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Return to the Risers!


International Convention & Competition 2022

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2022 Quartet Contest

The Rising Star Quartet Contest is Back! July 22, 2022 Trinity University San Antonio, Texas (USA)

Duly Noted -

2019 Rising Star Quartet Contest Winners

Rising Star is all about the joy of singing barbershop with other young singers, the thrill of performing on stage, and most of all, the friendships and memories! The 2022 contest will be held Friday, July 22, on the campus of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas (USA) during the

Contest 2022 Quartet

International Education Symposium (IES).

Registration Now Open! Visit for more details.


Pitch Pipe April 2022 | Volume 75 — No.4

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Happy Together: IES 2022 Q&A with IES Guest Faculty Lisa Popeil Fired Up in Phoenix! Regional Competition Calendar


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Blindspot: Book Review DCP: Refreshing the Director

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Song of Welcome: High Plains Harmony Chorus Sweet Adelines Return!

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Get ready for a return to the risers! See inside for articles about upcoming international events: The 74th Annual Sweet Adelines International Convention & Competition, Sweet Adelines International Education Symposium, Rising Star Quartet Contest, and the inaugural Diamond Division Quartet Contest!

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April 2022 | Volume 75 — No.4 |

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| April 2022

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From Our President



ne morning last December my smart phone surprised me with a “Year in Review,” a two and a half-minute musical slide show of photographs taken in 2021. I smiled when I saw how abundant the joyous moments have been. There were pictures of our newborn grandchild, happy family gatherings, and fun times with friends. A friend with whom I shared this video commented, “For such a hard year, you had an amazing year!” Missing, however, were the usual photos of my Sweet Adelines activities, so I decided to create my own “year(s) in review” of my presidency, which began on May 1, 2020. In my journey down memory lane, I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that “For such hard years, I had amazing years!” I recalled meeting hundreds of Sweet Adelines in virtual gatherings like chorus rehearsals, regional events, and special celebrations of members we’ve held dear. I fell asleep some nights thinking of how extraordinarily creative our members were in planning these events and how much passion it’s taken to keep each other engaged and connected. I also remembered sharing hours of virtual meetings with our CEO and headquarters staff, who carry the love and passion of the organization just as if they are members of Sweet Adelines themselves. I will always be especially grateful to our CEO, Tammy Talbot, who has led our professional staff with steadfastness, strength, grace, compassion and intelligence. I was able to work with dozens of Sweet Adelines members who have given their time and talents working on our committees, subcommittees, task forces, councils, and RMTs. They have persevered during difficult, but amazing, years. Our International Board, too, has remained dedicated to the duty of care of thousands of members while keeping the best interests of the organization in their minds and hearts. All of these people have been my personal role models and inspiration. Their spirits and smiles will be in my heart always. One very special person for the past two years has been Thérèse Antonini, our 2022-24 International President. Our organization will be in incredibly competent and caring hands with Thérèse as our president.

The best part of my two years, though, was finding out how much our organization has meant and will continue to mean to members of Sweet Adelines in coming years. These words, beautifully expressed to me in a handwritten letter from a 50-year member, share my own sentiment about our organization — about us — the members of Sweet Adelines International: I have been an ordinary member (although I don’t think baritones are ordinary!)...I have remained a Sweet Adeline because I love being in the middle of, and contributing to, the glorious sound of a chorus. I can’t imagine NOT experiencing that again. It’s a perfect example of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” And I have made friends. I’m sure I disagree with some of them, but I love them dearly! Sweet Adelines has made me grow; it’s made me stronger and more confident. It’s part of who I am. Thank you for these amazing and abundant years as your president of Sweet Adelines International. In song,


April 2022 |


From Our President-Elect



s we look forward to the beginning of a new Sweet Adelines year, I believe we are poised at the beginning of a new organizational era. I have had the distinct honor and privilege to have worked with Sweet Adelines around the world over the last two years. If anyone ever doubted the resilience and resourcefulness of this group, I can lay to rest those doubts with concrete evidence from the last two years. Through personal tragedy and sorrow, through loss of income and community, through forced isolation, you have persevered. In spite of the restrictions placed on the very activity that nourishes and fulfills us, this beautiful four-part barbershop harmony, so many of you have found ways to continue meeting and connecting with each other. I have been inspired and amazed by you, and you are now the inspiration for the future. The creativity, patience and dedication of every director among you who worked to keep online rehearsals appealing and productive have opened new doors and expanded our capacity for learning. Each chorus leader among you who found ways to let your members know they were not forgotten and remained an important member of your group has provided new ways for us to communicate our appreciation and affection for each other. Those of you who, as chorus members, reached out to individuals when they needed support and encouragement remain the most important foundation and heart of the organization. The work I have seen from the many volunteers in our organization over the last couple of years has demonstrated to me just how talented and productive you are. You have embraced new challenges and adapted as we have continued to learn and grow, and I admire and respect the depth of your discussions and your desire to make recommendations and decisions with the good of the organization in mind. So now, it is time for us to now move into the future together. To recognize the greatness in each other and the greatness of all of us together. To identify and let go of those aspects of our past that no longer serve our principles and purposes and to explore new ideas and approaches that support us more fully in achieving our vision.


| April 2022

Each of us can play a part in defining who we are and who we will be. We will be providing opportunities soon to engage you and gather your input. This is our organization, and now more than ever it will be important that we all participate in every opportunity to share in the vision for the organization. Just as every voice impacts the sound of a chorus or quartet, every voice impacts the soundness of the organization. I look forward to our journey together.

Thérèse Antonini, President-Elect

From Our CEO

A COMMITMENT TO MUSICAL EXCELLENCE “Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and

the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.” - Anonymous


n April 2020 we faced unprecedented changes in the lives of our Sweet Adelines members. From canceling regionals and international events, creating virtual education events, and rehearsing on zoom or in parking lots, we all learned what we knew as normal would change forever. Two years later, we have learned so much and are finding our way forward from one of the most challenging times in our Sweet Adelines history. We are now able to look toward being together once again, albeit with greater awareness for the health and wellness of our Sweet Adelines members than ever before. We are excited to participate in the delight of singing barbershop and once again enjoy, in person, the lifelong friendships we have made as a result of this wonderful organization. We have the opportunity to celebrate and revel in the sound of ringing chords, singing tags, and participate live in the music education that has been the hallmark of this organization for more than 75 years. Our commitment to “Musical Excellence,” one of our Five Guiding Principles, is driving us to not take this organization and each other for granted. The last two years have taught us that, while we can adapt during a crisis, we also miss the sheer joy of being together in person. We have the opportunity now to once again experience the humanness of being a Sweet Adeline. Our Education Direction Committee (EDC), together with staff, has taken the past two years to advance our Musical Excellence guiding principle to craft and design programs that honor and embrace artistry, education, and innovation in the performance of a cappella music while championing the barbershop style. This year at the International Education Symposium 2022 in San Antonio, Texas we’ll host our inaugural Diamond Division Quartet Contest for Sweet Adelines age 55 and older. See additional details in this issue. The EDC have actualized it in several key areas of the organization. They designed the new Small & Midsize Chorus Directors Scholarship Program, created at the request of our members and funded through their generous philanthropic support, to attend the International Education Symposium.

We are proud to announce that 31 directors have been selected to receive one of the inaugural scholarships. The commitment to education is witnessed in our continued support of youth education. With donor support, we have offered the Bev Sellers Memorial Scholarship. Our focus on musical excellence can also be seen in the various certification programs that we offer members. Whether it be the Arrangers Certification Program, the Director Certification Program, the International Judging Program, or International Faculty Program, our Education Direction Committee and staff leadership work toward bringing excellence in education to our members every day. All of the programs provide the foundation for creating world-class music and performances that we enjoy through regional and international competition. Looking to the future, we know that our normal will never be the same. That said, we can embrace the new normal. We are headed toward a new future where together we can reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, and enjoy the music that brought us to this organization, whether that was one year or 60+ years ago. The musical excellence that has been the hallmark of Sweet Adelines since 1945 will once again be enjoyed in person. In harmony,

Tammy Talbot, CEO

April 2022 |


Tenor& Lead& Baritone& Bass Celebrate the joy of close harmony. Barbershop Quartet Day April 11, 2022 RE GI


Sing the World with Harmony Travel! London “Sing In Harmony” Festival • June 14-21, 2023



$2,959 USD per person/Double Occupancy • Perform with fellow Sweet Adelines at historic venues in London and Oxford, UK! • See the sights with dedicated tour managers. • Enjoy organized social events. • Meals, cultural events, ground services, and transportation included.

Featured Guest…2018 International Champion Quartet, Lustre! Harmony Travel will donate $100 USD per participant to Sweet Adelines International via Sweet Adelines Support Life on a High Note. Add on Tour!

Quartet photo courtesy of Sweet Adelines International.


| April 2022

Post-festival motorcoach tour, June 21-26, 2023, from Caen to Paris .

For more information, visit

Sing A New Song! To order, contact Sweet Adelines International Sales Department at, visit, or call 1.918.622.1444 ext. 112 or toll free at 1.877.545.5441.

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. CDT (2–10:30 p.m. UTC)

Newly published by Sweet Adelines: Due to increased licensing expenses, these will be the final songs published by Sweet Adelines International. We will continue to sell all other arrangements. Please contact for more information.

