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2018 International Champion Quartet


2018 Harmony Classic Division A Champion Chorus • REGION #32, MALMÖ, SWEDEN •

January 2018 • Volume 71 — No.3

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Reliving Las Vegas Read about our annual international convention.

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On The Cover Congratulations to Lustre, who left Las Vegas as 2018 Queens of Harmony, most entertaining quartet and as the first quartet to break the 2900 score mark (out of 3200)*. (L to R) Kathryn Morrical (tenor); Lori Crouter (lead); Jennifer Harris (bass); Lori Dreyer (baritone). Photo by Jon Read Photography. *(4-Star Collection scored 2927 in 1996 when scoring was based on 3 rounds and bonus points.)




January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Our January Feature Contributors KIM VAUGHN•PAGE 8 Historical Approaches to Breathing Kim has been a fixture in Sweet Adelines’ director/ education arenas since she joined the organization in 1974. She is a certified sound judge; a member of the Education Direction Committee; EDC liaison to international faculty; and former Master Director 700 of the international champion San Diego Chorus. She is the first three-time international champion quartet member and in 2014, received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

PAULA DAVIS•PAGE 10 Chorus Life in the 21st Century A Sweet Adeline since 1984, Paula is currently international president and a six-year board member. She is the certified director of the Song of Seattle Chorus, a certified expression judge and former member of the Judge Specialists Committee. She has been active at every organizational level, is a frequent speaker and a tireless advocate for Sweet Adelines and the art of barbershop harmony.

ELIZABETH HARDCASTLE•PAGE 32 Grand Illusion: The Coronet Club Captivates A member of Sound Celebration Chorus, Elizabeth became a Queen of Harmony in 1986, as lead in Ambiance. A Sweet Adeline since 1968, she has directed choruses and been a member of several international top 10 quartets. In addition to coaching and teaching, she is Coronet Club historian and the popular longtime emcee of the annual Coronet Club Show during international convention.

LORA WRIGHT AND HELEN MELZER PETERS•PAGE 42 Sweet Adelines’ Young Singers Lora, a 25-year member, is a certified director with the Quad Cities Chorus and a longtime member of Heart of Illinois Chapter. A tax and accounting professional by day, she is an ardent barbershopper and comes from a family deeply rooted in the genre. Helen began directing the young Belles of Harmony in 1958, at the request of Floyd “Pop” Connett, and continued choral direction for years. She was not yet 20 when she sang with the 1956 Queens of Harmony, the Junior Misses.


Photography: Joey Bertsch, Victoria Cook, Claire Gardiner, Howson Family, Emily O’Brien, Chris Paulis Photography, Helen Melzer Peters, Jon Read Photography, Lauren Stark, Lora Wright

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FIND WHAT IS RIGHT, AND BUILD ON IT “Studies indicate that people exhibit much greater growth potential when they invest energy in developing strengths, rather than correcting deficiencies.”


operating in your “strength zone”? Studies suggest that you are six times less likely to be engaged in what you are pursuing. When we are not able to use or build on our talents, we are not at our best. Gallup research has shown that a strengths-based approach to growth improves confidence, direction, hope and kindness toward others. Lead with Strengths How can we apply this in the coming What would happen if we focused on year? Can we actually turn our thinking building our strengths instead of trying to around? What does that look like in your strengthen our weaknesses? What if our goal chorus or life? became finding what is right about us and building from there? While great lessons and dramatic impacts are earned from The “Whole” Story conquering our most difficult challenges, Here is the bottom line. When we this approach actually involves taking the continue to build our natural strengths and path of most resistance, draining our energy allow others to do the same, the “whole” and resolve. becomes stronger and more effective in It can be tiring and discouraging to live every area. This sounds like Sweet Adelines! in a world that revolves around fixing our weaknesses. Society’s relentless focus on Here are a few examples of people’s shortcomings has become a global maximizing your positives: obsession. A best-selling book, “Strengths Finder 2.0,” by Tom Rath, challenges that • Does your quartet have great “oh” idea. Instead, Rath provides the opportunity vowels? Practice singing everything to test and find your greatest strengths. through that same space. Perhaps not surprisingly, outcomes • Does your chorus have great focus and indicate that people exhibit much greater engagement when a coach is there? growth potential when they invest energy in Appoint a “member coach” to stand developing strengths, rather than correcting out, listen and offer positive feedback. their deficiencies. • Do you have “characters” in your Interesting hypothesis. What if we group with uncontrolled energy? Give applied that different approach to our them three minutes each week chorus? Our quartet? Our leadership team? to energize the whole group. Our life? • Does your leadership team have lots What happens when you are not of crazy, creative ideas? Take a chance; e are all aware that our New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves often disappear before the end of January. It does not take long to lose that energy, passion or zeal about “improving” ourselves, does it?

have fun trying them. Knowing your strengths, the strengths of those around you, and building on those allows each person to shine and grow in new ways, bringing excitement, engagement and enthusiasm to every rehearsal. Most of us have compelling stories of how Sweet Adelines has positively affected our lives. What better gift to give one another than to celebrate who we are, allow each one to excel in her talents and capitalize on the high-functioning “whole” that results. What an incredible way to be a Sweet Adeline! Enjoy every moment of your growth and preparation for regional contest this year! Celebrate the many talents and strengths you bring to each rehearsal and performance. Make your New Year’s resolution to build on your strengths and see where it takes you! Feel the joy and satisfaction of sharing your true self with others. You are amazing, incredible, talented, engaging, loving and joyful. We Are Sweet Adelines! In harmony,

Paula Davis International President

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Sweet Adelines Announces New Affinity Programs for Members You have no doubt heard that saying about life happening while you were busy making other plans? Life can be uncertain — yet you can certainly utilize many strategies to help manage difficulties. With that in mind, Sweet Adelines is offering members the opportunity to take advantage of two services that are especially important in today’s world: access to legal advice and identity theft protection. A third program, Healthiestyou, assures 24/7 access to a doctor for diagnosis, treatment plans, prescriptions and more.

For complete information, visit Member Benefits at

All three services operate on easy, convenient mobile apps. Sweet Adelines can choose individual or family plans.

LegalShield It is stressful enough to need legal advice, let alone having to worry about what it will cost. With a LegalShield plan, you can contact your law firm for legal advice and not worry about high hourly fees. No legal issue is too big or too small and your lawyer is just a toll-free number away. LegalShield includes many benefits but even at the most basic level, our plans allow you to have peace of mind.

IDShield IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators on call to restore your identity. IDShield monitors your social security number, bank and credit accounts, passport, email, driver’s license number, social media accounts and much more. IDShield provides a complete picture of identity theft and can walk you through all the steps to protect yourself.

Healthiestyou By Teladoc


Whether you have questions or just aren’t feeling well, you can effortlessly connect to a 24/7 telehealth hotline for the diagnosis and treatment of illness, second opinions and consultations. Board-certified, licensed physicians in every state are waiting to provide exceptional care. They can even prescribe medication and save a trip to the doctor’s office, whether members are at home or on the road. Your healthcare just got a whole lot easier!

Watch upcoming issues of The Pitch Pipe for real-life stories about how these plans have saved members time, headaches, worry and money. LegalShield and IDShield are available in the U.S. and Canada,* with variable coverage on the legal plan.Healthiestyou is available only in the U.S. at this time. *(Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nauet, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon)


January 2018 | T H EP I TC H P I P E


A TIME FOR EVOLUTION AND VISIONING “And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” —MEISTER ECKHART, GERMAN THEOLOGIAN, PHILOSOPHER


he calendar turns and a new year begins. The Romans dedicated the first of January to Janus, their God of Gates and Doors. Janus is commonly depicted with two faces — one regarding what is behind and the other looking to what lies ahead. Like Janus, Sweet Adelines is at the archway in the gate, looking in both directions. This last year, through strategic planning, we looked back to our roots, where we have come from, while also looking forward, building a path to where we are going. The love of singing together is the consistent theme. As I have said many times, I love SA history. It is an inspiring and amazing legacy due to the women who started it, those who have nurtured it — and the dedication of current members and leaders to assure its future. Due to decades of evolution and the commitment of women,

SA is in the position of offering numerous member and community benefits. High on the list is exceptional education for women’s voices and the opportunity to sing for the joy of it, growing through competition and performance. SA offers empowerment for women, leadership opportunities for all members and programs for young women. What will the future sing? It is only limited by what we can imagine. “It’s good to remember, even though the future seems far away, it’s actually beginning right now.” (Mattie Stepanek*) It is an exciting time for SA. There may be bumps in the road – as with any new beginning and we might have to redirect our course on a bend or two as we focus on thriving in an ever-changing environment — yet, we are looking through the gate to the future and will be singing all the way through. “Change can be scary but you know

what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving and progressing.” (Mandy Hale**) This is SA’s path — growing, evolving and progressing to keep the art of barbershop and women’s connectivity strong and moving forward. The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written… Until the next story,

Kay Todd, Ph.D., CAE, CEO * Mattie Stepanek published seven books of poetry and peace essays before he died of a rare congenital disease at age 13. ** Mandy Hale is a “New York Times” best-selling author and blogger.

As Sweet Adelines embrace an exciting future, we remember the rich legacy that propels us forward. Below: Going global; The first Pitch Pipe, named for the tool that “puts us in tune” with each other; Maxine Connett, the ninth of our 40 fabulous presidents; Sweet Adelines show how it feels to shower the world with music and joy.

January 2018 | T HEPI T CH P IP E


2017 International Board of Directors Election Results


he election to fill two expiring terms on the International Board of Directors (IBOD) concluded on Dec. 6, 2017, at 3 p.m. CST (9 p.m. UTC). Elected to three-year terms were Sharon Cartwright, Northern Beaches Chorus, Region #34 and Janice McKenna, Pacific Sound Chorus, Region #13. The term runs May 1, 2018, through April 30, 2021. The board also appointed two members to serve one-year terms, beginning on the same day. The appointees are Thérèse Antonini, North Metro Chorus, Region #16 and Joan Boutilier, River City Sound Chorus, #Region 3.

Sweet Adelines International President Paula Davis said that participation in the 2017 election stood at 95.8 percent, higher than the participation recorded in the 2016 election. This year, 10 regions achieved 100 percent chapter vote participation: North Atlantic Region #1; Border Lakes Region #2; Midwest Harmony Region #3; Spirit of the Midwest Region #5; Great Gulf Coast Region #10; Sequoia Pacifica Region #11; North by Northwest Region #13; Greater NY/NJ Region #15; Southern Cross Region #34; and New Zealand Region #35.

Contest starts January 15, 2018

Sharon Cartwright

Janice McKenna

Thérèse Antonini

Joan Boutilier

Have an original song playing in your head? The Sweet Adelines “Bursting With Song” Songwriting Contest is for you! Early deadline: May 1 $20USD per song submission Final deadline: June 1 $30USD per song submission

Sweet Adelines

Open to amateur or professional musicians and songwriters (barbershoppers & non-barbershoppers). Winners announced at the 2018 Sweet Adelines International Convention in St. Louis!

For full Contest details, visit: #BurstingWithSong #SongwritingContest



Grand Prize! January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E





ne of the most complicated issues for all singers is the subject of breathing and breath support. So, to keep things relatively simple, let’s define breathing as our body’s anatomical movement in and out, called inspiration and expiration. There is very little disagreement on what the body physically does when we inhale. During the act of inspiration we take air into the lungs. We open our mouths and air rushes in. The diaphragm, a muscle we cannot physically control, lowers automatically, displacing the stomach and intestines. There is a chemical exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is then exhaled. When we breathe out the abdominal muscles help control how quickly the diaphragm returns to its original position.

in all traditional breathing schools. What separates them are the techniques used to slow the ascent of the diaphragm and for delaying the collapse of the ribcage. Historically, the varying pedagogical approaches to breath support have centered in three different, very successful areas or schools of the 19th century: English, German and Italian.

