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Celebrating our 2021 Award Recipients and our 50- and 60-Year Members!

74th Annual International Convention and Competition September 12-17, 2022 • Phoenix, AZ. USA

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Pitch Pipe January 2022 • Volume 75 — No.3

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It Comes from the Heart: A Talk with SA Donor Kathy Dow


Shelly’s Challenge: A Talk with SA Donor Shelly Hughes



Strong, Focused, and Achieving: SA President’s Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Marcia Pinvidic


A Pretty Amazing Thing: 2021 Ann Gooch Award Recipient Joanne Oosterhoff


The Power of Self Expression: 2021 NAfME Award Recipient Sarah Shapiro


Coronet Club Show Recap



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Chapter Longevity Awards A Legacy to Remember: Celebrating our 50- & 60-Year Members

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2021 IBOD Election Results


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Eight Things to Do to Get Your Voice Back in Shape Expanding the Definition of Winning Fostering a Culture of Belonging Travel in Tune Harmony Aotearoa So You Want to Be a Judge?

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January 2022 | Volume 75 — No.3 |

Sweet Adelines International Elevating women singers worldwide through education, performance, and competition in barbershop harmony and a cappella music.

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| January 2022

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From Our President


olden Gate, Sydney Harbour, Tarr Steps, Brooklyn, Tower, Forth, Mackinaw, Auckland Harbour, Norra Hamnen, Sunshine Skyway, Oresund, Golden Ears, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Rainbow, Tyne, Portage Lake Lift, Sweet Adelines International…. You may be able to figure out that each of these names belong to a well-known bridge — until you get to the last name! What does Sweet Adelines International have in common with the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge, the longest bridge over water in the U.S.? Or with the Rainbow Bridge, famous for its majestic view of Niagara Falls? How about the Tarr Steps Bridge, thought to be the oldest bridge in the UK? In my research of well-known bridges, I decided to look at what bridges symbolize. Not surprisingly, they can be thought of as symbols for travel and crossing. They can represent the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. In some cultures, crossing a bridge is considered a test of bravery. In fact, in literature, crossing a bridge often represents leaving behind the familiar and entering the unknown, where fictional characters find themselves in a new home with new identities. In movies, the passage over a bridge may signify a new phase of life. A bridge is also thought to symbolize communication and union. By now you probably understand why I added Sweet Adelines International to my list of bridges. For more than 75 years, Sweet Adelines International has provided a bridge for those searching for meaningful singing and performing experiences. By crossing the Sweet Adelines bridge, singers find opportunities for education and paths to leadership. Many people, myself included, discover they develop a new identity or tap into a part of themselves they didn’t know existed. Perhaps most importantly, the Sweet Adelines International Bridge has provided ways for singers to communicate, connect, and unite with others around the world, forging lasting friendships and relationships, all simply beginning with singing. For nearly two years, you and I have been looking and waiting for a way to return to our “normal” singing and performing lives. Perhaps, though, instead of trying to return to normal we can allow Sweet Adelines to be our bridge to a new phase of life.

Our bravery may be tested as we leave behind what has been so reliable, comfortable, and familiar to us. It could be that chorus rehearsals feel a little different at first. The contest experience may not be the same as in years past. It may take time for in-person events to have large numbers of people in attendance. We may experience changes, but with these changes will also come new beginnings. There will be some things which are even better than before! Like the magnificent bridges in my list, our bridge is strong, and so are we. What is most important is taking steps forward with optimism and encouragement from one another. We may find ourselves excited by what’s on the other side! We are Sweet Adelines Strong! In song,


January 2022 |



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Guest Faculty Lisa Popeil Enhance your vocal strength and style with guest faculty Lisa Popeil, creator of the Voiceworks ™ Method, active voice researcher, and professional singer who has performed with Frank Zappa and has toured with “Weird Al” Yankovic!

Featured IES 2022 Faculty Thérèse Antonini Patty Cobb Baker Joan Boutilier Karen Breidert Kay Bromert

Paula Davis Leslie Galbreath Corinna Garriock Peggy Gram Kathleen Hansen

Deanna Kastler Lori Lyford Cammi MacKinlay Vickie Maybury Marcia Pinvidic

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| January 2022

From Our CEO




f the word pivot was the word of the year in 2020, then I think leadership could be the word of the year for 2021. We have witnessed the importance of leadership over the past 12 months. It has played out in every facet of Sweet Adelines, from the International Board of Directors to our Regional Management Teams, directors, chorus leadership and international staff, and with you, our members. Our members at every level are stepping up and living out our Guiding Principle of Personal Empowerment & Leadership: We encourage and empower everyone to lead from where they stand. We foster individual skills, nurture personal growth, and provide education and mentoring to develop strong, effective leaders on and off the stage. As a result of leadership at all levels of the organization, we kept moving forward. There is no doubt that this has required the dedication and commitment of all members to remain Sweet Adelines strong. As I reflect on the remarkable work and accomplishments of 2021, I am amazed at what every leader contributed and achieved. During this time, our RMTs have continued to provide meaningful educational experiences for members, our Education Direction Committee developed and launched Travel in Tune, established a new scholarship for directors of small and midsize choruses, and created plans for the International Education Symposium. Our International Judge Specialists’ Committee revised and updated the Open Division/Entertainment package criteria to help competitors continue to grow and evolve. The Song Assessment Tool was also launched to help leaders in the selection of appropriate music. In addition, this group of leaders has revised the newly named Visual Communication Category for our performers as a reflection of the growth our singers are experiencing. For two years, our chorus directors have demonstrated their flexibility as they adopted new methods of learning as well as various approaches to rehearsals, all in service to their chorus members. As a result, we have all gained a greater appreciation for this tremendously talented group of individuals who are the heart and soul of our organization. The International Board of Directors, under the leadership of Joan Boutilier, has found new ways to keep our organizational goals

moving ahead despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. It has been rewarding for me to experience their unparalleled dedication to the organization. It is evident to me that we have been blessed with outstanding leadership at all levels of the organization. This leadership has enabled us to continue striving for excellence and to provide the tools that empower our members to be the best they can be. I’m so proud of what we have achieved together. As I reflect on what lies ahead in 2022, I know we will only continue to grow and thrive because each member has in one way or another, become a leader who inspires us to move forward. As your CEO, it is so rewarding to lead the daily operations of this incredible organization. As we look to a bright and exciting future, I am honored to serve in this leadership role. I know that together we are advancing our mission and vision of inspiring and empowering voices to joyfully harmonize the world. In harmony,

Tammy Talbot, CEO

January 2022 |


2021 International Board of Directors Election Results


he election to fill three expiring terms on the International Board of Directors (IBOD) concluded on December 1, 2021, at 3 p.m. CST (9 p.m. GMT). Elected to a three-year term were Jeanne d’Arc (JD) Crowe, Canadian Showtime Chorus, #16, Jenny Harris, Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus and Arundelair Chorus, #19, and Valerie Taylor, Vocal Dimension Chorus, #31. The term runs May 1, 2022, through April 30, 2025. The Board also appointed one

member to serve a one-year term beginning on the same day. The appointee is Annika Dellås, Rönninge Show Chorus, #32. Sweet Adelines International President Joan Boutilier said that participation in the 2021 election stood at 92%, higher than the 91.5% participation recorded in the 2020 election. This year, six regions achieved 100% chapter vote participation: Spirit of the Midwest #5, Northern Lights #6, Lake Ontario #16, Great Lakes Harmony #17, Atlantic Bay-Mountain #19, and Nordic Light #32.

JD Crowe

Jenny Harris

Valerie Taylor

Annika Dellås

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Have you had a meaningful, funny, or interesting experience during rehearsal or performance? Have you spent time reflecting on what barbershop singing or Sweet Adelines means to you? Have you received or witnessed a kindness from your Sweet Adelines family that you’d like to share? We’d love to read it — and possibly print it in The Pitch Pipe! Send your submissions to with “Attn: The Pitch Pipe” in the subject line.

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| January 2022

A few general guidelines:

Tell a story (beginning, middle, end). Keep your submission between 500–700 words in length. Send your submission as a Word document. Send photos. (High resolution is great, but send what you have!) Include a 1–2 sentence bio telling your chorus/quartet affiliation, voice part, etc. All submissions are subject to editing, and not all submissions will be printed in The Pitch Pipe. (Some may be used for other SA media.) You will be notified about the status of your submission.

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s we start to get back together in our choruses and quartets around the world with varying degrees of pandemic restrictions still in place, there is likely one thing we can all agree upon: We are vocally out of shape! Some of us sang every day during the pandemic. Others of us didn’t sing at all. But even if you sang at home every day, it’s not quite the same as singing in an ensemble. Our voices may be a bit rusty, to say the least! Here are eight things you can do to get your voice back in shape. #1: Be kind to and patient with yourself. It will take time. #2: Increase your physical stamina to improve your vocal stamina. Go for daily walks or runs, and when that feels easy, start singing a bit on your walk. It will get easier every day, and your breath stamina will increase. #3: Sing (healthily) all day, whether it’s at home, in your car, while you’re out for a walk, or even in the grocery store! I confess I’ve been singing a lot more when out in public behind the safety of my mask, and I love it! I usually do my best belting in the aisles that are empty!


| January 2022

#4: SOVT (semi-occluded vocal tract) exercises every day for at least 10 minutes. These can be as simple as bubbling (lip trills) along with a favorite song, or grabbing a straw and singing through it while doing your daily routine (just don’t trip and do a face plant!). My cats love it when I do this because to them it’s another toy! You can find several sample videos in the new Directors Resource Toolkit.