All I Want For Christmas Is You, Kay Bromert, Licensed World, MS10056 This Is Me, Kay Bromert, Licensed World, MS10057 When You Believe, Kay Bromert, Licensed World, MS10058

Newly arranged or re-licensed and added to the store: I Write the Songs, Takako Fuke, Licensed World, I04969 In My Life, Denis Allaire, Licensed World, excluding Japan, I04971

April 2022 |





uring Region #31’s Director Appreciation Week, Vocal Dimension Chorus donned paper masks of their director’s face to perform an exuberant cheer. Sweet Adelines around the world were not surprised. Master Director Valerie Taylor often inspires fanciful, fun reactions on and offstage. Valerie was recently elected to serve a threeyear term on the SA International Board of Directors from May 1, 2022-April 30, 2025. She says she hopes to bring a focus on connection to the role. A baritone, Valerie knows the power of working together to create harmony greater than the sum of its parts. She is the founder and Master Director of Region #31’s Vocal Dimension Chorus (celebrating their 12th anniversary this year!) and a member of Nova Quartet. She sang baritone with 2014 Region #31 Champion Quartet, Domino, who went on to receive the 2014 International Novice Quartet Award. Prior to becoming a barbershop singer, Valerie sang classical music, including a stint with the Royal Choral Society, one of the UK’s oldest symphonic choirs. When she visited her first barbershop chorus, Surrey Harmony, in 1996, Valerie was immediately hooked. “It’s such an amazing art form because it stretches you, musically,” she says. “There are lots of other things people can do if they want to sing for a hobby, but barbershop gives me such an intellectual challenge.”


| April 2022

Professionally, Valerie is a lawyer specializing in privacy law. Her musical leadership experience is varied and extensive. She spent five years on the Region #31 Quartet of Nations Regional Management Team (RMT) and is on their Educational Steering Group as well as a member of the Regional Faculty. Valerie was the first person outside North America to become a Sweet Adelines International Certified Judge, in the Sound Category. She is a member of the Directors Certification Program (DCP) Review Committee and is on the JCDB review task force. Beyond SA, Valerie is a trustee on the board of Making Music, a UK membership organization representing around 200,000 amateur music makers across the UK. She is also a member of Barbershop in Harmony, a collaborative group made up of the three UK barbershop singing organizations. Valerie says she often asks herself, “‘How can we work together better than we do separately?” “There may be things we can do within the organization to collaborate, even connect with other organizations,” she says. “I am always thinking of ways to build bridges and reinforce connections as a way to achieve our goals.” Collaboration and innovation are important to Valerie as she looks forward to her role on the IBOD. “I think I can contribute some alternative views about governance strategy and ways of doing things,” she says. “I’m quite good at challenging the status quo when needed and throwing in random ideas that might generate a conversation, even if we don’t land on them.” Where does she find the motivation to fulfill her many roles so vibrantly? “I’ve got a quite light-hearted approach to life, I suppose,” she says. “I like to laugh and make people feel good. I know I respond well to encouragement and positive affirmation. If you are encouraging, people are willing to put themselves on the line, and it is so rewarding to see people learn and give back.” Becoming part of the IBOD is another way Valerie will give back to the music she loves so much.


CELEBRATING UNIQUENESS: Introducing IBOD Member Annika Dellås


nnika Dellås was recently appointed to a one-year term on the Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors (IBOD), beginning May 1, 2022. It’s the latest in a long barbershop career of taking on leadership roles. “I like to see how I can contribute and be part of the future and see what we can build together,” she says. “I think in my whole life I have never stood still. I’m always asking, ‘What can change? What can we do better? How can we prepare ourselves for the future?’” Annika grew up in a family that enjoyed singing, but she had never sung in a choir or chorus – until a friend from Gothenburg invited her to visit Gothia Show Chorus, on the west coast of Sweden. She was “immediately hooked,” and not just on the music, which she loved. Annika almost immediately began serving her chorus and region in leadership roles. She moved to Stockholm in 1989, the year Growing Girls became the first international champion quartet from Sweden. Annika joined the mighty Rönninge Show Chorus in 1990 and has sung baritone with them ever since. She currently serves as Team Coordinator of Region #32. In her professional life, Annika is a human resources and management consultant, working with processes, people, and

teams. She has a deep respect and appreciation for cultural uniqueness which she believes is important for building genuine connections. She says she wants to be a link for Sweet Adelines from outside North America, to highlight and maintain the values and strengths of each region as the organization forges connections. “It’s interesting to see so many barbershop collaborations happening now in Europe,” she says. “Often, we do things together, but I think it's also important to keep our uniqueness when we do that. The world is changing, and we need to make sure that we take care of the things that are really important to us. We need to find things we have in common and where we can collaborate, but we also need space to be who we are.” Annika appreciates that Sweet Adelines International provides singers a space to grow. “Sweet Adelines has given so many singers a chance to develop,” she says. “I have seen through my years that Sweet Adelines gives people a place among friends to really grow. I think that's so important.” Also important is remembering the vast impact Sweet Adelines can have, both worldwide and on individuals. “We are part of a bigger scope,” Annika says. “We’re worldwide. There’s a word in Swedish that means a person who can make it possible, or make it happen, find a path: möjliggörare. If I can, as a leader, set the environment for people, they can find their way. We’re a great group of singers. I’ve met so many people in this environment who are ambitious and warm and willing to share. It’s fantastic.” It will be wonderful to have Annika’s experienced, energetic voice at the IBOD table.

April 2022 |





D Crowe is no stranger to the Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors (IBOD). She has served on the IBOD for several years and was recently elected to a three-year term that runs from May 1, 2022 through April 30, 2025. Being on the IBOD is one of many ways she gives back to an organization that has been important to her for almost 26 years. JD has always loved singing. She is from a musical family in which almost everyone sings and/or plays an instrument in the folk and Celtic style of their heritage on the east coast of Canada, but she did not come to Sweet Adelines until 1996. During a difficult transition in her personal life, a friend invited her to visit Canadian Showtime Chorus (then called Canadian Showcase Chorus), where she has been singing ever since. “I totally and immediately fell in love with it,” JD recalls. “They were preparing for a show and were gifting proceeds from the performance to a women’s shelter in Ottawa. I liked the idea that they were giving back to the community. I went to the performance and then to a coaching session with Jim Casey, and that was the sealer: I just couldn't see myself without this being part of my life.” It was the barbershop sound, but also the barbershop friendships and support that she loved – and still loves. “The sound was just incredible,” JD remembers. “It gave me goosebumps to hear all of those harmonies, but it was also the connections and the sense of family that I noticed. The room was just abuzz. When people arrived at rehearsals, there was all this fun chatter and energy. Everybody was there for a reason. They were givers in their families, but they were at chorus rehearsal for themselves. At that time, I definitely needed encouragement that it was okay to have something for me, that I didn’t need to give


| April 2022

a hundred percent every night of the week to others. One night could be mine. I still really love that you can escape in the songs and become a different character or persona when you’re on stage. I love that there is always a personal way for everyone to connect with the message of the song.” She turned out to be, among other things, a leader. But it wasn’t easy. “When I joined, I was going through an unexpected lifechanging experience,” she says. “When something like that happens, you lose so much of yourself. In my case, I lost all confidence in myself. I felt very insecure and didn’t believe I had much to offer. Joining Sweet Adelines made me realize how being in an environment with a group of supportive individuals can change you. I quickly became involved in leadership in my chorus, and that’s just what I needed to prove to myself that I was, in fact, capable of more than what I felt in my heart at that time.” She said she is honored to give back to Sweet Adelines by serving on the IBOD, and the role has also been personally satisfying. “Being on the IBOD has given me the opportunity to stretch myself into areas that I really wouldn't have had the opportunity to do otherwise. I learn something new almost every day,” she says. “I'm retired now, but when I worked I brought a lot of what I've learned through Sweet Adelines to my career and vice versa. What I've learned along the way in both my professional life and in Sweet Adelines is that you don't always have to be an expert in a field to make it. Leveraging other people's talents and empowering them to grow is what has made me a great leader. Being receptive to change and having an open heart have allowed me to be successful. The last couple of years have been challenging, obviously, because of the pandemic, but it's shown that we have incredible determination in all of our hearts to keep this organization going. It's a difficult time, but seeing Sweet Adelines’ resilience has given me the courage and confidence to be a better me.” JD encourages Sweet Adelines to be gentle with themselves but also know there will be support when they feel ready to return to singing and take on new leadership roles. “Sometimes it's okay to take a break,” she says. “It’s okay to not be okay. But give it time. It’s a great place to be. I wish this experience to every single person around the world. If you have an opportunity to jump in and take a chance, do it.”



Jennifer Harris was re-elected to the IBOD for 2022-2025. This article is a reprint from the April 2019 issue of The Pitch Pipe.


s a newly-elected member of the Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors (IBOD), Jennifer Harris hoped to use her international leadership experience to strengthen the connections between Sweet Adelines all over the world. Harris began a three-year IBOD term on May 1, 2019, little knowing that the next few years would bring a pandemic that would change everything for performing artists, including barbershoppers. In these challenging years, Jenny has, in fact, been part of a unique IBOD team that kept SA bonds, voices, and spirits strong. In March 2022, she was re-elected to a three-year term to continue her important work at the international level. Harris’ relationship with barbershop singing started with a derailed business meeting. She saw a picture of Harbor City Music Company Chorus (HCMC) in her co-worker’s office. “I had heard of Sweet Adelines before and been intrigued, but I didn’t think I had time,” said Harris. “I just started chatting with her about that, and we ended up not even holding the business meeting. That night, she invited me to go to rehearsal, and I did. The next week, I auditioned. I got in the chorus, and that was that. That was in October 2003, and I haven’t looked back.” Harris sings bass for 2018 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions Lustre and is still a member of HCMC. In January 2018, she became director of Arundelair Chorus. She is past Regional Communications Coordinator for the SA Region 19 Management Team and president of the Silver Sorority, the Region 19 Association of Quartet Champions. She is also a

sought-after coach. Right out of college, Harris took a job with the National Security Agency (NSA). She began as a mathematician, but she soon got involved in leadership. Eventually, she became chief of staff for an organization that had operations in cities around the world. Through that experience, she learned to deal with the challenges of leading a worldwide organization. In her new role, she aims to foster a stronger sense of connection across our farflung membership. “We want to make sure our Sweet Adelines family members around the world feel valued, included and integral to the organization because they are.” She would also like to see more connection for small choruses. “Our organization is made up of a majority of small choruses, and I’m interested in making sure small choruses are more connected to their regions and the happenings at the International level,” she said. “It’s important for them to stay connected to the larger organization.” Harris values bridging gaps and building a sense of belonging. “I remember the first education event I ever went to at the regional level,” she said. “I stuck like glue to the girl I knew from my home chorus. I was such an introvert that I didn't feel good reaching out and making small chat and meeting other people. I still am an introvert at heart, but now I look forward to connecting with other people because I know I am connected to them by these threads of commonality. It just makes me feel so comfortable belonging everywhere.” Harris belongs to a supportive family as well - her husband of 32 years, Dave, two adult children, and a grandson. She said she retired to have more time for what her husband calls “her new job,” Sweet Adelines. “He is what makes this possible,” she said. She is immensely grateful for the opportunity to continue to give back to an organization that she says has given her so much.

