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Brioche toasted scallops, green garden pea and fava bean ragout, piquillos 04-05

Pan roasted duck breast, potatoes rosti, grilled chicory and cherry sauce 14-15

Salmon mousses 16-17

Butter poached Canadian lobster with braised fennel EXOEVDXWʚ‹HGEDE\ spinach and bisque foam 06-07 Crispy crab spring roll, sesame oil, cold cucumber salad 08-09

Sausage and whte bean cassoulet 18-19


Nomad breakfast sampler 12-13

6DXWʚ‹VTXLGDQG turkey chorizo salad of rocket, tomatoes and chickpeas 20-21

Sea bass tartare 22-23

A supplement of The Pro Chef ME

RAK PORCELAIN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES PO Box 30113, Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates T: (+971) 7 243 4683 F: (+971) 7 243 4220

RAK Porcelain collections are perfectly adapted to enhance a table setting with its perfect symmetry and graceful clear lines, offering a intuitive experience while at the same time designed to be durable.

The RAK Porcelain story RAK Porcelain is a subsidiary of RAK Ceramics, world leader in the production of high quality ceramic wall, floor tiles and sanitary ware. Within a short span of time RAK Porcelain has left its mark in the Horeca industry by supplying high quality porcelain tableware which is now exported to more than 130 countries worldwide from its state of the art production facility at Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Strategically located close to Jebel Ali port in Dubai, major destinations by sea are just two to four weeks away ensuring fast reaction time and quick service for customers at a local level. The factory produces 21 million pieces of tableware every year, meeting stringent US and European certifications. Alongside its DHVWKHWLFDQGIXQFWLRQDODVSHFWVWKHEUDQG¡V quality-price ratio also constitutes one of its main characteristics. These products are made from premium raw materials using world class, state of the art, latest machinery from Europe manufacturing top-of-the-range porcelain. Supported by a network of table art experts and advisors and surrounded by a solid structure of professional distributors, RAK Porcelain creates collections that can withstand sustained handling both in the kitchen and on the table. A recognised expertise combined with precise firing temperatures, the vitrification of the material or the composition of the porcelain elements all enable a strengthening of the enamel, an increase in chip resistance and a greater resistance to repeated industrial dishwashing cycles. The products of the RAK Porcelain collections are perfectly adapted to the constraints that accompany their use in the Horeca industry. The optimal resistance of the RAK Porcelain products

ensures a greater longevity - a fact appreciated by professionals of the hotel and catering industry. $PRQJVWWKHFRPSDQ\¡VNH\GHVLJQHUVDUH VRPHRI(XURSH¡VILQHVW&ROORQJHVDX0RQWG¡2U is a world famous village in France, close to Lyon and next to the international institution, the 3-star Michelin restaurant of Paul Bocuse. Close friends of the famous chef, tableware designers Alain and Dominique Vavro continually create designs for the leading gastronomic destinations of Lyon and beyond. Amongst their work are collections for RAK Porcelain which are already widely used by the hotel industry and leading restaurants worldwide. These include the Allspice range with its unique and amazing pieces, Nordic with its 1960s inspiration, the neo-retro collection Ska and the timeless but ever contemporary collections Fine Dine and Classic Gourmet. Mikaela Dorfel, another designer with a great reputation, develops each product line around a concept enabling its identification to the brand for which it is destined. RAK Porcelain charged her with the design of Lyra, a very elegant line that plays with the contrasts of heightened volumes and soft curves which underline with precision and fineness the contours of the object and also ZLWK0D]]DDSHUIHFWVHWXSIRUWRGD\¡VFXOLQDU\ presentations. Her work is identified by high demands in a clear formal language. Together with an excellent functionality this ensures an outstanding longevity of the design. Working within the tradition of Scandinavian design, her shapes are inspired by nature delivering a modern and elegant signature range. 5HQX2RPPHQ&KLHI0DUNHWLQJ2IILFHURI5$. Porcelain, is proud of the achievements of this

Renu Oommen Chief Marketing Officer

young and vibrant organisation and says “The success of RAK Porcelain is due to our ability to be flexible to market demands and to offer a world class product using cutting edge technology. Created in collaboration with chefs, table top designers and industry veteran technical teams, each product of RAK is manufactured with great attention to detail, considering each aspect from reliability during use, Innovation in shape and quality craftsmanship to offer our customers a vivid and immersive dining experience.�


Brioche toasted scallops, green garden pea and fava bean ragout, piquillos SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 4 fresh scallops 50g fava beans 20g green garden peas 0.5g saffron 100ml cream 100ml fish stock 30g butter 1 garlic clove, peeled 1 shallot, peeled and diced 5cl Pernod 2g thyme 2 spring onions 1 pink radish 10g brioche breadcrumbs 5g piquillos 1 lime 10cl olive oil fleur de sel, pepper and sugar to taste micro leaves or baby spinach for garnish

METHOD &OHDQWKHVFDOORSVZHOODQGSDQVHDU them quickly until they turn golden. )LQLVKZLWKEULRFKHEUHDGFUXPEV and a bit of melted butter. 2 Sauté the thyme, shallots, garlic and butter in a saucepan and add saffron. Then pour the Pernod and fish stock into the pan and reduce liquid by half. 3 Add cream and reduce again to half the liquid amount, strain and add the butter, salt, pepper and sugar to taste. Add a dash of lime juice. 4 Clean green peas and fava beans, sautéWKHPYHU\JHQWO\ZLWKVRPH olive sil. Season to taste. 5 Cut piquillos finely, slice the pink radish and cut the spring onion roots in half. Sautee spring onion gently ZLWKROLYHRLODQGOHDYHDVLGH 6 Pour the sauce gently onto the plate and add the green peas, piquillos brunoises and fava bean ragout. Add the scallops and arrange the spring onion and pink radish as the garnish. Sprinkle some olive oil on the plate DQGILQLVKZLWKPLFUROHDYHVRUEDE\VSLQDFK

'$1,(/+ʚʔ)/(5 Chef de Cuisine Traiteur Park Hyatt Dubai *HUPDQ&KHI+ʚʔÁHUZDVHGXFDWHGLQ %HUOLQDQGZRUNHGDWWKH9DQGHU9DON Hotel Berliner Ring and the Grand Hyatt Berlin before transferring to Traiteur at Park Hyatt Dubai.


Butter poached Canadian lobster with braised fennel bulb, sautéed baby spinach and bisque foam SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 450g Canadian lobster tail 1 fennel 250g baby spinach 1 carrot 1 leek 1 onion 2 cloves garlic 1sprig thyme 50ml tomato paste 1 plum tomato 100ml olive oil seasoning to taste

METHOD 1 Blanch the whole lobster in boiling water for one to two minutes until it turns red then cool down in Ice bath. Remove the shell and keep the meat to one side. 2 Add butter, thyme and garlic to a deep pot then place the lobster tail on top and cook it on a slow heat until tender. Keep it moist and covered with butter. Add seasoning as required. 3 Place fennel, thyme, olive oil and salt in a vacuum bag. Seal it and cook at 65C for five hours. 4 Sauté the baby spinach and UHPRYHH[FHVVZDWHU 5 For the bisque, roast the lobster shells at 180C for 20 minutes until crunchy. Cook vegetables with tomato paste and add fish stock. Bring to boil then add the shells. Reduce and strain, then DGGEXWWHUIRUDVPRRWKWH[WXUH 6 For plating, place the fennel bulb on the bottom, then top with sautéed spinach and lobster tail top. Make foam and pour the sauce. Serve hot.

GAURAV GULATI Senior Sous Chef The H Hotel Birn in Delhi and with a career encompassing Le Royal Meridien in Mumbai, Qatar Airways, Hilton Dubai Jumeriah and Hilton Abu Dhabi as KHDGFKHIRI9DVFRࡏb{V0HGLWHUUDQHDQ restaurant, it was his time as Junior Sous Chef at the pre-opening of $ODLQ'XFDVVH·V0DUJDX[WKDWPRVW LQÁXHQFHG&KHI*XODWL·VVW\OH


Crispy crab spring roll, sesame oil, cold cucumber salad SERVES 3 INGREDIENTS 100g curry powder 500g mayonnaise 45 spring rolls 200g bean sprouts 200g carrots, julienned 200g leeks, julienned 200g mushroom, sliced 200g celery sticks, julienned sesame oil 30% + corn oil 70% 750g chicken flesh 750ml cream salt and pepper 1.5kg crab meat CUCUMBER SALAD INGREDIENTS 1kg cucumber 250g capers 250g tomatoes 1 bunch mint 200g coriander 150g shallots Tabasco to taste

METHOD 1 Pan fry all vegetables with sesame oil and corn oil. 2 Blend the chicken with cream, remove from the blender then add seasoning and mix with vegetables. 3 Flatten one and half spring roll leaves, spread some chicken mousse, add some crab meat then roll the spring roll. 4 Slice the cucumber, dice the tomato, chop the shallots, mint and coriander and add capers and Tabasco then dress.

