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A supplement of The Pro Chef ME

6HDEDVVÀOOHWZLWK braised artichokes, olive oil mashed potato 14-15

72-hour shortrib with roasted pumpkin, pickled pears and hazelnuts 04-05

Seared scallops with castelluccio OHQWLOVDQGWUXIÁH vinaigrette, rocket leaves 16-17

Jesh um al hala and shaari eshkeli roulade 06-07

Lump crab salad 08-09

Shrimp cocktail, avocado salsa and Marie Rose sauce 18-19

Pan-fried sea bass with sweetcorn textures and crab ravioli 10-11

Red snapper with lemon puree, roasted beetroot and clementine sauce 12-13

Spiced sponge with vanilla mousse, basil syrup and pineapple chutney 20-21

Summer vegetable salad 22-23

A supplement of The Pro Chef ME

The RAK Porcelain story RAK Porcelain is a subsidiary of RAK Ceramics, world leader in the production of high quality ceramic wall, floor tiles and sanitary ware. Within a short span of time RAK Porcelain has left its mark in the Horeca industry by supplying high quality porcelain tableware which is now exported to more than 130 countries worldwide from its state of the art production facility at Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Strategically located close to Jebel Ali port in Dubai, major destinations by sea are just two to four weeks away ensuring fast reaction time and quick service for customers at a local level. The factory produces 21 million pieces of tableware every year, meeting stringent US and European certifications. Alongside its DHVWKHWLFDQGIXQFWLRQDODVSHFWVWKHEUDQG¡V quality-price ratio also constitutes one of its main characteristics. These products are made from premium raw materials using world class, state of the art, latest machinery from Europe manufacturing top-of-the-range porcelain. Supported by a network of table art experts and advisors and surrounded by a solid structure of professional distributors, RAK Porcelain creates collections that can withstand sustained handling both in the kitchen and on the table. A recognised expertise combined with precise firing temperatures, the vitrification of the material or the composition of the porcelain elements all enable a strengthening of the enamel, an increase in chip resistance and a greater resistance to repeated industrial dishwashing cycles. The products of the RAK Porcelain collections are perfectly adapted to the constraints that accompany their use in the Horeca industry. The optimal resistance of the RAK Porcelain products

ensures a greater longevity - a fact appreciated by professionals of the hotel and catering industry. $PRQJVWWKHFRPSDQ\¡VNH\GHVLJQHUVDUH VRPHRI(XURSH¡VILQHVW&ROORQJHVDX0RQWG¡2U is a world famous village in France, close to Lyon and next to the international institution, the 3-star Michelin restaurant of Paul Bocuse. Close friends of the famous chef, tableware designers Alain and Dominique Vavro continually create designs for the leading gastronomic destinations of Lyon and beyond. Amongst their work are collections for RAK Porcelain which are already widely used by the hotel industry and leading restaurants worldwide. These include the Allspice range with its unique and amazing pieces, Nordic with its 1960s inspiration, the neo-retro collection Ska and the timeless but ever contemporary collections Fine Dine and Classic Gourmet. Mikaela Dorfel, another designer with a great reputation, develops each product line around a concept enabling its identification to the brand for which it is destined. RAK Porcelain charged her with the design of Lyra, a very elegant line that plays with the contrasts of heightened volumes and soft curves which underline with precision and fineness the contours of the object and also ZLWK0D]]DDSHUIHFWVHWXSIRUWRGD\¡VFXOLQDU\ presentations. Her work is identified by high demands in a clear formal language. Together with an excellent functionality this ensures an outstanding longevity of the design. Working within the tradition of Scandinavian design, her shapes are inspired by nature delivering a modern and elegant signature range. 5HQX2RPPHQ&KLHI0DUNHWLQJ2IILFHURI5$. Porcelain, is proud of the achievements of this

RAK PORCELAIN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES PO Box 30113, Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates T: (+971) 7 243 4683 F: (+971) 7 243 4220

young and vibrant organisation and says “The success of RAK Porcelain is due to our ability to be flexible to market demands and to offer a world class product using cutting edge technology. Created in collaboration with chefs, table top designers and industry veteran technical teams, each product of RAK is manufactured with great attention to detail, considering each aspect from reliability during use, Innovation in shape and quality craftsmanship to offer our customers a vivid and immersive dining experience.�


72-hour shortrib with roasted pumpkin, pickled pears and hazelnuts SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 800g beef shortrib, boned out 1lt water 30g salt 100ml light soy sauce 4 pieces star anise 1kg pumpkin 30g garlic 50g shallots 2g crushed coriander seeds 50ml olive oil 200g nashi pear 10g salt 20g sugar 100ml lemon juice 10g hazelnuts pumpkin oil chervil, chives, mustard and roka leaves for presentation