The English School

Typical breath management techniques of the English School fall into systems that deal with upper back activity, intercostal function and positioning of the diaphragm. The rib cage is meant to expand wide and high while keeping an elevated chest. Another breath-oriented area of focus in the English School is that breath/air needs to be constantly moving. Each stream of air is to be initiated and maintained by abdominal pressure that moves inward and up. Sentences like “sing on the breath,” or “move the breath upward,” are used while maintaining a wide upper back. This breathing technique is very successful with singers who might be chair or wheelchair bound.

“How high should we breathe? As high as possible without giving up the freedom and elasticity of the points of the shoulders. For breathing purposes diaphragmatic breathing must be combined with rib breathing.” – “THE ART OF SINGING” (1921) WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (The singer, not the writer)

When we breathe out slowly, as in singing, the diaphragm goes into what we want to be a position of balanced resistance with the INSPIRATION INSPIRATION EXPIRATION abdominal muscles. Learning to use thisEXPIRATION muscle system to control the breath as it is being exhaled is called breath support or breath management. How we manage air is a subject of disagreement, a disagreement that has been going on for several hundred years. The fact that the diaphragm descends and that we the use the abdominal muscles, partnered with the ribs and the lungs, are agreed upon concepts


January 2018 | T H EP I TCH P I P E

The German School

The German School focuses on low breathing techniques and a low or relaxed chest posture. Belly breathing, a tilted and tucked lower spine and a spreading of the lower ribs with some minor pelvic contraction impact posture as well. Inhalations are meant to be silent and deep. “Place the tone,” “relax and lower the jaw,” “sing with an open throat” and talk about tongue shapes are all comments that originate from the German School.


The Italian School

The breath is focused in the abdominal area. The replenishment of that breath is always easy and gentle. The sternum is moderately high — a posture maintained throughout the entire breathing cycle. The torso remains stable with almost no movement laterally; at the end of a long phrase, of course, some inward abdominal movement is apparent. In the Italian School, there should never be the sensation of crowding, holding or storing the breath.

Be Open to Experiment

The success of any vocal approach to breathing must be measured by its personal success. While these national schools may be geographically distant from some of us, that does not mean they aren’t relevant. We, as singers, want to always be open to the existence of new or different techniques. We live in a world of discovery and change. So experiment, see if you can tell what method you might be using yourself, which one makes the most sense to you as an individual singer. You may feel self-conscious and overly focused on breathing for a bit but there are benefits to that focus. And an informed choice is only possible when we understand our options.

Want To Know More? Read the Following “The Structure of Singing” BY RICHARD MILLER


“National Schools of Singing” BY RICHARD MILLER

“Historical Vocal Pedagogy Classics” BY BERTON COFFIN

“The Bel Canto Buzz: Beautiful Singing Made Simple” BY DEBRA LYNN

All New From International Sales 4








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January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



CHORUS LIFE IN THE 21st CENTURY Could changes to your chorus structure lead to new and happier members? BY PAULA DAVIS


e all joined a Sweet Adelines’ chorus because we love to sing. When we joined, we heard the saying, “it’s just one night a week for the rest of your life!” While it brings a knowing smile to our faces now, such a time commitment can be challenging in today’s world. After all, onenight-a-week reflects what has been our traditional chorus model for almost 75 years now. However, with different societal and generational priorities and needs becoming more prominent these days, you and your chorus may want to consider alternative ways to reach new members, and better serve the needs of your current members.

Ask yourselves, if we were starting a new chorus today, how would we want to set it up? Know Before You Go

Before you consider changes, take this critical first step. Discover or re-visit the goals and needs of your chorus. Seek information from your members; be open to new ideas and perspectives; and combine what you learn into a unified goal(s). Ask yourselves, if we were starting a new chorus today, how would we want to set it up so that it helps us meet group goals, as well as the needs of our members? When considering an alternative chorus model, you also need to know what is required by our international bylaws and policy — and what is not. You may be surprised to discover that there are not nearly as many rules as you may think.

What are the International Rules that Dictate How Choruses Operate? • 15 or more members and director • Pay the charter or renewal fee for the chapter • Payment of annual international member dues and regional assessment • Participate in a contest performance once every 3 years • Completion of tax forms for Internal Revenue Service


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

(IRS) (if applicable) • Required General Liability Fee (if applicable) • Required board or team management governance • Annual chapter business/election meeting and finance report • Annual verification of audit of chapter finances

What Practices are not Dictated? • We are not told what kind of music to sing, except for outlining criteria for the most successful contest songs. Otherwise, you have a world of choices! • We are not held to any particular chorus rehearsal schedule. • Our choruses alone decide the rules for audition practices, acceptance, attendance requirements or other membership requirements. • We are not required to have a particular kind of contest experience every three years. A chorus may choose International Division, Open Division or Evaluation Only.

Scenarios and Suggestions

Now that we know the bottom line on requirements, let us talk about the freedom a chorus has in choosing its culture and operations. Depending on your situation, be creative and do not be afraid to try something new! Here are a few ideas. Are work/time commitments stretching your members’ availability? • Some choruses take from one to two months off during the year to allow their members a break for family time or other needs/desires. • Some choruses meet once a month for an all-day rehearsal. Some meet twice a month. • Some choruses meet in different locations, depending on where large groups of members are located. They may vary weekly rehearsal locations and then all come together on the 4th week (or some other combination). • One chorus operates on “terms,” like schools. Members can sign out for a “term or semester,” due to other commitments or needs. They continue to pay partial dues, receive communications and are always welcome to come whenever they can during that term. • Some choose to have coaching on regular chorus nights to help limit additional time commitments for members.


Does member interest in competition shift as personal priorities and goals change? • Consider going to contest for many reasons. Learn about the judging categories; have members choose a category and judge from their seats. • Make a memorable impact on your region by choosing to be cheerleaders for every competitor. Make competition weekend a game to see who can “tag” with the most people, etc. • Try a different competition division. Experiment with the Open Division and watch the new skills and talents in your group grow. Enjoy performing for fun in Evaluation Only. Sing in the International Division with a different goal than you have had before. • Allow yourselves to shift your focus from “competition” to “entertaining performances.” Spend more time giving performances throughout the year and celebrate the success and positive experiences. • Make entertainment your contest goal.

Is your director exhausted/overwhelmed? • Investigate the possibility of a co-director. • Explore the idea of having a “musical director” and a separate “artistic director.” Dividing these many and varied responsibilities allows people to focus on what they do best and not carry so much of the overall responsibility. • Offer a “sabbatical” to the director and allow your assistant directors to sharpen their skills during that time or invite musical directors from the community for one rehearsal to come in and allow the chorus to learn in new and different ways. I have shared a few innovative practices now being used in small and large choruses, as well as Open Division and International Top 10 competitors. Might any of these ideas work for you? First, know your own chorus/member goals. Then explore new ideas and perhaps try something new! It is fun!


your chorus’s

membership campaign today!

Open House events celebrate the uniqueness of each Sweet Adelines’ chorus through customizable marketing materials and freedom to host an Open House any day of the year! Log in as a member and visit the “Members Only” section at

• Download fillable guides, social media, graphics and press materials in the “Open House Resources” section. • Create marketing templates to the tune of your chorus in the “Ad Builder/Templates” section.

Share your success with us on social media! #iamsweetadelines January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Adrenaline Rising Star Champion Quartet The word describes a jolt of heightened excitement and energy – and our 2017 Rising Star Champion Quartet is living up to the name. During their reigning year, Maggie McAlexander (tenor), Amanda Pitts (lead), Jadyn Johnson (baritone) and Sara Littlefield (bass) invite Sweet Adelines to follow their journey.


hese last few months have been nothing short of a dream come true! We would like to give a huge thank you to our Sweet Adelines family for the outpouring of love since our win. When we started on this journey a little over a year ago, we never imagined what was in store for us. We formed our quartet completely online, after a few of us met over the years at various barbershop conventions, and from the huge barbershop online community. We were unsure of how we would sound as a foursome, but decided to take a chance. We met up at the Barbershop Harmony Society's Midwinter Convention in January 2017. That was our first rehearsal, and where Amanda and Jadyn met! We instantly fell


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

in love with our sound and realized that we had the same goals — to win Rising Star and have a blast making music together! We met two other times that year, at BHS Las Vegas and when we competed for the Rising Star title at the International Education Symposium last August in Baltimore. Since each of us grew up in barbershop, we spent years looking up to Rising Star competitors and dreaming that it could be us some day. We had no idea that it would happen so quickly. Since we live in different time zones, it took a lot of work on our own, learning our music and making sure we were prepared for when we did have moments together. It also took a lot of help from our families, who are all barbershoppers, and were

very understanding and supportive of our dream. We can’t discuss our win without thanking our amazing coaches! Darin Drown, Travis Tabares, Nikki Blackmer, Melissa Pope, Brett Littlefield and Debbie Cleveland — thank you for devoting so much time to us this past year. As our reigning year continues, it just keeps getting better and better. We had so much fun during the convention in Las Vegas. It was so surreal to sing on the Sweet Adelines’ international stage for all of you! You truly are the best audience in the world! — Amanda, Maggie, Jadyn and Sara

We have some really exciting things coming up and we owe it all to you, our barbershop family. Thank you again for your love and support. We hope we make you proud this year! Got Adrenaline? Find us on social media to follow our journey. adrenalineqtet Instagram: @Adrenalinequartet



Only six months remain to preserve your place on the brick patio at Sweet Adelines International. June 30, 2018, will be the last day to place an order for an engraved brick with a special message that honors, celebrates or memorializes the Sweet Adelines in your life. Approximately 375 brick spaces are still available in the patio for a donation of $100 each. Download the brick order form today at and preserve your place in barbershop history.

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Leaving Las Vegas A

s always, our international convention and competition was epic, as the curtain dropped for the last time on our global stage in Las Vegas. It was a blockbuster send-off: record-setting scores; directorial dynasty baton passing; stunning swan song performances; elated faces; exciting classes; and five days overflowing with all things barbershop. The event drew an outpouring of appreciation and financial support as convention attendees and viewers at home raised some $100,000 during the week to support the webcast, the Overtone Society and the Young Singers Foundation. These generous gifts enrich our organizational mission both now and into the future. As for the competition, it was quite a show. Some 2,295 singers, representing 45 quartets, 33 choruses and six countries, treated us to the best female barbershop performances in the world. “I was an international stage newbie and it was simply transformational,” said Donna Vincent Roa, who sang with sixth

place Harbor City Music Company Chorus. “I cried tears of joy when I saw our video. There is much more wrapped up in that 15 minutes of sound and entertainment than the obvious.” “What you see is a representation of women who love this art form and put in massive amounts of time, effort, dedication and focus to make beautiful music,” she added. The sound, the passion, the dedication — this event is always a heady dose of the essence of Sweet Adelines. “I think everyone in this room is a champion,” said Erin Howden, who made her international directorial debut leading the 2018 champion chorus, North Metro, #16. “We are all lovers of this sport.” Heartfelt words to take forward to 2018, as we prepare to ring those chords for the 72nd time in the barbershop-loving city of St. Louis.

Special Awards

Sweet Adelines stand out, on and off the stage. Congratulations to these special awardees, who were recognized for leadership and musical achievement at the 2017 convention.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Nancy Field, Vocal Matrix Chorus, Region #14 INTERNATIONAL NOVICE QUARTET AWARD: Titanium, Rich-Tone Chorus/Chapter-at-Large, Region #25 2017 ANN GOOCH AWARD: Jenny Lawson, Surrey Harmony Chorus, Region #31 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (NAfME) AWARD: Annette Lambrecht, Windsong Chorus, Region #8 HARMONY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Stockholm City Voices Chorus, Region #32

A MOST PERFORMANCE “This last contest was the most comfortable we’ve ever felt on stage, anywhere. After the semi’s and finals, we felt like we’d given it our all. That was a great feeling, knowing that whatever happened, we were good with it. That’s truly a special memory and our wish for every quartet that ever performs.”