YVAN ROCHER Chef Manager 0¡V6HDIRRG%LVWUR Le Meridien, Dubai Born in France, Chef Rocher started his career in Lyon before moving to Dubai in 2001 as Sous Chjef for the opening RI0¡V%HHI%LVWURDW/H0HULGLHQ'XEDL becoming Chef de Cuisine in 2003 and Chef Manager in 2008. He retained the role when the restaurant was relaunched in 2012.


0HXQLqUHRIPRQNĂ€VK SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 800g monkfish cheek 100g capers 80g lemon segment 80g parsley, chopped 20cl olive oil 8g pepper 20g salt 100g butter 50g flour garlic 1/4 bunch thyme

METHOD  Remove the fat of the monkfish cheek, marinate with salt and pepper and then coat with flour.  In a non-stick pan over medium heat pan, fry the monkfish with olive oil, thyme and SHHOHGJDUOLFWLOOJROGHQEURZQGRQ¡W overcook. Finish with butter, capers, lemon segment and chopped parsley. 3 Arrange the fish, pour the sauce and serve hot.



Nomad breakfast sampler SERVES 4 QUAIL EGG AND BACON BENEDICT, LOBSTER HOLLANDAISE Ingredients 1 quail egg 40g pork bacon 20g brioche 15g lobster meat, fresh 20g egg yolks 20ml clarified butter lemon juice salt and pepper METHOD 1 Poach the quail egg in simmering water with little vinegar for one minute. Remove and leave on a paper towel. 2 Cook the bacon in the oven at 180C for eight minutes. 3 Make a hollandaise sauce with the egg yolks and butter. Finish with lemon and season. 4 Dice the lobster. Sauté with little butter till done. Season. Mix to the hollandaise. Toast the brioche. MELON TERRINE, MINT CREME FRAICHE, SWEET PEA SALSA INGREDIENTS 30g watermelon 30g cantaloupe 10g crème fraiche 1g mint leaves 3g English peas 1g micro pea tendrils 8ml olive oil salt and white pepper

METHOD 1 Peel the water melon and cantaloupe. Trim the melons into equal pieces, making sure that the tops and bottoms of these pieces are flat. With a hand blender mix 500ml of water with calcium gluconate. Vacuum seal the melon in a bag with the calcium solution and allow it to sit for ten minutes, until the melon has absorbed the calcium. Open the vacuum bag and pat the melon dry. Heat the remaining 500ml of water to 95C. Pour the water into a Vita Prep and turn it to low speed. Increase the speed to form a vortex in the centre of the blender. With the blender running, slowly add the pectin. Once the pectin is cooled, brush it on one piece of the melon and lay another piece of melon on top. Repeat this process with all of the melon. Vacuum seal the melon to compress it together and let sit refrigerated overnight. The next day open the bag and slice the melon into the desired shapes. 2 Chop the mint and mix to the crème fraiche. 3 Mix the peas with little olive oil and season. SEARED FOIE GRAS, CRISPY FRENCH TOAST, APPLE SYRUP INGREDIENTS 30g foie gras 50g brioche 1 egg 10ml cream 3g butter 1g sugar 5g Rice Crispies, powdered 20ml apple juice 10ml maple syrup salt and white pepper METHOD 1 Beat eggs, cream and sugar together. Pour into a shallow bowl. Dip each slice of bread into the egg mixture, allowing bread to soak up some of the mixture. Remove and cover with Rice Crispies powder.


3 4

Melt some butter over a large skillet on medium high heat. Add as many slices of bread onto the skillet as will fit at a time. Fry until brown on both sides, flipping the bread when necessary. Season the foie gras and pan fry in a hot pan. Reduce the apple juice by half and add the maple syrup. Bring to a simmer and remove from the heat. Leave to cool at room temperature.

SWEET POTATO AND CHORIZO HASH, SOUR CREAM AND CHIVES INGREDIENTS 75g sweet potato 15g pork chorizo 3g onions 1g thyme 10ml clarified butter 5g sour cream 1g chives salt and white pepper METHOD 1 Cook onion, thyme and garlic in one tablespoon of oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Add the chorizo and cook till soft. 2 Peel potatoes and coarsely grate. Squeeze any excess water from potatoes and mix with onion mixture, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper in a large bowl until combined well 3 Wipe out skillet and heat butter and remaining tablespoon oil over medium heat until butter is melted. Add potato mixture, spreading evenly in skillet and pressing gently to flatten. Cook over medium heat until crisp and golden, eight to ten minutes. Invert a large plate over skillet. Holding plate and skillet tightly together, invert hash browns onto plate. Slide back into skillet and press gently to flatten. Cook until golden and cooked through, eight to ten minutes more. 4 Chop the chives and fold into the sour cream.

