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2017 Rising Star Champion Quartet

Your Passion is Unparalleled Thank you for upholding the mission of Sweet Adelines for future generations. As faithful contributors, you are irreplaceable partners in 2017 successes — such as IES, Rising Star, our first Mixed Harmony quartet contest, YSF’s 25th anniversary and our always-thrilling international competition. This year’s memories will not fade soon. Your dollars continue to bolster our foundational calling to educate and empower women as confident leaders and exceptional a cappella barbershop singers around the world. Please consider Sweet Adelines as you finalize your end-of-year giving. In the U.S., Dec. 31, 2017, marks the last opportunity to make a donation for annual tax benefits. Internationally, you may wish to ring in the New Year with a philanthropic gift to the organization to which you have dedicated so much of your time and talents. For your convenience, there is a remittance envelope in this issue of The Pitch Pipe. Thank you in advance for helping to share the joyous harmony our members love and our world so needs.

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October 2017 • Volume 71 — No.2

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We rocked the rafters with the power of harmony.


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2017 Rising Star Champion Quartet

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2017 Mixed Harmony Quartet We asked, some 7,300 Sweet Adelines answered.


A chapter merger reveals the depth of shared barbershop passion.





Barbershop boards the Africa Mercy hospital ship.

The art of visually interpreting the musical message.



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On The Cover Meet the Four of the Future — The 2017 Rising Star Champion Quartet, Adrenaline. (L to R) Maggie McAlexander (tenor); Amanda Pitts (lead); Sara Littlefield (bass); and Jadyn Johnson (baritone). Maggie is a member of TuneTown Show Chorus; Amanda belongs to Coastline Show Chorus; Sara is a Chapter-at-Large member; Jadyn is a third-generation barbershopper. (Photo by Chris Paulis Photography,



We asked, you answered. Membership Survey Results!




October 2017 | T HEPI T CH P IP E


Our October Feature Contributors JANA GUTENSON, CAMMI MACKINLAY

IES-YES!, pg. 10

As IES co-chairs, Jana and Cammi helped lead barbershoppers on a jet-fueled trip “Back to the Future.” Jana, a music educator and Certified Music Category Judge, is associate director of the 2016 international champion Scottsdale Chorus. Cammi is a former international president, a current IBOD member, chair of the Regional Leadership Committee and a member of Lions Gate Chorus.


2017 Sweet Adelines International Member Survey, pg. 20 As senior director of marketing and communications, Tamatha leads corporate outreach to internal and external audiences, including overseeing the Sweet Adelines website, social media efforts, marketing and PR initiatives and membership functions. As a member of the headquarters executive team, she interfaces regularly with IBOD, committees and the membership.

KAREN BEHRENDT Two+Two, pg. 27 Karen is a 20-year member, originally with Great Lakes Chorus and now with Motor City Blend. She is the chorus choreographer and a former chapter officer. In her bio, Karen says a recent source of barbershop “joy” for her was portraying Anna Nothering in Great Lakes’ 2016 Harmony Classic AA second-place performance.


Key of the Sea, pg. 28 Beth is a Member-at-Large and a kindergarten teacher on the Africa Mercy, the world’s largest private hospital ship. She joined Sweet Adelines in 2011, as a member of Agoura Hills Harmony Chorus. She competed regionally with Felicity Blu quartet and on the international stage with the YWIH quartet, Glitter! Beth loves singing, traveling, serving others and teaching her “crazy bunch” of young students.


Showmanship Judge, pg. 34 Anna is a master director and co-director of Pearls of the Sound, the 2017 Harmony Classic Division AA champion chorus, and a former choreographer for international chorus champion, Rönninge. Her father introduced barbershop to Sweden in the 1960s. Her mother and sister sing with Rönninge Show Chorus; her husband is president of the Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers, Sweden’s male barbershop group.


Tim Baskerville, Joey Bertsch, Freeze-Frame Photography, Dick Gilberg, Ian Griffiths, E.R. Lilley, Chris McGrory, Chris Paulis, Jon Peterson, Jon Read, Lauren Stark.

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“And the Melody Lingers On…”


y the time you read this, it’s likely our international convention will be underway — or, be in the history books. In this column, I’m going to share — or re-share if you’ve already heard — highlights from my “State of the Organization” address in Las Vegas. There is so much excitement around our organizational progress and the potential ahead. Last spring, we sent a member survey to over 19,000 of you asking for your thoughts and input on a variety of subjects. We were thrilled to receive 7,300+ responses. That’s 33 percent of our membership — a fantastic return rate! Your responses were used in a strategic planning day with the international board and some of our headquarters staff. I’d like to review some of the areas of interest and concern that you shared with us: • You love SA because of the music, singing and the barbershop style; the friendships; the welcoming and supportive environment; the harmony and joy it brings to our lives and world. • You revealed concerns about overall costs; staying relevant with our music; costuming; membership decline. • You desire a focus on youth, diversity, adopting a global vs. a U.S. perspective; heightened marketing abilities to reach all groups. • You are interested in even more types of membership options. • You expressed a desire for development of more online educational offerings and interactive classes to improve musical, performance and leadership skills. • You desire more opportunities to sing/perform with peers outside the competition experience. • You want this organization to be here for future generations to enjoy the harmony, education and sisterhood. How did we use this information in our strategic plan? How have your responses shaped our direction as we move forward into our future? What you say does make a difference! • We are bringing a new database online soon and are researching vendors for a new website that will enable us to reach members, other musicians and those interested in knowing more about us. These two areas will provide greater educational opportunities and ease of use for members


October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

and regions, as well as providing a dynamic, contemporary look for visitors to our site. • Two new membership task forces are working to address the concerns of additional/creative membership options, cost and different kinds of singing/performance opportunities. Expect some announcements from the recommendations of these task forces in the near future. • Since January 2017, our Diversity Task Force has been seeking out best practices for nonprofit, for-profit and educational groups and is hosting focus groups for your input. From this information, they are developing recommendations to help us provide a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive experience for all women. • We are planning a songwriting contest to help provide new contest and performance music, even in the face of a stricter copyright clearance environment. • We are developing and actively seeking alternative funding resources to stabilize the revenues of the organization, impacted by ever-changing membership numbers, and to provide additional funding for specific events. These will also allow for additional member benefits to be offered. • We are planning greater education, materials and interaction with our regions and choruses to bridge communication gaps in needs and services as well as offering new ways to help limit costs and work. • We will embrace our identity as a truly international organization more intentionally — focusing on growth and proactively being globally minded in large and small ways. After a year of research, data collection, listening and planning for the future of Sweet Adelines, we are ready to step into our future and secure a legacy that will carry us forward for many years to come. There will be some changes. Some we will love, some we will accept as needed and necessary. There will be opportunities for new experiences that are fun, educational and that build new relationships and new friends. There will be new technology to enable us to market ourselves more effectively, educate all members more efficiently, and discover new ways to reach other singers. There will be new ways to be a member and/or sing with us. Without a doubt, we will continue to find new ways to harmonize the world!

Yes, some things will change, but the important things will never change. We will always be singing and performing, welcoming new members and supporting one another in incredible ways. We will still be offering world-class education, fabulous competitions and entertaining performances. Sweet Adelines everywhere will always be creative, positive, inventive, encouraging, life changing and outrageously fun! Together, we will celebrate the best of who we are while we embrace the excitement and growth of stepping into our future.

Today is the day to begin our future and ensure our legacy. Together, we can make sure that “the melody lingers on…” In Harmony and Love,

Paula Davis International President We’ve come a long way: Our first national champion quartet, the Decaturettes, might never have envisioned the Sweet Adelines we know now but undoubtedly they loved what our members cherish to this day — barbershop chords, friendships and joy. These elements are our legacy and our future. Mary Minton (l); Viola Stern (t); Myrtle Vest (bt); and Eva Adams (bs), 1947.


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I am, you are, we are ...

A song that speaks to all of us Here in Region 34, there's a song most of our choruses have in their repertoire. “I am Australian” is a musthave at civic events. The lyrics tell the story of our “wide, brown land” and of the people who are its history – past, present and future. But it is when we get to the chorus that this song really, well, resonates! We think every Sweet Adeline will understand why we want to share it with our global Sweet Adelines family! “We are one, but we are many, And from all the lands on earth we come. We'll share a dream and sing with one voice, I am, you are, we are Australian…” We are so excited to be waving our wonderful Perth Harmony Chorus, our gorgeous Brindabella Chorus and our fabulous Debacle Quartet off on this trip of a lifetime. It's a long, long way from Oz to Las Vegas but we know each and every one of them has worked and rehearsed and dreamt of this for a long, long time. When they take that MGM Grand Garden Arena stage to sing their hearts out, they'll do so knowing that they have the admiration and hopes and support of a whole nation behind them. We hope, too, that at some time during this incredible International Convention, you'll sing along with them and share in our special song ... I am, you are, we are Sweet Adelines! With love from everyone in Region 34. (Aussie! Aussie Aussie!)


It’s About Change “You cannot manage change, you can only stay ahead of it.” — PETER DRUCKER


hange is not new to Sweet Adelines; you don’t survive 72 years without embracing change. Since we began in 1945, Sweet Adelines has been changing the views of women and bringing them into the barbershop harmony world, once dominated by men. In 1947, when Sweet Adelines met in Tulsa for its convention, newspaper reporter Ray Parr had this to say about women in barbershop: “…we have always contended that barbershop would have remained a pleasant haven of fellowship and intellectual discussion if we had kept ‘em out. Let ’em liberate their personalities by whipping up hot biscuits and fried chicken, we always say.” Parr had to eat those words the next day, when Sweet Adelines delivered hundreds of biscuits to his office. The story made the wire services, resulting in a flood of inquiries about Sweet Adelines from women singers around the country. As we knew early on, lots of women love to sing barbershop harmony; that love has driven Sweet Adelines’ growth. Headquarters has transitioned from a small house, with files stored in the bathtub, to the 14,000-square-foot building we enjoy today. In the 1970s, Ann Gooch was a key figure in launching our international footprint. In the 1990s, we added web-based member services; our latest system upgrade will be online soon. We hosted the first International Education Symposium in 1999. Just two months ago, this supercharged event drew more than 800 attendees, faculty and guests to Baltimore to make harmony and history. The point is, we can change when change is called for. Right now, it’s about change — the kind that comes around every 100 years or so. We are on brink of the largest shift in human capital in history. More Baby Boomers are retiring as Gen X’ers (1965-1976) and Gen Y’ers (1977-1995) move into the workforce. This shift is changing everything about how we live,

work and do business. It’s also critical to our future membership. Unlike Baby Boomers, younger generations are not joiners. However, they do value engaging with organizations. They need to really care about and be inspired by their involvement and the organization’s mission. There is a clearly defined path for engaging Gen X and Gen Y. • These individuals are open to joining or attending a meeting if invited by someone they admire. • This group may respond best to innovative leadership and organizational values that are immediately apparent and easy to understand. • The immediate opportunity to do something influential and meaningful appeals to them. • They believe the organization is inviting them to continue the relationship via new opportunities. (“Knowing Y,” Sarah L. Sladek).