Lustre • The 2018 International Champion Quartet

Recipient of the Joni Bescos Trophy and winner, Most Entertaining Quartet Kathryn Morrical, Tenor, Capital Accord Chorus and Harbor City Music Company Chorus, Region #19 Lori Crouter, Lead, Harbor City Music Company Chorus, Region #19 Jennifer Harris, Bass, Harbor City Music Company Chorus, Region #19 Lori Dreyer, Baritone, Harbor City Music Company Chorus, Region #19 SCORE: 2935 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Georgia May (A. Dale); What Kind Of Fool Am I (Keller) FINALS SONGS: Magic To Do (D. Wright); Oh Look At Me Now (A. Dale); Big And Loud (Gellert); I Got Rhythm (D. Wright)


ivid voices and song choices that fit like an elegant glove proved to be lucky charms for 2018 International Champion Quartet Lustre, who set a new record score of 2935 and won the most entertaining quartet at the 71st international competition in Las Vegas. Another competition high note — they sang with their home chorus, Harbor City Music Company #19, which placed sixth among the Top 10 choruses. Lustre is a talented, funny foursome of disciplined and persistent women who value their lifelong friendships more than titles. Although make no mistake, titles are appreciated and Lustre


January 2018 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

worked hard for theirs. During the 2011 competition in Houston, they placed 34th among competing quartets. In 2012, they placed seventh and over the next six years, were never out of the Top 10 quartets again. During that time, the number three started earning a familiar ring — Lustre placed third among quartets in Las Vegas in 2015 and 2016. So, for the third and final time in that city, the number three became magic, as they were crowned the 2018 Queens of Harmony.

How did they do it? Lustre shared some insight. PP: You have just shared a dream come true. What has made you tick, click and stick together? Lustre: We believe we set ourselves up for this championship the day we formed 12 years ago. Not because we could see the future, but because we were founded on friendship, respect and a commitment to consensus from Day One. We have always been very goal-oriented and tried to establish goals that were less about contest results and more about raising the level of our performances. We cannot control results – we can control our own performance and our own enjoyment of the process and outcomes. However, our main quartet theme is what brought us to this championship and we emphatically say it to all our Sweet Adeline sisters. We’re four regular, determined, everyday women who stayed together, worked hard and achieved a dream. If we can do it, others can, too. Be persistent, be encouraged and never give up. PP: Tell us about your history. Lustre: Our story is a long one and we are proud of our journey. We formed in 2005 with three current members and Laura Colozzi, our original tenor. Laura moved to Italy for a job after five years and Kate joined us. At our first regional competition, we scored a 471 (average 58.9). We kept at it, using our scoresheets as road maps and our coaches as tour guides. Eventually we won every regional medal, although not in order, until we won the regional quartet title in 2011. Over the years we’ve learned to sing better, of course, but more importantly, we’ve learned how to communicate with each other to manage this quartet marriage of unique relationships, how to set and work toward goals, how to handle disappointment, frustration and much more. Speaking of history, we had a

serendipitous reunion with Laura Colozzi in Las Vegas. Now living in Sweden, she was there to compete with Stockholm City Voices. It was wonderful to have her there when we became quartet champions. Such a wonderful symmetry (see top left photo) to our quartet’s journey! PP: Why did you choose the finals package you did? Lustre: What Kind of Fool Am I, which we sang in the semifinals, has become our signature ballad. The first few times we sang it, the judges didn’t like it — or we didn’t sing it well enough for them to like it. But we loved it and decided to hone our skills, rather than scrap the song. Georgia May is a new uptune for us this year and we love how quickly it came together for us, a sure sign that it’s a fit! Over the years, we’ve tried many package styles, from fullon skits to more traditional approaches. This year we wanted to be ourselves, with a little bit of a story to tell so we came up with hobbies/variety show theme. For the finals, the opener Magic To Do set up our theme so well. Our contest piece, Oh Look At Me Now is new for us this year. It suits our personalities and allows us to break out of our shells a bit. Big And Loud showcases Lori Crouter’s talent and was arranged years ago for her by Michael Gellert. We made I Got Rhythm the closer because it’s just a whole lot of barbershop fun!

We Want to Thank

Dave Harris, the Lustre Hubstre; Harbor City, Michael Gellert, Capital Accord Chorus, Renée Porzel, Betty Clipman and Carole Persinger. In Las Vegas, Harbor City singers made up all or part of three other quartets. Congratulations to GQ, Famous Janes and Neon Lights. Finally, we are so proud to be from Region #19; our regional sisters have supported us since the day we formed.

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


TOP 10

QUARTETS ClassRing • 2nd Place

Michaela Slamka-Johnston, Heather Havens, Mary Duncan, Hailey Parks REGIONS: #5, #9, #19, Spirit of the Gulf Chorus, Pride of Baltimore Chorus, Kansas City Chorus SCORE: 2784 SEMIFINALS SONGS: I Can’t Give You Anything But Love/L-O-V-E Medley (Bergman); Blame It On My Youth (Graham) FINALS SONGS: May We Entertain You Medley: Cinderella, Handful of Keys, Royal Garden Blues, No, No Norman (Minshall, Cokecroft, D. Wright, Craig, C. Hine); Sweet Adeline (Giallambardo); Climb Every Mountain (Bock)

Windsor • 3rd Place

Mary Sarah Johnson, Ashley Espinoza, Lexi Moroni, Jenny Allen REGIONS: #5, #9, Chapter-at-Large #5, Chapter-at-Large #9 SCORE: 2707 SEMIFINALS SONGS: When I Fall In Love (D. Wright); I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Harrington) FINALS SONGS: Some Enchanted Evening (D. Wright); You’re Welcome (C. Hine); Every Changes (Ray); All I Do Is Dream Of You (C. Hine)

Spritzer • 4th Place

Joan Boutilier, Susann McKinley, Hannah Barton, Sharon Demy REGIONS: #3, #16, River City Sound Chorus, North Metro Chorus SCORE: 2705 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Roses Of Yesterday (Bergman); How Many Hearts Have You Broken? (Arns) FINALS SONGS: Let’s Start The New Year Right (L. Wright); Auld Lang Syne (C. Hine); All About That Change (Gain); Humble & Kind (Giallambardo); Let’s Live It Up (A. Dale)

GQ • 5th Place

Amanda McNutt, Alexandra Hauger, Katie Gillis, Katie Macdonald REGIONS: #9, #19, Chapter-at-Large #19, Toast of Tampa Show Chorus, Harbor City Music Company Chorus SCORE: 2657 SEMIFINALS SONGS: There Are Worse Things I Could Do (McAlexander); Almost There (A. Dale) FINALS SONGS: Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me (D. Wright); Scotch And Soda (Kitzmiller); Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (GQ); Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (McAlexander)


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Titanium • 6th Place

Lynn Downs, Melody White, Holly Fisher, Lindsay Chartier-Holdeman REGION: #25, Chapter-at-Large #25, Rich-Tone Chorus SCORE: 2646 SEMIFINALS SONGS: When I Fall In Love (D. Wright); Cuddle Up A Little Closer (C. Hine) FINALS SONGS: That’s Life (Harrington); It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie (D. Wright); She Used To Be Mine (Beck); I Love Being Here With You (A. Dale)

Glamour • 7th Place

Stacey St. John, Deidra Ekins, Dominique Parsons, Gretchen Holloway REGION: #4, Chapter-at-Large #4, Scioto Valley Chorus SCORE: 2636 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Get Me To The Church On Time (A. Dale); If I Love Again (Hopkins) FINALS SONGS: Eight Days A Week (Harrington); America The Beautiful (Bergman, Bescos); Hallelujah (Emmet); Red Hot (Bergman); Imagine (L. Wright)

Tenacious • 8th Place

Shannon Lange, Chelsea Selvaggio, Tracy Marcarello, Connie Brant REGION: #4, Scioto Valley Chorus, Capitol Showcase Chorus SCORE: 2609 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Next Time I Love (L. Wright); Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (Craig) FINALS SONGS: It’s A Pity To Say Goodnight (Bergman); Killing Me Softly (Selvaggio); Bach Fugue In D Minor (L. Wright); Defying Gravity (Minshall)

Finesse • 9th Place

Helen Owen, Beth Brimmicombe, Tanya Jenkins, Sarah Cole REGION: #31, Chapter-at-Large #31, Heartbeat UK Chorus SCORE: 2588 SEMIFINALS SONGS: You Turned The Tables On Me (Bergman); It’s You (Rund) FINALS SONGS: I Love Being Here With You (A. Dale); A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Bescos); Go The Distance (A. Dale)

Pizzazz! • 10th Place

Kelly Peterson, Susan Ives, Janice Sue Mohr, Donna Kready REGION: #5, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus SCORE: 2567 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Jazz Me Blues (Minihane); A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (L. Wright) FINALS SONGS: I’ll Take Romance (Webb); All The Way (Gentry); To Make You Feel My Love (Minshall); Love Will Keep Us Together (Craig)

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Yes, We FelT

THE LOVE North Metro captures the international stage with bright red cups, electric choreography and a record-breaking score.

North Metro Chorus

REGION: #16, Toronto, Ontario, Canada • Erin Howden, director SCORE: 2959 SEMIFINALS SONGS: I Love A Piano (Bescos); I Will (Giallombardo) FINALS SONGS: Give Me The Simple Life (A. Dale); Almost There (Keller); Once Upon A Time (J. Dale); Touch The Sky (J. Dale); Cups/On My Way/Back Home Medley (Lewis)


orth Metro Chorus came to Las Vegas with a story — a personal, heartfelt parable about roots, respect, excellence, joy, change and discovery. They sang to salute June Dale, their director of 45 years, who was forced to step down two years ago due to an accident. The chorus, after grappling with how to regroup themselves musically and emotionally, sang about weathering and embracing change. Their songs reflected a love of legacy and the confidence to keep going, even if it means “getting in the face of turmoil and running and flying with everything you have in you for what is next,” said June’s daughter, Erin Howden, who directed the chorus in Las Vegas. Of all the memories, one in particular created an overwhelming moment for all of North Metro, Erin said. “Near the close of the evening, I remember calling my Mom


January 2018 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

to the stage to direct the entire arena in Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” Erin said. “As I stood there, excited for her to direct again, I looked beyond her into the joyful and emotional eyes and hearts of the audience from all corners of the world as we joined hands and raised our voices together. “Honestly, there was a oneness in that moment that was so uplifting, and in the wake of the unrest in the world, there was a light shining in that room that was truly love and gratitude. We are all so thankful,” Erin remembered. June Dale passed the directorship and maybe a lot of magic to her daughter. The Las Vegas championship was a fitting finale for June, a five-time international champion chorus winner, and a thrilling doorway for Erin, who took North Metro to the top in her first time as a director on the international stage.

