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LOOKING FOR A CAREER IN HEALTHCARE? Our 6-month OPTICIAN / CONTACT LENS FITTER Program is entering 32nd year in Canada

Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A25

Supreme Travels Ltd. Dilbagh S.Sidhu

Directors (Jagraon Wale)

$20 OFF

BECOME AN OPTICIAN only 6-months!



AYfvWs bu~k krvw ky ssqIAW itktW dw lwB pRwpq kro[

Optical Dispensing is a high-growth industry with good pay and job security. Or, even start your own business!!

6-Month Classes begin September 10, 2018

Morning Classes 8:30am to 12:30pm Monday through Friday

BC COLLEGE OF OPTICS 208-10070 King George Blvd. Surrey BC



Amritpal S. Sidhu



*Selected Flights Only, Rates are subject to availability AvylyibiltI cYk krn leI Pon kro

Tel: 778-564-2090 Cell:778-558-5090 8296-B 120 St Scott Road, Surrey



(Residential & Commercial)

Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Vinyal Tiles, Floor, Walls, Custom Homes, Rennovations

Professional Installation at Competitive Rates Call for Free Estimates

Davinder Saini


• • • • •

Hot Water Wash House Wash Truck Wash Drive Way Gutter Clean & Much More!

• • • • • •

grm pwxI vrqdy hW iksy vI qrW dI Gr Doxy pRYSr vwiSMg dy tR~k Doxy PrI AYstImyt lYx leI A~j hI frweIvyA sMprk kro[ gtr swP krny iKVkIAW swP krnIAW Awid

Call Jas Brar for FREE Estimates:



A26 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

Catering Restaurant Going Beyond Your Expectations

We Do Catering For All Events


Specializing in: East Indian Cooking & Sweets for All Occasions

Fish/Chicken Pakora

We do catering for all events:

With one Free Naan


Chicken Pakora

604-588-RANA Open 7 Days - 11am to 9pm


• Gurdwara • Mandir • For Catering Enquiries Contact: Weddings • All Parties Avtar Rana 604-306-1108 • Tandoor Services Jay Rana 604-603-5171

AsIN gurdvwry Aqy ivAwhW leI 8910 120 Street Surrey hr qrW dI BwjI bxwauNdy hW[

Special Catering for Christmas Parties

Eat in or Take Out

PrnIcr vyArhwaUs hOlsyl


#2 7780 135A Street, Surrey BC V3W 6A9, Phone: 604.786.8735

Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A27


CLASSIFIEDS B&B Furniture - chair repair

ku`k dI loV

Bharti Art Jewellers

ikcn cyArW

Anmol svIts, #108-8363-128 strIt, srI, bI. sI. V3W4G1, nUM hr pRkwr dw dysI ishqmMd Aqy pOSitk au~qr BwrqI SwkwhwrI Kwxw bxwaux leI PUf spYSilt k`uk dI loV hY[ Kwxw pkwaux leI KuSk qy nmI vwly, imSrq qy tYNpirMg mswly, pYn PrwieMg Aqy qMdUrI FMg Swml hn[ Kwxw ishq Aqy surKIAq p`Dr dy AnukUl hoxw cwhIdw hY[Kwxw sMiKAw Aqy guxv`qw inXMqrn inrDwrn dy AnukUl hoxw cwhIdw hY[ dysI PUf spYSilt ku`k dy qOr qy iqMn swl dw qjrbw hoxw cwhIdw hY[ qnKwh $22.60 pRqI GMtw hovygI[ ikrpw krky sMprk kro eI myl : Anmol Sweets, #108 – 8363 – 128th St., Surrey, B.C., V3W4G1, requires an Ethnic Foods Specialty Cook to prepare a wide selection of healthy and nutritious North Indian style vegetarian meals. Cooking methods include dry and moist methods, blending and tempering spices, sautéing, pan frying, deep frying and tandoori. Must be adherent to strict health and safety standards. Must adhere to quantity and quality control specifications. Three years experience as an Ethnic Foods Specialty Cook required. Salary is $22.60 per hour. Please drop off, mail or e-mail resumes to

Gr ikrwey leI KwlI

ipCly 40 swlW qoN ibjns ivc



fweIinMg cyArW dI murMmq jW nvW k`pVw cVHwaux vwsqy sMprk kro[

kstmrz leI spYSl ryt

Pom dy mYtrs vI ieQoN imldy hn

Two Locations: 6612 Main St.Vancouver BC


12732-80 AYvyinaU srI


Unit 346 8140 128th St Surrey BC (Payal Business. Centre)



Diva Brow Bar & Spa Near The Lougheed Mall In Burnaby Looking A Girl For Threading And Waxing.Must Be Able To Speak Good English . Good Salary , Good Tips, Vacation Pay And Holiday Pay .

rUm Aqy nvW rYnovyt kIqw hoieAw Gr ikrwey leI KwlI hY[ sMprk

brnbI ivc lohIf mwl dy nyVy dIvw bro bwr AYNf spw vwilAW nUM QrYifMg Aqy vYkisMg krn leI lVkI dI loV hY[AMgryjI bolxI AwauNdI hovy[qnKwh cMgI, vDIAw it`p, vkySn pyA Aqy holIfyA pyA id`qI jwvygI[


hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:

srI ivc 125 strIt Aqy 96 AYvyinaU qy 3 bY~frUm auproN, 2 vwS-

For More Info Call @


604 558 3482

31 MARCH 2018

JJ Gill Drywall

vrkrW dI loV

Residential & Commercial



srI ivc Awto irpyAr Aqy trWsimSn ANMOL CONSTRUCTION LTD Swp nUM kMm krn leI Awto mkYink dI for all your construction & framing needs call: 778-861-4344 Contact: Mr. J. GILL loV hY[ mYfIkl Aqy dUjy bYnIiPt id`qy BRAR BROS. Cell: 604-537-4029 SIDING & TILES jwaugy[ ieMfstrI dI vDIAw qnKwh for all your siding KULWINDER GILL & tile needs id` I jwaugI[ Cell: 604-537-4129 call: 604-537-8386 604-497-1217, 778-708-3150

Ocean frweIivMg skUl -AsIN lrinMg tYst dI iqAwrI vI krvwauNdy hW -qusIN swfy koloN klws 5 Aqy klws 7 dw lwiesYNs lYx leI tryinMg lY skdy ho[ -swfy kol lyfIj ieMStr`ktr dw vI pRbMD hY -kwrW dy dohry styirMg qy bryk hn

vwizb ryt

AsIN fYltw, srI, klovrfyl, lYNglI, ircmMf, vYnkuvr Aqy brnbI ivKy tryinMg idMdy hW[

hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro

kulvIr kOr:


ving Ocean Dri School

mnjIq jgpwl


pMmw tYNt hwaUs

High Peak & Low Peak Tent Availble Here Gr iv`c iksy vI pRogRwm leI tYNt, tybl, kursIAW, gYs vwly cu`lyH, spIkr, BWfy Aqy hor jrUrI smwn ikrwey ‘qy lYx leI A`j hI gurdIp kOr m`lHI nUM Pon kro (604)596-3365 jW (604)762-5554

$30 / lYsn

A28 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

klwsIPweIf CLASSIFIEDS Workers Wanted

Preet Cabinet Doors & Furniture

0961857 BC Ltd., 5688-168St Surrey BC V3S 3X4 requires Full time seasonal farm workers to work on their vegetable farms. Wages offered are $12.65 per hour and duties include planting, harvesting, washing and grading vegetables. This positions requires no education, formal training or work experience. Accommodation is available if required. Interested candidates should be available to work anytime in different weather conditions and must be able to lift up to 55 lbs of vegetable boxes. Please, Call at 604-760-9563, fax resume to 604- 575-7819.

hr qrW dw PrnIcr ijvyN ikcn kYibnyt, pytI bY~f, tybl, sOPy Awid nvyN iqAwr kIqy jWdy hn Aqy hr sweIz dI spMj vI vycdy hW[ AsIN vDIAw Aqy motI 5/8 dI l~kV vrqdy hW[ PrnIcr KrIdn qoN pihlW l~kVI cY~k kro[

Satpal S. Sahota

604-613-0842 8984 151 St, Surrey BC V3R 8Y9





• Glass Railing • Aluminum Railing • Window Security Bars • Sliding Automatic Gates • Motor Gates • Automation Work • All Kinds of Steel • Fabrication Work • Patio Cover • Glass Patio • Flat Roof • Fence



GURPREET: 778.319.4683 SUKHI: 604.780.4312

# 8-12331- 84th Ave., Surrey

V3W 3G8

swnUM ryilNg dy kMm leI vrkrW dI loV hY[ A~j hI sMprk kro:

v`fy, Coty tYNt, myz, kursIAW, pqIly, stov Aqy tYNt, lweItW dw pUrw pUrw pRbMD hY[

v`fI, CotI pwrtI, ivAwh, mMgxw, Gr dI pwrtI jW brQfy pwrtI dy iksy vI pRogrwm vwsqy sMprk kro Hi & Low Peak Tent, Gas Stove, Tea Pot, Table, Chairs, Heater, Cooking Pot Etc.

604.537.6024 pYst kMtrol ilimtf • • • • •

10 swlW qoN v~D dw pYst kMtrol dw qzrbw rYizfYNiSAl Aqy kmriSAl vwqwvrn imnIstrI vloN srtIPweIf pRoPySnl kstmr srivs AsIN AMgRyzI, ihMdI Aqy pMjwbI boldy hW

604-720-6303 778

vrkrW dI loV

jI AYs frweIvwl AYbtsPorf vwilAW nUM frweIvwl borifMg dy kMm leI vrkrW dI loV hY[qnKwh vDIAw Aqy

jy ky AYs ivMfo skrIn pYtIE Aqy slwiefMg forW dI vI skrInW lwieAW jWdIAW hn[

qjrby Anuswr[AYbtsPorf qoN rweIf dw pRbMD[kMm hPqy dy 6 idn[isrP isn nMbr (SIN) vwly AplweI kr skdy hn[ dish network ja bell express vu

sMprk kro: gurmIq DwlIvwl



AsIN nvyN jW purwxy GrW dIAW jwlIAW (skrInW) bxwauNdy hW[ vDIAw jOb dI grMtI G`t ryt, PrI AYstImyt

604-614-6467, 604-607-5832

purwxy ifS nY~tvrk jW Bell express vu ijs kol vI hn auh sMprk kro:

Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A29

lVky dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr AweI j`t is`K lVkI aumr 29 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 3 ieMc GNM Nursing dw ifplomw kIqw hoieAw, ieMfIAw ivc 5 swl dw qjrbw, leI knYfIAn istIzn/iemIgrWt lVky dI loV hY[ lVkI dI PYimlI knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro : 604-762-7033, Agsq 10 778-980-3334


do lVkIAW dI loV kYnyfIAn istIzn j`t is`K mwn pirvwr dw lVkw aumr 32 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc leI Xog lVkI dI loV hY[ auhI sMprk krn jo lVky dy knYfw ivc ivztr Awey s`gy Brw ijsdI aumr 28 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc hY, dw kYnyfIAn istIzn jW pI.Awr. irSqw krvw skx[ lVky dI PYimlI knYfw ivc rihMdI hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro : 604-7162481, 778-889-0236 Agsq 10


lVkI dI loV ieMfIAw PiqhgV swihb ivc rih irhw j`t is`K syKoN pirvwr dw vYSxo, ieklOqw lVkw aumr 28 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 11 ieMc, gRyYjueySn kIqI hoeI, 16 ikilHAW dw mwlk leI knyfIAn istIzn/ieMmIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[qlwkSudw qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:604892-7842 AkqUbr 12


lVkI dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr AwieAw j`t guris`K piVAw-iliKAw lVkw aumr 27 swl k`d 6 Pu`t 3 ieMc, MBA dI pVweI kr irhw hY Aqy gOrimMt nwl sMbMiDq vDIAw jOb kr irhw hY, leI knYfIAn istIzn/iemIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[ lVky dI BYx knYfw Aqy bwkI pirvwr id`lI (ieMfIAw) ivc vYl sYtl hY qy swrw pirvwr piVAwiliKAw hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro : 778-929-0113, 780-271-2842 sqMbr 14


lVkI dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr AwieAw j`t is`K klIn Syv lVkw aumr 23 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 9 ieMc, leI knYfIAn istIzn/iemIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[ qlwkSudw qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro : 250565-1591, 250-613-0264 Agsq 17


lVkI dI loV knyfIAn istIzn j`t is`K gryvwl pirvwr dw qlwkSudw (koeI b`cw nhIN) lVkw aumr 32 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 11 ieMc, leI pVI-ilKI sMudr qy vDIAw PYimlI vwlI lVkI dI loV hY[stUfYNt, ng forivztr Aqy vrk primt qy ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[kyvl erienced hanic 30 swl qoN v`D aumr vwlI lVkI 40 hI sMprk kry[hor jwxkwrI leI kro:778-512-0097, d to sMprk 778-551-0499, Agsq 31

lVkI dI loV ieMfIAw ivc rih irhw vYSno, b`Dn pirvwr dw lVkw aumr 29 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc, MCA kIqI hoeI, IT Company ivc 4 swl qoN jOb kr irhw, leI knyfIAn jW AmyrIkn istIzn jW iemIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[lVky dw Brw AmrIkw ivc vYl sYtl hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:+1732-281-9299, +919815648442 Agsq 31


lVkI dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr AwieAw j`t is`K qlwkSudw (koeI b`cw nhIN) lVkw aumr 36 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc leI knYfIAn istIzn/iemIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[ qlwkSudw (b`cy smyq) qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[ lVky dI BYx knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro: 778-8460387 (duiphr 2:00 vjy qoN bwAd sMprk kro) Agsq 10


lVky dI loV ieMfIAw ivc rih rhI b`Dn pirvwr dI lVkI aumr 27 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 3 ieMc, M.SC. (IT) kIqI hoeI, leI knyfIAn jW AmyrIkn istIzn/iemIgrWt lVky dI loV hY[lVkI dw Brw AmrIkw ivc vYl sYtl hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro: +1732-281-9299, +919815648442 Agsq 31


Groom Wanted Jatt Sikh family looking for a groom for their girl, age 28 years old, height 5’ 2”. Education : MBA in Finance from Modi University Jaipur India. Now studying (student visa) in Kamloops (Canada). Groom should be Canadian. Parents are well settled in India. For more information call at : 604808-4070, 86199-10700 August 10


lVkI dI loV vYnkUvr ‘c duAwby nwl sMbMDq is`K rwmdwsIAW vYzItyrIAn lVkw aumr 27 swl, k`d 5’11” MTech in Computer Science & Engg., Singer Youtube Channel GaigzDeep official leI kynYfIAn iemIgRWt jW istIzn lVkI dI loV hY[ jwq-pwq dw koeI bMDn nhIN[sMprk kro: 604Agsq 10 771-0476

CK REPAIR------------------LTD.

ng after


lVkI dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr AwieAw j`t ction is`K lVkw aumr 22 swl, k`d efits. 5 Pu`t 9 ieMc, leI knyfIAwn istIzn jW iemIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[lVky dI PYimlI knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:778-245-0016

WEBSITE DESIGN & SEO ( Websites That Deliver Results)



( Mobile friendly Search Engine Op mised Domain, Hos ng & Email) We have been building innovative websites and web applications for over 15years.

Services: 8 8 8 8 8 8

Web Design Responsive Website Design Content Management Systems Web Application Development eCommerce Digital Marketing REQUEST A QUOTE

4 235 4482 Tell Us About Your Project

604.771.6800 me : Agsq 31 308

jIvn swQI dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr vIzy qy AweI ihMdU AroVw pirvwr dI ivDvw lVkI aumr 47 swl leI Xog vr dI loV hY[ lVkI dw pykw pirvwr knyfw ivc hY[lVkI dI iek bytI hY jo ieMglYNf ivc pV rhI hY[Xog vr dI loV hY[jwq-pwq dw koeI bMDn nhIN[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:780-257-


Agsq 24


do lVkIAW dI loV kYnyfIAn istIzn j`t is`K, piVAw-iliKAw ig`l pirvwr dw lVkw aumr 30 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 11 ieMc leI Xog lVkI dI loV hY[lVky dI PYimlI CotI hY jo ik knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[auhI sMprk krn jo lVky dy ieMfIAw ivc rih rhy irSqydwr Brw DwlIvwl pirvwr dw lVkw ijsdI aumr 30 swl, k`d 6 Pu`t hY dw kYnyfIAn istIzn jW pI.Awr. irSqw krvw skx[ lVky dI PYimlI knYfw ivc rihMdI hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro : 778878-3055 sqMbr 7

lVkI dI loV knyfIAn pI Awr j`t is`K ig`l lVkw aumr 32 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc, B Tech, MBA, Degree in Process & Power Engineering in Canada, knyfw ivc pwvr ieMjInIAr dI jOb kr irhw hY, vwsqy brwbr dI Xogqw r`KdI suMdr suSIl pVHI ilKI knyfIAn pI Awr jW istIjn lVkI dI loV hyY[hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:604-396-5228 Agsq 10



lVky dI loV kYnyfIAn pI. Awr. j`t is`K AwhlUvwlIAw pirvwr dI lVkI aumr 29 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 4 ieMc leI Xog vr dI loV hY[ lVkI Fortune 500 recruitment company vYnkUvr ivc jOb kr rhI hY[ ikrpw krky Awpxw biodata Aqy recent pictures qy Byjo jW What’s app +1 416 556 6946/+1 778 714 3837,, 778 714 4247 Agsq 3


lVky dI loV kYnyfIAn pI. Awr. AMimRqDwrI lVkI aumr 28 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 5 ieMc leI Xog vr dI loV hY[ lVkI vDIAw jOb kr rhI hY[ lVkw AMimRqDwrI hoxw cwhIdw hY[ vDyrI jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:778-251-0041, 778-8406584 Agsq 3

lVkI dI loV knyfIAn iemIgrWt j`t is`K is`DU pirvwr dw lVkw aumr 32 swl k`d 6 Pu`t Awpxw kMm kr irhw, leI lVkI dI loV hY[ pI. Awr., ieMfIAw jW knyfw ivztr AweI lVkI qy ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:778-246-1651 Agsq 3 lVky dI loV j`t is`K knyfIAn pI Awr syKoN pirvwr dI lVkI aumr 32 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 9 ieMc, itRpl mwstr dI ifgrI kIqI hoeI, pirvwrk lVkI, leI knYfIAn istIzn/iemIgrWt lVky dI loV hY[ lVkw cMgy pirvwr qoN piVAw-iliKAw Aqy vYl sYtl hoxw zrUrI hY[Okanagan BC vwilAW nUM pihl[ikrpw krky AwpxI hux dI qsvIr Aqy bwieEfwtw qy Byjo jW dupihr 3:30 qoN bwAd 250938-5080 qy sMprk kro[ Agsq 17


lVky dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr AweI j`t is`K AMimRqDwrI lVkI aumr 35 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 6 ieMc, MA (punjabi) kIqI hoeI, leI knYfIAn istIzn/ieMmIgrWt lVky dI loV hY[lVkw guris`K vYSno hoxw zrUrI hY[ lVkI dw Brw knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro : 604-217-6140 Agsq 17


do lVkIAW dI loV j`t is`K is`DU AMimRqDwrI lVkw aumr 28 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc, tr`k mkYnIkl kynYfIAn istIzn vwsqy AMmRqDwrI lVkI dI loV hY[ auhI sMprk krn jo ieMfIAw rihMdy Brw dy lVky aumr 24 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc nUM kynYfIAn lVkI dw irSqw krvw skx[ sMprk : 778-5932562 (Gr), 778-7124162, 604-880-6372 Agsq 24



lVkI dI loV AmrIkn istIzn bwrfr dy nyVy ilMfn Sihr (vwiSMgtn) ivc rih irhw j`t is`K Bu`lr pirvwr dw lVkw aumr 27 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc, Awpxw byrI dw Pwrm Aqy Awpxw tr`k, leI knyfIAn/AmyrIkn iemIgrWt jW istIzn pVI-ilKI qy cMgy pirvwr dI lVkI dI loV hY[ ivztr jW stufyNt AweI lVkI qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[ jwq-pwq dw koeI bMDn nhIN[ sMprk kro : 778-855-8386, 360-3065275 Agsq 3


lVky dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr AweI j`t is`K lVkI aumr 28 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 4 ieMc GNM Nursing ivc 3 swl dw ifplomw kIqw hoieAw, ieMfIAw ivc nrisMg ‘c 3 swl kMm krn dw qjrbw, leI knYfIAn/ AmrIkn istIzn/iemIgrWt lVky dI loV hY[ lVkI dI PYimlI knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro : 250-301-7523, 250-552-6423 Agsq 10

lVkI dI loV kYnyfw 8 swl dy ivztr vIzy qy AwieAw niSAW qoN rihq j`t is`K lVkw aumr 28 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 9 ieMc, 10+2 kIqI hoeI Aqy fIzl mkYnIkl dw ifplomw hY, leI knyfIAn iemIgrWt/istIzn lVkI dI loV hY[lVkw 14 ikly zmIn dw mwlk hY[ lVky dy cwcy Aqy pirvwr vYnkUvr ivc rihMdy hn[ sMprk kro : 604-727-6407 Agsq 31


lVky dI loV kYnyfw ivztr vIzy qy AweI suMdr, suSIl, rMg gorw, sohxI-sun`KI j`t is`K qlwkSudw lVkI aumr 28 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 5 ieMc, leI knyfIAn iemIgrWt/istIzn lVky dI loV hY[lVkI dw pirvwr knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[ sMprk kro : 604-951Agsq 3 1396


lVky dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr vIzy qy AweI j`t is`K lVkI aumr 27 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 6, MA, leI knyfIAn iemIgrWt jW istIzn j`t is`K lVky dI loV hY[lVkI dI PYimlI knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro: 778-829-5844,778-895Agsq 10 9964

-------------------lVkI dI loV knYfIAn jMmpl j`t is`K lVkw aumr 24 swl Aqy k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc, jurIs fwktr lwA ifgrI pws Aqy lwA AwrtIkilNg dI jOb kr rhy lVky leI kYnyfw ivc rih rhI pirvwirk sohxI Aqy pVI ilKI lVkI dI loV hY hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro: 778-953-5167 Agsq 31