The good news is, Sweet Adelines offers all this. Headquarters is now developing initiatives and marketing campaigns to capitalize on our strengths and these societal shifts to better serve existing members and entice new members to join us. However, we need the efforts and support of our chapters and regions to do this. We are being called upon again for organizational change in order to move Sweet Adelines into the next 72 years and beyond. Our foundation is rock-solid: empowering women and bringing joy to people's lives through shared musical experiences. Change is expected and enacted with vision and care. In fact, to quote Martha Stewart, my new motto is: When you’re through changing, you’re through. Until the next story, Kay Todd, Ph.D., CAE, CEO

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Sweet Adelines International

Board of Directors Nominees Information will be emailed to chapters, CALs and MALs the first week of October.

This election will fill two expiring board terms, beginning May 1, 2018, and ending April 30, 2021. Ballots are due at international headquarters by 3 p.m. Central Time (9 p.m. UTC), Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Technical - PRINCE2 Certification (Project Management), PROSCI Change Management, Graham Business Process Review/Improvement, 6 Thinking Hats, Training Adults (underway). Leadership/Cultural Training: Holding to Account, Leading from Within, Emotional Intelligence, Three Conversations of Leadership. LIST FIVE SIGNIFICANT SA LEADERSHIP ROLES YOU HAVE HELD: IBOD member, Task Force Specialist, Task Force Chair, Regional Leadership Committee, Panel Secretary. HOW DO YOU FEEL YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO SA AS AN IBOD MEMBER? My experience as a member of both musical and administrative leadership at chapter, regional and international levels has given me a great insight into the challenges and opportunities facing Sweet Adelines, as well as the practical experience in delivering solutions to address them. WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLS, IDEAS, TALENTS, ETC., WOULD YOU BRING TO IBOD? My professional background is in the business world — specifically project management, strategic planning and process improvement. My communication skills enable me to participate effectively in groups; I love to put my facilitation skills to use to help bring out the creativity and vision in others. WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR SA? (That) SA is highly regarded in the musical community for its commitment and proven achievement in barbershop music excellence. SA membership provides women with education and development opportunities that support them in the pursuit of community and business leadership roles. WHAT SHOULD THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION’S PRIORITIES BE OVER THE NEXT FIVE TO 10 YEARS? Efforts should be focused on raising the profile of Sweet Adelines, with the emphasis on the quality of education and the benefits of membership. Our future lies in our ability to identify and tap into the talents and passions of our members to keep those benefits relevant and vibrant. HOW DO YOU SEE SA IN 25 YEARS? We will be recognized for our contributions as community leaders. Our stories will serve as the foundation for inspirational and motivational presentations, especially for the empowerment of women. Our educators will be sought after as experts to develop and support musical programs around the world.


October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: General management, communication, public relations, facilitation, presentation skills, business and digital media writing, change management, positive leadership, situational leadership, solution selling, marketing. LIST FIVE SIGNIFICANT SA LEADERSHIP ROLES YOU HAVE HELD: IBOD member, Pitch Pipe Editorial Review Board member, Region #34 Team Coordinator, Region #34 Communications Coordinator, Chorus Team Coordinator. HOW DO YOU FEEL YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO SA AS AN IBOD MEMBER? As a communications director, I partner with business leaders to engage and inspire their people as they transform organizations. Insights from my RMT service and strategic business experience will add value to IBOD to shape the future in our members’ interests. I’m also keen to contribute a Southern Hemisphere perspective. WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLS, IDEAS, TALENTS, ETC., WOULD YOU BRING TO IBOD? Working remotely in high functioning teams is what I’m used to. I bring diverse cultural perspectives and problem-solving skills from working on global change communication campaigns. A natural networker, I enjoy connecting people with others for their mutual benefit. My pragmatic business sense is balanced with optimism, creativity and heart. WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR SA? (That our) education is available to women of all ages, everywhere through flexible participation methods — both in-person and via technologies. Membership growth and new revenue streams secure the future to support the next generations of singers, arrangers and music leaders to advance our art form, which remains contemporary and appealing. WHAT SHOULD THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION’S PRIORITIES BE OVER THE NEXT FIVE TO 10 YEARS? Membership and financial growth. Flexible participation models and new benefits to encourage member retention in vulnerable life stages. Keep the needs of members at the center of our decision making, adapting as we expand as a global organization. Foster partnerships with compatible music organizations. Find solutions for international copyright complexity. HOW DO YOU SEE SA IN 25 YEARS? We are a recognized brand with a powerful industry voice, attracting funding and high profile performances. Technology has enabled new ways for leaders, singers and arrangers to connect, collaborate, compete and access world-class education across the world. Harmonizing and friendship remains at our heart, keeping life “real” in a rapidly changing world.

programs (employment equity, diversity, peer support, etc.) that have helped me manage and keep very large teams engaged, creative and productive. I would bring this experience to the IBOD table. SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Customer service, human resources, coaching & mentoring, facilitation & mediation, leading highly effective teams, change management. LIST FIVE SIGNIFICANT SA LEADERSHIP ROLES YOU HAVE HELD: IBOD member, Executive Committee Treasurer, International Bylaws & Rules Specialist, Worldwide Moderator, Regional Leadership Committee. HOW DO YOU FEEL YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO SA AS AN IBOD MEMBER? I love what this organization stands for and the opportunities it offers women. I am a strong and compassionate leader who believes in empowering people by helping them acquire the training and tools they require to succeed! My strong people skills, managerial skills and experience in human resources will make me a strong contributor and suitable candidate for the board. WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLS, IDEAS, TALENTS, ETC., WOULD YOU BRING TO IBOD? I am dedicated, innovative and organized with great facilitation skills. I am approachable, a good listener and a motivator. As a human resources professional, I have had the privilege of working with teams of experts that have developed and rolled out strong employee relations

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Director Certification Program. LIST FIVE SIGNIFICANT SA LEADERSHIP ROLES YOU HAVE HELD: Membership Retention Committee, Editorial Review Board, Regional Finance Coordinator, Regional Faculty, Regional Convention Steering Committee. HOW DO YOU FEEL YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO SA AS AN IBOD MEMBER? I believe my many years of commitment to the organization can only expand with an opportunity to contribute at an international level. I’ve worked in multiple regions with quartets and choruses and feel I can bring a new perspective to our organization. My participation in two international committees has shown me that we can make a difference by listening. WHAT SPECIFIC SKILLS, IDEAS, TALENTS, ETC., WOULD YOU BRING TO IBOD? I tend not to emphasize my financial background, but I have

WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR SA? My vision is to provide every one of our members access to education and opportunities enabling them to participate and contribute at all levels of the organization. WHAT SHOULD THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION’S PRIORITIES BE OVER THE NEXT FIVE TO 10 YEARS? Of course, education is of primary focus but I see a couple of key priorities for our organization — membership growth and retention and income other than dues revenue! We are still attracting and keeping new members but we have seen a significant decline in numbers over the last decade or more. We need to get the membership pulse and determine what it is that is making it so difficult for members to stay. Declining numbers also translate into a decline in revenue so finding other sources of income becomes another priority area. HOW DO YOU SEE SA IN 25 YEARS? This organization will be thriving and will have spread to parts of the world yet unchartered! We will have flex membership models designed around work/life balance that will make us accessible to a diversity of women. We will have multiple revenue sources that will make it affordable to deliver education at events all over the world. We will be the best of the best!

spent many years in financial management in nonprofit organizations. I believe a great deal of my strength lies in helping others understand financials. This past year, we have seen a few chapters risk losing their charters and potentially expose SA to major risks. It would be good to establish a more specific “desk manual” for our non-financial members who take on financial duties within their chorus. WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR SA? I’ve seen an uptick in young women joining our organization and feel we should capitalize on that. Our marketing needs to be more targeted to younger audiences and specific demographics. Targeted marketing should be our next steps. WHAT SHOULD THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION’S PRIORITIES BE OVER THE NEXT FIVE TO 10 YEARS? We need to develop a marketing campaign that can be adapted by regions/choruses to assist in their outreach to potential members. Growth is essential, particularly in the 25-54 age demographic. HOW DO YOU SEE SA IN 25 YEARS? Our continued expansion in the use of technology to help reduce costs needs to continue. We should look to expand this from quartet level coaching to possibly area schools where many more members might benefit.

Your support of Sweet Adelines International leaders at every level helps ensure our future as a vibrant, worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education, performance and competition. Remember: Ballots are due at headquarters by 3 p.m. Central Time (9 p.m. UTC), Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017. Questions? Call headquarters at 1.800.992.7464 or 1.918.622.1444. October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



We love what the future sings!


IES 2017 — Back to the Future — is now in the history books, but it was a life-changing celebration of harmony that we won’t soon forget! Time-travelers from all over our international organization began gathering on the beautiful University of Maryland campus, Aug. 1. Our regional leaders gathered for an all-day seminar on collaboration and networking, led by the dynamic Marj Stealey. On Aug. 2, the campus burst to life with arriving Sweet Adelines. Some 780 eager participants filled the Stamp Center for the evening kick-off celebration. Our 2017 Queens, Frenzy, opened the festivities, followed by President Paula Davis’ inspiring look at our organizational beginnings and how understanding our legacy can lead to future opportunities. Over the next three days, our international faculty presented over 120 classes, targeting 13 different interest areas. Our guest presenters, Tom Carter and Deke Sharon, focused attention on


October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

authenticity in performance, providing us with tools and live examples of the concepts in action with demo groups, Sirens of Gotham, #15, and Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus, #19. Quartets experienced being “buzzed” by our beloved Queens, the BUZZ, in a special quartet track. The symposium song, The Power Of Love, arranged by the fabulous Joey Minshall, rocked the rafters as we all celebrated the power of harmony. Master 700 Directors Ryan Heller and Becki Hine emceed the hilarious Harmony Games in full character dress as “Caesar Flickerman” and “Effie Trinkett” from the Hunger Games movies. The “Queens” team “Blenzy,” (Bling and Frenzy) emerged as victors! Our first mixed harmony contest featured nine quartets. Three Queens and a Joker came out on top with a stirring rendition of Desperado and throwback costumes.