A Conversation with

North Metro Chorus Master Director 700 Erin Howden

PP: Do you remember your first thoughts when North Metro was announced as the 2018 champion chorus? EH: As I stood on that stage where my Mom, June Dale, had stood 45 years before me, I was joyful beyond description and completely unprepared for the emotions that overtook me. After my Mom stepped down, North Metro took on the ambition to continue what she started and put in two years of hard emotional, physical, musical and mental work to do that. I’m incredibly thankful and happy for every singer, who gave completely of herself to this journey. That my Mom and the chorus trusted me to lead them was a greater gift than any award and to be honest, a very scary yet uplifting and exciting experience. PP: Talk about your music, especially the finals package. What were you saying as a chorus? EH: Both our sets offered a bit of the past and some new material. Our chorus has typically performed a heavily character-based finals set. It was a new experience for us not to sing behind a character but to expose our feelings and real experiences fully through our music. We decided to be “us.” It was important that the music not only reflect our journey but that audience members would associate with the struggles of change, overcoming adversity and moving forward with joy in their own walk. Visually, our costumer designer, my talented sister Lynn Reisch, created a look that was fun, classy and still allowed the music to be the feature. We wanted to close with a positive, uplifting message

about getting on our way. Our final medley spoke for us — it described missing people, moving forward and never forgetting where you came from. PP: What is it about barbershop in a choral setting that is so appealing to North Metro? EH: Barbershop harmony embraces the need for all of us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. When you combine the beauty of a melody with the richness and warmth of the bass, the shiny finish of the tenor and the incredible fill of the baritone part, the outcome embodies all the possible emotions for the singer and the listener. Our art form allows people of all ages and backgrounds to stand together and release the innermost emotional part of themselves in a powerful combined harmony.

PP: Talk about the character of your chorus. EH: In coaching other choruses, I’m keenly aware that we are all the same — we are all striving to do our best. I don’t think there’s a defined persona for North Metro but we encourage members to be real and human, keeping competition in perspective. If all the focus is on perfection of the product and the end result, there can be a tendency to forget about humans in the room and why we sing. We all know that Sweet Adelines can change women’s lives, on and off the risers. We lead people, we don’t just lead music. We have grown with and inherited the in-house leadership team that June Dale built, musically, visually and administratively. She led with tremendous heart and we believe, as she does, that ongoing growth for every member is what makes a chorus succeed.

PP: Final thoughts? EH: We’d like to thank our outside coaching team: Peggy Gram, Dale Syverson, Tony DeRosa and Joe Connelly who have given us wonderful insight, knowledge and endless encouragement. Most of all, we thank Sweet Adelines for providing us all with this organization and the opportunity to sing and share our music worldwide. We are also thankful to June Dale, our families and supporters who truly inspire us and encourage us to seek out what lies ahead. We were so overwhelmed and so uplifted by the welcoming response of our audience in Las Vegas. We are proud and so excited to be your champions.


North Metro Chorus, #16

Marg Allen Thérèse Antonini Karen Armstrong Wendy Arnold Suzanne Askin Ashaya Babiuk Cagan Balakbabalar Deborah Barbisan Jacqui Barron Hannah Barton Barbara Borovicka Sue Ann Bourbonniere Elizabeth Brandon Carrie Bronson Magdie Buder Cassiopeia Burrell Gloria Busch Patricia Byrne Margaret Cannon Patti Cole Annmarie Connett June Dale Robyn Dale Kelsey Dann Sharon Demy Sharon Dion Colleen Drautz Nancy Elliott Lindsay Farquhar Julie Faux-Newman Carol Fawcett Cynthia Feltrin Marisa Flores Stephanie Foley Nanci Francis Lindsay Gibb Betty Gibson


Cathy Gillespie Jane Gillis Kagey Gray Marcella Grebenc Julie Hall Yve Hall Elizabeth Hansen Diane Harm Vivian Hemsley Jamie Hinton Erin Howden Stacy Hugman Jacqueline Jackson Barbara Jacobs Liz Johnston Grace Kahle Jenna Kellas Sandy Leah Kelly Linda Keyes Marilyn King Jane Kitchen Cindy Klinger Kathleen Knapp Sue Kodama Wendy Laurier Carol Leppan Geri Loukes Wendy Luffman Fran Lunshof Donna Lupson Mary Lyons Jeri MacArthur Sandra MacDonald Catarina Maisonville Shirley Marconi Julie Maxwell Carol McDowell

January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Regan McKenzie Susann McKinley Claire McMartin Susan Miles Mary Mitchell Joanne Mitchel Lea-Anne Mohamid Sarah Moore Cally Moore Lesley Munslow Colleen Murphy Vi Nairn Colleen O ‘Dwyer Julie Orchard Kelly Pappel Heather Parker Elaine Parr Cathy Partridge Kathy Patterson Sharon Pelton Sarah Pelton Donna Penstone Kristin Ponte Doreen Pooley Carol Reed Alana Regular Lynn Reisch Ines Ribeiro Canella Nicole Richard Carol Roblin Liz Rogers Elizabeth Rome Ella Russell Susan Sanders Lorraine Schiedel Diane Seaward Elizabeth Selano

Jean Simpson Shelley Snoulten Joanne Southam Margaret St. Aubin Heather Stewart Cathy Stovold Lesley Stovold Ellen Stroud Carol Sutton Patricia Taylor Karen Thompson Debra Thornton Joan Turner Rhonda Van Buskirk Ramola Vanderhyden Ghislaine Walton Celia Wamsley Alma Westcott Donna Wilkie Shelagh Wilson Vikki Wright Associate Members Carolyn Hay Aggi Krebber Martha O 'Driscoll Cynthia Raskin Sharon Towner Life Members Rita Drake Barbara Fear Edna Racicot Anna-Jane Sharrard

TOP 10


Lions Gate Chorus • 2nd Place and Most Entertaining Chorus Award

REGION: #26 • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Sandy Marron, director SCORE: 2945 (726 music) SEMIFINALS SONGS: Something Good (C. Hine); Hello Dolly (Minshall, Marron, Garriock) FINALS SONGS: Welcome Christmas (D. Wright, Garriock); You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Volk); Time After Time (Waesche, Marron); If My Friends Could See Me Now (Minshall)

Melodeers Chorus • 3rd Place

REGION: #3 • Northbrook, Ill. • Jim Arns, director SCORE: 2945 (723 music)

SEMIFINALS SONGS: The Very Thought Of You (Arns); Georgia May/Sweet Georgia Brown Medley (Arns) FINALS SONGS: Fly Like An Eagle (Arns); I’m An Errand Boy/Girl For Rhythm/Hit That Jive Jack Medley (Arns); The Time Warp (Minshall); The Time Warping Medley (Arns, Kahn); Fly Like An Eagle (Arns); It's Time (Kahn)

Toast of Tampa Show Chorus • 4th Place

REGION: #9 • Tampa, Fla. • Tony DeRosa, director SCORE: 2913 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (C. Hine); Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (C. Hine)

FINALS SONGS: Maybe This Time (C. Hine); Holding Out For A Hero (Minshall); You Don’t! You Won’t! (A. Dale) My Heart Will Go On (Lewis)

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


TOP 10


Scioto Valley Chorus • 5th Place

REGION: #4 • Dublin, Ohio • Kerry Denino and Char Gurney, directors SCORE: 2869 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (A. Dale); Jazz Me Blues (Johnson) FINALS SONGS: Let’s Go To The Movies (Gentry); They All Laughed (D. Wright); Let’s Go To The Movies (Gentry); Somewhere Out There (L. Wright);

Scioto Night Fever Medley: Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, You Should Be Dancing (Bartholomew)

Harbor City Music Company Chorus • 6th Place

REGION: #19 • Baltimore, Md. • Michael Gellert, director SCORE: 2843 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Cabaret (Gellert); Brokenhearted (Graham) FINALS SONGS: Opening Night (Gellert); I Am What I Am (Gellert); If I Loved You (Craig); For Good (Gellert); All I Care About (Gellert)

Greater Nassau Chorus • 7th Place

REGION: #15 • Baldwin, N.Y. • Harriette Walters, director SCORE: 2676 SEMIFINALS SONGS: All The Way (Gentry); Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Beck) FINALS SONGS: I Love Being Here With You (A. Dale); Tips (Payne); Auld Lang Syne (C. Hine); Empire State Of Mind/New York, New York Medley (L. Wright)


January 2018 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

Choral-Aires Chorus • 8th Place

REGION: #3 • Elmhurst, Ill. • Amy Brinkman and Bonnie Fedyski, directors SCORE: 2621

SEMIFINALS SONGS: I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night (Minshall); Ain’t He Sweet/Yes Sir, That’s My Baby (C. Hine) FINALS SONGS: It’s A Lovely Day/I Love To Sing (L. Wright); Chicago Medley: My Kind Of Town, Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town (Giallombardo);

How High The Moon (Hale); Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Lund); After Today (Giallombardo)

Stockholm City Voices Chorus 9th Place and Harmony Achievement Award Recipient*

(*Presented to the small chorus with the highest semifinals score in the International Division)

REGION: #32 • Stockholm, Sweden • Viveka Boettge and Tindra Thor, directors SCORE: 2594 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Over The Rainbow (C. Hine); A-Tisket, A-Tasket (Harrington)

FINALS SONGS: Nature Boy (with Swan Lake theme) (Thor); Come What May (Keller); El Tango De Roxanne (Thor); Defying Gravity (Minshall)

Bay Area Showcase Chorus • 10th Place

REGION: #12 • San Jose, Calif. • Julie Starr, director SCORE: 2549 SEMIFINALS SONGS: All The Way (Gentry); When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam’ (Giallaombardo, revisions by Marron, Connelly, Starr, Heller) FINALS SONGS: That Old Quartet Of Mine (Bescos); Brave (Starr); Born To Be Wild (Minshall); Beatles Medley: All You Need Is Love, With A Little Help From My Friends (Starr)

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E




Malmö Limelight Chorus • Division A Champion Chorus REGION: #32 • Malmö, Sweden • Sara Söderström, director SCORE: 1284

SONGS: Intro Colors (Feuer); A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Minihane, altered by Harrington, Feuer, Söderström); A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Lippincott, altered by Harrington); Taking A Chance On Love (Giallombardo, altered by Harrington); Colors (Feuer)


triking solos and magnificent chords drew audience cheers for Malmö, whose 34 members traveled more than 5,400 miles to their first international competition. Malmö’s heartfelt message – love and respect for one’s self and others – touched everyone in the arena. “It’s important to be true to

Wichita Chorus • 2nd Place

ourselves, to show our diversities and embrace the strength those traits give us as a chorus,” the chorus wrote about the experience. The last song was arranged by Malmö’s assistant director, “and therefore, it lies closest to our hearts!”

REGION: #8 • Wichita, Kan. • Melynnie Williams, director SCORE: 1173 SONGS: Wonderful Day Medley (D. Wright, Griebel); Lazy Day (D. Wright); My Romance (Minshall); Somebody To Love (Lloyd)


January 2018 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

Evergreen Chorus • 3rd Place

REGION: #15 • Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Carole Argulewicz, director SCORE: 1042

SONGS: I Feel The Earth Move (L. Wright); The Moment I Saw Your Eyes (Liles); How Many Hearts Have You Broken? (Arns); You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Schmidt)

Grand Traverse Show Chorus • 4th Place

REGION: #16 • Traverse City, Mich. • Jill Watson, director SCORE: 1026 SONGS: Brave (Starr); All The Way (Gentry); Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Giallombardo); Sing (L. Wright)

St. Louis Harmony Chorus • 5th Place

REGION: #9 • St. Louis, Mo. • Christina Schuler, director SCORE: 900 SONGS: We Will Rock You (chant); Somebody To Love (Keller); Bohemian Rhapsody (Lane); Don’t Stop Me Now (Osterlund)

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E




Brindabella Chorus • Harmony Classic Division AA Champion and Most Entertaining Chorus REGION: #34 • Kambah, ACT, Australia • Glenda Lloyd, director SCORE: 1267 SONGS: It’s Time To Fly (Lloyd); Safety Duet (Lloyd); Turbulence (Lloyd); Somewhere Over The Rainbow (C. Hine); Viva Las Vegas (Lloyd)


light safety instructions given in barbershop harmony? In a quirky and creative package, Brindabella set out to tell the story of a journey – not unlike their own trek to Las Vegas this year for their first international competition. Winning these two awards was a magical moment for

Velvet Hills Chorus • 2nd Place

Brindabella, who consider Sweet Adelines a very big factor in their quest to become better singers and performers. “It’s a real demonstration of the power of Sweet Adelines that a group can grow so much with the right education and support!” chorus members told the webcasters.