#5: Do some warmup exercises, even if just once a day. There are SO many from which you can choose, and some of the best resources are from our own Sweet Adelines superstars. Check out the short videos from the new Directors Resource Toolkit.

EMBEDDED VIDEO #6: Link your chorus/quartet learning tracks to your home smart device and sing along! You can learn your music AND get in some good voice training, using SOVT methods as well as regular phonation.

#7: Set a daily routine for yourself. For example:

• Morning: Stretch/yoga, focusing on alignment and breathing. Do one 10-minute SOVT exercise, like bubbling a song in the shower. • Afternoon: Do another 5-10 minute SOVT exercise. Sing along with a learning track. Imitate technique as well as learning the notes and words. • Evening: While you’re making dinner or doing dishes (or watching your partner or kids do that for you), bubble along with the theme music of your favorite television shows. Or put your favorite barbershop videos on YouTube and sing along! • Bedtime: Sip tea with honey and lemon, and get a good night’s sleep — the best thing for your voice!

#8: Remember to be patient and kind with yourself. It bears repeating: Do whatever it takes to stay healthy and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Sandy Marron is Master 700 Director of the 2020 International 2nd Place and recipient of the Most Entertaining Chorus Award, Lions Gate Chorus (#26) in Vancouver BC, Canada. She is a Certified Sound Judge, tenor of the 2004 International Champion Quartet Brava! and serves as Directors' Coordinator for Region #26 RMT. She also serves on the Education Direction Committee and Song Assessment Tool Subcommittee.

January 2022 |


a n o Life . . s i e t o N High Friendship. Education. Leadership.Confidence. The shared love of music. Your donation to Support Life on a High Note makes possible our mission of Elevating women singers worldwide through education, performance, and competition in barbershop harmony and a cappella music.

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#SweetAdelinesStrong! 10

| January 2022


“IT COMES FROM THE HEART” A talk with Sweet Adelines donor Kathy Dow


athy Dow was born to barbershop. “It was in my DNA because my mom was in Sweet Adelines when she was pregnant with me,” she says. “All the way through my high school years, I saw her participate in Sweet Adelines. Her quartet rehearsed at the house, and I went to shows. My dad and I even helped with regional competition.” Kathy’s mother, Edith Kimball, was a member of Melotones quartet and of the (now disbanded) Parkette Chorus of Villa Park, Illinois (USA) until 1979. For a while, Kathy’s education and career kept her from joining Sweet Adelines but, 18 years ago, she joined The Blend (then called Centennial Blend). Eventually, she became a dual member with Skyline Chorus, which has been her sole chorus since 2020. She also sings lead with Lyric Quartet, who opened the 2019 Region #8 competition with a witty tribute to actor George Clooney! Kathy also serves as the Region #8 Competition Coordinator. Recently, Kathy set up a recurring gift as well as an estate gift to Sweet Adelines International to make sure the organization that has been so important to her and her family can continue on into the future. “I’ve gotten so much out of the organization in my years of membership,” she says. “All the education, the friendship, the people I’ve gotten to know and work with from all over the world. It’s just been a big part of my life, so when my husband and I were looking over our estate plan, we thought, ‘Why not put some of our investment back into the organizations that give so much for so many people all over the world?’ We have had — and continue to have — wonderful experiences with Sweet Adelines.” While Sweet Adelines donors can specify the focus of their gifts, Kathy and her husband chose to designate theirs as “unrestricted.” That means their money can be used in the areas of greatest need. Kathy says seeing how Sweet Adelines International has adapted during the pandemic illustrates how future needs can be unpredictable. “I’ve been really impressed with the education, the international

virtual convention, and the regional performances and events,” she says. “Being virtual makes the education so much more accessible to people who can’t travel. There are some good things that have come out of it: the access to education, the greater affordability of education, and lowering the stress on educators, since they don’t have to travel.” To make their gifts, Kathy and her husband worked with a financial advisor, and they also worked with Sweet Adelines International Chief Philanthropy and Administrative Officer, Susan Smith, who is herself a Sweet Adeline (Harborlites Chorus, #21). Kathy said the process was easy in both cases. “It was good to have Susan to speak with about how it works and to have someone to connect with who can show you how your gift really does make a difference,” she says. “I feel better about doing that than just writing it on a piece of paper and sending it in. It’s good to be able to talk with somebody who knows what these kinds of gifts can do in the future.” Kathy wants other potential donors to know that every amount really does make a difference, whether as a recurring gift or an estate gift. “Everybody has an estate, and it doesn’t matter how big or small that is,” she says. “It is a statement of your confidence in the organization and your willingness to help ensure it continues on giving benefits that you’ve enjoyed during your time.” Most of all, Kathy says, choosing to give financially should be something donors do with joy. “It comes from the heart,” she says. “You just need to look at what means the most to you. It’s very personal. Everybody has different things in their lives that are important to them. I would encourage anybody to set a little bit aside for those organizations that have given you so much.”

To find out more about donating to Sweet Adelines International, contact Chief Philanthropy and Administrative Officer, Susan Smith at or visit

January 2022 |




ions Gate Chorus offered us a fabulous performance package in the 2017 International Chorus Finals in Las Vegas. In “How The Grinch Stole Contest,” after an intricate and clever storyline with outstanding singing, the Grinch realizes that no matter how she tried to ruin the contest, she couldn’t. Then the Grinch thought of something she hadn’t before. Maybe the joy of contest, she thought, doesn’t come from a score. Maybe the joy of contest means a little bit more. Oh, yes, contest can mean a little bit more! I’m not sure there has ever been a more significant time in Sweet Adeline history for letting this proposition into our hearts and souls. It’s been said that in school, you learn a lesson and then take a test. In life, you are given a test and then you learn a lesson. We have been thrown many curves these past few years, and our patience, tolerance, acceptance, health, and staying power have all been tested. If we have learned from this test, what is the lesson? In news stories, people often say the pandemic has taught them to look at what is really important. This has guided my thinking about Sweet Adelines as well. I have always cherished my chorus, but now I don’t think I will take any moment together for granted. I have always loved workshop weekends and events with other singers, but now I don’t want to miss a single opportunity


| January 2022

to learn together and harmonize together. I have always thrived on competition, but now I think I will be able to focus on and celebrate what is really important about contests. This is a profound time for us to expand what success truly means. Medals, high scores, ribbons and crowns are all mighty fun. I long to be on a contest stage again soon, but perhaps my reasons differ from yours. There are three reasons that I miss competition and can’t wait to get back to it! 1. I need the judges’ wisdom and perspective. I so trust and respect our judges and the judging program, and their input serves as a yardstick for me. It helps me celebrate and affirm the things we have been working on and have improved upon, and see that they were noticed! It guides me to the areas where we can perform better. This may lead to higher scores, but it also helps us sing better for our local audiences, have a musical product that will attract new members and keep our own members thriving, and ring those chords even more. 2. There is nothing like a contest audience! Singing for your peers is a blast because they appreciate the work that has gone into your performance. They ooh and aah at all the right places and


burst into enthusiastic applause at your tags. I love singing for a local group, but they might not understand barbershop like we do. I can’t wait to experience that contest audience again. 3. I long for the fellowship that happens at a contest. We all know that we don’t compete against each other — we compete with each other. When we understand that, it makes contest a joyful mutual admiration society. Every chorus success is my success. Every quartet success is my success. I once read a definition that has stuck with me: Healthy competition is the interaction between individuals that promotes and fosters higher achievement yet creates an environment where everyone in the group hopes that everyone will do well rather than wishes that others will fail. We might be wondering how it’s going to feel to compete again. It might look different. Choruses might be smaller. Audiences might be smaller. It might sound different. We haven’t had the rehearsal time on songs that we used to have. But, oh! How delightful it’s going to feel! And we may learn to redefine what it means to win. We will be celebrating the sheer joy of sharing a stage, ringing a chord, and moving an audience. Being there and

contributing what we can is a championship performance. As a director, and maybe for the first time, I am less focused on our score or placement and cheerfully focused on the experience, the opportunity, the joy of taking the stage again. Scores, medals, and crowns are fun but fleeting. Growth, accomplishment, and opportunities are poignant and profound. I enjoy looking back at the rich history of past competitions. And I look forward with great anticipation and joy to our next contest season. No matter when it happens, where it takes place, or who comes out on top, we will all feel like champions because we are sharing the stage with one another once again! Karen Breidert is Master Director, having directed Melodeers Chorus #3, Choral-Aires #3, and Spirit of the Gulf Chorus #9. She is a past president of Sweet Adelines International (1998-1999), served on Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors, and received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2017). She is a member of Sweet Adelines Master Faculty and Education Direction Committee. She is also a busy coach.

