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f the word pivot was the word of the year in 2020, then I think leadership could be the word of the year for 2021. We have witnessed the importance of leadership over the past 12 months. It has played out in every facet of Sweet Adelines, from the International Board of Directors to our Regional Management Teams, directors, chorus leadership and international staff, and with you, our members. Our members at every level are stepping up and living out our Guiding Principle of Personal Empowerment & Leadership: We encourage and empower everyone to lead from where they stand. We foster individual skills, nurture personal growth, and provide education and mentoring to develop strong, effective leaders on and off the stage. As a result of leadership at all levels of the organization, we kept moving forward. There is no doubt that this has required the dedication and commitment of all members to remain Sweet Adelines strong. As I reflect on the remarkable work and accomplishments of 2021, I am amazed at what every leader contributed and achieved. During this time, our RMTs have continued to provide meaningful educational experiences for members, our Education Direction Committee developed and launched Travel in Tune, established a new scholarship for directors of small and midsize choruses, and created plans for the International Education Symposium. Our International Judge Specialists’ Committee revised and updated the Open Division/Entertainment package criteria to help competitors continue to grow and evolve. The Song Assessment Tool was also launched to help leaders in the selection of appropriate music. In addition, this group of leaders has revised the newly named Visual Communication Category for our performers as a reflection of the growth our singers are experiencing. For two years, our chorus directors have demonstrated their flexibility as they adopted new methods of learning as well as various approaches to rehearsals, all in service to their chorus members. As a result, we have all gained a greater appreciation for this tremendously talented group of individuals who are the heart and soul of our organization. The International Board of Directors, under the leadership of Joan Boutilier, has found new ways to keep our organizational goals

moving ahead despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. It has been rewarding for me to experience their unparalleled dedication to the organization. It is evident to me that we have been blessed with outstanding leadership at all levels of the organization. This leadership has enabled us to continue striving for excellence and to provide the tools that empower our members to be the best they can be. I’m so proud of what we have achieved together. As I reflect on what lies ahead in 2022, I know we will only continue to grow and thrive because each member has in one way or another, become a leader who inspires us to move forward. As your CEO, it is so rewarding to lead the daily operations of this incredible organization. As we look to a bright and exciting future, I am honored to serve in this leadership role. I know that together we are advancing our mission and vision of inspiring and empowering voices to joyfully harmonize the world. In harmony,

Tammy Talbot, CEO

January 2022 |