k rozwnw gurduAwrw swihb ivKy kQw krngy[ vDyry jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:Pon:604-590-3232 A




vjy srI dy istI hwl dy AtyrIAm iv`c ivSyS smwgm kIqw jw irhw hY[ies smwgm iv`c ieMglYNf qoN fw. jsjIq isMG Aqy trMto qoN AYfvokyt blpIq isMG ivsyS qOr qy phuMc rhy hn[ieh ie`k pYnl vIcwr ivtWdrw hovygw ijsdw ivSw hY ‘jdoN auh is`KW nMU AiqvwdI kihMdy hn[irjstrySn rwhIN Awp sB nMU Swml hox dw s`dw hY[vDyry jwxkwrI AMdr ieSiqhwr dyKo[

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ircmMf:-(blvMq isMG sMGyVw)swfy sB leI ieh bhuq hI KuSI dI g`l hY ik ieh swl gurU nwnk dyv jI dw 550 vW pRkwS auqsv hY[ieh SuB idhwVw sMswr ivc bVy auqSwh Aqy SrDw nwl mnwieAw jw irhw hY[gurU swihb dw PlsPw swfy sB leI iek cwnx munwrw hY[kYnyfw dy v`Kry v`Kry SihrW ivc vI gurU jI dw pRkwS auqsv mnwaux dIAW iqAwrIAW jwrI hn[ ircmMf dy svrg dy rwh aupr siQ`q ieMfIAw klcrl sYNtr AwP kYnyfw gurdvwrw nwnk invws ivKy BI ieh SuB auqsv mnwaux dIAW iqAwrIAW kIqIAW jw rhIAW hn[hr mhIny dy AwKrI AYqvwr svyry gurbwxI kIrqn dy nwl hI gurU nwnk dyv jI dI soc Aqy PlsPy vwry kuJ pqvMqy s`jx sMgqW nwl Awpxy ivcwr sWJy krngy[ies mhIny 24 mwrc nUM gurU Gr dy pRymI pwl Aqy rUbI AroVw vloN r~Ky gey sihj pwT dy Bog auprMq gurbwxI kIrqn Aqyy lMgr dI syvw hovygI Aqy idvwn sjxgy [mDur gurbwxI kIrqn dy nwl hI sMgqW nwl gurU nwnk jI dI soc Aqy PlsPy vwry sMgqW nwl dws vloN sWJ pweI jwvygI[iesy hI qrHW hr mhIny dy AKIrly AYqvwr nUM swfI kimaUintI dy jwxy pCwxy ivdvwn gurU jI vwry Awpxy ivcwr sMgqW nwl sWJy krngy[ ieh islslw nvMbr qk jwrI rhygw[ nvMbr dy A`D ivc gurU nwnk dyv jI dw pRkwS auqsv gurU Gr ivKy bVI DUum Dwm nwl mnwieAw jwvygw[Aws kIqI jWdI hY ik iehnW sB mOikAW aupr sMgq BwrI igxqI ivc hwjr hovygI[ieMfIAw klcrl sYNtr AwP kYnyfw gurdvwrw nwnk invws dI pRbMDk kmytI vloN sMgqW nUM gurU jI vwry iehnW swry aulIky hoey progrwmW iv`c Swml ho ky gurU Gr dI rOxk vDwaux dw s`dw idqw jWdw hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI dws(blvMq isMG sMGyVw ) nwl 604-836-8976 aupr jW gurU Gr dy PUun nMbr 604-274-7479 qy sMprk kIqw jw skdw hY[



mOrtgyj dy mwihr

• Purchase or Refinance • Residential, Commercial or Industrial • Construction (Residential or Commercial) • Private Mortgage ($10,000 to $10 million) • Debt Consolidation • Self employed or bad credit • Farm Mortgages

Gurinder S. Toor

Mortgage Consultant

T: 604.501.1022 Fax: 604.501.1021 #202 -12830 80th Ave., Surrey

(York Business Center)

Save on Floors Ltd. SUDDEN IMPACT Customer Satisfaction is our goal




Accredited Collision Repairs

Lowest Prices ICBC Claims Private Claims Custom Painting

We Provide Quality Wood Flooring & Service

Windshield Claims Freeway Truck Painting

Call: Jagdeep (Rick) Dhillon

Lifetime Guarantee on All Repairs

Ph: 604-596-2112, Cell: 778-881-2495 Ph: Cell:


Unit # 108-8173-128th St, Surrey, BC V3W 4G1



Ph: 604-507-2247 Cell: 604-723-9697 Fax:

604-507-2249 e-mail:

Unit #1 - 12372-82A Ave. Surrey, B.C. V3W 0L6



Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A5

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Private Mortgage Available !!! Private Mortgage available at low rates. 1st/ 2 nd /3rd Mortgages. Borrow up to 80% value of Property. Bank Rules not applicable here. Bad Credit/ Less Income- No problem… Call- Mortgage Consultant,

Rajan Saggi, AMP



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604-590-9747 Complete Veg & Non Veg Restaurant

DIAMOND Sweets & Restaurant

No HST on Replacement Windows for the month of May & June

Chicken Tikka - Tandoori Fish - Prawn Tikka Paneer Tikka - Tandoori Fish - Tandoori Prawn - Butter Chicken - Goat Curry - Dal Makhni - Shahi Paneer - Tandoori Roti Paranthey & Naan - Samose - Tikki - Pakorey - Kababs - Channa Bhutura All Kinds Of Sweet & Much More...

* Quality Products * Superior Service.

Years inFish Business Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Fish Prawn25+ Tikka, Tikka Paneer Tikka Tandoori Fish Tandoori Prawn 7.99 lb •Sweets $4.99 lb

•Tandoori Fish 9.99 lb •Chicken Tikka 9.99 lb •Tandoori Chicken 4.99lb (1 Order) •Chat •Gol Gappe •Channa Bhatura We Also Deliver •Roti/ Naan With in 15 KM •King Special Naan Minimum Order •Aloo Parantha $25 •Onion Parantha

Goat Meat 6.99 Fresh Farm Goat Meat Fri/Sat/Sun

Special Lunch 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM Veg - 4.99 Attractive, Energy Efficient And Quality Windows For Your Sunday Non Veg - 5.99

Dream Home Or Housing Projects Or For Renovation

Makki di Roti & Sarson da Saag Saturday Kadi Chawal

OpenDOORS 10:30AM - 9:30PM LIFE •VINYL WINDOWS •SLIDER TIME Warranty We Do: All Bc Catering, Gurudwara Catering Mandir Catering, •GARDEN SKYLIGHTS TandoorWINDOWS Catering & All & Kinds of Catering Limited

Harjinder Lidder

LOCATIONS 102-7228 192 Street Langley BC 604-372-4949

OASIS WINDOWS Sweets & Restaurant L T D

•Samosa / Tikki 2 for $1 •Veg Pakora 2.99 lb

We Do Catering For All Occasions In All Of B.C 102-15933 Fraser Hwy Surrey BC 604-593-5566



Gogi Lidder

June 05, 2009

quhwfy lvwey dMd iF`ly hn jW tu`t gey hn blrwj nwl ApwieMtmyNYNt bxwau qy Kwxw cMgI qrHW KwE jy quhwfy swry dMd nhIN inkly pr Kwxw TIk qrHW nhIN Kw huMdw qW blrwj nUM imloieh quhwfI syvw leI srI Aqy AYbtsPorf ivc hn

160-8047 120 Street Delta BC 604-591-7277

Available FREE ESTIMATES il`DV BrwvWFinancing ny quhwfy ielwky ivc nvw rY(OAC) stOrYNt Kol id`qw hY[ jr eyk cIz quhwnU ies rYstOrYNt ivc iml skdI hY

Phone: (604) 597 - 5033

19025 52 Ave, Surrey, BC 604-591-7277 Unit # 160 8047 Scott Rd. Delta BC

A6 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

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THE MORTGAGE CENTRE sIql isMG kMdolw 206-271-7773 425-747-7777

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Bookkeeping, T4, Payroll, GST, WCB ieMplOiemYNt ieMSOrMs AYplIkySn sI.pI.pI. AYplIkySn Elf eyj pYNsn AYplIkySn knyfw cwielf tYks bYnIiPt AYplIkySn (vrk primt holfr Aqy stUfYNt leI)

Seattle Dream Production ivAwh SwdI, jnm pwrtI, AYnvrsrI jW CotI v~fI iksy vI qrW dI pwrtI vwsqy Pon kro

Personal Tax Business Tax Corporate Tax « « « «

hrismrq kOr bwdl hn pr auh mOjUdw hlky biTMfw qoN cox lVxgy jW iPr aunHW ƒ iProzpur qoN auqwirAw jwvygw, ies dw PYslw Ajy bwkI hY[pwrtI pRDwn suKbIr bwdl ny dwAvw kIqw hY ik hPqy dy AMdr swrI qsvIr swP ho jweygI[

