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Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A1

SANDEEP AHUJA CHS 604-996-6862


Life Insurance



Otttawa, Brampton Toronto

SECURITY #301 8128-128St COURSE Surrey BC V3W1R1 (BST)

Estate Planning$

Mortgage Loan Insurance





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Edmonton Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Victoria,Nanaimo Prince George, Kamloops, Kelowna, Oliver, Squamish Calgary

100% vYzI pIjw


Large Variety of Indian Mouth-watering Sweets We do Catering for all Occasion Special Discount for Gurudwara & Mandir

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Greater Seattle, Everett, Marysville Portland, Bellingham, Belivue, Lyndon, Lynwood

Tel: 604-590-5200 Fax:604-596-5700 Toll Free: 1-877-584-5200 Vol. 25 Issue No.11 Ending Date:Mar 16, 2018 HONESTY •




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Mortgage Broker/ eal Estate Course

Vantage Realty Ofce:604-585-3555

Fingerprinting For All Purposes


inaU Xwrk security (husnlicense lVoprocessing, Aw bMgw)-is`K pMQ ietlI, kYnyfw Aqy AmrIkw qoˆ phuMc ky v`KVisa applications, citizenship, nUM drpyS gMBIr msilAwˆ dy h`l leI dun- v`K S^sIAqwˆ ny Awpxy Amu`ly ivcwrwˆ dI swˆJ passports & name change

Overseas Auto Body

An Environmently Friendly Facility

omotion • Honda Authorized Shop Frame Certified Repair Facilities cation• Aluminum Simran Sekhon: 604.377.5146



4 Locations to serve you

Surrey 7638 129A St, Anvil Way 604-594-9707 Abbotsford 2342 Windsor Street 604-853-9707

Surrey 7815 132 Street 604-503-4344

3-9707 646 Surrey - 7638 129A St, Anvil RAILING Way - 604-594-9707 & PATIO LTD. Surrey - 7815 132 St - 604-503-4344 Abbotsford - 2342 Windsor Street - 604-853-9707 Coquitlam - 2954 Pheasant Ave - 604-474-2646


Food Safe Course


604.537.6037 (Registration begins)





Together we can identify the home financing solution that meets your needs. Ask me how

Neetu Bedi

Manager, Mobile Mortgage Specialist

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Residential & Commercial Real Estate Services

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Food Safe Course Sunday swnUM kMm vwsqy 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

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Kuldeep S. Gill



Life & Health Insurance Advisor ONLY

• Life & Disability Insurance • Critical Illness Insurance • RRSP/ RRIF• RESP • SUPER VISA INSURANCE • Truck & Trailer Finance • Any type of commercial loans

604-543-7300 604-543-7300 604-543-7300 778-878-5553

· Custom Body Work · Custom Paint & Exact Color Matching · Base Coat Clear Coat · Complete Collision Repair Specialists · Free Pick Up & Drop Off Service

Our technicians fully Certified. Quality service at affordable prices. Call us today !

AsIN kmrSIAl, rYjIfYNSIAl, trYvl, Awto, AsIN koeI vI kImq bIt krWgy mrIn Aqy hr qrHW dI ieMSorYNs krdy hW Open 7 days a week


Manjit S. Dhami Cell: 604-812-3931

T: 604.599.5222, C: 604.812.3931 #102-7500,120th St.(Scott Rd), Surrey

Food Safe Course


• Courtesy Cars • Pick-up & Drop-off • Towing Available



Dedicated to selling your home or finding you that dream home you are searching for.

TUTORING #103 7877, 128 St, Surrey, BC GRADE 1-12 ICBC & Private Insurance • Free Estimates • Computerized Color Match (ALL SUBJECTS) • Water Base Paint

REAL ESTATE & FOOD SAFE tYst dI iqAwrI vI krvwauNdy hW Details on Page A11


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• E: • http:\\




604 379 7212 • Toll Free:1 855 267 2836


#105-12921-84 Ave, Surrey E-mail: INSURANCE

TD Canada Trust We’ve got the right mortgage for you



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We do aluminium railing, fences, glass railing, patio covers, stairs & security bars

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P.O. Box 267, 102-17750 56 Ave Surrey BC

Harpreet Johar Kulbir Boparai 778-896-5575 604-781-2172

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• E`px~ krz` 50% qoN v~D • q@k Gt`aux ivc • bYNkrpsI ivc • E`eI.sI.bI.sI. dy krzy ivc kRYift k`rf krzy ivc • iekMm tYks / jI.EYs.tI krzy ivc


AvnIq isMG klsI

20 virHAW qoN v`D dw qjrbw

604-543-7300 604-951-8984 Business Solutions

& credit counselling services

#205-12033-92A Ave, Surrey #1A – 2497 Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford

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A2 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

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sYm isMG: 604.773-4042

ir~kI bwjvw 604.306.5266

Maple Ridge Chrysler Jeep Dodge 11911 West St Maple Ridge,BCV2X 3M6

Dealer #30538

*dealer #d30538. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. All vehicles available at time of print. Prices and payments are plus taxes and documentation fee of $997. All dealer rebates, discounts, factory incentives, prices and interest rates are subject to change or end without notice as new retail incentive programs are announced. All incentives and rebates and tax credit discounts are reflected on advertised vehicles. Up to $30,000 cashback is oac. Cashback amount will be added to the purchase price and financed on new contract oac; available on #ra873485. 0% finance rates oac, from 36 months – 84 months, available on select makes and models: 2017/2018 dodge grand caravan, 2018 all new jeep wrangler, jeep wrangler jk, new 2019 jeep cherokee, and 2017/2018 ram 1500 (excluding reg. Cab). Example of 0% financing available up to 84 months oac on stk#ra873485. Up to 0% finance rates are offered as an alternative finance program, it is not compatible with any other consumer cash amount or offers. We bring the test drive to you requires test drive must be within 75 km of dealership. No payments for 90 days oac means payments are deferred not skipped. Full term of payments are required to be paid in full to satisfy the terms of the finance contract. Payments would commence 90 days after contract start date. Interest accrues during the payment free time based on contractual terms and must be satisfied regardless if full payment is made at any point. No gst & no pst means taxes are not skipped, but an amount equal to the tax will be taken off of the net difference of the vehicle and shown as a tax credit (not including documentation fees and air levy/tire tax). Example 2017 ram 1500 ecodiesel #ra873485; get 30% off factory msrp plus $1250 private sale bonus plus $2500 diesel bonus plus gst/pst tax credit program is available on all 2017 ram 1500 eco diesels. All discounts are deducted from the maple ridge chrysler’s list price as advertised on the website. The no tax credit is applicable to all other new in-stock 2017 units and is only combined with other programs on the 2017 ram 1500 eco diesel. The tax credit & 30 % off offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Receive one (1) of the following gifts with every new or used in-stock vehicle purchase or lease: one (1) big screen 4k tv (depending on in-store availability) value of tv is $650 or one (1) $850 travel voucher for a trip for 2 to las vegas (voucher expires january 31, 2019, valid for 3 nights, mid-week departure, require one month notice for bookings) vegas voucher can be used towards flight and hotel. One per customer. No substitutions. See dealer for complete details. Gift with purchase cannot be combined any other offer. Offers expire march 31, 2018.

Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A3

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• Diamond Engagement Rings • GIA & CANADIAN Diamonds Ç • Custom Designs & Jewellery Repairs done on site

July 31-Aug. 06 /2013

cwlW c`ldy rihMdy hn[lgdw hY jspwl Atvwl nMU vI gihrI SwijS rwhIN vrq ilAw igAw hovy ijsdw Swied ausnMU Awp vI nw pqw hovy[

#301 8128-128St Surrey BC V3W1R1



AsIN iemIgRySn dy PylH kysW dIAW AnykW ApIlW ijqIAW hn qUsIN Awky nqIjy dyK skdy ho


Since 2000 Smart Centre Next to Bosley 370 - 20202 66th Ave.Langley


Guildford Town Center Upper Level (Near Starbucks) 10355 152 St. Surrey


Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Member ICCRC

Commissioner of Oaths

01 G0604

7 Dayesk! a Weto 9pm 9 am Tr uck Insura nc & Pro-Rate e



$450,000 $550,000 $650,000 $750,000

Million Million Million Million


$302 /YEAR $346 /YEAR $407 /YEAR $467 /YEAR

Above Rates Includes: * Senior Discount * Claims Free Discount * New Home Discount * Mortgage Free Discount * Home Production Discount * Deductible Applicable * Monthly Payment Plan

ÁÃÄ Ôð åð·» çÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à òÅÇÜì ÕÆîå å¶ Õðç¶ Ô»Í

Jaswinder S. Parmar 604-351-6539



YORK BUSINESSCLOVERDALE CENTER, SURREY (HEAD OFFICE) #120-12888-80THPh: AVE., SURREY HEAD Ph: 604.507.6666 604.576.6648 1 minute away from AirCare

LANGLEY #134-17455 - Hwy 10 Ph: 604.882.6000 SURREY

COQUITLAM #103-8399-200 St. Ph: 604.939.2425 LANGLEY

NORTHShopping VANCOUVER COQUITLAM ABBOTSFORD Plaza, 454-West Broadway,VANCOUVER Eagle Ridge Plaza, 405-1192 Burquitlam Ph: 604-985-3185 Road, Coquitlam Ph: 604-942-3555 Landowne Dr,Ph: Coquitlam 604.744.0360526 Clarke VANCOUVER Ph: 604-876-0126 140 East 14th Street,

#404, 552 Clarke Rd 405-1192 Lansdowne Dr 454 West 604-942-3555 Broadway 134 -17455, Hwy 10 604-576-6648 31696 South Fraserway 160-20728 Willoughby Town Center 604-882-6000 Dr 604-876-0126 604-939-2425 604-507-6666 North Vancouver • Call us to Save minimum 10% or more on your Insurance

80th Ave.