The Rising Star Competition featured stellar performances by talented young singers; Adrenaline Quartet was named the 2017 Rising Star Champion. Perfect Fourth received the Stars to Watch award, as the highest scoring quartet with an average age of 16 or younger. We capped off this rocket-fueled week with a gala performance featuring Frenzy, the BUZZ, Adrenaline, The Ladies (2016 Rising Star Champions), Three Queens and a Joker, Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus and the Sirens of Gotham Chorus. We can now say — proudly, enthusiastically, joyously — that we’ve seen the future and it’s brighter than ever! Relive IES in all its harmonic glory. Visit Sweet Adelines’ YouTube and Facebook pages @ SweetAdelinesIntl.

For the competition, Adrenaline sang the ballad Always and Goody Goodbye because “we all grew up with Growing Girls as role models so this song was special to us.” (L to R) Maggie McAlexander, Jadyn Johnson, Amanda Pitts and Sara Littlefield. (Photo by Chris Paulis)

Adrenaline Rising Star Champion Quartet New Rising Stars Shine on Sweet Adelines’ Bright Future and Long Legacy


he members of Adrenaline, the 2017 Rising Star champions, live in four different states, covering three time zones. Together, they represent more than 130 years of barbershop connections and make a reasonably convincing argument that the love of barbershop harmony just might live in one’s DNA.

Meet our incredibly talented Four of the Future Maggie McAlexander (t) — Maggie, 21, joined Capital City Chorus when she was 13, following her mother, a Sweet Adeline of 36 years, and her father, a veteran 30-year barbershopper. Maggie, a Vanderbilt University senior, now sings with TuneTown Show Chorus.


October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Amanda Pitts (l) — Amanda, 24, is a 14-year member of Coastline Show Chorus, where she has attended rehearsals since age seven with her Sweet Adeline mom, a barbershopper of 20+ years. A graduate of Bridgewater State University, she is now a news reporter at WICZ Fox 40 News in Binghamton, N.Y. Jadyn Johnson (bt) — Jadyn, 21, is a music education major at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Her grandmother is a Sweet Adeline; her mother is a member of Region #8 champion quartet Jazzberry Jam; her dad is a 20+-year barbershopper; her grandfather sang it for more than 50 years; and her uncle is a BHS quartet champion. Sara Littlefield (bs) — Sara, 20, is studying art education and music at California State University in Fullerton. She is a

2nd Place • Rendezvous

Caroline Renz (t) Meredith Didlake-Glemboski (l) Erika Ji (bt) Vera Crouse (bs) Freeport, N.Y.

4rd Place • Hot Pursuit Michaela Olson (t)Tessa Walker (l) Melody Hine (bt) Candra Rice (bs) Johns Creek, Ga.

Chapter-at-Large #1 member who found her place on the risers with her musical mother, a Sweet Adeline of more than 25 years, and her dad, a two-time BHS quartet champion. The young women told The Pitch Pipe that the Rising Star experience taught them a lot about how to coalesce as a long distance quartet. Amanda and Jadyn met for the first time at Adrenaline’s first rehearsal in January 2017. Just competing in Rising Star was a thrill all on its own. “This is an art form and music is an amazing outlet to express feelings to the best of our ability, whether it’s heartache or swooning over someone we love. It isn’t about the competition,”

3rd Place • The Sing-a-ma-jigs Kyleigh Conrad (t) Carlee Conrad (l) Caris Conrad (bt) Theresa Whitaker (bs) Rising Sun, Ohio

5th place • Resemblance Deanna Linck (t) Clara Pierone (l) Polly Pierone (bt) Rebecca Linck (bs) Valencia, Calif.

they said. But it is all about the musical style they adore. “There’s nothing like barbershop. The style trains your ears so well. It’s challenging and there is something so distinct and amazing about the chord structures. It’s also a wonderful team experience. You can’t win or perform four-part harmony on your own!” Read more about Adrenaline in the January 2018 Pitch Pipe. Competition photos by: Chris Paulis Photography

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


2017 Stars to Watch

“We’re so proud of this performance and will remember this weekend for the rest of our lives,” the members of Perfect Fourth wrote on Facebook, along with posts chronicling their “shenanigans and awesome moments” as participants in the 2017 Rising Star competition. Gabriella, Kristina and Catrina are members of Spirit of Syracuse (SOS), Region #15. All four of the young women also sing with Scarlet, a YWIH chorus sponsored by SOS.

Chris Paulis Photography

The Stars to Watch Award honors the highest-scoring quartet whose average age is 16 or younger.

Perfect Fourth Gabriella Galanti (t); Kristina Valentino (l); Catrina Tulowiecki (bt) Katie Sheerin (b) Liverpool, N.Y.



Applause, cheers and congratulations are in order for the winners and competitors in Sweet Adelines’ fourth YWIH Video Chorus Contest. “What a wonderful gift you are sharing,” SA President Paula Davis told directors. “You’re helping these young women learn performance and presentation skills that will provide enrichment and satisfaction to them throughout their lives.” The contest features girls age 25 and younger singing in choruses of at least 15, representing all four voice parts. Winners receive music and cash awards: first place, $1,000; second place, $750; third place: $500.

First Place Chorus

Chandler High School Treblemakers Chandler, Ariz. Lori Lyford, Director

Second Place Chorus Embellished Porirua, New Zealand David Brooks, Director

Third Place Chorus Macappella Auckland, New Zealand Melody Lowe, Director

Other 2017 competitors: Sounds of the Mouth Women’s Ensemble, Scarlet, Methodist Ladies’ College, Chandler High School Advanced Women’s Choir and Thompson High School Harmonettes. To cheer and hear their outstanding performances, visit the Competition and Convention page at


October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

FEELIN’ GROOVY Three Queens and a Joker Mix It Up for the Win

In a Pitch Pipe exclusive, Three Queens and a Joker spoke from their self-described palatial Malibu estate about winning the 2017 Mixed Harmony Quartet Contest at IES. With Molly Dalton Plummer (t); Michelle Little (l); Dawn Clifford (bt); and Mitchell Greenberg (bs). PP: How does it feel to win the golden microphone in this historic, first-ever Sweet Adelines contest? 3Q&AJ: Winning feels totally far out and we’re honored to have shared the stage with so many great singers. The format was fun and allowed for a lot of creativity. We hope Sweet Adelines can continue some mixed configuration singing. PP: How did you form your foursome? 3Q&AJ: It all started with Dawn and Mitchell on the kindergarten playground roughly 30 years ago. We discussed forming a mixed quartet one day but did not have the forum to achieve such a monumental venture. Well, fast forward to April 2017. I called Dawn to see if she was still interested and she quickly said, “Who is this and how did you get my number?” But that was only one Queen and a Joker so we called Molly and Michelle. The foursome had never sung together, not even one tag in Las Vegas. So we planned a weekend retreat to Atlanta in June. Luckily, the voices blended well and we all liked Mexican food. PP: Talk about your songs and costumes — what were you going for?

3Q&AJ: We settled on three songs written in the early 1970s and figured a disco theme party would be relatable and well received by the judges and the 17-yearold Rising Star competitors. We ordered our costumes from vintage fashion websites; Mitch borrowed all of his leather, platform shoes and polyester from Jim Arns’ closet.

And Congratulations To:

PP: What would you say are the keys to your success? 3Q&AJ: We showed up prepared, off-paper and committed to musical excellence. We all seemed to approach the music and vocal technique the same way, which led to solid chords and forward motion. At live rehearsals, the amazing Gina Baker generously coached us and tweaked our lines and visuals.

Silver Microphone Quartet: 4 Better 4 Worse • Westerville, Ohio Maggie Dudrow (t); Shelley Wysong (l); Douglas Smeltz (bt); John Dudrow (bs)

The unanticipated residual benefits were that it brought us all closer, as musicians and friends. In addition, Mitch enjoyed not having to wait in line to use the restroom. PP: What’s next for your award-winning quartet? 3Q&AJ: Not sure, as we all lead active barbershop lives. Maybe we will be there to hand off the groovy gold microphone trophy to the next mixed harmony winners!

Bronze Microphone Quartet: Beantown Buds • Cambridge, Mass. Martha Horton (t); Amanda Pitts (l); Charles Putka (bt); Cayenne Outerbridge (bs) Competition photos by: Chris Paulis Photography

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


No Fee. No Code. Just Barbershop For Everyone. JOIN US IN HARMONIZING THE (CYBER) WORLD! EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF SWEET ADELINES – ON AN ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL. Sweet Adelines International 16th Annual International Competition Webcast • Oct. 10-14, 2017 For the 16th year in a row, the Sweet Adelines webcast is offered free of charge. The ability to continue streaming the webcast year-to-year is due to donations from viewers around the world. Please continue to support the webcast by making a donation today!

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017 Event Stream Time (PDT) State of the Organization 5:15-6 p.m. (12:15-1 a.m. UTC, Oct. 11)

In case you miss a live performance, we’ve got you covered! Competitor performances will be available on our YouTube channel.