April 2022 |


Happy Together… IES 2022 022



m i M ac Kin



ck i

e M ay b

ur y

Co-Chairs Cammi MacKinlay and Vickie Maybury are excited to welcome stellar barbershop singing faculty for classes and workshops, quartet competitions, and more. Get ready for a good time…together!



Over the last two years, we’ve kept our bonds strong and found ways to keep learning. Now, at last, it’s time to be “Happy Together” in person again! Join Sweet Adelines from around the world for the International Education Symposium (IES) in San Antonio, Texas (USA), July 20-24.


Video of Co-Chairs Cammi and Vickie

C o- C air h

C o- C air h

San Antonio, Texas (USA) is on the ancestral land of the Jumanos, Tonkawa, Ndé Kónitsąąíí Gokíyaa (Lipan Apache), and Coahuiltecan people.


| April 2022

Registration & Accommodations Registration: Registration is now open and continues through June 19. For updated information, visit Registration includes on-campus housing, three meals a day, three days of classes, and audience admission to the Rising Star Quartet Contest and the new Diamond Division Quartet Contest. Accommodations: On-campus housing begins Wednesday, July 20 and ends the morning of Sunday, July 24. For information about amenities, accessibility, roommate assignments, and more, visit www.

Best r! Offe

IES 2022

Early Bird


(Ends June 1)

(Begins June 2)

Member Double Occupancy



Member Single Occupancy



Non-Member Double Occupancy



Non-Member Single Occupancy



Member Commuter*



Non-Member Commuter*



Youth (25 and Under) Member Double Occupancy



Youth (25 and Under) Non-Member Double Occupancy



Youth (25 and Under) Commuter*



Youth Chaperone*



Registration Rates

All prices listed in USD. *See website for information on commuter and chaperone registration types.

April 2022 |


Learn from the Best at IES

The innovative, interactive classes and workshops you’ve come to expect from IES are back! Sweet Adelines leaders and educators are ready to return to the classroom. In addition to a variety of vocal, performance, leadership, and DEI classes, three tracks are available for singers who want to focus on a specific area:


a rte t Trac


Quartet Track with two-time International Quartet Champion Karen Breidert (Jubilation, 1985 and "the BUZZ", 2005)

g un

S i n ge r s T

r ac



Classes cover topics like choosing the "right" quartet members, having effective rehearsals, music selection, and how to put everything together in a great show package.

Young Singers Track with International Quartet Champion (Bling!, 2015) and Master Director (Co-Director, Spirit of the Gulf Chorus) Deanna Kastler

ri pi

n g J u d ges

T ra


Singers 25 years or younger are invited to amp up vocal and performance skills, learn to be more confident onstage, and enjoy several opportunities to perform.


Aspiring Judges Track with Certified Expression Judge Marcia Pinvidic This interactive track will explore what the judges are looking for...AND you'll get to test your skills as a trial scorer for both the Rising Star and Diamond Division Quartet Contests.


e s t Fa c u l

Introducing IES 2022 Guest Faculty Lisa Popeil ty

Enroll early to ensure your place in one of several exciting classes and workshops with IES 2022 Guest Faculty Lisa Popeil, creator of the Voiceworks® Method. A member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), Lisa co-authored the book Sing Anything: Mastering Vocal Styles and produced the Daily Vocal Workout for Pop Singers CD. She has recorded and performed in a variety of genres, including with Frank Zappa, and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. At IES, you can learn to create the voice of your dreams, sing in different styles, improve resonance, and find out about “Safe and Beautiful Belting” with this experienced, multi-genre singer and vocal educator.

For more information on IES 2022 class offerings and faculty, visit


| April 2022

See, Hear, Taste, Enjoy… San Antonio!

Greater. SAfer. Together Many San Antonio businesses have banded together under the Greater. SAfer. Together Pledge, which specifies evolving COVID-19 precautions based on recommendations from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC). Click here to find the latest recommendations and a categorized list of over 20,000 San Antonio businesses that have taken the pledge.


's ry

S t rip


University, St. Mary’s Strip is home to local restaurants, bars, and entertainment. You are sure to find something good to eat and a cool (literally and figuratively) place to hang out and visit. Most restaurants in the area have a varied menu to accommodate dietary needs, and many have covered patios for outdoor dining. July in San Antonio is extremely warm, but a cool drink in the shade should be just right!


St. Mary’s Strip A short drive from Trinity

El Mercado/Market Square A short drive

M El


a re




r wa

a St

y Co

ol i n Sa

nA on


hot, literally and figuratively. You know the advice about staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, not overdoing it in the heat. Another way to stay cool in San Antonio is to try raspas! Also known as raspados, raspas are shaved-ice treats that originated in Mexico. In San Antonio, you’ll find them in carts all over town, flavored with fresh juices as well as lechera (sweetened, condensed milk), cappuccino, and more.


e iv


Stay Cool in San Antonio Texas in July is


The Riverwalk It’s a bit of a trek from campus, but many first-time (and returning!) visitors to San Antonio enjoy the city’s famous Riverwalk. Take a leisurely ride down the canals or make your way down the rows of restaurants, shops, and galleries along the water. The city provides an online map of ramps, elevators, paths, and other helpful accessibility information at www.sanantonio. gov/DAO/Publications-and-Maps/River-Walk-Maps-and-

ke tS

from campus, El Mercado/Market Square is a three-block outdoor plaza lined with restaurants, shops, and produce stands. It is the largest Mexican market in the U.S. Here, San Antonio’s working artists, musicians, and dancers create a festive atmosphere. Anchoring the Square is Mi Tierra, a Mexican restaurant by day, with a bar that features mariachi music in the evenings and – to everyone’s great joy – a bakery.

e rca d o/ M ar

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Symposium Choruses Video

Symposium Choruses You are invited to register to be a part of the IES Symposium Chorus! One of the most popular events of IES, the Symposium Chorus is made up of IES participants. Choruses are led by Master 700 Directors Lori Lyford of Scottsdale Chorus and Dale Syverson of Rich-Tone Chorus. The directors will be paired with creative consultants: Dale with Kim Wonders of Metro Nashville Chorus and Lori with Judy Pozsgay of 2017 International Champion Quartet, Frenzy.

Saturday Show You’ve laughed and loved and sang and learned together for three days. You’ve cheered on the competitors in the Diamond Division and Rising Start quartet contests. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and hear some great barbershop at the Saturday Show, an IES event that promises soaring harmonies, vibrant performances, and lots of familiar, beloved faces. Your IES registration includes audience admission to this popular event.


| April 2022

Diamond •DIVISION•

Diamond Division Quartet Contest At last, it’s time for the Inaugural Diamond Division Quartet

Contest – and your IES registration gets you a seat in the audience for the historic event!

Approved at the March 2020 meeting of the Sweet Adelines

International Board of Directors, the annual event is an

adjudicated barbershop quartet contest for Sweet Adelines

July 21, 2022 Trinity University San Antonio, Texas (USA)

ages 55 and older. The contest is designed to encourage and

showcase members’ continued singing and barbershop abilities and to celebrate the success of Sweet Adelines International education programs.

Stalled for two years by the pandemic, the inaugural Diamond

Division Quartet Contest is now scheduled to take place during IES on Thursday, July 21!

Details about competition eligibility and other requirements can be found at

Rising Star Quartet Contest Many great quartet singers get their competitive start at the

Rising Star Quartet Contest. For example, Rising Star champion quartets LoveNotes (2005, as UnderAge) and ClassRing (2014) went on to become Sweet Adelines International champion

quartets (2014 and 2019, respectively). Hot Pursuit (2018) went on to become Harmony, Inc. 2019 Quartet Champions.

But Rising Star isn’t all about winning. It’s about the joy

of singing barbershop with other young singers, the thrill of performing on stage, and most of all, the friendships and memories.

After two years of cancellations during the height of the

2022 Quartet Contest

pandemic, the Rising Star Quartet Contest is back! It will be

held on Friday, July 22, 2022 on the campus of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas (USA) during the International Education Symposium (IES).

July 22, 2022 Trinity University San Antonio, Texas (USA)

Contestants are encouraged to register for IES, which

features a quartet track and a young singers’ track for Rising

Star competitors interested in taking advantage of educational opportunities in San Antonio.

The Rising Star Quartet Contest is open to singers ages

25 and younger. Singers don’t need to be members of Sweet Adelines International to compete.

For more information or to register, visit April 2022 |



BLINDSPOT: HIDDEN BIASES OF GOOD PEOPLE by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald (Delacorte Press, 2013) A Review by Thérèse Antonini

‘The sailor cannot see the North – but knows the Needle can’ is an Emily Dickenson quote that opens the book Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald. Dr. Banaji and Dr. Greenwald are scientists with extensive experience in the study and research of psychology, and this book focuses on raising awareness of research that speaks to how our mind’s unconscious operation can interfere with our conscious beliefs and intentions. In the book's preface, the authors explain the use of the words ‘Good People’ in their title: ‘By ‘good people’ we refer to those, ourselves included, who intend well and strive to align their behavior with their intentions’. That definition is important as it sets the tone for the book as one of helping us understand what might be getting in the way of that alignment rather than one of presenting value judgments. The book’s content is largely based on research efforts and results that are presented in a primarily conversational voice. The concepts are foundational, and it would likely be a valuable read for someone who is unfamiliar with or has limited knowledge of the concept of unconscious or implicit bias. The tests and exercises in the book (and some links to online versions) can help us all explore our own implicit biases, and there are some interesting strategies for ‘outsmarting the machine’ and managing those biases while acknowledging that there can be significant challenges in that effort. For those who have studied unconscious bias more extensively, a lot of what is covered in the book will not be new conceptually, but


| April 2022

some of the authors' perspectives and the stories they share may offer some new insights. There is also an extensive set of references shared, and they are organized by book section, so those wanting to delve deeper may find this book an excellent resource for further reading and deeper understanding. I did find the book to have an American slant to it, with conclusions and appendices specifically referring to issues regarding race in the United States. From that standpoint, it is likely a good starting point for readers interested in gaining a better understanding of the impacts of both conscious and unconscious bias in the past and how unconscious bias – even in those with a strong conscious desire to address issues of racial inequity and injustice – continues to impede progress. This book is an easy read from the perspective of language and the presentation of content. Taking the content to heart and confronting our own biases is where the challenge lies! SA International President-Elect Thérèse Antonini has been a member of eight different choruses in five Canadian provinces and one American state and has served in many leadership positions. Internationally, she serves as a Panel Secretary and has served on and chaired task forces (including, recently, the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force), committees, and on the International Board of Directors. She will serve as International President from 2022 to 2024.