130th St.

#120, 12888 - 80th Ave.

128th St


1 1 1 1

Discounts may to individual and policy Discounts may vary vary due to due individual circumstances circumstances and policy requirements. Rates subjectrequirements. to change without notice Rates subject to change without notice.

ÁÃÄ àðÕ ¼ »INSURANCE Áå¶ àðñ ¶ ð» ñÂÆ TRUCK & PRO RATE ëÅÇÂéº Ë ÇÃ× ³ òÆ Õðç¶ Ô»



$315,000 $385,000 $455,000 $525,000

swfy dPqr hPqy dy s~qy idn svyry 9 vjy qoN Swm 9 vjy q~k Ku~lHdy hn

AMC Insurance


A4 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

pRvwsIAwˆ nUM ieMmIgrySn DoKwDVI qoˆ Atvwl mu`dy ‘qy pihlI vwr swhmxy AwieAw bcwaux leI srgrm hoeI kYnyfw srkwr pI. AY`m. trUfo dI pqnI soPI dw ibAwn ieMmIgrySn ivBwg v`loN mwrc dOrwn krvwey jwxgy jwgrUkqw smwgm

AOtvw: pRvwsIAwˆ nUM ieMmIgrySn DoKwDVI qoˆ bcwaux leI kYnyfw dy ieMmIgrySn mMqrwly ny mwrc mhIny nUM ieMmIgrySn DoKwDVI Aqy GotwilAwˆ bwry jwgrUkqw PYlwaux vwlw mhInw AYlwinAw hY[

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Awp sB nUM siqkwr sihq sUicq kIqw jwˆdw hY ik, kyˆdrI pMjwbI lyKk sBw au`qrI AmrIkw dw slwnw smwgm 24 mwrc 2018 idn Sin`crvwr Swm nUM 6:00 vjy Bombay Banquet Hall,7475 135 Street Surrey ivKy bVy auqSwh Aqy DUmDwm nwl mnwieAw jw irhw hY[ies smwgm iv`c swl 2018 dw ‘srvoqm swihqkwr AYvwrf’ pRdwn kIqw jwvygw[ ies swihqk, kwivk Aqy surmeI Swm iv`c au`Gy Aqy nwmvr kvI, ilKwrI, rwjinqk AwgU phuMc rhy hn[tI. vI.,ryifE,AKbwr AdwirAwˆ qoˆ host pq`rkwr, Sihr dIAwˆ nwmvr ibzns hsqIAwˆ Aqy pqvMqy s`jx hr swl iSrkq krdy hn[ ies smwgm iv`c kivqw pwT, gIq, gzl, nzm, dohy, bolIAwˆ Aqy gIq sMgIq pyS kIqw jwvygw[ies rOck Swm iv`c Swiml hoky, mwˆ bolI dw mwx vDwE[ ifnr dw ivSyS pRbMD hovygw[ itkt dI kImq $25 hY[sBw dy pRDwn, smwgm dI pRMbDk kmytI Aqy sB mYˆbrwˆ vloˆ quhwfw sB dw svwgq hY [ itkt Aqy hor jwxkwrI leI hyT ilKy Pon nMbrwˆ qy sMprk kro[itkt leI sMprk: rUipMdr KYrw rUpI ( 778 892 9731) DMnvwd sihq pRDwn:crn ivrdI Pon:778 564 0331 sk`qr: ipRqpwl ig`l Pon:604 726 8410

IMPERIAL CABINETS LTD. Residential • Commercial • Renovation spONsris`p

Contact Us For Ultra Modern Quality Custom Cabinets And Wood Railings For Your Home & Multi-family Projects

GrW Aqy ApwrtmYNtW leI kstm kyibnyts jW vu~f rylINg leI sMprk kro

Etwvw— kYnyfIAn pRDwn mMqrI jsitn trUfo dw Bwrq dOrw ivvwdwˆ ‘c iGirAw hoieAw hY[ ies dOry dOrwn trUfo dI pqnI soPI gRYgOier dI iek qsvIr jspwl Atvwl nwl swhmxy AweI sI, ijs mgroˆ mwmlw surKIAwˆ ‘c Aw igAw sI[trUfo dI pqnI soPI ny ies mu`dy ‘qy pihlI vwr ibAwn id`qw hY[ aus ny ikhw ik jd aus nUM Atvwl dI hkIkq bwry pqw l`gw qwˆ aus nUM Jtkw l`gw, auh ies s`c nUM jwx ky hYrwn hY[ soPI ny ikhw,’’mYˆ Atvwl nUM pihlI vwr muMbeI ‘c iek pwrtI dOrwn imlI sI[ jdoˆ AsIˆ qsvIr iKcvwaux leI KVHy huMdy hwˆ qy jwˆ iPr lok Aw ky qsvIr iKcvwaux leI AwKdy hn qwˆ audoˆ AsIˆ Kud nUM ieh Xwd krvwauˆdy hwˆ ik ieh pl aunHwˆ dy Aqy swfy hn ikauˆik auh lok swfy iv`c Awpxw XkIn qy Brosw pRgtwauˆdy hn[.. ieho kwrn hY ik aus smyˆ AsIˆ KuSI-KuSI aunHwˆ nwl qsvIr iKcvw lYˆdy hwˆ, pr keI vwrI ieho ijhw v`fw Jtkw vI l`gdw hY[ ieh hI izMdgI hY, TIk hY nw?’’ quhwnUM bhuq hYrwnI huMdI hY jdoˆ sB ku`J TIk igAw hovy pr quhwnUM kwPI ku`J nkwrwqmk suxn nUM imly[ mYˆ swrIAwˆ g`lwˆ au`qy nhIˆ sgoˆ isrP Aihm g`lwˆ au`qy hI iDAwn kyˆdirq krdI hwˆ[ myry iqMn b`cy hn Aqy mYˆ iek AYkitv prsn hwˆ[ ies leI quhwnUM skwrwqmk p`K au`qy hI iDAwn kyˆdirq krnw cwhIdw hY[

MANPRIYA SARANG NOTARY . irAl Astyt dI KrId Aqy vyc . mOrtgyz dI fwkUmyNtySn . vsIAqnwmw . pwvr AwP AtOrnI . nOtrIzySn . AYPIfyivts . iekrwrnwmw . Aqy hor nOtrI sMbMDI syvwvW . spONsriSp lYtr • Real Estate Purchase and Sale • Mortgage Documentation • Wills • Powers of attorney • Notarization MANPRIYA SARANG • Affidavits • Statutory Declarations • Other notarial services • Sponsorship Letters

604-503-2620 604-613-9191 G1011

#113, 114 - 13035 84 Ave, Surrey BC NEW & OLD HOMES

#114,8028-128 St, Surrey, B.C




For all your Plumbing Needs... BEST SERVICE

Accredited Collision Repairs

nvyN j~ pur`xy Gr~ dI plMibMg j~ h`t v`tr hIitMg leI quh`nUM vDIE` srivs dyx dy vcnb@D h~ Same Day Service Calls For more info call

Pavitar S. Badesha Licensed & Bonded

EsIN nvyN Gr~ dI ingr`nI vI krdy h~ j~ quh`nUM nvyN Gr bx` ky dy skdy h~

Cell: 604-889-0949 Ph: 778-889-9345 A






mOrtgyj dy mwihr

• Purchase or Refinance • Residential, Commercial or Industrial • Construction (Residential or Commercial) • Private Mortgage ($10,000 to $10 million) • Debt Consolidation • Self employed or bad credit • Farm Mortgages

Private Claims Custom Painting Windshield Claims Freeway Truck Painting Lifetime Guarantee on All Repairs

Gurinder S. Toor

Mortgage Consultant

T: 604.501.1022 Fax: 604.501.1021 #202 -12830 80th Ave., Surrey

ICBC Claims

(York Business Center)


Ph: Cell:

604-507-2247 604-507-2249



Unit #1 - 12372-82A Ave. Surrey, B.C. V3W 0L6



Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A5

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• ieMSorYNs dIAW swrIAW v~fIAW plYnW lYNdy hW • AsIN pMjwbI, ihNdI Aqy aurdU boldy hW • Swm Aqy vIkAYNf dIAW ApwieMtmYNtW auplb~D hn • skwt rof gurdvwrw dy nyVy, sqnwm plwzw iv~c


ipCly 10 swlW qoN au~pr syvwvW pRdwn krdy Aw rhy hW SERVICES: • jwV BrnI • Extractions • White Fillings • dMd k~Fxy • Root Canals • krwaUn qy ibRj • Crown & Bridge • ifjItl Ayksry • Digital X-Rays • vweIt iPilMgs • Teeth Cleaning & Checkup • dMdW dI sPweI Aqy cY~kA`p

syvwvW :

Evening & Weekend Appointment Available


* Quality Products * Superior Service.

