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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comcast owns 51 percent of NBC Justice, FCC allow merger to continue JES ROSKENS Staff Writer


fter over a year of deliberations the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and Department of Justice have decided to allow America’s leading cable operator, Comcast, to merge with NBC Universal. “This is a proud and exciting day for Comcast,” Brian L. Roberts, Comcast chief executive of�icer, said in a statement released by Comcast. Comcast announced its

plans to purchase 51 percent of NBC Universal’s stock for over $13 billion back in late 2009, allowing it to take control from former majority owner General Electric. With this purchase, Comcast now has control over USA, Bravo, SyFy, CNBC and MSNBC cable channels. In addition Comcast will also own Universal Studios, giving the company control over programming and distribution. Chief executive of NBC Universal Jeff Zucker assures the public that no big changes will be occurring. To keep Comcast from monopolizing its competitors, the FCC has attached more

than a few restrictions in the form of a 279-page document. Some of these restrictions include Comcast giving up manager rights to the online video site ‘Hulu’, allowing other online-video providers access to their NBC Universal shows at the same price, and committing to an open-internet service with reasonable prices and suf�icient bandwidth. “We have adopted strong and fair merger conditions to ensure this transaction serves the public interest,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said. However, FCC Commissioner Michael

Mary Moody revamped Construction to improve facility A MARIA MOLINA Editor


Costruction on Mary Moody Northern Hall to modernize building.

fter its construction in the 1970’s, the Mary Moody Northern Hall is being modernized. “We started designing it several months before Christmas Break,” Dani Smith, associate vice president for physical facilities, said. He also said that construction itself started during Christmas Break. “The building is used so much, so this way there was little disturbance,” he said. Carlos Aguirre, a freshman graphic design major, said that he was shocked when he arrived the �irst day of class and saw the changes being made.

Mary Moody Continued on p. 3

Chopps in an interview with CNN said he believes that this merger is a bad idea. Chopps has opposed the merger from the beginning and was the one dissenting vote in the FCC’s 4-1 ruling. He said Comcast now has too much in�luence on the public of�line and online. “It is new media as well as old; it is news and information as well as sports and entertainment; it is distribution as well as content; and it confers too much power in one company’s hands,” Chopps said in an interview with Yahoo News. The merger appears to

have plenty of support from politicians such as John Kerry and Greg Walden and watchdog groups such as the NAACP and the Independent Film & Television Alliance, all of whom say this is a positive move for the public and will lead to more varied and positive programming. “These expressions of support re�lect a broadbased expectation that this transaction will bene�it the public interest,” Vice President of Comcast David Cohen wrote on the Comcast blog post Thursday. “We look forward to delivering on this terri�ic promise.”

TOWN HALL MEETING JBK Commons Today 11:45

Come discuss a possible fee increase.


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Political poetic license Arizona shooting draws rhetoric to forefront

KATELYN GARRITY Assistant Editor


arah Palin has been in the crosshairs of the mainstream media since the shooting of Arizona politician Gabrielle Giffords and 18 other individuals. The shooting was at the hands of a lone gunman who was apprehended and is now in custody. Some have accused Palin’s �iery rhetoric of instilling violence among her followers. Palin is not the �irst individual to be accused of instilling passion in a group of followers. Everyone from Thomas Paine to Martin Luther King Jr. to Barack Obama has understood that words have power. Words cause people to act. Words cause people to change. Palin’s rhetoric lacks the eloquence of King and logic of Paine,

but it none the less has made people passionate about something. People were shot and some of them died in Arizona. That is not the fault of Sarah Palin, that is not the fault of rhetoric, that is not the fault of the media. Words change individuals, but individuals make change. Jared Loughner showed no pious agenda, no logic, no passion. Instead he showed general apathy for the world. A feeling that all were unworthy. He didn’t just shoot a politician. He shot a nine year old girl. And if Sarah Palin had been in his crosshairs, I doubt he would have hesitated to pull the trigger. Palin’s politics are her own business. Just like your politics are your own business. If you decide the appropriate course of political action in 2011 is to hero