Best Movie Maker & D.J

srI:ieMfIAnz AYbrOf POr plUrilst (AweIeypIAweI) ny pMjwb ivc iqMn is~K kwrkunW ƒ mihz swihq r~Kx dy jurm ivc szw suxwaux i^lw& ie~Qy ros ivKwvw kIqw Aqy ikhw ik G~t igxqIAW ƒ ‘dySDRohI’ krwr dy ky jylHW AMdr f~ikAw jw irhw hY[nvWSihr dI Adwlq ny ArivMdr isMG, surjIq isMG Aqy rxjIq isMG ƒ aumr kYd dI szw suxweI hY[ mnu~KI h~kW nwl juVIAW v~K v~K jQybd M IAW Aqy sMsQwvW ny ies kwrvweI dw s^q ivroD kIqw hY[ rYlI ƒ sMboDn kridAW v~K v~K bulwirAW ny iqMnW nOjvwnW Aqy hor isAwsI kYdIAW ƒ irhwA krn dI mMg kIqI[rYlI ƒ srI (sYNtr) qoN ilbrl AY~mpI rxdIp isMG srwey, srI inaUtn hlky qoN kMzrvyitv pwrtI dy aumIdvwr hrpRIq isMG, fw.brijMdr isMG, gurU nwnk is~K gurdvwry qoN gurmIq isMG, gurduAwrw dsmyS drbwr qoN igAwn isMG ig~l qy gurmuK isMG idEl, K~byp~KI kwrkun AMimRq dIvwnw qy


cMfIgVH:SRomxI AkwlI dl ny lok sBw coxW leI ie~k-ie~k krky aumIdvwr AYlwxny SurU kr id~qy hn[KfUr swihb qoN bIbI jgIr kOr dw AYlwn krn mgroN AkwlI dl ny iqMn hor aumIdvwrW dy nW 'qy mohr lw id~qI hY[ienHW iv~c pitAwlw qoN surjIq isMG r~KVw, sRI AwnMdpur swihb qoN pRm y isMG cMdm U wjrw qy jlMDr qoN crnjIq isMG Atvwl Swml hn[SRomxI AkwlI dl ny pMjwb dIAW 13 lok sBw sItW iv~coN 10 au~pr cox lVnI hY[ienHW iv~c cwr aumIdvwr AYlwn id~qy hn[ pMjvIN aumIdvwr

« EI Application « CPP Application « Old Age Pension Application « Canada Child Tax Benefit Application (For Work Permit holders & Students)




#103 8140-120th St, Surrey, BC


8:30 To 6:30


Over 25 years of banking experience working with major credit unions and banks Private funds available in 24 hours • • • • • •

Residential Commercial Construction Land financing First time buyers Refinances & renewals

Dr. Gulzaar Cheema vDIAw mOrgyz ryt Aqy cMgI srivs leI swnUM Pon kro



Fax: 604.503.2948 Email:

#204 12885-80th Ave Surrey, BC V3W OE6

Navjit Singh Bains Mortgage Advisor

Each mortgage centre office is independently owned and operated.

Please call for good mortgage rates and good service

Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A7

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#110 - 13049 76th Avenue, Surrey, BC

 dsqwvyz dIAW srtIPweIf kwpIAW  stYcuArI ifklrySn, AYPIfYivt  trWslySn  nwbwlg b`icAW leI tRYvl knsYNt lYtr  ienvItySn dI lYtr/ivztr spONsriSp  ieMsOrMs lOs ifklrySn

 pRwprtI trWsPr  mYnXUPYkcrf hom trWsPr  ivlz Aqy Astyt plYinMg  pwvr AwP AOtrnI Aqy  rIpRYzMtYSn AYgrImYNt  nOtrI pbilk dI mOjUdgI ‘c ivtnYisMg sweIn cwhIdy hn

AsIN rIAl Astyt KrIdx jW vycx Aqy mwrgyj qy rI-PweInYNs dIAW syvwvW pRdwn krdy hW[



Unit 201, 12057-82 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3W3E4


WCB,ICBC( kuE`lIP`eIf mrIz~ nMU pYsy dyx dI loV nhIN!)

syv`v~ :

•kwieroprYkitk •PIzIEQYrypI •mswj QYrypI •Bwr Gtwau •AYkUpMkcr •nYcuropYQ •ivtwimnz •pYrW dy pqwvy •rIhYb QYrypI •lyzr QYrypI •klIinkl kONsilMg

sInIAr MSP (kwieroprYkitk)

mrIzW vwsqy koeI PIs nhIN

Dr. Jasminder K. Pannu B.A., B. Sc., D.C.

EsIN hyT ilKIE~ syv`v~ pRd`n krdy h~:

•ip@T d` drd •isr drd/ DOx d` drd •mslz dI iK@c/ moc •moF`/b~h qy h@Q d` drd •l@q dI drd/rIE dI drd/ pYr~ d` drd •kMm n`l/Kyf~ n`l sbMiDq s@t~ •EYksIfYNt n`l sbMiDq s@t~ •b`icAW Aqy grBvqI AOrqW nwl sbMDq muSklW

grdn/ip@T/rIVH dI h@fI dI sm@isE`v~ leI n`n srjIkl sp`eInl fIkYmprYSn QYrypI (koeI srjrI Eqy koeI dv`eI nhIN) LOSE UPTO 20-30 LBS WITHOUT DIET OR EXERCISE IN ONE MONTH

üMelt Away LBS of Fat Everyday üQuickly Reset Your Metabolism NO EXERCISE NO DIETING NO INJECTIONS


FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! Book Your FREE 30 Minute Weight Loss Consultation Now.

Reasonable Rates Reliable Service



Alternate : 604.835.3008 Toll Free: 1.800.665.2800 Off: 604.533.4423 Fax: 604.534.5867 Email: 19395 Langley Bypass,Surrey, BC V3S 6K1 WWW.SUPERSAVE.CA


vDIAw kImqW aupr jy qusIN ibn, PYns, toAwiltW pRopyn Awid lYxw cwhMdy ho qW A`j hI sMprk kro

Apr. 21-Apr. 27/2012

Akal Guardian Vaisakhi Special E


A8 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

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PgvwVw, 13 mwrc( bbIqw): AMqrrwStrI p~qrkwr nrpwl isMG Syrig~l dI pusqk ieM f IAn AY v rO f AY N f pM j wb ieM p Y k t2019(spYSl sRI gurU nwnk dyv jI AYfISn) imqI 15 mwrc 2019 ƒ myArz pwrlr, eIilMg kONsl,eIilMg twaUn hwl, lMdn ivKy lok Arpn kIqI jwvygI[ brqwnIAw ‘c ies pusqk dy rlIz smwgm dI pRDwngI eIilMg kONsl dy mwnXog myAr, kONslr qyijMdr isMG DwmI krngy Aqy ies smyN lybr pwrtI dy mYNbr pwrlImYNt virMdr Srmw, pRis~D lyKk rxjIq DIr Aqy hor pMjwbI pqvMqy Swml hoxgy[ iesy pusqk dw rlIz smwgm kYnyfw ivKy 19 mwrc 2019 ƒ srI(kYnyfw) dI fYltw lwiebRyrI ivKy r~iKAw igAw hY, ijs iv~c ipCly swl dI qrHW ies vyr vI pMjwbI A^bwr ‘Akwl gwrfIAn’ Aqy ‘cVHdI klw’ dy sMpwdk gurpRIq isMG shoqw, pMjwb gwrfIAn dy sMpwdk hrkIrq isMG kulwr, pRis~D ic~qrkwr jrnYl isMG, pMjwbI itRibaUn dy sMpwdk rSpwl isMG qoN ielwvw mwrkIt AYsosIeySn dy pRDwn dljIq isMG, pRis~D vpwrI mnjIq il~t Aqy AMgryj isMG Syrig~l qoN ibnHW srI qy vYnkovr dy pRis~D pMjwbI Swml hoxgy[ Bwrq iv~c ieh pusqk pMjwbI ivrsw tr~st, PgvwVw, globl PwaUNfySn pitAwlw Aqy sMgIq drpx PgvwVw vloN lok Arpn kIqI geI sI[ ivSv dI pUrI pirkrmw dy pWDI nrpwl isMG Syrig~l 17 mwrc qoN 23 mwrc q~k srI Aqy vYnkuvr dy iv~c lokW dy sMprk ‘c rihxgy[





uide & Graph

. Real Estate Purchase & Sale . Mortgage Documentation y . Wills . Powers of attorney . Notarization Online ESL Course . Affidavits ForDeclarations. $199 +Tax . Statutory . Other notarial services. ore info, Call us or . Sponsorship ry learning centre at Letters

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.pwvr AwP AtOrnI .nOtrIzySn .AYPIfyivts .iekrwrnwmw

*One Year

.Aqy hor nOtrI sMbMDI syvwvW

Harinder Dail

07, 7928 128 St

AMgryzI bolxI is~Ko Classes Available

hmySw pVo Our World Famous Books

#207, 7928 128 St York Center, Surrey

.spONsriSp lYtr

Notary Public, MA(ALS), MBA, BSc

enter, Surrey 604-503-3853 Fax:604-503-3854

# 104- 7110 -120 ST, Surrey, BC

íÅÂÆÚÅð¶ çÆ Ã¶òÅ ñÂÆ Õñ¯òðâ¶ñ Çò¼Ú Ö¯ñ· Çç¼åÆ ÔË



For all your Plumbing Needs...