25+ Years in Business

No HST on Replacement Windows for the  monthPractising of May &   For Over 10 Years  June


quhwfy pirvwr leI...qMdrusq qy suMdr muskwn CITY OF DELTA




72 Ave.





#111 - 7130 120th Street, Surrey, BC

Near Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Ground Floor of Satnam Plaza




Attractive, Energy Efficient And Quality Windows For Your Dream Home Or Housing Projects Or For Renovation


70 Ave.

Dr. Anjanpal Kaur Bhalla

Financing Available (OAC)

Phone: (604) 597 - 5033

13120 - 76 Ave, Surrey, BC




• • • •




A6 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

cIn ny bxweI Bwrq nUM Gyrn dI rxnIqI nvIˆ id`lI: cIn Bwrq nUM Gyrw pwaux dIAwˆ koiSSwˆ kr irhw hY[ drAsl Bwrq dIAwˆ AmrIkw nwl nzdIkIAwˆ krky cIn nUM l`gdw hY ik Bwrq aus dy rwh dw p`Qr bx skdw hY[ iesy krky cIn Bwrq dy guAwˆFIAwˆ nwl XwrI pwaux dy c`kr iv`c hY[ ihMd mhwswgr iv`c vI AwpxI POjI mOjUdgI nUM vDw irhw hY[ nypwl, bMglwdyS qy pwiksqwn iv`c cIn lgwqwr AwpxI hwzrI vDw irhw hY[ swP hY ik cIn Awaux vwly smyˆ iv`c Bwrq ‘qy dbwA pwaux dI iqAwrI kr irhw hY[ihMdusqwn nUM Gyrn leI cIn ny sitRMg AwP prls qihq kdm vDwauxy SurU kr id`qy hn[ cIn ny Bwrq dy guAwˆFIAwˆ nUM AwriQk mdd qy qr`kI dw lwlc dy ky nypwl qoˆ lY ky bMglwdyS q`k AwpxI swˆJydwrI SurU kr id`qI hY[imAwˆmwr dy ikAwkipaU iv`c vI cIn bMdrgwh bxw irhw hY[ aus dI iQlwvw bMdrgwh ‘qy vI cInI POj dw Awauxw-jwxw l`igAw hY[

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‘hwQI Aqy fRYgn lVnw C`f ky iek`Ty rihx’ bIijMg-cIn dy ivdyS mMqrI vwˆg XI dw kihxw hY ik cInI fRYgn Aqy BwrqI hwQI nUM Awps ivc lVnw nhIˆ cwhIdw[ blik aunHwˆ nUM iek`Ty iml ky rihxw cwhIdw hY[ aunHwˆ dw ieSwrw Bwrq Aqy cIn ivckwr sMbMDwˆ v`l sI[ vwˆg ny Awpxy swlwnw p`qrkwr sMmyln ivc dohwˆ dySwˆ nUM Awpxy mwnisk mqBydwˆ nUM h`l krn Aqy do-p`KI sMbMDwˆ nUM ibhqr bxwaux leI dUrIAwˆ Gtwaux leI ikhw[ cIn-Bwrq sMbMDwˆ ‘qy vwˆg ny ikhw,’’kuJ pRIiKAwvwˆ Aqy muSklwˆ dy bwvjUd cIn-Bwrq sMbMD ibhqr ho rhy hn[‘’ aunHwˆ ny ikhw ik cIn-pwiksqwn AwriQk korIfor, jYS-ey-muhMmd pRmu`K msUd Azhr nUM sMXukq rwStr ivc AMqr rwStrI A`qvwdI AYlwn krn sMbMDI Bwrq dIAwˆ koiSSwˆ nUM cIn v`loˆ blwk kIqw jwxw Aqy prmwxU splweI krqw smUh (AY`n. AY`s. jI.) ivc Bwrq dy dwKly nUM rokxw smyq keI mu`idAwˆ ny bIqy swl cIn-Bwrq sMbMDwˆ nUM pRBwivq kIqw[ hwlwˆik vwˆg ny ikhw ik dohwˆ dySwˆ nUM Awpxy mwnisk mqByd dUr krny cwhIdy hn[

AMfymwn inkobwr qoˆ qkrIbn 50 iklomItr dI dUrI ‘qy koko twpU ‘qy cIn AwpxI qwkq vDw irhw hY[dsMbr 2017 iv`c SRIlMkw ny cIn nUM AwpxI hMbntotw port 99 swl leI dy id`qI sI[ mqlb fRYgn dI mOjUdgI ihMd mhwswgr iv`c vDx jw rhI hY[ Awaux vwly smyˆ iv`c cIn AwpxI POj ‘qy Krcw vI vDw irhw hY[ cIn dw pUrw Poks iesy ‘qy hY ik iks qrHwˆ Bwrq ‘qy dbwA vDwieAw jwvy[


tYks BrvwE

Personal Tax Business Tax Corporate Tax Book Keeping, T4, Payroll, GST, WCB


prsnl tYks ibznYs tYks kOrporyt tYks

AsIN nvW ibjnYs Kolx jW ibjnYs bMd krn c’ mdd krdy hW

hr qrW dy Pwrm BrvwE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

pwsport Pwrm ieMfIAw dw lweIP tweIm vIzw AOn lweIn ieMfIAn vIjw - AYplIkySn knyfw pYnSn AyYplIkySn buFwpw pYnSn AYplIkySn nwm bdlI srtIPIkyt AmrIkw jwx Aqy knyfw Awaux leI Pwst lyn pws AYplIkySn 8. pUils klIAryNs srtIPIkyt (ieMfIAw)

1. Passport Form 2. OCI- Life Time Visa of India 3. Indian Visa Application 4. CPP Application 5. OAS Application 6. Name Change Certificate 7. Nexus Pass 8. Police Clearance Certificate from India





8:30 To 6:30

#103 8140-120th St, Surrey, BC

iemIgRySn Aqy vIzw





604-649-9040 604-597-6661


Over 25 years of banking experience working with major credit unions and banks

‘‘iemwndwr, ivSvwSXog Aqy Bro BrossyX yXog og sysyvv

‘‘iemwndwr, ivSvwSXog Aqy Private funds SUPER available in 24 hours VISA

• • • • • •

Residential IMMIGRATIONVISAS Commercial J ÕËé¶âÅ Çò¾Ú Õ¹¾Õ, àð¾Õ âðÅÂÆòð» Áå¶ ÕÅÇîÁ» çÆ ñ¯ó þÍ Construction J Ç÷îÆçÅð Áå¶ ÇÕÃÅé òÆ Ô¹ä ÕËé¶âÅ çÆ Ç§îÆ×z¶ôé ñË ÃÕç¶ ÔéÍ Land financing J ÕËé¶âÅ Çò¾Ú Ãà±â˺à Áå¶ òðÕ òÆ÷¶ òÅñ¶ òÆ Ç§îÆ×z¶ôé ñË ÃÕç¶ ÔéÍ First time buyers +01604-649-9040RAVINDERSINGHDHIR Refinances & renewals +01604-597-6661

MemberICCRC,CAPIC&FellowCMI Contacttodayforconsultation

(Licensed Canadian Company)

#288-12899-76 Ave, Surrey, B.C. Email :

Oath Commissioner / Immigration Consultant.

Honest And Fast Service Guaranteed !

(Licensed Canadian Company) #266-12899-76 Ave, Surrey, B.C. V3W 1E6, C Email : visa@sh


Fax: 604.503.2948 Email:

Ravinder Singh Dhir, RCIC


vDIAw mOrgyz ryt Aqy cMgI srivs leI swnUM Pon kro Cell:


ÕËé¶âÅ î±ò Ô¯ä çŠùÇéÔðÆ î½ÕÅ

#204 12885-80th Ave Surrey, BC V3W OE6

Navjit Singh Bains Mortgage Advisor

Each mortgage centre office is independently owned and operated.