January 2022 |


Strong, Focused, and Achieving Marcia Pinvidic

2021 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient


021 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Marcia Pinvidic loves to perform, but when asked for a cherished Sweet Adelines memory, she recalls a time when she wasn’t even onstage. At the 2014 International Convention and Competition in Baltimore, MD (USA), Marcia was Sweet Adelines International President, so she did not compete with her chorus, City of Gardens. She had been coaching them in the lead-up to competition, however. “They knew I was cheering for them, and when they won the Harmony Classic Division AA Competiton, it was almost unbelievable,” she recalls. “It brought me back to all the other times we had gone to contest. That win meant so much...not just the win itself, but seeing how all those years we had worked together had paid off.” In her roles as past International President (2014-16), Certified Expression Judge (and former Judge Moderator), and current Chair of the Education Direction Committee (EDC), as well as a director and coach, Marcia has influenced many Sweet Adelines. However, like all Sweet Adelines, she is, first of all, a singer and performer. It may surprise some people to discover that Marcia, so well known as a leader, is a shy person. Despite that, she has always been a performer. “Even as a kid, I used to perform for the reaction of the people,” she recalls. “If I could make my mother laugh, I was so happy because that meant she was happy. When I first started public speaking, I included comedy because I loved that connection with the audience. I believe making that connection with the audience comes back to you as inspiration.” Marcia sang alto in her school choir, and she says creating harmony has always been her favorite part of singing. As an adult, when she read that the prospective Arbutus Chorus was looking for low-voiced singers, she asked everyone she knew to attend the open rehearsal with her. There were no takers. “I finally decided I was going to go alone,” she says. “Looking back on it, my husband said he can’t believe I did it because I was so shy, but I just wanted to sing so much. That first night, they had


| January 2022

a double quartet singing Get Me To The Church On Time from My Fair Lady. I knew all the music, and I was just hooked.” Right away, she began singing baritone with Arbutus and became their corresponding secretary, dealing with all the charter paperwork, among other things. Eventually, she began visiting the City of Gardens Chorus and ended up joining — and eventually directing them for 12 years! On their 50th anniversary, City of Gardens changed their name to Pacific Edge Chorus, and Marcia still sings baritone there. Sweet Adelines mentors like Betty Clipman, Carol Persinger, and Past International President, Marsha Fulton, encouraged Marcia throughout her career, and she says their support was invaluable. It was Carol who suggested she get involved in the international Judging Program, telling her she was meant for the expression category because the way Marcia directs is all about emotional connection with the audience. When Marcia noticed the educational component of judging, she began to focus on education. “I really saw that education was the key to keeping us strong, focused, and achieving,” she says. “I wanted nothing more than for the music community to accept and respect us as a legitimate musical art form.” As chair of the EDC in the early days of the pandemic, Marcia found herself suddenly asked to coordinate even more education than usual. Thanks to the energy of Sweet Adelines, that was no problem. “While we were forming our plans, things started to pop up from our members,” she recalls. “They were leading the way, saying, ‘This is what we need,’ and we were pulling things together to facilitate that. The members wanted to keep going, keep learning. Quickly, we could see areas that we could work on while we weren’t singing together.” Marcia says having to sing alone for so long has given her an even deeper appreciation for what it means to sing together. “Singing alone, seeing ourselves on camera, we have discovered that the important part is hearing that harmony when we sing together,” she says. “That’s what drew me in the first place: I wanted to sing harmony. And singing in harmony creates friendships. That’s the real bonus.”

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Chapter Longevity Awards Chapters listed in order of anniversary date.

70 Years Crosstown Harmony Chapter, Elm Grove, Wisconsin, #3 Heart of Maryland Chapter, Rockville, Maryland, #19 Grand Rapids Chapter, Grand Rapids, Michigan, #17 San Diego Chorus Chapter, San Diego, California, #21 Wichita Chapter, Wichita, Kansas, #25

65 Years Bay Area Showcase Chapter, San Jose, California, #12 Acappella Omaha Chapter, Omaha, Nebraska, #5 Harmony Central Chapter, Des Moines, Iowa, #5 Chinook Winds Show Chapter, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, #26 Midwest Crossroad Chapter, Joliet, Illinois, #3 Diablo Vista Chapter, Walnut Creek, California, #12 Greater Harrisburg Chapter, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania., #19 Capital City Chapter, Indianapolis, Indiana, #4 Hutchinson Chapter, Hutchinson, Kansas, #25 OK City Chapter, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, #25

60 Years Top of the Rock Chapter, Little Rock, Arkansas, #25 Tri-City Chapter, Auburn, Michigan., #2 Sounds of Harmony Chapter, Covina, California, #21


| January 2022

St. Louis Harmony Chapter, St. Louis, Missouri, #5 Vocal Harmonix Chapter, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, #19 Gateway Chapter, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #26

55 Years Zumbro Valley Chapter, Rochester, Minnesota, #6 Harmony on the Sound Chapter, Trumbull, Connecticut, #1 Heart of Iowa Chapter, Marshalltown, Iowa, #5 Acappella Sounds Chapter, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada, #1 Alaska Sound Celebration Chapter, Anchorage, Alaska, #13 Arundelair Chapter, Annapolis, Maryland, #19

50 Years Lincolnaire Chapter, Lincoln, Nebraska, #5 Hills Are Alive Chapter, Blountville, Tennessee, #14 Danville Chapter, Danville, Illinois #3 Sparkling City Chapter, Corpus Christi, Texas #10 Metro Nashville Chapter, Nashville, Tennessee, #4 Harmony Hills Chapter, Birmingham, Alabama, #4 Sound of the Heartland Chapter, Newton, Kansas, #25 Five Valley Chapter, Missoula, Montana, #13 Show-Me Harmony Chapter, Joplin, Missouri #25 Windsong Chapter, Sterling, Colorado, #8

45 Years Greater Harmony Chapter, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, #17 Harmony River Chapter, North Augusta, Georgia, #14 Black Hills Showcase Chapter, Rapid City, South Dakota, #8 Northern Voices A Cappella Chapter, Manchester, New Hampshire, #1 River Rhapsody Chapter, Bismarck, North Dakota, #6 Goldcoast Chapter, Miami, Florida, #9 Friendship VII Chapter, New Concord, Ohio, #4 Ohio Heartland Chapter, Delaware, Ohio, #4 Lake Ridge Legacy Chapter, Elyria, Ohio, #17 Potomac Harmony Chapter, Arlington, Virginia, #14 Twin Cities Show Chapter, Richfield, Minnesota, #6 Heart of Highland Chapter, Avon Park, Florida, #9

40 Years Northern Gateway Chapter, Redding, California, #12 White Spruce City Chapter, Prince George, B.C., Canada, #26 Flint Hills Harmony Chapter, Wamego, Kansas, #5 Northern Blend Chapter, Hale, Michigan, #2 Dogwood Blossoms Chapter, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, #17 Orangeville Show Chapter, Orangeville, Ontario., Canada, #16 Houston Horizon Chapter, Houston, Texas, #10

35 Years Cranberry Shores Chapter, Hyannis, Massachusetts, #1 Greater Cleveland Chapter, Independence, Ohio, #17 Virginia Coast Chapter, Virginia Beach, Virginia, #14 Baltic Harmony Chapter, Nyköping, Sweden, #32 Gothia Show Chapter, Göteborg, Sweden, #32 Tucson Desert Harmony Chapter, Tucson, Arizona, #21 Coeur d'Alene Chapter, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, #13 Greater Auckland Chapter, Auckland, New Zealand, #35 Suncoast Harmony Chapter, Springhill, Florida, #9

30 Years Eastside Harmony Chapter, Pickering, Ontario, Canada, #16 Bathurst Panorama Chapter, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, #34 Adelaide Sound Connection Chapter, Norwood, South Australia, Australia, #34 Mayflower A Cappella Chapter, Plymouth, United Kingdom, #31 Island Grove Chapter, Abington, Massachusetts, #1 Wollongong Harmony Chapter, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, #34 Agoura Hills Harmony Chapter, Thousand Oaks, California, #11

25 Years Lake Effect Harmony Chapter, Boston, New York, #17 Riverland Harmony Chapter, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia #34

Image City Sound Chapter, Rochester, New York, #16 Pratt Chapter, Pratt, Kansas, #25 The Heartland Singers Chapter, Mississauga, Ontario., Canada, #16 Clustered Spires Chapter, Frederick, Maryland, #19 Brindabella Chapter, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, #34 Circular Keys Chapter, Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia, #34 Red River Valley Chapter, Sherman, Texas, #25 Redland Rhapsody Chapter, Cleveland, Queensland, Australia, #34 Pacific Mist Chapter, Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, #26 Lace City Chapter, Nottingham, United Kingdom, #31

20 Years Hobart Harmony Chapter, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, #34 Spirit of the Gulf Chapter, Ft. Myers, Florida, #9 Hilton Head Shore Notes Chapter, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, #9 Sea Breeze Harmony Chapter, Coos Bay, Oregon, #12 Malmö Limelight Chapter, Malmö, Sweden, #32 City Voices Chapter, St. Louis, Missouri, #5