REGION: #8 • Colorado Springs, Colo. • Kathy Carmody and Darin Drown, directors SCORE: 1233 SONGS: Bup Bup/Great Race (Bescos); Good Morning (Kirkendall); Taylor, The Latte Boy (Gellert, Kirkendall); Young And Foolish (Bescos, Graham);

Coffee In A Cardboard Cup (Volk)


January 2018 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

Farmington Valley Chorus • 3rd Place

REGION: #1 • Simsbury, Conn. • Cheryl Wilcox, director SCORE: 1215 SONGS: Ring Them Bells (Massey); Help Is On The Way (Gellert); Four Leaf Clover/Yes Sir Medley (Spiecker)

Greater Kingston Chorus • 4th Place

REGION: #16 • Kingston, Ontario, Canada • Andrew Carolan, director SCORE: 1150

SONGS: Shakin’ The Blues Away (Craig); Better When I’m Dancin’ (Gain); Make You Feel My Love (Carolan); SING (A. Dale)

O-Town Sound Chorus • 5th Place

REGION: #9 • Orlando, Fla. • Kay Webb, director SCORE: 1145 SONGS: When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along (Volk); How Many Hearts Have You Broken? (Arms); Time After Time (Arns); Great Day (Harrington)

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Chapter Longevity Awards Congratulations and thank you for your long devotion to all that barbershop harmony brings to our lives.

City of Lakes, #6, Minneapolis, Minn. Toast of Champaign, #3, Champaign, Ill. Ozark Showcase, #25, Springfield, Mo. Golden Sands, #11, Long Beach, Calif.

Song of Atlanta, #14, Atlanta, Ga. Montana Sapphire, #8, Billings, Mont. Magic of Manatee, #9, Bradenton, Fla. Spirit of Syracuse, #15, Syracuse, N.Y. Memphis City Sound, #25, Memphis, Tenn. Voices United, #11, Fresno, Calif. Festival Sounds, #2, Stratford, Ontario, Canada Cincinnati Sound, #4, Cincinnati, Ohio Coldwater Sweet Adelines, #17, Coldwater, Mich.

Channelaire, #11, Ventura, Calif. Celebrity City, #11, Las Vegas, Nev. Evergreen, #15, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Skyline, #8, Denver, Colo. Jet Cities, #13, Federal Way, Wash. Harborlight Show, #1, Saugus, Mass. Jacksonville Harmony, #9, Jacksonville, Fla. Scottsdale, #21, Scottsdale, Ariz. Cedar Harmony, #5, Cedar Falls, Iowa Scenic City, #4, Chattanooga, Tenn. Pocatello Showcase, #8, Pocatello, Idaho Columbia River, #13, Vancouver, Wash.

Vienna-Falls, #14, Fairfax, Va. Spirit of Evansville, #4, Evansville, Ind. Southern Star, #8, Pueblo, Colo. Pacific Edge, #26, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Flagship City, #17, Erie, Pa. Idaho Falls A Cappella, #8, Idaho Falls, Idaho North Metro, #16, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

West Shore, #17, Spring Lake, Mich. Peace Arch, #26, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada White Sails A Cappella, #26, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Kern Valley, #11, Lake Isabella, Calif. Laurel Harmony, #17, Greensburg, Pa. Mid-Lakes, #17, Plainwell, Mich. Kitsap Pines, #13, Bremerton, Wash. Carolina Style, #14, Conover, N.C. Water Wonderland, #2, Okemos, Mich.


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Lone Star, #10, Fort Worth, Texas Sound of Sunshine, #9, Orlando, Fla. Heart O Wisconsin, #6, Marshfield, Wis. Greater Eugene, #12, Springfield, Ore. River Raisin, #17, Monroe, Mich. Greater Richmond, #14, Richmond, Va. Capitaland, #15, Albany, N.Y. River Bend, #3, South Bend, Ind. Valley Shore Acappella, #1, East Lyme, Conn. River Magic, #4, Huntington, W.Va.

Northwest Harmony, #13, Vancouver, Wash. Capitol Showcase, #4, Westerville, Ohio South Florida Jubilee, #9, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Sheffield Harmony, #31, Sheffield, England Sound of the Strand, #14, Myrtle Beach, S.C. Women of Note, #9, Wellington, Fla. Northern Beaches, #34, Belrose, New South Wales, Australia Southern Oregon Sound, #12, Medford, Ore. East City Sound, #34, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia

Heart of Illinois, #3, East Peoria, Ill. Palo Duro Metro, #25, Canyon, Texas Chisholm Trail, #10, Temple, Texas Spirit of the Lakes, #3, Lake Geneva, Wis. Spirit of Southeast Texas, #10, Beaumont, Texas Bella Voce, #8, Craig, Colo. Skyline Harmony, #14, Charlottesville, Va. Northumberland, #16, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada Liberty Oak, #15, Freehold, N.J. Battlefords Blend, #26, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada Heart of the Valley, #1, Northampton, Mass. Tulsa Metro Sound, #25, Tulsa, Okla.

Hearts of Harmony, #26, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Westosha Lakes, #3, Antioch, Ill. River Lights, #12, Modesto, Calif. Rhythm of the Rockies, #26, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Prairie Rose, #6, Dickinson, N.D. Valley Chords, #1, Hartford, Vt. Note-ably North Texas, #25, Allen, Texas Talk of Tulsa Show, #25, Tulsa, Okla. Riverlights Harmony, #2, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Brisbane City Sounds, #34, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Post Road, #1, Worcester, Mass. Pride of Toledo, #17, Toledo, Ohio Pearls of The Sound, #32, Helsingborg, Sweden TexArmonix, #25, Texarkana, Texas Christchurch City, #35, Christchurch, New Zealand Toast of Tampa Show, #9, Tampa, Fla. Lock Cities, #2, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Simply A Cappella, #21, Tempe, Ariz. Dunedin Harmony, #35, Dunedin, New Zealand Nebraska Pride, #8, Kearney, Neb. Coastal a Cappella, #34, Erina Heights, New South Wales, Australia Solent Sounds, #31, Fareham, England Surrey Harmony, #31, Coulsdon, England SouthCity Soundz, #35, Auckland, New Zealand Harmony Heights, #32, Uppsala, Sweden Ringing Hills, #19, Pottstown, Pa. Key Town Harmony, #32, Eskilstuna, Sweden

Phoenix, #31, Potton, United Kingdom Hillfoot Harmony, #31, Dollar, Scotland Voices Northwest, #13, Everett, Wash. A' Cappella Bay Singers, #34, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia Santa Rosa Belles, #25, Vernon, Texas Red RockAppella, #21, Sedona, Ariz. RiversEdge, #13, Spokane, Wash. Oregon Spirit, #12, Salem, Ore. Carillon Belles, #2, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada Freedom Valley, #19, Chambersburg, Pa. Bytown Beat, #16, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Emerald City, #25, Wichita, Kan. Manawatu Overtones, #35, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Greeley Harmonix, #8, Greeley, Colo. Honolulu Blend Show, #21, Honolulu, Hawaii Bella Acappella Harmony, #12, Bend, Ore. The Woodlands Show, #10, The Woodlands, Texas Aoyama Harmony, #30, Tokyo, Japan A Cappella Electric, #8, Loveland, Colo.


“Nancy demonstrates the mark of an exceptional leader. She sees people with leadership potential — then she opens doors and provides mentoring. Eventually, she encourages them to step into the spotlight while she stands proudly off to the side, smiling and applauding their accomplishments.”


hoosing and presenting the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the most exciting and heart-warming responsibilities of any president. The honoree needs to reflect the values, support, leadership and service that we hope to celebrate in all members. However, recipients of this award step beyond those initial requirements. This awardee has been a selfless servant to the organization, a friend to all and a mentor for many. That is just how I would describe this year’s recipient, Nancy Field. In 1966, Nancy began her Sweet Adelines life in Syracuse, N.Y. Within two weeks, she was serving in chorus leadership. Of course she was! Nancy later directed the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus, Region #16, winning several regional contests and appearing with them at international contests as well. She held numerous regional positions until she moved to Lake Hartwell, Ga., in 2006. She instantly became Region #23 competition coordinator, a job she held until 2009, when she became a director of a Region #14 chorus. At the international level, Nancy has been a member and officer of the

international board, as well as a certified expression judge and judge analyst. She has judged in every region, inspiring members around the globe. As a judge analyst, she has provided the encouragement and training to guide many Sweet Adelines along their own path to judging. In fact, Nancy was my first judge analyst as a trial scorer. I had not ever noticed her name until that time, and I have never forgotten it since. Her clear eye for where improvement was needed and her willingness to encourage and applaud my fledgling development in those early days gave me hope for continuing. “That’s Nancy. Service first. Those aren’t just words, it’s who she is,” agreed two-time international president Marsha Fulton, who has known Nancy for decades. All this and she directs Vocal Matrix Chorus in Greenville, N.C. Under her direction, the chorus she built will make its second trip to the international stage in 2018 in St. Louis. If you asked Nancy what she considers her proudest efforts, I am certain she would tell about all the women she has mentored through the years. “She is such a real person. Very knowledgeable yet not impressed with

herself,” noted Marcia Bosma, Harborlites Chorus, Region #21. “She was always super supportive of me.” This is the mark of an exceptional leader – she stealthily pursues people in whom she sees any kind of leadership talent and she opens doors, provides opportunities and mentors them in their development. She provides a task or a stage, unassumingly supports and encourages us to step up into the spotlight and then she stands proudly off to the side, smiling and applauding your accomplishment. Nancy’s capacity to guide women from support to the spotlight is verified by another long-time friend, Marilyn Cox, Velvet Hills Chorus, Region #8. “She consistently encouraged and challenged me to keep striving,” Marilyn said. “Her belief in me has meant so much all these years.” “I guess I have been busy,” Nancy quipped after hearing me list all her contributions to Sweet Adelines. “We were just a fledgling organization when I met Ann Gooch, Joni Bescos, Sylvia Alsbury and so many others. They gave me confidence and taught me to share what you have,” Nancy said, remembering the mentors who taught her to be one, too.

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


2017 Vegas Show Recap


“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome your 2018 Sweet Adeline International Champions, Lustre!” Then, poof! Our new queens made their grand entrance into the MGM Grand Garden Arena. And the magic began!

Above: Iris Cokeroft (left) and Ruth Ann Parker, Hurricane Honeys, 1967. Top right: 4-Star Collection marks 20 years.


eautiful in sparkling crowns and exquisite gowns (50 shades of purple!), the Coronets welcomed their amazing audience with Here’s To Las Vegas, followed by Some Enchanted Evening, which was exquisite. Magic To Do and Friend Like Me were playful and exciting — filled with awesome choreo — and a surprise or two! Hurricane Honeys (1967) celebrated 50 years! “Cinderella-Queens” Iris Cokeroft (lead) and Ruth Ann Parker (bari) were overwhelmed by the standing ovation. With impish grace, Iris spoke about the love and sisterhood of Sweet Adelines as she honored the three who could not attend – Marge Grau (bass) and (tenors) Nancy Calay and Toni Miller. Cameo performances celebrated both 25th and 20th anniversaries. City Lights (1992) rocked That’s How You Jazz! and 4-Star Collection (1997) sang their iconic Darkness On The Delta. Frenzy (2017) was — frenetic! Crazy Diva Las Vegas and mellow Lover


January 2018 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

Come Back To Me shared the bill with heartbreaker, Since You Went Away. Then Frenzy was inducted into the Coronet Club. Not a dry eye in the house! What is up with Speed of Sound (2016)? Seems Debbie actually winds up with two “latte boys,” leaving Carter “latte-less!” Mike Slamka and Ryan Heller were really cute “latte-boys." Let’s Start Tomorrow Tonight and All The Way were amazing! The BUZZ (2005) wowed the audience with A Little Bit Of Heaven; An Alto’s Lament resonated with every baritone in the audience! Fun! BLING! (2015) Deanna (bari) campaigned for Baritone Appreciation Day. I Love Being Here With You was “jazzy” and Feelin’ Good was “hot” yet so cool! Martini (2012) debuted a lovely ballad, Winter Song, and Steppin’ Out With A Star was joyous! LoveNotes (2014) playfully shared I Used To Call Him Baby. With great care and artistry, they performed a Panache (1990) arrangement, I Dreamed A Dream.