METHOD: 1 Dissolve the salt in the water, add soy sauce and toasted star anise. Brine the meat in the solution for two days, then pat dry, vacuum pack at highest setting and cook in a water bath at 56C for 72 hours. Then refrigerate with a weight on to press the meat into an even thickness. Trim into individual portions and repack. 2 Cut the pumpkin into a serving size. Coat with olive oil and coriander seeds then add the garlic and shallots. Cover and roast at 160C until tender. Also roast the trimmings of the pumpkin to make into a puree. 3 Dissolve the sugar and salt in the lemon juice. Slice the nashi on a mandolin to a 1mm thickness, five slices per portion. 4 On order, reheat the shortrib in a water bath. Take out of the bag, dry the surface and sear in a very hot pan on all sides. Season. 5 Reheat the pumpkin under the salamander or in the oven. 6 Vacuum pack the nashi pear in the brine. 7 Plate up and garnish with roasted hazelnuts, herbs and a splash of pumpkin seed oil.

CHEF TOMAS REGER Owner Tomas Reger Food Consultants Born in the Czech Republic, awardwinning Reger splits his time between consulting on new restaurants both in the UAE and Lebanon, working as a private chef and organising pop-up dinners and restaurants.


Jesh um al hala and shaari eshkeli roulade SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 280g local shaari eshkeli fish fillet 280g local jesh um al hala fish fillet saffron, small pinch 1 egg yolk 5g spring onions 100g purple potatoes 100ml cream 50g butter 30g redcurrants 70g raspberries, fresh 80ml raspberry vinegar 20ml lemon juice 30g mascarpone 1/2 ml truffle oil 15g parmesan 1/5 g bonito flakes 20g shallots 20g micro greens 30g dill leaves 20g physalis 80g asparagus 15g sugar 1/2 g bay leaves 20ml olive oil salt and pepper to taste

METHOD: 1 Clean and prepare the local fish as fillets, marinate in dill, redcurrants, salt and pepper. Roll them up and secure with skewers. Steam panfry the fish with the peeled asparagus at 100C for 25 minutes, then keep warm. 2 For the veloute, heat up a pan with a small quantity of butter. SautĂŠ the shallots until light golden brown, then add flour and stir until the flour is cooked. Deglaze with lemon juice. Add the liquid residue from the steamed fish to add more taste and aroma. Then add bonito flakes and simmer until you get the desired consistency and flavour. Season to taste. 3 Peel and boil the purple potato until overcooked. Mash and mix with cream, mascarpone, parmesan, truffle oil, butter and salt to taste. Create quenelles. 4 Heat a pan with butter and shallots. Deglaze with raspberry vinegar. Add bay leaves and sugar. Reduce heat until desired consistency is reached. Season with salt to taste. 5 Nicely clean up sharri skin flattened on nonstick baking liner, add some drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt, then top with ha eavy steel container for the skin to remain flat and crispy while drying in the oven for 30 minutes at 90C. 6 Place the steamed asparagus at the right bottom of the plate. Place the local fish on top of it and garnish with crispy salted sharri skin. On the left side of the plate, arrange the potato quenelle in a fan shape with a physalis at the centre. Pour an appropriate amount of veloute at the centre of the plate decorating it with the raspberry reduction and micro greens.

HASSAN MASSOOD Executive Chef Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City A near two decade veteran of F&B across the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Massood has shone as an Italian chef who insists on quality and passion in his team.


Lump crab salad SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS: 80g lump crab 20g artichoke 5g carrot 5g leek 5g spring onion 5g baby corn 5g snow peas 10g butter 5ml lemon juice 5ml olive oil 20g mango puree 10g horseradish 1 tsp passionfruit salt and pepper to taste 1 shallot 1 tbsp sour cream 5g chives 2g garlic 4g black caviar

METHOD: 1 Heat the oil in a pan and add chopped shallot and garlic. Then add the lump crab and butter and saute until brown before adding the artichoke and, after sauteeing again, the chives. Keep aside. 2 Make a sauce by mixing the mago puree and horseradish. 3 Marinade the vegetables with lemon juice, salt and pepper. 4 Assemble and garnish with passionfruit and caviar.

CHANDRA SWAMY Head Chef Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites From winning Chef of the Year when he started his career with the Oberoi group and a spell on cruise liners, Swamy has been with Marriott for the last seven years, helping to make the Observatory an award-winning restaurant.