6-10:30 p.m. (1-5:30 a.m. UTC, Oct. 11)

Harmony Classic

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 Event Stream Time Quartet Semifinals 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m. (5 p.m.-5:30 a.m. UTC, Oct. 12) Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 Event Stream Time Chorus Semifinals 10 a.m.-9 p.m. (5 p.m.-4 a.m. UTC, Oct. 13) Event Quartet Finals

Friday, Oct. 13, 2017 Stream Time 11:45 a.m.-5 p.m. (6:45 p.m.-12 a.m. UTC, Oct. 14)

Coronet Club Show (Available for $20 USD)

8-10:30 p.m. (3-5:30 a.m. UTC, Oct. 14)

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017 Event Time Chorus Finals 11:45 a.m.-6 p.m. (6:45 p.m.-3 a.m. UTC, Oct. 15)


Visit to donate and to watch the competition. October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

WEBCAST FAQs • There is no playback feature on the webcast. All performances are LIVE! So you don’t miss your favorites, there is a time zone converter located on the “Schedule” tab at • Be sure to keep watching after your favorite performances! Directly following each performance, all quartets and choruses have the opportunity for an interview with the webcasters. • Make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed on your computer. To update your Adobe Flash Player, visit: • For the best picture, use a wired internet connection. Plug a network cable into the back of your wireless hub, and then into the computer. • Coverage of The Coronet Club Show begins on Friday, Oct. 13, at 8 p.m. PDT (3 a.m. UTC, Oct. 14) This portion of the webcast is available for $20 USD. If you have questions during the webcast, email tech support at






October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Quartet and Chorus Semi-Final Competition Order of Appearance QUARTETS 1. Glow

13. No Strings

25. Ringtones

37. Boston Accent

2. Ringin’ Again!

14. Neon Lights

26. Pizzazz!

38. Milli Blink

3. Quest

15. Windsor

27. Vocality - Withdrawn

39. Ruby Blue

4. Fusion

16. Perfect Storm

28. Power Chords

40. Finesse


17. The Vibe

29. Essence

41. Famous Janes

6. L’Attitude

18. Couture

30. Premier

42. ClassRing

7. SnapShot!

19. Life’s a Pitch

31. PrimeTime

43. GQ

8. Live It Up!

20. Fourcast

32. Sparkle!

44. C’est la vie

9. Up All Night

21. Spot On

33. Renegade

45. Take 4

10. SpinOff

22. RING

34. Fresco

46. Glamour

11. Lustre


35. Harmony

47. Spice

12. Tenacious

24. Debacle

36. Spritzer



1. Vienna-Falls Chorus, Region #14

18. Melodeers Chorus, Region #3

2. Wellington City Chorus, Region #35 - Withdrawn

19. Waikato Rivertones Chorus, Region #35

3. Grand Rapids Chorus, Region #17

20. Springfield Metro Chorus, Region #25

4. Canadian Showtime Chorus, Region #16

21. Rhythm of the Rockies Chorus, Region #26

5. Scioto Valley Chorus, Region #4

22. Lions Gate Chorus, Region #26

6. Spirit of Syracuse Chorus, Region #15

23. North Metro Chorus, Region #16

7. Fox Valley Chorus, Region #6

24. High Country Chorus, Region #8

8. Toast of Tampa Show Chorus, Region #9

25. TuneTown Show Chorus, Region #4

9. Forth Valley Chorus, Region #31

26. Alaska Sound Celebration Chorus, Region #13

10. San Diego Chorus, Region #21

27. Talk of Tulsa Show Chorus, Region #25

11. Shoreline Sound Chorus, Region #2

28. Harmony on the Sound Chorus, Region #1

12. Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus, Region #17

29. Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus, Region #19

13. Perth Harmony Chorus, Region #34

30. Stockholm City Voices Chorus, Region #32

14. Sacramento Valley Chorus, Region #12

31. Houston Horizon Chorus, Region #10

15. Santa Monica Chorus, Region #11

32. Choral-Aires Chorus, Region #3

16. a cappella joy Chorus, Region #13

33. Bay Area Showcase Chorus, Region #12

17. Kansas City Chorus, Region #5

34. Greater Nassau Chorus, Region #15



1. Wichita Chorus, Region #25

1. Greater Kingston Chorus, Region #16

2. Grand Traverse Show Chorus, Region #2

2. Velvet Hills Chorus, Region #8

3. St. Louis Harmony Chorus, Region #5

3. Farmington Valley Chorus, Region #1

4. Malmö Limelight Chorus, Region #32

4. Brindabella Chorus, Region #34

5. Evergreen Chorus, Region #15

5. O-Town Sound Chorus, Region #9

October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

Be in the Know, On the Go.

Download the Sweet Adelines International App Today! Whether you are experiencing the bright lights of Las Vegas with us this year or watching the webcast from the comfort of your home, you can conveniently access competition scores, our schedule of events and watch our daily video recap through the new Sweet Adelines International app! Check out our tweets or donate directly through the app this year, now available on Apple and Android devices. The best part? There is no fee, no code required for this fabulous resource. Just download and go! Stay connected to international competition by visiting your app store and searching for “Sweet Adelines International.”


A rhinestone will be added next to your name or your chorus name.

Las Vegas 2017 Competition Shirt Featuring the names of all the competing choruses on the back. Or order as a group and get your chorus members’ names on the back instead. Pre-order only.

Tees, V-neck Tees, Sweatshirts or Hoodies Visit October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


The 2017 Sweet Adelines International Membership Survey BY TAMATHA GOAD Sweet Adelines’ Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

"The defining call from members is to modernize the organization while still embracing its strong heritage."


t is imperative that every quality organization periodically evaluates where they are currently and focuses on their future direction in order to remain a competitive and viable organization. As we plan for the Sweet Adelines' 75th anniversary, it seemed like an ideal time to talk with our members and gather organizational feedback. We asked you to talk about what you like, what you don’t like and changes you would recommend — and talk you did! The passion Sweet Adelines members have for this organization is apparent as evidenced by the sheer quantity and quality of comments received. After reviewing your feedback, it is clear there are some things we are doing well and some things we need to improve upon. Please know that the board and staff are listening and integrating your feedback into the organization’s strategic plan. Working along with staff, the board identified and prioritized the key points to address and is developing the plans and timelines for implementation. Actions are already being taken on some initiatives. Some are in the planning stages and others are longer-term initiatives that will take time, patience and careful consideration. Below you will find survey results and key findings. Every effort was made to be transparent with the data being communicated. Watch for additional information and updates as more decisions are finalized and we continue to move forward. Thank you for your time and your investment in the future of Sweet Adelines. In April 2017, Sweet Adelines were surveyed to better understand the member experience and gather feedback on the following topics: • Reasons for and ease of joining SA • Frequency and ease of member recruitment • Likelihood to renew and recommend SA • Contribution/donation habits and plans • Interest in mixed gender activities • Interest in future organizational collaborations • Interest in future singing/ performance styles • General organizational improvement suggestions and opportunities


The survey was sent to all members with a valid email address on file and who allow SA to email them. Two reminder emails


were sent to members about filling out the survey, which was open for two weeks. We had 33% of our members respond, which is considered a very high response rate and reflective of the passion SA members have for this organization.


In general, members love Sweet Adelines and are very passionate about the music, the bonds of friendship and the thrill of competition all woven into the strength and legacy of the organization. However, they also see opportunities for change and improvement. Members are voicing concerns that the organization is slowly becoming extinct, as a result of long-held practices and customs that many view as outdated and damaging to the SA brand. The defining call from members is to modernize the organization while still embracing its strong heritage. Members want to incorporate music that is more

October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

contemporary, update costumes and performance appearance, refresh and rebrand the organization’s image. There seems to be a consensus that these types of efforts, along with targeted initiatives, will revitalize SA, attract younger members and keep the organization relevant and strong for generations to come. A note regarding survey findings: The majority of members (73%) are age 56 or older, with only 11% of members between the ages of 18-44, and 5% between the ages of 18-34. The aging of the SA organization is of concern to many members, who repeatedly cite the need to recruit and retain young members while preserving the SA legacy. Because of this expressed concern, some of the survey responses have been broken out by “all members” and “responses from the 18-44 group” to illustrate different viewpoints within the organization.

SA Membership Survey Membership 91% of members thought the process for joining SA was easy and 93% of new members viewed leadership as welcoming and helpful.

The majority (41%) of survey respondents discovered SA through a family member or friend who was involved in the organization. The second highest response (27%) discovered SA by being invited to a rehearsal. When examining the results to this question across the different age groups, the responses were ordered similarly, with one exception. In the 18-44-year-old age group, social media played a significant role in increasing awareness of SA.

Members report the following as top reasons for initially joining SA: • Love of music, singing and the barbershop style • Friendships and the welcoming SA environment • Love of harmony and a cappella singing

Initial SA Awareness Family member/friend involved in SA

Other factors that initially persuaded members to join include: • • • • • • • •

Enjoy performing and dance Time with other women Like the travel The SA director Music education SA’s family legacy Enjoy competing Fun/joyful!


Invited to rehearsal


Saw an ad/TV performance


Attended community performance


Initial SA Awareness Age 18-44 Family member/friend involved in SA


Invited to rehearsal


Saw an ad/TV performance


Social Media


Attended community performance


Membership Recruitment Almost half are unaware of “The Ambassador Handbook” (delivered with the October 2016 Pitch Pipe) and 44% are either neutral or don’t find the handbook helpful.

Over 60% of members report their new member recruitment efforts as being ineffective or neutral. Level of Effectiveness in Recruiting New Members

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0


32 19 11

5 Very Effective

Somewhat Effective

Neither Effective or Ineffective

Somewhat Ineffective

Very Ineffective

Only about 1/3 of members report frequently inviting nonmembers to SA events; over 1/2 report occasionally inviting them. Frequency of Inviting Nonmembers to Attend SA Events 60 Sweet Adelines International



50 40


30 20


10 0

2 Frequently




October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


SA Membership Survey Member Recruitment Cont.

When asked what SA could do to help make new member recruitment easier, members had many ideas. At a high level, the ideas can be grouped into the following categories:

Marketing/public relations/ partnerships

Modernizing SA • Modernize music & appearance (costumes, makeup, choreography) • Modernize organization to appeal to/ outreach to younger members • Update SA image • Change name

• Provide marketing/advertising exposure • Offer more community events/exposure • Partner with schools/colleges • Update website

Reducing expenses

Time commitment/competition

• Reduce membership dues/reduce initial dues • Offer financial assistance

• Reduce time commitment • Less focus on competition

Member Retention



97% indicate they are likely to


renew their SA membership.