“WHERE YOUR HEART IS” A talk with Sweet Adelines Donor Dottie Dedrick


ottie Dedrick stands out onstage, whether in competition, at a community performance, or even in a virtual performance like the one Pacific Sound Chorus put on for their Christmas 2020 show. Even just speaking about music, Dottie exudes sheer joy. That joy is what inspires her to give generously of her time, talents, and resources to musical organizations that are important to her. One of them is Sweet Adelines International. Dottie is a long-time donor and recently informed Susan Smith, Chief Philanthropy and Administrative Officer, that she had included Sweet Adelines in her will, ensuring that the Sweet Adelines experience continues for future generations. After a stint teaching in Japan, Dottie returned to the United States. She joined Greater Tacoma Chorus in 1969 and became a lifelong lead! She served as president for Greater Tacoma before joining Pacific Sound Chorus as a charter member under director Carole (Kirkpatrick) Persinger. “There were around 24 of us at our first regional competition,” she recalls. “We came in second, but there I was in the front row with Sue Beck on one side and Lynell Diamond on the other, in between two icons! It wasn’t long before I moved up on the risers as the chorus grew larger.” Dottie continues to sing with Pacific Sound and in the past served as their team manager. She spent nine years on the Regional Management Team for Region #13 as well. A retired elementary school principal, she is active in Kiwanis International (a service organization that supports children) and Second City Chamber Series, an organization that presents classical chamber music concerts in Tacoma, Washington (USA). What inspires her to give so much of herself to her community and to Sweet Adelines International? Music and friendships. “Music has always fed my soul,” she says. “Whether I'm singing or listening, it's a very important part of my life. Fortunately, my

husband is a good listener!” She is also inspired by the people who are brought together by music. “Clay Hine wrote, ‘It's the music that brings us together, but it's the friendships that make us stay,’ and that is so true,” says Dottie. “I look at the friends I have made throughout the Sweet Adelines world and feel blessed and love to reconnect at international events. I was lucky enough to attend the Tokyo Chorus celebration in 2020 just before COVID hit, and it’s really true: Music brings people together.” And there is something special about barbershop music. “When the chords lock and you get that ring, you can feel it in your body,” says Dottie. “It has brought me so much joy, I want that to continue for future generations. It needs to be available for all interested folk. In addition, we need to support people who can help us be even better singers and musicians. I look at how the quality of what we do has changed in the 50-plus years since I became a member, and it's just amazing.” Dottie hopes others will contribute as they are able. “It’s all about what brings you joy and how you can share that both now and for the future,” she says. “Take a look at what you have to share, then put it where your heart is.” Her heart is with music, and her generosity means more people can feel the joy that has kept her singing.

To find out more about donating to Sweet Adelines International, contact Chief Philanthropy and Administrative Officer, Susan Smith at or visit

April 2022 |


Song of Welcome



Dec. 15, 20

Please join us in welcoming our new Sweet Adelines chapter, High Plains Harmony!

Rocky Mountain Region #8 • Greeley, Colorado President: Susan Gunnels Co-Director: Annette Lambrecht • Co-Director: Julie Palagi 20

| April 2022

Chartering at Warp Speed: High Plains Harmony Chorus


nce upon a time there were three little Region #8 choruses and one slightly bigger chorus who sponsored the first-ever Northern Colorado Young Women in Harmony Festival. With music and learning tracks in hand, each chorus worked diligently at their individual rehearsals to learn music for what would be called the High Plains Harmony Youth Festival. The four Colorado (USA) choruses traveled miles from every direction to participate in the festival. When they sang together for the first time, something unexpected happened: Suddenly there was a cohesive, full sounding chorus, including the young singers! The directors had an epiphany: What if we combine our choruses and go to competition in 2022 as a Division AA chorus? As we had for the festival, each chorus would learn two competition songs. We would have learning tracks and recordings to ensure we had the same musical plan, and we would expect participating singers to memorize both songs by the first combined rehearsal. We decided to hold four weekend rehearsals per year, one with a coach, and we would expect singers to pass a taping program with their individual choruses. As a combined chorus, we would participate in just two events: spring regional competition and the summer Young Women in Harmony Festival. Here’s what’s happened next (more or less).

One Mission, One Vision

Our individual choruses wanted to maintain our own charters, but we needed to identify as one chorus. SA International Faculty Dr. Leslie Galbreath facilitated an all-day workshop at which we determined who we wanted to be, collectively. To further our new culture, Leslie guided us through the process of identifying our purpose, mission statement, and vision. By the end of the day, we agreed on temporary leadership (the charter task force), and determined our mission statement. High Plains Harmony (HPH) would be “an innovative, singerdriven, competitive chorus focused on education and improving the musical, vocal, and performance skills of all members.” Our vision: to compete and perform as one at the highest levels.

The Charter Task Force

Colorado Spirit! decided they weren’t quite ready to embark on this journey, though they still wanted to be part of the 2022 young singers’ festival. Greeley Harmonix, The Blend and Windsong agreed to continue, and the Charter Task Force (CTF) got to work. Comprised of one representative from each chorus and the three chorus directors, this group was key to HPH’s ability to “charter at warp speed,” as one task force member would say. This team established a timeline and met frequently to assign tasks. Around September, the CTF appointed a nominating committee. Once the new management team was elected and installed, the work of the task force was done.

Music Director Selection

With three talented and experienced directors, who would lead the musical charge? The Blend Music Director Laura Lewis preferred being a chorus singer, so Greeley Harmonix Director Julie Ann Palagi and Windsong Director Annette Lambrecht discussed working together. At the next HPH rehearsal, chorus members interviewed both directors, cast an affirmative vote, and the co-directorship was formed.


We decided to rehearse at the most centrally located venue, which was in Greeley. As home chorus, Greeley Harmonix would take care of rehearsal details. We also decided to hold one rehearsal in Windsong’s town since they had the most miles to travel. As Sterling’s high school music and theater teacher, Annette arranged for us to use the high school stage. What’s more, we would end the day with a performance for the Sterling community!

Finances and Chartering

We decided that, for now, HPH would only be open to members from the three primary choruses to simplify membership administration during our inaugural year. So, as dual members, Sweet Adelines International and regional dues are paid through the primary choruses. The only items, then, in the HPH budget were the one-time chartering fee, the annual chartering fee, competition registration, rehearsal venue, coaching, music, and the website. Since these expenses were manageable when split three ways, the primary choruses decided to absorb them in their budgets. Finance managers from each chorus would team up with the HPH finance coordinator to help manage processes. The SA International Membership Department was very helpful about answering questions during the chartering process.


Right away, High Plains Harmony decided to set up a website. Greeley Harmonix already used a platform called HarmonySite and gave the CTF a site tour. The task force liked the functionality and we had one more detail nailed down. The co-directors selected four section leaders, at least one from each primary chorus. Julie and Annette would meet as needed via Zoom or email to discuss musical progress and subsequently post comments via the website’s group email function. They also would collaborate to establish High Plains’ full-day rehearsal plans which were then posted on the website calendar. After all of our hard work, on Dec. 15, 2021, High Plains Harmony was successfully chartered. We're eager and excited to perform at our regional competition for the first time in months. It’s amazing what you can accomplish – and how quickly – when you have talented, organized, collaborative people with a common goal. High Plains Harmony found out we could “charter at warp speed!” Julie Ann Palagi is Director of Greeley Harmonix Chorus and Co-Director of High Plains Harmony Chorus, both in Region #8.

April 2022 |


Harmony up Round

Harmony Roundup is a place to share your adventures and achievements! Let us know what your chorus or quartet has been doing in your community. Email your submissions and photos to

Where We Sang Several Sweet Adelines were among the performers at 2021 Pearl Harbor commemoration events in Hawaii (USA): Lone Star Chorus and their quartet, From the Heart (both #10), The RichTone Chorus (#25), Sacramento Valley Chorus (#12), Grand Rapids Chorus (#17) joined by members of Greater Cleveland Chorus (#17), Na Leo Lani Chorus (#12) and Candice Bassett, Director of Piney Hills Chorus (#10). In November, members of Wellington City Chorus (#35) attended a pre-premiere of the movie Millie Lies Low during the New Zealand Film Festival. Members of the chorus sang for the film, which features actor Ana Scotney, daughter of WCC baritone Rire Scotney. Nelson Bay Harmony Chorus (#35) member June Savage composed a chant for local Tasman Rugby Union. They were invited to perform the chant for the team at a team well-being seminar and prior to a match against Auckland. How We Sang Rezonation Quartet (#2) appeared on The Great Community Talent Search, a Canadian television show which awards a grand prize to a winning competitor. Follow their social media to find out more about their journey. Happenstance (#13) competed in Portland's Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition in Portland, Oregon (USA). On Dec. 5, Na Leo Lani Chorus (#12) appeared in a pre-recorded benefit concert for the Hawai`i Theatre, and on Dec. 22, they sang the national anthem and Hawai'i state anthem for the opening of the Rainbow Classic basketball tournament at the University of Hawai'i, an event shown live on national television. Greater Eugene Chorus (#12) appeared first on stage at The Shedd Institute's 4th Annual Vocal Arts Festival. Boston Skyline Chorus (#1) performed at Festival on The Common in

In December, Scioto Valley Chorus (#4) performed at the NC4K (Nellie’s Champions for Kids) holiday party event for children with cancer.


| April 2022

Woburn, Massachusetts (USA). On Dec. 10, Valley Forge Chorus (VFC) (#19) performed in a locally-televised program, Christmas in Phoenixville. They also performed at Maris Grove Senior Living Community, where they honored Marion Daniels, a lifetime member of VFC who celebrated her 102nd birthday. Why We Sang High Desert Harmony Chorus (#12) performed at the Fall Bulb Festival and the Summit Mall's Lights Up event and helped Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, a park clean-up, all in Nevada (USA). They also participated in a flash mob, singing Let It Be for a walking art tour. Chisholm Trail Chorus (#10) performed for an Everest Rehabilitation Hospital in Temple, Texas (USA). Pure Nerves, a quartet from Na Leo Lani Chorus (#12), performed with students from Blossom Lam Hoffman’s studio at a local nursing facility. Blossom Lam Hoffman is an actress who appeared in the 2002 movie Blue Crush and the 2010 remake of Hawaii Five-O.