* Home * Auto * Business * Commercial * Trucking Your Certified & ExpertAdvisor

ùÇÖ³çð ÇÃ³Ø Ç×¼ñ

AIII 寺 íÅÂÆÚÅð¶ çÆ Ã¶òÅ Çò¼Ú

Sukhinder S. Gill MSc, B.ED 604.724.4700

Ôð åð·» çÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à ìÔ¹å ÔÆ òÅÇÜì ð¶à Óå¶ ÕÆåÆ Ü»çÆ ÔË àð¼Õ Áå¶ àËÕÃÆ ÚñÅÀ°ä òÅÇñÁ» çÆ ÇâÃÁÇìñàÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à òÆ Õðç¶ Ô»Í ÇÕö òÆ åð·» çÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à ÕðòÅÀ°ä 寺 êÇÔñ» ÃÅù ÇÂ¼Õ òÅð ÷ðÈð Çîñ¯Í

#114-6377-168th St., Surrey, BC V3S 3Y2 (Next to Fruiticana) Tel: 604.372.0170


nvyN j~ pur`xy Gr~ dI plMibMg j~ h`t v`tr hIitMg leI quh`nUM vDIE` srivs dyx dy vcnb@D h~ Same Day Service Calls For more info call

Pavitar S. Badesha Licensed & Bonded

EsIN nvyN Gr~ dI ingr`nI vI krdy h~ j~ quh`nUM nvyN Gr bx` ky dy skdy h~

Cell: 604-889-0949 Ph: 778-889-9345


Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A9

swrIAW iDrW bIbI KwlVw ƒ pMQ Aqy pMjwb dI aumIdvwr vjoN svIkwrn:pMQk qwlmyl sMgTn

AMimRqsr (nirMdr pwl isMG): is~K sMsQwvW Aqy S^sIAqW dy mMc pMQk qwlmyl sMgTn ny KfUr swihb lok sBw hlky iv~c ivcr rhIAW swrIAW isAwsI iDrW ƒ ApIl kIqI hY ik auh AwpxI nYiqk izMmyvwrI ƒ pCwxidAW bIbI prmjIq kOr KwlVw ƒ mnu~KI AiDkwrW dI pihrydwr ƒ bqOr pMQ Aqy pMjwb dI aumIdvwr vjoN svIkwrn Aqy K~ud KfUr swihb dy mYdwn qoN bwhr rihx[ sMgTn dy knvInr igAwnI kyvl isMG swbkw jQydwr qKq sRI dmdmw swihb ny ikhw ik srdwrnI KwlVw dy pqI jsvMq isMG KwlVw ny mnu~KI h~kW leI kurbwnI id~qI hY[ srdwr KwlVw ny kYnyfw dI pwrlImYNt Aqy hor dySW ivc Awvwz bulMd kIqI ik ikvyN pMjwb AMdr nOjvwnI ƒ JUTy puils mukwbilAW ivc mwirAw jw irhw hY[ lwSW ƒ AxpCwqIAW drsw

ky sskwr kr id~qw jWdw hY[kOmWqrI p~Dr’qy auTweI Awvwz dw fwierYktr jnrl puils ky.pI.AYs. igl ny sKq ivroD kIqw sI[jd ik srdwr KwlVw ny bihs krn dI Ku~lHI cuxOqI id~qI sI[ iehI kwrn sn ik auh dyS prqy hI sn qW

kuJ icr bwAd sqMbr 1995 ivc qrnqwrn dI puils ny auhnW ƒ AMimRqsr siQq irhwieS kbIr pwrk qoN cu~k ilAw sI[aus qoN bwAd auhnW dI koeI auG suG nhIN hY[ igAwnI kyvl isMG ny ikhw hY ik srdwrnI KwlVw vloN aus rUh ƒ izMdw r~KidAW KwlVw

imSn AwrgynweIjySn ADIn mnu~KI h~kW leI inrMqr sMGrS jwrI hY[mnu~KI h~kW dI rwKI hr cox dw mu~dw hoxw cwhIdw hY[jdoN iek AijhI kwrkuMn mYdwn ivc hovy qW sB iDrW dw Prz bxdw hY ik auh in~j qoN au~pr au~T ky pMQ Aqy pMjwb dy au~cy k~d leI smripq hox[

nvjoq is~DU ƒ pwiksqwnI eyjMt kihx 'qy BVkI pqnI

cMfIgVH:kYbint mMqrI nvjoq isMG is~DU ƒ pwiksqwnI eyjMt kihx 'qy aunHW dI pqnI nvjoq kOr BVk geI[ aunHW ikhw ik AijhI g~lW krn vwilAW ƒ Srm AwauxI cwhIdI[ nvjoq kOr ny kyNdrI mMqrI hrismrq kOr bwdl dy ibAwn 'qy pltvwr krdy hoey tvIt kIqw Aqy ikhw ik AsIN is~K ivSvws krdy hW ik ieh gurU nwnk dyv jI dI mrzI sI[ krqwrpur kwrIfor KulHx dy ip~Cy is~KW dIAW duAwvW rhIAW hn[ AsIN kdy kwrIfor dy leI krYift nhIN lYxw cwihAw Aqy nw hI swƒ cwhIdw[lokW ƒ AijhI g~lW krdy hoey Srm AwauxI cwhIdI[d~sxXog hY ik hrismrq kOr bwdl ny ikhw sI ik nvjoq isMG is~DU dwAvw krdy hn ik krqwrpur kwrIfor ƒ lY ky pwik pRDwn mMqrI iemrwn Kwn ny Apxw kMm kIqw[ aunHW iemrwn Kwn dw kMm idiKAw, ApxI srkwr dw kMm nhNIN idiKAw[kwrIfor dy pRqswv ƒ kYbint ivc iks ny pws kIqw? nvjoq is~DU pwiksqwnI eyjMt hY, auh jo cwhuMdy hn kih skdy hn[aunHW pwiksqwn v~loN bolxw vI cwhIdw[

• First, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages • Borrow against Partial share • Refinance up to 95% value, Consolidate Debts & keep existing low rate 1st mortgage. • Construction Mortgage in 1st or 2nd position • Renewals • Private Mortgages




Immigration Appeals of all rejected cases Sponsorships (Spousal / Parents/Kids) Skilled Workers (Points System), Adoptions Entrepreneurs,Provincial Nominations & PR Student, Worker, Visiter, Super & US Visas Farmers (Under/Above) 40 Yrs. become PR Federal Skilled Trades Persons become PR Arranged Employment & Refugee Claims. Nanny, Citizenship, Passports & PR Cards

kYnyf` v`ief ieMmIgrySn srviss ieMk.

ieMmIgrySn dy Kyqr ivc iek BrosyXog nwm ieMmIgrySn sbMDI syvwvW :


* Won Number of Appeals From 2005 Till Date (2018).

- hr qrHW dy ieMmIgrySn dy PylH hoey kysW dIAW ApIlW ij`qx dy mwhr - 2005 qoN A`j q`k (2018) AnykW ApIlW ij`qIAW


(10 mwstrz)

swfI kwmXwbI dy sbUq vyKo


ieMmIgrySn dy PylH hoey kysW dIAW ApIlW spWsriSp (pqI-pqnI-mwpy-b`cy) pVHy ilKy kwmy (nMbrW dy AwDwr qy, god lYxw) CotI SRyxI dy vpwrI qy sUibAW dI nwmzdgI stUfYNt, kMm, ivjtr, supr qy XU.AYs vIjw ikswn 40 swl qoN hyTW Aqy au~pr vwly PYyfrl dsqkwrI kwmy qy pI Awr nOkrI dw bMdobsq qy riPaUjI kys nYnI, istIjniSp, pwsports qy pI.Awr kwrf

604.502.7774 #117-12888-80 th Ave., (York Centre) Surrey BC V3W 3A8


BALWINDER S. BRAR M.Sc., (D.Sc.) Member of ICCRC - R408159


A10 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

BwrqI Aqy pwik AiDkwrIAW dI mIitMg

^wilsqwn, KwVkUvwd Aqy pwik,is~K gopwl isMG cwvlw dw mu~dw CwieAw

XwqrIAW dI sikaurtI dI izMmyvwrI vI Bwrq srkwr dI hovygI[ aukq BwrqI A&srW ƒ AtwrI srh~d 'qy kMm krdy ku~lIAW ny Apxy

AM i mR q sr:pu l vwmw Gtnw qo N bwAd A~j AtwrI srh~d 'qy ihM d -pwiksqwn AiDkwrIAW dI mIitMg bwAd p~qrkwr sMmyln 'c Kwilsqwn, KwVkUvwd Aqy pwiksqwnI is~K KwVkU gopwl isMG cwvlw dw mu~dw CwieAw irhw[ mIfIAw vloN aukq sbMDI pu~Cy gey svwlW 'c ies mOky BwrqI AiDkwrIAW AYssIAYl dws Aqy in~DI Kry qy hornw ƒ kihxw ipAw ik Bwrq ƒ sB qoN pihlW Apxy nwgirkW dI sur~iKAw krnI hY[ sur~iKAw dy svwl Aqy KwVkUvwd ƒ Sih dyx vwly mulk ƒ Bwrq srkwr dIAW nIqIAW dw pUrw pqw hY[ Bwrq iksy vI kImq 'qy auh koeI kMm nhIN krygw, ijs nwl sur~iKAw ƒ koeI AWc AwauNdI hovy[ Bwrq srkwr dovW pwisAW dI sur~iKAW qoN jwxU hY qy ies sbMDI BwrqI hkUmq ny puKqw pRbMD kIqy hn[Bwrq ƒ swry dyS dy nwgirkW ƒ sur~iKAw dyx dI izMmyvwrI hY[ SrDwlUAW dI AwV 'c iksy ƒ vI Gu~spYT nhIN krn idqI jwvygI Aqy ies sbMDI swfIAW v~K-v~K eyjMsIAW idn-rwq kMm kr rhIAW hn[ mIfIAw ny pwiksqwnI is~K AwgU gopwl isMG cwvlw dIAW pwiksqwn 'c ho rhIAW srgrmIAW Aqy AweIAYsAweI dy mnsUibAW 'qy fUMGI icMqw dw pRgtwvw krn 'qy BwrqI AiDkwrIAW sp~St kIqw ik ies sbMDI swfI hkUmq jwgruk hY Aqy pUrI Aws hY ik bwby nwnk dy 550 jnm idn mOky pwiksqwn srkwr koeI vI KwVkUvwd Gtnw ƒ AwigAw