10 Years K-Town Sound Show Chapter, Knoxville, Tennessee, #4 Philadelphia Freedom Chapter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, #19 Vocal Dimension Chapter, Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom, #31 Vocalescence Chapter, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, #34 Heart of the Pines Chapter, Nacogdoches, Texas, #10 Route 66 Sound Chapter, Albuquerque, New Mexico, #21 O-Town Sound Chapter, Orlando, Florida, #9 A Cappella Unlimited Chapter, San Marcos, Texas, #10

5 Years Georgia Sensation Chapter, Johns Creek, Georgia, #14 Song of Seattle Chapter, Bellevue, Washington, #13 Vocal Edge Blue Mountains Chapter, Blackheath, New South Wales, Australia, #34 No Borders Show Chorus Chapter, Venray, Netherlands, #31 The Harmonix Chapter, Tokyo, Japan, #30 Vocal Standard Chapter, Kansas City, Missouri, #5

15 Years Alba Show Chapter, Stockholm, Sweden, #32 Aurora Australis Chapter, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, #34 Southern Company Chapter, Brandon, Florida, #9

January 2022 |


‘A Pretty Amazing Thing’ Joanne Oosterhoff

2021 Ann Gooch Award Recipient


n 1995, Joanne Oosterhoff was travelling alone to meet her chorus for the international competition in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA). She was a new Sweet Adeline, having joined Perth Harmony Chorus in 1993, and it was her first time travelling overseas. She stepped off the plane into a huge USA airport, feeling quite worried and alone. ‘I was panicking,’ she remembers. ‘Then I looked across and saw these women with regional medals around their necks and all their badges, and I immediately felt safe. I thought, “If I’m really in trouble, I can just walk over to those ladies and say, ‘I’m a Sweet Adeline, and I need help,’ and they will look after me.” ‘Then I reached into my bag and put my regional medal around my neck, and I felt fine.’ Since then, Joanne has devoted a lot of time and energy to making sure people all over the world experience the magic of Sweet Adelines. For 11 years, she was codirector of A Cappella West Chorus with her quartet mate, Lindsey Dyer, with whom she sang in Region #34 champion quartets Hi-Jinx and Enchant until Lindsey passed away in 2019. ‘Lindsey taught me everything I know about being a frontline director,’ says Joanne. ‘The partnership with her was one in a gazillion. That was the most special partnership that one could ever have as a musician.’ Today, Joanne is master director of A Cappella West Chorus, serves on the Region #34 educational faculty, manages the region’s Music Leaders Program (MLP), and is a member of the International Director Certification Program Review Committee. She also leads an annual barbershop program for local schoolchildren. ‘At my core, I’m an ensemble musician,’ says Joanne, who also plays violin. ‘It’s the harmonies, but it’s also the feeling of being part of an ensemble, with everyone’s roles working together to make this wonderful result that is greater than the sum of its parts. I appreciate the musicianship that goes into that.’ Excellent musicianship drew her to Sweet Adelines after university, and Joanne wants to make sure all singers have access to education that can maintain it. While living in the UK for work early in her career, she coached choruses and helped develop the Region #31 education program. When she returned from the UK, she served as the Region #34 education coordinator, where she


| January 2022

wrote their first five-year education plan. Joanne retired from the position after a year when her infant son was diagnosed with eye cancer. As a leader, Joanne was mentored by inaugural Ann Gooch Award recipient Cathy Rainey, then-director of Perth Harmony Chorus, Region #34. ‘I became one of her assistant directors,’ she recalls. ‘She was director of musical activities at the time, and she got me into the regional education faculty program in 1999. She saw that in me and encouraged it and put me in the way of the education I needed to go forward.’ Joanne has worked to ensure that Sweet Adelines in Australia have the opportunity to excel. ‘Australians are a weird combination of extremely laid back and extremely tenacious,’ she says. ‘For the last 30 years, until the online revolution, it was a major economic and logistical exercise for us to get access to coaches and other education. We had to work twice as hard to get it, but that fed our thirst for knowledge.’ For years, she worked as part of an international directors’ program that offered video coaching, and eventually she helped begin Region #34’s MLP. ‘The MLP was Lindsey’s brainchild,’ she says. ‘It focuses on section leaders and assistant directors. Lindsey was a great ideas person, and I worked out the logistics, transforming it from a thumbdrive of PDFs to a fully online education program.’ Australia is geographically huge, with many choruses far away from each other. ‘It’s very important to us as regional education faculty in Australia to reach every chorus and make sure that even our smallest and least-experienced choruses gain as much knowledge as possible,’ Joanne says. All of it comes from a deep love of barbershop music. ‘I could talk for days about barbershop to another barbershopper and never be done talking,’ she says. ‘I just love it. It’s my passion, so why would I not want to help other people connect to the same joy and thrill and fascination? You make these wonderful connections with people when you’re meeting to talk about music. You form relationships with people who live on the other side of the world, who live a completely different existence. The family of Sweet’s a pretty amazing thing.’


eaching music during the pandemic has been a challenge beyond what anyone could have imagined. For 2021 National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Award recipient Sarah Shapiro, barbershop music helped make it just a little easier. Sarah teaches at Milken Community School, an independent Jewish school in Los Angeles, California (USA) — the same school where she began her own barbershop journey as a student. Sarah facilitated the founding of the school’s largest singing ensemble, a girls’ barbershop club with a great name: The Milken Honeys. When she was a student at Milken, Sarah’s music teacher was a barbershopper who sang with Masters of Harmony Chorus. On his suggestion, she visited the nearby Santa Monica Chorus the summer before college as part of a program to sing with them at an Independence Day concert. As a music major, she sang with several college ensembles, but it wasn’t until she married and moved with her husband to Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) that she rejoined the barbershop singing world — with the mighty Scottsdale Chorus, where she sang with Eden Quartet. Eventually, she moved back to Los Angeles and joined another great chorus, Harborlites, and Off the Record quartet. Sarah calls herself a “lead-itone,” singing lead in Harborlites and baritone in her quartet. When her music teacher moved to Australia (where he is still an active barbershopper!), Sarah began teaching vocal music back at Milken, where it all began. In her concert choir, she teaches a variety of styles, including traditional classical, choral music, a cappella, Hebrew and Israeli music, and also barbershop. “Some students said they wanted to have a barbershop singing club, and I said, ‘Absolutely!’” she recalls. “The Milken Honeys meet after school once a week, and it’s become such a big part of the culture here. The Honeys are the largest singing ensemble on campus.” Like Sweet Adelines choruses, the Milken Honeys have students from a wide age range, from 11–18. Sarah says that is one of the strengths of the group. “They get to know each other, and they build friendships and mentor each other,” she says. “They realize it’s special. The Honeys were able to thrive during the pandemic because of the uniqueness of the ensemble. It actually became a safe haven for them.”

As a barbershop singer missing in-person rehearsals with her own chorus during the pandemic, Sarah empathized with her student singers. “When you join a chorus, you do it to be with people, and it’s been really tough for all of us,” she said. “I tried to bring what I enjoyed about our Harborlites Zoom rehearsals to my students and share things that worked for my students to our Harborlites rehearsals.” A large part of that involved creating bonding experiences for the singers and keeping the purpose of music at the forefront. “It’s not just about being a good musician,” says Sarah. “It’s about having the means to effectively express yourself, whether that’s through your own original music or through somebody else’s song that speaks to you. Most of my students won’t go on to be professional musicians or even study music in college, but many of them will continue to sing in college or community groups and hopefully one day, Sweet Adelines, of course! And most of them will continue to listen to music. That’s important to humans, right? To have that means of expression.” Sarah says that outlet is especially important for young people now. “For teenagers especially, they are feeling so many emotions in such a heightened way, and they need an outlet for self-expression,” she says. “Especially during this past year of the pandemic, when so many kids felt isolated and alone, it helped to have music they could sing that was talking about those feelings and about making connections.” The NAfME Award is for “outstanding music educators who have achieved excellence in their field and made exceptional contributions to promoting the barbershop style in schools.” Sarah has done all of that during an exceptionally challenging time, and she said she is humbled that her efforts are acknowledged by her Sweet Adelines peers. “When I think about the sleepless nights and the stress and the tears of this past year, it just feels really validating to have my hard work recognized as something of excellence,” she says. Certainly, the strength and hope that Sarah has shared with her students through music exemplifies the purpose of the NAfME Award.