worship the people on Fox News, that is your perogative. If Glen Beck advises you to buy stock in snot �lavored bubble gum because its a true blue American product, and you do it and loose all your money. Glen Beck is not responsible for your economic downfall. We make our own decisions. Take heart in the words of others, but heed common sense. This is not to say that we shouldn’t be careful with our words. Some people have obviously lost the ability to discern satire and overstatement from reality. Words don’t kill people, bullets do and the person who’s shooting the gun is the one responsible. If you dislike Sarah Palin take issue with her platforms and stop blaming her for random acts of violence.

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Fashion shows professionalism Career Services, CORE hold business runway STEPHEN INGLE Staff Writer


omorrow, Career Services along with the CORE office will be co-sponsoring the program “Dress For Success”, a modern day fashion show for the student looking to enter the professional world. “This is the second year we are doing this, and we are hoping to give students an idea of what they can wear in a professional setting and make it fun,” Chance Haugen, manager of the JBK student center, said. This program will feature various students that will model several different outfits from local stores such

Stephen Ingle

as Dillard’s. These models include Braden Kimsey, Thomas Wieck, Brandon Hicks, Chris Chiakpo, Miguel Garcia, Will Brown, Seth Woolsey, Martin Ellis, Mari Mendez, Mallory Stephenson, Kaleigh Huntley, Emily Browning, Valerie Rangel, Amanda Kramer and Cassidy Baker. The fashion show was an

Sean Afkhaminia in last year’s fashion show.

opportunity for others to see me in something other than sweats,” Martin Ellis said. “As well as show how I can handle my business and fun while doing it.” The event will also include guest DJ Johnathon Menoz and a free lunch for everyone in attendance. The program starts at noon in the JBK Commons.

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Teens expressing sexuality more openly Heterosexuals, homosexuals seek acceptance from peers KATELYN GARRITY Assistant Editor


recent national news report noted that gay teens are coming out earlier to their peers. It seems that not only are gay individuals coming to terms with their sexuality earlier, but so are their heterosexual counterparts. “I never really was in denial,” Adam said. “I did have a long period of time when I didn’t believe being gay was okay or that it was possible for a relationship to work out.” He is still in high school and some in his family do not know. But his friends, his peers and even his casual acquaintances are all aware of the fact that Adam is openly gay. “I didn’t have many concerns [about coming out] because I knew my friends would still support me,” he said. “One of the main issues I’ve had, though, has been telling my family. With them, it’s not so much a support issue. It’s just that I worry about them accepting me.” Some people, like Bill, have been in touch with their sexuality long enough to see the positive sides to being gay. “[I have] such an open mind,” Bill said. “I mean it gives me more view points, and I’m de�initely more inclined to not pre-judge someone.” He said he �inally became comfortable three years after coming out when he was a freshman in college. “I’m not sure if it was the ‘fresh start’ of college

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or if it was just time passing putting my mind at ease.” he said. Caroline, a junior in college, feels like even as a heterosexual she is undermined sexually by society. “It seems that as a woman, I am still dealing with 50’s style stigmas against women,” she said. “I understand that sexuality in women is more encouraged in society today, but in my personal experience I’ve been subject to judgment because I am a woman who wants to express her sexuality.” Stereotypes about sexuality are prevalent in comedy sketches but Bill says they are also common in everyday life. “I hate the ‘gay-acting’ and ‘straight-acting’ stereotype,” he said. “People tend to �ind a negative connotation towards ‘gay actions’ because it’s not normal, or more fem(inine). Whereas the connotation towards ‘straight-acting’ has a more positive aura.” A said he dislikes the fact that heterosexual people believe gays have different relationship values than everyone else. “One of the main stereotypes I hate is that all gays are promiscuous,” he said. “People tend to think that because, as of right now, our society does not allow gays to marry, gay people feel no reason to be faithful to their partners.” Adam pointed out the accepting diversity is not merely admitting that people of different sexual orientations exist, but that those people aren’t all cookie cutter copies of each other. “I think that one of the most important things for people to know is that gay people are still