Please call for good mortgage rates and good service

Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A7

SRI SRI rvISMkr ivru`D drj hovy kys:EvYsI brylI—Awrt AwP ilivMg dy muKI SRI SRI rvISMkr Aqy Awl ieMfIAw mjils-eyieiqhwdul muslmIn dy muKI AsdUdIn EvYsI drimAwn iq`Ky jvwbI hmly vyKx nUM imly[ kwrn bixAw SRI SRI rvISMkr dw AXu`iDAw vwlw auh ibAwn, ijs ivc aunHwˆ ikhw sI ik ivvwd dy h`l nw hox ‘qy Bwrq sIrIAw bx jwvygw[EvYsI ny rvISMkr dy ies ibAwn nUM BVkwaU d`sidAwˆ aunHwˆ ivru`D kys drj krn dI mMg qk kr id`qI[ SRI SRI ny tivtr rwhIˆ EvYsI ‘qy jvwbI hmlw kIqw Aqy iliKAw ik Alrt krn nUM DmkI Aqy sdBwvnw nUM hmlw mMnxw mwVI Aqy ivgVI soc dw pRqIk hY[ SRI SRI rvISMkr ny Adwlq qoˆ bwhr rwm mMdr dy mu`dy nUM h`l kIqy jwx sbMDI Awpxy ibAwn bwry

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rwm mMdr mwmlw:iSv sYnw ny SRI SRI ‘qy boilAw hmlw muMbeI—iSv sYnw ny rwm mMdr mwmly ivc dKlAMdwzI krn leI Awrt AwP ilivMg dy sMsQwpk SRI SRI rvISMkr ‘qy hmlw bolidAwˆ ikhw hY ik BwrqI jnqw pwrtI cwhy qwˆ iek AwrfInYˆs jwrI kr skdI hY Aqy 24 GMitAwˆ AMdr rwm mMdr dI auswrI SurU krvw skdI hY[ iSv sYnw ny Awpxy rswly ‘swmnw’ dy sMpwdkI ivc iliKAw hY ik Kud dyvdUq SRI SRI rvISMkr ipCly 2 swl qoˆ rwm mMdr mwmly ivc dKlAMdwzI kr ky g`lbwq ivc iek iDr bxn dI koiSS kr rhy hn[ SRI SRI ny hux ikhw hY ik jy ieh mu`dw h`l nw hoieAw qwˆ Bwrq ivc vI sIrIAw vrgy hwlwq bx skdy hn[ sMpwdkI muqwbk jy iek Dwrimk gurU ny AijhI DmkI id`qI hY qwˆ ies dI jwˆc krvweI jwxI cwhIdI hY[ iks qrHwˆ dw hY ieh Awrt AwP ilivMg ijQy lokwˆ nUM DmkI id`qI jwˆdI hY[


Unit 201, 12057-82 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3W3E4


WCB,ICBC( kuE`lIP`eIf mrIz~ nMU pYsy dyx dI loV nhIN!)

syv`v~ :

•kwieroprYkitk •PIzIEQYrypI •mswj QYrypI •Bwr Gtwau •AYkUpMkcr •nYcuropYQ •ivtwimnz •pYrW dy pqwvy •rIhYb QYrypI •lyzr QYrypI •klIinkl kONsilMg

sInIAr MSP (kwieroprYkitk)

mrIzW vwsqy koeI PIs nhIN

Dr. Jasminder K. Pannu B.A., B. Sc., D.C.

EsIN hyT ilKIE~ syv`v~ pRd`n krdy h~:

•ip@T d` drd •isr drd/ DOx d` drd •mslz dI iK@c/ moc •moF`/b~h qy h@Q d` drd •l@q dI drd/rIE dI drd/ pYr~ d` drd •kMm n`l/Kyf~ n`l sbMiDq s@t~ •EYksIfYNt n`l sbMiDq s@t~ •b`icAW Aqy grBvqI AOrqW nwl sbMDq muSklW

grdn/ip@T/rIVH dI h@fI dI sm@isE`v~ leI n`n srjIkl sp`eInl fIkYmprYSn QYrypI (koeI srjrI Eqy koeI dv`eI nhIN) LOSE UPTO 20-30 LBS WITHOUT DIET OR EXERCISE IN ONE MONTH

üMelt Away LBS of Fat Everyday üQuickly Reset Your Metabolism NO EXERCISE NO DIETING NO INJECTIONS


FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! Book Your FREE 30 Minute Weight Loss Consultation Now.

M bI.sI, Albrtw,vwiSMgtn, Erygon Aqy kYlyPornIAw S. & J. Transport Ltd. swnUvwsqy Enr EprytrW Aqy frweIvrW dI qurMq loV hY SERVING WESTERN STATES

s`nUM qjrbyk`r fr`eIvr vI c`hIdy hn | fr`eIvr~ nUM qnK`h bhuq hI vDIE` id@qI j~dI hY| hor j`xk`rI leI hyT ilKy tYlIPon nMbr qy E@j hI sMprk kro


PH: 604-592-9400 Fax: 604-591-9483



A8 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

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íÅÂÆÚÅð¶ çÆ Ã¶òÅ ñÂÆ Õñ¯òðâ¶ñ Çò¼Ú Ö¯ñ· Çç¼åÆ ÔË

* Home * Auto * Business * Commercial * Trucking Your Certified & ExpertAdvisor

ùÇÖ³çð ÇÃ³Ø Ç×¼ñ

AIII 寺 íÅÂÆÚÅð¶ çÆ Ã¶òÅ Çò¼Ú

Sukhinder S. Gill MSc, B.ED 604.724.4700

up to 70% Off


Awpxy BweIcwry dw jwixAw pihcwixAw Aqy mMinAw pRmMinAw PrnIcr stor

knyfw ivc iksy vI Sihr ivc PrnIcr bhuq hI G~t kImq qy mMgvwa[

AsIN swry knyfw ivc filvrI krdy hW[

• Custom Made Sofa Set • Sectional Sofa with chaise • Accent Chair (you can choose fabric) • Mattress & Foam • Box Bed all sizes UPTO • Area Rugs • Coffee Tables • Dining Table • Centre Table • Bar Stool

50% OFF

We will beat any price.

Pom dy g~dy bhuq hI ssqy BwA qy lvo

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. Real Estate Purchase & Sale . Mortgage Documentation . Wills . Powers of attorney . Notarization . Affidavits . Statutory Declarations. . Other notarial services. . Sponsorship Letters

.irAl Astyt dI KrId Aqy vyc

.mOrtgyz dI fwkUmyNtySn .vsIAqnwmw .pwvr AwP AtOrnI .nOtrIzySn .AYPIfyivts .iekrwrnwmw .Aqy hor nOtrI sMbMDI syvwvW .spONsriSp lYtr

Notary Public, MA(ALS), MBA, BSc

#114-6377-168th St., Surrey, BC V3S 3Y2 (Next to Fruiticana) Tel: 604.372.0170

AsIN hr qrW dy kstm myf sOPy, bwks bYf bxwauNdy hW[ horW nwloN hjwrW fwlr ssqw Aqy vDIAw PrnIcr lYx leI sMprk kro[

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Harinder Dail

Ôð åð·» çÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à ìÔ¹å ÔÆ òÅÇÜì ð¶à Óå¶ ÕÆåÆ Ü»çÆ ÔË àð¼Õ Áå¶ àËÕÃÆ ÚñÅÀ°ä òÅÇñÁ» çÆ ÇâÃÁÇìñàÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à òÆ Õðç¶ Ô»Í ÇÕö òÆ åð·» çÆ Ç³ô¯ð˺à ÕðòÅÀ°ä 寺 êÇÔñ» ÃÅù ÇÂ¼Õ òÅð ÷ðÈð Çîñ¯Í


BwrqI jnqw pwrtI dy mu`K mMqrI dy aumIdvwr dy rUp iv`c swhmxy ilAwaux dw &Yslw ilAw hY pr AweIeyAYPtI nUM ieh svIkwr nhIˆ hY[pUrI


Come For Package Deal

#660, 7488 King George Blvd, Next to Burger King, Opp. Costco, Surrey PH:604-773-8622, CELL:778-773-5772

604-503-3853 Fax:604-503-3854

# 104- 7110 -120 ST, Surrey, BC

Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A9

AwstrylIAw jw ky PisAw modI dw ‘krIbI’ AfwnI ijs qrHwˆ dI qbwhI Bwrq iv`c PYlweI hY, auh dunIAwˆ ‘c nw PYlwey isfnI(ivnIq Kry)-AwstrylIAw iv`c AfwnI dI pRsqwivq koielw Kwx pRwjYkt dw keI mhIinAwˆ qoˆ ivroD ho irhw hY[‘stwp AfwnI’ pRcwrk klyAr jwnstn ny ikhw ik ‘’mYˆ gOqm AfwnI nUM khwˆgI ik aunHwˆ ny ijs qrHwˆ dI qbwhI Bwrq iv`c PYlweI hY, auh dunIAwˆ iv`c nw PYlwey[ AsIˆ aunHwˆ nUM dunIAwˆ iv`c Aijhw nhIˆ krn idAwˆgy”[ auh kihMdI hY, “AfwnI nUM rokxw zrUrI hY ikauˆik ieh kMpnI vwqwvrx dw Awdr nhIˆ krdI[‘’koielw ie`k Aijhw fwienosor hY ik ies nUM zmIn iv`c hI dbw dyxw cwhIdw hY[‘’ ivroDIAwˆ muqwibk ieh pRsqwivq Xojnw vwqwvrx leI ^qrnwk hY Aqy ies nwl

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ie`Qy hwˆ”[ smuMdr q`t ‘qy swnUM vwqwvrx ivigAwnI lwˆs pyn ny plwsitk dy f`ibAwˆ iv`c bMd koiely dy tu`kVy idKwey[ lwˆs dy muqwibk ieh tu`kVy aunHwˆ nUM smuMdr q`t ‘qy imly[ smuMdr q`t ‘qy ienHwˆ gMdIAwˆ cIzwˆ dw imlxw ^qrnwk hY... AsIˆ koielw k`Fdy hwˆ Aqy iPr koiely nUM vwqwvrx iv`c ibKyr idMdy hwˆ[ ieh cMgw nhIˆ hY”[ mwihrwˆ dI mMnIey qwˆ swlwˆ qoˆ ies pRwjYkt iv`c Psy rihx qoˆ bwAd kMpnI iv`c bdl ‘qy ivcwr zrUr kr rhI hovygI[ ies dw bdl jo vI hovy, aus ‘qy Bwrq iv`c Kws crcw nhIˆ idK rhI[

Kraft Mortgages • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • •


Mortgage Rates* 5 YearFixed - 3.09% | 5 Year - 2.34% Variable ( Prime -.86)

Let’s talk about your future today. Call today to get a great mortgage solution!