Surrey Harmony Chorus (#31) performed at a local garden centre to help raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Region #16 Aca-lympics!

Evergreen Chorus (#15) performed at the Light Up the Hamlet event in Highland, New York (USA).

Over the summer, we held our Region #16 Aca-lympics Facebook competition. The regional marketing team’s intent was to encourage interaction and camaraderie among our members and choruses, to improve individual comfort levels with Facebook use, and to have FUN! While it may seem that having 18 choruses battle it out for one prize might be the opposite of bringing people together, Region #16 members turned out online in full force — not only to support their own choruses but as enthusiastic cheerleaders for others! The loving nature of our region was obvious, especially in some of the heartwarming comments, such as when members shared a favourite memory or recalled when a chorus helped them out in some way. I had the pleasure of presenting York Harmony Chorus’s prize winnings to Master Director Martha DeClerq on Zoom: A free arrangement from Deke Sharon, a cool Aca-lympics winner Facebook banner, a personalized congratulatory video from Sweet Adelines International President Joan Boutilier, and of course bragging rights!

Aca-lympics Fun Facts

Circle of Harmony (#16) could not host their annual show, but members still wanted to help their community. Members collected and donated $2,050 (CAN) in grocery gift cards to a local food bank.

Chisholm Trail Chorus (#10) performed their contest uptune to open The Contemporaries (a local charitable group) telethon at the Cultural Activities Center in Temple, Texas (USA). They also sang Happy Birthday to the event’s technical director!

Six regions are currently involved in this year's challenge. Follow Region #16 social media to find out how you can participate!

• 18 choruses • 21 event days • 16 voting days • 2 hosts • 6 videos posted • 9 Round 1 winning choruses: Canadian Showtime, Northumberland, Bytown Beat, Acapella North, Greater Kingston, Durham Shores, York Harmony, Orangeville Show, North Metro and one wildcard — Limestone City Voices • 5 semi-finalist choruses: Canadian Showtime, Bytown Beat, York Harmony, Durham Shores, North Metro • 2 finalist choruses: North Metro and York Harmony • 1 champion chorus: York Harmony • 2,603 votes in total counted during the event (does not include votes after 9 p.m., unused emojis, or double commenting) • 1,343 emoji votes in total for the event • 1,260 comment votes in total for the event • 295 votes cast for York Harmony Chorus in the finals • 909 total competition (all rounds) votes to York Harmony

Thank you to all those who participated! Vanessa Echlin is Marketing Coordinator for Region #16 Lake Ontario and a member of Bytown Beat Chorus, where she serves on the management team.

April 2022 |





Lisa Popeil


weet Adelines International Education Symposium (IES) guest faculty Lisa Popeil has made singing her life’s work, developing the VoiceWorks® Method, which she uses in her coaching and teaching of singers from beginners to professionals. We caught up with Lisa shortly after she finished a tour with popular parody singer “Weird Al” Yankovic in 2019 to get to know more about her and discuss vocal care. This is an updated version of that interview with new information about what Sweet Adelines can expect when they meet her this year in San Antonio!

What led you to make a career of singing? My mother had received no formal musical education, and she wanted to give me every educational opportunity. I started piano at 4, then went to a theatrical school at 6 for dance and singing. By the time I was 7, I was losing my voice, so my mother found a classical voice teacher for me. Even from that early age, I thought that learning how to sing was infinitely fascinating. I’m constantly learning, doing research, discovering new things, and learning how to share that information with any age, any level so that they can experience the joy of having a voice that works for them.

Have you ever sung barbershop harmony? When I was 20, I was asked to be the director of a small Sweet Adelines chorus in Santa Clarita, California. I loved the music, the sense of camaraderie, and how competition inspires people to


| April 2022

continue to be better. So, yes, I actually have more than a passing acquaintance with barbershop and Sweet Adelines singing!

What excites you about teaching our members? I often meet people who are passionate about the science behind singing and how it's taught but who don't actually sing and rarely, if ever, perform. So, being able to share my life's work with people who are not only fascinated by singing but are actually doing it on a regular basis is a great gift for me. When I teach, I like to create an atmosphere of performance, where it’s fun. One of the things I love about Sweet Adelines is this overriding sense of joy and also this focus on education, so it's really a perfect fit for me. I never want to lose the magic of singing and what it's really there for, which is to inspire and heal people — not only the audience but ourselves. It’s what I live for.

What will our members take home with them after your classes? I develop techniques that lead to what I call the three C's: Control, Consistency, and Confidence. When you know how to Control your voice, it is consistent for you. Consistency is important because naturally talented singers often are inconsistent. They don’t know why they have a good day or a bad day, and this leads to the third C, which is Confidence. It’s hard to feel confident in your voice when you feel like it can fail you one day or be amazing another day, all without knowing

why. I try to present this material in easy-to-understand terms so you can get results right away without having to do a lot of vocal exercising. My methods are based on knowledge of what to do to make a change or improvement or to solve a vocal problem.

What is the one skill that has the most impact on the voice? Support. I’ve found that when you do this precise support method I’ve developed involving the chest, the ribs, the upper belly, and the lower belly, you can do almost anything. I can wake up in the middle of the night and sing a high C with no trouble. Precise support allows me to take chest voice up high comfortably, easily. It can help pitch. It increases the ability to hold things out for a long time. It’s sort of a one-stop fix for vocal problems.

How long does it take to warm up a voice so that it's ready to sing freely? Not as long as one might think. My approach is that stretching the body is a very important warmup, so I teach a whole stretching series just for singers. I like to establish posture and warm up my support muscles. That takes 30 seconds. Then I'll do a few simple exercises to see how my voice is feeling, a diagnostic rather than a precise list of exercises. I make sure my register transition is smooth going up and down. I'll warm up with some hums or light lip trills and then check my vibrato. If it's too slow, that tells me I need to warm up more, and I'll sing some short phrases. Then I have a little exercise to diagnose my belting sound. If it's easy to do, I'm good to go. I'm from the “save it for the stage” school of thought when it comes to vocal warmups. I think that healthy speaking, adequate vocal rest, and knowing how to diagnose and fix problems are key in deciding how much or which kinds of vocal warmups would be good.

What techniques do you use for performance anxiety? Personally, I don’t have performance anxiety, but for my students who do, I have used a method for 30 years which is nothing short of miraculous. It’s a tapping method using acupressure called Thought Field Therapy (TFT). I also use some elements of an offshoot of TFT called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and another approach called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). It works in as little as 30 seconds and as much as eight minutes. It works on most people, and it allows people who love to perform to do it without all those nervous feelings. In one of my workshops, I'll demonstrate it. It’s just stunning how it works.

How does singing change lives? Singing has the potential to build people’s confidence and can enhance their charisma. It allows people to unload their emotions. Many singers with whom I work, young singers in particular, just must sing. They need to sing to self-soothe and to feel loved and to love themselves. Singing has a very ancient and deep root in community. There’s a divine element to it, a ‘connection to the universe’ feeling, a kind of ecstasy, that is important to all of us so we don’t feel alone and so we don’t succumb to sadness. I think singing brings joy, and that’s a good thing.

How have you weathered the pandemic as a singer/vocal professional? Since the beginning of the COVID lockdown, I’ve focused my energies on teaching private lessons solely on Zoom and Skype as well as presenting numerous webinars and livestreams on topics of interest to other voice teachers. I’ve also produced a number of instructional videos for my YouTube channel and for Singdaptive, an online multi-teacher course for singers. International voice conferences went gang-busters these past two years, and I’ve kept busy doing presentations in far-flung locales such as Chile, Turkey, Poland, and the UK – all from the comfort of my dining room in Southern California! I am crossing my fingers that I can present in the flesh next summer in Estonia and Austria. Fingers crossed! Even though my voice research projects are ongoing, I can’t wait to revisit some of my favorite laboratories so I can experiment with their medical equipment in order to discover new things and either prove or disprove my theories.

What are some things your class attendees at IES 2022 can expect? I’ll be presenting four separate workshops at IES 2022 on a variety of topics such as what makes singing more beautiful to the listener (and to the singer!); how to incorporate precise abdominal breath support for control, ease, and vocal stamina. Other topics will include a definition of what the term “resonance” means and how singers can add or reduce specific resonances for different vocal effects and to help groups blend better. One of my favorite topics is the analysis of what makes different styles differ from one another; I’ll be comparing and demonstrating pop, jazz, country, and gospel styles. Last but not least, I’ll share with participants methods I’ve developed to help singers safely and beautifully take one’s chest voice higher, also known as belting. Lots of information coming your way!

April 2022 |


e v i G o t s y a W y Man

A conversation with Sweet Adelines donors

Sweet Adelines are generous in so many ways, from sharing their voices in choruses or quartets to sharing their talents in leadership roles and donating resources to keep the organization financially healthy. We spoke with three donors who chose different methods of giving.

Increase Your Gift How has SA impacted your life over your years of membership?

DONNA SMITH of OK City Chorus is celebrating her 40th year as a Sweet Adeline. A long-time donor, she significantly increased her donation this year.

It is such a big part of my life. I joined when I was in my early 20s. I was a stay-at-home mom, and I needed something for myself. I joined just thinking it would give me something creative to do, and it has been perfect. Through the years, I've been fortunate to be in leadership roles, to perform and travel, coach and do all kinds of things that I would never have had the opportunity to do without Sweet Adelines. When I meet someone new and they ask what I do, one of the first things I tell them is that I’m a Sweet Adeline. I’m proud of it, and it’s become part of what I feel like is me. I'm really grateful for what it has done. I've created or established long-time friendships and experiences that really are priceless.

Why do you contribute to the programs of Sweet Adelines? I really feel like if something is that important in your life, you should give back. I feel like I need to give back for all the things that SA has done for me. Of course, through the years, I haven't been able to give as much because I was raising kids and such, but as time has gone on, the organization has grown, and so have I. It’s just wonderful, and I am glad I can give back. I want to donate to help keep SA growing and to encourage young singers to enjoy all that this organization has to offer.