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AYfimMtn invwsI j`t is`K ig`l aumr 25 swl k`d 5’11” AYm.ey pws ieMmIgrWt lVky leI lVkI dI jrUrq hY[auhI sMprk krn jo lVky dy ieMfIAw rihMdy BUAw jI dy lVky aumr 29 swl k`d 5’11” nMU kYnyfIAn istIzn jW kYnyfIAn ieMmIgRwt lVkI dw irSqw krvw skx[hor jwxkwrI leI 1-780-237-1663 ‘qy sMprk kro     Agsq 31

lVky dI loV knyfIAn istIzn j`t is`K lVkI aumr 33 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 3 ieMc, Graduate, leI Xog vr dI loV hY[lVkw bI. sI. dw hI hoxw cwhIdw hY[ lVkw vrk primt jW pI. Awr. hoxw cwhIdw hY[ ivztr Awey lVky qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[duAwby nUM pihl[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:604-786-1569, 778223-9788 Agsq 24


do lVikAW dI loV knyfIAn pI.Awr. lVkI aumr 25 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 4 ieMc leI Xog irSqy dI loV hY[auhI sMprk krn ijhVy iesdI ieMfIAw rih rhI mwmy dI lVkI ijsdI aumr 26 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 4 ieMc dw knyfIAn istIzn jW pI. Awr. lVky nwl irSqw krvw skx[ lVkI ny M.A. (Computer) Aqy ausdy nwl-nwl ibaUtI-pwrlr Aqy siticMg dw kors kIqw hoieAw hY[duAwby nUM pihl[ sMprk kro:604-498-1914, 604-722-6132 Agsq 24


lVky dI loV knyfIAn istIzn divorced (koeI b`cw nhIN)j`t is`K DwlIvwl pirvwr dI sohxI-sun`KI lVkI aumr 35 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 6 ieMc, gOrimMt jOb kr rhI, leI Xog vr dI loV hY[qlwkSudw (koeI b`cw nw hovy) qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[lVkw bI. sI. dw hI hoxw cwhIdw hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:604-615-8795 Agsq 24


lVkI dI loV knYfw ivc vrk primt qy rih irhw j`t is`K pirvwr dw hoxhwr ieklOqw, niSAW qoN rihq, lVkw aumr 31 swl, leI knyfIAn istIzn jW iemIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[lVkw bhuq imhnqI qy cMgy suBwA dw hY[hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:778227-3630, eI-myl:bill.shahi@ Agsq 24


lVkI dI loV ieMfIAw qoN ivztr vIzy qy AwieAw Srmw pirvwr dw cMgI pyNfU jwiedwd, vYSno, ^wndwnI Aqy piVAwiliKAw qlwkSudw(koeI b`cw nhIN) lVkw aumr 34 swl k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc, leI knyfIAn istIzn jW iemIgrWt lVkI dI loV hY[ qlwkSudw qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[ jwq-pwq dw koeI bMDn nhIN[ lVky dw pirvwr knYfw ivc vYl sYtl hY Aqy iek Brw AmrIkw ivc sYtl hY[ hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:403-830-0704 Agsq 24

ATI TRUCK REPAIR LTD. fYltw, bI.sI. ivc izmyvwr Aqy qjrby k wr tr` k Aqy tR y l r mkYink dI loV hY[ ijhVw Pul twiem (40 GMty) qy Evr twiem lwaux dw cwhvwn hovy[

² qn^wh Aqy bYnyi&ts : $16.00 qoN $39.00 pRqI GMtw ² Evr tweIm + pRofkSn bons + gur`p bYnyi&t

604 235 4482

Email resume :


A30 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

klym kysW vwsqy ieMtrpRytr smUh jgq nUM nvyN swl dI l`K l`smwl K vDweI klwsIPweIf CLASSIFIEDS AsIN isAwtl ivc 1983 qoN Gr bxwauNdy Aw rhy hW Pu`l tweIm/pwrt tweIm lrinMg lwiesYNs, istIjniSp vrkrW dI loV


Aqy pwrt tweIm kMm Swm 5.30 qoN 9.30 vjy q`k, qnKwh $15/GMtw

• kwr, tYksI, b`s, tr`k jW motrsweIkl dy lrinMg lwiesYNs dI iqAwrI krvwauNdy hW • istIjniSp ieMtrivaU Aqy tYst dI iqAwrI • irAl AYstyt dIAW syvwvW pRdwn krdy hW

hovygI[Awp Aw ky imlo:11951-Forge Place, Richmond BC V7A

sMprk kro iekbwl isMG brwV

ircmMf dI kMpnI nUM ickn pYk krn leI vrkrW dI loV hY[kMm Pu`l tweIm svyr 8 vjy qoN Swm 4.30 q`k hovygw[qnKwh $14/GMtw

smUh jgq nUM nvyN swl dI l`K l

4V9 Pon:604-278-4450

17 Aug

vrkrW dI loV

ibjlI dw kMm

srI ivc bhuq hI v`fI poltrI pRosYisMg kMpnI nUM vrkrW dI loV hY[qnKwh Xogqw Anuswr id`qI jwvygI[kMm

A`j hI SurU ct Management

604-596-9600 (sYl), 604-591-1239

GrW, kmrSIAl iblifMg jW rYstorYNt Awid leI iksy iksm dI vI ielYktRIkl muSkl nUM AsIN h`l krdy hW[nvyN GrW, dPqrW leI vwieirMg dw kMm krdy hW[ hor jwxkwrI leI Pon kro gurpRIq isMG 604763 1625

Workers Wanted

Canadian Farms Produce requires Full time seasonal farm workers to work on their vegetable farms. Wages offered are $12.65 per hour and duties include planting, harvesting, washing and grading vegetables. This positions requires no education, formal training or work experience. Accommodation is available if required. Interested candidates should be available to work anytime in different weather conditions and must be able to lift up to 55 lbs of vegetable boxes. Please, fax resume to 604- 574- 5773. Cont

kro[ Pon 604-882-0054

pqw:9752-186strIt mmercial Buildings


17 Aug



General Contractor, Licensed, Insured and Bonded #GREWCI992DK

* Commercial Buildings * Project Management * Quality Custom Homes * New addition to home & Commercial Buildings * Licensed & Bonded quhwfI mnpsMd dw Gr bxw ky idMdy hW[

quhwfy purwxy Gr nUM rImOfl jW AYkstYNSn krvwaux leI A`j hI swfy nwl sMprk kro[

GURINDER GREWAL 206-941-5454

17 aug

General Farm Worker Wanted Jasmeen Enterprises Ltd is looking for General Farm worker Positions Available: 7 Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time Start Date of Employment: As soon as possible Wages: $12.65/hourly, 40 hours per week. Benefits: 4% Vacation Pay. Skill Requirements: Education: None, Experience: None JOB DUTIES: • Field work, Soil Preparation, Plowing, Pruning, Planting, Weeding, Cultivating, Harvesting, Washing, Sorting, Packing of the field crops. • Spraying and fertilizing, detecting disease and other problems in crops. • Examining produce for quality and prepare for market. • To monitor irrigation and the soil moisture as per crop requirements. • Removing weeds, sorting and grading all the farm produce. • Loading produce into trucks etc. • Helps in operating and maintaining farm machinery and equipment. • Ensuring health and safety procedures are followed • Informing farmers or farm managers of crop progress. Work Site Environment: Year-round work, Outdoors, wet/damp/rain, odours, hot/cold. Essential Requirements: • Ability to lift 50 lbs of weight and work in sun, rain, heat, cold, weekends if required. • Basic farm Knowledge, familiarity with farm equipment and machinery will be an asset. • No specific education or training requirements. Other Information: The candidate must be legally eligible to work in Canada Accommodation can be provided at $30 week.

How to Apply: By email: By mail: 1266 Hope Rd, Abbotsford, BC, V4X 2K1


Wanted In Home Tutor Wanted Part Time Tutor for Grade 4 and Grade 6 Students. Evenings In Home Tuition Classes Location near Scott Road and 76 Ave Subjects to teach: English, Math, Hindi and Punjabi Duration: 5 to 10 Hours per week Start Date ASAP

Please send resume to

Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A31

Farm Supervisor Wanted Jasmeen Enterprises Ltd is looking for Farm Supervisor Positions Available: 1 Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time Start Date of Employment: As soon as possible Wages: $17.00/hourly, 40 hours per week. Benefits: 4% Vacation Pay. JOB DESCRIPTION: Skill Requirements: Education: No formal education required Experience: 1-2 years of experience in the farm is required. It does not have to be supervisory. Languages: No language Requirements. Job Duties: • Supervise and oversee growing and other crop related operations. • Co-ordinate and Supervise farm labor team in daily crop work and harvesting activities and perform work quality check. • Develop work schedules and establish procedures. • Maintain quality control and production records. • Maintain work records and logs • Assist and supervise farm workers and labor in starting and successfully completing all crop related tasks such as soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting, pruning, cleaning, planting, packing and distribution. • Observe workers to detect inefficient or unsafe work procedures or to identify problems, initiating corrective action as necessary. • Review employees work to evaluate quantity and quality. • Train workers for new techniques such as planting and in the use of safety measures. • To make ensure that farm safety procedures are followed. • May perform general farm duties when required. Work Condition and Physical Capabilities: • Fast-Paced Environment • Work under pressure • Attention to detail • Combination of sitting, standing, walking and large work load. Ability to supervise: More than 10-15 people. Candidate must be legally entitled to work in Canada and must be willing to work on all shifts.

How to Apply: By email: By mail: 1266 Hope Rd, Abbotsford, BC, V4X 2K1

Sanghera Painting quhwfIAW hr qrHW dIAW pyitMg jrUrqW leI Gr Aqy kmrSIAl iblifMgW (AMdroN qy bwhr qoN)

PYNs pyitMg, st`ko pyitMg, spryA pyNt, burS pyNt Aqy rol pyNt Awid swry kIqy kMm dI grMtI - qs`lIbKS syvwvW rIpyitMg krn leI

35% dI Cot (ifskwaUNt)

muuPq AYstImyt lYx leI jgdIp sMGyVw nUM Pon kor swnUM pyitMg leI kwimAW dI loV hY


kIrqn Aqy qblw pMjwbI homvrk hYlp srI ivc Akwl AkYfmI v`loN kIrqn, qblw, pMjwbI Aqy hom vrk hYlp leI klwsW

pihlw hPqw PrI

AwrMB kr id`qIAW geIAW hn[15 idnW ivc ilKxI, pVHnI, bolxI is`Ko[pRoivMSIAl iemiqhwnW dI iqAwrI vI krvweI jWdI hY[rijstr hox leI A`j hI sMprk kro

nvyN syYSn dI rijstrySn SurU hY

604-780-7200 Live in Caregiver Wanted Live in Caregiver need to look after senior ,should have one year experience, Can speak and understand English and Punjabi, ability to cook Indian food. Salary will be $12.75 to $14.00 HR,