Guest performers, BHS 2009 Champions, Crossroads, filled the arena with deep, rich harmony and absolute joy! You Don't, You Won't (Love Nobody But Me) set the pace and they were off and running! (Well, not actually running). In between lighthearted banter about diets, male pattern baldness and priceless funny stuff, Crossroads delivered iconic favorites such as Sixteen Tons, Blue Bayou and Ev'rybody's Gonna Have Religion In Glory. The BUZZ joined them for With A Song In My Heart. Crossroads topped it off with Devil Don't Play and That Lucky Old Sun. Awesomeness. There is so much more to tell — to see — to remember. Take a look! Follow us on Facebook, TheCoronetClub/ and visit our website, Share your regional, chorus and quartet news with us. (Photos courtesy of Claire Gardiner)

P.S. Order your 2018 St. Louis Coronet Club Show tickets now. We are amped and ready to rock and shock!

For information on the Coronet Club and upcoming events, visit

Top: City Lights mark their 25th anniversary. Bottom: 2009 BHS International Champion Quartet, Crossroads.

August 3 – 5, 2018

The Westin Chicago North Shore Chicago, Illinois Win a FREE quartet registration!

g featurin

and faculty

Betty Clipman Karen Breidert

and a few surprises!

Space is limited! Reserve your spot today! Sign up online at

Sign up before March 31, 2018 and your quartet will be entered into a drawing where the winner’s registration fee will be reimbursed!

Early Bird Registration!*

$60 per Individual before 3/31/2018; $75 each as of 4/1/2018

*Early Bird registration includes a Coronet Club Compilation CD

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Our “Harmonize The World” t-shirt and sweatshirts were specifically designed to spark conversations. Wear with pride and talk to your friends, neighbors and complete strangers about Sweet Adelines International! To order visit, #iamsweetadelines #comesingwithus

s ne

mSweetAdel a I i #



e Sin

g W it h U

Quantities are limited. Production authorized by Sweet Adelines International.


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E


CELEBRATING 50- AND 60-YEAR MEMBERSHIP MILESTONES Thank you for your loyal, lovely, long-time voices. 50-Year Member Awards Dolly Baker, A Cappella Electric Chorus, #8 Gail Barrena, L.A. South Towns Show Chorus, #11 Linda Brown, Capitaland Chorus, #15 Lou Burgess-Schroff, Golden Sands Chorus, #11 Karen Carter, Pacific Sound Chorus, #13 Carolyn Chappell, Vienna-Falls Chorus, #14 Marian Davenport, Wichita Chorus, #25 Evelyn Doyle, Coastline Show Chorus, #1 Rita Drake, North Metro Chorus, #16 Nancy Field, Greenville in Harmony Chorus, #14 Bobbette Gantz, Verdugo Hills Chorus, #11 Mary Haller, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus, #5 Patricia Hawes, Crosstown Harmony Chorus, #3 Carolyn Hayes, Memphis City Sound Chorus, #25 Carolyn Healey, Cincinnati Sound Chorus, #4 Dorothy Hirt, Vienna-Falls Chorus, #14 Christine Hoinacki, Harmony on the Sound Chorus, #1 Sandy Ilgenfritz, Greater Harrisburg Chorus, #19 Elsie Jussel, Harmony Northwest Chorus, #13 Lorelei Kerschbaum, Midwest Crossroad Chorus, #3 Jeanne Lundberg, Fenton Lakes Chorus, #2 Elvira Machuk, Assiniboine Chorus, #6 Sheila Martinez, Kansas City Chorus, #5 Ozzi Mask, Potomac Harmony Chorus, #14 Margaret Monaco, Carousel Harmony Chorus, #15 Charlotte Nelson, Sounds of Harmony Chorus, #21 Doris Ofstedahl, Verdugo Hills Chorus, #11 Gerry Papageorge, Golden Sands Chorus, #11 Kim Patrick-Miernicki, Pacific Horizon Chorus, #11 Carolyn Plumb, Zumbro Valley Chorus, #6

Ruth Ramey, Chapter-at-Large, #13 Evelyn Roberts, Member-at-Large Marilyn Rogers, Chapter-at-Large, #14 Josephine Russ, Skyline Harmony Chorus, #14 Mary Schetne, Chapter-at-Large, #21 Patricia Schurman, Chapter-at-Large, #12 Marsha Shaw, Scottsdale Chorus, #21 Sandra Shaw, Chapter-at-Large, #13 Zona Snyder, Agoura Hills Harmony Chorus, #11 Jean Snyder, Chinook Winds Show Chorus, #26 Lucille Summy, Harmony Central Chorus, #5 Joyce White, Chapter-at-Large, #13 Ruth Worsley, Member-at-Large 60-Year Member Awards Suzanne Arabian, Member-at-Large Kay Argue, Member-at-Large Iris Cokeroft, Goldcoast Chorus, #9 Helen Davis, Grand Harmony Chorus, #2 Lois Dye, Chapter-at-Large, #13 Delores Godwin, Member-at-Large Anita Gohl, Chapter-at-Large, #13 Marian Hoffman, Chapter-at-Large, #5 Ann Neess, Cincinnati Sound Chorus, #12 Helen Pike, Chapter-at-Large, #12 Edna Racicot, North Metro Chorus, #16 Helen Ryan, Chapter-at-Large, #5 Janice Stauffer, Member-at-Large Hazel Tabar, Racine Sweet Adelines Chorus, #3 Bette Templeton, Toast of Tampa Show Chorus, #9 Maureen Wickstrom, Member-at-Large

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Member Recruitment Champs Thank You for Your Sweet Support!

A standing ovation for our most recent winners in the Sweet Adds Membership Incentive program. Over the past six months, these enthusiastic ambassadors persuaded more than 40 happy new members to come sing with us!

Winners: Victoria Cook, 11 members, Harborlight Show Chapter, #1 Dianne Clare, 11 members, Scarborough Chapter, #16 Margaret Vonk-Archer, 10 members, Singing Unlimited Chapter, #31 Jane Mackintosh-Smith, 6 members, Zero Degrees Show Chapter, #31 Phyllis Parkell, 5 members, Inland Empire Chapter, #21 So much to smile about: Victoria Cook (center, front) and all 11 new Sweet Adelines.

The winners received free international dues for a year and other incentives, based on how many members they recruited.

Recruiting Pep Talk Some "how to" ideas from Victoria Cook: • The most important recruitment tool is your passion for singing. Show it in daily conversations and it will pay off! • Honesty is key to successful recruiting. Be upfront about rehearsal expectations, costs, chorus persona and what the singer will get from the experience. • The deciding recruiting factor is the personality fit. If a prospective member visits and feels right at home — she will likely stay. Every chorus is unique and the reality is that not every singer and chorus will be a match and that is OK!

And from Margaret Vonk-Archer: • A feeling that resonated with our new members is what they described as a “warm blanket of welcome” from Day One. • We think our enthusiasm, sense of fun and fierce pride in what we do are qualities that aid our recruiting efforts. We are driven by our love of music and a healthy dose of pluck — we are not shy about promoting our art form!

Thank you to all Sweet Adelines who continue to spread the love of barbershop harmony around the world by sharing with interested women who may not be familiar with us — and would want to be! For more information, contact or call 1-800-992-7464 or 1-918-622-1444.

lt enha samm terden Zu Un liebe Chor, die che “Ich ikalis nem d mus Gemeinin mei ng un he stützu die herzlic ag freue st g, en il Bildun Jeden Di e, we -Susan Casey, Prob aft! f die scha in einl Grand Harmony Chorus tern ich au ich m orschwes jede neue Ch äre en meine Atmosph willkomm er es h dend in herzlic , was ich トアデラ er イン t Adeerlebe Säng 年にオク ズインターナ Hier i Swee ラホマ州 ショナルißen. 合唱団体 (SA) lied be in. タルサで he です。 設立され , Mitg 五大 に上り、 zu se た世界最 heißt 登録コー 陸に広がる会 lines i den eines är en ”extremsport” 00を Barbershop 超えてい ラスは500以 員数は、約 音楽の世 “ 界に t Adel ます。 上、4人 en av de världen, 、音楽 musikaliska eemest krävande ICH. 非営利団 おいて 教育、 組カルSw 「超難易 コンテス AUCH れるほどチャレン 体でsångare プスタイsångstilarna där N kan utvecklas あるSA ト、 度の高い BI ショ 演奏 ジン S ルコーラ ッ のDA 活動を通 スポーツ です。 och överträffa スの sig själva. Barbershoppareて歌 プスタイルは グな歌唱 9歳 して

私達は ス デライ ウィート Vad ンズär です。


rt” mspo r er de n eine nn. ka llieren ht nur nic n sich pella ap schen en a-c n klassi n ch vo derne r zu mo trendige rer ande helos en bar mü oreografi Ch r ihre i den Spaß n dabe

スーザン ケイシー グランド 、 ハーモニ ー コー ラス

バーバ スタイ ーショップ ルとは ?

スタイル 」 と呼ば から90歳 輪を広げ 、 、 えばいい ただ バ 、 その つも一緒framträder というも 4部に分かれ であるバーバ bara という幅inte a cappella, パーたる 発展4-stämmigt に に練習し 広い年齢 ーションde skiftar y, ものは、長い のではありませんて無伴奏でハ ー 、共にdessutom ップ界 (stilart) utanCa seの名 舞台に立 層のgenre ギャッ メ s 間歌い継がれ 。バーバー モっ 曲、有名 プを乗りfrån 、 つことに barbershop 周りの世 oru uppehåll, -Susan klassisk ochや流行り 越えて交 界を の歌など なミュージカ てきたバーバ ショッ ony Ch 「ハーモ 流してい ballader Harm ら次 ル曲、 showlåtar 、 ーシ tillズ」 moderna ありとあ へと滑ら och mer ナイ らゆるジ 人気のバラー ョ Grand かに、 している るように konventionell musik, allt med den senaste ャンルの ド 見せかけ しかも振付を 曲をAdelines Sweet す。 International 、 なが なん さも 次か koreografin och en känsla av att det sker helt ら歌い上 と更にそ 楽々 なし S. Toledo Ave. げなくて とこ9110 の 「スポー utan ansträngning… och har superkul! はならな てい ツ」 を思う存 いので OK 74137 分楽しみ Tulsa, なが (918) ら! 622-1444

New Recruitment Tool Available – in Five Languages

「メン バ こと、 ーと強い絆 共 で結ば って一 に学び、助 れてい け合 体 る 幸せな 感を感じら い、一緒に こ れるの 歌 を作っ とです。皆 は本当 て が のリハ くれている 温かい雰 に 囲 の ー の会に サルがとて で、毎週火 気 曜日 は仲間 も楽し と集う み 喜びが です。 こ ていま す。」 満ち溢れ 私はス ウィー トアデ ライン です。