What were your key considerations for increasing your gift this year? My husband and I retired right at the beginning of the pandemic. When you retire, you have to take stock of everything and consider how you’ll move forward and cover all the things you do. When the pandemic hit, I could see how hard it was hitting our organization. It wasn’t just the pandemic, but we were taking stock of what things were important to us, so I knew that I wanted to find a way to give some to Sweet Adelines because of the big part it plays in my life. I would've done it without the pandemic, but the pandemic just really made me feel the need to increase my giving in some way. I plan on doing that every year if I can. It doesn't mean I won't donate along the way when we have special giving campaigns, but when you retire, you figure out what you're able to do, and that was my reasoning.


| April 2022

As a long-time donor to SA, what would you say to someone else who is considering giving? I'm a donor who has just donated little bits here and there, and the donations are not huge. I feel like if we all give just a little bit collectively, it will make such a huge difference. It isn’t the amount you give. It’s giving what you can, and that adds up. I would encourage everyone to think about what they can give to keep our organization healthy, growing, and going in the right direction. We need to think of ourselves as a team. We're all in this together. Some people have made these marvelous donations. That's so fabulous, and we are so grateful. But, you know, the young mom who can maybe just afford to give a little bit, that's big too. If you can do anything at all, I just encourage people to do it because we can achieve all kinds of things if we're all committed.

Recurring Gift How has SA impacted your life over your years of membership?

LORI DREYER of 2018 International Champion Quartet, Lustre and Harbor City Music Company Chorus, recently became a recurring giver. RECURRING GIVING

is a relatively new option at Sweet Adelines. The donor arranges the frequency of giving – weekly or monthly – and the selected amount is automatically transferred from their account to the Sweet Adelines account. Donors can increase, decrease, or stop a recurring gift at any time.

First and foremost, SA gave me a community when I first moved to Baltimore. I was new to the city, and though my sister was here, I still needed to find “my people.” Over the years, “my people” have cheered for me, cared for me, even rescued me. Next, it gave me a journey. While I had a career, I have never been “career-minded.” I was never able to give an answer to “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Most of my personal growth took place in my SA life (both chorus and quartets), and my career benefited from that growth, as I became a more confident person, performer, and leader. I love that the journey continues and is always new and challenging. I love that I have built multi-generational friendships within SA, and I just don't know where else that might have come to be.

Why do you contribute to the programs of SA? I want it to thrive so others can be as blessed as I have been by it.

What were your key considerations for selecting recurring giving as your method? It is just easier to build into my budget if it is recurring. The gift being among the monthly debits makes it a no-brainer. I think, as well, SA gains the flexibility of building their budget with the knowledge of my regular gift.

As a donor of SA, what would you say to someone considering giving a gift? Reflect on your personal history with SA. I don't mean the contests, but the people and opportunities brought to you because you became a member. Try to imagine what that history might have looked like had it not been a part of your story. Who and what would be missing from your life now? Imagine making it possible to bring all of those benefits to more people. April 2022 |


Make A QCD How has SA impacted your life over your years of membership?


Sound Celebration Chorus recently made a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from her Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity – which SA is. QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year, as long as specific rules are met, which can present an advantage for many donors in place of making a cash gift from your personal checking account. If you are interested in making a QCD, check with your financial advisor, as specific requirements need to be met to keep the distribution out of taxable income.

I really had no idea how much being a member of SA would add to my life experiences when I started attending rehearsals a long time ago. There are so many ways it has, from gaining self-confidence to expanding my music knowledge to learning how to get the most out of my singing voice, to making some wonderful friends, watching some awesome performances at competitions, seeing how focused work results in reaching significant goals…I could go on. The bottom line is that it’s been a wonderful experience. I hope many future singers can participate and join in the fun.

Why do you contribute to the programs of SA? Beyond just paying dues, I donate because it will help SA continue as a healthy, growing organization. Hopefully, many other members will, too, especially while we recover from the restrictions we’ve had to deal with during the past two years.

What were your key considerations for selecting QCD as your donation method? In my pre-retirement life, I was a financial planner. I still try to stay up-to-date on that subject. When I became eligible to make a donation to SA out of my IRA, and at the same time fulfill IRS requirements without adding to my taxable income, it was an easy decision.

As a donor of SA, what would you say to someone considering giving a gift? I would say that I think we need the chance to sing again, and SA is just the group to give the women of the world that encouragement. Let’s work to keep our organization strong!

*Always check with your financial advisor when making decisions about donating. Tax laws and other considerations are different, depending on where you reside.

Your donation helps keep us living

#LifeOnAHighNote! 28

| April 2022

If you are interested in finding out more about contributing to Sweet Adelines International, contact Susan Smith, Chief Philanthropy and Administrative Officer, at or visit



n November 10, after many meetings and careful consideration, Sweet Adelines International announced the return of its International Competition. The 74th International Convention and Competition will take place September 12-17, 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), while Regional competitions will also resume in varying forms. While this decision gives the green light to return to the competition stage, I suspect it may take several years before we see a true return to the carefree revelry of Regional and International weekends that preceded the pandemic. Consider what the collective has endured these past two years: loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, isolation, the resignation of members, breaking-up of quartets – it was not pretty. As we endeavor to return to life as we knew it, we're still a bit shellshocked. For an array of valid reasons, some individuals are just not ready to emerge from their self-imposed seclusion. Most Sweet Adeline choruses are multi-generational by nature. The ages in my chorus, South Florida Jubilee, range from 23 to 90. My chorus has college-aged students who missed graduations, moms of newborns, preschoolers, school-aged kids, and/or kids with special needs. We also have seniors with underlying health conditions or who are caring for an ill spouse as well as individuals who work in the healthcare industry. We've lost husbands, parents, siblings, and friends. We have collectively been paddling upstream for quite some time now, and we're weary. While some of us have dipped our toes into the new normal, others have maintained their distance. Our individual life circumstances affect our decisions, and that will remain true until the world has a better handle on the treatment of COVID-19 and its upcoming variants. I'd venture to say that "civilians" (AKA non-barbershoppers) have no idea of the absolute merriment that transpires during competition weekend, nor how much preparation and hard work go into it. I long for the day to produce a documentary following the competition journey. It's a weekend of bonding with your family-in-harmony, singing songs in the hallways and elevators, and having tag parties in any number of hotel rooms. Quartets and choruses fill the theater to cheer each other on and take notes in their programs so they can see how well their scores match the judges' when announced. Each quartet is secretly fantasizing about competing on the international stage, being crowned "queens," and creating their very own, gowned and crowned, mini-me champion doll for the showcase at headquarters. Of course, whenever I tell a "civilian" about these rituals, they are POSITIVE I'm making it up. But you can't make this stuff like up. It's a marvelous custom that has been

repeated for generations. Regardless of how "normal" or not the competitions of 2022 will be, I look forward to seeing the faces — even masked faces — of singers again and getting lost in ringing chords with them. Music is a part of our DNA. Our love for singing brings us together, and what happens after that is magic. Shortly after the world went into lockdown, Clay Hine, a well-known barbershop composer and arranger, created a beautiful composition called It's The Music That Brings Us Together and arranged it for the world to sing for free. In addition, learning tracks were created — also for free — by Tony DeRosa and Michaela Slamka-Johnston and made available for anyone who wanted them. Clay says in the performance notes, “The message starts simply, grows more emotional, passionate, and grand, and then comes back to the simple thought that ‘it's the music that brings us together’…but it's the friends we share music with that matter the most and that make each day special.” My chorus worked on this song while rehearsing virtually and recorded our parts in our homes. Then last spring, we met together outside to film a video to go with our already-mixed recording to use in our virtual show. I would like to share it for no other reason than to introduce you to this beautiful piece. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this song could become a universally known chorus piece that we could spontaneously sing while at formal and informal gatherings of choristers? Click here to view our humble video, and if you love it as much as I think you will, visit www. to download the free sheet music for your chorus. If all 24 regions of Sweet Adelines International learn this piece, there could be a heck of a public relations story at the next international competition. (Just sayin'!) We're coming back! Let's be patient and kind to each other as we navigate our own way. The friendships we’ve fostered through singing together have given us strength while we’ve been apart. Now it’s time to come back together. Let's honor this sentiment by learning this song, and one day we can all gather in friendship and harmony and sing it together. Better yet, it can be the theme song for my documentary! Adapted from a version originally posted on the Chorus Connection blog. Rita Wells sings with Notable Quartet and South Florida Jubilee Chorus, where she serves as Marketing Coordinator and Performance Coordinator.

April 2022 |


Refreshing the Director Certification Program


he Director Certification Program (DCP) has been around since the 1970s, with occasional updates. It provides information and tests to help musical leaders become better at what they do. It is the path for directors to become “certified” as well-rounded and well-informed directors. Although it is intended for current and future directors, it is also a great educational tool for assistant and associate directors, section leaders, and anyone who aspires to these jobs. Passing the DCP is also the gateway to earning those coveted “Master Director” and “Master Director 700” titles, achieved by certified directors of choruses scoring at least 600 or 700 points in regional or international competition. Early in 2019, the EDC decided to review and refresh the information in the DCP modules. I was asked to chair a small committee to review and edit or rewrite the articles, some of which had not been touched since the 1990s. The other current members on the committee are Joanne Oosterhoff (A Cappella West, #34) and Valerie Taylor (Vocal Dimension Chorus, #31). All three of us are directors who are passionate about education. Since the DCP committee was formed, we’ve updated several of the modules and more are in process. We’ve reorganized some modules, rewritten others, added new material (including introductions to each module), and developed a new online method for taking self-tests and module evaluations. The DCP consists of modules containing smaller articles on various topics relevant to the main module topic. Modules remain in the same order and with the same basic focus, but new articles have been added into many of the modules. Many current Sweet Adeline experts have provided input or reviewed work in progress, and the committee is excited to see this gargantuan project start to roll out!


| April 2022

Here's a quick status update as of December 2021. Content Changes: Module 1

Directing. In progress.

Module 2

Analytical Listening. In progress.

Module 3 • Will be available for purchase May 2022.

Organizational Knowledge and Director Resources. Has been fully updated and vetted by international headquarters staff, with our new mission and vision statements added. New programs and committees like the Arrangers Certification Program and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council are now included.