Sok smwcwr

Awp jI nUM bVy duKI ihrdy nwl sUicq krdy hwˆ ik irtwierf sUbd y wr srdwr drSn isMG DwlIvwl, ipMf suDwr ijlHw luiDAwxw, mwrc 7, 2019 nUM sdIvI ivCoVw dy gey hn[aunHW dw AMqm sskwr idn Sincrvwr mwrc 16, 2019 nUM dupihr dy 2:00 vjy irvr sweIf iPaUnrl hom, 7410 Hopcott Road, fYltw ivKy hovygw Aqy Awqimk SwˆqI leI r`Ky sRI sihj pwT dw Bog gurdvwrw du`K invwrn swihb, 15255-68 AYvyinaU srI ivKy pwieAw jwvygw[pirvwr nwl du`K sWJw krn leI Pon kr skdy ho: 604543-0237 -------------------------bVy duKI ihrdy nwl sU i cq kIqw jWdw hY ik mwqw Amr kOr bYNs suupqnI sv. PkIr isM G bY N s ijhnW dw ipClw ipMf hrdwspu r izlH w kpU r Qlw sI, jo ipCly 40 swl qoN srI ivc rih rhy sn, AwpxI 101 swl dI aumr Bog ky Akwl clwxw kr gey hn[iehnW dw AMqm sskwr 17 mwrc idn Sincrvwr dupihr 12.30 vjy PweIv irvr iPaUnrl hom fYltw ivKy hovygw[auprMq auhnW nimq rKwey pwT dy Bog qy AMqm Ardws gurduAwrw dSmyS drbwr srI ivKy 2 vjy hovygI[pirvwr nwl du`K BC sWJwRegistered krn leI sMAcupuncturist prk kr skdy ho:gurmyl isMG (spu`qr) 604-590-3471, hrmyl isMG (spùqr) 604-875-6866, AjYb isMG DwlIvwl (dwmwd):604-434-4956

nhIN dyvygI[ mIfIAw ny ies mOky 2020 irPrYNfm dw mu~dw vI auTwieAw igAw[ BwrqI AiDkwrIAW muqwbk dihSqvwd ƒ isr nhIN cu~kx idqw jwvygw[ pwiksqwn AiDkwrIAW ƒ Sp~St kr idqw igAw hY ik auh SrDwlUAW ƒ AwsQw muqwbk gurU Gr 'c m~Qw tykx dI AwzwdI hoxI cwhIdI hY pr KwVkU iDrW jo pwiksqwn 'c bYTIAW hn, auh pihlW jiQAW vWg iksy vI qrHW dI srgrmI qy qMg pRySwnI SrDwlUAW ƒ nw krn qoN vI sucyq kIqw hY[ sIsItIvI kYmirAW dI ingrwnI qoN ielwvw hor AfvWs sur~iKAw pRxwlIAW dy nwl lYs kIqw jwvygw[ies ƒ nvMbr 2019 ivc sRI gurU nwnk dyv jI dy 550vyN jnm idhwVy dy XwdgrI smwroh qoN pihlw bxwey jwx dI Xojnw hY[ aunHW ikhw ik mu~K XwqrI trmInl kMplYks Aiq AwDuink suivDwvW nwl iqAwr kIqw jwvygw, ijs ivc SrDwlUAW ƒ iksy muSikl dw swhmxw nhIN krnw pvygw Aqy

duKVy suxwauNdy, mMg p~qr idMdy ikhw ik Bwrqpwik vpwrk sOdy jldI qoN jldI SurU kIqy jwx qW jo auh Apxy b~icAW dw pyt pwl skx[

AMAN TAX & ACCOUNTING Ph: 604-716-1549 15

* PERSONAL INCOME TAX prsnl ienkm tYks Years * CORPORATE TAX * kwrporyt tYks Experience * ACCOUNTING * AkwauNitMg * BOOK KEEPING * bu`k kIipMg * PAYROLL & T4’S * py-rol qy T4’S * GST, PST, WCB * jI AYs tI / pI AYs tI AmndIp isMG Professional Business Accountant (PBA)

vDIAw Aqy BrosymMd syvwvW leI sMprk kro:

7436 - 123 St, Surrey BC


muPq AYkXUpMkcr Prozn Solfr, mweIgRyn isr drd, sweIeytk nrvz

Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A11

Evening And Weekend Classes Also Available

Unit 201 32112 S Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1W4 Phone: 604-504-7300

A12 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

DELTON DENTURE CLINIC LTD. Denturists Are Denture Specialist

quhwfy jubwVy dIAW hr qrHW dIAW syvwvW • Complete Dentures • Immediate Dentures • Partial Dentures • Dentures Over Implants • Same Day Relines • Repairs, Soft Linings • Sport Guards

Business Category Denturist

Get a Beautiful Smile

Chris Kozakiewicz BSc., R.D.

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm, Saturdays By Appointment

Scott 72 Shopping Centre

#209- 7313-120th St., Delta ( Above London Drugs & Staples )


LOOKING FOR A CAREER IN HEALTHCARE? Our 6-month OPTICIAN / CONTACT LENS FITTER Program nd is entering 32 year in Canada

BECOME AN OPTICIAN only 6-months!


Optical Dispensing is a high-growth industry with good pay and job security. Or, even start your own business!!

6-Month Classes begin March 18th, 2019

Morning Classes 8:30am to 12:30pm Monday through Friday

BC COLLEGE OF OPTICS 208-10070 King George Blvd. Surrey BC


New Arrivals


PrnIcr dIAW G~t G~t kImqW #101 - 13147 76 Ave Surrey, BC | Phone: 604-572-5553

T59836Punjabi_(CAT) Postcard - EPM (translate)_Print.pdf



1:19:22 PM

Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A13

poRPYsLnl eIvYNt mYnyjr bxo afpxy BivwK dI plYn bxfAu



97% jOb ryt ijs dI qnKfh hr sfl 42,000 zflr – 55,000 zflr qoN sLurU huMdI hY






K `qy jfAu 10060 King George Blvd. Surrey, BC Canada V3T 2W4 tYlIPon: 1.866.860.2787

A14 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

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Bank of Montreal (BMO) Mortgage • prcyz, sivc jW rIPweInYNs • pRI-AprUvl • nvyN iemIgrYNt • rYNtl/ienvYstmYNt pRwptIz • kMpItyitv mwrgyj ryt

• Purchase, Switch or Refinance • Pre-approvals • New Immigrants • Rental / Investment Properties • Competitive Mortgage Rates

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siness Centre) BC V3W 4E9

Jyoti Kapoor Mobile Mortgage Specialist

Party place for around 50 people.

Pizza & CURRY HOUSE85 Same Owner


8553 132 St Surrey


Lunch Special Thali Any 2 veggie serve with Rice + 1 Naan + Pop Lunch Special Thali Any 2 Dishes: 1 Meat + 1 Veggie serve with Rice + 1 Naan + Pop





1 lb.

604-594-9999 Cheese Pizza Large $9.00 VeggiePizza Large $11.00 SPECIALS Butter Chicken Reg $10 Channa Bhatura $4.99


Lunch Buffet


Mon -Fri 11am -3pm

spYSl: Coly BtUry, cwt pwpVI qy B`ly m`kI dI rotI sroNH dw swg PrYS qMdUr qoN Nan Parantha Onion Nan Garlic Nan Lacha Parantha Special Nan

Enjoy Every Day Aloo Parantha , Lacha Parantha , Muli Parantha ,Gobi Parantha try it and enjoy.