“Jag älskar kamratskapet, utbildningen, uppmuntran och tillhörigheten min kör ger mig varje vecka. Jag ser fram emot repetitionen varje tisdag då mina körsystrar skapar en varm och inbjudande miljö där alla kvinnor är välkomna. Medlemskapets glädje finns här. JAG ÄR SWEET ADELINES”

Sweet Adelines International


rnat es Inte Adelin

Harmonize the World,

g zu bli en in Beitra Dein armonieSweet Adeline スウィ e H mehr elt! Werdine ンズにートアデ Toll Free: (800) 992-SING (7464) ライ s, e der W をハー入って、世 Email: on un line! v 界 モ e ein フリeーダtイヤAルde ましょナイズし e ル: : う! Swメー al t Swee

on ernati nes Int Ave. o t Adeli Swee 0 S. Toled 37 911 , OK 741 4 ) Tulsa 44 (7464 622-1 (918) 992-SING 0) eline e: (80 eetad Toll Fre mber@sw de me weeta Email: www.s



ト アデ ライ





Adelin es 9110 S. Tol Internation edo al Tulsa, OK 741 Ave. (918) 622-14 37 44 (800) 992-SI memb NG (74 www.s er@sweet 64) weeta adeline deline

January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

The new member recruitment brochure is now available in English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish. Music may be a universal language but this resource, translated by Sweet Adelines for Sweet Adelines, could invite an even deeper conversation about the rewards of membership. It is a perfect piece to give potential members. As a high-level introduction to Sweet Adelines, the brochure extolls member benefits, shares compelling testimonials and directs interested women on how to find a local chorus. Brochures in each language are available 24/7/365 in the Member’s Only Marketing Training Center at


SHE IS FAMILY Jen Howson has an entire world of Sweet Adeline relatives.

“The best thing in the world is to share music with your children,” Jen said about her “barbershop babies,” (left) who have all enjoyed the genre. Above: Jen, husband Andrew and daughter Avery.


en Howson’s global barbershop clan has been blooming since she was 22, when she joined Sweet Adelines as a single mom and college student in Southern California. “My kids have too many aunts and uncles to count. I call more than my fair share Mom and Dad, and have more brothers and sisters in harmony than I know what to do with most days,” Jen laughs. “But my Sweet Adelines family saved my life and gave me the opportunity to explore every dream I ever had.” As a college student, Jen sang in a mixed choral group that included barbershop lead extraordinaire Chris Vaughn (stepson of Kim Vaughn). In no time, this new barbershop experience became embedded in the core of her young, unfolding life. “Chris and I married, had 10 years of barbershop-filled memories, two ‘barber brats’ of our own and thanks

to barbershop, we each found our new partners in life,” Jen said. “I found my husband Andrew, who brought us to this little old island of Australia and we’ve been making a bit of history ever since.” But let’s back up a little bit. Jen’s Sweet Adelines life includes a U.S. stint with Harborlites Chorus, under the direction of the “passionate and wonderful Pam Pieson.” Later, a move to Colorado led her to blend her voice with the “glorious city of voices of my Skyline Chorus sisters and Vickie Maybury.” Then, big life changes took the family to Australia, where she and Andrew formed Vocalescence Chorus. “We wanted to incorporate all we had learned singing with internationallevel choruses in America into a culture we could create from scratch here in Australia,” Jen explained. "With a focus on being a cutting edge,

forward thinking, competitive chorus with a knack for making history, we were on our way. We chartered in record time and in 2011, at our first regional, the 16 of us came away as third place small chorus, with 504 points. In 2017, we were named most improved, with a increase of 77 points,” she added proudly. With its dynamic culture, Vocalescence continues as a vibrant work in progress, Jen said. A Region #34 leadership training session last year with Jan Carley inspired members to unite behind the chorus like never before. A guiding slogan defines their mission and compels them to share it with anyone who will listen. “We love that we can say we are ordinary women doing extraordinary things because we dare to Dream, Inspire, Unite and Achieve! Jen said. The chorus includes one extraordinary man, of course, she added. CONTINUED ON PG. 50

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



Sweet Adelines International


Giving is Always on Pitch

Fundraising Operations Launches a New Course Sweet Adelines has officially transitioned the title of our fundraising operations from “advancement” to “development” in order to best serve our membership family and propel women’s barbershop harmony into the future. What is the difference between the two, and what can you expect to see in the future? Advancement is a broad term that includes generating revenue outside of dues and fees, advancing public/government relations and implementing various marketing/communications strategies. The term development describes a narrower focus. Development departments operate with the sole purpose of generating new revenue to support the mission and programs of an organization. With a new directive and energized strategy, the development department is tasked with: • Crafting a sophisticated, comprehensive and streamlined fundraising program that engages members, foundations, corporations and the public in fueling the future of our organization. • Aggressively and intentionally growing revenue in support of program and organizational expansion. • Creating mutually beneficial funding pipelines and opportunities for financial exchange between the International office and local chapters. • Establishing strong member/donor relationships at the international, regional and chapter levels through transparency, inclusion and authenticity. The Development Task Force, chaired by CEO Kay Todd, is spearheading changes to the program. Members include Dayve Gabbard, Peggy Gram, Carole Persinger and Mary Rhea. The task force’s recommendations are expected at the March IBOD meeting. For more information, contact Lindsay Jordan, director of development, at 1-918-388-8030 or email

Donors Make a Monumental Difference

Young Singers Foundation Grants


The Young Singers Foundation (YSF) recently awarded $7,700 in grants to Sweet Adelines’ chapters and their partners for specific barbershop events reaching hundreds of young singers.

The generosity banner was flying high in October, as attendees and webcast viewers gave more than $100,000 during the 2017 international convention in Las Vegas. The Young Singers Foundation (YSF) silent auction raised $13,635 in bidding on some 200 items, including trips, glassware and the most-bid-upon item, the coveted ukulele. Ryan Heller, director of Pride of Portland Chorus, shared his powerful personal story in advance of the “ask,” a traditional “pass the hat” collection held at every international convention. The audience responded in kind, giving $17,000 for youth scholarships, grants and music education. SA board members visited the Overtone Society booth and VIP Donor Lounge as philanthropic ambassadors. Donations reached $7,800 by the end of the week. Once again, the live webcast was spectacularly successful. Viewers gave generously throughout the week, reaching the goal of $75,000. Sweet Adelines thanks all our donors and volunteers, who gave in so many ways during this convention and who put so much of their time and talents toward raising the funds needed to continue our mission and programs.


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

• Young Women & Young Men in Harmony/ Cincinnati Sound Chapter: $2,000 • Diva Day 2018/Harborlites Chapter: $2,000 • Super Sing Youth Harmony Workshop/ Super Sing Organization: $2,800 • Girls LOVE Barbershop Festival/ Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chapter: $900 To learn more about the grant and scholarship programs, visit the Education tab at


Being almost born into barbershop, Emily credits Sweet Adelines for

her 30 years of friendships



all over the world, for

modeling business and leadership skills and

multiplying her barbershop talents many times over through extraordinary

music education. That's why she gives monthly to

The Overtone Society.

Join her. Because Giving is Always on Pitch. There are many ways to

support Sweet Adelines. For options, visit


Above: And so it begins — Emily and her eighth grade quartet won a “huge” $50 talent show prize. (Right) With her Gem City Chorus Mom. Below: Rocking out with Harborlites Chorus.

mily O’Brien fell in love with the footlights at age 8, when she was cast as one of the town children in the 1983 Gem City Chorus production of “The Music Man.” Entertainment, in one form or another, has been a part of her life ever since. At 11, with the encouragement of Gem City director Jean Barford, Emily joined her mother in the chorus until she graduated from high school. She took a college hiatus, although she sang briefly with Scioto Valley Chorus while in Ohio on a college internship. Emily is now on the front row with the Harborlites Chorus in Huntington Beach, Calif., and an associate member with Toast of Tampa Show Chorus (after a recent nearly 5-year stretch of living bi-coastally and having competed with both choruses back-to-back, earning no less than five international 3rd place chorus medals in a row). She has been a member of several quartets, starting in an eighth grade ensemble with the daughter and friends of her mother’s quartet mates. Emily

remembers they won a “huge” $50 prize in a local talent show. Perhaps not surprisingly, entertainment is her hobby and her profession. She is an executive creative producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, and involved with conceiving, designing and overseeing construction at Disney theme parks around the world. She has an eye and ear for the arts. Through the years, Emily has contributed to The Overtone Society with the same consistency and commitment she has devoted to her Sweet Adelines life. As her own financial security has grown, she has increased her monthly donation levels. In addition, while she gives because she can, her real motivation stems from a fervent appreciation of what Sweet Adelines has given her. Without a doubt, the organization taught her people and leadership skills. “I began interacting with adults at an early age,” Emily said. “I was always watching the directors, coaches, choreographers, the costume experts — I

met many 'famous' barbershoppers and learned to be respectful yet not intimidated. I learned to be aware of how I presented myself,” she added. “I subconsciously learned how to be a good business person. I was able to see excellent leaders look to others for advice. My job now involves management of very large projects and diverse teams. My ability to do that is directly related to my experiences growing up in Sweet Adelines.” Her other reason to give? Education. “I’ve been fortunate to sing with large choruses with amazing directors like Pam Pieson and Tony DeRosa. These larger choruses tend to allocate their resources for training and exposure to world-class coaches. My contributions help Sweet Adelines International continue to grow and deliver superior education, especially to choruses with limited resources. It’s important to me that I help extend educational opportunities to all regions and chapters.”

January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



International Limelight BY LIMELIGHT QUARTET, #4


e were thinking about singing our way across the United Kingdom when we discovered the Eisteddfod Competition in Wales. The festival was created 70 years ago to promote global friendship through music and dance. For the first time, there was a category for small a cappella ensembles, so we sent an audition tape. They invited us to compete; we were thrilled! Contestants presented a 10-minute program in any musical genre. The audience loved our barbershop style; the judges even suggested the other competitors learn to perform like us! (Thanks, Sweet Adelines!) We were delighted to win secondplace honors and to sing on both BBC and Welsh TV later that day. We then traveled to Scotland and spent a fabulous time with the Aberdeen Chorus. We are grateful for new friends across the ocean.



he Accidentals, a young quartet from our chorus, simply love singing four-part harmony. No matter the venue, they are prepared, from costumes and patter to vocal skills. Recently the young women sang at a family barbeque and passed business cards to some appreciative guests. A man who took one later called — he was a talent booker — and asked if they’d be willing to open for Jay Leno in Laughlin, Nev. They quickly learned seven new songs and got the gig. I am proud of The Accidentals and am reminding everyone about the importance of persistence and hard work. It is the pride and commitment we bring to our craft that makes us stand out. Never forget that.



hen some of my music students asked how to stay in good vocal shape over breaks, our chorus created the Summer Singers program. From June to August, 10 high school students joined us on the risers every Monday, bringing youthful energy and joy, while quickly learning the music and riser choreo! They sang with us at a number of events and all of them want to return for the 2018 program. The program was a hit with parents, too — families said they appreciated the opportunity for their daughters to learn vocal skills at a continually higher level, while still having lots of fun.


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E


Awesome AcaJam



tudents, music educators and a number of Region #25 choruses raised their voices during the AcaJam workshop with Deke Sharon and hosted by Talk of Tulsa Show Chorus. Tulsa’s mayor even declared A Cappella Barbershop Day in the city when the workshop opened. One attendee, a Dallas choral director, said, “It made my heart

happy to see so many young people participating. It is evident that you are truly supporting and engaging the next generation in Region #25.” The chorus secured workshop funding through several Tulsa foundations and from individual donations.