Module 4

Teaching and Coaching Skills. In progress.

Module 5

Management Skills. In progress.

Module 6

Judging Categories and Competition. In review with the EDC. It has been rewritten and updated to include all the recent changes in the judging categories as well as the changes in competition divisions since the last revision in 2018. We’ve added material on the director’s role in preparing their chorus for competition and dealing with the results afterward.

Organizational Changes: 1. We’ve added a new introduction module that explains how to use the DCP and how to take the self-assessment quizzes and final evaluations for each module. 2. An introduction article has been added for each module, giving a brief description of what’s covered in the module. 3. Online self-assessment quizzes after each article replace the previous self-tests at the end of a module. The quizzes are not scored. They guide readers back to sections of the article they’ve just read if review is needed. 4. Online evaluations after each module test readers’ understanding of everything in the module, and these are scored. If a question is missed, references are provided to the module that needs review.

Module 7 • Will be available for purchase May 2022.

Vocal Production. Has been completely rewritten. Links to YouTube videos help make the anatomy of the vocal mechanism much easier to comprehend, and we’ve added articles on elements of vocal production such as vowels and consonants, managing the passaggio, dynamic flexibility, and vocal health, along with the basics of alignment, breathing, phonation and resonance. It’s a much more robust and complete treatment of vocal production with lots of vocal exercises. Every director is encouraged to review this new module, whether you are in the DCP or not!

Module 8

Communication Skills. In progress.

Module 9

Music Theory. In progress.

Module 10

Rehearsal Planning. In progress.

Module 11 • Will be available for purchase May 2022.

Performance. Has been expanded to include guidance for planning and producing both large theater shows and small community performances. We’ve added material on managing stage fright and preparing mentally for performances. The previous great information on sound systems and logistical preparations and planning for performances has been kept. The other important change to this module is that it will now be assessed in the same way as the other ten DCP modules.

As you can imagine, each module is a huge labor of love and takes a long time to write and edit thoroughly, cross-reference to other modules, be reviewed by the EDC, and be revised as needed. The DCP Review Committee is committed to ongoing review and release of the content shown as “in progress” as soon as possible. The DCP Review Committee and the EDC consider this work to be high priority and are excited to start rolling out new modules as soon as they are ready. Directors, prepare to get even smarter!

Julie Starr is Master Director of Bay Area Showcase Chorus, former Region 12 Education Coordinator, chair of the DCP Review Committee, and a member of the International Board of Directors.

April 2022 |


Know What to Keep: Seven Virtual Ideas A

bout six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, a friend jokingly said to me, “Won’t it be great when this is all over and we can stop washing our hands?” Of course, she wasn’t serious, but I knew what she meant. However, once there are no more COVID restrictions, or perhaps fewer, we need to be careful not to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” In other words, although it may not seem like it now, being thrown into the virtual world has also brought us some positive changes. Some things we’ve learned may still be useful, even when we don’t HAVE to meet virtually anymore.


Chorus Team meetings When the weather

is bad, these meetings can be quickly transferred to a virtual platform, and the business of the chorus can continue. Even if the weather is not bad, it may be worthwhile having some meetings virtually. However, don’t underestimate the power of team building through face-to-face meetings. Balance needs to be struck.

4 2


| April 2022


Learning new music/section rehearsals Your section

leaders can play teaching tracks for you while you sing along and identify what you need to do to improve. You can also ask them to go over any tricky bits as much as you like, without eating into valuable in-person rehearsal time. (Your director will love this!)

For more ideas, advice, and inspiration on keeping your chorus engaged, check out the Director Resource Toolkit on the Sweet Adelines International website. (Remember to log in!)


Regional Management Team (RMT) meetings As with chorus

meetings, RMT meetings can sometimes happen virtually. There is potential for saving money for your region since there will be no travel or accommodation costs. Again, please remember a team needs to bond together, and sometimes the best way is by meeting in person, where you can get to know each other in a more relaxed setting over coffee or dinner. Not every meeting has to be in person or virtual. It is good to have options.



Coaching While we all love

a chorus retreat weekend or a regional education event, in recent times we have discovered we can access education through coaching by anyone worldwide. What a fantastic discovery that has been! It’s more affordable, as there are no travel and accommodation costs, so virtual coaching has brought many opportunities to us all.

Job-specific meetings We have had fabulous feedback from regions about how their RMTs offered virtual job-specific meetings. These could be any combinations you wish, e.g., regional directors, regional Finance Coordinators, etc. Consider maintaining these, as the sharing of issues and successes is beneficial for all leaders.


Learn a new regional song One region had great success with


Vocal warmups for the whole region Virtual vocal

virtual learning of a regional song. Various people volunteered to lead virtual section rehearsals at a variety of different times, and people attended as and when they could. The region has yet to sing this together in person, and I’m sure there will be many tears of joy when they do! The sense of regional community remained strong throughout this project.

warmups can be held on a set weekend time each month, or week, for certain amount of time. One region ended up with people from other regions attending as well! Our community is out there, and regional warmups can be a great way to experience that.

For those of you who have had to work from home and have had your fill of the virtual world, I sympathize. This time will pass. For those for whom Zoom and other virtual platforms have been a lifeline in terms of keeping in contact with people, I hope you’re soon able to meet up with family and friends in person. If not yet, this time will pass. Use this article as a springboard for even more ideas. Why not jot down your ideas right now? We know many of you have been incredibly creative throughout these unprecedented times, and I’m sure these suggestions only scratch the surface of what can be done. Good luck!

Elaine Hamilton is a member of Forth Valley Chorus (#31) as well as Region #31 Faculty and Educational Steering Group. She is a member of the International Board of Directors, the Regional Leadership Committee and Small-to-Midsize Chorus Value Proposition Task Force.

April 2022 |


Fired Up 74th Annual International Convention and Competition September 12-17, 2022 • Phoenix, Ariz. USA

In t e

t io rna



ve n

t io n

om &C


it io

22 n 20

Phoenix CVB welcome video


| April 2022

The state of Arizona is home to 22 Indigenous tribal na tions. The city of Phoenix is on the an cestral land of the Akimel O’odham (Rive r People/Upper Pima) tribe and the Hohokam people. Today, they are part of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, located in metropolita n Phoenix.

Sing. Jazz drummer Lewis Nash. Shock rocker Alice Cooper. Pop singer CeCe Peniston. Thrash metal band Flotsam and Jetsam. Pop country singer Dierks Bentley. Alt-rock band Meat Puppets. Lounge singer Wayne Newton. Rock singer Stevie Nicks. What do these vastly different musicians have in common? They are from Phoenix, Arizona (USA)!

Register. Be part of the city’s musical history at the 74th Annual Sweet Adelines International Convention & Competition.

Register early to save $50 USD (All Events)

Best r! Offe

Early Bird (Ends June 1)


(Begins June 2)

International Competitor






Convention Assistant








Register now!


(Member and Non-member, 25 and under)

All prices listed in USD.

Visit the Sweet Adelines website to find out about Health and Safety Protocols for International Competition, including protocols for the Phoenix Convention Center.

April 2022 |


Stay. Stay where the action is! The Sweet Adelines International Convention & Competition official hotel block offers several great choices. You’ll be right downtown, close to the convention center, food, shopping, and fun. Check out the Sweet Adelines website for more information and to find out when hotel reservations open!


Sheraton Phoenix Downtown (1) 340 North 3rd Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004 USA King Bedded Rooms: $204* USD Queen/Queen Rooms: $204* USD *Applicable to 12.57% tax (subject to change)


View all amenities on the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Website. Hyatt Regency Phoenix Downtown (2) 122 North 2nd Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004 USA King Bedded Rooms: $204* USD Queen/Queen Rooms: $204* USD *Applicable to 12.57% tax (subject to change) View all amenities on the Hyatt Regency Phoenix Downtown Website.


Renaissance Phoenix Downtown (3) 100 North 1st Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004 USA King Bedded Rooms: $199* USD Queen/Queen Rooms: $199* USD *Applicable to 12.57% tax (subject to change) View all amenities on the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Website.


| April 2022


Each year, the Phoenix New Times readers vote for “Best of” in their city and surrounding areas. Check out their lists for recommendations on all things from fun to food to business.


Click to vie w Phoenix New Times "Best of" list !

Arts and Culture

Learn and enjoy…the arts, the culture, the air conditioning.



Barbershop acapella requires no instruments, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them offstage! The Musical Instruments Museum (1) has a collection of over 8,000 instruments from more than 200 countries, many of them rare vintage pieces. The museum also offers an Experience Room where visitors can try out instruments! The famous Heard Museum (2) is dedicated to American Indian art, both historic and contemporary. The museum is internationally recognized for the quality of its collections, exhibitions, educational programming, and festivals. Relationships with tribal nations and an Indigenous-led advisory board ensure an ongoing focus on Native art as a living tradition. Get inspiration for your next costume by visiting the fashion collection at Phoenix Art Museum. (3) It is one of several permanent collections in the museum, which also hosts visiting exhibitions and offers educational programming. (It also includes the Thorne Rooms...1:12 scale miniature replicas of American and European rooms which were made almost a century ago!) April 2022 |





Keep cool! Daytime (and maybe even nighttime) temperatures in Phoenix may be quite high. Remember to bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, hats, and anything else you might need to stay cool while you explore the beautiful landscapes.

Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert (4), a dramatic landscape of tall cacti, wide vistas, and ancient mountains. Hiking trails for all abilities are available, and the famous Grand Canyon National Park is around a three-hour drive from the city. Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Site includes a museum as well as an outdoor, wheelchair-accessible trail through an archeological site which includes a platform mound and ball field. It also features replicas of Hohokam housing and village areas and a community gallery that connects the site to contemporary Pima people. Arizona is famous for its huge saguaros, and Desert Botanical Gardens (5) is a great place to see them. Wheelchair-accessible trails take you through several unique gardens featuring colorful, unusual desert plants. The gardens are right in the metro area, so you get a taste of the desert without driving far.


| April 2022

Food, Drink & Fun

Irish. Mexican. Tohono O’odham. Cuban. French. Italian. Ethiopian…Phoenix is a diverse city, and the food options reflect that!