PrYS vYjI ifSW

Samose : 2 for $1

crnjIq isMG iFloN

SWEETS PIZZA INDIAN FOOD Specials: Dahi Bhalla • Cholle Bhature • Chat Papdi 40 Years Experience of Cooking We do catering 10 to 1000 people

kulivMdr isMG K~K quhwfy svwgq leI iqAwr hn[

Open hours: Mon-Thurs 11am to 10pm | Fri-Sat 11am to 11pm | Sun 11am to 10pm

604-591-6660 604-591-6888

vYjI Aqy nwn vYjI dw pUrw iKAwl r`Kdy hW 50 Person to 300 Person Party Hall

7168-128th St Surrey

SwhI pnIr iclI pnIr kVwhI pnIr dwl mKxI iBMfI mswlw imks vYjI

qMdUr qoN spYSl

qMdUrI ickn ickn it`kw iPS qMdUrI pnIr it`kw sIK kbwb Kwxy ivc spYSl Butter Chicken Goat Curry Lamb Curry Chicken Curry Chicken Kadahi Chilli Chicken

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kytirMg spYSl

Open Everyday 10am - 10pm

Mar 13, 2019 Shakti Society held the 17th annual Shakti Awards on March 9th in honour of International Women’s Day at the Bollywood Banquet Hall in Surrey. Fourteen women were recognized and awarded in their specific fields. The following are the Shakti Award recipients of 2019: S h a k t i Aw a r d o f E x e m p l a r y Leadership: Senator Mobina Jaffer L i f e t i m e A c h i e v e m e n t Aw a r d : Rukhsana Sultan Artistic Achievement: Sujanya Dhillon Artistic Award of Excellence: Balinder Johal Business Award of Excellence: Kamaljit Kaur Lehal Courage: Shakila Zareen Community Service: Saker Senaratne C o m m u n i t y S e r v i c e Aw a r d o f Excellence: Dr. Babra Rana Resilience: Amandeep Gill Resilience Award of Excellence: Monica Gartner Professional Achievement Award: Karen Dosanjh Professional Achievement Award of

Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A15

International Women’s Day Celebration, March 9th, 2019 Shakti Awards 2019 For Immediate Release

Excellence: Monika Verma Community Leader: Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning Youth Leader: Tavisha Kochhar This year’s event raised $24,000. The proceeds will go towards scholarships and Shakti Society. The evening was a celebration of women's

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accomplishments which began with an inspiring key note address by Senator Mobina Jaffer. This was followed by the presentation of the Shakti Awards, entertainment, a fashion show, delicious dinner and dance. Five scholarships were also awarded to female students graduating in June 2019 who have demonstrated resilience in the face of

several challenges and are in financial need. We thank all of our sponsors, donors, artists, volunteers, and supporters who helped make the event a success. To learn more about Shakti Society, contact Sonia at 604-307-8796, Anu at 604551-3287 or visit http://www.shaktisociety. com/

EJM PorkilPt tryinMg sYNtr

nvqyj isMG hurW dw PorkilPt tryinMg dw ipCly 15 swlW qoN vI vD purwxw qjrbw hY

Specializing in:

22Kt & 24Kt

PorkilPt dw lwiesYMs lvo

- Ready Made & Custom Made - Jewellery, Repairs - Lucky Birth Stones, - Appraisals

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Authorized Dealer

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EOrq~ vI kors kr skdIE~ hn

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nvqyj isMG m`n SURJIT S. KANDA

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604-582-5849 9269 - 120th St. Delta BC V4C 6R8

hur~ nUM Pon kro

Cell: 604-562-3134 Off: 604-598-8577

#6-12848-85 Ave., Surrey BC dSmyS gurdv`r` s`ihb dy l`gy

“For all your insurance needs.”

Avtaar S. Gill 604.729.2000

Autoplan/cars HOUSE Homeowner & Rental Homes $450,000 Trucking & Cargo $550,000 Fleet & Prorate Travel Medical Insurance $650,000 Business Liability $750,000 Commercial & Construction Strata Property Tenant insurance Special Rates For Super Visa Insurance


• • • • • • • • •

Scott Road Insurance

AsIN suprvIzw leI mYfIkl ieMSorYNs vI krdy hW Aqy vIzw nw imlx qy pYsy vwps krdy hW


$315,000 $385,000 $455,000 $525,000

Open 7 Days a Week hPqy dy s~qy idn Ku~ldy hW


1 1 1 1

Million Million Million Million


$302 /YR $346 /YR $407 /YR $467 /YR

We Specialize in: Cargo, Prorate & Fleet Insurance We help in setting up new trucking companies

t~rkW Aqy trylrW dy PwienWs leI mdd krdy hW[

#107 (Satnam Plaza) 7130 120 St, Surrey, Ph: 604-597-2700, Fax: 604-597-2900, ,


A16 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

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NEW WORLD CANADA IMMIGRATION SERVICES INC. sMn 2011 qoN sPlqwpUrvk c`l irhw knyfw ivc iemIgRySn dw d&qr

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Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A17

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jd gurU bwbw nwnku bwihr gYAw, qW Eh ikrwV bwhir inkil AwieAw[ qW Ein ikrwiV AwiKAw, “AKY gYAw, ik nw? AKY “gYAw[ AKY, hy vY sXwdxIey “myyry isir cVIAih[ hMau lvwieE” AKY ikqu vil gYAw? eyvY inkilAw hI[ swiQ PkIr ssu lgot bMd[ qW mUlw Eqy hI Qwie FTw[ mMjy GiqAw[ lok siB imil Awey, ij nwnk eyQy AwieAw sI[ eyhu imilE nwhI, Cip pYAw[ huxu eyhu murdw hY[ mhw purK dy iKAwl hyiT AwieAw[ qb mMjy Giq kir gurU bwby nwnk pwis lY gey[ qW lokW hQ bMin Kloqy bwby nwnk pwis[ “ij, jI huxu Blw hY[ quD mwirAw hY[ qU eys nMU bkis”[ qb bwby nwnk AwiKAw, “ij hux eyhu jIvxhu cukw hY[ skqI st hyiT AwieAw hY[ pru eyin AMiq vyly myrw drsnu kIqw hY[ eyhu mY mukqw kIqw hY[ eys dI gqI hoeI[ lY jwhu aucik ky eyhu[ Gir jwie clY[ qb audU Qwvhu cuik kY lY gey, Gir jwie cilAw[ (imhrbwn vwlI jnm swKI-ijld dUjI-s&w 191, jnm swKI prMprw ieiqhwsk idRStIkox qoN-ikrpwl isMG) (not-ivsqwr dy sMkoc kwrn, AsIN ies swKI dy kyvl AMqly Bwg dw hI ie~Qy vrxn kr rhy hW) purwqn jnm swKI, ijs nMU SmSyr isMG ASok ny sMpwdk kIqw hY, iv`c imhrbwn vwlI jnm swKI dy SbdW nMU hI duhrwieAw hoieAw hY[ ibDIcMd ihMdlIey dI ‘BweI bwly vwlI jnm swKI’ dy nwm hyTW ilKweI hoeI, ies jnm swKI iv`c imhrvwn vwlI jnm swKI dy SbdW iv`c hI hor vwDw krky ieauN ibAwn kIqw hYsRI gurU nwnk jI ikhw hy BweI isKo mUlw qW hux jIvx qy rih cukw hY ikauN jo ies nMU sKq mwr hoeI hY Ar ies dI mukqI ho jwvygI pr ies nMU swfw drSn AKIr dy smyN hoieAw eys krky AsIN ies dI gqI krWgy pr hux qusIN ies nMU Gr myN moV kr lY jwvo ikauNik ies dw mrnw njIk Awie igAw hY qW vuh lok sRI gurU nwnk jI kw hukm mMn kr mUly ko Gr lY Awey Ar mUlw Gr jWdw hI mr igAw pr sRI gurU nwnk jI ky bcn krny sy mUly kI mukqI ho geI Aqy lok vI gurU nwnk jI kw js krny l`gy qW EQoN sRI gurU nwnk jI aus dw sskwr krvwie kr aus dy Gr dy srbMDIAW ko aupdyS dIAw Aqy auQoN sRI gurU jI cldy rhy[ (s&w 608-CqvIN AYfISn sqMbr 2002) iehnW ilKqW qoN ip~CoN ‘mwlvw dyS rtn dI swKI’ iv`c ies dw auprokq rUp iv`c vrxn hY[ BweI sMqoK isMG ny BWvyN ies swKI dI swKIAW nMU kwiv dw jwmw pihxw ky ivsqwr meI SYlI iv`c ‘sUrj pRkwS’ iv`c (bwkI sPw ey18 qy)

Gr jW bysmYNt dI loV

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We Speak Hindi, Punjabi, English & Urdu G180119

Call in BC Area 778-389-0886 and In Toronto Area 416-301-1976

swnUM rihx leI bysmYNt jW Gr dI loV hY[swfy pirvwr ivc mYnUM imlw ky ku`l cwr mYNbr hn[ mYN pMjwb gwrfIAn AKbwr ivc kMm krdw hW[ swnUM do bYfrUm dI bysmYNt jW Gr meI 15 jW jUn 01 q`k cwhIdw hY[ AYlImYNtrI skUl nyVy hoxw cwhIdw hY (3 qoN 5 imMt dI dUrI qy)[ jy koeI Awpxw Gr ikrwey qy dyxw cwhuMdw hY, qW sMprk kro :

778-242-0838 (DIrj)

Basement Needed

We want to Basement or House for rent. We are four family members including me. I am working in a Punjab Guardian Newspaper. We need a two bed room basement or house from May 15 or June 01. Elementary School must be walking distance to house (approx. 3 to 5 mins distance). If anyone who wants to give house for rent, then Contact:

778.242.0838 (Dheeraj)