Pan-fried sea bass with sweetcorn textures and crab ravioli SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 190g sea bass 95g sweetcorn puree JVZHHWFRUQ¶WLOHV· 1\4 bag pop corn, popped FUDEUDYLROL 1 baby pak choy POVKHOOILVKIRDP SLHFHVEDE\FUHVV JUDLVLQV JSLQHQXWVURDVWHG




Red snapper with lemon puree, roasted beetroot and clementine sauce SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 600g red snapper fillet, boneless 1 tbsp olive oil salt and pepper to taste 5 lemons 200g sugar 200ml water 5 beetroot fleur de sel 35ml olive oil 1 tbsp water thyme 10 clementines 30g cold butter, cubed 10g sugar

METHOD: 1 Season the red snapper and sautĂŠ in a nonstick frying pan with the olive oil, then finish it in the oven for six to seven minutes. 2 Put the lemons in a casserole with cold water and place on heat until it starts boiling. Let the lemons simmer for seven minutes. Repeat the same procedure four times until the lemons are soft. Then remove the top and the bottom part of the lemons and cover one by one with foil. Put in the oven at 140C for one hour, then remove and allow to cool before cutting and removing the pips. Put in the blender (Thermomix if available) and blend them with enough syrup to make a thick puree, then pass it through a fine sieve and let it cool. Place it in a pastry bag and keep in the fridge. 3 Wash the beetroots with the skin and put them in a foil together with fleur de sel, olive oil, thyme and one tablespoon of water. Fold the foil and put in the oven until a knife can enter to the centre of the beetroot. Remove from the foil, clean the skin and cut into nice square pieces, with the leftovers cut into small cubes. 4 Squeeze the clementines, strain the pips and place the juice in a saucepan, let it boil and add the cold butter cubes. Add the sugar, the salt and the pepper. 5 Place the square pieces of beetroot in the centre of the plate topped by a thin line of lemon puree. On the top, place the fish, make a round with the beetroot cubes accompanied on the side with small drops of the lemon puree.

ILIAS KOKOROSKOS Head Chef, Elia Majestic Hotel Tower Having worked with celebrity Chef Yiannis Baxevanis for some years, Chef Kokoroskos is dedicated to delivering the best Greek dishes in Dubai.


6HDEDVVĂ€OOHWZLWKEUDLVHGDUWLFKRNHV ROLYHRLOPDVKHGSRWDWR SERVES 2 INGREDIENTS 300g sea bass as two 150g fillets, cleaned 2 fresh artichokes 1 carrot, large, peeled 1 fennel bulb, medium, peeled 1 celery stick, peeled 6 datterino tomatoes 6 taggiasche olives 1 shallot, chopped 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1/2 lemon, small, grilled 500ml white chicken or vegetable stock 20g butter, unsalted 1 sprig fresh thyme 1 bay leaf fresh basil leaves, picked arugula leaves, picked salt and pepper to taste 3 russet potatoes, large 300ml fresh milk 20g butter, unsalted extra virgin olive oil salt to taste

METHOD: 1 Clean the artichokes, keeping only the hearts for this dish, placing in acidulated water as you proceed. Cut the hearts in wedges, keeping a part of the stem. Clean and cut the carrot, fennel and celery. 2 In a medium saucepot, sweat the chopped shallot and garlic without colour, add in the artichoke wedges and slightly sauté, add the carrots, add the stock to cover. Add the sprig of thyme and bay leaf. Place a parchment paper on top of the liquid and simmer. Add the fennel later on and then the celery to make sure all vegetables will end up cooked at the same time in the end. 3 Once cooked, remove bay leaf and thyme and reduce stock on high flame, add a knob or two of butter and emulsify in stock, so it thickens.. 4 Brush sea bass fillets with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, and roll in a parchment SDSHUZLWKRXWFORVLQJWKHHQGV&RRN¶HQ SDSLOORWH·VW\OHLQWKHRYHQDW& 5 Quickly blanch, refresh in iced water and peel datterino tomatoes, and place in warm olive oil to marinate along with taggiasche olives, keep in a warm place. 6 To assemble, place artichokes and vegetables in a deep plate along with reduced stock, top with the sea bass fillet and garnish with tomatoes, olives, picked basil and arugula leaves. Add the grilled half lemon. 7 Prepare mashed potato as you normally would, with hot milk and a bit of butter, then at the end add a touch of great quality extra virgin olive oil and mix in. Serve on the side, garnish with clipped chives and a bit of extra virgin olive oil.