Live in Caregiver Wanted Live in Caregiver need to look after senior ,should have one year experience, Can speak and understand English and Punjabi, ability to cook Indian food. Salary will be $12.75 to $14.00 HR, Contact


fYltw, bI.sI. ivc qzrbykwr fIzl tr`k mkYink dI loV hY[ Xogqw : G`to G`t 5 swl fwiegnositk dw qzrbw hoxw cwhIdw hY[ Xog ivAkqI nUM Biv`K ivc lIf hYNf/SOp PormYn puzIsn qy vI pRmot kIqw jw skdw hY[

² qn^wh Aqy bYnyi&ts : $40.00 qoN $45.00 pRqI GMtw ² Evr tweIm + pRofkSn bons + gur`p bYnyi&t

604 235 4482

Email resume :


A32 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

ilv-ien kyAr igvr (nYnI) dI sKq zrUrq hY

srI ivc rih rhy dUhVw pirvwr dy bzUrg joVy, 87 swlw dy pqI Aqy 83 swlw dI pqnI leI iek ilv ien kyAr igvr (nYnI) dI qurMq zrUurq hY[ jo p`ky qOr qy Pul tweIm 40 GMty kMm kry qy bzurg joVy dI dyKBwl kry[ pRqI GMtw qnkwh $12.70. kMm krn vwlw ivAkqI GtoN-Gt 18 swlW dw hovy Aqy AMgryzI qy pMjwbI zubwn ivc g`l kr skdw hovy[ Awpxw irzmy (kwblIAq) Byjo

Live-in-Care Giver Urgently Needed Duhra Family of Surrey, BC needs live-in-care giver (Nanny) urgently to look after old couple of 87 years old male (Husband) and 83 years old female (Wife) on permanent full time basis. 40 hours per week for caring the old couple. The hourly wages wil be $12.70. Applicant should be minimum 18 years old, high school graduate (Grade-12) and be able to communicate in English and Punjabi languages. Email resume : 0709


Well known & well established “Western Country Farm Inc.” located in 7480 Sidway Road, Richmond, BC needs one(1) full time Farm Supervisor. Duties include: Assign duties such as tilling soil, planting, cultivating, pruning, spraying, packaging etc., supervise harvest produce & oversee sorting and handling of crop, train new employees and assist farm workers in duties such as inspection, grading, sorting, storage and postharvest treatment of crops, perform general farm duties as required, etc. Job Skills: The applicant must be high school graduate and should be able to communicate in basic English. Wages: $17.00 per hour + vacation pay; 40 hours a week. Please email your resume at

blUbyrI Pwrm suprvweIjr dI sKq loV hY

bhuq jwxy pihcwxy p`ky qOr qy mOjUd 'vYstrn kMntrI Pwrm ieMk' jo ik 7480 isfvy rof ircmMf bI sI leI pUrw smW kMm krn leI iek Pwrm suprvweIjr dI loV hY[ ifaUtIAW: hyT ilKy kMmW nUM supr vweIj krnw Aqy ifaUtIAW lwauxIAW ijvyN ik Kyq nUM itl krnw, bUty lwauxy, Kyq nUM vwhuxw, prUinMg krnw(vwDU iStIAW k`txIAW), dvweI spryA krnw iCVkxw, Pl pYk krnw, Psl qoVnw, swry pwsy iKAwl r`Kxw qy Psl nuMU sMBwlxw[iehnW kMmW dI suprvweIjrI krnI, pUrw iDAwn r`Kxw, nvyN kwimAW nUM tryinMg dyxI, Pwrm dy kwimAW nUM auhnW dIAW ifaUtIAW ivc m`dd dyxI, ijvyN ik ieMspYkSn, gryf krnw, cuxnw, stor krnw, Psl qoV ky ayus nuMU sMBwlxw qy hor jnrl Pwrm ifaUtI inBwauxI Awid[ nOkrI dIAW KUbIAW:suprvweIzr hweI skUl pws hovy qy sDwrn AMgryjI ivc g`lbwq kr sky[qnKwh 17 fwlr pRqI GMtw jmHw Cu`tIAW dI qnKwh[kMm 40 GMty pRqI hPqw hovygI[imhrbwnI kr ky Awpxw rYzmy (mukMml jwxkwrI) eImyl 0709

Live-in-Caregiver Urgently Needed

Kallu family from Surrey, BC needs a Live-in-Caregiver(Nanny) on Permanent, FullTime basis to look after a 71½ years old lady at home, who is suffering from disability. Hourly wages will be paid @12.70 per hour and 40 hours a week. Applicant should be minimum 18 years of age & high school graduate(Grade 12). Applicant must be able to communicate in English. Please email your resume at

ilv-ien kyAr igvr (nYnI) dI sKq zrUrq hY

Live-in-Caregiver Urgently Needed

Hans family from Surrey, BC needs a Live-in-Caregiver(Nanny) on Permanent, Full-Time basis to look after their 95 years old mother at home. Hourly wages will be paid @12.70 per hour and 40 hours a week. Applicant should be minimum 18 years of age & high school graduate(Grade 12). Applicant must be able to communicate in English. Please email your resume at

ilv-ien kyAr igvr (nYnI) dI sKq zrUrq hY

srI bI sI ivc rih rhy 'hMs' pirvwr nUM AwpxI 95 swl dI bzurg mwqw dI dyKBwl leI pUrw tweIm AwDwr qy iek nYnI (ilv-ien-kyArigvr) dI sKq loV hY[qnKwh $12.70/GMtw hovygI Aqy G`to G`t kMm 40GMty/hPqw hovygw[nYnI dI aumr G`to G`t 18 swl hovy qy pVHweI G`to G`t gryf 12 (hweI skUl) hovy[ ibnYkwr AMgryjI ivc g`lbwq krn dy Xog hoxw jrUrI hY[sMprk krn leI. qy Awpxw ivsQwr vwlw rYzmy Byjo


PryimMg hYlprW dI sKq zrUrq hY jy. AYm. AYs. PryimMg ilmIitf – 1229-gwlbrYQ AYvIinaU inaU vYstminstr, bI.sI nUM PryimMg dy kMm leI do (2) kwimAW dI sKq zrUrq hY jo ik GrW Aqy Coty kmrSl pRojYktW ivc PryimMg kwrpYNtrW dI mdd krn dy Xog hox[ kwimAW dIAW ifautIAW : kMstrkSn ivc kMm Awaux vwly swry sMdW (AOzwrW) nUM tr`kW jW vYnW ivc r`Kxw Aqy kMm qy auqwrnw, PrymrW dI hdwieq qy kMstrkSn vwly sMdW nUM vrqxw, l`kVI dw swmwn v`K-v`K QwvW qy lY jwxw Aqy lwaux ivc PrymrW dI mdd krnI, GrW Aqy iblfrW ivc bUhy Aqy bwrIAW lwauxIAW, GrW dIAW nIAW ivc lohy dy srIey pwauxy, rYmp`s bxwauxy Aqy qoVny, kMstrkSn vwlI jgHw qy bYrIkyfz bxwauxy, gwrbyj (bicAw-Ku`icAw swmwn) cu`kxw Aqy sPweI krnI, PryimMg dw kMm is`Kx ivc idlcspI r`KxI Awid[ KwsIAqW – BwrIAW cIzW cu`kx dy kwbl hoxw, kMm 40 GMty qoN au~pr krnw, svyry CyqI auT dy kMm qy lgxw Aqy hPqy dy AKIr vwly idnW ivc qy kMm krn dI Awdq Aqy qwkq hoxI cwhIdI hY[ kwimAW leI koeI hweI skUl dI pVweI dI zrUrq nhIN pr pMjwbI jW ihMdI jW kuJ AMgryzI zbwn zrUr AwauNdI hovy[ kMm GtoN-Gt 40 GMty pRqI hPqw qy qnKwh 13.75 fwlr pRqI GMtw id`qI jwvygI, Prymrz kwrpYNtrz kwimAW nUM kMm qy tryinMg dyxgy – Awpxw rYzmy Byjo:

Framing Helpers Urgently Needed

J.M.S. Framing Ltd. of 1229-Galbraith Ave, New Westminster, B.C. needs two (2) framing helpers urgently, who are able to help framing carpenters for framing houses and small commercial projects. Duties : To load and unload all construction tools on trucks and/or vans and use these tools as per instructions of framing carpenters, carry wood lumber pieces on different spots at construction places and help framers for installation. Help in installing windows and doors in buildings. Erect and dismantle ramps and install barricades. Remove rubble and do cleaning at construction sites. Show serious interest in learning framing and carpentry techniques. Skills : Heavy liftings, ability to work long hours, early morning and week ends are required. No high school education is required, but be fluent in Punjabi and/or Hindi or some English languages. Minimum 40 hours work/week. Wages 13.75/hour. Helpers will be trained at job to perform their duties. Kindly send resume at 3108

srI bI sI ivc rih rhy 'k`lU' pirvwr nUM AwpxI 71½ swl Apwhjqw mwqw dI dyKBwl leI pUrw tweIm AwDwr qy iek nYnI (ilv-ien-kyArigvr) dI sKq loV hY[qnKwh $12.70/GMtw hovygI Aqy G`to G`t kMm 40GMty/hPqw hovygw[nYnI dI aumr G`to G`t 18 swl hovy qy pVHweI G`to G`t gryf 12 (hweI skUl) hovy[ ibnYkwr AMgryjI ivc g`lbwq krn dy Xog hoxw jrUrI hY[sMprk krn leI qy Awpxw ivsQwr vwlw rYzmy Byjo[ 0709


Well known & well established “Western Country Farm Inc.” located in 7480 Sidway Road, Richmond, BC needs three (3) full time Farm Workers Duties include: Maintain the quality of farm, crops and produce (fruits, etc) by operating machinery and doing physical labor under supervision and helping in all farming operations. Job Skills: The applicant must be high school graduate and should be able to communicate in basic English. Wages: $12.65 per hour + vacation pay; 40 hours a week. Please email your resume at santokhskallu@

blUbyrI dy Pwrm leI kwimAW dI sKq jrUrq hY

bhuq jwxy pihcwxy qy p`ky qOr qy mOjUd 'vYstrn kMtrI Pwrm ieMk' jo ik 7480-Sidway Road (7480-isfvy rof) ircmMf bIsI leI 3 Pwrm qy kMm krn vwly kwimAW dI loV hY[ ifaUtIAW:PwrmW dI hwlq nUM TIk r`Kxw, PslW qy pRoifaUs (Pl Awid)nUM sMBwlxw, mSInrI dw iesqymwl krn qy jsmwnI mjdUrI krnI iksy suprvweIzr dI ingrwnI hyT, Pwrm dy swry kMm kwrW ivc m`dd krnI[ nOkrI dIAW KUbIAW:kwmy dw hweI skUl hoxw jrUrI hY qy sDwrn AMgryjI boldw hovy, qnKwh 12.65 fwlr pRqI GMtw jmHw Cu`tIAW dI qnKwh, kMm 40 GMty/hPqw[ imhrbwnI kr ky Awpxw rYzmy (mukMml jwxkwrI) eImyl 0709

J.KOONER’S Renovations Ltd.