60 40 20 0


7 Very Likely

Somewhat Likely

October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

2 Neutral

1 Not Very Likely

.5 Not at all Likely

SA Membership Survey Recommending SA to Others One of the questions asked during the survey was used to determine our Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®. The NPS is a proven management tool that measures customer (member) experience and predicts business growth. The NPS is calculated by answering a key question, using a 0-10 scale: How likely is it that you would recommend SA to a friend or colleague? Responses are grouped as follows: Promoters (score 9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who will continue to support SA and refer others, fueling growth. Passives (score 7-8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic members who are vulnerable to competitive offerings. Detractors (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who can damage the SA brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth. Subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters yields the Net Promoter Score, which can range from a low of -100 to a high of 100. Good news! The SA NPS score ranks considerably higher than the Global NPS Benchmark Score which includes scores from thousands of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, schools and other organizations using the NPS question. One area to note is when this question is evaluated based on age groups. While still higher than the Global NPS Benchmark Score, the SA NPS Score for 18-44-year-olds is seven points lower than the overall SA score.

Membership Giving

The NPS is a proven management tool that measures customer (member) experience and predicts business growth. SA NPS Score Compared to Global Benchmark Score All Members SA NPS Score


Global NPS Benchmark Score*


*Includes thousands of Survey Monkey companies such as Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, schools and all those that ask the NPS question.

Sweet Adelines NPS Scores All Members SA NPS Score


18-44 SA NPS Score


Note the lower NPS Score among younger SA members.

Keys to increasing the likelihood of members donating to the organization include the following: Membership Giving

Survey results indicate that 41% of all members and 56% of members age 18-44 make no SA-related donations.

More information about how the donations are spent


Ability to donate to a specific program or initiative


More information about the donation options


Provide easier ways to donate


Where Members Want Their Donations Spent Education




General Fund


October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


SA Membership Survey Future of SA

The survey asked a series of questions to gauge SA member interest in different initiatives and directions for the organization. Topics included membership options, collaborations, music, mixed gender activities and training. All

Membership Options

Interest in Member Options Less Focused on Competition

Over half (56%) of SA members are interested in a membership option focused less on competition. 23% of members responded as neutral for this question. In the 18-44 age group, fewer members (46%) are interested in a less competitive membership option.

Membership Options For Males

Interested 18-44 Neutral Support for a Membership Option for Males

Somewhat Agree Neutral Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure/Don't Know

Organization BHS

Overall, SA members are interested in collaborating or partnering with other organizations. This interest is even higher among those 18-44. Members were most interested in collaborating with BHS. A female barbershop organization came in second and a nonbarbershop organization came in third among the three options.


7% 11% 23% 18% 35% 7%

Strongly Agree


Overwhelmingly, SA members want change when it comes to music. While it is still important to retain the barbershop style, members want more freedom and contemporary options when choosing music.

56% 46% 23%


With no parameters on what a “male membership option” would look like, members want SA to remain a female-focused organization, although younger members viewed male involvement slightly more favorably. Only a small group of SA members believe the organization should offer a male membership option. Younger members were more likely to be open to a male membership option but this view was still not widely held.



Collaborations All SA Members

15% 15% 27% 14% 22% 8%





18-44-year-old SA Members



Female barbershop organization



Non-barbershop organization



Music Organization Include barbershop arrangements of modern/contemporary music

All SA Members

Continue with multiple styles of a cappella singing along with traditional barbershop


Continue with only traditional barbershop in competitive events


October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E


SA Membership Survey Future of SA Cont. All

Mixed Gender Activities The survey included several questions related to mixed gender activities. In summary, SA members are interested in participating in mixed gender performances but less interested in competing in mixed gender competitions. When asked about interest in participating in mixed gender singing and performance activities, 61% of all members are very interested or somewhat interested. In the 18-44 age group, 79% are interested. Only 19% of all members responded with “not very interested or not at all interested.” The next question asked about participating in mixed gender competitions and 47% of SA members expressed interest. In the 18-44 age group, the level of interest jumps to 68%. Interestingly, while members are interested in singing and competing with men, they are not as interested in SA offering mixed competitions. Only 28% of all SA members and 47% of those 18-44 think SA should offer mixed competitions.

Interest in Participating in Mixed Gender Activities

Very Interested or Somewhat Interested

61% 79% 61%

Not Interested


Interest in Participating in Mixed Gender Competition

Expressed Interest



Interest in SA-Hosted Mixed Gender Competition

Yes, SA Should Offer Mixed Competitions

Training Members are overwhelmingly interested in online training opportunities, with 77% being interested in online-recorded classes and 71% being interested in interactive webinars.


28% 47%

Training Online-recorded Classes


Interactive Webinars


Additional input gathered from survey comments: • • • • • •

Overall costs to participate in SA are too high for many people Judging system needs to be reviewed More director training is needed Need younger representation at the highest levels of SA (on the board, judging panels, international faculty, arrangers) Need for more organizational transparency Modernize music and appearance (costumes, makeup, choreography)

• • • • • • • • •

Partner with schools/colleges Provide member recruitment and educational materials Modernize organization to appeal to younger members Update the SA image Update the SA website Change the organization’s name Focus on youth and diversity Adopt a global vs. U.S. perspective Market/rebrand the organization

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


SA Membership Survey Results and Near-Term Initiatives: The international board and headquarters staff have been working on strategic planning for the past year. Survey results were discussed by the IBOD at the June 2017 meeting and initiatives resulting from the survey have been prioritized and added to the strategic planning efforts for the organization. Efforts currently underway or scheduled to begin in the near-term: • • • • •

Design and conduct an aggressive membership growth campaign. Prepare member recruitment materials and training opportunities for regions. Implement new membership database in late 2017. Use chapter finance coordinator survey to better understand the financial requirements at the chapter and regional level. (The data has been collected and is currently being analyzed.) A membership task force is currently reviewing membership options and assessing costs. A recommendation is scheduled for presentation at the October 2017 board meeting.

• • • • •

Research has commenced for new website options and vendors. Options to expand music and availability are being pursued. IBOD is actively supporting a philanthropic culture for development giving. Explore opportunities for strengthening regional relationships. Develop materials to assist and support directors in leading the organization forward.

More than 7,300 members responded to this survey. Thank you for your investment of time and invaluable input as we chart Sweet Adelines' future together. 26

October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

Two + Two = One Champion Chorus A successful chapter merger delivers fresh spirit and a big win. BY KAREN BEHRENDT, MOTOR CITY BLEND, REGION #2

The Situation: Great Lakes and Spirit of Detroit – Two proud chapters with more than 110 years of choral achievement between them. The Leadership: Two Master Directors and Queens of Harmony, Sylvia Karpinsky and LeAnn K. Hazlett. The Titles: Traded the Region #2 championship 14 times in 20 years. The Problem? Felt that consistent A- scores constantly eluded them. The Answer? The desire to compete on a higher level led to a bold path — the merger of two 50+-member choruses.

Members of the merger team.

If At First You Don’t Succeed


ur 2012 merger attempt triggered a negative reaction. Fierce chapter loyalty meant no one wanted to feel as though she was abdicating hard-won identity and history by being absorbed into another chapter. In December 2015, both directors and members from each chorus met. We specifically included those with a different viewpoint or opposing opinions, to ensure we were listening to all sides. That group took careful note of previous lessons learned. They acknowledged that success hinged on open communication and maintaining meticulous attention to ensuring this was a true merger into a new entity.

Leaps and Faith


he best-case scenario was for the newly merged chorus to compete on the Region #2 stage in April 2017. Spirit of Detroit competed in 2015 in Las Vegas. Great Lakes was the current Region #2 champion, scheduled to compete at the 2016 Harmony Classic. To achieve our merger, Spirit of Detroit members would have to agree to compete for evaluation only in the 2016 competition — taking themselves out of the running for a possible regional title win. This was a huge leap of faith on their part, as there was no official confirmation that a merger would fully succeed until

much later that year. Many of us get great satisfaction from competition and it was a significant sacrifice by Spirit members, which was gratefully received by their future sisters in song. In February 2017, in a vote that was simultaneously terrifying and exciting, both choruses passed the motion to proceed, with over 90 percent in favor from both groups. With a goal firmly in our sights, a timeline and tasks were formalized. Building a new entity had begun.

Motor City Blending


he merger team met regularly and divvied up tasks into committees that included members from each chorus. Our directors provided two new songs that would potentially be our first contest numbers. We culled through name suggestions in a series of votes to find our new name: Motor City Blend. The most daunting task was finding a new rehearsal venue that could hold 100+ singers, some of whom lived more than 65 miles away. Viable options came in a trickle, but options finally turned into a good venue to call home. Each chapter began living in two worlds of practice, fundraising and chorus management, while also building the foundation of Motor City Blend. It was a lot to juggle! When hurdles arose, the merger committee relied on the expertise of a very supportive headquarters team in Tulsa. We were blazing a new trail and the

positive support of everyone gave us an amazing safety net. Motor City Blend held its first official rehearsal on Jan. 3, 2017. We spent those first weeks bumping into each other constantly on the risers, while acclimating our ears and voices to this whole new sound and feeling we were generating. After some three months of weekly practice, we competed at regional with 99 on stage. We’re still glowing from the result — we are the Region #2 champion chorus, with a score of 677!

What We Know Now


e all admit we don’t know the names of everyone we see at rehearsal yet. Every rehearsal brings something new. We must build a repertoire, develop our individual skills, learn the nuances of each amazing director, all while we blend, unify and attempt to consistently generate our amazing new sound. We compromise, discuss, share and challenge each other, as we define not just who we are— but who we want to be. Was it easy? I don’t think any of us would say that. But what we realized is the depth of our shared passion and joy for what we can create together. We don’t take for granted the moments when an overtone fills the room or when we turn a phrase and feel the unity of the passion. We have chosen to enjoy our beloved hobby together. After all, “to blend” means many things.