ALAIN GOBEIL ([HFXWLYH&KHI 7KH$GGUHVV'RZQWRZQ'XEDL A lover of travel, Gobeil was part of the opening team at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr before spending time as ([HFLXWLYH&KHIRI2WWDZD�b{V)DLUPRQW&KDWHDX/DXULHU1RZKH¡VNHSW busy at The Address, awaiting the imminent arrival of CUT by Wolfgang Puck ZKLFKVKRXOGUDLVHWKHKRWHOV¡VSURÀOH


Seared scallops with castelluccio lentils DQGWUXIĂ HYLQDLJUHWWHURFNHWOHDYHV SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 4 scallops 2 large tomatoes olive oil lemon small rocket leaves mixed cress baguette sliced truffle vinaigrette 100g lentils - if castelluccio lentils are not available, use Puy lentils 10ml white truffle oil - too much is overpowering 25ml honey 25ml Dijon mustard 25ml balsamic vinegar 150ml olive oil

METHOD: 1 Combine the honey, mustard, balsamic and truffle oil together, then slowly add the olive oil and whisk together to form the base of the dressing. 2 Wash the lentils and cover with twice the amount of water to lentils, bring to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for about 20 minutes. Season with salt after cooking and salt can toughen the lentils during cooking. While still warm, dress the lentils with the truffle dressing. 3 To finish, slice the tomatoes in half and using a small round pastry cutter, cut three or four tomato rounds, depending on the size, drizzle with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper 4 Slice the baguette and drizzle with olive oil, season with sea salt and pepper and place in the oven until crisp. 5 Heat a pan with a small amount of olive oil, season the scallops just before cooking and sear in a hot pan for about 45 seconds each side. Just before you remove from the pan, add a small knob of butter just to finish, remove and place on a draining paper. 6 To plate, arrange the seasoned tomatoes on the plate, arrange the scallops on and around the tomatoes, spoon the warm lentil dressing around the plate, break the baguette crisps up and place next to the scallops - this give some nice crunch to the dish. Arrange the rocket leaves and cress to finish the plate.

CHEF RUSSELL IMPIAZZI &XOLQDU\'LUHFWRU)RRG %HYHUDJH Galeries Lafayette 3UHYLRXVO\WKH([HFXWLYH&KHIDW:DĂ€ Impiazzi now combines developing new menu concepts for various outlets as well as ensuring a wide range of quality produce is available for shoppers at Lafayette Gourmet.


Shrimp cocktail, avocado salsa and Marie Rose sauce SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 40ml olive oil 10ml white vinegar aged 2g salt 1g white pepper powder 1/2g Dijon mustard 100g prawns 16/20 3g salt 2g white pepper powder 100g avocado 1g salt 1/2g white pepper powder 10g shallot 1g parsley 10g tomato 3ml lemon juice 5ml vinaigrette 20ml mayonnaise 1g salt 1/2g white pepper powder 5ml ketchup 2g horseradish 1/2g smoked and sweet paprika powder 100g avocado 1g salt 1/2g white pepper powder 20g green apple 20g iceberg lettuce 20g prawns 16/20 (cooked) 5ml Marie Rose sauce 100g prawns 16/20 5g salt 3g white pepper powder 1 lemon 500ml water

0(7+2' 1 For the vinaigrette, blend the vinegar, salt, pepper and mustard in a Thermomix. Slowly pour oil in till emulsified. Store in chiller. 2 For the prawn sheet, blend the seasoned prawns in a Thermomix for around one minute. 3XWWKHPL[WXUHLQDPHGLXPVL]HYDFXXPSDFN bag. Seal on high and, once sealed, spread the mixture evenly in one thin layer then place this bag in an immersion circulator preheated to 63C for two minutes. Shock in ice water. Cut the edges of the vacuum bag and peel the plastic off the prawn sheet on both sides. Season and add vinaigrette. 3 For the avocado salsa, cut the avocado, shallot and the tomato skin into brunoises. Chop parsley. Mix all the ingredients together carefully and leave covered in the chiller. 4 For the Marie Rose sauce, whisk all the ingredients together until mixed completely. 7UDQVIHUWRDVTXHH]HERWWOHDQGNHHSFKLOOHG 5 For the avocado roulade, cut in half then slice very thin. Spread the slices on a butter paper overlapping by a quarter of a slice, keeping a straight line. Place another butter paper on top then vacuum pack on high. Open and carefully remove the avocado with the butter paper. Remove the top butter paper. Line the sliced avocado with a mixture of julienned prawns, apple, Marie Rose sauce, iceberg lettuce, salt and pepper. Pick the bottom end of the butter paper and carefully roll the sliced avocado into a tube. Remove the butter paper and season. 6 Boil water. Add the salt and pepper, lemon juice and lemon then boil for one minute. Then boil prawns for one minute, strain and chill. Cool, strain again and season.