A18 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019 drswieAw hY prMqU BweI swihb ny ies swKI dw ‘sUrj pRkwS’ iv`c vrxn krn dI QW ‘SRI gur nwnk pRkwS’ dy iv`c kIqw hY[ ‘SRI gur nwnk pRkwS’ iv`c ies swKI dy AMqly ih`sy nMU ies qrHW drswieAw hY..nhIN aubwir skY Ab koeI[AMq smYN jo drSn pwvw[ XWko Pl ies hoie suhwvw[ dsvW jwmw pihrih jibhI[ jnm mrn qy giq dYN qb hI[ qb lO jnm Drihgo eyhI[ sUkr SSw imrg kI dyhI[ (auqrwrD ADXwX 38-SRI gur nwnk pRkwS) BweI sMqoK isMG ny ies ‘mwlvw dyS rtn swKI’ iv`c drj ies swKI iv`c vwDw kridAW ilK id`qw ik gurU nwnk swihb ny ikhw ik, “hux BweI mUlw dw bcxw AsMBv hY[ pr ikauNik ies ny AMq smyN swfw drSn kr ilAw hY, ies leI ies dw &l ies nMU zrUr imlygw[ AsIN dsvyN jwmy iv`c ies dI mukqI krWgy[ auqnw icr ieh sUkr, shy, imrg Awid dIAW jUnIAW iv`c BRmx krdw rhygw[ iesy hI pRsMg iv`c A~gy c`l ky BweI sMqoK isMG ny iliKAw hYinkis ssw iek clXo AgwrI[ CofXo qWky bwj ipCwrI[ cuMc cpyt swQ iqh gyrw[ibgsy pRBU qmwSw hyrw[dyiK bYSno bhu pCuqwvw[ mYN kwhy ien iFg cil Awvw[ qrPiq jIv ku hyir ibkwSy[ khW mukiq hovY ien pwsy[ iqh mn kI liK kY jgnwQw[ ssy sMig CvwXo inj hwQw[ qqiCn BXo su dyv srUpw[ BUKn AMgn bIc AnUpw[..jb ieh cirq bYSnv dyKw[ aur mihN SrDw bDI ivSy^w[pd AribMd dOir lptwvw[ AiDk pRym soN ihrdw Cwvw[fyry jwie bUJno kInw[ kOn huqo ju ikXo bNDhInw? iqh iCn mUly kO ju pRsMgw[ gurU sunwie dIn iqh sMgw[(auqrwrD ADXwX 38-SRI gur nwnk pRkwS) igAwnI igAwn isMG ny ies Gtnw dw vrxn krn smyN ‘mwlvw dyS rtn dI swKI’ nMU AwDwr bxw ky ies Gtnw nMU ies qrHW ibAwn kIqw hYiek is`K ny siqgurW pws Arz kIqI s`cy pwqSwh! SwsqRW iv`c suixAw hY jo s`p dy fMg nwl mirAw purS ADogqI nMU jWdw hY so mUly KqRI ny qW gurU nwnk jI dI syvw tYhl kIqI sI, Eh s`p dy fMg nwl kXoN mirAw? gurU jI ny AwKXw Eh bymuK ho igAw sI hux Eh biTMfy iv`c sDIey nwm dugl KqRI dy Gr mUlw nwm ictI bodI vwlw ho ky jMmygw qy pUrblI syvw dy pRqwp krky au~qm pdvI pwvygw[ soeIE s`c hoXw Eh BweI mUlw bVw AOlIAw auGw ho igAw[(qvwrI^ gurU ^wlsw-Bwg pihlw, s&w 1079) (igAwnI igAwn dw ieSwrw Swied aus BweI mUl cMd qoN hY ijhVw isDI cMd KqRI dw puqR sI[ ies dw jnm 1648 eI: iv`c hoieAw sI[ ieh gMgw rwm bRwhmx, ijs ny pMjvyN pwqSwh dy smyN guris`KI Dwrn kIqI, dw cylw sI[sunwm Aqy sMgrUr iv`c ies dy pRis~D sQwn hn[) mYks AwrQr mYkwilP dI ilKq dy BwvyN ‘sUrj pRkwS’ Awid gRMQ hI sroq hn pr aus ny ies swKI bwry ieqnw hI iliKAw hY-

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mukqy nw ik bydwvIey (Bwg nOvW)

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(s&w 150-51, sRI gur pur pRkwS gRMQ-ikRq kiv sMq ryx pRym isMG) sMprdweI stIk tIkwkwr ny ‘nwil ikrwVw dosqI..’ dy Slok dw tIkw kridAW iliKAw hY ik,“ ijs vyly sRI gurU nwnk dyv jI ny dsvW jwmW pihirAw hY qy scKMf sRI hzUr swihb gey hn, EQy ‘iSkwr Gwt’ bVw sohxw AsQwn bixAw hoieAw hY[ gurU jI iSkwr Kyfx gey hn iqs vyly shy nMU bwj pwsoN mrvwieAw[ ieqny nMU iek krm kWfI drSnW nMU AwieAw sI, aus ny kI dyiKAw ik qVPdy hoey shy nMU vyK ky gurU jI h`s rhyy hn, ieh qW bhuq inrdeI hn[ mYN iehnW dy drSnW nMU ikauN AwieAw hW[ies qrHW dIAW ivcwrW kr irhw sI pr ieqny nMU Eh sihAw ibmwn pr cVH ky scKMf ivc clw igAw[ ieh kOqk nMU dyK ky auh krm kWfI bVw Ascrj hoieAw qy gurU jI dy crnW pr nmSkwr krky puCdw hY dIn dXwl jI! ieh kOx hY jo bMDnW nMU qoV ky mukq hoieAw hY? aus vyly hzUr ny swrw pRsMg mUl cMd dw suxw ky disAw[ (s&w 701, sYNcI dsvI, sMprdweI stIk-tIkwkwr igAwnI ikRpwl isMG jI) iehnW lyKkW qoN ielwvw hor vI keI lyKkW ny ies swKI dw izkr kIqw hY[ hor ivsqwr qoN sMkoc krdy hoey pwTkW dw iek hor pihlU vl iDAwn idvw rhy hW[ sMprdweI stIk iv`c ivdvwn tIkwkwr ny BwvyN ‘SRI gur nwnk pRkwS’ ivclI ilKq iv`c hI QohVw ijhw bdlwA krky ies swKI nMU Awpxy SbdW iv`c drswieAw hY pr lyKk ny ies Gtnw dw sMbMD‘iSkwr Gwt’ gurduAwrw swihb nwl joV id~qw hY[ jdik BweI sMqoK isMG ny Aijhw nhIN iliKAw hY[ BweI sMqoK isMG ‘sUrj pRkwS’ iv`c ‘iSkwr Gwt’ vwly sQwn bwry ieqnw hI iliKAw hY-

“cFihN AKyr pRBU bhu bwrI[ jWih gudwvir sirqw pwrI[ nwm iSkwr Gwt qihN BXo[ AYby jYby ko mg QXo[ (sUrj pRkwS, AYn 2, AMsU 14)”

BweI kwnH isMG nwBw ies sQwn dy ieiqhws bwry ilKdy hn-iSkwr Gwt-nWdyV qoN d`Kx pwsy godwvrI dy iknwry, ijs QW iSkwr Kyfky siqgurU ivSRwm krdy sn[(mhwn koS) BweI kwnH isMG nwBw dy mhwn koS iv`coN ieh g~l spSt huMdI hY ik 1926 eI. qk ‘iSkwr Gwt’ gurduAwrw swihb dy ieiqhws dw BweI mUly dI shy dI jUnI qoN mukqI hox vwlI Gtnw nwl koeI sMbMD nhIN sI[ ie~Qy iek hor idlcsp p~K vl pwTkW dw iDAwn idvwauxw vI auicq hovygw[ ipCly kuJ dhwikAW qoN ‘iSkwr Gwt’ gurduAwrw swihb dw sMbMD BweI mUly nwl joiVAw jw irhw hY[ pr BweI mUly nMU shy dI jUnI iv`coN Cutkwrw idvw ky mukq krn dw iek hor sQwn vI hY[ ieh hY gurduAwrw twlHI swihb[ hYrwngI Aqy hwsohIxI g~l ieh hY ik ies QW ‘qy shy dI jUnI iv`c pey hoey BweI mUly dI mukqI gurU hir rwey swihb duAwrw ilKI hY[ ies QW au~qy shy dI smwD vI bxI hoeI hY[ mhwn koS iv~c twlHI swihb bwry iliKAw hY-

Injured in an accident? ICBC claim? We can help.