ERIC VASTA Executive Chef Jumeirah Creekside Hotel &KHI9DVWDĂ&#x20AC;UVWMRLQHG-XPHLUDKLQ May 2011 as Executive Sous Chef for Madinat Jumeirah, joining Jumeirah Creekside Hotel as Executive Chef in October 2013. He previously worked at renowned hotels around the world, LQFOXGLQJ6RĂ&#x20AC;WHO1HZ<RUN3DODFH)RXU Seasons and Fontainebleau Miami, following his graduation from The New <RUN5HVWDXUDQW6FKRRO


Pan roasted duck breast, potatoes rosti, grilled chicory and cherry sauce SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 1 duck breast 200g spinach 10ml olive oil 1 garlic clove 100ml clarified butter 1 red chicory 100g potatoes 30ml demiglace 5 cherries in syrup 10g butter 50g beetroot

METHOD 1 Pan fry the duck breast, after seasoning, on the skin side first and after on the RWKHUVLGHLQRUGHUWRPHOWWKHVNLQ�œVIDWV toss some thyme and finish cooking in the oven until desired pink, then rest. 2 Dress the red chicory with salt, olive oil and pepper then grill it. 3 Prepare a small pot with clarified butter to 150C. Slice the potato as thin as possible, squeeze the water away and merge it in the hot butter in a metal ring. Take the potato cake out of the butter and place in the oven to complete the cooking. 4 Slice the beetroot in a very fine julienne and deep fry, then keep aside 5 Saute the spinach in olive oil and garlic, season. 6 Bring the demiglace and the cherries to boil, reduce and whisk in the cold butter until the sauce is thick and shiny. 7 Reheat the duck in the oven to make then slice it. 8 Plate the sliced duck breast on a bed of spinach, the potato rosti and the chicory beside, top with the cherry sauce and the fried beetroot.

ANTONELLO MANCA Executive Chef Dusit Thani Dubai Chef Manca began his career working for the family business before gaining apprenticeships in the UK including VRPHRI/RQGRQŕĄ?b{VĂ&#x20AC;QHGLQLQJ restaurants. He later worked in the Maldives, East Africa and Cairo before locating to Dubai in 2005.


Salmon mousses SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 300g salmon 1 egg 50ml whipping cream 0.1g nutmeg powder 20ml sake 2g salt 5g chicken powder

METHOD 1 Blend all ingredients until very small pieces. 2 Put in shaping container and then steam for 12-15 minutes, then remove. 3 Bake the salmon mousses side to side until the two surfaces become a golden brown colour. 4 On a plate, put spicy lemongrass sauce in the middle as the base for the salmon mousses, then put them on top and add cucumber salsa, truffles slices, tempura rucola and crisp salmon skin. Finally, garnish with alfafa and ginger foam.

PELE KHOR Chef de Cuisine Shanghai Chic MĂśvenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai Born in Malaysia, Chef Khor worked for eight years in his native country before moving to Singapore and then Taiwan, Germany and Hong Kong. A brief return to Malaysia, then he went to Russia, $XVWUDOLDDQGĂ&#x20AC;QDOO\'XEDL


Sausage and white bean cassoulet SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 500g chicken Vienna sausage 100g beef bacon 300g white beans 150g carrot 50g celery 50g white onion 20g garlic thyme sprigs 2 cups chopped tomatoes 9ml red wine 500ml chicken stock 45ml olive oil 3g butter 3 bay leaves salt and pepper to taste

METHOD 1 Preheat the oven to 200C. 2 In a heavy saucepan, saute the onion and garlic until soft but not brown. Add the celery and soften. Tip in the sausages and brown. Remove the sausages and set aside. 3 Add in the diced bacon and cook for two minutes until it renders oil. Add the red wine and simmer for two minutes. Then add the presoaked beans, stock and simmer for six to eight minutes until the beans are al dente. Sit the sausages on top, pour on the chopped tomatoes and add the diced carrot and bay leaf. 4 Transfer to a casserole and braise in the oven for another eight to ten minutes. 5 Serve with crusty bread.