Mary Moody Continued from p. 1

“I was late to class and I had to take another way, �ind an other door to get in,” he said. “[The construction is] positive because we are going to have a better looking building, but we had to �ind another way to go to class.” Smith said that most of the work is going to be done within a month. “Windows are also being replaced because they have no energy ef�iciency,” he said. “This will take longer to replace.” The changes currently being made in the building include replacing the tile and the carpet. “The Carpet got to be over 25 years old, it was time to get a change,” Josh Pedersen,

people with emotions and thoughts,” Adam said. “Diversity among gay people is as high as it is among straight people, meaning that you can �ind gays in every �ield of study and the workforce.” Bill said he doesn’t think there is any real difference between people based on sexuality. He says he doesn’t understand the anger and misunderstanding associated with sexuality. “I’d mostly just like to know what [people] are afraid of,” he said. “There isn’t any difference as a person, between straight, gay and bi people. The only difference is in the bedroom, which should be private anyways.” Caroline said that she feels inhibited when it comes to expressing her sexuality publically. She feels that the general public is not just uncomfortable with homosexual displays of affection, but with all sexual displays of affection in general. “I sometimes feel like I am not allowed to express my affection or sexuality in public because there is a social stigma against it,” she said. Adam had this �inal thought he hoped would help others who are in similar situations. “Even if all that you fear seems rational to you, it’s better to be oneself with yourself and accept yourself,” Adam said. “Most people will actually accept you, and it really is an amazing step towards breaking down the walls that separate you from others.” *Adam, Bill and Caroline are all real people from Texas; however, their names have been changed for privacy purposes.

freshman bachelor of music major, said. “ Mary Moody will look more modern.” Construction will make the building safer and better suited for the needs of WT’s student musicians. It will also give the building an facelift. “The Recital Hall, on top, was not a safe cat walk,” Smith said. “It is very important for students to be safe.” Smith also said that there were some acoustic problems in the band hall and in the percussion studios. Changes are being made to �ix this problem “The acoustic can have wired areas,” Pedersen said. “Good thing they are improving.” Smith said with the exception of the window replacements, construction should be �inished in about a month.

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#23 Buffs end losing streak against ACU

LaDarius Hall scores game-high 17 points EVAN GRICE Staff Writer


he WTAMU Men’s basketball team was at home Jan. 19 taking on Abilene Christian in an LSC South matchup at the First United Bank Center. WT used a strong defensive effort to jump out to an early first half lead and never looked back as they beat ACU 71-54. The win ended a two-game losing streak for the Buffs. ACU took its only lead of the contest at the 18:38 mark when they led 2-0. That

was about as good as it got for the Wildcats on the evening. WT then used its offensive attack to go on an 8-0 run which gave them the 8-2 lead at the 13:22 mark of the first half. ACU didn’t reach double digit points until the 4:53 mark when by that time the Buffs held a 19-12 advantage. WT then went on an 11-0 run to close out the first half and take a commanding 30-12 lead into the locker room for halftime. In the second half, ACU tried to mount a comeback but they never got closer than 12 points to the Buffs lead. WT led by as many as 22 points in the second half and cruised to a comfortable 71-54 victory over the

Wildcats. Leading the scoring on the night for the Buffs was senior LaDarius Hall with a gamehigh 17 points followed by fellow senior Joe Mincey with 10 points. Senior Jacquiese Holcomb and junior David Henderson each scored nine points in the contest. The Buffs overall record now stands at 14-2 with a 1-2 record in LSC play. WT will now prepare for a long road trip down to San Angelo to take on the Angelo State Rams on Jan. 22. Tip-off from the Junell Center is set for 7:30 p.m.