January 2022 |


A Legacy to Remember

Celebrating our 50- & 60-Year Members


ne of the unique things about Sweet Adelines is the rich legacy of its members. Each year, we celebrate members who have been a part of our organization for 50 and 60 years — and this year, we even have three members who have belonged for 70 years! Joan Boutilier says, “I can’t imagine what it’s like to belong to one organization for that many years. I would guess though, that there must be an appreciation for — and an attitude of — lifelong learning in each of these members. I’m inspired when I hear their stories of singing, serving, leading and participating in their choruses, quartets, and regions throughout their lives. They have set an example for future 50- and 60-year members like myself!” As we celebrate twenty-two 60-year members and sixty 50-year members, we asked them what Sweet Adelines has meant to them. Themes of friendship, education, personal growth, and travel emerged. We are Sweet Adelines! The most obvious reason that Sweet Adelines brings members together is the music, but the phrase “Come for the music, stay for the friendships” still rings true today! Trish Holland, 50-year member, Chapter-at-Large, Region #5, said, “Even though relocating a couple of times, I knew I would have an instant group of friends as soon as I found a chorus.” The Sweet Adelines background is an instant connection that has enriched our members’ lives. Many of our 50- and 60-year members were introduced to Sweet Adelines by their mothers, and in turn, introduced their daughters to the barbershop lifestyle. This connection also allowed travel and adventure for our members. They told us stories of traveling the Amalfi Coast,


| January 2022

visiting China and South Africa on singing tours, singing at Carnegie Hall in New York City…all because of Sweet Adelines. Patsy Meiser, 50-year, Member-at-Large notes, “Music IS the international language. Being a Sweet Adeline has given me so many opportunities all over the world to meet, sing with, hug and learn about singers in other countries and how much we are alike.” Ringing chords is a universal sound! Sweet Adelines also provided these members with opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Our 50- and 60-year members listed numerous roles they’ve had as Sweet Adelines: historian, president, communications coordinator, recording secretary, section leader, finance manager, master director…even a Past International President (Karen Koch, 60-year member, Chapter-at-Large, Region #5)! Multiple members mentioned being shy until discovering Sweet Adelines and finding their voice. Judy McAlpine (50year member, Lions Gate Chapter, Region #26) notes, “Sweet Adelines has provided me with untold opportunities that I wouldn’t have even thought existed.” The sky's the limit with Sweet Adelines! Musical and personal growth, friendships, travel, fun….our 50- and 60-year members have experienced the best of Sweet Adelines and hope others can experience this as well. Gayla Scott, 50-year member with Heart of Illinois Chapter, Region #3, expresses a common sentiment: “I hope to never hear the regrets of singers who wished they would have found this organization when they were younger!” Congratulations to our 50- and 60-year Sweet Adelines members; we are so glad you’re Sweet Adelines Strong!


50-YEAR MEMBER AWARDS Margaret Adams, River Bend Chapter, #17 Kathleen Andres, Wichita Chapter, #25 Sue Baker, Sound Celebration Chapter, #5 Sally Barile, Member-at-Large Janie Benuzzi, Talk of Tulsa Show Chapter, #25 Elizabeth Binner, Buffalo Gateway Chapter, #17 Barbara Blaisdell, Greater Nassau Chapter, #15 Linda Brown, Midwest Crossroad Chapter, #3 Beth Bruce, Mountain Jubilee Chapter, #8 Stefanie Carson, Sacramento Valley Chapter, #12 Jan Chamberlin, Tri-City Chapter, #2 Gail Clark, A Cappella Bay Show Chapter, #9 Susan Clay, San Diego Chapter, #21 Sarah Clifton, Member-at-Large Jean Connolly, Vocal Matrix Chapter, #14 Carmen Culver, Champlain Valley Chapter, #1 Gail Dahl, Five Valley Chapter, #13 Sally Davidson, Skyline Chapter, #8 Barbara Davis, Scottsdale Chapter, #21 Alice DeVine, Alaska Sound Celebration Chapter, #13

Carol Donnelly, Pride of Kentucky Chapter, #4 Anita Evermann-Gibbs, Metro Mix Chapter, #5 Virginia Fitzpatrick, Chapter-at-Large, #10 Patty Friedemann, Talk of Tulsa Show Chapter, #25 Sharon Hardie, Chapter-at-Large, #12 Beverly Harper, Motor City Blend Chapter, #2 Patricia Hegwood, Azalea City Harmony Chapter, #10 Trish Holland, Vocal Standard Chapter, #5 Marge Ingram, Seattle Shores Chapter, #13 Martha Jacovoni, Coastline Show Chapter, #1 Karen Koch, Chapter-at-Large, #5 Janie Macchiaroli, The Woodlands Show Chapter, #10 Eunice Manning, Song of Atlanta Chapter, #14 Eileen Marion, Dundalk Chapter, #19 Gwen Marks, Chapter-at-Large, #12 Beckie Martini, Member-at-Large Judy McAlpine Lions Gate Chapter, #26 Sylvia Melville, Westcoast Harmony Chapter, #26 Beth Meyer, Buffalo Gateway Chapter, #17 Pamela Nichols, Diamond State Chapter, #19

Anita O'Keefe, Yahara River Chapter, #3 Ruth Pancoast, Danville Chapter, #3 Lynn Patzert, Motor City Blend Chapter, #2 Vicki Reedy, Chapter-at-Large, #12 Eileen Rosenberg, Dundalk Chapter, #19 Cathy Rothey, Member-at-Large Molly Rowland, Buffalo Gateway Chapter, #17 Kathy Scheel, Oregon Spirit Chapter, #12 Lorraine Scherer, City of Lakes Chapter , #6 Dorothy Schilling Melodeers Chapter, #3 Lilas Schmidt, Member-at-Large Gayla Scott, Heart of Illinois Chapter, #3 Terry Senn, Greater Cleveland Chapter, #17 Gail Shelton, Northwest Harmony Chapter, #13 Lois Van Beek*, Member-at-Large Evelyn Weiss Rolling Hills Chapter #13 Cindy Weygandt, Gem City Chapter, #4 Carol Wiggins, Enchanted Mesa Show Chapter, #21 Susan Yinger, Harmony Central Chapter, #5 Joyce Zucker, Vienna-Falls Chapter, #14

60-YEAR MEMBER AWARDS Marilee Bailey, City Voices Chapter, #5 Dot Calvin, Member-at-Large, #11 June Dale, North Metro Chapter, #16 Marge Dederbeck, Harmony Celebration Chapter, #15 Gail Easson, Circle of Harmony Chapter, #16 Shirley Easterday, Coldwater Sweet Adelines Chapter, #17 Sue Fulcher-Pearson, Kansas City Chapter, #5

Jean Gianopoulos, Chapter-at-Large, #1 Juanita Harwood, Voices Northwest Chapter, #13 Jane Hurley, Coldwater Sweet Adelines Chapter, #17 Shirley Kout, Sacramento Valley Chapter, #12 Barbara LaMair, Pacific Empire Chapter, #12 Margaret Matroni, Member-at-Large Patsy Meiser, Member-at-Large Bonnie Mucha, Melodeers Chapter, #3

Lynne Serratore, Goldcoast Chapter, #9 Leona Sigurdson, Valley Forge Chapter, #19 Ginny Sprigings, Scottsdale Chapter, #21 Julia Weidman, Hutchinson Chapter, #25 Janice Wilkins, Chapter-at-Large, #4 Donna Williams, Member-at-Large Fran Zimmerman, Greater Cleveland Chapter, #17 *deceased

January 2022 |


Our Gift to You..

Sweet Adelines International 75th Anniversary Commemorative Album! We hope you enjoy reminiscing through 75 years of Sweet Adelines history.

Access the free digital e-book at


| January 2022

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ng ear

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t fan

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your harmony Life on a Hig h Not e.

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Harmony up Round

Harmony Roundup is a place to share your adventures and achievements! Let us know what your chorus or quartet has been doing in your community. Email your submissions and photos to

Where We Sang Harmony on the Sound Chorus (#1) sang at the Trumbull Arts Festival and the Monroe Apple Festival. Columbus Chorus (#4) performed as part of the Hilliard Arts Council Summer Concert Series. Greater Eugene Chorus (#12) performed as part of the 4th Annual Night of Vocal Arts at the Shedd Institute in Eugene, Oregon (USA) on Nov. 6. Cranberry Shores Chorus (#1) sang the national anthem at a Cape Cod Baseball League game in August. In July, the chorus performed as part of a virtual event for Tufts University alumni. In July, Flashpoint Quartet (#1) sang the national anthem at a Portland Sea Dogs baseball game in Portland, Maine (USA). Staff Party Quartet (#5) sang the national anthem at a game of the American Association Baseball Champions, the Kansas City Monarchs. Midnight Madness Quartet (#5) performed at Beaverdale Farmer’s Market in Des Moines, Iowa (USA). In August, Arundelair Chorus (#19) performed at the First Sunday Arts Festival in Annapolis, Maryland (USA). Valley Forge Chorus (#19) performed at the Delaware County Summer Festival at Rose Tree Park in Media, Pennsylvania (USA) on August 19 and at the South Wayne PorchFest on September 11. Palz Pepper Chorus (#30) performed on Nov. 27 on Primasenser Street in Kaiserslautern, Germany. On Oct. 6, Västerås Show Chorus (#32) performed outside at a local shopping area. How We Sang Perth Harmony Chorus (#34) came in first in their class when they performed at the North of Perth Music Festival. Additionally, they were awarded the People’s Choice Award prize of a trophy and cash. JAZZ! Quartet (#25) made the finals in the Five Star Talent Contest at the Presley Theater in Branson, Missouri (USA). In August, Heart of Missouri Chorus (#5) sang outdoors in front of the Historic Roselyn Heights Mansion to help celebrate Missouri’s Bicentennial Birthday. Riot Act Quartet, Fleetwood Four Quartet, and Fenton Lakes Chorus (all #2) sang at the Linden, Michigan (USA) Sesquicentennial Celebration. On June 9, A Cappella Unlimited Chorus (#10) performed for retired faculty and staff of Texas State University. Member Marche’ Marquis wrote