ANDREW PADERES Head Chef The Gramercy Restaurant Before joining the Gramercy in 2010, Chef Paderes worked at Maze by Gordon Ramsay in Doha after time at Nobu in London. In his native 3KLOLSSLQHVKHVSHQWĂ&#x20AC;YH\HDUVDVDQ Instructor of Culinary Arts in one of the FRXQWU\¡VPRVWSUHVWLJLRXVXQLYHUVLWLHV


Saute squid and turkey chorizo salad of rocket, tomatoes and chickpeas SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 100g dried chickpeas, soaked overnight 300g prepared medium-sized squid, cleaned and ink removed, tentacles trimmed and kept 8 ripe red cherry tomatoes, quartered 8 ripe yellow cherry tomatoes, quartered juice of 2 lemons 6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 long red chilli, seeded and thinly sliced 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped small handful of flat leaf parsley leaves, chopped 50g good turkey chorizo sausage, cut across into thin slices 15-20g local rocket leaves salt and freshly ground black pepper

METHOD 1 Drain the soaked chickpeas, put them into a pan and cover with fresh cold water. Bring to the boil and simmer until the skins begin to crack and they are tender - about 40 minutes - adding one teaspoon of salt to the pan five minutes before the end of the cooking time. Drain and leave to cool. 2 Cut the tube of each squid open along one side and score the inner side with the tip of a small, sharp knife into a fine diamond pattern. Then cut each pouch lengthways in half, then across into 7.5cm pieces. 3 In a large bowl stir the tomatoes into the chickpeas with the lemon juice, four tablespoons of the olive oil, the chilli, garlic, flat leaf parsley and some salt and pepper to taste. 4 Heat one tablespoon of the remaining olive oil in a large frying pan over a high heat. Add half the squid pieces, scored side facing upwards first (this will make them curl up and look like little hedgehogs), and half the tentacles and sear for 30 seconds, then turn them over and sear for another 30 seconds until golden brown and caramelised. Season with salt and pepper and remove from the pan. Repeat with the remaining tablespoon of olive oil and the rest of the squid. Return all the squid to the pan with the chorizo and toss together over a high heat for a further minute. This will bring out some of the oils from the chorizo and coat the squid adding to the dressing for the salad 5 Briefly toss the rocket leaves through the chickpea salad and spoon into the centre of four plates. Top with the VDXWĘ&#x161;Â&#x2039;HGVTXLGDQGFKRUL]RDQGVHUYH

NICK VASS Executive Chef The Address Dubai Marina Prior to joining The Address as Executive Sous Chef in 2008 and becoming Executive Chef in 2012, Chef Vass had worked iN Cyprus, Oman, Colorado, Wolfsburg and London.

RANGE ALLSPICE TAMARIND Oval stand with rectangular indent PRODUCT NUMBER SPTM30

Sea bass tartare SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 70g sea bass 15g celery root confit 7g pine nuts 10g onion, chopped 2g parsley, chopped 4ml olive oil 2g salt 3g capers 60g portobello escabeche 6g sweet potato Tropea red onion gelatin METHOD 1 Chop the sea bass finely. 2 Vacuum bag the celery root and put in boiler. When cooked, dice it and mix with fish, chopped onion, pine nuts, parsley, salt and pepper plus a touch of lemon. 3 Fry the capers at 180C for a minute. 4 Slice the sweet potato thinly and fried until crispy at 150C. 5 To plate, create a mushroom circle around a cutter and fill it with the tartare, topping with the potato chips and capers.

GELATIN OF RED ONION FROM TROPEA INGREDIENTS 150g shallot 30g sugar 120ml water 10ml sherry vinegar 0.5g salt METHOD 1 Slowly cook the shallot with sugar and salt. 2 Boil water with sugar until it becomes a syrup, then add shallot and vinegar. 3 Vacuum for two days. 4 To use as gelatin, take 250ml of liquid and add 1g of agar agar and boil for two minutes.

STEFANO LIGORI Chef de Cuisine Sicilia Mรถvenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai Chef Ligori began his culinary journey in 1993 in Honduras where he was both head chef and owner of a 50 seat restaurant specialising in South American cuisine. After two years, he returned to Italy ending as Sous Chef in Michelin starred Ristorante La Brughiera, between stints in Bermuda. He has been at Sicilia for three years.


RAK PORCELAIN RANGES ALLSPICE 08-09 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 22-23




LINE-Z 20-21


RONDO 04-05


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