Native American tribes have unique cultures, histories, and FOODS! Several restaurants serve food from Arizona tribes. Visit a Phoenix institution since 1992, The Fry Bread House for, of course, fry bread and traditional Tohono O’odham food. Keep your eye out (and your Google on!) for Native food trucks like Emerson Fry Bread (6) (specializing in mutton stew), Native Coffee “espresso trailer,” or late-night pop-up eatery, The REZ (7), which offers plant-based and gluten-free options, among other great things. Arizona has a state food, the chimichanga – a deep-fried burrito! You won’t have to look hard to find one. Phoenix has many Mexican restaurants, each unique in style and focus, from casual to luxurious. Several sources report that the casual Rito’s Mexican Food (8) and Rosita’s Place have the best chimichanga. For many Mexican food options as well as stunning murals, visit 16th Street, where you will find the Barrio Cafe (9), voted “Best Mexican Restaurant” by Phoenix New Times readers in 2021.





April 2022 |


Food, Drink & Fun Cont.


For a variety of food – and shopping – options, check out Pemberton PHX (10), a mansion and grounds converted to a community arts space. Located in downtown Phoenix, the space hosts a changing selection of makers and culinary artists. Voted Best Kosher Restaurant by readers of Phoenix New Times in 2021, Cafe Chenar (11), offers a wide selection of Bukharian cuisine (the food of Jewish people from Uzbekistan) as well as homemade desserts. For great plant-based options, try Verdura, Green, or vegan Mexican restaurant Pachamama. Roosevelt Row (12), arts district in downtown Phoenix is home to galleries, restaurants, and boutique shops promoting the city's local artists. Enjoy vibrant murals by local artists such as La Morena, Ashley Macias, Thomas "Breeze" Marcus, and Lalo Cota as you take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this fascinating neighborhood.




| April 2022

International Convention & Competition 2022

2022 Phoenix Order of Appearance

There’s so much to be learned from live international competition sessions. Enjoy and support all competitors on the international stage!

2022 International Harmony Classic Chorus Competition Division A

1. Grand Traverse Show • Region #2 2. Alberta Heartland • Region #26 3. Milltown Sound • Region #31 • Withdrawn 4. Carolina Harmony • Region #14 5. Valley Forge • Region #19

Division AA

1. Alamo Metro • Region #10 2. No Borders Show • Region #31 3. Vocal Harmonix • Region #19 4. York Harmony • Region #16 5. OK City • Region #25

2022 International Quartet Competition 1. VOCE 2. Wildcard #3 3. Region #12 4. Tenacious 5. Region #14 6. Lucille 7. All Fired Up 8. Region #10 9. Region #16 10. Region #34 11. Ambush 12. Region #1

13. RetroActive • Withdrawn 14. Region #15 15. Region #32 16. Region #6 17. Region #4 18. GQ 19. Region #35 20. Region #25 21. Region #13 22. Lady A Cappella 23. Region #21 24. Region #8

25. Fortuity 26. TITANIUM 27. Region #9 28. Region #5 29. Region #17 30. Region #31 31. Renegade • Withdrawn 32. Sparkle! • Withdrawn 33. Wildcard #6 34. Wildcard #8 35. Milli Blink 36. Wildcard #5

37. Region #2 38. Wildcard #2 39. Region #19 40. Wildcard #7 41. Wildcard #4 42. Wildcard #9 43. Region #11 44. Region #3 45. Wildcard #1 46. Wildcard #10 47. Region #26 48. The Ladies

2022 International Chorus Competition 1. Metro Nashville • Region #4 2. River City Sound • Region #3 3. Pacific Empire • Region #12 4. Song of Atlanta • Region #14 5. The Woodlands Show • Region #10 6. Harmony Celebration • Region #15 7. Aberdeen • Region #31 • Withdrawn 8. Coastline Show • Region #1 • Withdrawn 9. Greater Auckland • Region #35 10. Pearls of the Sound • Region #32 11. Greater Harmony • Region #17 12. Motor City Blend • Region #2 13. Farmington Valley • Region #1 14. Skyline • Region #8

15. Gateway • Region #26 16. Spirit of Spokane • Region #13 17. Pride of Kentucky • Region #4 18. Santa Monica • Region #11 19. Pride of Portland • Region #13 20. Spirit of the Gulf • Region #9 21. Westcoast Harmony • Region #26 22. Metro Mix • Region #5 23. Greater Harrisburg • Region #19 24. Tucson Desert Harmony • Region #21 25. River Blenders • Region #5 26. Rich-Tone • Region #25 27. Liberty Oak • Region #15 28. Velvet Hills • Region #8

Regional Competition 2022 Region #1 North Atlantic

Region #8 Rocky Mountain

In-Person Convention

In-Person Convention

May 20-21 Springfield, MA, USA

Region #2 Border Lakes Virtual Convention May 14

Region #3 Midwest Harmony Virtual Convention

In-Person Convention April 28–May 1 Daytona Beach, FL, USA

Region #10 Great Gulf Coast In-Person Convention March 17–20 Houston, TX, USA

Region #4 Harmony Heartland

Region #11 Sequoia Pacifica

In-Person Convention

In-Person Convention

Region #5 Spirit of the Midwest In-Person Convention April 7–10 Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

April 7–10 Bakersfield, CA, USA

Region #12 Pacific Shores Virtual Convention May 28

Region #6 Northern Lights

Region #13 North by Northwest

Virtual Convention

Virtual Convention

April 23 | April 2022

Region #9 Coastal Harmony

May 21

March 31–April 1 Covington, KY, USA


April 28–May 1 Rapid City, SD, USA

May 19-21

Region #14 Heart of the Blue Ridge Virtual Convention April 9, 2022

Region #15 Greater NY/NJ In-Person Convention May 12–15 Albany, NY, USA

Region #16 Lake Ontario Virtual Convention

Region #25 Heart of America In-Person Convention March 31–April 2 Wichita, KS, USA

Region #26 Canadian Maple Leaf Virtual Convention May 1, 2022

Region #31 Quartet of Nations In-Person Convention

May 25

May 13–14 Warwick, England, United Kingdom

Region #17 Great Lakes Harmony

Region #32 Nordic Light

Virtual Convention

In-Person Convention

May 13-14

Region #19 Atlantic Bay-Mountain In-Person Convention April 28–May 1 Lancaster, PA, USA

May 5–8 Helsingborg, Sweden

Region #34 Southern Cross Virtual Convention May 19-22

Region #21 Golden West

Region #35 New Zealand

Virtual Convention

Virtual Convention

March 20

May 21

For Competition Order of Appearance, Health and Safety Protocols, and Results, visit: Dates and details subject to change. April 2022 |


Accolades Accolades as of April 1, 2022

DIRECTOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Advanced to Certified Director Mary Stansky, Jersey Sound, #19 Julie Edwards, Blue Sky Harmony, #34 Andrea DeSormeau, Celebrity City, #11 Elizabeth Orr, Voices United, #11 Penny Francisco, Pensacola Sound, #9 Dawn Krones, Sooner Sensations, #25

Memorial Gifts

Gifts given in honor of former Sweet Adelines December 1, 2021 - February 28, 2022

June Rich, Capitol Revue Quartet/Heart of the Blue Ridge Region, #14 Chris Sutton, The Woodlands Show, #10 Ruth Guzman, Capital City, #4 Sandy Sharp, Top of the Rock, #25 Joanne Wanasek, Riverport, #3

Chorus Director Wanted Southern Oregon Sound is looking for a skilled director to take a fun, hard-working small chorus to the next level and to help us recruit new members. We are located in the beautiful Rogue Valley in Medford, Ore.

In Memory

December 1, 2021 - February 28, 2022 Marilyn Averill, Sound of New England, #1 Edith Bailey, TuneTown Show, #4 Arlene Bauder, Tucson Desert Harmony, #21 Brenda Berry, Virginia Coast, #14 Jean Connolly, Vocal Matrix, #14 Beverley Dale, Sounds of Superior, #6 Evelyn Delk, Coastal Harmony, #9 Kathy Doup, Scioto Valley, #4 Janet Doyle, Magic Valley, #10 Nancy Field, Vocal Matrix, #14 Ruth Finney, Vermillion Valley Show, #3 Suzanne Graham, Dazzling Diamonds, #25 Mary Ellen Guntzelman, Columbus, #4 Lois Hammond, Diablo Vista, #12 Shirley Hendrix, K-Town Sound Show, #4 Cindy Hoath, Coldwater Sweet Adelines, #17 Jane Jaeger, Pacific Horizon, #11 Mary Karrick, Lake Country, #6 Linda Knight, The Woodlands Show, #10 Marilyn Marzolf, Chapter-at-Large, #2 Jean Points, Unbridled Harmony, #4 Janet Rathke, River City Sound, #3 Donna Jo Schmitz, Cedar Harmony, #5 Nancy Smith, Greater Harrisburg, #19 Zoe Thompson, Chapter-at-Large, #13 Judith Vaughn, Antelope Valley Showcase, #11 Janet Young, Skyline, #8 Fran Zimmerman, Greater Cleveland, #17

If interested, please send email to DSC@ CLASSIFIEDS

What's happening, Sweet Adelines? Let everyone know about your regional, chorus, or quartet event using the...

Sweet Adelines Community Event Calendar!

The SA Online Community Events Calendar is now available on the Sweet Adelines International website, www.sweetadelines. com/calendar. Add and publicize your upcoming event or search for an event by name and date. Find the calendar at under the “Events” tab titled "Sweet Adelines Community Calendar."


| April 2022

Diamond •DIVISION•

It’s time for the…

Inaugural Diamond Division Quartet Contest! Our first-ever contest for Sweet Adelines age 55 and older will be held on Thursday, July 21, 2022 on the campus of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas (USA) during the International Education Symposium (IES). Contest registration is now open!

Diamond Division Quartet Contest! July 21, 2022 Trinity University San Antonio, Texas (USA)

For complete details including contest eligibility and other requirements, visit Diamond-Division-Quartet-Contest.

April 2022 |


ne n 1! you

R Sa N eg ve o i re $ w st gi 50 r a O st U er S p ti by D w e o Ju he n n !

International Convention & Competition 2022

74th Annual International Convention and Competition September 12-17, 2022 • Phoenix, Ariz. USA

Join us for the return of Sweet Adelines International Convention & Competition at the brand new Phoenix Convention Center!

Find registration rates, hotel information, health and safety guidelines and much more on the Sweet Adelines International website,


| April 2022