Barbershop on a Sonic Timeline BY MYRA NEWMAN, BRIDGES OF HARMONY CHORUS, #9


e admit it was a fast track. Over eight months, we formed as a chorus of barbershop-loving women; sang for evaluation at Region #9 competition, earning solid “B” scores; and on June 8, became an official chapter, with

38 charter members. Thank you to Coastal Harmony and our talented director, Kim Higdon, for leading this adventure. We are looking forward to continuing our journey to vocal excellence!


January 2018 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



Above: The Junior Misses were all 19 or younger when crowned the 1956 Queens of Harmony. Christine Coe (bass); Helen Melzer (baritone); Katie Curnette (lead); Sue Brown (tenor). Left: Authors Helen Melzer Peters and Lora Wright.


ast summer, The Pitch Pipe ran an article about our first and youngest chartered chapter, Bassically Treble. Actually, Sweet Adelines has always had talented young singers among our ranks. This fact gave birth to this article, as our organization has so much rich history to preserve for posterity. Helen Melzer (Peters), from the Junior Misses Quartet, first directed a young women’s chorus in 1958. Famed barbershop educator Floyd “Pop” Connett asked Helen to form and direct what became the Junior Belles, a group of 50 young women, aged 10 through high school. They entertained to great acclaim at the international competition in Peoria, Ill., that year. The young chorus sang at many jobs around town, including Sweet Adelineassociated appearances. Several of the girls went on to become barbershop “stars” in their own right, including: Linda Connett,


daughter of Floyd and Maxine Connett; Julie Brown Snider, whose sister Susie sang with a top-five quartet; and Valerie Perdue, daughter of Glen Perdue, an infamous barbershopper. However, the “youth movement” was largely launched in the mid-1950s, with the Junior Misses Quartet. The Misses included Helen, then a 19-year-old baritone; Sue (t), age 16; Katie (l), age 17; and Chris (bs), age 16. The quartet planned to sing at the 1955 competition in Grand Rapids, Mich. In those days, Sweet Adelines was so new that you did not have to win a regional contest to compete further with other top quartets. The Junior Misses did very well in preliminary competition but were almost disqualified due to a new requirement — enacted in Grand Rapids — that Sweet Adelines must be at least 18. At the time, our leaders believed minor-aged singers

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were not ready for the responsibility of competition and representing the organization fully if they were crowned. However, despite the ruling, Maxine Connett (SA president, 1959-1960) made sure the Junior Misses were “grandfathered in” and allowed to compete. They came in second. The quartet was back on the national stage in 1956, in Wichita, Kan. They went home as the 1956 Queens of Harmony. Sweet Adelines eventually realized the importance of engaging young women in our beloved barbershop harmony so future generations could carry on the legacy of our art form and our organization. That realization gave rise to the Young Women in Harmony program and other youthoriented outreach. The lesson learned from all of this is that young women matter. They are our future. They will make history.

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Nov. 8, 2017

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Mark your calendar These upcoming events will be here before you know it.

2018 Aug. 10 Rising Star Quartet Contest, Tulsa Okla., USA

Oct. 15-20 72nd Annual International Convention and Competition, St. Louis, Mo., USA

2019 Aug. 8-10 Directors’ Seminar, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Sept. 16-21 73rd Annual International Convention and Competition, New Orleans, La., USA

Details TBA

2019 International Education Symposium England

2020 Oct. 12-17 75th Diamond Anniversary & 74th Annual International Convention and Competition, Louisville, Ky., USA

Details TBA

2020 International Education Symposium North America

2021 Oct. 11-16 75th Annual International Convention and Competition, St. Louis, Mo., USA



1, 2017

Through Nov. 1, 2017



— Aug. 1 through Oct. 31, 2017

Lorraine Blackwood, Circle of Harmony, #16 Janice Buckholtz, Metro Mix, #5

Karin Julenius, Alba Show, #32

Cynthia Doyer, Voices Northwest, #13

Advanced to Certified Director

Lois Florea, Bay Area Showcase, #12

Joyce Burke, O.C. Sound, #21 Wanda Burquest, Sweet Georgia Sound, #14 Carolyn Duggan, Christchurch City, #35 Twilla Duval, Heart of Missouri, #5 Victoria Elliott, a cappella Joy, #13 Jeana Evans, Spirit of Southeast Texas, #10 Colleen Hedtke, K-Town Sound Show, #4 Erin Howden, North Metro, #16 Wendy Pachter, Boston Skyline, #4 Rebecca Richards, High Country, #8 Sara Söderström, Malmö Limelight, #32 Lora Wright, Heart of Illinois, #3

Margaret Gillanders, Riverlights Harmony, #2 Dorothy Hayes, Peace Arch, #26 Joan Kienitz, Chapter-at-Large, #2 Doris Koeck, Toast of Champaign, #3 Martha McCardle, Capital City, #4 Norma McMullen, Platinum Show, #9 Mary Owen, Circular Keys, #34 Sheila Robertson, Aberdeen, #31 Lauren Rowe, Vocal Matrix, #14

Advanced to Master Director

Rosemarie Rush, Verdugo Hills, #11

Viveka Boettge, Stockholm City Voices, #32 Erin Howden, North Metro, #16 Sara Söderström, Malmö Light, #32 Tindra Thor, Stockholm City Voices, #32

Carol Sorenson, Zumbro Valley, #6 Karen Thielman, Greater Cleveland, #17 Shirley Thum, Grand Harmony, #2

Advanced to Master Director 700 Erin Howden, North Metro, #16

Deanna Tropea, Valley Forge, #19

*Editor’s Note: Certifications awarded beyond the Accolades date range listed above will run in the next Pitch Pipe. If you believe there is an error, contact

Anne Whiteman, White River Sound, #4

Leota Wehrman, L.A. South Towns Show, #11


Caroline Yacoub, Bay Area Showcase, #12


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KAWARTHA MUSIC COMPANY – DIRECTOR SEARCH Kawartha Music Company, a chapter member of SA since 1970, is looking for a dynamic and talented director with passion for barbershop style singing, to lead the very enthusiastic community of 20 women into the future! Submit resume and cover letter: by February 28/18.



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(from page 37)

“When Andrew and I are in a chorus setting, we aren’t a husband/wife team, but a team with common goal and passion. Andrew has such a gift; music is definitely his first language. He pulls out the music, I pull out the emotion and our chorus brings the magic. It is a pretty special journey.” As a member of the regional education faculty, Jen credits some of her “barbershop heroes” for teaching and coaching her, so she can pay it forward in her own teaching. “Some of my untouchables have been Kim Vaughn, Jim Arns and Renée Porzel, Tony DeRosa, Sandy and Tim Marron, Darin Drown, Erin Howden, Cindy Hansen, Peggy Gram, Patty Cobb Baker and my most inspirational — Jeff Baker. So many educational nuggets of barbershop wisdom have been added to my teaching arsenal from these outstanding individuals,” Jen said. In a life overflowing with magic harmonic moments, Jen said there is one barbershop experience that unquestionably stands


above all others. “The best thing in the world is sharing music with your children,” she said. “All three of my beautiful children have dabbled in the craft. Avery and Greyson were practically born on the front row. Braden had his first pitch pipe before I had mine,” she laughed. “It’s hard to express the pride I feel singing, with Andrew directing and standing next to my daughter Avery, or watching my youngest son Greyson take the international stage for the first time, singing with his grandad in our brother chorus, Sound Connection, with Andrew directing.” The tendrils of this extended family grow so close that Jen’s former mother-in-law, Kim Vaughn, passed three of her champion quartet crowns to “her girls.” Jen received Kim’s 1976 High Society crown; granddaughter Avery has the 1988 Savvy crown; Chris’ wife Loren is the keeper of Kim’s 2000 A Cappella Gold crown. Jen Howson already has a lifetime of Sweet Adelines love and experiences to share, and she is just 43 years old. “I can’t imagine my life without Sweet Adelines. When I talk to a prospective member, and tell her what we do and why, I know I am about to change two lives, hers and mine,” Jen explained. “With every opportunity to share my love for this art form and this organization, I not only get the chance to change a life, I get to remember how mine has been changed forever. It is therapy, it is magic, it is my 'hobsession,' it is my life — yeah, and I’m not going anywhere.”

(from page 40)

A Prime Performance



n 2016, Vocal Dimension Chorus (VDC) placed second in Harmony Chorus Division A — a performance that took us from one international stage to another. Staffers with a new TV show, Pitch Battle, saw our competition video and invited us to London for an audition. The show is a competitive singoff featuring some of the United Kingdom’s best vocal groups. Moreover, the music director is none other than Deke Sharon! Out of more than 120 auditioning groups, we were delighted to receive one of 30 coveted spots. We threw ourselves into months of learning songs and attending a full schedule of music and choreo rehearsals. Eventually, we performed at a semifinals sing-off with five other musically diverse groups. We “battled” it out with a lovely five-piece gospel group in riffs specifically arranged for four parts. The judges were on their feet, clapping and dancing. In the end, though, the gospel group went on to the solo round. We received lovely comments from the judges, one of whom said our performance was “joyous and that is what choral singing is all about!” Our director, Valerie Taylor, agreed. “We’ve shown what can be achieved when a group of ordinary — but fabulous — women sing their hearts out!”


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Save Up to $50 USD on Registration for St. Louis!


Sweet Adelines International

Early-Bird Registration (ends April 16, 2018) • • • • • •

International Chorus Competitor: $225 International Quartet Competitor: $225 Convention Assistant: $160 Member: $225 Non-Member: $250 Youth Member or Youth Non-Member (under 25): $175

Late Registration (after April 16, 2018)

• International Chorus Competitor: $275 • International Quartet Competitor (after July 9, 2018): $275 • Convention Assistant: $185 • Non-Member: $300 • Youth Member or Youth Non-Member (under 25): $200

The Coronet Club Show: This is a separately priced event. To purchase tickets, visit Registrations not accepted by email. All Sweet Adelines are required to include member ID numbers with registration. Registrations missing ID numbers will not be accepted.

72nd Annual Convention and Competition Oct. 15-20, 2018 The Dome at America's Center St. Louis, Mo., USA Register today to save!


COMPETITION DATES AND DEADLINES Important: The paperwork for new and renewing quartets must be submitted and processed before they may register for competition. New quartets or renewals received after Jan. 15, 2018, will be charged additional registration fees.
















Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/12/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/27/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 4/13/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 2/19/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/13/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/28/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 4/14/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 12/29/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 3/14/2018 REGION









Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/5/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/20/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 5/4/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/12/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/6/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/21/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 5/5/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/19/2018 International 30-Day Mailing: 4/4/2018


January 2018 | TH EP I TCH P I P E







Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/15/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 1/30/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 3/16/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 1/22/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/16/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 1/31/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 3/17/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 12/1/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 2/14/2018













Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/19/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/6/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 4/20/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 2/26/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/20/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/7/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 4/21/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/5/2018 International 30-Day Mailing: 3/21/2018 REGION






Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/12/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/27/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 5/11/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/19/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/13/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/28/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 5/12/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/26/2018 International 30-Day Mailing: 4/11/2018







Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/22/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/6/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 3/23/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 1/29/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/23/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/7/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 3/24/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 12/8/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 2/21/2018










Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/26/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/13/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 4/27/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/5/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/27/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/14/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 4/28/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/12/2018 International 30-Day Mailing: 3/28/2018 REGION









Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/19/2018 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 4/3/2018 Quartet Contest Date: 5/18/2018 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/26/2018 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/20/2018 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 4/4/2018 Chorus Contest Date: 5/19/2018 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 2/2/2018 International 30-Day Mailing: 4/18/2018


2018 Harmony Classic Division AA Champion Chorus and Most Entertaining Chorus • REGION #34, KAMBAH, ACT, AUSTRALIA •


2018 International Champion Chorus • REGION #16, TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA •

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