VARUN CHAUDHRY Sr. Mortgage Professional P 604-727-1579

GURSHARAN S. DHALIWAL Sr. Mortgage Professional C 604-725-0134

Kraft Mortgages Canada | Mortgage Architects #202-12725-80 Ave Surrey BC.



kYnyf` v`ief ieMmIgrySn srviss ieMk.

ieMmIgrySn dy Kyqr ivc iek BrosyXog nwm ieMmIgrySn sbMDI syvwvW :


- Immigration Appeals of all rejected cases - Sponsorships (Spousal / Parents/Kids) - Skilled Workers (Points System), Adoptions - Entrepreneurs,Provincial Nominations & PR - Student, Worker, Visiter, Super & US Visas - Farmers (Under/Above) 40 Yrs. become PR * Won Number of Appeals From 2005 Till Date (2017). - Federal Skilled Trades Persons become PR - hr qrHW dy ieMmIgrySn dy PylH hoey kysW dIAW ApIlW ij`qx dy mwhr - Arranged Employment & Refugee Claims. - 2005 qoN A`j q`k (2017) AnykW ApIlW ij`qIAW - Nanny, Citizenship, Passports & PR Cards


swfI kwmXwbI dy sbUq vyKo


ieMmIgrySn dy PylH hoey kysW dIAW ApIlW spWsriSp (pqI-pqnI-mwpy-b`cy) pVHy ilKy kwmy (nMbrW dy AwDwr qy, god lYxw) CotI SRyxI dy vpwrI qy sUibAW dI nwmzdgI stUfYNt, kMm, ivjtr, supr qy XU.AYs vIjw ikswn 40 swl qoN hyTW Aqy au~pr vwly PYyfrl dsqkwrI kwmy qy pI Awr nOkrI dw bMdobsq qy riPaUjI kys nYnI, istIjniSp, pwsports qy pI.Awr kwrf

604.502.7774 #117-12888-80 th Ave., (York Centre) Surrey BC V3W 3A8


BALWINDER S. BRAR M.Sc., (D.Sc.) Member of ICCRC - R408159



A10 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

kI irhw hY Kwilsqwn bwry kYptn qy bwdl dw stYNf? wieAw sI[is`K KwVkUAwˆ dy sMGrS dw pihlw gyV swl 1984 iv`c sRI drbwr swihb ‘qy AwprySn bilaU stwr qihq POjI hmly nwl ^qm hoieAw[hwlwˆik ies hiQAwrbMd sMGrS dI AgvweI krn vwly sMq jrnYl isMG iBMfrwvwly ny ie`k nwArw hI bxwieAw sI- ‘sRI drbwr swihb ‘qy POjI hmlw ^wilsqwn dI nIˆh r`Kygw[‘ aunHwˆ ny AkwlI dl dI vrikMg kmytI v`loˆ Apxwey gey sRI AwnMdpur swihb 1973 dy mqy nUM lwgU krvwaux leI dbwA pwieAw sI[ies dw rwjsI inSwnw hY ik is`K pMQ dy dsm pwqSwh dy AwdySwˆ qy is`K ieiqhws dy AwDwr ‘qy c`ilAw jwey Aqy ausdw mksd *Kwlsw jI dw bol bwlw* hY[Kwlsw dy jnm isD AiDkwr nUM idRStmwn krn leI loVIˆdy dySkwl qy rwjsI ivDwn dI isrjnw pRwpqI, SRomxI AkwlI dl dy buinAwdI Fwˆcy dI nIˆh hY[ ies mqy nUM 1977 iv`c AkwlI dl v`loˆ AwpxI jnrl hwaUs mIitMg iv`c ie`k nIqI pRogrwm qihq ApxwieAw igAw sI[ Agly hI swl AkqUbr 1978 iv`c luiDAwxw kwnPrMs dOrwn pwsw v`t ilAw igAw[^udmu^qwrI bwry 1978 AwnMdpur swihb dw mqw ies qrHwˆ hY: *SRomxI AkwlI

*jgqwr isMG p`qrkwr jdoˆ vI is`Kwˆ dI Kudmu^qwrI jwˆ Kwilsqwn dI mMg au`TdI hY, qwˆ swirAwˆ dw iDAwn BUgoilk p`Koˆ BwrqI pMjwb v`l jwˆdw hY[is`K Drm dy moFI gurU nwnk dyv jI dw jnm sQwn nnkwxw swihb A`j pwiksqwn iv`c siQq hY[pMj vwr sUby dy mu`K mMqrI rih cu`ky pRkwS isMG bwdl aunHwˆ AkwlI AwgUAwˆ iv`coˆ hn, ijnHwˆ ny kdy ^wilsqwn dI mMg cu`kI sI[hux Kwilsqwn dI mMg AmrIkw, kYnyfw Aqy XUky vrgy dyswˆ iv`c vsy keI is`Kwˆ v`loˆ cu`kI jw rhI hY[ieh Xwd krnw auicq hY ik pMjwb iv`c 1966 dI ‘ir-AwrgnweIzySn’ qoˆ pihlwˆ 60ivAwˆ dy A`D ‘c pihlI vwr AkwlI AwgUAwˆ ny is`Kwˆ leI ^udmu^qwr siQqI dw mu`dw cu`ikAw sI[^wilsqwn dI pihlI mMg kuJ is`K AwgU ijvyˆ ieMglYˆf qoˆ crn isMG pMCI qy iPr 70ivAwˆ dy Sur iv`c fwktr jgjIq isMG cOhwn ny kIqI sI[ fw. jgjIq isMG cOhwn 70 dy dhwky iv`c brqwnIAw nUM AwDwr bxw ky AmrIkw Aqy pwiksqwn dw dOrw vI krdy rhy sn[ kuJ nOjvwn is`Kwˆ ny ^wilsqwn nwl isAwsI audySwˆ leI 1978 iv`c cMfIgVH iv`c dl Kwlsw bx-



L t d

G@t kImq~/Brosywog syv`v~ General Maintenance Repairs on Cars & Trucks Govt. Inspection Facility Propane Services by Certified Mechanics


EsIN k`r~, vYn~ qy tr@k~ dI irpyEr q@slIbKS qy G@t kImq~ qy krdy h~

AMAN TAX & ACCOUNTING Ph: 604-716-1549 15

* PERSONAL INCOME TAX prsnl ienkm tYks Years * CORPORATE TAX * kwrporyt tYks Experience * ACCOUNTING * AkwauNitMg * BOOK KEEPING * bu`k kIipMg * PAYROLL & T4’S * py-rol qy T4’S * GST, PST, WCB * jI AYs tI / pI AYs tI

7436 - 123 St, Surrey BC

Darcy S Grewal


We’ve got the right mortgage for you


k`c dy F~kxW vwly cOrs fONgy Coringware dy imldy hn

Canister Sets

REG $1.99 EA.

$2.99 EA.




$ 99

REGULAR $1.99 ea




Gurinder (Luckie) Braich Manager, Mobile Mortgage Specialist Tel: 778 989 4010 E:


$ 00

please put new picture also the website address in both, also correct the abbotsford address it should be 32475 simon ave. Also Corelle Mugs REG Big & small bowls REG Big & small bowls $2.99 for the directory REG $2.99 $ad,99 $ 49 $ 79 $2.99 $ 99 EA. EA. EA. move "relines and rebases" to a separate Table Lamps line. If iu have to in order create space remove "denturists are denture specialists". Please send revised REG Lunch Plates White MugsThank u.REG $44.99/set proofs. 16pc set with


Contact me:

white bowl

So many Pattern

27 pcs Dinner sets

(bwkI sPw ey20 qy pVHo)

AmndIp isMG Professional Business Accountant (PBA)

pwiel ibjns sYNtr ivc #316 - 8128 -128 St, 82 Ave. & 128 strIt qy hY (rylvy Pwtk dy iblkul swhmxy)

New arrivals

ismrnjIq isMG mwn ny swl 1989 iv`c jylH ‘coˆ irhwA hox qoˆ bwAd ies mu`dy nUM cu`ikAw[hwlwˆik, swl 1992 iv`c ieh mu`dw rsmI qOr ‘qy AkwlI dl dy pRmu`K AwgUAwˆ v`loˆ cu`ikAw igAw sI[ ies sbMDI aunHwˆ ny 22 ApRYl, 1992 nUM sMXukq rwStr dy jnrl sk`qr nUM ie`k mYmorMfm vI sOˆipAw sI[ mYmorMfm dw Aw^rI pYrw ies pRkwr sI,*is`Kwˆ dy AwriQk, smwjk Aqy s`iBAwcwrk h`kwˆ dI rwKI Aqy AwzwdI dI bhwlI leI pMjwb nUM POj dy Gyry ‘coˆ k`Fxw Aqy ZYr-bsqIvwdI bxwauxw Aihm kdm hY[ dunIAwˆ dIAwˆ swrIAwˆ Awzwd kOmwˆ vwˆg is`K kOm vI hY[ lokwˆ nUM AwzwdI nwl rihx dy h`k sbMDI sMXukq rwStr dy AYlwn-

vDIAw Aqy BrosymMd syvwvW leI sMprk kro:

102 - 12465-82nd Ave., Surrey, B.C.


dl nUM Aihsws hY ik Bwrq ie`k sMGI Aqy v`K v`K BwSwvwˆ, Drmwˆ Aqy s`iBAwcwrwˆ dI iekweI hY[ Dwrimk Aqy BwSw p`Koˆ G`t igxqIAwˆ dy buinAwdI AiDkwrwˆ dI r`iKAw leI, lokqMqirk prMprwvwˆ dIAwˆ mMgwˆ dI pUrqI krn Aqy AwriQk qr`kI nUM p`kw krn leI ieh zrUrI ho igAw hY ik sMivDwink srMcnw nUM kyˆdr Aqy sUibAwˆ dy sMbMDwˆ Aqy AiDkwrwˆ nUM muV pirBwSq krky aupr ilKy isDwˆqwˆ Aqy audySwˆ dy AwDwr ‘qy sMGI Fwˆcw hoxw cwhIdw hY[^wilsqwn dI mMg rsmI qOr ‘qy 29 ApRYl 1986 nUM KwVkU sMgTnwˆ dy swˆJy morcy pMQk kmytI v`loˆ kIqI geI[ies dw rwjsI inSwnw ieMJ ibAwn kIqw igAw sI:*piv`qr Akwl q^q swihb qoˆ A`j dy ^ws idhwVy ‘qy AsIˆ swry mulkwˆ, srkwrwˆ swhmxy AYlwn krdy hoey, aunHwˆ nUM d`s rhy hwˆ ik A`j qoˆ Kwlsw pMQ dw ‘^ilsqwn’ Al`g Gr hovygw, ij`Qy swry Kwlsy dy AwSy muqwbk cVHdI klw iv`c rihxgy[Aijhy is`Kwˆ nUM srkwrI pRbMD clwaux leI au`cy AhuidAwˆ dI izMmyvwrI id`qI jwvygI, ijhVy srbq dy Bly leI kMm krdy hox Aqy Awpxy ^Un-psIny dI kmweI nwl guzwrw krdy hoxgy[ BwrqI puils dy swbkw AweIpIAY`s A&sr





10oz REGULAR $2.99


$ 69


jy qusIN dMd lvwauxy hn jW iPr lgvwey hn dMd purwxy hn hux nvyN lgvwauxy hn blrwj ig`l nUM Pon kro




Corelle Bowls


korl dy K`uly BWifAW qy bhuq BwrI syl

quhwfy lvwey dMd iF`ly hn jW tu`t gey hn blrwj nwl ApwieMtmyNYNt bxwau qy Kwxw cMgI qrHW KwE jy quhwfy swry dMd nhIN inkly pr Kwxw TIk qrHW nhIN Kw huMdw qW blrwj nUM imloieh quhwfI syvw leI srI Aqy AYbtsPorf ivc hn

blrwj G ig`plates l CorelleisMlunch

pMjwbI Aqy AMgryzI boldy hW

muPq slwh leI kwlREG kro: $2.99 EA.

SURREY LOCATION #211-8334-128 ST. FLOOR KHALSA BUSINESS CENTRE) Big(2nd & small bowls



$ 79


REG $69.99 EA.





R $6 E

Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A11

Evening And Weekend Classes Also Available

Unit 201 32112 S Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1W4 Phone: 604-504-7300

A12 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

T59836Punjabi_(DBC2018) Postcard (translate)_Print.pdf



1:21:16 PM

Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A13

9 2 – 6 2 c r f m

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spirMg 2018









sImq sItF

afpxy imsLn dI cox kro

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“sB qoN vDIaf ihwsf sfrI ikReytIivtI aqy poRzwktIivtI dyKx aqy Aus qoN AuqsLfihq hox aqy pRyrnf lYx df mOkf imlxf sI[ hr koeI ieMnIaF vDIaf cIjLF bxfAuNdf hY!” cYafnIaf | aYnImysLn

ivjLUal iePYkts Pfr iPlm aYNz aYnImysLn 2zI aYnImysLn aYNz izjLItl afrt izjLItl PotogRfPI eIvYNt aYNz poRmosLnjL mYnyjmYNt gRfiPk aYNz izjLItl izjLfien nYWtvrk sikAurtI `qy aOnlfeIn rijstr hovo

A14 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

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Pain Disrupting Your Life?


We Specialize In Complete Car & Truck Seat Fabrication

• Leather Car Seat Covers • Leather Truck Covers • Bus Seat Covers • Truck Lino • Loose Covers • Dining Chair Covers

Viral Trivedi, Physiotherapist


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Work • Neck, Back & Joint Pain Specialised ICBC Orthopaedic Claims Injury • Spinal Decompression Assessment Claims • Sports Injuries • AcupuncturejgjIq isMG ep • Yoga & Exercise Therapy We ke g! in you go • One on One Training Call for a FREE initial consultation


Unit 106-12837 88 Ave., Surrey Corner of 128 St and 88 Ave.




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Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A15

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rAwdw ‘c drj b`jr kurihq dw doSI pwieAw igAw[su`cw isMG lMgwh nUM pMQ iv`coˆ Cyk id`qw igAw sI[lMgwh AY`sjIpIsI dI Drm pRcwr kmytI dy mYˆbr vI sn[lMgwh nUM SRomxI AkwlI dl ny ielzwm l`gx qoˆ bwAd pwrtI iv`coˆ k`F id`qw sI[hux jsits AjIq isMG bYˆs v`loˆ kIqI mMg ny ies kys nUM lY ky nvyˆ isry qoˆ crcw CyV id`qI hY[

EJM PorkilPt tryinMg sYNtr

nvqyj isMG hurW dw PorkilPt tryinMg dw ipCly 15 swlW qoN vI vD purwxw qjrbw hY

Specializing in:

22Kt & 24Kt

PorkilPt dw lwiesYMs lvo

- Ready Made & Custom Made - Jewellery, Repairs - Lucky Birth Stones, - Appraisals

•qjrbykwr srtIPweIf ieMnstRktr •AMgryjI jW pMjwbI iv`c kors •hPqy dy s`qy idn klwsW

Authorized Dealer

20% OFF


EOrq~ vI kors kr skdIE~ hn

ALL Watches (3 Yrs Limited Warranty)

nvqyj isMG m`n SURJIT S. KANDA

Diamond Ring 50% OFF

604-582-5849 9269 - 120th St. Delta BC V4C 6R8

hur~ nUM Pon kro

Cell: 604-562-3134 Off: 604-598-8577

#6-12848-85 Ave., Surrey BC dSmyS gurdv`r` s`ihb dy l`gy

“For all your insurance needs.”

Avtaar S. Gill 604.729.2000

Autoplan/cars HOUSE Homeowner & Rental Homes $450,000 Trucking & Cargo $550,000 Fleet & Prorate Travel Medical Insurance $650,000 Business Liability $750,000 Commercial & Construction Strata Property Tenant insurance Special Rates For Super Visa Insurance


• • • • • • • • •

Scott Road Insurance

AsIN suprvIzw leI mYfIkl ieMSorYNs vI krdy hW Aqy vIzw nw imlx qy pYsy vwps krdy hW


$315,000 $385,000 $455,000 $525,000

Open 7 Days a Week hPqy dy s~qy idn Ku~ldy hW


1 1 1 1

Million Million Million Million


$302 /YR $346 /YR $407 /YR $467 /YR

We Specialize in: Cargo, Prorate & Fleet Insurance We help in setting up new trucking companies

t~rkW Aqy trylrW dy PwienWs leI mdd krdy hW[

#107 (Satnam Plaza) 7130 120 St, Surrey, Ph: 604-597-2700, Fax: 604-597-2900, ,


A16 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

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kihMdw krwˆgy nvyˆ vzIr BrqI, Aw lYxdy mwrc cwr bwbw[ m`KI bih geI nUM ‘qy nhwiqAwˆ dy, jdoˆ kr igAw bMd bzwr bwbw[ brwV-Bgqw BweI kw


Awpxy 10+2 pVy • Canadian Experience Class irSqydwr nUM kYnyfw • Family Sponsorship mMgvwaux leI A~j • Provincial Nominees hI sMprk kro[ • Visitors Visa / Skilled Workers • Quebec Immigration • Immigration & Investment Programs For Farmers / Businessmen • Business / Entrepreneurs / Investor Immigration • Temporary Workers NOTE • Extension Of Temporary Visa THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THE • Restoration Of Status ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN THE PUNJAB GUARDIAN ARE SOLELY THE • Refugee Claims PERSONAL VIEWS / OPINON OF THE • Citizenship Application WRITERS AND THE EDITOR OR PUNJAB GUARDIAN IS IN NO WAY RELATED , RESPONSIBLE OR HAS GRANTED ANY CONSENT TO THEM WHAT SO EVER.