#23 Buffs survive against Rams Lady Buffs improve to 3-0 in LSC Win second straight conferenced game Simmons scores 27 points in victory EVAN GRICE Staff Writer


t’s no secret that the LSC South boasts one of the toughest men’s divisions in the nation. The WTAMU Buff basketball team has been through some tough matchups already and faced another one of those on Jan. 22 when they visited Angelo State inside in the Junell Center. Despite a furious comeback from ASU late on, it wasn’t enough to overtake the Buffs as they escaped with a crucial 62-59 road victory. In the �irst half, the Buffs came out on �ire. At the 17:20 mark the Buffs held a 5-0 lead. But, that lead didn’t last long as the Rams fought back to tie the game a 7-7 with 14:18 left in the half. Things got worse for the Buffs as ASU then went on a 10-2 run to grab a 17-9 lead at the 10:59 mark of the �irst half. The Rams led by as many as 10 points in the �irst half, but WT kept its cool and chipped away slowly at the lead. Going into the locker room for halftime the Buffs were only down by one point at

31-30. After the break, both teams went full speed against one another going for the victory. WT looked to have gained control at the 15:37 mark when they held a 40-34 advantage. ASU stormed back and retook the lead at 41-40 with 12:49 left in regulation. WT led by as many as seven points twice in the second half. The last time they held such a lead was at the 4:30 mark when they were on top 57-50. ASU fought back though but could get no closer than two points the rest of the way. A last second gametying three pointer went begging for the Rams as WT walked away with a hard fought 62-59 victory. Leading the scoring on the night for the Buffs was senior LaDarius Hall with 17 points followed by fellow senior Jacquiese Holcomb with 12 points. Senior Donnie Kidd scored eight points on the evening. WT’s overall record now stands at 15-2 with a 2-2 record in LSC play. The Buffs will now prepare for a tough matchup against Tarleton State on Jan 25. Tip-off from the First United Bank Center in Canyon is scheduled for 8 p.m.

EVAN GRICE Staff Writer


he WTAMU women’s basketball team was at home Jan 19 taking on the Abilene Christian Lady Wildcats at the First United Bank Center in Canyon. WT grabbed an early first half lead and never looked back as they took out ACU 78-64. Things didn’t start out so well for the Lady Buffs as they found themselves in an 8-4 hole at the 16:44 mark of the first half. ACU maintained their lead up until 10 minutes before halftime when the Lady Buffs took their first lead of the game at 18-16. WT took control from that moment on and expanded their lead to 15 points with 39 seconds left before halftime. The Lady Buffs went into the locker room with a commanding 45-31 lead over the Lady Wildcats. In the second half, WT opened with an 11-3 run which gave them a 56-36 lead with 15:07 left in regulation. ACU provided some resistance late on in the half, getting within 10 points multiple times. But, it wasn’t enough on the night as the Lady Buffs came away with a crucial 78-64 victory. Leading the scoring on the night for the Lady Buffs was junior Jamie Simmons who posted new season-highs of 27 points to go with 15 rebounds. Freshman Casey Land scored 16 points on the evening and posted a career-high nine assists. Senior Megan McLain put in nine points to go along with five assists and seven rebounds. The Lady Buffs overall record now stands at 10-6 overall with a 3-0 record in LSC play. WT will now prepare for a road trip to San Angelo to take on the Angelo State Rambelles on Jan. 22. Tip-off from the Junnell Center is scheduled for 5:30 p.m.

SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek

1. Who holds the record for the highest career batting average by a switch-hitter? 2. Name the two players who hold the major-league record for getting at least one hit on Opening Day for 14 consecutive seasons. 3. In the 2009 season, Tennessee’s Chris Johnson became the sixth player in NFL history to rush for at least 2,000 yards in a season. Name three of the first five. 4. In the past eight years (2003-10), how many of the current Big East men’s basketball teams reached the NCAA Final Four? 5. Name the last two goalies before Philadelphia’s Michael Leighton in 2010 to have three shutouts in one NHL playoff series. 6. How many consecutive gold medals did Norway’s Sonja Henie win in Olympic women’s figure skating? 7. In 2010, golfer Arjun Atwal became the first Monday qualifier in 24 years to win on the PGA Tour. Who was the previous golfer to do it?

Answers 1. Frankie Frisch batted .316 in his 19-year major-league career. 2. Frank Thomas and Will Clark. 3. O.J. Simpson (1973), Eric Dickerson (‘84), Barry Sanders (‘97), Terrell Davis (‘98) and Jamal Lewis (2003). 4. Seven -- Marquette (2003), Syracuse (‘03), UConn (‘04, ‘09), Louisville (‘05), Georgetown (‘07), Villanova (‘09) and West Virginia (‘10). 5. Tampa Bay’s Nikolai Khabibulin and Toronto’s Ed Belfour, both in 2004. 6. Three -- 1928, ‘32 and ‘36. 7. Fred Wadsworth, at the 1986 Southern Open.

(c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.


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Annual dodgeball tournament kicks off KRYSTINA MARTINEZ Staff Writer


ec Sports will host a dodgeball tournament on Jan. 27 to kick off the spring intramural season. The tournament began six years ago, when dodgeball started to gain increased popularity, thanks to movies such as “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”. On average, about eight to ten teams compete, but Bill Craddock, director of Rec Sports, hopes for an even better turnout this year. “It’s a great thing to do on a Thursday

night,” Craddock said. He also says that students can not only support the competing teams, but participate as well. Senior exercise science major Rachel Owens is forming a team from Buff Hall for the tournament. Winners will receive intramural championship t-shirts, however that’s not the only incentive for some students. “It’s fun and active, and who doesn’t love dodgeball?” Owens said. Teams can sign up in the Rec Sports of�ice at the Activities Center until Jan. 26. The tournament will take place Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Activities Center’s allpurpose room.

Lady Buffs too much for ASU Robertson scores 18 points in victory EVAN GRICE Staff Writer


he WTAMU Lady Buff basketball team went into their Jan. 22 matchup against Angelo State knowing that nothing less than a victory would be accepted if they wanted to keep their spot atop the LSC South Division. Well, the Lady Buffs delivered thanks to standout performances from freshman Ariel Robertson and juniors Jamie Simmons and Ashley Leven as they claimed a 65-56 victory over the Rambelles at the Junell Center in San Angelo. In the first half, both teams went basket for basket against one another. WT didn’t start to take control until the

8:27 mark when they held a 12-10 lead. Over the next four minutes the Lady Buffs went on a 10-0 run which helped propel them to a 22-10 lead at the 4:31 mark of the first half. However, ASU was not about to be outdone as the Rambelles fought back and got within striking distance before halftime. WT held a slim 28-25 advantage going into the locker room. After halftime, it was much of the same as both teams seemed to cancel each other out. ASU tied proceedings at the 15:39 mark at 3232. However, that was the last time the game would be tied. WT’s offense seemed to find its spark as the Lady Buffs led by 13 points in the second half. ASU simply had no answer

as WT came away with a 65-56 victory. Leading the scoring on the night for the Lady Buffs was freshman Ariel Robertson and junior Jamie Simmons who each scored 18 points on the night. This set a new career-high for Robertson. Following close behind was junior Ashley Leven who also recorded a new careerhigh with 14 points in the contest. The Lady Buffs overall record now stands at 11-6 with a perfect 4-0 record in LSC play. WT will now prepare for a showdown on Jan. 26 with Tarleton State with first place in the LSC South Division on the line. Tip-off from the First United Bank Center is scheduled for 6 p.m.


