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of Belonging: • Section 5: “Guidelines for Having Conversations Around DEI” provides lots of clarity related to different DEI concepts along with helpful insights on how to talk about DEI with chorus members. • The Glossary provides a great education on many terms that will help improve understanding of DEI concepts. This chapter alone can help improve your understanding of DEI and is a great reference tool to check back on when you need some clarity. The Chorus Toolkit will assist thousands of members worldwide to foster a culture of belonging in our organization. We expect that the toolkit will continue to evolve as we evolve. Questions and/or suggestions for improvement are happily encouraged and can be sent to

Deb Ferenc is a 27-year member of Region #17. She is a proud member of the Greater Cleveland Chorus, Region #17 Team Coordinator, member of the International Philanthropy Committee, the Chorus Growth and Incentive Task Force, and Chair of the Chorus Toolkit Subcommittee.

The Diversity Journey The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (DITF), led by International President-Elect Thèrése Antonini, started this important journey toward encouraging a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Sweet Adelines. Along with support and encouragement from the International Board of Directors (IBOD) and international staff, the DITF engaged with more than 50 task force members and volunteers. Insights were collected from more than 100 members who participated in visioning sessions and discussion groups over the past few years. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council (DEIC), launched in 2020, began its work in January of 2021 and oversees the Chorus Toolkit and the Song Assessment Tool subcommittees. Our sincere appreciation goes to Thèrése and to all those who have contributed to the Chorus Toolkit in order to continue our progress toward one of our guiding principles: A Culture of Belonging.

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