- All Types Of Renovations - Flooring, Tiles, Framing, Drywall - Laminate, Hardwood Floors - Crown Moulding, Base Board - All Kind of Washroom Jobs - Basement Finishing - Finishing Carpentry - Siding - Soffits - Roofing - Painting - Plumbing & all Electrical Work - All kinds of Inside & Outside Jobs

20 + s Yearence ri Expe

AsIN hr qrW dI rYnovySn krdy hW

- lYmInyt, hwrfvu`f Plor - krwaUn molifMg, bys borf - vwSrUmW dw hr qrW dw kMm - ielYktRIkl, plMibMg,pyNt, bwQrUm nvW jW purwxw , snfYk , ikcn kYbint, gtr klIinMg, PYNs , kMplIt bysmYNt, rI-rUiPMg ,Aqy nvyN gtr Awid krdy hW

- AMdr Aqy bwhrlI hr qrW dI rYnovySn dw kMm

All Kinds of Renovations timates Free Es ble Rates NEW & a Reasonlity Work OLD Qua HOMES

Jas Kooner

We Also Do All Fire Damaged Insured Jobs



Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A33

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AsI bVy duKI ihrdy nwl Awp jI nMU sUicq krdy hW ik swfy siqkwrXo g mwmw jI srdwr rxjIq isMG bYNs jo pRmwqmw v`lo bKSI 94 swlw dI aumr Bog ky 31 julweI 2018 idn mM g lvwr nM U Akwl clwxw kr gey sn[ aunHW dw ipClw ipMf kot PqUhI huiSAwrpur hY[ auh Awpxy ipCy pqnI nsIb kOr, spu`qr nirMdr isMG bYNs Aqy nUMh bIbI jsivMdr kOr qy iqMn DIAW spu`qrI guirMdrpwl {rwjdyv}, joigMdr {rOb}, privMdr {AYirk} Aqy poqrIAW Aqy dohqy dohqIAW, srInw, ijnyPr, Swn, SwlInw qy prdohqVw AyrItn Cf gey hn[ srdwr rxjIq isMG 1957 iv`c kYnyfw Awey qy port AlbrnI ivKy rihMdy sn[ auhnW dw AMiqm sMskwr idn AYqvwr 12 Agsq 2018 nMU 12:30 vjy irvr sweIf iPaUnrl hom 7410 hopkot rof fYltw bI.sI. ivKy hovygw[ AMiqm Ardws gurduAwrw Kwlsw dIvwn suswietI {su`K swgr} 347 vu`f strIt inaUvst mnistr ivKy 2:00 vjy hovygI hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro: iekbwl isMG iQAwVw: 778-998-7680

bVy duKI ihrdy nwl sUicq kIqw jWdw hY ik sRImqI surjIq kOr DwlIvwl Drm supqnI sv. kYptn Bwg isMG DwlIvwl ijhnW dw ipClw ipMf cImw qihsIl jgrwauN izlHw luiDAwxw sI, AwpxI 91 swl dI ayumr Bog ky Akwl clwxw kr gey hn[auh 27 swlW qoN AYbtsPorf bI.sI. ivKy rih rhy sn[auhnW dy imRqk dyh dw AMqm sskwr 12 Agsq 2018 idn AYqvwr svyry 9:30 vjy Pryzr irvr iPaUnrl hom 2061 irvr swief rof AYbtsPorf ivKy hovygw[Bog Aqy AMiqm Ardws ausy idn 12 Agsq 2018 nUM gu. Kwlsw dIvwn suswietI swaUQ Pryzr vyA AYbtsPorf ivKy 11:00 vjy hovygI[ pirvwr nwl du`K sWJw krn leI sMprk kr skdy ho:604-625-6061, 604825-1379 (poqrw:minMdr isMG moh DwlIvwl)

clo auh vI Xu`g igAw[ AmrIkw koly Akl vDyry Aw geI aus Akl nwl tYknOljI aupr kbjw kr ilAw dunIAwˆ qy sUrj nw fu`bx dyx vwlw ieMglYˆf ip`Cy rih igAw qy hux kuJ ie`k mulK C`f ky bwkI sB AmrIkw dIAwˆ rKylwˆ smyq Arbwˆ qy ivcy ihMdosqwn-pwiksqwn? kwmryfwˆ dy rUs dy aus TIkry kr mwry auh kolf vwr dI ‘A`g’ dw syk vI nw J`l sikAw? aus dI ie`k GUrI dunIAwˆ nUM v`txy cwhV idMdI qy aus dI ie`k muskrwht mulKwˆ nUM KuS kr idMdI[ aunHwˆ dw ie`k ibAwn ku`l dunIAwˆ dI mwrikt fwvwˆfol kr idMdw lokIˆ k`iFAw pYsw vwps jHybIˆ pw lYˆdy[Akl dI hI g`l clI qwˆ pMjwb dI kr lYˆny[ 1947 vyly nihrU-ijnwh vrgy v`fy p`Dr dy vkIl qy is`Kwˆ koly? qp`V JwV skUl dw mwstr qwrw isMG? koeI Akl dw nyVy qyVy dw vI mukwblw? nqIjw ik jMgjU kOm q`kVI qolU bxIey dI gulwm[ auh Akl nwl ibnw cIcI nUM lhU lwey vI pUry mulk aupr kbjw kr igAw pr Pwhy l`gx vwly...?bwhwˆ dy jor id`lI nUM Apxy GoiVAwˆ dy suMbwˆ hyT roˆdx vwilAwˆ dI aumq inq id`lI A`gy TUTw lY ky qurI rihMdI[ kdy pwxI idE, kdy pYisAwˆ dy tr`k, kdy vDyry h`k, kdy ienswP, kdy muAwvjy, kdy Kud dy hI kqlwˆ dy cHVy krijAwˆ dIAwˆ muAwPIAwˆ!gurUAwˆ-Bgqwˆ ny sYˆkVy swlwˆ dIAwˆ Gwlxwˆ nwl pMjwb nUM isAwxy kIqw sI, pr

ies dI Akl fyirAwˆ, lIfrwˆ, lwlwˆ vwilAwˆ, BoirAwˆ vwilAwˆ, s`cKMfwˆ vwilAwˆ, bMd b`qIAwˆ vwilAwˆ, icmitAwˆ, FolkIAwˆ Kw leI qy nqIjw? inAwxy ienHwˆ dy svrg lYx bwhrly mulkwˆ vMnI dOV gey, ieh svrg lYx nMgwˆ dy fyirAwˆ ‘qy!qy jy kOm myrI nUM A`j sB qoˆ vDyry Akl dI g`l jwpdI qwˆ auh sVkwˆ ‘qy jw ky AYlwnnwmy krny, kMipaUtrwˆ rwhIˆ SyKic`lI qrHwˆ mulk KVy

krn dy supny idKw ky dunIAwˆ ivc kOm dI j`g hsweI krnI? iPr Xwd rhy ik A`j dy ju`g bcI auhI kOm rih skU ijhVI ‘srvweIv’’ krn jog hoaU, nhIˆ qwˆ ies sMswr dy jMgl ivc aunHwˆ kOmwˆ dy kurMg rul jwˆdy hn ijhVIAwˆ Akl qoˆ kMm nw lY ky SyKic`lI vrgIAwˆ g`lwˆ aupr ijAdw inrBr ho jwdIAwˆ hn! nhIˆ?


jI. ky. bRdrj kMstrkSn vwilAW nUM PryimMg dy kMm leI bMidAW dI loV hY[nvyN bMdy vI AplweI kr skdy hn[qnKwh 15 fwlr qoN SurU kIqI jwvygI[qjrby Anuswr v`D qnKwh vI id`qI jw skdI hY[ AYbtsPorf qy srI qoN rweIf dw pRbMD hovygw[kMm dw mwhOl vDIAw hovygw[


604-825-0763 / 778-255-3135


203-8425 120th Street, Delta Medical Center, Delta, BC, V4C6R2 Canada Dr. Nisha Dogra

Dr. Sudarshan Dogra

Over 30 Years of Expert Service

A34 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018


Maninder S. Khatkar

President / Broker




ieMfIko irAltI hr qrW dy hotl Aqy motl KrIdx jW vycx ivc quhwfI mdd kr skdI hY

Jason Lee


Real Estate Broker



Franchise Price

Income Year Built Location




20.0 M

4.0 M


North Seattle

Best Location, Good Potential



14.5 M

2.8 M


East Washington

PIP Completion, Extra Potential



14.0 M

2.4 M


South Seattle

Brand New, Up to 3.0M Projection



13.5 M

3.0 M


North Washington

Good Chance of Increasing Revenue



13.0 M

2.8 M

10 Under South Washington Good Price, Best Location, High Potential



11.5 M

2.8 M


South Seattle

Good Potential, Good Income



9.0 M

2.0 M


North Seattle

Best Location, Easy to Manage



9.0 M

2.0 M


South Seattle

Best Location, Good Potential



8.5 M

1.75 M


North Seattle

PIP completion, No Competition



8.5 M

1.75 M


North Seattle

PIP completion, Totally Renovated



8.0 M

2.0 M


East Washington

Good Price, Best Location



7.7 M

1.7 M


South Washington Good Location, Good Condition



7.5 M

1.7 M


South Seattle

Best Location, Recently Renovated



6.7 M

1.55 M


North Washington

Good Price, Good Potential



6.5 M

1.5 M


South Seattle

Good Location, Good Price



6.0 M

1.4 M


South Washington Best Location, Good Condition



5.7 M

1.2 M


East Washington

PIP completion, Totally Renovated



5.0 M

1.2 M


North Washington

Good Price, Extra Income



4.8 M

1.4 M



Easy to Manage, Good Price and Income



4.5 M

1.2 M


South Seattle

Good Location, Good Price



4.5 M

1.0 M


North Washington

Good Location, Good Potential



3.6 M

0.78 M


South Washington Good Location, Freeway Exit



2.8 M

0.72 M


South Washington Good Price, Good Condition



2.5 M

0.68 M


East Washington

Good Price, Renovation Complete



2.5 M

0.7 M


East Washington

Easy to Manage, Good Potential

hotl Aqy motl KrIdx jW vycx leI jdoN mrzI slwh lvo[ swfy kol keI gYs stySn syl qy hn[ Indiko Realty can help anybody looking for hotel and motel buying and selling based on confidence. Hotel, Motel buying and selling consultant anytime / we have many gas station listings.

Steve Kim

Business Consultant


Office : 206.429.2432, Fax : 206.429.2390

2505 S 320th St Suite 670, Federal Way, WA 98003

Hotel, Motel buying and selling consultant anytime / we have many gas station listings. Indiko Realty can help anybody looking for hotel and motel buying and selling based on confidence.

Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A35

soPw PYktrI


stor qy Aw ky vyKo

Biggest Sale of the Year ie~Qy hr qrW dy tr~kW dy mytrYs Aqy Pom dy g~dy imldy hn[

Newmodel with Tuffeting


Free 6 Pillows

PrI 6 ip~lo


godryz dIAW AlmwrIAW dI nvI iSpmYNt phuMc cu~kI hY 3 rMgW ivc mzbUq Aqy mwfrn ifjwien dIAW AlmwrIAW, ijAwdw syPtI Introductory Price leI f~bl lwkr isstm





quhwfy Gr Aw ky imnqI kr ky kstm sYkSnl bxwauNdy hW[ qusIN AwpxI mrzI dw kpVw qy rMg islYkt kr skdy ho

New Style Sofa Set

Sofa, Love Seat & Chaise

kYnyfw dy bxy hoey bwks bY~f Aqy Pom dy mYtrs iksy vI swiej ivc imldy hn 12732-80TH AVE. SURREY pMjwb klwQ dy

B&B FURNITURE 604.594.6533

iblkul swmxy

A36 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A37

Your Everyday Grocery Store!

v~D fIlW, v~D b~cqW, rojwnw.... ib~g bwzwr, srI







nvl sMqry


.69 $



Peach BC #1

romw tmwtr


Navel Orange Medium




lMby AMgryjI KIry Adrk

Long English Cucumber

.99 Spinach SPECIAL

Fresh Ginger










rUh APzw




.69 $







icMgz iclI isrkw



.99 $


gRynI simQ syb


$1.49 nUtro kRIm vyPrz




fweIt PUf Awtw ibskut

pcrMgw Awcwr

roSn bwsmqI cwvl


Diet Food Atta Biscuit


Pachranga International Pickle

Exclusive & Authentic Flavors from Quality Spice Blends from India. hr qrW dw qwjw mIt, bkry Aqy murgy dw mIt, tystI mYrInytf ickn (qMdUrI , spYSl kSmIrI, bwrbIikaU, lYmn, imMt, mlweI) spYSl AjvweIn iPS, qMdUrI kof, qMdUrI swlmn


Chings Chilli Vinegar 170ml Nutro Assorted Cream Wafers


Dubai Macaroni Assorted 400g Britannia Punjabi Cookies 620g


Exclusive Rakhi collection available at store!



gryp PrUt

Granny Smith Apple

Zuchini Squash

Rooh Afza Indian 750ml


ibRtynIAw pMjwbI kUkIz


or 2 for $5



.89 $

Cauliflower Jumbo

Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta Bambino Vermicelli dUbeI mYkronI

Fresh Strawberries

v~fI goBI




.49 EA


Grocery Specials 22LB bmbIno AwSIrvwd hOl vIt Awtw vrmIsylI


1 LB



Fresh Methi






qwjI stRwbyrI


Roma Tomato

.99 $




$1.99 EA

$5.99 LB


20 LB

Roshan's Special Basmati Rice 3 For

$27 Whole BBQ Chicken

$3.99 LB

Vege Skewers Ajwaini Fish Marinated Chicken Variety Sale Dates: 3 August to 8 August 2018

Phone: (604) 585-6100

13639 100 Ave, Surrey, BC V3T 1H9

Prices in affect while the quantities last and are subject to change without prior notice .We reserve the right to limit the quantities while they last.

MoneyGram Money transfers & Calling Cards Available. BEST RATES FOR SENDING MONEY TO INDIA! iksy vI dyS ivc pYsy Byjn jW mMgvwaux leI Aqy fwlr dw vDIAw ryt lYx leI BrosyXog mnIgrwm srivs

A38 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

• • • • •

h&qy dy s`q idn klwsW AwpxI nOkrI C`fx dI zrUrq nhIN vrk primt clygw lwiesYNs rIkwl clygw AMgryzI nhIN AwauNdI qW vI koeI g`l nhIN

• • • • •

isAwtl ivc sB qoN G`t ryt mhIny ivc CDL nUM primt swry iekoN ryt ivc koeI vwDU PIs jW Krc nhIN Aswn Bugqwn Xojnw





Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A39

SMGweI iv`c is`Kwˆ dy vsx Aqy aujwVy dI khwxI ‘c brqwnvI srkwr dy v&wdwr sn[ pihly ivSv Xu`D qoˆ bwAd hwlwq bdly[ Kws krky kwmwgwtwmwrU Gtnw qoˆ bwAd[ swl 1914 iv`c hOˆgkwˆg qoˆ kYnyfw pu`jy jwpwnI stImiSp kwmwgwtwmwrU nUM vYˆnkUvr iv`c vVn nhIˆ id`qw igAw Aqy aus nUM vwips Bwrq Byj id`qw igAw sI[ ies stImiSp iv`c keI is`K vI sn[ ies nwl is`K kw&I nwrwz hoey[ CwE Xwn kihMdy hn,’’keI is`K sYnPrwˆissko iv`c gdr AMdoln ‘c Swml ho gey[ sYnPrwˆissko Aqy pMjwb ivcwly is`Dw iSipMg sMprk nw hox kwrn SMGweI AMdolnkwrIAwˆ leI mh`qvpUrn sQwn bx igAw[‘’ gdr AMdoln dw mksd sI Bwrq qoˆ brqwnI Swsn nUM ^qm krnw[ ikqwb iv`c ie`k bu`Dw isMG dw izkr hY ijnHwˆ nUM Xwn ny AwpxI ikqwb iv`c SMGweI puils Pors ‘c sB qoˆ pRBwvSwlI is`K d`isAw hY pr ikqwb iv`c aunHwˆ dI koeI qsvIr nhIˆ hY[ ie`k syvw mukq is`K puils krmcwrI Aqy kRwˆqIkwrI ny 6 ApRYl 1927 dI svyr bu`Dw isMG dw kql kr id`qw[ CwE Xwn d`sdy hn, bu`Dw isMG ibRtyn srkwr dy bhuq vPwdwr sI[ aunHwˆ ny is`K gurduAwry iv`c eyjMt Byjy qwˆ jo ivdyS qoˆ Awey Aqy SMGweI iv`c luky is`K kRwˆqIkwrIAwˆ ny nY`tvrk dw pqw lgwieAw jw sky[auh ienHwˆ kRwˆqIkwrIAwˆ dI pCwx, aunHwˆ dw pqw brqwnvI AiDkwrIAwˆ nUM

d`s idMdy sn ijs nwl aunHwˆ dw pqw krnw sOKw ho jwˆdw sI[ bu`Dw isMG dy kwrn SMGweI iv`c gdr AMdoln Pyl ho igAw[1916 Aqy 1949 dy ivcwly do g`lwˆ hoeIAwˆ[ rUs iv`c kRwˆqI dy kwrn keI is`Kwˆ ny isDwˆqk pRyrxw dy leI rUs dw ru^ kIqw[ au`Dr cInI rwStrvwdIAwˆ ny brqwnvI Swskwˆ nUM bwhr KdyVn leI is`Kwˆ dw h`Q PiVAw[ swl 1927 dy nyVy SMGweI ie`k qrHwˆ AYmAYmsI Aqy ibRtyn ivroDI v`K-v`K gu`twˆ ijvyˆ gdr pwrtI, cInI rwStrvwdIAwˆ Awid ivcwly AKwVw bx igAw sI[ swl 1941 ‘c jwpwnI POjwˆ ny SMGweI ‘qy kbzw kr ilAw[ ies nwl SMGweI ‘qy ibRtyn dw Asr ^qm ho igAw[duSmx dw duSmx dosq huMdw hY ies leI jwpwnI AiDkwrIAwˆ ny

is`Kwˆ dw h`Q PiVAw[ CwE Xwn kihMdy hn, *SMGweI iv`c suBwS cMdr bos vI Awey Aqy ie`Qy is`Kwˆ nwl g`lbwq kIqI[ aunHwˆ ny is`Kwˆ nUM ieMfIAn nYSnl AwrmI iv`c Swml hox leI pRyirq kIqw[ aunHwˆ ny is`Kwˆ nwl vwAdw kIqw ik aunHwˆ nUM vwips Bwrq lY ky jwxgy[‘’swl 1949 iv`c ie`k vwr muV hwlwq bdly Aqy Sihr ‘qy rwStrvwdIAwˆ dw kbzw ho igAw[ Xwn d`sdy hn, cInI rwStrvwdI kdy vI BwrqIAwˆ jwˆ is`Kwˆ nUM puils vwilAwˆ dy qOr ‘qy nOkrI nhIˆ krn idMdy sI[ ies leI is`Kwˆ kol ie`Qy koeI nOkrI nhIˆ rhI Aqy aunHwˆ nUM SMGweI C`f ky AwstrylIAw, AmrIkw Aqy kYnyfw vrgy dyswˆ iv`c jwxw ipAw[ iehI hY SMGweI iv`c is`Kwˆ dI khwxI[

Syr-ey-zwdy butIk

spYSl pwiksqwnI ifjweInr sUtW dI BwrI kulYkSn

ieMfIAw jW pwiksqwn jw rhy ho qW iek vwrI jrUr Awau

Sher-e-zade Boutique Unique Suits Treasure at Payal Business Centre

604-812-4001 8158 128 St #354, Surrey, BC Payal Business Centre


Bring this coupon to get ieh kUpn ilAwau qy 50% off regular price 50% ifskwauNt pwau

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A40 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

Awpxy vpwr dy vwDy leI ieSiqhwr pwaux leI Pon kro 604-590-5200 jykr mwrgyj lon dI zrUrq hY AsIN quhwfy leI kMm krWgy, lYNfrs leI nhIN SnIvwr jW AYqvwr nUM Awpxy bYNk LO nMU kwl krn dI koiSS kro jW ivkfyz qy 5.00 vjy qoN bwAd jW mYnUM iksy vI smyN kwl kro

• mwrgyj lonW iv`c 9 swl qoN vI v`D dw qjrbw • ryzIfyNSIAl mwrgyj lon • pihlI vwrI KrIdx vwly • nvW Gr KrIdx vwly

• mOjUdw mwrgyj nUM dubwrw PwienYNs krwnw hovy • rYNtl/ienvYstmYNt pRwptIz • knvYSnl, VA Aqy FHA • zIro fwaUn-USDA lon

Need a mortgage Loan We work for you, not the Lenders.


AsI GrW, kwrW, ibjnYs Aqy lwieP dI ienSorYNs krdy hW A~j hI kwl krky PrI AYstImyt layyu Aqy pYsy bcwayyu! We are Independent Insurance Agent.


notrI pbilk


• Refinance the current mortgage • Rental/investment properties • Conventional, VA & FHA • Zero Down-USDA Loans

BUYING, SELLING OR INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE bYilMghYm Aqy ies dy nwl dy ielwky ilMfn, blyn Aqy Prnfyl ivc iksy vI qrW dI pRwprtI, Gr jW lwt KrIdx jW vycx leI A`j hI Pyn kro !


425-345-4647 Pacific Coast Financial LLC and Lic MB 78982


muKiqAwrnwmw, rwhdwrI, vsIAqnwmw Awid qy notrI dy hor swry kMm !