604-575-8000 Tel: 604-572-4000 FAX: 604-572-7268


Unit #262 —12899 76TH Ave

Balwinderjit Singh Bassi

Certified Immigration Consultant Member ICCRC



Sales: Kanwaljit Singh Phone: 604-836-0936 Phone: 206-909-3653 (USA) Email: Email:





Consulting Editor D.S. Gill Advocate, Ludhiana

Editor: Harkirat Singh Phone: 604-834-1017 Email:

British Columbia

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ijauˆ lmkdy au`T dy bu`lH vwˆgUM, mwswhwrI aufIky iSkwr bwbw[ Jwk bYTy AY ‘Bgqw’ lweI fUMGI, lYx vzIrIAwˆ dI bMnH kqwr bwbw[




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sUrq - ivSv ihMdU pRISd dy kOmwˆqrI kwrjkwrI pRDwn pRvIn qogVIAw dI kwr dI ieQy iek tr`k nwl t`kr ho geI[ KuSiksmqI nwl qogVIAw hwdsy ‘c vwl-vwl bc gey[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik ieh myry kql dI iek swizS hY[ zY`f pls sur`iKAw hox dy bwvjUd vI aunHwˆ nUM puls dI AYskwrt nhIˆ iml rhI[ Kbrwˆ muqwbk bu`Dvwr svyry jdoˆ qogVIAw AwpxI kwr ‘c jw rhy sn qwˆ ip`Coˆ Aw rhy iek tr`k ny aunHwˆ dI kwr ‘c t`kr mwrI[ qogVIAw ny dwAvw kIqw ik aunHwˆ puls nUM Awpxy rUt sbMDI pihlwˆ hI sUicq kr id`qw sI[ ies dy bwvjUd aunHwˆ nUM puls dI AYskwrt nhIˆ imlI[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik auh sUbw srkwr ivru`D puls kol iSkwieq krngy[



* * * * * * *

hoieAw c`j dw nw kMm koeI, nw hI vwDw iv`c srkwr bwbw[ swl guzirAw lwry lwauˆidAwˆ nUM, bYTw cu`p dI GuMgxI mwr bwbw[

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Disclaimer pMjwb gwrfIAn ipCly 20 swl qoN quhwfI syvw ivc hwjr hY[Awpxy vfmu`ly ivcwr pwTkW nwl sWJy krn leI 'pMjwb gwrfIAn' nUM jrUr Byjo[quhwfy v`loN AweI ilKq dw svwgq hY, prMqU pMjwb gwrfIAn ivc CpIAW rcnwvW lyKkW dI in`jI rwey au~pr ADwrq hn Aqy auhnW nwl sMpwdk jW Adwrw pMjwb gwrfIAn dw sihmq hoxw jrUrI nhIN[ The views expressed in the articles published in the punjab guardian are solely the personal views / opinon of the writers and the editor or punjab guardian is in no way related , responsible or has granted any consent to them what so ever.


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Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A17

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rwq nO ku vjy dw vkq hoxw b`s krnwl kol sI[ mY A`D su`qI ijhI sPr kr rhI sI[ AYny nUM Pon dI GMtI v`jI, mYN Pon cu`kidAW Piqh bulweI qW A`igEN Avwj AweI BYxy mwP krnw mYN quhwnUM Pon kIqw pr mYnUM nINd nhIN Aw rhI sI, bMdw qW mYN gMdw hI hW pr A`j mihsUs hoieAw ik mYN ikaNu is`KI qoN t`t igAw[myrw nwm ibkrm hY mYN AwrkYstrw dw kMm krdw hW, lgwqwr bol rhy ibkrm nUM ikhw” vIr mYN b`s iv`c hW Avwj k`t rhI hY mY svyry g`l krWgI”[ ibkrm ny “cMgw BYxw” kih ky Pon k`t id`qw myrI b`s krIb pOxy ku bwrW krnwl bweIpws id`lI l``gI auQoN Awto irkSw qy bYT ky Gr clI geI[audoN q`k svw bwrW rwq dy v`j cu`ky sI[ svyry svw ku A`T vjy aus ibkrm dw iPr Pon AwieAw kihx l`gw “pihlw qw mwPI mMgdw hY rwq quhwnUM Pon krky ky pRySwn kIqw[ pr g`l hI AijhI sI mYnUM swrI rwq nINd nhI AweI[Asl iv`c BYxy mYN auhnW dy Gr igAw sI ij`Qy qusIN A`j kIrqn krn gey sI[g`lW g`lW iv`c pqw l`gw ik pirvwr vwilAW ny

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iemIgRySn - notrI syvwvW - supr vIzw ieMSorYNs syvwvW leI

Notary Services:

12 qr~H dIE~ ku@kIE~

K`ls` bykrI EYNf svIts hux qusIN kyk aupr E`pxI Poto vI bxv` skdy ho|

hux qh`nUM pIzy dIE~ rotIE~ Gr bx`aux dI loV nhIN| hux qsIN s`fy koloN iblkul q`zIE~ rotIE~ KRId j~ E`rfr ‘qy vI bxv` skdy ho

kstm myf kyk * jnmidn kyk ivE`h v`sqy kyk * p`rtI slYb kyk Custom Made Cake * Birthday Cakes Wedding Cakes * Party Slab Cakes

hux qusIN bykrI d` s`r` sm`n s`fy koloN lY skdy ho|

qusIN s`fy koloN ibn~ EMifE~ qoN kyk lY skdy ho

ieQoN qusIN kYirt kyk, lYmn kyk, PrUt kyk, bn`n` EYNf m`rbl kyk, mPn, k@p kyk, font qy ibskut lY skdy ho|

KHALSA BAKERY & SWEETS srI ivc s`fI iek hI lykySn hY

snS`eIn fr`ieivMg skUl dy hyT~

PH: 604-572-2928 13136-84TH AVE., SURREY BC Open Mon-Sun 9am to 6pm

b`kI stor qy E` ky dyKo

• Real Estate Transfers • Mortgage Refinancing Documents • Business Purchase/Sale • Powers of Attorney • Wills Preparation and Searches • Certified True Copies of Documents • Contracts and Agreements • Representation Agreements • Estate Planning • Authentication and Legalization • Affidavits • Statutory Declaration Email: Website:

Immigration Services: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Visitor Visa Student Visa Provincial Nominee Program LMIA PR cards & Citizenship Work Permit Express Entry Family sponsorship Business Programs Nanny Humanitarian & Compassionate Immigration Appeal Email: Website:


Ph: 604-817-3022

Mohamed Salim Contractor M.Sc, M.A. (Applied Legal Studies)

Notary Public / Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant


Office Address: Unit#219 7928, 128Street, Surrey, BC 6045035025(Office), 6045035045(Fax) 6048173022(cell)

Mon to Fri - 9:00 to 5:30pm Sat - 11:00 to 4pm Sun - By Appointment Only

A18 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

BwrqI POj AmrIkw, rUs Aqy cIn PlorIfw golIkwˆf qoˆ bwAd AmrIkw ‘c gMn syPtI qoN mgroN dunIAw dI cOQI v`fI POj ibl pws, hiQAwr ^rIdx dI aumr h`d vDweI

nvIˆ id`lI— dunIAw dIAwˆ sB qoˆ qwkqvr 5 POjwˆ ‘c BwrqI POj vI Swml ho geI hY[ globl Pwier pwvr rYˆikMg ‘c dunIAw dIAwˆ sB qoˆ qwkqvr POjwˆ dI sUcI ‘c Swml 133 dySwˆ ivcoˆ Bwrq cOQy nMbr ‘qy hY[POjI SkqI p`Koˆ Bwrq qoˆ A`gy isrP 3 dyS AmrIkw, rUs Aqy cIn hn[ Bwrq dw guAwˆFI dyS pwiksqwn ies sUcI ‘c 13vyˆ nMbr ‘qy hY[ jI. pI. AY`P. rYˆikMg ivc ieh ikhw igAw hY ik cIn ijs rPqwr nwl AwpxIAwˆ POjI smr`Qwvwˆ ‘c vwDw kr irhw hY, aus qoˆ mMinAw jwˆdw hY ik auh jldI hI rUs nUM pCwV ky dUjy nMbr ‘qy Aw jwvygw[ ies sUcI ivc POjI soimAwˆ, kudrqI soimAwˆ Aqy BUgoilk siQq nUM iDAwn ‘c r`K ky rYˆikMg pRdwn kIqI geI hY[ sUcI ivc dySwˆ dI pRmwxU SkqI nUM Ajy nhIˆ igixAw igAw pr pRmwxU hiQAwrwˆ dI smr`Qw nUM AMk zrUr id`qy gey hn[r`iKAw bjt vI ies Anumwn ‘c pRmu`K BUimkw inBw irhw hY[ iks dyS kol ikMny POjI-jI. pI. AY`P. rYˆikMg muqwbk rUs kol 42,07,250 POjI hn[ cIn kol 37,12,500 jvwn hn Aqy aus dy srgrm POjIAwˆ dI igxqI 2,60,000 hY[ Bwrq kol 13,62,500 srgrm POjIAwˆ dI POj hY[