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E





“We would like to share a song with you!”

look around at the faces of those surrounding me. They’re not the faces I was used to seeing in the audience when I performed with my Sweet Adelines' chorus back in the United States. There are no sequins or sparkles and the smiles are not adorned in “Love that Red” lipstick — but smiles are there! The faces I see staring back at my little chorus are adorned with bandages, wires and tubes. They are lying in hospital beds; some have just returned from the operating room. The members of my onboard chorus, Key of the Sea, and I live on a hospital ship ported in Benin, West Africa. Our home, the Africa Mercy, is part of a Christian charity called Mercy Ships, whose mission is to provide life-giving surgeries, hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. Our chorus is comprised of nurses, ship deck hands, schoolteachers, x-ray technicians, cooks, chaplains and high school students. Today, we’re in the hospital wards on the third deck to sing some barbershop chords for our patients. They look a little quizzically at each

other at first, raising eyebrows and nudging neighbors as they eye the group of "yovos" (the term for white people in West Africa), who have offered to share a song. Many of these beautiful African people are such wonderful singers with impeccable rhythm. In fact, it’s said that every African is born with a drum inside him or her. So it seems that while they're used to singing for guests and for each other, they don't often get “yovos" who want to sing for them. Big, curious eyes look up at us as we blow the pitch and dive into Good Old Acapella. The basses keep the "dowop" rhythm of the tune in their rich, low voices, and as the other three parts join in, smiles start to spread across the faces of the patients. Some pull out phones to record the song and some let out a little giggle — not a “this-is-silly" or "you-sound-funny" kind of giggle, but a giggle of wonder and surprised delight. Barbershop music does that to me, too. Maybe it's the lilting, skippy rhythm or perhaps the harmonies that are so tightly wound together that you can't pick out one from another, but it's just so hard not to

be delighted and happy when listening to barbershop music. When we hit the last chord, the patients all begin clapping and grinning. Most can’t speak English but they make the sign with their hands that we understand to mean, “Again! Sing it again!” One of the nurses in our group reported later that a woman who recorded the song had been listening to it all week and could now sing along! My favorite moment of singing for the patients is when we sing the barbershop version of It Is Well With My Soul. It’s a song known throughout the world. Even the patients who don’t speak English know the words to this old hymn. I have never experienced a more appreciative audience (or had a harder time keeping my emotions intact in order to finish a song) than I do while singing and watching these men, women and children with horrendous physical deformities. Some have had tumors growing inside them for years, some have their heads wrapped in bandages, some have their legs in full body casts, and some have massive dressings over burns. Yet they sing along with the words, “Even so, it

Sweet Adeline Beth Kirchner (1st row, 4th from left) initially formed a barbershop chorus, Key of the Sea, with eight of her co-workers aboard the Africa Mercy, the world’s largest private hospital ship. The singers hail from eight countries, including Russia, Switzerland and Germany. Beth’s sister Jenn (1st row, 5th from left) has been active in YWIH.


October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

M E M BE R P R O F I L E is well with my soul.” As we leave the ward, a patient stops us in the stairwell to sing it again for him so he can record it. He just needed to take that song, that music, that message, that feeling with him. That’s what I, too, needed this year as I left home and traveled for the first time to West Africa. I needed to take barbershop

music with me. I found Sweet Adelines and barbershop singing six years ago and now I can’t imagine life without those ringing chords. I took barbershop with me to Benin and introduced it to other singers who love it, too. Most importantly, I found an audience who loves our unique music — and needs it.

Despite many nationalities and languages, Key of the Sea has ignited a universal love of music among the ship’s patients and crew. The chorus loves to perform the barbershop version of the old hymn, It Is Well With My Soul, because even non-English speakers know the words. (L to R) Beth, Nicole Lukens, Rachel Olson and Anna Thompson. (Photo by Tim Baskerville)

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has delivered services valued at more than $1.3 billion to some 2.56 million direct beneficiaries in developing nations. For more information about volunteering with the organization, visit

Pitch Pipe Perfect: Key of the Sea looks happy to receive a popular magazine. (Photo by Chris McGrory)

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



Masters of Philanthropy Master 700 Director Ryan Heller and the Pride of Portland Chorus (POP) Share a Passion for the Young Singers Foundation.


he Young Singers Foundation (YSF) supported Ryan Heller and he’s returning the favor. The recipient of a YSF college scholarship, he’s been an avid participant, along with POP, Northwest Harmony Chorus and Region #13, in raising more than $22,000 for YSF in just a handful of years. “Giving to YSF is a powerful investment in our future – especially for young singers, musicians and YWIH events. I’m a proud YSF scholarship recipient and am always thinking, ‘Who is the next director or Sweet Adeline who could benefit from this support?’” he explained. His own experience as POP director for the past 15 years has created a deep appreciation for all Sweet Adelines has done for him and for its members, which is another reason to donate. The organization’s impact on women’s lives is as powerful as barbershop’s addictive ringing chords. “Our incredible educational opportunities have made all of us better


musicians. It’s made me a better conductor and teacher,” Heller said. “Most importantly, I’ve witnessed how this organization empowers women. I’m deeply passionate about that and wherever I go, I try to remind every woman I meet that she is a special, extraordinary gift, with a beautiful voice to share!” As one of Sweet Adelines’ most energetic cheerleaders, Heller has helped lead fundraising efforts in his chorus and throughout Region #13 with the popular It’s in the Can campaign. The drive started in 2010 in Region #24, with members pitching in small bills and spare change at rehearsals or other events. Periodically, the proceeds were sent to Sweet Adelines’ headquarters. Region #13 has picked up the practice with collection cans – and heightened the fun and participation by awarding prizes for the prettiest, largest or most unique can. “Part of the fun is a friendly rivalry between POP and Northwest Harmony, which is directed by our associate director

October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Nancy Kurth. Early on, NWH continually raised more money than POP — so we had to step it up and, in turn, the 'battle' was born between us. Now, I'm proud to say our choruses contribute significantly to the region’s campaign.” At the Pitch Pipe’s deadline, Ryan was preparing to host the annual appeal to convention attendees, following the quartet finals in Las Vegas. “Plan to have your loose change and bills ready to give in support of this very worthy cause! We’ll all be cheering on the quartets, in Las Vegas or via the webcast, right? Just be sure to have some money to throw in the pot! And if you miss it, or are reading this after international, it's not too late to make a donation! “YSF needs all of us to be a powerful, vibrant force in assisting young musicians around the world. Let’s invest in our future and spread the love of harmony we all share!”


A COP-pella Opportunity



horus promotion is a job that calls for ongoing conversation. Members should have a “pitch” at the ready when opportunity presents itself. We recently had that opportunity and turned a “situation” into a memorable sale. Last February, Ann Gooch and I were driving home from rehearsal when we were suddenly bathed from behind by flashing blue lights. I frantically began pushing buttons, locking and unlocking doors, until I could finally lower the window to speak to the officer. “Good evening ladies,” he said. “Do you know why I stopped you?” We had a headlight out. “Hey,” I said, switching the subject. “Do you have a wife or a sweetie?” I told him all about our chorus and then sold him a singing Valentine! How often does one make money during a routine traffic stop? Our willingness to ask is what ultimately turned the tables. By the way, we’ve developed a musical and fun partnership with the Jacksonville Police Northside Station now. Ideally, chorus promotions have a switch that never turns off. It merely idles in the background, ready to spring into action at the first sign of opportunity. Even if that sign is flashing blue lights.

SinG Academy



omen traveled across Germany, the U.K, Spain, the United States and Canada to share an exhilarating weekend of laughs, tears and ringing chords at SinG Academy, hosted by our chorus last June. English wasn’t even the primary language for many, yet unity prevailed as we shared our love for barbershop harmony. Our amazing coaches — 2017 champion quartet Frenzy and Mo Field – challenged each of us to try new techniques to be the best barbershopper we can be. A spirit of trust and international collaboration permeated the venue. Women found a safe place to learn, explore, grow and connect with their inner musician to truly harmonize the world!


October 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E


O Canada!



ecked out in our red-and-whites, we combined our board installation with a celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. What would a party be without song? After the business, we joined in a circle and, led by our director Holly-Jean Kadonaga, serenaded our beautiful country with Canadian Medley and How We Sang Today.



ore than 200 guests came to see our recent show, which marked the third anniversary of becoming a chorus and an official chapter of Sweet Adelines International. It was a huge success, ending with 65 female barbershoppers from four choruses on stage. With the love and encouragement of Sweet Adelines all over the world, our chorus has grown from eight to 30 members in three years! Although Japan is far from many of you, Sweet Adelines are always welcome at our rehearsals. Come see us!

“Neither Rain nor Snow…”



e call it “Springtime in the Rockies” — other parts of the world call it a blizzard. In mid-May, a 78-degree morning welcomed those gathering for the Region #8 competition in Cheyenne, Wyo. By afternoon, the temperature plummeted. Over the next three days, we were pounded by a foot of snow. “Neither rain, nor snow … the show must go on” was our mantra. We were determined to have a contest and, we discovered, so were our competitors. Despite missed and cancelled flights, stranded choruses, breakdowns and harrowing highway travel, everyone made it. If anyone needed to compete that weekend, it was Region #8. Our shared passion for our “one night a week” hobby and the perseverance of more than 500 members couldn’t be dampened by a mere snowstorm. After all, we are Sweet Adelines!

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


For Anna Rosenberg (front), "There is nothing more memorable than a true performance, where joy pours from the performers' hearts." (Photo: Winning the 2014 Division A championship, Honolulu.)

The Showmanship Judge: An Introduction BY ANNA ROSENBERG, PEARLS OF THE SOUND, REGION #32


he Showmanship judge: the extrovert, cheerleader, the queen of sequins, the person who lights up a room with her gleaming smile and usually, a matching gleaming sweater. Beneath all that sparkle and glitter lives a deeply analytical person who instantly needs to score a visual appearance. To analyze a person’s physical appearance takes sincerity and tact. For a judge in an allfemale organization, it can take a whole lot of guts, too!

The Essence of the Category

The Showmanship category interprets the musical message and makes it understood visually. My personal view is that the emotions created with these visual instruments are what make barbershop stand out from other musical art forms. We are not bound by sheet music, by sitting down or standing still. We are free, in our body language and in our voices, and that’s what makes the music come alive. This category is scored on (1) creating a visual plan (30 percent) and (2) the communication of the visual and musical product (70 percent).


The visual plan category awards 0-30 points and covers everything you put into your performance before coming on stage — what to wear, when to enter, props, choreography, what the final visual result should be. Herein lie all your sometimes crazy and wonderful ideas for your performance. A note on costumes. One might wonder — does it really matter? What makes the costume effective is how it´s connected to the character and the comfort level it brings to the audience. Anything that takes focus away from a lovely performance sets up a barrier between the performer and her audience. Success in the visual plan, in my opinion, comes from trusting your common sense, your gut and keeping it clear and simple. The performance/execution part can award 0-70 points, based on the following:

Vocal Skills

Yes, this category is about the visual appearance but the craft — barbershop — is singing. It doesn’t matter how visually wonderful your performance is. If the vocal skills aren’t in place, the performance will not work.