Narinderjit Kaile

MLO 154609

sRIngr:srkwrI sUqrW Anuswr AwzwdI idvs dy mOky ‘qy jMmU kSmIr ivc iksy v`fI swijS nUM AMzwm dyx dy leI pwiksqwn qoˆ GuspYT kr rhy do KwVkUAwˆ nUM mwr su`itAw hY[ auqrI kSmIr dy bwˆdIporw izlHy dy guryj sYktr ivc &Oj dy iek v`fy AprySn ivc iek myjr Aqy &Oj dy 3 jvwn mwry gey hn[ds deIey ik ipCly hI idnIˆ sur`iKAw eyjMsIAwˆ ny jMmU kSmIr ivc iksy v`fI AiqvwdI GuspYT dy hox dw Alrt jwrI kIqw sI[ auQy jMmU Sihr ivc id`lI jwx vwlI iek b`s qoˆ 8 h`QgoilAwˆ dy nwl ku`J idn pihlwˆ iek AiqvwdI nUM igR&qwr vI kIqw igAw sI jo iksy v`fI swijS dw sMkyq hY[

We deal with all Reputed Insurance Companies to get a Good Coverage and Good Rate

Try calling your bank LO on Saturday or Sunday or after 5:00 PM on weekdays Or call me anytime. • Over 9 years experience in mortgage loans • Residential Mortgage loans • 1st time buyers • New home purchase

bwˆdIporw dy guryj sYktr ‘c v`fI GuspYT nwkwm 2 KwVkU Aqy myjr smyq 4 &OjI mwry gey

Gurdev (Dave) Singh



Now Open and Visit us: 4370 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA 98226




SEA - DEL (Return Flight)

USD 840

(inclusive of all taxes)


15407-1st Ave. S, SteD, Burien WA 98148

Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A41

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gurduAwrw swihb dy hr roz dy pRogrwm svyry drvwzy Ku`lHx dw smW Aqy pRkwS gurU gRMQ swihb jI: 4.00 vjy sihj pwT:4.30-6.00 vjy Awsw kI vwr: 6.00-7.45 Ardws/hukmnwmw:7.45-8.00 vjy kQw hukmnwmw: 8:00-8:30 vjy kIrqn:8.30-9.40 vjy kQw:9.40-10.30 vjy FwfI:10.30-11.30 smwpqI

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Pn o :604-590-3232, 778-713-5121, 604-590-3224, Pk Y s:604-572-3276

A42 The Punjab Guardian * Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

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g lwiesYNs So y lrinM kwr, tr`k/ motrsweIkl s a E tYksI jW eyAr bryk dw lwiesYNs pMjwbI ivc lYx leI sMprk kro

Having Difculty in Getting Insurance Claim • AwtomYitk hweIvy tr`k-no Instead of Going To Different Agents gy Ar no kl` c to find Different companies • lyfIz vwsqy sunihrIprices, mOkw, Contact Rupi Sahota

hux qusIN kwr dI qrHW ibnw gyArW qoN klws 1 dw lwiesYNs lY skdy ho • jy tr`k dw lwiesYNs lYxw cwhuMdy ho pr AMgryjI nhIN AwauNdI jW G`t AwauNdI hY bu`k dyK ky Gbrw jWdy ho qW fro nw, huxy Pon kro

• supr vIzw ieMSorYNs • lweIP ieMSorYNs • ifseybIltI ieMSorYNs • mOrtgyz ieMSorYNs • trYvl ieMSorYNs lrinMg ielns ieMSorYNs • kirtIkl lwiesYNs iqAwr dI • Awr Awr `s pI Aqy I kMiAY p Utr AwrkeI AY`sapI nwl


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wpxy b`cy leI srkwr v`loN id`qI jWdI grWt leI AplweI kIqw hoieAw hY?

So Easy Learning School




aunHwˆ ikhw ik kimSn ny ieh vI sMkyq id`qy hn ik puils golI clwaux qoˆ pihlwˆ swbkw fI.jI.pI sumyD sYxI Aqy mu`K mMqrI pRkwS isMG bwdl Awps iv`c qwlmyl ‘c sn[ bihbl klwˆ iv`c, puils ny SwˆqmeI muzwhrw kr rhy is`Kwˆ au`qy golI clweI sI ijs iv`c do nojvwnwˆ dI mOq ho geI sI[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik duK qwˆ ies gl dw hY ik muK

mMqrI dy inrdySwˆ au`qy gRih ivBwg ny puils nUM bihbl klwˆ golI kwˆf iv`c “ierwdw kql” dI Dwrwvwˆ hyT AYP.AweI.Awr drj krn leI p`qr jwrI kIqw hY[ jdoˆ ik do nOjvwn idn idhwVy puils dIAwˆ goLIAwˆ dw iSkwr hoey hn[ iPr doSI puils APsrwˆ ivru`D Dwrw 302 qihq kql dw mukdmw ikauˆ drj nhI kIqw jwˆdw?









ieMSorYNs klym lYx ivc koeI muSkl AwauNdI hY? v`K-v`K kMpnIAW dIAW kImqW pqw krn leI v`K-v`K eyjMtW kol jwx dy bjwey rUpI shoqw nwl sMprk kro jo knyfw dIAW swrIAW v~fIAW ieMSoryNs kMpnIAW nwl fIl krdI hY

• • • • • • •

Super Visa Insurance Life Insurance Disability Insurance Mortgage Insurance Travel Insurance Critical Illness Insurance RRSP & RESP

Rupi Sahota

Independent Insurance Broker

Deals With All Major Insurance Companies Of Canada

2007 qoN bwd pYdw hoey b~icAW leI $1200 dI srkwrI grWt AplweI krn leI rUpI shoqw nwl sMprk kro


Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A43

^wlsw gurmiq sYˆtr isAwtl dw iqMn rojw smwgm hoieAw cVHdI klHw nwl smwpq

isAwtl: (sqpwl isMG puryvwl) ^wlsw gurmiq sYˆtr (skUl) &YfrlvyA isAwtl vwiSMgtn ivKy ieMtrnYSnl BwSx mukwbilAwˆ Agsq 2 qoˆ Agsq 5 q`k dw pRogrwm A`j pUrI cVHdI klHw nwl smwpq hoieAw[ies ivc Bwg lYx vwly b`cy Awpxy pUry pirvwrwˆ smyq kYnyfw Aqy AmrIkw dy v`K v`K Sihrwˆ AYtlYntw jOrjIAwˆ, Alwbwmw, bykrsPIlf, kYlyPornIAwˆ, bMrimMgtn, jOrjIAw, bYPloinaUXwrk, inAwgrw Pwlz-inaUXwrk, SwrlYt, nOrQ kYrolInw iSkwgo ielInoies, isnsYnItI, klIvlYˆf, kolMbs, EhwieE, fYls, tYkiss, imSIgn, grInzivl, swaUQ kYrolInwl, rIlIg, nOrQ kYrolInw, lMfn, EnrtwrIE, inaUjrsI, inaUXwrk, nOrvlk, sI.tI. iptsbrg, EhwieE, rOcstr, AYm. AYl. bOstn, swierwkrUz, tYˆpw, PlorIfw, torMto, ivMfsr Aqy vwiSMgtn styt dy keI Sihrwˆ qoˆ phuMcy hoey sn[pRogrwm Bwvyˆ Agsq 2 idn Sukrvwr nUM SurU hoxw sI pr Bwg lYx vwly b`cy pirvwrwˆ smyq bu`Dvwr svyry phuMcxy SurU ho gey sn Aqy vIrvwr vI dyr rwq q`k swry pirvwr dw phuMc gey sn[mihmwnwˆ dw Tihrn leI skUl dy nwl l`gdy Sihr Awbrn dy ie`k hotl ivc bMdobsq kIqw hoieAw sI[ijs leI pMQk kwrjwˆ ivc hmySw mohrI rol inBwaux vwly s. hriSMdr isMG jI sMDU pRDwn gurduAwrw s`cw mwrg Aqy aunHwˆ dI bytI rygI mwto ny v`fw sihXog id`qw[ies pRogrwm ivc ku`l 65 b`icAwˆ ny ih`sw ilAw[ ^wlsw gurmiq sYˆtr dy pRbMDkwˆ ny swry pRogrwm nUM bhuq hI brIkI nwl qrqIb id`qI hoeI sI[hr in`ky qoˆ kMm nUM vI pypr qy au`kirAw hoieAw sI Aqy aus pRqI iksy nw iksy nUM juMmyvwrI sOˆpI hoeI sI ijs nwl koeI vI syvwdwr aulJx ivc nhIˆ sI[hr iksy nUM Awpo Awpxy kMm Aqy smyˆ bwry pUrw pqw sI[ijs dI Awey mihmwnwˆ vloˆ BrpUr SlwGw huMdI rhI[ SurUAwq ivc pihly idn Sukrvwr svyry nUM b`icAwˆ vloˆ kIrqn kIqw igAw Aqy iPr fw. AmrjIq isMG bYPlo inaUXwrk jI ny siqgurU jI dy crnw ivc Ardws kIqI Aqy s. kuldIp isMG jI ny BwSx mukwbilAwˆ dy inXm swˆJy kIqy[auprMq b`icAw ny id`qy hoey iviSAwˆ qy Awpxy ivcwr pyS kIqy[hr b`cy leI 5 qoˆ 7 imMt dw smwˆ inrDwirq sI[smwˆ pUrw hox qoˆ ku`J sYikMf pihlwˆ swhmxy r`KI lweIt jg pYˆdI sI ijs qoˆ b`cy nUM smwˆ smwpq hox dI jwxkwrI id`qI jwˆdI sI[ies nwl hr b`cw Awpxw bwkI BwSx bw^UbI smytx ivc kwmXwb irhw[nMny muMny b`icAwˆ vloˆ id`qy BwSx dI AweIAwˆ sMgqwˆ vloˆ lgwqwr srwhnw huMdI rhI[ Xwd rhy ik hr swl ieh mukwbly krwaux dI jumyvwrI s. kuldIp isMG jI ny sMBwlI hoeI hY jo ik kolMbs EhwieE kr ky jwxy jwˆdy hn pr A`j k`lH twˆpw PlorIfw ivc rih rhy hn[aunHwˆ vloˆ bxweI sMsQw ‘is`K XUQ AlwieMs