'$11(7'¡628=$ Chef De Cuisine Jumeirah Creekside Hotel %RUQLQ%DQJDORUH'¡6RX]DEHJDQKLV cooking career in Dubai before joining the pre-opening team of Jumeirah Creekside. He has recently been promoted to oversee the acclaimed Blue Flame restaurant.

RANGE MAZZA Flat rectangular plate PRODUCT NUMBER MZRP26

Spiced sponge with vanilla mousse, basil syrup and pineapple chutney SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 609g cake flour 16g baking soda 635g sugar 211g brown sugar 13g salt 7g cinnamon 533g ginger 610g canola oil 3g vanilla 80g Meyers rum 376g milk 96g sugar 56g egg yolks 224g white chcolate 7 sheets gelatin 1 vanilla bean 600g whipped cream 5g vanille 226g sugar 226ml water 3 stalks of basil 1 pineapple 125g sugar 1 vanilla pod 1 cinnamon stick 6 star anise 100g mango puree 50ml water 50g sugar 20g corn flour

METHOD: 1 Mix cake ingredients until smooth and then bake at 170C. 2 Make a creme Anglaise with the milk,m sugar and egg yolks. Pour ove the white chcolate and the gelatin. When cold, fold in the cream. 3 Bring sugar and water to a boil. Blend in the basil with a hand blender and then strain. 4 Dice pineapple and cook with 125g of suagr, cinnamon, vanilla and anise until soft, then drain and return the fruit to the pan. Add 50g of sugar, water and mango puree, poling and thickening with corn flour. Remove from heat and add cooked pineapple.

KEITH TAYLOR Pastry Chef JW Marriott Dubai Born in the United States, Taylor was attracted to the kitchen from a young age. His passion for chocolate has allowed him to medal in both national and international competitions. Now he uses the experiences that he has gained working for some of the best chefs in the United States to form his own unique style.


Summer vegetable salad SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS: Maldon sea salt ground black pepper 8 quail eggs 20g garden peas 6 baby carrots 10g mange tout 4 asparagus spears 50g shallots 2 white endive 2 red endive 5g chives 5g sakura cress 5g red radish 10g baby spinach 10g 2 fresh lemons 20ml white wine vinegar 1/2 bunch tarragon 20ml olive oil 1 bay leaf 1 clove garlic 50ml sunflower oil 100g carrots 100g leeks 100g onion 100g celery 1 bay leaf 3 sprigs thyme 2g peppercorns 2g fennel seeds 1 clove garlic water 100ml balsamic vinegar 25ml olive oil 1 banana shallot 2g picked thyme 2g picked and chopped tarragon

METHOD 1 For the Mimosa dressing, cut the lemon in half depip then juice and mix with the oils, tarragon and bay leaf, crush the clove of garlic and add to the other ingredients. Pour into a container and leave all the ingredients to infuse for 24 hours. 2 For the excellent dressing, peel and finely chop the shallot, then place in a saucepan with the balsamic and reduce by two-thirds. Remove from heat and cool, then whisk in the olive oil. To finish add the thyme and tarragon. 3 For the vegetable nage, wash and roughly chop all the vegetables, then place in a heavy bottom pan. Add other ingredients and cover with water, place on the heat, boil then simmer for 20-30 minutes. Remove from the heat then leave to cool overnight. 4 For the quail eggs, bring them to room temperature then place into boiling water for two minutes. Remove the eggs, chill in iced water, then peel. 5 For the asparagus puree, take the bottom third of the asparagus spears and roughly chop, then sweat in a little butter and oil to soften. Add a little of the vegetable nage and bring to the boil then simmer until soft, remove from the heat allow to cool for five minutes, blend until smooth adding the raw spinach then pass through a chinois. 6 For the vegetables, cut the radishes into quarters and place in iced water. Blanch all the vegetables in salted boiling water, then refresh in iced water. For the baby carrots, rub then to remove the skins after blanching. Trim the bottoms from the endives then separate the leaves.

SIMON CONBOY Head Chef Rivington Bar and Grill Opening chef for The Ivy Dubai, 6KHIĂ€HOGERUQ&RQER\EULQJVZLGH experience from the UK to the British focused menu of the Rivington Bar and Grill, a more casual version of the popular Rivington Grill.

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