October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E


Energy is the ingredient that makes everything come alive. Without energy, a performance becomes just bodies in costumes.

Poise and Command

An easy way to make the audience feel at ease is by your poise and command. It’s not about having a big, cheesy smile or being “cocky.” You’re there to entertain an audience and in order to do that, they must feel comfortable.


What do you want to say? You can open up a conversation with lots of energy, by yelling, other times by whispering. It is the same when you enter the stage. How do you want to greet your audience?


Characterization allows singers to create emotions through physical expression, body language, facial animation, posture and choreography. Do all your emotions and body language enhance the overall performance? If so, you have great and effective characterization going on.


Unity plays a great role when trying to achieve a higher sense of completeness in the performance. Unified choreography strikes us harder than messy choreography; unified costumes and grooming lets us relax and enjoy the performance.

Audience Rapport

Audience rapport is all about the communication between performer and audience. Done well, it should give the audience a good chance to emotionally react to the performance and feel included. Audience rapport is a result of a great performance.

Pitch Pipe Technique

The Showmanship judge looks for effective pitch pipe technique. Often it´s highly effective but sometimes mistakes do happen and we judge how well the group handles the situation rather than the

technique itself. Except for “super humans,” with perfect pitch, you need to take the pitch. It should appear as if it comes naturally.

that touches the Sound category. So, one little change in the Showmanship category has affected all the categories.

The Holistic Factor

I see my role as a judge as continuing the enrichment that barbershop, as embodied by Sweet Adelines, brings to our members. Our organization not only gives women a place to come and sing every week, it changes lives. It changed mine. My role as a judge is my way of paying back to the organization. I love being a Showmanship judge. There is nothing more memorable than a true, honest and natural performance where joy pours out from the performers’ hearts. That´s my reward. And, as a Showmanship judge, I’ll always have an excuse to wear a glittering, sequined sweater.

Why I love the Role

I see the barbershop performance from a very holistic perspective. For example, let’s say a chorus has been working on Hardhearted Hannah for some time and four weeks before competition, they realize their new costumes will not be ready. They decide to compete in their old costumes. The unexpected costume change probably makes the visual character change, which could affect the Expression category. The chorus might start to add emphasis on words it didn´t before. The costume might affect the choreography and suddenly we hear synch problems in the Music and Expression category. The vocal skills and stamina suffer because of the change —

Editor’s Note: This article is excerpted from the May 2017 International Beat, a newsletter for international faculty, judging and music arrangers programs. For the full article and more, visit the Members Only education section at

Build a Legacy, Buy a Brick The lovely patio at headquarters continues to build a legacy of honor, with many names forever etched into the red bricks as part of Sweet Adelines’ history. An engraved brick is a perfect, lasting way to honor and celebrate a fellow member, a coach, a director, a quartet or chorus or a friend.

With your donation of $100 (USD), Sweet Adelines will: • Engrave a classic red brick with a special message of your choice. • Place your brick on the patio located directly outside the international boardroom. • Send you an official certificate of recognition. Legacy brick space is limited so reserve your message for history now. Download the brick order form at

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



2018 WILDCARD CHORUSES These choruses have been invited to compete at the 72nd Sweet Adelines’ International Convention and Competition, Oct. 15-20, 2018, in St. Louis, Mo.

Region #2

London Chorus

London Chorus Julia Beadle, Director Score: 620, 50 on stage Songs: Great Day For The Irish/MacNamara’s Band (G. Blackwell); That Tumbledown Shack In Athlone (G. Blackwell) Photo: E.R. Lilley Photography

Region #4

Pride of Kentucky Chorus

Pride of Kentucky Chorus Debbie Hite, Director Score: 642, 56 on stage Songs: If Ever I Would Leave You (C. Hine); DeLovely Medley (It’s DeLovely, Let Yourself Go, Steppin’ Out With My Baby (L. Wright) Photo: Jon Read Photography

Region #10

Alamo Metro Chorus Mary Ann Wydra, Director Score: 617, 45 on stage Songs: Smile Medley (C. Hine); Auld Lang Syne (C. Hine) Photo: E. R. Lilley Photography

Alamo Metro Chorus

Region #14

Vocal Matrix Chorus Nancy Field, Director Score: 630, 74 on stage Songs: Once Upon A Time (L. Wright, J. Dale, J. Arns); How Many Hearts Have You Broken (J. Arns) Photo: Freeze-Frame Photography

Vocal Matrix Chorus

Region #15

Harmony Celebration Chorus


October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Harmony Celebration Chorus Scott Brannon, Director Score: 648, 48 on stage Songs: Because Of You (D. Gray); Dancin’ In The Streets/Mardi Gras March Medley (N. Bergman, M. Hill) Photo: Jon Petersen, Tulsa



Region #16

Circle of Harmony Chorus Barbara Hodge, Director Score: 616, 62 on stage Songs: How Deep Is The Ocean? (R. Hopkins); Swanee (E. Waesche) Photo: Jon Petersen, Tulsa

Circle of Harmony Chorus

Region #21

Harborlites Chorus Pamela Pieson, Director Score: 731, 82 on stage Songs: Young And Foolish (J. Bescos); The Trolley Song (Wright) Photo: E. R. Lilley Photography

Harborlites Chorus

Region #25

O.K. City Chorus Mary Rhea, Director Score: 649, 74 on stage Songs: Hey, Look Me Over/Step To The Rear Medley (Bergman, Liles, Reimnitz); How Deep Is The Ocean? (R. Hopkins) Photos: E. R. Lilley Photography

O.K. City Chorus

Region #31

Phoenix Chorus Lynda Wood, Director Score: 643, 61 on stage Songs: If I Give My Heart To You (J. Clancy); Angry/Bill Bailey (N. Bergman) Photo: Ian Griffiths, Event Photography

Phoenix Chorus

Region #32

Alba Show Chorus Åsa Fagerström, Director Score: 626, 50 on stage Songs: I Didn’t Want To Fall (J. Liles); I’m In The Mood For Love (D. Wright) Photo: Dick Gilberg Photography

Alba Show Chorus

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Online Ordering is Easy!

Step-by-Step Guide to Shopping International Sales Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do! The International Sales Department hits all of the right notes as your source for music, educational material, novelty items and so much more. Follow the instructions below for easy online ordering. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1.877.545.5441 or at 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Visit and click the Shop option. Slightly scroll down and click Shop Now. Sign in as a member by clicking Login. Now you’re ready to shop! Choose the category you want to view.

Music is listed alphabetically with 10 songs per page. Music titles are available to preview online by simply clicking “View Preview Copy” above the music title.

6. If Music is selected, you will automatically be directed to the Published Music List. 7. Published Music is available to all members and the general public. You may also select Int’l Arranged Music, which is available to members only, with the exception of limited titles. 8. Search for a specific title by typing a word or two of the title into the search box and click Search button. You may also search by the arranger's name. A list of items with the key word you entered will be listed. Click Add To Cart, enter desired quantity and click Add To Cart again. Then you may Checkout or Continue Shopping. 9. All music is available for instant download upon purchase. Choose Electronic Delivery during checkout and the music download link will be sent to you in the email order confirmation. For mail orders, allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery. Shipping charges apply. We are unable to fax music due to copyright restrictions.


Any day is a perfect day to shop, so let’s get shopping! International Sales is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST) (2-10:30 p.m GMT), Monday through Friday; shop online 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


REGIONAL MANAGEMENT TEAM MEMBERS REGION #1 Leslie MacDonald, Communications Coordinator Eileen Gioe, Directors’ Coordinator Heidi Zacchera* (RED), Education Coordinator Patti Lavernoich, Events Coordinator Rebecca King, Finance Coordinator Jessie Caynon, Marketing Coordinator Debra Richard* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Wendy Davies* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #2 Martha Delargey, Communications Coordinator Jeanne Lundberg, Directors’ Coordinator Nancy Liedel, Education Coordinator Nanette Wardin, Events Coordinator Judith Sirut, Finance Coordinator Susan Casey, Marketing Coordinator Melissa Wright, Membership Coordinator Mary Patrick, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #3 Mary Ann Neuman, Communications Coordinator Bonnie Fedyski, Directors’ Coordinator Angie Williams, Education Coordinator Cindy Slowik, Events Coordinator Molly Heimerdinger, Finance Coordinator Connie Selmi, Marketing Coordinator Julie Quesenberry, Membership Coordinator Jacalyn Compton, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #4 Bethany Daley, Communications Coordinator Molly Huffman, Directors’ Coordinator Natalie Allen* (RED), Education Coordinator Amy Dieterle, Events Coordinator Beverly Miller, Finance Coordinator Kristie Clark, Marketing Coordinator Lynn Hartmuth, Membership Coordinator


* Regional Executive Committee Members – Regional Governance Pilot Program RAD = Regional Administrative Director RED = Regional Education Director RMD = Regional Membership Director

Sue Pelley* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Bev Miller* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #5 Sheri Hart, Communications Coordinator Charyl Barr, Directors’ Coordinator Annette Wallace* (RED), Education Coordinator Karen Matthews, Events Coordinator Pat Kies, Finance Coordinator Paula Land, Marketing Coordinator Karen Matthews* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Donna Turk, Membership Coordinator Judy Kaeser, Regional Team Coordinator Paula Land* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #6 Linda Rubis, Communications Coordinator Sheila Koplitz, Directors’ Coordinator Heather Johnston, Education Coordinator Joan Grootwassink, Events Coordinator Cynthia McLane, Finance Coordinator Ruby Ericson, Marketing Coordinator Bettina Schramm, Membership Coordinator Rosemary Komadowski, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #8 Heather Reimnitz, Communications Coordinator Melody Horgan, Directors’ Coordinator Marilyn Cox* (RED), Education Coordinator Sue McCormick, Events Coordinator Brenda Hershiser, Finance Coordinator Susan Mann, Marketing Coordinator Pati Bouman* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Jill Harward, Regional Team Coordinator Sue McCormick* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #9 Anne Bell, Communications Coordinator Beth Ripple, Directors’ Coordinator