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TV, films recognized in Golden Globes One sentence



an. 16 marked another year for the Golden Globes as stars gathered to have the chance to gain the memory of a lifetime for their hard work and dedication to the industry. Clair Danes won the “Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-series or Motion Picture made for Television” award for Temple Grandin. West Texas A&M hosted a special HBO screening for the movie last year where writers from the movie were able to interact with students on campus. Glee won for “Best Television SeriesComedy Or Musical”. When I watched the Golden Globes and saw that the show won an award I was so excited because I am a avid ‘Gleek’, but when Chris Colfer won for a supporting actor I was thrilled,” Stephanie Williams, senior AD/PR major said. Williams said she believes the whole cast, but especially Colfer deserved recognition. “His whole character is a symbol of what Glee stands for and represents the struggle

many go through when �inding themselves.” Burlesque staring Christina Aguilera was also up for two nominations for “Best Original Song- Motion Picture”. The songs were ‘Bound To You’ and ‘You Havent Seen the Last of Me’. “I’m not surprised ‘You Havent Seen the Last of Me’ won,” Jonas Rios, graduate communication student, said. “It’s a great song lyrically.” Rios said the entire movie deserved an award because of the songs and the actors. “I’m glad the movie Burlesque was able to receive some recognition,” Rios said. “The musical acts are the most outstanding part of it all. De�initely one of the best soundtracks to a movie” “The Social Network” won the award for “Best Motion Picture – Drama”. “Being able to see how Facebook came about and all the controversy that occurred between the founders and the others involved was really interesting,” Andrea Brown, senior mass communications major, said. “The actors did an amazing job portraying their characters.” To see the full list winners go to Golden Globe webpage.

Top 10 pop singles

1. Bruno Mars No. 2 “Grenade” (Elektra) 2. Katy Perry No. 1 “Firework” (Capitol) 3. Rihanna feat. Drake No. 4 “What’s My Name?” (SRP/Def Jam) 4. Ke$ha No. 3 “We R Who We R” (Kemosabe) 5. Pink No. 5 “Raise Your Glass” (LaFace) 6. Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E No. 6 “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” (Universal Republic) 7. Wiz Khalifa No. 8 “Black and Yellow” (Rostrum) 8. The Black Eyed Peas No. 7 “The Time (Dirty Bit)” (Interscope) 9. Bruno Mars No. 9 “Just the Way You Are” (Elektra) 10. Rihanna No. 12 “Only Girl (in the World)” (SRP/Def Jam)

Top 10 albums

1. Taylor Swift No. 1 “Speak Now” (Big Machine) 2. Nicki Minaj No. 4 “Pink Friday” (Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown) 3. Bruno Mars No. 7 “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” (Elektra) 4. Daft Punk No. 6 “Tron: Legacy (Soundtrack)” (Walt Disney) 5. Eminem No. 2 “Recovery” (Web/Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 6. Rihanna No. 3 “Loud” (SRP/Def Jam) 7. Kanye West No. 5 “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” (Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam) 8. Mumford & Sons No. 8 “Sigh No More” (Gentleman of the Road) 9. Jason Aldean No. 13 “My Kinda Party” (Broken Bow) 10. Soundtrack No. 149 “Country Strong” (RCA Nashville) (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

movie satire Jes Roskens Staff Writer

Machete Yeah you should probably send the kids out of the room. The Social Network Next up the tragic story of the rise and fall of Myspace in ‘That Other Social Network: you know the one with that guy Tom?’ Salt Angelina Jolie is in it…do you really care what the movie’s about? Resident Evil: Afterlife Average people enjoy this zombie popcorn �lick; fans of the video games prepare for PAIN. Devil The Devil gets stuck in an elevator and it is hilarious!...Oh this was supposed to be a Horror �ilm? Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole An intense documentary on the war politics of owls that will have you gripped from the beginning.