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ivAwh SwdI, AYnIvrsrI Aqy jnm idn dIAW pwrtIAW nMU cwr cMn lwaux leI

jgrUp iF~loN AYNf pwrtI nwl sMprk kro

AsIN lyfIz sMgIq, suhwg, jwgo, bolIAW, GoVIAW, lok gIqW iv~c mwihr hW[ quhwfI pwrtI XwdgwrI bx jwvygI jgrUp iF~loN nUM sMprk kro:

604.401.9335 604.379.9572 778.593.9335 INJURY LAWYERS

T: 604-449-7500

Mandeep Randhawa, B.Sc., L.L.B (UBC)

#205 – 7134 King George Boulevard, Surrey • TF 1 888 449 7573 •


Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A19


ieMfIAw vIjw AYplIkySn

India E-Visa Application for 60 Days - Visa will start from landing date

ieMfIAw eI-vIjw AYplIkySn 60 idn leI India Visa Application for 6 Months,12 Months,5 years,10 years ieMfIAw jwx leI 6 mhIny, 12 mhIny, 5 swl,10 swl dI vIjw AYplIkySn Overseas Citizenship of India Application (OCI) ieMfIAw dw lweIP tweIm vIjw AYplIkySn (OCI) Name Change Application Indian Passport Application nwm bdlx dI AYplIkySn ieMfIAw pwsport AYplIkySn Police Clearance Certificate for India Application ieMfIAw pulIs klIierYNs srtIiPkyt AYplIkySn Pan Card Application for India ieMfIAw pYn kwrf AYplIkySn

PASSPORT PHOTOS SERVICE USA, UK (England), Australia, Pakistan, China, Dubai (UAE),

Visitor Visa for ivzItr vIjw AYplIkySn « « « «

Schengen Visa for Italy, France, Germany & Spain

ieMplOiemYNt ieMSOrMs AYplIkySn sI.pI.pI. AYplIkySn Elf eyj pYNsn AYplIkySn knyfw cwielf tYks bYnIiPt AYplIkySn (vrk primt holfr Aqy stUfYNt leI)

« EI Application « CPP Application « Old Age Pension Application « Canada Child Tax Benefit Application (For Work Permit holders & Students)


PH:604-767-2845, 778-565-2845

#103 - 8140 -120th St, Surrey, BC, V3V 3C9 Mon to Sat - 8:00 to 5:30


kImqW bhuq vwijb hn[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro mndIp puryvwl

A20 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019


Discount On Repaint

swnUM vDIAw qjrbykwr vrkrW dI loV hY qjrby Anuswr qnKwh id`qI jwvygI

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Kwlsw dIvwn mwrg dw sweIn lgwieAw igAw



vYnkUvr:- bIqy idnI vYnkUvr istI kONsl v`loN mqw pws kIqw igAw sI ik Kwlsw dIvwn suswietI rOs vYnkUvr dI rOs strIt dw nwm Kwlsw dIvwn mwrg r`iKAw jwvy[aus mqy Anuswr bIqy idnI istI vwilAW ny rOs strIt dw rof sweIn bdl ky nvW rof sweIn sQwpq kIqw[ijsdw smMUh pRbMDk kmytI Aqy vYnkUvr dIAW is`K sMgqW ny svwgq kIqw[pRDwn mlkIq isMG DwmI Aqy sYktrI jrnYl isMG BMfwl ny ies nMU ieiqhwsk kdm krwr id`qw[

vwiSMgtn, (eyjMsI)-AmrIkI pulwV eyjMsI nwsw ny ikhw hY ik aus dy lUnr irkWssYNs Mandeep AwrbItr (AYl Awr E) ny cMn dI idn vwlI sqHw dy nyVy c~kr lgw rhy jl kxW dw pqw lgwieAw hY [ ies nwl cMn 'qy pwxI dI phuMc dy bwry 'c jwxn ƒ mdd iml skdI hY jo Biv~K dy cMn imSnW 'c mnu~K duAwrw iesqymwl kIqw jw skdw hY [ ieh jwxkwrI ijEi&zIkl irsrc lYtrz 'c pRkwiSq hoeI hY [ gOrqlb hY ik bIqy iek dhwky q~k ivigAwnW dw mMnxw sI ik cMn su~kw hY qy jykr ikqy pwxI hY qW auh cMn dy hmySw rwq vwly dUjy ih~sy 'c gRihAW kol bxy K~ifAW 'c br& dy rUp 'c ho skdw hY [ nwsw ny iek ibAwn 'c ikhw hY ik hwl hI 'c ivigAwnW ny cMn dI im~tI dI sqHw 'qy pwxI dy kxW dI byh~d G~t mOjUdgI dw pqw lgwieAw hY[


rwhul ƒ Gyrn vwlI modI dI mMqrI simRqI Kud Gply 'c iGrI nvIN id~lI:kWgrs pRDwn rwhul gWDI ƒ hr mu~dy au~pr Gyrn vwlI pRDwn mMqrI nirMdr modI dI mMqrI simRqI ierwnI Kud hI Gply 'c iGr geI hY[kWgrs ny kyNdrI mMqrI simRqI ierwnI ‘qy AYmpI PMf ƒ lY ky gMBIr iv~qI bynymIAW dy ielzwm lwey hn[kWgrs ny ikhw ik pRDwn mMqrI nryNdr modI aunHW ƒ mMqrI mMfl qoN brKwsq kr dyx[pwrtI dw kihxw hY ik ies mwmly ‘c simRqI iKlwP iBRStwcwr ivroDI kwƒn qihq vI mwmlw drj kIqw jwvy[

Pt Aone call f


• ieMSorYNs dIAW swrIAW v~fIAW plYnW lYNdy hW • AsIN pMjwbI, ihNdI Aqy aurdU boldy hW • Swm Aqy vIkAYNf dIAW ApwieMtmYNtW auplb~D hn • skwt rof gurdvwrw dy nyVy, sqnwm plwzw iv~c

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  * Old & New Homes * Town Houses, Apartments * Interior & Exterior * Stucco Paint * Roller Painting * Sky Paint for Ceiling    * Pressure Washing     * Any kind of Paint Job       * Spray Painting   * Fence Painting * Hardy Painting

s! eed

you   

                                       

MANDEEP : 604•767•4954 JAGDEEP : 604•338•7147 GuaranteedProfessionalService

ipCly 10 swlW qoN au~pr syvwvW pRdwn krdy Aw rhy hW SERVICES: • jwV BrnI • Extractions • White Fillings • dMd k~Fxy • Root Canals • krwaUn qy ibRj • Crown & Bridge • ifjItl Ayksry • Digital X-Rays • vweIt iPilMgs • Teeth Cleaning & Checkup • dMdW dI sPweI Aqy cY~kA`p

syvwvW :


kMm leI vrkrW dI loV hY vDIAw qnKwh id~qI jwvygI  Evening & Weekend Appointment Available

Practising For Over 10 Years

We Do Heavy Duty Alignment

 




P: 604-592-1011



quhwfy pirvwr leI...qMdrusq qy suMdr muskwn CITY OF DELTA





F: 604-592-1022 • 8053 - 128 St., Surrey, B.C V3W 6W1


72 Ave.



24 Hr. Mobile Service

#111 - 7130 120th Street, Surrey, BC

New & Used Truck, Trailer Sale, Repair & Wheel Balance.

Near Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Ground Floor of Satnam Plaza



All Major Brand Name Tires.


70 Ave.

Dr. Anjanpal Kaur Bhalla

l& We SeTl ruck, Repairer, Car Trail Tires & Van


• • • •



#214 - 7928-128st. Surrey, BC V3W 4E8 Immigration to CANADA Family Litigation Immigration to USA

-Divorces (contested uncontested) -Marriage/Seperation Agreements

Criminal Law: Civil Matters:

-Assault, Theft, Impaired Driving Pirindar P. S. Sahota -Real Estate Transaction Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public Former Asstt. Advocate General Punjab

B-1 and B-2 Visas (Business and Visitor for USA) Affidavit of support (Letter of Invitation) Student Visa Refused Entry A) Grounds of inadmissibility B) Deportation C) Criminal Record D) Drunk Driving E) Overstay; and F) Medical grounds Advance Parole Travel Document

Check your current USA status E-2 Visa for Canadians L-1 Visa for Canadians Investor Visas Work Permit Family petitions and V Visas Green Card Lottery K Visas Refugee Cases Immigration Appeals USA Green Card Applications USA Citizenship Applications Passport Services and Name Change BIA Appeals

Ph: 604-507-9983

TRV (Business and visitor for Canada) Letter of invitation (Friends & Relatives) Student Visa Refused Entry A) Ground of Inadmissibility B) Deportation C) Criminal Record D) Overstay E) Medical Ground and F) Marriage Fraud Permanent Resiident card Travel Documents to travel India

Notary Services Available

Check your Current Immigration status PNP for all Provinces of canada Work permit for all catogories Work permit Applications for India Business Class Applications Nanny Applications Nurses and other Skilled visas Immigration Appeals(IAD) Judicial Review (Federal Courts) Permanent Resident Applications Fast Track Applications Arranged Employment Employer Services Refugee Cases