Inland Empire Chorus (#21) welcomed Santa Claus to a local sporting goods store for the season.


| January 2022

in their regional newsletter, Tune in With 10, “They had kept the date open for a year and were an appreciative audience.” Angela M. Sanders, author of the Joanna Hayworth Vintage Clothing Mysteries and the Booster Club Capers, was the October guest for the Mission Valley Chorus (#12) virtual author chat series. Harmony Northwest Chorus (#13) gathered outdoors, distanced, to record a video performance in honor of the 100th birthday of a local World War II veteran. The chorus had been specially invited to perform by the veteran’s family last December. Why We Sang Staff Party Quartet (#5) sang for a local Red Hat Society in their first performance in over two years. Grand Rapids Chorus (#17) recorded a Veterans Day tribute for a local television station. A Cappella Unlimited Chorus (#10) sang at the Veterans Day parade in San Marcos, Texas (USA). Valley Chords Chorus (#1) sang at a luncheon for members of Bugbee Senior Center. Tri City Chorus (#2) sang the national anthem at the Bay City Blue Star Memorial on September 11 in Bay City, Michigan (USA). Delmarva Chorus (#19) performed at the annual American Legion Post Everlasting Memorial Service on July 14 at the Ocean City Convention Center in Maryland (USA). Five Valley Chorus (#13) have developed a Dial-a-Carol program through which residents at senior centers can call in to request their favorite songs. Chisholm Trail Chorus (#10) has established a monthly relationship with a local charitable organization and women’s shelter. For June, they collected and delivered several boxes filled with peanut butter and jelly for their general food pantry and had a special donation of hair dryers and makeup for the women. Acappella Omaha Chorus (#5) has retired some of its twill button-down logo shirts, donating the shirt fabric to the Sew Powerful Purse Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating extreme poverty in Zambia, Africa. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, representatives of City Voices Chorus (#5) participated in an event at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri (USA).

An ensemble from Bridges of Harmony Show Chorus (#9) sang at the Harvest Festival at Friday Musicale in Jacksonville, Florida (USA).

Lipstick Scoundrels Quartet (#4) were excited to perform at a Dayton Dragons baseball game.

Jersey Sound Chorus (#19) was honored to perform at a tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces at the American Legion in Atco, New Jersey. They wrote on social media, "It felt so good to sing for a live audience."

In November, Canberra Harmony Chorus (#34) went caroling at Westfield Belconnen Shopping Centre in Belconnen, Australia.

Grand Traverse Show Chorus (#2) was chosen to soundcheck for rock band Foreigner on Aug. 14 at Interlochen Center for the Arts. Chorus member Sally McCoy wrote in the Region #2 newsletter, Border Lights, “We were all feeling like rock stars!”

Jersey Harmony Chorus (#15) sang at a local apple festival in November. “We so enjoyed the enthusiastic crowds that danced, hooted, sang, and clapped,” they wrote on social media.

For their “Bags for Heroes” project, Spirit of the Gulf Chorus (#9) collected snacks, created care packages, and delivered them to workers at their local and regional emergency rooms and intensive care units. They wrote on social media, “We hope these snacks bring some needed comfort to them.”

January 2022 |


Fostering A Culture

Using The Chorus Toolkit?


weet Adelines International is committed to welcoming singers of diverse identities into our musical family. We continually strive for and value the genuine Culture of Belonging described in our vision statement. Initiatives such as the formation of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council and its ongoing development of the Chorus Toolkit are part of the work we are doing as an organization to live up to the words of our vision statement. Together, we are learning more about ourselves and each other. The Chorus Toolkit provides a structure for conversations and activities that will help us grow together as singers, performers, and friends. It is now available for download from the Sweet Adelines website. As part of the DEI Council, the Chorus Toolkit Subcommittee was established to assist chapters through their DEI journey. The subcommittee is charged with keeping toolkit materials current, recommending toolkit changes as needed, mentoring, coaching, and facilitating support for choruses, and recommending subcommittee applicants. Current Chorus Toolkit Subcommittee members are Donza Friende (#14), Fiona Knobel (#34), Allison Lew (#13), Liz Stewart (#17), and Chair Deb Ferenc (#17 ). The subcommittee includes five work groups: Education/ Training, Chorus Connections, Facilitation/Coaching, General Chorus Support, and Planning. They consist of volunteers who will continue DEI work with chapters looking for specific help in each area of expertise. You may notice that the Chorus Toolkit Subcommittee and workgroups are structured much like the


| January 2022

Song Assessment Tool Subcommittee and their workgroups. This approach has been successful in getting the job done AND involving more and more members in the process. It takes a village! Having worked on and used the Chorus Toolkit, the subcommittee suggests that those who are preparing to use the toolkit review each component one at a time. Take your time and read it thoroughly before taking any action. Consider using different sections of the toolkit to drive DEI-focused discussions with your chorus. • The first two sections provide an introduction and historical perspective to set the stage for understanding why DEI is important.

• Section 3: “Preparing Your Chapter for Beginning a DEI Development Process” is a great place to start with your chorus discussions. It is focused on helping to build awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement related to the culture of DEI.

• Section 4: “Chapter Choices to Address DEI” provides practical and actionable recommendations for dealing with all the choices choruses make on a regular basis: music selection, member accessibility, chorus culture, costumes, community interaction and more.

of Belonging: • Section 5: “Guidelines for Having Conversations Around DEI” provides lots of clarity related to different DEI concepts along with helpful insights on how to talk about DEI with chorus members. • The Glossary provides a great education on many terms that will help improve understanding of DEI concepts. This chapter alone can help improve your understanding of DEI and is a great reference tool to check back on when you need some clarity. The Chorus Toolkit will assist thousands of members worldwide to foster a culture of belonging in our organization. We expect that the toolkit will continue to evolve as we evolve. Questions and/or suggestions for improvement are happily encouraged and can be sent to

Deb Ferenc is a 27-year member of Region #17. She is a proud member of the Greater Cleveland Chorus, Region #17 Team Coordinator, member of the International Philanthropy Committee, the Chorus Growth and Incentive Task Force, and Chair of the Chorus Toolkit Subcommittee.

The Diversity Journey The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (DITF), led by International President-Elect Thèrése Antonini, started this important journey toward encouraging a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Sweet Adelines. Along with support and encouragement from the International Board of Directors (IBOD) and international staff, the DITF engaged with more than 50 task force members and volunteers. Insights were collected from more than 100 members who participated in visioning sessions and discussion groups over the past few years. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council (DEIC), launched in 2020, began its work in January of 2021 and oversees the Chorus Toolkit and the Song Assessment Tool subcommittees. Our sincere appreciation goes to Thèrése and to all those who have contributed to the Chorus Toolkit in order to continue our progress toward one of our guiding principles: A Culture of Belonging.

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Share the Joy of Sweet Adelines! Sing A New Song! Newly published by Sweet Adelines:

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Sing the World with Harmony Travel! London “Sing In Harmony” Festival • June 14-21, 2023



$2,659 USD per person/Double Occupancy • Perform with fellow Sweet Adelines at historic venues in London and Oxford, UK! • See the sights with dedicated tour managers. • Enjoy organized social events. • Meals, cultural events, ground services, and transportation included.

Featured Guest…2018 International Champion Quartet, Lustre! Harmony Travel will donate $100 USD per participant to Sweet Adelines International via Sweet Adelines Support Life on a High Note. Add on Tour!

Quartet photos courtesy of Sweet Adelines International.

January 628| A|pril 20212022

Post-festival motorcoach tour, June 21-26, 2023, from Caen to Paris with 2015 International Champion Quartet, Bling!

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P a s s p o r t t o T ravel in T u ne Your next adventure awaits! Select the stamps to travel to any of our past destinations:


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Fly Captain Queen Journey Voice Director Harmony

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Cris Conerty Region #13


North by No



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“Home Sw eet Home!”


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Answers to the crossword puzzle (located on page 12 of the October 2021 issue of The Pitch Pipe) are listed below. How did you do!?


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Region #16

Lake Ontario


Thank you for joining us as we traveled around the world from region to region with Travel in Tune. There are a few more regions to visit! See you soon…


1. Sel on ommunicati 2. Visual C 3. Resonance 6. Seven ter 8. Tonal Cen 9. Bananas

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s ’ y l l e Sh : e g n e l l a h C A talk with Sweet Adelines International donor Shelly Hughes


| January 2022


ight inside the front doors of Sweet Adelines Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), you'll find the Hughes Gehrke Champion Showcase. The showcase holds dolls representing each champion chorus and quartet in Sweet Adelines history. The showcase is just one way Shelly Hughes and Mike Gehrke have supported Sweet Adelines. The showcase honors Sweet Adelines history while looking toward the future, something Shelly and Mike believe in. During Sweet Adelines International’s 2021 Support Life on a High Note campaign, Shelly issued a challenge to other donors, calling on them to join forces just as they have joined voices in harmony. She recently spoke on video with Susan Smith, Chief Philanthropy and Administrative Officer, about her reasons for giving.