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20 + s ky. AYs. AYs. mkYnIkl ilm. kMpnI Yearence nUM plMibMg, hIitM g Aqy gYs iPitMg dy Renovations Ltd. Experi RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL kMm vwsqy qzrbykwr vrkrW dI loV We Specialize In: AsIN hr qrW dI rYnovySn krdy hW IMMIGRATION &swrPLACEMENT LAWYERS hY[qnKwh qjrby Anu vDIAw - All Types Of Renovations - lYmInyt, hwrfvu`f Plor - Flooring, Tiles, Framing, Drywall - krwaUn molifMg, bys borf id`qI jwvygI[kMm Pu`l tweIm, hPqy dy - Laminate, Hardwood Floors - vwSrUmW dw hr qrW dw kMm - Crown Moulding, Base Board All Kind of Washroom Jobs ielYktRIkl, plMibMg,pyNt, bwQrUm nvW jW 6 idn srI, ircmMf Aqy vYnkuvr - Basement Finishing - Finishing Carpentry purwxw , snfYk , ikcn kYbint, - Siding - Soffits - Roofing - Painting gtr klIinMg, PYNs , kMplIt bysmYNt, hovygw[nvyN vrkr vI tryNf kIqy jWdy - Plumbing & all Electrical Work rI-rUiPMg ,Aqy nvyN gtr Awid krdy hW - All kinds of Inside & Outside Jobs hn[ 6 mhIny bwd vkySn - AMdr Aqy bwhrlI hr qrW dI rYnovySn dw kMm All Kinds of Renovations pyA/hOlIfyA pyA vI id`qI jwvygI[ We Also Do ates m i t s E All Fire Damaged Free ble Rates NEW & sMprk kro: kulvIr isMG sMGw a n o k eas R




Jas Kooner


Insured Jobs



SAHOTA LAW OFFICE #214 - 7928-128st. Surrey, BC V3W 4E8 Immigration to CANADA Family Litigation Immigration to USA

-Divorces (contested uncontested) -Marriage/Seperation Agreements

Criminal Law: Civil Matters:

-Assault, Theft, Impaired Driving Pirindar P. S. Sahota -Real Estate Transaction Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public Former Asstt. Advocate General Punjab

B-1 and B-2 Visas (Business and Visitor for USA) Affidavit of support (Letter of Invitation) Student Visa Refused Entry A) Grounds of inadmissibility B) Deportation C) Criminal Record D) Drunk Driving E) Overstay; and F) Medical grounds Advance Parole Travel Document

Check your current USA status E-2 Visa for Canadians L-1 Visa for Canadians Investor Visas Work Permit Family petitions and V Visas Green Card Lottery K Visas Refugee Cases Immigration Appeals USA Green Card Applications USA Citizenship Applications Passport Services and Name Change BIA Appeals

Ph: 604-507-9983

TRV (Business and visitor for Canada) Letter of invitation (Friends & Relatives) Student Visa Refused Entry A) Ground of Inadmissibility B) Deportation C) Criminal Record D) Overstay E) Medical Ground and F) Marriage Fraud Permanent Resiident card Travel Documents to travel India

Notary Services Available

Check your Current Immigration status PNP for all Provinces of canada Work permit for all catogories Work permit Applications for India Business Class Applications Nanny Applications Nurses and other Skilled visas Immigration Appeals(IAD) Judicial Review (Federal Courts) Permanent Resident Applications Fast Track Applications Arranged Employment Employer Services Refugee Cases

Fax: 604-596-9494

Injured in an accident? Sukhjit Bhatti 604-961-7800 ICBC claim? We can help.

We have professional and experienced staff. We cover all litigation expenses and if there is no recovery, there are no fees to you. Legal services also available in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu.

AweI.sI.bI.sI. Aqy prsnl ieMjrI klym swfyy kOl pRoPySnl Aqy qzrbykwr stwP hY[ muk`dmw nw ij~qx qy koeI PIs nhI leI jwvygI[ AsIN pMjwbI, ihMdI Aqy aurdU ivc g~l krdy hW

We handle accident issues related to: Brain and spinal cord injuries Fatality claims Chronic pain Soft tissue injuries All economic damages and losses Slip and fall injuries

For a fair settlement for your claim, call Mandeep Randhawa today.

Mandeep Randhawa,

B.Sc., L.L.B (UBC)

T 604 449 7500

#205 – 7134 King George Boulevard, Surrey, BC V3W 5A3 • F 604 449 7501 • TF 1 888 449 7573 •


Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A19

A20 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

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turban grooming service

Unique • Elegance • Pride pwrtIAW, PMkSnW Aqy ivAwhW aupr p~gW bnvwaux leI Kws pYkyj Lakky 778.838.2332

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Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A21

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                                            

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 

MANDEEP : 604•767•4954

* Old & New Homes * Town Houses, Apartments * Interior & Exterior * Stucco Paint * Roller Painting * Sky Paint for Ceiling  * Pressure Washing        * Any kind of Paint Job     * Spray Painting      * Fence Painting * Hardy Painting

JAGDEEP : 604•338•7147


A22 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

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sikErtI gwrfW dI loV RAG TV RAG Pindi Bhaji 778-803-5789

Best IPTV Box Service*

vYnkUvr pYtroilMg sikErtI kMpnI vwilAW nMU vYnkUvr leI All Punjabi, Urdu, rYgulIndian, r gwrfW dI Hindi, Aqy Loss and Prevention with AST English National / International / Sports and more than V hY[ PUHD ~l tweIm Aqy pwrt tweIm lweIsYNChannels s vwilAW dI lowith 2000 quality, no freezing, no buffering, We (not: SnIvwr,AYfrom qvwr dIbest idn Aqyserver. rwq dI iSPt leIcan pwrt beat any price. We also install and Security tweIm) sikErtI gwrfW dI loV hY[ AYSatellite kitv lwiesMs cwhIdw Cameras. Limited time offer. hY[

bhuq hI vDIAw BrosymMd srivs, ibnw iksy PirijMg, bPirMg, cMgI kuAwiltI dy nwl hr kImq nUM bIt krn dw vwAdw[ sunihrI mOky dw lwB auTwaux dy leI jldI sMprk kro[ swrI dunIAW dy 2000 qoN vI v`D ihM d I, pM j wbI, AM g ry j I, au r dU , sporS cYnl dy nwl vwjb kImq ayyuqy lwieAw jwvygw[ AsIN sYtylweIt Aqy kYmry vI ieMstwl krdy hW[ hor jwxkwrI leI jldI Pon kro[

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quhwnUM nvW AweI pI tI vI bwks isrP $230 ivc[ smyq 3 mhIinAW leI srivs PrI! ies qoN ielwvw gwrfIAn kUpn qy $20 dI hor Cot id`qI jwvygI[


RAG TV KrIdn qy Discount Coupon

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for best mortgage rates and truck, trailer and equipment finance/leasing Call Pinda Bhaji

Must Have Own Car & Fluent In Speak & Writing English To Apply for Job, Meet in Person and bring all documents.

Send Resume by Fax or Email



Phone: 604-597-6442

We ‘ve moved to new office: #204 7028 120th St Surrey


Save on Floors Ltd. Customer Satisfaction is our goal


• Life Insurance • Critical Insurance • Disability Insurance • Mortgage Insurance • Super Visa Insurance • Auto Insurance(ICBC) • TFSA & RRSP • Truck ,Trailer & Equipment Finance/leasing

$7,200 Govt. Grant


mOrgyz dy vDIAw ryt Aqy tR~k, trylr, iekuvmYNt PweInYNs



Lowest Prices

swnUM ie`k miTAweIAW bxwaux leI qjrbykwr hlvweI dI   loV hY ijs kol Gto Gt 5 swl dw qjrbw hovy[

We Provide Quality Wood Flooring & Service Call: Jagdeep (Rick) Dhillon

Ph: 604-596-2112, Cell: 778-881-2495 Unit # 108-8173-128th St, Surrey, BC V3W 4G1



 WE NEED AN  EXPERIENCED  SWEETMAKER, WHICH ATLEAST HAVE 5 YEARS  OF EXPERIENCE

 2 Locations to Serve you

#4-12818-72 Ave., Surrey, BC


#8A-31205 Old Yale Rd., Abbotsford, BC


88 W


Mar 09 to Mar 15, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A23

A`j hI Awpxw lyjr hyAr irmUvl ibjns SurU kro AYsQYitk ipCokV hoxw jrUrI nhIN




Truck, Trailer & Equipment Financing Expert

• New Trucks/Trailers • Used Trucks/Trailers • Refinance • Sale-Leaseback


VANCOUVER SPA SHOW PRICES * No Aesthetic Background Required To Train


ssqw, BrosyXog, inpMun Affordable, Reliable, Efficient • drd rihq ielwj • tryinMg Aqy srtIiPkySn lyzr dI kImq ivc Swml • hYlQ knyfw AprUvf • iek swl dI grMtI • koeI fwaUn tweIm nhIN • hryk hYNfl ivc 300,000 Swt • lIijMg Aqy PweInYNisMg auplbD hY

Ongoing Educational Support from Kaloya Dermatech LTD hor jwxkwrI leI Pon kro



9332 120 St. Surrey


Best Rates in the Market Quick Approval t~rk trylr Aqy hor BwrI mSInrI qy krzw lYxw hovy jW kmrSIAl mOrgyz lYxI hovy, vDIAw ryt Aqy jldI kMm leI Pon kro 20 Years Experience Working for The Banks & Credit Unions.


Open Little India Plaza, Unit 221, 8028 128 St. Surrey BC 7 Days a Week |

A24 The Punjab Guardian *Mar 09 - Mar 15, 2018

E paper – 09 march 2018 – section a 1 24 – the punjab guardian  
E paper – 09 march 2018 – section a 1 24 – the punjab guardian