Fax: 604-596-9494

Sukhjit Bhatti



Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A21

Kwlsw dIvwn suswietI ‘c kONslyt pRmwr dw snmwn

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vYnkUvr:- gurdvwrw dy pRbMDk jrnYl isMG BMfwl ny d`isAw ik ipCly idnI kWstybl tYrI pRmwr dw kimaUntI pRqI kIqIAW syvw bdly snmwn kIqw igAw[kWstybl pRmwr swlwnw ngr kIrqn Aqy b`brW dI Xwd iv`c huMdy tUrnwmYNt Aqy nOjvwnw nMU fr`gj Aqy gYNgW qoN bcwauNx leI byAMq syvwvw inBwauNdy hn[[ienw dIAW syvwvW bdly tYrI pRmwr nMU gurdvwrw pRbMDk kmytI Aqy sMgq ny snmwn kIqw[

muz~Prngr: muj~Prngr dMigAW ivc Awpxy do BrwvW dy kql dy gvwh ie~k ivAkqI dw ie~Qy KqolI ivc kql kr id~qw igAw[ pulIs muqwbk kys dy ie~k gvwh ASPwk dw somvwr ƒ aus smyN kql ho igAw jdoN auh du~D pwaux leI jw irhw sI[ ASPwk dy BrwvW dy kql sbMDI A~T jixAW au~qy muk~dmw c~l irhw sI qy AglI suxvweI 25 mwrc ƒ sI[ pulIs vloN sIsItIvI Putyj dI jWc kIqI jw rhI hY[

kyNdr ny ikhw – ibnw iejwzq pyS nhIN kr skdy gupq rw&yl dsqwvyz , nvIN id~lI:-kyNdr srkwr ny vIrvwr ƒ rw&yl jMgI hvweI jhwzW nwl sbMDq dsqwvyzW au~qy ivSyS AiDkwr dw dwAvw kIqw qy suprIm kort (SC) ƒ ikhw ik sbMDq ivBwg dI iejwzq qoN bZYr koeI vI ienHW ƒ pyS nhIN kr skdw[ AtwrnI jnrl ny suprIm kort iv~c ikhw ik koeI vI rwStrI sur~iKAw nwl juVy dsqwvyz pRkwiSq nhIN kr skdw[ dyS dI sur~iKAw sB qoN au~qy hY[ au~Dr pRSWq BUSx ny Adwlq ƒ ikhw ik rw&yl dy ijhVy dsqwvyzW au~qy AtwrnI jnrl ivSyS AiDkwr dw dwAvw kr rhy hn, auh pRkwiSq ho cu~ky hn qy auh jnqk ho cu~ky hn[ suprIm kort ny rw&yl jMgI hvweI jhwz sOdy dy mwmly iv~c nzrswnI dI mMg vwlIAW ptISnW au~qy suxvweI SurU kIqI[ mwmly dI suxvweI dOrwn AtwrnI jnrl ny Adwlq ƒ ikhw ik sbUqW bwry kwƒn dIAW ivvsQwnW muqwbk koeI vI sbMDq ivBwg dI iejwzq qoN bZYr Adwlq iv~c ^u&IAw dsqwvyz pyS nhIN kr skdw[

dohW dySW 'c n&rq dy bIj pYdw krn ƒ dyS BgqI nhIN mMinAw jw skdw : pMQpRIq isMG kotkpUrw:swfy dyS dI &Oj dy nWA 'qy iksy ^ws rwjnIqk pwrtI dw nwm cmkwauxw ArQwq cox jumlw bxwauxw Aqy mIfIey ƒ vI dyS dIAW hor muSklW, sm~isAwvW qy cunOqIAW qoN vKrw kr ky Apxy injI mu&wd leI vrqx vwly rwjsI AwgU dyS dw Blw nhIN soc skdy Aqy nw hI AijhIAW hrkqW nwl dyS dI BlweI jW cMgy Biv~K dI Aws r~KI jw skdI hY[ izlHy dy ksby bwjw^wnw dy nyVly ipMf fof ivKy bwby nwnk dy 550 swlw Avqwr purb ƒ smripq krvwey gey iqMn rozw gurmiq smwgmW mOky auGy pMQk ivdvwn BweI pMQpRIq isMG ^wlsw ny aukq SbdW dw pRgtwvw kridAW AwiKAw ik guAWFI rwjW pRqI n&rq pYdw krn ƒ dyS BgqI nhIN mMinAw jw skdw, blik dohW dySW drimAwn n&rq dy bIj bIjx dw KimAwzw Awm nwgirkW ƒ Bugqx leI mjbUr hoxw pYNdw hY[aunHW AMkiVAW sihq dlIlW idMidAW disAw ik &Oj Aqy mIfIAw Bwjpw dw nhIN blik dyS dy sWJy sroq hn pr Awm nwgirk swhmxy aunHW dw pRBwv isr& Bwjpw dw hI bxwieAw jw irhw hY[

d~KxI kSmIr ’c nYSnl kwn&rMs dy AwgU ƒ golI mwrI, hwlq gMBIr AnMqnwg (jMmU–kSmIr)nYSnl kwn&rMs pwrtI dy AwgU muhMmd iesmwiel vwnI au~qy kuJ AxpCwqy bMdUkDwrIAW ny A~j ihMsk hmlw bol id~qw[ aunHW au~qy AnMqnwg ’c A~j golIAW clweIAW geIAW[ aunHW dI hwlq gMBIr d~sI jWdI hY[sRI vwnI d~KxI kSmIr dy bIjbyhwrw blwk dy pRDwn hn[ ies Gtnw au~qy Awpxw pRqIkrm pRgtwauNidAW nYSnl kwn&rMs dy AwgU aumr Abdu~lHw ny tvIt kr ky ies hmly bwry jwxkwrI id~qI[ aunHW d~isAw ik ies vyly sRI vwnI sRIngr dy ie~k hspqwl iv~c zyry ielwj hn[ sRI Abdu~lHw ny sRI vwnI dI ishqXwbI leI Ardws vI kIqI[

msUd ƒ globl A~qvwdI AYlwnx dy rsqy ‘c cIn ny muV AVweI l~q nvIN id~lI— jYS srgnw msUd Azhr ƒ globl A~qvwdI AYlwn krn ‘c cOQI vwr cIn AiV~kw bx igAw hY[ cIn ny msUd Azhr ƒ globl A~qvwdI AYlwn krn dy pRsqwv ‘qy rok lgw id~qI[ ies dy nwl hI ieh pRsqwv r~d ho igAw hY[sUqrW muqwbk cIn ies g~l ‘qy AiVAw hY ik A~qvwdI sMgTn jYS-ey-muhMmd qy msUd Azhr dw Awps ‘c koeI ilMk nhIN hY[ cIn dI dlIl hY ik pihlW vI msUd iKlwP koeI sbUq nhIN imilAw[

supr vIz` ieMSorYNs

mMQlI pymYNt plYn • 45% q@k ifsk`auNt*

• l`eIP • ifsyibiltI • ikRtIkl ielnYs • b@icE~ leI ieMSorYNs • hYlQ • trYvl • ivztr ieMfIpYNfyNt brokrz hox dy n`qy EsIN quh`nUM knyf` dIE~ s`rIE~ myjr ieMSorYNs kMpnIE~ qoN v`ijb ry Eqy vDIE` bYnIiPts lY ky idMdy h~


JATINDER SINGH BHATIA Former Advocate (India)


jiqMdr isMG B`tIE`


kI qusIN krjy qoN pRySwn ho? kI kulYkSn kwlW qy ib`lW ny qMg kIqw hoieAw hY?

Business Or Personal Debt

• Credit Cards krYift kwrf • Line Of Credits lweIn AwP krYift • ICBC Fines AweI sI bI sI Pwienz • Student Loan stUfYNt lon • Pending Leans or Judgements GrW dI lIxz/jzmYNts

iksy vI qrHW dI PweInYNSIAl muSkl hovy prsnl jW ibjnYs tYks sMbDI jW irvYnau kYnyfw sbMDI muSklW

Personal or Business Tax Problems? or any kind of Revenue Canada Problems

We have solutions for you


Debt Solutions Ltd.

AsIN quhwfw v`D qoN v`D krjw mwP krvwvWgy[ swfI PIs bhuq hI vwijb hY

For More info, Call Kulwinder Kaur Bains


#205 12899 76 Ave Surrey, BC

A22 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019

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E-file Tax

E-File Tax Returns Harjit Singh • Personal Tax Return • prsnl tYks irtrn

• • • •

Business Tax Return Payroll/T4s/ROE GST/PST/WCB Financial Statements

• • • •

ibjnYs tYks irtrn pyA-rol,T4 & ROE GST/PST/WCB iv~qI stytmYNtW

AsIN nvyN ibjnYs dI rijstRySn Aqy ienkorprySn ivc quhwfI mdd krdy hW Sherry Johal

780-935-1588 Serving Best in States G120419



#214 8120 128 St. Surrey BC V3W1R1

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dPqr: 778-565-3828, PYks: 778-565-3829 Email:

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Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019* The Punjab Guardian - A23

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koeI vI ivAkqI gMBIr joVW dy drd (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, gout, fibromyalgia) jW kmzor ieimaUn isstm jW Awto ieimaUn ibmwrI qoN du`KI hY qW AsIN ausdw suriKAq Aqy bVw pRBwvSwlI ielwj kr skdy hW[ ijMnHW purSW, AOrqW Aqy b`icAW nMU pwcn nwl sbMDq ibmwrIAW Aqy Bu`K nhIN l`gdI, swfy kol aunHW leI vI bhuq vDIAw pROfkt hn[

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treats skin problems, reduces arthritis, stomach acid & constipation

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A24 - The Punjab Guardian * Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2019


BST (Basic Security Training)

• BST for only $65 • Guaranteed Job (Security Guard & Traffic Control Person) • 40 Hours of Attendance • We help to get your Security Licence • After Class Coaching at no extra cost

do vIk dw kors hY[ idn Aqy Swm dIAW klwsW vI lgwieAW jWdIAW hn[ isikauirtI dy kors vI krvwey jWdy hn[

AST (Advance Security Training) • Traffic Control • First Aid Level 1 • Fire Watch and Fire Extinguisher Training • Safety Training

s. ibkr isMG bwsI

604-507-2448 604-598-2424

We provide Refresher training and New Training to all our Security Guards.


Unit #356, 8158, 128 Street, Surrey, BC, V3W 1R1

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E paper – 14 Mar. 2019 – Section A 1-24 – The Punjab Guardian  

E paper – 14 Mar. 2019 – Section A 1-24 – The Punjab Guardian