October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Elizabeth Green* (RED), Education Coordinator Michele Mueller, Events Coordinator Iris Christ, Finance Coordinator Tricia Zichello, Marketing Coordinator Debbie Dennis* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Francine Russ* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #10 Sharon Hudgens, Communications Coordinator Mary Beth McMurray, Directors’ Coordinator Denise Fly, Education Coordinator Marilyn Turner, Events Coordinator Cheryl Pyle, Finance Coordinator Euna Poole, Marketing Coordinator Kaye Pledge, Membership Coordinator Gail Eltgroth, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #11 Jolene Forzetting, Communications Coordinator Kim Patrick-Miernicki, Directors’ Coordinator Debbie Curtis, Education Coordinator Jolene Forzetting* (RED), Education Coordinator Patricia Vincent, Events Coordinator Laura La Borde, Finance Coordinator Lillian Zellmer, Marketing Coordinator Lou Burgess-Schroff* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Shawnna Allen, Regional Team Coordinator Debbie Curtis* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #12 LaDonna Hulcy, Communications Coordinator Barbara Vander Putten, Directors’ Coordinator Julie Starr, Education Coordinator Mary Mamer, Events Coordinantor Patricia Hitch, Finance Coordinator Laurie Yoh, Marketing Coordinator Laura Pennington, Membership Coordinator Sherry Rowe, Regional Team Coordinator

REGION #13 Diane Lee, Communications Coordinator Bonnie Willis, Directors’ Coordinator Debra Aungst* (RED), Education Coordinator Sally Ryerson, Events Coordinator Daniela Stiles, Finance Coordinator BethAnn Bock, Marketing Coordinator Sharon Stockstad* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Nancy Kurth* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #14 Emily Christman, Communications Coordinator Sherry Sprague, Directors’ Coordinator Nancy Field* (RED), Education Coordinator Nancy Field, Events Coordinator Deborah Lawrence, Finance Coordinator Cindy Partlow, Marketing Coordinator Jan Goldbach* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Missy Wurthmann* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #15 Jennifer Hunter, Communications Coordinator Kat Britt, Directors’ Coordinator Harriette Walters, Education Coordinator Kay Weiss, Events Coordinator Mary Connelly, Finance Coordinator Beth Fulton, Membership Coordinator Barbara Wright, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #16 Susan Heighway, Communications Coordinator Sonne Durphy, Directors’ Coordinator Sue Melvin* (RED), Education Coordinator Cathy Stovold, Events Coordinator Colleen O’Dwyer, Finance Coordinator Elizabeth Gibbs, Marketing Coordinator Cathy Stovold* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Andrea Thorne-Percy, Membership Coordinator June Donovan* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #17 Sue Moore, Communications Coordinator Julie Zehnder, Directors’ Coordinator JoAnn Wilson* (RED), Education Coordinator

Cathy Dunlap, Events Coordinator Karen Wharrey, Finance Coordinator Ruth Bates, Marketing Coordinator Ruth Bates* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Carolyn Macomber, Membership Coordinator Deborah Ferenc* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #19 Jennifer Harris, Communications Coordinator Patricia Weeks, Directors’ Coordinator Vickie Dennis, Education Coordinator Liz Danielski, Events Coordinator Judith Hall, Finance Coordinator Diane Bartel, Marketing Coordinator Michele Woodward, Membership Coordinator Sarah Nainan-Newhard, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #21 Karen Laderman, Communications Coordinator Jonni Wood, Directors’ Coordinator Bonnie McKibben, Education Coordinator Victoria Kemsley, Events Coordinator Mary Chilton, Finance Coordinator Kat Shaver, Marketing Coordinator Adelina Dudda, Membership Coordinator Tracey Sandberg, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #25 Brandy Darrow, Communications Coordinator Elena Robinson, Directors’ Coordinator Melynnie Williams, (RED), Education Coordinator Melynnie Williams, Events Coordinator Kelli Hinton, Finance Coordinator Sharon Hammer, Marketing Coordinator Karen Phillips* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Courtney Robinson* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #26 Kim Martin, Communications Coordinator Lisa Greenough, Directors’ Coordinator Lynda Elliott* (RED), Education Coordinator

Judy McAlpine, Events Coordinator Susan Dumas, Finance Coordinator Stacey Rose, Marketing Coordinator Yvonne Meyer* (RMD), Membership Coordinator Marsha Fulton* (RAD), Regional Team Coordinator REGION #31 Hilary Pinnock, Communications Coordinator Sophie Radcliffe, Directors’ Coordinator Alyson Chaney, Education Coordinator Sue Finnigan, Events Coordinator Dorothy Main, Finance Coordinator Sara Wilcox, Marketing Coordinator Moreida Lord, Membership Coordinator Lisa Anderson, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #32 Yvonne Brinck, Communications Coordinator Kristina Lejon, Directors’ Coordinator Mariann Eriksson, Education Coordinator Kerstin Brindbergs, Events Coordinator Florentina Harko, Finance Coordinator Heli Hemgård, Marketing Coordinator Anette Johnsson, Membership Coordinator Annika Dellås, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #34 Sue Gilkes, Communications Coordinator Kali Caramia, Directors’ Coordinator Lindsey Dyer, Education Coordinator Annette Connolly, Events Coordinator Annet Wezenbeek, Finance Coordinator Anna-Marie Shew, Marketing Coordinator Valerie Norris, Membership Coordinator Kate Hawkins, Regional Team Coordinator REGION #35 Katrina Te Punga, Communications Coordinator Cindia Chiu, Directors’ Coordinator Jocosa Bruce, Education Coordinator Hilary Clifton, Events Coordinator Stella Nicholson, Finance Coordinator Jo Maxwell, Marketing Coordinator Julie Scoggins, Membership Coordinator Patricia Veen, Regional Team Coordinator

October 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



—May 6, 2017

through Aug. 1, 2017*

DIRECTOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Advanced to Certified Director Dana Dunlevy, Hickory Tree, #15 Karen Kuisel, Inland Empire, #21 Janice McKenna, Pacific Sound, #13 Rebecca Richards, High Country, #8 Pamela Ross, Capital City, #4

Advanced to Harmony 500 Director ** Chris Arnold, Grand Harmony, #2 Tracey Bailey, Acappella Sound, #31 Kali Caramia, Indian Blue, #34 Caitlin Castelino, Diablo Vista, #12 Jessie Caynon, Rhythm of New Hampshire Show, #1 Annika Christensen, Key Town Harmony, #32 Martha DeClerq, York Harmony, #16 Marie Erenstedt, Gothia Show, #32 Andrew Howson, Vocalescence, #34 Christine Krowles, Twin County, #15 Terry Ludwig, Sound Celebration, #5 Catherine Macdonald, Hillfoot Harmony, #31 Alexander Morris, Geelong Harmony, #34 Diane Myrick, San Francisco Sound Wave, #12 Teresa Neill, Profile, #1 Jennifer Pyefinch, Hobart Harmony, #34 Kristin Stevens, Limestone City Voices, #16 Laurel Strielkauskas, Millennium Magic, #1 Judy Vidal, Black Hills Showcase, #8 Linda Wareham, Coastal a Cappella, #34 Diane Warner, Durham Shores, #16 Jan-ake Westin, Ontario Heartland, #16 Anita Zengerink, Singing Unlimited, #31 (**Starting in 2017, Harmony 500 recognizes Sweet Adelines’ certified directors who have been a chorus’s front line director for at least a year and led that chorus to a score of 500 or higher in regional competition.)

Advanced to Master Director Sophie Radcliffe, Aberdeen, #31 Lorraine Turner, Surrey Harmony, #31

*Editor’s Note: Certifications awarded beyond the Accolades date range listed above will run in the next Pitch Pipe. If you believe there is an error, contact


October 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E


—May 1-July 30, 2017

Sylvia Alsbury, Tuscan Desert Harmony, #21 Wah Ni Tahe Baker, Potomac Harmony, #14 Vicky Breese, L.A. South Towns Show, #11 Jeanne Campbell, Harbor City Music Company Show, #19 Lou Ann Dykstra, City of Lakes, #6 Joyce Cunninham, MAL Patricia Gaines, Abilene Star and Pride of West Texas Show, #25 Christine Garrott, O-Town Sound, #9 Judith Glass, Kansas City, #5 Berta Holzinger, Harborlites, #21 Jo Ann Kamp, High Country, #8 Arlene Kolanoski, Chapter-at-Large, #21 Anne Layton, Antelope Valley, #11 Barbara Lowe, Scioto Valley, #4 Christine Mitchell, Northern Beaches, #34 Carol Monroe, Potomac Harmony, #14 Chany Nandu, Waikato Rivertones, #35 Marian Reinsch, Melbourne Chorus, #34 Phyllis Roff, City of Lakes, #6 Jackie Russo, Chapter-at-Large, #9 Elizabeth Sargent, San Francisco Sound Waves, #12 Minnie Schenkel, River City Harmony, #6 Avis Snyder, Pacific Horizon, #11 Charlene Staats, Pride of Kentucky, #4 Donna Stupp, Voice of America, Chapter #4 Barbara Tinkle, Harborlites, #21 Catherine Thomas, Harbor City Music Company Show, #19 Rama Wiley, Southern Star, #8 Louise Wiot, Harbor City Music Company Show, #19



PITCH PIPE ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration in a future issue of The Pitch Pipe, email

Change of Address: Let us Know Where You Are Please be sure headquarters has your current address to ensure you receive The Pitch Pipe and non-electronic mailings. Go to the Members Only section of, click on More Member Options and you’ll be directed to the page to update your address.




Dual Directors, Region #34


Joanne Oosterhoff was omitted from the regional competition results in the July issue of The Pitch Pipe. She was competition co-director (with Lindsey Dyer) for A Cappella West Chorus, which won second place at the 2017 Region #34 competition.

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Contact: for more details.

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$60 per Individual before 12/31/2017; $75 each as of 1/1/2018

*Early Bird registration includes a Coronet Club Compilation CD

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Sweet Adelines International

72nd Annual Convention and Competition Oct. 15-20, 2018 The Dome at America's Center St. Louis, Mo., USA FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.SWEETADELINES.COM.

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