Susan Smith: Shelly, will you tell us a little about your involvement with Sweet Adelines over the years?

Shelly Hughes: I’ve been a proud member of

Sweet Adelines International since 1988. I currently sing with both Melodeers Chorus and Midwest Crossroad Chorus. I’m an RMT member for Midwest Harmony Region #3, serving as Finance Coordinator. For over 30 years I’ve been involved with our regional convention, serving as chair of the regional convention since 2006.

Susan: What has your involvement with Sweet

Adelines been like during your 33+ years of membership?

Shelley: Sweet Adelines has provided me many

opportunities to be creative through performing and to grow administratively. Volunteering for numerous positions at the chorus, regional and international levels has allowed me to get to know this organization from many different perspectives. I’ve met some amazing singers who value our traditions yet constantly review our practices to make sure the necessary changes are made to protect our future. Sweet Adelines leadership is extraordinary.

Susan: How has the depth of your involvement and

the opportunities you experienced while being a member of Sweet Adelines International impacted your interest in supporting the organization?

Shelly: Giving is a very, very important part of

my life. Each year my husband Mike [Gehrke] and I evaluate where we would like to donate, set target

dollar amounts, and look for projects or events that need our time. Sweet Adelines is always among our highest priorities — definitely a sound investment with huge returns.

Susan: I understand that you and Mike have decided to do something special for Sweet Adelines’ Support Life on High Note campaign this year. Could you tell us about it?

Shelly: Having personally seen how my

contributions have been used for the betterment of Sweet Adelines, Mike and I have decided to make a $25,000 [USD] challenge gift to Support Life on a High Note campaign this year. It is my sincere hope that this $25,000 challenge gift will inspire other members to think about all that they have gained from Sweet Adelines over the years.

Susan: What would you like our members to take away from this announcement?

Shelly: I invite you to join me and make your gift

to our campaign and turn my $25,000 into $50,000! Through Support Life on a High Note, we can assure Sweet Adelines will continue for the next 75 years.

Susan: Shelly, on behalf of the international board

of directors, the leadership team, the staff, and members of Sweet Adelines International, thank you for your incredible generosity. Thanks to you and the many members who are joining you, our organization will achieve its vision of inspiring and empowering voices to joyfully harmonize the world.

You can make your gift to Support Life on a High Note by going to or by texting “Support” to 1.918.992.4838 (U.S. phone numbers only.)

All gifts will help Sweet Adelines International meet Shelly’s Challenge. January 2022 |


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| January 2022

Waikato Rivertones, Chorus National Award

Nelson Bay Harmony Chorus, Audience Choice Award

Fun at the Afterglow


ew Zealand offered a unique opportunity to our members earlier this year. With its low COVID-19 transmission rates, choruses were allowed to continue to rehearse and perform while much of the world was in quarantine or lockdown. Recognising an exceptional global situation, Region #35 Education Coordinator Kerry Stewart asked me, Region #35’s International Board liaison, whether Region #35 might be able to capture the educational benefits of the evaluative feedback contestants receive through competition, even though 2021 regional contests were officially cancelled. As the Expression Category Specialist and an experienced panel chair, I seized this remarkable opportunity! “How about I invite the rest of the Judge Specialists to adjudicate a festival to provide participants level scores?” I then eagerly accepted Kerry’s invitation to serve as panel chair! From there, the creative and collaborative spirits of the Judge Specialists Committee, Region #35’s Regional Management Team and Convention Steering Committee, and our International Competition Services Department took flight! Harmony Aotearoa, Region #35’s 2021 convention, was held April 29–May 3, 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand. Performance videos were made available to the Judge Specialists via cloud services, allowing us to overcome the approximately 18-hour time difference between New Zealand and judges in four North American time zones. In many ways, it was a very familiar scenario as much of our

Symptomatic, Quartet Audience Choice Award

Gill Holmes, 2021 Spirit Award judge preparation is delivered and experienced via video. Using readily available, reliable, and familiar technology for the festival adjudication was very effective and provided the participants with the level score evaluative feedback they desired! Joy radiated from Region #35 members and leaders! Kerry Stewart commented, “We had a fabulous convention and got lots of positive feedback from our members. The weekend certainly exceeded our expectations.” “We were extremely lucky to have the Judge Specialists on board to provide feedback over the two days of performances”, said Jacqui Binnie, Region #35’s Convention Chair. My deepest gratitude goes to the intrepid and willing leaders of Region #35 and members of the Judge Specialists Committee — Beth Smith (Sound), Jana Gutenson (Music), Becki Hine (Showmanship), and Paula Davis (Judge Moderator) who recognised the unique opportunities to invent from necessity with a tremendous spirit of adventure! I heartily echo Region #35 Team Coordinator Leigh Whitelaw’s sentiments: “We don’t know how lucky we are, Mate!” Vickie J. Maybury is a member of the Sweet Adelines IBOD, Expression Category Judge Specialist, Certified Expression Judge, International Faculty, and Master 700 Director of Skyline Chorus, #8.

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t n a W So You to be a J U


? E G

Advice on getting started 36

| January 2022


lthough the process of becoming an official judge takes time, you can start today to build the skills and qualifications that the Judge Specialists will be looking for when you apply. The starting point is the desire to learn and be part of one of the most effective educational programs in our organization. And there are ways to build your qualifications even before you apply.

Every year, the Judge Specialists Committee receives applications from members who are interested in joining the International Judging

Program. What are the specialists looking for when they consider these applications? Primarily, they want to believe the applicant has a realistic chance of success in the pursuit of their goal to become a judge. Experience, knowledge, commitment and communication skills are just some of the areas that can indicate this potential.

All the judges know there is a need for new people to apply to the program to keep the competition system alive and well. At their recent training session, members of the International Judging Program discussed the importance of recruiting more people to the program. It was clear to all that the strength of the program, based on the common experience of being competitors, relies on recruiting new volunteers. So if you think you might be a good candidate for the program, many judges will be willing to help you decide if judging might be right for you. If you are active in your chorus and region, especially in teaching or coaching, you not only become familiar with barbershop, you also gain the experience that provides a good basis of evaluation for the Judge Specialists. We know by experience that the opportunity to succeed in the program is strengthened by this kind of involvement. Coaching, teaching and taking part in educational events contribute to your experience and help you to be able to evaluate performances.

“...consider how you can gain experience and knowledge about the barbershop art form and the judging system.” Before you are ready to apply, consider how you can gain experience and knowledge about the barbershop art form and the judging system. Keep track of your activities and look for ways to strengthen your listening and evaluating skills. As you become more involved, you will also get to know the people who will be references for you on your application and they will be more familiar with your abilities. There is an easy, convenient way for you to learn about the judging system — from the comfort of your own home! The Judging Category Description Book is available to all members online. Everything you need to do your own judging study is in that book. Each category is described in detail. Sample scoresheets are included as well as the list of descriptors that describe the scoring criteria. All the information that the official judges use is there — in one place. Any judge will tell you that they continue to study this information every year and they use the tools provided in the book at every contest. So why not use your opportunity as an observer at a competition to start to explore your talent for this job? It is well known that most of us already evaluate the contests as we sit in the auditorium. We take our program and rate the performances. We draw stars, dots, checkmarks, and so forth. Next time, take it one step further and write a score instead. The official scores are posted after every competition and you can check how you did compared to the official panel.

If you score the competitors accurately, the next step is to expand by writing a few comments. You don’t need real scoresheets; you just need a notebook and the ability to concentrate on the performance. How would you describe the performance? Whether you realize it or not, you have developed your own descriptors that can lead to a score and ranking of the competitors. This is essentially what every judge is doing when they write a scoresheet: Describing a level of performance that indicates a score. It really is that easy! In the beginning, it is not necessary to think about the category on which you are going to focus. Maybe you have an idea of the one you like, but if not, start by just writing what you see and hear. By looking at the elements of each category, you will begin to recognize which elements affect your scoring. Reread your comments after the contest and compare your scores with the official scores. You can start to do your own analysis of what affects you when you evaluate the performance. As experienced judges will tell you, your category might find you! If you know a judge, ask them for some feedback on what you wrote and how you scored. Members of the International Judging Program are passionate about what they do. They will be happy to tell you all about their role. Many would be willing to discuss your attempts at scoring and writing comments. There are many classes designed to develop listening skills and evaluative thinking. Take advantage of these classes as well as judging classes offered at regional and international events. Even if you don’t plan to become a judge, you will learn about the system and appreciate the attention to detail that makes the program so effective as an educational offering to our members. An Aspiring Judge track will be offered at the 2022 International Education Symposium (IES). This track is for everyone who has an interest in learning about the program — for whatever reason. It will be a hands-on experience with lots of opportunity to write scoresheets, listen to performances and even to trial score live contests. You will have the chance to share and talk about the performances in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. If you want to explore the judging system, this is the track for you — an inside look into the program with no pressure to sign up. And it will look good on your résumé! Marcia Pinvidic is a Certified Director, was a member of the International Board of Directors for eight years and served as International President from 2014-2016. She has served as Judge Specialist Moderator and Expression Category Judge Specialist, and is the current chair of the Education Direction Committee (EDC).