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Death of the PC: Desktops dying as mobile device sales recently surge GEORGIA ROMIG Web Editor


s students across campus get back into the daily grind of reading, writing and studying, many of them have something in common. They are doing everything on laptops, netbooks, tablets and mobile devices. The personal computer as we know it has been on its “deathbed” for years, according to experts, but it was not until the release of the iPad on April of 2010 that the media began writing the “obituary”. Already weakened by a booming market of laptops and netbooks, the PC was dealt a killer blow by tablets. Devices such the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Eee PC and others enjoyed a rice in popularity in 2010. In some cases, the devices even cannibalized sales within their own companies. The iPad, according to a May article in Wired Magazine, is already on track to outsell the Macintosh.

Analysts indicate that the PC is still holding on, but common trend among users, many of whom say they the outlook is not good. prefer portability to dealing with a big, bulky machine Both IDC and the research �irm Gartner expected that has more power than they need. Though we may a poor show for the PC this year, yet found that sales never truly see the end of PC’s, experts predict they will were in fact up globally. Still, as ZDNet reported, backstill have a place in of�ices and workstations for years to to-school sales were “tepid” due to “consumer fatigue”. come. The days of the personal computer as we know it Even netbooks and laptop sales seem to be suffering may be done. as tablets and smartphones surge in popularity. There have been reports that some universities are shutting down their computer labs thanks to the ubiquity of laptops, netbooks, tablets and other devices. This trend does not apply to WT’s Hastings Electronic Library. Many people are leaving their PC’s for dead because of convenience. “I prefer [laptops] because it can go with me,” Ashley Adair, pre-vet major, said. “I like to have all my stuff in one location. It’s easier.” Engineering graduate student Bai Wenlei agrees. He says he has a PC back in China, but does not use one in the states. “I think it’s convenient,” Wenlei said. “I’ve got a lot of software I like to use, Chinese software.”It’s a COURTNEY INMAN PC’s are still common in computer labs, but they are losing popularity with individuals.

A taste of wine: A review of Kiss Each Other Clean DANNY GROSS

KWTS Music Director


tudents may enjoy a break from mainstream music with Iron & Wine, a solo artist who has released a new album. Austin based singer-song writer Sam Beam, a.k.a Iron & Wine, puts forth his latest effort with Kiss Each Other Clean. Kiss Each Other Clean �inds Iron and Wine at the top of his game creatively,

lyrically and musically. While this album is further away from his subtle, softspoken melodies and wistful guitar roots, it also feels like Kiss Each Other Clean is the most natural progression for Beam’s music. Especially coming off of his last album, The Shepard’s Dog (2007). Hints of funk, pop and a touch of synth combine with Iron & Wine’s folk heritage to create a new sound and a new direction for Beam. The album breaks you in with Walking Far From Home, a song that begins with a dark sense of melancholy that slowly transforms into a sweeping melody, backed with low driven synth, a simple drum kit and a collection of harmonies that imparts a feeling of optimism and hope. It’s as if Beam is guiding us into his work while saying “Yes, it’s new and different but this music is still what’s in my soul.” Tree by the River is being released as the album’s �irst single. Imagine yourself in the seat of a 1966 T-Bird, top down, slowly drifting down the road on the �irst day spring. You turn on the radio and a steady kick drum sets the pace. Soft yet sweet, backing vocals remind you of the time of year and Sam Beam’s artfully crafted lyrics tell the story. If you’re already a fan of Iron and Wine and are looking for something along the lines of Sam Beam’s earlier works, you’ll �ind what you’re looking for in Godless Brother in Love. With only a guitar and a gentle piano to back up Beam, we’re given a story that seems regretful yet proud and full of ethereal harmonies to carry us along. Proof (if you needed any) that Sam Beam still has the power to inspire with just the essentials. This is Beam’s 3rd full-length album and the �irst with his new label, Warner Bros. Records. Kiss Each Other Clean will be in stores & iTunes Jan. 25th. *** Tree By The River and Godless Brother In Love can both be heard on KWTS 91.1 & online at

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