Aw& nOrQ AmYrIkw’ kr ky jwxI jwˆdI hY[Swm nUM mukwbly ivc Bwg lYx vwly b`icAwˆ dy snmwn leI Awbrn Sihr dy grIn irvr kuimntI kwlj dy hwl ivc ie`k ^ws ifnr pRogrwm r`iKAw igAw sI[ijs nUM SMgwrn dw kMm bIbI rxjIq kOr Aqy bIbI primMdr kOr vloˆ kIqw igAw[pRogrwm SurU krn qoˆ pihlwˆ isAwtl dI jwxI pihcwxI gqkw tIm ‘rxjIq AKwVw’ dy XoiDAw ny ^Ub rMg bMinAw[auprMq Bwg lYx Awey b`icAwˆ nUM pUry siqkwr nwl hwl ivc iljwieAw igAw[styj dw swrw kMm Kwlsw gurmiq sYˆtr dy nOjvwn b`icAwˆ nUM sOˆipAw hoieAw sI ijs nUM aunHwˆ ny bw^UbI inBwieAw[ie`k ie`k b`cy nUM mihmwnwˆ dy rUbrU kIqw igAw[aunHwˆ dy SOk, aunHwˆ dI mMizl kI hY Aqy iks iks qrHwˆ dy Kwxy nUM psMd krdy hn bwry jwxkwrI swˆJI kIqI geI Aqy aunHwˆ nUM snmwinq kIqw igAw[ies smyˆ Kwlsw skUl dy in`ky in`ky b`icAwˆ vloˆ ie`k JlkI pyS kIqI geI[ijs ivc aunHwˆ ny pwtoDwV hoeI kOm dw bwˆdr ikvyˆ lwB lY jwˆdy hn dw sunyhw id`qw jo ik hr v`fy Coty leI sI[Bwvyˆ ik ies JlkI ivc Bwg lYx vwly iqMno b`icAwˆ dI BUimkw AiqAMq slwhuxXog sI pr bwˆdr dw rol krn krn vwlw Cotw pvwr jo ik skUl dw sB qoˆ SrwrqI b`cw hY vloˆ boilAw hr fwielwg kmwl dw sI[gurSbd isMG Aqy aunHwˆ dI BYx jslIn kOr jI ny qblw vjw ky ^Ub rMg bMinAw[jpmn kOr Aqy qRImn isMG ny pMQ nUM drpyS msilAwˆ qy cwnxw pwauidAwˆ nOjvwn pIVHI nUM h`l l`Bx leI pRyirAw[aunHwˆ msilAwˆ dy h`l gurmiq Anuswr ikvyˆ kIqy jw skdy hn bwry s. kuldIp isMG jI ny ^ulH ky cwnxw pwieAw[ aus qoˆ bwAd pMQ dI ie`k hor mhwn sKSIAq s. Amn isMG BUtwnI jo ik ie`k au`cy Ahudy AYkspIfIAw dy pRDwn hn ny Awpxy ivcwr swˆJy kIqy[aunHwˆ ny AwpxI kwmXwbI dw swrw rwj siqgurU sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI nUM d`isAw[AwpxI pRBwvSYlI qkrIr ivc aunHwˆ b`icAwˆ nUM d`isAw ik auh ikvyˆ Aiq mh`qvpUrn is`KI AsUlwˆ nUM Apxw ky ies imAwrI Ahudy qy phuMcy hn[aunHwˆ ny b`icAwˆ nwl auh A`T nukqy swˆJy kIqy jo ik gurbwxI ivc drz hn Aqy aunHwˆ nUM Awpxy mwqw ipqw qoˆ is`Kx nUM imly sn[ dUjy idn dw pRogrwm nOjvwn b`icAwˆ dI fIbyt dw sI ijs ivc fw. sqpwl isMG vloˆ suAwl kIqy jwˆdy sn Aqy aunHwˆ ny inrDwirq smyˆ AMdr rih ky jvwb dyxw huMdw sI[ieh pRogrwm vI kw&I lMbw smwˆ Aqy vDIAw c`ilAw[kOm nUM sunyhw dyx leI imly AwKrI smyˆ ivc vI ku`J b`icAwˆ ny bhuq kmwl dy suJwA id`qy[bwAd ivc b`icAwˆ nUM mMnorMjn krwaux leI Wild Waves Theme Water Park iljwieAw igAw ij`Qy aunHwˆ ny v`K v`K rweIfwˆ dw AnMd mwixAw[ qIjy idn dI SurUAwq b`icAwˆ vloˆ kIrqn nwl hoeI ijs ivc trMto qoˆ Awey b`icAwˆ ny rwgwˆ ivc kIrqn kr ky AweIAwˆ sMgqw nUM inhwl kIqw[auprMq swry b`icAwˆ nUM ienwm dy

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5162 Mowry Ave. Fremont CA 94538

23811 104Ave. SE Suite 102 Kent WA 98031

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a tradition since 1978 Forever yours

CUSTOM MADE quh`fy iel`ky 22K and 24K JEWELRY dy mShUr

1978 qoN norQ EmrIk` iv@c


3418 El Camino Real Santa Clara CA 95051

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510-713-1040 253-852-6326 408-246-0850 408-281-0245

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Aug 10- Aug 16, 2018 * The Punjab Guardian -A45

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bI Aqy vI brYfnr Pwrmz ilmIitf 32327-nwkusp frweIv, AYbtsPorf, bI.sI. leI 50 eykV blU bYrIz Pwrm leI 5 Pwrm vrkrW dI zrUrq hY jo Pwrm dy kMm nUM qr`kI Xog bxw skx[ kwimAW dIAW ifaUtIAW : nvyN bUty lwauxy, purwixAW dI pUrI dyK-ryK krnI, lweInW ivckwr zmIn vwhuxI, bUitAW dI kWt-CWt krnI, Kwd pwauxI, dvweI iCVkxI, pwxI dyxw, iksy qrHW dI bImwrI Aqy Kqrnwk kIiVAW qoN swvDwn rihxw qy AKIr Psl (Pl) nUM qoVnw, tr`kW aupr l`Dxw Aqy kYnrI ivc C`fxw, Pwrm qy mSInrI Aqy bwkI sMdW dw iesqymwl krnw qy smwn dI dyKBwl, TIk r`Kxw qy ho sky qW TIk krnw[ cMgI Psl dw inrxw krky aus nUM mwrikt leI iqAwr krnw[ pwxI dyx vwlIAW pweIpW nUM sYt krnw qy ingrwnI r`KxI, Pwrm iblifMg ivc pUrI sPweI r`KxI, hr kMm dI Pwrm suprvweIzr nUM irport krnI Aqy aus pwsoN hdwieqW lYxIAW, bwkI hor Pwrm nwl sbMDq ifaUtIAW inBwauxIAW[ KwsIAqW – BwrIAW cIzW c`uk skx dy kwbl hoxw, svyry-svyry auT dy kMm SurU krnw Aqy hPqy dy AKIr qy kMm krn dI Awdq Aqy qwkq hoxI cwhIdI hY[ sDwrn KyqIbwVI krn dw igAwn hoxw jo Awpxy Pwrm qy kMm krn qoN imldw hY[ kMm GtoN-Gt 40 GMty pRqI hPqw[ qnKwh 12.65 fwlr pRqI GMtw hovygI[ iksy hweI skUl dI pVweI dI zrUrq nhIN hY pr pMjwbI jW ihMdI jW QoVI bhuqI AMgryzI AwauxI zrUrI hY[ Awpxw rYzmy Byjo :

bhuq mShUr pIlz nrsrIz ilmIitf-35920, pYtIsn rof, imSn, bI.sI. nUM 8 nrsrI kwimAW dI sKq zrUrq hY, nrsrI dw kMm TIk qrIky nwl clwaux vwsqy[ kwimAW dIAW ifautIAW : bUty lwaux vwly gmilAW ivc im`tI iqAwr krnw, blbz, bIz, bUitAW dy k`t kIqy ih`sy lwauxy, ipauNd dyxI, bUitAW nUM b`f krnw – au~gy hoey bUitAW Aqy jVHw vwilAW k`t kIqIAW SwKw dI AdlwbdlI krnI, dvweI iCVkxI, drKqW qy, Coty bUitAW (S`rbz) qy, Pu`lW qy, bUitAW qy iksy qrHW dI bImwrI Aqy kIVy, mkOiVAW qoN bcwaux leI, TIk FMg nwl qy smyN isr, grIn hwaUsW (bUty r`Kx vwly Gr) Aqy bwhr pwxI dyx qrIkw TIk r`Kxw qy bUitAW qy bwhrly Kyq nUM pwxI dyxw, putweI krnI, k`txw qy iPr drKqW, Srbz (Coty bUty), Pu`lW Aqy bUitAW nUM iek QW qoN dUsrI QW r`Kxw qy vycx leI iqAwr krnw[ Awpxy gwhkW nUM bwgbwnI bwry, drKqW dI dyKBwl, S`rbz, Pu`lW Aqy bUitAw Aqy Gwh vwly ivhVy (lwnz) bwry pUrI jwxkwrI dyxI, trYktr Aqy hor koVI dI mSInrI clwauxw Awid, qy ies nwl Kwd pwauxI, vwhuxw, Psl nUM vycx leI iqAwr krnw – KyqW Aqy bUitAW qy dvweI iCVkxI Awid[ nrsrI dy hr qrHW dy bUitAW, Sr`bz (Coty bUty) drKqW Aqy Pu`lW dw ihswb r`Kxw, hor loVINdw swmwn dy Awrfr bwry mwlk nUM d`sxw, hr jgHw nUM pUrI qrHW swP r`Kxw-nrsrI suprvweIzr jW nrsrI mwlk nwl pUrw rwPqw r`Kxw, nrsrI ibzins nUM TIk qrIky nwl clwaux leI-nrsrI dy swmwn dw mOjUd hoxw Aqy pUrI splweI dyxw, nrsrI dy p`ky Aqy bwkI gwhkW nUM cMgI srivs dyxI Awid[ koeI hweI skUl, spYSl pVweI jW tryinMg dI zrUrq nhIN[ kMm qy tryinMg id`qI jwvygI[ pr pMjwbI jW ihMdI jW kuJ AMgryzI BwSwvW dw Awauxw zrUrI hY[KwsIAqW – BwrIAW cIzW c`uk skx dy kwbl hoxw, svyry-svyry auT dy kMm SurU krnw Aqy hPqy dy AKIr qy kMm krn dI Awdq qy qwkq hoxI cwhIdI hY[ kMm GtoN-Gt 40 GMty pRqI hPqw[ qnKwh 12.65 fwlr pRqI GMtw hovygI[ iksy hweI skUl dI pVweI dI zrUrq nhIN hY pr pMjwbI jW ihMdI jW QoVI bhuqI AMgryzI AwauxI zrUrI hY[ Awpxw rYzmy Byjo :

Blueberry Farms Urgently need farm workers B & V Bradner Farms of 32327-Nakusp Dr. Abbotsford, BC V2T-5C6 needs five (5) general farm workers for 50 acre blue berry farms, who can make this a progressive farming. Duties : Plant new plants and fully take care of the existing crop plants, cultivate and harrowing between crop lines, pruning, fertilizing, spraying, irrigation, detect disease and health problems in crops. Harvesting of crop, loading crop and supply to canary, operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment. Examine crop for quality and prepare for market, set and monitor water lines, keep farm building and surroundings clean, report to and follow the directions of farm supervisor. Other general farm duties as assigned. Skills : Be able to do heavy liftings, ability to work long hours, early morning and week ends are required. Basic farm knowledge, usually obtained from working on family farm. Minimum 40 hrs/week, wages $12.65/hour. No special education and training required. But Punjabi and/or Hindi or some English language is required. Email resume at :

Nursery Workers Urgently Needed Famous Peel's Nurseries Ltd. of 35920-Pattinson Road, Mission, BC V2A-4J1 is the urgent need of 8 nursery workers to operate nursery business on regular basis. Duties of Workers : To prepare soil in pots, plant bulbs, seeds and cuttings, graft and bud plants and transplant seedlings and rooted cuttings, spray trees, shrubs, flowers and plants to prevent disease and pests & insects, position & regulate green house and outdoors irrigation systems to water plants and fields, dig, cut and transplant trees, shrubs, flowers and plants and prepare them for sale, provide information to customers on gardening and care of trees, shrubs, flowers, plants and lawns, may operate tractors and other machinery and equipment. To fertilize, cultivate, harvest and spray fields and plants, maintain inventory of all nursery plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and order material as required, keep working areas clean, neat and tidy, coordinate with nursery supervisor and/or owner/operator to run business smoothly, maintain availability and supply of nursery products and provide best service to regular customers and others. No high school, special education and training is required, on job training will be provided . But Punjabi and/or Hindi or some English language is required. Skills : Moderate to heavy liftings, ability to work long hours, early mornings and week ends are required especially in busy season. M i n i m u m 4 0 h r s / w e e k w a g e s 1 2 . 6 5 / h r. P l e a s e s e n d r e s u m e a t : '



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E paper – 09 August 2018 – Section A 25-48 – The Punjab Guardian  
E paper – 09 August 2018 – Section A 25-48 – The Punjab Guardian