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The Show Must Go On...A Virtual

Experience SPOTLIGHT and ClassRing Quartets teamed up to sing Journey To The Past.


ome rain, come shine, come global pandemic, the show must go on! For the second year in a row, the Coronet Club held a virtual show — with a Broadway theme this year. Between the premiere and the encore performances of Guys and Dolls, the show reached an estimated 30,000 people from all over the world. Easy accessibility is one of the advantages of a virtual show. The show opened with a beautiful parade of queens marking Coronet Club history. The Coronet Club Chorus dazzled in NEW videos for this year’s show. Broadway Medley Opener, arranged by Gary Lewis, opened the show. The song featured classic Broadway hits and showcased quartets ClassRing, Bling! and SPOTLIGHT. Happy Medley, created especially for this performance by Adam Bock, closed the show. This medley included both the Coronet Club Chorus and the award-winning Ambassadors of Harmony Chorus! It also showcased soloist Debbie Cleveland as well as quartets Martini, LoveNotes, Viva!, and a special cameo from “the BUZZ”! The show had two small group numbers. The first was a classic arrangement performed by queen Chari Pernert, originally arranged for her quartet, The Front Office Four. I’ve Got The Sun In The Mornin’ and the Moon At Night


| January 2022

featured a small group of queens, including two members of The Front Office Four — bass Vicki Gibson and lead Carol Nash. Legendary coach, director, and arranger Dr. David Wright graciously arranged a show-stopping, eight-part rendition of I’ve Never Been In Love Before for a small group of queens and members of the Ambassadors of Harmony Chorus. What would a Coronet Club Show be without the influence of the incomparable Renee Craig? Her powerful arrangement of Do You Hear The People Sing? was a perfect addition to this Broadwaythemed show. The live performance on this show was a clip from the 1995 Coronet Club Show, which featured the Queens’ Men. It was a joy to watch so many familiar faces perform such a work of art. In addition to Do You Hear The People Sing, the audience heard seven other Renee Craig arrangements throughout the show. Our queen quartets stepped up to the virtual challenge yet again with terrific performances. To celebrate their anniversaries, Speed of Sound (five years) and MAXX Factor (10 years) compiled some highlights of their memorable journeys. It was a walk down memory lane. Lustre gave a touching performance of Being Alive, and let their humor shine through with a creative and fun version of Get Me To The Church on Time. LoveNotes gave us chills with I Will Love You Until The End Of Time, and A Million Dreams which they dedicated to baritone Caitlin’s new baby girl. Bling! stunned with their sultry version of Feelin’ Good and their heartwarming performance of Crazy Dreams, which they dedicated to all the queen quartets. ClassRing gave an emotional performance of No One Is Alone/Children Will Listen and then showed off their ranges with The Music Goes ‘Round And Around. Martini gave a fun performance of Simple Life and a beautifully touching tribute to The Bron’s Tones with If. Michelle Shoemaker, lead of Martini, The Bron's Tones were honored on the 50th Anniversary of their win.

is the daughter of the lead of the Bron’s Tones, Portia, making the bond between the two quartets extra special. The Bron’s Tones were also featured on the show, as this year is the 50th anniversary of their championship. Hearing their incredible stories of performing overseas at outreach events in England and on tour to sing for the troops in Asia, as well as some snippets of their amazing singing and endearing humor, made their 50-year tribute one of the highlights of the show. Viva! was officially inducted into the Coronet Club and thrilled us with their creative videos of How High The Moon and Bring Me Sunshine! Sadly, they announced their quartet retirement during the show. There were also some fun collaborations on the show. Some of our Swedish queens got together to create a medley of songs from Mama Mia!, arranged by Suzanne Harrington (lead of Growing Girls and Swinglish Mix). In celebration of their 15-year anniversary, SPOTLIGHT teamed up with ClassRing to deliver an inspirational performance of Journey To The Past from Anastasia! The multi award-winning Ambassadors of Harmony Chorus shared some of their most beloved performances of Broadway songs through the years. From their iconic performance of 76 Trombones

to their beautiful rendition of Somewhere, their entire set was entertaining and awe-inspiring. Their performance culminated in a touching performance of The Unreachable Star, which they recorded together live, in-person, just for this show. One over-arching theme from the show was how much we missed YOU, our dear friends, family and fellow Sweet Adelines! While learning new skills and performing in front of green screens was a unique experience, we miss the feeling of being on stage and feeling the love from you in the audience. You bring our performances to LIFE. We hope to see as many of you as possible LIVE in Phoenix. Until then, to get your queenly fix, subscribe to our YouTube channel to see performances from the past, two virtual shows, as well as incredible performances from our queens throughout history. Michaela Slamka-Johnston is tenor of 2019 Champion Quartet, ClassRing. Edited by Coronet Club Technical Director, Liz Brannon.

Coronet Club queens including our newly inducted 2020 International Champion Quartet VIVA!

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Accolades Accolades as of July, 1 2021

DIRECTOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Advanced to Harmony 500 Kellie Phifer, K-Town Sound, #4

Advanced to Certified Director Jack Johnson, Cincinnati Sound, #4 Karen Johns, Gem City, #4 Patricia Folsom, Pensacola Sound, #9

Advanced to Approved Director Jennifer Palus, Metro Nashville, #4

CLASSIFIEDS A Cappella Bay Singers seeking Music Director We are a Sweet Adelines four-part harmony a cappella chorus in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia seeking an experienced music director. We are a small chorus with lots of enthusiasm, a strong team culture and a commitment to singing within the Sweet Adelines structure. To submit your expression of interest please contact The Management Team at:

Eastside Harmony Chorus seeking Director We are a small, dedicated chorus of quality singers with a 30-year history in Ajax, Ontario, Canada looking for a chorus director. Our repertoire is contemporary, and we love to compete. If you’re motivated, CLASSIFIEDS organized and a great communicator, come grow with us!

Sacramento Valley Chorus Director Search SVC is looking for a frontline director with interpersonal and musical skills to help us achieve our goals! SVC is a motivated and passionate group of singers who have maintained solid membership and continued to grow, even during the pandemic. This opportunity will become available May 2022. Accepting applications now! If interested, check out our website:


| January 2022

IN MEMORY Lanny Johnson, Capital Accord, #19 Marian Hoffman, Chapter-at-Large, #5 Lois Murdoch, Member-at-Large Monica Lutzak, The Heartland Singers, #16 Carol Austin, Harborlites, #21 Jeffery Sykes, Sooner Sensations Show, #25 Lois Van Beek, Member-at-Large Lou Ann Davison, Top of the Rock, #25 Heather Karran, Chapter-at-Large, #26 Marilyn Tadlock, Mountain Jubilee, #8 Jeanette Cottone, Twin County, #15 Lynda Keys, Carolina Harmony, #14 Leia Jackson, Lone Star, #10 Peg Cummings, City of Lakes, #6 Jacqueline Kirkman, Festival Sounds, #2 Susan Bender, Positively A Cappella, #21 Heidi Prior, Grand Rapids, #17 Heather Douglas, Canberra Harmony, #34 Jeanette Braastad, Lake Country, #6 Patricia Tugas, Song of the Coast, #9 Deborah Nielsen, Chapter-at-Large, #34 Karen Eckman, Tri City Sound, #11 Ruth Mellor, Member-At-Large, #45 Grace Reynolds, Coldwater Sweet Adelines, #17 Emma Evans, Coldwater Sweet Adelines, #17 Marilyn Averill, Sound of New England, #1 Judy Malachowsky, Song of the Valley, #15 Sue Bressler, Chapter-at-Large, #9 Jean Ferguson, Liberty Oak, #15 Norma Howarth, Great Lakes Harmony, #17 Ruth Helmburg, Unbridled Harmony, #4 Susan Horning, Enchanted Mesa Show, #21 Loretta Hayes, Twin Forks, #6 Donna Barth Wynn, Cincinnati Sound, #4 Joyce Anderson, Sounds of Pittsburg, #17 Joni Bescos, Rich-Tone, #25 Janet Ashford, Pride of Baltimore (Dissolved), #19 Sheila Stinnet, Verdugo Hills, #11 Sue Peckham, RiverSong, #5 Kelly Deare, RiverSong, #5 Edie Moorehead, Sounds of Music Quartet, #4 Sylvia Kudan, Twin County, #15

Red River Valley Chorus seeking Director Red River Valley Chorus, a small chorus in Sherman, Texas, seeks a director interested in helping us rebuild our chorus after we lost the majority of our members this past year. If interested, contact Ruth Bennett at or 580.920.5748.

For Sale...Eleven Sections of Risers! Wenger • 3-step with 4th step addition • Back rail Assembly Front step – 4 ft. to Top step – 6 ft. Contact Zina Lemke with Mountain Jubilee Chorus at or 801.580.8863.

Save the Date

International Convention & Competition 2022

Phoenix 2022

September 12-17, 2022 74th Annual International Convention and Competition Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Diamond •DIVISION•

July 21, 2022

July 22, 2022

Registration Opens Soon!

Watch for details at 42

| January 2022

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